Hubby Cleans Up Ch. 2

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It was 6:30 am when I opened my eyes. My husband was sitting there, staring at me, I could see his hard on and wondered if he was hard because I smelled like such a filthy whore. “Call my job, I’m not going in” I said and rolled over. Manny nodded and left the room. I could hardly move I was so sore and my pussy and ass ached. I felt my pussy hair matted and sticky under my dress and panties but I didn’t care, I just needed to sleep.

I opened my eyes again at 11 am and Manny came in with a cup of coffee. He sat down beside me as I sat up and he touched my hair, it was knotted with dried cum. “Ohhh, I stink” I said as I stretched and took my coffee. Manny said he never saw me look the way I did this morning so he decided to stay home from work (he never misses work). I knew the real reason he stayed home. He wanted to get at me before I showered and I was going to reward him for being so sweet. “Undress me” I said and pulled the covers away.

He undressed me slowly and the room filled with the smells of last night’s gangbang. I relaxed on my back, my olive skin was stained all over my belly and tits with dried cum. Manny began to cover me with little licks-kisses until I was clean. Then he moved down. I had to warn him to go slow because I felt like even a tongue touching me might hurt.

“My goodness, you’re a mess…how many were there?” he asked. I told him I would tell him the details after he cleaned me Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort up and he smiled like a child getting a new toy. He started licking the dried cum from my thighs and my ass cheeks, I sat back and relaxed. One thing about Manny, his dick may not be worthy of fucking but his tongue never fails to please me.

Today was no exception. It took him an hour to lick me completely clean but my bush was still a mess and the hair on my head had a lot of cum dried in it that I don’t recall getting squirted there. My pussy was so abused from the night before that I couldn’t even cum, it was as if my clit was numb. Manny stood and I could see how hard his cock had become. Usually when he finished licking me I would go in the shower and get ready for work while he jerked off. Sometimes, when I was feeling generous I would allow him to fuck my feet. He would slide his cock between the arches of my feet and I would let him cum all over my feet and toes, then of course he would lick my feet clean (I enjoy having my toes sucked). But today, I was feeling generous, playful, and spiteful (I must’ve had brain damage from all that fucking and sucking less than 12 hours ago). “Run a bath for me,” I told him.

He eagerly went to the bathroom and I laid back and started to doze a bit. The odd thing was I was feeling horny again but it was battling my exhaustion so it was an odd feeling I never recalled having before. He gently tapped my shoulder when the tub was filled. I asked him if he’d jerked off and he said he did not because I hadn’t given him the okay yet. I smiled at his obedince and he helped me to the bath.

I had him strip while I sat in the tub and I began to tell him all about the night befores events. I wouldn’t allow him to touch himself yet because I knew how close he was to cumming. His little dick looked bigger than usual and I was actually enjoying looking at it. I allowed Manny to rub my clit and nipples while I told my story and I finally had an orgasm, a pretty intense one considering.

“You know Manny, since you have a little boy-sized dick, it should be hairless like a little boy” he looked at me very hesitantly. He knew what I had in mind, shaving him. But his boss and him played racquetball twice a week during lunch and they showered in the public shower afterward. If I shaved him, then all would see. “Go get me a razor and some shaving cream” I said. He hesitated, he didn’t want to do this. “I guess you never, ever want to touch me again, do you?” That was threat enough for him. I once got angry with him and didn’t allow him to sleep in out bed for two months. He knew he needed me more than I needed him in bed. Reluctantly, he obeyed.

I had him sit on the edge of the tub, his cock inches from my face. I warned him that if he came he wouldn’t be allowed near me for a month. So I proceeded to shave him. His pubes, his balls, the thick patch of hair between his ass hole and ball sac, then I turned him over and shaved his ass clean. I had him stand up and turn around for me and he looked nice. He had no chest hair so only the hair on his legs remained. He nodded his head “no” when he saw me eyeing them. “I’ll make you a deal” I said smiling. “Let me shave your legs and I’ll give you head… even let you cum in my mouth” it took less than half a second for him to agree to that. It had been well over a year since I’d allowed him any form of pleasure from me except my occasional foot fucking.

My hairless husband/slave boy looked very good. He looked a little like a girl except for the throbbing 5″ erection he had. I had him squat over my face in the tub and I went through with my part of the bargain. I knew he was trying not to cum but I sucked his cock hard and squeezed his balls as he fought back the urge to cum. I guess the blow job lasted 45 seconds and he came in my mouth. I stood up and we kissed and I spit his big load of cum into his mouth, letting him drink the last of the cum, fresh and warm. He gobbled it up like a hungry kitten.

I already decided that I would reward Manny for his efforts and for letting me shave him down because for the first time in a long time he looked sexy to me. He had graduated from being my slave to being my bitch. Now I had to find ways to use him more properly. The events of the next two weeks sort of forced me to move a little quicker, but that’s another story.

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