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I Made It Home, Finally

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Big Tits

Hello all you weary readers out there. I can appreciate those blood shot eyes I see, as I try sizing you all up, wondering what might be thought of me, once I expose my real true self.

This story may shock you.. It may rock you.. And if it makes you spew off a nice creamy one, well that’s just an added bonus for you.

I am putting this out there only to prove true love does happen and no one is immune.


I live in Houston but right now I am standing outside my white 2011 mustang, hood up, trying to identify my trouble. Normally I would have used Interstate 10 to get me back home but while heading towards Houston they announced a major wreck just west of Beaumont, so I snaked thru the back roads and towns, determined to get home and back to being my average self before my work week starts tomorrow morning. (Monday)

My name is Gary Allen Brandon but Brandi is what you will know me as. Three of my closest girl friends and myself had just spent a wonderful weekend together In Lake Charles La.

We drank and had many thrills at the casinos. Complimenting each other on our looks, outfits, etc.. Even daring each other to go a little further with baring more thigh or cleavage. I feel so much more myself when there are three or four of us together. It’s like we really are women. Sexy Women! We get asked by men to dance but mostly refuse politely, continuing to dance amongst ourselves. It is very hard turning down the really sexier men sometimes. (Sexy men!… EWwwwww. I did not just think that, surely.) I love, have always loved seeing sexy women. Not men. It’s really hard to explain.

I am thirty one years of age and most people would agree that I don’t look a day over 31.

I am five foot five and stay around one twenty five. My hair is wavy and just a shade or two darker than strawberry blonde thanks to my wig. I have green eyes and freckles. My measurements are 36 27 37 and my expensive boobs make me 36D.

I have been known to grab a boob or ass cheek of one of my girl friends and vise-versa, even some lite kissing now and again but nothing beyond that for me. I have been celibate for seven years and actually i didn’t have all that much sex before that. I do masturbate my little boy penis pretty much daily, sometimes 3 times a day.

Sunday morning, back in my hotel room, having just woken from a good 7 hour sleep, I reminisce about our fun times. How hot we all looked, the smells we gave off to one another, etc.. I get an over-whelming urge as I am looking at my man clothes sitting beside my girly garments. I pull my D boobs off, then my nightie and wig, and head to my restroom for a shower and inspection of my body. My whole body is quivering from the unforgivable idea that races in my head. Once I have touched up my legs with my razor, I finish my shower and get to the sink and use a different razor to shave my face and chest area. Once totally done, I stare into those green eyes. Who is this person? You know you aren’t really Brandi. You had your great time with Pam, Wendy and Karla but its over. You will be ruining it now, if you do what I think you are planning.

I give a go to hell look into the mirror… I start applying lotion to my legs and such. Minutes later, applying new make-up to my horrified self.. “Shut up!” I say, as my body starts seeing it my way. My hips swaying as I leave the mirror and sashay to my wardrobe. It doesn’t take long to find my sexy mid-thigh length, burgundy dress. It Plunges in front, showing lots of cleavage. I do have some natural cleavage and as long as I place my life-like boobies in my dress properly, any man or woman can enjoy mine without seeing the silicone puppies. All seven of my wigs are the same color as this one I just put back on. Some are shorter and or a different style.

Checking out of my room was probably very interesting to anyone who was seeing. For me, it was humiliating. This same, older Pakistani women who checked me in as a man Friday evening was trying to understand why I was dressed as a girl. She even called out a man or her husband to look me over, while speaking in Indian. Once I showed my license yet again. They gave me my cash deposit back.

Once behind the wheel and on my way down 10 west, I started feeling more normal. More excepting of this stunt. I had good tunes playing, even went thru the drive-thru at Wendy’s and got a little food.

Not long after passing the state line into Texas I heard of the wreck ahead. I thought of going on to Beaumont and using old highway 90 to get me back home but I realized that will be the route so many others will use for the same reason. Then I remembered I could use that farm road that would take me around to Mauriceville and then towards Vidor and such. I make it to Silsbee and decide to take FM92 north. Not more than twenty miles further down that road, my car starts surging and acting like my fuel filter needs changing or my fuel pump is on its last leg.

Now I get a flashing warning: Service transmission soon. That scares me plenty so I start slowing down, looking for a wide driveway or anything to stop at. After feeling a major thump or a clank, Gaziantep Escort İlanları my ride is acting normal again, so I speed up to forty and start climbing a hill as the road bends hard and up.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Suddenly I was only coasting forwards, no help what so ever from my drive train, I put it in neutral and barely keep creeping up the hill. now stranded at the very top.

First thing I do is almost start crying… I will be seen, dressed like this by some old greasy, tow truck driving, racist mechanic… White, no doubt. I pull the lever and hop out to try to will the car back to normal. Yes I know what everything is under this hood.

My black heels jack me up to a height of five foot nine now and as I bend over the fender, My silky dress slips two inches higher up my silky thighs. I try to ignore the 18 wheelers traveling by, honking and the “Hot fucking slut” comment some dude slurred out at me, but kept on going. I have been tapping my cell frantically, ever since I hopped out, needing to search for a rescue.

I noticed earlier, the storm clouds building and even the radio had mentioned some major thunder storms were due in this area by five P M and it is already ten till now.

I tell myself to hop in the back really fast and change into my jeans, tennies and t-shirt but then I remember the make-up and perfectly polished toe and finger nails I cannot hide so easily. Just when my phone turns a page and acts like I’m getting some progress, it fails yet again.

Then I hear tires crumpling and a quiet engine coast in behind me. “Hey lady… Need some help?”

I barely peek around my hood to look at him before I hide once more, behind it.

“That storm up there is circling back around, it’s going to get bad. Right here.” He warns me.

I squeak out, “My cell won’t work… I have to get a tow, it’s not fixable from here.”

“Lady, I can get you to the mechanic in Fred, just up the road some… Cell phones never work in this area. you would have been better off breaking down in Silsbee. Everything is better in that big ole place.”

I lean away from the car standing up right, getting my first true look at this man. ” I need a certified mechanic, my tranny is out.” My eyes bug out at him and I cover my mouth with fright. I am almost positive my voice sounded manly, plus girls shouldn’t know such things about cars… And why on earth did I have to spew out the tranny thing… My God Brandi!

“Would you be a sweetie and hop in here… Let this old man get you out of this dammed storm. Miguel is a real fine mechanic and you will be back on the road in no time.”

“Ok!” I twinkle to him, sounding more like Brandi. Within a minute I have grabbed my purse, rolled up and locked up my ride.

I make my way around to the passenger side of his older, but well kept Mazda pick up truck. I smile and slide into my seat. “Thank you so much.”

“It is my honor Miss. I am Alberto Sanchez and I never seem to get to rescue beauties like yourself lately. Just spending a short time with you will make my Sunday a great one. My whole week, actually.”

“My gosh, thank you again… I’m called Brandi.” I smile and start relaxing, seeing no ill judgement on this man’s face. “You really are a lifesaver Alberto.. I was doomed back there for sure.”

The rain is coming down hard now. I watch him watching the road. He is Latino and older, maybe sixty. He is big all over, big gut, huge arms and legs. He fills every inch of his side of the bench seat we share. His face is almost handsome but a few pock marks and a deep scare above his right eye keep him from achieving that status. Listen to me critiquing this lovely soul who was kind enough to help me. I actually think he is very handsome, now that I have given it more thought.

“Buckle in for me Miss Brandi, it’s getting really hard to see the road.” We both take his advice and click it in. Ten minutes and two miles later we still have four more to go to reach this town called Fred. As we are making our way down a hill and around a bend, I find myself worrying about work (being late) and worrying how Miguel will receive my trans girl look. It’s not so much my looks, it’s my voice and the real fact that I am a man. Maybe a pussy of a man but still.

Then, without any warming, life as I once knew it, was no more.

A huge, long pine tree fell across the road. Alberto slammed on the brakes and swerved also but we still tapped a few of the weaker small limbs before coming to a halt.

“Chupame la verga!!… Hijoputa!! That was way too close Miss Brandi!”

I’m still in shock as he is shouting this to me. My right hand has a death grip on the OH SHIT handle on my side, my heeled feet are glued to the floor board at the highest part possible. My mind is still registering what we had just gone thru. “You are all right Miss Brandi. We got stopped in time…See?” He tells me, as he shifts into reverse and slow creeps backwards.

I feel relief by seeing this with my own eyes. “All is good young lady.. You did real good helping protect us.”

I look over at him, able to shyly smile at him, knowing I did absolutely nothing but hold on for dear life. I see him looking downward towards the gear shifter between us. I follow his gaze and see my dainty left hand gripping his right thigh. After zooming a little closer I realize I had and still have a death grip on his fat dick. I jerk away, my hand landing on the seat just an inch from his leg… “My GOD!! Oh Alberto! I am so sorry. I… I swear, I did not even know.” During me telling him this, my hand once again slithered over and slowly stroked it, as if I was trying to make it feel better, or maybe I was making sure I really was feeling his cock. I jerk away again but only two inches this time. “Please forgive me, won’t you? I cannot relate how bad I feel for this.”

“No way Miss Brandi. I will not! Nothing to forgive at all. You didn’t offend me lady. I am real happy we got out of that and having you give me comforting during the worst of it… Well, I’m extra… Agradecida! My wife was the last beauty to do that… That was more than three and a half years ago.”

We are slowly moving along, back in the direction we came. “Miss Brandi, I will take you to safety at my home. This weather is not slowing. please cross your fingers that we have a clear path.”

He has reached for my hand and gently parks it back on his swollen bulge. I look at my hand there, hypnotized by how it looks and feels. After making eye contact with him. I say, “Yes ok, maybe that is for the best.” He smiles confidently and drives while I smile inwardly, feeling like his captured slut.. Hoping he doesn’t beat me to death when he discovers I am no woman.

********** **********

The rain and thunder kept pummeling us but we did make it to his well secluded home. He impressed me yet again by insisting I stay put in his truck, while he dashes off into his house to retrieve an umbrella.

This whole scenario is overwhelming my mind, my being. If I were to tell any of my girl friends this was happening, they would strongly advise me to leave. But, They would also be happily surprised that I finally became confident enough to go out in public as my true Brandi self.

Once inside his home, I am fortunate enough to only have wet heels and feet. This massive man quickly has me on his couch, drying and pampering my size six and a half heels before securing them back on my dry feet.

He admitted while attending to me, having a real weakness for silky, legs and feet. He fondled and massaged my calves as he dried my feet. He even got a peek between my thighs twice, seeing my silky black thong. He was Letting me know I am petite, generally the same exact size as Maria, his deceased wife.

My whole being seems to be rapidly changing. I feel so feminine… My little dicklette is tucked but almost rock hard. My nipples are perked up but on top of that, my fake breast nips seem to have grown more prominent as well. (Impossible? I am only able to tell you what I see and feel.)

I inquire for a restroom and he gestures towards a certain door. Me, having hardly closed the door behind me, starts to realize I am in their master bedroom. Seeing so many photos of Maria and him, I feel like I am intruding. The space is so elegant, so feminine but more. I find the restroom and toilet, plopping down and wizzing, girl style. Some weird mood, or epiphany hits me… I know exactly where I am but some other entity seems to be compelling me to seek out hints of Maria… To take in my new surroundings and become at ease here. I already like Alberto more than i’d really care to admit. I find no signs of him laying up in here, it is much more like this space is a shrine of his pretty wife.

A jolt of lightening followed by two thunderous claps spins me back to reality and the fact that I have to go spend time with this man that has rescued me but is a treat to my safety at the same time.

Snide remarks my whole three, REAL female girl friends subjected me to, come flooding back in my mind. (puny dick, minute man, little guy, slight man) If I deserve this torture from my supposedly deformed body, then what? Just off myself?

It did cross my mind, some years back but I know God loves me just as much as the extra blessed people with perfect bodies and perfect everything.

Fuck every girl and boy that gave me a rash of shit back then. I really got a great thrill and natural tingle fondling Alberto’s manly cock.

********** **********

When I came back into the main part of his home, I found him sitting at the end of a bed. The lights were flickering every now and again. This bed was in a very odd location in my opinion. To my left is the kitchen and then the living room is at my right, as I travel to him.

“There you are. I was about to come searching for you.” He says, as I stand in front of him. My eyes once again start worshipping the alluring bulge in his pants. “This room seems set up as a bedroom but isn’t this the dining room?” I ask with curiousness but never really retreat from lusting at his crotch.

“Yes it was but I made this my room. I love waking up and seeing out these huge windows.” He explains and then rubs and slightly shifts his dick. “Even at night I love being in here naked, imagining people outside maybe seeing in here, seeing me moving around or stroking my cock. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you, it’s just that I haven’t had companionship in such a long time. And, I’m not really getting any younger, as you can already see. I miss what we had together in this old house but especially in our bedroom. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any of her things. Me taking this room just seemed better.”

“No!… No I, it’s ok in my opinion.” I confess to him after finally looking up at his face, knowing he had caught me transfixed to his impressive tool. “If… If I were out there, outside in your land… I feel I would be looking in here… I hope this comes out right, forgive me.. But your age shouldn’t be any issue for you finding a new lady to spend time with. I like your age.. The way you have aged, I guess I mean. Maria would want you to be happy now. She would…”

“She made me promise!… I promised her I would move on and find a woman that I felt deeply for… And live my life.” We keep staring each other down but I say nothing.

“Miss Brandi, as you heard from the tv, this storm is going to keep right on us for a good while. I need to know if you feel safe here. Do you feel trapped or anything negative about staying with me, here tonight?”

“No, I feel very fortunate to be here. Everything is great for me… Maybe there is one thing you might need to know about me now… Something that might make you want to toss me out in the raining night.”

“No! Don’t tell me… You’re a nympho?… Or maybe you are secretly racist and you wish I was Caucasian?”

“OH.. Very Funny Mister Sanchez… I am no sex slut or racist.” Just as I get that out of my mouth, the whole home goes dark… Nothing, we are now without power…

“Stay still Miss, I will fetch the lantern and flash lights.” Just seconds later, he is illuminating the kitchen area. “That should tide us over till it comes back on.” He says, then sits back down in the same spot. “Now you were saying something about enjoying rubbing and fondling my Mexican cock. You say you’re a sex slut huh? Well, you caught me at a perfect time little lady. My dick is full blown wood right now and i’d feel really honored to have you bring it out for us and you pretty much can do anything to him that you desire.”

“Oh Alberto, I … I really need you to understand..”

“Me understands just fine Miss Brandi. It’s ok that you are used to being with white men.” He assures me as he is gently grasping my left shoulder and giving a strong nudge to direct me to my knees in front of him.

“We are both in the same boat, so to speak. I have never kissed or had relations with white gals. Maria knew I had a weakness for red haired white girls from way back in our younger days. She use to kid me about it almost every time we were around a redhead. In her room somewhere, she has two different auburn wigs she used to wear to bed for me on some nights and we would pretend different situations.

Imagine my humble surprise today, when I found you stranded and spread over that fender. I feel strongly there is a reason I haven’t yet moved on. Maria would be happy about you… She has made, or helped this happen.”

“But I…”

“SShhhh, I know it’s a little more sudden than if we had met at a store maybe and then went out on some dates…But we are sexual beings and we will be alone together at least all night long. Take it out Brandi.. Now!”

I want to confess so badly, the whole truth about me but I do as he wishes and start un- doing his pants, moving the under wear down and bringing the hard log out with my left hand. I have only ever handled and played with my own willy before now and that was more than fine by me. But my! This is no wee wee or willy. He has a real dick!

