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Expectations Ch. 05

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Galen picked Ryan up from school. It was the third time either he or Kate had been called to the principal’s office in the past two weeks. This time it had been for fighting. The last time it was for acting up in class. They were at a loss over this new behavior and had been advised to have Ryan speak with a child psychiatrist.

Sitting over their dinner of spaghetti and meatballs Galen tried drawing Ryan out with no success. Ryan had turned from an idolizing, chubby faced kid, to a surly belligerent pre-teen almost overnight. He needed help and only knew one place to turn for it.

“Hi Ewan, it’s Galen.”

Raija looked at the message left by the receptionist and wondered if she should call. It had been six months since her trip to Las Vegas for Ewan and Aisha’s wedding.

“MicroTek enterprises, Galen Dunne speaking.”

Raija smiled as she listened to his deep voice accentuated by his Texas twang.

“Galen, this is Raija. Returning your call.”

Galen had thought that he would be much more nervous than he was. He was glad to hear her voice, but more so because of the favor he needed.

“Ah, thanks for calling me back. Listen, I need your professional assistance. You work with troubled kids and well; we’ve got a troubled kid on our hands.” He mentally kicked himself as he knew that he should have at least asked her how she was doing.

Raija put away lingering thoughts of Galen in her bed. As Galen told her about the recent problems with Ryan she picked up on his love for the child.

“Galen, I’m not a psychologist or a social worker. What I do with kids is different.”

“I know, it’s just that you spend time talking to them, finding out what they want and I thought.”

“Okay, listen, I can meet with Ryan anytime this week or at some point this weekend.”

“Great. When and where.”

Raija gave Galen directions to her office and a time to meet in two days. When she hung up the phone she called Aisha.

“Hey girl. I just got a call from Galen.”

“Ewan mentioned that he called looking for your number. What’s going on?”

“He and Kate are having problems with Ryan, they’ve asked me to talk to him and see if I can help him.”

“Are you going to?”

“Of course, when have I ever been able to turn down a child?”

“Yeah, I know, but.”


What went unsaid was that once Raija met with Ryan, there couldn’t be anything between Galen and Raija. She couldn’t break Ryan’s trust. Raija wasn’t sure if Galen knew or cared, but she did.

Bright and early Saturday morning Raija headed for her office. On the way she stopped to pick up pastries, juice and coffee.

Raija had been in the office for ten minutes when she heard a knock at the door. She opened the door and found a petite redheaded woman and a red-haired young boy who strongly favored the woman. Standing directly behind them was Galen.

“Hi there. Come in.”

The Dunne family entered the reception area warily. “I’m Raija Montemayor and you must be Ryan.” She spoke directly to Ryan who giggled. She raised her eyebrows at him in question.

“What kind of name is Montemayor?”

“I’m Latina and my last name is Peruvian, just like your last name is Irish.”

“But you look black.”

At that last comment his parents looked mortified and started apologizing to her.

Raija stopped them. “It’s okay.” Again looking directly at Ryan she said, “I’m black and Latina. You didn’t know that there were black people all over the world?”

Ryan looked at her in surprise. “No, all the Hispanic kids at school are brown.”

She winked at him, “well hang out with me for a while kid and you’ll learn a lot you didn’t know.”

She showed Ryan to her office and closed the door. She turned to his parents and asked, “So you’ve told Ryan why he’s here?”

Kate spoke up first, “yes, we told him that you work with kids who may be struggling and that you just want to help him.”

Galen was quiet and when she received no response from him, she turned back to Kate. “I plan on spending about thirty minutes with Ryan today, just talking. You do both understand that this isn’t a quick fix. He probably won’t want to do much talking today. Are you guys planning on staying around?”

Kate answered again, “If you don’t mind, we thought that we’d just sit out here, unless you think differently.”

“Tell you what, there’s a new café on the corner, they serve a great breakfast. Why don’t the two of you go on down and we’ll walk down and meet you when we’re done.”

Leaving them in the reception area, she walked into her office.

Galen sat staring out the glass front of the café. Raija had been right, the café served great food.

“Galen, did you hear me?”

In honesty he hadn’t. He was busy wondering what Ryan was telling Raija. “Sorry Kate, what were you saying?”

She frowned at him, “How do you know her?” Galen thought there was a hint of jealousy in her voice, which, considering their marriage, was ridiculous. He’d known over the years about various relationships that she’d had. They’d never amounted gaziantep escort to much and he’d never cared as long as it didn’t impact Ryan.

“She’s the cousin of Ewan’s wife Aisha. I met her at their wedding and called Ewan to get her information.”

Kate considered Galen for a second. She knew that he’d never stepped outside the bounds of their marriage and she wasn’t sure why. As far as she was concerned, sex was sex and didn’t need to lead to anything more.

Twenty minutes later Galen spied Ryan and Raija walking down the sidewalk. Ryan was staring down at the ground as he walked while Raija talked non-stop.

Stepping into the café Raija looked around. Finding his parents she waved goodbye to Ryan and walked out.

Galen ran out of the café after her.

“What’s going on? What did he say?”

She smiled at Galen. “We talked in general, about what he likes to do, school, the usual getting to know you stuff.” She sighed deeply, “I told you this wasn’t an instant solution or process. If anything serious or threatening to Ryan is going on, I’ll let you and Kate know, otherwise, I’m here to help Ryan, not you and your wife. Ryan has the appointment card for next week.”

With that, she walked away.

Every Saturday for a month, she met with Ryan. Sometimes Kate dropped him off, sometimes his father but never since the first time did they both come with him.

During their fifth meeting they made some headway.

“So Ryan, have you talked to your parents yet.”


“Why not?”

“I don’t know what to say to them.”

“That’s understandable but how long do you think you can go on without having some answers? All you can do is tell them how you feel and see what happens.?”

“Can’t you talk to them for me?”

“Nope, kiddo, we’ve talked about his before. I’ll go with you if you need me to, but I can’t do this for you.”

“You know how it hurts less when you just rip the band-aid off than if you peel it real slow? That’s what I should do huh?”

“Ryan, sometimes ripping it off causes more damage, even if it’s not immediately felt.”

“So, why are you all dressed up Ms. Montemayor?”

Raija could swear that Ryan just liked saying her name. He’d never called her Raija although he’d been invited to do just that on more than one occasion.

“I’ve got a date.”

“In the middle of the day?”

“Yep, we’re going to brunch. Brunch is an odd combination of breakfast and lunch.”

“What do you think will happen when I talk to them?”

