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Something New

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Sahara and I met online and chatted a few times. She told me she had a girlfriend, but was open to chat with guys as well. Over the course of our chats we got quite flirtatious. It turned out she only lived ten or so miles from me. I finally convinced her to meet me publicly for coffee. The following is what ensued in a story format.

We meet at the Starbucks near your home. Getting our drinks we sit down to talk. You are in denim shorts and a tank top, your legs looking great. I’m in jeans and a button down shirt. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite nervous. We have had some nice spicy chats and emails, but to actually meet… well this is new for me. But you look completely at ease. You have an easy smile and laugh, and I quickly relax. You lean forward to get something out of your purse and I can see deep into your top. Your breasts look as wonderful as your legs. I do not pretend to look away, you are teasing me and I love it.

You sit back up, catching me. But I do not blush, instead I smile. It is obvious I enjoyed the little show. You smile back at me. You take the lip balm you got from your purse and put it on. You take your time, puckering them, and then running the tip of your tongue over them to make sure of the coverage. Again, more teasing, but wonderful teasing it is.

We talk for a bit, flirting, trading double entendres. I think things are going very well, and I’m about to ask you if we can do this again. But you cut me off.

“Well, I have to get home.” you say.

I am disheartened by the abruptness of your comment thinking we had hit it off fairly well.

“If you want, you can follow me.” you finish.

You then turn and head to your car. I nearly knock over the chair getting up.

We arrive at your house. You walk in ahead of me and call out.

“Eva, come see what I brought home to play with.”

Eva comes out of the kitchen and gives you a warm hug and lingering kiss. She looks over at me, or was that looking me over?

“So this is the Alex you have been telling me about.” she says, “And you think he can keep up with us?”

“I’ll do my best.” I reply, “But I’ll let you two be the judge.” I smile trying to be witty.

“See I told you he had confidence.” you say as you wrap your arms around her.

Your hand runs over her breast. I don’t know if that was for my benefit, but it sure felt like it was.

“Let’s go relax.” you say, and take Eva’s hand leading her to the living room with me following. The two of you sit on the couch and you motion for me to sit next to you on the oppisit side from Eva.

Eva is dressed in yoga pants and a tank. Like you she is braless and I can’t help but notice her nipples stand out like yours. You lean into her and the two of you start to kiss. Your kiss starts to get more passionate and I love watching you two. I can feel myself hardening as I watch you. Steeling myself I move my hand to you and start rubbing your leg. I hear you moan your approval as you continue to kiss Eva. Encouraged my hand starts to move up and down your leg more, my fingers tracing their way across your thighs, right to the bottom of your shorts.

Eva has her hand on one of your breasts now, over your top, her fingers playing with your nipple through the material. I bring my hand up and start to do the same to the other. It takes you a moment to realize that it is both her and I touching you now. But once you do you let out anohter long low moan. You bring your closest hand over to me and find my crotch. I am already hardening under my jeans. Your hand wraps over it, causing me to push my hips up into your hand.

Eva’s hand has come over to your other breast and finds mine there. She puts her hand on top of mine, guiding my hand, knowing where and how you like to be touched. I look over at Eva and she smiles. She breaks the kiss with you and whispers in your ear.

“I think you found a good one too.”

“Oh, I know I did.” you say back, giving my thick tool a hard squeeze.

I become more confident and my hand becomes more aggressive. My fingers find your nipple and start to roll it between them. I love how thick and rubbery they have become. I look across and Eva has pulled your shirt up exposing güvenilir bahis your right breast and has latched onto your nipple with her lips. The sight of her nursing on you is exquisite. She has obviously done this many times and knows exactly what you like. You have your hand on her head and hold her close to your beautiful bosom. I lift your shirt on the left side, exposing your breast to me as well. Eva looks over at me and winks. Together we lift your shirt off completely, and both hungrily attack your soft flesh.

This is a first for me and I want to make sure I don’t over step my welcome. I ease back from you and watch how Eva loves you. I am amazed by the beauty of you two together. After she has feasted on both your breasts you pull her face to yours and you kiss her deeply. Then it is your turn to move to her. I watch as you start to fondle her breast much as she did yours. But I see are you are a bit rougher with her then she was with you. You pull her tee shirt off and I am exposed her to. You lean back to admire her beauty, giving me a clear view of her as well. I am not sure if the extra view was for me, but I love the view regardless. Eva’s nipples are darker than yours. Hers are a milk chocolate where yours are a rosy pink. You take one into your mouth and suck hard, drawing it out taunt, then let it go from your lips with a pop of suction. You then attack them with even more energy, I see you bite them gently, but with teeth none the less. She moans out loudly and I watch her grabbing the edge of the couch.

You have moved in-front of her now, her legs on either side of you. You exquisite ass is pushed out towards me with the denim shorts pulled tight. You are so into her I think you may have forgotten me. But I resolve to change that. You start to kiss your way down Eva’s front I bring my hands around you and unbutton your shorts. I start to pull them down over your hips as you pull Eva’s yoga pants down her legs. God, your bare ass is amazing before me. I reach my hand out and touch it, my fingers gliding over the softness of it. You pause a moment with Eva and look over your shoulder at me.

“I was wondering where you had gone to.” you say with a smile.

“Oh I was just enjoying the show” I reply.

You turn your attention back to Eva and start to kiss your way up her thigh, and soon have your face burred between them. I can’t see exactly what you are doing, but from the way Eva is moaning and grinding her hips I can tell it is something good. I lie on my back and slide up under you from behind. I love the look of your pussy from this view and the smell of your arousal is intoxicating. Bringing my mouth up to your sex I slide my tongue up along you slit. I can feel your lips giving just a bit as my tongue pusses along them, your sweet nectar coating it. I slide my mouth up and across your nub and flick it slightly with my tongue. I am nervous going down on you, as any man probably would be on a predominantly lesbian woman, but I am willing to give it my best.

I continue to lap and suck on you getting more and more aggressive. I hear moaning coming form above me and am sure the bulk of it is form Eva, but I hear it from you as well. I start to push my tongue deeper into you and push my nose into your clit. I bring my mouth up and draw my lips around your bud, gently sucking on it, flicking my tongue rhythmically across it. My hands come up and grab your hips. I pull you down onto me so that my face is trapped between your thighs. My tongue, with nowhere to go, pushes deeper into you.

From here I can look up and see your beautiful breasts hanging down as you eagerly attack Eva’s pussy as I am attacking yours. I can feel your hips starting to buck over me, and can hear Eva getting closer to her peek. I continue to labor my tongue and mouth on you as I hear Eva cry out. You’re whole body is rocked by her convolutions as she cums on your mouth and I struggle to hang on to you. Her orgasm triggers your own and I feel you tense up. You thighs clamp hard on either side of my head but I continue. I put my mouth over your clit and suck on it hard, dragging my teeth gently but firmly across it. I Your legs quiver and shake as the convulsion takes over you.

Sensing you are canlı bahis done, I release you, my head dropping back to the floor. You bring your leg up over me and I roll out from under you. I look up and Eva is panting trying to get her breath back. I then look to you. You are breathing hard as well, but nowhere near as labored as Eva. You smile at me, your fingers wiping your own juices form my face.

“Not bad for a guy” you smile genuinely

“Thanks.” I answer, truly taking it as a complement. “But I do have other things I think I do even better.” I continue with a grin.

“Not bad for a guy” you smile

“Thanks.” I say, truly taking it as a complement. “But I do have other things I think I do even better.” I continue with a grin.

“OH?” you say, “You may have to just prove that.”

“By all means” I answer, “you definitely should not take my word for it. Proof is very much in order.”

“Well, let’s see what you got.” you say and move next to me, your hand moving to my jeans.

I lay back on my elbows as I watch you lower my zipper. Lifting my hips I let you pull my pants to my ankles. I finish kicking them off as your hand lies over my very erect cock through my boxers.

“My, you are excited aren’t you” you tease.