“Calmate y usa los dos manos… Eres tan Hermosa ahi abajo hacienda eso por mi.”

“Huh?” I ask, feeling my mouth watering, my tongue thickening with lust. I have had my goober sucked five times before and I have seen women on vids doing it. I know I at least know how to start doing his.

“Calm down Girl and use both hands. You are so beautiful down there doing that for me.”

I tell him, as I gently add my right hand on his brown shaft. “It’s a really nice dick! I… I think I like doing it for you. It’s so much bigger than min.. I mean, bigger Than I ever saw before! How big is it?”

“Feels so good Brandi and you will love the taste of my precum too… Its nine inches long and she found it to be eight inches at the base.. Just over six inches at the head. Maria was my first everything. we started young and had our first daughter before either of us were eighteen. I did screw one of her lonely friends here one night, only after Maria assured me she wanted it for her friend.. You are only the third woman to ever play with it… You seem a bit timid.. Maybe your first time holding a real, manly cock? You are lucky I haven’t already blasted off big sticky wads of seed on you. As long as I have been going without and as hot as you look with it in your white hands. I love the fuck out of all your curves girl… And those dick sucking lips. Chupar mi pene pecquena dama.”

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Hubby Cleans Up Ch. 2

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It was 6:30 am when I opened my eyes. My husband was sitting there, staring at me, I could see his hard on and wondered if he was hard because I smelled like such a filthy whore. “Call my job, I’m not going in” I said and rolled over. Manny nodded and left the room. I could hardly move I was so sore and my pussy and ass ached. I felt my pussy hair matted and sticky under my dress and panties but I didn’t care, I just needed to sleep.

I opened my eyes again at 11 am and Manny came in with a cup of coffee. He sat down beside me as I sat up and he touched my hair, it was knotted with dried cum. “Ohhh, I stink” I said as I stretched and took my coffee. Manny said he never saw me look the way I did this morning so he decided to stay home from work (he never misses work). I knew the real reason he stayed home. He wanted to get at me before I showered and I was going to reward him for being so sweet. “Undress me” I said and pulled the covers away.

He undressed me slowly and the room filled with the smells of last night’s gangbang. I relaxed on my back, my olive skin was stained all over my belly and tits with dried cum. Manny began to cover me with little licks-kisses until I was clean. Then he moved down. I had to warn him to go slow because I felt like even a tongue touching me might hurt.

“My goodness, you’re a mess…how many were there?” he asked. I told him I would tell him the details after he cleaned me Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort up and he smiled like a child getting a new toy. He started licking the dried cum from my thighs and my ass cheeks, I sat back and relaxed. One thing about Manny, his dick may not be worthy of fucking but his tongue never fails to please me.

Today was no exception. It took him an hour to lick me completely clean but my bush was still a mess and the hair on my head had a lot of cum dried in it that I don’t recall getting squirted there. My pussy was so abused from the night before that I couldn’t even cum, it was as if my clit was numb. Manny stood and I could see how hard his cock had become. Usually when he finished licking me I would go in the shower and get ready for work while he jerked off. Sometimes, when I was feeling generous I would allow him to fuck my feet. He would slide his cock between the arches of my feet and I would let him cum all over my feet and toes, then of course he would lick my feet clean (I enjoy having my toes sucked). But today, I was feeling generous, playful, and spiteful (I must’ve had brain damage from all that fucking and sucking less than 12 hours ago). “Run a bath for me,” I told him.

He eagerly went to the bathroom and I laid back and started to doze a bit. The odd thing was I was feeling horny again but it was battling my exhaustion so it was an odd feeling I never recalled having before. He gently tapped my shoulder when the tub was filled. I asked him if he’d jerked off and he said he did not because I hadn’t given him the okay yet. I smiled at his obedince and he helped me to the bath.

I had him strip while I sat in the tub and I began to tell him all about the night befores events. I wouldn’t allow him to touch himself yet because I knew how close he was to cumming. His little dick looked bigger than usual and I was actually enjoying looking at it. I allowed Manny to rub my clit and nipples while I told my story and I finally had an orgasm, a pretty intense one considering.

“You know Manny, since you have a little boy-sized dick, it should be hairless like a little boy” he looked at me very hesitantly. He knew what I had in mind, shaving him. But his boss and him played racquetball twice a week during lunch and they showered in the public shower afterward. If I shaved him, then all would see. “Go get me a razor and some shaving cream” I said. He hesitated, he didn’t want to do this. “I guess you never, ever want to touch me again, do you?” That was threat enough for him. I once got angry with him and didn’t allow him to sleep in out bed for two months. He knew he needed me more than I needed him in bed. Reluctantly, he obeyed.

I had him sit on the edge of the tub, his cock inches from my face. I warned him that if he came he wouldn’t be allowed near me for a month. So I proceeded to shave him. His pubes, his balls, the thick patch of hair between his ass hole and ball sac, then I turned him over and shaved his ass clean. I had him stand up and turn around for me and he looked nice. He had no chest hair so only the hair on his legs remained. He nodded his head “no” when he saw me eyeing them. “I’ll make you a deal” I said smiling. “Let me shave your legs and I’ll give you head… even let you cum in my mouth” it took less than half a second for him to agree to that. It had been well over a year since I’d allowed him any form of pleasure from me except my occasional foot fucking.

My hairless husband/slave boy looked very good. He looked a little like a girl except for the throbbing 5″ erection he had. I had him squat over my face in the tub and I went through with my part of the bargain. I knew he was trying not to cum but I sucked his cock hard and squeezed his balls as he fought back the urge to cum. I guess the blow job lasted 45 seconds and he came in my mouth. I stood up and we kissed and I spit his big load of cum into his mouth, letting him drink the last of the cum, fresh and warm. He gobbled it up like a hungry kitten.

I already decided that I would reward Manny for his efforts and for letting me shave him down because for the first time in a long time he looked sexy to me. He had graduated from being my slave to being my bitch. Now I had to find ways to use him more properly. The events of the next two weeks sort of forced me to move a little quicker, but that’s another story.

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Banging Russian Beauty

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“I`m sorry, miss, but this is wrong bill.”

Jack pointed at the piece of paper. He was in the small cafe near the center of his city, and it was a nice place – till this moment.

“What`s wrong with the bill?” – waitress was young and pretty, and she spoke with heavy Eastern European accent.

“It`s little too big, you see?” – Jack pointed at the sum. “It`s twice bigger than it`s going to be.”

“Oh.”- girl blushed. She bite her lip, then said lightly: “Oh, I see, I think I made a mistake, sorry. I`ll bring correct bill.”

Later Jack thought, why he did not said “Yeah, it`s a mistake, it`s OK”? Maybe because of guilty look of the girl – little too guilty. He said: “I don`t think it`s a mistake, miss. I think better you call your boss and I`ll show this to him”

Girl blushed again and said “But really, why you must do this? I`ll just bring a correct bill”.

Jack frowned. “I want to see your boss now”.

Young waitress looked at him with perfect pleading look.

“No, please don`t you…It`s so hard to find a work here, and he said if I do it again, he would…”

“Again, huh? So you are thief, don`t you?” – Jack grinned.

“No, of course not, I`m…”

“Well, I think it`s my DUTY to tell him about this, don`t you think?”

“No, please…”

Jack smiled thoughtfully. Girl was dumb – and pretty. He said to her that he will think, and looked at young waitress intensely. Beautiful blonde, in her late teens, blue tight jeans, green blouse, blue eyes, small thin body, perfectly tanned. He talk with her for a while, invited her to seat at his table. Cafe was empty, and girl accepted.

Her name was Natasha, and she was russian, daughter of some Ukranian emigrants. She was 19 years old. She had definitely slutty look, and Jack began to feel his dick arouse from sleep. Natasha was a cock-tease, and he saw some opportunity to have her in this wrong-bill situation.

He told her he would like to continue this talk in some other place – and she agreed, with amazing eagerness. She told her boss that she have a splitting headache and quickly returned to Jack. He smiled at her.

“Well, Natasha, let`s have a little ride?”

” Yeah, sure.” – girl smiled teasingly.

Jack everytime had a thing about foreign girls. He liked to make them suck his fat cock, to fuck them, to share them with his friends. It was a prostitutes mostly, and now it was a pure piece of luck – to have this slutty russian emigrant, completely for free. She wanted to be banged – that`s for sure, and Jack wanted to fuck her brains out. In his car, while riding to his home, he placed his Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort right hand on Natasha`s kneel, caressing the tightness of her jeans, and girl only giggled teasingly. Then he moved his hand upper, and placed it on her crotch, Natasha with a shy smile replaced it. That`s allright, thought Jack, later I would fuck you in every your little hole, and you would beg for more.

They arrived at his house, and Jack gallantly opened the door for young russian waitress.

“Please come in, Natasha, please come in.”

“Let`s see, um, er.”

Jack grinned. He kissed her again, right in his biggest room, there stood pool table and black leather chairs.

“You`re beautiful girl, Natasha.” – he squeezed her right breast through silky material of her blouse.

“Thank you.” – girl smiled at his impatience.

Jack pressed her close to him, touching and slapping her ass. It was great. Another kiss. Her tongue was sweet and talented.

“Have you ever been with American men before?”

“Of course” – Natasha slid her little hand to his crotch and caressed his growing bulb through his pants.

“And you liked it?”

“I like men. It doesn`t matter there they from.”

“Then you know what I`m going to do with you, beauty?”

Jack`s hands wandered all along her petite body, squeezing, slapping, caressing. Natasha sighed.

Without waiting for an answer, Jack pushed her from him and sat in the chair.

“I`m going to fuck your little russian pussy with my big American cock, sweety.”

Natasha sighed.

“But before it you gonna suck my fat cock with your little mouth, like a good girl you are.”

Natasha was aroused with this talk, she half-closed her eyes and sighed again.

“Well, now undress. Slowly. Show me how you want to taste my hospitality.”

Natasha unbuttoned her green blouse. There was no bra, her tiny round tanned tits was perfect. Jack licked his lips and chuckled.

“Oh, it`s very beautiful. It`s wonderful. Squeeze them.”

Natasha did as he commanded, closed her eyes and gave a soft moan, low animal-like woman moan that aroused Jack even more then everything else. He grinned.

“Why don`t you take your top off?”

Natasha do what he wanted, her pretty body little sweating.

“Now take your jeans off. Slowly.”

Her white little panties was wet, long legs as beautiful as all her teeny body. Girl looked excited, blonde hair and helpless blue eyes – nice almost naked russian girl in front of full dressed man.

“Your panties. Remove them – it`s time for you to show me your pussy.”

Trimmed young cunt was shown. Natasha placed her little hands on her dripping wet pussy.

“Are you ready?”


“Sit down.” – Jack raised. Girl sat on the couch, her long legs spread. Jack unbuttoned his pants and let them fall on the floor. Removed his boxers.

Natasha gasped in amazement. His cock was big, at least 9 inches long, and very fat. Jack presented it to the girl.

“You see? Your little russian pussy would be stretched.”

“We`ll see.” – Natasha removed her blonde hair from her forehead.

Natasha was all-naked, beautiful tanned body on his black leather couch. She was smiling teasingly. Jack grinned.

“Want to suck my cock?”

He approached the girl. Natasha nodded. Jack frowned. She sat too comfortably.

“Get down on your knees.”

She raised from the couch and kneeled in front of Jack impressive manhood, now fully erected. It was a precious moment – moment to remember – beautiful teenage girl on her knees with a pleading look in her eyes, in front of him, standing proud and erect.

“Well, let`s see how you`ll suck my cock, kid.”

Jack slid his cock in young waitress mouth, looking with lust as she half-closed her eyes and begin to work with her tongue. Girl gave a soft moan, her lips curved on Jack`s wide cock-head. Natasha tenderly caressed his balls with her fingers, swirling her tongue around his fat member.

“Umh. You using your mouth so good.”

Jack put his dick deeper in young russian`s mouth, causing girl to moan, and begin slow lusty monements – in and out of her. Natasha closed her eyes, her tongue and lips working constantly. She gaved a small panting noises, as Jack`s tool moved deeper and faster.

“Yeah. Suck it. Nice and slow.”

Jack grinned triumphantly. This little waitress was so eager to please him, and of course she was ready for more. He drived hid dick all the way down her throat, and she gagged slightly. Jack grabbed her head and begin slow fucking of her tiny mouth. Natasha moaned, her hands falled down to her abandoned pussy and began to stroke it. Girl squirmed and panted, but her head was in the firm grip. She was not in charge here, of course. Jack used her mouth and he was ready to use her cunt. He pulled out his fat dick from young waitress mouth and patted her on her cheek.

“Yeah. You`re a good cock-sucker, aren`t you?”

Natasha smiled a little.

“You like my fat American dick deep into your throat, aren`t you?” – Jack never waited for an answer. He raised girl from her knees and place his hand on her crotch.

“I suppose you have a tight cunt.”

Natasha squirmed and gave a moan, as his fingers stroked her pussy. It was dripping wet.

“Well, I see you like then you treated like a slut you are, sweety?”

He stroked her cunt several times. It was almost useless – girl was ready.

Jack turned girl around, she was facing his pool table. Gave her a little spank. Natasha sighed.

“Spread your legs wider…That`s it, good girl. Now get ready for a big surprise.”

Natasha arshed her back, panting, and long fat Jack`s dick entered her from behind. Jack grabbed her by the sides and immediately begin to pound her wet pussy. Girl lowered her head on the pool table, rhytmical moans escaped her lips. Jack grunted, his cock entering her love-hole to the hilt, balls heavy slapping girl`s clit. He grinned, looking at this slutty girl under his dick, so submissive and willing. Her moans was loud, her back sweated, her hair was a mess.

“You like it. You naughty girl.”

He spanked her ass. Natasha screamed and raised her head. He spanked again, and again. Jack pounded her pussy frantically, each thrust deeper and faster, and spanked her mercylessly. Natasha hide her head in her hands, trembling, screaming in lust, her asscheeks bright red. Waves of pleasure passed through Jack`s body with each thrust and every spank wich he gaved her.

Natasha came, her juices flowing around his dick, she screamed in passion, her little hands clutching, her cunt muscles spasming, ass shaking. Jack felt that his climax was close. He wanted to abuse girl completely, so he pulled out of her sweet pussy. Natasha gave disappointed moan.

“Time for you to eat my cum, babe.”

Jack was standing, proud and erect, in front of kneeled waitress, with her mouth open, blue eyes raised on his face. He entered her mouth, make her deepthroat his cock and begin to fuck her frantically. Natasha gagged, her tanned body shaked, tiny hands clutching his moving hips. Jack held young russian firmly, pounding her mouth deep and hard. Her muffled screams aroused him even more than tightness of her throat. He felt that he was on the edge.

“Now swallow, slut, swallow every drop!” – his cock exploded in Natasha`s mouth with a biggest load of cum in his life. He held her, his sperm was in her throat, in her mouth, on her lips – she cannot swallow all of it. Jack pulled out of her lips and gave last loads right in her pretty face.

Natasha`s face was a mess. She fell on the floor, on her back, breathing heavily. Jack sat in the chair and grinned.

“It was a damn good fuck, Natasha, isn`t it?”

“Yeah” – said the girl wearily. “It was good.”

“Come here tomorrow, 17 p.m., we`ll do something interesting.” – Jack grinned again. “You`ll like it”.

“I will” – said Natasha.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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She stood on the balcony gazing out across the dark sea. The reflection of the low moon was shattered silver across the water. The sound of breaking surf drifted up from the rocks below. The air was warm and the deep, deep red satin pyjamas were all she needed and even they were really, as she was to find, superfluous.