“I don’t know, but your parents are adults. They can handle anything you throw at them and will love you all the more.”

“Okay, next weekend then, we can talk to them.”

“If that’s what you’d like.”

“Okay kiddo, I think someone’s here to get you.”

Ryan and Raija walked into the reception area to find Galen standing staring out the window. Galen turned to Ryan and asked him to wait in the car for a moment.

“So how’s it going?”

“Good. Both you and Kate need to be here next weekend; Ryan is ready to talk to you.”

Galen sat down in one of the plush chairs in the waiting area with his head in his hands. “Do you know what he wants to talk to us about?”


“I don’t think I can do this. I thought I could, but I can’t.”

Raija sat down next to him. “You’ve done a lot in the past nine years that I bet you never thought you would or could. Don’t worry about this. He loves the two of you more than you can imagine.”

Raija looked at her watch and stood up.

“Am I keeping you?”

“I do have plans and I’m sure Ryan is wondering what’s keeping you. See you next weekend.”

The following weekend arrived well before Raija would have liked. Despite the fact that it needed to be done, Raija didn’t want to see any of the Dunne family in the pain that would surely surface today.

At 10 a.m. she ushered them into her office. Ryan had a look of trepidation on his face and Raija gave him a conspiratorial smile.

“We’re here because Ryan wanted to get some things off his chest and I’d ask that you listen, without jumping in or trying to your side of things. Just listen.”

Galen and Kate looked at Ryan expectantly.

Taking a noticeable breath, Galen started. “First I want to say I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting lately. I know it hasn’t been much fun putting up with me.” He looked at his parents and his lower lip trembled. “I overheard Aunt Valerie talking to grandma a couple of months ago. She was saying that she thought it was interesting that all the men born into the family had the same birthmark, in the same place on their bodies.”

Galen looked crestfallen. “Ryan.”

Ryan ignored him and continued. “I looked for a long time to see if I had the birthmark at all, maybe on some other part of my body. But I don’t.” Tears began spilling down his cheeks. “Am I adopted?”

Kate rushed forward, “Of course you’re not adopted Ryan. Honey your father and I love you very much.”

He interrupted her, “Then why don’t I have konya escort the birthmark.”

At that simple question, Raija could see them struggle with the choice of continuing to lie, perhaps spinning some fantastic yarn about there being one Dunne male born every 100 years without the birthmark, or telling him the truth.

Truth won out.

Raija left the family in her office as Kate and Galen started telling Ryan the truth.

Two hours later Raija returned to the office to find Kate and Ryan wrapped in Galen’s arms.

At 9 pm that night, Raija’s phone rang.


Silence on the other end. “Raija.” She heard the pain and weariness in his voice.

“Galen. Is Ryan okay?”

“Yeah?” Galen wanted to lash out and strike someone with his anger and despair. He wanted to ask if Ryan was all she cared about, but knew it wasn’t fair. He’d spoken with Ewan and Aisha before he ever called Raija and knew that once she decided to talk with Ryan that anything else was out of the question.

“So what do we do now? How do we make it better for him?”

“I can give you the names of family counselors in your area who can help you work through this. You all need to get some help Galen. The only difference between now and then, is that everyone in your house knows the truth now. That’s only the first obstacle.”

6 months later on a Sunday afternoon….

Aisha held an exquisite denim jumper up over the crib and cooed to her daughter, “And this is from your cousin Raija.”

“Hi everyone.”

“Galen, you came. And you brought Ryan with you.”

Raija turned to watch Galen and Ryan walk through the door. Ryan hung back shyly until he saw Raija.

“Hey Raija.”

“Oh! What happened to Ms. Montemayor?”

He blushed.

“How are things going kiddo? You’re a long way from home right now.”

Ryan looked around and deciding that they were out of earshot of most whispered, “It’s okay. Mom and Dad are getting divorced. I’ll stay with dad one weekend and mom the next weekend. We’re on vacation, Dad brought me down to see SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.”

With grace that only the young could muster, Ryan bounced from one topic to the next with ease.

“I’ll bet your father is happy that you’ll be staying with him part of the time.” She smiled down at him.

“Yeah. I was mad for a long time that they didn’t tell me.”

Later Galen followed Raija into the kitchen room. “So I guess Ryan told you the big news.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry it didn’t work out Galen, but Ryan seems to have accepted it pretty well.”

“Yeah, well, we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about things.”

“So how have you been?”

She nodded her head as she drank a glass of water. “Pretty good.”

“I never did thank you.”

“It’s okay, as you might expect, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for a hurting child.”

He chuckled, “Yeah, I did see that in you. How long are you in town?”

“I leave in three days, what about you guys?”

“We leave in six days. A whole week in paradise. Have dinner with us tomorrow as a thank you.”

“Listen, I don’t want to intrude. Ryan seems pretty excited to have this time with you.”

“Intrude on what?” Aisha walked into the kitchen carrying her month-old daughter.

“Nothing nosy.” Raija held out her arms for the baby, only to have Michaela placed in Ryan’s arms. “Hey! I’ve been waiting all day to hold her.”

“Well, when you learn to stop being so sassy with me, you can hold her.” Aisha turned away from Raija and towards Galen. “Galen, Ewan wants to know if Ryan would like to stay overnight at SeaWorld Tuesday night. A couple of times a year they offer behind the scenes tours and an overnight stay in the auditorium for kids around his age.”

From behind them they heard Ryan shout “YES!”

“I guess it’s decided then.”

Aisha walked out of the room without gathering her offspring. Galen looked over at Raija. “Have dinner with me on Tuesday then?”

Raija could see something in his eyes and had an idea of what he had been like 10 years ago.

At noon on Tuesday Galen called Raija’s hotel room. “Hey, I’m bored. Come have lunch with me.”

Raija frowned at the phone. “Okay, lunch instead of dinner.”

“No, Lunch and dinner. We can explore town together or maybe head down to Mexico.”

Apparently the Galen from ten years ago was also impetuous and used to getting his own way. Throwing good sense to the wind, Raija accepted his invitation.

At 12:30 Raija met Galen in the lobby of her hotel. Galen wore a red polo shirt, khaki shorts and a pair of European style brown sneakers. Galen grabbed her hand and started pulling her out of the hotel lobby.

“Whoa big fella, what are you so happy about?”

“New city, free time, beautiful woman, happy kid, beautiful woman. What’s not to be happy about.”

Raija stared at Galen, this was the most he’d ever said without being prompted. He pulled her over to a late model Mercedes convertible. She whistled. “Great car. The two of kayseri escort you are going all out huh?”