“Just a bit.” my voice mocking a crack.

Your hand starts to move up and down my length over my boxers.

“You know Eva and I prefer pussy don’t you?” you comment.

“Oh good, that makes three of us.” I laugh, but then continue, “But by prefer I hope that does not mean you never enjoy a nice cock.”

“Well, there have been one or two that were not bad.” you say coyly.

“I bet I can make it three.” I reply.

With that you grab the waist band of my boxers and draw them down. I lift my hips and they soon join my pants in a heap by my feet. You are kneeling next to me, examining my now exposed cock as if appraising it. And though I am no porn star, I have been told I am rather thick. I am not offended, and in turn let my eyes feast on your body. I love how your breasts rest on your chest. They are not large, but beautiful in shape, the nipples pink and thick.

“Eva.” you call out, “I think this one will do. Come and take a look.”

Eva comes down from the couch, and knees next to you. Her arm wraps around your waist. She is a bit taller then you, and her breasts a bit larger. Her nipples are darker than yours, the aureole standing out against her pale skin. I love the view of you together and image what you look like in a lovers embrace.

With Eva next to you your hand reaches out and touches my naked cock for the first time. It twitches under your hand and a small amount of pre-cum escapes from the tip. You bring your hand up, your thumb smearing it across my gland making me shiver. Eva has pulled you closer to her. Her hand has come up and started to gently knead your breast, her fingers finding your nipples and rolling them.

“You want that, don’t you baby?” she whispers into your ear.

You only nod in reply. You’re breathing getting heaver. Eva’s free hand has moved down between your thighs and is gently playing with you. Her fingers are running up and down your slit, sliding across your swelling clitoris.

“You want that in here.” This time a statement not a question, as she pushes two fingers between your folds and up into you.

You simply let out a small moan.

Eva gently pushes you forward, your legs opening as you climb over my legs. I look, transfixed, as you move forward till your hips are positioned over mine. Eva reaches down I pulls my cock up till it is aimed at your entrance. Slowly you ease yourself down, feeling every millimeter as it enters you. I look up into your eyes, watching them as I slowly fill you. They glaze over and then you close them, reveling in the fullness between your lips.

Finally you are completely down on me and I force back the urge to start thrusting. Eva is next to you, your chin in her hand as she has turned your head to face her. She brings her lips to yours and kisses you softly, lovingly.

Her kiss becomes more passionate, her tongue finding yours. Her hands move back to your breast and once again fondle it, teasing your nipples. Your bahis siteleri hips start to rock on me, slowly grinding your pelvis into mine. I lay back and grab your hips and start to move with you. God you feel incredible on me, your pussy griping my cock like a velvet glove.

You and Eva continue to kiss. Your hands start to touch her as well, your fingers on her neck, her shoulder, down to her full breasts. You find her nipples hard like yours. You pinch and twist them causing her to grown into your mouth. Your hand moves down her body, over the small patch of her pubic hair. You find her sex wet and wanting. Her lips engorged again. All this time you’re girding on my cock has become more urgent. I watch you two as you ride me. It is one of the most exotic things I have ever witnessed.

I understand you are just using me, as you would any sex toy, but I am fine with that. After all, I’m not looking for a relationship, and this is the kind of thing most guys fantasize about most of their lives and never had the chance to fulfill.

Our hips are moving as one now. You can feel my hardness churning deep inside of you. My right hand moves from your hip and across your thigh. I bring my thumb down between us and find the engorged nub of your clit and start to strum it. I feel your whole body tense as I tease your clit.

Eva moves around so she is now facing you. She has brought one leg up over my head, her pussy right in my face. She is acting like I am not even there, but the move was very intentional. Not being one to kiss a gift horse in the mouth, I bring my mouth up to her and start to lick her. She tastes a good as you, but muskier. I push my tongue deep up into her and draw out as much of her sweet nectar as I can. I bring my hands up and cup her breasts in my hand. I love how hard her nipples feel in my palms. But then your hand pushes mine aside as you start to kneed them yourself.

You have changed from simply grinding on me to moving up and down on my length. You are truly fucking me now. Eva has leaned forward and taken one of your nipples between her lips and is sucking on it. Finally releasing it with a pop, and I hear her voice husky.

“That’s it baby. Fuck that cock in your pussy.” Her voice encoring you.

With her words I feel you speed up. You start to pound on me now. Forcing me to gasp as Eva is pushes her pussy down harder onto my mouth, my lips sucking on her distended clit as she moves in to kiss you. Her tongue once again finds yours and she kisses you hard. This is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced, and am scared I will not be able to last much longer.

Eva surprises me when she suddenly goes ridged and her body starts to quake. Her thighs then go week and she sits down fully on my face. I can still feel her body trembling from her orgasm and I push my tongue as deep into her as I can. My air supply is now completely cut off and my lungs start to burn, but I refuse to stop. At the last moment, before I panicked, she lifts up and I gulp in the air.

You feel her cumming as she kisses you. This pushing you over the edge and moments later you start to cum yourself. I can feel you; feel your body quake as well. Feel your pussy spamming on me as the waves roll over you. Eva’s thighs are still press on either side of my head but I can still her you cry out. I can’t take it any longer and cry out.


You understand what is about to happen and pull off of me, reach down grabbing my throbbing cock and pump it once and I erupt. You simply hold it in your fist feeling it throb as jet after jet of my cum shoots from the tip. Soon my chest and stomach are covered. My orgasm over, you simply drop my cock like a used toy. Eva climbs off of me and you and her tumble on to the floor besides me, once again in each others arms. I lay completely spent catching my breath.

After a few minutes, you get up and head to the kitchen. A few moments later you return sit back down with Eva and hand me a dish towel. You kiss her gently and the rise pulling her up with you. You turn to me and say.

“Thanks, that was fun. Maybe we can do it again sometime.” then you finish, “The door will lock itself behind you.”

I watch as you and Eva retire to what I assume is the bedroom. I wipe myself with the towel and get dressed. As I head out the door and make sure it locked behind me.

“Yeah,” I think to myself, “I could do that again sometime.”

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Sisterly Love Ch. 03

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Regina’s Place – 8PM

Truth be told, I was nothing if not a horn-dog. Less than three hours earlier I had boinked a mother and daughter I’d gone home and showered their love juices off me, had dinner with my mother, talked for twenty minutes about the mother- daughter romp with Stephie on the phone and dressed for a date with Reggie—casually since her parents were out—and Stephie told me what Reggie was expecting from me.

Yeah, I was a horn-dog all right.

Reggie was more likely to be called ‘cute’ than ‘hot’, but that was certainly no insult. She had an energetic smile and a delightful laugh. Her big green eyes lit up her face, and her brown hair was usually tied in pigtails. She was of average height and just a tad overweight, but a lot of that came from the shapely pair of D-cups ornamenting her chest. Her ass was also a little plump: once again-certainly no insult. She was the kind of girl a guy could date, or just be friends with, but the trick was to get the best of both worlds.

We met at a fast-food place for a quick bite, and then drove back to Reggie’s place. We made conversation about everything but what was foremost in our minds—sex.

We sat there talking and drinking beer, for another hour. Neither of us drank much, but we were getting looser, flirtier, and touchier with each other. Only a small table lamp was on, so the room was dark, adding something of a romantic ambiance to the room.

Finally, the topic turned in a wild new direction with Regina suddenly confessing, “This is fun,” she said, laughing and patting my knee. “Usually I hate meeting new guys.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of these,” she said, pointing at her breasts and laughing. “I mean, they’re the only reason most guys want to talk to me, and I hate that. I hate it because it’s all they want–well, they want more, of course, but my boobs are up front, you know, and that’s all they think about.”

“I don’t understand–you have a boyfriend, right? I mean, so what about him?”

“No,” she said with a wave of her hand. “That’s why I have a make believe boyfriend.”


