Husband Can’t So I Did Ch. 01

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This is entirely fictional. It is an adult story about sex, cheating and cuckolding, so if you don’t want or like reading about such stories, then I suggest you close this and move along to something else.

Like all of my stories, it starts a little slowly, setting the mood but, or so people tell me, my stories are well worth the time it takes to read them.

I welcome constructive criticism but will delete those critics who just choose to rant or complain about my writing. If you don’t like what I write, or want to rant…write your own story…

For a change, I’ve written this from the woman’s perspective. I hope I get it right…

I was starring out of the kitchen window into the back yard. Jeff, my husband, was seated at the table with a look of utter dejection on his face. I was reminded of the other three times that I had seen him thus, the times that had led to this momentous decision and his rather reluctant consent to what I was about to do…

My name is Janet. I’m 29, 5’7″, 135lbs, brunet, good breasts, nice bum. I take care of myself and get to the gym as often as I can. I like athletic exercises like Ti-Bo. I’m no supermodel in the looks department, but I have that athletic look about me that gets me more than my share of second glances from the men. Especially when I’m all dolled up in a short skirt, silky blouse and heels.

Jeff is 6’2″ tall, 210lbs, fit and has the face of an Adonis. He is a wonder to look at, beautiful blue eyes, strong white teeth and a perfectly straight nose. Soft skin, wavy light brown hair and, so I had thought, a wonderful and considerate husband, especially with all the time we spent away from each other.

We have been married now for six years. We met in collage and married after graduating. We are both in management, which means we are often separated by business dealings. He and I work in different departments of the same company, so often do not attend the same meetings and conventions. It was those separations that caused the problem we now had, and the solution that I was about to implement.

Eight months ago we had decided it was time to have a family. We had gotten to the point in our carriers that I could do work from home for a while, and that would allow me to have the first of our planned two point three children. It didn’t quite work out that way.

We had decided that I would go off the pill in anticipation of our first attempt at pregnancy so I had been off the pill for a month, my fertile time soon to be upon us. Jeff was away at another of the inevitable business trips. He would be home the following week, just in time for me to be at my most fertile. I choose to go see my gynaecologist in anticipation and to make sure everything was all right. There was a light discharge from my vagina that Jill didn’t quite like, so she took a sample and sent it off. I was a little worried, but as everything else seemed to be good I simply forgot about it.

Jeff and I had some great sex the first night of his return. I think it was the thought that what we were doing could lead to our first child that turned us on so much more than things had been lately. We had slowed down in the bedroom of late, not so much that it was an annoyance, but definitely noticeable. So there I was in my office the next day, dreaming about the hot sex we had the night before, when I got the call from my gyno. She wanted to see me immediately.

Half an hour later I was sitting across the desk from my doctor a little nervous and, as it turned out, I had a right to be. She came right out and told me that I had a venereal disease! An STD!!

From the sample she had taken from me, the lab had determined that I had had this disease for more than six months and maybe as long as a year. Because of the length of time it had been in me, and likely my husband, it was possible that the disease could make my husband sterile and possibly cause damage to me if we didn’t take care of it immediately!

I was stunned! Especially considering that I had not been with any other man than Jeff since my wedding! I didn’t know what to say! I remember crying a lot and being held by Jill. I don’t know what I was crying about more, the fact that I knew Jeff had cheated on me, the fact that we could be sterile or that we had had sex the night before that could lead to a child growing in me while I was in this condition!! What would happen to the baby?!

I asked Jill if there was any possibility that we could have contracted this from any other manner than sex. She advised me that, while it was possible to contract this disease from other than sexual intercourse, it was most likely contracted through sex. I cried some more. She called Jeff.

When Jeff entered the office Jill and I were again separated by the desk. She advised Jeff of what was happening and advised both of us that we had to, by law, give up the names of our liaisons so that they could be contacted. She said we could do this privately if we wanted. I didn’t know what to expect from Jeff…but I didn’t expect what happened next.

