A Wet Bike Ride

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Erotic Gif

It had been a frustrating Saturday at lab. None of Brian’s experiments seemed to be yielding any interesting, or even consistent, results. He shucked off his lab coat and decided to head back to his apartment. But when he got there the thought of staying indoors on this great, unseasonably warm, September day dejected him. Only one thing to do on a day like this.

Within minutes he was on his T-shirt, shorts and riding his bike away from the city. His favorite road led him past Hamden and Petersburg to the coast. He was pedaling harder than usual, sweat pouring down from his dark face when he saw another cyclist up ahead. He could only see her blonde ponytail fluttering in the wind at first, but he slowed down when he was close enough to see more. His eyes locked on her firm ass in her tight, pink biker shorts. On either side of the mid-seam, muscular, round butt cheeks flexed and relaxed as she pedaled hard. Her calf muscles told him she was a regular.

He would have stayed behind her longer, but he could sense rain approaching. This was not because Brian had any special powers; simply the sky had done a quick metamorphosis while he had been staring at the girl’s spandex ass.

He overtook her, turning to see smile at her. Her face was concentrating on the effort of pedaling so she barely acknowledged Brian’s smile and wave.

“Not the friendly sort,” he thought. Her face was mostly red with the exertion, and perspiration was dripping down her neck as well.

The sky was getting darker and the temperatures had noticeably dropped. Brian loved this part of the rain – just before the downpour when the sky is threatening and the earth raises a perfume of desire. Musk, like the aroma of a woman before he wets her with his tongue. The thought of a woman, the blonde cyclist, lying beneath him waiting to be wet had him getting hard in his shorts. He was glad he never wore biker shorts. They looked great on the blondes’ ass, but they would need to have great stretch potential to allow for moments when his cock began to rise to its full height.

His erotic thoughts of licking women were interrupted by a flash of lightning and a loud, almost immediate, roll of thunder. Within seconds the rain was down hard upon him. He rode on for a while, but the water was now running down his forehead and falling into his eyes. His long eyelashes caught the rain like a water web, making it hard for him to see. His clothes were soaked through by the time he reached the deserted one-room hut where he sometimes took a pit stop.

He stripped off his drenched T-shirt and considered removing his shorts also, but he found that he liked the wet feel on his groin. Suddenly the door opened and he saw the blonde biker walk in – completely soaked to the skin.

‘Fuckin’ rain ..shit, , my one day off and it friggin’ rains on me,” she cursed before kuşadası escort she noticed Brian there. She stopped and looked at him. By then, he had been looking at her for what seemed an eternity. Her hair was pasted against her scalp and face, and more noticeably, white T-shirt was totally transparent with her nipples forming bullets as they chilled.

“Hey, did not see you there. Mind if I get dry here?” Brian just nodded, still staring at her firm breasts on which he could now see the outline of the dark skin around her nipples.

“You don’t say much, which is fine with me. I hate men who chatter. Damn I am soaked!” She grabbed the bottom hem of her T-shirt and removed it and placed it next to Brian’s T-shirt by the closed window. He was arrested by the simple observation that her sports bra, while covering her boobs well, was also white, and was now also semi-transparent. Her nipples, a deeper shade of pink, were large and straining against the material. They were the perfect topping for her incredibly well supported tits. She followed his obvious gaze to her chest and noticed the failure of her clothing to reveal anything.

“Well, this is pretty useless, isn’t it?” she laughed, “hey! If you promise not to stare, I am going to strip this as well.” And she removed it in a one firm action which caused her breasts to jiggle just a bit as Brian got his first clear view of her pink breasts and nipples. Her breasts were like rockets facing him, full and firm as water balloons. He would not call her busty, but their shape, their youthful exuberance left him in a continued state of speechlessness. He was usually a dedicated card-carrying legs-and-ass man, but the seeming weightlessness of her tits made him question his leanings.

She walked toward him so that her pointy nipples were millimeters from his chest. He could feel the steam rise off them as the rainwater evaporated from her skin.

“Maybe there is something you can do with these that will help us pass the time better,” she said, taking his hands and placing them on the side of her boobs. Brian squeezed, gently first, but in response to her first moan, harder. She grabbed his face and kissed his juicy lips. As her tongue flicked against his, she let her hand drop to his crotch. She brushed against his obvious hardening.

“Hmmm, already so big and we haven’t even done anything? I wonder how huge it will be when we really get started.” Brian focused on her words long enough to wonder what else she had in mind. He dropped his head and took her candy-hard nipples in his mouth. They were still damp from the rain and he could taste the freshness of the September storm on her breasts.

“Oh boy! Yes, baby, suck them!” she ordered, but Brian began by simply wetting them with his tongue and lips, and continuing caressing them with his big hands. She started squirming as his tongue action became faster and faster. He was hoping he would get a chance to make her squirm more by repeating this on her pussy. She moaned and removed his head from her tits.

“I think we need to removed our shorts as well. They are wet too… mine more on the inside after that action!” She dropped onto her knees and ran her fingers under the waistband of his shorts. Her lips touched the outline of his massive cock. She moaned in anticipation of what she was about to get from him. His shorts were around his feet in a second and she had the tip of his cock inside her lips. The sight of her pale face in with her lips wrapped around his dark cock made his throb. She licked his rod from the tip to the base and his balls. She took one of his weighty spheres in her mouth.

He groaned. She said, “That was just a preview.”

She stepped away and pulled off her pink shorts. Her pussy-soaked white cotton panties and stained panty shield came off in the same move. She now ran her hands down her sides until they reached the tiny triangle of light pubic hair she had left above her cunt. Like an arrow, it pointed to Brian’s next destination.

He pushed her against a large table, the one piece of furniture in this deserted haven. Her legs opened wide as he dropped between them. He breathed in her aroma of sweat and arousal between her well-muscled thighs. He licked the inside of her thighs, slowly working his way to her labia.

“Please don’t make me wait, put that delicious tongue inside me… my ooh” she yelped as he blew on the wet flesh around her slit. He licked under her pussy and she raised her hips to give him access to her rear. He licked around her asshole and came back to her twat. By now, she had grabbed his head and was aiming her steaming pussy to his lips. He stuck his tongue out and jabbed it inside her.

“Oh yes, inside me, lick me,” she muttered, as he licked her deep inside her. Her cunt tasted young and ripe. “I have been wetting myself since you rode past me. You have a great ass, lover, and I was thinking about how I could… you could… we would… oh fuck.” She became more incoherent as he kept up his licking.

Brian had been squeezing her miracle tits, but now ran his finger over her pubes to her clit. It was already unhooded and his smooth fingertip sent a jolt of power through her body. She thrust upwards with unbridled sexual energy, dislodging his tongue from her deep honey pot. His tongue switched places with his finger and he was soon lapping at her clit as he fucked her with his fingers.

“Oh god, I wanted to be sucked and fucked, but I did not know you would do it at one time.”

He kept up his rhythm and her moans became louder and shallower. Finally, he hooked his finger against her G-spot and she exploded with an orgasm that sent tiny cramps through her muscles. His continued ministrations on her swollen nub sent further vibrations through her that resulted in the total relaxation of all her tired muscles.

Brian stood up as she continued to shake. The aroma her leaking pussy juices and the sight of her stretched out on the table, thighs wide apart, arms raised above her head lost in her blonde mane that was splayed against the wood had Brian as aroused as he would ever be. He rubbed his pink cock head, the size of a golf ball, against her throbbing clitty.

“Ooooh! That was so good, ooo, keep doing that and I think I will explode again. Oh let me suck you off like that, let me put you in my warm mouth and coat your cock with my spit, let me swallow… Oh my God!”

Her blowjob offer was interrupted when Brian shoved his thick cock inside her pussy lips without any warning.

“Oh yes… so big… like a fuck torpedo!” she said nonsensically, as he pushed himself in her to the very hilt. She could feel his pubic area push against her exposed clit. He then grabbed her ass and started moving in and out of her in deep strokes. Each stroke began with him pushing against her clitty and pulling slowly out nearly all the way so that when she looked between her legs she could see his pink head almost pop out of her pussy. He would then shove it in with urgency forcing her wide open. She thought he would penetrate her cervix if kept it up. He moved his hands from her firm ass and started rubbing her tits that stood upright on her chest. He dropped his head to her rock-hard nipples. He felt her respond inside her pussy as he sucked her tits again. She was getting juicier and juicier and Brian knew that if he did not cum soon, she would be too wet for him to get any friction.

He started fucking her harder. She noticed his growing urgency and started moving her hips with him. Their combined motions, the feel of her nipples in his sucking mouth, her hands pressing his muscular ass, the contrast in their skin colors, the wetness squelching inside her that was leaking all around his thick, lust-engorged member and the smell of sex that surrounded them made them both shake with pleasure. Within minutes of this, he felt ready to cum. His balls tightened and he pushed against her one last time and held his dick still inside her. She kept moving her hips until she felt him release ribbons of hot cream deep inside her.

“You are beautiful!” he yelled out. His first words to her. She felt her pussy walls contract in a mini orgasm, which had the effect of squeezing another jet of jizz out of him. He looked into her green eyes as she drained him.

He collapsed next to her on the table. They wrapped their limbs around each other and heard the storm continue outside.

“If our clothes don’t dry, we could give this a second go today,” she suggested.

“Even if they do, could we give it a third and fourth try in my apartment.”

“Hmmmmm… only if you promise to speak to me before that.”

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A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 06

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As I pulled into the parking lot of the little strip mall, I was somewhat concerned about the nature of the pizza restaurant at which Jessi had asked to meet. Four of the ten storefronts in the shopping center were vacant, and other than Joe’s Pizza Shack, which is where I was headed, the other businesses consisted of a laundry mat, a comic book store, a pawn shop, a thrift store, and last, but not least, a bail bondsman. The whole place looked more than a little dilapidated to me, and I noticed that only about a third of the lights in the parking lot were illuminated.

The pizza restaurant was located between the laundry mat and the comic book store. I found a place to park, pulling in next to a large, bright blue late 60s or early 70s American-made convertible. I thought it might be a Buick, but I was not sure. After seeing the incredibly large doors of the old car, I backed out and parked in a spot further away, even though it meant being out in the bitter cold a few steps longer. I could only imagine the damage one of those huge doors could do to my car had someone carelessly flung one open.

As I exited my car and hurried toward Joe’s Pizza Shack, I saw a man quickly leave the pawnshop and rush two doors down to the bail bondsman. As I quickened my step toward the door of the restaurant, I wondered if that were a common occurrence, and if such occurrences were the reason for the pawn shop being located in this strip mall.

Inside, the pizza place was warm, and the delicious smell of baking pizza hung in the air, but I was amazed to find that the inside of the restaurant was not as much brighter than outside as I might have expected. It appeared that only about half of the lights in the restaurant were on. As I walked through the gloomy corridor between two rows of booths, I activated my phone. Although I knew what Jessi’s text had indicated, I still read it as I walked toward the back of the restaurant.

“In booth – back left,” she had written, and sure enough, that is where she was.

The booths had high-backed benches, making it impossible to see if a particular booth was occupied until one was almost beside it, especially if the person in the booth was sitting with his or her back to the front of the restaurant, as Jessi was. I did not even know if she was in the booth until I was right alongside her.

“Hi Jessi,” I said as I slid into the booth so that I was sitting opposite of her, the table between us. Jessi was wearing a large, green sweater and her red glasses, which I had not seen at all the prior two times we had been together. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she wore little to no makeup. She looked very pretty, but also quite young. Had I not known better, I might have thought her a teenager.

“Hi Mark,” she said, our eyes meeting before she dropped hers.

It was obvious why Jessi had asked to meet here, at Joe’s Pizza Shack. Not only was it dimly lit and sparsely populated, but the way the booths were constructed and arranged gave us almost complete privacy. Unless someone sat in the booth across the way from us, no one would be able to see Jessi at all without coming back to where we sat, and I doubted anyone could even see me unless they were within a few yards of our booth.

“I ordered the pizza already,” she told me, glancing up at me briefly. “I got peperoni, onion, pineapple and half jalapeno — I remembered that you said that’d be the perfect pizza.”

“I did say that, didn’t I?” I commented, smiling at the young blonde woman sitting across from me even as I wondered what I would do about the jalapenos. When she had offered me cold pizza our first evening together, I had told her that jalapenos would have made her peperoni, onion and pineapple pizza perfect, but my comment was not meant as an expression of a true preference; rather, it had been intended as a way of heading toward a joke about her being both sweet and hot. However, Jessi had commented on the sweet and hot aspect before I had the chance to say anything, thus nullifying my attempt at humor. I had never told her that I had meant it to be playful.

“Yes,” she replied. “The pizza I had then was from Joe’s.”

“Do you come here often?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” she shrugged. “It’s nice and private back here. But usually I just pick it up and take it home. My apartment’s just a few blocks around the corner.”

Jessi had looked at me once while she was talking, but the rest of the time she looked down at the table. I could tell she was nervous. I did not know whether her nervousness was caused by being with me at the restaurant, by the conversation we had come here to have, or by some combination of the two. I wanted to reach out and take her hands to comfort her, but she had put them in her lap while she spoke. Instead, I nodded and smiled at her when she was done speaking.

Several seconds went by, and it seemed as if Jessi was not going to say anything else. She did not look at me even once during that time, and her hands kuşadası escort remained out of view. Unfortunately, I was struggling to find any words myself, and I was worried we would just remain sitting in silence, despite the fact that both of us had indicated, not more than an hour before, that we wanted to talk to each other.

We were saved when a voice came through the speaker above us.

“Jessi, sweetie, your pizza is ready,” the male voice said.

Jessi looked up at me, and for the first time that evening, she locked her eyes with mine in that somewhat disconcerting, typically Jessi stare.

“Would you mind going and getting the pizza, Mark?” she requested. “Please?”

“Sure,” I agreed, standing up.

“Tell Joe you need a glass for your drink too,” she added.

“Okay,” I told her, walking toward the front of the restaurant, wondering about Joe. Jessi had told me she only really connected with other people through sex, but she seemed quite familiar with whoever Joe was, and furthermore, he had called her sweetie. As I approached the counter, I could feel the jealousy creeping through me. I imagined Joe as a young man, one who likely could better keep up with a sexually aggressive twenty-year-old than I could.

“I am here for Jessi’s pizza,” I told the very large man at the counter.

Joe, as it turned out, was a 6’5″, 350 pound Samoan man in his late thirties or so. He grinned at me and said, “You the one Jessi was waitin’ for, huh?”

“Yes,” I replied. As I was not sure what else to say, I asked him for a glass for my drink.

Joe set a red plastic cup, two plates, and a handful of parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper packets on the pizza box that he handed to me. He then grinned again.

