Janet’s Seduction

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Big Cock

Janet was in a daze. It happened so fast. Rob had walked with her out to her car after the late Friday afternoon meeting. Everyone was tired from the long workday.

They talked about the meeting on the way to her car, and then, for a few seconds, they looked at each other. There was a chemistry between them that had gone unspoken.

Rob tentatively grasped her hand, and she squeezed his hand. That said volumes. He brought her close and hugged her. The way she pressed her body on his told him that it was worth the risk.

He gently whispered, “Janet – I want to eat your pussy.”

She pulled away, surprised at what she heard. Then she giggled. “Thanks for the compliment, but I have a boyfriend.”

“I know,” he said.

She looked at him questioningly.

“How often do you make love?” he asked.

“Rob, Why are you – (sigh) about three times a week. Why?” It was an exaggeration, but she didn’t want Rob to know that her sex life was mundane.

He drew close and whispered, “I want to eat your pussy when it has cum in it… even if it’s not mine.”

She put her hands over her mouth and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! You’re kidding, right?”

Rob grasped her hand, gave it a light squeeze, and let go. “See you Monday!” He walked off.

Janet was shaken by her encounter, and had to think, even with a tingling in her pussy. She got in her car and worked her fingers into her panties, and brought herself off quickly. She told herself that it was the stress of the day that heightened her need. Even so, she couldn’t get the disturbing conversation with Rob out of her mind.

Several hours later, Janet moaned as her boyfriend’s cock plowed her pussy. She was more responsive than usual, which he enjoyed. She rhythmically squirmed under him as he thrust inside her, and timed her exclamations to his pulsing member when he ejaculated long and hard. During the night she pulled him on top of her between her open legs and insisted on another lovemaking session. Her boyfriend was surprised, but pleased. She jilled herself imagining her messy pussy being licked and kissed with all the sperm inside.

On Monday, Janet seemed friendly but distant to Rob, and they carried on their work duties normally. On Wednesday, she asked Rob to go to lunch with her. Once outside the no-privacy workplace, she looked him in the eye and said, “I’ve been thinking about our last conversation. Did you mean it?”

“Of course I meant it,” he confidently replied. “Is that something you’d try?”

“I – I don’t know… But my boyfriend is going out of town on Friday and I’m working from home that day. I’m thinking if I can get him to make love to me before he leaves, I might want to see how it feels.”

“Does he ever eat your pussy?”

“Not very much…”

“So even though he ejaculates inside you, he doesn’t participate in giving you orgasms, right?”

She blushed. “That’s true.”

Rob smiled knowingly.

Janet then asked him, “You’re not going to try to fuck me then, right? That’s not part of the deal.”

“It’s up to you,” Rob replied. “I have a lot of self control, so it’s fine if that’s as far as you want to take it. You know I like you, Janet.”

She was silent for a while. Then she said, “Tell me more about your self control.”

“There was a time when I couldn’t last very long during intercourse. That bothered me, so I read a lot of information on the subject, and learned how to control my ejaculation even when the feeling of wanting to give in was strong. It took a lot of work and practice, but now I can last as long as the woman wants.”

“Oh my gosh!”

“I wait for a sign that she’s ready, but to be safe I like to ask permission, knowing that she’s free to say no and I have to prolong intercourse until she says yes.”

Janet’s pussy tingled and she squeezed her legs together. That was the sexiest thing she had ever heard – a guy asking permission to cum, and waiting for the lady’s assent.

“So, escort bayan if I – I mean, the woman doesn’t give you permission, you can keep up intercourse for an hour, if that’s what she wants?”


“Wow, Rob, that’s absolutely awesome!”

Her pussy was lubricating and she knew she had to take care of it as soon as she got back to work. She wrote her address and gave it to Rob. “We’d better get back. I’ll call you when I’m ready on Friday and you can come over.”

The next evening, when Janet’s boyfriend wanted to experience her squirming pussy, she hesitated, and said that she wanted him to give her a good fucking just before he left for his trip the next day. Meanwhile, she schemed to get more than one ejaculation from him inside her the next day. Rob, she thought to herself, if it’s cum in my pussy that you want, I’m going to make sure there’s a lot of it in there.

While Janet put off her boyfriend that evening, Rob edged himself three times, not letting himself come to a satisfying release. He wanted to be prepared for the possibility that she would want intercourse after he lapped up her boyfriend’s cum. He also had to be prepared for her to say no.

Janet slept fitfully, her pussy tingling with conflicting emotions about what she had planned. But since her own boyfriend rarely wanted to eat her pussy at all, she reasoned that she had to know what it would feel like. Besides, she thought, I can send Rob home afterward and not let him fuck me.

Right after lunch, Rob’s phone rang. “Okay,” Janet excitedly whispered, “Come on over. I’m waiting.”

When Janet let Rob in her apartment, she gave him a hug, and he asked, “How many times?”

“Twice,” she giggled. Rob looked pleased. Janet led him into her bedroom, and looked at him with a “what next” expression.

“I’d like us both to have all our clothes off for this,” Rob stated. As soon as Janet began to shed her clothes, Rob undressed. “Okay, get comfortable on the bed, and I’ll start.”

Janet noticed Rob’s rock-hard erection. She had several thoughts about it. So that’s the cock that he has a lot of self control over. The cock that he asks permission when he’s fucking. It’s gorgeous, a little longer than Brian’s. And he puts my pleasure first.

“Open your legs, honey,” Rob said as he climbed on the bed. He looked at her brunette mound with cum that was ready to emerge from her well fucked pussy. “Lie back now, I’ll take care of the rest. I want you to enjoy this.”

He felt Janet’s body tremble as he brought his mouth close to her spermed pussy. He grasped her hips and licked all around her opening. Janet was breathing hard. When he licked squarely on her pussy, she moaned. He licked several more times and she responded, “Oh! Ahh!”

He alternated between her opening and her hardened nub, and she jerked her hips as she crested into an intense orgasm. “Oh! Ahh! Oh my God! Yes! Ahh! Ahhh!”

