Exquisite Perspective Ch. 02

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A lesbian romance set in a seaside town. This is a continuation of Exquisite Perspective Ch.01 and won’t make much sense if you haven’t read the preceding chapter.

A gracious thank you to WaxPhilosophic for fantastic suggestions and advice. You are awesome!


Amelia sat back down in her chair after hugging Morgan, taking a bite of her chicken and smiling somewhat demurely at her. She was giddy from the afterglow of their impromptu door lust and still reeling from the news Morgan brought. She couldn’t believe she was sitting across from the realtor sharing lunch with her. Since the last moment they saw one another, the only thing she wanted was to be in Morgan’s embrace again.

During their first weekend together, she had grown fond of Morgan, but it didn’t hit her how much they had in common until she was working on her manuscript. They discussed her writing most conversations, but found themselves increasingly deviating from that topic, delving into their interests. From their favorite movies to their coincidental love for the ocean, their shared interests were varied and numerous. “How long are you staying?” she asked.

“Probably just tonight. I called to check if the hotel Allison and I stayed in had any vacancies, and they do if you -,” Morgan began, her eyebrows raised in question, but Amelia cut her off.

“Don’t be silly. You are more than welcome to spend the night with me and I would be offended if you didn’t. I’d have you longer if you could stay,” Amelia admitted with a blush.

Morgan smiled at her, reaching across to take her free hand. “I really wish I could, and to be honest, I’d stay all week if that were the case. But, I’ve got a client selling their house and we’re going to be looking at the offers tomorrow afternoon before he makes a decision. So my stay has to be short.”

Amelia was disappointed for it to be such a rushed visit, but she wasn’t going to allow her feelings to muddle their time together. There was a brief pause before she spoke. “It’s Tuesday,” Amelia stated with a grin, her fingertips caressing Morgan’s knuckles.

Morgan quirked a dark eyebrow, chewing her pasta thoughtfully. “Yes, it is,” she agreed, unsure where this was going.

Amelia sipped her water and wiped her face on a napkin with her free hand. “The Mummers will be on the boardwalk tonight.”

“The who?”

Amelia’s grin widened. “The Mummers!”

Morgan chuckled. “The same people who dress up in feathers and crap and strut down the streets of Philly on New Year’s Day? They do that more than just once a year?”

Amelia nodded. “Yes, every Tuesday in July and we’re going. Their outfits aren’t as crazy as they are on New Year’s but it’s still great music,” she squeezed Morgan’s hand before letting go to clear off the table. Morgan followed her with the rest of the take-out trash, easing her way into the small space.

Amelia watched Morgan throw the items she carried into the garbage can before she turned and captured Amelia’s arms. She pulled Amelia close, kissing her on the lips. “I don’t care what we do, as long as I go to bed with you tonight.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, I’m going to get the heck out of these clothes and find something appropriate for public and then we’ll go,” Amelia concluded.

Morgan’s eyes trailed up and down her body and Amelia couldn’t help the blush that rose to her cheeks. “I think you look fantastic in what you have on,” Morgan’s hands ran up and down Amelia’s arms, biting her own lip as she stared at Amelia ardently.

They gazed at each other for a few silent moments until Amelia swallowed her desire. As much as she wanted to stay in and surrender to her libido, it was Amelia’s turn to feed the stray cats under the boardwalk. “We’re going to miss the music,” she muttered before pulling away to make herself more presentable.


The music echoed through the streets as they walked toward the boardwalk, cheers blending with the Mardi Gras styled tunes the band played. The descending sun was obscured by fog and a thick humidity hung in the air, coating the railing on the staircase with a layer of dew.

Morgan shot Amelia a dubious look and Amelia smiled before taking her hand. Despite Morgan’s protests that she looked good in glasses, Amelia had replaced them with her contacts. She also changed into a blue strapless sundress that hugged her hips and Morgan could barely keep her eyes off her lover. She narrowly avoided missing the first step as they began up the staircase and Amelia giggled at her near miss.

As they scaled the twelve steps up to the boardwalk, their view met a sea of brightly dressed dancers through the crowd of people. Groups were clapping and children were dancing on the outskirts of the space made for the Mummers. Amelia tugged Morgan’s hand, pulling her toward the edge so they could see the glamorous musicians.

Five people were strumming tiny ukuleles dressed in purple and orange feathered jackets. Another couple were beyoğlu escort wearing clown costumes and playing accordions. A few of the Mummers were waving elaborately decorated umbrellas while blowing on kazoos. Morgan laughed aloud when Amelia grinned up at her, grey eyes mesmerizing in the setting sun. Morgan wrapped an arm around her so they were hip to hip, breathing in her flowery scent. It was boisterous and loud, the joyful atmosphere seeping into everyone gathered around.

A little while later, Amelia and Morgan headed to the flower shop, Amelia telling her to stay in the front while she went into the back room. Guiltily, Morgan couldn’t stop herself from watching Amelia sashay her hips through the threshold of the door to the back. She came out with a small tote bag and beckoned Morgan to follow her.

“Where are you taking me?” Morgan asked suspiciously as Amelia led her down the stairs toward the beach side of the boardwalk. With the beach long deserted and the sky a pinkish purple hue, Morgan had to take pause to soak in the ambience. The music from the Mummers thrummed upon the boardwalk and the sound mixed with the crashing of the waves on the shore, a shrill cry of a seagull only adding to the symphony. The balanced harmony was hypnotic and mellifluous to Morgan’s senses.

She glanced down at her lover, the rising moon casting a haunting violet glow to Amelia’s grey eyes that sent a shiver through Morgan. She’s so beautiful.

Morgan sighed as Amelia’s hand ran up her back in a tender caress before both of them gazed out at the ocean. The dune grass rippled atop the sand covered hills on either side of them, the soft scents of fried food mingling with the sea. She turned to her lover. “It’s beautiful,” Morgan observed. With a nod, Amelia let her hand drop and she headed to the staircase they’d walked down. “Where are you going?”

The skirt of Amelia’s dress fluttered in the light breeze coming from the ocean and Morgan bit back her longing. “Just follow me. I have to do something before I forget,” Amelia said as she disappeared behind the wooden staircase, hidden in the shadows beneath the boardwalk. The song above died down, The Mummers evidently taking a break from their performance.

Morgan’s eyes adjusted to the darkness and she could make out Amelia’s figure kneeling beside a shadow with reflective eyes. Amelia’s head turned to Morgan and she put a finger to her lips before dumping something from the small tote into a bowl in the sand beside what Morgan realized was a cat. A quick survey of the area deemed it wasn’t the only cat there. Morgan counted at least five cats in varying colors and a handful of cat cubbies scattered about.

“Cats?” she whispered.

Amelia laughed as she stood, two of the five cats running. “Yes. That’s Mac,” she pointed to a black cat sporting a white spot on his face, “and that over there is Lindsay,” an orange cat the size of a small dog cleaning itself, “and Gollum,” she pointed to a tabby watching Morgan precariously from the cover of a piece of wood. “We, the other shop owners and I, feed them. They’ve all been spayed and neutered, but a lot of us can’t take on any pets in where we live. So, they live here.”

Morgan beamed at her as she stepped closer to Amelia, careful not to disrupt the cat with its head in the food bowl by her feet. “You’re adorable,” she said before kissing her.

Amelia took Morgan’s hand and tugged her away from the mini cat sanctuary, climbing over a small hill of sand to a deserted portion of the undercarriage of the boardwalk.

The sun had set, darkness draping the space. Footfalls above them coalesced with laughter and the whirling of machinery from the amusement park. “Don’t you find it a little creepy down here?” Morgan mused.

Amelia laughed and began humming Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters. Morgan laughed when she recognized the tune. “Are you serious? You know that song is about having sex under the boardwalk, right?”

Amelia bobbed her head without silencing her humming. “Is it really?” she tilted her head ruefully at Morgan. “Huh. I guess I never thought about the lyrics. I think the last time I heard it was when I was walking up to the venue when I went to my high school prom,” she chuckled, stepping up to one of the many pillars holding the boardwalk in place and leaning her back against it.

“That’s an interesting choice for a bunch of horny teens in skimpy dresses,” Morgan noted as she moved closer to her.

“Oh, I agree now that I think about it. But, I didn’t take much notice back then. I do remember it was down at the convention center in Wildwood and the tickets were ridiculous.”

“Who was lucky enough to be your date?”

“I actually went stag with my best friend, Liz. However, the entire night I watched my crush waltz around the dance floor with her girlfriend. God, I was so smitten with her and had been all four years of high school. I never got the courage to talk to her until we graduated,” cihangir escort Amelia admitted with a smirk.

Morgan raised her eyebrows, surprised by her sudden jealousy. “Oh, yeah? Did anything ever come of that?”

“Yeah. We dated on and off for a few months, but I realized the attraction was mostly physical. She and I had next to nothing in common.”

“Do we have anything in common?” Morgan asked, curiosity prompting her question.

Amelia smirked again, edging closer to Morgan and wrapping her arms around her neck. “We have loads in common,” she claimed.

“Yeah? Like what?” Morgan pressed, her face hovering inches from Amelia’s. A robust yearning to delve between Amelia’s legs and to taste her almost took over Morgan’s reason. She wanted to kiss her, to slip the cute little dress down her body, to caress her pale silky skin until her face relaxed in bliss. Instead, she ran her nails over the naked expanse of Amelia’s upper arms, their bodies nearly touching.

“We both like to read.”

“Mhm,” Morgan granted herself a chaste kiss on Amelia’s lips before allowing her to continue.

“We both like fudge,” Amelia added with a tilt of her head, causing her hair to fall slightly into her face.

“Who doesn’t like chocolate?” Morgan’s hand came up to Amelia’s cheek and she pushed back an errant strand of hair, letting her fingers tickle the nape of Amelia’s neck. The action elicited a shudder from Amelia, her eyes closing briefly before opening again and continuing her list.

“We both like pasta,” Amelia countered, and Morgan kissed her again, letting her lips linger a moment longer that time.

She truly wanted Amelia to explain what they had in common, however, her desire to consume the other woman was quickly overpowering her active listening skills. Heat radiated from Amelia’s body and Morgan arched her back to capture the warmth of her. She chuckled. “Again, who doesn’t like empty carbs? That’s on the same level as chocolate! What else?”

“We both love the ocean and cult classics.”

“That’s true,” Morgan admitted, remembering their recent phone discussion regarding the movie Donnie Darko. Morgan had been surprised the writer had even seen it let alone have strong opinions about the confusing plot. She kissed her again, her tongue sweeping Amelia’s lower lip as her fingers ran through her hair.

Amelia appeared to remain undeterred, although her voice was strained. “We both enjoy classical music,” she murmured when Morgan’s kiss relented.

“True,” Morgan answered, her free hand trailing over the curve of Amelia’s hip, her lover nearly squirming when she reached her breasts. “Do continue,” she could feel the distinct hardening of Amelia’s nipple even through her bra.

“We both find each other unbelievably attractive,” Amelia managed as Morgan’s thumb and forefinger softly pinched her nipple through the barriers.

“‘Unbelievably?’ Is that so?” Morgan inquired teasingly, the hand in her hair finding Amelia’s earlobe, fingers tenderly tracing the outline. She was right to assume it was an erogenous spot for her, Amelia taking a sharp breath and pulling Morgan closer yet from the combination of stimuli.

“Oh, yeah. I find you gorgeous,” Amelia whispered with candor, her eyes closed, and lips parted. Her arms were still snug around Morgan’s neck, simply basking in the attention from her.

Morgan’s hand moved to Amelia’s neglected breast, the nipple already stiff and she brought her head close to Amelia’s ear. “I don’t think you have a clue how beautiful you are,” Morgan’s breath was hot over the sensitive skin of Amelia’s neck with each syllable. Amelia’s erratic respirations were leading Morgan to believe she was gaining the desired effect on her. She pressed her lips against the taut muscles of Amelia’s neck and Morgan felt Amelia’s arms drop to surround her waist. Her tongue darted, drawing a circle with tantalizing precision over the area.

“You’re really intuitive, for a shoobie,” Amelia hissed. Morgan dropped her right hand to Amelia’s waist while the other secured a grip in her hair, gently tilting Amelia’s head to the side as her tongue continued its mission. Morgan felt a sense of accomplishment as Amelia cooed softly, her body beginning to writhe against her own. A nip of Morgan’s teeth caused a throaty moan to escape Amelia.

A loud pair of footsteps trudged above their heads, causing Amelia to pull back and stare at Morgan. Her blue eyes were shimmering in the low light, pupils wide and Morgan could feel Amelia’s rapidly beating heart against her breasts.

Amelia blinked, pursing her lips before she spoke in a husky tone, and Morgan’s desire unfurled. “We…we both kiss really well,” she stammered.

The fingers in Amelia’s hair urged her forward, Morgan determined to prove Amelia’s words true. Her tongue skirted Amelia’s lips before they parted and met its consort. Her hips pressed into Amelia, her unoccupied hand gathering the okmeydanı escort fabric of Amelia’s dress to allow her fingertips access to the bare skin of her thighs.

Their lips met, Morgan tangling her tongue with Amelia’s. Amelia’s soft moaning quickly transformed into desperate whimpering from Morgan’s caress of her legs and the previous provocation. Morgan pulled back from the kiss, her hand dropping from Amelia’s neck.

She grinned mischievously at her lover before kneeling in the cool sand. “What are you doing?” Amelia whispered as Morgan lifted her dress and draped it over her head, kissing Amelia’s thighs. “Morgan, what if…oh,” Amelia’s words were stifled by Morgan’s expert hands grazing the skin of her belly, “What if someone comes down here?”

It was dark, but Morgan’s hands found Amelia’s panties and she shimmied them down to her ankles. She sprinkled wet kisses up Amelia’s thighs as her fingers parted the glistening flesh.

Amelia let out a low moan when Morgan’s kisses moved upward to the newly exposed area and Morgan presumed Amelia either forgot about where they were or didn’t care anymore. She nuzzled the dampened lips, her tongue swiping the entire expanse of Amelia’s need. The festive music above heightened again, the Mummers back from their short intermission, and the song filled the space through the boards.

Morgan felt Amelia’s hands grasp her shoulders as she delved deeper with her tongue, gently sampling her sweetness. She couldn’t satisfy her hunger, Amelia’s taste far too delicate and intoxicating to quench her longing. She moved to Amelia’s clit, circling the tender flesh before she gave it a nibble. Amelia’s hands tightened on her shoulders, her thumbnails nearly piercing Morgan’s skin.

Slipping two fingers inside the origin of Amelia’s nectar earned Morgan a hoarse groan from above. Morgan wanted to steal a glance at Amelia’s face but couldn’t see anything through the fabric of the dress over her head. Her tongue circled countless times causing her lover to whimper and her breathing to become sporadic.

She relished in the feel of Amelia’s burning desire, swollen and wet with her yearning. Muscles hugged Morgan’s digits and she curled them as she thrusted into Amelia. Capturing the bundle of nerves in her mouth again, Morgan heard Amelia draw a breath before she let out a sharp cry, her thumbs no doubt leaving marks in Morgan’s shoulders that time. “Oh God, Morgan!”

Luckily, Amelia’s cry was drowned in the cacophonous eruption of applause as the Mummers music came to a crescendo. She hadn’t anticipated such a swift release from her, but she greedily lapped at the results of her efforts. “Get up here,” Amelia breathed, rubbing where her hands had sat. Morgan slipped Amelia’s panties back up before obeying the request.

She rose, her lips curled in a cocky smirk and Amelia wrapped her arms around her. “No fair. At this rate, I’m never going to be able to reciprocate, you turd,” she murmured and Morgan laughed at the honesty in her tone.

“Did you really just call me a turd? You’re so cute,” she kissed Amelia, the other woman moaning when her tongue dipped into her mouth. Morgan found it endearing that her lover didn’t use curse words. She hadn’t heard her say any in the time they’d been together.

Were they together? This thought crossed Morgan’s mind as she wrapped her arms around the beautiful brunette and held her close, their lips meshing together in a heated exchange of lust. Their quick make up that afternoon hadn’t resulted in an explicit conversation about their relationship and what status it took on. Morgan knew she wanted to be with Amelia, exclusively, but the thought of such a discussion was a little nerve wracking.

It occurred to her that she hadn’t asked Amelia her thoughts on monogamy nor had she asked how she felt about being in a committed relationship. Monogamy had only recently become the norm for Morgan, as she’d finally matured enough to appreciate the depth of commitment.

Though, it still scared the shit out of her.

Prior to her dropping the news about the flower shop’s building, they had discussed continuing their liaison but with a slower approach. That steered her opinion away from believing Amelia would want something strictly causal. However, she couldn’t stifle the slight consternation at the thought of the possibility.

Morgan hadn’t been the most caring lover in the past and she worried karma would claim her when she found someone she liked a great deal. She wondered if it would be a good time to bring such a conversation up but decided against it. The talk could wait while she reveled in the affection of the woman in her arms.

Much later that evening, Morgan watched the steady rise and fall of Amelia’s chest, fatigued from their love making but her mind too awake to rest. The subject of the nature of their relationship hadn’t come up organically and Morgan had yet to gather the courage to bring it up herself. They shared a lovely dinner at Manco & Manco pizza as they walked down the boardwalk after the music died down. Amelia had been so happy, her eyes bright and cheeks flushed when she smiled at Morgan, which she did most of the night. They’d gone back to her condo and Morgan spent a great deal of time pleasing her until she allowed Amelia her own chance.