“I don’t know how you did it,” he confided with a wink. “It took me almost two years just to get her to say more than ‘hi’, and that had taken a couple of months itself. She just recently started giving me a smile or two. I never thought I’d see her eat with anyone else. When she said she was waiting for a date here tonight, I thought my hearing was going.”

“We just hit it off, I guess,” I told him self-consciously, wondering what the big man was thinking about the age difference between the blonde and me.

“Okay. Well, have a good dinner, man,” he said as he headed back into the kitchen.

After I took the pizza to the table, I went back to the front of the store to fill my glass and also to top off Jessi’s drink. I selected ice tea for me, and I added more cola to Jessi’s glass. When I returned to the table, I found Jessi had put two slices of pizza on my plate as well as one on her own. The slices she had given me had several jalapeno pieces each.

“Thank you,” I said as I handed her the now full glass.

“Thank you, Mark,” Jessi replied, and for the first time since I had arrived, I saw a small smile cross her pretty face.

“So you are not going home for either Christmas or New Year’s?” I asked her after I had taken a bite of my pizza and doused my mouth with tea, which did not help as well as the milk had the night before when Jessika had served me her grandmother’s chili seared chicken.

The young blonde shook her head before saying, “No. I don’t go home for Christmas.”

Remembering she had mentioned some problems with her mother the last time we were together, I decided not to bring up her family again. Instead, I resolved to invite her to spend some time with me.

“I am not doing anything for the holidays either, so we could always find something to do together,” I suggested, and as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I regretted the way I had phrased them. I did not want Jessi to think she was just an alternative to being alone for me.

Jessi stared at me as she chewed a bite of her pizza. I was not sure whether to go on our wait for her to finishing chewing, so I decided to take another bite of pizza myself. Unfortunately, I must have bit off several jalapenos in that bite because I had to swallow quickly and gulp down my tea to try to ease the burn. Even after drinking nearly the entire glass, my mouth was still on fire and my eyes were watering.

“Too hot?” Jessi asked, obviously concerned.

“I just need some more tea,” I managed to tell her before I stood up and hurried to the front of the restaurant. Once at the drink station, I filled my cup, drank it all down, and then filled it again before heading back to the table.

I picked the jalapenos off the slice and a half of pizza left on my plate, and if Jessi thought this was odd, she did not say anything. In fact, she looked to be deep in thought.

“So, what do you think?” I inquired.

“I don’t know,” she replied, staring at the partially consumed slice of pizza on her plate before whispering, “I think I am too slutty for you.”

“About that…” I started, but Jessi looked up at me, her vivid blue eyes full of pain and doubt, and held my gaze. She looked so sad and so vulnerable that I was not able to finish my thought.

“I know that I am,” she told me, still staring. “So, I’m not sure why you want to spend time with me, unless you want me to be a slut.”

“I just want you to be yourself, Jessi,” I assured her, taken aback by the sudden turn our conversation had taken, even though I had been worried about this very issue since Jessika and I had talked the night before. It was important for me to let Jessi know that I was not just with her for sex, but I also wanted her to know that I did not think poorly of her because of the sexual activities in which we had engaged. However, I was not sure how to say any of that, and my indecision let Jessi keep talking.

“But it turned you on when I was talking about other girls,” she pointed out, and I wondered where her hesitancy in discussing this topic had gone. She had been barely able to even speak about it on the phone earlier, but now she was staring me down and talking matter-of-factly.

“It did, Jessi,” I admitted, wanting to be as honest and open with the young woman as I could be. “And I thought it turned you on as well. And it was fun to think about…”

“Is that what you want?” she demanded, interrupting me, and something blazed in those blue eyes that was neither hurt nor doubt.

“I had not thought about it before then, when you mentioned your experiences with other women,” I said, trying to figure out how to move the conversation back to where I wanted it to be. “It is arousing to think about it, but I it is not anything I would say I actively want.”

The young blonde continued to stare, causing me to blink several times. I was just about to try to explain how nothing we had done had caused me to think less of her when I saw the fire in her blue eyes dim to a simmer. Jessi also noticeably relaxed; she had been leaning forward as we spoke, but now she sat back. Finally, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and let it out with a sigh.

As she sat there, eyes closed, I asked, “Were you angry about this when I left Saturday morning?”

“Yes,” the blonde breathed, eyes still closed. “I could barely look at you. But when you blew the kiss to me, I felt it start to go away, my anger that is. Then when you were gone, and I started worrying about it all.”

“I think I understand why it upset you, Jessi,” I told her. “But why did you believe that I would think you were, umm… a… umm… slut. I do not think that about you.”

Jessi opened her eyes, and I could see incipient tears forming in the corners of them. At that point, I no longer wanted to talk about any of this. All I wanted was to take the young woman in my arms and hold her, to reassure her that I did not think poorly of her.

“Nice girls don’t talk about those things,” she sniffed, her tears now fully realized. “So, when we were in the shower, I wanted you to do to me what I deserved, since I am not a nice girl, and when you did, that tuned me on so much I got myself off, and that made me feel even worse.”

“I am sorry, Jessi,” I apologized, while trying to make sure I heard and understood what she was saying.

“Why’re you sorry, Mark?” she asked, a confused look clouding her face. “I’m the one who is fucked up.”

“Everyone is, Jessi,” I asserted, “just differently. And I am sorry because I did not realize what was going on. No, it is more than that. I enjoyed it all, even though I should have known it was bothering you, and I am sorry for that.”

“I enjoyed it too, even though it was tearing me up,” she admitted, looking down again, her cheeks now burning red. “That’s part of why I am so worried about it. I can only imagine what you think of me.”

“I think you are an exciting, vibrant, incredibly sexy woman, and I believe that I am lucky to be able to be with you like this,” I declared.

Jessi looked up at me and sniffed, and I saw that her eyes were mainly dry again. A small smile appeared as she held my gaze.

“So, is that just a nicer way of saying that you like it that I am a slut?” she asked, what might have been amusement shining in her eyes.

“Ummm… I would not… uh….” was all I managed to say.

“I am going to pay for the pizza and take my part of it home,” the young blonde woman announced before standing up.

I watched her walk to the front of the restaurant, so dumbfounded that I barely noticed how nicely her jeans clung to her small but well-formed rear end. Just when I thought we might have been close to understanding one another, she was withdrawing again. My mind was in overdrive, trying to figure out something to say to get her to stay, but I came up with nothing. So, when she came back to the booth, I just sat there while she put what remained of her half of the pizza in a box she had brought back with her before she grabbed her coat from her side of the booth. I stood up, opened my mouth to speak, and was completely blindsided when Jessi, now swaddled in a large, black coat, hugged me. After a couple of heartbeats, I hugged her back while enjoying the smell of strawberries emanating from her soft hair. A few more heartbeats later, Jessi broke the hug. Looking up into my eyes, she put her hand on my neck and pulled my lips to hers for a quick kiss, after which she smiled and winked. Then she grabbed her pizza, turned, and walked away without another word. I wanted to call her back, but all I could do is stand and watch her leave. It was only after she had walked out the door that I realized I should have at least offered to pay for half the pizza.

Hurrying from the restaurant to my car, the box with the remainder of my half of the pizza in my hand, I noticed that the big convertible was gone, and I wondered if it belonged to me slender blonde enigma. It seemed like it would be too much car for her, but somehow it also fit. The twenty-year-old blonde was a walking, talking bundle of contradictions.

I was back home, enjoying a piece of pizza (from which I had removed the jalapenos) when my phone buzzed with an incoming message. I was hoping it was from Jessi, as I felt we really had not resolved anything. However, it was a message form Jessika telling me she had arrived at her parents’ house. We texted back and forth for a few minutes about how she was feeling (she told me it was better but she was not planning a repeat performance for a while) and about her happiness at being home for Christmas with her family (her parents had surprised her by having one of her sisters and her brother there as well).

After texting with Jessika, I thought I might try to do a bit more work on the short story I had started revising and was now rewriting, I had just sat down at my computer when a new message arrived. This one was from Jessi, and for the first time in several days, it was a media content only message. When I clicked on the link, a picture of a smiling Jessi wearing a tight black t-shirt popped up on my screen. Emblazoned across her modest bosom was the word ‘Slut’ in ornate, pink script.

A few seconds later, Jessi texted, “I want 2b ur slut since u r ok w/that.”

I read and reread her short message. I knew I should try to formulate a response, but I was still just staring at my screen when another text from Jessi appeared.

“Id luv to spend xmas w/u,” she wrote. “wanna come to my apt?”

“How about we spend it at my house. I do not have decorations up, but we could do that tomorrow — Christmas Eve — and then you could spend the night and be here Christmas morning” I responded. I had decided at that point it was better to not address her earlier picture and text message.

A few seconds later, my phone rang with an incoming call from the young blonde.

“Hi Jessi,” I said when I answered the phone.

“Hi,” she replied, then in a rush said, “I’m not sure about coming to your house…”

“Jessi,” I interrupted, “I would love for you to come over. I will make you a Christmas Eve dinner, and then we can decorate a little — I brought some stuff in from the garage a couple of weeks back but never put it up.”

“Ummm… it is a little… uh…scary for me,” she admitted in a quiet voice.

“I promise you will be safe,” I responded. “I would not hurt you.”

“I’m not worried about you, Mark,” she proclaimed, her voice suddenly sure. “I mean, I’m not worried about you hurting me.”

“Then what…?” I started, but Jessi cut me off.

“Coming to your house, decorating, planning to spend the night,” she clarified. “It’s all kinda scary. I don’t do stuff like that.”

“Would it help if I told you I wanted you to come over so I could fuck your brains out?” I blurted out, exasperated by the entire situation.

I did not know what to expect from Jessi after I said that, but the snicker I heard coming from the phone would not have been high on my list.

“Fuck yes, it would help,” she laughed. “That I get.”

I shook my head, wondering, not for the first time, whether I would ever understand the young woman. Just hours before, she had cried because she was afraid that I might think she was a slut. Now she was fully embracing it and laughing about it.

“Okay, let’s do it this way — you come over to my house, we will have sex, and then we will see about putting up the decorations,” I suggested, not quite believing that I was saying what I was saying.

“I will be there, Mr. Warner,” the young woman proclaimed. “Tell me when and where.”


At a quarter before 7:00 the next evening, I opened the door to find Jessi standing on my porch, her soft blonde hair, her voluminous black coat, and a purple duffle bag all covered with a dusting of snow. I said hello to her as she entered my house, but Jessi did not respond. The lovely blonde walked into my living room, set her bag down, turned around to face me, and dropped her coat to the floor just as I looked around from shutting and locking the door. I felt my mouth fall open as I stared at the young woman standing in front of me. The only thing she was wearing was a black collar with the word ‘SLUT’ written in metal studs on the front of it.

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A Walk in the Park

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As I was saying, the dream starts with you deciding to come see me suddenly. I was caught by this. I left early and was to meet at the park. I got a message from you saying you weren’t going to come…you got called into work. Bummed I decided I was staying at the park anyway and go for a walk.

With time to burn. I climbed out of the jeep and set up the path. Up the slope into the woods, down the hill, around the bend and climbing the next I thought of times at park. Relaxing, reading, lounging, and our more cardinal adventures. I walked on past the concrete ruins and then up and around to the right following old routes we had taken. I stopped by a tree I remember you holding onto and decided memory lane wasn’t for today. I wished I had shorts on I was too hot. I figured I would head back and read in the shade, lounge on the ground and rest my leg. Try to reorganize my head since I put in on a certain track that makes me antsy. Walking back I remembered more people always strolling and noises around causing me jitters at times. Just in time I heard crunching under foot from down a way.

I was surprised when walking by the ruins I saw you coming up the hill. Wearing scrubs and your bag slung over your shoulder, you met my eyes with slightly flushed cheeks. You must have been rushing though not nearly as casual as myself. It was clear that there was a silence there, a gap between us. I was frankly stunned to see you at all. Shallow hellos were exchanged. It was like we forgot how to ride bicycles and we were stuttering with our motions. I went to sit on the half wall and almost busted my ass, you touched my shoulder as I found my footing and that was that.

We had standard chit chat briefly. what’s new? how’s work, what’s exciting. You leaning against a tree and myself sitting. You came closer but didn’t sit, something was on your mind distracting you. Me being me, took in the sights. Loose scrub top and straighter pants showing little curve but enough. Hair up, cheeks still pinkish with a glimmer in your eyes, just watching me.

You lean against the tree again and your breath catches. I remember you pulling your back again and thought it must be that. I told you to sit if you have time. You put off sitting while stating you aren’t in a rush you get to work… when and if you do. A decision made, your posture changes against the tree as you lean on to it more and then grin and push off, walking to me as you shake your head and comment to yourself in amusement that you must be crazy.

You strode over to me bent at the waist resting your forearms on my shoulder and kissed me. Gently kuşadası escort at first but growing more needful. I immediately respond appropriately, reaching to your low back. I grasp you and pull you closer. As we separate slightly I see down your top and catch a glimpse at more surprises. You had on something new and sexy showing your cleavage. I stand up gripping your hips and begin to guide you down around the partial wall.

You drop your bag to the ground behind the cover of the wall as I lead you to lean against the perpendicular wall. A smile crosses your lips at you lean against it and we continue kissing and holding each other. My hands slide down your hip and around going to grasp your butt when they hit something that gives you a slight shiver. Devilish grins covers your face and mine. You chuckle as I explore my find. I slide my hands down the back of the scrub pants running them over a very smooth string band overlook to a familiar shaped stem and ball exposed from a partially gapped butt cheeks.

Pulling and pushing on the stem earns another soft moan. I run my fingers over the base and find a small splotch of fabric pulled tightly over it and running between your legs.

My mind so preoccupied with the current events it does something unheard of in our history and forgets we are in a public space. This park seems abandoned today by some luck anyway. Keeping one hand on a prize I had fantasies about the other traced the thin string back up the crevice of your butt and around your hip. Feeling a lite smooth mesh like material as it dips lower and lower. I bring my hand back up and untie the string holding up your pants and let them all slide down your thighs getting caught on your knees. You pull off your top and wiggle a little and the pants hit your ankles.

Taking a moment stepping back and retracing head to toe over you in black lace bra and very low cut naughty lace g string matching in black. You again laugh and give me a look as you turn just a bit showing the string of the barely there panties curving over your amazing ass and disappearing. You turn the rest of the way giving a little fashion show of the entire event and place your hands on the wall bending down accentuating the plug firmly planted in your rear. Reaching back you toy with it gently as you begin to explain how couldn’t wear regular pants because of the stem so scrubs worked and you couldn’t sit with it either, so no driving with it. Your slowly pulling it almost to popping out, twisting it and pushing it back in teasingly.

