The Gift

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Note that the following event took place in 1985 during the events depicted in ‘Your Silver Nights and Golden Days Pt. 02’.

© 2020 Candy_Kane54


When the alarm went off, I pried my eyes open and reached over to turn it off. Another Saturday morning and another long day at the fair on Manhattan Beach Pier loomed ahead. I turned back to look over at my partner of twenty years, Becky, who laid there looking so lovely, her black hair haloed around her head.

“Becky, it’s time to get up,” I whispered in her ear as I gently shook her shoulder.

“Don’t want to,” Becky muttered as her eyes fluttered open.

“I know, sweetie. I don’t really want to either, but the sooner we get up and going, the sooner we can get set up,” I said, leaning in to kiss her luscious lips.

“MmmmHmmm,” Becky muttered against my lips as she returned my kiss.

With a sigh, I broke our kiss and rolled out of bed. My mind drifted back to long ago Saturday mornings spent in bed. Becky and I would be making mad passionate love until hunger and nature’s call would force us out of bed.

“Those days are over,” I mused to myself as I went into the bathroom to perform my toilet. I evaluated myself in the mirror, my green eyes popping while putting myself together. “Not bad looking for fifty,” I thought to myself as I put my auburn hair up into a high ponytail. There were a few strands of gray, but overall it still looked beautiful. My 5′ 6″ 32C-24-32 evenly tanned body looked nice although I was getting a little thick around the waist. My breasts sagged a bit, but gravity always wins in the end, so nothing to worry about there.

When I came out, I could smell coffee brewing and eggs and bacon cooking on the stove. I went out to the kitchen and relieved Becky, giving her a quick hug and peck before shooing her off to the bathroom. I finished breakfast, plating eggs and bacon for both of us, and pouring two mugs of coffee, setting them on the breakfast bar.

While waiting for Becky to come out, I planned our day. We’d already packed the minivan with our folding tables and chairs. All we had left to do was pack the vehicle with our goods before leaving for the pier.

When Becky came out for breakfast, I couldn’t help but run my eyes over her. She was five years younger than me, 5′ 3″ black hair, brown eyes, 32B-22-32, her toned, tanned body contrasted by the white high-waist shorts and white polo top she was wearing. I could see that Becky wasn’t wearing a bra under her polo, her nipples tenting the fabric. When she came up to the breakfast bar, she gave me a quick side hug and peck on the cheek, saying, “Love you, Cindy,” before sitting down to tuck into her breakfast.

“It’s going to be a nice day today, so there should be a lot of people out,” I said.

“Good,” Becky said, looking me in the eye, “we’ll be able to lower our inventory. Then I can start on some new projects I’ve been thinking about.”

“Oh,” I asked, “what kind of projects do you have in mind?”

“I’ve got some ideas for some bangle bracelets,” Becky replied, flashing a smile, her enthusiasm enchanting. “Also, I was thinking about making some beaded necklaces. I saw some interesting Native American beadwork, and I thought I could do something like that with a California twist on it.”

“That sounds nice,” I replied carefully, not wanting to reinforce her enthusiasm. Becky tends to get carried away and then creates a whole lot of inventory that we then need time to sell.

We finished our breakfast and got ready to go. We carried our inventory out to the minivan, and I drove us down to the parking lot next to the Manhattan Beach Pier. We managed to get a close enough parking spot that carrying our tables and chairs up onto the pier wouldn’t be too hard. We greeted our fellow vendors as we got set up, everyone helping everyone else as we all got set up. While there were no formal vending spots assigned to people, we’ve all been there long enough that there was no squabbling over who got set up where. By 8 AM, we had our tables set up, wares displayed, and our sunshades up so we wouldn’t burn during the day.

On such a beautiful day, people were already strolling along the pier. Some were already stopping at our booth to look and shop. We actually were doing a brisk business, Becky mesmerizing customers with her enthusiasm over her wares. She was a natural salesperson, so I let her do most of the customer interaction. Not that I was a slouch myself. I could be just as enthusiastic, especially since I knew Becky’s thought processes almost as well as she did while making her jewelry.

I just loved watching Becky interact with the customers. I mused about the fact that we’ve been together for a long time. The enthusiasm Becky displayed toward the customers wasn’t in our interactions as much as it used to be. Just then, Becky glanced over and noticed that I was watching her. She flashed me a quick smile before turning back to the customer, and for that brief moment, I felt some heat down below.

Eventually, the initial rush of customers faded away, leaving Becky and me alone for a while. I walked over, and side hugged her, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. For a beat, we just stood there, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Just then, a vision of beauty walked up to our booth. We both frankly stared at that vision. The woman returned our stare with one of her own. She must have been about 5′ 2″ with brown hair in a low ponytail halfway down her back and brown eyes. A beautiful face and a toned and tanned svelte body, she sported a cute mid-thigh skort and spaghetti strap tank top. She was probably about twenty years younger than me.

We pulled apart after sharing a quick glance and approached her as she started looking at our wares. I suddenly realized that I had seen her a few times before, strolling along with another woman and two boys.

“Hi! I’m Cindy. Can I help you find something,” I asked, my throat suddenly going dry. I involuntarily licked my lips as her gaze came up to meet mine, her piercing brown eyes searing my soul.

“Thank you, Cindy. I’m Bonnie, and I’m looking for a gift to give my friend.”

When she said the word ‘friend,’ I could figuratively see the air quotes around the word. Her face radiated her feelings about her ‘friend.’

“What does your friend like,” I asked, glancing over to Becky to make sure she heard what was being said.

“She’s not really into gaudy jewelry, but she does like the occasional subdued bracelet or necklace,” Bonnie replied, looking back down at the display.

Becky and I shared a significant look as Bonnie had used the word ‘she.’ We suddenly realized why she had looked at us like she did when she walked up while we were standing there arm-in-arm.

Becky jumped in, asking, “Do you think she’d like a nice beaded bracelet like this?” She pointed to the tray with beaded jewelry in it.

Bonnie looked where Becky pointed and focused on a beaded bracelet using muted earth-tone colors. She reached to pick it up with a questioning look on her face. “Go ahead,” Becky urged, indicating to Bonnie that she could pick it up.

As Bonnie was looking at the bracelet, I looked up. I saw a beautiful blonde strolling by with two boys, recognizing her as the woman I’d seen Bonnie with before. She was holding hands with both of the boys. She was looking over the wares being displayed on the other side of the pier.

Just then, Bonnie made her decision and looked up to me and said, “I think I’ll get this for my friend.” Again, her face betrayed her as that look came over her face when she said ‘friend.’

I leaned in and asked quietly, “You mean, lover, don’t you?”

Bonnie’s face lit up with a smile as she sheepishly admitted, “It’s that obvious?”

“Sweetie, a blind man wearing arc welding goggles could see the love in your face right now,” I replied. At that moment, her blonde lover’s gaze swept over to us, the intensity of her gaze almost like a physical blow.

I must have betrayed my reaction to that gaze as Bonnie looked at me and asked, “She’s looking at me right now, isn’t she?”

I could only nod my head, my reaction to that gaze leaving me speechless. I could feel the prickle of tears in my eyes as I reveled in the emotions radiating around me. I glanced over to Becky, and I could tell she was feeling the same thing I was. I could see the glistening of tears building in her eyes too.

“I can feel it on the back of my neck, like the heat from a campfire,” Bonnie explained as she turned to look back at her lover. They smiled at each other, the brightness of those combined smiles eclipsing the already brilliant late morning sunlight.

Before we were incinerated by the heat of their love, Bonnie turned back to me and asked, “How much?”

“Twenty dollars plus tax,” I replied as Becky took the bracelet and started wrapping it up. “That’ll be $21.60 in total.”

Bonnie handed me money, and I gave her change back to her, fumbling a bit as the intensity of emotions swirling around me had made me shaky. Becky handed the package to Bonnie, and she turned away and walked toward her blonde lover.

I edged over toward Becky and put my arm around her as she put her arm around me. We watched as the two lovers approached each other. The looks of love on their faces fed on each other, growing brighter and brighter until that love was the only thing that was real. Everything else around them became a translucent washed out gray of unreality.

I looked at Becky, tears streaming down my cheeks. I saw tears running down her face as she looked at me. At that moment, I could feel the passion of that first time we had looked at each other all those years ago, the heat washing through my body as I pulled Becky in for a kiss. I cupped her face with my hands as I devoured her lips, and she returned as good as she got, cupping my face with her hands. Our tongues battled each other as our passion that had been banked for all those years rekindled.

We broke, gasping for air, our foreheads touching as we looked in each other’s eyes.

“How about we call it a day and go home?” I asked.

“Yes,” Becky answered. “Let’s.”

We wasted no time packing up and getting everything into the van. We hurried home, fighting the noontime traffic. We tumbled out of the vehicle and practically ran into the house. I barely got the door closed before Becky shoved me up against the wall and devoured my lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues wrestled, we were pulling our clothes off. When we got naked, I growled into Becky’s mouth as I picked her up to take her into the bedroom.

Becky wrapped her legs around my hips, my hands on her ass. She was rolling her hips, rubbing her mound against mine. I got us into the bedroom, and I practically threw Becky onto the bed. I reached into the bedside table drawer and pulled out the harness with a purple 8″ dildo. It hadn’t seen a lot of use lately, but today I was going to fuck Becky senseless with it.

As I donned the harness and tightened it up, Becky laid there on the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy dripping with her juices, her lips inflamed with desire.

“Oh, god, Cindy, hurry. I want that cock in me so bad!” Becky begged/commanded.

I finished buckling up the harness, making sure the nubs on the end of the dildo were positioned over my clit. I stepped up to the bed and, without any foreplay at all, lined up the dildo and thrust it into Becky’s pussy.

Becky grunted from the thrust, her eyes glazing over as she started thrusting her hips, trying to get even more of the dildo inside her. The nubs on the base of the dildo hit my clit, making me shudder. I pulled completely out, gaping her pussy before thrusting the dildo all the way back in until my hips struck her ass. Becky grunted again before she started moaning, “Harder! Faster!”

I pulled back and immediately thrust again, as hard as I could. I repeated that action, going faster and faster, eliciting a grunt from Becky every time I bottomed out. I could feel my orgasm crashing down on me as I frantically thrust faster and faster, urging Becky to come for me.

Suddenly, Becky gasped in a huge breath and held it as her thighs spasmed. Her legs wrapped around my hips as she screamed, “Cinndddyyyy!” At the same time, I fell over the cliff into my orgasm, shouting, “Becckkkyyyy!” as my hips jerked, attempting to continue thrusting but losing myself in my orgasm.

I collapsed down on top of Becky, gasping, trying to catch my breath as I surrendered to the orgasmic rush. Before I succumbed to sleep, I pulled out of Becky and discarded the harness. I crawled under the duvet with Becky, wrapping my arms around her. As I fell into oblivion, I thanked Bonnie and her lover for the gift they had given us … the gift of rekindled love.

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A Shower , A Feast

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I am in the shower, when suddenly the curtain flies open and two pairs of hands grab me from behind and pull me out. I had my eyes closed, as I was rinsing the soap off my body and I am told to keep them closed. Today was not supposed to be a day for meeting a “third” to fulfill our fantasy with…Tony must have surprised me.

They are not rough with me, but then to ensure that I can not look at who got me out of the shower, I am blindfolded. I’m lead into the bedroom and thrown on the bed. My wrists are tied and held above my head. My legs are being spread open. I feel an ice cube being run down the front of my body, as a dildo is shoved into my pussy. “Oh!” When I open my mouth to say something, I feel a cock trying to make its way into my mouth. I comply…feeling it stiffen as I slather it with my hot, wet mouth. I hear a groan, and then feel a shot of cum hit the roof of my mouth. As he cums, I feel the other guy put his mouth on my clit and suck. I start writhing on the bed as I get closer and closer to my orgasm. The first guy (who had his cock in my mouth) leans over me and takes my nipple into his mouth. That does it, my orgasm washes over my body and I can’t stop cumming. The man eating my cunt, slowly removes the dildo and replaces it with his hard cock. He pumps into me a few times, feeling my slickness, while the other guy continues to suck on my nipples. Suddenly, the man fucking me pulls out…I feel so empty…he flips me over and slides under me and helps me to straddle his hips. Now I ride his cock like a wild woman. He can’t take it anymore and grabs my hips as he slams his cock deep into my pussy and holds me to him while he cums.

The men then leave me lying on the bed and still blindfolded with my hands tied together. I rest for a bit…and then I reach up and take the blindfold off. I can’t quite manage to get my hands untied though. I walk out of the bedroom and into the living room before I remember that I’m naked. My steps falter…but then I think “Fuck it, they’ve already seen me naked.”

So I continue on my way and as I round the corner into the living room, I stop short. Tony is sitting on the couch being sucked off by someone I don’t recognize while Matt is fucking her from behind.

They haven’t seen me yet, so I backtrack and watch from around the corner. I have never had the fantasy of watching my guy having any kind of sexual contact with another woman, but I am finding myself strangely turned on.

While I’m watching, I am working at my bonds, finally getting them free. I can only take so much…I walk out into the living room so everyone can see me. Tony looks surprised and Matt has his eyes closed and is lost in his own world.

Tony tries to stop the strange woman from continuing her blow job, but I stop him from stopping her. I climb up and stand in front of him and instruct him to eat my pussy…he readily agrees and pushes his face in my cunt and slips two fingers up my pussy and starts working furiously to get me to cum. I’m almost there when I hear him groan in front of me and Matt groan behind me. Tony shoots his load into the woman’s mouth as Matt shoots his load into her pussy. As Tony groans against my throbbing clit, it sends vibrations through me and sends me over the edge into my orgasm. As I cum, I grab his head so he can’t get away and I don’t fall backward.

When my orgasm subsides, I slide down his chest until my head is resting on his shoulder. We are both breathing hard. He whispers in my ear “She’s not as good as you.” That makes me smile. After we all rest for a while, I look up and realize the woman is gone. I didn’t even ask who she was.

I make dinner for my guys in the nude…feeling hands roaming over me, having my hands full and not being able to keep them off of me. Dinner is put on hold, while Matt’s and Tony’s hands pull things out of my hands until they are free, pull me down to the kitchen floor and feast on me. I get caressed and licked all over my body. Not a place goes untouched. I am completely at their mercy and completely aroused again, as are they.

Tony lays down on the floor with me straddling his hips and as I sit on his cock, Matt gets behind me and lubes up my ass, and slowly slides his cock into my ass. I groan and look down at Tony. His face is an expression of pure bliss. I feel so tight and slippery to him and he’s just enjoying the sensation of how much tighter I am when Matt slides into my ass.

And then we are all moving hips together and I push my pelvis into Tony’s to rub against my clit, as I feel my orgasm trying to get free. I move more urgently against Tony, pushing back into Matt, my orgasm coming. “I’m cumming,” I shout. Tony and Matt pump into me a few more times, each loving the sensation my spasming pussy is giving them. Each grab my hips to hold me to them as they fill my holes up with their cum. The orgasms seem to go on forever.

Finally, we are all exhausted and make our way into the bedroom where we all promptly fall into an exhausted sleep.

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Nick’s Account Ch. 02

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This story is for my boy Nick, and is closely based on him. I changed a little, but not too much. I hope you enjoy this Nick, my good boy.


Nick got to the door where his dreams would finally become reality and knocked. A moment later the door began to open.

Whoever was opening it was behind the door. Nick froze for a moment, this dream was so close, he had to go in. Hesitantly, Nick stepped into the room. The door closed. Nick saw who he was meeting. “Luke, fuck shit fuck. Luke. Fuck. I need to go.” Nick turned. Luke grabbed his arm and pulled him to face him.

“Nick, you came here for me. Because I told you to.” Luke’s voice radiated supreme confidence. He pulled Nick closer, putting one hand on each of Nick’s biceps.