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Dave’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Dave was forty-two, almost six feet tall, and one hundred-eighty seven pounds. He was married for twenty-one years to his college sweetheart. Three children and a long career later Dave was looking for something more than he had. As with many couples a once healthy sex life had slipped into very brief encounters once every two weeks or so.

One afternoon on his day off Dave was checking his email when he paused at a line that said, “Bimarrieds.” Dave had never thought of himself as anything but straight, but for some reason he opened the email. A brief email invited him to join a bi married site group in his state.

Intrigued he went to the site and after looking for a while joined. It didn’t take long for Dave to get an instant message from a late fifties man in another part of the state. They talked about bisexuality and how it all started. Dave felt secure for the simple fact that this man was from another part of the state. No way they would ever hook up. Dave and his friend talked for several months and Dave did not give the idea any more thought.

One afternoon he opned his email to see an email that said, “HI from Paul.” Dave wondered but then opened the email. He quickly discovered that Paul had chatted with Dave’s friend and the friend suggested he send Dave a message. As Dave read he discovered that Paul was in his late fifties, married, retired, that his wife worked days, and most important of all he lived in the same town as Dave.

Dave trembled for a moment and then hit reply and sent Paul an email. Within half an hour Paul sent at email back to Dave. The two men emailed up and back for over a week when Paul invited him over. To his surprise Dave said, “Yes.” Unbelievably Dave pulled up in front of Paul’s house the next day. Dave was unsure what to do and then finally mustering up all his courage türkçe altyazılı porno got out of his car, walked to the door, and rang the bell.

Within in moments the door was opened and the two men looked at each other. Paul invited Dave in and both men sat on the couch, drinking coffee. Dave was still nervous but more relaxed when Paul said, “Well, shall we get started.” Dave just nodded and then Paul moved closer to him on the couch.

The two men smiled and Paul put his arms around Dave and kissed him. It was a soft, gentle kiss. As Dave received the kiss he had trouble believing that he was actually kissing a man. Paul sat back and simply said, “Well?”

Dave swallowed and said, “That was nice.”

Paul leaned in and the two men kissed again. This time Paul’s kiss was more passionate and when Dave felt Paul’s tongue he parted his lips and let the older man enter his mouth. The two hugged and kissed passionately for quite sometime as Dave began to caress Dave’s chest.

Paul could feel Dave’s hardened nipples and as the two men kissed Paul unbuttoned Dave’s shirt. Soon Paul’s hand was inside, gently caressing Dave’s nipples. In a few moments Dave let out a slow moan. Take this as a positive sign Paul pushed Dave’s shirt off his shoulders and down his arms.

Dave began to lick, kiss, and nibble on Dave’s shoulders and then his nipples. Dave laid his head on the back of the couch and enjoyed the pleasure created by Paul. As Paul licked and kissed Dave felt his cock straining inside his pants. It was becoming uncomfortable until Paul lowered his hand and gently began to massage Dave’s erection through his pants.

While still licking Dave’s nipples Paul unzipped Dave’s zipper. Then Paul unbuckled and unsnapped his pants. Paul kisses his way back up to xnxx Dave’s mouth and after a long soulful kiss said, “Why don’t we get these off so you can be more comfortable.”

Without waiting for approval Paul began to slide Dave’s pants off. Dave lifted his hips and in a moment he sat naked in front of a man he knew for only an hour. Paul’s hand slowly slid up Dave’s thigh and both men looked down at the erection standing straight and tall, surrounded by dark brown curls. A nice set of large balls hung down below. The two men looked into each other’s eyes and they only smiled. No words needed to be spoken. Dave felt himself being pushed down on the couch and suddenly he was flat on his back, his cock jutting out into the warm summer air.

Paul was kneeling perpendicular to Dave as he gently massaged his balls. “Wow, they are really loaded. How long since you’ve cum?” he asked.

Dave thought for a second and said, “Two weeks.” Paul only smiled and as one gently massage Dave’s swollen balls his other began to gently stoke Dave’s cock up and down.

Dave watched the action for a few seconds and then gently closed his eyes. Now Dave was totally relaxed as he felt the older man’s hands working their magic on him. His mind wandered to all sorts of erotic activities and suddenly he felt something warm and moist around his cock. He opened his eyes to see his cock engulfed in Paul’s mouth. He watched the older man’s head bob up and down as the one hand played with his balls and the other caress his nipples.

Dave closed his eyes once again and focused on the feelings coursing through his body. He felt a warmth, an intensity that he never felt before. It was almost overpowering. The pleasure grew and the more Dave relaxed the more intense the pleasure became.

Dave had never had a blow job like porno izle this. He never felt anything so hot and as intense in his whole life. He moaned louder now and he fought to keep from coming. He wanted this pleasure to last forever, but he knew it wouldn’t.

He moved ever closer to cuming and as he did he began to caress Paul’s back. Dave was unsure what to do next so he simply moaned, “I’m going to cum soon.” He wanted to give Paul warning. If he didn’t want Dave to cum in his mouth it was now time to withdraw. When Paul only intensified the sucking action Dave took it as a sign that Paul wanted him to cum in his mouth. Dave stepped over that final nervous hurdle and now he could focus totally on his orgasm

Dave let go totally and then it hit him. That moment when you reach the point of no return. That split second of total ecstasy when the orgasm begins. He tried to prolong the feeling but then he surrendered to it. His hips bucked and his head and shoulders came up off the couch. When the first spurt left his cock and entered into Paul’s mouth he had never felt anything so intense and so pleasurable. For a moment he thought he was going to die. Wave after wave or orgasmic pleasure swept through his body. His toes curled, he gasped for breath. He had never felt anything like this, not with any woman any way.

Paul kept sucking and swallowing the hot, salty offering from the tip of Dave’s cock. He drank it down greedily and was very pleased with Dave’s reaction. When the last spurt was emitted from the tip of Dave’s cock he lay back down exhausted. Trying to catch is breath he lay there unable to move.

Paul kissed his way up his body running his tongue around each nipple and then finally exchanging another deep soulful kiss with Dave. Dave tasted his own saltiness on the man’s lips. He opened his eyes and smiled. “I never knew anything could feel so good,” whispered Dave.

Paul smiled and said, “I’m glad I could make you feel so good.” Paul cradled Dave’s head and shoulders. The two men cuddled and finally after about fifteen minutes Dave said, “I think it’s your turn.”

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Fresh Start Ch. 02: 1 Step Forward

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Chapter 2 of Nell and Emma! This is a slow burn. I promise chapter 3 will make it all worth it.

As always please like, comment or send me feedback!


“Good Morning!” Liz yelled as she crawled on my bed.

“What the hell Liz!” She was wrapped around me by this point. I managed to catch a glimpse at the clock. It wasn’t even 7am yet. “Did you forget how to tell time?” I could barely utter the words. She had her arm over my face.

“I did not. It’s almost 10 o’clock somewhere!”

I groaned, tried to roll her off me. “Liz, I can’t breathe.”

“If you’re talking you’re breathing. I’m not moving until I get all the details from last night.” She wasn’t kidding either.

“You are insane. Can you at least take your arm off my damn face?”

“Say pretty please with sugar on top.”

“Screw off Elizabeth.”

“Close enough.” She rolled over then sat up, I sat up next to her. It was then that she handed me a hot tea.


“Of course. I tossed some donuts on the kitchen counter for the heathens. Now spill.”

And I did. I went over every single detail from the night before. It took forever because Liz is a terrible listener. She is like a 3-year-old interrupting me every 30 seconds.

When I had finally finished, all she said was, “well that’s some damn shit Em.”

“That’s all you have to say?” I just shook my head at her. “I’m going to shower.”

“Fine. I’ll go make sure the rug rats are awake.”

I was going through my dresser finding clothes, “Don’t do it Liz! Let them sleep.”

“Why are you always ruining my fun? And please wear matching undergarments, don’t embarrass me when you are trying on dresses today. No granny panties.” She was laughing at her own not so funny joke.

I threw one of my bras at her, “because one of us has to be an adult and apparently that’s never going to be you.”

She put her arm over her face in feigned distress then left. I headed into my bathroom, hoping she wasn’t waking them up. After I got done showering and getting dressed I found my phone and checked it.

Nell- Good morning. Thank you for last night. Let me know what works for you for tomorrow

I read it but didn’t respond. I walked into the kitchen; Liz was sitting at the table on her phone. She didn’t even look up, “Don’t eat, we are going to get breakfast since you insisted I come so early today.”

“I insisted eh. And thank you for letting them sleep.”

“Of course. Let’s go. We have some serious eating and shopping to do. I’m driving.”

2 hours later we arrived at the boutique. We both had two Mimosas with breakfast. That and Bloody Mary’s were about all she let me drink more than one of at a time. We started to enter. One look around and I was already regretting coming. This wasn’t the type of store I shopped at. Wasn’t the type I could even afford to step foot into.

I started to turn around and walk out. Liz grabbed me by the shoulders, “Don’t bother Em. You will not dress like a hobo at your kids 16th birthday party.” She eyed my current outfit as she spoke.

I was in nice jeans and a pale pink top, with knee high tan boots. Her definition of dressing like a hobo and mine differed.

Before long I was being poked and prodded, lifted, tucked and stuffed into dress after dress. Liz found fault in every.single.one.

“Maybe it’s me and not the dresses Liz.”

“Bullshit. You are perfect. I’d kill for that ass.”

The employee who was helping us nodded in agreement. I shook my head. “You can afford to buy yourself one, or even better hike with me and get one the natural way.”

“True, and never going to happen. Outside is too, outdoorsy. There’s one more store I’m willing to try let’s go.”

I put my own clothes back on and followed her out, apologizing to the employee for the mess we left behind.

“Slow the hell down Liz.” She was always in such a hurry.

She stopped and waited for me to catch up. “Why are you always so slow?”

I glared at her. “Why are you always in such a rush?”

She flashed me her smile, put one arm around my shoulders, “Because my love, the faster I move the harder I am to catch.”

“Well I caught you long ago so at least slow down for me?”

She laughed and put her arm around my waist as we continued walking. We arrived at the next store. Soon enough I was being stuffed and tucked into more dresses.

Finally, I heard the words I had been waiting for but had given up on ever hearing. “That one. We will take it.” It was a simple black dress. Basic. Almost plain. Liz came over and grabbed my ass, “yep this is the one. Makes your ass look even better.”

“You do realize this is for my kid’s birthday party Liz, not for going out clubbing.”

“Eh. You are allowed to look fabulous at their party. And you will. So will I. They will survive. I promise”

“I need a drink.” She chuckled at me and told me I knew damn well there would be drinks when we were done.

I got no more say in the matter. She paid for the dress, and bright red heels. I hate wearing heels. porno indir I grumbled at her when she put them on the counter. “red. Why?”

“You need a little POP my dear.” I just rolled my eyes at her. I was certain I would never wear them again.

I checked on the kids. They were fine. Jack was off with friends and Ashe was playing video games. I told him Liz and I were going for lunch and we would bring him take out.

We got to the restaurant, sat and she ordered us drinks. They arrived and we ordered food. Liz sat back in the booth and closed her eyes.

I looked at my best friend. If ever I was completely in love with someone, it was her. Not the I wanna fuck you kind of love, the please never leave me you literally complete me kind of love. I know without a doubt I would not have made it to 40 without her. She opened her eyes, saw me staring at her and goofy smiled at me. I laughed. Sometimes it made me sad that very few people knew her, really knew her, but mostly I was just glad I did.

“You okay there Em?”

“Of course.” As I was answering her, our food arrived, “was just thinking about Sean Murray.”

“Oh lord girl. That was a day.” She started belly laughing. I joined in.

As we ate, my phone went off. I figured it was one of the kids. My phone was closer to Liz than me. She had it in her hand before I could blink.

“It’s her. Again. Why didn’t you answer her this morning?” She gave me a typical Liz look, one that said, ‘girl what are you thinking?’.

I put my hand out for my phone. “Liz. I appreciate the push the other day but now I have to navigate this myself.”

She knew I was right. I knew it was hard for her. She hated Dean. Had never really liked him. Now she hated him for hurting me. She didn’t want to see me hurt again. I loved her for that. I didn’t reply to the text.

She gave me a look. “Em.”

“I don’t know what to say to her.” I reluctantly admitted.

She moved to sit next to me, ordered another round of drinks and took my hand. “Okay. Well, let’s talk it out.”

I had never had a problem talking. I wasn’t shy. I was usually articulate. Rarely did anyone intimidate me. I didn’t understand why I had this mental block when it came to her. I told Liz all of this. She listened. She was still holding my hand. She didn’t appreciate the looks we got.

“It’s 2019 people, seriously.” She may have said it too loud, or not loud enough. “So, talk.”

I took a deep breath. Instead of talking I just sat there.

“Okay. We will do this my way then.” Liz’s way was her own version of 20 questions. It usually worked.

“You’re attracted to her correct?”

I nodded my head yes.

“That scares you?”

Another yes.

“You liked kissing and touching her, her touching you?

Another nod yes.

“But that also scares you.”

That time it wasn’t a question. She knew me.

“Her being your professor adds another layer you didn’t really think through right?

A deep nod yes this time.

“Too much, too fast.”

I just sighed.

“Okay then. So, you like her, you said she was easy to talk to. Meet for coffee, tea, whatever and talk. Set boundaries. If she can’t accept them then move on. You are an amazing person Em. And with that amazing ass you won’t stay on the market long.”

I resisted the urge to throw something at her for that last comment. “I’m not ‘on the market’ Liz. It’s only been a few months. I’m not even divorced yet. But after last night.” I trailed off.

“You gave in to some urges last night Em. Cheap booze will often facilitate that. It’s okay, you are, in fact, human after all. If she has any real interest in you, she will accept that you want to slow it down. Just be upfront.”

I mulled it over as I finished what would absolutely be my last drink of the day. We had both gotten waters and had been sitting here entirely too long. I could tell the waitress getting irked over it. I wanted to tell her to relax, Liz was a great tipper, even if sometimes she was a crappy customer.

I picked my phone back up, read the message from her.

Nell- I know you said you were going dress shopping, hope you found something. Let me know if you still want to meet tomorrow

I took a deep breath then flashed my fingers across the keyboard before I lost my nerve.

Me- I did find a dress and I would like to meet again. I would like to get to know you more. Things moved much faster than they should have last night. I can’t do that again.

I clicked send then put my phone away. It wouldn’t stop whatever reply was coming my way, but at least I could pretend for a while. I had almost forgotten food for Asher.

“Why must that boy eat so often?”

I didn’t even bother to acknowledge her. I attempted to pay for his food, “Seriously Emma, stop.”

I tried. I knew it was pointless, but at least I knew I tried. She liked to tell me that I offered her so much support, and a lot of help with writing stuff, while she created and built up the company that anything she did for us now was just retroactive rokettube back pay. I fought her on it for a long time. I stopped. It was the one thing had ever posed a threat to our relationship and I had decided it was not something that mattered in the long run. She also pulled back a little after a while. It worked for both of us.

Ashe’s food arrived and we headed out. We got to my house and I asked her if she was coming in.

“Just for a few, I have a hot date later and need to get ready.”

I made us tea and we climbed on the couch, I was freezing and drew the afghan over us. Asher was done eating and came out to the living-room.

“Thanks Liz.”

“Of course, kid. Can’t have you starving on my watch.” He gave her a hug then said he was going to his friend Iain’s for a few hours. “Don’t be a stupid teenager, you’ll ruin all my party plans if you mess up kid.”

“But I live to be a stupid teenager. Who needs a damn party?” He yelled back. Sometimes I wondered if that one was actually her kid; they shared such a similar sense of humor.

I put my head on her shoulder. She took one hand off her teacup and wrapped it around my shoulders. “At least if things work out with Nell your kids are used to seeing you snuggled up with another woman.”

I groaned at her.

“Have you checked your phone?”

I hadn’t. I got up and went into the kitchen were my bag was. I fished out my phone and brought it back to the couch, got back under the afghan. I had 3 new messages.

Jacklyn- I’ll be home around 3 ok?

I looked at the time, it was 3:15. I didn’t bother to respond, she would be home soon.

The other 2 were from Nell. I inhaled and opened them.

Nell- I’m glad you found a dress

Nell- I would like to get to know you more too. Yes, things moved quick last night, call it a moment of weakness. I’m okay with slower, I have a feeling you are worth it. I’m not usually wrong. Same place tomorrow, for tea and coffee? 11?


“Fuck Em.” Liz had been reading over my shoulder. She squeezed my shoulder. “So?”

Me- sounds good.

I clicked send and smiled. This time Liz wrapped both her arms around me in a hug, which quickly turned into her tickling me. I was about the most ticklish person on the planet and she has loved tormenting me this way since she discovered this fact. Jacklyn and her friend Jenna walked in.

“Hi Girls!” Liz yelled, without stopping her tickling onslaught.

“Of course. Of course, you two can’t just be normal for 5 minutes.” Jack said. Jenna was laughing, I had tears running down my face by this time and this only added to it.

“Normal is boring Jacklyn. Normal is so very boring.” Liz finally stopped tickling me and stood up walking towards Jack, hands posed to tickle her next.