I am dying to get my hands back on you as you toy with it, I slide my hand down the front of the panties and find you drenched. Fingers probing as we start kissing again. One of your hands reaches down and rubs my hard dick through my pants. The belt quickly undone with dexterous skill. Your other hand joins the process of unclothing me down to my boxers too.

Bringing us to the ground on top of our discarded cloths you straddle me and continue rubbing my crotch. My hands cupping your face we fall into a simple rhythm of kissing we couldn’t forget. We move you to your back laying on the ground me between your legs, my head inches from your scantily clad pussy. I can see the sheen of moisture on your skin peeking out from under the panties. Pulling them to the side exposing your wet slightly parted pussy I lean in and flick my tongue over your clit.

Lowering myself fully to my elbows I continue licking and devouring you. One hand resting on your lower stomach the other gingerly toying with the toy embedded in your rear. Soft moans escaping your lips as your breathing quickens. Your hands gripping my shoulders pulling me in tighter as your excitement builds.

Done playing a passive member you begin inching around and snaking your upper body down beside my lower. Hands pulling my boxers down you gasp my dick. Stroking it and pulling the tip into your mouth. Your tongue massaging the head and then trailing down the underside. Tracing back up swallowing me whole. I am in heaven. Climbing fully on top we both continue our oral activities. All the while toying with the plug and you alternating between swallowing my dick and stroking it while sucking with exceeding enthusiasm. Your mouth is full as your body tightens up as you cum, gargling out a pent up sigh.

Feeling a sense of pride, I divert my attention to another exposure. Grasping the stem I pull slowly. Watching as the skin pulls tight and the enlarged head slowly emerge. Letting in sink back a moment to pull it to that point again. Easing it millimeter by millimeter more, then watching as it settles back. One last time, pulling to the brink and just beyond as it pops out, free. I wipe some juice from your soaked pussy on it as I rub it around your stretched hole. Adding more pressure in the center. the inverse happens. Hitting the brink, the head gets pulled in. I repeat the whole process multiple times fully engrossed till I notice your head rested on my thighs with a grin, capturing full gulps of air with each intrusion and escape.

We are laying sprawled out side by side, my upper body through your leg, your rear slightly elevated; your upper body resting on my lower. We resemble a perverse ying-yang. One of your hands gripping and stroking my dick, the other between your legs and tenderly rubbing your clit. Stopping you reach toward your purse, partially dumping the contents out as you drag it to you. A bottle of lube rolls out and is forgotten, not needed as I continue playing with your ass as it is. The sun shines down on your hands as you pull the other gleaming glass toy from your wonder trove of a bag.

Holding it to your face a moment you lick it from tip to base and swallow it in your mouth making me miss the feeling of your lips on the base of my dick. Removing the now wet and slippery glass cylinder you slide your hand back between your legs. The head parts your lips as it runs further back and deeper in. Half way in you pull in back to the tip as I push the other back in over the edge popping back in place. The glass clinks together as they pass, followed by you sliding the other to the hilt with the bases of each touching.

Laying there you smile at me because I am so amused by everything, a kid on Christmas morning. I love playing and exploring with you. Time passes as we lay there toying casually with the presents under the trees. I am unbelievable hard, but so preoccupied by everything it takes you sliding then the cylinder out and casting in back on to the top of your bag to break my trance. I follow suit and gently pull the other from you, placing it gently with the other.

Gripping my shoulders you roll me fully on to my back, coming with me, your on top straddling me again. My hands gripping your hips, feeling the smoothness of your skin. Now I am eager to be inside you and you must be the same. You slide forward onto me slightly, kissing me as you come closer to my face. I feel you reaching back , grasping my dick and guiding it into your moist pussy. Easing back you slide fully onto me. It is simply the best feeling in the world. We continue to kiss as you slowly start to slide forward and back, grinding into each other. My hands grip your rear, pushing and pulling with you. Building speed slightly but more the pressure as we come together each time. I am kissing your neck begin in to feel the rising of my orgasm as your own builds with me. I feel your body tightening as we both get closer, continuing to move together. My hips push up as your body comes back, two more times I fear us panting and a soft moan escaping your lips as I cum into you. Feeling the pulsing of my dick as it empties, you continue to now slowly slide a couple more times before coming to a full rest on top of me. We kiss again, relieved of the tension that had build and enjoy the after still in place, on the ground, in the woods, at the park. Our personal momentary heavenly haven.

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A Vacation to Remember Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – A Visit to the Sandbar

The day after Marie and Patrick’s escapades at the golf course they decided that they were going to have fun every second that they had left on this vacation. After breakfast they were cleaning up the kitchen as everyone else headed down to the dock for fun and sun. Marie took every opportunity to rub herself against Patrick and it wasn’t long before she felt the familiar stiffening of his cock.

With a grin Marie dropped to her knees and pulled Patrick’s shorts down until his cock was free. She gazed lovingly at the beautiful cock inches in from of her face, a small bit of pre-cum glistening on the tip, before she slowly opened her mouth and swallowed Patrick’s cock. Marie quickly built a rhythm wanting more than the taste of the pre-cum she just had.

“Marie.,” Patrick’s voice came from above her, “The neighbors are heading this way. You might want me to stop.”

“Do you want me to stop?,” Marie asked pausing just long enough to get the words out.

“No!,” Patrick gasped as Marie took his cock back into her mouth and began to nibble with her teeth.

Patrick watched as Joe and Elaine, the neighbors from the cottage next door, approached the kitchen. He was sure they were going to come to the door where they would be able to see Marie making love to his cock with her mouth. Instead they turned and came to the open window.

“Good Morning Patrick,” they chorused together. And Patrick responded as best he could with his cock being sucked.

Joe and Elaine were about the same age as he and Marie and they had a boat that they loved to share which made them very popular. They were both cute and Elaine’s full and firm breasts caught the attention of both Patrick and Marie. Several times already they had wondered if they would be into sharing.

Elaine smiled up at Patrick. “Do you think you and Marie would be up to joining us on the boat later tonight? We thought we would make a couple of pitchers of margaritas and maybe we could do a little skinny dipping.”

They way that Elaine was pushing her tits at Patrick left little doubt of what their intentions were and Marie could tell too even without having seen her. Marie’s finger sought out Patrick’s asshole and began fingering it as she continued kuşadası escort to suck his cock. Patrick knew that this was her way of telling him that she was interested.

“Sure.,” Patrick gasped out. Marie was driving him nuts and he was close to cumming. “What time?”

“After dark.,” Joe said, “That way we don’t have to worry about people seeing us naked before we get in the water.”

“Sounds good to me. I will check with Marie and we will let you know for sure later.,” Patrick said. “Are you sure that you guys want to make it just us though? Marie’s sister and her husband might want to come along too.”

“They are nice and all, but we really wanted it to just be the four of us.,” Joe said with Elaine nodding in agreement.

“Well, I will tell you that I have been wondering just what Elaine’s nipples look like under that bikini.,” Patrick said. Marie quit playing with his ass and squeezed his balls hard.

“You mean these,” Elaine said as she pulled her bikini top to the sides of her breasts revealing dark brown nipples the size of silver dollars. The cool morning air began to harden her nipples and that was all it took for Patrick to explode into Marie’s mouth.

Marie continued to suck Patrick’s cock as it slowly softened and he and the other couple worked out a few remaining details for that night. Finally the pair walked down to their dock and Marie stood facing her husband. Patrick leaned in for a kiss and got a surprise as Marie’s mouth was still full of his cum. Their tongues wrestled as they shared Patrick’s sticky seed.

“You should have seen her nipples!,” Patrick said.

“I will later,” Marie said, “but from your reaction I know that I will like them. Did you want to suck them?”

“Oh yeah. But I want to see you suck them too!” Patrick said.

“We’ll see.” Marie said cryptically. “Now let’s go have some fun.” Marie patted Patrick’s now limp dick as she sauntered out of the kitchen and headed toward the dock.

The day progressed and Patrick and Marie swam and played with the kids. Of course they continued to tease each other unmercifully. Finally around lunch time Patrick suggested that they pack a picnic and take a canoe ride around the lake. Marie, knowing her husband, was quick to agree and soon they were ready to head out.

Patrick guided them around the lake building their appetite and sexual tension. Marie suggested several spots that they could stop for a quickie but Patrick had other ideas and declined each. Since it was the middle of the week there was not a lot of traffic on the water and they enjoyed having most of the lake to themselves. Other than the occasional motor boat most people they saw were fishermen who were more concerned with what was under the water rather than what was on top of it.

They headed out to the island in the middle of the lake and ate their lunch there and lounged on the beach for a while enjoying the sun. Joe and Elaine passed by them and Elaine started to flash them but stopped for some reason. Marie and Patrick discussed that as they began paddling around the lake some more.

Patrick worked their way around the lake and into several secluded bays until Marie threatened to jump out and swim home if he didn’t take care of her soon.

“You got yours already but I’m so wet I’m gonna leave a puddle!” Marie complained.

“OK, OK!,” Patrick soothed. “How about we head out to the sand bar?”

Marie turned so quickly in her seat that she almost dumped them in the water. “The sand bar? You naughty boy.,” she said. “It’s practically in view of the entire lake.”

“I know,” Patrick said smugly, “that’s all part of my master plan.”

The sand bar was a favorite spot for kids and even young adults because the water was only about chest deep and from shore it looked like you were standing up almost in the middle of the lake which you actually were. Marie had told Patrick that she wanted them to have sex in as many new places as possible before they had to head back to reality.

In short order they reached the sand bar and tied the canoe to one of the marker buoys so it wouldn’t float away. Then they slipped into the water and Patrick didn’t waste any time in pulling Marie’s bikini bottoms off and start fingering her. Even under water he could tell how wet Marie was and it didn’t take any time for his dick to stiffen.

The dangerous part of sex at the sand bar is that the water is so clear that anyone who got close would be able to tell exactly what they were doing. Not to mention that once someone was at the sand bar it was like a magnet for others to come join the party as well. As much as Patrick was thinking about what that evening might bring he really wanted today to be just about him and Marie.

Patrick moved behind Marie, brought his hands to her waist and pulled her back against him. As Marie ground her ass on Patrick’s cock he reached around her slipping his hands inside her bra top playing with her nipples. As he squeezed one Marie shuddered and turned wrapping her legs around Patrick’s waist and slid his erection inside of her.

In an effort to be semi-discreet they moved together slowly letting their arousal build. Marie lay back in the water which allowed her hips to open wider and Patrick to slide deeper into her. Their fingers were locked together and Marie pulled on Patrick’s arms using him as leverage to plunge his cock even deeper inside her.

They were so consumed in their own building orgasms that they didn’t notice that other people were slowly beginning to make their way towards the sand bar. Patrick finally looked around and saw a paddle boat that would reach them in just a couple of minutes. He waved with one hand as his other sought out Marie’s ass. Turn about is fair play he thought as he inserted one finger into her ass as he continued to fuck her pussy.

That was all it took to push Marie over the edge. Her body began to shudder in the familiar “I can’t scream” orgasm that Patrick knew so well. The way her pussy clamped down on his cock drove him over the edge and he spurted his load deep into her body.

Reluctantly Patrick let her move away and try to slip her swimsuit bottoms back on. Patrick took a few lazy strokes towards the paddle boat hoping that they would be distracted by him and not notice what Marie was doing. It turned out that it was another couple that they knew. Scott and Angie had been coming to the lake for years and were great card players but the chemistry had never been right for Patrick and Marie to consider them as anything other than friends.

Scott had brought a cooler full of beer and even some wine for the ladies and they enjoyed a half hour or so swimming and drinking at the sand bar before Marie said they had better head back. Patrick knew she was eager to get home so that they could get ready for their “date” later that night.

To be continued…

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A Little Harmless Blackmail

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The houses in our neighborhood are fairly close together and for that reason they all have block walls around most of the house. The wall around my house starts on each side just slightly back of the front of the house and completely surrounds the back yard. On the side next to the garage, which is built into the house, I have had a driveway poured to the back and installed a gate allowing me to put a car in back when I’m on vacation or to wash it or for whatever reason I want. Eventually I plan to buy a travel trailer and can store it back there when not in use.

On the other side, I have a walk through gate, which is solid and cannot be seen through. That is just for my convenience and since it isn’t really all that convenient, it is seldom used. Behind that gate I have an area that is shady in the morning so I have put a lawn table, a couple of lawn chairs and a lounge. There is one window overlooking that area but the room is used to store some things and I never look out that way.

Suddenly I had begun to notice the pad on the lounge a little askew or some other indication that someone else was using the area. On that side lives a couple with two teenage daughters. One, I know, just turned eighteen and the other is a couple of years younger. I also know the eighteen year old is a little behind in school and is just a junior in high school. (I think that happened because of her parents moving at inopportune times and not taking her welfare into consideration.) The girls have friends over and they have, among other things, volleyball games in their yard. The ball has been known to sail into my back yard and I have told them to just come over and get it. I figured something like that led them into the yard and that was the reason for signs of “trespass”.

One morning I went to my shady spot to read the paper when I found something interesting. A pair of girls panties was under the edge of one of the shrubs. Something was going on that seemed very interesting. I decided to find out how much was actually happening and who was involved. It took some patience.

I began to go into the room with the window on that side each night before dark. I put a comfortable chair near the window and rigged up a pair of earphones to my portable CD player. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to music for long periods of time. I decided this would give me an opportunity to listen to some stuff I had neglected for a while. After a couple of nights I realized that because the parents of the girls were so conservative, there was unlikely to be any activity on a school night. So I limited my observations until Friday and Saturday nights.

It took a couple of weeks but one Friday night, I saw some movement. I had left the window open just a crack and had heard the gate quietly open. After a little movement it was just as quietly closed. There wasn’t much that could be seen but quite a bit to be heard. They were obviously being quiet about it but someone was doing someone and doing it quickly and efficiently. Time was apparently of the essence and they didn’t want to be missed for long. I did hear a female voice say, “I’ll just hold my panties this time”. I still couldn’t tell who it was. Maybe it was Mom. That idea was interesting to me. I would have to find out some other way.

I turned to “Plan B” which was to catch whomever was involved, in the act. My first inclination was to be present and suddenly turned a bright flashlight on the culprits. Then I remembered how good it was to own a digital camera. A picture is worth ten thousand words, someone once said, and I didn’t want to have to repeat ten thousand words to my target.