“Fuck, no, I’m …” Nick was lost at what he was going to say.

“BetaNick, you are my boy. I sent for you. I want you here. For a very specific reason. A reason you have waited so long for.” Luke pulled Nick to him, pressing Nick against his chest. Luke placed Nick’s head in contact as well, slightly facing down, nose towards his pit.

Nick could smell the musk Luke made, felt the strong muscles under his shirt. Luke’s hands on him.

“You are my boy. I took you. My boy. I selected you. I will have you. You are here to make me happy. You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

“I do want to make you happy.” Nick said in a small voice.

“I know you do. And you will, you will make me very happy.” Luke patted Nick’s head.

Nick felt the warmth of Luke’s body, the fit muscles, the musky scent. Luke rubbed his arms over Nick’s back and head. Nick seemed to fold into Luke, bringing his own arms to embrace Luke. A man, Nick had wanted to be with a man for so long, and he was now. Flighting ideas of backing out, saying it was a joke or mistake crumbled in his mind, the need for a cock in his mouth taking control. Any resistance Nick felt crumbled, snuggling into Luke.

Luke held his new boy for a few minutes. Letting his scent and body cover Nick. Luke felt Nick fall closer into his body, that was more psychological then physical. Nick needed a little more time wrapped in Luke’s arms to fall into the cavern Luke had prepared. While Nick’s mind accepted the situation he was in.

Luke moved with Nick to the bed, sitting down and pulling Nick to his lap. “That’s my boy, my boy is here. You are going to make your Alpha very happy.”

“Yes, Sir. I want to make you happy.” Nick was still reeling from the realization that he had been chatting with and obeying Luke. Luke who had been in his house to watch games, grabbed beers with, hung out with. Now he was here to suck his dick.

Luke, as if he could read Nick’s mind moved his hand to Nick’s shirt and started to undo the buttons. Luke opened Nick’s shirt and ran his hand over Nick’s chest and abs. Nick looked down, realizing a man was feeling his chest. A flash that he needed to run passed through his brain, but the feeling of a strong hand was so enticing he could not go.

Luke kissed the top of Nick’s head and slipped the shirt off the boy. Nick felt the air on his skin, this was the first time he had sexually undressed for a man. Nick took a deep breath.

“It’s OK boy, your Alpha is here, you are going to do what you have always dreamed of. You’re still looking forward to it, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I want to do this.” Nick sounded small but determined.

“Good boy, we’re going to go a little further.” Luke began to work on Nick’s pants, and Nick had to rise a bit and was surprised that his underwear was pulled off at the same time. Nick bent a bit, trying to cover his nakedness, but Luke didn’t allow that, pulling Nick back to his lap. “It’s OK, I’ve seen it already, you’re my boy.” Luke knew Nick needed the reassurance, to feel accepted. He could be rougher later, now he had to get Nick so hooked on him, and that call for gentleness.

Luke ran his hands over Nick’s body, making Nick feel Luke’s ownership. Luke knew this is exactly what Nick needed, to feel the closeness of a man. Luke let Nick’s mind accept what had happened. Never touching Nick’s cock except for some incidental brushing. Nick needed to feel Luke touching his body.

“I like the feel of your hands.” Nick whispered, Luke let a smile cross his face. One more step. Luke knew Nick only had one more step to take. Nick took that step by curling closer to Luke’s body. Nick seemed so in charge usually. Luke recalled how boisterous Nick was during the game Luke joined the party to watch. Luke knew Nick was a boss at his family’s business. Nick was a beta behind all that, desperate for a man to handle him.

Luke slid Nick down between his thighs to the floor, bending over so he loomed over the boy. “I’m going to let you do what you have always wanted.” Luke removed his shirt, revealing a fit chest and lightly scattered hair. Luke took Nick’s hands and placed them on his pecs, running Nick’s hand over his body. After a few passes, Luke moved Nick’s hands and samsun escort indicated Nick should remove his belt. Nick did, feeling urgency, quickly reaching to undo the button and pull down the zipper of Luke’s jeans. The side of Nick’s hand brushed the hardness of Luke’s cock. Nick shuddered with excitement. He had wanted this for so long, so very long. Now it was happening, so close. He was naked and kneeling, pulling down a man’s pants.

Nick saw Luke’s pubes appear, then the root of Luke’s dick. Nick had wanted this so bad for so long, now it was real, it was here, Nick was doing it. In the background of his mind Nick realized his dick was so hard, but more of Luke’s cock came into view, so that was not important in relation. Nick inhaled, getting the warmth and musk, seeing more of a dick he would actually suck.

The pants came further down and made the end of Luke’s long cock pop out, some pre-cum flying to Nick’s naked chest. Nick glommed to the head of Luke’s cock as it bounced in freedom. Nick forgot to breathe as he watched the movement. Luke smiled, knowing he had the boy well in hand. Luke ran his hand over the side of Nick’s face. “You want it, you want it bad, don’t you boy?”

“I do Sir, I really do. Can I?” Nick focused on the pearl of pre-cum slightly growing. So close, it was so very close.

“Give it a kiss, kiss that bit of pre right off me.”

“Ahh…” Nick moved closer to the object of his desire, pursing his lips and landing on the moistened head of Luke’s love stick. Nick felt the pre-cum and it seemed to flow over him, a lifetime of desire culminating in this brief moment. And more to come. Nick leaned back, eyes closed, tongue taking in the taste. Luke could see a glow from Nick’s face. The boy was hooked, dick would be his life from now on.

“Take it in your mouth, cover it. Go slow, feel it in there.”

Nick returned, opening his mouth and covering the large member, holding his teeth back and getting the taste in Nick shuttered, so close. He could see the base of the dick and pubes before him, he pushed further in, greedy. Nick gagged, rocking back, to feel Luke’s hand on his back shoving him back on.

Nick struggled, throwing his hands out, but taking it, fighting to keep his teeth back. He resisted Luke some, losing that battle, and going down, choking more. Luke made him gag over and over again. Nick didn’t want to disappoint his man, not fully understanding what was happening, but accepting.

Having no choice, Nick gagged repeatedly, like it had to be worked out. After the surprise, Nick’s desire re-asserted and Nick forced his throat to open. The gagging got better, Nick found the strength to take it. “You’re doing it, you’re taking my dick. You’re getting better.”

Luke’s dick was hard, so hard, Nick felt the hardness, solid like steel, he forced his throat around it. There was no choice, Nick had to give way. Accepting that made it easier in Nick’s mind, Nick worked more to further reduce his gagging. “Now you’ve worked out your gagging some, you’ve had the hard part. Now take it slow, get to know my cock.”

Luke released Nick and leaned back, relaxing. Nick let the dick out of his mouth and looked at it. It had been in his mouth. It needed to be again. Nick lunged forward, engulfing the prick once again. There was a warmth from it’s hardness, Nick wasn’t expecting that. A prick was a special part of a body, and sucking on one was the best thing ever. After a few trips up and down the significant length, Nick slowed. He wanted to savor this. Let the silkiness travel over his lips. Enfold the head with his tongue. That was different, the head and the shaft felt different. The head smooth, and the movement in Nick’s mouth of the substantial member with the blood coursing.

Nick savored this time with Luke’s crotch in his face, he never wanted to leave. Nick took the cock out of his mouth and licked up and down. Reaching the base, Nick started on the balls, letting them roll on his tongue. The sensation was unique, balls connected but somehow not. Nick had played with his, but having another man’s, a very masculine man’s was different.

Luke was feeling very magnanimous as he looked down at Nick working his junk. He had worked hard to get Nick here. Now, he had succeeded, and Nick was on his knees slobbering over his cock. Luke thought how Nick was such a big man with his circle of friends, now he was a beta. Luke was going to let Nick go at his junk, the beta had worked for it. Forcing his head down was to tease Nick and get him to learn faster. Use this excitement to open the throat. Now things had worked exactly as Luke planned, and Nick was working on Luke’s pecker with no desire to let it end.

Luke let Nick keep his nose between his legs for over half an hour. Luke completely enjoyed the long attention, but decided his work deserved a reward. “Get going, time for you to get some cum.”

Nick made an affirmative noise and started to get serious on sucking Luke’s dick. Luke appreciated the efforts, but it was more of the fact he had Nick there doing the sucking than the sucking itself. He would have to work on Nick to teach the boy some skill. And Nick would love every minute of it. The domination he had over Nick was so powerful the physical act was a tool. Luke grabbed Nick’s head as the first spurts of cum erupted out of his dick, crushing Nick all the way down. Nick gagged and fuitally tried to push back.

Spent, Luke took a couple lungfuls of air before releasing Nick, who fell backwards gasping. “Jerk that dick. You earned it boy.” Luke growled, staring with intensity at his new conquest. Nick didn’t answer, but his hand reached for his smaller member, and a few strokes brought him to climax. Nick stared at this hand covered in cum. “You’re mine now Nick. I’m your Master. The first man you ever sucked. I’ll always be in you. Some things are going to change for you. You always do exactly as I say, and you’ll get all the cock you want. You understand me boy.”

“Yes, Sir.” Nick replied, still in a fog.

“Master. You call me Master.”

“Master, yes Master.” Nick was unable to resist.

“This isn’t a one time thing. Not even one time tonight. I need some time to get going again, so you’re going to rim me until I have a nice new batch of spunk to go into your belly. You get me?”

“I want to rim you Master, I want to taste my Master’s ass.”

“No time like the present.” Luke flipped over on the bed, schooching up to the top to ease his head on the pillows, opening his legs. Nick crawled up between the muscular legs and for the first time in his life, grabbed a man’s ass in a sexual way. That simple act was instantly followed by this first taste of a man’s ass. His new Master’s ass tasted delicious. Clean, but you can never get the special taste out.

Nick’s tongue started with basic licking, covering the outer ring in spit. Circling the ring while pulsing his tongue back and forth. Changing direction, tongue shape, and solidness. All the skills he had gained over years of doing this for his girlfriends. This was so much better. A belly full of cum and servicing a man. Nick’s lips were not idle either. massaging the area they touched, Nick knew he didn’t have cocksucking skills, but he did know how to eat an ass, and he was going to give Luke the best rim job he’d ever had. It did not take long for Nick to be poking his tongue into Luke’s ass, this was going to be a full-on ass servicing.

Luke lay there letting Nick do all the work. His orgasm had been massive, and there was no reason not to use Nick’s excitement to its fullest extent. This was going to be great. So long as Luke had correctly gauged Nick and got him to the point where his desperation for dick turned into unquestioning devotion, Luke would be able to use the boy as much as he wanted. Luke let plans roll in his head as his ass got eaten better than it had ever been before. Nick had bragged about his analingus abilities, and he wasn’t blowing smoke. Nick’s skill was top of the line. Luke already knew he’d be doing a quick cum dump into Nick’s face, get a rimjob to restore his erection then do a more leisurely blow down Nick’s gullet. Yes, that would happen a lot.

Neither had any idea how long Nick ate out Luke’s ass. Luke let him go because it felt so good and did restore his dick to full hardness. Nick kept at it since he was doing for the man he had just accepted as his Master. The time came when Luke was ready so he rolled over and didn’t have to tell Nick anything. Nick shifted from eating ass to smoking pipe not missing a beat. Luke kept Nick alternating between dick and ass. At some point after the fourth load Luke shot, they both fell asleep.

Nick woke first. Momentarily confused why there was skin so close to his face. His memory came back as he lifted himself to see Luke’s backside. He recalled everything he did, how great it was, finally doing what he had needed to for so long.

Alone, well, with Luke sleeping at least, Nick could think. He had done it, sucked a cock. And sucked it several times. Licked a man’s ass. Nick pulled back his head. Should he have done this? Should he have gone after dick in the first place? It was so good. Something in his brain clung to it being wrong. But he liked it so much. The cock was everything he dreamed up and more. What regret he had was fading as the joy of his cocksucking. Cocksucking. He was a cocksucker. He felt pride at the thought. He sucked cock and was happy about it. It was the best thing he had ever done in his life. He wanted to do it more, a lot more.

Nick could see the tip of Luke’s flaccid penis against the blanket. He wanted to taste it again. Nick positioned his face and stretched his tongue out to lick it. So good, so very good. Nick licked over and over again. Luke stirred, not needing as much time as Nick did to re-orient. It was not the first time Luke had woken to someone on his dick.

He knew it was Nick, giving a grunting laugh, Luke threw one leg in the air and flipped over so Nick would have unfettered access to his dick. Nick wasted no time getting the fully exposed cock in his mouth and starting to work on getting it back to full erection. Luke took Nick’s efforts. After cumming in his mouth the second time, Luke pressed back to rest on the headboard.

“You’re getting better. You still need a lot of practice. Good thing I have a dick that likes you. I’ll let you do this a lot. You’ll be headed to my place when I text you.”

“I will, any time you want.”

“Good. We’ll need to get you a lot of practice. You looking forward to that?”

“Yes I will, any time you want.”

“OK. I’ll text you later tonight. Be ready. I don’t want to wait.”

“I’ll head out the door right off.”

“That’s my boy. You will be rewarded with more dick.”

“I want more dick.” Nick started to move his head to Luke’s dick.

“Give it a kiss, we need to get going.”

Nick gave a disappointed groan, but kissed the dick he wanted to suck again. Luke got off the bed and started to dress. Nick knew they needed to go, it was getting late in the morning, so he started looking for his clothes as well.

Once dressed, Luke indicated the door, and said “You go out first. I’ll head out in a bit.”

“Yes sir. I can’t wait until you text me.”

“But you will.”

“Yes, I will.” Nick headed out the door, a longing glance at Luke’s crotch as he left.

Nick got in his car and turned to go home. He was still mentally high from the experience. Back at his place, Nick fell face up on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a while, reliving it all over and over again. Nick reached his hand to his cock after a while and wrapped around the shaft. It felt so good. Nick stroked fast until he almost came, then released, he wanted to make this last. Waiting until he began to droop a bit, then stroked slowly. Everything went through his mind on a loop, he had wanted this for so long, and now he had.

The edging session went on for a while, Nick lost himself and didn’t care what else he might be doing. When he did cum, it was great. Nick fell asleep with cum on his abs. Nick got up and wanked again, then took a shower.

Nick pulled himself together and managed to get a few simple chores done. Too hyped to cook, Nick ordered dinner in. Darkness fell, and Nick looked at his phone and out the window hoping for Luke’s message.

“Now”. The text was simple and direct. Nick rushed to his car and over to Luke’s place. Knocking on the door, Luke let him in. Luke went to sit in a leather recliner, letting his legs wide. Nick moved closer, hoping he was doing the right thing. It seemed right, so right. Nick got to his knees, put his hands on Luke’s thighs. Nick took a deep breath. He couldn’t but he seemed to smell the musk from Luke’s crotch. Looking with longing to Luke’s face, Nick got a short nod. Nick pulled down the workout shorts and had a sharper intake of breath when he saw the object of his lush. Waiting no longer, Nick took it into his mouth. Everything was right with the world.

That was the first of Luke summoning Nick. It happened nearly every day. Usually after Nick got off work, but sometimes in the day. Nick was glad his family owned the business, he could head out without too much fuss. It was not usual for him, but it wasn’t totally unheard of.

Nick loved it. Even when the text came after midnight. Nick set his phone to play a special ringtone for Luke’s texts so he would know at once. The sound gave Nick a boner every time. Nick couldn’t believe he was getting to suck so much dick. And he wanted more every time.

Nick was eating dinner alone in his dining room. To him, sitting there alone since his girlfriend was away for a few days, it seems right at the time. As he finished, the doorbell rang. When Nick opened it, Luke was standing there, big grin on his face. “Thought I’d come to you for once.”

“Luke, this is great! Come in.”

“Come in your mouth, you mean.” Luke guffawed as he came in, pulling the door closed behind him.

“Fuck yeah!” Nick got a boner with Luke in his house for the first time since he started sucking his dick.

