Banging Russian Beauty

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“I`m sorry, miss, but this is wrong bill.”

Jack pointed at the piece of paper. He was in the small cafe near the center of his city, and it was a nice place – till this moment.

“What`s wrong with the bill?” – waitress was young and pretty, and she spoke with heavy Eastern European accent.

“It`s little too big, you see?” – Jack pointed at the sum. “It`s twice bigger than it`s going to be.”

“Oh.”- girl blushed. She bite her lip, then said lightly: “Oh, I see, I think I made a mistake, sorry. I`ll bring correct bill.”

Later Jack thought, why he did not said “Yeah, it`s a mistake, it`s OK”? Maybe because of guilty look of the girl – little too guilty. He said: “I don`t think it`s a mistake, miss. I think better you call your boss and I`ll show this to him”

Girl blushed again and said “But really, why you must do this? I`ll just bring a correct bill”.

Jack frowned. “I want to see your boss now”.

Young waitress looked at him with perfect pleading look.

“No, please don`t you…It`s so hard to find a work here, and he said if I do it again, he would…”

“Again, huh? So you are thief, don`t you?” – Jack grinned.

“No, of course not, I`m…”

“Well, I think it`s my DUTY to tell him about this, don`t you think?”

“No, please…”

Jack smiled thoughtfully. Girl was dumb – and pretty. He said to her that he will think, and looked at young waitress intensely. Beautiful blonde, in her late teens, blue tight jeans, green blouse, blue eyes, small thin body, perfectly tanned. He talk with her for a while, invited her to seat at his table. Cafe was empty, and girl accepted.

Her name was Natasha, and she was russian, daughter of some Ukranian emigrants. She was 19 years old. She had definitely slutty look, and Jack began to feel his dick arouse from sleep. Natasha was a cock-tease, and he saw some opportunity to have her in this wrong-bill situation.

He told her he would like to continue this talk in some other place – and she agreed, with amazing eagerness. She told her boss that she have a splitting headache and quickly returned to Jack. He smiled at her.

“Well, Natasha, let`s have a little ride?”

” Yeah, sure.” – girl smiled teasingly.

Jack everytime had a thing about foreign girls. He liked to make them suck his fat cock, to fuck them, to share them with his friends. It was a prostitutes mostly, and now it was a pure piece of luck – to have this slutty russian emigrant, completely for free. She wanted to be banged – that`s for sure, and Jack wanted to fuck her brains out. In his car, while riding to his home, he placed his Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort right hand on Natasha`s kneel, caressing the tightness of her jeans, and girl only giggled teasingly. Then he moved his hand upper, and placed it on her crotch, Natasha with a shy smile replaced it. That`s allright, thought Jack, later I would fuck you in every your little hole, and you would beg for more.

They arrived at his house, and Jack gallantly opened the door for young russian waitress.

“Please come in, Natasha, please come in.”

“Let`s see, um, er.”

Jack grinned. He kissed her again, right in his biggest room, there stood pool table and black leather chairs.

“You`re beautiful girl, Natasha.” – he squeezed her right breast through silky material of her blouse.

“Thank you.” – girl smiled at his impatience.

Jack pressed her close to him, touching and slapping her ass. It was great. Another kiss. Her tongue was sweet and talented.

“Have you ever been with American men before?”

“Of course” – Natasha slid her little hand to his crotch and caressed his growing bulb through his pants.

“And you liked it?”

“I like men. It doesn`t matter there they from.”

“Then you know what I`m going to do with you, beauty?”

Jack`s hands wandered all along her petite body, squeezing, slapping, caressing. Natasha sighed.

Without waiting for an answer, Jack pushed her from him and sat in the chair.

“I`m going to fuck your little russian pussy with my big American cock, sweety.”

Natasha sighed.

“But before it you gonna suck my fat cock with your little mouth, like a good girl you are.”

Natasha was aroused with this talk, she half-closed her eyes and sighed again.

“Well, now undress. Slowly. Show me how you want to taste my hospitality.”

Natasha unbuttoned her green blouse. There was no bra, her tiny round tanned tits was perfect. Jack licked his lips and chuckled.

“Oh, it`s very beautiful. It`s wonderful. Squeeze them.”

Natasha did as he commanded, closed her eyes and gave a soft moan, low animal-like woman moan that aroused Jack even more then everything else. He grinned.

“Why don`t you take your top off?”

Natasha do what he wanted, her pretty body little sweating.

“Now take your jeans off. Slowly.”

Her white little panties was wet, long legs as beautiful as all her teeny body. Girl looked excited, blonde hair and helpless blue eyes – nice almost naked russian girl in front of full dressed man.

“Your panties. Remove them – it`s time for you to show me your pussy.”

Trimmed young cunt was shown. Natasha placed her little hands on her dripping wet pussy.

“Are you ready?”