I lurked a couple of weekends with no results. I could of course approach ground zero from the backyard and since there were a number of bushes and trees along the wall of the yard and the wall of the house I could be pretty much invisible. Since I had a pretty good tan from going nude in the yard most of the summer, I decided to be naked and blend into the darkness even more. Besides that element of surprise, I believed my intended “victims” had other things on their minds and would not be looking for any interference. After all, they had been successful in hiding their activities for several rendezvous.

The fourth weekend was a Bingo! I waited and they came. I had been in the darkness for a couple of hours, sitting on a black stool, so my eyes were accustomed to the dark. I could make out the primary activity. The female bent forward over the table and the male stood behind her. He pulled her skirt over her back and slid her panties down to her ankles. She lifted each foot as he removed the panties. She reached back for them but he tossed them on a chair that was toward me from where the table was located. She watched them fall, probably in anticipation of retrieving them, but did not look beyond them to where I was now standing. The panties were white, and I was not, so she would not have found me in her focus anyway. The man had dropped his pants down to his ankles but had not lowered or even opened his shorts. He knelt down behind her kuşadası escort and started kissing the ass that was turned slightly my way.

Without moving my feet, I leaned as far as possible to the left to get as good an angle as I could. My left shoulder was against the house, which actually acted to stabilize my shot. I waited for what might appear as an opportune moment to blow them away. It came when he leaned back slightly and started to stand. At the same time, he released his hold on her hips and just started to lower his underwear. As his dick came loose and stood at attention, I let go with a shot. The pre-flash, designed to avoid red eyes, caught them off guard and they just turned toward me when the real flash went off. No doubt they were blinded.

I hadn’t really expected it, but the guy in almost one quick motion, reached down pulled his pants up, turned to the gate, yanked it open and ran out of the yard and into the street. I never saw him again. The girl started repeating over and over again, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. I finally told her to shut up. She had not moved but now quit the repeating and straightened up. She turned toward me, or maybe toward the chair where her panties lay. I got there first and picked them up.

She started repeating again, this time, “Please don’t tell my parents”. Well, now I knew it wasn’t “Mom”. I was pretty sure it was the older girl. I didn’t know her name. Her skirt had fallen into place and she was missing only her panties, which I had in my hand.

She calmed a little and asked, “You aren’t going to tell my parents, are you?” I told her I would consider her request. She asked me if she could have her panties back. I looked at them and started to hand them to her. Then I pulled them back.

I said, “Maybe we can make some arrangements. What time do you get out of school each day?”

“Two thirty.”

“Do you and your sister come home together?”

“No,” she has choir practice and comes home on the activities bus at five.”

“Your parents don’t get home until about six, do they?”

“No, I mean yes, that’s about when they get home.”

“Okay,” I said, “is there any reason you can’t come to my house Monday afternoon about 3:00 p.m. to retrieve your panties? Then we can discuss an arrangement so that your parents never know what has been happening back here.”

She hesitated but agreed.

I said, “Go home. And … I suggest finding a boyfriend that isn’t afraid to stand by you in a time of crisis.”

She laughed a nervous laugh and said rather quietly, “Yeah.”

Monday afternoon, she showed up, a little late but that seems to be normal anymore. I had waited with nervous anticipation, not sure what might have happened. She could have come clean with her parents and made some bogus claim against me. A number of possible scenarios popped into my mind, all of them endangering me. But she did show. I heard the doorbell ring a little after three.

I opened the door and told her to come in. She stepped inside and was obviously very nervous herself. She stood in the entry way with her head slightly down so that she looked at me from just below her eyebrows. Her hands were together in front of her and her shoulders were stooped a bit. She looked like the picture of reluctant surrender. I felt personally safer right away. Her nervous anticipation has probably been greater than mine.

I had never really looked at her before. We had been neighbors for about six years so she was just a little girl when they moved in. It seemed impossible that she could be as physically grown up now. She was about five feet six inches tall and about a six dress size. Her breasts were full but not overly large. Her legs were very nice. I love legs. Her skirt was short and looked like a school uniform.

I led her to the living room and told her to sit down. She sat on the love seat after smoothing her skirt beneath her. She folded her hands in her lap and looked again at me with her head down. I sat in a rocking chair across from her.

“Is that a uniform?”, I asked.


“When did your school start requiring uniforms?”

“This year is the first year.” She wasn’t relaxing any so I decided to skip any further small talk and get down to business.

“How long have you and your friend been having sex in my yard?”

“A couple of months.”

“How did that come about?”

“We were playing volleyball on a Sunday afternoon and the ball flew over your wall. I started after it and he said he was going to beat me to it. We raced and as we went through you gate, he kind of wedged together. We had been swimming and were both wearing swim suits. I guess we could feel each other’s bodies through the thin material and he seemed to get turned on. He put his hands on my breast. I pushed it away but could still feel the touch like he had burned me. He said, ‘This would be a good place to fool around.’ I laughed but not because it was funny. It seemed too forward. I was embarrassed. I grabbed the ball and went back to the game.

“He had never shown any interest in me but suddenly was showing me a lot of attention. I was flattered. He asked me out. We went on a couple of dates. Coming home one night, he led me to your gate and opening it, he pushed me inside. I tried at first to resist but all of a sudden he had his penis out and had pushed my hand down to it. I was scared but also fascinated. He told me to run my hand up and down it. I did a couple of times and it suddenly started spurting. He breathed hard and made funny noises. I tried to let go but he said, ‘Don’t stop yet.’ So I continued. He pulled his handkerchief out, wiped it off and told me that it had felt really good.

“I didn’t get the same feeling but did feel the rush of having done something I wasn’t supposed to do. I thought maybe I would get my good feeling next time and was looking forward to it. He brought me over again a few more times. He wanted to fuck me but I told him I would not allow him to do it. About the third time, he put his hands under my dress and rubbed my pussy. That felt good but then when he spurted, he lost interest and I still had only the good feeling of having done something I wasn’t supposed to do. I wanted to spurt like he did but there didn’t seem to be a way. I didn’t have a penis to rub. I complained to him and he said that if we could fuck, I would get the same feeling he had gotten. I refused and he accepted that.”

I interrupted. “I may have saved you a lot of trouble and embarrassment, taking the picture when I did. He was aiming for your pussy with his dick and would have penetrated you within seconds. Only one time could have gotten you pregnant and then your parents would have known for sure.”

“He promised not to do that.”

“Why were you bent over the table like that? That is a position that is really only good for doggy style fucking.”

“We had never done that before. He said he could play with my pussy better from that position and maybe I could get the squirting feeling. Before, I had laid on my back on your lounge and let him play with me that way. I never spurted and he did and I was wanting to have what he had.”

“You don’t know much about sex, do you?”, I asked.

“No”, she said, “my mother won’t talk about it.”

“Okay,” I said, “if you want me to keep quiet about what you’ve been up to, your going to have to do two things. They won’t be too difficult but you may not like it at first. However, since I am a witness, have both the knowledge of what was going on, as well as a great picture, you had better decide you are going to go along with me. My camera has a pre-flash that caused both of you to look towards me so not only do I have a nice picture of your ass, including your pussy, and your friends dick, I have a pretty good shot of your faces. There is no doubt who the stars of the picture are.”

“What do you want me to do and when?”, she asked.

“Well, we can start right now and you will see what you have to do. Stand up.”

She stood up. I guess since I hadn’t really scolded her or come down hard on her, she had relaxed a little bit. That wouldn’t last long.

“Strip,” I commanded.

Her eyes opened very, very wide and she was suddenly very alert.


“Strip. Get entirely naked, blouse, skirt, bra, panties, and sandals – all in a little pile on the arm of the love seat. Now!”

She stepped back against the love seat with no where to go. “I can’t do that. You can’t make me.”

“It’s your choice. I can make your life unbearable at home within ten minutes of the time your folks get home. Besides, you’re going to get used to being naked in front of me in no time. This is going to be a common thing for you if you want to avoid trouble at home. Now strip or go home and wait for the other shoe to drop.”

Reluctantly, she removed her shirt, skirt and sandals. I motioned for her to finish it and she did. Her bra and panties came off. She covered herself the best she could with her arms and hands.

When she was naked, I said, “Okay, follow me.” I got up and walked down the hall to my office. She followed.

In my office I walked to the shredder and turned around. “This is a shredder. I get a lot of documents and waste paper in my office that have names, numbers and other personal data of me and my clients. They need to be shredded so no one can misuse them. I have these three boxes full of paper that needs that treatment. It will take you a while since my shredder will only take five sheets at a time. Also if it gets too hot it will shut down. Here’s how it works”.

With that I took some of the paper, counted out three or four sheets and placed them in the shredder. It started automatically and shredded those items. I told her to try it. She was fascinated enough that she actually let her guard down a little. From past experience I had learned that people like to shred.

“Can you handle it now?”

She said she could. I cautioned her against letting it get too hot. She went to work. I left the room.

I’ve been through this experience before and have found the best way to get someone used to nudity is to let them alone and gradually get them used to your presence by periodic visits. I went to my bedroom, down the hall and stripped myself. I usually go naked at home but hadn’t wanted to scare her right off. I walked back to the office. She was taken aback when she saw me naked. I went to my desk, picked up some papers and a pen. As I did so, I explained to her that I was normally naked at home and that she would not be hurt and should not be alarmed. Without having ever looked at her, I left the room. For the couple of hours she had left that day, I was in and out of the room, sometimes chatting with her and sometimes just appearing, getting something and then leaving.

When it came time for her to leave, I was just about to go tell her. Before I got to the office, she was heading down the hall, still naked. She seemed pretty casual about it and I knew we had crossed the first barrier. She told me there was a lot left but she had to go. I told her to come back again tomorrow. She agreed, went into the living room, dressed and left.

The next day she returned and had to be coaxed out of her clothes again. She really wasn’t that reluctant though. I told her to quit shredding an hour earlier that I had something else for her.

During her stay, she came to me once and asked if I had something for her to drink. I offered her what I had and also gave her some chips to snack on. She seemed very relaxed and even stood next to where I was writing at my breakfast table and talked with me a few minutes. She never made any effort to cover up.

Before it was time for her to leave she came to me to see what else I had for her. I told her to sit down.

“Remember you said you wanted to spurt like your friend did, when it seemed to feel so good to him and he lost interest in you?”

She remembered, of course.

“Well, it is unlikely you will spurt like that. Most women don’t. But you can have the same good feeling and maybe even better. I will show you how it is done. I’m going to have to touch you but you will not be hurt at all. Are you interested in finding out this big secret?”

She seemed reluctant and was silent for a few seconds. The gears were turning and she soon asked, “Are you sure it isn’t going to hurt me in any way?”

“I guarantee it. Come with me.”

I took her to my bedroom and instructed her to lie on the bed. I told her to part her legs and close her eyes. She reluctantly did so. She was very tense.

I went into the master bathroom and got a tube of KY jelly out of the cabinet. I keep it around because when my nose gets dry on the inside, that is the best way to moisturize it. A fellow’s nose does get dry in Phoenix. I returned to the room.

She was peeking. I told her to close her eyes again and relax. With my left hand I touched her upper thigh, She tensed as I figured she would. I moved it up and down a little so she could get accustomed to the touch. Then I moved it gently up her thigh, across to her pelvis and then to the top of her pussy. Very gently, I moved into the groove and with my thumb and forefinger I parted her lips. I put my right hand there and moved it up and down the outer lips.

“How does that feel?”

“Okay”, she said, not very convincingly.

I dipped the fingers in a little more and felt a sudden wetness. I decided dry apprehension had suddenly become a little more exciting and stimulating. I continued to move my fingers around the outer and inner lips, spreading the moisture that was becoming more pronounced.

“Are you more comfortable with this now?” She nodded.

I decided she was providing enough moisture the jelly would not be necessary. With my left fingers I carefully pulled back the hood of her clitoris. I dipped my finger into her canal and brought back an abundance of moisture. Then I touched her bare clitoris for the first time. She almost jumped off the bed.

“You hurt me.”

“Did I? Are you sure it hurt? Wasn’t it maybe just a little bit more of a surprise, a shock?”

She stay still a second or two and then said, “Well, I don’t feel hurt now. What did you do?”

“I touched you on the female equivalent of the man’s penis. It’s called a clitoris. Your ‘penis’ is very small compared to the man’s penis. However, I’m told it has the same number of sensitive nerve endings that the larger penis has. That makes it much more sensitive. I don’t want to get too clinical but want you to understand you are going to feel what your friend felt. I’m going to touch it again and stay in contact. Now that you know it isn’t hurting, see what kind of sensation you can feel.”

I touched and she jumped just slightly, I slowly began to rub the clitoris and she began to moan. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm. It didn’t last long but she immediately pushed my hand away. I remembered my first blow job and knew how tender the head of my dick had been. I knew she was feeling great but didn’t want any contact down there now. She lay still for a few minutes, with just a little involuntary twitching visible. Somewhere along the way I had taken her hand that was on my side. Soon she squeezed it and then used it to pull herself up.

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A Creative Challenge Ch. 23

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Over the next week or so, Amy raised the general level of nakedness around the resort.

Her open enthusiasm for not wearing clothes was infectious, and whereas before, the Pool Bar and the beach were supposed to be ‘clothing optional’ areas, now they almost became ‘naked obligatory’, and the rest of the resort became ‘topless expected’. Not everyone joined in, but most did. A couple of more conservative guests left midweek even though they had booked for longer, but several men and even a couple of women quietly said a grateful thankyou to me or to Amy at various times for helping to lower their inhibitions and be more open to new experiences.

The stories of these women were strikingly similar. Once their initial barriers were down and they had experienced the joys of a little nudity and a little public exhibitionism, they felt more liberated, and their whole attitude to the resort, to their husbands, to their sex lives, and even to their own life in general relaxed and improved.

The beautiful weather and the now more erotically charged environment kept Amy in a state of almost constant wet horniness, and we made love several times each day, in all sorts of places, on the beach, waist high in the sea, on our deck, even late one evening in the pool of the Pool Bar with a mango daiquiri in our hands. We were always fairly careful about it, but sometimes we had a small audience and just didn’t care. My fantasy had always been to make love in public in such a way that nobody could see or knew it was happening – secret exhibitionism – but now that element of secrecy seemed less important. I was becoming more exhibitionist than before and I now felt, like Amy did, that it was a real buzz to have someone watch you fucking, especially when both you and the watcher – or watchers – know what’s happening.

I was still in the bed one morning, doing what I most loved to do, which was looking at Amy without her clothes on. She was in profile to me, standing silhouetted in the doorway between the big main villa room and the deck, leaning back against one of the architraves. One of her feet was on the doorpost behind her at about knee level, and her head was leaning forward with her hair tumbling over and obscuring her face. At that moment., I desperately wanted something to draw on, but I had decided this was to be a real vacation and I hadn’t brought even the smallest of sketch books with me.