More of her boyfriend’s sperm mixed with her juices of arousal came forth, and Rob diligently attended to it while she kept rocking her hips and exclaiming how good it felt. Soon she again crested, this time twisting her hips as well as pumping. But Rob steadfastly kept his eager mouth on her pussy, licking more intensely. She literally screamed her third orgasm and pounded the mattress with her fists as she surrendered to it. By that time Rob had gotten most of what he could.

“Oh my God, Rob, I can’t take any more!”

He lay next to her as her heavy panting gradually subsided. A second moment of truth confronted Janet when she saw Rob’s sturdy cock reach for the sky.

“Rob,” she said while tenderly running her hands across his chest, “You gave me so much pleasure. Part of me wants to tell you to fuck my brains out, but I can’t handle that right now. I want to give you more pleasure than a hand job, so please be patient with me. It’s not fair that you delay your pleasure, but I really, really have to altıparmak escort bayan think about this. Please don’t hate me for sending you home now!”

Rob’s response was to give her a long, passionate kiss and run his hands all over her slender, sensuous body. He played his cards right, though, and said, “It’s okay, Janet. Call me whenever you want to, any time of day or night. I’m glad for the pleasure of eating your pussy. You taste really good.”

Then he got dressed and went home. That night he placed his cell phone on the nightstand and went to sleep with Janet’s scent on his face.

Janet went to sleep with her legs open and her hand stroking her bushy brunette pussy. She didn’t sleep well, and a few hours later her pussy won. She didn’t care what time it was. Her fingers trembled as she dialed Rob’s number.

“Rob,” she said in a shaky voice, “I’m sorry But I need you. I want you to fuck my brains out.”

“I really want you to come over to my place, Janet. And don’t clean up. I love your scent – all over.” He gave her his address and thirty minutes later she was at his door.

They shared some wine while they talked, mostly to get her more comfortable with the idea. She had dressed minimally, and wore only a T shirt, tight fitting shorts, and sandals. The ease with which she could shed her clothes was not lost on Rob.

After a while Janet asked, “How long has it been since you ejaculated?”

“Two weeks,” he answered as his cock hardened.

Janet giggled. “Oh my gosh, you do have a lot of self control! You must really want to fuck me!”

Rob said nothing, but stood up, took Janet’s hand, and led her to his bedroom. He looked closely into her eyes. “Are you ready for me?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Take me. Now.”

He removed her T shirt and took down her shorts. She stepped out of her panties while Rob removed his clothes. Janet lay on the bed with her legs open. Her excited smile said that she anticipated a good time.

Rob noticed her pussy was creaming, so he immediately worked on entering her. A little at a time, he tantalizingly gave short thrusts until he was all the way in. Face to face, they exchanged tender kisses. “Rob, that feels so good,” she whispered.

He slowly pumped, getting a feel for her reactions and the inner space of her pussy. It was indeed a sweet feeling to be inside her. He varied the tempo of his thrusts, sometimes slowly, working up to vigorous pumping, and then holding still inside her. She moaned constantly, repeating how good it felt.

He turned her over and pumped when he had his hands on her hips. She reacted by pushing back with each thrust, her sexy mewling increasing his need for self control. They stayed in that position for a long while, since Rob could precisely control his pumping in order to keep from giving in. After what seemed forever, he nudged her over again, face to face.

Janet saw that Rob had to valiantly struggle to keep from ejaculating. She wanted desperately to tell him, please cum, give me all the sperm that you have, I want you to cum right now. There was a reason that she didn’t.

They shared more tender kisses while they indulged in sensual intercourse. Janet surrendered to a vaginal orgasm, a rare event for her. Rob was obviously pleased with that. He kept up his vigorous pumping, and she gave in to another orgasm a couple minutes later. And another.

Finally, Rob asked, “Janet – may I cum inside you now?”

She waited until her next orgasm took hold. “Yes, Rob, YES! Please cum inside me! Oh God, YES!”

Within ten seconds Rob started to spurt. His convulsive ejaculation went on for what felt like a full minute. When their breathing subsided, Janet, with Rob still inside her, whispered, “I really wanted you to cum in me right away – but I had to experience your asking permission to cum. It gave me such a wild orgasm!”

Rob withdrew and said, “Quickly – nilüfer eskort get on top of me.” He grasped her hips and had her straddle his mouth. The combination of their juices from far up inside her began to trickle out of her and he was ready. He licked and kissed Janet’s pussy through two more orgasms. They then fell asleep.

Rob awoke a couple hours later with Janet riding his cock. She smiled and said, “I couldn’t wait. I want more. Give me your cum, Rob, don’t hold it back!”

Her rocking became more vigorous and his previous denial of pleasure brought him close to ejaculation. He gave in and bucked like a wild stallion as he gave spurt after spurt inside her.

Without saying a word, she straddled his mouth and squirmed as he extracted his profuse ejaculate from her pussy. After her orgasm she handled Rob’s cock until he was hard again and guided it inside her. She lay on top, chest to chest, and rhythmically pumped her hips. “I want more cum, Rob,” she said with wild eyes and a determined expression on her face.

My, gosh, what have I done, Rob said to himself, this girl is obsessed with cum! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it, though.

The sight of Janet’s frenzied look, along with her wild pumping of her hips, ensured that Rob had a steady and uninterrupted ascent to another intense ejaculation. “You’re getting close, Rob, I know it! Don’t hold out on me!”

When he crossed the point of no return, he cried out, and Janet kept up her frenzied thrusting. “Yes! Yes, you’re cumming in me! Give me every drop, Rob! Every fucking drop!”

She continued to ride him until he slipped out, and she scrambled up to plant her pussy on his mouth. The next few minutes were deliriously pleasurable for both of them, but especially for Janet. Exhausted, they slept until midmorning.

Janet asked if she could come over that night. “I want you to fuck me silly. I can only let you fuck me when Brian is out of town.”

