Hotel Valencia Ch. 02

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I should mention that with all her stroking and handling me, she did not use lube of any kind. Instead she applied liberal quantities of talc (actually cornstarch) to everything involved. She had a large container on the table, and would dip her hand in it before and during any procedure. “It’s less messy.” she told me. I liked the feel. Made a note to self: “get some Kingsford’s next grocery run.”

She went on explaining what she was doing as she continued to jack me off.

“If you’ll notice, the very top of the device has a hole… see there?”

I didn’t want to bother, but I glanced down and grunted “Uuh yeah.”

“The ‘groom’s girdle’ as I call it, has that little vent as a safety… in case of any accidental spurting.”

Some more powder, more fondling and then, “Oh my, I almost forgot! we’re gonna need to secure your hands and feet, so you don’t thrash about inadvertently… We don’t want any injuries, now do we?”

With that, she brought out two sturdy velcro ties and proceeded to fasten one around my ankles, and the other around my arms behind me.

“Is this really necessary?” I muttered, “You know I wanna cooperate.”

“I know, sweetie. It’s just a precaution for your own safety, should you get carried away and lose control… Plus, in order to get the best results, you can’t be allowed to touch yourself. Okay hon?”


She went back to stroking and I leaned my head back, eyes closed, feeling all these incredible sensations. My whole body was starting to tremble as tingling thrills surged up and down my spine. My dick was getting so hard it felt like it might break if she tried to bend it. Blue veins stood out firmly up and down the shaft but she just went on stroking and rubbing. Fast then slow, squeezing hard then softly, all in a strange unpredictable rhythm. All the while, the cap was firmly installed to my dick-head. Presumably, it was to prevent or delay orgasm by squeezing the sponge-like tissue down to the smallest size possible.

This stroking went on relentlessly for several long minutes, during which she would point my shaft in different directions, pulling it sideways or down as far as it could go, then letting it snap back with an audible slap to my belly.


“Now now sweet boy, a little pain is sometimes necessary… I’m sure you can take it.”

All I could utter was a muffled “Mmph.” as I realized this was becoming more than ‘a little pain’… By now the friction was starting to chafe my tender skin, and the swelling of my hard-on just plain hurt. Moments of pain followed by intermittent bouts of pure carnal enjoyment. Gentle caressing alternated with rough manhandling. Within a few seconds, I would go from delicious erotic excitement to over-stimulated irritation which prevented any thought of orgasm.

She also would grab my scrotum, circling the neck with thumb & forefinger, then pull down firmly. Stretching my balls to the limit, she’d pull down hard, hold, then let up, all in a series of rhythmic yanks which seemed to be part of some additional procedure.

This felt good, to a point. When she tugged down really hard, the pain was alarming, but just as I felt I couldn’t take anymore, she would let up and continue the up & down squeezing motion. That’s what felt good. So good in fact, it brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

At one point when I felt like I was right on the brink, she just stopped. Let go her hands and stepped back to watch as I squirmed.

“Wha–” I grumbled, actually wanting her to continue.

“I think it’s time to free you from the little helmet and start the next phase.”

While she was removing it, I thought to myself, “Hope it’s not gonna hurt as much as the last part.”

Then as if she could read my mind, she said, “This won’t be nearly so painful, but, you will surely find it to be quite demanding.”

I twitched, visibly.

“I’m confident you will stand up to the challenge, honey. Now just relax, breathe easy, and know you’re in good hands.”

As I stood leaning against the table with hands & feet tied, my cock twitched and bobbed up and down intensely, thoroughly of its own volition. She paid attention to this with great delight.

“Now that’s what I call a wanton display of sexual excitement!” she laughed. “You see there? Blatant evidence of extreme arousal, and you haven’t even seen me naked yet… Well, play your cards right, and you just might get the chance.”

She proceeded to remove the device, place it on the table, then went back to applying powder and manhandling me. My boner was starting to droop at this point, but she didn’t seem to mind. She also removed the leather collar Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort from my balls, saying, “It’s time for the ‘weights’… I’m going to start you on a gradually increasing series of heavy rings around your scrotum.” I remembered she had mentioned something ‘wider’, I guess this was it.