“Amy, I don’t think I can cope with much more of this. You are so beautiful I am in physical pain over here,” I said, drinking in the silhouette that was the curve of her breast and nipple against the light, savouring the taut sweep of her buttock behind the tucked up leg, and enjoying the smile I had brought to her face with my compliment. “What wouldn’t I give for a pencil and a drawing pad right now.”

Amy pushed herself away from the deck door, walked over towards the front door, and pushed a button set into the wall.

“What did you just do?” I asked.

“I called Buckingham. That’s the butler call button.”

“Why did you call him?”

“He said he would get anything we want. Well, you want a drawing pad and some pencils. And if you do, so do I.”

I had no idea where our butler was going to get those things, but I thought there was no harm in asking.

“What do you think of Buckingham?” said Amy.

“He seems very nice. Why?”

“I meant what do you think of his body?”

“He’s in fine shape,” I understated, not wanting to risk being physically compared with Buckingham, even theoretically.

“FINE shape?” said Amy scornfully. “That’s like calling Hurricane Katrina a ‘light shower’. Sam, I think he may have the best body I have ever seen on a man. He’s HOT.”

There was nothing much useful that I could say about that, so I didn’t say anything, and waited. I had a feeling that she had been thinking for some time about what she was going to say next.

“Sam, I want to get him naked, and I if you want to do some drawing that gives us a great excuse. We talked about getting a man to model with me one day, and I can’t think of anyone better.”

“Did we talk about that? I don’t remember any discussion. When you wanted to get Tracey to the studio I recall you said that you weren’t thinking of getting a man to model with you.”

“I said ‘not yet’. And that was then, Sam, this is now. What do you think?”

“He certainly is beautiful. We’ll ask him if you like.” I thought for a moment whether to ask the obvious question, but I decided it was better to know the answer. “Do you want to fuck him?”

“Sam, are you kidding? Of course I’d like to fuck him. Will I fuck him? I doubt it, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Well, it’s an idea that’s not without its potential dangers from my point of view. I wouldn’t want to fly home from here alone.”

She looked at me in some surprise and laughed. “Like I might görükle escort drop out and come and live with our butler in some tropical jungle hideaway? I don’t think so.”

She made it sound like a foolish idea, but I didn’t think that some scenario like that was as impossible as she was suggesting.

“You wanted me?” said Buckingham from our open doorway.

“Come in, Buckingham. Yes we do,” said Amy. “Come and sit out here with us for a minute.”

She took him onto the deck and we all sat round the timber table.

“You probably don’t know this but Sam’s a famous artist, and he wants to do some drawing. We would like to get a drawing pad and some big soft pencils and maybe a few sticks of charcoal and stuff. Can you do it?”

“I’m sure we can. If we don’t have anything like that in the resort Jimmy could buy supplies for you in Kingston when he does the airport run later this morning.”

“See, I told you he could get whatever you wanted,” Amy said to me.

“Buckingham, are you interested in earning some extra money while we’re here?” I asked.

He was not quick to answer this question. Working at the resort was probably a good job by Jamaican standards, and he wouldn’t want to jeopardise that, but the Jamaican dollar was not a high-value currency, and he probably earned about half what a bus-boy at McDonalds would earn at home.

“It depends what you want me to do. The rules here are very strict about engaging in ‘personal services’ with any of the guests.” The way he said the words ‘per-son-al ser-vic-es’ left no doubt at all what he was talking about. “That’s completely forbidden, but you would be surprised how often I get that sort of offer.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t be at all surprised,” said Amy with a smile. I suspected that inwardly she was disappointed that Buckingham was making it clear from the beginning that fucking any of the guests was out of the question.

“It’s up to you, and I don’t know how they define ‘personal services’, but all we want you to do is model for me for a few hours while I draw you. Amy will model for me as well, and the standard rate is twenty-five dollars an hour. What do you say?”

“Jamaican dollars or US dollars?”

“Whichever you prefer.”

“How about English pounds?” he said, not expecting me to say yes, but I knew that Amy was very keen to get Buckingham buck naked, so I thought ‘what the hell’, and nodded.

His eyes widened. I could tell that was extremely attractive to him.

“That’s more than I make in a whole day. What’s the catch?”

“It’s not a catch, but you have to lose those board shorts.”

“Model nude?”

“Of course.”

“That’s all?”

“Model nude for me, with Amy, that’s all. Twenty-five pounds an hour. When can you do it?”

“I’m on call for you and my other guests 24 hours a day, but unless someone calls, most of the day is my own. As long as I can answer my pager and take a break if someone else wants me, I can be here almost anytime.”

“If Jimmy can get the art supplies, how about this afternoon?”

“First I need to talk to Marlee, my fiancée, make sure she thinks it’s alright if I do this.”

“Your fiancée?”

“You’ve met her already, the night you got here. She was on reception.”

“I remember her,” said Amy. “Beautiful girl. Do you think she’ll mind?”

“No, I don’t think she’ll mind. Neither of us would work here if we had a problem with nudity. She also told me that you made quite an entrance when you arrived. She said I would be seeing a lot of you.”

“She was right. In fact, there’s not much of me that you haven’t already seen.”

Buckingham stood up and headed towards the door. “Jimmy’s leaving soon, I need to get your art supplies organized.” And he was gone.

“I was hoping to get him to audition for the job first.”

“You mean you wanted him to drop his pants.”

Amy was more nervous than I had ever seen her before, anticipating modelling with Buckingham. She wasn’t expecting him to risk his job and have sex with her like she did when she was modelling with Tracy, but the erotic possibilities of both of them being naked and spending some time skin to skin with him, turned her on more than she was prepared to admit.

We had some brunch at one of the cafes first, then we went for a pleasant quiet stroll along the beach, plunging into the surf a couple of times just to cool down, before going back to our villa for a shower and a nap.

The beachside ‘villa’ was really one large airy hut, with a huge bed with a mosquito net at one end, open beams with a palm leaf thatched roof, polished wooden floors with a sofa and some beanbags in the middle, and a shower at the other end. The shower was just a big metal disc with holes in the bottom of it hanging from the ceiling over a small grate in the floor. A chain attached to a valve in a pipe above the disc turned bursa sınırsız escort bayan the water on and off and there was no screen or curtain around it at all. It sounds very crude, and was designed to look rustic and primitive, but for all its simplicity it was surprisingly effective. I liked it more than any other shower I’d seen, partly because it gave me an uninterrupted view every day of Amy bathing herself while I was lying drowsily in bed.

Amy soaped her whole body, washed her hair, then carefully made sure her pussy was shaved smooth as silk. Her fingers went from checking for stubble to massaging her clit in about ten seconds, and by the time she came out of the shower, she had had two orgasms, and her pussy lips were swollen and flushed a brighter pink than the rest of her body. She told me later that she thought I was asleep, and that she would have put on more of a show for me if she had known I was watching her every move.

When Buckingham returned he was carrying a small sheet of plywood and two large cartridge paper drawing pads. Marlee walked into our villa behind him, carrying a small plastic shopping bag which turned out to be full of pencils and charcoal sticks and erasers.

I could tell Amy was not expecting this new development and was somewhat taken aback by Marlee’s presence at first, but she was careful not to show her annoyance, welcoming them both. Marlee didn’t seem at all surprised to find neither of us wearing any clothes.

“You understand we don’t want to lose our jobs, so we have to be careful,” said Marlee. “When Buckingham told me he was going to model for you, I googled your names on the office computer. Whooo, you two have done some HOT stuff. You’re famous people.”

She said this in an admiring rather than critical way, fanning her face expressively with her hand to emphasize ‘HOT stuff’.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to watch you work. Just to be safe. Is that OK?”

“Of course,” I said. “I am sure there are some things that you wouldn’t want your man to do, and we respect that.”

I couldn’t see any reason to object to her staying around. She was a very lovely girl, and I hoped that Buckingham might be less inhibited with his woman in the room at the same time. I threw all of the cushions from the sofa onto the bed and put two chairs face to face at the end of the bed. I sat on one of the chairs and propped up the plywood board on the seat of the other as a makeshift easel.

“Ready?” I said.

Buckingham stood somewhat awkwardly next to his fiancée, not sure what to do next. I knew Amy would take control of the situation and she did. She calmly walked towards him.

“I think we should get rid of these first, don’t you?” she said, taking the waistband of his shorts in her hands and squatting in front of him, taking his pants down with her. Marlee stiffened, her eyes widened, and her hands clenched into fists. Her body language said that in any other circumstances, Amy would by now be on her back in the process of losing several clumps of her hair and possibly a couple of teeth.

Amy’s face was now level with Buckingham’s cock, which was gracefully arching forward and straight down. It was not spectacularly long or unusually thick, but it was almost perfectly cylindrical, and very smooth. It was also shinier and darker than the skin on the rest of his body, so it looked like it had been carved from a piece of fine-grained ebony, then polished. Amy paused in front of it admiring its unusual beauty, then stood up. She turned and looked at Marlee, whose eyelids had narrowed into slits and were shooting daggers back. Amy quickly pursed her lips as if to whistle and fanned her face in an exact parody of what Marlee had done when she said ‘HOT stuff’ to us earlier, and both of them burst out laughing, Marlee shyly bringing her hand up to her mouth and giggling behind it.

Having very successfully broken the tension of the moment, Amy took Buckingham’s hand and stepped up onto the low bed, leading him with her.

“How do you want us, Sam?” she said.

I wanted to start slowly and gently to get both the newcomers comfortable with what we were doing, so I sat Buckingham down leaning casually back against the wall, his legs straight out towards me with his feet apart. His cock fell casually to one side resting on the top of his thigh. I sat Amy next to him in profile, hugging her knees, her back against his arm, but facing away from him. I thought she might be unhappy at not being able to look at him, but she didn’t show it, and patiently did what I asked. Together, they looked like two lovers who were not talking to each other, and I quickly tried to capture some sense of their isolation despite their proximity. The tonal contrast between their bodies was dramatic, and I knew that this was going to be a fun and productive session.

Ten bursa otele gelen escort bayan minutes later, I tore this first sheet off the pad and tossed it behind me. From the corner of my eye, I saw Marlee pick it up and look at it.

Next, I asked Buckingham to sit up, one leg tucked sideways under him, leaning with one elbow on the other knee. I placed Amy kneeling up to one side half behind him, her arms around his neck, her head down beside his cheek, her hair flowing down his chest. From there, she would be able to feel every beat of his pulse in his neck, be able to smell his skin, and see the slightest twitch in his cock. His body language was immobile and indifferent. Hers was clinging and pleading.

I started to get excited at the ease with which these two contrasting beautiful bodies could be made to communicate powerful emotional relationships. I began to wonder how far I could push this capability, how much erotic electricity I could spark between them.

I dropped the second finished drawing in the same place as the first. Marlee had moved closer to my shoulder just behind me so that she could see the figures as I could see them and see my drawing as it emerged from the whiteness of the paper.

This time, I asked Amy to lie on her side, curled up but facing me, and I positioned Buckingham behind her, spooned into her back, with his arms round her torso, enveloping both her breasts and arms together. I brought his upper leg over her hip so that his foot was on the bed in the space at the center of her curled body. I knew that his cock would now be nestling intimately in the crack between her buttocks, but the pose looked so good, with Amy so diminished and vulnerable wrapped up by this big, strong, man that I was prepared to risk the consequences of pressing them together in this way.

I looked over my shoulder at Marlee to see how she was handling this new level of intimacy between her man and my woman, but I needn’t have been concerned. She was entranced, her breathing quickened like someone whose heartbeat was elevated in the middle of a brisk walk, her eyes wide and active, looking with an intensity she was probably unused to. As I turned in her direction she looked at me.

“I wasn’t expecting…. I had no idea what…” She was having some difficulty expressing herself clearly, so she stopped and took a deep breath. “I mean, some of the newspaper reports I read called your work pornographic, but this is not like that. This is beautiful.”

“Yes it is, Marlee,” said Amy without moving from her cocooned pose, as I started drawing again. “But then it’s a helluva turn on as well, isn’t it?”

Marlee giggled again behind her hand, nodding, then said “Uh-huh. Sure is.”

The pose was beautiful, but I could tell Amy was finding it difficult to remain still. I had my suspicions why this was so, and several minutes later, Amy confirmed them and offered a perfectly timed solution to her problem.

“Marlee, there’s a part of your man behind me that seems to have a mind of its own. I don’t mind it knocking on my back door, but I am in serious danger of breaking one of the rules. I’m so wet, he’ll slip in by accident if I stay here much longer. It should be your ass down here for this one. What say we swap places?”

“Oh, no… I couldn’t…” said Marlee, but she was not saying it with conviction and Buckingham knew it.

“Will you pay the same rate for Marlee, too?” he said to me, sensibly sorting out the business side of the relationship first.

“Of course,” I said.

“Come on, baby. You can do this.”

Amy uncurled herself and separated from her posing partner. Marlee made up her mind, then started to shed her clothes, slowly at first and then more quickly. Amy turned to look at the source of her discomfort which was now fully engorged and a lot bigger than it had been when she pulled Buckingham’s pants off. She gently reached down and felt it carefully with her fingertips, then she cupped it in her hand to feel its weight, holding it tenderly for a moment or two before somewhat reluctantly letting it go.

She stood up and turned to face a now also naked and very beautiful black woman. Marlee was similarly proportioned to her in overall size, but more voluptuous, noticeably bigger in both her buttocks and her breasts, despite having both her arms crossed in front trying to conceal as much of her chest they could. As they passed each other on the bed to change places, Amy reached up and took Marlee’s face between her hands, then closed her eyes and kissed her on the lips, not like a lover would as much as how a very close friend might. As her hands left Marlee’s face, she took hold of the more bashful girl’s hands and gently but firmly uncrossed them and pulled them away from her breasts, so that she could unashamedly admire them. Amy gently felt the shape and heaviness of one of them with a slow caress which finished with one fingertip stroking the very end of an excited nipple.

Marlee knelt down and took up the same position in Buckingham’s arms as Amy had, snuggling her backside into him. She reached one arm behind her and felt his erection with a smile on her face.

“Damn, boy. Did you let some white woman do that to you?”

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A Diva Experience

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A first time attempt at explaining an experience. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, voting helps to determine the impact of the story so after reading please be kind enough to comment and vote. Thanks to all whom take the time to read and thanks to Literotica for giving all a chance to post their writings.