“Yeah, decided to treat myself on this trip and make it a trip to remember for Ryan. What are you in the mood to eat?”

Sliding into the car’s leather interior Raija watched him walk around the front of the car. He slid into the driver’s seat and winked at her as they took off out of the parking lot.

“How about fish tacos?”

Galen made a face at her suggestion, finally giving in when she promised that he would love them. They drove around until they came across a fast food restaurant that specialized in them.

Sitting across the table from him she watched as he devoured his third Fish Taco Especiale: battered whitefish, coleslaw, a white sauce with onion and cilantro, a squeeze of lime and salsa, wrapped in corn tortillas.

“So, can we say that I was right about the tacos?”

Galen reached across the table snagged one of her tortilla chips, digging into his bowl of pinto beans. “We will say no such thing. In fact, this lunch never took place. I will disavow all knowledge if asked.”

Raija shook her head at Galen and chuckled. “Where to next?”

“A walk on the beach might be good. I need to walk off those mythical fish tacos.”

They took a drive across the Coronado Bay Bridge and pulled into the public beach access. Raija pulled off her shoes as they began strolling along the edge of the water, digging her toes into the soft sand. Just off the shore was a naval aircraft carrier, heading out into deeper water.

They made small talk as they walked until they reached a large boulder sitting in the sand. Raija perched on a flat spot on top of the boulder with her legs hanging over the edge. She patted the space next to her and Galen joined her. They sat staring out at the ocean and the families frolicking in the water.

“So really, how are you doing Galen?”

Galen exhaled. “Honestly, I’m, I don’t know, relieved and sad and tired and worried and horny and happy.”

“That’s a lot of feelings you’ve got going.”

“Now that it’s over between Kate and me, I’m pissed. I wasted so many years but I pissed at myself, not her. I let it start and continue. I could have told my parents that I wasn’t Ryan’s father and still been her friend; I didn’t have to marry her to help her out. I know that. I’m sad for what could have been because we haven’t been best friends for a long time and I’m worried about who she might find now and how he’ll react to Ryan. There’s just a lot to worry about.”

He looked over at Raija. “I don’t know how to get back in the game and start dating. I don’t know if want to date. I don’t know if I want to bring women around Ryan. Hell, I don’t know anything at this point other than that I have my life back and I have you to thank for that.

Kate and I were undecided on what to do, but we saw one of the therapists on the list you gave us and she asked us what we were hanging on for. We thought it was for Ryan’s sake but she asked what we thought we were teaching him about marriage, relationships and love and whether the model we were giving him was how we wanted him to live his life. That gave us the nudge we needed.”

Raija jumped down from the rock, “Come on, let’s go celebrate having your life back.”

They toured the city, walking in Olde Town, driving through La Jolla and Mission Hills. They stopped to stroll in Hillcrest and walked by a tattoo and piercing parlor. They looked at tattoo artwork displayed in the window and Galen grabbed her hand and pulled her in.

He thumbed through books looking for something specific and finally settled on a script type that he liked.

Without saying a word Raija took a seat as he talked to the tattoo artist. He came back to sit next to her while he waited for the artist to prep.

“Aren’t you going to try to talk me out of this?”



When the artist finally called him back to the area, Galen asked if she wasn’t coming with him. She smiled and followed him back to the tattoo area.

A short time later, Galen had a flowing script of Ryan’s name tattooed on the back of his right shoulder. The artist gave him instructions on how to care for the tattoo and then looked at Raija. “How about you?”

Raija shook her head, “No tattoos for me. But I do want a piercing.”

Galen had been standing in front of the full length mirror, looking at his tattoo but at that news he raised his eyes to meet hers.

Galen hoped it wouldn’t be some odd facial piercing, like a ring through her nose. Raija finished talking to the tattooist/piercer who began setting up for her procedure. She excused herself and went to the restroom.

When she came out the piercer had her sit on the cold table. Galen watched her reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe it when she pulled up to skirt and spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties, which was a bigger shock than the fact that she was about to be pierced.

Leaning back, she placed one leg on either side of the chair the piercer was standing in front of. Galen stood transfixed, staring into the mirror as Raija had the hood of clitoris pierced. She elected to have a curved barbell inserted into the piercing. During the procedure she hadn’t made a sound and after a cursory cleanup and instructions similar to those for his new tattoo, she hopped off the table and pulled her skirt down.

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Complex Relationship Ch. 06

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Thanks to luvtaread for the editing

A few days later Brandon and the girls looked in admiration at the structure they had constructed. Considering it had been raised with nothing more than a combination of rope, large sticks, grasses, and fern leaves it was a pretty fair achievement. Progress had been slow at first, but in the ensuing days the four had quickly learned to work together to make the process faster. Also of great help was that Mel’s ankle returning to normal allowing Brandon to focus more on his plan than splitting his time between doing most of the heavy work and planning the shelter.

The shelter was suspended a foot or so above the ground. The supporting wood for the flor was lashed to six trees. The roof and walls were also supported by large sticks lashed to the same six trees. The new shelter had room for all four of the friends to sleep comfortably and independently. Although once Brandon saw that the girls had created two large beds it became clear that this feature was probably unnecessary. The interior of the structure had progressed with the exterior, as when all materials had been gathered, Katy in particular had found little to do.

Brandon was not too surprised therefore to find her and Ashley talking avidly one day at lunch. When he went over to investigate he found them planning to use the excess clothing from the boat they had no use for and some thread they found to create some comfort elements for the inside.

As the tour moved inside he found they had out done themselves as the new beds far outdid his fern ones. The new larger versions were much softer and included sheets, pillows, and even a pair of blankets that had been found in with the clothes. Of course as the sun poured into the room through a small window he had put in facing the sea, he recognized the value of another of Katy’s additions. He was shading his eyes and was complaining about the suns’ glare when Katy pulled closed a set of dark curtains.

“Thanks Katy,” he said sheepishly, “Guess I didn’t think of that little element.”

“Of course you didn’t, but that’s because you’re a guy.” Katy said as she crossed the room to be at Mel’s side.

“And we love that about you of course” Ashley said with a kiss. “So, we figured we would just give a woman’s touch to your grand plan. I might add your shelter is very good though, nice and sturdy.”

“Yeah Brandon, you did a good job,” Mel added. “I gotta admit I was skeptical at first but this is a fine home.”

“Well thanks ladies,” Brandon said, “Both for the praise and the help. It is fitting that this place has a ‘woman’s touch’ as I am outnumbered three to one here.”