That night, Janet came over, dropped her clothes on the floor, lay back on the bed with her legs spread and hands behind her head, and said, “I’m yours. Take me.” Rob had scarcely seen a more delectable sight. Janet’s pussy, of course, was lubricating heavily when Rob inserted his throbbing member inside her. He probed, pumped, and thrust relentlessly while Janet stayed as passive as she could. After no less than forty five minutes of continuous intercourse, and Janet experiencing three vaginal orgasms, Rob said, “Janet – this feels so good. May I cum inside you now?”

Janet said nothing. She just looked at him with gleaming, excited eyes. Another five minutes, and Rob asked, “Janet – may I ejaculate now?” There was a little more urgency in his voice. Her eyes shone. “No, Rob,” she whispered, “Not yet.”

That little cum-slut is teasing me, Rob told himself. I can hold on. When I do cum, though, I’ll fill her basket. I’d better slow down a little.

Sweat formed on Rob’s forehead as he kept sustaining prolonged intercourse. Janet had another vaginal orgasm, and rob felt his self control tested to its limit.

Janet looked at the clock. They had been actively fucking for an hour. “Janet, may I cum now!” he pleaded. She felt herself approaching another orgasm, which she wanted to delay. As soon as she yielded to it, she clenched her teeth and moaned, “Oh… God… cum… now!”

That was all it took, and Rob thrashed about in ejaculatory convulsions as he spurted, spurted, and spurted. When she caught her breath she said, “Oh God, Rob, knowing that you’d wait for me is the most erotic thing I can think of! Fuck me again, Rob. Cum whenever you want to. And then you can eat my pussy.”

It took only a few minutes for Rob to exclaim and spurt another reservoir of semen into Janet’s cum-hungry pussy. Then he applied his mouth to her pussy and sent her into a stratospheric orgasm.

“I have to go home, Rob. I have a lot to think about. Brian comes home tomorrow and I have to go back to being his girlfriend.”

They kissed for a long while, and then she left.

Monday at work, Janet came by Rob’s desk and quietly said, “Can we have lunch at your place? I brought dessert.”

Rob smiled and asked, “How many times?”

“Three,” she giggled.

“Let’s go,” he said.

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Mystic Mansion

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You’ll have to excuse me for my english; it’s not my first language (and this story was written long ago). I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes. And, most of all, I fear that I’m not really getting better with each story I write so be patient…

If there’s one thing I like being a girl, through all the things I don’t like, it’s the luck we have hitchhiking. And by being quite pretty, I must admit, my chances are even greater. I confess that I sometimes use my curves to increase my luck: when I decide to wear only my white tank top and an old pair of cut-offs, like today, I really make an impression. Tightly wrapped by the white spandex, my breasts softly wave up and down, unhindered from any bra. And below, my legs seem to emerge from my jeans like two wild rivers. I never have to wait more than five minutes on the side of the road for a car to stop. It helped to lower the costs of my numerous trips across the States.

Anyway here I am just out of a small town, at six o’clock, heading south on a long and isolated road. As usual a car stops by quickly and we’re off for the forest ahead. But I won’t get very far with this guy, he’s turning east on the 55 while I must go down southward. It was still a pleasant hour. After letting me out, he took the 55 and disappeared in the forest. That’s when it hit me; at six o’clock, even with all the luck I can have, there are not many cars passing by. What do I do? I can’t walk 60 miles back to the town, and I know very well that the forest goes on for much longer. I pin up my hair tightly and begin walking deeper in the forest.

It’s now eight and after two long hours walking further in the forest, I see what could be my life saver; a small, faint light through the woods. Walking a lot faster now, I nearly run towards it; at night-time in the forest it gets really dark and cold. To my surprise and relief, it’s a house that looks like it was dropped there, with nothing more than a small trail heading for the big door. Good Gods it’s a really big house, radically out of place in the woods! But right now I don’t really care about the fact that this old mansion looks pretty weird, and I just walk through the light bushes and knock on the door.

Two knocks later, I finally ear footsteps from inside, coming quickly to the door. Behind the opening door, a woman in her early forties smiles warmly at me and after a quick hello, asks me to enter before I can even place a word.

“So, young stranger, where do you come from?”

“From a lot of places actually, but for today, I come from the town just outside the woods.”

“And to what pleasure do we owe your visit?” She said in her sweet voice.

“Well, I was hoping for a lift, but at this time of day, I had no luck at all.” I try to look as if I was a helpless little girl: perhaps she would invite me for the night?

“You had no luck dressed like this?” She laughed and gave me a long look up and down. “It’s quite curious. But don’t worry about anything, you can spend the night here if you want to.”

She then turns around and head for the kitchen while telling me to make myself at ease, at home. Clad only in a large but thin house gown (which will allow my eyes to see part of her ample and firm cleavage), she smoothly walks away. I’m really surprised by her light brown hair that flows all the way down to her thighs in soft curls. I don’t mean that I don’t like mine, but sometimes a redhead just wishes to switch color for a while.

Anyway, I’m still quite surprised by her incredible hospitality, but just as she asked, I make myself at home. After dropping my bags, I turn around the corner to find myself in a large living room. As I sit down, I hear her ask me from the kitchen if I wanted something to drink.

“Water would be fine.” But I was once more surprised by her. She peaked her head around the kitchen corner and smiled.

“Oh come on, if you consider yourself lucky to have found us, be more creative and try your luck again. Anything you want, you’ll have it. Don’t worry, try me!”

Maybe influenced by the tone in her voice, a happy one, I think about what I could ask her. “Pina-Colada, virgin.” Was my response.

She repeats my last word, but as a question this time. “Virgin?”

I reply with a laugh. “Not quite, but I like my drinks this way.”

Just as I spoke out my last word, she turns the corner with my Pina-Colada in her hand. “Here you go, a cold Pina-Colada, for a virgin…” She looks at me with a large smile and sits down beside me.