There he sat, his perfect Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort hair, his perfect eyes, his perfect teeth, his perfect nose…and he asked me whom I had been with. It is amazing how much blood a broken nose can produce…Ti-Bo is a really effective form of exercise! I think I got in two shots right to his nose before he could even get his hands up to protect himself. Then I fled.

I drove aimlessly around the city, stopping to cry every so often then driving some more. It took me awhile to become aware that night had fallen. I didn’t know what to do, but it was certain that I didn’t want to go home.

I thought about where I wanted to go and decided to call my friend Sara. When I turned on my phone, I noticed a dozen messages from Jeff. I ignored them. I asked Sara if I could stay the night with her and asked her not to tell Jeff where I would be.

I knew Sara through her husband Chris. He worked in the same department as Jeff and often went to the same meetings and conventions with him, though not always. Chris was away this night. That was good for me, as I suspected he would be more loyal to Jeff.

Sara is a blond version of me. We fit the same cloths and often go to the same gym nights together. So being without a change of cloths was not an issue.

Sara and I sat and chatted for a long while. I told her my story and cried some more. She asked me what I was going to do. I didn’t really know. She said that I had to get the truth from Jeff. That it would lead to where we were going to go, whether or not we would stay together or get a divorce. I cried some more when I heard that word. I didn’t want a divorce and told Sara so.

I ignored all of Jeff’s calls for the better part of a week. Staying at different friends homes to keep away from him. From the texts he was sending me and the frantic calls he had made to friends and relatives, I knew he was more than just a little worried. That Sunday I decided to confront him. That was the first time I saw him sitting in the kitchen with that look on his face.

His poor face!! His eyes were bloodshot and darkened with a patina of colourful yellowish-green bruises. His still swollen nose had a brace on it and was heavily bandaged. I was both rather contrite and secretly amused at the damaged I had caused him. The kitchen was a mess of half eaten food and unwashed dishes. He started to cry as soon as he saw me.

He didn’t say anything; just shed large teardrops into his already soaked bandages. But I wasn’t in the mood, yet, to feel sorry for him.

We talked. He begged me not to leave him. He told me how sorry he was for what he had done, apologizing profusely for his indiscretions.

I asked him to tell me everything, to hide nothing from me if he wanted me to stay. I told him there was still a good chance that I would leave him. He told me he had been with six women over the past year and had been with as many as ten in the six years of our marriage. I was devastated. Especially when he mentioned the names of women that I knew.

I told him to pack his things and move into the guest room for now. He did so quietly, without a word of contradiction. Something that was completely foreign to him. We didn’t really fight with one another but both of us being such power brokers in the company, we always had to negotiate through things…this time there was no dissention. Not competition. No negotiations. He moved and came back to the kitchen waiting expectantly. I told him to clean up the place while I took a shower.

We started a regime of anti-biotics that lasted for thirty days. We were declared disease free at the end of the regime. Then we started testing for other things. Jeff’s sperm count was down. A lot. He wasn’t sterile, but the chances of him getting me pregnant were very slim.

He started a regime that was supposed to help enhance his sperm count. It helped a little, but not enough. Two months later we were given the news that Jeff’s count would likely come up only a little more and that we should look to alternatives if we wanted to conceive. That was when I saw that look for the second time. That was also when I took him back into my bedroom. We cried all that night.

Jill took us through all the options, in-vitro fertilization, sperm donors etc. Because of the state of Jeff’s sperm she recommended a donor. Jeff was devastated, especially when I told him that I didn’t want to be inseminated like a cow. I wanted the real thing. Truth was I was still a little mad at Jeff for his indiscretions, and figured this would be a good way of getting back at him. We had a long talk at the kitchen table and that was the third time that I saw that look.