Luke headed to the center of the sofa, dropped his pants and sat down, his legs splayed wide. “Get on it.” Nick licked his lips while he glanced at a window. “Ha. Go ahead, pull the blinds.”

“Thank you, Master.” Nick got the blinds and rushed to kneel between Luke’s legs. The musk filled Nick with lust and he gave into it.

“You have gotten so much better at this.” Luke stretched out. “Hey. Get me a beer.” Luke lightly kicked Nick’s leg.

Nick let the dick out of his mouth with a groan. “Yes, Master.” Nick rushed to the fridge, returning with beer in hand, then back to sucking the dick. Nick loved servicing Luke in his own house. It gave him a special feeling of submissiveness. Nick’s cock was rock hard, but he concentrated on Luke’s until Luke came in his mouth.

“Good job boy.” Luke got up, rubbed Nick’s head, pulled up his pants and headed out. Nick rolled over and stroked himself off.

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Double or Nothing Ch. 07

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We had played strip Hearts, and a few times after that, strip poker. The three of us: Emily, Jordan and me. Strip hearts we had played just that once, as a way of basically flipping a coin to see which of the girls would get naked while my younger brother masturbated in front of us. I had lost that game, and Jordan — my 19 year old younger brother — got his first view of my small breasts that day while he unloaded himself on his chest.

Strip poker, on the other hand, was more of an event in itself: playing a slow game of chance with each separate article of clothing; letting luck decide which one of us, in mixed company, would have to take off the next thing. None of us were good enough at poker to make it anything more than the luck of the cards deciding who would go next, and who would end up totally bare in the end.

Sometimes it ended with Jordan giving us another hot show stroking himself to his finish; but Emily, like me, would not let him see her doing it. He hadn’t asked her out yet, despite my best efforts, although she had kissed him once, on a dare from me, after she had lost a game of poker.

It had been down to her and Jordan — he in just his briefs and she in panties. I was winning, still in panties and top. Emily had never been nude with either of us, and she pleaded to be able to do a dare, anything, rather than peel down her panties and show her last secret to him.

Jordan left it up to me. “Ok,” I decided, sparing her modesty, but with a price. “You have to make out with my brother,” I said, “for one minute.”

And she did.

Of course, they had touched once before. She had brought him off with her hand, and he had tried unsuccessfully to grope her ass then, through the dress she was wearing that day — the first day he had masturbated for her. But that was a while ago now. They both seemed a bit shy around each other now, even if you considered the games that we played. I guessed it was why he had not asked her out; that it was why she wanted so badly to keep her panties on in front of him.

Accepting my dare, she moved close and leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Softly at first, but then closing her eyes, and a flush rose on the top of her exposed breasts and her neck, and her breathing grew deeper and wow, the passion and pure youthful want in that kiss was electric.

He was rock rigid, tekirdağ escort down inside his briefs, and quite red in the face, when they broke. I excused myself, mumbling something about iced tea, thinking those two might want to be alone. But when I peeked down the stairs I could see the two of them, facing away from each other, dressing. What the hell?

A few days later, it was just Emily and me again, out on the deck, this time just sipping iced tea. There was no sangria, no dirty magazine now. She was uncharacteristically quiet, and I sensed there was something she wanted to say.

She reached into her purse and pulled out what I first thought was a pack of cigarettes. It was a deck of cards. She gave me an impish look. “Let’s play strip poker!”

“Emily!” I laughed, thinking she was joking. “Do you really want to see me naked… again?”

She looked down, then back at me, and giggled. “Mm-hmmm” she smiled sheepishly.

“Emily,” I gasped this time. “Are you … is that why… Emily?” Truly a case of just not knowing what to say.

“I’m not gay, if that’s what you’re thinking,” she responded. Her tone deepened. “But didn’t you ever think, ‘she’s pretty,’ you know, ‘I wonder … what she feels like, what it would be like to, you know, make out, with a girl?'”

“No!” I protested. But the truth was, I was not a stranger to such thoughts. I was just a lot farther than her from admitting it.

She pouted. “Well, you don’t have to be so dismissive. I mean, I’ve told you how I feel; I put it out there. You don’t have to trample on it.”

“I’m sorry, Em. ” Then I said, “Let’s go inside.” She looked at me, questioningly. It was my turn for an impish smile. “I’ll play you, but we shouldn’t do it out here.”

So we sat at the kitchen table, by the big sliding glass door. It gave us plenty of light and a view of the green outdoors, and just a little more privacy.

Once again, we played right down to our panties. One last hand would decide the game. My luck, I thought after the final hand, as I pushed my underwear to the floor.

Nervously, as though neither of us knew what to do next, we both moved simultaneously. I was heading to pick up my panties and start getting dressed. I don’t know where Emily was going, but we bumped into each other, both of us squealing in surprise at the sudden bare touch.

“Ooh, baby,” she said, teasingly running her hands on the swell of my bare bum.

Teasing her right back, I touched her boobs and wiggled my butt, meaning it in jest. I don’t know about Emily, but this embrace we shared brought very nice feelings for me. Not the insistent burning want that a man could make me feel. This was more a calm warmth that started in my shoulders, radiating outward.

Another moment passed, and we were still in each other’s arms. She smelled sweet. I started to pull away, letting go of her breasts, but she was leaning her head towards me.

Yes, I wanted to see, too, then. Just a kiss, nothing more. I leaned, too, and our lips met. I wrapped my own arms around her. I didn’t feel quite ready to touch her panty-clad behind, but I massaged her small, smooth shoulders and back as we kissed.

And kissed. She moved her hands and touched my face with soft fingers. We let our bare bellies touch together, our thighs. She was deliciously smooth and warm.

The soft feel of our kiss was at last radiating down to my womanhood. It was confusing to feel that with her. Confusing. Still, undeniably, nice.

The phone rang. Holding the embrace for one more long moment, letting it ring, we finally broke. I took the handset from the wall-phone and, turning, stood with my bare back to the glass door. I bent one knee slightly in front of the other, watching Emily as I answered. She watched me too, our faces serious, our eyes meeting.

It was Jordan. He needed a ride, and I had promised my parents I would get him.

Emily needed to be home, so I dropped her off and got Jordan. When we got back, Mom and Dad were already there. No more playing today.

Except, in my room in the darkness, I lifted the hem of my night-dress and caressed myself softly, coming quietly, reliving the kiss.

I lay still in my bed afterwards, unable to sleep, as images of me taking Emily’s last piece of clothing from her, and touching, smelling her body, kept me wanting.

After a long time, I looked over at the glow-in-the-dark hands of my alarm clock. 1:30 in the morning. The house was quiet.

I climbed out of my bed and slipped into the hall, listening. Silence.

I had been naked now, once, out on the deck in the daylight, lying on a lounge chair next to my brother while we made ourselves come. Although in my nightie this time, I wanted to feel that completeness embrace me again, in the night.

I had always loved the night sky.

I quietly slid open the door from the kitchen onto the deck, and stepped out. It was black, cool and quiet out there in the night. I stretched out on the lounge chair, and let the sky have me. Automatically, I picked out the constellations. The swan nearly right overhead, and of course one of my favorites, Casseopeia, bound in her chair.

Then a soft sound drifted up from the family room windows. Breaths. Someone was down there. I shot my gaze toward the house, but it was dark. Still, the sound was unmistakable. In fact, I thought to myself, it sounded like sex.

I stood, quiet as I could, and retreated inside. I crept to the top of the stairs, where I had a view of part of the couch in the room below. There were two bodies entwined there, naked, engaged in the act. I could not make out yet who they were, but I guessed it was Jordan and Emily! She was on top of him, moving gently against him.

I crept slowly, silently, down the stairs, and their sex came into my view, his familiar hard penis parting her, as they moved together unaware of me there. They were kissing. I remarked that the singular spot of her asshole, set like a jewel inside her round, parted hips, was brazenly exposed to me as she fucked my kid brother.

Inevitably, they sensed me, and I put a finger quickly to my lips. I moved then, quickly as I could, closing the distance between us. Getting close, I whispered, “Em! I’m so happy!”

She was pressing herself against Jordan’s chest as if to hide herself from me. His erection was still buried inside her. I touched a finger under her chin, urging her up, and I kissed her. I heard Jordan breathe, “Jesus!”

When I drew back, Emily’s eyes got big and she whispered, “Jordan is coming inside me right now!” Then she stifled a squeal of her own and grabbed hard on my arm and her hips quivered slightly as she followed him over the brink.

Eventually, she let go of my arm and rubbed it once, gently. We smiled into each other’s eyes.

Then I stood, playfully fingering the hem of my night-dress. Touching a hand to Jordan’s bare shoulder for just a split second, I smiled down at them, winked. I turned to go up, back to bed. Someone swatted my ass playfully, setting the edge of my negligee swinging. I lifted it, baring my bottom to the two lovers, and scampered to bed.

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Ch. 03: Going Down

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[This marks Chapter 3 in the continuing saga of Rick and Janie. Again, there is plenty of character development before it gets hot and heavy. My apologies if you’re looking for quick stroke material but this story is dangerously close to real life…]

Rick sat in traffic, waiting for the light to change. It was green for about half a second, or at least that’s what it felt like. He would have to wait at least another cycle before he could past the intersection. Once he got under the 405, it would be a little smoother, but in the mean time it seemed like every asshole on the planet was in line for the on-ramp.

The wait would’ve been bearable if the radio wasn’t playing the same stale crap – or if he’d remembered to bring his iPod – or if he had twin .50 caliber machine guns mounted under the lights…

Mounted. The word rung in his head. The drive would be bearable if Janie was there, if only to keep him company. And “mounting” was definitely a way to keep him company.

Thoughts of Janie slid through his head, making the drive shorter but harder. She was an amazing girl – amazing woman, Rick corrected. She was thirty, three years younger than him, but she didn’t seem thirty. She looked twenty and acted somewhere between eighteen and eight hundred. She went from boundless pixie to worldly philosopher, sometimes in the space of one beer. Unlike a lot of her actor/dancer friends, she actually sounded intelligent when she spoke. She was the catch of a lifetime.

But was it time?

They’d known each other for five years, been good friends four of them, been listening to stories of heartbreak and nursing each other’s spirits. They’d been an “item” for six months (including three road trips). Unlike every woman before her, he just didn’t getting tired of her.

On the other hand, like the old Paul Riser routine, Rick was terrified of seeing only one set of tits for the rest of his life. They were a nice set, but that was the rub: familiarity is the bane of beauty. Variety is the spice of life and all that, right?

Rick weaved around double-parked trucks, his hands on autopilot. Izzy’s Deli went by, the drive moving faster.

“But she’s a party girl…” Rick said aloud.

Cheap shot. Rick knew her history – yeah, she partied, but her track record wasn’t nearly as sordid as his own. And then there was Superbowl night…


It was a dangerous thing when you had both a trophy partner and a kinky streak. And what kind of kink was it? There was no accepted pathology for this deviation: root causes were too individual for blanket diagnosis.

Did it need a diagnosis? Maybe.

What they’d already done could never be undone. If they stayed together, there would be lifelong associations, emotional reverberations, a chance for terrible regret. Yet denial of primal impulses led to festering resentment.

Rick blinked and repeated his last thought, rolling over at least $60 in syllables. What a mouthful. So to speak. So what if they did stay together?

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

Janie’s face flashed through his memory, her megawatt smile outshining the streetlights. Should he make “the” party girl “his” party girl? Could he?

It was time.


Rick sat in the dark, resting on the living room couch. The same couch that…


Images of Superbowl night played through his head. Without the TV, without light, all the memories seem to play back brighter. Not that they had a chance to dim, the Superbowl wasn’t a week past. That meant Valentine’s Day was only two days away.

Rick reached for the phone.

A moment later, Janie picked up. “Jane’s escort service, may I help you?”

“What are your rates?”

“If you have to ask…”

“What if I buy in bulk?”

Jane’s voice snapped. “Are you saying I’m bulky?”

“I’m saying I can’t get enough of you.”

“You could’ve fooled me. Haven’t returned my call.”

“Sorry, long day at the office. I needed to disconnect.”

There was a moment of silence over the line. Janie knew ‘a long day’ usually meant grief counseling for family of fallen officers. When she broke the silence, her voice was soft and a little gravelly. “So… how is everything?”



“Yeah. I don’t have any lights on.”


“Any gigs this weekend?”

“Rehearsal Monday morning, so that gives me… 58 hours before I walk into the studio. What have you got in mind?”

“My dry suit is a little too dry.”

“Diving? WooHoo! Where?”

“Catalina. You’re invited.” Rick glanced at the clock. “In fact, why not-“

“-Come down tonight? Sure! I’ll be there with bells on!”

“That’s like a belly dancer thing, right?”

“Would you prefer thigh-highs? ‘I’ll be there with thigh-highs on’?”

“Yes. And nothing else.”


Janie didn’t even make it into the townhouse. Rick intercepted her and tossed her dive bag into the Bronco. They were out of the parking lot fifteen seconds later.

“You realize its quarter after 10?”

“Got it covered,” manisa escort Rick nodded. “What I wonder… how much is rent in Sherman Oaks?”


“Well, you’re burning all sortsa bread and you’re barely ever there.”

“Yeah, the cats don’t like it much…” Janie cocked her head. “Umm…”

“How about if you bring the cats down to Santa Monica?”

“You…” Janie about choked. “You want…”

“Hey, I’d be crazy not to want more pussy around the house-” Rick felt a solid punch in his arm, followed by immediate caressing. “Really, can a guy get too much tail?”

“By a whisker, yes.”

“And bring the rest of your stuff, too.”

“You want me to move in?” Janie stared with wide eyes. Her hands were balled up like she was on a roller coaster. “Like, ‘move in’ move in?”

“I would like that very much. Would you?”

“Oh, God.”

Rick heard her harness click and a moment later, her arms were wrapped around him. Her boobs mashed into him and he could feel her heartbeat through his shoulder.

“I take this as a ‘yes’?”

Janie glanced ahead, saw the lane was clear, and planted a deep kiss on him.

They negotiated interior decoration all the way down to Long Beach. Janie’s inimitable sense of style met Rick’s austere practicality in the middle. By the time they pulled into the Island Express parking lot, Janie was bouncing ideas off Rick that would’ve made Disney Imagineers perk up.

They were still riding emotional adrenaline as the helicopter’s turbine fired up. No matter how many times they’d flown, pulses quickened as the rotors started turning. Rick watched her climb into the cabin, her lithe leg almost entirely out of the long fold in her sarong. Two more inches would show panty (if she was wearing any) and he couldn’t hold back, goosing her mercilessly until she could plant her butt on the seat.

Rick followed into the cabin, moving his assault from ass to ribs – the sensitive spot just under the sides of her boobs. She was laughing, he was copping a few freebies, and a not a moment later, they were flying at 130 mph over the Port of Los Angeles.

Normally, Rick would be oohing and aahing over the night flight but right then… He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The woman he’d just asked to move in with him. Jumping out of airplanes was easier but definitely wasn’t as much fun.


Fifteen minutes later, they were in the back of an extended golf cart. The road to Avalon wound around with a steep hill on one side and a rocky beach on the other. Between the wind and the direction, there was no chance the driver would hear them.

Janie glanced behind to confirm, then nestled into Rick. “So what did it?”

“Did what?”


Rick looked out over the dark water. There was plenty of moonlight but almost no surf. “I saw too much to let go.”

“What do you see in me?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I’m used to guys fawning, but they’re never looking deeper than skin. You’re a psychologist for God’s sake, it seems like you look through me sometimes. What do you see?”

“Total package.”

“What do you mean?”

“Smart, funny, and I’ll admit ‘hot,’ too” Rick held up fingers as he named off qualities. “Artistic, expressive…” He brought up his other hand. “Opinionated. Eccentric. Eclectic. Conscientious yet deviant.” Rick stared at his open hands for a moment. “Sorry, I can’t count any higher unless I take my shoes off.”