Puzzled, I ask; “How did you do this so quickly?”

“Well, you see, …how could I say: there’s magic in this house. ”

Even though she looks serious, I can’t help but to crack a smile. She goes on a bit with a new smile;

“Don’t laugh so quickly, you’ll see that it’s true soon enough.”

“OK, I want to believe you. I can’t say that I do now, but I do want to!”

After a few more laughs, I finish my drink and after taking the empty glass, she gets Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort up and goes back in the kitchen.

“If you want to take your bags to your room now, I’ll show you were you’ll spend the night.”

“No problems.”

We climb up two sets of stairs to finally end up on the second floor, which is as big as the first and ground floor. There’s even a complete bathroom up here and four bedrooms; four large bedrooms. Two of them seem to be used, the two other look more like guest rooms. When she sees my eyes looking in one of the rooms, she tells me that Mary and Klaudia, her two daughters, will be back soon. The three of them seem live alone in this immense place and she doesn’t say a word about a possible husband. Again she asks me to make myself at home and asks me if I had dinner. As soon as I tell her no, she leaves the room. Before disappearing down the stairs, she asks me to get back down in about fifteen minutes, dinner will be served.

After throwing my bag on a big chair, I let myself fall back on the huge bed, letting out a long sigh of disbelieve. What is this strange house, and this strange woman? How can they live out here in the forest? I suddenly notice that I didn’t see any radios, TV sets or telephones at all. I look around my room and indeed there are none. The decorations and styling don’t look old or anything, but modern conveniences are non-existent. I take off my cut-offs and tank top and put on my old tee-shirt, which barely covers my buttocks.

As I look at myself in the wall-long mirror, I think back to my senior high year, two years ago. As one of the cheerleaders, choosing a boyfriend was important. When I decided to accept a date with Mark, he saw it like a divine grace. At least that’s what he told me. And every time I wore this tee-shirt to sleep, usually with nothing under it, he always marveled at the teasing curves of my thighs smoothly transforming themselves into my buttocks. But this time I’ll wear panties and my black boxers under this memory-filled shirt.

As I was searching for my boxers, the lady (who didn’t ask for my name and vice-versa) enters my room and tell me that dinner is ready.

“Just a minute, I’m still searching for my boxers. ”

“Oh don’t be shy of your pretty legs.” She then takes my hand and guides me out of the room. “Anyway, it’s only going to be me, you and my daughters. And don’t worry about any visitors, you’re the first we’ve had in months.”

After a brief hesitation, I follow her down, realizing that she’s completely right. But another surprise awaits me in the dining room. She did not only prepare dinner, she prepared a sumptuous meal that’s more fit for a king than for me. I look at her, with a thousand questions in my eyes, but all she gives back for answer is a quick smile and;

“You think you’re going to like it?”

As I sit down, I make long “no” signs with my head, not believing what I see. There is simply everything. She prepared all this stuff for me, and in about ten minutes? It’s impossible. She pulls me out of my wonder by asking me;

“So, what’s your name stranger?”

“Tanya, and yours?”

“Juliette. I know it sounds weird, but my parents were both literature students when I was conceived.” She smiled and even blushed a little! “What can I say!”

“It’s not weird, it’s unusual, yes, but not weird. I always found that name quite special. ”

“Well me too. But now eat, before it gets cold!”

With that she starts to eat herself. All through the long dinner we discover each others past and plans for the future, I learn that her “Romeo” died 6 years ago but that it wasn’t really hard for any of the three women still alive. He had been sick for 3 years and they all knew the moment would come sooner or later. But now, they were all living happy lives in this incredible house.

As time passes by, I begin to seriously wonder if magic really exist in here. Let’s consider those two things; we talked about music and I told her that I love Irish music. She then took the remote and simply turned the system on. Can you guess what type of music was already in the CD player? Yes, it was Irish, it was the Chieftains. But one thing special about this system is that it’s hidden somewhere, I that I can’t see any speakers at all. The music seems to be coming from everywhere. After dinner, we got back to the living room and this time I spotted the huge library on the back wall. And as I browsed through the titles, each of them ringed a bell. I had either read them or heard something about them. How can this be? I still don’t know.

It’s now nine and a half and suddenly, she asks me if I want to take a swim. I say yes, that’s exactly what I needed to relax from the weird day I had. Without hesitating, I tell her that I’m going to change and put on my swimsuit, and run upstairs to my room, as if it were my own home. In the room, I think about all the funny stuff that happened since I arrived, but not for long because I decide that, until they become threatening, I won’t bother with them. As I get back down and turn the kitchen corner, I see the pool through the doors. It’s, of course, a long pool with dim lights in it. Juliette is already in and is slowly swimming from side to side. I walk up to the edge and dip my foot in the water. Somewhere between 80 and 85 degrees, the temperature is perfect. But I realize, with a tiny shock that Juliette is swimming in the nude. She notices my reaction and asks me if I wanted her to put something on. I tell her;

“No no, it’s just that it surprised me.”

“I thought so.”

“Why did you think so?” Is she a telepath!?!

“I saw you looking down my house gown earlier, and back then you didn’t seem to be shy…”

But now I am. With a fake smile, I look at her and finally accept the fact that she caught me earlier. “Sorry…”

“Come on, don’t be shy my child.” she said laughing. “I won’t eat you!”

And I think to myself “Well, we never know, funny things have happened here…” While I climb down the three stairs down the pool, I can’t help but imagine her head between my legs and the feel of her tongue inside me. The little burning I feel inside me wakes up my nipples that now stand quite proudly against my thin swimsuit. She’ll probably think that it’s the cold water… Through our fooling around in the pool, I let my arm touch her breasts a couple of times and my legs her buttocks. She may be much older than me, but I could give anything to have a body like this when I reach her age. Firm yet smooth, thin yet generous, very generous…Breaking a long silence, she asks me;

“Could you unpin your hair for me?”