“I know. It’s shows how completely insecure I am. But I don’t like building relationships on first impressions. So I told the girls in school that I going out with this older guy–he’s like twenty-two and in college, so I can’t show him off. We, umm, meet on weekends and not every weekend, so I keep the kids in school guessing, you know?”

“Why?” I asked, it sounded crazy to me; hadn’t she asked me over? Why me?

“So what do you think I like you for?” I asked with a smile.

“You’re always pleasant. You talk to me–I mean to me and not at my boobs. Oh, I know you check them out, but everyone does that. Even most of the girls check them out, especially after PE, you know?”

“You mean in the showers?”

“Oh, yeah! By the way, with all this talk about them, would you like to see them?”

I put my arm around her shoulders, “Of course I would, but there’s no hurry is there?”

“Howie, did I hear you right?”

“Umm, I said there’s no rush is there, I mean we could kiss a little and cuddle first, you know?”

“Oh, I knew there was something different about you!”


“You seemed different this week. I mean, you’ve always been nice, but if I’m gonna be honest, you were kind of a dweeb, you know? I can’t put my finger on it, but you’ve changed, or have you always been so … so …”

“Look, Reggie, I’ll tell you a secret since you’ve been open with me.”

“Oh … I love secrets!” she gushed and pressed her breast into my arm.

“Two weeks ago I was a virgin.” Okay so it was less than a week, but two weeks let me put some distance on it.

Reggie’s hand closed down on my thigh. “Really?”

“Yeah … but it happened, I mean I met this woman and she showed me the ropes, you know?”

“She taught you everything?”

“I’m not quite sure about everything, but yeah, she taught me a lot, that’s for sure.”

“Can you … show me?”

I groaned and shoved my fingers into her hair. My other hand swept down her back to curve over her rear. I pressed her to me, rubbing her firmly against my erection.

Reggie closed her eyes at the sensation, pulling her mouth from mine to explore the line of my jaw with her lips. She kissed my throat and nuzzled my chin while I discovered a sensitive spot behind her ear that made her shudder.

“More.” She breathed the single word against my cheek and dragged her lips back to meet mine. I sent my tongue into her willing mouth, caressing and exploring her teeth, gums and of course her tongue.

I felt her hands sweeping over the muscles of my back, revealing her desire to touch every part of me.

We shifted position and kaçak iddaa discovered we could now see ourselves reflected in a large mirror across the room. Reggie blinked at the image staring back at her. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips swollen and pink. Her eyes had a wild look about them. I had wrapped an arm around her waist and caused her D-sized breasts to jut upward.

“I … I’ve never known I look like this,” she said, breathing hard.

“I … I look at you and see a beautiful woman, Reggie.”

She sighed and leaned her head against my shoulder. “When you look at me like that, I feel beautiful.”

I decided it was time to kiss her and did. Reggie melted into my arms, the kiss went on and on, with me nibbling at her lower lip then opening my mouth and covering hers as we tried to devour one another. My hand went under her blouse and around her back to fiddle with the clasp on her bra. I couldn’t undo it, it was too much for me under the circumstances and Reggie came to the rescue, opening it and pulling the wispy material from her D-sized boobs.

The filtered evening light in her living room slanted across her torso, seeming to pronounce and deepen the natural shadows. Her breasts were fuller, heavier than I’d imagined; the nipples even more prominent. I just looked at them for a full minute in utter admiration. She took the opportunity to rid herself of the blouse and sat there half nude next to me, with a look of expectancy on her face.

Was I supposed to complement them? Is the Pope a Catholic?

“They are fucking gorgeous, Reggie,” I managed to get out, and was rewarded by her lifting one up and bringing it to my mouth.

“Suck it for me, Howie, Please suck it for me.”

I did just that, and I can still recall the initial feeling of those tiny pebbled goosebumps on her areola as my tongue swirled over them—and the rubbery texture of the turgid nipple itself as I nibbled and even bit down on it as Reggie moaned delightedly.


I recall massaging the other breast with one hand and trying to open her jeans with the other, only to fail in that task as I had with the clasp of her bra.

I made a mental note to have my sister teach me the basic rudiments of opening a woman’s bra that weekend, and then, as before, Reggie came to my assistance and opened the fly to her jeans, raising her hips and allowing me to work them down several inches and exposing the top of her panties to my eyes.

“The other one … PLEASE!”

Dutifully I switched nipples, and suckled like a babe in its mother’s arms, pleasing Reggie no end. Some minutes later, she gently worked the teat from my mouth and whispered, “Do you wanna do it now?”

I looked down at the almost invisible hairs on her belly now highlighted in the diffused lighting. Reggie raised her hips and wriggled her jeans down to her knees. It was as far as she could maneuver them without getting up from the couch we were using at the time.

My mind was about as far from thinking about my dick as it would ever be, for at this point I could discern the soft, curly down of her pubic hair. Her belly curved smoothly in a soft arc to the shadowy darkened region between her thighs. In my mind’s eye, I could see that her rich chestnut pubic hair, while not extensive, was thick, full and curly. I was delighted and tormented and excited, all at once.

Then, looking at the crotch of her panties, I saw a wet spot. She was getting wet, and I was responsible!

I slipped my hand inside my pants to adjust my dick, noisily sucking air between my teeth. It was all hard and caught, bent awkwardly in my Jockey’s. She stopped to watch me. I misunderstood and kept my hand and my manhood inside my Jockey’s.


I didn’t answer for I didn’t know what to say, even though I didn’t know what her question was going to be.

“Howie?” she said more forcefully, requiring an answer.

“Yes, Reggie?”

She giggled. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

Doctor? She wanted to play Doctor? Well why not it seemed like a move in the right direction and I apparently had stalled for the moment.

Later, Reggie would to tell me that she knew exactly what she was doing and what I was doing. She was very aware, very excited and more, thrilled and scared at the same time. She wanted to escalate matters, but it just had to be in a way she could square with her hypertrophied sense of morality … it just isn’t so if you don’t admit it.

“Umm, okay,” I said after a long moment. The next fifteen seconds were filled with hasty movements and breathtaking glances by both of us.

My dick sprang from its confinement and slapped my belly, drawing an excited gasp from Reggie.

With her eyes riveted on my illegal bahis erection, Reggie fumbled the removal of her panties–not that it mattered to me; I was completely mesmerized by the entire unveiling of her pussy.

“Yesssss,” I heard myself hiss.

“Ohhhhh,” I heard Reggie marvel on seeing my appendage fully extended. “It’s much bigger than I thought it would be. Are you sure it will fit?”

In response I began running my hands over her flat belly in slow, hypnotising circles. “Yes, it will. Are you a virgin, Reggie?”

“Noooo, I did it with my cousin when I turned fifteen. It didn’t hurt. Will this hurt?”

“No it won’t. I promise you it won’t.”

I continued rubbing her belly with Reggie looking on as if she were dreaming. I watched her nipples harden as if desperate for attention. I left her stomach to cup them, her mouth parted and a soft moan slipped free.

I played with them for a time, lifting and squeezing, massaging and pushing them together, and thumbing the nipples before biting and sucking one while pinching the other.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Reggie gasped and suddenly began humping the air while I plied her lovely breasts. Her hand went straight to her pussy and began masturbating. I covered the hand with my own, signalling her that I would take over it she was willing to let me.

She switched to her breasts, scrunching them together, and while it appeared to be a painful thing, apparently it sent joyous sensations directly to her clit, or so she said later.

I gently massaged her pussy, slipping a finger through her wet lips and sliding it up and down the length of her, spreading her moisture in agonizingly slow strokes. She knew without touching herself how wet she’d become, how wet I’d made her.

“OHHHHH!” she moaned, unconsciously pressing her pussy up to meet my finger. Thinking her wet enough, I added a second finger.

Reggie closed her eyes and let her head drop forward. Her brown hair swept over her shoulders, draping around her in a silky curtain.

“Oh, Howie … that’s …” She couldn’t put her feelings into words, not that I cared at that point.