The door opened behind her but she didn’t turn. It could be only one. Strong arms enfolded her and he nuzzled, licked, kissed the back of her neck, easing aside her shower damp hair. His hands moved over the slick satin with just enough pressure for her to feel through the fabric, down her arms, back up again, briefly massaging her neck and then down, lightly stroking her breasts, circling round her nipples until they began to stiffen.

“Don’t move…”

He undid the sash that held her pyjamas closed and warm breeze flowed over bare flesh. He took it and tied it loosely round her head, covering her eyes.



His hands moved down to her now bare breasts and the slight, soft belly he so loved, stroking lightly, barely touching. Finally he cupped both breasts, capturing her nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing and caressing, searching for that point just before pleasure and teasing turned to discomfort. Her breathing became irregular and he knew it was time.

Sliding his hands down he slipped his thumbs into the waist band of her trousers and eased them over the flair of her hips. They pooled at her feet leaving her a naked, alabaster statue in the moonlight. His hands wandered further. Shoulders, breasts, waist, belly and back up again, reaching a little lower with each repetition. Stroking her back, her buttocks, closer and closer to her core until eventually, sliding down her front in one smooth movement, he reached between her legs finding heat and moisture.

“Turn around.”

She faced him and he guided her hands to knot that held his towelling bath robe. She untied it and, still blind, slid it off his shoulders. Slipping her hands down his body, she savoured the heat and texture of him and finally reaching his hard shaft, she touched him as he had touched her. She lightly drew the tips of her nails along the length of him, feeling him twitch and his intake of breath as she reached the sensitive bulbous end. All this time he played with her nipples.

They stood beside the balcony Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort furniture and he eased her leg up, placing her foot on the chair. This opened her wide leaving her exposed to the night breezes and to his questing, curious fingers. He delved a little way into her with his middle finger and brought the wetness he found there to her clitoris, massaging and teasing the little button. Each time he went a little deeper until his finger was buried in her up to the knuckle and her nectar was flowing freely.

He removed the improvised blindfold and gazed into her eyes.


He eased his finger deep into her again, stirring and massaging until it was thoroughly coated in her honey. He withdrew and, dragging it across her clitoris on the way, brought it glistening to his mouth. Still gazing deep into her eyes, he licked her juices off, savouring her tanginess.

“Just a little amuse bouche…”

“Before the main course?”

“I was thinking of going for the tasting menu…”

“Oh God…”

He replaced the blindfold and lay her gently on a sun bed. She didn’t know what was to come next but spreading her legs wide seemed like it might help. What was he doing? Was he standing gazing at her, stroking himself? (He was.) Was he kneeling between her legs? In case he was she reached down and opened herself just enough so that her pink interior peeped into view. She felt warm breath on her leg and a light kiss on the inside of her knee. Then the other side. Alternating left and right, each kiss a little higher up her leg until he was poised over her core, glistening, coral hued, framed by darker lips. He extended his tongue and leaned forward…

Finally his tongue met soft, wet flesh. He nuzzled and suckled, exploring that most mysterious of geographies as he delved into her. Pausing, he opened her even wider and allowed the sensitive nub of her clitoris to feel, momentarily, the warm night air. Lightly at first, he flicked his tongue across it but gradually increased his speed and pressure until he sucked on it like a teat.

Her breath became increasingly ragged and each passage of his tongue drew gasps and pussy juice in equal measure. Before she reached the stage when she HAD to cum

He leaned back and admired his work. She was swollen, wet and her lips were pouting. He stood and drew her to her feet.

“Come with me. I have something for you…”

He led her, still blindfold, to the bed.

Carefully he guided her onto her back. Once settled she opened her legs and continued what his tongue and lips had started.

“I’d rather you didn’t peak just yet, please.”

“Just…keeping …it …warm…”

The bedside table drawer opened. She heard something being removed and what sounded like the adjustment of Velcro straps. A low, subtle buzzing met her ears.

It was a cunning device that turned the human finger into a vibrator. A speed control attached to the wrist and a short wire led to the motor unit which in this case was affixed to his middle finger feeding vibrations into the flesh and bone. She jumped slightly as he gently touched the sensitive area between her nose and upper lips and slid it down to her mouth.

She felt the softness and warmth of human flesh but a vibration that could only be mechanical. The effect on her lips was like a very mild electric shock. His finger slid down to her already erect nipples. The same. She wondered how it would feel applied to her…


He had moved her hands away from their work at her pussy (taking care to lick each fragrant digit clean) and lightly applied his own augmented finger to her clitoris. Waves of pleasure rippled out from her pussy and up her body. He combined a light touch with circular motion on her swollen clit, then lightly brushed her inner labia, dipped his finger tip inside her and, freshly lubricated, went back to her clit again.

She felt his weight shift as he moved up the bed towards her head. Blindly she reached out until she found his cock, hot, hard and in need off attention.

She ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft and then popped the bulbous end into her mouth. She sucked half his length into her, massaging him in her mouth and

lightly stroking his balls. She paused, letting him stand free for a moment.

“I like to see what I’m eating.”

She pulled off the improvised blindfold and reapplied herself to his erection. He pulled the toy off his wrist and plunged his two middle fingers into her now soaking wet, almost dripping, pussy.

He thrust, plunged, stirred and stroked at her inner flesh drawing a flood of fragrant nectar from her. She suckled on his hard, hot cock, massaging what she couldn’t get into her mouth, stroking his balls while her tongue worked at him. She paused again.

“Will…you …fuck…me…NOW?”

She pushed him on his back and straddled his waist. Grabbing his erection by the base she positioned her soaking, yearning, oh so empty pussy above him and in one movement impaled herself on his almost supernaturally hard flesh taking him into her body, right to the hilt. She paused for a moment and then, with him deep in side her, began gyrating her hips, slowly, randomly changing direction.

She leaned forward, letting some of his cock free but bringing her breasts within reach of his mouth, reveling in the astonishing amount of moisture oozing from the junction of their bodies.. He engulfed first one nipple .then the other, sucking hard and drawing them to their ultimate state of erection, vacuuming most of each breast into his mouth and massaging the tips with his tongue. His hands weren’t idle either. He reached round under her buttocks and, as he slid in and out of her, massaging her clit and engorged labia.

With one massive thrust he rolled her over onto her back and maneuvered her legs so that they were held back and wide by his arms as they supported his body high enough that sh could reach between them and rub at her clit as he pounded his whole his whole length into her, almost withdrawing completely on each outstroke and then embedding himself to the hilt.

Her deep breathes became gasps and then cries.


Her whole body spasmed as she climaxed. gradually reducing to twitching as the aftershocks rippled through her He slowed his thrusts and let her get her breath back a little as he took the time to look down and enjoy the sight of his glistening, engorged organ sliding in and out of her. Gradually he sped up again and soon felt the familiar itching in his cock signaling imminent orgasm.

“Oh… FUCK!”

He exploded deep into her, filling her to the brim with hot spunk. Finally he slowed his thrusts and gave little resistance as it was his turn to be rolled onto his back. She positioned herself over him again allowing the cocktail of semen and pussy juice to drip from her onto his slowly deflating penis. She sat to one side and took the ooze covered object of her desires in one hand. She leaned towards it.

“Yum, yum. Now, how soon can I get you ready for round two?”

With that she took him into her mouth and savoured the taste of their mingled juices before swallowing them down…

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Jack , Walt Ch. 03

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Jack and Walt, Part 3 – Reunion

[This is the third episode that I have written for Literotica about my fantasy relationship with a very good friend. I truly enjoyed your comments regarding my first two efforts, and look forward to hearing from many of you again…your feedback inspires me!]

As I cruised down the interstate highway, I was lost in a haze of erotic memories – I was on my way to see Walt, my oldest and best friend and former lover; the only man I had ever had sex with. We had not seen each other for over twenty-five years. After living together for a couple of years in our twenties, we went our separate ways and, like so many others, gradually lost touch with each other. thanks to the internet, we reestablished contact about six months ago. Over the past several weeks we have managed to catch up on all our old friends and stories.

One night four weeks ago we were instant messaging each other when Walt paused for what seemed to be an unusually long time – what he wrote next stirred something in me that had been dormant for years:

“Jack, I know that you’re happily married to Diane, and of course I have been married to Mary Kay for so long that I feel that she is a part of me, but do you ever think back to that time when we shared the apartment and well…a lot of other things too?”

Walt and I had been friends for a long time and, for whatever reason, when we lived together years ago, our friendship exploded into an incredibly hot, albeit brief, sexual affair. During a two-month period we each learned to pleasure the other in fantastic ways. In fact, our lovemaking was so intense that we managed to scare ourselves back into a hetero state that has lasted, at least for me, all of these ensuing years.

“To be honest Walt”, I responded, “I managed to keep a lot of that buried in my mind for years, but hearing from you again has brought those hot experiences back into my mind…I think about our sexy times a lot now”.

“You mentioned that you had to be in Chicago next week”, he typed. “I can arrange to be there as well. Would you like to get together for a drink and…whatever?”

“My friend, I would love to”, I answered. “I’ll be at the Marriott all week – when can you make it”?

And with that, the reunion of two old friends and former lovers was set.

Walt had planned to get to the hotel before me, and I was to meet him in the bar. I arrived at the hotel a little early, and was relieved to find the bar empty at this hour. I wanted to have a little time to check in, freshen up and collect myself. Over the past several days I had almost talked myself out it, but the need I felt to reconnect with my friend was overwhelming…I deeply loved my wife, but Walt had rekindled an urge within me that only he could satisfy.

After a quick but thorough shower I put on some loose fitting slacks and sweater and headed down to the bar. He was already there, sitting alone back in a remote corner of the large room. When he saw me, he rose, gave me a smile and a hug. It truly was great to see my old friend. We sat and ordered drinks, and all of my earlier concerns quickly faded – I was here with my best friend and ready for whatever was to come. He had aged nicely, added a couple of pounds around the middle and had thinned a bit on top, but otherwise was still the same good looking guy he was years ago. I hoped he felt the same about me.

“Jack, I’m so happy that we decided to Gaziantep Escort Reklamları get together like this… man, you really look good!”

Walt cautiously put his hand on my thigh, and his fingers brushed through the fabric against my now swelling cock.

“It doesn’t look like you lost anything down here”, he said with a grin.

“Yeah, I answered, “everything still works pretty well…it looks like you haven’t forgotten how to turn a guy on, either”, I gestured to the beautiful bulge in his khakis, complete with a growing wet spot at the tip. “Does that mean you’re glad to see me”?

Walt smiled and grabbed himself through his pants, clearly defining the outline of his hard cock…

We each fell silent and stared at each other, thinking of what was to come…

“Jack, can we please get the fuck out of here and go upstairs now…I really need to get naked with you, and I can’t wait any longer”, he whispered as he moved his hand sensuously back and forth across his leg.

“Yeah, enough of this chit chat, my friend – right now I need to get that gorgeous cock of yours between my lips”, I responded.

It was good that the lobby was empty, because anyone seeing us would know what we were about to do. Grabbing, squeezing, playing with each other, we made it to the elevator, up three floors, down the hall and into his room. It was a mini-suite, with the normal king-sized bed near the window…I noticed that the sheets were already pulled back.

Walt was already pulling off his clothes as I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I needed to pee, and I wanted to make sure I was clean for him. He evidently had made sure that he would be ready for me also, as evidenced by the enema bag hanging on the back of the door, the black bulbous nozzle hanging there seductively. It still had a trace of lubricant on the shaft, and I knew my lover had enjoyed a thorough clean out before meeting me…

Seeing this made my cock twitch as I remembered how I had introduced my friend to enemas all of those years ago. He would be thinking that I had prepared my rear cavity for him also, and he would be correct. Before leaving home I had thoroughly washed and rinsed my lower bowels in preparation of him taking me anally once again – God, I ached to again feel that fullness! Seeing Walt naked on the bed, I quickly shed my clothes and approached him. It was twilight, and the amber colored rays of the setting sun illuminated his body beautifully. His chest rose and fell with each heavy breath, causing his engorged penis to sway gently to and fro – it was just as magnificent as I had remembered. It was obvious that he was extremely excited; his oozing pre-cum glistened as it slowly crept down his shaft to his smooth ball sac.

Without saying a word he took my hand and pulled me to him. We stretched out the length of our bodies and pressed our flesh together. Our lips met in a brief kiss and then we hugged – a strong, firm, manly, comforting hug that defined the physical aspects of our friendship. We each sighed as these feelings overtook us.

“I have missed you – I have missed us – all of these years”, I said.

“Me too. I love my wife; I love to make love to her, but you and I have something very special – a very special way of loving” he responded.

I lowered my face to my lover’s chest and gently took one, then the other nipple in my mouth and sucked sensuously – Walt had always enjoyed this – and then I gradually worked my way lower, past his navel to his smoothly Shaved pubic mound. His skin was incredibly soft and smelled of expensive cologne. He sighed as I slowly drew my parted lips up the underside of his shaft to the purple crown of his manhood. He emitted a ragged “Oh, yessss!” as I lowered my mouth over his dick, working my way down to the base of his shaft – I had his entire cock engulfed in my mouth, and we savored the pleasures, both given and taken, as I suckled him.

“Please stop for a minute, Jack”…I don’t want to cum yet – I want this to last as long as possible.”

“I want to make love to you again as I did before” Walt’s eyes penetrated me as he spoke…” Can I make love to you now? May I fuck your sweet bottom?”

“Oh, yes!” I moaned as his fingers encircled my cock…”Please take me, I need you deep inside me right now!”

I instinctively rolled on to my back and parted my thighs. I was his for the taking, and I knew that once coupled together, we would again share incredible pleasure, pleasure lost over many years but now rediscovered…

Slowly he moved down to my waist and, holding me by the base of my cock, closely examined my hardened manhood.

“It’s just like I remembered,” he spoke quietly…he gave me long slow loving licks – “Damn, I’I’ve missed you!”

Walt was aware of the intense feelings he was giving me and released my dick before he took me too far. Neither of us was ready for orgasm yet. As he caressed me all over, he made his way down between my legs and rose up on his knees. His face was flushed with desire, and his long, slender cock bobbed alluringly from his groin…I had never seen anything so erotic in my life.

He lifted my feet up and apart, and I grabbed behind my knees and pulled them to my chest. I was totally exposed to my lover – my ass cheeks were splayed open, vulgarly revealing my swollen rosebud to him. I ached for his touch, his tongue, his entry into me.

“Jack baby…, are you still my little bitch slut? Do you want me to slide my hot cock up into your ass and fuck you again like I used to? You look so hot like this, showing me your hot little manpussy. You smell so good…do you want me to lick your sweet ass for you?”

“Yesss,” I muttered, nearly incoherent with lust. Every nerve in my body was crackling with electricity, and my cock was leaking precum continuously onto my belly. My nether region throbbed with desire as Walt lowered his mouth to my spread bottom and extended his wet tongue out to caress my anus. The warmth and wetness filled me with delirious pleasure as I ground my ass back into his face. His tongue darted into my butthole repeatedly, causing my sphincter to dilate in anticipation of his invading penis.

He raised back up and, with his face covered with a delicious mixture of saliva and precum, asked if I was ready for him.

“I have to fuck you now, my friend…I can’t wait any longer”

I could only nod my agreement as memories long dormant flooded back into my mind. I would now once again experience the ultimate union of body and soul with my friend and lover.