She went to a drawer and brought out some small boxes. “We’re going to install this one first, it’s not the lightest in my set, it weighs one pound, but I think it’ll be just right for you.” She took it out and showed it to me. I saw a gleaming silvery metal ring, about 3/4 of an inch thick. Basically two pieces which fastened together with a set-screw. It looked to be heavy.

“Putting it on is a bit tricky, but once we do, I think you’ll find it quite comfy… the inside diameter is perfect for your sac.” I wondered how did she know the diameter of my sac.

She came forward and matter-of-factly circled my balls with thumb & finger, pulled down, stretching the scrotum and placed the two halves together around the ‘neck’ of my sac. Then it was just a matter of tightening the screw to hold both halves together. For me, a little hair pull and/or a quick pinch here and there, but besides that I was fine.

“There, how’s that-?” she said, standing back. It felt amazingly good. “Fine.” I admitted.

“Excellent!” She was obviously pleased, and so went on to explain, “I like a man’s balls to hang low outside the body… so much easier to grab and fondle. I love to hold them and roll ’em around in my hand like marbles.” Lifting mine she started doing just that. “This ball-weight program will train your scrotum to relax and let those marbles hang loose.” She pulled the ring gently downward. “Ideally, a sort of cellular memory is formed, and your delicious eggs will hang that way naturally.” I wondered if this would really work on me. I’ve always liked it when my balls were hanging loose, but in the past every time I got horny they would retreat back up into the body, as my scrotum puckered tightly like a prune.

“Nowthen,” she said in an official tone, “to begin the second phase of your training, we need to apply stimulation and pressure on your prostate.” I winced. “Oh don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it… a bit challenging at first, but the results will be well worth it.” she asserted.

With that, she opened another drawer containing a collection of all sorts of insertable items. Butt-plugs, dildos, vibrators, in every size and description. Plus many devices that I didn’t recognize. I shuddered.

“We will need to widen your hole… by inserting bigger and bigger plugs, we’ll gradually increase your ‘stretchability’… and thus, the size of what you can take.” I flinched visibly, thinking about it, but she reassured, “Now trust me sweet boy, all men love prostate massage if it’s done right… and I know what I’m doing.”

I relaxed a bit, she said “Good.” as she snapped on rubber gloves and went about lubing up my butt hole. The feeling was indescribably erotic as she probed me. First one finger, then two, then three, wiggling, twisting and undulating while exploring my forbidden zone. My erection grew in spite of this grueling procedure, and in a matter of seconds I was rock hard, dripping precum.

“Feel good? hmm? … I know it does, sweetie.” Then removing her fingers she said, “Now let’s see… which one of these bad boys should I put in you..?” Rummaging through the drawer, she got an excited expression and said, “Ah-Hah!” as she picked up an excessively large butt-plug. It was dark blue in color and appeared to be 3 inches in diameter at the widest point. The tip which was slanted and only about an inch wide, gradually increased to the full three inches before tapering down to the ‘neck’ at the base. At the very bottom was a flat platform to prevent the plug from slipping all the way in and getting lost in the colon. I shuddered, wondering how I could possibly take it. Privately, I liked ass-play and owned a few toys, but never anything close to this.

“Okay now just relax…” she said softly and brushed her hands under my balls. I felt a little uneasiness, knowing that this monster was surely gonna go all up in me. But then managed to calm down a bit by thinking of how good her fingers had felt. My god, she had all four fingers up my ass and I was loving it!