“Look at me, Reggie,” I said; knowing my voice was thick with desire. She raised her arms and clasped her fingers behind my neck. The change in position caused her breasts to bulge out even more than normal. I moved to her clit, teasing and taunting the swollen bud. She jerked softly and sighed out my name.

Reggie’s breaths grew heavy. She was on the verge of begging me to put it inside her. I continued rubbing her juices over and around her clit, fingers sliding through her wetness.

“Howie … I’m …”

“It’s okay,” I whispered against her ear. “You can cum if you want.”

That was all it took in the end, the sound of my voice coaxing her toward orgasm. Her hips bucked against my fingers. I held her upright as our eyes met in the mirror. She strained against my hold and let out a long, low groan through clenched teeth. It ripped through her, so powerful her legs would have buckled if I hadn’t been supporting her.

Something told me to keep at her and I did until she gripped my forearm and whimpered for me to stop. Reggie shuddered and turned in my arms. “That was amazing.”

She swept her hair back and fought to catch her breath as her eyes flickered over my face. “WOW!” she said panting for breath. “You’re something else. I mean, if one of the girls had told me …”

“You’re pretty hot yourself, Reggie. I almost lost it when you came.”

My finger skimmed over one of her nipples. “Ohhhhh, that’s really nice, Howie.”

I shut her up with a kiss; allowing my mouth to roam languidly over hers, reheating the fire inside her all over again.

Given the opportunity to talk again, she quickly said, “I never thought it could be like this, you know? I mean, I thought we’d have some awkwardness somehow. But this … this was like being in a movie only it was real.

Her palms began to glide over my stomach. “Mmmmm, you’re really very muscular,” she added as she flicked my left nipple.

“Not a muscle,” I managed to gulp. Reggie laughed, it was lust-filled and lewd, and then she leaned in and bit it. It didn’t hurt, but I yelped anyway. She laughed again, making this one sound even dirtier than the first.

Her mouth dropped open and she undulated her hips. I felt her hand envelope my dick. I let out a loud groan of appreciation. She ran her fingertips along its length and tentatively stroked my balls. Moisture dotted the head of my cock. She used her thumb to spread the slick droplets. “Am I…am I doing this right?”

“You’re doing everything right,” I answered in a weak, squeaky voice. “You’re perfect.”

I kissed her again, my tongue flickering over her bahis siteleri lips then retreated, only to dart inside her mouth when it opened to protest.

Unable to wait any longer, I parted her thighs and rubbed my dick against her pussy, causing her to move her hips as I slid inside her just about an inch.

“You okay, Reggie?” I asked nervously.

“I’m fine, keep going … you feel enormous but I know you won’t hurt me.”

Bit by bit I pushed further inside her and she stretched to accommodate my girth. I had one hand on her ass, the other squeezing a breast giving her several sensations to thrill too as we proceeded. (I did this instinctively, I had no prearranged plan, or diagram to follow.) I wanted one thing–well more than one actually, but consciously I wanted it to be good for her, and of course, me as well.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and hooked her ankles at my lower back. I reared back and drove hard and deep.

Reggie bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut. Her cunt expanded around my cock and it felt like I’d filled her top to bottom. I brought everything to a halt and waited.

She was crying and I reached out for her hand, found it and squeezed her fingers. She squeezed back. The moment her eyes opened I began fucking her again, this time using a slow rocking motion.


“Does it feel good inside you?”

“Mmmmm … yes, Howie, ohhhh yes!”

She looked into my eyes while my hips pumped against hers. “Does it feel good for you?”

I responded with a hard thrust caused her mouth to drop open. “You have no idea, Reggie,” I gasped.

She didn’t realize it, but I had cum almost as soon as I’d entered her. But at my age, one can call upon unbelievable recuperative powers, and I had. My boner remained hard; I didn’t run out of gas. I just kept going, enjoying the extra length of our coupling. Regina did too; she just didn’t know we were in round two at the time.

Her mouth searched for mine, found it and nibbled at my lower lip. “Howie?” she asked huskily.

“Yes, Reggie?”

“Isn’t fucking grand?”

“It certainly is, Reggie.”

“Now I realize why everyone talks about it all the time. You wouldn’t believe how many girls at school say it isn’t all people say it is.”

“I wouldn’t say anything to them, Reggie, but I think they’re not doing it right.”

Reggie let out a loud guffaw and farted–involuntarily, I’m sure.

“Excuse me–but you’re too funny, Howie. “OHHH … Ohhh … I think …”

She arched her back and pushed hard against me. Her hips lifted and she let out a long, guttural moan as her body convulsed. “Oh God, don’t stop! OH GOD I’m cumming so fucking HARD! OH GOD! Don’t stop! Oh my, God–DON’T STOP– don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

“Oh, yeah!” I yelled exultantly, and went into what Candy termed ‘high gear,’ slamming stroke after stroke as deeply as possible before backing up and slamming into her again.

Reggie wrapped her legs around me and gripped my forearms. I ejaculated about then, the breath shaking from my nose as I concentrated on keeping the two of us from falling off the couch.

This time she felt the pulsing of my sperm as it splattered within her vagina. I recall growling long and deep as I emptied into her.

My limbs suddenly turned to water and I collapsed on top of her. Reggie leaned her head back and stared up at the ceiling. She swept her hair from her forehead and stroked my back while her pulse settled.

“So … how was it?” I asked with a smile while caressing her face.

Before Reggie could respond, a light flipped on illuminating a room in the house next to Reggie’s.

“Fuck!” the supposedly well satisfied female next to me swore.

“What’s wrong?” I asked while wiping my dick off with my Jockey’s.

“It’s that bitch of a slut, Sydnie-Ann Jablonski!” Reggie glanced down and took in my semi-flaccid state. “Oh, Howie, please don’t let that whore, Sydnie-Ann see it!”

“I don’t understand,” I said, and truly didn’t.

“The bitch next door and was obviously spying on us and waited until we got going; now she’ll tease me no end that fuckin’ whorish cow!”

“Reggie, we don’t know if she saw any of what we did; and even if she did, so what? What we had was–no, still is–ours and ours alone. Fuck Sydnie-Ann Jablonski whoever she is!”

“No—No! She’ll do something to take you away from me. She’s done it before, she’ll do it again. She’s very hateful.” Reggie was crying crocodile tears and they kept running down her cheeks.

I got up, ostensibly to investigate, and also to see what this Sydnie-Ann Jablonski looked like if possible. ‘Know your enemies,’ some Chinese war lord wrote ten thousand years ago.

I had no intention of abandoning those magnificent tits or that chestnut covered cunt for that matter, but how was I going to convey that fact to this suddenly overwrought girl?

But that was before I saw Sydnie-Ann Jablonski.

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Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 05

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Big Tits

This is based in fact. I’ve changed a few things, both to make it less clearly identifiable for all involved and also to smooth the story out a bit, since life is never as simple as we’d like.


It’s a good thing Debbie was so understanding. Okay, she was the reason I was here in the first place, but wow, what a turn things had taken!

I never imagined “straight” breathtaking stud Todd would have any interest in another guy, especially me! But here we were. Not only had I lost my virginity this weekend, but Todd took the opportunity to have sex with me. Todd wanted me? I couldn’t have been happier… or more confused!

After that last round of fun, Deb made us get up and strip the bed. She threw the sheets in the wash—her parents would kill her if they had any idea what we’d been doing—and then we went to hit the shower again. It was cramped in there, but I didn’t really care. We’d already had fun in there before, and I was up for whatever they wanted.

As we headed into the bathroom, Todd got into the shower and started the water. I heard him yell “shit!” as the cold water smacked right into him. He pushed the showerhead aside until the water started to warm up. Deb and I were waiting a sec outside the shower, but as the water apparently was warming up, I went to get in. She grabbed me: “Oh no, gay boy, you’re not getting to be in the middle! This is my party! I’ll be in the middle!”

“I was just going to…”

I didn’t even get to finish the sentence. She laughed, pushed me back with a hand on my chest, and stepped into the shower.

