Jack , Walt Ch. 03

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Jack and Walt, Part 3 – Reunion

[This is the third episode that I have written for Literotica about my fantasy relationship with a very good friend. I truly enjoyed your comments regarding my first two efforts, and look forward to hearing from many of you again…your feedback inspires me!]

As I cruised down the interstate highway, I was lost in a haze of erotic memories – I was on my way to see Walt, my oldest and best friend and former lover; the only man I had ever had sex with. We had not seen each other for over twenty-five years. After living together for a couple of years in our twenties, we went our separate ways and, like so many others, gradually lost touch with each other. thanks to the internet, we reestablished contact about six months ago. Over the past several weeks we have managed to catch up on all our old friends and stories.

One night four weeks ago we were instant messaging each other when Walt paused for what seemed to be an unusually long time – what he wrote next stirred something in me that had been dormant for years:

“Jack, I know that you’re happily married to Diane, and of course I have been married to Mary Kay for so long that I feel that she is a part of me, but do you ever think back to that time when we shared the apartment and well…a lot of other things too?”

Walt and I had been friends for a long time and, for whatever reason, when we lived together years ago, our friendship exploded into an incredibly hot, albeit brief, sexual affair. During a two-month period we each learned to pleasure the other in fantastic ways. In fact, our lovemaking was so intense that we managed to scare ourselves back into a hetero state that has lasted, at least for me, all of these ensuing years.

“To be honest Walt”, I responded, “I managed to keep a lot of that buried in my mind for years, but hearing from you again has brought those hot experiences back into my mind…I think about our sexy times a lot now”.

“You mentioned that you had to be in Chicago next week”, he typed. “I can arrange to be there as well. Would you like to get together for a drink and…whatever?”

“My friend, I would love to”, I answered. “I’ll be at the Marriott all week – when can you make it”?

And with that, the reunion of two old friends and former lovers was set.

Walt had planned to get to the hotel before me, and I was to meet him in the bar. I arrived at the hotel a little early, and was relieved to find the bar empty at this hour. I wanted to have a little time to check in, freshen up and collect myself. Over the past several days I had almost talked myself out it, but the need I felt to reconnect with my friend was overwhelming…I deeply loved my wife, but Walt had rekindled an urge within me that only he could satisfy.

After a quick but thorough shower I put on some loose fitting slacks and sweater and headed down to the bar. He was already there, sitting alone back in a remote corner of the large room. When he saw me, he rose, gave me a smile and a hug. It truly was great to see my old friend. We sat and ordered drinks, and all of my earlier concerns quickly faded – I was here with my best friend and ready for whatever was to come. He had aged nicely, added a couple of pounds around the middle and had thinned a bit on top, but otherwise was still the same good looking guy he was years ago. I hoped he felt the same about me.

“Jack, I’m so happy that we decided to Gaziantep Escort Reklamları get together like this… man, you really look good!”

Walt cautiously put his hand on my thigh, and his fingers brushed through the fabric against my now swelling cock.

“It doesn’t look like you lost anything down here”, he said with a grin.

“Yeah, I answered, “everything still works pretty well…it looks like you haven’t forgotten how to turn a guy on, either”, I gestured to the beautiful bulge in his khakis, complete with a growing wet spot at the tip. “Does that mean you’re glad to see me”?

Walt smiled and grabbed himself through his pants, clearly defining the outline of his hard cock…

We each fell silent and stared at each other, thinking of what was to come…

“Jack, can we please get the fuck out of here and go upstairs now…I really need to get naked with you, and I can’t wait any longer”, he whispered as he moved his hand sensuously back and forth across his leg.

“Yeah, enough of this chit chat, my friend – right now I need to get that gorgeous cock of yours between my lips”, I responded.

It was good that the lobby was empty, because anyone seeing us would know what we were about to do. Grabbing, squeezing, playing with each other, we made it to the elevator, up three floors, down the hall and into his room. It was a mini-suite, with the normal king-sized bed near the window…I noticed that the sheets were already pulled back.

Walt was already pulling off his clothes as I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I needed to pee, and I wanted to make sure I was clean for him. He evidently had made sure that he would be ready for me also, as evidenced by the enema bag hanging on the back of the door, the black bulbous nozzle hanging there seductively. It still had a trace of lubricant on the shaft, and I knew my lover had enjoyed a thorough clean out before meeting me…

Seeing this made my cock twitch as I remembered how I had introduced my friend to enemas all of those years ago. He would be thinking that I had prepared my rear cavity for him also, and he would be correct. Before leaving home I had thoroughly washed and rinsed my lower bowels in preparation of him taking me anally once again – God, I ached to again feel that fullness! Seeing Walt naked on the bed, I quickly shed my clothes and approached him. It was twilight, and the amber colored rays of the setting sun illuminated his body beautifully. His chest rose and fell with each heavy breath, causing his engorged penis to sway gently to and fro – it was just as magnificent as I had remembered. It was obvious that he was extremely excited; his oozing pre-cum glistened as it slowly crept down his shaft to his smooth ball sac.

Without saying a word he took my hand and pulled me to him. We stretched out the length of our bodies and pressed our flesh together. Our lips met in a brief kiss and then we hugged – a strong, firm, manly, comforting hug that defined the physical aspects of our friendship. We each sighed as these feelings overtook us.

“I have missed you – I have missed us – all of these years”, I said.

“Me too. I love my wife; I love to make love to her, but you and I have something very special – a very special way of loving” he responded.

I lowered my face to my lover’s chest and gently took one, then the other nipple in my mouth and sucked sensuously – Walt had always enjoyed this – and then I gradually worked my way lower, past his navel to his smoothly Shaved pubic mound. His skin was incredibly soft and smelled of expensive cologne. He sighed as I slowly drew my parted lips up the underside of his shaft to the purple crown of his manhood. He emitted a ragged “Oh, yessss!” as I lowered my mouth over his dick, working my way down to the base of his shaft – I had his entire cock engulfed in my mouth, and we savored the pleasures, both given and taken, as I suckled him.