Janie smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. “I was afraid the deviant part would…”

“Cause irreversible erection?”


“Cause incurable infection?”

“No. Well, maybe.” Janie shook her head. “…Cause emotional defection.”

“Nah,” Rick answered. “Prudes make me nervous. Denial and repression issues, usually.”

Janie arched an eyebrow. “Do you psychoanalyze me?”

“All the time, but it never works.”

“Feminine mystery?”

Rick smiled and shook his head. “Because I’m emotionally involved.”

Avalon was coming up and Rick reached back to tap the driver.

The driver glanced back. “Vista Del Mar, right?”

“Via The Marlin Club.”

The driver shrugged and coasted to a stop.

Janie looked over. “Don’t you want to drop the stuff off?”

“Off season, they might close early. The hotel is just half a block up, why don’t you go in, have a drink and flirt with the locals. I’ll be back in a few.”

“Flirt with the locals?”

“You know you love it.”

She gave him a coy smile and jumped off the cart. She was at the door in two steps and the cabbie jerked the cart into drive.


It took five minutes to get checked in and get the dive gear stowed in the wet room. It took another fifteen minutes to call a local dive master and get the plan in action. Tomorrow morning would be… interesting.

By the time Rick got back to the Marlin, his imagination had already been around the world. That was easy to do when you told a saucy girl to flirt, especially a girl that was a part-time fitness model.

Just outside, he could hear the horns of some vintage Benny Goodman swing. Just inside, he saw there were enough people to keep the joint open for a while – and most of them looked as he walked in.

Janie was seated at the ’40’s style bar, one leg hidden in her skirt, the other showing practically to her waist. Some guy was hovering about four inches away from her. She was staring into a bottle of Bohemia, wearing a killer smile. For a microsecond, Rick toyed with three different ways to break the guy’s face.

…On the other hand, she was hot and she was alone… and one view of that dancer’s leg was all the flirting she’d have to do.

Rick ambled up and took the space on her other side. The stranger flashed a dirty look, sizing up the newcomer just as Janie turned and kissed him.

The stranger winced then leaned back and nodded as Janie lavished her lips on Rick.

“Robert,” she explained, “This is the guy I was waiting for. Rick, meet Robert.”

Rick held out his hand. “Robert, nice to meet you.”

A whole range of emotions played through the guy, but he met Rick in a handshake and gave a friendly smile.

“You’re a lucky guy, Rick.”

“That I am. That I am.”

As soon as the moment of tension passed, the waitress materialized, ready to usher… whoever to a secluded booth in the back.

Janie slipped off the barstool. Both men watched as her toned leg showed to the waist and her perfect ass slid over powder blue leather. A moment later, she shook hands with Robert as well.

The man was gallant. “I’d kiss your hand if I didn’t think your man would take my head off.”

Rick rolled his eyes and Janie read his mood: highly tolerant. She extended her arm and Rob took advantage, giving a princely kiss to her hand.

“Yeah, yeah, okay, violins are swelling.” Rick’s voice was gruff but civil. “Robert.”

“Mr. Rick.”

The waitress led the way, Janie followed and Rick brought up the rear. Robert stayed at the bar, deflating as Janie sashayed away. By a few of the looks, some expected the whole trio might sit together. Rick suppressed a grin as Janie slid into the booth – her leg showing again. He slid in on the opposite side, facing her and the rest of the restaurant. Most eyes turned away though a few of the men were still locked on her. A few women gave passing eye contact.

The waitress left appetizer menus and headed for the bar. Once they were alone, the silence felt like it was going to burst. Janie forced herself to look at the menu.

Rick didn’t bother with the coy game. “Okay, so you had fun.”

“Well, you told me to flirt.”

Rick nodded, a hint of a smile showing through. “At least you told him you were expecting someone.”

“Not before he gave me a phone number.”

“Hm. Not a room number?” A jealous jolt thundered through and a flash of trophy pride chased it. The mood settled on voyeuristic titillation. “A local?”

“Sorta… but not. Here for a week. Timeshare in Hamilton Cove.”

“And if you weren’t with someone?”

“Not in a million years. Picking guys up at bars was never my thing, darling.”

“And if you were with someone?”

Janie just smiled and looked down at the menu.

“What do you think of when I say… ’37’?”

Janie’s draw dropped and she kicked Rick under the table. “You’re awful!”

Rick rubbed his shin and squinted. “38? No, wait… it’s18 now, isn’t it?”

Janie kicked again but Rick slid his legs to the side.

“Good thing bars don’t do it for you. Where would you be if they did?”

“In the hundreds… And probably dead,” Janie mumbled. “Which is why I’ve never let myself get in touch with…”


Rick raised his bottle and gave her a salute.

Janie raised her Bohemia and looked across the table with coy eyes. With a sly smile, she slipped her lips over the top of the bottle and started a performance of fellatio par excellence.

Rick set down his Pacifico and adjusted his khakis. “You know, I can give you something else to practice on.”

She wagged her finger. “You’ll get yours as soon as we leave.”

“Shoot! Let’s go!”

“Let me finish my beer?”


Rick slid out from his side and slid into hers. She was power-sipping as he ran a finger up her sarong, over her knee, between her thighs – and found nothing but wet warmth under the skirt.

“Holy cats!” No panties? “You’re as excited as I am!”

“I am,” Janie smiled. “Nice phrasing, by the way.”

“Thanks.” Rick nudged her sarong to the side and glanced down for a glorious view of pussy. The little red dorito hovered above her clit like a ‘look here!’ arrow. Just below, her lower lips were as smooth as silk. “Sweet. You been ‘nature girl’ all night?”

“Nope. Took them off a while ago.”


“After you told me to flirt. You know how…” Janie bit her lip. “How she gets when…”

“When you’re feeling the breeze,” Rick finished. “So what? You walked in and went straight to the head?”

“I took them off while I was talking to Robert.”

Rick’s eyes flickered in a double-take. He looked at the well-lighted bar, then back at the blazingly-open sarong. “Well you didn’t get arrested, and you weren’t signing autographs…”

Janie glanced over her shoulder. “No, Harriet Houdini has never tried anything that daring. I just excused myself while he ordered drinks. He didn’t know until I put his number in the purse. That’s when he got close… and that’s when you came in.”


Rick ran his fingers through her little red patch and grazed over her clit. Janie bit her lip and slid her right leg over his left. The position opened her up and Rick took advantage, dipping his middle finger down her sopping wet slit.

Her pussy was inviting, almost gaping, and Rick slipped his finger inside. He glanced over his shoulder, but nobody was looking. Perfect. A beat later, his pushed his finger deep, burying it to the knuckle.

Janie’s head tilted back in pleasure, then popped up again as she remembered where she was. Now people were looking. Rick stopped moving his arm but he didn’t pull his finger out. Instead, he made eye contact and just circled his finger inside of her.

“You really got excited playing with that guy, didn’t you?”

“It’s nice… to be… appreciated,” she murmured, her voice catching as he circled. “I’m 30. For talent in L.A., that’s ancient! It’s nice to know I’ve still ‘got it’.”

“Oh, please. Not only do you ‘got it,’ but you’re gonna get it!”


“Fuckin’ A.”

“Fuck a ‘J,’ She’s willing.”

Rick took a deep breath and stood up. He stepped back and offered his damp hand to help her out of the booth. She took his hand and slid out, the sarong opening wide enough to show both legs and where they so wonderfully met. She stood up, a picture of grace and poise, and let the sarong fall closed naturally.

Rick heard a gasp. A few feet behind, the bartender froze in place. Around the restaurant, heads snapped away, not wanting to be obvious as Janie turned toward the door. Ironically, Robert was still there, planted at a small table by the door, staring out the window and mumbling lamentations. Of all the people to miss the legs, to miss the hint of something more…

They headed for the register and Robert raised his glass as they passed. Rick nodded back but Janie winked and gave him a peck on the cheek. The exchange netted a few seemingly disinterested glances. The ‘other man’ scandal had a little tension, but a ‘third person’ possibility was enough to spark curiosity. Any action in an off-season resort town sparked curiosity.

They strolled out of the bar-restaurant and walked down Crescent Avenue, along the inner ring of Avalon Bay. For mid-February, the evening was surprisingly balmy: still in the mid sixties. It was just after midnight, but there were still plenty of people out enjoying the weather.

There was silence for the first thirty seconds as they walked arm-in-arm. When the sidewalk was clear, Rick leaned over. “Did I see a wink and a peck back there?”

Janie nodded. “But did you see me pat my purse?”

Rick shook his head and it dawned on him a moment later: the purse with her panties and his phone number… and the wink and the kiss. “Why, you little slut!”

“Is that bad?” Janie giggled.

Rick roared and launched an assault, tickling her hips until she looked like she was having a seizure. Her laughter echoed down the street (every inch of her body was a sensitive spot) and he chased her halfway up Hill Street. The street name contains zero irony, and a moment later, they were both breathing a little heavier. In truce, he laid a kiss on her lips and a hand on her buns as they walked around the bend on Chimes Tower Road.

It didn’t take ten minutes until they were cloaked in inky dark. The moon was over the ridge and they’d see headlights long before anyone saw them. Rick still had a hand on her ass and feeling it flex under his palm was like Viagra on steroids. By the sway of her hips, she was deep in the mood, too.

After another bend, they found a picturesque break in the trees. The lights of Los Angeles twinkled across the water, some 20 miles away. The road to Hamilton Cove was way down the hill and there wasn’t another human being anywhere.

“Rick, tell me a story.”

“What kind of story?”

“A get-me-in-touch story.”

“One of those. Okay.”

…She was on a small resort island with her husband… The ‘husband’ part caught her by surprise, but she hid the emotion behind a subtle smile. Or maybe the smile came from Rick unbuttoning her shirt as he spoke. …She was waiting for him at a bar called The Marlin Club. As she felt a breeze tickling between her thighs, a stranger bought her a beer. The look in his eyes was pure desire, and the tickle she felt turned to a tingle…

Rick rolled off details as he unsnapped her bra, hefting her breasts as he put her back in the scene. He rolled her nipples as he whispered in her ear. Below his hands, down a flat tummy, beneath the belly button ring, she reached into the flap of her low-riding sarong. She slid a soft hand between perfect thighs and circled a finger over her clit. Her eyes closed as he described the bartender watching the two flirt.

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O What a Night Ch. 01

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Enormous Erection

Man, did it feel good to be home from work, showered and able to relax. It had been a week from hell, my boss had been under huge pressure and we all worked hard to get everything done so he could relax. He was so happy with our help he gave us all a day off with pay, and I planned to sit back and figure out when to take it.

I switched on the tube, put on the oldies movie channel and went online to check my emails. The usual assortment of forwards, one from the ex asking me some stupid question that could wait ’til Monday, and a few responses to my ad on a singles site. Hmmm, those I open first.

The first is from a woman who lives 200 kms away, so that’s an exercise in futility. The next is from a woman that I already know, telling me it must be fate our both being on the same site. Fate, sure, that plus it’s a free site. Delete.

I am just about to close my email account when I see a new message has hit my inbox. I can’t help it, I’m a curious kind of fellow, so I have to open it and see what new hopeless case finds me totally attractive. I notice there is a pic attached, so I open it, and suddenly I am sitting upright in my chair, focused intently on the screen in an effort to will this girl to come to life right there and then.

She’s tall, and since I am well over 6 feet that’s always a great place to start. She’s thin, the type of figure men have called willowy, as if thin was a bad thing to say to a woman. Red hair, green eyes, and a mischievous smile are having a competition to see which can keep my attention the longest. Then I see the garter belt peeking out under her mini skirt, and the race is won by a mile.

Her letter is attached, and after a few false starts, I manage to drag my eyes away from the pic and start to read. And I go back and read it over again, to make sure I didn’t imagine it. Her name is Megan. balıkesir escort She’s 19, lives 20 minutes away from me and loves older men.Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me but…

As I log into the site, my mind is awash with ideas, not the least of which has to be that this is WAY too good to be true. I fully anticipate that I will be the laughing stock of some idiot boys trick, when an IM comes on and it’s her. With a request to show me her cam. As I hit the accept key, I prepare myself for the worst.

What I find is a live action shot of my dream girl, wearing the same outfit she had on in the pic she sent me. Through the course of our chat, I find out the pic was taken just moments before, and she was thrilled to see me come online right away. Like I wouldn’t have swam the English Channel to hit that enter key after seeing her pic.

We chat amiably for a half an hour or so, and then the moment of truth arrives. She tells me she is online tonight because she is lonely and bored, and would love someone to take her out for some fun. In moments, I have the directions to her place and the car is revving up in the driveway. I can almost steer the car with my erect dick, I am so excited and almost giddy, like I am 19 again myself. Of course, I am much older than that, but my penis has forgotten that fact in its haste to meet this young nubile woman.

When I get to the door of her place, she is waiting, wearing a pair of 4 inch heels that make it easy for me to look her in the eye. We head to a local watering hole, and the waitress there asks what my daughter would like to drink. To my great joy, she finds the entire situation hysterical, and from that point on she calls me Daddy whenever the server comes near.

After 45 minutes, a few drinks and a lot of flirting, Meg leans over and whispers in my ear that she is having a great time, but wouldn’t I rather finish the night back at my place? As I start to stammer out a response, the waitress comes back for one last check to see if we want anything else to drink. Meg leans over, and in full view of the now shocked waitress, grabs my cock through my pants, looks at the poor girl and says “No, Thanks, all I need is right here…let’s go Daddy.”

Meg grabs my hand and we start to navigate our way through the bar, oblivious to the evil looks from the women and the obviously envious stares of the men. As we hit the door, the waitress miraculously appears, and hands us a receipt, which Meg shoves in her purse.

The drive back to my place never seemed so long in all my life. Meg was cuddled as close to me as she could get, and seemed as happy as if we had known each other for years. Her hand alternates between clutching at mine, and tracing little circles on my arm. Her perfume, which was called “Justifiable Rape” I suspect, has my senses reeling, and as we pull into my lane, all I can think of is how my entire future’s worth of good luck might be used up tonight.

As soon as we had the door closed behind us, we were in each others arms. At first , the kiss was slow and romantic, but soon passion began to overtake us, and when she moans into my mouth, I lost all semblance of patience. I picked her up, and as her legs wrapped around my waist, I pivoted and held her up against the wall.Her hands were rubbing my back, her arms pulling my harder against her, and soon I pulled us away from the wall, and headed towards the bedroom.

We tumbled together onto my bed, and literally in seconds Meg had stripped down to her lingerie. She looked amazing in a black lace bra and matching panties, accented by her black garters and hose. I quickly shed my clothing, and soon we were exploring each other with tongues and hands. When she grabbed my hard as a rock cock, she moaned into my mouth again, and began kissing her way down my chest, her hands trailing behind her mouth and weaving small circles in my chest hair. As she approached my cock, she ran her tongue down my thigh, and back up the other, while she gently massaged my balls. The feeling was electric, and I found myself growing harder still.

Sensing my excitement, Meg paused in her adventure, and looked up at me with a wicked grin. I started to say something, and at that moment she took my entire cock in her mouth, effortlessly taking all of me. Whatever words I was about to say were lost in time, as she began a slow rhythm up and down my prick.

I may have been more excited in my life, but I really can’t remember when. As I felt my orgasm approaching, I began to moan, and somehow found the means to warm her I was about to come. As our eyes met, I realized that she had no intention of stopping her deep throat administrations, and then I stopped being able to make any sense of anything. My entire body faded away from my senses, and all there was of me was my cock, now deep in her mouth. As my orgasm overtook me, I lost all touch with the outside world. I was my cock, and I was lost in a sensation of pure ecstasy.