“Like your complaining, darling,” Ashley joked, “We did notice that sturdiness was a very high priority when you designed this place.”

“Yeah well…” Brandon said feeling his cheeks grow hot, “I’m not the only one, I notice that those mattresses you ladies built also had sturdiness in mind.” At this it was Ashley’s turn to blush as Katy smiled a mile wide and giggled.

Moments later Mel broke the silence, “So…was this the end of your surprise? Because as good as this is, it’s not that new.” Mel said a bit critically.

“Oh no.” Brandon said as he smiled wide, “As to that, we need to take a bit of a walk, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. We need to prepare properly, so we’ll set out after breakfast tomorrow.” Upon seeing the disappointed looks on the three beautiful faces, he said, “Look, I assure you its worth the wait, and we’ll go first thing in the morning. I would go tonight, but since I’m still unsure of what is out in those woods I think it would be reckless to do it tonight.”

“He’s right,” He heard Mel state glaring at him, and looking down at the disappointed look on Katy’s face he knew why. Nonetheless she still agreed with his assessment. “It would be highly stupid of us. Plus, I don’t know about you guys but I am pretty hungry.”

Brandon nodded his agreement and heard the others agree and silently they all went about tasks for gathering food. For a special treat given the celebration of finishing the shelter they even used some of the canned food. So they had canned ham and some canned vegetables with their customary fruit for dinner.

After the best meal they had had in over a week the four went to the new shelter to break it, and the new beds, in. Brandon and Ashley flopped down on to their bed and after noting its softness the pair got right to business.

They began a lengthy make out session as they rolled around on the new bed. Soon Brandon felt Ashley’s hands moving all over his body. He returned the roaming by doing some roaming of his own, her tits and perfect ass being his favorite targets.

When neither could stand it further they broke the kiss and began to remove items of clothing. This was a more lengthy process than usual because due to the celebration as well as during construction of the shelter, all four had taken to wearing the clothes bursa otele gelen eskort they had found.

Brandon’s attire was not that different, his swimsuit and a tee-shirt were still his usual attire. Not really wanting to borrow any of the kidnappers’ clothes or wear women’s clothes. Ashley was wearing a tee-shirt and short skirt, the shortness mostly due to the fact that it had been Katy’s. Brandon did note upon slipping his hand beneath it that she did not have on panties. Once he had been stripped of his shirt and he felt her hard nipples press against him he was sure of two things. Ashley was not wearing a bra and that she was quite turned on.

The former was confirmed when Ashley shed her own shirt and bared her firm mounds for his view. He did far more than view them though as his hands gravitated to the erect nipples and he gave them a quick teasing. He heard Ashley moan in response before he rolled her unto her back and attacked her tits with his mouth and hands. While he did this his free hand gravitated lower and worked its way under her skirt quickly finding her sopping wet pussy. He heard her cry out in pleasure as his fingers entered her tight hole. As he began pumping them in and out of her he broke contact with her tits and kissed down her flat stomach before lifting the skirt to give him better access to her pussy.

He decided to tease her a bit first by starting at her inner thighs and he kissed his way up, licking some of her juices off them as he made his way to her drooling slit. He proceeded to tease her swollen outer lips before parting them with his probing tongue.

Once he had done that for a while he felt her hand clamp onto the back of his head. He chose that moment to begin working her clit with his tongue. He located the sensitive nub and began rapidly running his tongue over it. For effect he also worked his fingers in and out of her hole. The effect was instantaneous as he heard Ashley cry of loudly in ecstasy and her thighs clamp down on his head as sweet fluid rushed out to meet his still lapping tongue.

When she had released him he kissed his way up her body until he reached her mouth. She was still breathing heavy as he kissed her but he felt her hand reach into his shorts and wrap around his hard shaft. He looked at her and seeing the pleading in her lust filled eyes knew what she wanted without words.

He stood up and removed his shorts, when he looked back at Ashley found her on all fours facing Katy and Mel. He shrugged and took his place behind her and in one smooth motion entered her from behind. As he thrust into Ashley they were treated with the sight of Mel’s bare ass raised in the air as she worked Katy’s pussy with her tongue. Katy, clearly enjoying the treatment, lay naked on the bed thrashing and moaning. A few minutes later Katy gave a shriek of pleasure and came. Mel’s face stayed buried in the blonde’s crotch few a while, after before Mel got up and went in search of something.

Brandon returned his attention to Ashley and picked up his pace a bit. His attention was again diverted when he saw the busty blonde on the other bed approach his. Once she reached his bed she walked on her knees until her face was near his she gave him a kiss.

“Mind if we join you two?” She asked. Brandon shook his head and Katy continued, “Good, now if you could make some room by backing up a bit that would be great.” A bit baffled Brandon complied with the request and slowly led Ashley back so he was close to the head of the mattress. When Katy gave a nod, he stopped, and she immediately positioned herself under Ashley giving the blonde better access to the brunette’s tits.

Ashley moaned her appreciation at Katy’s efforts as the blonde’s mouth went to work on her tits. As Brandon resumed his thrusting he noted that Ashley was returning the favor a bit, sucking on Katy’s large boobs any chance she got. Soon after this had commenced Mel returned wearing her strap-on and the extent of Katy’s plan was clear. The red-head spread Katy’s legs and plunged the plastic cock into Katy’s waiting hole.

The redhead made quite a sight as she thrust in and out of Katy. Close up her naked features were all the more impressive. As Brandon’s thrusting steadied his mind wondered a bit to what Katy had said a few nights back about Mel, and in that moment a part of him imagined it was Mel he was fucking not Ashley. That ended when the two pairs of green eyes met. Brandon saw a challenge in the redhead’s eyes and followed her gaze to the tangle that was Ashley and Katy between them and understood.

He nodded and saw her pick up her pace and heard Katy’s tit muffled gasp of pleasure. He matched her pace and heard Ashley’s groan of pleasure. Each kept going faster and faster determined to get their partner to cum first. Soon Ashley and Katy were thrusting back and too out of breath to maintain their attention of each others tits. The shelter filled with the bursa eve gelen escort bayan moans of all four as Mel and Brandon fought cumming and their thrusts hurtled Katy and Ashley toward their climaxes. In the end it was Katy that reached first, closely followed by Ashley. Upon feeling Ashley’s pussy clamp on his shaft Brandon too came, but he was pleased to here Mel cry out seconds later.

In Brandon’s mind the competition had been a draw as Katy had pushed herself over the edge by playing with her own tits. Still the result was four very satisfied individuals.

