It’s Just Not Cricket

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Disclaimer: This story features unprotected sex between multiple people. In real life I promote safe sex but I have included it as a stylistic choice in this work of fiction.


The midday sun was beating down on us hard. Each man was positioned and focused, his task clear. This was Sunday arvo backyard cricket, and in our neighbourhood, that was no time to fuck around.

It was December 20th and the weather was in the 30’s. Not too hot to be outside, but too hot to do anything productive. The teams were made up of me and my dad, his neighbours on both sides and their sons. Mum and dad’s place was at the end of a cul-de-sac backing on to a nature reserve, so the only neighbours we’d ever known were the Coopers and the Stones, and me and their boys had grown up thick as thieves.

A few years had passed since then though, and we were now grown men with families of our own. We were all back for the Christmas holidays, and the first thing the ladies did was push us out the back with a big esky of beer while they took the wives and grandkids into the city for a day of shopping. Fine by us, fine by them.

So here we were. Garbage bin for the stumps, cricket bat in hand, I quickly sized up the competition.

On our side was me (Tim), tall and ruggedly handsome, if I do say so myself, my dad Ross, an ex-fire fighter and current walking nugget of muscle, even in his 50’s, and Noel, my childhood mate from next door, who was carrying a little extra weight these days (wife and kids will do that). I thought we stood a decent chance- Noel was faster than he looked and I wasn’t too bad with the bat.

The opposition was made of up of Noel’s dad, Glenn, who had the same tussled shock of blonde hair as his son but a little less weight (Glenn was into running marathons), Andy from the house on the other side and his dad, Charlie. Andy had always looked more like he was my dad’s son than Charlie’s- same dark brown hair and muscular frame, whereas Charlie, with his orange hair that was rapidly turning to silver, looked more like me. We’d always joked we must have been switched at birth. Charlie had grown a beard in the last few years and the overall effect made him look pretty imposing to anyone who didn’t know him. But I knew, under the gruff appearance and his cranky demeanor, Charlie was actually a gentle bloke.

Also Glenn was already drunk as a skunk, so in my opinion the game was in the bag.

I took my stance and sized up my competition. Charlie was bowling and had a look of solid determination on his face, but behind him I could see Glenn. Old Glenn was decked out in a bright red bucket hat and a pair of new cargo shorts, looking at me and swaying uncontrollably. I knew where to aim.

Charlie unleashed the ball and I struck hard, hurtling it across the lawn and through Glenn’s fingers. Andy was too far away to get it, I began my mad sprint back and forth. I saw the ball flying… flying… and landing, with a “plop” in the middle of the pool.

“Get it, get it!” Charlie was yelling at Glenn, who was staggering towards the water.

Glenn hesitated.

“These are new shorts, Sharon would kill me.” He remarked, looking down.

“Who cares? Get the fucking ball!!” Charlie kept yelling over my laughter as I completed another run. Andy was now racing towards the pool as well, but Glenn suddenly had an idea. I was running towards the bin so I only heard Charlie’s confused and angry yelling at first.

“Glenn, what are you doing?!” he said.

As I turned around to run again I saw what was going on. Glenn had taking off his shorts and was wading naked into the water to get the tennis ball. Well, not naked, the red bucket hat was still on his head. Other than that though- yep, cock out, slightly furry arse on display.

He grabbed the ball and jumped out of the water, but too late. I was safe, the game was won, and Charlie wasn’t too impressed. Glenn just stood there as beads of water dripped off his cockhead. Good thing there were no other neighbours.

“Bugger.” He said, still holding the ball and dripping. He reached for his shorts.

“NO! No, you don’t get to put those back on, you cost us the game. Now go get us some more beers from the shed.” Said Charlie in his best angry voice. Glenn shrugged and disappeared into the shed.

After Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort everyone had watched him go, my father turned to Charlie.

“Were we keeping beers in the shed?” he asked.

“Nah, they’re in the esky over in the corner there.” Said Charlie, gesturing to the esky we had covered in towels and forgotten about.

“So Glenn’s gonna be there a while…” said my dad with a wry smile.

“Yep. Bet you five bucks he falls asleep in there.” Charlie shot back.

We all had a big laugh at that, then went for a swim, had some beers, lay in the sun.

After a while my dad hopped out of the pool.

“Glenn’s been a while, I’m just gonna check on him.” He remarked, looking in the direction of the shed.

“I’d better come with, I’m the one who sent him there.” Charlie chimed in, climbing out of the water.

“You lads keep swimming, we’ll be back soon.” He said.

Us boys thought nothing of it for a while, but when we’d all finished swimming and we were lying in the sun Andy jumped up.

“Our dads have been in there for a while…” he said, heading towards the shed.

“Probably just secret dad business, you know what they’re like.” Noel replied sleepily, rolling onto his front.

“I’m just gonna check. You coming Timmy?” he asked.

“Sure.” I replied, trying not to show that I was a bit concerned about our fathers. Nobody was really keeping track of time but it felt like they’d been gone for a while.

My dad’s shed had a couple of high windows, a grown man would have to stand on a milk crate to look in. As kids we’d never been able to see in there, but now, using the esky, me and Andy peeped through the window.