“Well, if you want to.” As I do, I let them fall down my shoulders and on my back. The tips touches the water and reach down to the middle of my back. Walking towards me, she asks me to turn around. Taking my hair in her hands, she plays with them; twisting them, pulling them up or straightening them to see how long they really are. During that and the small talk about my and her hair, she moves her hands and fingers on my back. I don’t know how she does it, but her body’s really hot. Not only figuratively, but hot like if she had a high fever or something. It must be my cooler body that gives me that impression, but still, I wonder…

When she moves her hands back up from the tip of my hair, she lets her fingers touch the skin from my hips up to under my arms, before wrapping them around my neck to grab my hair once more. Each time she does that, her fingers get closer and closer to the side curves of my breasts. I must confess that my one piece swimsuit has a low, very low back and that the swelling of my breasts is clearly visible from the sides. When she asks me if I had enough of the pool, she lets her finger trace the smooth outline of my breasts. I guess I had it coming, but I don’t really care. She doesn’t do it too clearly so that I could have reacted, but enough for me to feel a women’s touch on my breasts. I smile a bit when I see my nipples coming back to life, poking through my white swimsuit. I then slowly walk towards the stairs, with her just behind me.

After drying ourselves up, she puts back her robe and opens the patio door for me. At the same time, across the kitchen and lobby, the front doors open and two girls about my age burst inside. They seem to have had fun earlier ’cause they’re laughing and talking quite loudly. When they see me, they stop everything. But a second later, their smiles are back and, with curiosity in their eyes, they walk towards me and their mother. One of them is about my size, 5’8″ and has long dark brown hair that flows down in long curls past the middle of her back. With shining green eyes and a body even I could be jealous of, her beauty is simply stunning. The other one, with curly blond hair down to her elbows, has deep black eyes, which make an incredible effect. A bit shorter than her sister, but with the same kind of figure, she looks as sexy as her sister. The only noticeable effect of her being shorter is the fact that her delicious breasts look much bigger.

“Who’s this mom?”

“It’s our guest for the night. Tanya, here’s Mary (green eyes) and Klaudia (blond hair). I think you’ll all get along fine.”

“Don’t worry mom, with a guest as gorgeous as her, you won’t hear us complain.” Klaudia laughs.

I know my face is quickly turning red, but their smiles give me something to think about. When Klaudia sees my face, she comes to me;

“Don’t be shy Tanya, you are beautiful and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, isn’t it?”

I only give her an awkward smile for an answer, but that’s enough for her. She puts her arms around me and after that, she takes my hand in hers and asks me if I want to listen to some music with them in their room. “Of course, that would be nice.” With me close behind her, she runs up the stairs. Mary’s just behind me and, curiously, I can feel the stare of her eyes over my body. I don’t mean to say that I dislike it, but it does feels weird.

We spend the rest of the night doing just was we said: listening to music. And of course, we talked a lot. After only a few minutes, I didn’t feel shy anymore, and realized that I was even more lucky than I thought to find this house in the woods. Mary and Klaudia are really nice and their total lack of timidity is quite refreshing. After the usual small talk with my friends back home, the conversations I have here tonight are simply wonderful. They have the same attitude regarding their bodies. Klaudia only wears her panties and a bra, while Mary even took her bra off before putting on a tee-shirt. She turned around to do it but even then I could see the smooth curve of her right breast quite clearly. We spent the night all three sitting on Mary’s bed and it was a really fun conversation. Right now, I’m telling them about Jonathan Francis, a special boyfriend I had 4 years ago. With Mary on my right and Klaudia to my left, I must constantly turn my head from side to side to talk. When I finish my story, I let myself fall on my back on the large king-size bed. I do something like that each time because the conclusion of my relationship with him is quite special.

Anyway, I only had time to extend my legs that Klaudia stretches out beside me face down on the bed, moves her left arm across my chest to then wrap it around my neck and really gets closer to me. I feel the entire length of her left leg touching mine and once more, the heat is incredible. Moving one last time, she puts her left breast on my chest and the right one is pressed against my wide open arm. I’m literally burned by her skin. But one thing I discover now that I hadn’t notice earlier is how soft and smooth her skin is. I’ve had some high-school lesbian experiences and I know that nothing is smoother than a woman’s skin. But this is simply unbelievable. And my experiences never went further than kisses. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m going to go a lot farther than kisses tonight…

Like if nothing special was happening, Klaudia asks me if I have another story for them. And Mary also wants me to go on talking. She moves closer to me too, but remains sitting crossed legs beside my waist. During my “story”, Mary begins to caress my thigh with the tip of her fingers. My upper thigh I must mention because it’s really high. I feel her fingers moving close to my swimsuit, on the tender skin you rarely show to others, let alone allow them to touch it. The feeling is weird and new, but I like it. I like it a lot! As time goes by, she lets her whole opened hand caress my thigh and I realize that she’s looking closely at me to see if I don’t like it. But “Don’t worry Mary” I think to myself: I won’t be the one stopping you. Then Klaudia slowly lifts her legs over mine and puts her foot between mines. Letting the weight of her leg press on mine, I open my own legs a bit to let hers slip down. Turning on her side a little bit more, she places her other leg just where the other was seconds before.

When her inner thigh moves over me, I can’t help but to ask her about that heat. But, afraid she might take it off, I place my hand over her thigh to hold it if she moves back.

“My god Klaudia, your leg is so hot, it’s incredible…” I see Mary looking at her sister with a smile. Then Klaudia answers me, not even budging her leg.

“I know. But I don’t really know why, we’ve always been this way. Doctors always think we have fever or something, but we’re not sick.”

“You mean that Mary also have a body as hot as yours?” We all start laughing when we realize what could be understood by my question. Anyway, just as Mary took my hand to place it on her thigh, we hear Juliette calling;

“Shouldn’t you girls be sleeping by now?”

“Yes mom!” They answered like a perfect chorus.