The four collapsed on the mattress. Brandon felt Ashley settle in on his right side with her head buried in his shoulder and she wrapped one leg over his right leg so that he felt her warm pussy on his leg. He was more surprised to feel another smaller form attach to his left side as Katy snuggled up to him. She took a similar position to Ashley and he felt both give him a quick kiss on the cheek before he looked and saw Mel spooned behind the blonde. He used his right arm to hug Ashley closer and, not wanting to start trouble with Mel placed his left under his head.

They had not been lying long when a small hand attached itself to his soft cock and began jacking him off. It was then he noted that Katy had pulled back slightly and he looked down to find Mel’s hand buried in her wife’s pussy. Things got more interesting when another hand began playing with his balls. He looked over at Ashley who just smiled and engaged him in a deep kiss. As he kissed Ashley he felt Katy kissing his neck.

Soon after both hands stopped and released him before he felt Katy leave his side and straddle him. He soon felt her impale herself on his now fully hard shaft and relished the feel of the blonde’s pussy. It had been the first time since the night of the bet he had felt her, as things had returned to normal the next evening. Not that he could complain, as getting sex from Ashley every night was hardly something to complain about.

The blonde began fucking him, and her large tits did their usual bouncing, which Brandon admired from his vantage point. His view was soon broken by a kiss from Ashley. When she broke the kiss it was to give attention elsewhere on his body and Brandon noted that she was not the only one who had joined the fun as Mel now knelt behind Katy and was kneading the large boobs from behind while showering the blonde with kisses all over her body.

Ashley and Mel joined, adding extra stimulus and soon both Brandon and Katy were well on their way to climax. As he approached his climax Brandon began meeting Katy’s bounces with his thrusts. The effect was immediate, and both came hard. Their partners continued to shower them with kisses and Mel lifted Katy off Brandon, lowered her to the bed next to him and in response he pulled the blonde close.

The drowsy pair watched as Ashley and Mel made out for a bit at the foot of the bed while fingering each others pussies. Soon both women broke the kiss and cried out as they came on each others fingers. Both collapsed to the mattress soon after and Brandon felt them resume their former positions in the group snuggle. Ashley worked herself back into his embrace and Mel removed his arm from Katy before spooned her wife from behind. Ashley kissed him good night and both women snuggled up to him further as he drifted off to sleep.

Brandon awoke the next morning to the feeling of a small hand working his morning wood. He looked to his left and was met by Katy’s smiling face, she raised her head and kissed him. After a while Katy wriggled out of Mel’s embrace and positioned her mouth over the hard shaft. As Katy had positioned herself over a quickly awaking Mel, the redhead began to play with the blonde’s tits and pussy.

Brandon groaned as Katy’s mouth went to work on his shaft and he felt the results of Mel’s ministrations in the reverberations of Katy’s moans on his cock. While he was enjoying Katy’s work he felt Ashley’s head lift from his right shoulder as she too awoke.

She took a quick assessment of the situation and after kissing Brandon quickly positioned herself in Katy’s vacant spot facing Mel’s crotch. In response Mel turned on her side to not only give Ashley better access, but allowed the red-head access to the dark haired woman’s pussy. Brandon seeing this had other ideas and tapped the blonde on the shoulder and as the brown eyes looked at him he patted the spot where Ashley had been laying moments before and understanding Katy got up and laid down on her side facing him.

Brandon got up and positioned himself behind Katy and cuddled up to her before lifting her right leg. As he did he felt her hand guide him to her opening before he thrust forward and entered her warm pussy. He slid right into her wet pussy and immediately began thrusting behind her as he watched Mel roll Ashley onto her back as the pair continued to lick at each other’s pussies. Soon after Brandon’s right hand found Katy’s ample chest and began kneading the impressive tits and playing with the sensitive nipples.

The pair fucked in silence as they watched Ashley and Mel get closer and closer to their orgasms. Brandon began to pick up his initial slow pace as he felt Katy pushing back to meet his thrusts. As he picked up his thrust slightly he heard a soft moan of appreciation from the blonde. It was clear she was as transfixed with the other pair as he was.

Not long after the frenzied licking of Mel produced results and Ashley cried out for her first orgasm. Soon after Mel too felt release as Ashley pushed her over the edge. The pair did not stop there though. Soon Ashley came again then Mel then Ashley. The pair traded orgasms for a few minutes before they both collapsed.

Brandon, turned on by the show he had witnessed, combined with the feel of Katy’s pussy around his hard cock and the feel of her soft tits in his hand, soon felt himself teetering on the edge off orgasm. He gave Katy one hard thrust and tweaked her sensitive nipple and as he released his load into the blonde’s waiting pussy, he felt it clamp down on his shaft and her body shaking against his in orgasm.

“I must say ladies that was some wake up, I could get used to that.” Brandon said and noted that all three nodded in agreement.

“I don’t know about y’all but I think we should probably put the beds together,” Ashley said, “because if we continue to sleep this way, on just one, its going to get pretty crowded every night.” Again everyone agreed and after everyone was up and dressed Mel and Brandon hefted the two mattresses together so they faced the window. After all were satisfied with the bed’s position the quartet headed out of the shelter to prepare breakfast as well as lunch for the day’s mystery trip.

After breakfast had finished Katy began looking like a kid at Christmas. Noticing she was practically bouncing out of her seat with excitement, Mel asked, “So, Brandon, you going to show us this surprise of yours? Because Katy can’t take much more of this.”

Brandon also noted the excited blonde before smiling and saying, “Of course, if everything is ready, we can leave.”

They gathered the food and Brandon collected the pistol before he led the three ladies to the path out of camp. The hike was long, but not nearly as long as the first time he had made the trek. As they neared the clearing that contained the natural hot tub he had all three women close their eyes. To be sure the surprise was not ruined Brandon covered Katy’s eyes, as he was sure she would not be able to resist looking. He had the other hold onto his raised arms Ashley on the right and Mel on his left.

“Okay girls you can open ’em,” he said as he pulled his hands from in front of Katy’s eyes. Three set of gasps of wonder filled the air as the girls realized what they were looking at.

“I wish I could claim credit for building this, but its completely natural, I found it while searching the island for you three. Pretty cool eh?” Brandon said smiling.

“Brandon! It’s awesome, and so worth the wait.” Katy said turning and giving him a huge hug before saying, “Can we go in, Brandon, pleasssse?” The way she said it was so cute it made him think of a kid at Christmas.