Time passed, either a few minutes or a thousand years, I couldn’t tell which, and then at long last I was back inside my own skull. Meg had skid back up until she was once again in my arms, and I kissed her, trying to convey to her how wonderful I felt with that kiss, since words were still beyond my ability to form.

She looked so beautiful, so desirable, that my cock decided that we were really 19 again, and was still hard as a rock. With her one hand on my erection, she lowered her lips to my nipple and licked a slow circle around it. Then she said the first words she had spoke since we arrived at my home. ” Make me come…please.”

Thank you God…

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My Cousin’s Sorority Ch. 08

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“Where were you all day?” my cousin Tara asked. She was smiling as she let me in her room.

“Sleeping in,” I replied, giving her a hug as she swung the door shut.

“Kelly really is a dynamo!” Tara giggled.

“Oh she is!” I grinned, but then grew serious and added, “But she left the room hours ago. Something about an emergency at the sorority?”

“Really?” Tara asked in surprise. “I haven’t heard anything.” She frowned momentarily before shrugging. My cousin’s eyes grew mischievous as she added, “Are you sure she just isn’t meeting another guy behind your back?”

“She wouldn’t do that,” I replied confidently. “She’d take me along.” Tara shook her head.

“Last night was amazing,” she said. “The rest of us stayed until four in the morning. Poor Lee passed out somewhere in the middle.”

“He’s only human,” I smiled. “I’m sure you, Leslie and Emma damn near killed the guy!”

“He stayed in Emma’s room,” she said once she stopped laughing. “They hit it off pretty well.”

“Are you okay with that?” I asked carefully. Tara shrugged and sighed.

“I like Lee, but I don’t love him,” she finally said.

So, what did you and the ladies do after Lee passed out?” I asked with a grin, changing the subject. Tara blushed.

“Let’s just say that I’ve learned to accept my bisexuality,” she said, and then mumbled something under her breath.

“What did you say?” I asked.


“Oh, come on! Tell me!” I insisted.

“I said, ‘At least when you’re around’,” she finally answered.

“You mean you and the others haven’t…” I began, but Tara cut me off.

“No, we haven’t,” she said quickly.

“Well, that’s just silly!” I said. Tara looked at me, rolled her eyes and burst out laughing.

“You know my sorority earned the reputation of being sweet and innocent before you came along. There is something about you that just seems to bring out the worst in us,” she said.

“You mean the best,” I replied. She shook her head and laughed again. I was about to say something else when the door to the room swung open hard and hit the wall.

“That bastard!” Sarah cried.

“What happened?” Tara asked. Sarah burst into Hebrew. My cousin nodded and frowned. “What a jerk!”

“Richard?” I asked. Tara nodded as she hugged Sarah.

“He was cheating on her,” my cousin said. I nodded.

“I’ll just leave you two alone,” I said and turned toward the door. Sarah grabbed my arm.

“No, there’s at least one benefit of him being a jerk,” she said, reaching down and rubbing my cock through my pants. “I get to feel you inside me again.” I hesitated. I was sorely tempted to do exactly what Sarah wanted, but I groaned silently to myself and pulled away.

“Sarah, I have to go find Kelly,” I said.

“You don’t want to…” she began, looking dejected. I pulled her to me and kissed her.

“Are you crazy! Of course I want you again,” I smiled. “But I’m dating Kelly now.”

“Oh well,” she said with a shrug.

“No, it’s not what you think,” I replied. “I want to go find her and bring her back.” Sarah raised an eyebrow. I smiled and nodded.

“I guess I can wait a little while in that case,” she smiled.

“Why wait?” I asked.


“Tara was just saying how comfortable she’s becoming with her bisexuality,” I hinted.

“Tom!” Tara snapped.

“Oh come on! You can’t tell me that you don’t want Sarah again,” I sighed. Sarah looked at Tara and smiled when my cousin didn’t answer.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for you to make a move,” Sarah said. “I knew you were having issue coping with what happened and I figured I’d give you time to work them through. Have you?”

“See what I mean about you bringing out the worst in me?” Tara asked me.

“And the best,” I replied.

“Well?” Sarah asked Tara impatiently. My cousin leaned forward and kissed her roommate. Sarah growled and thrust her tongue into Tara mouth. They started stripping each other immediately. I decided to leave when my cousin pushed her roommate onto her bed and kissed her way down Sarah’s body.

“Oh yes!” Sarah cried when Tara reached her pussy. “Right there!”

I groaned as I unlocked the door. Tara broke away from what she was doing briefly.

“Hurry back,” my cousin said before returning to Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah said something as well, but I couldn’t understand what because she was speaking Hebrew once again. Tara’s tongue drifted lower in answer to Sarah’s words. I couldn’t take it anymore. I cracked open the door and slipped out as quickly as I could.

I made my way to the sorority to find Kelly. I didn’t really know many of the sisters so I went to Emma’s room. I knocked on her door.

“Who’s there?” I heard Emma ask.

“Me, Tom,” I called through the door. It cracked open and she pulled me into the room. Emma was naked and sweaty. I obviously interrupted her and someone. That someone turned out to be Lee. Tara was right. They really had hit it off.

Emma returned to Lee and quickly straddled his hips. She sunk samsun escort down on his cock and sighed before giving me her attention once again.

“Care to join us?” she asked. My dick was throbbing, but I made a deal with Kelly and I didn’t plan on breaking it. Besides, Tara and Sarah were waiting for me. Well, not really waiting, but they were expecting Kelly and I to return.

“Later,” I sighed. It was more difficult then you would think. “Do you know where Kelly is?”

“With Jazzy!” Emma gasped as Lee pushed up hard. Jazzy was a slight Asian girl from Kelly and Tara’s recently elevated pledge class.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us?” Lee asked with a grin as he continued to work his cock in and out of Emma.

“Oh, I do!” I replied, rubbing my hand through my hair. “But I promised your sister I wouldn’t have sex without her.” Lee laughed.

“In that case you need to go to Jazzy’s dorm and bring Kelly back with you,” Emma said, but then frowned and added, “It may not be that easy. Jazzy’s long time boyfriend didn’t show for the initiation. She called him and ended up dumping him over the phone. She’s pretty upset.”

“How do I get to Jazzy’s dorm?” I asked.

“Go downstairs and find Toni. I saw her in the living room not too long ago. She’ll tell you,” Emma panted. I couldn’t resist. I made my way over and pulled her into a kiss. I even caressed her breasts briefly. Emma reached for my pants, but I pulled away.

“I have to go find Kelly,” I groaned and quickly slipped out of the room.

Toni was playing a game with some of the other sisters when I found her. I didn’t recognize some of the ladies present, but others were familiar to me. The most notable was Connie. She seemed happy and more relaxed now that she finally made it to sisterhood.

One of these days I’d have to introduce myself to her. I couldn’t help wonder how she would react to finding out it was me that night. Sleeping with a blindfolded woman turned out to be different and enjoyable.

“Toni, do you mind taking me to Jazzy’s room?” I asked. “Kelly is there comforting her. She broke up with her boyfriend.”

“Jazzy broke up with her boyfriend!” Connie said in surprise. I nodded.

“Oh damn!” she cried.

“What’s wrong?” Toni asked.

“She’s my best friend,” Connie replied, and then sighed and added, “She called me earlier and left a message to call her. I was hung over from the initiation and figured I’d call her later.”

“It’s not like you knew,” Toni said.

“I know, but it doesn’t make me feel any better,” she said with a shake of her head. She then turned to me and said, “I’ll take you to Jazzy’s room.”

“Thanks,” I said. Connie went to get her jacket and Toni walked me to the door.

“We haven’t had a chance to talk in a while,” Toni said with a smile. Her Jamaican accent still did things to me.

“I know,” I replied, looking at her. Toni smiled, obviously reading my expression.

“Maybe later tonight,” she hinted.

“Maybe,” I replied. A thought came to me and I smiled briefly. “This seems to be a weekend for breakups. Tara is comforting Sarah right now in their room.”

“She broke up with Richard?” Toni asked in surprise.

“He was cheating on her,” I replied.

“Fool!” Toni snapped.

“That seems to be the consensus,” I sighed. Connie was coming down the hall, so I quickly added, “You know, you could go help Tara comfort her.”

“Sarah and I have become more friendly since your last visit, but we still aren’t really friends. She could probably use time with Tara alone. They are pretty close. They don’t need me barging in on them,” Toni replied with a sigh.

“Nonsense!” I said. “You were such a big help comforting Tara the last time.” Toni’s eyebrows went up as she realized what I was saying. I watched her hesitate as she licked her lips.

“Maybe I should stop by and lend Sarah a shoulder to cry on,” she finally said with a lustful smile. It sent a shiver down my spine.

“We really should touch base before I go back to my school,” I sighed.

“You know where my room is,” Toni grinned as Connie arrived.

“Let’s go,” Connie said, oblivious to the sexual tension between Toni and me. She was obviously concerned about Jazzy.

Jazzy’s dorm was all the way on the other side of the campus. I tried to start a conversation with Connie, but she was too focused on Jazzy.

“I knew this day was coming,” she sighed. “But I can’t believe he broke up with her over the phone!”

“He didn’t,” I frowned. “Jazzy broke up with him.”

“Really?” Connie asked in surprise.

“That’s what I heard.”

“Well good for her! Her boyfriend was a bastard! She deserves better,” Connie nearly growled, but then she calmed and added, “She’ll still be upset, but not nearly as bad as I feared.”

We arrived at her room and Connie knocked on the door. There was no answer.

“Maybe Kelly took her to get something to eat?” I offered.

“Probably,” Connie replied, reaching in her pocket and pulling out a key. “They’ll be back soon enough. We’ll wait inside.”

“You two must really be close if she gave you a key,” I said. Connie shrugged.

“We are,” she said. “Plus this dorm is a lot closer to the my classes. She let’s me crash here between classes.”

“It doesn’t bother her roommate?” I asked.

“Tiffiny?” Connie snorted. “She’s cool. Besides, she seldom here.”

“Boyfriend?” I asked. Connie grinned.

“Plenty,” she replied, reaching for the doorknob. “Tiffany is a blond bombshell who has a different guy everyday.”

“I think I may have met her,” I said, remembering the blond that was with Sam, Sarah’s old boyfriend, at the bar we went to during my last visit.

“If you did, you’d know it,” she said and she opened the door. “Tiffany is one of…” The rest of her sentence froze in her mouth as she looked in the room. I looked past her and saw two bodies intermeshed on the bed. It seemed that Kelly didn’t hold to our deal. I quickly hustled Connie into the room before she caused a scene in the hallway.

“You little Asian bitch!” Connie cried as I slammed the door shut.

“Connie calm down!” Jazzy said. She was having problems disentangling herself from my girlfriend. Kelly was looking up at me sheepishly.

“We’ll talk later,” I said in annoyance. I passed up a chance with Tara and Sarah, as well as Emma and Lee. That was bad enough, but I was surprised to realize that I was also hurt by Kelly’s action.

“I’m your best friend and you’re a lesbian and didn’t even tell me!” Connie cried. She was ignoring Kelly and me.

“I’m not a lesbian!” Jazzy snapped.

“Then what is this?” Connie asked, pointing to her and Kelly.

“Connie, neither of us planned this,” Kelly interjected before Jazzy could answer. She was speaking to Connie, but looking at me. “Jazzy was hurting after her break up. We talked for hours this morning.”

“She was very kind and patient with me,” Jazzy took up the story. “I was finally settling down when Kelly hugged me. The next thing I knew, we were kissing.”

“Don’t blame yourself too much,” I said, and then growling added, “Kelly is one horny bitch!”

“No, it wasn’t her,” Jazzy insisted, surprising me. “It’s been almost three months since I saw my boyfriend and I was very horny. I kissed her first.”

“But she’s a girl!” Connie said. Jazzy shrugged.

“I told you about my best friend from high school,” the Asian girl said, looking briefly at Kelly and I. She was obviously embarrassed.

“You said you kissed her once!” Connie snapped in reply.

“No,” Jazzy sighed. “I said we kissed and didn’t go into any further details when you reacted so badly. You assumed it was only once. I didn’t plan on kissing Kelly, but she was being kind and I was feeling so lonely.”

“She really did kiss me first,” Kelly said to me. I sighed deeply and nodded. Kelly relaxed visibly. I was still a little hurt, but I had to forgive her. I couldn’t stay mad at Kelly. I cared too much.

“And you really are one horny bitch,” I said with a forced grin. She saw my expression and laughed.

“You’re okay with this?” Connie asked in surprise.

“It’s not the first time Kelly’s slept with a woman,” I replied, and then added, “Although it is the first time without me present.”

“We usually share,” Kelly said. Both Connie and Jazzy looked at us in surprise.

I noticed Jazzy’s body for the first time. She was a small woman with average breasts and a flat ass. Her small pussy was furry, which I liked. Her almond shaped eyes were as dark as her hair. She wasn’t really my type, but a naked woman was a naked woman. Besides, there was something in her eyes that showed a wildness dying to be released.

“I haven’t enjoyed a man’s company in quite a while,” Jazzy said, obviously interested. Kelly and I smiled.

“You have to be kidding!” Connie snapped. She looked like she was about to burst, so I reached up and started rubbing her shoulders. “Stop that!” she snapped.

“Connie, you have to relax a little,” I said, continuing to rub her shoulders. “Come on, tell me you’re not at least a little excited by what’s going on?” I knew Connie was excited. I just didn’t know whether she would admit it.

“You three do what you want! I have to go,” she said, but she didn’t move away from my massage. Jazzy slowly made her way over until she was right in front of Connie. The Asian woman was shorter by quite a bit. She looked up into Connie’s eyes and smiled.

“It should have been you,” Jazzy said.

“W-What?” Connie stuttered. Jazzy reached up and caressed Connie’s cheek.

“I said that it should have been you instead of Kelly in bed with me,” the Asian girl replied.

“That would be so wrong!” Connie said, but she was obviously excited by the thought.

“Connie, have you ever been with another woman before?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Connie bit her lip and refused to reply.

“You have!” Jazzy said in surprise. “And you didn’t tell me! You reacted so badly when I tried to tell you that I liked girls as well as boys.”

“It was after we had that discussion. Besides, it was only once and I didn’t know how you would react,” Connie mumbled. Jazzy reached up and took Connie’s face in both her hands. She then pulled gently until their lips met. Connie moaned.

“What would my mother say if she saw this!” she cried.

“She’d say you were going straight to hell,” Jazzy replied, but then smiled and asked knowingly. “Do you care?”

“Not really,” Connie laughed, kissing Jazzy back. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Kelly asked.

“Not at all,” Connie sighed. “If I’m going to go to hell for this, I might as well enjoy myself.” She kissed my girlfriend as Jazzy reached down and slipped two fingers between Kelly’s legs.

“So, can I stop massaging? Are you relaxed enough?” I asked with a grin.

“Not yet,” Connie sighed, truly relaxing for the first time. She closed her eyes as Kelly and Jazzy began undressing. The two each took one of Connie’s large breasts in her hands when they were done.

“They are just as lovely as I imagined,” Jazzy smiled as she leaned forward and gently nibbled on the large breasted woman’s nipple. Kelly was doing the same on her other side. Connie sighed loudly. Her eyes will still closed as she spent a few moments enjoy the attention of all three of us.

“Oh my God!” she snapped suddenly and broke away from Jazzy and Kelly.

“What? What’s wrong?” Jazzy asked in surprise. Connie ignored her and fell to her knees in front of me. She undid my pants in record time and pulled out my cock.

“I knew it!” she snapped.

“Oh my! You’re huge!” Jazzy said, eyeing my cock.

“And all mine!” Kelly said and then laughed at the other’s expressions. “Don’t worry. I’m willing to share.”

“You’re Big Dick, aren’t you?” Connie asked.

“How do you know that nickname?” Kelly asked, answering Connie’s question for me.

“I can’t say, but I’d remember that massage anywhere,” Connie said looking at me and smiling.