Mary lets my hand down and gets up. Klaudia slowly moves off me and, after a quick kiss on the lips (casually, like if nothing special was happening, of course), she heads up to her room. I wish a good-night to Mary and go to my room too. I must say that I’m a little disappointed, and that my blood is still streaming fast. As I take off my now dry swimsuit, I look through the old door lock to see if someone will surprise me this time. No, this time, nobody’s coming to my door. But although no one comes to my room, I see the lights go out. Only my desktop lamp is still on, maybe the only light in the house. After putting my old tee-shirt back on with nothing under it, I slip under the bed-sheets and turn off the lamp. Once more I taste the absolute darkness of the deep forest night. Each time I can experience this kind of night, I play a while with my eyes, opening and closing them quickly, completely unable to see a difference.

Just as I was sliding my hands down over my belly towards my warm pussy, I hear a door opening. Pulling out my wet fingers, I sit up on my bed, and look through the lock once more. There’s someone walking with a candle in her hand. Of course, she comes to my door and without even knocking, she enters. Not knocking must be a family habit! I see Mary’s face above the candle flame, with a smile that asks me to keep quiet. She’s only wearing a white and lacy slip that barely reach under her waist.

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Miss Callahan Ch. 13-15

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Chapter 13

Time seems to stand still for a minute as we all just stand there awkwardly. My heartbeat is so fast, I can feel it ramming itself against my chest. I know I should be the first to speak but I feel paralyzed between Jackie’s glare and the woman standing behind me.

The sight of Jackie’s face moving from angry to crushed causes a wave of guilt to crash into me all at once. This is not how I wanted her to find out and I know I should have just told her when I had the chance in the bar last night.

“Jackie—” I start to tentatively say before she cuts me off.

“Please don’t tell me ‘this isn’t how it looks’. Because it seems pretty clear what you got up to after our drink last night. So sorry I kept you from that,” she says, her voice dripping with disdain.

“You left the bar. I wasn’t trying to rush anything,” I say back and even I can hear the defensive panic in my voice.

This is why I’ve always tried to be honest with people. It was probably short-sighted to think I could keep this thing with Lauren a secret, but I can’t think of a single time I’ve gotten a surprise visit from Jackie so I also couldn’t have known she’d show up on a Saturday morning.

“Which is what I came over to apologize for. But now I see that wasn’t really necessary,” she says back in the same biting tone.

As my mind races to find some kind of explanation or anything I can say to make the situation better, I hear a voice behind me again and internally cringe. I should have known Lauren would try to “handle” the situation, but right now, it would be better if she just went back into the bedroom.

“Why don’t you come in so we can talk about this like adults?” Lauren asks.

Maybe it’s because my own body feels rigid and tense, but Lauren sounds so blasé about the situation. As if she’s just asking a friend to come in for a cup of tea and not someone who is currently shooting daggers out of her eyes at her.

“This isn’t your apartment, Lauren. And you don’t get to boss me around here. We’re not at work.”

“I wasn’t aware I was bossing you around. It seemed like a simple question to me,” Lauren replies in an almost bored tone.

I know Lauren is just making things worse and I don’t want things to escalate, especially since Jackie is just standing in my hallway. The last thing I need is my neighbors complaining to my landlord about lesbian hallway drama. Yet having Jackie in my apartment seems like a recipe for disaster so I quickly put my feet in the sandals by the door.

“Let’s go talk. Outside,” I say to her without looking back at Lauren.

“Why don’t the two of you just enjoy these together and talk about the promotion you’re all but guaranteed now,” Jackie says as she pushes the two cups of coffee into my hand and starts walking down the hallway.

I quickly turn and put the coffee cups on a table that’s just inside my front door so I can go after her. Her last comment hurt, but I also can’t let her leave my apartment in a huff like that.

“Ems, leave it,” Lauren calls over as I get back to the door.

“Don’t,” I say back angrily before leaving the apartment and running to the stairs Jackie must have just gone down.

She’s in the lobby of the apartment when I finally catch-up to her. I don’t want her to leave the building so I run up and move to the other side of her so she’s forced to face me.

“Please, just talk to me for a second,” I say, slightly out of breath from my sprint down the stairs.

“So, talk,” she says, but there’s no real emotion behind her words.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I should have. I was just trying to protect it for a little longer. And I could tell you were feelings things for me before you told me last night. I just didn’t want to hurt you. Especially considering how you’ve reacted to her since you guys met.”

“We’re supposed to be best friends. Even if I do have feelings for you, you lied to me last night. You knew you were going to see her again.”

“I know and I’m so sorry, Jackie. You have to know that I’ve wanted to tell you for a while now. And I was just being selfish.”

Jackie’s brow furrows suddenly and I realize what I just admitted to before she even asks.

“How long has it been going on then? Not just last night?”

My stomach drops knowing I’m going to have to tell Jackie the whole truth. I won’t lie to her anymore, but I know that telling her just how long I’ve been sleeping with Lauren will hurt her.

“Since she came back to Seattle.”

“Meaning it never stopped.”

I could try to explain how it did stop when I found out about Olivia, but the reality is that I lost all my resolve the moment Lauren came back, took me to dinner and explained more of that situation. But that story is Lauren’s and I don’t feel like I need to bring it up. It won’t help this situation anyway.

“Not really,” I say back quietly instead.

“What is it about this woman that’s so special?” Jackie asks in her own quiet voice.

I let out a long sigh and put my hands up to Cami Halısı my throbbing head. If anyone else were asking me that question, I could go on at length about how amazing I think Lauren is— for so many different reasons. But doing that would just fuel Jackie’s fire so it’s hard to know how to even answer the question without continuing to lie.

“We just have a connection. It works between us. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

“How perfect. You get a girlfriend and a promotion all at once.”

“Why do you keep saying that? You think I’d sleep with her to secure a promo?” I ask and now I can’t help but let a little of my own anger into my voice at her cheap insinuation.

I should have told Jackie about Lauren. But it’s also my own sex life and it’s incredibly hurtful for her to imply I would ever sleep with someone to get ahead in my career.