“A smoking hot kid with an incredible rack,” he thought to himself with a chuckle before saying, “Of course, why do you think were here?” Katy’s eyes lit up before a devious look crossed her face.

“Last one in has to orally please the others.” She said sprinting toward the pool. It turned out the head start did not give the blonde any advantage as Brandon and Ashley caught her easily with their long strides and were quickest to the pool. Mel on the other hand cheated and picked up the blonde in mid stride before slowly lowering herself into the churning water with the tiny blonde raised well above the surface of the pool. Katy squirmed in Mel’s arms trying to touch the water but to no avail. Mel’s stomach had disappeared beneath the water before Katy made contact with the water.

“Well, my little nymph, it appears you will be doing the pleasuring this afternoon. Seeing as you’re the last one in.” Mel said with a grin before lowering Katy into the water. Katy emerged from the water and glared at her wife.

“I was not dear, you cheated and you know it.” Katy said.

“Regardless, you were still last, those are the facts. So, why not put that tongue to better use on my pussy.”

“But…” Katy tried to protest.

“No buts, missy,” Mel said giving Katy a stern look. “Just that wonderful tongue of yours on my aching pussy.” Katy looked unfazed by the command.

“Since you cheated and she was first in anyway I will lick Ashley’s pussy first, thank you.” Katy said turning her back on Mel. Ashley looked surprised, but pleasantly so, as Katy waded over to where she sat and she immediately followed the blonde’s direction to sit on the edge of the pool.

Katy immediately pushed aside the red material of Ashley’s swimsuit and began her slow and steady attack on the dark haired mound. As he watched her work Mel sidled up to him for a better view of Katy’s work. A few minutes later, Ashley’s moans grew louder and more frustrated.

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Going All The Way

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“Action!” I shout.

Looking at the monitors, I see my husband, Dick Philips, in a 69 position with Cheyenne, a major porn star, licking her pussy while she’s giving him a blowjob. I have three cameras trained on the action, from left to right, camera 1 – a close-up on Cheyenne’s mouth sucking cock, camera 2 – a wide shot, and camera 3 – a close-up on Dick slurping pussy. I am sitting behind a small mixing desk in a three camera outside broadcast van, ready to cut to the next shot. We are also rolling tape on all the cameras for the DVD selection. This is the second shooting day of my first porn film. I, Kat Philips, a masters’ graduate in film from UCLA, am directing a porn movie.

I select camera 2, the wide shot to establish the action. They’re fucking on a large four-poster bed, with white cotton sheets. We can see the tropical forest and turquoise ocean through the bay windows in the background. Dick plays a rich nobleman, running away from a lost love in England, and falls in love with two women. Cheyenne plays the owner of a local tavern that has taken a liking to the sad looking man. She is the one love interest of Dick’s character.

I cut to camera 1, Cheyenne sucking dick. She is very good. With her left hand, she tucks her shoulder length blond hair behind her ear, while holding Dick’s cock at the base with the other hand. She then slowly licks his head; moves down his shaft and up again. She brings his hard-on to her mouth and swallows the head. Her cheeks dimple with suction as she bobs her head up and down. Her natural breasts are squashed against Dick’s body.

Dick has a beautiful cock, long and thick with a glistening purple head. A thick blue vein runs from his balls, snakes up around the shaft to disappear beneath the head. His balls are without a strand of hair, which makes sucking on those big sperm factories pure pleasure. I am amazed as Cheyenne swallows Dick to the hilt. She is good; no wonder male fans are crazy about her. But I hate her for it. I try not to think that Dick is my husband.

Then I detect something in her eyes. She is registering pleasure from Dick’s ministrations at her pussy. The few porn actresses I spoke to told me they sometimes have difficulty coming on set. They have to be so professional that they cannot allow an orgasm to take away their control.

I cut to camera 3, the action on Dick’s face. Cheyenne, the ever professional, has her left leg up to give the camera an unobstructed view to the action. Dick pumps two fingers of his right hand deep into her wet cunt, while sucking hard on her clit. He plays with her puffy pussylips, wiggling it with his tongue, then his chin. I can see on the monitor how the sexual pleasure is taking all control away from Cheyenne. Her legs begin to twitch, her cunt juices are flowing freely now, with Dick, ever the gentleman, slurping it up like a desert sucking up the rain.

I cut to camera 2 to show how Ms Porn Star is giving up control. Her whole body is shaking, out pops Dick’s cock as she screams in ecstasy. I cut to camera 1, the close-up on Cheyenne’s face. She rears up like a striking cobra, roaring with pleasure. Her face is a study in radiance. She is definitely glowing with orgasmic bliss. I cut to camera 2 for a wide shot. Another rumble ripples through her body as she arches her back, before she collapses onto Dick, breathing heavily, her tanned back glistening with perspiration. Dick looks up, concerned.

“Cut!” I shout, slumping back into my director’s chair. Because I never wear panties, I feel my own juices dripping on the chair. I ignore my assistant, Melanie, sitting next to me, as I quickly wipe my shaved and dripping wet pussy with a Kleenex, adjust my denim micro mini and walk onto the set. Born an exhibitionist, I know my skirt reveals more than it hides. Anyone sitting level to the hem of my skirt will see the globes of my bottom and my pussy sticking out. I’m very proud of my large breasts; that’s why I’ve tied the ends of my see-through blouse together, creating a cleavage that leaves nothing to the imagination. I feel my tits straining against the flimsy material. My nipples must be visible to the lustful eyes of the crew. Unfortunately, with Cheyenne naked, her open pussy displayed before their eyes, no one would notice me.

Melanie trots behind me, clipper board ready. I hear the applause from the crew. The two male cameramen and the lighting guy sport huge erections in their jeans. The female cameraperson, the sound lady and the make-up artist’s nipples are pushing at the soft material of their t-shirts. Do I detect wet panties as well?

Cheyenne is all flustered. Sitting with his legs spread-eagled on the bed, with Cheyenne’s legs draped over his, Dick holds her against his breast, still concerned. He ignores the applause.

“Kat, I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry,” whispers Cheyenne as she sees me approaching. She moves away from Dick, her dripping pussy in full view. “It has never happened before.” I see a small upside-down pyramid patch of hair pointing to her long clit protruding from Antep Escort Bayan her puffy pussylips.

“Don’t be silly,” I give her a false smile, tearing my gaze from her cunt. “That was fucking beautiful.” I take her beautiful face in my hands and kiss her softly on the mouth. I can taste my husband. Cheyenne smiles and kisses me back. Her sharp little nose, pouting lips and innocent blue eyes give me the shivers. I look at her large tanned areolas and hard nipples. She fucking enjoyed my husband’s wonderful touch, the bitch.