“Sit down.” – Jack raised. Girl sat on the couch, her long legs spread. Jack unbuttoned his pants and let them fall on the floor. Removed his boxers.

Natasha gasped in amazement. His cock was big, at least 9 inches long, and very fat. Jack presented it to the girl.

“You see? Your little russian pussy would be stretched.”

“We`ll see.” – Natasha removed her blonde hair from her forehead.

Natasha was all-naked, beautiful tanned body on his black leather couch. She was smiling teasingly. Jack grinned.

“Want to suck my cock?”

He approached the girl. Natasha nodded. Jack frowned. She sat too comfortably.

“Get down on your knees.”

She raised from the couch and kneeled in front of Jack impressive manhood, now fully erected. It was a precious moment – moment to remember – beautiful teenage girl on her knees with a pleading look in her eyes, in front of him, standing proud and erect.

“Well, let`s see how you`ll suck my cock, kid.”

Jack slid his cock in young waitress mouth, looking with lust as she half-closed her eyes and begin to work with her tongue. Girl gave a soft moan, her lips curved on Jack`s wide cock-head. Natasha tenderly caressed his balls with her fingers, swirling her tongue around his fat member.

“Umh. You using your mouth so good.”

Jack put his dick deeper in young russian`s mouth, causing girl to moan, and begin slow lusty monements – in and out of her. Natasha closed her eyes, her tongue and lips working constantly. She gaved a small panting noises, as Jack`s tool moved deeper and faster.

“Yeah. Suck it. Nice and slow.”

Jack grinned triumphantly. This little waitress was so eager to please him, and of course she was ready for more. He drived hid dick all the way down her throat, and she gagged slightly. Jack grabbed her head and begin slow fucking of her tiny mouth. Natasha moaned, her hands falled down to her abandoned pussy and began to stroke it. Girl squirmed and panted, but her head was in the firm grip. She was not in charge here, of course. Jack used her mouth and he was ready to use her cunt. He pulled out his fat dick from young waitress mouth and patted her on her cheek.

“Yeah. You`re a good cock-sucker, aren`t you?”

Natasha smiled a little.

“You like my fat American dick deep into your throat, aren`t you?” – Jack never waited for an answer. He raised girl from her knees and place his hand on her crotch.

“I suppose you have a tight cunt.”

Natasha squirmed and gave a moan, as his fingers stroked her pussy. It was dripping wet.

“Well, I see you like then you treated like a slut you are, sweety?”

He stroked her cunt several times. It was almost useless – girl was ready.

Jack turned girl around, she was facing his pool table. Gave her a little spank. Natasha sighed.

“Spread your legs wider…That`s it, good girl. Now get ready for a big surprise.”

Natasha arshed her back, panting, and long fat Jack`s dick entered her from behind. Jack grabbed her by the sides and immediately begin to pound her wet pussy. Girl lowered her head on the pool table, rhytmical moans escaped her lips. Jack grunted, his cock entering her love-hole to the hilt, balls heavy slapping girl`s clit. He grinned, looking at this slutty girl under his dick, so submissive and willing. Her moans was loud, her back sweated, her hair was a mess.

“You like it. You naughty girl.”

He spanked her ass. Natasha screamed and raised her head. He spanked again, and again. Jack pounded her pussy frantically, each thrust deeper and faster, and spanked her mercylessly. Natasha hide her head in her hands, trembling, screaming in lust, her asscheeks bright red. Waves of pleasure passed through Jack`s body with each thrust and every spank wich he gaved her.

Natasha came, her juices flowing around his dick, she screamed in passion, her little hands clutching, her cunt muscles spasming, ass shaking. Jack felt that his climax was close. He wanted to abuse girl completely, so he pulled out of her sweet pussy. Natasha gave disappointed moan.

“Time for you to eat my cum, babe.”

Jack was standing, proud and erect, in front of kneeled waitress, with her mouth open, blue eyes raised on his face. He entered her mouth, make her deepthroat his cock and begin to fuck her frantically. Natasha gagged, her tanned body shaked, tiny hands clutching his moving hips. Jack held young russian firmly, pounding her mouth deep and hard. Her muffled screams aroused him even more than tightness of her throat. He felt that he was on the edge.

“Now swallow, slut, swallow every drop!” – his cock exploded in Natasha`s mouth with a biggest load of cum in his life. He held her, his sperm was in her throat, in her mouth, on her lips – she cannot swallow all of it. Jack pulled out of her lips and gave last loads right in her pretty face.

Natasha`s face was a mess. She fell on the floor, on her back, breathing heavily. Jack sat in the chair and grinned.

“It was a damn good fuck, Natasha, isn`t it?”

“Yeah” – said the girl wearily. “It was good.”

“Come here tomorrow, 17 p.m., we`ll do something interesting.” – Jack grinned again. “You`ll like it”.

“I will” – said Natasha.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32