“Hell no.” She turned and headed upstairs away from us. Jenna followed after her laughing. Liz collapsed back on the couch and our laughter started up again.

“My poor kids may be scarred for life.”

Liz got serious suddenly. “They are fine. You were scarred, they have just had an eclectic upbringing with the best crazy ‘aunt’ in the world.” I looked at her, people have always wondered how we are friends. This is the reason. She is the best person I know. Will ever know. We laid there on my couch, my laughter subsided. “You’ve got this Emma. You deserve to try for real happiness. And if she hurts you, I’ll hunt her down.” She got up again. “This time I really do have to leave. Let me know how tomorrow goes okay? And use your gift tonight, it will make tomorrow easier, I promise”

I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek, “I will.”


I was up early. Too early. I went to the kitchen and made the kids fresh cinnamon rolls. It was still entirely too early when I put them in the oven, so I made another cup of tea and curled up on the couch with the latest memoir I was reading, ‘Another Bullshit Night in Suck City’. I wasn’t as pulled in by this book as I had been the last few I read.

My phone went off.

Liz- are you still going?

Me- yes

Liz- good. Love you.

Me- love you too. I’ll call you later

Liz- you better.

I took the cinnamon rolls out and made the icing for them. I would let the kids ice them on their own. It was 9am. I went and showered and got dressed. Rose jeans, decent shirt and black boots. The kids were starting to rise, it was 10am.

I decided to have a cinnamon roll. I figured it might be better if I wasn’t hungry as well as nervous. The kids fixed theirs and we ate together.

“I’m meeting a friend for coffee. I’ll probably be gone for a few hours. Do you guys have plans?”

“Um, you don’t drink coffee mom.” Asher looked at me like I had forgotten I didn’t like coffee.

“It’s an expression, dumbass.” Jacklyn retorted.


“Well come on, he’s almost 16, he should at least attempt to think.”

“Guys. Plans?” Neither had any yet. They started bickering and I was done. I cleaned up my plate and told them both goodbye. It was still too early to get to Barnes and Noble, porno so I headed to TJMaxx. It was in the same shopping complex as the bookstore.

I poked around, found a few new tops I tried on. I picked one out to buy and made my way to the cashier. By the time I was finished and looked at the time it was 10:55. Good thing I had stayed close.

I walked in and spotted her. My stomach fluttered. I had no booze in me this time and had no intention of changing that. She had two drinks in front of her. I got to the table, there was no small hug like the other night, just me sitting down.

She pushed one of the cups my way. “Green tea, cream no sugar.” And smiled at me.

I smiled back. “Thank you.” She had paid attention to my order. Her hair was up today in a messy bun. My mind went back to how her lips felt. I momentarily lost myself in that memory. I pulled myself back to now before I stayed in the past too long.

“How was dress shopping?”

I chuckled, “interesting.” I regaled the day for her, omitting Liz’s take on my ass and my internal struggle with seeing her again.

“After all that you ended up with a simple black dress?” She was laughing right along with me. She had an infectious laugh.

“And heels. I hate heels.”

She laughed some more. “And she’s your best friend?”

“She is. Very much so. If I told her I wasn’t wearing the heels she’d survive. She just has a set way things should look and isn’t easily swayed. And honestly I don’t care. I’m sure once the party starts I’ll be barefoot, and she won’t even notice or care.” I didn’t ever want anyone to think Liz forced me to do anything. She took over and was loud and bossy and over the top, but she would never ‘make’ me do anything if I told her I didn’t want to.

“She sounds great. A little scary but great.”

“Scary is a good word for her.” I smiled huge. Liz would love me telling Nell she was scary.

We talked about books, what we were each reading now. She hadn’t read “Another Bullshit Night’ so I told her she could borrow it when I was done. I was relieved that she was still as easy to talk to as she had been Friday night.

We got talking about school. The semester was over half done. Did I know what classes I was taking in the Spring. I told her the last few I needed to be done with my degree. She offered me some insight on the professors, which would be useful when registering for classes.

“Do you write a lot? “

“For school?”

“In general.”

“Not really. I used to, before the marriage and kids.” I paused. I used to write all the time even when the kids were little. I wasn’t exactly sure when that changed. “I do a lot of thinking about writing when I’m hiking, does that count?” I chuckled. I got thinking about the trails, and that I hadn’t been out on them in a few weeks. “What about you, do you write a lot?”

“Not as much as I’d like to, more than I used to. I spend a lot of time reading what students write, it doesn’t leave me much time for my own. At least during the academic year.”

I shifted my legs, my foot brushed against hers under the table. The same urges I felt Friday night hit me. I inadvertently sucked in a deep breath. I felt myself flush. No way to pass that off as alcohol related this time.

I quickly asked her about her hobbies, aside from reading and writing.

“I love to travel, but rarely get to. Life. I knit when I have the inclination and time.” She went on to tell me the places she had visited. I had been nowhere.

“Another tea?” She asked.

I glanced at my watch it was 12:30. I wasn’t sure where the last 90 minutes went. I was also getting hungry. “Lunch?”

She smiled, “are you sure?”


“Then yes, I would love to.”

I took out my phone and texted the kids and told them I would be a few more hours. They didn’t seem to care. We decided on a local place not far from the bookstore. We would meet there. When I got to my car I texted Liz.

Me- Going to lunch…

Liz- Good. Don’t order cheap rum! Cheap any liquor.

Me- I won’t I’ll call you later

I put my phone away and drove.


Lunch was great. We spent 2 hours talking and laughing. I hated realizing it was time for me to get home to the kids. I didn’t want to leave. Every time our feet or legs touched under the table I had to suck in air.

“Time to go?” She asked.

“Yeah. I have homework, and I have to sub tomorrow.” I sighed. I was fighting with the side of me that wanted to continue what we had started Friday, and the side of me that knew I had to take things slower.

We paid and walked out together. My car was closer, she stopped when I did. “Thank you for today, I had a really nice time.”

I wanted her to kiss me again. I wanted to feel her. I wanted to not want that.

She moved to give me a hug goodbye. It was the perfect hug. I didn’t want to let go but I did.

“See you in class.”

I smiled. “I hope you message me before that.”

She smiled back, “I will.”


The next few days went by as normal. She did message me; we talked a lot. I was nervous about how class would be. I told her that and she assured me it would be no different than it had been the weeks before. I wasn’t so sure it could be. I wondered if she was sure it would be because she had done this before.

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Forbidden Feelings Ch. 08-09

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Around noon on Sunday, I received a text message from Leah. “Travis left for band practice. Come over if you want. Kids home though.” While I really did want to be alone with Leah, I wasn’t going to let her know that, so I responded back, “Be over in a few.”

Shortly after, I told Gabriel, who was about to turn on the Formula 1 race, that I was going next door for a little while, but I should be home for dinner.

I knocked on Leah’s door, and I heard the kids running to the door. I was surprised to see that Samuel reached the door first, but Madison wasn’t far behind.

“Hi Samuel. Hi Madison,” I said when the door was opened. “How are you?”

“Good,” Madison replied while Samuel was now trying to hide behind the door.

“Is your Mommy here?” Just as I got the question out, Leah came around the corner.

“Hey there,” she said as she gave me a sexy smile, unbeknownst to the kids. “Let me just get the kids set up with a movie, and then we can go upstairs to talk.”

I caught Leah wink at me as she followed her children into the downstairs play room. I heard Madison ask to watch Aladdin. I stayed in the hallway because I didn’t want to intrude.

When the kids got settled and the movie started, Leah left the playroom. She found me sitting on the steps.

“You do know that television isn’t a babysitter, right?” I asked her with a grin on my face.

“Of course, that is why I put on a movie. Gives us eighty-four minutes, instead of however long it takes to get to get to a commercial break.” She gave me the same grin back.

I opened my arms and legs to let her in between so I could hold her.

“We can’t do this here,” she told me. “Let’s go upstairs.”

As Leah walked past me, she lightly touched my hand, and ran her fingers up my arm. When her hands left my body, I got up and followed her upstairs.

Leah sat down on her bed as I shut the door, careful to leave it open slightly, in case one of the kids called for her. As I knelt down on the bed, on either side of her legs, she moved back just enough to give me more room. My left hand went behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. My right hand was helping to hold me up, but it was weakening with every thrust of her tongue in my mouth. I helped her lay down without breaking the kiss.

As I leaned down on top of her, my left hand went under her shirt. I could feel her erect nipples though her bra, and almost immediately I’d pushed her bra out of the way. I rubbed her nipples, and then pinched them at random intervals. I could feel her moan into the kiss. I felt my right hand about to give out on me, so I laid myself down on the bed next to her, while I pulled my lips off of hers for a quick second.

Once I laid down, and wrapped my right arm around her, her lips found mine again. Her right hand headed up my shirt, as I let my left hand start slowly down her pants. Almost instantly, I felt her tense up and push me off of her.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Leah said as she moved out of my arms.

“What? Why?” I asked, confused as all hell.

“I just can’t,” she whispered not looking at me as she put her bra back in place.

“Leah, talk to me. What’s wrong?” I asked softly.

She didn’t answer me or look at me. I tried to place my hand on her face but she backed away.

“Did Travis find out?” I questioned.

“No,” Leah responded in a barely audible whisper. She still couldn’t meet my eyes.

“Did your conscience finally get to you?”

Again, there was no answer

“Is that it? Are you feeling guilty?”

Leah shrugged.

“Please, tell me what’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer me.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No. You did…everything right, Calie,” she said but still couldn’t look at me.

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on Leah. Please talk to me.” There was a plea in my voice More silence.

“Was I just some experiment? You don’t get it from Travis, and you knew I’d give it to you?” I was getting loud because I was getting annoyed at her. However, I caught myself when I remembered that her kids were downstairs. “Tell me Leah, did you really ever have feelings for me? Or did you have this planned all along?”

“I just…can’t do this…anymore, Calie…I’m…sorry.” Leah cried. Tears poured out of her eyes and ran down her cheek. I felt so bad that I had raised my voice to her.

I moved to console her, and she moved away from me again.

“Well then,” I said solemnly. I couldn’t take this anymore. “I think it may be best if I leave.”

“Okay,” Leah whispered so low that I could barely hear her.

My heart was breaking, and I didn’t want her to see me cry. I got off the bed, and walked toward the door. I stopped in my tracks and took once last glance at Leah. She had her knees pulled up to her chest. Her arms, wrapped around. Her face, flooded with tears, was lying on her knees. I started crying just looking at her. I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore.

For the last week she had türkçe altyazılı porno been my life. My reason to breathe…my reason to wake up each morning. I knew we had only been ‘together’ for a week, but it had been right out of a fairy tale. I left the bedroom and walked down the stairs. However, when I got to the front door and placed my hand on the knob, I stopped. It killed me leaving Leah like that. Whether she wanted me sexually or not right now, I still wanted to be her friend. I needed to make sure she was okay. I had to forget about my own desires and needs, and help her through this; find out what was bothering her. I just wanted her pain to go away.

I wiped my tears on the sleeve of my shirt, and turned around to walk back up the stairs. I had left the door ajar, and I was able to see that Leah hadn’t moved. Tears were still streaming down her face.

I opened the door so I could walk in, and I sat down on the bed next to her. I tried again to wrap my arms around her with only the intention of consoling her. This time she slid easily into my arms. I held her tight against me, rubbing her back, and running my hand though her blonde hair. We embraced in silence as I let her calm down. If I couldn’t have her in the way my body craved, then I would have to settle for this. She felt so good in my arms, but my heart was broken. Something had gone wrong. I wanted to fix it…make the world perfect again for her, but I didn’t know how and it killed me.

Leah calmed down as I held her, and I heard her start to mumble something.

“I can’t hear a word you’re saying,” I whispered in her ear as I continued to rub her back.

Leah moved away from me slightly so she could look at me.

“I am so sorry,” she said as her eyes filled again.

I put my hands on her face, and I wiped her tears away with my thumbs. Then I held on to her chin as I gazed down into her eyes.

“Leah, I told you, you don’t have to apologize for anything. I just want to know what’s wrong. I need to make sure that you are okay. Remember, we have to be completely open and honest with each other,” I told her as I continued to hold her chin between my thumb and forefinger.

“I saw you this morning in the shower with Gabriel,” she said coldly.

I let her chin go. I had forgotten that the bathroom faced her house, but at least the window in the shower was high enough to only show my head and shoulders. Since Gabe was taller than me, his chest could probably be seen too. That was with the best angle of view for an outside person, otherwise, only the ceiling could be seen. We had just forgotten to close the curtain…that’s what happens when we rarely use that shower.

“So, were you watching us?” I asked her. As much as it was creepy, I could actually feel my body get excited at the thought.

“No…I mean, I didn’t mean to see you,” she replied. “I was walking past my window, and glanced up because I saw the light on. I’ll be honest, Calie, I felt jealous. But, I walked away to give you some privacy.”

“Gabriel is my husband,” I whispered as I softly moved hair out of her face that had fallen out of place.

“I know,” she responded. “I don’t know why I got jealous. I just did. I wanted to be the one in the shower with you. I really thought I’d be okay with what we had, but now I’m not so sure.”

“I’m sorry you feel this way, but Gabriel and I are still going to be with each other,” I said. “I didn’t mean for you to see us, but I’m not going to apologize for doing it. I’m not going to stop making love to him.”

“I know. I understand. I don’t know why it bothered me so much this morning. I mean, I thought about it…about us. I’m fine now. I really am. I just am beginning to really feel like I’m in too deep,” she responded as she looked me straight in the eyes. Then her eyes shifted so she was no longer looking at me. “And then, when you asked if this was just an experiment…that hurt Calie. That tore me apart worse that seeing you and Gabriel together.”

“Oh God, Leah. I’m so sorry I lost my temper,” I took her back in my arms again. I knew my words had stung her, but I’d not known how much. “I just never thought I’d lose you, and in an instant it seemed like whatever we had, was over. My fears overcame me.”

I pulled Leah tighter in my arms and she wrapped hers around me.

“Calie, you were never an experiment,” she said without leaving the embrace. “It was so much better than I could have dreamed. I’ve loved everything about this past week. I’ve loved the time we’ve spent together. I’ve loved how you made me feel. But my problem runs deeper.”

“Listen Leah,” I rubbed her back as I spoke, “we will work through this. I promise. Just please let me know what the problem is.”

Leah was silent for a few minutes while she seemed to gather her thoughts.

“Calie, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Her words hit me like a freight train; it had never even crossed my mind that she was ready to use the “L” word. Sure, I had tossed xnxx it around in my head, but I couldn’t believe that she was saying it out loud. It seemed too soon. We had only spent a week together, and it was more like one full day and three evenings. Even with everything that we talked about in the last few minutes, I hadn’t seen that coming. How could she really think she loved me?

I felt constricted in her arms so I pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” Leah said as she turned away from me. “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, Leah. It’s okay,” I responded as I placed my right hand on her upper arm. “I needed you to be honest with me, and you were. Thank you.”

“Yeah, but now you are upset,” she replied.

Just as I was about to respond, Madison yelled up the stairs that the movie was over.

“I’ll be right there, Honey,” Leah yelled back before turning her attention back to me. “I’ll be right back. Will you still be here?”

“Of course,” I answered her solemnly. “Where else would I be?”

I glanced up at her and she nodded her head before getting up from the bed to change the movie for her kids. I pulled my knees up to my chest, and wrapped my arms around them, like Leah had done a little while ago.


I didn’t know how I should feel. I did know that I didn’t want what Leah and I had to end; but at the same time I didn’t share the same feelings that Leah had. Sure, I loved her, but only as a friend. I wasn’t in love with her, and I couldn’t understand how she thought that she was in love with me. It was too soon…and too wrong. We were both married. I knew that she was no longer happily married, but I was.

I felt like all of this was my fault, like I had led her on. Sure, she had kissed me first, but I could’ve pulled back. I could’ve lied to her, and told her that I didn’t want to go further than that one, amazing kiss. I shouldn’t have given her the option to go further. I didn’t know where to go from here.

I heard Leah come back up the stairs and enter the bedroom. She sat down in front of me on the bed and used her left hand to hold herself up. She placed her right hand on my cheek. Her thumb grazed my lips and my wanton body wanted to betray my head.

“Listen Calie,” Leah said as she looked me in the eyes, “I realize that was hard to hear, but it was the truth. I’m not asking you to feel the same way, nor do I expect you to. I just needed you to know. I needed it to be in the open.”

“Where do we go from here?” I asked her.

“That is a question that only you can answer,” Leah responded. “We both know that I don’t want it to end, but if this is something that you can’t handle right now, or just need time to take it all in, I understand completely.”

“Leah, I don’t want this to end either,” I replied. “I do love you, but only as a friend. I don’t know if I will ever be in love with you.”

“Listen, I have no intention of ever ruining anything that you and Gabriel have. Like I said before, when I saw you two together, I was jealous. I’m not going to lie. But I got over it. I understand that you two have a very strong relationship. And, it’s not like I can just up and leave Travis either. Granted, we don’t have a great sex life, but I do care for him deeply. I really do love him. I just couldn’t do that to him or the kids.”

“So, if we were to continue, it would stay between us, just like it was before?” I questioned hesitantly.

“Of course. Exactly as it was before,” Leah answered as she brought her lips to my forehead. “I can’t imagine it any other way. I don’t want to.”