“Holy shit.” Whispered Andy.

It took me a moment to process what I was seeing, then I echoed his sentiments.

There, standing in the middle of the shed, was Glenn, still naked except for that stupid red hat. He had a massive hard-on. Crouched down in front of him, lips wrapped around his cockhead, was my father. My dad had his own short, thick cock sticking out of his shorts and he was working it with one hand as he sucked Glenn’s manhood, using his free hand to squeeze and massage Glenn’s hefty nuts. Behind Glenn, also crouched down, was Charlie, his face buried deep in Glenn’s pale arse. Charlie had lowered his shorts to his knees and his long, thin, pale knob was jutting eagerly out from his mass of red pubes. Charlie wasn’t stroking it though, he was using both hands to spread Glenn’s cheeks further and further apart, driving his tongue deep into the blonde man’s chute.

As we stood there, hypnotised, Glenn began to buck. He grasped the back of my father’s head and thrust hard, shooting his load down the old man’s throat.

“What’s going on?” said Noel from behind us. I had been so transfixed by the sight I hadn’t even realised he was there. Andy and I spun around on top of the esky so he was eye-level with our waists. There was a moment as Noel regarded us, then he looked up into our faces and asked with genuine confusion.

“Why have you both got stiffies?”

I looked down. Sure enough, I’d sprung a half-mast in my shorts. I looked over at Andy’s groin- he had done the same. Andy climbed off the esky and motioned for Noel to take his place.

“See for yourself. The old guys have been holding out on us.”

As Noel climbed up beside me I turned back to look through the window. I heard him gasp next to me as we both witnessed the developing action going on inside the shed.

My old man was now lying on his back on the workbench, passionately kissing Glenn. His shorts were gone and he was down to just his thongs, one leg being held wide and supported by the other two men. Charlie was engulfing my dad’s cock with the same enthusiasm he had been eating Glenn’s arse with, while Glenn, now mostly soft, was working a finger in and out of my old man’s sphincter. I had to admit, the sight only made me harder.

I became aware of Noel next to me panting hard. Tearing my view away from the window, I realised he had lowered his shorts and was wanking furiously. At the same time, Andy was behind him, moving his tongue in long, lazy strokes across his exposed arsehole. Suddenly I was captivated by the sight to my side instead of the one through the window, as neither man seemed aware that I was watching.

“Oh shit.” Said Noel, suddenly breaking the spell. I glanced back through the window to see that all three of our fathers were staring up at us in the window. While I had been staring at Noel and Andy outside, inside Glenn had regained his hardon, probably at the sight of Charlie sticking his pork sword into my old man’s eager hole. They were frozen, watching us, Charlie mid-thrust into my father, Glenn’s hand still wrapped around his own erection and my old man’s.

We were all paralysed. I wanted to do something to show our dads that it was alright, that we were actually enjoying it. I grabbed Noel, turned his face towards me, gave him a long, deep kiss and made a thumbs up sing in the window at the same time. When we were finished Noel looked pretty shocked.

“Blimey.” Was all he could get out, but looking through the window I saw the three older blokes grin. Charlie even resumed driving his shaft into my dad, who locked eyes with me and winked.

“What? What’s going on now?” said Andy from the base of the esky.

I climbed down and grabbed his package.

“Now we’re going in mate.” I smiled.

“So how long’s this been going on then?” I asked, entering the shed. I removed my shorts completely and let my hard-on stand up proud. The other lads followed suit.

“A few years.” Grunted Charlie, not ceasing to fuck my father.

“After you lot grew up and moved out we had a lot of time to ourselves. Gotta do something with it.” Panted Glenn, still wanking.

“Well now we’re back, and we’re all grown up…” remarked Andy.

“So what now?” he concluded.

Charlie pulled out of my dad, who let out a low moan.

“The girls won’t be home for hours. And it’s too nice a day to spend in the shed…” he mused.

He regarded the three of us. Naked. Hard. Eager.

“Well, it’s just not cricket but…same teams as before?” he winked.

The midday sun was beating down on us hard. Each man was positioned and focused, his task clear. This was Sunday arvo backyard cricket as only our neighbourhood could play it.

On our side was me (Tim), my dad Ross, and Noel, my childhood mate from next door.

The opposition was made of up of Noel’s dad, Glenn, Andy from the house on the other side and his dad, Charlie.

We were first up to batt. I took Andy, laying him on his side on the grass as I eased my “batt” into his lubed and ready arsehole. I ran my hand over his hairy, muscular chest as I pounded him. Looking around, I saw my dad standing in the bright sunlight in all his glory, eagerly ramming his knob into Glenn’s waiting mouth. Over by the pool Noel was reclining on the deck chair as Charlie squatted over the younger man’s considerable cock and gently eased it into himself.

The sight was too hot, I came after only a few eager thrusts into Andy. I saw Charlie, still only halfway down Noel’s shaft, wanking manically with one hand and playing with his nipples with the other, screw up his face as thick ropes of creamy jizz erupted from his swollen dick.

One from my team, one from Charlie’s. The next bloke to blow would settle round one. As if on cue, my dad let out a guttural sound and pulled his full length out of Glenn’s mouth, shooting his cum all over his mate’s chest and face.