Then I added, “would you stop calling me gay?”

She laughed again. “Whatever. It’s just us. What do you want? Bi boy?”

“How about Jess?”

“Lighten up! Really, it’s just us. I’m not telling anyone. You know what I want! Just keep giving it to me.”

With that, she grabbed my cock, and I stepped into the shower with them. Todd was just watching us and smiling as he stroked his cock. I reached to close the glass door, as Debbie kept a good hold on my cock and then we started kissing. I’d about lost track of how much I’d cum already, but I was getting hard quickly as we kissed and she started stroking me. (How many times could I cum in a day? I was going to get friction burns on my dick at this rate!) And still, there was that pull in another direction. Seeing Todd, that beautiful man, the shower wetting his blond hair, as he smiled at me and looked… how do I describe the look on his face? It was mischievous, naughty, very horny…

But damn if Debbie’s hand didn’t feel good. So I closed my eyes, kept kissing her and enjoyed her hand on my cock as we kissed. I ran my hands over her tits, still liking the feel of them as I massaged them and then played with her nipples. Then I felt like I should do more for her and ran a hand down her body, finding my way to her pussy. I’d watched Todd when he played with her, and I tried to imitate that. I first rubbed up and down. Then I worked a finger into her just a bit. Then deeper, and she kissed me harder and actually stopped stroking me and just grabbed me really hard. I started moving my finger in and out of her. I could feel her heat on my finger, and I slipped a second on. She bit my lip and moaned, “yeah, Jess, you’re getting the idea. Fuck me with your fingers!”

I figured out how to make sure I was rubbing against her clit as I fingered her pussy, and she kissed me more. Our eyes were closed, as we continued making each other feel good. When my eyes were open, Todd still got most of my attention, but I couldn’t deny all this straight sex felt damn good, too! As I kept working on her pussy, she moaned in my mouth as we kissed. Then we broke apart and she made these little gasps. That encouraged me to go faster, but then I slowed a bit. Natural sexual skill? Well, that or my fingers were cramping a little from being in one position, but I didn’t need to tell her that. Then I went deeper and faster. Debbie was really getting off on this, and then she literally did. “Keep going, Jess! Yes! Oh, that feels so good!!!” And then she leaned hard into me and I held her tight with one arm around her back as she came on my fingers. Her whole body was heaving, and I could feel the heat coming off her as she shook in my arm.

She finally started to come down from what seemed like a long, intense orgasm (at least from my limited experience with female orgasms!), and then smiled. “For a guy who just güvenilir bahis siteleri lost his virginity this week, you’re a quick learner. That was great!”

I felt like such a stud! I really did. And then she reminded me that she hadn’t let go of my cock through the whole thing by stroking me and saying, “Can’t let this go to waste!” She put a leg up on the edge of the tub and pulled me closer. She started rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy, and we both moaned. Then she just held it right against her lips and said, in her very direct way, “Well, Jesse James, how about you use your big gun on me?” Jeez, I hated being called that. But this was one time that I wasn’t going to say a thing about it.

The position was a little awkward, but I did my best to line up and… she yelled “Oh my God!” so loud I almost jumped back! I guess she was pretty keyed up still from having just cum. It took me a minute and a little maneuvering to get my position right, but then I was able to grab her at the waist and start a nice motion, fucking into her tight pussy. It felt awesome! She was squeezing me tight, and it felt like her hot walls were almost pulsing around my cock as I thrust all the way into her and then pulled back, almost coming all the way out. It was the simplest of stand-up fucks, and it was amazing! Deb moved her leg from the tub edge to wrapping around me—I’m trying to remember, but I think she kind of got it sort of around my ass or upper thigh at that point. It still was a more difficult position than being in bed, but I was motivated!

She was panting that she was getting close again, and then she fell into me as I kept thrusting. “Oh, oh, oh!” and she was gasping, as her pussy grabbed me hard. Luckily, I had my staying power at its best then, probably because I’d cum so many times already with them, so I slowed down a little as she came, and then I started thrusting again.

I’d pretty much forgotten about Todd. That alone says something. The man I wanted more than anyone in the world was standing naked in the shower maybe two feet from me, and I wasn’t really paying attention to him. Then he said, “you two are going to make me jealous!”

Debbie seemed like she could barely speak, but she said, “Sorry, but you get plenty! And this is awesome!”

He looked at me and said, “You’d better save some for me, man! Some of you and some of her!”

I was feeling very confident and just said, “plenty of us to go around!”

Then he got closer, as I kept fucking Deb. And she still was moaning as I thrust into her, while Todd reached under and was feeling my cock and her pussy. Then he started trying to finger her a bit. It seemed like he was trying to slip a finger in with my cock. Deb told him to knock it off in no uncertain terms! “I’m not one of the tramps you like to watch in your porn! One big cock is all I need in me right now!”

That actually worked out pretty well, because then he kept reaching under and cupped my balls in his hand. His warm fingers massaged my balls as I kept thrusting in his girlfriend!

Fucking while you’re standing in the shower may be simple for some, but it took me some getting used to, so I could get the deepest thrusts while not falling on my ass! But once I did that, I managed to get a little more going. I had been holding Deb, then massaging her tits. Then I leaned in and started sucking her nipples, one then the other, and then some nibbling, too, and that seemed to send her over the edge again. Three times in one session, which she’d later tell me was a very big deal for her, and then I felt her pussy grabbing my cock again as I kept moving deep inside her. At the same time, Todd’s hands had moved back to grab my ass as I was thrusting. At one point, he seemed to be moving his fingers around to get at my hole, but then he backed off for some reason. Not that it was a tragedy, since I already felt an incredibly deep orgasm starting to build. One of those whole-body, comes-from-deep-inside orgasms that you can’t even believe is so intense.

I felt tingling climbing my legs and a sensation starting deep in my core. I knew this would be intense. I’d lost track of how long I’d been inside her, but it was a while. She still was panting, and if we weren’t in the shower, I’d bet her juices would have been flowing down my balls and my legs, but there was no way to tell in there! She said, “Damn, how long can you fuck, babe? I’m not sure I can take much more!” Not canlı bahis siteleri that she seemed to be in any distress, but it didn’t matter, because I knew I’d be shooting soon!

Todd still was holding my ass and seemed to be enjoying the whole scene, even if his poor cock wasn’t getting any attention. He said, “Yeah, fuck that pussy! Your ass feels awesome!” (He’d tell me later that he meant that he loved how I was clenching with each thrust and he could feel that as he held me—clenching asses was something I always appreciated in other guys, so I got that!) And somehow, as he grabbed my ass, he managed to find enough space under us to get in and lick around Deb’s pussy. I also could feel some contact with my cock. I’d like to say that added a lot, but it didn’t change the physical sensations much, since it was mostly her squeezing walls milking me to orgasm, but mentally, it was a thrill! And then he apparently stuck out his tongue and let my tightening balls run across it with each stroke in her. It was an odd sensation—fun, but again, more psychologically thrilling than adding to the feelings.

I was getting closer, but this orgasm was building slowly. It was weird. This fuck felt so intense, but it was taking time to reach the climax. I thrust harder and harder. There was going to be some bruising at this rate! I was getting as deep as I could, and I told her, “I’m getting close!”

She said, “yeah, baby, let me feel that big load fill my pussy!”

It was so hot when she talked that way! And I was going to be happy to cooperate. I did my best to keep my strokes long, since I knew she loved that (and so did I!), even as I was going faster and faster. Finally, as I felt myself going over the edge, I gasped, “I’m gonna…” and she grabbed my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. My thrusts got erratic, and I felt my cock start to shoot. Deep, long shots of cum. So much I could feel the flow of each shot filling my cock and spraying deep into her.

I heard Todd say “oh, wow!” as I kept thrusting. Much slower now, but the feeling was beyond description. Then Debbie broke our kiss and moaned loudly.

“I can feel it! Yes, baby, fill me with your load! It feels so good! I can feel you spurting in me!”