I raised up and allowed Walt to place a fluffy down pillow under my hips. He then reached in the nightstand next to the bed and retrieved a tube of KY Jelly. I absentmindedly stroked my swollen dick as he squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers and gently applied the lubricant to my anus. He slowly inserted his middle finger in me…it met no resistance.

“Damn, Jack, you’re not tight at all back here…you must be looking forward to this”

He then added a second finger and slowly started opening me up further with a back and forth fucking motion. He curled his fingers upward and massaged my prostate, which sent shivers directly to my cock. He added a third finger and began a twisting motion, and my anal muscles completely succumbed to the invasion. I was completed dilated, and we were both aware that I was ready for him to enter me, to love me, to fuck me in a way I needed so badly.

“I’m ready for you now”, I pleaded. “Please fuck me long and slow, the way you used to do me”.

Walt scooted his knees into the back of my thighs, which I held up and open for him. His cock was wet with his precum and throbbed noticeably in the pale afternoon sunlight. He smiled at me as he applied another gob of KY on to his dick.

“Can’t have too much lube when you’re buttfucking!” he joked. “God, Jack, I have missed you so much…”

He finished coating himself with the slick gel and grabbbed his shaft, pointing the purplish head at my now loosened hole. He slowly pressed forward and I felt that indescribable sensation as his cockhead passed my sphincter. I had not experienced this feeling during all those years apart from him, but at this moment it seemed that we had never been apart.

We each moaned and gasped for a breath as we savored the unique sensations of man love. Closing his eyes, he pressed further into me, one beautiful inch at a time, until my rectum was filled with this marvelous piece of flesh.

“Oh my God, Walt,” I cried. “You feel sooo good inside me…I love it when you fuck me like this…take it out and put it back in… “

He withdrew his meat and then more rapidly thrust himself again into my bottom. He leaned forward and pressed his hairy chest to mine and nuzzled my neck as he began a steady fucking motion, in and out, in and out…

I grasped his back with my arms and legs as my friend pounded his cock into my slippery ass…I could only hold on as he repeatedly filled me.

We were both grunting like animals, sweating profusely, as we copulated on the hotel room bed. I was lost in a fog of sensuous pleasure as we recreated the naughty fun that we had discovered so long ago.

Inevitably, our lust was reaching a culmination. Walt was thrusting faster and faster into me as he sought the ultimate pleasure, and his stomach, rubbing against my cock, had me on the verge of orgasm as well.

“I’m coming, Jack!”

“Me too,” I groaned. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…keep fucking me! Just a little bit longer!”

And then we erupted into and against each other. Walt pushed deeply into me and I could feel the pulsing of his cock as he spewed his seed into my rectum…my own cum covered our bellies as I shook with emotional release. We paused our movements and rested against each other, trying to regain our breath and composure.

“I don’t want to wait another twenty-five years”, I said. “I think I need this on a more regular basis, my friend”.

Walt moaned something incoherent, and rolled off of me. He was snoring lightly in a matter of seconds. I reached behind me and put a finger in my ass. I was beginning to tighten up a bit, but was still loose enough that I could insert a couple of fingers inside. I savored the sensations as I relived what had just happened…my entire hand now coated with lube and his cum. I sighed and drifted off to sleep as well.

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It’s Just Not Cricket

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Disclaimer: This story features unprotected sex between multiple people. In real life I promote safe sex but I have included it as a stylistic choice in this work of fiction.


The midday sun was beating down on us hard. Each man was positioned and focused, his task clear. This was Sunday arvo backyard cricket, and in our neighbourhood, that was no time to fuck around.

It was December 20th and the weather was in the 30’s. Not too hot to be outside, but too hot to do anything productive. The teams were made up of me and my dad, his neighbours on both sides and their sons. Mum and dad’s place was at the end of a cul-de-sac backing on to a nature reserve, so the only neighbours we’d ever known were the Coopers and the Stones, and me and their boys had grown up thick as thieves.

A few years had passed since then though, and we were now grown men with families of our own. We were all back for the Christmas holidays, and the first thing the ladies did was push us out the back with a big esky of beer while they took the wives and grandkids into the city for a day of shopping. Fine by us, fine by them.

So here we were. Garbage bin for the stumps, cricket bat in hand, I quickly sized up the competition.

On our side was me (Tim), tall and ruggedly handsome, if I do say so myself, my dad Ross, an ex-fire fighter and current walking nugget of muscle, even in his 50’s, and Noel, my childhood mate from next door, who was carrying a little extra weight these days (wife and kids will do that). I thought we stood a decent chance- Noel was faster than he looked and I wasn’t too bad with the bat.

The opposition was made of up of Noel’s dad, Glenn, who had the same tussled shock of blonde hair as his son but a little less weight (Glenn was into running marathons), Andy from the house on the other side and his dad, Charlie. Andy had always looked more like he was my dad’s son than Charlie’s- same dark brown hair and muscular frame, whereas Charlie, with his orange hair that was rapidly turning to silver, looked more like me. We’d always joked we must have been switched at birth. Charlie had grown a beard in the last few years and the overall effect made him look pretty imposing to anyone who didn’t know him. But I knew, under the gruff appearance and his cranky demeanor, Charlie was actually a gentle bloke.

Also Glenn was already drunk as a skunk, so in my opinion the game was in the bag.

I took my stance and sized up my competition. Charlie was bowling and had a look of solid determination on his face, but behind him I could see Glenn. Old Glenn was decked out in a bright red bucket hat and a pair of new cargo shorts, looking at me and swaying uncontrollably. I knew where to aim.

Charlie unleashed the ball and I struck hard, hurtling it across the lawn and through Glenn’s fingers. Andy was too far away to get it, I began my mad sprint back and forth. I saw the ball flying… flying… and landing, with a “plop” in the middle of the pool.

“Get it, get it!” Charlie was yelling at Glenn, who was staggering towards the water.

Glenn hesitated.

“These are new shorts, Sharon would kill me.” He remarked, looking down.

“Who cares? Get the fucking ball!!” Charlie kept yelling over my laughter as I completed another run. Andy was now racing towards the pool as well, but Glenn suddenly had an idea. I was running towards the bin so I only heard Charlie’s confused and angry yelling at first.

“Glenn, what are you doing?!” he said.

As I turned around to run again I saw what was going on. Glenn had taking off his shorts and was wading naked into the water to get the tennis ball. Well, not naked, the red bucket hat was still on his head. Other than that though- yep, cock out, slightly furry arse on display.

He grabbed the ball and jumped out of the water, but too late. I was safe, the game was won, and Charlie wasn’t too impressed. Glenn just stood there as beads of water dripped off his cockhead. Good thing there were no other neighbours.

“Bugger.” He said, still holding the ball and dripping. He reached for his shorts.

“NO! No, you don’t get to put those back on, you cost us the game. Now go get us some more beers from the shed.” Said Charlie in his best angry voice. Glenn shrugged and disappeared into the shed.

After Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort everyone had watched him go, my father turned to Charlie.

“Were we keeping beers in the shed?” he asked.

“Nah, they’re in the esky over in the corner there.” Said Charlie, gesturing to the esky we had covered in towels and forgotten about.

“So Glenn’s gonna be there a while…” said my dad with a wry smile.

“Yep. Bet you five bucks he falls asleep in there.” Charlie shot back.

We all had a big laugh at that, then went for a swim, had some beers, lay in the sun.

After a while my dad hopped out of the pool.

“Glenn’s been a while, I’m just gonna check on him.” He remarked, looking in the direction of the shed.

“I’d better come with, I’m the one who sent him there.” Charlie chimed in, climbing out of the water.

“You lads keep swimming, we’ll be back soon.” He said.

Us boys thought nothing of it for a while, but when we’d all finished swimming and we were lying in the sun Andy jumped up.

“Our dads have been in there for a while…” he said, heading towards the shed.

“Probably just secret dad business, you know what they’re like.” Noel replied sleepily, rolling onto his front.

“I’m just gonna check. You coming Timmy?” he asked.

“Sure.” I replied, trying not to show that I was a bit concerned about our fathers. Nobody was really keeping track of time but it felt like they’d been gone for a while.

My dad’s shed had a couple of high windows, a grown man would have to stand on a milk crate to look in. As kids we’d never been able to see in there, but now, using the esky, me and Andy peeped through the window.

“Holy shit.” Whispered Andy.

It took me a moment to process what I was seeing, then I echoed his sentiments.

There, standing in the middle of the shed, was Glenn, still naked except for that stupid red hat. He had a massive hard-on. Crouched down in front of him, lips wrapped around his cockhead, was my father. My dad had his own short, thick cock sticking out of his shorts and he was working it with one hand as he sucked Glenn’s manhood, using his free hand to squeeze and massage Glenn’s hefty nuts. Behind Glenn, also crouched down, was Charlie, his face buried deep in Glenn’s pale arse. Charlie had lowered his shorts to his knees and his long, thin, pale knob was jutting eagerly out from his mass of red pubes. Charlie wasn’t stroking it though, he was using both hands to spread Glenn’s cheeks further and further apart, driving his tongue deep into the blonde man’s chute.

As we stood there, hypnotised, Glenn began to buck. He grasped the back of my father’s head and thrust hard, shooting his load down the old man’s throat.

“What’s going on?” said Noel from behind us. I had been so transfixed by the sight I hadn’t even realised he was there. Andy and I spun around on top of the esky so he was eye-level with our waists. There was a moment as Noel regarded us, then he looked up into our faces and asked with genuine confusion.

“Why have you both got stiffies?”

I looked down. Sure enough, I’d sprung a half-mast in my shorts. I looked over at Andy’s groin- he had done the same. Andy climbed off the esky and motioned for Noel to take his place.

“See for yourself. The old guys have been holding out on us.”

As Noel climbed up beside me I turned back to look through the window. I heard him gasp next to me as we both witnessed the developing action going on inside the shed.

My old man was now lying on his back on the workbench, passionately kissing Glenn. His shorts were gone and he was down to just his thongs, one leg being held wide and supported by the other two men. Charlie was engulfing my dad’s cock with the same enthusiasm he had been eating Glenn’s arse with, while Glenn, now mostly soft, was working a finger in and out of my old man’s sphincter. I had to admit, the sight only made me harder.

I became aware of Noel next to me panting hard. Tearing my view away from the window, I realised he had lowered his shorts and was wanking furiously. At the same time, Andy was behind him, moving his tongue in long, lazy strokes across his exposed arsehole. Suddenly I was captivated by the sight to my side instead of the one through the window, as neither man seemed aware that I was watching.

“Oh shit.” Said Noel, suddenly breaking the spell. I glanced back through the window to see that all three of our fathers were staring up at us in the window. While I had been staring at Noel and Andy outside, inside Glenn had regained his hardon, probably at the sight of Charlie sticking his pork sword into my old man’s eager hole. They were frozen, watching us, Charlie mid-thrust into my father, Glenn’s hand still wrapped around his own erection and my old man’s.

We were all paralysed. I wanted to do something to show our dads that it was alright, that we were actually enjoying it. I grabbed Noel, turned his face towards me, gave him a long, deep kiss and made a thumbs up sing in the window at the same time. When we were finished Noel looked pretty shocked.

“Blimey.” Was all he could get out, but looking through the window I saw the three older blokes grin. Charlie even resumed driving his shaft into my dad, who locked eyes with me and winked.

“What? What’s going on now?” said Andy from the base of the esky.

I climbed down and grabbed his package.

“Now we’re going in mate.” I smiled.

“So how long’s this been going on then?” I asked, entering the shed. I removed my shorts completely and let my hard-on stand up proud. The other lads followed suit.

“A few years.” Grunted Charlie, not ceasing to fuck my father.

“After you lot grew up and moved out we had a lot of time to ourselves. Gotta do something with it.” Panted Glenn, still wanking.

“Well now we’re back, and we’re all grown up…” remarked Andy.

“So what now?” he concluded.

Charlie pulled out of my dad, who let out a low moan.

“The girls won’t be home for hours. And it’s too nice a day to spend in the shed…” he mused.

He regarded the three of us. Naked. Hard. Eager.

“Well, it’s just not cricket but…same teams as before?” he winked.

The midday sun was beating down on us hard. Each man was positioned and focused, his task clear. This was Sunday arvo backyard cricket as only our neighbourhood could play it.

On our side was me (Tim), my dad Ross, and Noel, my childhood mate from next door.

The opposition was made of up of Noel’s dad, Glenn, Andy from the house on the other side and his dad, Charlie.

We were first up to batt. I took Andy, laying him on his side on the grass as I eased my “batt” into his lubed and ready arsehole. I ran my hand over his hairy, muscular chest as I pounded him. Looking around, I saw my dad standing in the bright sunlight in all his glory, eagerly ramming his knob into Glenn’s waiting mouth. Over by the pool Noel was reclining on the deck chair as Charlie squatted over the younger man’s considerable cock and gently eased it into himself.

The sight was too hot, I came after only a few eager thrusts into Andy. I saw Charlie, still only halfway down Noel’s shaft, wanking manically with one hand and playing with his nipples with the other, screw up his face as thick ropes of creamy jizz erupted from his swollen dick.

One from my team, one from Charlie’s. The next bloke to blow would settle round one. As if on cue, my dad let out a guttural sound and pulled his full length out of Glenn’s mouth, shooting his cum all over his mate’s chest and face.

Bugger, we lost out at batting. We all declared a cool-off period for some beer and pool and clean-up, then it was time to change over.

For our bowling turn the other time got to choose the pairings. Charlie decided he wanted to know if I tasted like the old man, while Andy said he wanted a bit of muscle and chose my dad. We quickly realised this left us with the awkward situation of Noel pairing up with his own father.

“We can re-select.” Said Charlie.

“Or you could just forfeit.” Said Noel cheekily to his father.

“Forfeit? Forfeit this you little smartarse.” Said Glenn, reaching out and firmly grasping his son’s cock.

“Right, well, I guess that’s settled.” Said Charlie, his fingers encircling my throbbing erection.

Everyone was too crazed with man-lust to really think about it. We just wanted to get our rocks off again and again.

Being on all fours on the grass, feeling Charlie’s slick tongue on my date and his beard tickling my backside, I took in the sights in front of me. Andy and my dad really did look similar, it was like my old man was getting fucked in the arse by a younger version of himself. As hot as that was, the sight of Noel and his dad 69’ing on the grass was by far the most intense thing going on.

“Fuck mate, your arse is so sweet.” Charlie moaned into my date. I heard him make a strangled, startled noise, followed by him cursing. Looking around, old Charlie had blown his load without even getting his dick in. One for us.

Noel couldn’t hold himself back for long either, as his lay on top of his dad and pistoned away into his mouth. I saw him shudder and buckle as some of his white seed dribbled out of Glenn’s mouth. One for them.

It was all down to dad now. He started bucking his hips harder and harder against Andy, panting and talking dirty.

“Go son, go!” he groaned, at which point Andy threw his head back, ramming the full length of himself into my old man and flooding his guts with sperm. His deflating, veiny member slowly withdrew from my dad’s arse. We had won the second round.

“What now?” asked Glenn, collecting the cum from the side of his mouth and licking it off his hand.

“Now…” said my dad, slowly staggering to his feet.

“…tie-breaker. We won the last round…” he continued, taking the red bucket hat off of Glenn and putting it on his own head.

“…so we get to pick the matches.” He concluded.

“Give us a few minutes.” Said Charlie, wiping his cock on one of the pool towels.

“Of course Charlie. Beer, pool, then I reveal the line-up for the last match.”

We had a few hours left so we sat in the pool, drank, just talked. I was a bit thrown at how normal we all were, in between bouts of full-on man-sex. Not that I was complaining. Eventually the old man stood up.