She brushed my cheek with the back of her hand; her eyes asking an unspoken question. I looked deep into her baby blues and slowly nodded my head. Leah closed her eyes, and leaned toward me. I opened my knees and wrapped my legs around her, as our lips converged.

While I still felt like nothing was solved, at least we were back on the same page, and understood where each other stood. The guilt was killing me though; guilt of leading her on and because of that, she fell in love with me. There was also a difference in her kiss. It seems as if it was more out of habit now than want or need like before. Maybe she was scared of losing me; now that she admitted she loved me. I also knew that I was not in “the mood” anymore either.

I slowly moved my lips off of Leah’s, but continued to embrace her with my arms and legs. We just sat there, holding each other. I would have given anything to know what she was thinking. After what seemed like five minutes, I slid out of her embrace.

“Maybe we should go downstairs and finish the movie with your kids,” I said as I got up off of the bed.

“Yea,” Leah replied. “You are probably right.”

She stood up with reluctance. I brought her into a hug.

“We are okay,” I whispered in her ear to calm her fears. “I am still here.”

I felt her nod into my shoulder. I wanted to ease her mind that I wouldn’t leave, but my mind was racing. I really didn’t know what I should be doing. porno izle I kissed her forehead and moved away from her.

I opened the door and followed Leah out of the bedroom and downstairs. Madison and Samuel were laying on opposite ends of the couch. Leah sat down in between them and they rested their legs on her lap. I walked toward the empty recliner, and sat down. I pretended to watch the animated movie that the kids had on, but I couldn’t concentrate. I watched Leah out of the corner of my eye.

We sat in silence as the last thirty minutes of The Lion King played. When the movie was over, Leah asked her kids if they wanted to watch another movie. Madison said that she wanted to watch Spongebob, and Samuel said that he was hungry.

Leah turned on the favorite cartoon and told the kids that she was going to start dinner. We both stood up from where we were seated, and I followed her up the stairs and into the kitchen. I figured I’d help her cook for the kids, and then make my way home to eat with Gabe.


What the hell did I do? I can’t believe I actually told Calie that I was in love with her. I mean I am, but that isn’t something that I should go around admitting, Besides, we are both married — and even if we weren’t, two women aren’t supposed to be in this type of relationship. It’s wrong…

…but it feels so right when I’m with her. The way she makes me feel; the way she looks at me. Hell, Travis never looks at me like that anymore. I can’t even remember if he ever did.

And then, I almost ruined it. The perfect thing that Calie and I had going. Maybe it is ruined. Maybe it can still be fixed, or maybe it will never again be like it was. I guess only time will tell.

She says it’s fine; that we can still have ‘last week’. She says she doesn’t want it to end either — but now she knows that I’ve fallen for her. I’ve made the biggest possible mistake. I fell in love with my lover, even though I’m married to someone else. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I came right out and told her. What was I hoping? That she would leave her husband and that we could run away together? Newsflash: it doesn’t work like that. Not only does she have Gabriel to think about, but I have to think about Madison and Samuel, who I love more than life itself. I also have to think about Travis, and while our sex life has made a turn for the worse, I still love him…very deeply. I can’t just up and leave either.

Oh well, step one right? Admitting you have a problem? And, I do. A huge problem. And, I have no idea how to solve it.


I was sitting in my office at work on Monday, thinking about the past day’s events. Questions kept running through my head. What did I really want in this relationship with Leah? Did she really want more out of it than she was willing to admit to me? If we ever did “break up”, would we still be able to remain friends? I had so much work piling up on my desk, but I couldn’t concentrate.

I stood up and walked over to the coffee pot I keep in my office for days like this. After pouring another cup and sitting back down, I gave myself a quick pep talk. This work wouldn’t finish itself, and I had deadlines that had to be met; the magazine was due to be published tonight and I needed to finish the layouts I was working on.

As soon as I started to sort through the mess, I felt my phone vibrate. Just what I needed: another distraction. I waited for the next vibration to indicate a phone call, but it never came, so I took my phone out of my pocket and opened it to view the text message.

“What are your plans for tonight?” Leah had written.

“Nothing yet. Why?” I responded.

“I’m going to dinner with a friend. Hoping you would come with,” she wrote back.

“I don’t know,” I said.

I had always hated being the third wheel. Plus, I was not exactly sure where Leah and I stood after our conversation yesterday. Everything seemed fine between us, outside of the bedroom that is, last night when were hanging out with Madison and Samuel, but things always can change. I did not want dinner to be awkward, especially with another person around.

“Oh come on,” Leah replied.

I wondered what I would be getting myself into. However, looking at the bright side, I would be able to spend time with Leah, in a non-sexual situation. I would be able to read her body language; hopefully see what affect yesterday’s conversation had on her.

“Oh alright. What time?” I wrote.

“Meet me outside at seven. I’ll drive and we can pick up Kelly on the way,” she replied.

“Okay, see you later,” I said.

I put my phone back in my pocket and once again pushed my thoughts out of my head. Now I really had to get back to work. I’d been procrastinating all morning.


At seven o’clock sharp, I met Leah outside her house. Her jeans and black long-sleeve shirt were accessorized by black-healed boots. Her blonde hair was tossed back into a short pony-tail. Although she looked sexier than ever, there was still a jab of pain in my heart as I saw her.

Without a word, I got into the passenger’s side of Leah’s four-door sedan. We small talked for a minute as we put our seatbelts on and Leah back out of the driveway. However, on the way to Kelly’s house we were silent…and it was deafening.

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Fuck Away the Stress

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Double Penetration

“Signal next time, you dumbass!” I shouted at the car ahead of me. Sure, he couldn’t hear what the angry chick behind him was yelling, but it made me feel better all the same as I nearly clipped his back bumper. Today had been entirely too long, and I couldn’t get home fast enough.

I turned into my parking space, grabbed my purse and locked the car as I got out. I wearily trudged up a flight of stairs and turned the key in my apartment door. Kicking off my heels, I found the mail that Dawn had brought in earlier and sifted through it. Junk, junk, ads, junk. There weren’t even any bills since those were all online these days.

Come to think of it, where was Dawn? She was usually home by now, and Thursday was her night to make dinner. Not that I had the energy to eat, but it was good to come home to Dawn’s perpetual smile and a kiss. She’s probably out shopping or something, I thought, and dropped my purse and my coat on the couch on my way to the bathroom. I needed a hot shower.

I peeled off my clothes and walked into the hot stream of water. Today’s troubles melted away as I just stood there. Mmmm, it felt so good. I rubbed all over my body, and I was really turning myself on. My hand slipped down my belly and through my little patch of carefully groomed hair, my finger finding its mark. Ohhhh that feels good… Rubbing and rubbing until ?

I was startled to hear the bathroom door open. “Hey Anna, I’m home!” Dawn sounded bright and cheerful.

“Hey, honey, where have you been?” I nervously grabbed for my shampoo bottle. Even if Dawn and I were lovers, it was still a little embarrassing to have her walk in on me pleasuring myself. I hoped she hadn’t seen through the steamy glass shower door.

“Just here and there…. A hot shower sounds nice… can I join you?” She stepped out of her tight jeans and pulled her top over her head to reveal a lacy bra and matching boyshort panties.

“Those are sexy,” I remarked, wiping a patch of the glass for a better look. “Are they new?”

“These?” She unclipped her bra and held it out, hd porno revealing the most perfect breasts I’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. “Yeah, I bought them yesterday. They were on clearance!” She winked and wriggled out of her panties. Pinning up her long dark hair, she opened the shower door and slipped in beside me. “I noticed you were having some fun in here,” she said with a sexy little smile. I blushed and continued washing my hair.

Dawn pressed up against me, rubbing up and down my back. “Mmm, hey Dawn, if you keep that up I’ll never finish washing my hair!” To prove my point I pulled her closer, fully drenching her under the shower head. We shared a very wet kiss and my hands followed the curve of her back down to her well-rounded ass. Her skin was so soft and wet, and it was driving me mad with desire.

Dawn slid a hand between my thighs and slipped her finger inside of me. “Your pussy is dripping wet, sweetheart, we’d better do something about that!” She added a second finger and simultaneously rubbed my clit. I moaned and tilted my head back. The water cascaded over my face as I grew closer and closer to a climax. I was on the brink of coming when Dawn pulled her fingers out of me.

“You tease!” I sputtered. “I’ll teach you to drive me crazy!” I took the hand-held shower head from its holder and changed the setting to a pulsing jet spray. Kneeling in front of her, her back against a glass wall, I parted her delicate wet lips with my fingers and aimed the jet at her clit. She had such pretty lady parts — her vagina was surrounded by ruffled labia, meeting at a perfectly pink little rosebud. She let out a sigh of pleasure as the water massaged her throbbing clit.

“Mmm… oh! Ohhh you’re so good with that thing… Oh don’t stop, stay right there!” For good measure I slipped my middle finger inside of her and she let out a cry of pleasure. “Oh my god, Anna! Oh, I’m gonna come. Make me come!” I continued only for a second or two before I stopped.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you come that easily, did you, you little sex izle tease?” I stood and kissed her deeply on the mouth, running my hands up her sides, barely grazing her breasts before wrapping my arms around her neck.

We tenderly lathered each other, the scent of the body wash mingling with the smell of sex. Our hands and mouths wandered as we rinsed the soap down the drain. I turned off the water and we stepped out, wrapping ourselves in fluffy white towels. “Come on, love, let’s take this into the bedroom,” I purred, kissing her delicate mouth.

After we had crossed the hallway to the bedroom and I closed and locked the door behind us, Dawn faced me and dropped her towel. I again marveled at her lovely curves: the way her breasts hung, her nipples standing at attention; her small waist and feminine hips; and her ivory thighs meeting at a perfect little V. Unable to resist her any longer, I discarded my towel and laid my lover on the bed.

I kissed her, teasing her a little with my tongue, then laid a gentle kiss on her neck, her chest, down her belly and finally settling on her vulva. I licked her from vagina to clit, her juices salty and abundant. Up and down and up I licked, circling her clit, sucking gently, then back down again. She moaned as my tongue slid inside of her, just the tiniest bit. I returned to sucking and circling her clit. She was squirming in ecstasy and called out, “I’m gonna come!” Maintaining my rhythm I continued until she screamed, “Oh my GOD I’m coming!” Her hips bucked and her body seized. Liquid gushed from her vagina, trickling down my chin. I didn’t stop sucking until she was done convulsing and she relaxed, enjoying the aftershocks of her climax.

After she caught her breath, she told me, “I bought a present for you.”

“Ooh, I love presents!” I laid on the bed next to her, holding her.

“Well, it’s a present for us… it’s in that bag by the door.” For the first time I noticed a big black shopping bag.

“Shared gifts are the best kind. Shall I go get it?”

“No, let me. Stay here altyazılı porn and close your eyes until I tell you to open them.” She stood a little shakily (that must have been an intense orgasm) and I closed my eyes. I heard the black bag rustle. I heard her tear at some plastic packaging and fiddle with the whatever-it-was. Some more faint rustling… then her feet padding over to me on the bed. “Alright, you can open your eyes.” Dawn stood over me, pleased with the contraption she had around her hips. It was a strap-on vibrator. She turned the dial at the base and it began to hum. “Mmmm, there’s even a bullet that rests against my clit. Now, are you ready for me to fuck you?”

“Oh I’m ready, fuck me baby.” My legs parted and she set the cool tip of the vibrator against my opening. I let out an involuntary moan as she thrust it into me. I was so close to coming already, and after a few moments I shuddered and cried, “I’m coming!” Waves of pleasure washed over me, and Dawn kept pumping the silicone vibrator in and out, making sure to keep grinding against my clit. She kept going as aftershock after aftershock hit me.

“Hang in there, baby, I’m not done with you yet.” She gave a deeper thrust and leaned over to suck on my nipple, playing with the other with her fingers. I had regained control of my senses and was pleased to watch her breasts bounce and sway, squeezing together when she reached down to play with mine.

She lifted my legs to rest on her shoulders so she could get deeper and almost drove me mad with delight. “God, Dawn, you’re so good at this. When did you learn how to do it so good?”

She smiled and winked, “Experience.” At this point I didn’t care to ask what she meant by that. She was quickly building me up to a second climax. “You almost ready? Because I’m soooo close to coming right now.” I nodded; I was pretty damn close, too. “Here we go…” She threw her head back as the orgasm hit. A second later, I came too. We were closely synced at that moment, her thrusting mindlessly and me bucking my hips to meet each thrust. The first time had been good, but the second was better by far.

Exhausted, I relaxed as Dawn fell on the bed beside me. “That thing,” I gasped, “was worth every penny.” She smiled and we curled up together. We were asleep in seconds.

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Girl to Girl

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The following material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This work may not be distributed for profit, in any form, without the written permission of the author or his agent.

* * * * *

.:.:.:.:.:. Meeting the Ex-husband .:.:.:.:.:.

Diane slowly hung the phone up. She bit her lip and mentally chided herself for what she had done. “Damn him!” she thought. “He always does this. Why the hell do I always let him have his way?” She was certain she had made another mistake.

The voice at the other end of the connection had been her husband, her soon to be ex-husband. He had convinced her that he had to meet with her. Now he was on his way over. How she wished that she could have told him, “Sorry, jerk. It’s Friday night and I’ve got a date, I don’t have time to wait here for you.”

“Ah well, just time enough to take a shower and relax”, she thought.

Just as Diane stepped out of the shower, she heard the doorbell chime. “Damn, is he here already?” she mumbled to herself. She wrapped her bathrobe around herself and went to the door. A quick peek through the peephole confirmed that her ex- had arrived. She opened the door and let him.

“Oh, I see you got ready for me. I don’t have much time so this’ll have to be a quickie.” His phony laugh and lame attempt at being cute did not conceal his cocky belief that she would always succumb to his wishes.

“A quickie? That’s about all you were ever able to manage, so why bother?” Diane surprised herself with her pithy reply. She usually just accepted his actions without complaint.

“Whoa! I just came over to give you some things that I found in the safe deposit box. Let’s not get bitter and fight.”

He handed her a small cloth bag. As she reached for it she released the grip on her robe. Her robe opened exposing a partial view of her statuesque body. It had been several weeks since he had seen his estranged wife’s sensuous figure. He slowly scanned the body that had once been his. He could see most of one leg, a trim ankle curving into a nicely shaped calf, a strong muscular thigh. The robe still covered her pussy, but then parted just enough to allow one breast to peek out, showing the small pink nipple crowning the luscious round mound. “A nice C-cup”, he was thinking.

Diane saw his look; she could read his mind as it reviewed her numbers. ” 36-25-36″, as if they were batting averages or yards gained. She felt his hand holding her’s as the bag exchanged hands. She felt the conflict inside herself as she tried to prepare herself to reject the advance that was coming. She almost won the battle but there had been just too many years of giving in to his wishes. Her body had simply gone too many weeks without sexual release. He pulled her into his arms. His lips met her’s immediately. She struggled slightly, pushed against him weakly.

“Oh Diane, you don’t know how much I miss those good times we had together. You still make my cock hard just thinking of you.” His hands were caressing her breasts. She was slipping into submission as his fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples. A small voice in her head grew faint as it said, “damn it, all he wants is to get his rocks off and he’ll leave”.

She felt the coarse material of his pants pressing into her soft skin. She felt his cock beneath the rough material. It was still soft but she knew it would soon be hard. She wanted it to be hard. She wanted some good sex even if it was with this man that she desperately wanted out of her life. She spread her legs and allowed his leg to ride into her crotch.

She gave in to his probing tongue in her mouth and responded with her own tongue. She dug her tongue deeply into his open mouth and he sucked it in. She pushed her hard nipples into him, shivering as his fingers pinched a nipple. They dropped to the floor; she felt his weight on top of her. They writhed together in a feverish embrace.

He quickly rose and pulled off his shirt, dropped his pants to the floor and kicked them off along with his shoes. Diane lay there looking up at him. As his pants dropped down, she saw the outline of his hard cock inside his shorts. She could see the twin bulge of his balls pressing against the white material. His thumbs were inside the waistband of his shorts as she made one last attempt to stop the inevitable. “No, no; this is all over. We’re getting divorced. We can’t be doing this now.”

“Diane, look at you. You’re hot as a pistol. You need a good fuck as much as I do. You know it, you know I know it.” His shorts were down and she saw his rigid cock swaying above her as he spoke. His hand grabbed his shaft and milked the skin back and forth as he dropped to his knees. “C’mon hon, give it a nice kiss. You haven’t tasted me for such a long time.”

He reached down and pulled her head up to meet the cock that he was stroking slowly. She felt the hard, warm shaft rubbing against her face. Precum oozing out of it trailed porno indir slick across her cheeks. “Lick it! C’mon, open up and give it a little of that talented tongue.”

Diane could smell the aroma of sex; she could smell the precum slowly forming in the hole of this cock tantalizingly close to her nose. She could see the droplet forming on the throbbing red head of his cock. She opened her mouth, her tongue reached out to the hard cock. Maybe if she weren’t so horny she would have rebelled. But she hadn’t had sex for weeks. So she did want it, even though she knew that it would not be fulfilling. She grabbed the cock and squeezed it hard. He liked that. She always thought that she would hurt him but it just made him harder. She watched the head get a darker red as she squeezed the stiff meat.