This is an attempt to set the tone or the situation and how it arrived to be a story that seems or wants to be told. It was the late summer days the heat had risen to unbearable limits, his air conditioner the wind was not blowing, sitting in uncomfortable conditions this man in his fifties decided to dress and go out to an air conditioned environment to find temporary relief. Leaving his rural community and heading for the city south of him about an hour and a half drive away, coming upon construction and detours ended up in an industrial area, one large neon sign flashing a pink word Diva’s, and in the window a computer generated sign air conditioned for your comfort.

Pulling into the parking lot seeing a few cars angle parked he slid his Honda quietly into a spot and checked to make sure all the doors and window were up and locked. Sliding his five foot nine inch frame out into the sweltering heat he hurried across the parking lot as not to let lakes of perspiration mark the pits under the arms of his blue dress shirt. Greeted at the door by a large burly looking man with a ponytail, the bouncer ushers him inside and places him at a table but ten feet from a stage.

The coolness of the air condition immediately brought a comfort level that he had not felt for a few days. A waitress approached dressed in normal street clothes nothing elaborate and took my order. The music was a steady rhythmic beat not overly loud when all of a sudden a males voice announced a name and onto the stage before me strutted a lovely young lady dressed in nearly nothing. The patterned top holding back her swaying breasts as she strutted around the stage in what would be considered a dance routine. Her matching bottoms barely covering anything but her womanhood. The bare skin exposed and the cool air mixed showed the hardness of her nipples pressing against the light fabric holding them back.

Nothing exposed during the first song, just a warm up he guessed for even as a youngster he had never before been in a gentleman’s club. During the second song off came the top the breast swaying and swinging for all to be hypnotized by their pendulum swing to the beat of the music, and her hands constantly going to the nubs twisting and rubbing to make sure they poked out. Half way through the song off came the bottoms and there naked on stage stood the dancer slowly moving towards the pole which she grabbed and shimmied up and the swung around like a swing opening and closing her thighs flashing her gash to the audience for barely a blink of an eye.

As the music got https://bursali.org cued for the third song she came to the edge of the stage and pointed a finger in his direction, not understanding he turned and looked around, the waitress close by leaned down and whispered “go to the stage.” In a state of zombieizm he walked to the edge of the stage she grabbed the front of his shirt held him as she bashed about his head with her breasts to the hoots and howls of the audience.

Leaning down she said just loud enough for him to hear “up on the stage.”

Climbing up onto the stage still unsure of what was going on meekly standing there as she danced around him the perfume strong and taking his mind into a state he never new existed. She again moved in grabbing the back of his head bending it down so that her breasts had another go with his head. Leaning back she bite his earlobe and told him to “get on all fours.” Mounting him like she would a horse grabbing his hair pulling his head up with her other hand began to spank his ass softly at first then with more force until he began to canter around the stage with her riding him like a cowgirl from the wild west.

His erection was now larger than anytime he could remember the whole scene was so erotic and sexual his mind was reeling in another dimension. Lying down along his back again with the sexiest of voices whispering to him ” lay on your back now and really enjoy.” With that she dismounted and stood overtop him as he fell and rolled over onto his back.

What seemed like an eternity with everyone in the audience clapping whistling and making all kinds of merriment his focus was completely controlled by her actions all done to the beat of the music. The dry imitation of fucking him began with her placing her naked vagina over his erect tented pants and she lowered herself down on top of him and began to simulate taking his hardness into her womanhood as if they were in some kind of show for all the rest to see. Then without warning she slid down and began to blow hot air on him simulating giving him a blow job of course this was too much to bear his hips began to involuntarily rise and fall off the stage as if he were driving his cock down her throat. As the song neared it’s ending which was unknown to him but like second nature to her she scooted up across his chest dropping twice to let his body feel her heat until she was directly above his mouth and face.

The aroma of her scent filling his nostrils the desire to stick out his tongue and lick her folds as she took her hands along the petals and exposed her pinkness to him just as the song ended and she smartly rose to a thundering clap of applause from the crowd. Slipping into his pocket he extracted a twenty-dollar bill and gave it the dancer with a grin across his face. In his mind the experience was etched forever. Settling down the waitress bursa escort kız came over and asked if he wanted another drink and all he could do as he tried to get his breath under control was nod.

The dancer came directly over to his table and thanked him for his help with her show and that it meant more to her to have a participant.

“Can I join you for a drink?” she asked and like magic the waitress appeared with his drink and backed into him her ass rubbing against his biceps as she took the order from the dancer. She began to tell him that she was new to the business and that this club had given her the break she needed and that two of the girls that helped teach her the tricks of dancing were in the club. As her drink arrived so did the other two dancers.

The one sitting down to his left was the most beautiful ebony lady that he had ever laid eyes on. She stood with her six inch heels only about five foot four inches tall, the colour and texture of her skin was so dark that only the whites of her eyes and the pearl chiclets of her teeth gave hint as to her realness. She wore a luminous purple bikini top and bottom, which attracted ones eyes to roam taking in her perfectly, proportioned body. The third dancer was the oldest of them all the lines around her face and mouth showed up her age more than anything else. Long blonde hair out of a bottle but no roots showing flowed down past her shoulders and more than half way to her ass, the front caressing the tops of her breasts as they were lifted and puffed out by a top possible a size or two too small. The matching black briefs were French cut and exposed the length of her dancers legs, the thighs very muscular and the calves pulsating with nerves and veins from many hours wearing heels six or seven inches high.

Sitting there being introduced the black beauty leaned over her hands on his left thigh squeezing in an gesture to make sure the sensations went straight to the mind and the head of his cock, “that was very good on stage the way you helped Darlene out,” she cooed in my ear like butter floating across toast. The next shock came as he felt something rub along and then press against his manhood as he looked down Darlene raised his head with her hand so that he was staring directly into the blonds deep blue eyes like an ocean current running deep and true her penetrating glare was digging deep into his soul and mind, as her heeled shoe worked up and down his cock causing his breathing to become shallow.

With a deepness of voice that took him by surprise, the voice was like that of May West on steroids so deep and soothing. “Thank you for the show, we have not seen the likes of a man on stage like that in years!” With that she pressed harder against his cock pushing it back against his stomach and just grinned seductively at him. “Shall we all go for a dance?” bursa anal yapan escort Darlene the stage dancer asked. All three girls got up and the ebony goddess picked up his glass and the blonde and dancer took his hands and lead him back to the private area.

Without a word of warning they lowered him down into a plush armed wing chair, the blonde sitting on the left arm, the dancer on the right arm and the ebony queen on his lap. Stunned by this turn his breathing became shallow and his mind collapsed into a state of erotic bliss or sexual stimulation the heat of the ebony one penetrating through his clothes into his mind and the squirming of her buttocks on his lap making sure he was attentive. The blonde with the Barry White type pipes whispered ever so slowly “being a good boy has rewards of special proportion.”

The dancer in his other ear piped up “this is our way of saying thank you.”

With that the song began as a new dancer appeared on stage but his focus was now totally in front of him. The ebony girl began to grind into his lap as the blonde and dancer started dancing together their lewd movements mimicking two women dancing the dance of seduction. First one then the other taking the other one’s top off, then moving in a beat as to their nipples seeming to be dancing together. The ebony one dancing not in front of him but on his lap grinding and swaying her buttocks slowly and rapidly against his raging hardness as she was enraptured by the other two. The occurrence was beyond his imagination the realism of their bodies meshing as one to the sound of the music in the background and the movements of the goddess in his lap with a deftness that he never even felt the cold air rushed around his exposed cock she had undone his trousers and unzipped him and pulled out his cock.

The blonde left the dancer and dropping to her knees between his legs swallowed his meat into her wet warm mouth. The bobbing of her head up and down as she inhaled him like it was the last penis on earth. The dancer straddling the blonde bringing her pussy up to his lips and forcing it onto him, the mouth opened and the tongue began licking its way up and down the offered tunnel of pinkness. The ebony one only began to murmur her desire, as her fingers appeared on he dancers clit and the blonde’s intensity of sucking him increased only to his mind thinking the ebony one was fingering her also. The song only about three minutes in length was more than ample time for the blonde to extract from him the seed to fill her mouth, the dancer reached an orgasm spilling her honey all over his chin, mouth and nose, and the ebony one coming to the rescue licked his face clean before she plunged her tongue down into his mouth tickling his tonsils. As a parting jester she stuck the fingers of the hand that had brought the blonde to her peak into his mouth until he sucked them clean.

Reaching into his pocket he withdrew a wad of twenty-dollar bills and handed one to each, and in return received three pecks on the cheek and in a stunned feeling watched as they all walked away arm in arm. He learned a powerful lesson that hot summer day that not all heat caused uncomfortable feelings.

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A Business Function

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We are at a business function for my work. A dressy affair, but boring for you since you don’t know many of the people there. Actually I don’t either since there are lots of employees from out of town.

Anyway, we are nice and dressed up, you in a dark suit and a light gray shirt with matching tie -very sexy – and you smell fantastic! Me in a red silky dress that is short, but not too revealing, and black high-heeled shoes. I am wearing pearl earrings and some new perfume; I can tell you like it because you nuzzled me in the car on the way over. I am also wearing a teddy underneath, black and red, lacy, with a thong back, and it really shows off my ample breasts. My sheer black lacy stockings complete my outfit.

As we mingle a bit, and head for our table, I catch you watching the guys from my work looking at me. They aren’t used to seeing me quite this dressed up, and you don’t seem to like their appreciative glances. I notice this because you move closer to me, and are always touching me, almost as if to say, she’s with me tonight. I lean closer to you, and flirt a little with the bosses and you are getting a bit miffed at me. You excuse yourself to get us a drink, and I remain with the executives as you find your way to the bar. After a few minutes, I glance around for you and notice you talking animatedly to a gorgeous blonde. The pangs of jealousy hit me hard, as she is absolutely stunning. I keep watching you out of the corner of my eye, and I do not realize that you are purposely doing this to make me jealous. You hang around her a little longer, noticing me but acting indifferent.

Finally you return to my side. We decide bursa escort to take our seats, and I refuse to look at you as we walk. I am burning with jealousy, and I want you to know it. You smile to yourself, as you were feeling the same way watching me flirt and laugh with the guys.

During the dinner, I look away from you, to the guy next to me as we talk, when I feel your hand on my knee. I stop breathing for a second, and don’t look at you but you gently slide your hand on my silky stockings up a little on my leg. My breathing quickens but I still keep my head turned to my left. Your fingers fan out and begin to creep toward my upper thighs. Oh my god, I think as your fingers slowly and sensuously start to explore. I clear my throat and shyly look at you. The jealousy is still there, but you are gradually taking my mind off it as you get bolder with your caress.

I unthinkingly part my legs for you, and your fingers find the crotch of my teddy. My clit is so swollen now, and I ache for your touch, but we are sitting at a large table with my co-workers. You know that I am dying to release the moans and screams I am holding back, and you continue to tease me under the table, silently and yet urgently. Oh god, what am I going to do?

Your finger slips inside my pussy, and finds the place I love the best. You explore me harder, in and out, as I squirm and wiggle as gently as I can. Damn you for teasing me like this – but oh don’t stop!

No one notices us – amazing since I feel like I am wearing a big sign that says ‘fuck me now’. I am extremely horny for you, but it will be another 2 hours or so before we can bursa üniversiteli escort be alone. You know exactly what to do to make me cum, but I hold back because we are right in the middle of the dinner. Soon the waves of orgasm become too strong for me, and I cover my mouth with my napkin as I moan and buck hard. You are the only one who knows what is happening, and someone asks me “Julie, are you allright?”

You answer for me, because my voice is nowhere to be found. My throat is dry and I am dying to be fucked; but I am afraid to speak; you know what I want and need.

As I ride the wave of my first orgasm, you continue to finger me and softly stroke me. Oh baby, you are the best. I feel you remove your finger and I ache to suck on it. Instead, you carefully lick your wet finger, discreetly, and lick your lips longingly as I watch, unable to share the sweet taste.

What you don’t know is that it’s my turn to drive you wild. Something very erotic about a public place, but even more so because I have already been fucked – just you wait, I think to myself.

I wait a few minutes to make sure you are not expecting anything. As you start to eat, I slip off one of my heels and begin to slide my stockinged foot up your leg. I see you pause for a second as you realize what I am about to do. There’s no escape, you see, because the CFO has been bending your ear for the last half hour and shows no sign of stopping. You are my captive, my sexy slave for the moment. I love the excitement and daringness of this – after all YOU started it!

My foot caresses your hard, muscular karacabey escort legs under the table. I shift a bit in my chair to get comfortable and you sneak a quick glance at me. There is pure devilry in my blue eyes – for you my sweet. I want to drive you absolutely wild with desire. The anticipation of our eventual lovemaking is making me incredibly hot!

I find your hard swollen cock. My caress is light yet firm. I stroke you with my foot and I feel you tense – did I get the right spot, love? I already know I did. We know exactly how to please each other, but this is a first for both of us. Mmmmm, so very sexy, hot, incredible.

My soft hands reach for your zipper. Zzzzzip slowly I undo it, much to your surprise, no one else notices. I expertly remove you from your pants and squeeze you nicely. You gasp a bit and try to keep your composure, but you are so damn hard and horny – as I am – that it is very difficult to keep your mind on eating, and chatting with the CFO. I know this but show no mercy on you; after all, you kept me so very hot and wet and aroused – payback time, my love!

I stroke you harder now, then slow it down, then tease you by lightly swirling my fingers around the head of your cock. I know that you are wild with desire for me, but you can’t do anything about it for another hour and a half. Soon I feel the tenseness of your legs as you squeeze your thighs and I know that you will cum for me, soon. I discreetly move my napkin from my lap to yours and I press on. You are desparately trying to hold back but I know you too well, I keep up the magic finger work and soon, you are all mine; ahhhhhh, here comes the sweet hot cum that I wanted.

I hold your cock gently as you release all of the pent-up cum that you had for me. I look into your eyes, lovingly, and we silently remind each other that there is no one else. Just us. We share a silent, visual kiss and hug as I place you back inside your pants.

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The Dream Continues Ch. 01

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Authors Note – Please read “The Beginning……..” and “The Dream Unfolds

to help understand this story

Three weeks passed in a flash, there were short morning calls, long calls, with longer pauses where something intangible flowed between us, and talks that went on and on. We were planning to be together for a whole night.

She was exploring books on sex. Reading novels, in French, that contained erotic descriptions of anal sex, and other ideas that would become part of our voyage, of our vocabulary.

I told her that I had booked us into a double bedded room at my Club. Breakfast was always left ready outside the rooms at the appointed time, with a discrete knock on the door to say it was there.

We would have a long private time together, and she arranged her life so that she could be with me for the whole of the next day.

We met for tea at the same famous hotel, where we met on our second meeting. There was a sudden rush of pleasure as I saw her again across the foyer, her startlingly black hair, that wonderful smile, and those deep blue eyes. She simply looked fantastic. Tea brought the same experience as our first.