“Alright. New match line-up is… dads vs lads. Last bloke to cum is the winner, and his team is the winning team. Questions?”

“Nup!” said Glenn happily, pushing his son onto his back.

As Glenn manoeuvred himself to straddle his son’s fleshy rod, Charlie engulfed Andy’s cock and began to finger the young muscle man’s hole. I turned to my old man…who was already on all fours on the grass with his bum in the air.

“Go on Timmy, give me a good one.” He said.

As I took the old man’s arse I could see Glenn, bouncing up and down on Noel, unleash his cream all over his son’s chest. One down already.

As Glenn removed himself from his lad’s throbber I saw Charlie and Andy swoop in to deal with Noel. Between Charlie’s expert rimming and Andy’s powerful sucking Noel was soon gone, losing his seed down Andy’s ready throat. With Noel defeated Charlie quickly pushed Andy onto his back and began a swift, aggressive fucking.

My dad clenched his sphincter on my cock, drawing me away from the other action and back to the old man. As we fucked I gave him a reach-around, knowing I could probably get him off fast, although that would leave me with Charlie and Andy to deal with.

As if on cue, Andy wandered past my field of view, a look of defeat on his face and ropes of cum on his chest. I felt Charlie behind me, encircling my chest with his arm as he rubbed his long, stiff meat against my pucker. The bloke was inexhaustible.

So there we were, me fucking my old man, Charlie fucking me. The others had pulled up chairs and were watching us, taking bets on who would blow next.

“Fuck…fuck…” my dad panted, and I was sure he was close. But then to my surprise I felt a surge in my arse as Charlie unleashed white hot cream into my guts, hugging me close as he did.

He, dad and I disentangled. I sat on the ground feeling the cum ooze out of my arse onto the grass.

“So did we win?” I asked, realising only dad and myself were left and we were on the same team.

The guys looked at each other, unsure. Eventually Glenn spoke up.

“I think there can only be one winner. Keep going.” He said.

Without a word, I lay on the grass and lifted my legs up, offering dad my hole. He braced himself on top of me then tenderly worked his knob inside. We kissed and hugged as he made slow, deliberate thrusts. We were both close, but eventually I felt him shudder and flood me with his warm seed, adding it to Charlie’s load.

Dad pulled off and out, exhausted. He looked over at me on the grass and grinned. He pulled off the red hat and put it on my head.

“The winner.” He grinned.

We lay there, naked, covered in cum and sweat and dirt, exhausted, as my friends and family surrounded me. I looked up at them, utterly spent, then managed a cheeky grin.

“So…play for the hat again tomorrow?” I asked.

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Neighbor Girl Ch. 01

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Ava Addams

Billy lay on the bed with the fingers of his left hand wrapped firmly around his hard dick, tugging ferociously toward an expected climax. This was a typical, daily occurrence for him. In fact, his day wasn’t complete until he whacked off at least once, usually more. In all honesty, jerking off was Billy’s favorite activity as he could never quite seem to keep his hands off his penis, like every other eighteen-year-old boy in high school. Every guy Billy knew yanked their chain, and if they said otherwise they were lying. At least, he assumed they did because of all the joking that went on about jerking off on any given day. How could they not masturbate? Clearly, it was the greatest feeling in the world as nothing quite equaled the sensation of your dick as it exploded with hot cum.

And as Billy pulled on his stiff prick he eagerly anticipated the next experience. He had been looking forward to it all day, having woken with a woody and been unable to shake it. Good thing he got so much pleasure from masturbating because nobody else was doing it for him.

When his friend Max dropped him off after school, Billy went directly to his room where he stripped naked and hopped on the bed to commence his favorite activity. He loved getting naked and being in the nude. Clothes just got in the way of things. They were too constricting, limiting the sexual exploration of his body. Unlike most teenagers, Billy really liked the way he looked, especially naked. Standing in front of the mirror on his closet door, he would stare at himself, watching his penis rise and fall as he played with it. He particularly liked flicking his dick against his abdomen to watch it bounce. Turning sideways, he discovered, made his cock look even longer, and he would jerk off as he watched himself in the mirror, excited to see cum fly out the tip of his penis.

As the familiar sensation arose in his body, signaling the inevitable culmination, Billy lifted his hips in the air as clumps of white, sticky semen shot out and landed on his chest. He groaned out with pleasure as cum warmed his belly. One squirt even hit his chin, making him chuckle as he finished pulling on his shrinking appendage. Billy rested for a bit before retrieving a dirty undershirt from the hamper to clean up his mess. Throwing on a pair of shorts, he made his way down into the kitchen to have a snack.

Once his appetite was satisfied, Billy went back to his room, got naked again and lay back on his bed to listen to music. As was his habit, he fantasized about having sex with different girls in his school. He visualized the way he imagined they looked naked, or how the girls would blow him. Billy pictured himself eating them out and fucking them. The preferred activity he imagined was having an orgy with a bunch of girls, all of them taking turns to service his meat before he pounded their pussies one at a time.

Instinctively, a usual occurrence of this meticulously practiced routine, Billy quickly turned his thoughts to his neighbor Suzy. In the end, his thoughts always returned to her. She was, for all intents and purposes, his first – and at this point in his short existence only – love. There were just two problems with this. First, Suzy was a junior in college while he remained a few months away from his high school graduation. Second, she had no idea how he felt. Billy had never told her.

As children they had played together often, but once the onset of puberty hit, and she moved to middle school, they drifted apart. Thankfully, she had a brother named Tony who was a year younger than Billy and took her place to become a good friend. At least until high school when they gradually went their own way as a result of different interests and activities.

Suzy remained the only girl Billy had ever played with in his life and, it seemed to him, the only girl he had ever really been attracted to. At times she even seemed sweet on him as well as she always made a point to reach out and say hello or talk to him, even as she grew older and in front of her friends, which was a big fucking deal as a kid.

There was a time when he and Suzy used to roller skate together during “couples song,” which he always looked forward to. Unlike the rest of the country, where roller skating finally went out of style in the 1980s, in their small town it was still the place for young adolescents to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night. Even though he and Suzy were separated by three years – not a lot, but tremendously critical as teenagers – she never seemed to mind Billy and was usually the one who would approach to ask him to skate during the couples only song.

Listening to music as he lay on his bed, Billy recalled those times with Suzy, which now seemed so long ago. He had been in the 7th and 8th grades at the time while she was already in high school. It occurred to him that while it didn’t seem unusual at the time, now as a senior he couldn’t imagine asking someone three years younger than him to skate together during Gaziantep Anal Escort a couples dance. Yet, on several of those occasions they had even kissed, after making their way to one of the four corners of the roller rink set aside as resting places. There were long benches attached to the wall and chairs for kids to skate out and take a break. Usually, though, those dark places presented the perfect hiding spot for people looking to kiss, mess around, and, if they were really daring, fuck.

Billy remembered the first time he kissed Suzy. It had been on one of those benches in the corner of the roller rink hidden in the dark. He had been in the 8th grade and she was asking him if he was excited to be going into high school the next year. When he turned to respond, his face smacked right into hers and they shared an awkward first kiss. Still, most times after that, when they skated together they would end up in one of those corners and their kissing got better. Sadly, that was all they had ever done and, all too soon, Billy was in high school and Suzy graduated. And that, as they say, was that.

Just recollecting those times was enough to awaken Billy’s manhood for the second time that afternoon, and he glanced down to see his one-eyed shlong rigidly looking up at him. Jesus, he thought, I have got to be the horniest person alive. But that thought wasn’t enough to keep his hands off himself as he slowly rubbed his naked body. Billy reached down to cup his balls, massaging them as blood pumped into his pecker. As he ran his left hand over his hard boner, he thought about the last time he saw Suzy.

It had been just this past Christmas, when she was home from college. She looked beautiful as always. Her smile. What a fucking killer smile. She had a mouthful of pearly white teeth and when she smiled it took up her whole face. Her wavy, long brown hair and brown eyes only accentuated her beauty. The sweet softness of her voice penetrated his soul every time she would say, “Hi Billy,” in a teasing way with her toothy grin and sparkling eyes. Billy started to grip his penis harder, sliding his hand up and down its firm shaft.

Through the years, with Suzy living next door to him, Billy had gotten an opportunity to see parts of her naked body a couple times. Once, while over at her house playing video games with Tony, Billy had to use the bathroom. Even though the door was closed, he turned the knob and walked in to see Suzy sitting on the toilet. The first thing he noticed – the only thing he noticed – was her patch of bushy pubic hair as he stood in the doorway staring at it. Thankfully, Suzy only laughed as she politely told him to get out, which he had done immediately. But he thought of her black bush as he continued to pull on himself.

He also thought about the time they were swimming in her pool and how her bikini top fell off as she jumped out of the water. When Suzy turned around, kneeling to retrieve her bathing suit from the water, her tits jingled together right in front of him. Once again, he was rooted to the spot ogling her boobs while she giggled and quickly covered herself. As far as Billy was concerned, she had the greatest set of tits in the world. Then again, it wasn’t like he had many others to compare them with.

There had been several opportunities for Billy to mess around with people during adolescence. He had actually jerked off with Tony a few times while they watched some porn on his laptop. Billy’s first blow job was pretty memorable, but only because of the pain caused as the girl scraped his boner with her teeth. The others he had received were all much better, he was glad to note, especially the one Angela gave him just last week.

Angela was also a senior and didn’t even try to hide her interest in him. She was nice, of course, and willing to fool around from time to time but beyond that he really wasn’t interested in her. As far as any serious sexual exploration, he just assumed that would have to wait for college. It didn’t seem likely that anything was going to happen until then, which was another reason he chose to masturbate daily. It kept his mind off a non-existent sex life while still being gratified in some way.

As he worked himself toward another explosive discharge, Billy pictured Suzy in his mind – in her bikini – her tits bobbing up and down – her small, curly muff. These images darted through his brain as he stroked harder and quicker. Scooting down on the bed, he pushed his feet against the footboard to arch his back. Jerking fast with his left hand, fondling his balls with his right, Billy lifted his ass in the air as his dick unloaded for the second time that afternoon. Thick gobs of goo splattered his chest as a wave of warmth pulsed through his body. Ahh…Christ, thought Billy. That feels so fucking good. Every. Fucking. Time.

The very next afternoon as Billy once again lay on his bed to relax and listen to music, he heard a car door slam shut and naturally assumed Tony had finally made his way home. In addition to being his neighbor and Suzy’s little brother, Tony was the star pitcher on their school’s baseball team. With the advent of spring came daily practices.

When Billy decided to get up and glance out his bedroom window, which conveniently overlooked his neighbor’s driveway, he spotted Suzy’s car. What the hell is she doing home, he wondered? The semester’s not over yet. Then she was there, walking out the front door and heading to her car to retrieve something. She looked up to see the top half of Billy staring at her and she immediately smiled at him and waved. Billy waved back in an embarrassed way, knowing he had been busted spying. Fuck, he thought, I’m a dope.

Dressing quickly, he decided to go over and say hello. When he walked outside and advanced across the lawn, Suzy was still rummaging around the back of her car. “Hey,” he yelled to her as he approached. “What the hell are you doing here? It’s not summer yet.”

Suzy backed out of her car and smiled radiantly at him, “Hi Billy. I just needed to bring some things home. I didn’t feel like leaving it all until the end of the semester.”

“Oh. Can I help you with anything?” he responded, walking over to stand next to her.

“You’re so sweet,” she answered, flashing that toothy grin of hers. She handed him a box, “Here. You can carry this.”

He followed Suzy into her house and down the hall to her bedroom, watching as her long brown hair swayed back and forth in front of him. When Billy stepped inside her room the realization of where he was hit him like a bolt of lightning and he instantly tensed up and froze. It had been a very long time since he had last been inside her room – her very own sanctuary.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, looking at him quizzically and noticing his stiff manner.

He shook his head quickly, and probably a little too violently, in a feeble attempt to dismiss her question and to snap him out of his stupid delirium. “Nothing,” he said quietly, trying his best to look casual and nonchalant.

Suzy looked at him and then a knowing smile spread across her face as she said, “This is the first time in quite a while since you’ve been in my room, isn’t it?” Billy didn’t know what to say. Caught again you stupid asshole, he said to himself. He could only smile awkwardly at her as she reached out to take the box from him. Placing it on the floor and sitting down on her bed, she patting the space next to her for him to sit, “Come here.”

Billy obediently sat down next to her but could only look down at the floor. Suzy reached up and started to rub his back with her hand which automatically caused his penis to stir noticeably. “Sorry. I should go,” he uttered nervously.

As Billy began to rise, Suzy grabbed his right arm and pulled him back down on the bed, “Don’t go, Billy. You don’t have to be embarrassed, okay?” When he turned to look at her she continued, “I know you like me. I’ve always known. It’s okay. I’m flattered and always have been.”

She leaned closer to Billy’s face and their lips met, igniting a passion neither one expected. Billy couldn’t help himself as he wrapped his arms around Suzy and pulled her close to him while his tongue danced with hers and explored the inside of her mouth. She gripped him in her arms as their lips moved together, a growing desire to explore more erupting inside her.

After several minutes of impassioned kissing they parted and sat back on the bed and looked at each other. Both were wide-eyed with surprise at the intensity of the moment. Billy spoke first, “I’m sorry. I…um…I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“Don’t be silly,” Suzy quickly cut him off. “We should have done that a long time ago. Besides, I wanted to kiss you.” Then after a slight pause when he didn’t respond, “You’re a really good kisser, Billy.”

He sheepishly smiled up at her and slightly chuckling, “Thanks. You are too.”

Sitting quietly for a bit, both absorbed in their own thoughts, Suzy finally asked, “Have you ever been with a girl, Billy?” When he looked over at her, those beautiful big brown eyes of hers staring right at him, he seemed confused, so she added gently, “What I mean is…have you ever slept with a girl?”

Billy hesitated, wondering whether to lie or just tell the truth. He probably could have lied to any other girl, but with Suzy he settled for the truth. “No,” he answered, slowly shaking his head.

“I see. Well, don’t be embarrassed, Billy,” she added quickly. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Although, I am surprised. You’re a very handsome guy.”

“Thanks,” he responded meekly as the color of his cheeks turned crimson and his eyes remained fixed on her beautiful face. He wasn’t sure what to do or whether he should stay or go. He had all he could do just to swallow.

Suzy sat next to him and began to gently rub his back. Then, with her mind made up she offered sheepishly, not wanting to sound like a slut, “Um…would you like to sleep with me?”

Billy sprang straight up and his head jerked to stare directly at her, considering whether or not she was serious. “What?” he said with utter disbelief.

She reacted by giggling, and then moved her hand from his back to rest on his right leg. “I asked if you would like to sleep with me.”

“Are you serious?” he asked in obvious wonder, moving his eyes from her face to her breasts and back up again to see her smiling at him.

Suzy watched as his eyes roamed and hers grew wider in anticipation of what possibly lie ahead, “Yes. I’m very serious, Billy.” Then she leaned in close to him again to whisper in his ear, “Let’s have sex. It’ll be fun.”

Billy didn’t know if he was going to piss, puke or shit as his insides erupted in a flurry of activity and his heart began to race. He continued to stare at her in amazement, unable to believe or accept what she had said to him. She can’t be serious, he thought. He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words. Finally, all he could manage was a feeble, “Okay.”

This prompted another outward giggle from Suzy as she stood up to face him, “We can’t do it here, though, because Tony will be home soon and I really don’t feel like explaining anything to my little brother. Can we go over to your house?” Billy nodded, still rooted to the spot and apparently unable to move. Suzy took him by the hands and nodded her head toward the door, “Come on then.”

