The Drive Home

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The silence stretched in the car. It wasn’t uncomfortable – it rarely was. It was more aware than anything. We were always so painfully aware of each other. I think I could have told you exactly how many inches we were away from each other, just by that sixth sense. Mark’s nervousness (which he’d been unsuccessfully trying to hide all night) increased that. I thought he was just being mysterious, as usual, by not saying anything, but with the rain pattering against the windows and a long night behind us, I didn’t blame him for wanting to just sit back and be quiet. The roads were bad, I’d give him that, and he was probably concentrating more on the road than on any invisible sexual energy between the two of us.

I’d been nervous about carpooling because we always had this magnetic energy towards each other, and with Amy in San Diego and Ryan having left that day for North Carolina, I felt the need to distance myself so that I didn’t do anything to cross our boundaries. So I didn’t mention his tenseness, and didn’t try to convince him to hang out after work. I was afraid to. So sue me. He may have remarkable restraint, but I don’t.

I’d been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that we were almost to his house. “Mark, don’t forget you have to drop me off tonight.” I said it gently, feeling almost as if I should whisper so I wouldn’t break that heavy silence.

He turned away from the road, and the lights of a lone passing car illuminated his face for a moment. I didn’t understand the look at all, and it made me nervous. “I know,” was all he said, and turned away again. We went past his house, to a stretch of road I didn’t recognize in the dark. Trees lined the road, and there were no lights except ours. He pulled off at a barely visible opening in the trees and I bit my tongue to stay silent, wondering if something had snapped in his admirable restraint. I was suddenly scared. Not scared for my life, but scared that I was going to do something I shouldn’t and not feel guilty. It was a typical feeling around him, but not one I’d ever felt to this extent – or, with Ryan out of town, had ever wanted to act upon so badly.

The car fell silent and Mark exhaled, resting his head on the steering wheel. “What’s wrong?” I asked tenderly, butterflies churning in my stomach. “You’ve been off all night.”

Mark laughed, a dry sound of exhaustion. “Tonight was hard for me, and not just because the Haugheys were a pain in the ass.” I chuckled, remembering. “I can’t tell you what’s up, only show you.” He reached into his pocket and pulled his hand out in a loose fist. “Hold out your hand.” I held it out, my mouth turning dry.

He poured something long and light into my hand, and I held it up in the dim light, using my sense of touch more than anything else. When it clicked, my heart actually skipped a beat. My head shot up, and my hand clutched at the tiny anklet. “You said you couldn’t give this to me.”

His eyes were searching my face, looking like he was drinking in every emotion that crossed it. “I balıkesir escort told you I’d never give it to you without Ryan’s permission.”

“He… he gave it?”

Mark only nodded, and pulled me to him in a kiss I had never expected to receive. It was as if something exploded between us, and I found myself clutching at his shirt as he ravaged my mouth. We both sat back, gasping, and laughed. “Oh my God,” I said, “I can’t believe –”

“Quiet.” Mark said, softly. “We’re not going to talk about it tonight.”

“But –”

“Quiet. I said it twice. Don’t make me say it again.” His face had changed to a warning that I didn’t quite believe, but I wanted to play along for a bit. It was too exciting to kick back at him at this point. I sat back meekly, and looked at him. He laughed. “You’re not very good at that, are you?” I just smiled, a rather bitchy smile, and he laughed again. “Well I hope you’re going to like what I have in store for you. I was dying tonight at work having to keep you at arm’s length, when what I really wanted to do was take you over the counter.”

I felt my body shiver and I wanted to close my eyes to savor the feeling, but I forced myself to meet his eyes, to let him see the desire flowing through me like quicksilver. “Open the door.”

I blinked, all thoughts of submissiveness gone. “What? It’s 40 degrees and raining out there, are you nuts?”

“Open the door. That’s twice.”

“No way. I don’t mind playing around, but I have no intention of catching hypothermia.” I sat back and looked out the window huffily, waiting for him to reason with me, when I heard his door opening and shutting. Startled, I turned to look out the back for him, when my door opened and he hauled me out of the car by my arm.

He was surprisingly strong, and managed to shut the door and slam my back against it before I could take in a breath to scream. He put a finger in my face and my scream caught in my throat. The sudden stillness of the woods made me notice the soft sounds of the rain pattering against dead leaves and the hood of the car, and notice that my work clothes were slowly being soaked. “Don’t make a sound. Each time you do, I will add to your punishment.”

My jaw hung open for a second, but before I could protest, he bent me over the hood of the car and slapped me, full force, on the rear. I cried out. “It was only going to be three. Plus one.” He hit me again, in the same spot.

“Mark, this is ridiculous. St –” My protest was cut off by another loud, wet slap. My pants were protecting a bit, but since they were wet, I wondered if it wasn’t making it hurt more. I’d never been hit at full force before, and now I understood why. It hurt.

“Plus two. You’re up to five now.” I took another breath to speak, and he cut me off, mid-breath. “I know you’re not enjoying this, so save your breath and it will be over more quickly. Now isn’t the time to mouth off.” My mouth snapped shut, and I held it closed tightly as he delivered slap after slap, in bartın escort the same place, with me bent over the hood of the car in the middle of the rain-wet woods.

Five felt like an eternity, and ached like I’d fallen down the stairs and landed on my ass. Five times. In a row. I was sore and upset, but before I could turn around and give him a piece of my mind, he reached around me and unbuttoned my khakis, running his hands over my hips. I watched the rain patter on the hood as he ran his hands along to my backside and gently massaged what I could only imagine to be a huge handprint.

I was instantly wet and growing less mad at him. It had hurt, but I’d been bitchy. I had pushed and pushed for him to be dominant, and when he did, I pushed back. He turned me around, using his hands to anchor me against him, and I felt him hard and ready against me. “Don’t make me do that again. I don’t enjoy it.”

I chuckled wryly and rubbed his hand over my butt, grinding my hips against his. “You don’t enjoy it?” I gave him a coy look. “Liar.”

He laughed and leaned his forehead against mine. “You destroy me.” I laughed softly at his choice of words and looked up at him through my eyelashes. He looked back, and slid a hand over my now-soaked shirt to grip the ends of my wet hair.

“Give me the anklet.” I had a moment of panic that I’d lost it before I realized I had been gripping it in my hand the entire time. I gave it to him and the rain fell on it, making it sparkle dully. He knelt at my feet and clasped the chain around my ankle. “With this, I bind you to me.” He looked at me, a half-smile on his face. “In light and in darkness, I will nurture you and love you, challenge you and caress you. Forever, our souls will have a part of each other, and as you never take off your soul, you will never take off this token. It is a part of me that you cannot shed like clothing, and will remain that way.”

My throat closed as he stood, looking at me so tenderly. I cleared my throat, and remembered the words we’d dreamed of me speaking to him. “I cherish your token and the part of your soul that comes with it. Though it will be difficult for me, I accept your control and the obedience that is required from me. I will become the woman I should be under your direction and follow you with complete trust wherever you lead. As I can never take off my soul, I will never take off your token. My soul is now bonded to yours.”

He smiled and tugged lightly at my hair until my mouth met his, and after a brief, sweet kiss, kept tugging until he was trailing his lips down my neck. I shivered as I leaned against the cold car in the cold rain and felt hot, like a furnace. As his nibbling grew in intensity, I felt like I should be seeing steam rising from my skin.

One hand deftly unbuttoned my shirt to my belly, exposing my bra. His mouth followed the trail and licked under the padded fabric to find my nipple. I gasped, and he covered my mouth. “No sound.” I moaned underneath his hand as he put his batman escort head back to my breasts. The cold rain fell steadily, soaking us both, but it might as well have been a warm shower, for all we cared. His mouth was hot on my skin and I burned wherever he touched me.

He started to peel my work shirt off me, and stopped. A sly grin split his face. “Take the bra off and put the shirt back on. I want you in your work clothes.”

I felt a tug deep in my belly, and knew I was wet. I obeyed, giving him a good look at my bare breasts before struggling my wet work shirt back on. My nipples were hard and dark against the white shirt, and my skin clearly visible where I left it open. He trailed a hand down my bare belly, from my throat to the top of my underwear. His mouth leaned down to suck at a hard tip through the shirt, and I moaned. He looked up at me, hungry, and I saw something snap.

He yanked my hair back and bit my neck, hard. I cried out, and he covered my mouth with his. I arched back against the car, struggling to regain some semblance of control, but all was lost, for the both of us. We were being swept away by our darker sides, prey to our desires. His hand plunged into my open pants and I cried out against his mouth as his finger found me. I was wet, and his rain-wet hands rubbing me had me so close to climax I couldn’t stand up. I was completely wedged between the car and his body, and thankful for it.

I put my hand over him, rock-hard, and he growled against my mouth, biting my lip. All we could make were these hard, feral sounds, and it drove us closer to our darkness, sweeping us along on a current of desire. He spun me around, pulling down my pants as he bent me over the car again. I heard him grunt once, and then he was pushing against me and into me. He clapped a hand against my mouth as soon as I shouted, and I bit down, hard, to keep from screaming his name as he filled me.

I tasted blood, and as I swirled my tongue around the bite, felt us both building toward climax. His blood excited me, and I could feel him pumping his hips into me, the rain falling down on us, the cold of the car under my stomach. My nipples pressed out through the thin fabric to the cold metal under us and I could feel each of his thrusts in my legs and ass and chest. The pants, bundled up under me, rubbed against my clit until I wanted to sob – I needed release that badly.

I moaned around his still-bleeding finger. “Mark…” and felt him get even harder inside me. Each thrust now pushed at me until I screamed, high and long against his hand as I climaxed. I heard him moan as his orgasm overwhelmed him and he poured into me.

Ages later, we got up, laughing, and Mark picked up my bra and held the car door for me. I got in and settled into the startling warmth. He ran his hands over my nipples and down my belly. I sighed contentedly and smiled at him.

“So you know how we were going to carpool tomorrow, too?” He asked. I nodded. “Don’t you think it would be easier to just throw our clothes in the dryer and bed down for the night? I’ll make you coffee in the morning, and neither of us will have to wake up early.”

I looked at him, a hungry glint in both of our eyes, expectations of the week to come dancing in our heads. “Now sleeping late and coffee in the morning is an offer I can’t refuse.”

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Jamie Ch. 02

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Please read my story ‘Jamie’ before this section for it to make sense. For the record, this is fantasy and nothing else.

This blowjob was going a lot better, make that way, way better, than Jamie’s first attempt. For one thing she wasn’t drunk this time. For another her face was shiny with lust the moment his cock came out and she knew he was going to let her suck it. For a third thing it turned out – and I was not surprised – that Jamie was a natural at it. All the right instincts and moves were there, and it was clear that with a little training she would become an excellent cocksucker for him. I was there with his permission – and with his uncle’s demand – to photograph the whole thing. So I was 2/3 occupied with this task and only 1/3 able to enjoy the show she was putting on.


By now you’re saying, “His permission?”, “Uncle’s demand?”, “Photograph the blowjob?” WTF. I know, I know. But let me explain quickly, since I doubt this part is why you’re here to begin with. If you read part 1 of my daughter’s story, you know the basics. What you didn’t learn there is:

a. Jamie bought my story – so I was in the clear there. I mean my nerves were a wreck and I was alternating between jerking off in her pink panties, fearing a call from the police, and fucking Karen to cover my tracks with sanctioned lust. But for the week after Jamie was a miserable mope around the house. Karen whispered to me “I think Robbie broke up with her.” But I prayed it wasn’t true. And my prayer was answered.

b. It turned out Robbie had seen the whole thing. What I did I mean. To my daughter. Yes! He had come back after realizing he was still horny and there was a naked girl passed out whom he could fuck. But before he got in the door again he saw me emerge. And saw the whole thing. By which I mean me scooping his cum from her body, me licking it up and swallowing, me removing the panties he’d so nicely tucked up inside her cunt, me jacking off all over Jamie, and then me photographing the cummy mess I’d created on her.

c. I took him a whole week, but finally he confronted me. He’d not given so much as a word back to Jamie, who was still looking like hell thinking she’d blown it (ha-ha!) with him for good. And when he did confront me his uncle was there sitting with us in the back room of a private club he – the uncle – belonged to. They began by asking me if I would truly enjoy sucking a cock or if I just fantasized about it. Turned out they knew everything. About me. About Karen. About our past – which I’ll tell you at some point. About the fact that we were 2 happily married submissive sluts who loved each other like mad but needed ……something more. They knew about my photography hobby. I’m an amateur but published pretty widely in certain kinds of nature magazines – clean ones for the record. They knew about my software business. They knew my big play in the next year was some governmental contracts in South America. Hell they even knew that Karen had strayed one and only one time with her boss on a business trip when it all became too much for her – I mean in terms of her ‘needing more.’ And they knew how long we had denied our instincts in order to raise our only child. Who we both loved more than life itself and whom we had protected for so long from our mutual ‘affliction.’

d. So they made me an offer. Work for them. Photography work. Robbie would come to work in my firm when he graduated in a year. The uncle – who was clearly the major-domo of the duo, was my age, quiet, handsome, impeccably dressed, with a stern quixotic look that alternated with the loveliest of smiles – would invest in my business and become a board member. He said enough to convince me that my South America plan needed lots of help and that he somehow knew lots of people who could be helpful in that regard. And in addition to my duties in photography I would be further compensated by getting ‘something more.’ And the more began with getting to see Jamie give Robbie that promised blowjob, and to record it for posterity – or at least for the 3 of us and the uncle mystically stated ‘a few other qualified friends.’

e. I stewed for another week. And thought about Uncle (as I’d come to think of him.) If I’d thought before that I was going to hell or jail or both for what I’d done with Jamie already, I was more and more convinced that this bargain would finally plunge me over the edge into complete madness. But then I’d think some more. About him. About Uncle. About seeing Jamie. About the fact that they were essentially right in everything they said and thought about me, Karen.

Uncle had said, “Two sluts raised a good girl. Congratulations. But it’s not going to last. She’s 18 for God’s sake, almost already out of the house. How long do you think any of you is going to last in the straight life once she leaves? Remember. We’re not going to force you or Jamie to do anything. But this is what you need. This is what you want. This is who you are – and Karen and ….your lovely daughter.”

And then I thought of my business. And how much a person like Uncle could help.

f. maraş escort They were right. I handed over the pictures I’d taken that night 2 weeks earlier and was given my first assignment: Robbie was going out with Jamie this coming Saturday, he’d already called her. And yes they had checked. I was due out for an awards banquet at work. Karen was spending the night in Cincinnati to participate in a pro-am golf tournament the next day. They told me – and I believed them – that Jamie had been giddy with delight when Robbie called – and had said over and over again how sorry she was for getting drunk that night. We all knew what that meant.


It actually hadn’t started off as a great blowjob. When they came through the door Jamie was obviously nervous. He tried to get her to sit but she was so edgy she kept jumping up – to offer him a drink, a snack, to turn on some music, etc. He even kissed her one time to try to calm her down. She was even going to go over and check that screen I’d hidden behind when I watched them before, obviously something there had stuck with her about the ‘coincidence’ of finding me there that night. Finally Jeff just put his foot down, grabbed her hand as she jumped up from the couch and spun her backwards to flop Jamie on her back beside him on the couch. It worked well. The cute thigh high mini skirt she had on flipped right up to the edge of her pussy. I had been wondering what lingerie she would be wearing and now saw her little mound underneath the pale blue bikinis with the lace trim. A nice choice for him! His hand went up her thigh, spreading her legs slightly as if (wink! wink!) to give me a better shot of her cunt. She calmed somewhat and I could see her spread just a touch wider than he had demanded. His thumb went over the slit to massage her cunt and her head fell back, mouth agape. When he withdrew his hand she kept her legs spread, knees up, and showed me a wicked little camel toe to snap. He had indented the panties right between the lips of her pussy – and I felt my cock stir at the memory of what else he had done like that. He unsnapped her skirt and dragged it off from under her butt. Jamie was still a little skittish till Jeff spoke:

“What are you going to do now?” he said, playing her knees back and forth.