“Do you need the blindfold?” I teased.

“Oh, no! This time I want to see what’s happening!”

“What’s going on?” Jazzy asked.

“Who was the girl that day?” Connie asked me, ignoring Jazzy for a moment.

“I can’t say,” I replied. Kelly looked back and forth between Connie and me. She didn’t know what happened, but she got the general drift. She probably also guessed that Emma was the girl Connie was asking about.

“You wouldn’t believe him if he told you,” Kelly laughed.

“I still want to know what’s going on!” Jazzy snapped.

“All you need to know,” Connie began with a grin. “Is that you should be prepared for the best sex you’ve ever had!” She then leaned forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

“Jazzy, just let yourself go and enjoy what’s happening,” Kelly said, pulling the Asian girl into a kiss. Jazzy returned it before breaking away and looking at Connie and me.

“I want to see if I can fit that monster in me later,” she said. “But first I need to taste Connie. I’ve fantasized about it for a long time!” She made Connie get on her hands and knees and crawled under her. Connie moaned as she continued to lick my dick.

Kelly joined her at my cock. Connie happily slipped down to my balls. I looked down and watched them. Occasionally they would kiss wetly, sending a shiver down my cock.

“I need to lay down,” I said, and then grinning added, “Either that or I’m going to fall soon!” We all moved to Jazzy’s bed.

“My turn to taste you!” Connie said to Jazzy as she fell on the Asian girl’s pussy. Kelly straddled Jazzy’s face, which was hanging slightly off of the bed. My girlfriend used both hands to hold the Asian girl’s face against her pussy. It was a hot sight, but Connie demanded my attention.

“Fuck me!” Connie cried. I got behind her and slipped the head of my cock into her pussy. She pushed back taking in a couple of inches. “Come on! Give it to me!”

“He can be a bit of a tease at times,” Kelly said, but then gasped when Jazzy’s tongue found her clit. I shrugged and slammed into Connie.

“Yes!” the big-breasted girl yelled before refocusing on Jazzy’s pussy.

I barely started moving before Connie cried out in orgasm. I pulled out and leaned forward to taste her cum. I buried my face between her legs. Her cum was delicious. I drank it and she rolled into a second orgasm. I let my tongue drift up to her ass. Connie pushed back and moaned. I loved the feeling of my face buried between her cheeks.

“Do it now!” Connie finally cried. I smiled, stood and pushed my cock into her ass. It was tight as hell, but I used constant pressure until I was all the way in. I looked up and saw that Kelly was real close to her orgasm. She was really riding Jazzy’s face.

“I’m going to cum!” Kelly cried. “Use that tongue!” Jazzy stuck her tongue out as far as she could and Kelly grabbed a handful of hair on both sides of the Asian girl’s head. Kelly pulled and mashes her pussy onto Jazzy’s mouth as she came. The Asian girl groaned and did her best to swallow the flood of cum that gushed out of Kelly. It was one of the hottest things I’d ever saw!

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Edward and Emily Ch. 01b

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This is the first chapter of a fictitious story. The characters in this story are based on real people, but I have changed most of the names and in some cases their appearance. The events in this story never happened, with exception of some of the minor ones.

If you enjoy reading about Emily and Edward, please check out the parallel story Edward and Emily. It describes how the same events and developments are experienced by Edward.

Special thanks to Pete_L, for his invaluable help in turning this story into something much better than what it was.


My name is Emily and I’m 19 years old. I know that after reading my story, many of you will judge me, will condemn our relationship and will curse my dad. But what if it was me who took the initiative? What if it was the daughter who used tricks to seduce her father? What if it is me who is happy and him who is feeling guilty, confused, doubting?

But I am getting ahead of myself. First I must tell you a bit about me and my family. My parents divorced when I was eight years old. My mom moved in with her new boyfriend and I stayed with my dad. I can honestly say that my father is my best friend. He is always there for me. He has a fulltime job, but still finds the time to do all the housework, cook dinner, help me with my homework and do fun things with me, like taking me on field trips. Well, he doesn’t help me with my homework anymore, but he did when I was younger. My mom and dad aren’t friends, but at least they politely acknowledge each other’s existence.

I’m quite short, only 5’3 and I’m not as curvy as other girls my age. I have dark, almost black hair and brown eyes, but my skin is quite pale. My grandfather calls me Snow White. People often think I’m much younger than I am, like the policeman who pulled me over, because he thought he saw a child driving.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?” he said.

“Oh please mister policeman, don’t tell my daddy!” I replied, with an overly childish voice, batting my eyelashes as I handed him my driver’s license.

The poor guy turned several shades of red and his older partner almost peed his pants laughing.

When my friends started looking at boys, I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I didn’t think those boys were cute, or hot or whatever. I was more interested in men, like our math teacher, Mr. Davis, or that one bus driver, or that one guy from the restaurant where my mom and I sometimes go for coffee and cake. To me a guy isn’t interesting unless he is at least twice my age. I know that isn’t normal, but I can’t help it.

Where I live you’re not allowed to drink alcohol before you are 18 years old and sure enough I got drunk on my 18th birthday. That night I technically lost my virginity to a hair brush handle. The following morning, when I woke up with a hangover, noticed the bloodstain and remembered the pain, I promised myself I would never drink again. Of course I broke that promise within a few weeks, but I never got drunk again.

I am in college now and during the week I share a room with Jenna. I wouldn’t call her my best friend, but we get along. Most weekends and college breaks I go back home, and Jenna uses our room to have sex with one of her two boyfriends. Not at the same time as far as I know.

I guess my story really started when there was this workshop about sexual abuse. There were three ladies from some organization who came to tell me and my fellow students about how they had been abused and how it affected their lives. One of these ladies had an extra shocking story, because she had been abused at a young age by her own father. Her story confused me like nothing before. Of course, I thought that no one should ever have to experience what had happened to her. I felt sorry for her and wanted to comfort her, I hated the father and wanted to gouge his eyes out, but at the same time there was something else, something… strange. I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

That night I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that my father was fucking me. He held both my wrists in one hand above my head, his other hand was squeezing my breast and I felt him thrusting inside me. Suddenly I was sitting upright in bed. My heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest, but what surprised me the most, was the heat and wetness between my legs. Without thinking I started masturbating furiously, pretending it was my father’s hand caressing my body. I tried to masturbate in silence – you learn that when you have a roommate – but when I was just about to cum, I heard Jenna’s voice.

“Do you need a hand with that?”

“Uuuuuhhhhhgggnnnnnn…” Pause. “No, thanks, got it.”

Jenna laughed hysterically. “Yeah, that was pretty obvious. Who was it?”

“Who was who?”

“The guy you mersin escort were thinking of. Someone I know?”

This was by far the most intimate conversation I had ever had with Jenna, but of course I couldn’t say “It was my dad.” Instead I said, “Oh, some guy back home.”

“Is he cute?”

“I wouldn’t say that. He is… reliable. Trustworthy.”


“He’s older.”

That got her attention. “How old?”

“42,” I said, making my dad two years younger.

“Holy cow! Is he good in bed?”

“Uh-huh.” The lies came easy. I had no idea if he was good in bed or not. He’s my dad for Pete’s sake! The questions kept coming for a while, but apparently she got bored by my evasive answers, and finally she stopped asking.

The rest of that week I found myself looking at men differently. I still looked at older men, but now I compared them to my dad, and I’m sorry to say they all lost. I found myself visiting websites with erotic stories, and looking for specifically father/daughter fantasies. Some were pretty good, but most were just long descriptions of penetration and exchanges of bodily fluids, written without any emotion but lust. Some of the ads caught my attention, and I ordered two sets of those handcuffs covered with pink fur. They were pretty cheap and probably low quality, but I thought some of my friends would get a kick out of them.

On Friday afternoon, I threw my stuff in my old car that looked like it could fall apart any minute, but miraculously managed to take me from home to college and back every week. I’m pretty sure I broke the speed limit a couple of times, and when I pulled up in the driveway I noticed my dad’s car wasn’t there yet.

I let myself in, emptied my bag into the washing machine, added detergent, took my clothes off and stuffed them in the machine and turned it on. “Good girl,” I praised myself. I routinely took a nude selfie in the bathroom mirror, decided it was good enough to keep and stepped into the shower.

A few minutes later I was just drying off when I heard my dad’s voice.

“Sweetie, are you home?”

I grabbed my bathrobe, put it on while running towards and down the stairs and threw myself around my dad’s neck.

“Whoa, what is this all about?”

“I missed you.”

Dad laughed, but he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a bear hug like when I was little. I soaked in his smell while we stood there in the hallway.

“Are you okay Emi?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Of course I knew what was wrong with me. I wanted to feel his body pressed against mine, but I couldn’t tell him that.

Dad gave me a squeeze that literally took my breath away.

“Go get dressed and I’ll make dinner.”

Five minutes later I was sitting at the kitchen table and my eyes were following Dad around the kitchen. Why had I never noticed how attractive he was? He is not an athlete, but he does take care of his body, eats healthily and… Well, he looks pretty darn good for his age and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made women’s heads turn every once in a while.

“Are you okay?” he repeated.


“Are you okay? You look a bit… strange. Like you’re not really there.”

“No, I’m fine.”

He took my hand and felt my wrist.

“Are you sure you are alright? Your pulse is a bit fast.”

Of course my pulse was fast. I was just undressing my father with my eyes! But of course I claimed to be fine. What else was I to do?

At dinner we talked about random things, like always; college, his work, the old lady three doors down the street being admitted to hospital again. The only thing different this time was that I kept looking at his eyes, and every time he looked back, I couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s going on in that little head of yours?”

“Oh, nothing,” I lied. My brain presented me with a plausible excuse. “Just making plans for your birthday.” It was exactly one week until his birthday.

“Oh, right. Now that you mention it, Uncle James and Aunt Susan will be coming over for dinner.”


Uncle James, or Jimmy as I call him, is my father’s younger brother. He is a bit shorter than Dad, and has ginger curly hair. He is my favourite uncle, because he always made me laugh when I was a kid. His wife, Aunt Susan, Is the most beautiful woman I know. Long naturally blond hair, blue eyes, perfect body, really long legs and boobs that seem to defy gravity, yet without looking fake. Think of a blond Xena warrior princess. I always wanted to look like her.

After dinner, we spent the evening talking and watching TV. We made it to the end of a late night horror movie, when I decided to go to bed. Up in my room I found a small package on my desk. Apparently I had used my home address when I ordered the handcuffs. Normally that shouldn’t have been a problem, Dad never opened my mail, but if it’s an unmarked envelope, and they only write “E” instead of “Emily”, and my dad’s name is Edward, then it’s easy to make a mistake. The package was opened, and there was a sticky note on it.

“Make sure your mom doesn’t see these, and please only use them with someone you trust ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!”

Oh God, how could I have been so stupid! Why did I have these cuffs delivered here? Why did I order them in the first place? I spent at least an hour tossing and turning, until I finally fell asleep.

The following morning, Dad was making breakfast when I came downstairs.

“Hey sweetie. Sit down and have some tea. Breakfast will be ready in a minute.”

I watched him as he went through the rituals of preparing waffles. God he looked so good.

“Dad, do you know you are the only man I trust one hundred percent?”

Dad smiled. “That’s nice to hear, honey.”

About two seconds later his hands froze. I guess that is when he made the link between my words and what he had written on the sticky note. After a second or so his hands started moving again, but slower, and he looked at me a few times. He looked puzzled, but didn’t say a thing.

The entire weekend was weird. I spent way more time with my dad than I usually did. I kept checking him out, wondering what he would look like without clothes, or what it would feel like to touch him, and I don’t mean touching his hand or something.

I “forgot” to close the bathroom door when taking a shower, but nothing happened. I’m not even sure Dad noticed. When I left for college that Sunday night, Dad hugged me.

“I’m not sure why,” he said, “but this weekend was more fun than usual.”

“Yes it was.” I kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll be back on Friday.”

“Looking forward to it, honey.”

He kissed me on my cheek and in an impulse I kissed him on the lips, just briefly. The look of surprise in his eyes was priceless. I quickly got into my car, before I was tempted to throw myself at him, waved, and drove off.

The week was uneventful.

Classes, projects, Jenna questioning me about my older guy, me not telling anything, surfing the internet. Strange thoughts haunted me. Not really thoughts but… like parts of a plan. A really bad plan, but yet too enticing. A plan that could seriously mess up my life, but I couldn’t get it out of my head and slowly I accepted that I had no choice. I simply had to find out if Dad was susceptible to the idea of making love to me, and if he would act on it.

I decided to skip classes on Friday. There were only two of them and nothing I couldn’t catch up with, so I drove home on Thursday evening. Dad was watching TV when I came in.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, looking a bit surprised to see me.

“Playing hooky. I wanted to be here for your birthday.”

I dropped myself onto the couch next to him and kissed him on the cheek.

Dad smiled, “I have to work tomorrow.”

He wrapped an arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder.

“Good. Then I’ll have the house to myself to decorate and bake a cake.”

There was a horror movie on TV that night, the genre Dad and I both love, and we watched it together. Dad had one arm on the arm rest, the other one on his leg, holding the remote control. I was sitting at the other end of the couch, my legs pulled up under me and I looked more at him than at the TV screen. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to test how he would react to physical contact, other than the occasional hugs.

“Daddy, do you remember how I used to watch ‘Sesame Street’?”

Dad smiled. “Sure! Stretched out on the couch with your head on my lap.”

I moved over next to him, lifted his arm up and lay down, my head on his lap. Dad’s smile widened. He stroked my hair with his left hand. His right hand moved from my tummy to my shoulder, to the backrest and back to my tummy.

“What are you doing, waving that remote control around?”

“I’m trying to find a comfortable place to put my hand.”

“You mean you’re trying to find a comfortable place to put your hand without touching my boobs?”

Dad chuckled. “Yeah, you didn’t have those when you were watching ‘Sesame Street’.”

“It’s just fat tissue, Dad.”

I grabbed his hand, pulled out the remote control, dropped it on the couch next to me and put his hand on my breastbone, between my breasts.


He tried to pull his hand away, but I held it down with two hands.

“It’s okay! Watch the movie.”

I don’t think the movie argument convinced him, but he did shut up and slowly I felt the tension disappear from his arm. His left hand started stroking my hair again. Some girl on TV was being chased by a guy wearing a mask and holding a knife.

“Oh look Dad, she’s defending herself by throwing a pillow at him.” I said.

“Yeah, it would make more sense if she hit him on the head with that lamp.”

Slowly his hand that had been resting where I put it, started to move, touching the side of my breast in a gentle caressing motion. My heart started beating faster and I felt my nipple go hard. Was he aware of what he was doing, or did he just mix up his hands?

“Or she could grab that poker from the fireplace and ram it though his chest.” I responded.

Daddy moved his hand further onto my breast and started playing with my nipple through my T-shirt. At the same time, I felt something push against the back of my head. Holy crap, he was getting an erection! I turned my head to look at his face. He was still looking at the TV. My cheek was resting against his penis now and I could feel it getting harder and harder.

Dad squeezed my nipple. It kind of hurt, but in a good way and I felt the irresistible urge to cross my legs or press my knees together.

We were both horny and enjoying each other’s touch, both pretending nothing was going on. I could clearly feel Daddy’s dick against the back of my head. It was rock hard now and I almost expected it to burst through the fabric of his pants. I felt an empty ache between my legs. God I wanted him to stick his hand into my pants so badly.

“Uhh, I’ve got to uhhh, got to go to the bathroom,” he muttered.

Oh fuck! Not now! He gently pushed me upright, clumsily got off of the couch and left the room with a funny walk. Apparently, it’s hard to walk with an erection trapped in your pants.

Without thinking I pushed my hand into my pants and between my legs. No surprise there, I was as wet as an otter’s pocket.

