Bathroom Incursion

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Like all other young men, or most, I think — maybe even older men too — the first thing I do upon awakening is reach for my crotch for reassurance that it’s still working properly, or just to say good morning to a dear friend. There are times when you don’t need to reach there for reassurance, because you could feel the demanding presence. But you reach there anyway.

So there I was lying on my back still groggy with sleep, rubbing and squeezing my blood filled dick. I heard the turnover of a car engine followed by its departure from the yard. That would be my dad leaving for work. I continued fondling my dick while searching my memory for what tidbits remained of the previous night’s steamy dream. I wasn’t really masturbating, just keeping the engine in idling mode.

Fifteen minutes later I heard another car pull out of the yard, indicating the departure of my mother and sister, which meant I would be alone at home until afternoon, not having classes because of exams. I attended the local university. I sprung out of bed and went to the window, knowing there was the strong likelihood of me being greeted by a titillating sight. It had been happening regularly over the past three months, since I’ve been occupying my present bedroom, a recent add-on to the house. It was nicely positioned, overlooking my neighbour’s flower and vegetable garden. I was not disappointed.

Out in the yard was Phyllis, a pretty, buxom, caramel skin woman in her early thirties. She was sweeping leaves away from the concrete strip that ran alongside the garden section. For the past three months I’d been regularly flogging my ever horny, eighteen year old virgin cock to the image of Phyllis’ thick and usually, skimpily dressed body. My eyes devoured the vision of her in extremely short, ass hugging but loose legged towel shorts. Two chunks of creamy ass flesh dropped out the loose leg of the shorts, and became even more pronounced when she bent over to swipe the ground, due to her using a coconut palm broom instead of a long handled upright broom. Those shorts were more like boy short panties, and she had to be wearing a G-string thong underneath, because there was no sign of panties, though some of the shorts legs had ridden up into her crack.

Above the short shorts, she wore an almost sheer, white tank top, through which the nipples of her brown tipped puffy breasts poked tantalizingly. I love the look of small breasts on an otherwise thick body. I find the contrast very erotic. The same as big breasts on a slim body — they force you to notice the incongruity and it tickles the imagination.

I couldn’t help wondering if Phyllis had come out dressed like that to tease my dad, not that she was ever much better covered when moving about her yard. Rumor in the family and among neighbors had it that dad, an avid and open womanizer was banging Phyllis, whose husband was away at work for long periods of time, sometime months, in the gold mining interior of the country. Phyllis did her work from home on computer. I’d heard dad more than once deny the affair when confronted by mom.

I quickly got out of my boxers and positioned my naked, five foot nine, slim body by the side of the window, my excited eyes peeing through a two inch space between blind and window frame. I began vigorously pumping my hard brown wood to the generous offering of feminine charms on display, hoping she’d remain in sight until I blasted off. I kept my eyes especially focused on the fluffy bump between her thick thighs, and when she turned round, the overhanging, lighter colored ass meat. The legs of the shorts had by now become well wedged into her crack. To my disappointment, after only about five minutes she disappeared around the side of the house. I knew that I would be able to see her from the bathroom window, so I fled in that direction.

I pushed open the closed, but unlocked bathroom door and stormed inside with long strides, my hard dick leading the way. I found myself standing totally naked with a massive hardon, just two feet away from my equally naked mother sitting on top the cover of the toilet bowl applying cream to her leg. Her other leg was on the floor, spread away to the side. I could clearly see her big lipped, lightly shaved pussy, with a fuller, neat mat of hair above it as black as the short curly afro on her head, posing in all its plump glory, lips slightly parted and showing a slash of pink.

Needless to say we were both shocked speechless and motionless — looking like life-like wax museum figures. I staring at my mom’s, smooth, slim-thick, dark caramel, forty-year old body, glowing with whatever cream she’d applied, my eyes flitting back and forth between her heaving, hefty long nippled breasts and the alluring, cracked vulva, she gaping wide eyed at my impressively stout and slightly upward bent seven inch cock, lurching madly. Mom was the first to find words, after a struggle to tear her eyes away from my cock.

“Well … good morning … and is this the way yuh barge into a shared bursa evi olan escort bathroom, eh … without even knocking or anything?” she managed to say in halting speech, her chest still heaving under quick, heavy breathing.