We were genuinely surrounded by old men with their mistresses. We were both good listeners, and could pick up snippets of conversation, plus those knowing looks. It was huge fun.

Over tea she whispered that she was wearing her new bra, I had looked hard, but the small floral print of her tight bodice hid the points of her nipples until I looked with especial care. I stared until I could see she was telling the truth.

As I stared she started to giggle, and her breasts wobbled slightly. It was fun to know what a change love was making.

This all made me hard in my own right. She realised, and I watched, as her teats slowly pushed the material of her dress until all, who cared to look, could see her points. Her nipples had a will of their own. They were truly erotic. Tea finished, and we took a taxi to the Club.

I booked into our room; we drank half a bottle of Champagne, and prepared to go out to dinner.

We talked incessantly, breathlessly catching up on everything, as though we had never talked on the ‘phone over the past weeks. She explained that she wanted to try anal sex as it sounded so erotic. She had loved my fingers in her arse when we washed after our first dinner.

We were both anal virgins, so we agreed to wait until after this meal. Before that we would take a gentle bath, make love, dress, then eat in a very simple French Restaurant near by.

Our lovemaking was very sensuous, full of anticipation of what was to come. We bathed first, then made love, and the consequences were wonderful. My balls were very full again. They were on the edge of pain. We filled her cunt to overflowing. We then dressed each other to go out to dinner.

This wonderful woman had responded to my shopping for the open French bra. She had purchased a whole new wardrobe of sexy underwear. Together we decided that she would be braless, with long suspenders and stockings, but that she would wear panties in an attempt to stem the flood. She wore the same close fitting floral dress that she had worn at tea. She looked stunningly beautiful.

Lack of a bra made her breast jiggle as she moved. All movement kept her nipples erect, pushing against the tight fabric. Her outfit was completed with a large, bright red, incredibly soft, pashm shawl, which mysteriously moved backwards and forwards across her nipples as we walked. Later her shawl continued to move over our meal, just as it had at the first dinner. We went out into the street.

We had only walked two hundred yards down the road when she burst into more laughter. Blue eyes blazed as she said out loud “cum is tricking down the inside of my naked thighs”. I was in fits of laughter; it would have been torrents had she not worn her new panties.

She said it felt very erotic. She described, in detail, how several streams of cum were trickling down her thighs to stop at the tops of her stockings, then they slowly spread all around her upper legs. By now the cum was cooling. It had become more liquid in her body as the sperm raced around inside trying to find what to do next, and puzzling where to go. It was still not drying; she found it very sensuous on a warm autumn night.

Dinner was good and went quickly. We though we knew what was in store. We rushed back to our room; we agreed to have another warm bath to help our first anal experience. The water was warm to perfection, escort bursa her tumbling black hair was held in a bun on top of her head. We washed each other in a highly ritualistic manner.

Romantically I dried, and carried my beautiful creature, curled up, and stark naked, from the bathroom to our bed. It was an “across the threshold” gesture for our first night together.

She was on top while we tenderly began to make love; KY jelly and cunt fluids were worked into her anal passage. Her sphincter was gently stretched. She said she was ready.

We both knew that an engorged cock might be too much, and it was. She took my penis in both hands, told me it was covered in pre-cum, and gently positioned the hard tip against her anal flower. She slowly pushed back. I was as still as stone. She burst into tears with pain and sorrow.

I comforted her, knowing that we were not yet ready.

When all was calm we made love, very conventionally, slowly, gently, and lovingly, as though we had been together for years and years. We could hardly believe that we had only known each other for a month.

She was terribly upset, that I might be hurt, offended, and angry. I was none of these. I was very, very sad for her, that she was unable to give me her anal virginity. Neither of us had a clue what to expect, although she had translated passages from a French story, and we knew that it must become part of our voyage of discovery.

We lay facing and, I wept with her. I held her very tight, then kissed her eyes dry, squeezing her body flat against mine for protection. Slowly she relaxed, and as she did I released my hold. I passed my upper had slowly down her body, tracing ever decreasing circles on her breast as I did. I felt her stir. I gently milked her wonderful nipple to hardness, then passed on my way down her stomach.

Her glorious bush was waiting. I traced the upper boundary, of her most private self, with my middle finger. Then I entangled a curl or two, and lightly pulled on them. She stirred more, nuzzling my neck with her lips.

My fingers worked into her forest of joy to arrive at her clitoris. I did not wait on this, but traced onwards into her track. She moved her legs slightly apart. She was opening her love to me. Two fingers traced her cunt lips with total tenderness. It was as though we had never touched before.

They found her hole, her place of joy, and tenderness. They went in.

Her sigh was so long I thought it would never stop. She began to roll onto her back. Our movements became continuous. Hers slow, with a feline graciousness that I had begin to hold in awe; mine as gentle, and as soft, as a man can be.

She continued to move, her free leg lifting as I rolled top, and our mouths coming together in a kiss of love. My penis had come back to the present. It was hard. It found it’s natural home, and slipped completely into her.

Her trapped leg became free. She raised it in one flowing movement, and wrapped them completely around my back. We fucked, a long, slow, and tender, fuck of love.

After that we slept in a spoon position, first trying, completely fruitlessly, to keep my penis in her vagina.

Later she rolled onto her back, even in sleep she was aroused. Her cunt remained wet all night, and those wonderful breasts, with their ever erect nipples, gently moved, slowly rising and falling as she breathed. We made love again during the night, woke, and had breakfast.

This started a long tradition of sitting facing each other, completely naked, and cross-legged, with the breakfast, or other meals, on a tray to one side. We fed each other. Her glorious cunt was invitingly wide open beneath her bush; there was the smell of sex everywhere as she slowly leaked cum onto the sheet. Her nipples were as engorged as ever.

We could not think why, but somehow whipped cream was part of breakfast. It went everywhere. Each erect nipple was gently laden with the stuff; they did not bend under the new weight, but were taken in her hands, and offered forwards to my mouth to be sucked clean. We went on and on, hers were first, then mine, then my penis, then her cunt, each received special care and attention.

The scrambled egg simply got cold, and we finished by make love again as a breakfast desert.

Time over ran, and I was likely to be late for my first out of town meeting. We bathed, packed in record time, and left for the appointment. It was simply chance that I was on time. Traffic was light; it had to be, for she bursa otele gelen escort slowly undressed, then dress again, as I tried to concentrate on driving.

I left her, finally dressed again, to window shop while I went about my business. I prayed that she would not buy more underwear. If she had, then she would have wanted to model it as I drove to her home, and that was another cross country drive, which would require all my concentration.

We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon, exhausted, but deeply happy with each other.

A little later, after a gentle bath, she was kneeling, stark naked, doggy style, against the side of her bed, with my penis in her cunt. The ‘phone rang. It was her husband.

As they talked I inserted first one, then two fingers into her tiny anal passage. I twisted and moved them gently. There was not even a slight change of note in her voice, so I added more cunt juice, some KY jelly, and slowly inserted another finger. I moved with greater care, carefully twisted my three fingers through a full circle. I twisted them back, then I did I it again.

They blithely went on talking. I pushed in slightly harder. She pushed back with an imperceptibly movement. I knew she was ready for the next move.

As they continued to talk my cock had simply exploded in size.

I aligned the head, now well lubricated, and infinitely slowly pushed past her sphincter. I paused. The pitch of her voice did not change, so I eased right in without a further break. Fully in, with my balls tight against her sopping cunt, I leant forward. She knelt there, the ‘phone in one hand, supported on the other, with those perfect breasts gently swaying beneath her body.

Her nipples were as magnetic as ever. I reached around, took each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, and gently milked them. Then I began to pull, and twist both teats.

I pulled harder. I pulled and twisted again, harder and ever harder, until each breast formed a perfect long cone from the tip of her nipple to her chest. Fully stretched they almost touched the bed, my hands certainly did time and again.

The blessed girl simply continued to talk as the most erotic things that we had ever done continued to unfold. I released her breasts and stood up, legs slightly apart to ensure that we were at the same level.

Here was a surreal situation.

I looked down to see my cock jutting straight out from beneath my chestnut brown bush. Less than an inch of thick, glossy, wet, deep red, pulsing tube was visible; the rest disappeared straight into her arse.

Two inches or so above her hole there was a distinct dimple in her unblemished skin, from there her backbone arched away to the nape of her neck, and to that glorious rich black hair.

Her arsehole was not stretched; it just fitted perfectly round my cock. Delectably smooth, ivory, skin spread out in all directions to her buttocks, then moulded to her slim waist, before flaring out to her arms. One shoulder was slightly lower as she held the ‘phone, and continued to talk to her husband.

I leant forward, and slowly slipped both hands around her chest on to her breasts. I cupped both, clamping those wonderful erect nipples tight between my two middle fingers. I began a squeeze and release milking motion by opening and closing my fingers, pulling when they were tight together.

I think common decency just about stopped me from fucking until the pleasantries of the end of a conversation begun! My penis simply stayed filling her anal passage. It was a huge, gently throbbing, plug. It did not stop me from continuing to work her teats, now pulling them, now pinching harder, and harder still, now pulling them even further from her chest.

Things changed when their conversation closed, and she put the ‘phone back on the hook.

Suddenly she reared upright to stand straight, her body still impaled on my penis. My hands stayed cupping each breast. I guess that more than half an inch of nipple protruded into space beyond my pinching fingers. She placed her hands over mine mashing both breasts flat to her body, clamping the ends of both her nipples very firmly between her own fingers. They still remained clamped hard between mine.

We stood completely still except that she started a slow circular motion with both her hands. She pushed so hard that the soft flatness of her breasts allowed me to feel all the internal canals, and glands that make milk. She continued to bursa sınırsız escort roll them sensuously round, one to the left, the other to the right, flattened under our hands.

Not a word was spoken, but a minute or two later, she let go just as suddenly. She grabbed my head violently, and twisted my face towards hers. Our mouths met, with her long tongue acted like a small live penis, probing, shooting in and out, and searching my mouth.

Over her shoulder I could see both nipples sticking straight out from the delicious swelling of her reddened breasts. They were heaving and falling as she gasped for air.

My penis had hardly moved more than a millimetre. It was gripped by her tube, and ready for action. This came as she slowly bent forward throwing both arms out wide from her body to grab a clump of sheet. She braked herself with her back parallel to the bed, at right angles to me. We went wild.

I put my hands on her waist, and gripped her hard. I began to pump in and out with all my might. My balls slapped into her cunt time after time. She pushed back as hard meeting every stroke, ensuring that my cock was driven as deep as possible into her bowels.

We climaxed together with load upon load of cum spurting far into her anal hole. It was total, almost violent sex, but it was also complete love.

We were still again.

Slowly, gently, my cock ceased to pulse, and shoot sperm deep into her bowels. We sank forward onto the bed. Her arms spread out in a cruciform pattern, my hands following down each arm until we entwined our fingers.

Then I held on, clamping her hands in mine, and stretched her arms hard. It was as though she was on a rack. I collapsed with my whole weight on her body. We touched everywhere in complete unison.

We lay like this for a very long time, savouring the moment, with my cock still deep in her arse. It began to shrink.

Finally, slowly, I released my grip. I rolled to one side, and my penis slipped out of her body. I thought that we might lie together for a while savouring the moment. It was not to be.

All hell broke loose.

She was livid, beside herself with rage, at the danger. In a second she was kneeling beside me, arms raised, fists clenched, hair everywhere. Her wonderful blue eyes stared into mine with an intensity that would have melted the polar cap. Her chest heaved; her breasts still red from her own mauling. Her nipples looking so proud, and sharp, that they might have been used as a weapon.

I rolled on my side, and curled up, foetal position, for protection. My free arm came up to protect my face; my lower hand was down to protect my private parts. I returned her stare, feigning cowardice, from behind the protection of my arm. I felt very sheepish.

I thought, for just one fleeting moment, that she might hit me, but that would have been totally out of character. I knew her principles; she was a woman of total peace.

Then she started to laugh, her hands came forward to hold my face to hers. Her hair cascaded around us like a curtain. We were shielded from the world. She kissed my eyes, then my mouth, and she began to smother my face in kisses.

Her tears wetted me, they were the drops of joy and pleasure, of the completeness of what we had achieved. They were the tears of emotion for many totally new feelings. All this was generated by our first perfect anal fuck.

Very quietly she whispered, “thank you, I love you” into my ear.

Extraordinarily, as we began to talk, she said that it had not hurt at all as I pushed deep into her. I knew that it had not. It never did again, at any time, anywhere, or in any position.

Our sensory perceptions of each other were already that complete. They were so highly tuned, that I would have stopped if it had. This was our bond. She knew it, and this helped her relax totally as I pushed slowly in.

It turned us both on even more completely as we thought about it.

She had been stark naked, kneeling on her bed calmly talking to her husband, as another’s penis slowly began to penetrate full deep into her bum. Once there it was still, while she simply continued to talk.

She had not flinched as her breasts and nipples were pulled, pinched, milked, and stretched to their limits. She simply continued to talk.

She was incredible, with her time stood still.

Few women can ever have had experiences like that, and she simply loved them all. She relished, every sexual, sensual moment.

We were entering a new era when we were to find that we could sleep joined together. We could stand watching others, who would never knew that we were coupled, and we could make milk.

That is for later.

To be continued…….

Gussie would love comments, and your votes!

© Copyright Gussie – June 2003

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Jayne’s World Pt. 19

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Jayne’s World Pt 19.

A word from Jayne.

This is a long story with numerous characters and storylines. For continuity, it’s recommended that it’s read in chronological order but each part is a standalone erotic adventure. So, whichever way you read it, I hope you enjoy my world and feel free to leave a comment; I promise to read every one.




After Jayne left to go back to London, I was totally confused. Although I was pretty sure that we were back together again – after all, she’d stayed with me, we’d slept together and we’d had some wonderful sex on three occasions in the less than twenty-four hours she was with me – I wasn’t at all sure what ‘back together’ really meant. Although I was relatively relaxed when she was explaining what had gone on with Lee when he’d fucked her for the photo shoot, I wasn’t at all sure how I’d feel if that became a regular feature of her modelling and thus, our future relationship.

The first time we had sex on that visit was after I met her at Leeds station mid-afternoon on the Tuesday. I’d driven her home as we chatted about the break and where we were going, and we had ended up in my bed making love. The second time was after she had posed for her modelling session, which she, at my request, had told me all about. As she did that, we lay cuddled up on the green leather Chesterfield in my conservatory, kissing and fondling each other. As she revealed more salacious details of the session with the young, mini porn star, we moved on from merely fondling to undressing each other. And then when naked, as she explained how he fucked her from behind wearing a condom, and how soaking wet she was, she laid flat on the couch, spread her legs, brought her knees up and said, ‘come on grandad fuck me now.’ And I did, long and wonderfully.