Jamie started and said “I think you know.”

With that she slithered off the couch to her knees between his spread legs and smiled up at him. Her fingers went to his zipper and she tugged it down. Then to his belt and it came undone in her nervous fingers. She was caught between fear and lust as he rose up to let her pull the nice linen pants he wore down his legs and off his feet. I could see his cock straining the boxer shots as Jamie looked over again towards the screen. He moved her chin back towards his cock and then she was pulling down the boxers. I was surprised that he wasn’t totally hard. But it was still incredible. A long, meaty cock with a fat mushroom head which was semi-erect curved gently from its own weight down towards her face. That’s when it happened. The fear turned off and her inner slut same out in a hurry. Her lips involuntarily parted and a peep of pink tongue showed. Jamie did her best to smile up at him as she stripped his shoes, socks and boxers. Now Jeff’s cock looked a lot firmer as she hurried and bent in to suck. Her mouth went over the head and down his shaft fast and hard. Jamie put her hands on his kneecaps and plunged down fast about 3 or 4 times. I started snapping like a demon.

“Hey there. Hold on champ. I think I gotta show you how.”

Jamie’s face came up – confused and I think embarrassed. “What? Is it wrong? I don’t….” But he pulled her up by her arms to stand in front of him.

He said “Don’t worry. I know it’s your first – sort of,” which made them both giggle a bit. He said “Just slow down and I’ll teach you how to suck a cock.”

He bent her down to tug the skimpy, white strapped top over her head. Now she stood in just her panties and matching blue lace bra, starting to look nervous again. He turned her and undid the bra to expose her gorgeous little 18 year old, still developing buds of tits filled with upturned pink nipples over the flattest, slimmest stomach you’ll ever see on a teen girl. Now she was blushing, nervous about the size of her tits I would guess. He ignored her and went south to strip off the panties and get her naked. Now she looked really nervous. I was staring at her ass from my angle, which is by the way absolutely pouty, rounded glory. Jamie is really so curvy – her waist seems to disappear when she’s naked and her hips are small but flare off that stomach so beautifully! – that her perfectly proportioned round ass comes as a total hard-on-demanding-surprise – even to her dad.

I was trying to shoot it when she said: “Do you like it? Did it come out ok?”

Jeff smiled at her. “Very pretty, you did well.”

I was confused till he spun her around again to check her ass. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. The bastard had had Jamie shave mardin escort her little cunt for the show. My fingers went automatically to the camera to record it of course. But inside I was screaming “No! Her little pussy was so cute with its fine blonde hairs.” Jeff stripped off his own shirt and I could photograph the 2 of them nude together at last. He bent Jamie over at the waist from his seat on the couch in order to inspect – that’s the only word I can think of – her ass and pussy from behind, running a finger slowly back and forth along her slit and across her asshole.

Her little tits were perfect in this position, not quite hanging because they were too small for that, but just bobbing there right below her angelic face as he talked her slut back: “mmmmm nice, going to get you nice and juicy. See you’re wet already.” Jamie scrunched up her face at this clinical violation but looked happy at what seemed to be a compliment.

Now Jeff was ready and turned her back around, gently lowering her via pressure on her hips to her knees again. He turned his head and found a pillow to hand down and said “Use it. It takes a while when you do it right.” Jamie hopped her knees up on the pillow and he began training her.

“That’s it. Nice and slow. Go ahead. Feel the cock….now my balls. See you cup them in your hand. You like that don’t you? Good girl. Go ahead and kiss it.”

I could see her face. I could see the whole thing. Her beautiful face and mouth. Her lovely straight white teeth as she smiled and opened. Her pouty lips as she bent in to kiss the fat cock. The cock which was now erect and standing straight up to point at the ceiling. Her wonderful gray eyes so expressive and full of love and submission. Yes submission – it was not too early to use the word, not with a girl like Jamie who has it in her blood. The small tits bobbing between his thighs and to which his fingers went to pinch and feel as she started kissing the cock from balls to slit, smooching it, making love to it.

“More tongue now, yeah get it wet. Slow girl, climb up the shaft lapping it. Good little slut! Don’t forget my balls cunt.”

And she didn’t she lapped and kissed and fondled his nuts and kissed and licked the slit and I bet there was some nice pre-cum there for her but I couldn’t definitely see it. And I was having a ball snapping dozens of pictures of my slutty daughter lathering a cock properly for the first time. Her shoulder length flaxen hair, as thick a mane above as it had been wispy and fine below – curses! – was getting in the way of my lens, and probably of Jeff’s view too. So he took the bridle on her and gathered the hair behind her neck in a pony tail under his fist to free both of our views of her pink full lips sandwiching the cock sideways to leave a wet trail – and a hint of lipstick I wondered – along the engorging shaft. For engorging it was. Every time I looked back at it – which was hard with Jamie’s ass, pinched waist, cute tits, a peep of cunt and slathering lips as competition – it seemed fuller and harder. And now it was all shiny from her mouth and tongue. He pulled that hair back without pressure at all on her neck or mouth – that lesson was for later. This one more like Cocksucker 101.

“Yeah there. That’s it. That’s it. You gonna learn to swirl and lap right there. OK, back down the pole. Yeah all over, but come back there. Good girl!”

Jamie had obviously found the glans under the head of his cock and her little tongue got busy worrying it to death until he made her go down and up again to vary it up. Now he shifted and presented his balls for her mouth. She didn’t need to be told. She sucked one and he raised her tiny hand to his shaft while letting her suck first one then the other ball. She was stroking him under the guidance of his hand till she got the right rhythm and he let her go at it for a while. Then he got her back with a slight chuck under her chin to lapping the rigid cock. Her body shifted and her tiny pussy was exposed between two lovely lean thighs and her beautiful ass. The view made me warm up to his idea – for it clearly had been his idea getting her used to being a slut under instructions to please – of her shaving her cunt. Cause it sure looked pretty peeping out of those thighs and under the pink asshole she wore above the plump lips. And I have about 9 quick pics of it to prove it.

“Now you open your mouth. Go ahead. Nice and slow, slut.”

She got her first gasp from him when her wet lips and tongue rode down his thick meat maybe a third of the way – call it just 3 inches out of the whole thing. He still had her ponytail and now started riding her mouth up and down his cock, stopping to compliment her when she gagged for the first time. He took her nice and slow, only gagging her once or twice a minute and even then he showed her how to use her fist on the base of her cock as a stop to protect her throat. He sped her up via the reins and I swear the cock still seemed like it was growing. Her tiny hand looked like it barely contained the base, her had her other hand tickling and cradling his balls again, mersin escort she was almost upright on her knees trying to bring her mouth down on it, lifting on her elbows along the edge of the couch trying to get over it and down, and then gagging again when he rushed her face down but still not terrible, horrible gags just enough to show her what it was like. And then he got her going nice and slow but gagging herself practically every time down and he had more and more cock disappearing inside her slutty mouth, his cock a nice fat red veiny monster effortlessly parting her pink lips and drool was coming down her chin then as the cock got her in a nice rhythm which had him breathing deeper and deeper, and blowing out air to time his release. Because he had to get the girl working – get her trained for it.

I have one picture from that set of when she pulled her mouth off momentarily with his implicit permission and still Jamie managed to waggle out a wet pink tongue which curled up at the end and met – just kissed it really – the helmet of his cock. Now real precum was running freely down from the slit of his cock and no doubt she was getting some flavor and some taste of what it meant to really suck a man’s cock for him. And then her head was back down and she forced herself to where she was doing at least half the cock without gagging until he set the cockstop of her fist lower to make sure she was learning. And all the time I was snapping and snapping – her body, his cock, her mouth, her face in profile, then his mouth open from pleasure, then her backside and her cunt, then focusing on her tits bobbing, still meaty and firm looking with the nipples rock hard as they pointed up and rubbed his thighs while she sucked. Now he was gasping sort of nonstop ragged breath accelerating.

“Now baby now, show me what a good slut is for.”

That’s all he said and he was cumming in her mouth. And I nearly dropped the camera so excited to be seeing it. Jamie winced once and then again – shots hitting her in the back of the mouth I presumed. It went in slow motion and I could see her throat muscles at work, trying to swallow as much as she could. Her neck muscles rippled and she was gagging and spluttering, overwhelmed by the volume of cum he could shoot. He let her pull off, some of the cum already dripping from her lips, but took the base of his angled cock and aimed it at her red, streaming face. Another blast, fat and luscious, spewed forth and hit her along the right side of her mouth, splashing up over her cheekbone and forehead and into her golden hair. Then another shot just to its right again finding her hair, this time skipping across her mane to leave a long wet trail from the corner of her mouth to the top of her head. And she was leaning in for more. He obliged with another shot to her chin, her hands were rising up defensively as if to block it but of course she didn’t. His next jet of sperm hit her throat and immediately began to run between her little tits. And finally a spurt right on her left tit.

My little girl was a mess. And there I was stunned, the photographer of record for this event and the camera was at my side. The moment was too important to us both, too sacred to record at least for now. Her hands stayed up, and a grin came over her face as the missiles stopped coming her way. She moaned then, and joined the weird sounds coming from him. Jeff was on the couch, head thrown back, cock erect and coated with sperm which had somehow missed her. Jamie’s little tits were heaving up and down. She was red and cummy all over from effort, from lust and from love.

You never know how a young girl is going to do her first time. I was so proud of her, staying down on him for 2 full shots and letting her face and throat and tits get rained on for at least 4 more. I felt a parent’s pride in what she had done. And then I remembered my job – and my risk if that job was not well done. In the 10 seconds that it took to cum all over her I had failed – but in a good parental cause. Now I refocused the camera and snapped a dozen quick shots of what he had done for my baby.

Now Jeff was back up. She had waited patiently for instruction. Somehow she knew that. And instruct her he did. First he scooped the big wad of cum from her tit. He held it on his index finger until she leaned in to suck it clean.

He told her “Don’t swallow it yet.”

He took her hand, crooking her finger to clean the sperm off her neck and face. That was 3 more finger cleaning exercises. Then he moved her head forward – again using her hair as a handle on her pretty head – to bring her lips to the head of his cock for another cleaning. Her hands went to her lap as she sat nude, knees now together, sitting on her haunches, like a pretty little Indian princess being anointed. His hands went to cup her tits. He took his time, letting the cum pooled in her mouth sit as he explored her tits. Finally he took each nipple between his index finger and his fat thumb and began pinching. He wanted to see I think if she could maintain her composure and dignity as a cocksucker. She winced again – just as she had when the first jets of cum hit inside her throat – but she never lost her cool or moved or even swallowed. And she certainly did not open her mouth to complain! She was far from that. You could see him pinching those nipples really hard. And I heard her moan with a closed mouth full of cum cutting the sound.

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Housewife’s Choice Ch. 4

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Erect Penis

One of the boys answered the door while the others made themselves respectable.

“It’s Mike,” shouted Peter, “He’s finally got here.”

Mike, the boy who had been camping walked into the room, “Hope you didn’t start without me,” he quipped.

“Well actually we did, it’s all over with,” said George, trying once more to sound amusing.

“What is?” Mike looked around the room and when he saw the equipment he gathered he had missed something interesting. Jean said, “Sit down Mike. Would you like a drink?”

Mike looked like he had drunk a few already. He accepted the drink and while Paul packed away his gear said, “So what did I miss then?”

“Well if you wasn’t so fond of the alcohol and had come round earlier you’d know!” Paul fired into him.

Jean smiled but the atmosphere was a bit tense for the next few minutes. The two local boys took great pains to thank George and Jean for an enjoyable evening and made them promise they would all do it again. Paul whispered to George, “We are very trustworthy and discrete.”

Making it obvious they didn’t want the company of the third boy they said their goodnights and left.

“I’m sorry,” said the boy when the others had gone, “I think I’ve made an ass of myself. I’ll finish my drink and go.” Looking at Jean he smiled and said, “I’d like to know what I missed though.”

George, remembering the scene in the bedroom thought, “You missed the time of your life boy.”

Jean beckoned her husband to go into the kitchen with her. “We could show him the video of what he missed,” she said. “Unless you’re tired and ready for bed – then we’ll let him leave.”

“Are you tired?” asked George, “Have you had enough?”

“I’ll leave it to you,” said Jean, “You decide. We can always “play it by ear” so to speak.” With that she kissed her husband and whispered in his ear, “By the way – Thank you.” Jean went back into the living room and sat across from Mike.

“You want to know what you missed?” said George. “Put that video in the player and see.” George had shouted from the kitchen and stayed there while Mike, looking confused, switched on the TV set and started the VCR. Jean settled back and observed Mike. George watched quietly from the kitchen doorway.

The film progressed from Jean smiling into the camera to when she first exposed herself. When it got to where the boys took off their clothes Mike looked very envious and jealous. He hissed little comments under his breath. Jean was beginning to feel sexy again. Mike felt peeved that the boys had achieved what he hoped to have achieved a day ago.

Jean walked across to George standing in the doorway of the kitchen. “It’s up to you darling,” she said.

“I’m OK – Is your appetite not satisfied yet?” he asked metaphorically.

Looking him in the eye she said, “No– I’d like to taste something else.”

George wasn’t sure whether she meant that metaphorically or was being literal.

“Make the most of it then,” he said. Jean smiled and walked back into the room, this time sitting next to Mike.

“Are you enjoying that?” she asked putting her arm around him.

“Jesus – yes – I wish I had come round earlier. I met a blonde girl in the pub and thought I could get off with her”

“You could have got off with me,” said Jean, moving her hand to his crotch.

“Yeah? – I guess it’s too late now,” he said.

“Not necessarily,” answered Jean, placing his hand inside her blouse and kissing his neck.

“But what about your hus….”

“Shhhh – It’s OK – Don’t worry about it,” she re-assured him. “Watch the action.” She undid a couple of buttons to make things easier for him.

George couldn’t actually see, but as the film progressed Jean had unfastened Mike’s fly and was playing gently with his cock. George felt an amazing sexual surge as he once again looked at his wife performing on the screen with the two young men. He took out his penis – and realised once more that he was as much turned on with the boys naked bodies as he was with his wife’s exposure.

The alcohol intake of Mike began to have an effect – he forgot about George standing behind him. “Jean, I wanted to fuck you – why didn’t you let me fuck you like that? Can I suck your tits?”

“Are you drunk?” asked Jean, laughing. “That last Scotch George gave you didn’t go well with your pints of beer did it?” she said.

“I think you had better stay here with us tonight,” she whispered in his ear. “Sleep in our bed this time – with us. Would you like that?”

George got very excited. His wife came over to him and took hold of his cock. “He’s had a bit to drink and he will be quite happy to stay with us. He’s not sure what’s going on – he just want’s sex. Shall we take him to bed with us?”

Jean’s voice sounded very matter of fact, not wanting to sound too eager, George muttered an OK. Does Jean know how I fantasise about the boys’ thought George? To lie in bed naked with Jean and a boy would be great. Even better to watch his Escort Bayan slim well toned body and stiff cock having sex with his wife. And maybe – just maybe…

“We’ll wait here while you get ready for bed and use the bathroom. I’ll bring him up shortly.” George nodded his head agreeing with Jeans’ seduction plan. As he started to climb the staircase he looked back to see his wife lift her left breast from her bra for the boy to suck her nipple.

George used the bathroom then lay on the bed in his underwear waiting for the others. He heard them climb the stairs and expected one of them to come into the bedroom whilst the other used the bathroom. Instead he heard the shower turn on and Jean speak to the boy, “Let’s get you clean and refreshed shall we?” A minute later she walked into the bedroom, her skirt had gone and her blouse was fully unfastened.