He reached back; she felt his hand rubbing into her mons. She felt her pubic hair grinding against her skin as he pressed the palm of his hand into her. She pushed up against the pressure and spread her legs. She wanted him to finger her, she felt her pussy becoming wet and warm. She was now licking his shaft from bottom to top, running her tongue along the pulsing blue vein. She would pause at the bottom and gently suck his balls. She knew that made him feel good.

She paused as he groaned in pleasure. “Jeezus, put your finger in me. Fuck it, work it,” she pleaded as she pumped up against his hand. “God”, she thought, “after all these years I still have tell him what I like.”

Finally his finger was working in and out of her cunt. She rotated her hips in an effort to get the maximum benefit of his halfhearted effort. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked it deep. She caressed it with her tongue while she felt him pumping in and out of her mouth. He moaned as she ran her tongue along the head, probing into the hole.

“Oh god you’re good Diane! Uhh, ohh, suck it. That’s it, that’s good.”

Diane pulled the slippery shaft from her lips and licked the length of it again. She felt him pull back.

“Eat me, eat my pussy. I wanna feel you suck my cunt.” she hotly panted.

“Not yet. I gotta fuck ya. Ya know ya like that.” he said as he repositioned himself between her legs. She felt him briefly rub his cock against her clit and then bury the shaft in her open hole. A few slow strokes and then he began pumping furiously into her. Diane reached down and rubbed her clit as she wrapped her long legs around him. Her finger massaged her clit rapidly, trying to bring on a needed orgasm. The cock felt good in her but she knew that it wouldn’t last long. She tried to tighten her pussy around the shaft, tried to hold it in her. Her legs pulled him in against her as she ground her pussy against him.

Then she felt the warm cum spurting from his cock into her pussy. She felt the slick jizz reduce the friction of his cock against her vagina. She felt him slam into her with the added force of his own orgasm. She heard him loudly enjoying the rush of his cum. He pumped his cock in and out of her a few more times, managing another shot of cum into her. Then he collapsed on top of her. She could feel his cock become limp in her pussy. The soft shaft now slid out of her as he lay on top of her.

“Oh! That was great. We needed that,” he said, as he stood up.

He trotted off to the bathroom. She could hear him pissing in the toilet. Of course the door wouldn’t be closed. Diane lay on the floor gently fingering her wet pussy. She hardly noticed as her soon to be ex- quickly dressed and gave her a passionless quick kiss. He didn’t notice that she was still softly rubbing her cunt.

Diane lay there for a long while after he departed. She was telling herself over and over, “I’m not going to let him dominate me again.”

.:.:.:.:.:. Meeting the Neighbor .:.:.:.:.:.

A shower and a good nights sleep and a sunny Saturday morning had Diane feeling better.

She had slept late and knew that her usual jogging acquaintances would not be about. She didn’t like to run by herself, but decided to go out for a run anyway. As Diane walked out her door, she encountered her neighbor who was also dressed for running. “Oh! Hi LeeAnn, I didn’t know you’re a runner.”

LeeAnn laughed, “I’m just not in your league. You super jocks never notice the rest of us.”

They had been neighbors for several months; they had talked on several occasions but did not know each other very well. LeeAnn made no effort to conceal her preference for other women. Diane didn’t care; she had found LeeAnn to be a pleasant neighbor. She didn’t really think about her sex life. She did enjoy the fact that her husband was irritated that a good-looking woman was only interested in other women.

Tall and athletic, Diane was accustomed to sometimes being classified as a jock. At times it could irritate her, however it was clear from LeeAnn’s laugh that she did not really think of Diane as a jock.

“Well maybe I rokettube should let you join me, perhaps I can teach an amateur a few things” Diane laughed in return.

The two trotted off joking and laughing. As they jogged along, Diane felt happy that she had met LeeAnn this day. She was enjoying her company immensely, charmed by her warm engaging smile. The talk was the usual idle chatter, nothing important, and nothing too personal. As the women neared the end of their jog, Diane felt a sudden painful spasm in her thigh. She screamed briefly and dropped to the ground.

“Are you all right?” LeeAnn bent over Diane.

Diane sucked in her breath and rubbed her leg. “It’s OK, I think it’s just a muscle spasm. Shit, it hurts like hell though. At least I’m almost home.”

LeeAnn helped Diane get up then supported her as she hobbled back to her house. At 5′-6″, LeeAnn was just the right size to act as a crutch for Diane’s 5′-11″ stature. Despite the painful spasm, Diane managed to laugh at the sight they must have made.

Once home, LeeAnn helped Diane onto her bed. “Let me go get some ice or something to put on that”, said LeeAnn as she walked toward the kitchen. “You don’t need to bother”, called Diane, “I’ll just rub it and I think it will go away.”

LeeAnn returned with some ice wrapped in a towel. “Here, let me help you get your shoes off. You can try the ice and see if it helps.” LeeAnn removed Diane’s shoes. “Want me to pull your sweats off too?” she said as she finished removing the shoes.

“I guess so”, replied Diane. She pushed the waistband of her sweats over her hips as LeeAnn pulled on the legs. As the sweat pants slowly descended, LeeAnn watched the unveiling of Diane’s lovely limbs. She watched as Diane’s white cotton panties came into view, not sexy undies but they fit snugly enough to reveal the slight indentation of her slit. LeeAnn admired the strong thighs, not overly muscled, but obviously firm. The sweats passed over the knees and then the well shaped calve were visible. LeeAnn’s gaze was not a stare, not a leer; many would not have realized she was paying any attention to these beautiful legs. Diane, however, sensed it immediately.

Diane didn’t feel threatened, didn’t feel aroused, yet she felt something. She felt something different as she thought about this lesbian slowly removing her sweat pants. Maybe it was just a tinge of excitement at the thought that another woman might find her sexy.

LeeAnn placed the ice on Diane’s thigh. Diane moved her hand down to the ice. LeeAnn didn’t remove her hand, allowing Diane’s hand to rest on top of hers. As the cold penetrated the towel and sank into Diane’s leg, LeeAnn moved the ice in a slight circular motion. “That’s pretty cold. I think that rubbing it is going to work better”, said Diane.

LeeAnn removed the ice and placed her other hand on the tender spot. Diane didn’t expect this. The hand felt very warm on her cold skin. She was about to tell LeeAnn that she would rub her own leg, and then realized how nice it felt to have this warm hand massaging her leg. LeeAnn began massaging the sore spot with both hands, kneading the skin firmly. The pain was going away. “Ummmm, you’re pretty good at this”, Diane murmured, “Do you moonlight as a massage therapist?”

“Only for my friends”, LeeAnn smiled, as she began working her hands up and down the length of Diane’s leg. “How’s this?”

“That’s good”, Diane mumbled.

LeeAnn’s fingers worked their way down one leg then up the other. She loved the feel of this woman’s long, firm legs. Her nipples were firm now as she thought about the possibility of exploring all of this lovely body. She worked her fingers up the thigh. She massaged the inner thigh slowly getting closer to her crotch. She watched to see if Diane was going to react in any way. LeeAnn was now massaging the thigh and hip joint, taking every opportunity to allow her hand to rub against Diane’s tempting pussy lips protected by a thin layer of cotton panty.

Diane lay with her eyes closed. The massage felt good on her legs. More than that, the touch of this woman felt good on her legs. Diane could feel her excitement grow as the fingers worked their way up her leg. Diane waited for the fingers to brush up against her pussy. She felt her cunt warming at the approach. The anticipation was marvelous. Then she felt the first brush of LeeAnn’s hand against her labia. Diane bit her lip, and waited. Soon the hands were making frequent passes next to her hot crotch, lovely subtle but firm strokes across the panties covering the lips. Diane wondered how far she should let this go. Did she really want to have a lesbian affair? The thoughts scared her yet excited her.

LeeAnn’s voice drifted into Diane. “Why don’t we take your top off? You might as well get the full treatment.”

Without any resistance, Diane allowed LeeAnn to pull off her sweatshirt, and then remove her jogging bra. “How different porno to have another woman remove her bra”, thought Diane. She could see LeeAnn scanning her body with approval as LeeAnn’s hands began working on Diane’s shoulders.

LeeAnn whistled softly. “What a surprise these are. I had no idea you had such beautiful breasts. You have a beautifully proportioned body. Nice size breasts, flat tummy, thin waist, perfect hips. I’m jealous. I hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“No, I guess not” Diane purred. “You’re making me feel too good” she smiled.

LeeAnn’s hands worked down to Diane’s breasts. She worked the fair skinned mounds expertly. She gazed down at the small nipples as they got hard, the aureole just slightly more pink than the surrounding breast. She pinched the nipples and gently tugged on them, noting that they looked like delicate pink flowers. Diane found herself enjoying the soft touch of a woman on her breasts. She offered no resistance or complaint now that the massage had definitely taken a more sensual turn.

LeeAnn cupped the gorgeous tits in her hands and rubbed them firmly and deeply. Diane arched her back slightly, pushing her warm tits up to meet the hands rubbing them. Diane felt her body getting warmer as her nipples responded to the firm squeezing. Her nipples felt charged as LeeAnn pulled them up with a twisting motion. LeeAnn could see the sweet pink nipples grow slightly darker as she worked on them. LeeAnn could feel her own nipples rise in response.

Diane felt LeeAnn’s warm breath on her breasts. She opened her eyes and saw LeeAnn’s face close to her tits. She gazed into the liquid green eyes that were admiring her hard little nipples. She felt the soft blond hair as it touched her skin. She watched the sure hands that were setting her tits on fire. She noted that LeeAnn was breathing heavily; obviously she was getting as hot as Diane.

Diane simply smiled and moaned lightly. LeeAnn lowered her lips to one of the rose-topped globes. She drew the button nipple into her mouth and began to suck it and rub it with her tongue. She spent long minutes squeezing Diane’s breast into her mouth where her tongue danced around the nipple. Diane was so engrossed in the pleasure she was feeling in her breasts that she didn’t notice LeeAnn’s hand starting to rub her tummy.

LeeAnn turned her head to look down the lovely torso beneath her. She moved her hand down the abdomen in a gentle circular motion, appreciating the athletic tone of Diane’s midriff. She ran her hand over the cotton panties and rubbed the mons firmly. She felt the roughness of pussy hair beneath the thin white cloth. Her fingers rubbed the depression, pushing her finger between the soft labia. LeeAnn could feel the dampness on the cotton; she found the wet spot and rubbed her finger across it.

She moved her hand back to Diane’s tummy, and then slipped her fingers slowly beneath the elastic waistband. She pushed her hand firmly down inside the cotton panties, pausing as her fingers came in contact with the short pussy hair. She caressed the hair and enjoyed the feel as she pressed down on the hard mons. Her middle finger worked to the top of Diane’s slit. She rubbed her finger around the top.

As LeeAnn slipped her hand into Diane’s panties, Diane tensed noticeably. She was uncertain where she wanted this to go. She was definitely getting extremely turned on; her cunt was aching for some penetration. LeeAnn’s touch on her body made her feel good all over. Diane felt like pulling LeeAnn into her and returning the caressing and sucking and fondling. Yet there was a gnawing uncertainty in the back of her mind. She felt slightly out of control and she wanted to be in control.

LeeAnn looked up into Diane’s eyes. The beautiful hazel eyes twinkled with excitement and nervousness. She felt the tenseness in Diane. Her finger continued to gently rub the outer labia of Diane’s pussy. “Want me to stop?”

Diane looked at LeeAnn without answering.

“You’ve never made love with another woman, have you?” LeeAnn spoke softly. “Sort of got that ‘feels good’ but ‘is it wrong’ thing going on in your head?”

“Ummmm, I guess. I just don’t want to start something that I can’t finish.”

LeeAnn continued to massage Diane’s pussy with one hand, using the other hand to grasp one of Diane’s hands. She squeezed her hand reassuringly. “Don’t worry, I won’t be camping out on your doorstep, if that’s a worry”, LeeAnn laughed. “If it feels good, enjoy it. Anyway, much to my regret, I have to go pretty soon. I have to catch a flight in a couple of hours and I still haven’t packed.”

Diane relaxed, spread her legs, and allowed LeeAnn’s finger to begin probing into her pussy. Diane reached down and placed her hand on top of LeeAnn’s hand, she pressed down forcing LeeAnn’s finger deep inside of her. LeeAnn felt the warm, wet hole wrapped around her finger, felt the warm hand atop hers. She felt the tenseness evaporate. She proceeded to gently finger fuck the sweltering slit while her thumb rubbed over the hard clit. Soon she inserted a second finger into the slippery opening, gently spreading it wider. Diane began to grind her hips against the deft hand motions manipulating her cunt.

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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 52

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Approaching Miss White, the Dean stood between the bound woman’s legs, letting the strap-on fall onto her stomach so she could see its relative size. It extended well past her belly button.

Miss White swallowed, her eyes bugging out slightly. Surely the Dean would have some mercy on her, not tear her up inside? She opened her mouth to plead for leniency, but she just couldn’t do it; she still had some pride left. What was going to happen would happen.

The Dean pulled her hips back, letting the giant bulbous head slide down Miss White’s pelvis and come to rest against her puckered, hungry pussy lips. Leaning forward, the Dean braced herself against the table with hands on either side of Miss White’s torso. In this stance she would be able to both watch the dildo go in and see the look on Miss White’s face as it happened.

Jodie, meanwhile, took up a position near the head of the table. From there she had a good view down between the two women, past their breasts, to where the enormous phallus was poised at Miss White’s entrance. Miss White took a deep breath, exhaled it, and tried to go limp; she was as ready as she’d ever be.

The sound she emitted when the head pressed into her surprised everyone in the room: It was high-pitched, piercing, entirely unlike any vocalization she normally made. It was followed by a low, guttural moan of the deepest pleasure. Already Miss White was as full as she could remember, and as the strap-on slid deeper into her, her eyes rolled back in her head and suddenly she was coming — trembling and crying out, pulling futilely at her bonds.

As the intense climax ebbed, a great sense of calm and well-being washed over her, then was quickly replaced by a new sense of urgency as the dildo continued to push up into her. She felt like it was pressing into her stomach, trying to work its way up to her chest, and still there were several inches left to go. Just when she thought she was about to be split in half, the Dean reversed direction and began to slowly pull out.

Miss White felt the strap-on slide out of her until just the head remained inside. Her pussy was throbbing and her heart was pounding, but she felt a certain sense of relief. She’d taken more than she thought hd porno she could and survived. But the Dean’s second stroke was harder and deeper, and Miss White felt a sweat break out on her forehead.

Jodie, watching, began to touch herself. At some level it was appalling to see the formidable Alexis White tied, exposed, and ruthlessly fucked. But it was also indisputably sexy to watch.

The Dean gradually increased the tempo of her thrusts, taking great satisfaction in Miss White’s facial contortions and helpless, raw-throated cries. From time to time she tugged on the chain connecting the clamps on Miss White’s nipples, inducing a different combination of expressions and vocalizations.

At this point Miss White entered a sort of fugue state. Everything blurred together: There was a lot of pleasure, and there was some pain; the Dean’s face loomed above her, then Jodie was peering down through her glasses. The Dean was not entirely in control of herself anymore either; her eyes were blazing and her nostrils flaring as she pounded into Miss White again and again, driving the monstrous cock home with complete abandon.

When the Dean reached down and brushed Miss White’s clit with one finger, she came so hard that it seemed like she might tear the ropes holding her right in half. She was still coming when the Dean unsnapped the clamp from her right nipple and pulled it off. Miss White sighed as the feeling began to return to her teat, then whimpered as the Dean’s mouth closed on it.

The Dean resumed thrusting slowly as she popped off the other clamp and moved her mouth to that breast. Jodie, feeling bold, leaned down and began to suck the one she had abandoned; the Dean allowed it. After a few minutes of this treatment Miss White spasmed violently, let loose with an incoherent wail, and lay still; her eyes were still open, but she could not in any meaningful sense be said to be conscious.

When a semblance of awareness returned, Miss White saw the Dean standing near the end of the table where her head was, gloriously naked — no strap-on, no dress, just smooth ebony skin glowing in the firelight. The Dean stood up on her tippy-toes and leaned forward until Miss White’s head was engulfed in her crotch. sex izle The musky scent was overwhelming, intoxicating; Miss White nuzzled her nose up between the Dean’s pussy lips, coating it in the other woman’s juices.

As she felt a tongue begin to snake up inside her, the Dean stretched out her arms and began to untie the ropes holding Miss White’s legs. This took a minute, as she had done a quite thorough job, but eventually she accomplished it. Then she freed Miss White’s arms, which was somewhat easier.

Now the Dean slid her hands under Miss White’s ass and lifted her slightly. As Miss White wrapped her arms around the Dean’s legs, jabbing her tongue deeper into the creamy hole above her, the Dean bent forward until her head was between Miss White’s thighs.

When she felt the Dean’s hot breath on her cunt, Miss White thought she knew what was coming next. She was surprised to suddenly feel herself being lifted into the air. Next thing she knew she was hanging upside down with her face in the Dean’s crotch as the Dean’s powerful tongue penetrated her.

Jodie watched in amazement as the two women engaged in a furious standing 69. Miss White’s knees were on the Dean’s shoulders, her arms wrapped around the Dean’s waist, her head gripped between the Dean’s thighs.