“Mom … I … I thought I … was alone at home … I heard both de cars leaving.”

“I let yuh sister go with the car, I’m not going to work today,” she said casually, her breathing seemingly, back to normal

I suddenly remembered the state I was in, and grabbing my cock and covering it with both hands, started walking backwards out the room.

‘Hold it right dey, young man,” I heard mom half shout.

She quickly got up from the toilet seat, and raising it up pointed to the bowl. The sight of her now standing up fully naked seemed to be even more stimulating than when she was sitting on the toilet and only helped to further agitate my cock. I learned that day that a hard cock alone with and in close proximity to a naked female, makes no distinction between family and strangers.

“Go ahead, do what yuh come in here to do … I suppose it was to pee,” she said, followed by a little giggle.

Then she added, “And for heaven’s sake, take away your hands … you look comical … I’ve already seen all there is to see, not to mention the years I was looking at it and washing it.”

She laughed heartily and I couldn’t tell if it was meant to mock or console me. she stepped aside a little, about two feet from the bowl, watching me intently, eyes shifting from my face to my cock as I dropped my hands and trying to put on a brave and unconcerned face walked toward the toilet bowl, though feeling every bit as comical as mom had said. I was suddenly feeling a bit guilty and ashamed and this caused my cock to shrink just a little bit, and as I stood over the bowl it continued to shrink. I was thankful, for I don’t know how I would have managed to pee with a fully hard cock.

Peeing under those conditions proved to be a task. I stood over the bowl trying to coax some liquid out of my cock, but nothing came, I was too embarrassed. As I stood there for an antagonizing sixty seconds my mom resumed creaming her skin. After what seemed like several minutes but was probably only two I felt the pee begin to flow, forcefully and had to bend the partly hard cock downward so it shot into the bowl. From the side of my eye I saw mommy still looking at me with a smile on her face as she continued to cream her body, her hands now gliding over the full breasts, bending the prominent nipples.

Seeing what I was seeing from out the side of my eye caused a resurgence in my cock and it began rising quickly. I tried willing it to go back down, but it was not in the least interested; it’s not every day a boy my age gets to look at the body of a beautiful naked woman. Mommy or no mommy, naked pussy, boobs and fat ass is a stimulating sight. And mom was no ordinary ill shaped or slack bodied woman, she was as beautiful and as sexy as they come, still firm and glowing at her age.

Peeing took a much longer than normal time, but after I’d squeezed the last drop and given the final little shake, I turned around and started heading out of the bathroom, led by dick, just as I had entered.

“Wash your hand Alan, and yuh face too … you look like you’re still sleeping.” mom cried out, but followed up with a little laugh.

She once again sat on the toilet bowl, rubbing herself, and rubbing every horny nerve in my body. I stepped over to the sink and turned on the tap, and surprisingly took my time washing my hands and face and gargling my overnight mouth, while taking regular looks into the mirror at mom’s enticing body. My eyes locked onto the smooth, full thighs she was now attending to, and I felt my cock stretch out fully, pointing to the roof. Strangely, I was no longer embarrassed or concerned if my dick was hard in front of my mom. To steal some more peeking time I reached for my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth.

“Boy, yuh brushing yuh teeth or peeking at yuh mama boobs?” Mom asked in a soft manner.

That startled me, for I was indeed eyeing the giant sapodillas, thinking how nice and sexy they looked and trying to imagine what they would feel like in my hands. The stout nipples seemed to be stuck out at least an inch.

I was even more startled by her next words.

“Doesn’t that thing ever go down? … I can see yuh take after yuh father in that respect,” she said and giggled like a little girl.

I couldn’t believe my ears, mom was handling this sensitive situation so bluntly yet casually. And as the seconds ticked by I could feel myself warming to it and feeling an unwillingness to leave the room. I started to slowly dry my hands, taking another quick peek. There was no holding back my cock now, and it lurched to my belly.

“Yuh peeking again, yuh naughty boy … what you find interesting in this beat up old body, anyway?”

I was shocked by those words, not agreeing in the altıparmak escort least with her description of that fine specimen of womanhood.