“I’ll have a shower too – I’ll just get a couple of towels.” With that she walked out and George heard her re-enter the bathroom. She was going to have a shower with the boy, he told himself. He heard the unmistakable sound of someone urinating as the door was firmly closed. The pictures in his head gave him “butterflies” in his stomach and almost made him ejaculate without touching his cock. He could have been annoyed at being shut out but instead found the situation most erotic.

Most of the sounds were drowned out by the noise of running water and George let his imagination run riot. Twenty minutes later Jean led the boy back into the bedroom. They were both naked and the boy let himself be guided around like he was helpless. George noticed that the boy’s cock was flaccid – his wife had made the boy shoot his load – he could only imagine how.

Jean, following George’s gaze said, “Young boy’s recover quickly don’t they? Then last much longer the second time.”

George agreed with what she was saying but wondered how she knew that. She led the boy to the bed and suggested that he should lay down on the top and not get under the covers – “Because it’s such a warm night,” she explained.

She lay down also so that the boy was in between her and George. The boy was strangely silent and George wondered why – he looks content though, George thought. What did go on in the bathroom?

Jean rested on one elbow facing Mike and run her hand along the length of his body brushing his still soft cock on every downward journey. She occasionally bent her head to lick and nibble his nipples and kiss his belly. Then she reached over the boy and put her hand inside her husband’s briefs. George had to move nearer to the boy and their bodies touched.

“Take off your underwear George,” said Jean. He struggled out of his underpants while Jean held his penis then she very slowly pulled the foreskin right back then released it. It was a slow wank. George’s member stood proudly like a small tree trunk. Jean leaned further across the boy’s torso resting her breasts on his body; She smiled to herself when she saw he had started to watch the movement of her hand on her husband’s cock. She smiled even more when she saw that his soft penis, lying on his belly, was beginning to grow. George was turned on when he saw the boy looking at his cock – and by the touch of his body.

Jean, still holding her husband’s penis kissed Mike, then pulling George’s cock to make him move even closer she suddenly released it making it fall on the boy’s hip. Mike, feeling the contact of George’s penis jumped. Jean gently restrained his movements and he quickly relaxed again. George stayed still – he made no attempt to remove his cock from the boy’s hip.

Stroking the boy’s body Jean finally let her fingers curl around Mike’s cock. It rose to the occasion. She then moved up the bed slightly so her breasts were in kissing distance of his face. She told the boy what a lovely body he had and how well proportioned he was. She said how she liked the fact he had shaved off most of his body hair and how nice his balls and cock looked without it. “George likes it too,” she said. ” He likes to admire your cock and look at your naked body.” All the time she moved his foreskin slowly up and down, just like she had done for George.

“Did you like watching me play with my husband’s cock?” she asked. “I can almost touch both at the same time.” She let her fingers travel across the boy’s belly until she felt George’s penis resting on the boy’s hip. Placing her hand on top of his cock she pressed it down and began to do rolling actions on the boys’ body. “Does that feel nice?” she whispered to the boy. “Can you feel George’s hot cock on your belly?”

The boy whimpered but didn’t move. Jean noticed that his cock was now very hard. So he didn’t dislike it that much she thought! “Will you let him hold your cock?” she whispered in Mike’s ear.

“I’m not gay!” the boy almost yelped.

“No one thought you were darling,” Jean quietly told him. “But you can still enjoy looking and having people touch you. It’s Ok for men to admire Bayan escort each other – just as it is for girls to kiss and be affectionate.” Then, moving close to his ear she whispered, “We came up here to be naughty and give each other pleasure. No one else is going to know what we do.” She kissed him on the lips to stop further protest then took hold of her husband’s hand placing it on Mike’s cock. She waited for the boy to try and struggle free – but he didn’t.

Jean waited and watched for a while then again whispered in the boy’s ear. “There – isn’t that nice? Why don’t you hold George’s for him? You must wonder what it feels like to hold someone else’s dick. I’d like to watch you play with each other.”

“I’m not gay or bisexual! I’ve never done this before!” repeated the boy.

“We’ll just play with each other before I let you fuck me,” whispered Jean. “Give each other pleasure. That is – if you want too?”

She saw the boy’s hand move down to his hip and find George’s cock. He hesitated then slowly stroked it for a few seconds. Then when it twitched he curled his fingers around it and gently moved the foreskin.

Jean kissed him on the cheek; “There’s a good boy. It’s OK, no one will know.”

Watching each of them pull the others cock, Jean put her fingers between her legs and rubbed herself. She looked at the contented expression on George’s face as he caressed the young firm penis. Having an idea she moved down the bed and positioned her mouth over Mike’s cock.

“Wank him in my mouth,” she instructed her husband. She covered his purple helmet with her mouth and George moved his hand faster. She sucked hard for a few minutes then stopped when he was about to lose control. Moving back up to his ear she whispered to him, “If you like the same things we do you can visit us often – we can have some good times. Are you enjoying yourself at the moment?”

“Yes,” answered the boy simply.

“I want to see your cock in George’s mouth,” she whispered. “I want you to let him suck you? Will you?”

The boy didn’t answer for quite a while, then almost inaudibly hissed, “OK, I will!”

Jean slid back down to the boy’s penis and licked the bulbous end. Turning her head sideways on she beckoned George.

“Kiss me,” she said.

As her husband positioned himself lower down on the bed and was about to make contact with his lips Jean lifted the hard cock of the boy and rested it in the corner of her mouth. Now as George kissed her he had also to kiss the boys dick. Jean looked her husband straight in the eye as she pushed her tongue forward opening George’s mouth and as his lips parted she moved the penis into his mouth. George didn’t resist – he closed his mouth round the boy’s cock and sucked moving his head up and down at the same time. Jean was again the watcher.

She moved up to the boys’ face and whispered to him.

“Did you know that was George sucking you and not me? Look down and watch him. Is he going to make you come? Watch him suck you.” The boy grunted and whimpered.

“Go on. It’s OK. Let it come. Shoot it in his mouth.” Jean was becoming frantic with excitement. George closed his throat and waited for the hot liquid to fill his mouth. He too was very, very excited. As the boy opened his mouth slightly Jean gently put her nipple in his mouth.

“Suck on it my darling – bite it.” The boy went over the edge. He yelped as his spunk shot into George’s mouth. George, letting it escape from the side of his mouth used his tongue to gather up the last drops from the tiny slit. Wanting his own relief he moved back up the bed and taking his own cock in his hand he pressed it against the boys’ softening dick and furiously made himself ejaculate on him. Jean leant on one elbow and watched with her hand between her legs.

Lying back on the bed, they all quietly and quickly drifted off to sleep. Jean was hoping that she – and the boy – would wake at least once before morning. George, his sexual urge for the moment satisfied, couldn’t believe what his wife had encouraged him to do. He couldn’t believe the things she had said – how she had manipulated the situation. She had become wanton, depraved and reckless. George felt a little scared. She wasn’t even intoxicated, he told himself! She had done it all while stone cold sober! He wondered whether it was all getting out of control.

The shaking of the bed awoke George from his slumbers. He had slept well but the activity that was going on next to him was a little too much to sleep through. Opening his eyes he caught sight of his wife looking down on him. She was sitting up astride the boy moving around as though she was riding a horse. George realised the boys cock was inside her and she was bucking and grinding down on the boy, her tits swinging in the air. Nothing was said. She smiled at her husband then closed her eyes to concentrate the pleasure. George lay there watching until several minutes later he heard her cry out – then bucking and grinding Escort faster and harder she reached her climax. Collapsing down beside the boy with a sigh the room once again became still and silent until eventually all fell asleep.

Morning came and George awoke to find himself alone in the bed. He went downstairs to find his wife sat with a coffee in the kitchen.

“Would you like some breakfast?” she said. “There is only us – our guest left very early.”

George nodded and poured himself a coffee. He wondered if the boy had fled with fright of Jean’s insatiable sexual appetite. He wondered also what was going through his wife’s head this morning.

Old habits are hard to break. George and Jean, being the sort of couple they were didn’t discuss such things in detail – not in the cold light of day.

Throughout the next couple of days George, without actually saying so, made it clear he wanted to avoid any contact with their new acquaintances. He had decided it would be a good idea if they cooled things down a little. Although he enjoyed Jean showing herself to other men – and yes, under the right circumstances enjoyed watching her have sex with others – he felt she was out of control. He had to get his head around this – it was like she was a different woman. We have to slow down – not get carried away – he reasoned to himself. When he played the scenes over again in his mind he still found it hard to believe the things she said – the things she had done.

Jean acted quite normally, although she was a little disappointed that they hadn’t invited the boys’ round. She had really expected them to be “eager beavers” almost beating the door down to get in. Unknown to her, George had spoken to them – while the couple had been out Paul had collected his gear. George had left a note saying he thought it best if they had some time on their own. He wanted a return to normality.

The sixth morning after the adventure with the boys found Jean feeling somewhat restless. George had to go into town but she declined the suggestion they should both go saying she would have a shower and reminded him that even though it was a holiday cottage, someone still had to take time out to do some housework. George thought that that was quite a reasonable comment and happily left the house on his own to travel into town.

Working very hard, Jean soon straightened the house and completed all the necessary chores. Undressing and stepping into the shower she bathed, then drying herself she looked at the clock. It was nearly time for the postman to call – she would have to listen out for him. Not that she really needed to answer the door – mostly he put it through the letter- box like a postman should. Just every now and then she met him coming down the path and had a few words with him – just to be sociable. Sometimes she’d noticed him giving her a very lustful look – like when she had forgotten to fasten her shirt properly or let her dressing gown come slightly apart – accidentally of course.

To day she would probably have a chat to him – if she were dressed in time. She selected a lilac coloured bra and panties – very shear – the purple-red ring of her aureole and hard nipples was easily visible through the silky cloth. First she put on the bra, then a white suspender belt contrasting nicely with the lilac – then slowly rolled the stockings up her legs. She was too slow – the postman could be heard walking up the gravel driveway.

“I’ll throw one of George’s shirts around me and have a quick word with him,” she said, talking to herself. “Haven’t time to put my panties on.” She reached the door just as the postman was turning to leave.

“Oh, hello! Thought I heard someone. It’s very warm again isn’t it? I’ve just had a refreshing shower – I was getting dressed.”

The postman looked at Jean with open mouth and was lost for words. She was decent – but, well – not decent. The shirt was unfastened and held together in the middle by her left hand. Because she was bunching it up it made the top and bottom separate slightly. The postman could see a line of bare flesh right down her front broken only by the strip of lilac material joining the cups of her bra. His gaze from knee up showed stocking tops and a little white flesh slightly visible through the slit – the hem of the shirt was just above mid-thigh. How was it possible to show so much and yet – not really show anything.

They exchanged a few comments and as Jean talked she observed the lustful expression on his face. This morning it was particularly lustful. His eyes darted from her head to her toes while he spoke. “So where’s your hubby this morning?” he asked.

“He’s gone into town – he’ll be a while yet,” she answered. Jean made no attempt to go back into the house and was happy to stay and chat. The postman carried on enjoying the sight wondering if the housewife was hinting at something. His leering and lustful looks became quite blatant and he was well aware that Jean knew where his eyes kept drifting. She was deciding whether to pick up the letters from the small porch-way table, where the postman had deposited them. To open them she would have to use both hands – her shirt would come open and he would see that she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

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Please My Wife Ch. 01

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How It All Started!

Living in the same development, I had known Jennifer and Jim for awhile. But our closeness really started, the night I brought her husband home drunk. Jim, her husband had called me from the bar he was in and asked if I could drive him home. Having been arrested twice already for DUI, the next one would land him in jail for a long time.

When I brought Jim home, Jennifer was standing at the door with her arms crossed. The look of disgust on her face was plain to see. She told Jim that he was a real shit for getting drunk. That he knew she had planned for the two of them to have a quiet evening together.

Like a good friend, I just stood there saying nothing. Finally Jim gave a silly laugh and slumped to the floor. He was out for the count. Lifting his 210 pounds wasn’t easy. But with Jennifer’s help, I helped her get him to their bedroom. Suddenly, as Jim lay on his back snoring, he began to pee.

I was embarrassed for him. Jennifer became even madder than she had been to start with. Without a second thought, she ripped his pants open and pulled them down in one fell swoop. She didn’t seem to care that I was standing there. She was cursing that he was driving her crazy with his drinking.

That was when I saw that Jim had a small dick. I knew that there was something wrong with their relationship. We weren’t the closest of friends, but we were close enough for me to see that things were getting tight between them. The constant bickering and arguments of Jim’s heavy drinking had spilled over into my yard many times. It was a few minutes later, after I had helped her changed the sheets that Jennifer and I were sitting in her kitchen having coffee.

“Larry! I can’t thank you enough for bringing Jim home. If he had been arrested for drunk driving again, they would have locked him up.”

I didn’t know what to say. It was obvious that she wanted to talk. “Things do seem to be getting a bit more intense between you two. The arguments are getting louder.”

Jennifer looked up at me. She took a drink from her cup, and then set it down. I saw her take a cigarette from her purse that was lying next to her. I had not seen Jennifer smoke before.

“Something new,” I asked as I nodded to her cigarette. I watched, as she licked her lips before slightly parting them and sliding the tip of the filter between her soft full lips. She closed her lips around the tiny stick and pursed her lips as she lit the end.

It was a moment held in time, as I watched her take a long drag from the lit cigarette. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Funny, how a woman’s tits seem to rise when she takes a deep breath. She took a deep drag from the lit butt and held the smoke in savoring the taste of it.

Being an ex-smoker myself, I knew what she was enjoying. I swear I could almost see her nipples grow hard as she held the smoke in her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked directly at me before blowing the smoke out slowly.

“Frustration management! Between the cigarettes and my dildo, those are the only things that keep me sane!”

I was kind of surprised at her words and I guess my face showed it. “Jim doesn’t want anyone to know, but you’re one of our closest friends. I guess you really need to know what is going on with him. About 4 months ago, there was an office party. Jim had a bit too much to drink and decided to fuck one of the secretaries.

As you saw, my husband in not one of the most endowed men out there. In fact, he is kind of small. Anyway, when he got naked and the secretary saw how small he was, she laughed in his face. Told him to take his tiny dick home and fuck his frustrated wife with it. She really did a number on him. The next day, everyone in the office knew about it.

It has been hell for him working there, but the money is so good he can’t afford to leave. He started drinking, I guess to ease the pain of his humiliation. The funny thing is, I love the big jerk. His size never bothered me. Sure, I’ve had men that were bigger than he is. But I have never strayed since we got married.”

She stopped to freshen up our cups. When she sat back down, it looked like she was starting to feel better. “No matter how much I tell him that I love him and that he has always satisfied me, he doesn’t believe me now.

To make matters worst, he caught me using my dildo. Even though he has seen me using it before, he really seemed to go into a depression about it. My dildo is fatter and longer than he is. He said that I have lied to him all these years and that I use my toy to get what he can’t give me.”

I looked at Jennifer. She was your typical housewife. Not a raving beauty but one that had a nice shape and kept herself looking nice. “Did you?” I don’t know why I asked her that, but I did. She looked up from somewhere deep in her mind.

“I’m sorry! What did you say?”

I looked at her. “Did you use your dildo to make up for Jim’s size?”

She looked at me as if I ardahan escort had asked her if she was a Martian! “No! I was always happy with his size. It was the way he loved me that made me happy. Not the way he performed in bed.”

“Then why did you need the dildo? Was it that he didn’t last as long as you needed him to? Did you need to feel yourself filled more than he could give you? I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that Jennifer. But I can see it the way Jim does. Especially after having been so humiliated! Can I ask how he found out about it?”

Jennifer was quiet for a bit. Then she looked up at me. I could see that she was almost on the verge of tears. “He was drunk! I thought he had passed out on the couch. I was angry and was in the shower. I had been so frustrated, that I needed to get some relief. He hadn’t touched me in a month.