“Can you continue?” I ask.

“Of course. What’s next?”

“You ride him, cowgirl style, and catch his load on your tits.”


“Dick, my love, can you get it up?” I grab his raging hard-on.

“What a question.” He pulls my face towards his, and gives me a wet kiss. I taste Cheyenne’s pussy as Dick sticks his hand beneath my skirt. I stop him before he reaches my dripping pussy and playfully warn him:

“Don’t you have a leading lady to fuck?” He smiles and turns to Cheyenne, his hand seeking her pussy. Looking at my two adult performers, my professionalism takes over.

“I want you two to start off the way you sat before, holding onto each other. Something more than a welcome fuck happened. I want to capture that.” I turn to the crew:

“Adjust the lighting and move the cameras,” I smile at them. “Let’s see if they can top that performance.”

I met Richard (Dick) Philips two months ago at an afternoon party of a mutual friend. We are both interested in nature conservation and our mutual friend had a fundraising-get-together for people in the entertainment industry of Los Angeles. I didn’t know that Dick worked in the adult industry and when our mutual friend introduced us, she didn’t mention it either. We hit it off right away. I was impressed with this tall dark and handsome young man with his designer stubble, his beautiful teeth and dimpled smile. We talked about our travels, the state of pollution in LA and the rest of California, and what we can do to prevent the total destruction of our environment.

It wasn’t long before we wondered hand-in-hand down to a private beach and started to kiss. His caring, soft kisses and caressing hands down my spine and over my bum weakened my knees. We dropped on the soft beach sand as he continued to probe my mouth with his tongue. His right hand traveled up my leg, under my short dress to my wet pussy. He stopped kissing me when he found I didn’t wear any panties.

“Ready for action?”

“Always,” I said. “I never saw the need to confine my pussy behind satin walls.” I opened my legs wider to give him better access, and to invite his cock into my pussy. But he stopped the action, got off me and quickly removed his clothes. He ran into the sea. “Come and get me,” he shouted.

I slipped off my dress and ran after him. Splashing in the water, I caught up with him and grabbed his hard-on. “I want you inside me before you shrivel to a peanut,” I said as I pushed his large cock into my wet cunt. We were only knee deep in the water. He pulled my legs up in his strong arms and fucked me, hanging on for dear life. I showered his face with kisses matching his every thrust. My hips responded to his actions and moved in unison, up and down, in and out, up and down, in and out. I slowly contracted my pussy muscles around his manhood, feeling every ripple on his cock moving up and down deep inside my love tunnel. With every stroke, my clit scraped against the base of his cock. The friction sent waves of lust and pleasure through my body.

Dick stumbled as a sea wave hit us the same time our orgasms exploded in our bodies. “Oh, fuck, I’m coming,” I shouted, but didn’t slow my movements. I wanted to milk his manhood dry. My legs ached as I continued to contract around his cock. As he fell backwards in the water, he came with a scream. I saw his face, filled with lust disappear beneath the waves. He came up, splattering and coughing but still impaled in my cunt.

We crawled our way back to the edge of the water and lay there, watching the setting sun. My hand never left his cock and his fingers played erotic tunes on my clit and in my pussy. We didn’t bother to stop or cover up when other partygoers walked past. Later on, we walked naked through the party to his car, getting lustful and jealous stares from the crowd. Still naked we got into his convertible and drove off to his pad.

The rest of the week sped past like a fast forward tape. All I can remember was the fucking, the long talks, walks and enjoyment of each other’s company. I have fallen in love with the guy. One night, I prepared a romantic dinner at my small apartment, waiting for the right moment to express my love.

When he came into the room, looking dashing in his sports jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans, I saw that he also had something important to tell me. Maybe he was also in love with me, maybe he wanted to ask me to marry him.

“Kat, I have fallen in love with you.” This guy didn’t beat around the bush. I liked that in a man. Honesty. “But there is something about me you have to know.”

I poured his favorite red wine and handed him the glass. He swirled the wine in the glass, whiffed at the bouquet and slowly took his first sip. Satisfied with the ritual, he continued:

“I work in the adult industry.”

“Fancy that.” I didn’t catch the “adult” the first time. “And I am a film director.”

“I know. Listen, I am a porn star.” His face was full of concern. “I fuck women for a living.”

It was as if I was hit by a bucket of cold water. The man I love, fucks the best looking pussies in the world, gets blowjobs from the best and gets paid for it. I was stunned. I drained my own glass of wine and quickly poured another and downed that to numb the shock. Not only does he fuck the most fuckable women, but also other women drool over his cock and balls.

I stood up, shaking. I walked wobbly to the balcony and grabbed hold of the railings till my knuckles were white. I looked at the lights of LA and tried to make sense of my life. I slowly released my grip and restored reason to the turmoil of my emotions.

My parents taught me that one could never possess another person, even in marriage, or in love. One can also love more than one person at a time. On my sixteenth birthday, I caught them in bed with the parents of my best friend. I knew about my parents’ lovers, even watched how they swapped partners. I always thought that I wouldn’t be the jealous type. And now I’m jealous as hell.

I walked back into the apartment and stood before Dick.

“I know I can never match the sexpertise of your onscreen lovers, but I love you and want to be with you.” His smile melted any emotional resistance to the reasonable route I took.

On one condition,” I continued. “I don’t want anything to do with your work.” When he agreed, I fell into his arms and kissed him. Suffice to say, that night we fucked our brains out and the next week we were married.

I tried in vain to find a directing job in the Hollywood film industry, even though I am a woman. Nobody took my beauty, my flaming hair and my lusty figure serious enough to give me a change to direct. Dick nagged me for a month to try writing a porn movie to direct. I hated it but it was the only avenue open to me. I looked at hundreds of the best porn on the market before I consider myself ready to tackle the task. With his connections, I got the job, the budget, the actors and the backing from friends to do the movie.

“Camera three, on action, you start on a close up of Cheyenne’s face on Dick’s shoulder,” I said through the coms with the cameras. “Then I want you to dolly back till you get a full shot of the action. Tell Dick and Cheyenne to start exploring each other on action. I want some good fucking, people.”

There is a short delay with the lights and make-up. I switch off the coms. Melanie, sitting next to me, is an energetic bundle with short black hair, glasses, dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

“ Aren’t you jealous of Dick fucking Cheyenne? I couldn’t stand it if I were you.”