I got up from the couch, ran upstairs to my room and kicked my pants and panties off as fast as I could. I put my left foot on the edge of my bed and started rubbing my pussy lips. They were all red and swollen. One of my fingers slipped between them and I moved the tip of my finger from my vagina to my clit and back. My finger went back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster, until it slipped into my vagina.

My right leg started shaking uncontrollably. I needed to change position, before it gave in. I knelt down with my knees apart and started touching myself again, supporting my weight with my left hand on the bed. Normally, when I finger myself, I use one finger, but this time I could easily slip two in. It’s amazing what you can do with enough lubrication. I easily found my G-spot and started tickling it, bending and stretching my fingers. The ball of smoldering fire, that I always feel when my body is preparing for an orgasm, started building up just behind my pubic bone. Almost unconsciously I moved my left hand to my tummy, then up under my T-shirt and I started squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples, thinking of what had happened downstairs and of what Daddy was probably doing in the bathroom. Oh God I would have loved to be doing that for him.

For a moment I almost lost my balance and I quickly bent forward and supported my weight with my forehead on the bed. Somehow that gave me easier access to my pussy and with two fingers still inside, I started squeezing it, putting pressure on my pussy lips and making small circles with the palm of my hand. At the same time my new position made my boobs feel totally different. The way they were hanging down from my chest now made them feel a bit bigger. I squeezed one of my nipples so hard, it really hurt, but for some reason I had to do it.

The fiery ball was much larger now and I knew it was about to burst out in flames. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and started rubbing my clit, somewhere in the back of my head registering how engorged it was.

“Oh daddy, fuck me. Fuck me please.” I whispered into the mattress.

That thought was enough to push me over the edge. The ball of fire exploded between my legs, sending jolts of electricity to every part of my body, from my toes to the tips of my fingers and the top of my head. There was a ‘WOOSH” sound inside my head, like a wave crashing on the inside of my skull, and tiny sparkles tingled all over my skin.

When the jolts stopped and the fire and sparkles disappeared, I found myself lying on the floor, next to my bed. My heart rate was slowly going down to normal and I was covered in sweat and my own juices, but I was simply too tired to shower.

I took off my sweat soaked T-shirt and crawled into bed. It didn’t take long before I fell asleep, but just before Morpheus took me in his arms, I smiled at the thought that Daddy was more than attracted to me. He was just trying to deny it to me and himself. I knew it should be possible to seduce him. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

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Nude Holly Day

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After a signature and a handshake, I escorted my newest client to the door. It was easily the biggest account I’d ever landed. My team and I had a lot of work ahead of us to make sure they were happy. It was our first state-wide campaign, and a steal from a competitor. If we pulled it off, it could mean big things for the company.

I turned around to see Holly holding up two slips of paper. “Two calls while you were in your meeting. I referred one of them down to Wes because it was social networking, and the other to Carl because it was print. Emailed you the contact information so you can follow up.”

“Thanks, Holly. You can go ahead home for the day. I appreciate you staying late.”

She smiled, and I was once again struck by what a beautiful young woman she’d become. Her hair caught up in a blonde ponytail, she looked every inch the career woman in her white collared top and knee-length black skirt.

“I didn’t have anything better to do, and I can use the money.”

“Well, you should have something better to do. You forget that I can see your apartment from my front window. You need to get out and meet some people. It’s summer. Go to the beach. There’s more to life than work.”

She stood up, smoothed out her skirt, and offered a crooked grin as her eyebrows lifted. “Look who’s talking. See you tomorrow.”

Best decision I’ve ever made in my life, I thought as she walked around her desk toward the front door. I certainly hadn’t considered that possibility when she walked in looking for a job two years earlier.

Both of the assistants I’d hired quit on the same day with no warning right as our call volume was going through the ceiling. I was furiously calling temp agencies when one of my graphic designers whom I’d pressed into answering the phone walked in and said someone was looking for a job.

I knew she was young as soon as I saw her. She didn’t have a resume — didn’t have much more than an out of state driver’s license that showed she was seventeen. Desperate, I gave her a chance.

To my surprise, she caught on quickly, and sounded remarkably professional when she answered the phone. We got through the day, and more than one person told me to hire her before she realized what she was getting into.

Something was nagging at me, though. She had been less than forthcoming in the brief interview I’d given her, so I called her into the office at the end of the day. I confronted her, telling her that I was considering hiring her on a permanent basis, but she was going to have to answer a few questions first.

The last thing I expected was that her mother had thrown her out three months earlier, and that she had been bouncing from shelter to shelter the whole time. My heart nearly broke as the story emerged — reluctantly at first — and then in a tear-filled gush.

I offered her the job — which I came to find out she did so well simply from emulating what she’d seen assistants do on television, of all things — and something more.

One of the furnished apartments in the rental property I owned across the street from my house was empty. If she was going to be working for me, she needed a proper place to stay. I also gave her an advance on her salary to be repaid in small deductions so she could buy food and clothes to get started.

It was all conditional on her taking night classes to get her high school diploma.

Two years later, she had her diploma, had paid off the loan, and had convinced me to let her do housecleaning for me to help her save for college.

All on top of becoming the best assistant I could have ever hoped for.

The reminiscing made me smile as I packed up my briefcase to head home. The new client did mean that I was going to have to give up my regular weekend retreat for a while. I made a mental note to contact a couple of friends at the nudist camp, so they wouldn’t wonder what had happened to me over the next few weeks. It was tough to think about giving up the prime summer hours of freedom, but my team had already agreed to cancel vacations if we landed the account. I could do no less.

I just hoped everything would be wrapped in time to make the big end of summer party at the camp.


As usual, I’d dragged my work home with me. Two weeks into the push for our new client, there were designs, slogans, and ideas aplenty for me to review and make decisions on. I had never liked doing that at the office, with all the distractions.

I did have a distraction that evening, though. Holly had come over to clean the spare bedroom, bathroom, and sunroom at the back of the house. It wasn’t that she was loud or interrupting me, but rather her attire.

I had nearly choked when I answered the door to see her dressed in a pair of short-shorts and a tight tank top. I suppose it made sense, considering how hot it was even in the evening. The heat wave had my air conditioning working overtime to the point the electric bills at the office were becoming alarming. Even the walk across the street from her apartment had to be aydın escort sweltering.

Somehow, I held back my surprise as I let her in. I’d never seen her dressed in anything so revealing before, and it shocked me to the core. For her part, she didn’t act as if it was anything unusual, and went straight to work after a brief greeting.

I couldn’t get the image out of my head, and it was making it difficult to concentrate. For one thing, it was strange that she’d caused me such a stir while dressed — if barely — when I usually spent my weekends around people who were completely nude. The camp attracted its fair share of young women every so often, so it wasn’t simply her youth.

For another, the tops and blouses she wore to work hid all evidence of her breasts. The tank top hid almost nothing, giving me my first real impression of the small, firm globes topped with tiny points. If she was wearing a bra, it must have been as thin as tissue paper.

Somehow, I pushed through, making notations on the material my team had delivered in recent days. I sat back and sighed as I finished, squeezing the stiff muscles in the back of my neck while I thought about pouring a glass of wine.

“I wondered if you were ever going to take a break,” I heard Holly say behind me.

I turned around to see her holding a glass of wine, which she then held out to me.

“I was just thinking about pouring a glass.”

“I know. You’re a bit predictable when you’re focusing on a project.” She smiled and winked, the gesture so inherently sexy that I nearly fumbled my glass. “Almost done, so I’ll be out of your hair in a little bit.”

“Thank you,” I said, raising the glass.

“Cheers,” she responded, and then giggled as she returned to her work.

I caught my eyes drifting toward her barely covered, taut bottom swaying as she walked away. I quickly averted my eyes and took a long pull of wine.

Once she left a short while later, I switched to whisky.


Fortunately, Holly was dressed as usual for work, and the previous night’s shock soon wore off. The place was abuzz, and I only realized it was lunch time because my stomach was growling. A look at the clock left me a little confused, so I buzzed Holly and asked, “Did I miss whoever was taking the lunch orders?”

“No, you didn’t miss him.”

Assuming that everyone must be too busy to think about organizing a lunch order, I decided to call for something. I was just reaching for the phone when the door opened.

“Lunch is served,” Holly said as she walked in the room carrying a plate.

“What’s this?” I asked as she sat it down. The roast with vegetables certainly hadn’t come from any restaurant.

“You’re not taking care of yourself,” she chided as she sat down flatware next to the plate. “So, I’m going to make sure that you at least eat something good.”

“You made this?” I asked, not even knowing that she cooked.

“Yes. Try it.”

I picked up the fork and cut into a potato, swirling it through the broth before taking the bite. It was good — excellent in fact. “This is wonderful, but you don’t have to, Holly.”

“I want to. Enjoy. I’ll pick up the plate when I leave.”

She went back to her work, and I was hardly one to argue. The scent was making my mouth water and my stomach growl even louder. It was more than a cut above what I’d been ordering in, and it made me wonder how she’d learned to cook so well when her relationship with her mother was so poor.

Unfortunately, the pleasant respite was over when I cleaned the plate, and I had to return to the grind. Once again, I lost track of time, though I was catching up on a few other matters, because my team was busy with revisions for the new client. So, Holly surprised me again when she walked in.

“I’m heading home for the day. Was it good?” she asked as she picked up the plate.

“Excellent. Thank you, Holly.”

“You’re welcome. Don’t bring anything for lunch tomorrow or order anything, and don’t stay too late. I know this client is important, but you’re not going to be at your best if you don’t get enough rest. Goodbye.”


Naturally, I wondered what had brought her gesture on, but there was a fairly obvious answer. She’d come to me with virtually nothing, and I’d taken her under my wing, helping her get on her feet. She was simply repaying me for what I’d done for her over the last couple of years. It was yet another quality that bode well for her future. She wasn’t one to take without giving back.

I packed up my briefcase with a few things I wanted to wait for the quiet of home to review, and headed out the door as well. I’d stayed late every night for the last several days, and with nothing likely to come out for the new client until the next day, I took advantage of the brief lull.

A look through my pantry when I got there made me wonder what Holly was making for dinner, as my choices were slim. Resigned to making a shopping list — and perhaps paying a little more attention to the healthiness of my cuisine as my assistant had suggested — I threw together a quick meal before sitting down to work.

I chuckled after finishing my less than satisfying dinner when the thought popped into my head that at least I had lunch tomorrow to look forward to.


As the days rolled by, I realized that I was sleeping better, and had more energy. I’d never really put much stock in a change of diet having a profound effect, but after modifying what I ate at home, on top of the lunch Holly provided every day, I became a believer.

The distractions at work no longer seemed to stifle my thought process, so I stopped taking my work home with me. That put me going to bed earlier, and more relaxed, which fed into the cycle. Stepping on my scale the morning we were going to present the full campaign to our new client, I was shocked to see that I’d lost five pounds.

The presentation was a roaring success, and the campaign was approved to go into motion immediately. We had a day of celebration at work, and then went back to the less hectic but steady daily grind. Best of all, we’d finished just in time, and I told my friends at the camp to expect me for the festivities.

That left just one matter as yet unresolved.

I was packing up my briefcase when Holly walked in to retrieve the dishes from my lunch. She let out a theatrical gasp and said, “Leaving at quitting time?”

“Yes, I am,” I said as I closed the briefcase and picked it up. “And, I have a surprise for you.”


“You’ve been working late, so I’m giving you an extra paid day off on Friday. I’m taking the long weekend anyway, so you may as well enjoy yourself too. I have a temp coming in to cover for you.”

“I guess I could use another day to relax.”

“You should take it and go do something. Meet some people. Take a chance.”

She blushed ever so slightly. “Maybe I will.”

“I hope you do. I took your advice, and it’s done me well. Give mine a shot.”

A shrug and a giggle didn’t commit to much, but it was better than her usual somewhat frightened look at the prospect of venturing somewhere other than the office or home.

“Any special requests for lunch tomorrow?” she asked as we walked toward the door.

“Things have calmed down. I can always go out for lunch — and get something healthy.”

“I like doing it. All my recipes are too much for one, and I can only eat the same leftovers so many times. Besides, it reminds me of my grandmother.”

I paused before opening my office door for her. “Why’s that?”

“She’s the one who taught me how to cook. I spent most of my time there until she passed away three years ago.”

What she left unspoken was that once the safe haven of her grandmother’s house was gone, the downward spiral that had left her a runaway began. “Well, okay then. No special requests. Everything you make is wonderful. I should have you cater the company parties.”

“I’d actually like that,” she responded, a beaming smile spreading across her beautiful face.

I opened the door and said, “We’ll have to see about making it happen, then,” as I followed her out.


After the hectic pace of the previous few weeks, the last few days until my long weekend felt as if they were never going to end. But, end they did, and I pulled my R.V. out of a storage building outside of town before the sun had even come up. I made it to the camp not much after daybreak and discovered that I wasn’t going to be lonely.

Even though the festivities didn’t officially start until that day, many people had arrived as early as the beginning of the week. The lure of the lake and abandoning clothing that trapped the unusually high temperatures promised a large turnout this year.

I pulled into my reserved spot and had friends on hand as soon as I gratefully shed my clothes and stepped out into the dappled sunlight beneath the trees to hook up the electric and water lines.

“My, Alan. I thought you were buried in work. It looks more as if you’ve been working out,” one of my friend’s wives commented as they approached.

“Yeah, what’s this sob-story about a new account running you ragged?” Dave added. “Just trying to surprise us with the new you, I think.”

I couldn’t help but grin and laugh. I had a story to tell right away.

There was never a better day to be naked — provided you had the good sense to wear plenty of insect-repelling sunscreen. A strong breeze blew off the lake, which was a sharp contrast to the still and stifling air in the city. Ice cold tea, beer, and the shade from both my awning and the trees successfully battled the record high temperatures.

There was plenty to catch up on after my too-long absence, and the annual event drew out all the friends I’d met over the years. It was the last blast of the summer. Before too much longer, the nights would usually be cold enough that naked and outdoors didn’t go together well at all. A few of us who were diehards would keep coming out until the daytime temperature dropped below 70, but for most part, things slowed down a lot after this weekend.

I fired up the grill at lunch time, and managed to cook burgers without grease pops hitting any sensitive portions of my anatomy. No small feat when you’re naked, but I had a spatula with a long handle and years of practice. I felt a little guilty about the greasy treat, but figured that I could cheat a little here and there as long as I kept to my new diet most of the time.

I was laughing at a joke one of my friends told when I heard a familiar voice. Gretchen was a regular who had made it her personal mission to welcome newcomers — especially women — and make them comfortable. As everyone else looked her way, I heard distinct words instead of just her voice for the first time.

“Here we are.”

I turned as well and got the shock of my life.

“Thank you,” Holly said to Gretchen as my widening eyes fell upon her.

In that second of stunned disbelief, my brain took a snapshot that I knew I would never forget. Her breasts were little more than a handful, but on her slight frame, they looked far larger. The ponytail of her golden hair danced in the wind next to one of those firm globes.

Her nipples were small, standing out from the nearly perfect circles of her areolae, which were about the size of a bottle cap. Below, her flat tummy and trim waist flared out into narrow hips, and then down to long, stunning legs. Between them, there was only smooth skin without a single hair, and the shadowy hint of a cleft between the mounds of her outer lips.

“Holly?” I heard myself say as I tried to process what had just happened.

One of my friends asked, “From your work?”

My assistant walked toward us, the grace of her walk even more stunning in her nudity. “Mmm hmm. I’m not intruding, am I?”

“Of course not. Come sit down,” someone said as I hung on the edge of panic by nothing more than my fingernails.

My friend Tom vacated the chair right in front of me to sit on the steps of the R.V. instead, and she sat down in front of me. Her cheeks showed just a few hints of pink as she said, “You told me to take a chance.”

It only dawned on me at that moment that I was just as naked as her — adding to my anxiety.