When he threw back the shower curtain, I was standing there, legs spread with my washcloth in my mouth to stifle my cries. I had the dildo in my hand and was working it hard and deep in and out of my cunt. He called me a bitch! Told me that I had been lying to him all these years and had to resort to a fake cock to please my pussy.

I tried to talk to him, but he went nuts. That was the first time Jim ever slapped me! He ranted and raved, calling me a not good slut! He slapped me a few more times.

I tried to talk to him the next morning when he was sober. He didn’t apologize for slapping me or anything; just told me that from now on, I could use my fake cock when I needed it. That he wouldn’t embarrass himself, trying to fuck a woman that obviously needed more than he could give her.”

We talked for a few minutes more, before I got up. I told her that she needed to get a good night’s sleep. The next day, I was puttering around in my garage when Jim came over. He thanked me for coming to get him. Then he asked if I had been there when Jennifer put him to bed. He seemed so embarrassed.

I wanted to lie and tell him that I had just put him in bed and left, but I knew he knew better. I told him yes, that I had seen him wet the bed. But that on occasion when I used to drink a lot, I would wake up with my own bed soaked. That it was easy to have an accident when you’re drunk. Your mind tells you that it’s ok.

I opened the small frig I keep in the garage, and handed him a cold beer. It was kind of like giving matches to a pyromaniac, but I figured he needed some false strength. He sat on the workbench sipping his beer. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Then he took a deep breath.

“Larry! Have you ever thought about fucking Jennifer?”

I almost choked on my beer. “What? Look Jim! You and Jennifer are my closest friends. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I don’t find her attractive. In a nice sort of way, but believe me I have never given thought to the idea of fucking her. That would be stepping way over the line of friendship!”

He took a big swipe from his can and tossed the empty in the trash. Then he got up, opened up the frig and grabbed another. He popped the top and took a big swig. Then he looked at me.

“What if I told you that I wanted you to fuck her?”

“Whoa! Let’s back up here! Jim! What the fuck has gotten into you? Jennifer loves you. And when she told me that she has never strayed in all the years of your marriage I believed her! She is totally devoted to you!”

Jim took a long pull from his beer. “I don’t satisfy her! She has to use a dildo to fuck herself because I’m too small to do the job. I know she loves me. And damnit! I love her! Too much, to see her going through the frustration she is going through now. I know she likes you. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have talked to you the way she did”

Jim looked up at me and I could see that it hurt him to say the things that he felt he needed to say to me. “Look Larry! I can live with her needing it from someone bigger than I am. I can live with knowing that she is fucking someone else. But I can’t live with knowing that she is sneaking out to fuck someone. Someone that may make her feel that she needs to leave me. I would rather it be someone I knew. Someone, who would treat her like the woman she is. Someone, who would enjoy her, who would give her the pleasure that I don’t. And then send her back home to her little dick husband. Someone like you!”

I looked at him. “Jim! Go home! I don’t want to even talk about this with you. Nothing fucks up a good friendship like sex does. And I’m sure that Jennifer would slap the shit out of you for even suggesting it.”

Jim looked at me. “I already suggested it to her.” Jim gave a half-hearted laugh. “And she did slap the shit out of me! She told me that I had lost my fucking mind. But Larry! That time I walked in on her in the bathroom wasn’t the first time I had seen her fucking her pussy. It used to turn me on to watch her. I would hear her sometimes. And guess whose name she would cry artvin escort out when she came?”

I looked at him like he had gone nuts. “Jim! I never once touched Jennifer! I don’t even joke with her about anything sexual. I don’t play those kinds of games with my friend’s wives.”

Jim sucked down the rest of his beer. “I know that! I also know that she has tried to tease you a time or two. And ever since that day you were over at the pool with us, she has wondered about you. Hell! I felt like a little kid after seeing the bulge you carry around in your swimming trunks. I know that you are the fantasy man she fucks when she plays with herself. But I also know that you would never approach her. That’s why I want it to be you.”

I put my can of beer down. “Go home Jim! Just go home!”

I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything for the rest of the day. I know it might have been wrong, but the idea of fucking Jennifer just wouldn’t leave my mind. It was about 7 that evening that my door bell rang. When I opened the door, Jim and Jennifer were standing on my doorsteps.

Jennifer pushed inside, and I could see that she was angry. She swung around and looked at her husband. “Did this asshole come over here and ask you to fuck me?”

I looked from Jennifer to Jim. What was I suppose to say? I told both of them to sit down. Jennifer seemed so mad I thought she was gonna explode! “Jennifer! Your husband has gone through a very traumatic experience. He was humiliated by a woman. And believe me when I tell you, men don’t take that kind of humiliation lightly!

Besides that, he found you in the shower fucking yourself with a dildo that was bigger than he is. What do you think that made him feel like? He came over here and talked to me. Yes! He told me that he wanted me to fuck you.”

When I said that, she swung her head around and looked at him. “You bastard! Jim how could you?”

Jim had gotten over his shock and seemed to be getting some of his own courage back. “I’ve heard you Jennifer. I’ve heard you masturbating and calling out Larry’s name. What was I suppose to think? If he wasn’t such a good friend and I didn’t know better, I would have thought that the two of you were fucking already!”

His words seemed to shock her. She put her hand to her mouth. “Oh Jim! Oh baby! I would never cheat on you! And I would never fuck someone you knew if I was gonna cheat around! Especially, knowing that you would be seeing and talking to them as often as the two of you do.”

Jim looked at her. “But you do fantasize about him don’t you? Admit it Jennifer! I’ve heard you calling out his name.”

Jennifer started to cry. “It’s only a fantasy Jim! I would never fuck Larry! He’s our friend!”

“Ok! So I am saying that you need to turn your fantasy into reality. Jennifer! I don’t want you going behind my back and fucking someone just because I don’t satisfy you. I would rather have it out in the open. I’m not mad about it. In fact, the idea that someone could make you so hot for them excites me. Especially, since I know that he never did anything to entice you. I would let Larry fuck you to satisfy you.”

Jennifer jumped up. “Jim! I have no intention of fucking Larry! Just because you have lost your mind, doesn’t mean that I have to lose mine! So you and Larry can fuck each other if you want, but leave me out of it.”

She turned to leave, when suddenly Jim grabbed her by the arm and swung her around to face him. “Tell me that you don’t lay in bed fucking yourself calling out his name! Tell me that you don’t talk about how big his cock is and how much he stuffs your cunt while you’re doing it! Go ahead Jen! Deny that you moan and say that you want to feel his hard black cock fucking your tight cunt! That you want to suck it and swallow his cum! I heard you on more than one occasion.”

With that, he pushed her back in the chair. He swung around and looked at me. “Larry. You’re my friend! Probably the best friend I have. I know that it may sound fucked up that I want you to fuck my wife. But I love her. I want to see her happy. Ever since that night that secretary laughed in my face, I can’t seem to get it up enough to fuck her. That’s why I drink!

Every time I think about fucking her, I hear her calling your name in my mind. I want you to fuck her and get it out of her system. If you think that I am some kind of perverted bastard, then so be it. Larry, the idea of you fucking Jennifer gets me hard. The idea that she would come to our bed after being with you excites me. I think about it! Wonder about it! Want it to happen!”

Jim turned to Jennifer who was sitting on the couch in the state of shocked surprise. “I’ve given you everything! You never wanted for anything that I haven’t given you. Well Jennifer, this is one more thing that I want to give you. I want to give you your fantasy lover. I want to do it because I love you.”

With that, he turned around and walked out the door. aydın escort He didn’t slam the door like I would have thought he would. Instead, he eased the door closed. Jennifer looked up at me and started to cry.

“Stay there!” I walked out and caught up to Jim before he got to his house. “Come back to my house Jim. We need to talk, the three of us.” Jim snatched his arm from my grasp. “Fuck her Larry! Fuck her, and then send her home to me.”

I snatched him around. “Jim! You outweigh me by about 40 pounds. But if you don’t walk back to my house, I will beat your big white ass out here in this street for everyone to see.”

I had been talking quietly, so no one else could hear me. Jim looked me up and down, as if gauging my ability to carry out my threat. Then he started to laugh. He turned and walked slowly back to my door.

Jennifer was still where we left her, and she was still crying. Jim sat next to her and put his arms around her. I looked at the two of them. “Jim! You found out that your wife has fantasizes about me! Jennifer! You have been fucking yourself thinking about me fucking you. Ok! It’s out in the open now! And we are all adults so there is no need for us to be embarrassed. Jim! Were you telling the truth about getting excited about me fucking your wife?”

Jim looked at Jennifer who was looking up at him. Then he looked at me. He nodded his head. “And what do you think about when you think those things? Put it out in the open. Let Jennifer know exactly what you think and how it affects you.”

I went to the bar and made three drinks. I handed both of them glasses. Jim looked like he wanted to crawl beneath a rock. I knew that he was too embarrassed to start talking, so I took the initiative. I walked over to Jennifer and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Do you think about me touching her?” Jim looked up at me and nodded his head. “No Jim!” I slid my hand down to her tit and rubbed it. “I mean really touching her. Touching her the way only you have touched her since the two of you said, “I do”?”

Jim watched as my hand rubbed and caressed his wife’s tit. First, I softly fondled one tit, and then the other one. Jennifer didn’t move, but I noticed that her nipples grew hard. Jim nodded his head yes.

“And does the idea make you hot? Does your dick get hard at the thought of me caressing your wife? Stroking her tit and getting her hot?” My hand slid inside Jennifer’s blouse. When my fingers found her nipple thru her bra and I began to manipulate it, Jennifer moaned. I watched Jim swallow hard as he nodded, his eyes watching as I slowly touched his wife.

Jennifer looked up at me with her pleading eyes. “Larry, please? Don’t do this to me!” I ignored her plea. My hand pushed inside her bra. I now had her nipple between my fingers. Jennifer was breathing harder. And I could see Jim looking on breathing a bit harder himself.

“You get hot when you hear her don’t you Jim? You listen to your wife fucking herself, calling out my name, and it gets you hard. Do you stroke your dick thinking about me fucking her? Do you imagine me pushing my big Black dick into your wife’s cunt?”

I slid another hand inside her blouse playing with both tits now. Jennifer moaned and pushed her tits harder into my hands as she closed her eyes.

“Why are you getting so excited Jennifer? Your husband is sitting right besides you, and you are getting excited with me playing with your tits.”

Jennifer looked from me to her husband. “I can’t help it Larry. I’ve been so frustrated! Jim won’t touch me! He won’t fuck me!”

I looked over at Jim. His eyes were glued to where my hands continued to play with his wife’s tits. He looked up at me and I could see that he was getting excited as he watched me.

“Maybe you would like to play with her as I fuck her? That is YOUR fantasy too Jim! Isn’t it? To be there! To watch as I fuck Jennifer. To be able to touch her and tell her how much you love her, as she moans beneath me? Kiss your wife Jim! Tell her you love her. That this is your present to her.”

Jim looked up at me, then leaned in and kissed his wife. As he did, I pinched Jennifer’s nipples, pulling them away from her tits. “Oh Jim!” Jennifer moaned into Jim’s mouth as he kissed her hard.

I could feel my own dick growing hard. I knew that Jennifer could feel it throbbing against her head as she pressed back on me. “Slide your hand up her thigh Jim! See how wet she is.”

Jim pushed his hand beneath his wife’s skirt. Jennifer opened her legs to give him easy access. I heard Jim gasp, as he looked up at me. “She’s soaked! Her cunt is dripping wet.”

I smiled, nodding my head. Jennifer moaned and pushed down on her husband’s fingers.

Jim looked from me to his wife. “I love you Jen! I love you so much. I want you to be happy! I want you to be satisfied.”

I could tell from the way his hand was moving, that he was fingering her cunt. And Jennifer was fucking her pussy against his hand.

I pulled hard on her nipples, causing her to groan out loud. “Unzip his pants Jennifer. Take Jim’s hard cock out. Stroke it slowly.”

Jennifer turned slightly. I watched as she unzipped her husband’s pants and reached inside. Jennifer moaned. “Oh Jim! Your cock is so hard!”

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The Gatekeeper

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He was bored. They had done all the right romantic flirty things. She was married. Of course the husband did not pay quite enough attention to her. And she was flattered, even titillated by the rhythm of their online chats and the sensual tension in their emails. But he was bored.

It was her attitude. He had seen it before. It reeked smug. Although she never said anything, he could tell. Unconsciously she thought of herself as one to be wooed, to be won. Her sex like some golden prize, locked securely behind an iron clad gate and she dangling the key in front of him and then not. She was used to being the sexual gatekeeper in her relationships. He was bored with her not realizing just what she really was. She was a whore to be used.

He gave her one last chance. From work, in the middle of the day, he sent her this email.


As a dominant male I have an individual style. I have observed over the years that styles tend to run towards the physical rather than the mental. This is fine, for non-consensual sex is niğde escort as individual as the number of people who partake of its gifts.

My manhood is a celebration of one thing. I honor femininity. To submit to me is to agree to walk a deeply sensual and sexual path, to have the doors to your primitive inner animal opened. We humans are such arrogant beings; we delude ourselves into believing our intellect has raised us above that of lower species. In my view this is a highly structured and intellectual lie. We humans are animals, driven by our passions, emotions and evolution.

I am a MAN, you are a Woman, and with this simply said let us begin.

You can feel the warm breeze as it passes across your body. You are dressed in a tasteful yet slightly snug skirt and heels. The skirt is above the knee, too long to be a mini but short enough to entice on a subliminal level. Today it is a dark shade with no patterns, the color flows downward to your sheer black nylons and black patent 3 inch pumps.

The ordu escort heels shape your legs and change your walk as you move down the hall to your office. Your hips sway with a natural female sexiness which on a subconscious level few men and some women can’t ignore. As you strut, you feel your womanly juices wetting your inner thighs and the tops of your garters. As mine you are not allowed to wear panties except when obviously necessary. This keeps you available to me at all times and is meant to be a reminder of such.

You are in heat like a dog; but then what else is new? Ever since you entered training with me your body has been this way. It has been unrelenting, sometimes driving you to the point of sweet madness. You turn the corner and pass two men in the hall. They stop talking to watch you strut by. Over the weeks you have noticed changes in other’s attitudes toward you. As you move by them they subconsciously smell your heat and respond to you. Suddenly their dicks are getting hard and they have osmaniye escort no idea why. All they know is they want you and feel the need for your approval. This is the power received from embracing your place.

Their looks are not lost on you as you once again become aware of your hard nipples. Jewelry runs between each breast. It is a gold chain with clamps on each end tightening down upon your nipples. It is one of several symbols of my ownership which you are required to wear at one time or another. You live with constant reminders of the sensual state of being I desire to keep you in. I am the Alpha Male. And you are mine; never let there be any doubt that you belong to me.”

He closed with this.

“You bore me. Go back to your vanilla relationship with your husband. Or be the slaved bitch you are by emailing me with only the following statement as a title.”

Typing the statement, he sighed. And then he signed it.

“The Gatekeeper”

She emailed him outraged. He deleted them without reading the text. She called. He did not answer. She left messages threatening to expose him. He ignored her.

On the seventh day, he received the email.

“I am your slave girl; a cunt who is a slut to your desires, a bitch who doesn’t deserve your attention and I beg you to take me as your whore.”

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The Humiliation of Miss Tits-a-lot Ch. 07

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Pam came in from her grocery shopping and glanced over at her slave busily dusting the furniture. “I have a treat for you tonight, Miss Tits-a-lot.”

Fiona, naked except for a frilly maid’s apron and a pair of high heels, looked expectantly at her Mistress.

Nodding, Pam said, “That’s right, we’re going to Miraleste tonight.”

Fiona shivered in anticipation. Miraleste was the hottest BDSM club in L.A. Masters and Mistresses flaunted their slaves, and the subs tried to outdo each other in their obedience and subservience. Sometimes at the end of the evening, Doms traded their slaves with others. Fiona was very popular, and Pam had sent her home with temporary Masters and Mistresses a few times.