They walked back down her hall and out the front door, crossing the lawn to Billy’s house. Opening the door for her, Suzy walked in and moved to the side to allow Billy to lead the way. They proceeded up the stairs to the first room on the left. When they were inside, Billy turned and locked the door, then faced the only girl he had ever had a crush on.

Suzy was smiling at him, teeth everywhere, with her long brown hair sloping down her back. She reached out and took him by both hands to pull him closer. They embraced and immediately resumed kissing. Slow at first, deliberate, and then becoming more passionate as they grew more comfortable and their hands began exploring each other. Suzy slid her hands down Billy’s back, squeezed his ass, and then worked her way to his front. She rested on his bulging pants and squeezed again. As Billy’s lips were locked with Suzy’s, he roamed down the front of her shirt to caress her right breast.

Linked together in a tight embrace for some time, their lips smacked together, tongues darted about, and hands roamed freely over the other as hormones raged and the excitement built up.

When they separated Suzy told him, “You taste just the same as you did when we used to kiss at the roller rink. Except you’re a much better kisser now,” her eyes sparkling as she looked at him. Stepping back to pull the shirt over her head, she exposed her beautiful breasts trapped inside their protective harness. Still smiling at him, Suzy reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor as her boobs jiggled in response to her movement. She stepped forward, took Billy by his hands again and placed them on her soft creamy chest, “Go ahead, Billy, touch me.”

For someone with little to no experience with the opposite sex, Billy handled her tits like an expert as he slowly touched and fondled them in his hands, pressing them gently and rubbing his thumbs on her hardening nipples as she let out a soft moan.

“You feel great, Suzy,” he said, continuing his manual exploration of her breasts.

As Billy rubbed and played with her sculpted tits, Suzy slipped out of her shoes and unhooked the button of her pants to let them slither to the floor. She stepped backwards again to wriggle out of her jeans, and then bent over to remove her socks. With Billy’s complete attention focused on her increasingly bare body, Suzy slipped her fingers inside her purple panties and pulled them down. She promptly kicked them away. Standing naked before him, Billy could only stare with fascination at this gorgeous specimen of a human being. “Jesus Christ, Suzy,” he said. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled broadly at him, “You’re so sweet,” then stepped forward again to embrace him with her nude frame. She wanted him to feel her – all of her – and she delighted in his attention and his innocence. They began kissing once more, urgently this time as Suzy’s hands began touching Billy all over. When they broke apart she said, “It’s your turn, Billy. I want to see you naked,” as she loosened his belt while slowly moving her hips back and forth over his bulging package.

Billy kicked off his shoes and yanked the shirt off his body while Suzy unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to expose the stiff boner hidden inside his briefs. She rubbed her hand over his bulge as he stepped out of his pants and flicked them in the corner with his foot, then she squeezed his hard-on before reaching inside to slide the underwear down his legs. When Billy stepped out of his briefs he stood before Suzy with a rigid 8-inch cock pulsing in front of her like a conductor’s baton.

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Hotel Valencia Ch. 02

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I should mention that with all her stroking and handling me, she did not use lube of any kind. Instead she applied liberal quantities of talc (actually cornstarch) to everything involved. She had a large container on the table, and would dip her hand in it before and during any procedure. “It’s less messy.” she told me. I liked the feel. Made a note to self: “get some Kingsford’s next grocery run.”

She went on explaining what she was doing as she continued to jack me off.

“If you’ll notice, the very top of the device has a hole… see there?”

I didn’t want to bother, but I glanced down and grunted “Uuh yeah.”

“The ‘groom’s girdle’ as I call it, has that little vent as a safety… in case of any accidental spurting.”

Some more powder, more fondling and then, “Oh my, I almost forgot! we’re gonna need to secure your hands and feet, so you don’t thrash about inadvertently… We don’t want any injuries, now do we?”

With that, she brought out two sturdy velcro ties and proceeded to fasten one around my ankles, and the other around my arms behind me.

“Is this really necessary?” I muttered, “You know I wanna cooperate.”

“I know, sweetie. It’s just a precaution for your own safety, should you get carried away and lose control… Plus, in order to get the best results, you can’t be allowed to touch yourself. Okay hon?”


She went back to stroking and I leaned my head back, eyes closed, feeling all these incredible sensations. My whole body was starting to tremble as tingling thrills surged up and down my spine. My dick was getting so hard it felt like it might break if she tried to bend it. Blue veins stood out firmly up and down the shaft but she just went on stroking and rubbing. Fast then slow, squeezing hard then softly, all in a strange unpredictable rhythm. All the while, the cap was firmly installed to my dick-head. Presumably, it was to prevent or delay orgasm by squeezing the sponge-like tissue down to the smallest size possible.

This stroking went on relentlessly for several long minutes, during which she would point my shaft in different directions, pulling it sideways or down as far as it could go, then letting it snap back with an audible slap to my belly.


“Now now sweet boy, a little pain is sometimes necessary… I’m sure you can take it.”

All I could utter was a muffled “Mmph.” as I realized this was becoming more than ‘a little pain’… By now the friction was starting to chafe my tender skin, and the swelling of my hard-on just plain hurt. Moments of pain followed by intermittent bouts of pure carnal enjoyment. Gentle caressing alternated with rough manhandling. Within a few seconds, I would go from delicious erotic excitement to over-stimulated irritation which prevented any thought of orgasm.

She also would grab my scrotum, circling the neck with thumb & forefinger, then pull down firmly. Stretching my balls to the limit, she’d pull down hard, hold, then let up, all in a series of rhythmic yanks which seemed to be part of some additional procedure.

This felt good, to a point. When she tugged down really hard, the pain was alarming, but just as I felt I couldn’t take anymore, she would let up and continue the up & down squeezing motion. That’s what felt good. So good in fact, it brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

At one point when I felt like I was right on the brink, she just stopped. Let go her hands and stepped back to watch as I squirmed.

“Wha–” I grumbled, actually wanting her to continue.

“I think it’s time to free you from the little helmet and start the next phase.”

While she was removing it, I thought to myself, “Hope it’s not gonna hurt as much as the last part.”

Then as if she could read my mind, she said, “This won’t be nearly so painful, but, you will surely find it to be quite demanding.”

I twitched, visibly.

“I’m confident you will stand up to the challenge, honey. Now just relax, breathe easy, and know you’re in good hands.”

As I stood leaning against the table with hands & feet tied, my cock twitched and bobbed up and down intensely, thoroughly of its own volition. She paid attention to this with great delight.

“Now that’s what I call a wanton display of sexual excitement!” she laughed. “You see there? Blatant evidence of extreme arousal, and you haven’t even seen me naked yet… Well, play your cards right, and you just might get the chance.”

She proceeded to remove the device, place it on the table, then went back to applying powder and manhandling me. My boner was starting to droop at this point, but she didn’t seem to mind. She also removed the leather collar Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort from my balls, saying, “It’s time for the ‘weights’… I’m going to start you on a gradually increasing series of heavy rings around your scrotum.” I remembered she had mentioned something ‘wider’, I guess this was it.

She went to a drawer and brought out some small boxes. “We’re going to install this one first, it’s not the lightest in my set, it weighs one pound, but I think it’ll be just right for you.” She took it out and showed it to me. I saw a gleaming silvery metal ring, about 3/4 of an inch thick. Basically two pieces which fastened together with a set-screw. It looked to be heavy.

“Putting it on is a bit tricky, but once we do, I think you’ll find it quite comfy… the inside diameter is perfect for your sac.” I wondered how did she know the diameter of my sac.

She came forward and matter-of-factly circled my balls with thumb & finger, pulled down, stretching the scrotum and placed the two halves together around the ‘neck’ of my sac. Then it was just a matter of tightening the screw to hold both halves together. For me, a little hair pull and/or a quick pinch here and there, but besides that I was fine.

“There, how’s that-?” she said, standing back. It felt amazingly good. “Fine.” I admitted.

“Excellent!” She was obviously pleased, and so went on to explain, “I like a man’s balls to hang low outside the body… so much easier to grab and fondle. I love to hold them and roll ’em around in my hand like marbles.” Lifting mine she started doing just that. “This ball-weight program will train your scrotum to relax and let those marbles hang loose.” She pulled the ring gently downward. “Ideally, a sort of cellular memory is formed, and your delicious eggs will hang that way naturally.” I wondered if this would really work on me. I’ve always liked it when my balls were hanging loose, but in the past every time I got horny they would retreat back up into the body, as my scrotum puckered tightly like a prune.

“Nowthen,” she said in an official tone, “to begin the second phase of your training, we need to apply stimulation and pressure on your prostate.” I winced. “Oh don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it… a bit challenging at first, but the results will be well worth it.” she asserted.

With that, she opened another drawer containing a collection of all sorts of insertable items. Butt-plugs, dildos, vibrators, in every size and description. Plus many devices that I didn’t recognize. I shuddered.

“We will need to widen your hole… by inserting bigger and bigger plugs, we’ll gradually increase your ‘stretchability’… and thus, the size of what you can take.” I flinched visibly, thinking about it, but she reassured, “Now trust me sweet boy, all men love prostate massage if it’s done right… and I know what I’m doing.”

I relaxed a bit, she said “Good.” as she snapped on rubber gloves and went about lubing up my butt hole. The feeling was indescribably erotic as she probed me. First one finger, then two, then three, wiggling, twisting and undulating while exploring my forbidden zone. My erection grew in spite of this grueling procedure, and in a matter of seconds I was rock hard, dripping precum.

“Feel good? hmm? … I know it does, sweetie.” Then removing her fingers she said, “Now let’s see… which one of these bad boys should I put in you..?” Rummaging through the drawer, she got an excited expression and said, “Ah-Hah!” as she picked up an excessively large butt-plug. It was dark blue in color and appeared to be 3 inches in diameter at the widest point. The tip which was slanted and only about an inch wide, gradually increased to the full three inches before tapering down to the ‘neck’ at the base. At the very bottom was a flat platform to prevent the plug from slipping all the way in and getting lost in the colon. I shuddered, wondering how I could possibly take it. Privately, I liked ass-play and owned a few toys, but never anything close to this.

“Okay now just relax…” she said softly and brushed her hands under my balls. I felt a little uneasiness, knowing that this monster was surely gonna go all up in me. But then managed to calm down a bit by thinking of how good her fingers had felt. My god, she had all four fingers up my ass and I was loving it!

After applying some lube, she began gently pushing the tip at my butt-hole. Sweetly and lovingly she caressed all around my puckered entrance until she knew I was ready, then started firmly pushing at the target. With unyielding resolve she pressed, slowly and relentlessly urging my sphincter to accept this soft invader. “That’s good, you’re doin’ great… give it a little squeeze if you can, baby.” My ass opened wider & wider as it went in deeper & deeper. When it was almost half way in, I knew I was in for some pain. It hurt pretty bad, but the pain came in waves, one minute unbearable, the next, fairly tolerable. She persisted with total determination, and I became fearful of serious injury. Possibly the muscle tissues could be torn. Then just about the time I was gonna yell “Stop!” the dark blue mammoth slipped past the portal and was completely in. My sphincter was now at ease, wrapped comfortably around this beast.

“There we go honey! now wasn’t that worth the effort?” she looked at my expression and said, “I thought so!” My boner had deflated to half-mast, but now with the thing nicely in me, and with this gorgeous lady looking on with glee, I started to feel tingling sensations arising. She strutted back and forth as if appraising my predicament. I could see she was greatly pleased. I was here for her amusement. And I had no problem with that – on the contrary. I love it when two people get off on each other for their own selfish gratification. I started to swoon, but then let my attention come back to this elegant woman in front of me and the spectacular setting I had lucked into. She had me totally under her control, and was going to push my limits like I’d never before experienced. I knew I would probably orgasm like never before. Plus, at the same time she would be using me for her own self-indulgent recreation, and probably orgasm so many times we’d both lose count. —Sweet.

My cock started throbbing of it’s own accord. She moved close to me, lightly touching her lips to my ear. I wanted so bad to grab her and feel her but my arms were still securely tied. She brushed her hands up and down my body, pausing at the genitals, all the while putting her face close enough to inhale my scent. I could smell her scent as well. With a quick dip of the talc, she grabbed my twitching boner, and with her other hand reached around behind me to the butt-plug. Looking me in the eye, she began to wiggle the plug back & forth and around in circles. Gently at first, then firmly at odd intervals. A tingling rush spread from deep inside my ass. My whole body started twitching. I knew my prostate was being manipulated by an expert. Waves of pure erotic ecstasy engulfed me as she jiggled the anal intruder. And all the while she continued to stroke my throbbing boner.

As her ministrations got more intense, so did my fevered state of arousal. I kicked my legs and bucked my hips compulsively. Whenever she sensed I was getting close to orgasm she stopped and watched my dick as it bobbed up & down. At these moments she would pull downward on the ball-weight and squeeze firmly on my swollen purple head. Then it was back to deliberate stimulation. Words cannot describe how good it felt. With my ball-sac loose & low, the huge plug all up in me, the gentle massage on my cock, I was totally at the mercy of this gorgeous woman. I was being forced to submit, yet I wanted it at the same time.

God how I wanted to come, but that wasn’t gonna happen until she allowed it. The sensations were overwhelming. I reached a point where it no longer mattered to me if I climaxed or not. All that really mattered was this delicious feeling, and I wanted it to go on forever.

Delirious, I started babbling muddled phrases in a vain attempt to express my excitement. She giggled and said, “Hmm? What’s that honey? – I didn’t catch that. Say again?” taking great pleasure as I squirmed.

She carried on with the edging procedure and I went on bucking & squirming in total ecstatic frustration. This continued for at least 15 minutes. My excitement ramped higher & higher until I felt unable to take anymore. And that pushed me into uncontrolled hysteria. I was now in a different state of consciousness. I stopped thrashing. All I could do was take it all in. My perception was focused. I saw and felt everything with amazing clarity, and I no longer was trying to avoid discomfort. No striving, no frustration, I was able to abide in this moment, trembling at the peak of arousal. My breathing relaxed to a steady rhythm.

“That’s it, there we are, kid…” she said softly. Then cooing and humming sweetly, she ran her smooth hands up and down my body. Then fetching the paper towels she said, “Just stay relaxed honey…” and reached up under me to grasp the butt-plug. “Taking it out is lots easier than putting it in,” she started pulling gently, “now push for me like when you poop… good, that’s right…” And before I knew it the monster was on the table, wrapped in paper towels. Whew! that was easier than I expected.

“Now here comes the part you’re gonna like, young man.” she said, eyeing me up & down lewdly. Turning, she snapped on a rubber glove, grabbed the KY jelly and started to lube my tender hole. Still in this strange new state of consciousness, my boner straight up and throbbing, tingling waves running all through my body, I heard her say, “Oh, I’m gonna like this too!” With that, she inserted a finger (first one, then two) up my ass, and with her other hand started stroking my dick.

Ever so gently she stroked with her dry powdered hand, and with her probing fingers she found my prostate. I was frozen in space, having no choice but to just take it. Expertly, she ramped me up to the brink of explosion then backed off each time, only to start again. “I removed the plug because I can feel with my finger more precisely… to determine the exact moment…” I heard her say this but unable to think, I had no way to apply the concept. My brain was involved in other more pressing matters. She went on & on with total control, causing the most exquisite sensations I have ever experienced. At times I would thrust my hips forward, or throw my head back & forth wildly, but they were purely autonomic reactions. As she continued relentlessly I slipped even more into this feverish madness. Like a delirium or frenzy, but with no turmoil whatsoever.