So here we were three months later. I had gone to a lot of different dating and adult sites looking for ‘donors’ for our need. I hadn’t hid what I was doing from Jeff, but I hadn’t really included him either.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of men out there that wanted to help. I was able to cut through about 90% of them almost immediately for one reason or another…they either didn’t look like Jeff (I wasn’t about to take on a green-eyed redhead nor a black man), they weren’t tall enough, fit enough or their e-mails just didn’t appeal to me. I had finally narrowed the selection down to three different men…

They all looked somewhat like Jeff. All three were fit. They had all sent medical notes to me confirming that they were safe. I liked their e-mails and the chatting we were doing and they all were hung. That was important to me. Not that I am a size queen, but at eight inches, Jeff is a little longer than the average and is twice as thick as most men. I wanted to be able to feel the man that was going to inseminate me.

So there I was, starring out the kitchen window. Jeff was at the kitchen table with that look on his face. I had just informed him that on Friday, three days away, I would invite the three men to meet me and that one of them would be the father of our child.

Jeff just nodded his head. He said that he would take me to where I would meet them and stay with me if I wanted. That he would cause no trouble, but wanted to be sure that I was safe. My heart warmed at his words. The reality of what I was about to do was enormous. The risks were high, I still may end up divorced over this, but I wanted to have a child and Jeff was ready to help.

Taking Jeff in my arms, I kissed him tenderly, letting him know that I loved him and that he would not loose me over this. I looked into his face, that perfect face with it’s perfect nose, thank god that I hadn’t done any permanent damage to it when I’d punched him, and hugged him close once more. He told me we were doing the right thing, and that this child would bring us together as a family. I called the three men and told them were we would meet them.

Friday arrived. The drive to the hotel was quiet, but Jeff took my hand and kissed it when we arrived. We walked into the hotel and into our room where I prepared to meet with the father of our child. Jeff helped me wash, helped me dry my body, helped me put on my chosen lingerie.

He helped me place my white lacy demi-cup bra on and watched while I snapped it together. I liked this bra because it was so sheer and showed off my rather obvious nipples when I got excited.

He helped put on my garter belt and watched as I slipped the silk hose up my legs. While I snapped them in front, he snapped them in the rear. He kissed my still naked ass before he had me step into the French cut lacy panties and slipped them up my legs. I sent him out of the room at that point and finished dressing.

I choose a white silk blouse with no pockets to obstruct the view of my lacy bra. When it pressed against me, or I pulled it tight, it showed off my breasts to full effect. I choose a demure black skirt a little shorter than I normally wore, with a slit up the side that went a little higher than it probably should have. But I wanted the men to get the message about why we were there. I choose understated jewellery and left my rings on my wedding finger. After all, the men knew why I was there and knew the purpose of our liaison. I slipped into stiletto come-fuck-me pumps, grabbed my clutch and headed for the bar.

Jeff was sitting at the bar when I came up to him and gave him a gentle hug and kiss. We took a booth together and waited in silence for the men to arrive.

Charles arrived first. Charles was about the same height as my husband but massed about 20lbs more. He was ruggedly handsome, with bright blue eyes and a ready smile. He packed 9 inches in his trousers and I gave him an appreciative smile at the thought. He gave me a chaste peck and shook hands with my husband.

David arrived next. He is slightly shorter than Jeff at only 6′. Fit in the way of a construction worker, which he was, he massed about 180lbs so was smaller than both Charles and my husband. His skin was bronzed by constant exposure to the sun, making his blue eyes stand out all the more. I looked at the obvious bulge in dress slacks and remembered his comment about having 9-1/2 thick inches. My smile was genuine. He gave me a chaste peck on the cheek and shook hands al around. We chatted quietly together as we waited for the third man.

Mark was the last to arrive. He was taller than all the others at four inches over my husband and massed about 40lbs more than Jeff. He had played professional basketball but had retired due to injuries in his first year. He still stayed fit and had the same winning smile as the other two. And he claimed to pack almost 11 inches of cock. A glance at his slacks showed a rather obvious bulge.

I reminded all of the men why they were here and that I would make a choice later that night as to who I would be with for the night. Till then, they had the rest of the evening to convince me which of them I should choose!

By now, the crowd had started to form and a band began to strike up some tunes. Jeff took my hand and led me to the dance floor. We are good dancers and the tune was lively. We put on a good show. After a couple of songs Jeff held me close, hugged and kissed me and brought me back to the booth. Looking at Charles, he told the men that since Charles had arrived first, he would have the pleasure of the next dance.