Finally the Dean took a few steps to her left and they toppled over together onto the couch, landing with the Dean on top as they continued to feast on each other’s cunts. They were in a frenzy now, all inhibitions gone, racing to see who could make the other come first.

But the Dean was in a much more sensitized state, and when Miss White began to suck her clit she spasmed violently, then relaxed. This allowed Miss White to gain just enough leverage to turn the both of them over. Now the Dean was on her back on the couch, Miss White straddling her head. Holding the Dean’s hips, Miss White lifted herself slightly and began to grind her pussy down onto the black woman’s face. The Dean did not fight back; she just extended her tongue and continued to probe deeper, letting Miss White’s sweet nectar pour into her mouth.

When Miss White felt her orgasm approaching, she let herself fall forward and again clamped her lips onto the altyazılı porn Dean’s clit. This time they came together, holding on to each other for dear life, moaning, sighing, laughing, crying. Then it suddenly became very quiet in the room, the only sound the heaving of the two women’s chests as they tried to catch their breath.

Jodie was completely slack-jawed. She knew that she had just witnessed something incredible, something that she would remember for the rest of her life. Even so she had the presence of mind to find the camera and erase the pictures the Dean had taken. She almost couldn’t do it — they were magnificently beautiful images, and she made sure to commit each one to memory before deleting it.

After a few minutes Miss White and the Dean began to slowly untangle themselves. Miss White stepped over to a nearby chair — moving gingerly, like she’d just run a marathon — and sank down into it, sighing and shaking her head. The Dean rolled over and came to a sitting position, staring blankly into the middle distance.

Jodie walked over and sat down on the arm of Miss White’s chair, making it clear where her loyalty lay. Miss White smiled weakly — she knew that Jodie would never look at her in quite the same way now. She hoped, though, that she had managed to retain at least some sense of dignity in the younger woman’s eyes.

Miss White glanced over at the Dean and their eyes met briefly. Certainly they were seeing each other in a different light now; they understood each other in a way they hadn’t before. They weren’t going to friends, or even allies; but they could at least be respectful adversaries.

At last the Dean stood and turned toward the door. “I trust you can find your way out,” she said, matter-of-factly but not curtly. “Safe travels to you both.” And with that she was gone.

Miss White and Jodie retraced their steps back through the drawing room to the foyer, where they found their clothes and dressed. Bundling up tight, they stepped out together into the cold night air.

As they headed home Miss White put one arm around Jodie’s shoulders, partly for warmth, but mostly because she was having trouble walking properly. Jodie felt strange having Miss White lean on her, but also immensely proud, both of herself and of Miss White. She knew that night had been very difficult for the older woman — pleasurable, yes, but also humbling. But now this episode was over, and who knew what might happen next?

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Dark Stag Ch. 12

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Female Ejaculation


These guards stood before me, seriousness written across their face. I was so shocked with the news they just told me. The rage and hatred I had for Sir Socoshian subsided as I tried to make sense of this craziness.

“You’re,” I gulped, “Lutna Clan?”

“I am…” He said back, “We’re your Guard now. You’re all that is left! Sir Socoshian will not hesitate to exploit that… We’re not going to leave your side, my King…”

“KING?” I asked, staggered as the man bowed.

“I’m sir, Ruben. You can appoint me as your left hand, your commander, anything. You can ask me anything…” He said, slowly rising.

“Is,” I began, “Is my mother really dead?”

Ruben sighed, his mustache furling as he went deep into thought.

“She’s gone, my king. She did everything she could, but she’s gone.” Ruben said back.

“As king of this Ziggurat,” I continued, “Do I just step up? All responsibilities go to me?”

“In theory, yes. In actuality, it’d be difficult with how deep Sir Socoshian’s influences run. It’d be best if you leave for now…” Ruben suggested.

“And hope for the best while nothing is done? I can’t give this place up…” I said. Ruben seemed to get frustrated but hid it well. His frustration seemed to be in not being able to tell me something rather than my defiance.

“Look, if anything happens, before I let anything happen, I will take you from these lands myself. You have to understand that you must live to fight another day!” Ruben said, his accent slipping in with the passion and devotion on his tongue.

“What will happen to these lands if I go? I should fight it now!” I argued.

“These lands will still be here. What I think you fail to see my young King as that there’s nothing you can do to undo what has been done right now. If you leave and return, things won’t be worse. They’ll be more or less the same. Sir Socoshian has always been in control… That’s something you don’t see just yet.” Ruben clarified.

“What are my options if I leave?” I asked.

“You’ll learn them as soon as we get you to safety.” Ruben said.

“No, I need to know them NOW or I’m not leaving!” I said back.

“You have to trust us. Your mother did…” Ruben persisted.

“And where is she now? In the GRAVE!” I retorted.

“We’re acting out HER orders, my King.” Ruben responded.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know who to trust anymore…” I sighed, taking a seat.

“We have a cover to maintain. This cover will be blown when Sir Socoshian orders you to be killed. You don’t understand how important it is for me to stay close to the source. If you leave now, I assure you, you’ll get your kingdom back. But if you stay, not only will your life be in jeopardy, but everyone else in this room. We can’t fight off an entire Kingdom. You’re thinking with your emotions in the midst. I’m laying the truth out for you plainly, my king. The supporters you have can be counted on your hand! The people against you outnumber us in totality… Pick your battle wisely or I’ll pick it for you.” Ruben threatened.

“Just tell me what’s going on. If you were really on my side like you claimed… You’d tell me!” I said, growing frustrated. Ruben just stared at me, backing away towards the door. He sighed, leaving.

“Keep your gun close… It’s a gift from your mother…” Ruben said. It seemed as though everything he said was trying to get a reaction out of me. Sure he was a part of my mother’s clan but with so much up in the air, it was hard to truly trust him.

I had to go figure this out on my own. With all this being said, I still didn’t know if Sir Socoshian was still as evil as those around me had told me he was. He hasn’t truly shown a deceptive trait to me. This could totally be his end game. Maybe he needed me for something. It was difficult to be sure.

The entire night was me sitting at the table, thinking this through. Surely there was something I could do. The only idea I could come up with was to play to Sir Socoshians strengths and watch what happens. I showered, freshening up and getting dressed in an outfit that would impress. I wore a blue blouse with a chain that had the golden crest of the Bourgion house seal on it. Thin, leg hugging khaki slacks and brown leather boots from the skin of a lamb added dimension to the outfit. Lastly, I wore a black hooded peacoat to bring the outfit together.

A bit of hair gel tamed the curly mess of hair sitting on top of my head. It was time for a trim but with Roi gone, it made the shared bathroom quite an empty place. I missed my brother and it was hard being here without him. He deserved an apology for all that I had done to him. But for now, it was time to go and see what I could learn.

I left my room, shocked to see king’s guards posted outside my door. They were Lutna men… I made my way down stairs, two of the guards following. Immediately, things were being changed.

“Sir SOCOSHIAN!” I shouted. Everyone stopped, looking at me. türkçe altyazılı porno People began to part as he made his way towards me, holding his trusted clipboard.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Why are you doing things without my input?” I asked, “Everything you’re doing needs to go through me…”

“I am acting as the King’s hand. Everything here is his wishing…” Sir Socoshian responded.

“I’m the King now. Everything you do has to go through me…” I said firmly. Sir Socoshian looked at me penetratingly as he dropped his clipboard to his side.

The subjects of the palace looked weary of what was about to unfold.

“Then what do you want?” Sir Socoshian responded.

“To work with you.” I shrugged. It made Sir Socoshian confused.

“Okay…” He said.

“Where’s my father?” I asked.

“He’s been moved to a mortuary. We’ve found a different company to do the resuming.” He said.

“Without my permission? What’s wrong with the old company?” I asked.

“Their practices were a little sketchy.” Sir Socoshian smiled.

“Have you put out word that my father has died yet?” I continued.

“I was working on that now…” Sir Socoshian said, pulling up his clipboard.

“Now, what?” I taunted. He looked at me confused.

“Now what?” He responded.

“Your Liege.” I said. It seemed to make Sir Socoshian’s stomach tie into knots.

“My Liege…” He nodded.

“Don’t put word out that my father has been killed yet. That would be, not good for the Kingdom…” I responded.

“Killed? Why would it be bad for the Kingdom?” Sir Socoshian asked, unsure what I was doing.

“Because of possible mutiny! Who’d want an eighteen year old running a country? Who’d think,” I said, pacing through the room, “That I’d be able to keep things running the way things are? Who’d have faith in me?” I sat down in father’s throne overlooking the lounge, smiling.

“My liege, there is a lot to learn. Eighteen years old is indeed too young to run a country. Your father didn’t run this Ziggurat until he was nearly thirty. You don’t have the experience! This is why the King’s hand is trusted with the throne until the heir of the throne is of age…” Sir Socoshian said.

“You were my father’s left hand. But not mine…” I smiled, “Sir Ruben… Step forth please…”

He did so, looking at me in utter shock.

“You are hereby relieving Sir Socoshian of his duties as the King’s hand and will resume his duties.” Sir Ruben slowly turned to Sir Socoshian, shocked by this.

“With all due respect, your Grace… why?” Sir Socoshian asked.

“He was my mother’s advisor and my mother was a wonderful, wonderful diplomat, the reason this Ziggurat has great relationships with foreign nations! I’d like to follow in her footsteps! As for how things are run within the Ziggurat… Sir Socoshian, I don’t want to challenge your ability. What you do is incredible which is why I’ll appoint you as my second general.”

Worry was written across Sir Ruben’s face.

“With that change in position, what will that change with what I’m doing for your Kingdom, my Liege?” Sir Socoshian asked.

“What will change? You’re no longer handling foreign affairs. That shall be between Sir Ruben, an elected board and I. Everything domestic, shall run through you but not be run by you. You executively superhead the industries we as a sovereign nation specialize in.” I smiled.

“You realize that part of the industries I superhead revolves importing foreign items right?” Sir Socoshian asked, obviously frustrated.

“I kind of don’t like that. I want import tariffs for anything foreign grown that is anything besides a necessity to these people.” I continued. It shocked Sir Socoshian.

“Very well…” He responded, writing it down.

“And having the King’s Guard and the Official Guard be run under the same house is… fallacious. They’re going to be similar, but independent of each other.” I said. This seemed to make Sir Socoshian even more upset!

“With all due respect, my Liege, separating the police force will be an ungodly expense…” I responded.

“Then, we’ll look at our costs, rearrange them and appoint a new Ministry of Defense…” I shrugged, “I want Sir Leerwood to be in charge of the interview process for that. By the end of the week, I want portfolios on my lap to review. Sir Leerwood looked at Sir Socoshian with the same fearful expression Sir Ruben had.

“Yes, your Grace!” Sir Leerwood bowed.

“King’s Gaurd…” I said, as they followed.

Upon leaving the room, my heart stuttered with relief.

“Are you an idiot?” Sir Ruben asked me, very upset.

“No, but I’m trying to buy us all time. Everyone knows what’s going on here except me. Trust me, I’ll leave if I need too but I need more people on my side first. I’m going to need more help driving a wrench into Socoshian’s plans. I saw how everyone in the lounge grew xnxx uneasy as the confrontation between Sir Socoshian and I unraveled.” I said.

“That is a crazy plan!” Another guard said. He was young, my age with a huge amount of passion, “That I’m completely here for! Anything for you, your Grace…” I looked at him, the boy having long wavy hair draping down to his shoulders.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“I’m Knight Dior.” He said with an eyebrow furl. He was cocky, for sure.

“He’s a trained combatant, one that has trained in my styles of combat since his youth.” Sir Ruben added, “I don’t like your plan. But your plan is better than just leaving without a trace. It’s better to slow Sir Socoshian down before we leave.”

“Why can’t we fight him?” Dior asked.

“Because we’re completely outclassed and outmatched. Sir Socoshians veins run deep into this city. If he wants something to happen, he can make it. We won’t be able to fight until we sever some of those veins, young one!” Sir Ruben clarified.

“So what now?” I asked myself, “I think we need to spruce up the King’s Guard somehow, and I think I know precisely how.”

“We can bring in more assassins, your Grace…” Sir Ruben suggested.

“That would take weeks, even months. We don’t have that type of time. Right now, we have to wait on a silver raptor to return…” I said back, “All of what I’m doing now, is because of this… I need to hear back from some people before I can plan the next step.” Sir Ruben looked at me intently.

“You definitely have the blood of the assassin within you. You’re not soft… I see that now. In this time of war beneath the surface, you are bringing the fight back…” Sir Ruben nodded.

“Thank you. Just go surprivise things, make sure you’re wedged into everything Sir Socoshian might do. I mean, you pre calculate his next counter! I need to know… I’m not going to be able to leave my room until that raptor returns…” I said.

“Your Grace, what’s going on?” Sir Ruben asked.

“Just like you have secrets,” I smiled, “So do I!”

I made my way to my room, sitting on the balcony waiting for either Bazahra or Silver to return. As they did, I penned a letter one for Kijus and the other for my Gou and my siblings.

‘Dear Kijus,

Things are steadily getting worse here. Barely even a week after mother died, father is gone too! I can’t leave the palace yet. Everyone within the inner ring works for Sir Socoshian except a handful that were loyal to my mother. There are things going on that I don’t understand, but I must let you know that my days may be numbered! There’s a chance that I could be taken out but I’m trying to do everything in my power to make it. I’m not a fighter like you, but I am trying to be brave just as brave you! I love, you… I miss you and I hope that after all of this, we can be together.

As for now, I’m trying to find ways to slow Sir Socoshian down. Everything he wants is happening however, I’m the last wrench in his gears. So, what I plan on doing is getting a number of King’s Gaurds somehow to state their loyalty to me… I don’t know how I’m going to do it, if I’ll have to use tactics of fear, of intimidation or what… but it’s not to stay here! I’m leaving, heading south to the canyons where my brother and sister are. I hope that everything continues to go well for you where you are. My heart longs for you Kijus, you being the driving force I’m using to get through this horrible, horrible time! For you, I fight!

Your love,

Richard Bourgion.

Someone came into my room. It was Sir Ruben. He looked bot alarmed and confused.

“I just heard news that someone took out a twelfth of the Official Gaurd last night. No one saw who did it or how. Two of the people detained for interrogation are missing as well!” Sir Ruben explained.

“Wow…” I smiled, knowing precisely only that one person could do such a thing.

“What’s going on?” Sir Ruben asked.

“Something that I wasn’t expecting to play into our favor but it may…” I said, continuing to write. Sir Ruben walked over to me.

“You seem to not trust me. I’m fighting for you…” Sir Ruben said to me, looking at the letter.

“And I’m fighting for you… I trust you, just like you trust me! However, what you’re not doing is being all the way honest with me! As a result, I won’t be one hundred percent forward with you! You’ll see as well as be informed about my plans as they unravel…” I said, not looking up from him as I continued to write.

“If you have allies close by, this is something I need to know about! That in particular would be information I wouldn’t advise withholding. I could use this…”He said back.

“First, I’ll have to see what I can do. I don’t want to promise anything…” I responded.

“You sound unsure, your Grace. If things get worse, I will take you to safety! Your mother’s last words to me was to make sure you survive!” Sir Ruben said.

“I’m porno izle tired of being this cowardly, being this sheltered, too afraid of the unknown, uneducated, locked in the Royal Court spoiled little brat! Everything I once knew was gone! So, I’m going to fight the best way I know how… with pen and paper!” I disputed.

“Then let me help you…” Sir Ruben persisted.

“I gave you a job to do. Do you not trust me?” I asked, flipping his initial concerns back towards me.

“Not with that uncertainty in your tone.” Sir Ruben said firmly.

“I’m going to need you to do as I say. Just be involved with everything relating to this palace!” I said.

“Very well…” He said, leaving.

I began writing Gou and my siblings:

‘Dear all,

It is now that I realize that I should have left when I had the chance! Things here have gotten worse. Father is now dead and Sir Socoshian has voiced his motives to take over since then! However, I have temporarily prohibited him from moving forth! At the same time, something happened at the Law Official headquarters with a large fraction of the Official Guard ending up dead. To me, this sounds like the work of a free agent and I can’t help but wonder if Gou had anything to do with it.

Since I can’t leave, I’m asking for help. Gou I want to leave, and I need to leave bad! I understand you specialize in undercover inside operations. Do you think you can send me undercover King’s Guards within the next forty eight hours? This is a must because, as of now, I’m heavily out numbered. If Sir Socoshian wanted to, he could have been me killed! With that being said, my days may permanently be numbered if I can’t leave! My goal is to look strong to all those on Sir Socoshians side so I can make my escape before anyone notices. I do have allies on the inside, though there are things I’m not certain about.

I was told that mother’s body wasn’t in the casket at her funeral. The casket was excavated late one night and there was a replica of her body there. This is all the more reason for me to believe that my mother is somehow alive. Afterall, mother was a trained assassin, one not only versed in combat, but espionage and hiding who she was. We can not count her out. Father though, I believe he is dead. I’m trying to stay strong, but it’s hard. I miss you all and I’m trying to keep everything we once had, together.

With that being said, DON’T come back! I believe I can manage on my own for the time being. If you come back, I believe you’ll be a target just like me! Trust and believe that I will get to the bottom of this situation!