Then at one point she stood up and to my utter astonishment, she matter-of-factly took off her blouse exposing the most beautiful pair of tits I’ve ever seen! They had the perfect hang. Erect nipples surrounded by bumpy areolae. I was stunned, this was more than I could imagine wishing for. Smiling casually, she sat down again and resumed her wicked procedure. One finger went in my ass and found that delicious spot, while her other hand returned to the delicate caress of my blue-veined throbber. She seemed to delight in ‘accidentally’ letting those gorgeous boobs rub up against my bare skin. I couldn’t believe this was happening, the sight of those luscious hangers sent me even further into the delirium. She was sexy beyond imagination. I was in awe. I surrendered to her control with total abandon.

She started making a ‘come hither’ motion with her finger on my prostate, and every so often with her other hand, she would stop stroking and pull down on the ball-weight then give my dick-head a squeeze. Precum was dripping abundantly. I jerked and shuddered involuntarily at odd times. I was lost in a dream yet wide awake. My dick started to quiver of its own accord. I knew I was getting close, but had no idea how close. She seemed to know exactly, and began deliberately stroking in a machine-like rhythm. The pace was faster than before, and went on for several minutes. Very soon I was past the point of no return. She knew it before I did, and leaned her face in closer.

“Okay sweetheart, let it go… give it to me.” She was squeezing hard, stroking the entire length. “Time to launch that rocket.” Then at a moment I couldn’t predict, I felt the ringing sensation that precedes a climax. She softened her grip and ran her thumb & fingers lightly on my glans. This caused my final approach to slow down. Inch by inch I headed toward the inevitable spill. The closer I got, the more intense was the burning. It was almost excruciating. I couldn’t move. I started panting unconsciously. She kept on going slower and softer, expertly nudging me forward to the brink. The burning got so hot I couldn’t stand it. Right at that moment the pulsations began, and she instantly switched back to the hard fast stroke. This of course had the effect of prolonging the duration of my orgasm. She indeed knew the “exact moment”.

My hips lurched forward as violent spasms overtook me, sending massive ropes of semen into the air. Immense gobs were shooting out at blinding speed, and she was catching most of them in her mouth. She sparkled with incandescent passion as she swallowed every drop. My world was ablaze. It felt like forever. I throbbed and pulsed for so long, I started to wonder if it would ever end. Maybe it was a weird paroxysm or something? I didn’t care, that would’ve been okay by me.

But it did end of course, and coasting down, the pulsations went on long after there was no more semen in my balls. She continued slurping lovingly on my still hard penis as if she couldn’t get enough. Then she looked up at me and said, “See..? I told you it’d be worth a little pain.” I was speechless. I just gawked at her like a schoolboy as she untied me and cleaned us both up.

Getting dressed, she told me I could keep the ball-weight, provided I come back for regular checkups. “You’ve done well so far, but there’s a long way to go yet.” She gave me her number saying, “Be sure to call me next week.” I thanked her and headed to the elevator, feeling dazed and extremely happy.

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Husband Can’t So I Did Ch. 01

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This is entirely fictional. It is an adult story about sex, cheating and cuckolding, so if you don’t want or like reading about such stories, then I suggest you close this and move along to something else.

Like all of my stories, it starts a little slowly, setting the mood but, or so people tell me, my stories are well worth the time it takes to read them.

I welcome constructive criticism but will delete those critics who just choose to rant or complain about my writing. If you don’t like what I write, or want to rant…write your own story…

For a change, I’ve written this from the woman’s perspective. I hope I get it right…

I was starring out of the kitchen window into the back yard. Jeff, my husband, was seated at the table with a look of utter dejection on his face. I was reminded of the other three times that I had seen him thus, the times that had led to this momentous decision and his rather reluctant consent to what I was about to do…

My name is Janet. I’m 29, 5’7″, 135lbs, brunet, good breasts, nice bum. I take care of myself and get to the gym as often as I can. I like athletic exercises like Ti-Bo. I’m no supermodel in the looks department, but I have that athletic look about me that gets me more than my share of second glances from the men. Especially when I’m all dolled up in a short skirt, silky blouse and heels.

Jeff is 6’2″ tall, 210lbs, fit and has the face of an Adonis. He is a wonder to look at, beautiful blue eyes, strong white teeth and a perfectly straight nose. Soft skin, wavy light brown hair and, so I had thought, a wonderful and considerate husband, especially with all the time we spent away from each other.

We have been married now for six years. We met in collage and married after graduating. We are both in management, which means we are often separated by business dealings. He and I work in different departments of the same company, so often do not attend the same meetings and conventions. It was those separations that caused the problem we now had, and the solution that I was about to implement.

Eight months ago we had decided it was time to have a family. We had gotten to the point in our carriers that I could do work from home for a while, and that would allow me to have the first of our planned two point three children. It didn’t quite work out that way.

We had decided that I would go off the pill in anticipation of our first attempt at pregnancy so I had been off the pill for a month, my fertile time soon to be upon us. Jeff was away at another of the inevitable business trips. He would be home the following week, just in time for me to be at my most fertile. I choose to go see my gynaecologist in anticipation and to make sure everything was all right. There was a light discharge from my vagina that Jill didn’t quite like, so she took a sample and sent it off. I was a little worried, but as everything else seemed to be good I simply forgot about it.

Jeff and I had some great sex the first night of his return. I think it was the thought that what we were doing could lead to our first child that turned us on so much more than things had been lately. We had slowed down in the bedroom of late, not so much that it was an annoyance, but definitely noticeable. So there I was in my office the next day, dreaming about the hot sex we had the night before, when I got the call from my gyno. She wanted to see me immediately.

Half an hour later I was sitting across the desk from my doctor a little nervous and, as it turned out, I had a right to be. She came right out and told me that I had a venereal disease! An STD!!

From the sample she had taken from me, the lab had determined that I had had this disease for more than six months and maybe as long as a year. Because of the length of time it had been in me, and likely my husband, it was possible that the disease could make my husband sterile and possibly cause damage to me if we didn’t take care of it immediately!

I was stunned! Especially considering that I had not been with any other man than Jeff since my wedding! I didn’t know what to say! I remember crying a lot and being held by Jill. I don’t know what I was crying about more, the fact that I knew Jeff had cheated on me, the fact that we could be sterile or that we had had sex the night before that could lead to a child growing in me while I was in this condition!! What would happen to the baby?!

I asked Jill if there was any possibility that we could have contracted this from any other manner than sex. She advised me that, while it was possible to contract this disease from other than sexual intercourse, it was most likely contracted through sex. I cried some more. She called Jeff.

When Jeff entered the office Jill and I were again separated by the desk. She advised Jeff of what was happening and advised both of us that we had to, by law, give up the names of our liaisons so that they could be contacted. She said we could do this privately if we wanted. I didn’t know what to expect from Jeff…but I didn’t expect what happened next.

There he sat, his perfect Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort hair, his perfect eyes, his perfect teeth, his perfect nose…and he asked me whom I had been with. It is amazing how much blood a broken nose can produce…Ti-Bo is a really effective form of exercise! I think I got in two shots right to his nose before he could even get his hands up to protect himself. Then I fled.

I drove aimlessly around the city, stopping to cry every so often then driving some more. It took me awhile to become aware that night had fallen. I didn’t know what to do, but it was certain that I didn’t want to go home.

I thought about where I wanted to go and decided to call my friend Sara. When I turned on my phone, I noticed a dozen messages from Jeff. I ignored them. I asked Sara if I could stay the night with her and asked her not to tell Jeff where I would be.

I knew Sara through her husband Chris. He worked in the same department as Jeff and often went to the same meetings and conventions with him, though not always. Chris was away this night. That was good for me, as I suspected he would be more loyal to Jeff.

Sara is a blond version of me. We fit the same cloths and often go to the same gym nights together. So being without a change of cloths was not an issue.

Sara and I sat and chatted for a long while. I told her my story and cried some more. She asked me what I was going to do. I didn’t really know. She said that I had to get the truth from Jeff. That it would lead to where we were going to go, whether or not we would stay together or get a divorce. I cried some more when I heard that word. I didn’t want a divorce and told Sara so.

I ignored all of Jeff’s calls for the better part of a week. Staying at different friends homes to keep away from him. From the texts he was sending me and the frantic calls he had made to friends and relatives, I knew he was more than just a little worried. That Sunday I decided to confront him. That was the first time I saw him sitting in the kitchen with that look on his face.

His poor face!! His eyes were bloodshot and darkened with a patina of colourful yellowish-green bruises. His still swollen nose had a brace on it and was heavily bandaged. I was both rather contrite and secretly amused at the damaged I had caused him. The kitchen was a mess of half eaten food and unwashed dishes. He started to cry as soon as he saw me.

He didn’t say anything; just shed large teardrops into his already soaked bandages. But I wasn’t in the mood, yet, to feel sorry for him.

We talked. He begged me not to leave him. He told me how sorry he was for what he had done, apologizing profusely for his indiscretions.

I asked him to tell me everything, to hide nothing from me if he wanted me to stay. I told him there was still a good chance that I would leave him. He told me he had been with six women over the past year and had been with as many as ten in the six years of our marriage. I was devastated. Especially when he mentioned the names of women that I knew.

I told him to pack his things and move into the guest room for now. He did so quietly, without a word of contradiction. Something that was completely foreign to him. We didn’t really fight with one another but both of us being such power brokers in the company, we always had to negotiate through things…this time there was no dissention. Not competition. No negotiations. He moved and came back to the kitchen waiting expectantly. I told him to clean up the place while I took a shower.

We started a regime of anti-biotics that lasted for thirty days. We were declared disease free at the end of the regime. Then we started testing for other things. Jeff’s sperm count was down. A lot. He wasn’t sterile, but the chances of him getting me pregnant were very slim.

He started a regime that was supposed to help enhance his sperm count. It helped a little, but not enough. Two months later we were given the news that Jeff’s count would likely come up only a little more and that we should look to alternatives if we wanted to conceive. That was when I saw that look for the second time. That was also when I took him back into my bedroom. We cried all that night.

Jill took us through all the options, in-vitro fertilization, sperm donors etc. Because of the state of Jeff’s sperm she recommended a donor. Jeff was devastated, especially when I told him that I didn’t want to be inseminated like a cow. I wanted the real thing. Truth was I was still a little mad at Jeff for his indiscretions, and figured this would be a good way of getting back at him. We had a long talk at the kitchen table and that was the third time that I saw that look.

So here we were three months later. I had gone to a lot of different dating and adult sites looking for ‘donors’ for our need. I hadn’t hid what I was doing from Jeff, but I hadn’t really included him either.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of men out there that wanted to help. I was able to cut through about 90% of them almost immediately for one reason or another…they either didn’t look like Jeff (I wasn’t about to take on a green-eyed redhead nor a black man), they weren’t tall enough, fit enough or their e-mails just didn’t appeal to me. I had finally narrowed the selection down to three different men…

They all looked somewhat like Jeff. All three were fit. They had all sent medical notes to me confirming that they were safe. I liked their e-mails and the chatting we were doing and they all were hung. That was important to me. Not that I am a size queen, but at eight inches, Jeff is a little longer than the average and is twice as thick as most men. I wanted to be able to feel the man that was going to inseminate me.

So there I was, starring out the kitchen window. Jeff was at the kitchen table with that look on his face. I had just informed him that on Friday, three days away, I would invite the three men to meet me and that one of them would be the father of our child.

Jeff just nodded his head. He said that he would take me to where I would meet them and stay with me if I wanted. That he would cause no trouble, but wanted to be sure that I was safe. My heart warmed at his words. The reality of what I was about to do was enormous. The risks were high, I still may end up divorced over this, but I wanted to have a child and Jeff was ready to help.

Taking Jeff in my arms, I kissed him tenderly, letting him know that I loved him and that he would not loose me over this. I looked into his face, that perfect face with it’s perfect nose, thank god that I hadn’t done any permanent damage to it when I’d punched him, and hugged him close once more. He told me we were doing the right thing, and that this child would bring us together as a family. I called the three men and told them were we would meet them.

Friday arrived. The drive to the hotel was quiet, but Jeff took my hand and kissed it when we arrived. We walked into the hotel and into our room where I prepared to meet with the father of our child. Jeff helped me wash, helped me dry my body, helped me put on my chosen lingerie.

He helped me place my white lacy demi-cup bra on and watched while I snapped it together. I liked this bra because it was so sheer and showed off my rather obvious nipples when I got excited.

He helped put on my garter belt and watched as I slipped the silk hose up my legs. While I snapped them in front, he snapped them in the rear. He kissed my still naked ass before he had me step into the French cut lacy panties and slipped them up my legs. I sent him out of the room at that point and finished dressing.

I choose a white silk blouse with no pockets to obstruct the view of my lacy bra. When it pressed against me, or I pulled it tight, it showed off my breasts to full effect. I choose a demure black skirt a little shorter than I normally wore, with a slit up the side that went a little higher than it probably should have. But I wanted the men to get the message about why we were there. I choose understated jewellery and left my rings on my wedding finger. After all, the men knew why I was there and knew the purpose of our liaison. I slipped into stiletto come-fuck-me pumps, grabbed my clutch and headed for the bar.

Jeff was sitting at the bar when I came up to him and gave him a gentle hug and kiss. We took a booth together and waited in silence for the men to arrive.

Charles arrived first. Charles was about the same height as my husband but massed about 20lbs more. He was ruggedly handsome, with bright blue eyes and a ready smile. He packed 9 inches in his trousers and I gave him an appreciative smile at the thought. He gave me a chaste peck and shook hands with my husband.

David arrived next. He is slightly shorter than Jeff at only 6′. Fit in the way of a construction worker, which he was, he massed about 180lbs so was smaller than both Charles and my husband. His skin was bronzed by constant exposure to the sun, making his blue eyes stand out all the more. I looked at the obvious bulge in dress slacks and remembered his comment about having 9-1/2 thick inches. My smile was genuine. He gave me a chaste peck on the cheek and shook hands al around. We chatted quietly together as we waited for the third man.

Mark was the last to arrive. He was taller than all the others at four inches over my husband and massed about 40lbs more than Jeff. He had played professional basketball but had retired due to injuries in his first year. He still stayed fit and had the same winning smile as the other two. And he claimed to pack almost 11 inches of cock. A glance at his slacks showed a rather obvious bulge.

I reminded all of the men why they were here and that I would make a choice later that night as to who I would be with for the night. Till then, they had the rest of the evening to convince me which of them I should choose!

By now, the crowd had started to form and a band began to strike up some tunes. Jeff took my hand and led me to the dance floor. We are good dancers and the tune was lively. We put on a good show. After a couple of songs Jeff held me close, hugged and kissed me and brought me back to the booth. Looking at Charles, he told the men that since Charles had arrived first, he would have the pleasure of the next dance.

Charles was as good a dancer as my husband and we energetically spun around the dance floor. When a slow song came on, I readily stepped into his embrace and held him close. I really liked the colon he had chosen, the way it smelled on him, the strength of his arms around me, the feel of his muscles. All the dancing had started my blood racing and now, suddenly stopped, tightly embraced by him; my heart was pounding for a different reason. It really hit me then. One of these men would bed me tonight and my body was starting to get used to the idea! Especially now that I could feel the strength of his manhood between us.

I looked up into his eyes and smiled at him. His returning smile sent a thrill through my breasts and my nipples stuck out, attacking his buff chest! We danced tightly together through two slow songs, and when the band began a livelier tune, I headed back to the bench.