“Please stop for a minute, Jack”…I don’t want to cum yet – I want this to last as long as possible.”

“I want to make love to you again as I did before” Walt’s eyes penetrated me as he spoke…” Can I make love to you now? May I fuck your sweet bottom?”

“Oh, yes!” I moaned as his fingers encircled my cock…”Please take me, I need you deep inside me right now!”

I instinctively rolled on to my back and parted my thighs. I was his for the taking, and I knew that once coupled together, we would again share incredible pleasure, pleasure lost over many years but now rediscovered…

Slowly he moved down to my waist and, holding me by the base of my cock, closely examined my hardened manhood.

“It’s just like I remembered,” he spoke quietly…he gave me long slow loving licks – “Damn, I’I’ve missed you!”

Walt was aware of the intense feelings he was giving me and released my dick before he took me too far. Neither of us was ready for orgasm yet. As he caressed me all over, he made his way down between my legs and rose up on his knees. His face was flushed with desire, and his long, slender cock bobbed alluringly from his groin…I had never seen anything so erotic in my life.

He lifted my feet up and apart, and I grabbed behind my knees and pulled them to my chest. I was totally exposed to my lover – my ass cheeks were splayed open, vulgarly revealing my swollen rosebud to him. I ached for his touch, his tongue, his entry into me.

“Jack baby…, are you still my little bitch slut? Do you want me to slide my hot cock up into your ass and fuck you again like I used to? You look so hot like this, showing me your hot little manpussy. You smell so good…do you want me to lick your sweet ass for you?”

“Yesss,” I muttered, nearly incoherent with lust. Every nerve in my body was crackling with electricity, and my cock was leaking precum continuously onto my belly. My nether region throbbed with desire as Walt lowered his mouth to my spread bottom and extended his wet tongue out to caress my anus. The warmth and wetness filled me with delirious pleasure as I ground my ass back into his face. His tongue darted into my butthole repeatedly, causing my sphincter to dilate in anticipation of his invading penis.

He raised back up and, with his face covered with a delicious mixture of saliva and precum, asked if I was ready for him.

“I have to fuck you now, my friend…I can’t wait any longer”

I could only nod my agreement as memories long dormant flooded back into my mind. I would now once again experience the ultimate union of body and soul with my friend and lover.

I raised up and allowed Walt to place a fluffy down pillow under my hips. He then reached in the nightstand next to the bed and retrieved a tube of KY Jelly. I absentmindedly stroked my swollen dick as he squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers and gently applied the lubricant to my anus. He slowly inserted his middle finger in me…it met no resistance.

“Damn, Jack, you’re not tight at all back here…you must be looking forward to this”

He then added a second finger and slowly started opening me up further with a back and forth fucking motion. He curled his fingers upward and massaged my prostate, which sent shivers directly to my cock. He added a third finger and began a twisting motion, and my anal muscles completely succumbed to the invasion. I was completed dilated, and we were both aware that I was ready for him to enter me, to love me, to fuck me in a way I needed so badly.

“I’m ready for you now”, I pleaded. “Please fuck me long and slow, the way you used to do me”.

Walt scooted his knees into the back of my thighs, which I held up and open for him. His cock was wet with his precum and throbbed noticeably in the pale afternoon sunlight. He smiled at me as he applied another gob of KY on to his dick.

“Can’t have too much lube when you’re buttfucking!” he joked. “God, Jack, I have missed you so much…”

He finished coating himself with the slick gel and grabbbed his shaft, pointing the purplish head at my now loosened hole. He slowly pressed forward and I felt that indescribable sensation as his cockhead passed my sphincter. I had not experienced this feeling during all those years apart from him, but at this moment it seemed that we had never been apart.

We each moaned and gasped for a breath as we savored the unique sensations of man love. Closing his eyes, he pressed further into me, one beautiful inch at a time, until my rectum was filled with this marvelous piece of flesh.

“Oh my God, Walt,” I cried. “You feel sooo good inside me…I love it when you fuck me like this…take it out and put it back in… “

He withdrew his meat and then more rapidly thrust himself again into my bottom. He leaned forward and pressed his hairy chest to mine and nuzzled my neck as he began a steady fucking motion, in and out, in and out…

I grasped his back with my arms and legs as my friend pounded his cock into my slippery ass…I could only hold on as he repeatedly filled me.

We were both grunting like animals, sweating profusely, as we copulated on the hotel room bed. I was lost in a fog of sensuous pleasure as we recreated the naughty fun that we had discovered so long ago.

Inevitably, our lust was reaching a culmination. Walt was thrusting faster and faster into me as he sought the ultimate pleasure, and his stomach, rubbing against my cock, had me on the verge of orgasm as well.

“I’m coming, Jack!”

“Me too,” I groaned. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…keep fucking me! Just a little bit longer!”

And then we erupted into and against each other. Walt pushed deeply into me and I could feel the pulsing of his cock as he spewed his seed into my rectum…my own cum covered our bellies as I shook with emotional release. We paused our movements and rested against each other, trying to regain our breath and composure.

“I don’t want to wait another twenty-five years”, I said. “I think I need this on a more regular basis, my friend”.

Walt moaned something incoherent, and rolled off of me. He was snoring lightly in a matter of seconds. I reached behind me and put a finger in my ass. I was beginning to tighten up a bit, but was still loose enough that I could insert a couple of fingers inside. I savored the sensations as I relived what had just happened…my entire hand now coated with lube and his cum. I sighed and drifted off to sleep as well.

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