Pam grinned at the look of excitement in Miss Tits-a-lot’s face. “We’ll do a little shopping before we go to find something special for you to wear, and I have Ingrid coming in less than an hour for your waxing.”

Once a month, Pam had Ingrid come to the house to give Fiona a complete body wax. Pam even managed to turn these sessions into scenes of humiliation for Fiona. Once Fiona finished her dusting, she went upstairs to shower in preparation for Ingrid.

When she came downstairs, Ingrid was already there, laying out her table and waxing implements. Ingrid was a big German with large hands and spatulate fingers, but she was very precise in her waxing. She smiled as Fiona entered the room, eyeing her huge tits and patting the table. “All ready for you, Lenchen.”

Fiona spread out on the table and closed her eyes, bracing herself for the ordeal to follow. Ingrid slathered hot wax between Fiona’s tits first, ripping off any unsightly hair. She then worked her way down to her belly and continued with her thighs and the rest of her legs. Fiona flipped over, and Ingrid worked on her back and the backs of her legs. She spread the wax along the mounds of Fiona’s bottom, removing all the hair, leaving her cheeks smooth and silky. She ripped the hair off from her underarms and then prepared to work on her mound. Ingrid pressed down on Fiona, holding her skin taut for the maximum effect.

Ingrid patted her tummy, “Now bend your knees and let your legs fall open.”

Fiona spread herself out for her German tormentor, who began prodding her pussy lips and spreading the hot wax on them. She ripped the hair off her outer lips, and then shoved a finger in Fiona’s hole so she could more easily see the remaining hair. Fiona was in an agony of both pain and need, as her lips puffed out. Ingrid then had her lift her knees and hook her arms beneath them, rolling back, so that she could get a clear view of her asshole. She patted wax around Fiona’s puckered hold, pressed a strip of cloth in, and then peeled it off. Fiona lifted her ass off the table in response and Ingrid chuckled.

Ingrid shined a bright light on Fiona’s pussy and put on some enormous magnified glasses. She used a pair of tweezers to pluck out any remaining hairs on Fiona’s cunt. Grabbing a small dildo from her bag, Ingrid spread lube along its shaft and eased it into Fiona’s asshole, spreading her hole out wide. Then she continued plucking hairs out around her asshole.

Pam walked into the room and asked, “Is she being a good girl?”

Ingrid patted Fiona’s ass. “As always. So obedient and cooperative. You’ve trained her well, Pam.” She pinched Fiona’s engorged clit and chuckled again. “I think she’s done. She’s as clean as a whistle.” She turned to Pam, “May I have my tip now?”

Pam grinned. “Absolutely.”

Ingrid took a strap-on out of her bag and shrugged out of her clothes. Her body was hard and muscular with an almost completely flat chest. She buckled the strap-on around her straight hips, the big dildo bobbing in front of her and the fake balls hanging below. Fiona was still on her back on the waxing table, and Ingrid mounted her between her spread thighs. She buried her face in Fiona’s tits while she eased the dildo into her pussy. Taking her pierced nipples into her mouth, she began pumping Fiona with the strap-on and grasping the dildo still inserted in her ass, she fucked her asshole at the same time.

The next order of business was shopping. Pam took her slave to a specialty shop on Sunset that carried a line of clothing designed to reveal and titillate. Rosalee, the owner of the shop greeted two of her favorite customers with smiles. “Something special today, Pam?”

Pam nodded. “I’m taking her to Miraleste tonight. Perhaps something in leather, but smooth and tight.”

Rosalee clicked her tongue. “I think I have just what you’re looking for.” She produced a pair of soft leather pants and waving them in front of Pam, she said, “They’re tight and form-fitting, but cut out in the back with nothing covering the bum.”

Pam grabbed them and held them up. “I like them.” She shoved Fiona toward the dressing room, but ordered her to leave the door open. Fiona slid out of her skirt, and with Rosalee’s help squeezed into the leather pants. They hung low on her hips Manavgat Escort and fit rather tightly around her legs, except the back was cut out, revealing her ass.

Rosalee grabbed Fiona’s wrist. “Now come out here and model them for your Mistress.”

There were two other couples in the shop by this time who ogled openly as Fiona paraded across the room in her bottomless leather pants. She was still wearing her t-shirt, and Pam stared at it critically. “What do you suggest on the top, Rosie?”

Rosalee bit her lip. “That’s always a problem with Miss Tits-a-lot, since she’s so well endowed, but I think I have just the thing.” She returned with a leather bikini top that tied around the back and around the neck with two small triangles in the front. “Let’s try this. Take your top off.”

In the middle of the store in front of the other customers, Fiona pulled her t-shirt over her head. It got stuck on her huge tits, and Rosie had to help her as she struggled free. She tied the strings around her back first and positioned the triangles in front. They managed to hold the big, bouncy tits up, which flowed over the sides creating a deep cleavage. Once the triangles were secured on the tits, Rosie tied the strings tightly around Fiona’s neck. She stood back to survey the effect.

“What do you think, Pam?”

Pam told Fiona to walk across the room. The tits bounced and collided, but the leather strips stayed in place. “I think that will work. We’ll take the whole outfit.”

Rosie packed the outfit away and Pam and her slave left the store to prepare for their night at Miraleste. Once Fiona was dressed, Pam added a wide leather collar with an O-ring on the front. The collar was stiff and forced Fiona to hold her chin up. When they were ready to go, Pam didn’t bother to cover her. It was already dark outside, and they’d just be walking to the car.

Pam pulled her car up into the alley behind the club and left it for the valet. Once outside the car, Pam attached a leather leash to Fiona’s collar and led her to the door. She gave her club ID and password to the doorman, who ushered them inside. The club was already crowded with couples, most who were in the lifestyle, but there were a few who were just there as guests, along for the spectacle.

Although Fiona wasn’t dressed any more unusually than any other slave, she attracted a lot of attention for her beauty and her huge tits. She glanced around the room hoping to catch sight of Sir Justin. She’d seen him here a few times, and he knew Pam. Sometimes he brought a slave, but never the same one. Fiona gathered that he trained slaves periodically and then released them to others. He was dark and handsome and mysterious. Some said he was called Sir Justin because he was actually an English lord.

Fiona stayed submissively behind her Mistress, head high but eyes downcast. Her exposed ass was burning and felt huge as Pam had seen fit to lay a waffle pattern spanking on her before they left. She felt as if it were glowing in the dark.

Pam led her up to a group, and when she heard the low smooth voice of Sir Justin, Fiona raised her eyes. His eyes, dark and intense, burned into hers. Fiona sensed he was interested in her, but she didn’t want Pam to know she shared that interest. She hastily lowered her gaze but not before she signaled to him that she was aware of his presence. He wasn’t with a slave tonight, but a woman dressed in normal evening wear. He kept his arm casually around her shoulders, and Fiona felt her own position at the end of Pam’s leash intensely.

He asked, “Are you trading your slave tonight, Pam?”

“I’m not sure, why are you in the market?”

Fiona held her breath, as a woman’s high-pitched screech from across the room interrupted them. “Oh my god, it’s Fiona Tinselot.”

Fiona’s eyes flew up and her gaze locked onto a tall, attractive brunette. Her heart sank as she tried to shrink behind Pam. It was no use. It was Kelly Vickers in the flesh. The woman stormed the group, breaking into their circle. A man followed in her wake, naked with his huge cock encased in leather and secured to his abdomen. His ball sack hung below, also cupped in leather, and his nipples were pierced. The woman led him by a leash attached to a thick leather collar around his neck.

“It’s really her, Danny.” She glanced at the man behind her. “It’s really Fiona Tinselot.” Her frank look took in Fiona’s bulging tits, collar, and leash. She circled around her and crowed with delight. “Come around here, Danny. Look, her ass is bare, and it looks like someone was a bad girl.”

Pam noticed her slave’s burning cheeks and grinned. “You know my slave?”

The woman stood in front of Pam. “Oh yes, I’m sorry. I do know your slave. She was once my boss.”

Danny’s eyes widened. “This is your former boss, the one you used to complain about every night?”

The woman laughed. “That’s right. We used to call her the ‘Bitch Goddess.’ Nothing we did was ever good enough Manavgat escort bayan for her. She’d make us do it over ten times until she was satisfied. I can’t believe it, Fiona Tinselot is a slave.” She turned to Pam. “Is she yours?”

Pam nodded. “I’m her Mistress, but her name isn’t Fiona Tinselot anymore. It’s Miss Tits-a-lot.”

Kelly shrieked with laughter. “That’s perfect. We always knew they were fakes, but this just proves it.” She reached both hands forward, flexing her fingers. Glancing at Pam, she asked, “May I?”

Pam gave permission, and Fiona stood stiffly as Kelly reached out and squeezed her tits with both hands as if they were giant melons. “Oh yeah, those are fake titties all right. How did you come to be here?”

Fiona kept her eyes lowered, and Pam answered. “My slave isn’t allowed to speak in my presence without my consent. Let’s just say I found her, took her in hand, trained her, and now she’s my little bitch. Isn’t that right, Miss Tits-a-lot?”

Fiona murmured, “Yes, Mistress,” hating her, hating Kelly, and hating herself for the way her pussy throbbed at this indignity.

Pam yanked her leash hard causing her tits to bounce forward. “You’ll answer properly.”

Fiona spoke up, “Yes, Mistress, I’m your little bitch.”

Kelly grinned. “Wait until I tell everyone at the office how I discovered the Bitch Goddess. We were all wondering what happened to her.”

Danny mumbled, “Ah, Kelly, if you did that, you’d have to explain what you were doing here.”

Her smile turned to a frown. “Oh yeah, you’re right.” She started to speak to Fiona again, but turned to Pam. “Where is she working now?”

Wrapping the leash around her hand, Pam answered, “She works for me you might say. Her new career is to satisfy me…and my friends.”

Kelly’s eyes gleamed. “Are you interested in sending her home with a new Mistress tonight?”

Pam glanced at her slave’s tightly clenched jaw and her even tighter clenched ass cheeks and replied, “I hadn’t planned on it, but perhaps I’ll change my mind.”

Fiona tried to catch her Mistress’s eye, but it was no use. Pam realized how embarrassed her slave was at being discovered by a former co-worker, and she was going to make the most of it. Worst of all, in Fiona’s mind, was the fact that Sir Justin was a witness to her humiliation.

Eventually they wandered away from Kelly and her boy toy, but every time Fiona looked up she found Kelly’s greedy eyes on her. Her wicked grin told Fiona everything she wanted to know.

Toward the end of the evening, Kelly approached them again. “Have you decided yet, Pam? I’ll even pay you for the privilege.”

Pam smirked at her slave, her head now bowed in obedience, and ceremoniously handed her leash to Kelly. “I’ll pick her up on Sunday morning.”

Kelly gripped Fiona’s leash with one hand while she peeled off a number of bills with the other. She stuffed the money into Pam’s outstretched hand and led her two slaves out the door by their leashes.

When they arrived at Kelly’s house, she stood in front of Fiona looking her up and down. She nodded as if coming to a decision. “Dano, help me remove her clothes, such as they are. She won’t need them here. Help me remove this big, heavy collar too. I have something more appropriate.”

Dano helped Kelly strip Fiona completely naked. After she removed her shoes, she stood in front of her new Mistress. Kelly reached out and bounced Fiona’s heavy tits in the palms of her hands. “We’re going to have lots of fun, Fiona, and I expect you to obey me just as you would Mistress Pam. Let’s get her ready, Dano.”

Danny came forward with a jeweled dog collar, which Kelly buckled around Fiona’s neck. “You first, Dano. Let’s show her how it’s done.”

With these words, Dano bent over the kitchen table, reached back, and spread out his hairy ass cheeks. Kelly strapped on a dildo over her jeans and positioned herself between his open buttocks. “Fiona, sit down between his legs and suck his cock. It’s a mouthful, but I’m sure you can handle it.”

Fiona crouched down below Dano and took his huge prick into her mouth as he let out a low groan. Kelly lubed up the dildo and eased it into his asshole, and he thrust forward into Fiona’s mouth. Kelly plowed him faster and harder, burying the strap-on deep into his ass. He ground against her and lunged into Fiona’s mouth. The three of them were connected together like this until Dano gasped and shot his load down Fiona’s throat.

Kelly chuckled as she withdrew. “That was a special treat, wasn’t it Dano?”

He whimpered, “Yes, Mistress.”

“You can get up now, Fiona, and help me with the next part. Hold out your hands.” Kelly squeezed a liberal amount of lube into her palm, and then held out a large dildo with a black tail attached to it. “Lube that up for me.” After Fiona oiled it up, Kelly ordered her to work her fingers into Dano’s asshole. Fiona worked two fingers into Dano’s anus while he held himself Escort Manavgat open. He gripped her fingers and humped against them.

Kelly laughed. “You can see my little pet is excited to have a new companion.” After Fiona removed her fingers from Dano’s ass, Kelly replaced them with the tailed dildo, shoving it in until just the glossy black tail poked out of his crack.

Dano got off the table and dropped to all fours, slavishly licking his Mistress’s fingertips. She scratched under his chin and said, “Good boy, Dano. Let’s get our new pet ready.”

She commanded Fiona to bend over the table as Dano had done and reach back and spread her cheeks wide. As she surveyed her puckered hole, Kelly clicked her tongue. “We won’t have any problems here, Dano. I see she’s been well used.” She replaced her strap-on with a bigger one and took her position between Fiona’s legs.

Fiona clenched. So she was gong to have to submit to an ass-fucking by Kelly who she used to boss around and torment. Well, she wouldn’t give her any satisfaction. She planned to remain motionless no matter how hard this bitch fucked her, but her heart dropped at Kelly’s next words. “Return the favor for you new companion, Dano”

He placed himself on the floor between Fiona’s open thighs, and as Kelly began nudging the dildo into Fiona’s asshole, Dano began nudging her pussy lips open with his tongue. Fiona drew in her breath and steeled herself against the shivers of pleasure emanating from her cunt. Kelly continued to ease the dildo into her rectum, as Dano noisily slurped her clit between his lips. The dual sensations made Fiona’s pussy throb and her nipples tingle. Her resolve melted as almost against her will, she undulated her ass back to meet and engulf Kelly’s invading dildo, and then pumped forward as Dano sucked on her engorged clit.

Fiona ground her ass cheeks against the rough material of Kelly’s jeans, and Kelly thrilled as she felt her power over her big-titted former boss. She drove hard into her ass and leaned forward to say hoarsely, “In my wildest dreams, I never imagined to have you like this, completely under my control. Tell me what you want, little whore, because you are my whore. I bought and paid for you.”

Fiona compressed her lips. Her body might betray her, but she’d never give this bitch the satisfaction she craved. Kelly grabbed her tits and yelled, “Tell me what you want.”

Fiona continued rocking against her but kept her mouth shut. Then Kelly stopped pumping and hissed, “Dano.” Dano withdrew his warm mouth, and Fiona cried out in anguish and need as her pussy lunged forward into the cool air. Then she humped her ass to feel the movement of the dildo, but Kelly pinned her down to the table and repeated, “Tell me what you want, whore.”

Defeated by her own desires, Fiona mumbled, “Fuck me. Fuck me.” Kelly expelled her breath but still she didn’t move. “Ask nicely.”

Fiona swallowed hard and begged, “Please fuck me, Mistress.”

Kelly still wasn’t satisfied as she growled, “Where do you want me to fuck you?”

Fiona sobbed out, “Please fuck me in the ass, Mistress Kelly.”

Kelly ordered Dano to continue devouring her pussy, as she began to pump the dildo into her bitch’s ass. As she pulled back she landed the palm of her hand on her ass cheek, and Fiona squealed in response, “Fuck me.” Then she smacked the other ass cheek, and the horny bitch gasped out again, “Fuck me.” And so it went. Her former boss writhed beneath her, as she alternated spanks on her ass, and after each one, the heavy-titted whore begged to be fucked. Then the bitch cried out as she came, sucking the strap-on up her ass and grinding her pussy into Dano’s face.