David too was a good dancer and easier to dance with than Jeff. For one thing, the height difference between us was slighter than with Charles or my husband. For another, while he too was a good dancer, he obviously had had some dance training, as he was what I can only describe as a smooth dancer. He brought me over to the band and asked them if they could play a Tango. It had been years since I had done a Tango, but David easily helped me through the moves and made us look pretty good up there! I wondered now why I haven’t danced Tango for so long. One thing for sure…if you want to know if a man is interested in you, it sure comes out in this kind of dance. The Tango is a hot dance, but when the two dancers have something going together…it really steams! I think we may have set fire to a corner of the dance floor!

People were watching us spin around the floor and each other. I was getting a little self conscious about being seen like this, but when I realized that my husband had agreed to this my heart missed a beat and my nipples twinged yet again. When the music ended, we moved back to the bench. After all, there was still one other man to investigate!

Mark was not as smooth as the other three men. He obviously hadn’t had formal dance training, but when he finally held me close during a slow song, the difference in our heights placed me protectively well inside his embrace. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and was being held by my father. I liked that. I also liked the feel of the log that pushed into my stomach. My god, I thought, could I really take something that large into me? My pussy started to cream at the thought of it.

For the next two hours I danced with the three men, trying to decide which of them I wanted to be with. If you think it is hard to choose between three very healthy, very well endowed men when your hormones are raging at you, you haven’t been in that situation yourself!

Finally, at about 11:30, my husband took me out to the dance floor during a slow song. He kissed me tenderly and nibbled around my ears. He softly asked me if I had made a choice yet.

I truthfully told him that I was having difficulty making my choice between them. He looked me in the eyes, threw back his head and laughed.

“Why not take all three of them then?” he asked. I think my jaw hit my breasts my mouth opened so wide! “No seriously,” he said, “you can’t choose between them, you know that Jill told us that you have a one in four chance to conceive each time you have sex during your fertile time. So why not up the odds slightly?

“Besides, you want to get back at me.” He quickly brought his hand up to my mouth to forestall an argument.

“Think about it,” he continued, “you are still mad at me and part of you wants a little revenge against me. Well you should have that chance. This will give you that revenge, and give you a much better chance at having a child for us.”

I thought about what he said as we danced slowly around. He was right about the revenge part. But he was also aware that we would not likely have a child unless I did this. I asked him yet again if he was ready to become a father to another man’s child. He told me that as long as the child was part of me, then he would be the father if I asked him. He received a long sensual kiss for that one.

I asked him how we would bring this up to the other men? He told me to go to the toilette and when I got back, he would have arranged it if they want it. I nodded my head, kissed him and skipped off the ladies room with my heart hammering inside my chest.

I did the necessities and stood starring at myself in the mirror. What I saw thrilled and scared me. I looked like a woman possessed. My skin was flushed. My breathing was shallow and fast. My nipples stood out prominently on my breasts. I could feel my heart pumping. I thought of Jeff speaking to the other men. Telling them that they could all have me. I wondered if they would go for it. Probably I thought. I splashed some water on my face and arms. Fixed my makeup and spritzed myself with some perfume. I smiled once more at the brazen woman in the mirror and left to meet three men who would all probably want to fuck me!

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Houseboat Log Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: The Bridge Club Cums Aboard

As you know from the earlier chapters, I had recently met two lovely mature women Ellie and Susan, and enjoyed exploring their inner selves on my houseboat on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My name is Paul Johnson. I am the Captain and owner of the aptly christened Wet N Wild, a luxury houseboat docked in a marina on the vast Tampa Bay.

Relaxing on the boat after a morning of woodworking, and quaffing a cold one around 1 PM Friday afternoon, I got a call from Eleanor, the tall, sensual redhead who lives on Siesta Key. Ellie asked me to drop by later that afternoon for an impromptu cocktail party with a few of her close friends that she wanted me to meet. After a brief nap to recharge, I showered, shaved, dressed, and headed for her condominium complex.

Ringing the door bell, I was greeted with a hug and kiss by my hostess, Ellie. She lightly ground her pelvis into mine to let me know she was looking forward to some sexy flirting during the evening. As I entered her tastefully appointed apartment overlooking the Gulf, I was surprised to see three other very attractive women in their 50’s to 60’s looking to me expectantly with smiles on their faces. Ellie introduced me to Barbara, a cute pixie of a blonde with an hour glass figure, then Donna, a platinum blonde with a deep tan and a huge bust flowing from her low cut tank top, and last, but not least Birchenal, an exotic dark haired beauty, tall, slender, with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Paul, this is my bridge club” Ellie explained. “We play every Friday afternoon for a few hours, have a drink or two and snacks, then head to the club where you met me a few weeks ago to drink and socialize. I casually mentioned that we had gone out together to the girls and they asked to meet you.”

Burchenal laughed, “Ellie, you were more than casual in describing Paul to us! Ha, Ha.

Paul, she described you as tall, handsome, funny, and an oral fiend as well as having a great cock!”

I blushed crimson at Birchenal’s crude, but exciting description. While I enjoy a quiet confidence about my abilities in amour, I don’t kiss and tell, nor do I brag. I looked over to Ellie and could see she was blushing too, with a tell tale smile lighting up her face.

Ellie said, “The girls and I are great friends and confide in each other, I hope that doesn’t bother you, Paul. We are all divorced, horny, intelligent women who would love to find better relationships than we have had in the past. I was lucky to meet you and wanted to share my luck with the other girls.”

My mouth hung open on those words. Was Ellie inviting the other three to join in the fun? I added to her description of her friends, “And you are all incredibly beautiful as well!”

Birchenal glided sensually to me, threw her long arms around my neck, looked into my eyes and said to me no more than three inches from my lips, “We all appreciate a man of your talents and discretion, Paul.” Then she kissed me with her full lips, opening them to let her tongue dance with mine. My cock immediately tented my slacks and pushed into her cargo shorts. I knew she could feel my arousal. This was such a surprise to me, expecting a casual cocktail party not realizing the party was to be my cock and their tails. I looked over to Ellie to get her approval. Ellie’s eyes were sparkling with lust and humor as she saw my predicament. She gave me a little nod assenting to me and the bridge club to proceed. I put my arms around Birchenal, pulling her into me tighter so she could measure me with her groin. Donna and Barbara, not to be outdone, both took turns giving me a lusty kiss and hug too, each giving my cock a sensual Gaziantep Oral Escort grope as I fitted their ass cheeks to my big hands.

I walked over to Ellie, pushed her down on her couch and told her I owed her one for introducing and sharing me with these other three MILF’s. I knelt between her knees and whispered, “shall we show the girls what they have to look forward to?” This gave her the option to decline until we were in a more private setting, but I wanted to find out if she got off on being watched by her friends. Birchenal called out to Ellie to go with the flow. I unbuttoned her cargo shorts, pulled them down her long legs and started kissing up her soft thighs. Ellie sank back into the couch, lifting her ass to let me take her shorts off her. I then kissed her stomach and her pubic area, I pulled her thong aside and licked her labia slowly, and eliciting groans from Ellie and her friends. They were encouraging us, calling out to me to eat her juicy pussy and for her to cum all over my face. As I inserted two fingers into her love canal slowly, she started to buck and thrash with each stroke of my fingers. Ellie moaned to me to go deeper and harder, and I did. I fastened my lips on her clit and tweaked it with my tongue fast as I sucked it into my mouth. She thrashed until she came loudly.

Ellie pulled her shorts up and brought me a tall cold brew and explained that the ladies all wanted to take a turn with me on the Wet n Wild at my convenience, but that she wished we could continue to get to know each other as she was very interested in making our relationship grow deeper and more rewarding for both of us. Well, who was I to deny this lovely long limbed redhead with gorgeous green eyes!! If you haven’t read the earlier parts, Ellie is an elegant Jewish divorcee’ from New York gorgeous long legs, an ample 36D -26-35 figure, pale soft skin, and a sensual look to her that belies a smoldering sexual goddess.

We enjoyed the sunset as a group, drinking and laughing at my earlier discomfort with not understanding the situation. We headed to the piano bar where Ellie and I met the first time and enjoyed the music and a slow dance or two with each of these incredible women, I was the envy of the male lounge lizards that night. Two of the girls decided to hook up with guys they met that night. Ellie and Birchenal and I headed back to the Wet N Wild for a nightcap and to see what kind of naughty we could conjure up together.

We settled on board and I put some mood music on, this time settling for an old Isaac Hayes album that we danced to the girls sandwiching me to the sensual lyrics and beat of “Shaft”. The irony of this music was not lost on us. Since Ellie had already sampled my oral skills at her place, Birchenal decided it was her turn. She slid out of her shorts as she was dancing and threw her top over her head. Dressed now only in her panties and bra, she backed into me grinding her ass into my cock as we danced. I reached around in front of her and unlatched her bra, removing it, then slid her thong down her legs. She stepped out of it, then turned to me and whispered into my ear, “Lick me, Paul, do me, I am so hot for your tongue!”

I pushed Birchenal back into a leather overstuffed chair and lifted her legs onto my shoulder sliding her ass to the edge and lifting her moist pussy to my face. As I got into tonguing her slit, Ellie, now sans clothes herself, and not to be left out, climbed onto the chair and, using the overstuffed arms of the chair balanced above Birchenal’s face. She lowered herself onto her lips and yelped as Birchenal started to dart her tongue up into her hot pussy like a small cock piercing her wet vagina.

I let my tongue slide slowly over her clit, sucking lightly, tweaking it with the tip of my tongue, as my fingers found her g spot. I could tell this woman was close, she was humping my face with short sharp pelvic thrusts that threatened to punish my face.

Her dense pubic thatch of hair matched the color of her long brown tresses. Her pussy was hot and flowing just like I like it. I savored her taste, feeling her start to tense her stomach and leg muscles and close in her thighs around my ears. Birchenal screamed out her pleasure as she came,. “Ohhhhh, suck it hard dammit, I’m cummmmminnnnggggg.” She shot her nectar into my mouth, overwhelming me with a strong hard piss like surge. It wasn’t piss, but it flowed like it, down my face and all over my chest. At the same time she lost contact with Ellie as she thrashed wildly underneath her. Ellie thrust her ass back at me as I stood up and I quickly inserted my rock hard cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh Goddddddddddd,” she screamed as I bottomed out quickly in her hot canal. I was over the top at this point, just fucking into this woman from behind in a fast hard pace, just wanting to unload in her. I grasped her hips in my big hands, held her steady and fucked her hard. As Birchenal woke from her orgasmic stupor she reached up and fondled my balls as we rocked above her. She stuck a finger in my ass and that was all it took to send my rockets shooting into Ellie. I cum buckets, and as Ellie started to howl in her own orgasm, the cum spewed out of her hot pussy and dripped all over Birchenal’s face. I drove slowly back and forth in Ellie until my cock got too sensitive, pulled out and backed off the chair to survey what I had wrought with these two fabulous women.

Birchenal was smiling up at me, cum glistening from her cheeks and breasts. Ellie was rocking back and forth still savoring her last orgasm, sweat glistening from her whole body and cum still streaking down her thighs.

I cleaned up and relieved myself in the bathroom and when I returned I looked over at the two women. They were lightly touching, moving inevitably into a sixty nine embrace, casually licking and sucking each other to delightful climaxes. They happily looked over at me after relaxing and I winked my enjoyment in watching as they kissed and fondled each other after their orgasms.

The two women were in a state, the sudden sexual tryst affecting both of them in different ways. I thought it appropriate to invite them to come aboard the Wet n Wild individually or in groups in the future to enjoy the ambience of an erotic day or two on the Gulf. I smiled as I returned and we had a very nice glass of cognac and talked about the opportunities ahead. As Birchenal left I made sure to give her individual attention with my hands and a long lingering kiss after walking her to her car. I felt good about staying with Ellie for the night, believing in coming home with the girl you bring to the dance!

Even though it was only our third time together, we were settling into a good relationship, both sensually and spiritually. I felt like we would always be great friends, and hopefully more someday. I enjoyed a nice slow one on one with Ellie, getting into her again after a few hours rest. This time I took more time licking her ass, probing it with my finger and popping the head of my cock into her nether region with the aid of some lubricant.. She was tight and I worked it so that she had little discomfort before pulling out. My thought was to prepare her a little at a time, so that she anticipates more the next time. I don’t believe in butt plugs when a little tender loving applied to a woman’s ass is so much more pleasurable. She enjoyed everything we did, and it fired her passions as well. We slept well after I deposited a load in her tight bubble butt. . I wrapped her in my arms and we spooned to sleep. She felt my warm cock against her ass all night.

The next morning Ellie and I woke together and cuddled. I slipped my cock in her very hot moist pussy, and slow fucked her to a great morning orgasm, rubbing her ass the whole time. She liked me kissing her neck and shoulders from behind, kneading her nipples while I sawed in and out of her sweet pussy. I could feel her body shake and squeeze my cock as she came. I continued to hold her and kiss her until we both decided it was time to get up and get going. I left her with a kiss and a promise to call her soon.

When I got back to the boat, I showered, shaved and changed. After a great turkey and avocado wrap, I started to check my email and drink a cup of coffee. On my email was a note from Susan, my interior decorator, outlining her plan and the costs to implement them. She had a good eye and listened well to my requirements, so I emailed her back to go ahead with her ideas. Susan offered to take me to a great jazz club that night and seal the deal. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse. She had in mind me sealing her deal with my cock I was certain. We danced and flirted with each other all night, our passions arising slowly, steadily until I whispered in her ear that I was either going to fuck her silly in the bathroom or back at the Wet n Wild, so take her pick. Susan knew what she wanted and told me to grab the check while she freshened her lipstick.

I drove us to the dock and we walked out onto the deck, hand in hand. She turned to me and said,

“It’s a perfect night, Paul, why don’t we do make love up here on a few cushions.” To seal the deal, she dropped a cushion to the deck from a deck lounger, knelt and proceeded to unzip my trousers and sucked my cock out of them and into her pretty mouth. Susan was a go getter type, a woman to be appreciated. She had me in her control and she knew it once she got my cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked and played with her tiny hands. She brought me to the brink several times, backing off when she felt my cock swell. We established a gentle rocking motion that matched the tiny roll of the boat. The breeze was cool, the moon bright, the sounds of the sea were all around us.

Having cum once this morning, I wasn’t having any trouble maintaining a good steady rhythm without cumming too quickly. She seemed to have a passion for a good long suck session, maybe even a cock slut. I feel like I can truly appreciate a woman of taste like that!

I found my rhythm and felt the cum rise in my balls and pulled out and sprayed her face and her cute breasts forcefully. I could see by the look in Susan’s eye and her licking the cum off her breasts and cheeks that she was a cum slut and I found out later upon inquiry that she was! What a treat I had lucked into. I truly appreciate a woman who enjoys oral sex, giving and receiving as much as I do. She was so close to orgasm herself, that a few sucks on her clit was all it took to have her hips bucking into me wildly, pussy juices squirting everywhere. I thought to myself, “Self, you have found heaven on earth.”

Susan lay back panting, and told me she wanted to be my cum queen. She promised to save her pussy for me if I would give her a cum bath when she needed it. I told her that sounded good as I didn’t want her playing the field and me worrying about her health and by linkage to my health. I told her I would limit myself to a few women whom I knew were safe, older mature women like her. We both wanted a no strings relationship with each other, but wanted to enjoy the sex whenever we had the opportunity.

Sound complicated? Well I was willing to work on refining the agreement, lol.

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