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She stood on the balcony gazing out across the dark sea. The reflection of the low moon was shattered silver across the water. The sound of breaking surf drifted up from the rocks below. The air was warm and the deep, deep red satin pyjamas were all she needed and even they were really, as she was to find, superfluous.

The door opened behind her but she didn’t turn. It could be only one. Strong arms enfolded her and he nuzzled, licked, kissed the back of her neck, easing aside her shower damp hair. His hands moved over the slick satin with just enough pressure for her to feel through the fabric, down her arms, back up again, briefly massaging her neck and then down, lightly stroking her breasts, circling round her nipples until they began to stiffen.

“Don’t move…”

He undid the sash that held her pyjamas closed and warm breeze flowed over bare flesh. He took it and tied it loosely round her head, covering her eyes.



His hands moved down to her now bare breasts and the slight, soft belly he so loved, stroking lightly, barely touching. Finally he cupped both breasts, capturing her nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing and caressing, searching for that point just before pleasure and teasing turned to discomfort. Her breathing became irregular and he knew it was time.

Sliding his hands down he slipped his thumbs into the waist band of her trousers and eased them over the flair of her hips. They pooled at her feet leaving her a naked, alabaster statue in the moonlight. His hands wandered further. Shoulders, breasts, waist, belly and back up again, reaching a little lower with each repetition. Stroking her back, her buttocks, closer and closer to her core until eventually, sliding down her front in one smooth movement, he reached between her legs finding heat and moisture.

“Turn around.”

She faced him and he guided her hands to knot that held his towelling bath robe. She untied it and, still blind, slid it off his shoulders. Slipping her hands down his body, she savoured the heat and texture of him and finally reaching his hard shaft, she touched him as he had touched her. She lightly drew the tips of her nails along the length of him, feeling him twitch and his intake of breath as she reached the sensitive bulbous end. All this time he played with her nipples.

They stood beside the balcony Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort furniture and he eased her leg up, placing her foot on the chair. This opened her wide leaving her exposed to the night breezes and to his questing, curious fingers. He delved a little way into her with his middle finger and brought the wetness he found there to her clitoris, massaging and teasing the little button. Each time he went a little deeper until his finger was buried in her up to the knuckle and her nectar was flowing freely.

He removed the improvised blindfold and gazed into her eyes.


He eased his finger deep into her again, stirring and massaging until it was thoroughly coated in her honey. He withdrew and, dragging it across her clitoris on the way, brought it glistening to his mouth. Still gazing deep into her eyes, he licked her juices off, savouring her tanginess.

“Just a little amuse bouche…”

“Before the main course?”

“I was thinking of going for the tasting menu…”

“Oh God…”

He replaced the blindfold and lay her gently on a sun bed. She didn’t know what was to come next but spreading her legs wide seemed like it might help. What was he doing? Was he standing gazing at her, stroking himself? (He was.) Was he kneeling between her legs? In case he was she reached down and opened herself just enough so that her pink interior peeped into view. She felt warm breath on her leg and a light kiss on the inside of her knee. Then the other side. Alternating left and right, each kiss a little higher up her leg until he was poised over her core, glistening, coral hued, framed by darker lips. He extended his tongue and leaned forward…

Finally his tongue met soft, wet flesh. He nuzzled and suckled, exploring that most mysterious of geographies as he delved into her. Pausing, he opened her even wider and allowed the sensitive nub of her clitoris to feel, momentarily, the warm night air. Lightly at first, he flicked his tongue across it but gradually increased his speed and pressure until he sucked on it like a teat.

Her breath became increasingly ragged and each passage of his tongue drew gasps and pussy juice in equal measure. Before she reached the stage when she HAD to cum

He leaned back and admired his work. She was swollen, wet and her lips were pouting. He stood and drew her to her feet.

“Come with me. I have something for you…”

He led her, still blindfold, to the bed.

Carefully he guided her onto her back. Once settled she opened her legs and continued what his tongue and lips had started.

“I’d rather you didn’t peak just yet, please.”

“Just…keeping …it …warm…”

The bedside table drawer opened. She heard something being removed and what sounded like the adjustment of Velcro straps. A low, subtle buzzing met her ears.

It was a cunning device that turned the human finger into a vibrator. A speed control attached to the wrist and a short wire led to the motor unit which in this case was affixed to his middle finger feeding vibrations into the flesh and bone. She jumped slightly as he gently touched the sensitive area between her nose and upper lips and slid it down to her mouth.

She felt the softness and warmth of human flesh but a vibration that could only be mechanical. The effect on her lips was like a very mild electric shock. His finger slid down to her already erect nipples. The same. She wondered how it would feel applied to her…


He had moved her hands away from their work at her pussy (taking care to lick each fragrant digit clean) and lightly applied his own augmented finger to her clitoris. Waves of pleasure rippled out from her pussy and up her body. He combined a light touch with circular motion on her swollen clit, then lightly brushed her inner labia, dipped his finger tip inside her and, freshly lubricated, went back to her clit again.

She felt his weight shift as he moved up the bed towards her head. Blindly she reached out until she found his cock, hot, hard and in need off attention.

She ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft and then popped the bulbous end into her mouth. She sucked half his length into her, massaging him in her mouth and

lightly stroking his balls. She paused, letting him stand free for a moment.

“I like to see what I’m eating.”

She pulled off the improvised blindfold and reapplied herself to his erection. He pulled the toy off his wrist and plunged his two middle fingers into her now soaking wet, almost dripping, pussy.

He thrust, plunged, stirred and stroked at her inner flesh drawing a flood of fragrant nectar from her. She suckled on his hard, hot cock, massaging what she couldn’t get into her mouth, stroking his balls while her tongue worked at him. She paused again.

“Will…you …fuck…me…NOW?”

She pushed him on his back and straddled his waist. Grabbing his erection by the base she positioned her soaking, yearning, oh so empty pussy above him and in one movement impaled herself on his almost supernaturally hard flesh taking him into her body, right to the hilt. She paused for a moment and then, with him deep in side her, began gyrating her hips, slowly, randomly changing direction.

She leaned forward, letting some of his cock free but bringing her breasts within reach of his mouth, reveling in the astonishing amount of moisture oozing from the junction of their bodies.. He engulfed first one nipple .then the other, sucking hard and drawing them to their ultimate state of erection, vacuuming most of each breast into his mouth and massaging the tips with his tongue. His hands weren’t idle either. He reached round under her buttocks and, as he slid in and out of her, massaging her clit and engorged labia.

With one massive thrust he rolled her over onto her back and maneuvered her legs so that they were held back and wide by his arms as they supported his body high enough that sh could reach between them and rub at her clit as he pounded his whole his whole length into her, almost withdrawing completely on each outstroke and then embedding himself to the hilt.

Her deep breathes became gasps and then cries.


Her whole body spasmed as she climaxed. gradually reducing to twitching as the aftershocks rippled through her He slowed his thrusts and let her get her breath back a little as he took the time to look down and enjoy the sight of his glistening, engorged organ sliding in and out of her. Gradually he sped up again and soon felt the familiar itching in his cock signaling imminent orgasm.

“Oh… FUCK!”

He exploded deep into her, filling her to the brim with hot spunk. Finally he slowed his thrusts and gave little resistance as it was his turn to be rolled onto his back. She positioned herself over him again allowing the cocktail of semen and pussy juice to drip from her onto his slowly deflating penis. She sat to one side and took the ooze covered object of her desires in one hand. She leaned towards it.

“Yum, yum. Now, how soon can I get you ready for round two?”

With that she took him into her mouth and savoured the taste of their mingled juices before swallowing them down…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32