Richard Bourgion’

I sealed the letters, waiting for either Bazahra or Silver to come. It was a long wait, the sun nearly setting before a raptor showed up on my stoop. It was so relieving to see. The bird that had come was Silver. Nonetheless, I checked for any new letters. There was none. I loaded up both letters into the bird’s pouch then gave him bechums of lamb jerky. He was off.

The wait returned as I sat, praying the bird would return before the sun completely went down. He did, with a letter.

‘This is Gou. I can have free agents undercover as your guard within eighteen hours. Don’t feel outmatched by Sir Socoshian and his forces. I can assure you that you have far more allies than you might imagine. Your plan is one that works well. Stay low… tomorrow at noon, rendezvous in the catacombs to meet with the agents. It will be our goal to bring you out of the city and to a safer place. The free agents of the United Cybernetic Military can liberate your city. This what we are trained for…


It was relieving to see this message. However, I wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted. Considering he worked for the United Cybernetic Military, that meant he could possibly get them too involved with the politics of the region. He was a good friend of mine, however this process was too delicate to let him turn it into a full blown military operation. Maybe I didn’t understand him fully on this.

I opened my room door where two King’s Guards were on post. I summoned one in, having no idea it was Dior.

“Yes, my Liege…” He said, taking off his helm.

“Fetch me Sir Ruben.” I said. He looked at me with a longing for more. It was beginning to bother me! He left, Sir Ruben coming minutes later.

“Yes?” Sir Ruben asked, seeing the giant raptor on the balcony, “Isn’t that your brother’s?”

“Yes… And tomorrow, I have Free Agents coming through the catacombs who will be undercover as King’s Guards. I’ll need you to accompany me to get them.” I said.

“You are a resourceful something, I see…” Sir Ruben chuckled, “You have more aces up your sleeve than I gave you credit for! Your mother would be proud. You might be glad to know that I’ve been driving home all of which you stated. It is definitely slowing Sir Socoshian down.”

“For him to have so much accomplished, he surely is one passive aggressive little something.” I responded.

“It’s because he’s walking on a thin line. If he manages to keep everything public and working the way he does, he can get what he want. However, with so many things going wrong, he’s probably reevaluating his strategy.” Sir Ruben said.

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GTO – Niece

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All characters are over 18 years old.

Any similarity between the characters in this story to real persons, either alive or dead, is purely coincidental. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION PEOPLE!!

This story takes place Later in Gail’s life after GTO. I STRONGLY suggest that you read the previous stories to understand what motivates her and how she thinks. I am currently working on the next installment of GTO — The Beginning, but I have hit a minor writers block on how to proceed with the story. It will get there, but it is taking a little more time.

Comments are always welcome, but if you don’t like something, at least tell me what the problem is. Those “If it doesn’t get better, you will lose a reader!” comments don’t really help. If you don’t tell me what you don’t like, I really can’t fix it. I’m not a mind reader.


“Good afternoon. Gail O’Malley’s office. This is Kayla, may I help you?” I said answering the telephone.

“Yes.” The female voice on the other end responded. “I need to speak with Gail please.”

“I’m sorry, but Ms. O’Malley is unavailable at the moment. May I take a message, or, perhaps, someone else can assist you?”


“Hello?” I responded after a minute. “Are you still there?”

“Kayla, is it? Tell me, is there a young, blonde woman, early 20’s standing in front of you right now?”

OK, this is getting a bit creepy — especially since a woman matching that exact description just walked up to my desk.

“I assume that there is. So, you will patch me through to YOUR MISTRESS, and then send the woman into GTO’s office NOW!”

WTF???? Who is this person, and how does she know???? I’m kind of getting a little freaked out now.

“Uuuummm, ma’am, may I tell Ms. O’Malley who is on the line?”

“No, you may not.”

OK, then. It was also rather obvious that asking what this was about would only lead to further rejection. The blonde was now standing at my desk with her arms crossed looking rather smug.

“Hold please.”


‘Fuck! Why did I have to go and start my own company? I thought to myself. ‘Make that multiple companies.’ I corrected, as I was currently going through the financials for my engineering firm, my dad’s old auto shop, a VERY exclusive little club that I owned through a vague Chapter S keeping my name off the record, and a couple other smaller investments. ‘I’m a fucking ENGINEER! Not an accountant!’ Yes, I had accountants do all the heavy work on this, but I still needed to review everything.

“Ms. O’Malley, you have a phone call and a visitor to see you.” Came over the intercom.

“Kayla, dear, I thought that I was exceptionally clear earlier when I said that I was NOT to be disturbed for the rest of the afternoon.” I purred. I was in an evil mood.

“[gulp] W-w-well, th-th-th-this seems pretty important.”

Knowing Kayla and knowing that she is intimately familiar with my temper and punishments, I sighed and asked, “Fine. Who is calling, and who is waiting outside?”

“I-I-I-I don’t know ma’am.”

“I’m not laughing Kayla, and I am not in the mood for games.” I almost shouted.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but the caller refused to give me her name, but she indicated that the call involved the visitor as well. The caller seems to know you VERY well.”

Hmmmm, stressing her words like that got me intrigued. “Fine. Patch the call through and send in the guest. If this turns out to be some sort of prank, you can expect a long night in the ‘playroom’ tonight though.”

“Yes ma’am.” She responded. “After this, I will probably end up there anyway.” I heard her mumble before transferring the call.

Picking up the phone when it blinked, “Gail O’Malley.”

“Gail dear. How wonderful to hear your voice again!”


Looking up as the door opened, I saw the blonde walk into my office


“Hello Aunt Elizabeth” I said.

“Hi Aunt Gail. Surprise!” grinned the blonde.


One week earlier:

The two women sitting at the café talking over lunch were definitely attracting their share of admiring glances. The older one looked to be in her mid-50’s, but in truth was significantly older. Her gray hair, rather than look old, only enhanced her sexy mature look. She still kept in great shape, and her dress enhanced her figure while maintaining a conservative look. The younger was in her mid-40’s with flaming red hair cur just below her shoulders. She was also dressed professionally with enough sexiness to attract attention. Those that happened to catch their eyes, found themselves looking into pools of green.

Having spent much of their lunch discussing work, they moved on to discussing news on their personal lives.

“So, it’s good to hear that you aren’t running my firm into the ground, now that I retired.” The older one said. “So, anything else interesting happening, Heather?”

“You mean semi-retired, don’t you? Well Aunt Elizabeth, I did catch an interesting case yesterday. You remember that I porno indir started picking up a few pro-bono cases from the Public Defender’s office?”

“Of course. I remember suggesting it to you actually, as a way of giving back to the community. The positive reviews we got from that didn’t hurt with our standing in the community either.”

“Well, I got thrown a good one. It seems that the defendant is rather abrasive, and none of the regular defenders wanted anything to do with her, except to have her plead out for a deal. She refused, so I ended up taking it. The last public defender that was assigned to her case actually ran out of the room in tears.”

“Sounds like you two will have an interesting time. Perhaps you should sell tickets and do a pay-per-view of your consultation with her. Maybe I’ll have to stop by and watch this one. So, what’s her story?”

“Attorney — client privilege Auntie.”

“Bullshit Heather. My name is still on the letterhead, so you can still consult with me on this.”

Heather laughing, “I know, but it is still fun to twist your tail occasionally. Anyway, she is in town visiting a friend, and they end up going to the wrong club. Some bull dyke starts trying to pick her up and doesn’t know when to back off. Words were said, and then the dyke ends up in the hospital, while my client gets cuffed and stuffed.”

“Sounds kind of like it could be a self-defense argument.”

“Could be, but the club was full of the dyke’s friends, and they are sticking to their story. I should also mention that the dyke has ‘friends in higher places’ as well”

The older woman smiled a little and said, “Kind of reminds me of an incident years ago.”

“Yeah, I thought it might. Especially when you find out who my client actually is.”

That perked Elizabeth up.

“She is actually related to Cousin Gail on Gail’s dad’s side.”

Two day later at the office of Fitzgerald and Associates:

Robin was seated at the conference table. She was not in a good mood. ‘Stupid dyke! I told her I wasn’t interested. She should have just backed off.” She mumbled to herself.

“Good morning Robin.” Heather said as she walked through the door.

Robin looked up and saw an older woman follow her court appointed attorney into the conference room.

“This is Elizabeth Fitzgerald. She is the founding partner of the firm. In full disclosure that will become important in a few moments, I should also inform you that she is my aunt. I believe that she can help your case, but she wanted to talk to you for a bit before she discusses her plan.”

“Hello Robin. It’s wonderful to meet you. Will you please go over the incident in the club for me please. I read the statements, but I would like to hear it from you personally. Words on paper sometimes miss important meaning. I like to hear the story straight from the source”

“Really not much to tell. My friend and I were in the club having a couple of drinks and talking, when this butch girl comes over and starts hitting on me. I’m not interested, so I tell her so. She keeps on going on about how good a little pet I would be. I tell her that I am nobody’s pet, and I have no intention of being a pet. She puts her hand on my thigh and starts to tell me that one night with her strap-on will make me a changed woman. I knock her hand away from me and shove her back. She starts moving back towards me, and I let loose. Next thing I know, the bouncer is pulling me off of her and holding me until the cops show up.”

“I see.” Said Elizabeth. “Do you have any family around?”

“Couple aunts, uncles, and cousins in California. No one around here. Why?”

“What about your parents?”

“Mom left when I was 5, and dad died about 4 years ago.”

“Anyone that you can stay with for a couple of months?”

“Not really. I’m kind of the black sheep of the family. Most everyone else is really religious. I like to go out and have fun. I don’t think that I would get along too well staying with any of my relatives.”

“Surely there is at least one relative that you could get along with.”

“Well, I’m not really sure.”

“What about your cousin Gail O’Malley?”

Robin looked at Elizabeth in shock. “How do you know about her?”

Elizabeth smiled. “As it turns out, Gail’s mom was my sister. You are related to Gail through her father. We are related through marriage, but not blood. I know Gail very well. In fact, she spent the summer living with me when she was 18, and she has been visiting at least once a year since then.”


So, do you think that you could stay with Gail for a while?”

“Well, she seems kind of cool compared to the rest of the family, but I haven’t really talked to her in a couple of years. Pretty sure that she is just as uptight as all the others. She only comes out for weddings and funerals. I’ve seen her drink an occasional glass of wine or two, but she doesn’t go out really. She’s always so busy with her work and follows the rest of the family to church rokettube all the time. I’ve never seen her even show any interest in anyone either. I doubt that she has ever let loose and had a good time. She’s probably never even gotten laid. In fact, I’d be surprised if she even knows what sex is!”

Unfortunately, Heather was just taking a drink from her coffee at that time. It took a couple of minutes to clean the coffee up.

Boston Prosecutor’s Office:

“Prosecutor’s office. Naomi speaking.”

“Hello, my pet. How are you doing this fine morning?”


“Good morning mistress. I’m doing very well today. How may I serve you?” I responded.

I hadn’t heard from Mistress Elizabeth for a few years. Well, that isn’t exactly true. I had seen her in court a few times, but that was business. Her referring to me as ‘Pet’ indicated that this was a more ‘personal’ call.

“Well, my pet, it seems that we have been put in a bit of a predicament by the favorite niece of one of our city council members. I am sorry to do this to you dear, but I must, in this instance, mix a little of personal and business interests.”


“Well Mistress, as you are very well aware, I will do whatever I can to help you, but I can’t compromise this office — even for you. You remember the discussion we had when you came to me about running for DA? In fact, YOU were the one who insisted on that.” Oh God! My panties were soaked from hearing her voice.

Perhaps I should explain a bit. I am the DA for the City of Boston. I met Mistress Elizabeth over 25-years ago while I was in Law School. I was a submissive to one of her friends. After graduation, I became a successful lawyer, but still kept in touch. Professionally, I was a shark. After hours, I needed to let go and totally release control. Dominating the court room but submitting in the bedroom. Elizabeth came to me with the idea of running for DA. Our DA at the time was more interested in politics than justice. She was EXTREMELY clear that she expected nothing but complete professionalism from me. No favors asked, and no favors granted. She then put together a flawless campaign and used all her resources to get me elected in one of the biggest upsets this city had ever seen.

“Of course, my pet. I would never do anything to compromise you. After all, with all the work I went through to get you where you are, I would not want to throw all that away. I am just calling to see if there is a bargain that we can reach on the O’Malley case. You know as well as I do that this is a simple case of self-defense. If that bitch wasn’t related to one of our council members, it would have been thrown out days ago.”

“Not going to disagree with you on that. What do you propose?”

“Supervised release to an approved adult. She will move to another state and live with a responsible adult relative for a minimum of three months. The relative will monitor her behavior and teach her to be a responsible adult. If she has shown significant improvement, her record will be completely expunged. This little incident will just disappear.”

My inner voice was telling me that there was more going on here than what she was telling me. “Elizabeth! The mistress and pet stops now! What are you not telling me?”

“And that is why I worked so hard to get you elected Naomi. You are too smart to pull anything on. OK. You know her aunt. Although, technically, she isn’t her aunt — more like a cousin. Robin’s grandfather is my niece Gail’s father’s brother. You do remember GTO, don’t you?”

GTO???? Mistress Gail??? Ohmygod!! Did I remember her??? How could I ever forget???? My panties just became a tsunami!! “Hmmmm, Gail? You mean your niece that came to visit you for the summer about 25 years ago?” I asked casually.

“Your voice betrays you, my pet. I’m guessing that you need to clean that chair of yours now.”

SHIT!! Actually, I would probably need to throw this chair away and get a new one.

“OK. So, I’m assuming that you want to ship her off to Nevada and have Mistress Gail beat some sense into her?”

“Close, but I think beating sense into Robin would be only slightly less difficult than beating sense into Gail. I was thinking more along the lines of Gail training Robin in how to be a responsible adult.”

“OK. I think we can work out an acceptable deal. I assume that Mistress Gail Jumped at the opportunity?”


“You did discuss this with her — right?”



“Oh, don’t worry. I will explain everything. Gail will be more than happy. I will have her call you if she has any questions. Have a lovely day dear. I will have the paperwork for the deal on your desk this afternoon. Bye.”

“But, but , but…” SHIT!

Heather’s office:

Aunt Elizabeth was smirking when she hung up the phone.

“You aren’t going to tell GTO until Robin is standing right in front of her, are you?” I accused.

“Why Heather, what kind of an evil porno bitch do you take me for?” Aunt Elizabeth demanded looking very innocent.

“The most wickedly devious kind there is Auntie. The most wickedly devious kind there is.” I laughed.

Aunt Elizabeth just smiled in satisfaction.

A few day later in the Office of O’Malley and Associates:

This isn’t happening. This is just a nightmare that I am about to wake up from. This isn’t possible! NO FUCKING WAY!!

“Uuuummmm, Aunt Gail? Are you OK?”

NO!! I’M NOT FUCKING OK!! “Oh yes. I’m fine. It’s really great to see you again Robin.” BULLSHIT!! “Sorry. I’m just a little surprised is all.” UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE FUCKING CENTURY!!

“Really? Elizabeth said that she talked to you about it last week.”

THAT FUCKING BITCH!! “Oh yeah. Sorry, it must have slipped my mind. This has been a really stressful week for me. Anyway, let’s get you home and settled in.” Picking up my phone, “Kayla, I need you to take my niece to my house and get her settled into the guest room please. The first one on the right please.” My room was at the far end of the hallway. ‘Mandy’s room’ was right next to mine on the left side.

I had Robin wait outside while I took 10 minutes to give Kayla VERY clear instructions on what Robin was NOT to see at home. After Kayla left, I called Mandy and gave her a brief rundown on what was happening and explained why she needed to sleep in her own room for a while. Yeah, we were going to have a MUCH longer discussion later tonight,

Then I picked the phone up again…


I looked over at the phone when it rang. 702 area code. SHIT!!

“District Attorney’s Office. Naomi speaking.”

“Hello, my pet.” Said a voice dripping with all the sweetness of a demon from the 7th level of hell. Damn. Thank God I brought spare panties today.

“Mistress Gail? Is that you? Oh my god! It’s so great to hear from you again! Are you back in town?”

“No, my pet. As I’m sure that you are aware, I am very much NOT in town. I’m also sure that, given the circumstances, you are very happy that I am a couple thousand miles away from you right now.”


“Oh. So, I take it that your aunt didn’t give you any warning?”

“No, she didn’t. I actually found out what you two cooked up when my niece unexpectedly walked into my office about half an hour ago. So, perhaps you should explain to me exactly what the terms of this agreement are.”

“Of course, Mistress.”

I spent the next half an hour going over everything with Mistress Gail. By the end of the conversation, I had pretty much calmed her down — or so I thought.

“Very well, my pet. I will take care of everything here. Oh, by the way. I’m planning on a visit to my Aunt’s at the end of this three-month sentence. Have you ever heard that saying ‘Sex is a misdemeanor, Da more I miss, da meaner I get’? I will also be bringing Mandy. She will likely be just as frustrated as I will be. Think about us missing it for the next three months. You should plan on spending the weekend with us. You should also plan on taking the week after that off to recover.”

TRIPLE SHIT!! Damn. My panties just soaked themselves again.


OK. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much shot, so I packed up the files to take home for the weekend and headed home. Kayla was helping Robin unpack in the guest room that I wanted her in. I made sure that she was in the farthest room from my bedroom as possible. The room that we kept for Mandy (although she never used it — but apparently would for the next three months) was right next to mine.