I don’t know how long I was shooting, but I kept moving as I did. Todd said, “Man, that was amazing! I could actually see each spurt as your cock was pulsing. Fucking awesome, man!”

Finally, I came down off that intense sexual peak, my cock slowly slipping from her, as she gasped, “best fuck ever!”

And Todd said—I think in good humor—”Oh, yeah? We’ll see!” and positioned himself to slip into her with his throbbing cock. (Wow, that thing was beautiful!)

But Debbie said, “I don’t think so!” I can’t take one more stroke. I need a break!

“Oh, come on! I can’t watch that with MY girlfriend and not get some!”

I was laughing at all this—and honestly, feeling a little proud that I was so good at this with so little experience—and kind of collapsed. I sat back at the end of the tub on the little lip it had around the edge. The shower was still spraying all of us in varying degrees, as I looked up at them verbally sparring.

Then Debbie said, “wow, this is awesome!” And I noticed her run a hand down to her own pussy. She turned her head towards me and said, “how much did you shoot in me?” And she got some of my load on her fingers. It was thick and white and running out of her.

Todd said, “Let me look!” And he got back down there and made like he was carefully inspecting things. Then he started licking her pussy and getting every drop of my cum. He ate all of it! At least all that I saw!

After a minute, Deb said, “okay, okay, stop! That’s enough!” and gave him a playful smack on the head!

“Hey!” he mock-complained. And then he said, “Well, what about me! You at least have to give me back my boyfriend’s cum that you stole!”

I’m sorry. What did I just hear? Boyfriend?

At which point, Debbie said, “Boyfriend? Make up your mind. You’re such a mess! A little while ago, you complained about him nailing your girlfriend—which he does quite well, I’ll have you know—but now you’re back to going all gay on me, and he’s your boyfriend?”

Then he said, “Just kidding! But hey, I need to have some fun, too! Look at this!” And he pointed to his cock.

“Yeah, it’s a nice one,” Deb said. “But I need a break. Sorry! Here, let me get around you to shower bahis firmaları off a bit.” And she squeezed around him to get closer to the showerhead. Then, “Hey, look at that. Isn’t that your ‘boyfriend’ right in front of you know, eye level to your hard cock? Maybe he’d like to help!”

If you’d asked me if I wanted more sex just 10 seconds before that, I probably would have said I needed a break, too! But despite the massive orgasm I’d just had, the sight of that man in front of me, and… well, I didn’t even say anything. Todd moved towards me and smiled (*sigh*) and leaned down. He kissed me. Tenderly, at first. Then deeper, his hands on my head. I still couldn’t believe a lot of this was happening. I had to keep my eyes open for all of this kissing!

His gorgeous blue eyes looked back at me, and I ran my hands over that body I’d idolized for so long. He was so solid, so gorgeous, so perfect. He eventually broke our kiss, and said, “please help me out, babe. I need it so bad!”

I just nodded. He added in a quiet, sexy voice, “you two were so hot together… I won’t take long to cum!”

Then I found my voice: “Take as long as you want!”

He got a look of tenderness on his face at that point. It almost seemed out of place, but I realized later that this already was more than just sex. He gave me another short kiss, then he stood up, and I leaned in to take him in my mouth. He was so hard, and I could feel his pulse through his cock, as I at first just held it in my mouth. Then I started sucking and licking all around his shaft, as he moaned. He leaned into the wall above my head, and I took him out of my mouth long enough to say, “Fuck my mouth, babe! Give it to me and let me swallow your load!”

He didn’t say anything then. I took him back in my mouth, gripping him around the base, and he just fucked into my mouth faster and faster. His hard shaft was leaking on my tongue, and his precum tasted great! I wanted every drop. He was moaning as he thrust faster in my mouth! I was glad I had a good grip on the base, or he might have choked me with those thrusts! I stopped him at one point and gave his balls a good tongue bath.

He moaned as I did that, and I asked him if he was getting close. “Yeah,” he said. And then I took him back in my mouth. He started thrusting again, fucking my mouth pretty hard and leaking even more. It took him just a few minutes, and then his breathing got erratic, that losing-control pre-orgasm breathing that was music to my ears. I was waiting for him to tell me he was going to cum, but he didn’t say a thing. Instead, I heard a big moan from deep in his chest, and then his cock started jumping in my mouth. The flood of cum was huge! Spurt, spurt, spurt… again, I don’t remember how many, but it was a gigantic flood of fluid filling my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, as he kept shooting more.

I kept sucking and licking all around his cock, as he kept moaning and leaned hard into the wall, his head on his arm, as his thrusts slowed. Eventually, his thrusts stopped, but I kept licking and sucking until it seemed I’d gotten all there was, and he started to go soft in my mouth. Then I let him fall from my mouth, he backed up just a little to give me some room, and I stood up.

Well, I tried to stand up, slowly. Between all the strain on my legs from fucking Debbie in what wasn’t the most natural position for my muscles and then sitting like that on the tub edge, I was a little cramped up. (Hey, I wasn’t the athlete in this group!) But Todd reached down and helped me get to my feet. After a moment, I had my balance back and was smiling back and forth at both of them.

I looked over at Debbie. She said, “I don’t even care about any of this, you know. It’s kind of hot, and as long as I get you two hotties fucking me, too, this is going to keep being awesome!” She leaned in, and I leaned her way, too. I may not be straight, but after that fuck… well, I felt something then. Our lips met, and we both made soft noises. I think I even felt a stirring in my cock again, but with so many stimuli, who could really label the cause of that?

I didn’t know what to say then, but Todd said, “I think I can live with that.” Then he leaned a little past me, towards Debbie, like he was going to kiss her. Then as I was smiling at this, he pulled back at the last second and turned to me. He kissed me intensely, but just for a few seconds. When he pulled back, he was wearing a big shit-eating grin.

Debbie looked at him, laughed and said, “You bitch!”

Well, there we were! My life was turned upside down but in a way that made me the luckiest guy in town. I had no idea what was coming/cumming next, but I had no complaints!

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Shanti – A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 06

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We went to Phoenix, one of the posh uptown Malls I thought for a minute that I might have problems getting in, because of the way I was dressed, but I figured with Madhavi on my arm no one would throw me out. The doorman, as it turned out, didn’t object to us. He took one look at Madhavi and waved us both in. She winked at him as we went by. The dance floor was hot and sweaty. I’m not much for dancing, but I liked watching all the sexy women bounce and sway, grinding their hips provocatively. Madhavi got out there right away. I moved around a little, looking stupid, but before long I got into it. Madhavi could really dance, and she kicked off her shoes and danced barefoot. Her tits flopped about under her tight silky top and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

She loosened up fast, losing the inhibitions she’d had earlier. She started to dance closer to me, rubbing her body up against mine. Once I reached out and made a grab for her ass, but she danced away and giggled. I tried to keep up and did a fair job. I’ve known a lot of women who get really hot when they dance, and Madhavi was one-I could tell she was getting hot in more ways than one. She really went at it-grinding her hips, bouncing her tits around, spreading her legs and lowering herself toward the floor. Before she’d danced for twenty minutes, my cock wasprodding at the seams of my pants. There was sweat pouring down her face and over her tits, soaking her shirt. Her nipples were poking through the shirt and her face reddened. She danced with her lips half-parted, singing along with the lyrics to the songs.

After a whole hour of that, I was exhausted. That’s when Madhavi slumped against me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

“This is so much fun,” she said into my ear. “Ratan, will you take me home?”

“Back to your place?” I asked over the music.

“Please,” she sighed. “Please take meto your home.”

I knew she was ready. She wanted me to take her home and strip her naked, then pop her cherry on her bed. She put her arm around me and into my back pocket, stroking my ass like a true slut as we walked off the dance floor.