“Why? He’s a professional doing his job, and I’m a professional doing mine,” I lie. “I love him and know that he loves me. I also love you, Cheyenne, and everyone else. Fucking is the best way to express love. It is when we think we can possess someone that jealousy enters a relationship.” What load of crap am I spinning here? Do I really believe this bullshit? I glance over to the monitors to see if the crew is ready. They are still busy with the lighting and Cheyenne’s make-up. “The truth is, I don’t own Dick, and he doesn’t own me. ”

“But isn’t that extreme? What if he loves Cheyenne more than you?”

“Tough shit. He has the freedom to do that.” I’ll kill of course, I think to myself. “What would you do if I say I would love to fuck you?”

“I’ll be flattered, but I don’t have someone special in my life now.”

“We’re ready,” comes a voice over the coms. I throw the mike switch on.


Camera 3 pulls back to reveal Cheyenne and Dick busy masturbating each other. Good thinking. Camera 1 has a close-up of Cheyenne pumping Dick’s cock in her fist. I cut to one. Camera 3 quickly gets a CU of Dick’s fingers in her pussy.

“Camera 3,” I whisper. “One cue, you tilt up to show the passion on their faces.” The masturbating action between the two continues for a while. Cheyenne’s juices are flowing again and the precum on Dick’s head glistens under the lights. Then Cheyenne leans forward and kisses Dick, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He slowly twirls his tongue around hers, sucks on her lips before he moves down her neck, planting kisses all the way. She falls back to give him access to her breasts. He scoops her tits in his hands and darts his tongue over her erect nipples. She moans a little. The action is hot and oozes love and sexuality. Then she pushes Dick backwards and takes his cock in her mouth.

“What the fuck? That is not what I said.” I was upset, but before I could say CUT, Melanie puts her hand on my thigh and moves it to my pussy.

“Leave it. It will give us an extra few minutes.” On the monitor, I can see Cheyenne kissing the purple helmet. I cut to camera 2 for a wide shot, always the save bet.

“Camera 1. Get me a close-up.”

When he is ready, I cut to the action. Cheyenne slowly, lovingly teases the top of Dick’s cock with her long tongue. She twirls it around the smooth head, before pushing the tip into the small eye opening. His cock pulsates with pleasure. Making a ring around his cock with her fingers, Cheyenne rhythmically moves it up and down his shaft. Then she puts her mouth over his cock and follows her hand down to the base of Dick’s shaft. She deep throats him without gagging. By the movement of her throat, I surmise that she uses the back of that canal to add pressure and pleasure to his engorged dick. How I envy Cheyenne for her expertise.

I was so engrossed with the action that I nearly forget to cut to another camera. Camera 3 has a close-up of Dick’s face.

I cut to three.

Dick is smiling his wicked smile as he lifts Cheyenne onto his cock. I cut to camera 2 as she lowers herself on his waiting fuck pole. She opens her legs wide for a better view on camera 3. Dick massages her heavy breasts as she grinds her pussy on his groin. Camera 1 gives me a tight shot the action from behind.

I cut to one.

Dick thrusts meet Cheyenne’s bobbing halfway, with a slapping noise. Their combined fuck juices are splashing all over. Cheyenne’s pussylips hug Dick’s shaft like a fish gaping for air. With each pullout, the lips loose their grip on the slippery pole, and with each inward movement, it is as if her cunt is devouring his cock. This is fucking good. Then I become aware of Melanie’s two pumping fingers in my cunt and a thumb rubbing my clit. My breath comes in short intakes, matching the rhythm of the action in the foyer of the resort.

I cut to three.

I see Dick’s engorged member expand, ready to blow. Cheyenne senses it too and quickly gets off and pumps it a few times.

I cut to a wide shot on camera two.

It looks as if they’re enjoying themselves. Then camera 3 has a close up of Cheyenne’s hand moving up and down the shaft.

I cut to three.

Then Dick blows his wad. The cum spurts into the air, hitting Cheyenne’s beautiful face, her hair and some lands on her tits. The purple head pulsates with every spurt, emptying the contents of his balls onto his fellow fuck thespian. She licks every drop off his dick, before she collapses onto his chest, spend.

A moment silence. We sit in awe as my own orgasm, brought on by my assistant, reaches its zenith. I collapse in my chair.

“Cut,” I whisper, exhausted. Then more applause.

I turn to Melanie and kiss her on her open mouth, sticking my tongue down her throat. “Thank you. I owe you, big time.” I don’t bother to wipe my pussy juices dripping down my legs. “What is the next setup?” I ask my lovely assistant.

“Lunch, then a threesome between Cheyenne, Dick and Tessa.”

We walk onto the set, the crew busy de-rigging the lights and cameras while the make-up girl cleans the cum off Dick and Cheyenne.

“And where is Ms Tessa now?” I ask Melanie.

“She is still in bed with a terrible rash.”

“I thought the doctor prescribed something,” I feel my anger rising up. So far, this prima donna was nothing but a pain in the ass. “We have to get someone else to take over her role.”

“How about you,” Cheyenne interrupts.


“Yes, why don’t you take Tessa’s role?” asks Dick and kisses me softly.

“Who will direct?”

“You can still do it,” says Melanie. “It is only a two-camera shoot, anyway, and I will be there, with your script and shot list.”

“So, I get to fuck my husband on camera?” I joke as I struggle with the idea to fuck on camera. I have taken acting classes, acted in a few stage plays and appeared in five low budget movies, but this is different.

“How can I show my pussy to the world?” I ask the group as we walk to the terrace where lunch is served. Cheyenne and Dick wear their nakedness like comfortable clothes.

“Since we first met, I wanted to get into your panties,” confesses Cheyenne.

“I don’t think so, my dear,” I say as I walk ahead of them. Then I feel my blouse being ripped off and my skirt fall to the floor. I try to retrieve it but Dick stops me.

“Kat never wears panties,” comes the smirk from Dirk. Cheers and laughter greet my forced striptease. We sit down for lunch and start planning the next scene. I am very uncomfortable sitting naked next to the stars along the crew. The director and the two principal talents have a naked lunch with a gawking Melanie still in her t-shirt and jeans. The poor waiters have a tough time serving us with their bulging hard-ons.

Sitting between Dick and Cheyenne, I lean over and take his semi-erect cock in my hand. I play it cool. “Dick, will your dick be able to handle two beautiful pussies?” I feel my boobs brush against his arm. Then Cheyenne puts her hand on my thigh and slips a finger between my wet, puffy lips.

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