After applying some lube, she began gently pushing the tip at my butt-hole. Sweetly and lovingly she caressed all around my puckered entrance until she knew I was ready, then started firmly pushing at the target. With unyielding resolve she pressed, slowly and relentlessly urging my sphincter to accept this soft invader. “That’s good, you’re doin’ great… give it a little squeeze if you can, baby.” My ass opened wider & wider as it went in deeper & deeper. When it was almost half way in, I knew I was in for some pain. It hurt pretty bad, but the pain came in waves, one minute unbearable, the next, fairly tolerable. She persisted with total determination, and I became fearful of serious injury. Possibly the muscle tissues could be torn. Then just about the time I was gonna yell “Stop!” the dark blue mammoth slipped past the portal and was completely in. My sphincter was now at ease, wrapped comfortably around this beast.

“There we go honey! now wasn’t that worth the effort?” she looked at my expression and said, “I thought so!” My boner had deflated to half-mast, but now with the thing nicely in me, and with this gorgeous lady looking on with glee, I started to feel tingling sensations arising. She strutted back and forth as if appraising my predicament. I could see she was greatly pleased. I was here for her amusement. And I had no problem with that – on the contrary. I love it when two people get off on each other for their own selfish gratification. I started to swoon, but then let my attention come back to this elegant woman in front of me and the spectacular setting I had lucked into. She had me totally under her control, and was going to push my limits like I’d never before experienced. I knew I would probably orgasm like never before. Plus, at the same time she would be using me for her own self-indulgent recreation, and probably orgasm so many times we’d both lose count. —Sweet.

My cock started throbbing of it’s own accord. She moved close to me, lightly touching her lips to my ear. I wanted so bad to grab her and feel her but my arms were still securely tied. She brushed her hands up and down my body, pausing at the genitals, all the while putting her face close enough to inhale my scent. I could smell her scent as well. With a quick dip of the talc, she grabbed my twitching boner, and with her other hand reached around behind me to the butt-plug. Looking me in the eye, she began to wiggle the plug back & forth and around in circles. Gently at first, then firmly at odd intervals. A tingling rush spread from deep inside my ass. My whole body started twitching. I knew my prostate was being manipulated by an expert. Waves of pure erotic ecstasy engulfed me as she jiggled the anal intruder. And all the while she continued to stroke my throbbing boner.

As her ministrations got more intense, so did my fevered state of arousal. I kicked my legs and bucked my hips compulsively. Whenever she sensed I was getting close to orgasm she stopped and watched my dick as it bobbed up & down. At these moments she would pull downward on the ball-weight and squeeze firmly on my swollen purple head. Then it was back to deliberate stimulation. Words cannot describe how good it felt. With my ball-sac loose & low, the huge plug all up in me, the gentle massage on my cock, I was totally at the mercy of this gorgeous woman. I was being forced to submit, yet I wanted it at the same time.

God how I wanted to come, but that wasn’t gonna happen until she allowed it. The sensations were overwhelming. I reached a point where it no longer mattered to me if I climaxed or not. All that really mattered was this delicious feeling, and I wanted it to go on forever.

Delirious, I started babbling muddled phrases in a vain attempt to express my excitement. She giggled and said, “Hmm? What’s that honey? – I didn’t catch that. Say again?” taking great pleasure as I squirmed.

She carried on with the edging procedure and I went on bucking & squirming in total ecstatic frustration. This continued for at least 15 minutes. My excitement ramped higher & higher until I felt unable to take anymore. And that pushed me into uncontrolled hysteria. I was now in a different state of consciousness. I stopped thrashing. All I could do was take it all in. My perception was focused. I saw and felt everything with amazing clarity, and I no longer was trying to avoid discomfort. No striving, no frustration, I was able to abide in this moment, trembling at the peak of arousal. My breathing relaxed to a steady rhythm.

“That’s it, there we are, kid…” she said softly. Then cooing and humming sweetly, she ran her smooth hands up and down my body. Then fetching the paper towels she said, “Just stay relaxed honey…” and reached up under me to grasp the butt-plug. “Taking it out is lots easier than putting it in,” she started pulling gently, “now push for me like when you poop… good, that’s right…” And before I knew it the monster was on the table, wrapped in paper towels. Whew! that was easier than I expected.