Bugger, we lost out at batting. We all declared a cool-off period for some beer and pool and clean-up, then it was time to change over.

For our bowling turn the other time got to choose the pairings. Charlie decided he wanted to know if I tasted like the old man, while Andy said he wanted a bit of muscle and chose my dad. We quickly realised this left us with the awkward situation of Noel pairing up with his own father.

“We can re-select.” Said Charlie.

“Or you could just forfeit.” Said Noel cheekily to his father.

“Forfeit? Forfeit this you little smartarse.” Said Glenn, reaching out and firmly grasping his son’s cock.

“Right, well, I guess that’s settled.” Said Charlie, his fingers encircling my throbbing erection.

Everyone was too crazed with man-lust to really think about it. We just wanted to get our rocks off again and again.

Being on all fours on the grass, feeling Charlie’s slick tongue on my date and his beard tickling my backside, I took in the sights in front of me. Andy and my dad really did look similar, it was like my old man was getting fucked in the arse by a younger version of himself. As hot as that was, the sight of Noel and his dad 69’ing on the grass was by far the most intense thing going on.

“Fuck mate, your arse is so sweet.” Charlie moaned into my date. I heard him make a strangled, startled noise, followed by him cursing. Looking around, old Charlie had blown his load without even getting his dick in. One for us.

Noel couldn’t hold himself back for long either, as his lay on top of his dad and pistoned away into his mouth. I saw him shudder and buckle as some of his white seed dribbled out of Glenn’s mouth. One for them.

It was all down to dad now. He started bucking his hips harder and harder against Andy, panting and talking dirty.

“Go son, go!” he groaned, at which point Andy threw his head back, ramming the full length of himself into my old man and flooding his guts with sperm. His deflating, veiny member slowly withdrew from my dad’s arse. We had won the second round.

“What now?” asked Glenn, collecting the cum from the side of his mouth and licking it off his hand.

“Now…” said my dad, slowly staggering to his feet.

“…tie-breaker. We won the last round…” he continued, taking the red bucket hat off of Glenn and putting it on his own head.

“…so we get to pick the matches.” He concluded.

“Give us a few minutes.” Said Charlie, wiping his cock on one of the pool towels.

“Of course Charlie. Beer, pool, then I reveal the line-up for the last match.”

We had a few hours left so we sat in the pool, drank, just talked. I was a bit thrown at how normal we all were, in between bouts of full-on man-sex. Not that I was complaining. Eventually the old man stood up.

“Alright. New match line-up is… dads vs lads. Last bloke to cum is the winner, and his team is the winning team. Questions?”

“Nup!” said Glenn happily, pushing his son onto his back.

As Glenn manoeuvred himself to straddle his son’s fleshy rod, Charlie engulfed Andy’s cock and began to finger the young muscle man’s hole. I turned to my old man…who was already on all fours on the grass with his bum in the air.

“Go on Timmy, give me a good one.” He said.

As I took the old man’s arse I could see Glenn, bouncing up and down on Noel, unleash his cream all over his son’s chest. One down already.

As Glenn removed himself from his lad’s throbber I saw Charlie and Andy swoop in to deal with Noel. Between Charlie’s expert rimming and Andy’s powerful sucking Noel was soon gone, losing his seed down Andy’s ready throat. With Noel defeated Charlie quickly pushed Andy onto his back and began a swift, aggressive fucking.

My dad clenched his sphincter on my cock, drawing me away from the other action and back to the old man. As we fucked I gave him a reach-around, knowing I could probably get him off fast, although that would leave me with Charlie and Andy to deal with.

As if on cue, Andy wandered past my field of view, a look of defeat on his face and ropes of cum on his chest. I felt Charlie behind me, encircling my chest with his arm as he rubbed his long, stiff meat against my pucker. The bloke was inexhaustible.

So there we were, me fucking my old man, Charlie fucking me. The others had pulled up chairs and were watching us, taking bets on who would blow next.

“Fuck…fuck…” my dad panted, and I was sure he was close. But then to my surprise I felt a surge in my arse as Charlie unleashed white hot cream into my guts, hugging me close as he did.

He, dad and I disentangled. I sat on the ground feeling the cum ooze out of my arse onto the grass.

“So did we win?” I asked, realising only dad and myself were left and we were on the same team.

The guys looked at each other, unsure. Eventually Glenn spoke up.

“I think there can only be one winner. Keep going.” He said.

Without a word, I lay on the grass and lifted my legs up, offering dad my hole. He braced himself on top of me then tenderly worked his knob inside. We kissed and hugged as he made slow, deliberate thrusts. We were both close, but eventually I felt him shudder and flood me with his warm seed, adding it to Charlie’s load.

Dad pulled off and out, exhausted. He looked over at me on the grass and grinned. He pulled off the red hat and put it on my head.

“The winner.” He grinned.

We lay there, naked, covered in cum and sweat and dirt, exhausted, as my friends and family surrounded me. I looked up at them, utterly spent, then managed a cheeky grin.

“So…play for the hat again tomorrow?” I asked.

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