She paused at the bar and kissed me again, groping my ass. I lowered my hands and squeezed Madhavi’s tight ass-cheeks, massaging them. She didn’t mind at all, though people were watching us. We may as well put on a show, I thought. I squeezed her ass with one hand and brought my other hand up to touch the side of her breast. Madhavi moaned and I pinched her nipple. “Take me home,” she whispered. “I don’t want you to stop this time.”

I led her toward the door, out into the night air and onto my motorcycle. Before we started off, I turned and pressed my body against hers, thrusting the bulge in my jeans onto Madhavi’s stomach. She put her hand on my cock and began to rub it up and down, stroking her body so that her firm nipples touched my chest quite plainly. Her shirt clung to her tits and made it look like she was bare-chested. I began to kiss her neck, then unbuttoned a couple of the shirt’s buttons, until it hung open between her breasts, showing the lace of her white bra. I slowly ran my finger in and out of her cleavage, then slipped it under her bra and touched her bare nipple.The parking lot was pretty empty, but Madhavi wouldn’t have cared. She had decided to be a real slut now that she’d made up her mind to let me pop her cherry. She was ready for it, all right-her nipples fat and hard. I bent low and kissed her cleavage as she groped at my cock. When I glanced over her shoulder, a sexy woman in high heels and a tight leather miniskirt was walking by with a guy on her arm. She winked at me as she watched us, then turned away as she passed.

“I want to give you head,” whispered Madhavi. “I’ve been fantasizing about it for so long. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

She slipped her hand down my pants and ran her thumb over my cockhead. She brought her hand up and licked her thumb of the cum she’d smeared on it. She kissed me again and put her hand back down my pants, gripping my long shaft tightly.

“And then I want you to fuck me,” she whispered. “I’ve never been with a man before … I want it to be you. I want you to fuck me. I want you to bust my cherry.”

I nuzzled her ear. “I’ll pop your cherry, Madhavi,” I said. “I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Take me home,” she whimpered. “I’m so horny I could spread my legs right here. Get me home and into bed.”

We climbed onto the motorcycle and Madhavi put her arms around me and pressed her tits into my back. She had her arms clenched tight around my waist and her hand dangling into my lap, and rubbed her palm against my organ. She gripped it tightly and jerked me up and down as we roared off, fondling me the whole way.

“I can’t help myself,” she said. “I just want your cock in my cunt so bad.”

“You and me both, baby.”

When we got into my house Madhavi’s she shut the door and locked it. Then she turned and pushed her body against me, forcing me back nearer the bed. She shoved her tits against my chest, rubbing them up and down as she parted her lips and kissed me, thrusting bahis siteleri her tongue into my mouth. I countered by putting my hands on her leather-clad ass, massaging her cheeks and tugging them open slightly so I could feel her deep, supple crack. Madhavi moaned as I reached between her slightly spread legs and rubbed my hand against her crotch. I turned around slowly, moving her back so she could sit on the bed. She eased her incredible ass down onto the rumpled mattress, then leaned back, spreading her legs wide and treating me to a view of her thighs and crotch in that skin-tight leather. I got onto my knees, straddling her thighs and reached for the buttons to her shirt.

I undid the top slowly, watching her face every step of the way. She stared at me, panting heavily as I exposed her breasts and stomach. I eased the shirt back, over Madhavi’s shoulders and it fell down around her wrists, which were propping her up on the bed. Still straddling her, I started massaging her tits through her white bra. Meanwhile, Madhavi leaned her head forward and pressed her mouth around the cock lump in my jeans. I grunted as Madhavi massaged the hard flesh with her lips. I let go of her tits so she could move closer to me. I put my hands on her bare shoulders, stroking them, and I curled my fingers in her hair. Meanwhile, Madhavi closed her teeth on my belt strap and began pulling at it demandingly.

She kept her arms behind her and undid my belt with her teeth, pulling hard until it was open all the way. Then she took hold of my top buttons, again with her teeth, and pulled on those until they popped open. Madhavi licked the head of my cock, which popped out the top of my underwear. A shiver of pleasure went through my body. Then Madhavi pulled the rest of my fly open with her teeth and began to work on my underwear.

She grasped the elastic and tugged it down, her warm breath ruffling my pubic hair. She tucked the stretchy cotton under my balls and let her tongue slip out to caress them. “I don’t know what to do,” she admitted. “I’ve never done this before. Will you show me?”

“You’re doing great, baby.” I grinned. “Just keep doing it like that. Just let your instincts take over. I’ll cum in your mouth for you.”

“Oh,” panted Madhavi. “I want you to. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want that so much … I’ve been fantasizing about you. I’ve been thinking about you in class, dreaming about giving you head and having you cum in my mouth. I want to swallow it all. I want your cum.”

I nodded, my cock throbbing with anticipation. “Just suck my cock, baby. You’re doing it right. Just imagine you’re a horny slut who knows how to give an incredible blow-job.” Madhavi laughed a little.

“I am a horny slut,” she panted. “An incredibly horny little slut, but I’ve never given head before. Will you tell me if I’m doing it okay?”

“I will, baby. But don’t worry. You won’t do anything wrong. Just eat my cock like a slut. Just suck my dick, slut.”

Madhavi blushed when I called her slut. She had dreamed of being a slut. She wanted to be a rich slut. I wanted her to be one, too. Every horny guy needs a rich slut. Like her aunts – she was sex filled and extremely horny- she had suck in each vein and reminded me of Shanti’s aggression and Chitra’s passion.

Madhavi moaned softly as she pressed her lips around my prick. She started sucking gently, running her tongue around the tip. As she sucked, I felt my cock ejecting a little pre-cum. She slurped it up and begged for more by licking me harder.

“You like the way that tastes?” I asked her softly.

She paused, sliding her lips back down my cock. “I love it,” she breathed. “I love the taste of your cock. And your cum. I want a whole load of it in my mouth. Please, oh will you cum in my mouth …”

She began licking further down, then filled her mouth with my shaft. She licked my balls for a few strokes, then slowly made her way back up to the tip of my rod. Then Madhavi began to suck on my swollen, throbbing cockhead, massaging the sensitive flesh with her lips and tongue. She pressed it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily as I leaned my hips forward.

“That’s great, baby,” I said. “Suck it like that … ooh, yeah.”

Madhavi swallowed my cock until the head pressed against the upper reaches of her throat and her bright red lips were curved around the shaft halfway down. She paused, then slid her mouth back up to the head. She licked on that for a while, her mouth seething against my hard, hot flesh.

She quickly thrust my cock back into her mouth, sucking it down halfway. She curved her lips around my shaft and then closed them tightly, clamping down and massaging my veiny prick. It sent waves of pleasure from my hard cock into my body.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned. “That’s real good. You’re doing great, baby, just like a slut.”

Madhavi sucked harder, then began working her mouth up and down on my cock. She rammed it quickly in and out between her lips, coating the shaft with lipstick and saliva. She fucked mycock into her mouth faster and faster, and then slowed down and started savoring it canlı bahis again. Now she worked slowly, sliding her lips up and down my shaft. She pressed her tongue against the head as she took my prick into her mouth. Gradually, she built up speed again, then slowed down so she wouldn’t bring me off too fast. She seemed to have lost all of her shyness-blowing me like a true whore! I began gasping for breath as I felt my orgasm approach and then fade for the third or fourth time. “That feels so good, Madhu.” I had never called her Madhu before, but the name seemed to fit-more of a slut’s name, and easier to say. “Madhu … that’sgood … that’s so good … suck my cock …”

“It tastes good,” she mumbled, her mouth filled.

“You’re gonna make me cum soon, slut … I’m gonna spurt in your mouth …”

She eased my cock gently out of her mouth, touching it just with her lips.

“I almost don’t want to,” she panted. “I want to suck your cock forever-I love giving you head. I want you to stay hard forever so I can keep blowing you … but oh … I want your cum … I have to have a load of your cum … please cum in my mouth … shoot it down my throat!”