Mandy rolled in as usual at around 6:00. I wasn’t surprised when she came in. After all, I could hear the roar from her Mustang three blocks away. I could tell that she wasn’t happy. I heard her taking her anger out on the pavement as she was gunning the engine and power shifting through the gears as she drove. Fuck!

“Backyard!” I whispered as I handed her a double bourbon when she came through the door.

“Robin, honey, you must have had a long day traveling. Why don’t you take a shower and relax before dinner? Kayla, please get something to drink and meet me on the patio. I need to go over these reports with you.” I called out while walking through the living room.

Once outside with the French doors shut, I moved so that we couldn’t be seen through the windows and pulled Mandy in for a passionate kiss. Despite her anger, (or, perhaps, because of it) she returned the kiss with ferocity. I hadn’t intended for that, and we melted into each other’s arms waging a battle for supremacy with our tongues. It turned out to be a draw, as usual, by the time we were interrupted by Kayla opening the door.

“OK,” I said as I broke away from the kiss. “Here is what is happening. Robin’s side of my family is ultra-religious and extremely conservative. They have no clue about my life here. If they did, I would be excommunicated, and I really do love my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Mandy, I really do love you, but when I come out to that side of the family, it will be on my terms. I can’t have them hearing about my girlfriend and all my submissives from someone else. They would also freak if they knew about the Dave, Danny, and the other guys that we share.”

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Giving Myself to Alison

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I saw Alison for the first time in a little shop around the coastline from where I live. As you can see from my bio’, I’m a teenaged girl, or woman, according to your views on the matter. I’m also trying to sort out my sexual identity and as you will see from this story I’m reaching the conclusion that while I like, and might one day enjoy men, especially those who know what a woman needs, I tend towards women and in particular those a little older than me. This is the story of my road to that realisation.

I was in a souvenir shop and I saw a woman. She was tall and dark haired with a lovely figure. I’d never really looked at a woman from that perspective before. I’ve been sexually active or semi active for a while. I’d seen lots of girls in my school’s changing rooms and been to bed with one boy which was not deeply moving – in fact he came before he penetrated me so despite my open pussy lips having felt a cock I was technically and as it turned out physically a virgin.

I’d tell you about that in another story but there’s not much to say beyond that. I’d never thought anything was wrong. My girlfriends had told me that when I first had sex with a boy not to expect anything much. Just a funny maybe pleasant or unpleasant ‘full’ sensation at best and pain at worst. Well I just felt wet and unsatisfied. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t make me come. He licked and sucked all my most intimate areas for an eternity and tried very hard to please me, but nothing happened beyond discomfort. It wasn’t that I didn’t like boys. I’d often successfully masturbated to images both real and imagined of their hard bodies and the intimacies I’d hoped to share. I was shy about my legs being open and him looking and in the end he came the minute his cock touched me so that was it in a quick paragraph.

Why Alison? I haven’t the slightest idea, but something deep inside me awoke when I saw her. She was beautiful, that was beyond debate – she still is and we still share a bed, but, again, more of that later. She was there in the shop squatting down looking at something and I could see her panties clearly. I don’t know why I stared. She caught me looking and turned her head smiling but making no effort to conceal her errant undergarment. I don’t even think her undies were very sexy in and of themselves. They were full briefs, mauve in colour and may have been cotton or nylon. Just common or garden panties. They just looked inexplicably sexy on her and I was seriously sprung staring. Her little boy and her mother were with her. The smile she flashed me lit up her handsome face. I’d have guessed her age at about 30. In reality she was nearly twice my age at 35. When she stood she was nearly six feet tall and I would describe her figure as willowy. Motherhood had softened what might have been a very angular figure. She was confident enough to wear jeans that sat on her hips and showed her knickers at the front even when she stood. The little gap between the top of her panties and her slightly diaphanous top showed a white patch of skin about an inch or two wide and again not the skin of a teen like me but a slender milky white midriff softened by experience. She caught me staring again and I blushed.

The next act, I knew, was deliberate. She brushed past me with a simple “Excuse me” and smile as her body briefly touched mine and turning her back again squatted in front of me to look at some nic-nac. There could be no doubt the third time she caught me staring down her pants. She just smiled and got up to leave the shop with her mother and son. As I exited the shop in something of a lather. She smiled at me again as she climbed into her car.

Mapua is a small seaside village and if she lived locally I hoped I might see her again. It took a couple of weeks but I spotted her one evening going into dinner at the wharf restaurant with a tall man whom I took to be her husband or boyfriend. Maybe I’d been indulging in some wishful thinking and got the wrong idea. I knew lesbians who had children and had assumed…Then she saw me watching her and smiled.

I went back home, poured a bath and lay back to made love to myself as if it were her. I touched myself everywhere I hoped she would. My nipples had been aching by the time I got home and by the time I began to rub myself between my legs my breasts throbbed. My orgasm sent water out of the bath and all over the floor and I screamed out.

My mother knocked on the door to ask if I was alright. How embarrassing!

I stammered a “Yes”.

When I was back on earth I got out an just put on a robe. My mother gave me a knowing little smile and said how much she enjoyed baths as well but that I should probably make sure my dad or sister weren’t home next time I decided to ‘take care’ of myself so loudly. She saw me blush beetroot red and told me not to be embarrassed about it, everybody did it but Rachel my sister wasn’t so noisey. How the hell did she know?!

“Everybody did it” – Sure they did they just didn’t make so much noise their mother heard.

I hd porno shouldn’t have worried. My mother is very cool – she had me young and is much like a friend. She is someone I could tell about my sexual confusion so I did. She’d guessed I’d been to bed with a boy but was a bit shocked that I’d not enjoyed or really even consummated the sex at all. So we got talking, I poured my heart out and I told her about the woman. She took it well and said it might be something major or just a crush. Then she told me that she had had similar feelings about some women and that the only way to be sure was to try if that’s what my body told me. She looked me straight in the eye as she told me this. As I said, not your average mother. All in all she was pretty cool and gave me a kiss and a hug and told me to get to bed and take care of any itches a bit more quietly next time.

Even if I went to bed a bit frustrated I was happy I’d told someone.

The problem still remained about how to meet the woman who was increasingly filling my waking thoughts and what about the man? Who was he and was I just making a fool of myself? Why did she let me look at her and why did she smile so sweetly at me. Perhaps she just liked to show off, but then surely she would wear something more revealing than simple briefs. More masturbation and a restless night followed.

Next morning my mother spoke to me again about my feelings. She told me quite plainly that if it turned out that girls were my thing I could bring them home just as my sister brought boys home to her bed and there would be no problems. In answer to my unspoken question she told me my Dad was fine about it. She saw my blush and explained that she and he had no secrets, she may have omitted my loud masturbation the previous afternoon but she had told him that his little girl might be into girls and he’d been of the same mind as her. Well at least I was lucky at home. Could I be lucky elsewhere was the question.

I thought it was about a week later when I saw the object of my desire in the distance near the local school and began to walk towards her. Sadly for me she collected her child and drove off without my getting near her. The next time I was near her was a chance encounter at the local Guy Fawlkes evening on the beach. The whole community turned out and I had one of my little boy cousins on my shoulders watching the fireworks and the bonfire.

Suddenly I heard a voice beside me

I turned as I could not look around and there she was. My stomach did a flip flop and all I could do was open and close my mouth without sound.

Her little boy was with her and so when I recovered the power of speech our conversation went like this.

“It’s alright to look as much as you want. I don’t mind in fact I like it. Would you like to meet for coffee tomorrow?”

I stammered a “Yes” and so we were to meet the next morning for coffee.

“My name is Alison.”

“I’m Amanda”

“I look forward to seeing you Amanda.” She smiled and walked off.

Back home I went in a lather of excitement. Because November is warm here so I’d not worn panties so the tops of my thighs had become a little slick. I needed a shower.

After my shower I went back to my room and disrobing, clambered into bed. As I adjusted my pillow something hit my hand. A small cylindrical object with a little bow and a card.

“Christ, Mother!”

She’d bought me a little pocket rocket to help me play with myself and it was small and thin enough fit just inside me without breaking my hymen. It was no bigger than a large lipstick container and as I parted my legs and ran it’s buzzing surface along my slender pink inner lips up to my clit things went all melty inside me. I had to put the pillow over my face to muffle the noises I made.

The next morning once Dad and my sister had gone. I went and thanked her blushing again.

How would things go with Alison was my next uncertainty. What was she? Would I be played simply for her pleasure.

I wandered along to the coffee shop and there she was. She got up took one of my hands and kissed me on the cheek.

She told me how glad she was I’d joined her. There was a lot of small talk and then in the midst of an innocuous exchange there was a silence during which she looked at me.

“I liked you looking at me. Did you enjoy it?”

I didn’t know where to look or what to say. I blushed and looked down.

“Yes but I’m not sure about anything.”

“That’s fine. I don’t want to push.”

“What about the man- your husband?”

“He’s fine about my ways. I love him so much that nothing would ever come between us. Anything I do he knows about. So consider that, Amanda, before you do anything beyond having coffee with me.”

I was flustered. So I asked for a few more details about the relationship. Alison was deeply in love with her husband and just had needs he couldn’t fulfil.

She was into girls especially younger ones about my age and sometimes if sex izle they were agreeable she would share them with her husband, but usually not.

We sipped our coffees and there was an uncomfortable silence.

Alison broke it saying that her mother was babysitting for her today and that if I liked we could wander down to her house and relax out of the public eye

We walked down the road together and upon reaching Alison’s house she took my hand and we walked down the secluded path to her front door.

“I prefer not to advertise to openly in a small community.” She said with a smile as she squeezed my hand.

Entering the house which had a great view out over the beach and coastline she showed me around and we ended up on the deck outside looking at the deserted beach and sitting side by side on a big sofa that had obviously been put out there that morning. Again Alison broke a silence to ask what I would like to do with the day. I lost my nerve completely and just shook my head saying I didn’t know.

“Well Amanda I’m going to go and get some wine and we can have a few drinks for lunch and see what happens.”

She kissed me on the cheek and got up to go and get a bottle or as it turned out two. When she came back she had disposed of her hipster jeans and was just wearing a tight fitting black cotton singlet and a pair of matching black cotton panties. It was my first chance to look at her legs and how long and beautiful they were. These panties were different from the pair that had caught my attention. They were not a g-string but quite small, just a piece of material front and back joined by a black string. They looked fabulous against her white skin. I could see about four inches of her stomach and her nipples poked through the front of her top. Looking down between her slightly parted legs I could see the swell of her pussy.

With her legs drawn up slightly the panties did not quite cover the outside of her lips. I couldn’t see any hair and as she raised her arm to run her fingers through her hair I could see that under her arms there was no evidence of shaving. She saw me look and simply said

“I had my armpits zapped and few other areas too!”

There was a pause.

“Do you like my undies?”.

There was a further silence as I nodded.

“I changed just for you to enjoy my body. It turns me on to have you look at me so have a drink and look as closely as you want. Don’t forget to touch if you’d like.”

We were now sitting facing each other with our legs drawn up. Given I had worn a skirt my lacey panties were on display. I felt warm and horny and nervous all at once.

Alison looked down between my legs.

“I like your panties. What do you do about your hair?”

I just blushed.

It was obvious, given that the front pannel of the panties was transparent, that I had a good patch of hair. I’d never had to shave for a bikini but I did trim with a scissors especially in summer, just to keep cool really. Alison set her drink down and reached under herself. Lifting her hips she pulled her panties down.

“I used to have quite a lot of hair that went right back to ‘you know where’ but a girlfriend of mine gave me a trim one day and I was hooked on not having anything on my lips or back there and I’ve had no complaints.”

She sat across from me her knees apart and sipped her wine. “Would you like to see my breasts?”


“Then you’ll have to come over here and take my top off.”

Nervously and none too gracefully I got up and knelt into her. It was not an easy position and I lost my balance and wound up against her, my cheek on her shoulder. She cradled me and kissed me lightly.

“Here Sweetie.” She cooed and lowered one of the little straps holding her top up. Her left breast was right in front of my face. She had dark nipples with thick eraserlike nipples probably as a result of nursing.

“They grew when I was breast feeding and now I love to have them sucked.” She said cupping her breast and offering me a nipple.

I took it and closed my eyes as I closed my lips around it. As if second nature I suckled on Alison as she held me. She sipped her wine and kissed me stroking my head and torso as she ‘nursed’ me. I don’t know when I first noticed but a steady rhythm disturbed me and I opened my eyes to find Alison stroking herself her eyes closed and her head back. I continued my suckling. My insides were churning with excitement and I knew that I was damp. I closed my eyes again and stayed at Alison’s breast. She began to breathe deeply and after a frantic rubbing between her legs gave a gasp and stiffened with a little sigh. I felt my own slight contraction. It wasn’t really an orgasm, more like an involuntary twitch inside me. The result was I bit Alison’s nipple softly. Her legs shot out straight and she had a second more powerful orgasm. She lifted my face to hers and kissed me deeply. I could smell something akin to my scent when I made love to myself. As our mouths altyazılı porn and tongues sought each other I felt a finger slip into my mouth. Both our tongues licked and sucked it, my first taste of a woman.

We cleaned Alison’s juices from her finger. She tasted like nothing else. It was subtle and thick and I wanted to taste more. We kissed and hugged for ages maybe an hour without saying anything. The sun was high in the sky and it was warm. Stretching Alison asked if she could ‘see’ me.

I sat up and pulled off my top. I had not bothered with a bra. My breasts are not huge and are very firm so I can get away without wearing one. We had been together for nearly two hours and my breasts ached. My nipples stood out like little pink diamonds and there was no doubt that the gusset of my panties was very moist. Alison asked me to get up and lie forward onto the sofa on my knees. I still had my skirt and panties on and made to take them off but she stopped me. She handed me her panties and I put them to my nose. Then she pushed me forward and told me to close my eyes. So I was on my knees with my short skirt riding up as I knelt forward and my face buried in Alisons slightly damp and scented cotton panties.

Hands rubbed my bare back followed by a trail of kisses. Next a hand went between my knees and I knew to spread my legs. The hand was gone to be replaced by lips on my ankle. Kisses made their way up my calf to the back of my knee. Then the same happened on the other leg but this time the kisses went up the back of my thigh to the egde of my panties. I was breathing deeeply but still steadily. My pussy felt so tight and my clit begged for a touch – even mine. Alison went back to my other knee and kissed up the back of my thigh. My skirt was thrown up over my back. Her tongue then outlined my panties and pushed them up between my cheeks. I panicked as the tongue ran up the crease of my cheeks. I clenched.

“It’s okay Baby. You’re lovely and clean just enjoy what I’m doing, let yourself go.”

There was a tug on the material of my panties and a cutting sound. She had used a knife or scissors or something to cut the material that was my last vestage of modesty. Both of my most secret places were visible as she made gentle soft oral love to me.

“Open wide.” she whispered and as I did she spread my cheeks and my anus felt her tongue.

I cried out as the orgasm hit me. I went rigid and clamped on Alison’s face. Alison’s panties were wetted further with my tears and much as it embarrasses me some dribble from my mouth as I lost control. I managed not to let my bladder go but after coffee and wine and two or more hours of making love I needed to go.

I was unsteady on my feet as Alison took me by the hand to her bathroom. We both went and then used her bidet to wash ourselves. I kissed her and tasted myself on her face.

I told her about my embarrassment at her touching or even seeing my open rear. She reassured me that I was clean as a whistle and how she had enjoyed taking my anal virginity. She said I had one or two stray little hairs she’d take care of one day. I blushed at the mention of this and my virginity. I told her that I still had my hymen and now that I was with a woman would probably be keeping it. She giggled and shook her head.

“Not necessarily Baby. I can take your cherry if you like. I’ve got a toy I like to wear if you’re game, but it’s getting on and I must collect my son. If you want to come back tomorrow we can make love tummy to tummy or if you want to save it for a man, I’ll understand if you want to.”

I just blurted out that I wanted her to take me. We kissed and cuddled and tried to get dressed but it took an eternity. I elected to go home without any panties, Alison offered me a pair but I declined.

I got home at 3pm and my mother took one look at me and knew.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“Yes fine. Just going to take a bath”. I smiled.

She smiled back.

I slept badly that night. I was nervous and excited that after my one abortive attempt I would be a virgin no more by sundown tomorrow.

By morning I was an emotional mess. I was due at Alison’s at 9 and the minutes dragged. Finally at about 8:30 I set off down the road. I wore white cotton panties that day as some sort of symbol I suppose. We didn’t have an easy time of it as it turned out.

I went up to her door and knocked. I nearly fled I was so nervous but the door opened and there she stood in just a cotton t-shirt and jeans her panties just visible above her hipsters. She held her arms out to me and I melted into them. We kissed and she took my hand leading me to her bedroom. On her bed on my back my legs apart she made oral love to me until I screamed. She asked me if I really wanted my maidenhead gone and I nodded.

I saw the soft leather harness and the ‘cock’ she intended to use on me sitting on her bedside table. They sat there as we had made soft wet love for about two hours. I lay back recovering from my final orgasm. Alison fitted herself into the harness and climbed up on top of me. We kissed for ages as she pressed gently against my entrance. I felt a bit full and stretched even as she cuddled me with just the head of it inside me.

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