Kelly gloated, “That’s the way, little bitch. Keep it cumming.” The two of them rode her until she slumped forward and they pulled away, leaving her bent over the table, her reddened ass still twitching and convulsing.

“I think she’s ready, Dano.” She selected a big dildo with a silky blond tail and waved it in her whore’s face. “Had I known my little pet was going to be a redhead, I would’ve had something more appropriate, but this will have to do. We don’t need manufactured lube, Dano, she has plenty of her own.”

She handed the dildo to Dano who shoved it into Fiona’s cunt, making it slick with her juices. Kelly took it from him and shoved it into Fiona’s ass up to the hilt until just the silky tail protruded from her ass cheeks. Then she ordered her down on her hands and knees.

“Dano, our new pet needs a name. Miss Tits-a-lot is much too grand for our little bitch, and while I enjoy calling her ‘Fiona’ just to remind her who she is, she needs something more appropriate.”

He glanced at Fiona now on all fours with a tail growing out of her ass and suggested, “How about Missy?”

Kelly studied her new pet, as always her eyes falling on the enormous tits now hanging loosely toward the floor. She nudged them with the toe of her shoe, watching them swing and then snapped her fingers. “I’ve got it. She’ll be Titsy.”

Fiona blushed bright red while Dano signaled his approval by wagging his tail. Kelly snickered. “To tell you the truth, Titsy, when we weren’t calling you the Bitch Goddess, we were calling you Titsy, so you see how it all works out?”

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Hanging Out with Jodie

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Big Boobs

So I started working at the nursery and began to make friends with the girls there. They were all local, and were mostly just out of college, so I was one of the older girls. I soon struck up a friendship with a few of them and we used to have a laugh and muck around at work. One girl in particular became a very close friend, Jodie.

Jodie was only just 19 when I started so I was four years older than her, but we got on really well. She lived a few miles away from my house with her parents in a bit of a rough village. Jodie was your typical chav, really tanned skin from too many sun beds, loved her cheap jewellery, and loved tattoos. She had several, most notably a ‘tramp stamp’ on her lower back and various others on her feet, back and arms. She was also shorter than me, chunkier around the waist and had a much bigger bust. All in all we were quite a pair, very different, and yet it worked, we were good friends.

So we used to go out with the other girls, into Reading or Basingstoke for a night out, or to the pub. However Jodie and me often shared a taxi out, or one of us would drive so the other could drink. She’d often crash over at mine and vice versa. However Jodie would often get into arguments with some of the other girls, over very childish stuff, the problem with being a bit thick and working in that environment I guess. So one night just the two of us went into Basingstoke, got the train in and we’d share a taxi back.

Anyway so we got into town and headed for Liquid, the night club. As usual we were dressed very differently, Jodie liked low cut tops which showed of her ample bosom, and I preferred leggings and a tightish pink top that I thought showed of my legs nicely!

We got in, for free, always handy being a girl the clubs just let you in, and went to the bar. Downing a few shots bursa escort we began our routine of crazy dancing and generally running all over the place. I loved the attention from the boys, particularly when they were with their girlfriends, and tried to dance as provocatively as possible. Helped being with Jodie as she swung her tits wildly, and gyrated against me!

So as we got drunker Jodie and started daring one another to go and chat to boys. First of all I dared her to speak to one good-looking guy, then she dared me to chat to a bloke who was obviously with his girlfriend. She gave me the evils! Upping the anti I dared her to go and snog a bloke, which, Jodie being Jodie, she did. I laughed my head of and when she came back she had such a cheeky grin.

“Ok Sammi, your turn! Will you do whatever I dare you to?”

I giggled, at this stage not knowing how dirty Jodie’s mind was. “Yeah, sure whatever!”

So Jodie trotted off to the bloke she had just kissed, whispered in his ear and brought him over. Hmm, where was this going?

“Sammi, this is Mikey!”

“Hello” I said, wondering what she had planned.

“Hi!” responded Mikey in a pretty gruff voice. He had dark hair and was quite cute, I could see he worked out!

“Well, Sammi, are you ready for your dare?” Jodie asked me before turning to mikey and winking.

“Yeah sure, what is, tell me tell me!”

Jodie started laughing, “I dare you to give Mikey a blowjob, in this club!”

Oh my god. What did she say? No, she didn’t? Initially I was shocked, she laughed and Mikey winked at me. I was about to shout at her and walk off, when I think the alcohol took over. I smiled. I looked at them both, then grabbed Mikeys hand, and said “fine, o problems!” Jodie was slightly taken aback, çanakkale escort but then she acted very coolly, and led us both towards the toilets. We all sneaked into the girls, amazingly it was empty. I couldn’t believe it, it had been a while since I was in the toilets with a boy! All three of us squeezed into one of the cubicles, Mikey stood in front of me and I got onto my knees. I looked at him and then at her, took a deep breath and then proceeded to unbuckle his belt and slowly slide down his trousers. I pulled down his boxers, and out popped his cock. It was already semi-erect and stirring to life, completely shaved, and much lighter than Mikeys tanned face and hands. Oh well here goes!

I closed my eyes and leaned forwards, my lips gently touched against the end of his cock and my right hand swiftly moved up to grasp the base of his shaft. Kissing his head I slowly wrapped my lips around him and edged my head forward. He stiffened immediately in my mouth, I could feel him hardening rapidly. My left hand moved up under his shirt and began caressing his stomach, whilst his hands slid behind the back of my head and pulled me in.

I’d forgotten Jodie was there all I vaguely remember her saying “Oh my God!”, maybe she didn’t think I would have done it. But I did. My tongue started licking around his head as I forced myself down his shaft, taking it in, slowly at first, but then up and down, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. My right hand played with his balls. After forcing my mouth most of the way down his cock, I pulled my head back up and let his cock slip out of my mouth, several lines of slobber connected his cock to my lips and chin, but I looked up at him, then at Jodie and smiled.

“What are you smiling for, I want to see him cum in your mouth!” Said çankırı escort Jodie, pretty harshly, and with that she grabbed my head turned it back round towards Mikeys fully erect dick and pushed me down. I slid my mouth down either side of his cock, making it nice and wet, letting it slap me on the cheek. Then I held it in my hand, wrapped my mouth around his head and began sucking, up and down, until I had all of it in my mouth and could feel myself choking. He held my head down, and I could feel Jodie now doing the same, telling me to suck it harder. I was so aroused, and could feel my nipples hardening, and my left hand pushed down into me knickers and felt how wet my pussy was getting!

I continued sucking away, taking brief pauses so that I could spit onto his cock and wank it with my free hand. I was desperate to finish, as I suddenly became very conscious of the fact that someone was using the cubicle next door! Shit, what if we got caught, there were three of us in here! Fortunately Mikeys breathing began to get deeper and he was beginning to gyrate his hips against me, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. I just wrapped my lips as tightly as possible around his dick and let him go.

Then it happened. He paused, began grunting and held my head there. I knew what was about to happen and tried to pull away, but Jodie and Mikey held by head rigidly, with his cock in my mouth. Then he exploded. I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat and I wanted to gag. He was cumming in my mouth and I could feel it sliding down my throat. Jodie told me to “swallow it Sammi” and there wasn’t much else I could do. Another spurt came out of his cock and I just took it. Oh my goodness Sammi what am I doing? I on my knees in a club toilet, swallowing some strangers sperm in front of a girl I have only known for three weeks!

Jodie was laughing as Mikeys limp cock finally rolled out of my mouth, I grabbed a tissue and began wiping the mess off from around my chin and lips, when there was a sudden knock at the door.

“Excuse me, what are you doing in there?” Asked a threatening voice.


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Jake’s Progress

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I awoke from the dream with a gasp, sunlight and consciousness flooding through my brain, scattering the fragments of my sleep-world and leaving me dizzy with shock.

As my rational brain came haltingly online, I grasped for those fast-dispersing remnants of the dream like a shipwrecked sailor desperately trying to gain purchase on the flotsam that surrounds him in the ocean.

Quite why I was so keen to hold on to whatever scraps I could recall only became apparent when the first rational thoughts made themselves known, and I realised that I had awoken with a deep sense of unease running through me. The unease quickly transformed into something altogether more strange when a second realisation made me aware of the fact that I was also more than a tad….well… horny.

This wasn’t such a rare occurrence. So, I’m a thirty-five year-old woman (happily divorced), but I often wake with a feeling of heat nestled deep in my belly. Most mornings when that happens I enjoy the sensation, and, yes, may even explore it a little, if you know what I mean.

This particular Friday morning, though, there was something different buried within the low-grade excitement that my body was experiencing. For a start, there was nothing particularly low-grade about it — I was wet down there and I could feel a high-colour on my cheeks. Then there was that lingering sense of unease. Whatever had brought me to such an excited state had also, in some strange dream way, unnerved me.

Try as I might to stop them, the details of the dream were heading over the hills and far away. All I could capture were more general sensations — something to do with someone I knew who had surprised me, and something about me as well, maybe along the lines of me reacting to something in a totally unexpected way…

It was a mystery and, I knew now, would remain one.

At about that point I also realised what is was that had woken me. I checked the sunlit face of my alarm clock and nodded. Jake, my son, had left the house a couple of minutes earlier and had, no doubt, slammed the front door.

I sighed, wondering whether to be grateful to him for pulling me out of the unsettling dream, or annoyed that he hadn’t let the dream-me continue to whatever conclusion the dream had in store for her.

The realisation that Jake had left, however, had one distinct benefit. Knowing that he would now be out all day at his summer job — taken in order to add to the funds he would need when he left for university at the end of the summer — I had total privacy inside our little house.

With a slightly desperate sigh, I threw back the thin sheet that covered me, lay back against my pillows, closed my eyes… and allowed my fingers to explore the wetness left behind by the dream.

Life had become a comfortable routine at our house since my ex had left three years earlier. In the peace that followed his departure, Jake had been given the ideal conditions for studying and his grades rose from somewhere south of average to the dizzying heights north of straight-As. In other words, he was finally achieving the sort of results his expensive, all-boys private school expected from their pupils.

The sudden absence of his loud-mouthed father had seemingly done little, however, to shake off Jake’s inherent shyness, and I had begun to worry that he would find university life intimidating. When he had announced that he was going to work through the summer on, of all things, a building site I was both shocked and delighted.

Given his bookish ways, I was also a tad worried that his levels of physical fitness might not be up to the requirements of such a labour-intensive job. Certainly, the first few days were something of a struggle for him, but after a week or so he began to find things easier and had even taken to socialising after hours with some of his workmates.

It’s safe to say that I was delighted at thus turn of events — and especially so since I had the house to myself for even longer than I was already used to. Given that I work for myself, from home, the extra two or three hours of peace let me catch up with a backlog of work that had developed during the spring.

That Friday, though, I found concentration rather difficult. Even though the mid-summer sun was blazing down and the birds were twittering happily outside my little home-office, my mind kept replaying the few fragments of dream that had survived consciousness. I tried to switch tasks — from preparing a series of magazine articles on child-care for the elderly (don’t ask) to a review of recent fashion trends — I just simply couldn’t settle to anything.

I knew that Jake wouldn’t be home until at least nine or ten that evening — Fridays seemed to be a particular favourite for joining his colleagues for a few drinks — and I decided that I would take the opportunity to pamper myself and maybe return to my work later in the evening.

I took a leisurely bath, washed my unruly mess of long, dark hair, exfoliated, applied kırşehir escort a face pack, exfoliated again, moisturised, gave myself a pedicure… you get the picture, and then made myself a light supper and opened a bottle of well-chilled Chablis as an accompaniment.

Just before eight, I flopped down in front of the TV and channel hopped until I cam across an ideal programme — or at least, an ideal programme insofar as it would temper my guilt at having done so little work during the day. The programme was focusing on the work of a couple of fashion designers and I reasoned that I could justifiably call an hour or so watching fashion shows well-intentioned research. I pulled my skirt straight, hitched the shoulder straps of my little t-shirt fully onto my shoulders and grabbed a notebook and pen — and the wine bottle.

To my surprise, the front door opened a few minutes later and Jake’s head appeared in the doorway.

“Hi, ma!”

“Hi, you. Early tonight?”

Jake shrugged, “Our normal bar was closed and some of the guys were heading off on some fishing trip or something anyway, so I decided to have an early night. I’m pretty well knackered anyway.”

“Fair enough. If you haven’t eaten yet there’s loads in the fridge, and I put a couple of cans of beer in there as well.”

“I’m truly honoured, thank you.”

I couldn’t help but smile at his grin, “I do hope that isn’t sarcasm?”


“Oh, go take a shower or something and stop tormenting your poor mother. I need to watch this.” I pointed at the television.

“Quite apart from trying not to take offence at your suggestion that I’m in desperate need of a shower, do you promise to change channels when I’ve finished cleaning up and eating?”

“That depends on how long you take. As it is, I’ve got lots of work to catch up on and this is research — so don’t hurry!”

Jake squinted at the screen, “Er… no, I guess I won’t.” He wandered upstairs with a few disparaging words about un-wearable clothes trailing in his wake.

I turned my attention back to the programme and couldn’t help but agree with my son to some extent. The vast majority of the outfits being worn by the models were completely outlandish and totally impractical. For the next ten minutes I was subjected to a parade of near-naked models who would be arrested were they to wear their outfits out on the street.

To make matters worse, so many of the girls looked unhealthily thin. I’m kinda petite, but my thirty-two inch bust actually looks well-proportioned on my tiny frame. You would certainly never mistake me for a guy if you ever got to see me topless, but the same couldn’t be said of some of the so-called supermodels. Even as I watched, I started to make notes for another series of articles about the cruelties of fashion.

I became so engrossed with this new topic that I was surprised when Jake flopped down beside me on the sofa.

“That was quick.”

“Hardly, ma,” Jake paused to sip beer from a newly-opened can, “I’ve showered, changed — just in case you hadn’t noticed — and had a few chicken wings while you’ve been scribbling away for the last half hour.”

“Is it really that long? And yes, I did noticed you’d showered and changed — I can put the gas mask away now.” He was wearing white tennis shorts and a strappy t-shirt that was very similar to mine.

Jake prodded me in the ribs, “Not nice, mother of mine. And anyway, I thought we’d agreed to change the channel when I was through with my ablutions.”

I prodded him back and snorted, “No, we didn’t — you suggested it, and I told you that it depended on how long you were. As it is there’s only ten minutes left of the programme, so I’m sure you can wait it out.”

“I… um, don’t really think I could.”

I glanced at the screen to see yet more models in see-through tops. I gave a laugh, “Surely my little boy is not getting embarrassed at the sight of a few scantily clad women?”

“No!” he replied, a little too quickly, “It’s just.. you know? Dull?”

I was about to say something along the lines of eighteen year-old males normally being impossible to drag away from such a spectacle when I noticed the high colour in his cheeks and a slightly frantic look in his eyes. Without warning a flash of the dream-unease passed through me, accompanied by another sensation — one I couldn’t place for the moment. I decided to change tack. “How about you open another bottle for me instead?”

“I guess I could,” Jake managed, “But I’d rather just change channels.”

“Well you can’t,” I told him, “I have the remote control and for the next seven minutes, it stays in my power. Now, either open some more wine for me, or sit back and enjoy the boobs.”


“Oh, come on, Jake. I know you’re heterosexual, so why not just enjoy the view and think of it is a guilt-free soft porn session?”

“Jeez, ma!”

I wasn’t sure why I had said such a thing myself, but a kocaeli escort tiny little part of me was revelling in Jake’s discomfort — even though I became suddenly aware that the situation that was developing held heavy overtones of the previous night’s dream. “If you promise to be quiet a let me watch the rest of this in peace, I promise I will never wear anything remotely that revealing, how about that?”