Charles was as good a dancer as my husband and we energetically spun around the dance floor. When a slow song came on, I readily stepped into his embrace and held him close. I really liked the colon he had chosen, the way it smelled on him, the strength of his arms around me, the feel of his muscles. All the dancing had started my blood racing and now, suddenly stopped, tightly embraced by him; my heart was pounding for a different reason. It really hit me then. One of these men would bed me tonight and my body was starting to get used to the idea! Especially now that I could feel the strength of his manhood between us.

I looked up into his eyes and smiled at him. His returning smile sent a thrill through my breasts and my nipples stuck out, attacking his buff chest! We danced tightly together through two slow songs, and when the band began a livelier tune, I headed back to the bench.

David too was a good dancer and easier to dance with than Jeff. For one thing, the height difference between us was slighter than with Charles or my husband. For another, while he too was a good dancer, he obviously had had some dance training, as he was what I can only describe as a smooth dancer. He brought me over to the band and asked them if they could play a Tango. It had been years since I had done a Tango, but David easily helped me through the moves and made us look pretty good up there! I wondered now why I haven’t danced Tango for so long. One thing for sure…if you want to know if a man is interested in you, it sure comes out in this kind of dance. The Tango is a hot dance, but when the two dancers have something going together…it really steams! I think we may have set fire to a corner of the dance floor!

People were watching us spin around the floor and each other. I was getting a little self conscious about being seen like this, but when I realized that my husband had agreed to this my heart missed a beat and my nipples twinged yet again. When the music ended, we moved back to the bench. After all, there was still one other man to investigate!

Mark was not as smooth as the other three men. He obviously hadn’t had formal dance training, but when he finally held me close during a slow song, the difference in our heights placed me protectively well inside his embrace. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and was being held by my father. I liked that. I also liked the feel of the log that pushed into my stomach. My god, I thought, could I really take something that large into me? My pussy started to cream at the thought of it.

For the next two hours I danced with the three men, trying to decide which of them I wanted to be with. If you think it is hard to choose between three very healthy, very well endowed men when your hormones are raging at you, you haven’t been in that situation yourself!

Finally, at about 11:30, my husband took me out to the dance floor during a slow song. He kissed me tenderly and nibbled around my ears. He softly asked me if I had made a choice yet.

I truthfully told him that I was having difficulty making my choice between them. He looked me in the eyes, threw back his head and laughed.

“Why not take all three of them then?” he asked. I think my jaw hit my breasts my mouth opened so wide! “No seriously,” he said, “you can’t choose between them, you know that Jill told us that you have a one in four chance to conceive each time you have sex during your fertile time. So why not up the odds slightly?

“Besides, you want to get back at me.” He quickly brought his hand up to my mouth to forestall an argument.

“Think about it,” he continued, “you are still mad at me and part of you wants a little revenge against me. Well you should have that chance. This will give you that revenge, and give you a much better chance at having a child for us.”

I thought about what he said as we danced slowly around. He was right about the revenge part. But he was also aware that we would not likely have a child unless I did this. I asked him yet again if he was ready to become a father to another man’s child. He told me that as long as the child was part of me, then he would be the father if I asked him. He received a long sensual kiss for that one.

I asked him how we would bring this up to the other men? He told me to go to the toilette and when I got back, he would have arranged it if they want it. I nodded my head, kissed him and skipped off the ladies room with my heart hammering inside my chest.

I did the necessities and stood starring at myself in the mirror. What I saw thrilled and scared me. I looked like a woman possessed. My skin was flushed. My breathing was shallow and fast. My nipples stood out prominently on my breasts. I could feel my heart pumping. I thought of Jeff speaking to the other men. Telling them that they could all have me. I wondered if they would go for it. Probably I thought. I splashed some water on my face and arms. Fixed my makeup and spritzed myself with some perfume. I smiled once more at the brazen woman in the mirror and left to meet three men who would all probably want to fuck me!

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