“I didn’t think we lied to each other before now so I guess I don’t know. Would you?”

“Can’t you see that makes no sense? Dating Lauren could be detrimental to my career, which is why I need to keep it quiet for now.”

“I can see that. I’m sure Olivia Ellison won’t be as taken by your pitch once she knows you’re fucking her ex-wife.”

My stomach tightens again at her words. “Once she knows? Are you planning on telling her then, Jack?”

“You’ve been in the agency world long enough. This kind of thing has a way of getting out. I’d be careful if I were you.”

I’ve never seen Jackie so emotionless. At least last night there was passion behind her words, not this monotone, detached woman that’s in front of me.

“I can’t tell if that’s a threat or not,” I reply in a low voice.

I regret saying the words, when I see a flash of hurt cross her otherwise expressionless face.

“Just because you’ve been a bad friend, doesn’t mean I am,” she says. “Lauren looks at you like you’re her lunch. You might want to tell her she needs a better poker face.”

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you. I don’t want to lose you over this,” I say, moving past her dig at Lauren.

“Last night I felt so bad about how I talked to you. And I thought, even if I can’t have you the way I want, I still wanted you in my life. But now I’m not sure. Maybe if I thought she was worth it, but I just don’t see it.”

“You don’t know her,” I say back in a more defensive tone than I was aiming for.

Jackie lets out a short, harsh laugh. “I don’t know how I could have missed that lovesick look in your eyes. I really am stupid.”

“You’re not stupid, Jackie,” I say and I start to move my hand out to touch her arm before thinking better of it and dropping it back to my side.

“You’re right. You are. Lauren Callahan and Oliva Ellison are cut from the same cloth.”

“You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

“Well, I hope she was worth it. I’m out,” she says and moves around my body so she can push the lobby door open and leave.

I don’t try to stop her this time and I don’t even watch her walk out. I’m feeling such a mix of emotions that I can feel a tear prick the corner of my eye. I quickly swipe it away, not willing to let myself break down in the lobby.

I sit down in one of the chairs off to the side of the room and put my head into my hands. To anyone walking into the building I would probably look odd sitting there in my shorts, tank top, and sandals. I have to assume my hair and face are still a mess since I didn’t even have the chance to go to the bathroom before Jackie’s surprise visit.

In my heart I know that Jackie’s anger is justified and I haven’t been the best friend to her. But I also can’t deny how much my feelings for Lauren have grown and hearing her criticized so harshly also affected me. This would all be so less complicated if Jackie’s feelings about Lauren weren’t compounded with her own romantic feelings for me.

Choosing between the person I’m falling for and my best friend is an impossible decision I refuse to make. But lately Jackie feels much more like my ex-girlfriend than my friend and I wish we could get back to our platonic dynamic but I’m not sure we ever will now.

After a handful of minutes, I decide to go back to the apartment to face Lauren. I’m not sure if she’ll be upset with the way I left the apartment earlier, but if we’re going to do this, I also need her to know what my boundaries are.

This morning started out with me stretching in bed, wondering when Lauren would pull out the next orgasm from me. I’m so far from that blissful feeling now and all I wish is that I had never woken up to that damn knock.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When I come back into the apartment, Lauren is sitting on the couch, but now she’s fully dressed. She must have brought a clean pair of clothes because she’s sitting in a fresh looking, white pull over and a tight pair of black leggings. And of course, Lauren looks just as good in athleisure wear as she does in a designer dress. Her whole outfit looks like it was designed specifically for Cami Halıları her curves.

When my eyes reach hers, it’s obvious she could see me staring at her body, but given the moment, she doesn’t say anything. I move over to the couch and sit down and it’s only then that I see Lauren is drinking the coffee Jackie brought over.

“It’s silly to let it go to waste,” she says when she sees my eyes zero in on her drink. “You should have the other one.”

“I don’t want coffee,” I say back sullenly and I know my tone sounds childish.

Lauren puts the cup on the coffee table in front of the couch before she scoots closer so our legs are touching and she can grab my hand. She turns my palm over in her own, brings it up to her mouth and gently kisses the inside of my hand. I can’t help but let out a sigh at the feeling of her soft lips and I close my eyes for a moment, releasing some of the tension from the past hour.

“You shouldn’t have said that to her,” I say quietly when Lauren brings my hand to rest in her lap. “It didn’t help.”

“I don’t like the way she talks to you,” Lauren replies.

“Can you really tell me that’s why you poke her like that?” I ask, turning my face to hers.

She looks at me for a moment before answering. “No. I’m jealous of her. Is that truth enough for you?” she asks as she moves her hand so she can play with the ends of my hair.

I take that hand and her other so I can hold them firmly in my own and turn to her on the couch so I’m facing her body. When I look into her eyes, she looks more vulnerable than I’ve ever seen her and despite her light tone, I know that was hard for her to say.

“Lauren, I’m here with you. I’m not interested in Jackie or anyone else. I may have even just lost my best friend. But I can’t help how much I want you. And care about you.”

“I care about you too,” she says, lightly squeezing my hands.

“But I need to be able to take care of my own messes and deal with my own friendships. I don’t need a hero. Maybe just a girlfriend.”

The words come out of my mouth before I can stop them and my eyes widen the second they’re gone. Lauren stares at me for a moment but doesn’t say anything and my mind is racing for a smooth way to brush past the comment. Lauren isn’t even technically divorced yet and we’ve only known each other a short period of time.

But even with that knowledge, my heart is still racing at the prospect of belonging solely to this woman. Because I do feel that strongly for her.

“Did you just ask me to be your girlfriend?” she asks in a quiet voice.


“Are you forgetting who the top is in this relationship?” she asks with a teasing smile.

“Relationship?” I ask with a quirked eyebrow and my own smile.

“Maybe if you were patient and let me ask,” she says, moving over so she can straddle my lap.

She pins both of my arms down to the couch and leans in so her face is just a breath away from my own. She studies every inch of my face before landing her gaze on my eyes. Her green eyes are shining so bright that I feel like I could just stare and get lost in them.