“For f… I mean… jeez, ma!”

I let out a laugh, “Don’t tell me that I’m embarrassing you that much?”

Jake turned his flushed face in my direction, “I’m not… well, maybe I am but anyway…” he flapped his hands and flopped back on the cushions.

“Decided to watch after all?”


“Yeah, yeah…”

“Ma, I haven’t… and I can prove it!”

Before I could react, Jake lunged across me, scrabbling for the remote control. I grabbed it, giggling, and curled myself around it, drawing my legs onto the sofa.

“Oh no you don’t!”

“Ma! Give it to me!”

“Shan’t!” I giggled again.

“Then you leave me no choice!” With that I felt Jake’s fingers digging into my ribs, tickling me for all he was worth.

I’ve been ticklish — terribly, horribly ticklish — ever since I was a little girl, and Jake’s ministrations had me shrieking with laughter. But I’ve also been extremely determined. “Stop it!” I managed between yelps.

“Only if you give me the remote.”


Jake began to tickle more of my sides and his right hand moved perilously close to a spot I have a few inches below my left armpit which, if tickled, drives me totally nuts. I squealed, giggles and wriggled for all I was worth, all the while desperately clinging to the remote. This was now a matter of principle — and, I realised with a start, a matter of ignoring the growing sense of déjà vu that must have originated in my weird dream.

In the few weeks that Jake had been working on the building site his physique had developed rapidly, and with it had, apparently, come considerable strength. I soon realised that Jake could lift most of my bodyweight one-handed and all the techniques that I had used when we used to play wrestle when he was ten or eleven were no longer going to be enough for me to emerge victorious. But I was damned if I was going to admit defeat that easily.

Even through my giggles and my increasingly desperate attempts to hold on to the remote, I still managed to pretend I was winning the battle.

“Is that the best you can do?”

Jake’s face was set in a determined grin and at those words, he flipped me onto my back before resuming the relentless tickling. “Just admit you’re beaten, ma!”

“No way!” As another wave of laughter shrieked its way out of my throat, a tiny little alarm bell rang deep within my brain. When Jake had flipped me over, my skirt had ridden high — very high — on my thighs, and I remembered at the same moment that I was wearing absolutely nothing under the little strappy t-shirt.

These realisations were immediately followed by a stronger wave of that strange unease that I had felt on and off all day — and to my shock, I realised that I was also beginning to feel the merest, faintest, tiniest traces of the other sensation I had awoken with.

When Jake tried to press home his advantage his lower body pressed up against the side of my thigh and my heart leapt into my throat. My boy — my wonderful, loving, little boy — had an erection. Before my mind could even begin to grasp what this meant, or how this was possible, those tiny traces of the excitement I had felt upon waking blossomed deep inside me. Without any possibility of control, I felt myself grow hot and…. and damp.

My shocked, automatic reaction was to wriggle back over onto my belly — hiding my face in case my son could read the tumultuous thoughts that careened around my brain.

As I frantically tried to take stock of the situation I became aware that my skirt had ridden up even further — that it was now, in fact, barely covering the cheeks of my butt. For a second or two I thought this would be enough to galvanise me into stopping the wrestling bout, of calling a halt to everything — but my body turned traitor. The heat in my belly and groin grew hotter and with a sense of fascinated, scared excitement, I felt the wetness between my legs increase.

As I lay there, squirming this way and that, I became aware that Jake was trying to push me over onto my back once again — and equally aware that he had one hand on the top of my right leg in order to achieve this feat.

His little finger was touching my bare flesh and even in my overwhelmed state I realised that my skirt must now be pushed up enough to reveal the skimpy panties I wore beneath it. As I tried to work out just what the hell was going on, his other hand pushed underneath me, the base of his thumb sliding across the underside of my breasts. I gasped, mind and body freezing for a few seconds.

Above konya escort me, Jake’s movements had taken on a frantic edge. I could feel the tremors that raced through his muscles and despite what my mind was trying to deny, I couldn’t help but simply know that the impromptu wrestling bout was exciting my son in a very sexual way. As if to prove the point to me, his next movement, trying to lever me over, brought his hips into contact with my side. Or more to the point, the rigid bulge in his shorts.

The unfamiliar pressure served to free my mind from its temporary suspension, jolting me into full awareness — an awareness that included the realisation that the left strap of my t-shirt had been shifted off my shoulder and below my biceps. If Jake managed to turn me over again now, there was a very real possibility that my left breast would be half-exposed — or worse.

Just as this realisation dawned, I felt another wave of the dream-unease. It was all too much, too fast and my sanity-preservation system kicked in.

With a cry of “Ok! You win!” I pushed the remote control — which I had still somehow held onto — into his belly, pulled the strap of my t-shirt back into place and with my third hand (or so it seemed) yanked my skirt back down my legs. I flipped myself over and into a vaguely upright position and then pushed Jake backwards.

My son stumbled and caught his balance, his face suddenly alarmed. I had been about to berate him for taking things too far, but the sight of that look — a mixture of sorrow, regret, hurt, surprise and frustration — held my tongue in check. Whatever it was that had just happened — and I already planned to have a really long think about that later — Jake was still my son, and I adored him. To see him looking in any way hurt cut straight to the maternal strings.

I did what any mother would do. Okay, I did what any confused, surprised mother would do. I just pretended that nothing untoward had happened.

“Okay, Jake — you win! You’re getting way too strong for me these days.”

“Win?” He looked perplexed for a moment before his eyes turned down to where he was holding the remote control, “Oh… oh, right, yes!”

Somehow, despite the fact that we were both breathing like steam trains and were both sporting evidence of sexual excitement, we managed to turn the conversation into something vaguely resembling normal life. I told Jake that he could now watch what he wanted. Jake told me that it was okay with him whatever I watched. I pointed out that in the scuffle, the fashion programme had ended. He offered to get me another drink. I said that would be a great idea. Jake said he had to go to his room straight afterwards to read up on something. I pretended that he was going to his room to read up on something despite seeing that the bulge hadn’t disappeared.

Finally, I was on my own, another bottle of Chablis rapidly disappearing, and I started to try working out what had really happened.

I sat there for almost two hours trying to come to a conclusion that didn’t involve my son lusting after me in a very un-son-like manner, and equally trying to convince myself that the whole idea hadn’t excited me in a way that I’d never felt before.

By the time I eventually dragged myself off to bed — Jake had apparently taken root in his room — I still hadn’t managed to attain either of those goals and with no other options available to me, I decided that I would try to research the whole mother-son thing the next morning.

I awoke on the Saturday morning from another dizzying dream and just like the previous day I was left feeling slightly disoriented, slightly uneasy, and more than a little horny. Given that Jake would be at home this morning, I tried to resist the temptation to provide myself with a little light relief from that particular feeling, but the intensity of the sensation was just too strong. I would never be able to think straight feeling like that, so I eased myself back into the pillows and allowed my fingers to work their magic.

A few minutes in to a reverie which, surprisingly, had nothing to do with the events of the night before, I was briefly interrupted by the not-so-gentle slamming of the front door. As this was followed quickly by an equally loud clatter from our front gate I was able to deduce that Jake had taken himself off for the morning. I returned to my sensual daydream with renewed ease of mind and a few minutes later allowed myself the luxury of an unrestrained howl as I climaxed hard.

Suitably relieved, I took a leisurely shower and spent a few minutes choosing what I should wear. The early-morning relief had, unlike the morning before, left me feeling calm and, in an odd way, refreshed. By the time the shower was done, the events of the previous evening had taken on a quality not unlike the previous night’s dream — ephemeral and hard to grasp.

At some point during the previous twelve hours my mind had decided that it was doubting itself — maybe exaggerating the intent behind Jake’s wrestling due to some lingering effect of the weird dream that had dogged me all Friday. Surely, I reasoned with myself, the simple fact of the contact between us had brought about his state of tumescence? Wasn’t that perfectly normal for red-blooded males of his age?

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It Starts With a Kiss Pt. 03 – Promises

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It Starts with a Kiss

Part Three


April deliberately avoided the subject of sex with her daughter since their time in the tub. Jenny, however, took notice of her mother’s increased enthusiasm as she carried out her daily activities. Weeks after the idea took root in April’s mind, she began the game. When she changed or bathed, the doors would remain slightly open. She would be fastening the buttons of her shirt as she walked around the house, ensuring her daughter saw her in various states of undress.

After she mastered the timing and ensured she had been sufficiently exposed to her body, she changed the game. The morning routine changed a little each day. It was a peck on the cheek and a loose embrace before it all started. She used the touch of her fingertips and the gentleness of her breath to send her daughter a message ever since. The kiss on the cheek lingered a bit longer. The touch of her hand on her daughter’s arm was softer. She watched and listened for any reaction Jenny gave and smiled deeply inside when she got the reaction she wanted.

One afternoon, Jenny had enough and confronted her mother after she arrived home from work. After a lengthy embrace and a lingered kiss, Jenny pushed her mother gently away and held her at arm’s length.

“What is going on?” she asked her mother. She stared at her mother with a determination only a sexually unsatisfied woman could.

April smiled slightly, “What do you mean?”

Jenny opened her mouth wide in feigned shock. April took advantage of the moment to inform her daughter of the game. She pulled Jenny back into a warm embrace. She placed on hand on the small of her back and the other behind her head and held her close as she whispered in her daughter’s ear.

“Listen to me. If you want what you asked for, you have to make us want it,” she said. She kissed Jenny’s earlobe softly. “Your father and I will not sacrifice the love we share and how we share it. When you have aroused our interest,” she said, choosing her words carefully, “then the reward will be worth the effort.” She pulled her head away so she could look her daughter in the eye. “I promise you that.”

Just as the realization of what was happening struck Jenny, her mother leaned in and placed her lips softly against her daughter’s. Jenny began to feel weak in her knees as her mother kissed her like never before. When April released her, she was breathless.

“Mom,” she whimpered quietly.

April put her curled finger under her daughter’s chin and nodded a single time, “I promise you.”

Jenny took a shaky breath in and released it as unsteadily as she took it in. She was still trying to take it all in when the mood in the room suddenly changed.

“Now,” her mother stated loudly, “I’m going to change and make dinner before your father gets home.”

She turned and walked away, smiling ear to ear knowing the shock she instilled in her daughter. Jenny remained standing in the same place for several minutes as she processed what happened to her. As she was evaluating everything that happened, she realized how turned on she was. She slowly made her way to her room thinking about the kiss.

She flung the door closed, allowing it to remain slightly ajar as she took her clothes off and threw herself onto her bed. She wasted no time, allowing her fingers to dip between her legs.

“We kissed like lovers do,” she whispered to herself as she rubbed her clit.

She pressed the tip of her middle finger against her clit and slid it down to her hole. As each measurable moment passed, she pushed a little more of her finger inside her. She imagined stepping out of her body and watching as her mother pressed her lips against hers. She moaned as she felt her first orgasm began to quickly approach. Her legs opened wider and her other hand went to her breasts.

“Make me cum, Mom,” she grunted as her body shook.

When her orgasm passed, she opened her eyes to find her mother watching her from the door. She made a quick move to cover herself, but stopped short as her mother walked in. April came to the side of the bed and sat next to her daughter.

“What are you doing?” she asked Jenny.

“I’m sorry, Mom. The way you kissed me was so intense. I didn’t even realize how it affected me until you walked away.”

“That was the intent, babe. You should know, though, that what your father and I have together is enough to keep us from masturbating alone. You shouldn’t have to be alone when you’re turned on and desire pleasure.”

Jenny was confused, “What do you mean?”

April pressed her hand against her daughter’s chest, “I’ve gotten off on my own many times before. Your father was with me almost every time, though. He would talk to me while I did it. He would sometimes join me, too. You’re not alone, Jenny.”

She kissed her daughter’s forehead and walked out of the room, leaving her a little more confused than she was before.

That night, April laid naked in bed with her husband while he read. She threw bayburt escort the comforter off her and opened her legs a little wider. Her hand began to manipulate her clit as she informed her husband of the progress she made.

“I kissed Jenny today,” she admitted.

Chris laid his book on the nightstand and turned onto his side to face his wife, “What did she think?”

April moaned softly as she recalled the scene, “I didn’t know at first. It was when I caught her masturbating on her bed that I realized how much it turned her on.”

Chris smiled, “I know how that feels.”

“Me too,” April sighed. “I told her that we don’t do that kind of thing alone. I left it at that hoping she would get the message.”

“Do you think she did?” he asked.

April dipped a finger inside her pussy and groaned, “I hope so. I made her a promise, too.”

Chris cupped one of his wife’s breasts in his hands and leaned in and suckled her nipple for a moment.

“What kind of promise?” he asked, tweaking her wet nipple between his fingers

“I promised her that the work she puts in to make us want to be with her will be rewarded in the end.”

He nodded approvingly, “she has no idea what she’s in for.”

“I need you to find a way to promise her that same thing,” April said unsteadily.

Chris didn’t respond. His hands traveled across his wife’s body as he pressed his lips against hers. They kissed like teenagers as she worked hard refraining from begging him to fuck her. She slid her finger in and out of her pussy slowly as she thought about the kiss she experienced earlier that day. April eventually finished and she joined her husband in reading. There was no further discussion of sex, their daughter or the sex with their daughter following her orgasm.


Several days later, it was Chris’ turn engage Jenny in a way he never thought he would. He hadn’t planned his angle of attack much, preferring to take the opportunity when it presented itself. The opportunity came in the form of Jenny being in the shower while he was the only other person in the house. A simple turn of a valve and his hastily thrown together plan was in motion. He simply had to wait.

As predicted, there came a knock on his bedroom door.

“Dad, can I use your shower? For some reason, the water just shut off in mine.”

He looked over his book at his daughter, “Of course you can! I’ll take a look at yours later.”

Jenny walked past her father, shooting him a shy smile as she held her towel and bath things in her arms. She closed the door as expected, but surprisingly, not all the way. He waited until he heard not only the shower running, but the sound of uneven water hitting the shower pan. When the time came, he went in.

“Jenny, I need to come in, there’s something in there I forgot to get before you showered.” He chuckled, “I’m not used to you using our shower!”

“Sure, Daddy, it’s ok,” she said loudly, speaking over the splashing of the water.

He walked in and began searching the vanity for an item that didn’t exist. He shuffled the items around and repeatedly sighed loudly in mock frustration.

“I know it’s not your bathroom, sweetie, but have you seen a box of medication around anywhere? Turns out it’s not where I thought I left it,” he lied.

Jenny poked her head out of the shower and wiped the excess water off her face, “What?”

“I’m looking for my box of medication, but I don’t think it’s in here. Have you seen it?”

Jenny shook her head and offered no words of assistance. It was as if she never confessed her sexual desire for him. Chris felt his plan falling apart and adlibbed from that point forward.

“Maybe your mother put them somewhere else,” he said, pausing for a moment. “Speaking of your mother, have you two talked anymore about what we discussed?”

Jenny smiled nervously. “Dad, I’m showering,” she stated plainly.

He paused as he thought of another direction to take the conversation. He was not prepared to give up just then. He had a revelation and moved close to the shower.

“I’m asking for a reason, babe. I know you talked about your feelings toward both of us, but I feel like you’re probably getting closer to your mother than you are me. That’s perfectly ok, but I want you to be prepared.”

He intentionally left his statement at that and began to walk away.

“What do you mean,” she asked.

“Well, your mother is shaved, and I think she might prefer you the same. I don’t know if you are, or if you ever have, but now might be a good time to get used to it if it’s something you would like to do.”

She looked at her father as if he were embarrassing her.

“I’m not sure what that look is for, but I don’t think you’re embarrassed over the topic. I think you might not be sure on how to do that,” he offered.

“I’ve done it only once,” she admitted.

He nodded, “I can help you with that if you like. Remember, a touch isn’t always sexual.”