“Now here comes the part you’re gonna like, young man.” she said, eyeing me up & down lewdly. Turning, she snapped on a rubber glove, grabbed the KY jelly and started to lube my tender hole. Still in this strange new state of consciousness, my boner straight up and throbbing, tingling waves running all through my body, I heard her say, “Oh, I’m gonna like this too!” With that, she inserted a finger (first one, then two) up my ass, and with her other hand started stroking my dick.

Ever so gently she stroked with her dry powdered hand, and with her probing fingers she found my prostate. I was frozen in space, having no choice but to just take it. Expertly, she ramped me up to the brink of explosion then backed off each time, only to start again. “I removed the plug because I can feel with my finger more precisely… to determine the exact moment…” I heard her say this but unable to think, I had no way to apply the concept. My brain was involved in other more pressing matters. She went on & on with total control, causing the most exquisite sensations I have ever experienced. At times I would thrust my hips forward, or throw my head back & forth wildly, but they were purely autonomic reactions. As she continued relentlessly I slipped even more into this feverish madness. Like a delirium or frenzy, but with no turmoil whatsoever.

Then at one point she stood up and to my utter astonishment, she matter-of-factly took off her blouse exposing the most beautiful pair of tits I’ve ever seen! They had the perfect hang. Erect nipples surrounded by bumpy areolae. I was stunned, this was more than I could imagine wishing for. Smiling casually, she sat down again and resumed her wicked procedure. One finger went in my ass and found that delicious spot, while her other hand returned to the delicate caress of my blue-veined throbber. She seemed to delight in ‘accidentally’ letting those gorgeous boobs rub up against my bare skin. I couldn’t believe this was happening, the sight of those luscious hangers sent me even further into the delirium. She was sexy beyond imagination. I was in awe. I surrendered to her control with total abandon.

She started making a ‘come hither’ motion with her finger on my prostate, and every so often with her other hand, she would stop stroking and pull down on the ball-weight then give my dick-head a squeeze. Precum was dripping abundantly. I jerked and shuddered involuntarily at odd times. I was lost in a dream yet wide awake. My dick started to quiver of its own accord. I knew I was getting close, but had no idea how close. She seemed to know exactly, and began deliberately stroking in a machine-like rhythm. The pace was faster than before, and went on for several minutes. Very soon I was past the point of no return. She knew it before I did, and leaned her face in closer.

“Okay sweetheart, let it go… give it to me.” She was squeezing hard, stroking the entire length. “Time to launch that rocket.” Then at a moment I couldn’t predict, I felt the ringing sensation that precedes a climax. She softened her grip and ran her thumb & fingers lightly on my glans. This caused my final approach to slow down. Inch by inch I headed toward the inevitable spill. The closer I got, the more intense was the burning. It was almost excruciating. I couldn’t move. I started panting unconsciously. She kept on going slower and softer, expertly nudging me forward to the brink. The burning got so hot I couldn’t stand it. Right at that moment the pulsations began, and she instantly switched back to the hard fast stroke. This of course had the effect of prolonging the duration of my orgasm. She indeed knew the “exact moment”.

My hips lurched forward as violent spasms overtook me, sending massive ropes of semen into the air. Immense gobs were shooting out at blinding speed, and she was catching most of them in her mouth. She sparkled with incandescent passion as she swallowed every drop. My world was ablaze. It felt like forever. I throbbed and pulsed for so long, I started to wonder if it would ever end. Maybe it was a weird paroxysm or something? I didn’t care, that would’ve been okay by me.

But it did end of course, and coasting down, the pulsations went on long after there was no more semen in my balls. She continued slurping lovingly on my still hard penis as if she couldn’t get enough. Then she looked up at me and said, “See..? I told you it’d be worth a little pain.” I was speechless. I just gawked at her like a schoolboy as she untied me and cleaned us both up.

Getting dressed, she told me I could keep the ball-weight, provided I come back for regular checkups. “You’ve done well so far, but there’s a long way to go yet.” She gave me her number saying, “Be sure to call me next week.” I thanked her and headed to the elevator, feeling dazed and extremely happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32