“I was not peeking mom, I can’t help looking at you if you’re right in front of me in the mirror. And you’re not old and beat up …your body is beautiful,” I said.

I was feeling a need to say the right thing — something in keeping with how I was feeling. Shit, I know it was wrong standing there ogling mom and getting increasingly turned on. I should have long since fled the room — ever since I first rushed in and saw her there. But an idea was beginning to take shape in my head and I was prepared to see it through. A hard cock has no conscience, especially when next to a naked, beautiful woman.

“Really! … Yuh think so … well. I’ll accept the compliment … thanks!”

She continued, “Lord knows compliments are scarce these days… I’m happy to know that somebody in this house thinks I still have a body worth looking at.”

There was a hint of sarcasm and some sadness in her voice. I was aware that mom and dad had some issues relating to his straying habit. Then there was the issue of Phyllis, right next door. That surely must be eating away at her self-esteem and pride.

“You are beautiful mom, and sexy, anybody would find you worth looking at,” I heard myself whisper.

I was surprised by my brazen, frankness, but I felt I needed to say things like that, I needed to go deep. The idea rapidly taking shape in my head was urging me to be brave.

“Well thanks again baby, I’m flattered … come over and give yuh mommy a kiss … don’t be shy about yuh condition … it’s normal at your age, I should think, to lift off so easily, especially in these conditions … you naked, me naked,” she said, laughing like it was such a light situation.

I stepped over to where she was sitting, my cock stiff but my legs shaky. I leaned over and she raised her face and kissed me, softly, on the lips, while running her fingers through my short, twisted, black locks. I could smell vodka on her breath and saw the familiar glassiness of boozed up eyes. Over the past year she had taken to drinking a bit, but it came as a shock to me that she imbibed so early in the morning. I wondered if the reason she had stayed home from work was because she had woken up with a hangover, or had taken too big a drink too early and felt she was not in an appropriate state to face the office. I realized why she was laughing so easily and able to be so casual about this whole affair. It was because she was tipsy. I wondered if we would be having this kind of conversation and interaction if she weren’t tipsy.

Anyhow I didn’t dwell on that too long for as I stood there I was high in my own right — high with pleasure from the sight of her boobs with their nipples standing really stiff and tall as if trying to get away from the big balls of flesh. They indicated mutual titillation, and the idea in my head was spreading wider and wider and looking more attractive as the seconds ticked by, the gentle touch of her lips on mine having added fuel to the fire. It took all my will power to keep my hands from grabbing her. I felt like poking my cock hard against her body, anywhere on her body.

“My, my, that is one frisky fellow yuh got there. Yuh really should teach him some manners … tho, you know … how to behave in front of ladies,” she said, laughing, as I was straightening up.

“I think he’s behaving exactly as he should,” I said, bravely, gauging her response.

She licked her lips, bit into one, then laughed. Looking up into my eyes, she said:

“I think yuh right.”

She laughed again and then using her thumb as a launching pad for her middle finger she flicked my cock. Before I could digest what had happened she suddenly turned a serious face at me, a face looking unattached from what had been happening in the bathroom over the last few minutes. It was as if the two of us were lifted and dumped into an entirely normal and casual situation, free of nakedness and sexual tension.

“Ah wonder what they’re doing at the office, maybe ah should get dressed and go,” she said.

I turned around and pretended to be walking away, though I knew that I was not the least bit inclined towards leaving that bathroom without fucking mom — the idea in my head had blossomed fully and I was cool with it.

“You know what Alan … seeing that yuh in here and we’ve both seen everything we could possibly see of each other’s body, and we’re both comfortable and relaxed with it, it seems … there is something you can do for me,” she said, halting my pretended exit.

“What, mom?” I asked, softly.

“Could you be a darling and rub cream on mih back … de old girl is not as flexible as she used to be,” she said in a calm, pleading voice.

Smiling sweetly she added, “that is, if you could manage it without stabbing me to death,”

She said, while eyeing my cock with mock suspicion. She looked boldly at my cock and pouted her lips playfully, then looked up at me, gazing into my eyes steadily, a pleading question in hers, which I interpreted as ‘You want to fuck mommy baby?’ I knew I did.