To my utter delight, I woke up in the morning feeling her breasts pressed into my back, her arms around me, and her hands holding and stroking my cock and balls as the old boy hardened reassuringly quickly. We had a fairly long session with some nice oral both ways.

Although I’m a bit of an old fart as to reading romantic, or at least relationship matters, having sex three times, sleeping together in my bed and parting with vows to see each other again soon, seemed to me to be pretty good indications that we were back to being a number. The question I mulled over as I watched her train pull out of Leeds station was just what bloody number I was?


As I sat almost alone in the long compartment on the train back to London, I was thinking that I had never had two guys fuck me in the same day before, let alone one of them doing it twice. I almost giggled when it went through my mind that the young male model, Lee, had become a fifty-five-year-old James sandwich! What was even more thought provoking and rather unsettling was that had I been so inclined, I thought I could have had the studio owner, Max, as well. I had since my sexual maturity been a bit of a slut, but it was, I was acknowledging, getting out of hand. Or was it? Maybe that’s how grown-ups behaved and now at twenty-five, I was becoming one of those. Perhaps I should conform; after all, I was a glamour model.

On the three-hour train journey back to London, the events of yesterday afternoon and evening made me think long and deeply. My thoughts ranged around my life in general, my burgeoning career as a glamour and/or porn photographic model, my ever-changing attitude towards sex and my relationships with James and my other lover Mickey.

Life generally was a bit shitty all round. After the appalling fuck up that the American banks had made of the world economy in 2008, which became known euphemistically as the credit crunch, 2010 had been a terrible year for me and my parents. They divorced, dad’s business went tits up, we lost the family home in Essex, I had no work as a freelance copywriter and they both buggered off to Spain, so I was on my own with no parents, no job, no home, no prospects and no money.

But I did have James. We’d met, well really he’d picked me up, back in 2008 when I accidentally left some photos in a developing machine outside Boots in Oxford Street. He was fifty-three at the time and since then we had built a nice relationship that had brought me some pleasure, happiness and surprisingly good sexual satisfaction.

There was also Mickey West. He and my dad had been best friends from school in the East End of London during the seventies. So I had known him all my life and had always loved him as a child loves an uncle. Since the financial crash, Mickey, who was rumoured to be one of the East End’s leading crooks, and I had become much closer. Apart from my fling – or was it now an affair – with James, who lived 200 miles away in Yorkshire, the only redeeming feature happening to me at the time was that Mickey, who had a small property ’empire’ in Bethnal Green and Mile End, let me live in one of his flats just off Roman Road.

I https://sokkan.org knew full well that he had fancied me for far more years than really he should have, so the rent for the apartment was fairly predictable: payment in kind, which he collected in my bed on the last Thursday afternoon of each month. Due to rising costs and the property market in the area recovering, or so he claimed, the rent had doubled, and now, in 2010, was collected in kind on the second and last Thursday afternoons of each month. But for that he also let me use one of his cars, a quite nice 2002 Audi Quattro.

So, to my astonishment when I thought about it, I now had two middle aged lovers. Being absolutely honest with myself, in many ways I now preferred them to the, too many perhaps, young city boys and ad industry chancers who had in the past been the more frequent visitors into my knickers.

Having sidled into the second half of my twenties cossetted by the wealth and generosity of my dad I was, I suppose, a typical Essex girl rich bitch. Not that I was wicked, overly vain, cocky or selfish, just that I liked my own way and usually got it, and I could hardly spell morals let alone understand or live by a code dictated by them. For instance, I lost my virginity quite early and by my twenty-first birthday I had been with eight different guys, all of whom were older than me, with two of them having an age gap with me of over ten years. It was only after I’d started the affair with James that I saw the significance of my earlier flings. In short, it made me realise that I preferred older, more mature men as lovers but probably not as a husband, although that was some way off in my thinking.

Of course, Mickey was married, as all the better ones are. In fact, he was very married but like many or most London East End crooks cum shady business men, that didn’t stop him having bits on the side like me. The wives of such guys knew about and accepted the situation and let it be swept under the carpet where hopefully it remained.

I was learning a lot about Mickey, but then at the time, I was learning lots about many aspects of men and sex as well. I was beginning to realise that I was out of my league with him and that James and I were more in the same one.


After the success that Max told me I’d achieved with the Indian guys, the group where I had gone too far, and with Lee, bookings rolled in. I had to go up to Leeds most weeks and I began travelling on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and staying until Tuesday and often Wednesday but getting back to pay my rent to Mickey on the Thursday afternoons.

I did another session with the Indians where I spent the best part of an hour with the vibrator in me, and I had one similar to the session with Lee with an older guy. Max said the video was called ‘Daddy and Me’ and boy did that bring home some memories about my real father and me! Also, there were a couple more group sessions and numerous one-to-ones. I was becoming a star, albeit in a modest way in a grubby business, but it was now well keeping the wolf from the door and my bank balance was becoming healthy.

Whilst that was becoming healthy, I wasn’t too sure that my morals, that is the ones I had which were minimal, were. In fact, I was starting to question whether I really had any as far as sex was concerned. I was posing naked, masturbating and even being fucked for the camera and continually I was getting so turned on by exposing myself to a range of men that was starting to acknowledge that I was an exhibitionist.

I was now having more sex, both full intercourse and the stimulation of being photographed, than I’d ever had. To be truthful, sex was never far from my mind, and it seemed as if my entire life was revolving around it. But I could have had more, because about half the one-to-one punters now asked for extras. Due to Max’s embargo on it, I always refused, as I knew there was CCTV in the studio that he could look at from his office and I suspected that he had it miked up as well. So I didn’t have to confront the situation as I would have had to if he turned a blind eye.

It was again on the long train journey back to more normality in London, if you can call shagging a crook to pay your rent normality, that it struck me. And it came as quite a shock when I realised that I was really using that embargo to explain why I didn’t ‘do extras’ as most called it. It was dawning on me that I didn’t decline them due to any aversion to having sex with strangers. After all, in the past I’d had a couple of one-night stands and recently I’d been with Lee and the older guy on camera, so it wasn’t a morality thing issue, whatever that is, so wtf was it? I just didn’t know.

However, it worried me, and slowly my mind focused on what the real worry was. It was clearly nothing to do with morals nor about being demeaned by guys asking to fuck me and equally it wasn’t that I felt insulted that guys thought they could buy me. After bursa eskort all, many do that, albeit in the more subtle and socially accepted ways of dating and a few drinks or meals. They tend not to ask if they can fuck a girl, but just follow the traditional schedule of firstly kissing, then touching her boobs outside her clothing, then inside her top, followed by his hands in her bra or yanking her tits out. Usually, a little oral on her tits and nipples is then the precursor to the first really big move, his hand up her skirt. If there’s no objection or, better still, if her legs open then bingo, he gets inside her knickers and he’s home and dry; well hopefully, more accurately, home and very wet!

Maybe that’s the start of a wonderful relationship, but nowadays, a few years into the twenty-first century, it’s little more than starting a friendship, and the first fuck is more akin to what the first kiss was in earlier times. It’s almost more like a detailed hello and may signify nothing more than they both enjoy sex.

No, oddly it was not the sex, not the fact that he would be a stranger, and not because the sex would be in a studio, but not Max’s at least, and certainly not because I’d probably never see the guy again. No, none of that, I realised during my train journey, gave me the biggest worry. And when I eventually worked out and accepted what that was, I was rather gobsmacked. In short, what was pissing me off was the amount of money I was, as I put it, losing by not doing it. As we pulled into Kings Cross station, I had worked out that if I just did it once a day on, say, the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday then I could probably make another three hundred quid a week on top of what I was already getting for posing. That was almost fifteen thousand a year which, together with the modelling fees, meant I’d be getting well over forty grand a year, tax free! In post credit crunch terms that was brilliant for a girl of my age who quit uni and had no obvious work skills.

But how could I do it if Max didn’t allow it? I mulled over the idea of trying to seduce him into letting me do it by paying him rent in a similar way I did to Mickey. Also, I realised that to maximise my earning potential I’d need to move to Yorkshire, but combining the extras with James and now, maybe Max, was a hell of sexual burden and I wondered if I’d be able to cope.


“He’s booked you again, two hours this time,” Max told me on the phone one Saturday as we were discussing the next week’s work. He was talking about a lovely young guy called Zak. He looked to be in his early thirties, although that was hard to tell as he had a fairly bushy dark beard and long unkempt hair and as far as I could tell was a throwback to the sixties and the nearest guy I knew to being a hippy.

He’d already booked me three weeks in a row and now wanted a fourth. I knew that he was attracted to me but felt that it was more on a professional than a sexual level. He was a very patient photographer and spent ages taking shots of my hands, feet and parts of my body, especially my boobs and lips, most of which I guessed were in very close up.

As usual the session went well, and as usual my nipples hardened which is something the punters love. It was the first time I had posed for anyone so many times and it was a nice feeling, almost as if we were old friends.

“I’m going to enter the shots in a competition,” he told me, so I asked if I could see them.

He showed me some on a laptop and I was surprised at how few full-length shots or even just head and shoulders, or from the waist up, there were. When I mentioned it, he told me that they were not ready for the competition yet as he had lots of work to do with them.

“Am I that bad a model?” I asked curious as to what he meant.

“No not at all, you’re perfect Jayne, but I am trying to create a particular mood and style with the set that I am calling, ‘A Touch of Pink,” he told me, going on to say,

“and on that point Jayne,” – for some reason I’d told him my real name – “may I take some of your er, um, pinkest place?”

As I was listed on Max’s website and brochures as ‘offering explicit shots,’ I, of course I knew what he meant and for some reason, looking at him and holding his gaze I said softly, “what, open leg shots, Zak?”

As I said that, he straightened up and half closed his eyes, looking aroused and interested. “Yes Jayne, very open. I want to see everything,” he replied, holding my gaze as I felt an enormous surge of arousal rush through me, which increased when he went on with, “I want to capture everything pink that you have down there. May I?”

Smiling, I replied in my usual smartarse way, “Well all in the cause of art. Of course, be my guest. Should I wear anything at all?”

“No, just the right expression with those lovely lips slightly parted, okay?” he said, watching me push down the pink panties that he’d given me with a matching pink bra and which orhangazi escort he’d asked me to wear for some shots and bring to future shoots.

“And what’s the right expression Zak?”

“No, stop there,” he blurted out as he looked into the camera. Not getting what he meant, I asked “What?”

“Leave them, the panties, leave them just above your knees so I’ll get pink on pink.”

Not really understanding what all this pink stuff was about, I did as he said.

He took a few moments to respond further then said huskily, “Maybe a ‘I want to be fucked’ look Jayne, if you can?”

“I think I can, for you,” I said in almost a whisper, adding “like this Zak?” as I lay back, raised my knees and opened my legs with the knickers around my knees, exposing my bare mound and now-soaked lips to his enquiring gaze and recording lens. Unlike most of the guys who’d used me as a model including James, Zak did not click away quickly. His style was far more measured and it seemed that he thought carefully about every aspect of his shots before taking them.

“Yes, Jayne that’s perfect. And do you?”

I moved my position slightly, but kept my legs open, as he was clearly concentrating the lens between them and on my probably glistening pussy lips. I felt my arousal growing, but didn’t reply to his question so he prompted me with, “Well Jayne, do you do extras?”

My usual reply to this oft-asked question was to just say no and not give an explanation, but for some reason with Zak I said, “Max doesn’t allow it in here.”

“How would he know?” he came back with.

“He has CCTV to his office, and maybe it’s wired up as well.”

“Oh, I see. Well actually love, I have my own small studio, so perhaps we could use that next time,” he said very pointedly.

I didn’t respond and he picked it up again when we finished. “Actually, Jayne I need to do some work on some of the shots we have in the can as it were, to get just what I need for the comp, and as I do that, I may need to retake a few shots, so would you come to my studio?”

Without thinking it through, although if I had, it would probably not have made any difference, I replied, “When?”

“Now, after we finish here, if you’re free. I think Max said that you had no other bookings, so I’d be able to overrun if I wanted, paying both him and you more of course.”

“Like to see what I have for the competition so far with Touch of Pink, Jayne?” Zak asked me less than an hour later when we were in his flat, which was a bit like where I lived, being the top floor of a large Edwardian house. Like mine it was really one big room with a couple of cubby holes off it.

“Yes ok.”

He spent some time looking through a viewfinder at the shots we’d taken on the session we’d just finished before offering me a glass of wine and saying, “I need a few more of you naked Jayne if that’s okay?”

My natural cockiness clicked in with, “sure, presumably I am getting paid?”

“Yes of course, don’t worry about that,” he said, pausing and looking at me standing next to his bed undressing, making me feel slightly and totally ridiculously embarrassed given what he’d seen of me so far, before adding, “maybe a lot more.”

After turning the rather weak lights on and taking a dozen or so shots of me sitting on the bed naked, he sat beside me and we looked at the screen on the wall. He started clicking away and I saw shot after shot, all of me, but sometimes he had merged two or three shots into one. It seemed to me to be really clever editing.

The first image was a large blow up of my right nipple that was clearly hard, followed by a couple with my fingers on my breast showing the pink nail polish he’d brought with him and asked me to apply on our second and further shoots. The next was one of my breasts and nipples, that were again erect, with my slightly parted lips on the swell of my breast with my top lip just touching the areola. It looked as if the lips were about to engulf the nipple. The next was a tight close up of me. It was from the tip of my nose to just under my nipples, the pinkness of my closed mouth and quite heavily painted lips standing out vividly. Interestingly one nipple was stunningly hard, the other undisturbed.

Then a shot came up of me looking down where I was holding my breast and lifting it a little with my fingertips sinking into the boob, the pinkness of my nails just visible in the soft flesh. The nipple was soft. That was followed by both of my tits and both of my hard nipples in a front on view. I’m holding my right breast, my pink painted nails digging into the soft flesh, my opened fingers either side of my nipple that looks to be stunningly hard. Then me lying on my front on a white floor. My legs are slightly parted and between them can be seen the pink, puffy lips of my pussy from behind. The angle of the shot seems to emphasis the round fullness of the cheeks of my bum and the depth of the cleavage between them. Then, still on the white floor on my back, legs wide open, my hands holding the cheeks of my bum, pulling them slightly apart.

“How the hell did you get these poses Zak?” I asked in astonishment as he handed me the glass of wine and said, “Would you put the bra and panties on now please Jayne?”

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