Jenny bilecik escort laughed, “I think it would be if you’re touching me… down there!”

“You may think that,” he said as he started to walk away again, “but that’s what we’re trying to do. Show you that not everything you think you know is right.”

He closed the door behind him and resumed laying on the bed reading. As he read his book, he was sure to take note of the sounds from the bathroom. First, the water turned off. Then he could hear the sounds of her stepping out of the shower and toweling off. It was the minutes of absolute silence that interested him. A smiled crawled across his face as he knew she was debating his offer. He read his book in amusement until the door slowly opened.

Jenny stood in the door frame, staring at her father as she made several attempts to ask him if he was serious about his offer. He got tired of waiting for her to be brave. He turned and looked at her. She was wrapped in a towel, but he took special note of how sensual his daughter looked standing there with only her womanly charms hidden from view. He couldn’t help but also think that he could he back in the bathroom with his little girl, between her wide-open legs, talking to her about sex as he shaved her pussy.

“Dad?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Yes, baby?”

She moved nervously as she built up the courage to take her father up on his offer. Chris wasn’t going to be her savior that time. He needed her to say what she wanted.

“I would like your help.”

“Sure!” he said as he began to get off the bed. “Do you have everything ready?”

She laughed nervously, “No.” She looked around as if about to explain away a guilty look. “I didn’t know I was actually going to ask you until now.”

He snickered, “Ok, ok.”

He put his hand on the small of his daughter’s back as he led her back into the bathroom. He fished out a razor and his wife’s shaving cream. He turned around and looked over his daughter from head to toe and back.

“We have the people, we have the tools,” he said. “You know what has to happen now.”

Jenny’s face turned flush red. She put her hands on the top of her tightly bound towel and hesitated.

“What have we taught you about this, Jenny?” her father asked.

She let her arms fall limp by her sides, “That this isn’t sexual, but Daddy, it’s all new to me. You’ve never been… down there, and I think it’s fair for me to be shy about it!”

Chris recognized his daughter’s frustration.

“You’re allowed to be shy about it, baby. You’re even allowed to be aroused by it!” Chris announced excitedly, “What you need to not do is act on your impulses just yet and let me help you.”

Jenny smiled as she looked at the floor, “Just yet?”

Chris realized the error of his words, “We’ll get to that later,” he said in an uncertain tone. He looked around, searching for a way to make the situation less awkward for his daughter. He realized there was no way other than the obvious.

“I’ll need you to remove your towel and sit on the edge of the tub with your legs sitting outside here,” he said, pointing to the tiled floor.

She looked deep into his eyes, “I’m going to show you my body, Dad. I know it’s not sexual for you, but I have a hard time letting go of that concept. I’m already turned on and I can’t hide that.”

He smiled warmly at her, “That’s the point, baby girl! You’re allowed to be turned on! What I’m trying to show you is that not only does it not take a make-out session to be turned on, but that being turned on doesn’t mean that I’m going to haul you off to my bed after this and have sex with you!”

He winked at her before focusing on the tools of the job. She recognized his words for exactly what they were. He was teasing her and intentionally getting her worked up even more. She was not going to allow that to happen unchecked.

“You did that on purpose!” she accused.

He turned to face her once again with a Cheshire grin on his face, “I did.”

He said nothing else and motioned to her that it was beyond time for her to drop her towel. She judged his intent one last time before opening the towel and allowing it to gather at her feet. She stood naked before her father for the first time in many years. She shook timidly, waiting for her father to notice her and sooth her soul.

He turned and looked her nude body all over, “What were you afraid of? You’re beautiful!”

She wrapped her arms around her mid-section, weakened over his compliment of her body, “Thank you, Dad.”

He smiled and nodded toward the tub, “Go ahead and take a seat, I have what I need.”

She sat on the edge of the and hesitantly placed her feet on the tile outside of it. She was shy about opening her legs at first but knew she didn’t want to have him tell her a second time what to do. She opened her legs and waited for his touch.

“Like I said, Jenny, you’ll probably get turned on by me touching bingöl escort you but it’s ok. Don’t be embarrassed. I’m going to get you all nice and smooth, ok?”

He looked up at her, waiting for the final nod of approval before he began. She nodded hesitantly and he proceeded to pour the shaving cream into the palm of his hand. He looked her pussy and judged the amount of cream he would need before applying the first amount. As the tips of his fingers touched her mound for the first time, she jerked suddenly.

“It’s natural, sweetheart. Don’t kick yourself in the ass for reacting that way,” he told her softly.

She could feel herself getting wet by his touch.

“Dip your finger in me, Dad,” she thought as she watched him cover all her hair with the cream.

She could feel the wetness seeping past the lips of her pussy and she knew he would feel the difference between water and her natural lubricant.

“Maybe he’ll make me cum before he’s finished. There’s no way he’ll leaving me in such a state,” she hoped.

Once she was lathered up, he took the razor to her skin. He started shaving from the top down toward her clit. He shaved the open area smooth until his fingers were needed to spread the lips of her pussy and delicately move forward.

“This is where it gets hard, babe,” he said before thinking.

Jenny snorted with laughter, “I bet it does.”

Chris laughed, “Touche.”

He continued to chuckle as he maneuvered the blade around her pussy, not being particularly careful about where his fingers touched. He had developed an agenda for the remainder of the afternoon, and he hoped his ministrations on her body would get her into the right frame of mind for it. He was smooth with his strokes and careful with the blade. She drew in several quick breaths and felt her bottom lip go numb as the top row of her teeth dug into it. She struggled as she tried to make her reactions inconspicuous.

“Let your body naturally react. Remember, because you didn’t have a choice in who your heart beats for, it’s natural for your body to react the way it is,” he told her.

Jenny pressed her hands hard against the edge of the tub. She knew she would not last much longer.

“He’s only touching me,” she thought to herself. “That’s really all it takes! Maybe it’s because it’s new and I’m excited.”

She watched him intently, paying close attention to his fingers as they manipulated the folds of her pussy to give her a complete and smooth shave.

“What are you thinking?” he asked her as he continued to focus on his task.

She tried to contain her breathing enough to answer.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me,” she said. “Maybe you do. Dad…” she added without being able to continue.

“It’s ok, babe,” he told her.

He knew exactly what was happening to his daughter and pulled the razor slightly away as her body began to shake. He took that moment to deliver his promise.

“You’re picking up on what you should be learning from us. When we’re through, I promise you all the time you thought we teased you or made you wait will be all worth it.” He looked up into her eyes as she struggled to keep them open.

Her hand went between her legs. She slowly pushed her finger through her slit as her orgasm blossomed inside her.

“Oh!” she squeaked loudly.

Chris put his hand on the side of her face, “It’s intense, isn’t it?”

She put her hand on the back of his head and pressed her forehead against his as her body began to violently shake.

“Ride it all the way through,” he whispered to her.

“It’s so…”

“Powerful. Now you see the power your mind has over your body,” he informed his daughter.

She finally began to come down from her high and nearly collapsed into the tub. Her father grabbed her quickly and stabilized her while she regained her footing. She put her hand on his shoulder and took long, deep breaths until she was back to normal. When she had a moment to think about what just happened her eyes welled up quickly and she crumbled to the floor in front of her father.

He smiled widely as he knew the feelings rushing through her body. He wrapped his arms around her naked body and held her as she let herself be overcome with immense happiness.

“I never would have known it could be this good until you showed me!” she cried.

“Remember how I said you’re seeing the power your mind has over your body? Just wait until you make it to the next level,” he informed her.

She continued to cry on the floor of her parent’s bathroom, forgetting that she was not completely nude. When she was done, she picked herself up and sat back down on the edge of the tub.

“Woo!” she said happily, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“It’s quite the experience when you learn to unlock your sexual potential. Now, stay still while I finish up, ok?”

She nodded and opened her legs once again. It wasn’t long before he was done and handed her the detachable shower head to clean up. He cleaned himself up and put everything away and headed back to his bed to read. He expected her to come out wrapped in a towel as she did before. He figured she would head to her room and go about her day. Instead, she waltzed out of the bathroom without a stitch of cloth on her body and strolled over to the bed.

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The Game Pt. 02

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Cadence opened her eyes to see that no one was looking at her. Even Brad had his face down, concentrating on his cards. His “poker face” was more of a permanent scowl. Still, he never lost this much, this quickly. It was clear to her that this hand would end his participation in poker night for good. He wouldn’t be able to show his face to these men, even if he won.

“Cadence.” Shock ran over her at Rafe’s unfamiliar, soft voice.

“Yes?” She almost stuttered. Her lips were trembling.

“I’ll have a beer now, please.” She felt stuck for a moment, but she forced her hands down by her side and her lips to move. “Right away.”

“Pour it into a glass.”

“…yes sir.”. She couldn’t smile, couldn’t act natural, she was naked and about to turn around to walk into the kitchen. She considered backing out of the room, but they would watch her either way.

She turned and practically ran to obey. Their voices were low and measured, she couldn’t hear the words as she poured the foaming beer into a tall glass.

She could feel the undertones of anger and threat in the men’s conversation, and so she nursed the pour gently, watching the foam rise to a beautiful head. She decided on a tray to carry the drink, as it seemed more formal and respectful. After all, one of these men would win her and…do whatever he felt like with her.

Her head spun and she white-knuckled the counter’s edge, closing her eyes until the moment passed. This was ridiculous, insane, impossible.

This was illegal. Her eyes snapped open, chills of panic prickling the skin on her arms. This couldn’t happen, this was wrong, it had to be a joke. How could she go through with this?

Angry voices rose but fell suddenly in the dining room, and she looked down at her naked body. She had never been particularly proud of it. Her hips were too wide and her breasts too small. Her disproportionately large nipples stood erect now.

With a strange sense of numbness, Cadence realized that she was excited by this. With the self confession came the warm sensation of fluid between her thighs and she clenched them together instinctively. She blushed, and debated using a paper towel to clean herself. This was just a sex game. Just a kinky night that she could remember years later. She should enjoy it while she had the chance.

She picked up the tray and moved carefully rize escort into the dining room, where the men had fallen silent.

Brad was gone and so was Mike. Had she been in the kitchen that long? Her skin itched uncomfortably. She delivered the glass to Rafe’s side and stepped back to wait, the tray held to cover her pussy and upper thighs.

She could smell herself now – clean and sweet, with a little musk. It was slick on her thighs. The two men focused silently on their cards, neither looking at one another or at her. Rafe silently held up two fingers and tossed two cards to the table. James dealt him two from the deck beside him. “Dealer takes two.”

Her nipples tightened again at his voice, the accent seeming thicker now. Her stomach tightened as she realized that she wanted him to win.

The blush stole over her again, and she prayed they wouldn’t look at her. Both men were handsome. Rafe was muscular and his dark hair curled slightly – she was sure it would curl even more when it was wet. James was blond and lean, with angular features and incredible eyes.

She bit back a giggle as she thought *I could take them both, with a mouth to spare.*

She couldn’t contain the wetness that spread now almost halfway down her thighs. It was dirty, embarrassing, and she wanted to go clean herself.

Ah, but she didn’t. She wanted to crawl under the table and service them both.

But she shouldn’t. She wanted to go into the shower and masturbate for hours.

That wasn’t an option.

She wanted to know where Mike and Brad had gone. A rush of fear hit her, and she realized that she didn’t really want to know that. Someone else could take care of that problem.

The cards were laid on the table and she came back into focus to see both men looking grimly at one another. She was frozen in place, couldn’t see the cards, wanted to stay invisible. What would they do?

Neither seemed angry – just grim. Resolute. No gloating, no dismay. “When will you go back to Australia?” Rafe’s voice was like distant thunder.

“I’m on the plane Tuesday.”

“are you staying in the house now?”

Cadence realized that Rafe had won.

Rafe owned her now. Black spots danced in and out of her vision, an accordion of darkness.

“No, mate, a hotel. The house is a bit of a mess, and no sakarya escort electric or water to it.”

“No water?”

“ah, its got a well and a pump – but that’s outside. No indoor plumbing. We were thinking of just scrapping it anyway.”

James leaned back in his chair with an impish grin, stacking his hands behind his head. He gave off a feeling of mischievous amusement, but Cadence wondered if he wasn’t nervous.

“Is it wired for electricity?”

“it’s got old wiring but inspection cleared that bit. Just the plumbing situation has to be handled before its livable.”

Rafe grunted and gathered up his winnings.

“Cadence. Find a bag for all of this, please.”

She snapped out of her haze when he said her name, jumping to obey. In the kitchen again, she stopped and leaned on the counter, breathing heavily.

Surely he wouldn’t take her, expect her to obey him in everything, anything, would he? Surely she could leave. Should she leave, through the window here? Should she call the police?

A drop of warm liquid ran down to her knee, leaving a damp, itchy trail. It reminded her that this was what she had chosen, that she had gone along with this to begin with.

She got a paper bag from the pantry and carried it to him, her chin high and her step firm. She didn’t tremble when his fingers brushed against hers during the exchange.

“James would you like any more food or drink before I put it all away?”

“No, thank you. Cadence, that was by far the best game of poker I have ever played. Thank you for all the refreshment and entertainment tonight, my dear.”

She blushed again and kept her eyed on the floor. “I am glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“Rafe, if you decide you don’t want her, dial me up. She’s a treasure.”

Her whole body felt hot at that, and she stood rooted to the spot as both men rose to their feet.

“Good game, my friend.”

“Good game.”

They shook hands, and she marveled at these two. Rafe had just won a huge chunk of financial assets from James, all in one game of poker.

James didn’t respond with any animosity – he remained friendly the whole time. It made her wish that he had won, and she could leave with him.

He left with no more words, just walked out. She felt she should have seen him to the door, but she samsun escort was afraid to go to the living room. She didn’t want to encounter Brad, not ever again. He would beat her within an inch of her life.

She would leave this house tonight, no matter what.

Rafe turned to look at her and her nipples hardened painfully. Goosebumps rose on her arms and her stomach clenched. Her pussy dripped.

“Do you want to stay here.” It was less of a question than a challenge, and his voice carried anger in it. He expected her to say “yes,” to continue on in her lifestyle of pain in the name of play.

“No sir.” Her voice was small, but sure.

“Then pack your clothing and cooking utensils. You’ll need bathroom items as well. Any toys that you like to use, any items you need to maintain your health. Come here.”

She gasped and looked up involuntarily. He was facing her, his eyes serious, his forehead knotted in a frown. She suspected that he didn’t like to talk so much. She stepped forward shakily. One step. Two. Three. He raised his hands and her body tensed reflexively. His hands were hard and the skin surprisingly smooth on her chin as he raised her head.

With a click, her collar was gone. It shocked her, and she stared up at him, mouth working helplessly. She felt suddenly weightless, drifting. She felt lost and alone. A tear slid down her cheek, and then another, and another.

His warm hand covered her exposed throat. He bent down close to her ear. “You are mine now” he whispered, and she moaned involuntarily as her pussy let more fluid run down her thighs. He turned and his breath burned her skin, his lips cut her, his tongue grazed her as he licked away the last teardrop.

His hand on her throat tightened slightly, but oddly, she wasn’t afraid. Far from it; she was hot, she ached, she wanted everything she had ever wanted in that one moment.

All her fantasies that she had tried to make real with Brad came to her mind. Her knees wanted the floor, her hands wanted to be bound, her lips wanted his cock. Her pussy wanted it too. Those fantasies had been taken and then colored so much paler than this single moment.

He stepped back and she rocked a bit, unbalanced and bereft. She felt a moment of longing and regret.

She looked up at him and saw cold black eyes staring down at her. Horrified at her behavior and desires for this stranger, she blushed and turned quickly to the hallway.


“Yes sir?”

“leave all your lingerie. In fact, put on a simple dress and nothing else. No jewelry and no clothing.” She froze and stared at his back, built like a wall.

“Yes, sir.”

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