“Yes, I do,” I said, speaking my thoughts out loud, making her laugh.

“I didn’t ask yuh to marry me honey,” she said gleefully.

She stretched out her hand with the bottle of lotion. I took the bottle and started to uncap it.

“By de way … I don’t mean to embarrass you, but is this the first time yuh seeing a naked woman … ah mean, apart from movies and so on?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Oh … well I can more understand yuh interest and yuh condition,” she said, shaking her head.

She got up and stood in front of me in all her fine, fluffy nakedness.

“Well, in that case have a good look … satisfy your youthful curiosity … I don’t mind … I’m yuh mom, it’s my duty to please you and help you anyway I can. And in this way yuh won’t get into embarrassing situations like some young men, by being a peeping Tom,” Mom said, ever so naturally.

There was something in the statement and the way she uttered it that made me suspect she knew I spied on Phyllis. She turned around slowly, allowing me to feast my eyes on her ass and boobs and the lovely rise between her legs. My cock was raging, my hands itching to touch, but I decided to play it out how she wanted. I knew by then she was playing her game. But you could have knocked me over with a feather when she spread her legs and reaching down with both hands, parted the fleshy mound, showing me pink insides.

“Okay, boy, that’s enough education for the time … yuh know now what a woman looks like, now get down to work on mih back.”

She sat down on the toilet and I started rubbing cream on her shoulders and then the upper back.

“This feels so good, like a real massage … yuh got good hands … rub the lower part too,” she said.

She bent over and touched the mat with her finger tips, and as I looked down, my eyes took in the damp crack of her ass and the spread out sides of its plump cheeks. The intimacy of it all made me dizzy. My hands slid over her back, going low until my fingers reached the crack that seemed to be inviting me in. I felt saliva drop from my watering mouth, barely missing her.

“Wait a sec, let me get into position so yuh can rub all over,” she whispered.

I stepped back, watching with burning passion in my loins as she got up off the seat, bent he knees and leaned forward, placing her elbows on the toilet seat cover. I looked at the sight of my naked mother’s smooth fleshy back, the succulent looking curves, like an artistically crafted table top tapering into swollen twin mounds of brown flesh. I gaped at the lump of finely haired pussy peeking out from between the huge mounds and I knew, then, for sure what was playing out. My mother was offering herself to me. She was telling me by her actions that it was okay if I wanted to fuck her. She probably had decided on that the moment I rushed into the bathroom and she saw my hard cock pointing at her. But she was enjoying playing this game, dragging it out.

“There, you can’t miss a spot,” She said.

Secure in the thought that the deal was sealed — that the fine pussy was mine — I felt no rush. I poured more cream into my hands and began smoothly rubbing the luscious back, my one uncertainty being if she, as the adult and more experienced partner in the game, wanted to lead the way and make the final move or if she wanted me to be true to my maleness as the hunter, and take her. As my hand glided over the soft back, my cock accidentally brushed against her. It felt so good that I deliberately let it touch her again. There was no resisting that softness. I pushed forward, pressing the head of my cock against my mother’s soft rump. I felt her shiver a little at the touch and then I saw her twist her head to the side to spot the intruder. I left it there, pressing into the tempting meat, pretending that I wasn’t even aware of the intimate contact.

“Yuh really should try and get that thing to go down, somehow, Alan.”

“I know mom, but I can’t, not with you like this,” I said, chuckling.

“Are you saying that the sight of me is what is keeping him up?”

“Yes mom,” I replied

“Well, damn, I’m more than flattered … I’m happy to know that at my age I can have that effect on a young man,” she said, ending a little laugh.

Confidently, I let my hands, with fresh cream, move down her back and onto her ass cheeks. I massaged them vigorously, sinking my fingers deep, and pulling them apart, slightly. Her body shuddered, and I turned both palms around and let them rub along inside the deep crack. I felt her clamp my hands with the invaded cheeks.

“Yuh know Alan, seeing as it’s because of me your thing up, I guess it’s up to me to get it to go down … Let’s see what can be done.”

She abruptly turned around and sat down, and grabbing my cock, pulled me closer. She looked up into my eyes as if she was looking for final confirmation that I was with her all the way in this highly charged taboo game; that I understood what was going down and was okay with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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