“I know it’s fast,” she says in a whisper, her lips barely grazing my own. “But I also know what I feel for you. And I’m not letting that go. Will you be my girlfriend, Ems?”

Instead of answer I push my lips against the waiting ones in front of me. Lauren doesn’t seem to mind my nonverbal response for now as she takes her hands from pinning my own and moves them up into my hair so she can weave her hands through it and deepen the kiss.

I don’t even know how long we stay there kissing, but soon it’s a full on make-out session and we’re starting to grind against each other like we’re sixteen years old. Finally, she tightens her grip on my hair and pulls my face away from her own. Her breathing is as heavy as my own and I can see the familiar arousal in her eyes as she looks down at me.

“Before we let that go any further, you can’t leave a girl hanging like that. Answer me.”

Lauren’s commanding tone does nothing to lessen how romantic this entire moment feels. Lauren’s passion and desire for me is potent and I can feel it vibrating off her body and into my own.

“Yes. I’ll be your girlfriend, miss,” I say and my own voice is husky with desire.

“Good,” she says as she grinds her body down on my lap again. “Now let’s get you naked shall we?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lauren: Do you like sushi?

Me: Love it.

I have to smile at my phone as I reply to yet another text from Lauren about tonight’s plan. So far since meeting her, she rarely shows signs of insecurity or indecision. But she’s already asked me if I like Vietnamese and Korean food, which makes me think maybe she’s flustered by the idea of our first date.

And I can’t deny that I feel butterflies in my stomach at the prospect of our first real date. Which seems silly considering how intimate we’ve been with each other. My stomach does yet another flip when I think back to our declaration from earlier today, and the amazing sex that resulted from it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve called someone my girlfriend— Jackie barely even got that designation. The last person I felt this infatuated with was Grace and we took months to become exclusive. I feel like a walking lesbian stereotype, but I also can’t stand the idea of Lauren with anyone else. Somehow in even such a short period of time, I feel like I belong to her.

Choosing an outfit for tonight wasn’t nearly as nerve-wracking as my first dinner with her. We both decided that until the Ellison pitch is over, being out in public as a couple isn’t the best idea. So, I’m going over to have dinner in Lauren’s new apartment, which she warned me is basically empty of furniture at this point. But I still want to see the place Miss Callahan chose to call her own.

As I dig in my closet, I decide on a simple pair of black jeans and a sleeveless blouse. I can’t help but smile as I look at my reflection in the mirror knowing how Lauren will react to this particular color choice. Choosing pink may get me a spanking, but I want to tease her a little more about her color of sex toys.

I look at the time on my phone and know I need to hurry since Lauren lives all the way over in Ballard. But looking at my phone only serves to remind me that I haven’t heard from Jackie again, which is a change considering our near constant text thread each day.

I’ve thought about texting her all day, but I don’t know what else I can say. I’ve apologized and I shouldn’t have lied to her. But I’m also not going to stop seeing Lauren because my friend doesn’t approve. I feel like we’re at a standstill that I can’t do anything to change and I’m anxious about seeing her at work on Monday.

I push those thoughts aside for now so I can text Lauren.

Me: I’m about to head out. Are you ready for me, miss?

Lauren: Yes, baby. Come over.

Me: See you soon.

Lauren: Can’t wait.

Luckily there’s nobody in my apartment to see me stupidly staring at my phone and smiling. Even with the awareness of all the hurdles ahead of us, the upcoming Ellison pitch and even Jackie’s ire, there is nothing that will ruin this night for me.

I have a feeling I’ll always remember my first date with Lauren Callahan.

Chapter 14

It’s dark by the time I get to Lauren’s apartment and it’s hard to see much detail other than that the building seems fairly new or it was at least recently renovated. It’s not the luxury high rise I expected her to live in and the building’s lobby is actually kind of quaint. It has a historical hotel feel to it, even though everything is clearly new.

As I’m waiting for the elevator to take me to Lauren’s apartment on the 10th floor, I feel my phone buzz.

Lauren: Just come in when you’re here. The door is unlocked.

All at once my body erupts in a mix of nerves, excitement and arousal. I might have been able to convince myself as I was getting ready earlier that this wasn’t as nerve-wracking since I know Lauren now, but that’s harder now that I’m here. Something about her text drips with a sexual magnetism and my body is responding in kind.

Once I reach her door, I take a few steadying breaths before I walk into the apartment, griping the bottle of wine I brought probably more tightly than I need to. It’s just dawning on me now that I’ve never been to an Executive Vice President’s home before and as the thought crosses my mind, I have to remind myself that she’s not just an EVP, she’s my girlfriend.

I give myself an internal shake and walk into the apartment. But when I come in, Lauren isn’t in sight and all I can see is a long, dark hallway leading to the rest of the apartment. I can see some light flickering at the end so I slowly head to that.

The room I walk in to is almost empty, but I can see the potential. With high ceilings and an open floor plan, everything about the apartment’s fixtures look new and expensive. The only furniture I can see is a small table in the middle of the room that has a candle and flower on it.

The light is off and the only thing illuminating the room are candles placed all around the wall. There is also a modern gas fireplace against one wall that is set to low. The scene is so romantic that I feel speechless as I turn around the room and take it all in.

“Come out here, Ems,” I hear a voice call from the doors on the other side of the room.

I was so distracted by the candles and table when I first came into the room, that I didn’t even notice the two large glass doors lining the far wall. But as I open them wider and move out onto the balcony, my breath catches and for the first time, it’s not even because of Lauren’s presence.

I knew we were close to the water based on the beach signs I saw around the front of the building, but it’s not until I came out to the balcony that I can see just how close we are. Lauren’s apartment building is resting on a large rock structure that extends into the ocean and I’m looking directly out and down at Puget Sound. It’s dark so I can’t make out much of the water’s detail, but the view is magnificent, nonetheless.

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