Tom let out a laugh. “Look at you, Alan. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Somewhere between the irritation and embarrassment, I snapped out of my stupor to turn toward him and scowl, which only made him laugh all the louder.

“I didn’t let him know I was coming,” Holly offered.

Tom’s wife Jeanie piped up, “Don’t tease him, Tom.” She then asked, “So, you’re a nudist?”

“It’s my first time, actually. Except at home,” Holly answered.

“A little nervous?” Jeanie asked.

Holly let out a quiet chuckle that perfectly reflected her answer. “A lot.”

“Well, there’s no need to be. Any friend of Alan’s is a friend of ours, and we’re all nude. So, we hear you’re responsible for his shrinking tummy.”

It was surreal. My friends accepted her without a second thought, and though she was obviously a little uncomfortable at first, she warmed to them and relaxed.

I wasn’t doing anywhere near that well.

Every time I glanced in her direction when she spoke, my eyes wanted to linger and roam. For the first time in a long time, I was fighting an erection. It had been years since I’d had that problem at the camp.

I popped another beer, and it provided a handy way to obstruct her in my peripheral vision. My friends also took a hand, though I was too distracted to realize what they were doing at first. They kept steering the conversation toward my work, prompting Holly and me to both talk. Slowly, but surely, it took the edge off my anxiety.

Of course, the nine beers helped. I normally wouldn’t have polished off a ninth until well into the evening — if at all.

Don’t get me wrong. Every time I glanced her way or thought about sitting naked across from my equally nude assistant, it had a pucker effect. I was more than a little lightheaded as I grilled pork cutlets late that afternoon. Still, I smiled when Holly complimented my cooking. It was no small praise considering the skill at the task she’d suddenly sprung on me a few weeks earlier.

Finally, I got a reprieve as my friends talked Holly into going down by the lake for the music festival after supper. They knew I wouldn’t go, as I had always avoided the larger events. I preferred a small circle of friends, and it was better for my business if I kept a low profile as well.

I wasn’t able to resist the final temptation as they walked up the trail out of the trees. Holly’s perfect, tight young bottom swaying as she walked all but hypnotized me until it vanished from sight.

I threw caution to the wind at that point and had beer number ten. Kicking back in my reclining lawn chair and listening to the music drifting up to me from the lake lulled me into a near doze as the sun set. The moon appeared right over top of the small clearing of my camp, and I stared up at it, enjoying the evening and doing my best not to think about how awkward Monday morning was likely to be.

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Office Gal

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I do consulting work. It’s my own private business I started a few years ago to make a few dollars on the side when I wasn’t slaving away for office managers. Last year, I gave my two-week notice and never looked back. Business has been good.

This work has me spending time in the customer’s offices. I go over their books, keep my eyes open as to how they conduct their own business and make notes for my report to the owners. They hire me for as little as one day, or as much as a month. I give them the good news and bad, then we take it from there.

Usually, the company that hires me, has me use an office of someone who was just let go. Many times, others will peak their head in the door and ask if I am so and so’s replacement. I usually tell them the truth in that I am just temporary for a few days, Other times, I’ll tell them I’m on probation and could be the next office manager. Most just smile at me as they back out of my temporary office digs.

Being assigned to an office and observing the staff and business are two different things, so I tend to move around the office and company a lot. Writing down notes, observing and maybe chatting to some of the workers comes all in a normal day for me.

This one assignment had a female office manager who looked like a brick house. She had the moves, the dress, the makeup, everything except for one problem: She was a bitch! And a bad one at that. Oh, she would cozy up to the bosses alright when they were around, but if you had the unfortunate luck of working directly for her, life was terrible.

I could see this in the office staff she controlled. She would skirt the fine line of harassment in front of others and make them all, male and female workers alike, feel bad. She had a long memory and would use their past mistakes to prove her point as if an iron fist was part of her jewelry. This one girl, just a cute thing out of high school, was nearly brought to tears by this monster while I was in the room. She ran a tight ship and controlled everyone. I think if it were not for the efficiency of that department, the bosses would have let her go along time ago.

After observing her, she started to get a little nervous, but defiant. You see, I wasn’t working for her, just the bosses, and she knew it but was powerless to do anything. I found out that some of the office workers had put some complaints in about her and the bosses brought me in to get some concrete mistakes she was making. Her days were probably numbered.

I thought then that maybe I could use all of this to my advantage to take the pressure off each office worker there and maybe even change her attitude and let her keep her job.

I would just have to focus on her. (Be careful what you ask for…….)

It didn’t take long for her to move in my direction and start to feel me out. I knew exactly what she wanted but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.

It started with the morning coffee in the company lunch area. Up until now, she had always kept her distance from me and stayed away. That was fine with me. We were introduced to each other on my first day there, but otherwise, we both gave each other lots of space.

Anyway, I was just standing at the coffee machine, filling up my favorite mug of Java when what do I hear? “How’s it going?” I turned and looked and there she was. I started at the top of her auburn hair and slowly worked my eyes down. Everything was perfect. Hair, makeup, eyes were all excellent. Her black dress and gold jewelry were an excellent match as well. I slowly moved my eyes up and let them linger at her breasts (wondering what her nipples looked like) and then back up to her eyes.

I was going to have to be really good to pull this off. I’ll have to use all my creative skills to tame her and let her keep her job, ease the pressure off of all the office workers and….get her to want to give me the fuck of the year.

I looked right into her eyes and said “Things are going well for me. Your name was Joan, right?” “That’s right. I wanted some coffee too and thought maybe we could sit down and chat about what you’re up to in my department.” What a smile she had when she said that. She was direct, I’ll give her that.

“Sure. Let’s go to my office and we can chat.” I led the way. This is when I start to get paid, I thought to myself. The office the bosses çanakkale escort let me use was very nice. It was better than Joan’s by far. The whole office environment just oozed of success.

I told her to sit down in the chair on the side of the desk while I sat at the desk. I wanted her as close as possible to watch her body and facial expressions when I would be candid with her. I took a good long sip of coffee, put it down and asked her “Ok. I’m all ears.”

She started to explain that she thought she knew why I was there and that it had to do with her. “Hmmm…could be, but then I’m not willing to talk about it just now. It’s still early morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet, but maybe later” I said. It seemed like a good idea for her to back out and come back in the afternoon. I thought it was a good idea too and watched her walk out.

I picked up the phone and called my friend Mat. He and I go way back to elementary school. He also has his own business and we get together now and then, especially when either one of us needs help. I needed his help now.

Funny thing about Mat and I. We have always shared our women when we were single. Never when we were married, but we’re both divorced now and for the most part, doing well.

Mat was just hanging around his condo when I called. He told me I always had good timing and what could he do for me? I said I needed him to spend a few days with me at the office to hang around, look busy and have some fun. He said that he could put one of his business suits on and that he would be right over and that I better have a female problem that he could help me fix. I just laughed and said be over at about seven in the evening at my place. He said he’d see me then.

Mat loves women more than I do. About the only thing he likes more than being around women is having sex with them. I feel the same way but Mat is multi-orgasmic. With me, I need a rest in-between. With Mat, he just keeps going, over and over.

I sipped on my coffee and decided to take a walk around the plant. You have to walk down a hallway before you come to where Joan and her staff work. With a convention going on, many were gone for the week. That was fine with me. With my office located at the end of the hallway and the remaining bosses in another section, this could be fun.

I kept myself busy all morning. Company books to go over and reports to be made. I do my own typing so my own security it good. Nobody sees anything until I publish it. The office had a deli-Friday an noon. Joan ordered in deli items on a tray so that everyone could help themselves.

Joan came up to me and asked if we’re going to pick up where we left off this morning. I tell her yes, but I would rather talk at my place after work where we could relax. She thought that would be fine and I gave her my address and told her to come over about seven.

I was just putting the finishing touches to my latest report (two so far) on my home computer when I heard Mat at the door. I got up and true to form, he was dressed to kill. Mat always loved good clothes and enjoyed wearing them. He said it gave him an edge with the women. “Just one thing, where is she at?”

We both kind of grinned at each other and I asked him if he wanted to know the history about her. He told me no and that he will find out about her sooner or later.

Mat smiled and told me it’s been a while since we helped each other out. We used to do this all the time but now, its just a once in a while thing. I told him it has been too long and I asked him if he were up for this. He just smiled and said it will be just like old times.

Joan came to the door and I let her in, with her not expecting anyone else but me in the room. She looked at Mat and I watched, as she was unprepared for him. Mat was all gentleman and proper like. He stood up, walked over to her, and shook her hand while I introduced them to each other. I explained to Joan that Mat was a good friend of mine that I had known for many years and helps me in my consulting business now and then.

She smiled back and I had her sit down on the couch and asked Mat to also sit down on the couch. I sat down in one of the two other chairs facing the couch. These are large single person lounging chairs that are next to each other and make for good relaxing.

I know when women are attracted to men and Joan was a textbook case with Mat. She was turned on and nervous at the same time. She had on a loose top with short pants on and sandals. I offered them both a drink and gave Mat and Joan each a red wine.

I explained to Joan that Mat was going to give me some advice on how to handle this problem with her. Joan opened her eyes wide and said that she didn’t know she was a problem.

“Oh, come on Joan. I watched how you treat the office staff and cut them down. People have had it and the bosses are doing something about it with me. I’m here to give them all the news, good and bad, about what’s right about their business and what’s wrong. It’s a report I haven’t written yet, but I have lots of notes. I don’t want to see you loose your job, but you’re coming to the end of the road. People have quit because of you. This company won’t stand for your games, especially in this economy.”

I have to give Joan credit; she was handling it well. She and I both knew that with the skills she had with no degree, it would be a while before she could work her way back to where she is now.

She said “I see the light now and I’m very willing to change your mind before you write the actual report.”

She looked at Mat and asked him if he had any pull with me and could he help change my mind? Mat looked back at her and said “sure, we’ve been buds for years. But,” he said, “what’s in it for me?”

Joan took the cue and started to unbutton her top. She unbuttoned each button very slowly to her waist. Her white bra started showing as she moved down. She looked at Mat and asked him to lock the door. Mat smiled and got up. Now, I see he is turned on since there is a massive tent in front of his trousers. Mat locks the door and turns around just in time to see Joan stand up and let her top fall.

I leaned back in the chair to watch. Joan was turned on to Mat when he came back and now he has the same feelings for her. She reached back and unhooked her bra and also let it fall. Wow. Joan is a large breasted woman and I can see her nipples are just begging to be sucked on.

Mat walks right up to her, smiles, cups her breasts in his hands and tells her she has a great set. She thanks him and reaches out and starts stroking his hard-on. She asks him “is this for me?” He tells her that he thinks she should kneel down for a better look. Joan does this and starts to remove his pants.

Watching this is turning me on. I now have a hard-on and I’m watching my friend tame this problem manager who is now topless and is only wearing short pants, panties and sandals.

Mat takes his shirt off while Joan unhooks his pants. She then starts on his shoes and socks, which she also removes. His pants are poking out, almost hitting her face. She reaches up and unzips his pants and lets them fall. Joan freezes. Mat has the largest cock of any man I have ever seen, probably larger than Joan has ever seen too.

She just looks at it and breathes heavy. Joan has her work cut out for her. Helping Mat step out of his pants makes her wet her lips. Mat then walks over to the chair next to me and sits down. He then tells her that he wants her naked before she works on him. Joan doesn’t waste any time in taking off her sandals, short pants and panties. Her auburn hair, large breasts and shaved wet pussy are just too much for me as I unhook and unzip my pants to give my cock more room to grow.

Joan kneels down in front of Mat and starts to give his monster cock the tongue bath of the year. She is on all fours and not using her hands, just her mouth. The lamp on the table in-between the chairs Mat and I are sitting in provides excellent light for us to watch his cock slide in and out of her moist red lips. Joan starts getting into this and I watch her large breasts sway back and forth while her mouth moves slowly up and down his shaft.

Having my pants open is not enough for me as I stand up and start to strip. In no time I am naked with my cock pointing up. It’s hard now and I need relief. Moving behind Joan, I reach down and open her legs up. There’s still plenty of light in the room to enjoy the view of her cute asshole and pussy. Joan is completely hairless below her eyelashes. Women with bald wet pussies are such a turn-on anyway.

With her legs open, I start to feel my way around between her legs. Joan is just starting to moan now as I look up to see a pleasure face on Mat. She is way turned on now at the thought of pulling this train as I feel her wetness. One by one, she opens her pussy wide for my fingers, letting each of them probe her inner excitement. After I allow my fingers to play inside her, I try two each at a time, probing and violating her peace.

I reach over to the coffee table drawer and get out the pack of rubbers. I put one on and place my cock up to her wetness and slowly push in. Oh, soo nice. As soon as I am all the way in with her moaning, I raise my hand up and bring it down hard on Joan’s lilly white ass.

“Smack” is the sound we all hear as Joan keeps moaning and sucking on Mat. I then rub her nicely to ease the pain and take a few more strokes inside her until I raise my other hand and let it come down with another “Smack” and rub this in too.

I think this is doing positive things to Joan’s attitude since now she is telling me to keep fucking her. While I am happy to continue, Joan starts moving her ass back to me every way you could imagine. Raising, lowering, side to side, back and forth and all combinations in-between.

I could have continued like this but Mat said he wanted some of this action. I told him sure and laid down on my back. Joan must have had other ideas for his cock since she climbed on top of me and put my cock back in its place and continuing where we left off.

With me on my back and Joan on top of me, she looked back at him and told him to be careful. With that, Mat reached over for the rubbers, put one on, grabbed the liquid KY out of the coffee table, lubed his cock up and placed it at her back door. I could feel Joan tensing up as her pussy grabbed my cock and held me there.

Mat only had two words to say as he slipped that monster cock inside her. “Oh yea….” Joan had only one word to say. “More….” she moaned.

We all got into a rhythm. Joan had a way of moving around that kept us all happy. I think it was all a mater of chemistry that we all fucked the way we did for as long as we did. Mat was able to fit all of his cock inside her as I did the same. She rubbed her breasts all over my face and let me suck, bite, lick and kiss them over and over.

The time had come for Mat and I to unload. Joan did just that over and over with Mat and I inside her. Now, she was about to get our cum too. We told her we were about there when she said she wants us both standing and to pour it all over her face. Mat climbed off and so did Joan. Mat and I took our rubbers off while Joan kneeled in front of us, squeezing our balls and licking her lips.

She moved her lips from one cock to the other, making hard sucking sounds then moving to the other and sucking just as hard. Her hands kept busy as she firmly squeezed our balls, enjoying the sounds Mat and I were making. I would say we all were enjoying our moaning sounds together.

Joan let go of our balls and started stroking our cocks. It was all I could to hold off as long as I could. I would say Mat was close too as he was also starting to shake. Between the stroking of our cocks and sucking hard on them one at a time, Joan got what she was asking for.

Like two white rivers of cum from two purple hard-on cocks, we gave Joan her cum bath. Wave after wave hit both sides and in front of her face. She kept pumping and squeezing us while we rewarded her with spurt after spurt of hot cum facial cream. When Mat and I started to slow down, Joan started sucking. She was milking us for all she could get and all Mat and I could do is watch our cum roll off her face and breasts, down to her pussy. She traded cocks she had in her mouth, one after the other, sucking on one while milking the other. Joan then proceeded to give us a tongue bath we both would not forget. After we all came to our senses, we all moved to the shower and washed ourselves. I didn’t think I had it in me, but while in the shower, Joan gave us each another blowjob and got another cum mouthful from me and another from Mat. We all dried off and dressed.

It was past eleven by now and Joan and I each had to be at work in the morning. Mat said that he didn’t think she had learned her lesson and that maybe, we should do this again tomorrow. Joan agreed and even suggested that she could bring her girl friend over since she too, is oversexed. Hmmm…

What do you think? Should I continue with this and have another party…..??

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