Madhavi groaned hungrily as she thrust her mouth back down. She took half of the long shaft easily into her mouth and then paused, letting my knob sink into her soft throat flesh. She pressed harder, trying to deep-throat me, but couldn’t. She returned to the tip of my prick and gently ran her teeth over it, very lightly squeezing my hard rod with her mouth. Then she sucked harder and started shoving her head rhythmically up and down.

“That’s so fucking good…” I said, stroking her hair.

“That’s so fucking incredible, bitch … I’m gonna cum in your mouth.”

Madhavi slavered over my prick, drooling as she sucked me stroke after stroke. I rocked my hips in time with her mouth, shoving my cock so that each thrust into her mouth caused more friction and made her mouth and my cock hotter. She began to writhe and twist, sitting up a little more to get more leverage on my prick as I fucked my cock into her mouth. She put her arms around my waist and began gripping my ass, tightly squeezing my cheeks and pulling my body forward to meet every mouth-thrust she gave me. My cock was swelling hard and deep into her warmth, and I was about to cum for her, turned on knowing it was a virgin mouth I was cumming in.

“Suck me,” I kept grunting. “Suck me … suck me … that’s good … suck me hard … now the head … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum!”

I started pounding my hips forward, thrusting into Madhavi’s open mouth as she clamped her lips down tightly on my shaft. She eagerly took each stroke I plowed into her and met it with a thrust of her own, hungrily pressing her tongue into my flesh so that every time my cock slid into her there was a new surge of pleasure. She sucked harder and harder, her whole body squirming as she blew me.

Then, with a groan of pleasure, I started to spurt. Madhavi seemed to go crazy as the first wad gushed out into her mouth. She moaned in her throat and curved her fingers around the base of my rod, gripping it tightly to guide it and keep it fucking her mouth.

She jerked me off as she sucked me, ramming my prick between her tight lips and groping my ass with her other hand. She closed her fist around the bottom half of my cock, sucking hard on the head as she gulped down the first load. Then she kept pumping me and another stream of cum shot out into her. She just kept going as she gulped and it felt like I’d never stop shooting jism into her mouth. She took load after load, swallowing rapidly. I got onto the bed next to her after that. Her lips were smeared with cum and she still had some in her mouth. She took her time with it, running her tongue around her lips and showing me the thick smear of cum. She let a few drops ooze out of her mouth, than slowly swallowed. Her fingers were sticky and she licked them eagerly.

I kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth as she stroked it hungrily back and forth. She massaged my lips with hers.

“That was so good,” she panted. “I love giving head. I want you to cum in my mouth again and again. But now I need you for something else. I want you to get hard again, and then I want you

to fuck me. We’re going to go to bed, get under the covers … and you’re going to bust me. Let’s take off all our clothes.”

Madhavi got up from the bed and took a few steps back. She looked at me with her eyes wide and her lips parted. I watched as Madhavi shook off her shirt, which had been hanging from her shoulders. Her nipples were quite erect and poked through the thin, satiny lace bra. She took the bra off. Madhavi just stood there, touching her breasts with her fingertips. She ran her fingers over her hard nipples, pinching them slightly. She plainly enjoyed giving me a performance and it was driving me wild. My cock was already hard all the way, and I was practically ready to spurt another load. A perfect niece of the two who were giving me joyous moments in bed for a couple of months now – and here their kith and kin was waiting güvenilir bahis for me to zip her cherry.

Madhavi kicked off her high-heeled shoes and unzipped her pants. She peeled the leather down her legs, showing me the low-cut front of her tight panties. She shimmied out of the pants and stood up, her legs slightly spread so I could see her near-nude body better. Then she came over to me. I sat up on the side of the bed and put my arms around her body, squeezing her ass some more. She pressed her tits against my face. I sank my tongue into her cleavage, then licked around her breasts and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I began to slurp at it and Madhavi let out a whimper. She reached down and helped me out of my shirt, then pushed me back onto the bed so she could take off my pants.

I kicked off my shoes and socks as Madhavi pulled my tight jeans down my body. She kissed my hard cock as she exposed it more fully, and then she peeled the denim over the whole length of my legs. When I was naked, Madhavi looked at me approvingly and lay on top of me, spreading her legs and pressing her panty-clad cunt against my cock. I reached for her ass and helped her spread her legs further. She kissed me and said, “Wait a sec. Get in bed, I’ve got something I’ve been saving for this event.”

She stood up and went to her dresser drawer, opened it and rummaged through it. She took out a stick of incense and put it in a burner next to the bed.

I climbed under the covers. Madhavi spoke huskily. “Radha, my roommate, was telling me about an island where they have to burn incense whenever a virgin gets deflowered. Well, I’m about to be deflowered.” She smiled and winked at me. “And incense turns me on. I figured it would help make a perfect deflowering ceremony.”

She lit the incense, then blew on it so it smoldered smokily. The musky, deep scent floated over the bed and around Madhavi’s body. She turned to me, her face flushed with rapture and lust. “I want you,” was all she said as she took hold of her panties and began to pull them down.

She stepped out of her skimpy underwear and stood still for a second, letting me admire her nude body. She was built-one of the best bodies I’d ever seen. Her dark pubic hair was neatly shaved into a triangle of sexy, wiry black. It looked nice and I wondered if she’d trimmed it just for this occasion. Now that she was stark naked, I was sure that she wouldn’t pull out-so to speak. She was going to go all the way. We were going to fuck and moved toward the bed.

“I want you to fuck me,” she panted under the covers. “I want you to take my virginity. I’ve been waiting forever … now I want it. Oh Ratan …”

I kissed Madhavi and ducked my head under the covers to suck her tits. I slowly covered her breasts in tongue-strokes, sliding my hand down between her legs.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as I pressed my finger into her cunt. I slowly penetrated her with my middle finger-she didn’t seem as tight now that she wasn’t nervous, but her cunt still gripped my finger firmly.

I licked my way down her body, plunging into the darkness under the sheets. Madhavi spread her legs wide as I positioned my body. The bed was huge-actually it was more a futon, but enormous just the same. I had plenty of room to bend over and slide my tongue up Madhu’s thighs. She moaned as she spread her legs even further, stretching them out.

“Oh yes, Ratan … eat me … eat me … uh …”

I pressed my tongue into Madhavi’s slit, tasting the tanginess of her luscious cunt. She was gushing wet-drops of pussy juice running down her legs. I licked them and returned to her pussy, parting her virgin cunt lips with my fingers.

I slowly drew the tip of my tongue from her cunt hole up to her clit. Then I very gently sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it, teasing her into a frenzy. A shudder went through Madhu and I licked further down, then parted her ass cheeks with my other hand.

I thrust my tongue down into her crack and licked her musky asshole. That surprised her. She tensed, then relaxed and moaned as I put my hand on her thigh and pulled her to her side. I positioned my face between her ass cheeks.

I next dipped my tongue into her sensuous crack, licking her asshole. It was tight and tasted good, just like her cunt. Madhu’s whole body was delicious. I started rimming her and she let out loud groans of pleasure, coaxing my tongue deeper into her ass. I got on top of her.

“Will you fuck me there, too?” she whimpered. “Will you fuck me up the ass?”

I nodded slowly.

“But first, I want it in my cunt,” she said, sighing. She spread her legs wider so I could get in between them. I zeroed in on Madhavi’s virgin cunt!

I slid up against Madhavi’s body, pressing down on her so her tits squeezed into my chest. Her nipples poked hard and firm against me. I snuggled between her wide-open legs as she moaned wildly, begging me to pop her cherry. I ran my fingers through her spiky hair and kissed her mouth, thrusting my tongue deep into her. She reached underneath me and took hold of my cock. I heard her whimper as she felt me up from top to bottom, my long hard pole making her hornier than ever to get fucked. She whispered hungrily into my ear, “I want you to shove this thing into my slit. Hard. Deep.”

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Derya ve Akif (Pasif gay anılarım -2)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Derya ve Akif (Pasif gay anılarım -2)
Tekrar merhaba,
Oda arkadaşım Derya ile kız arkadaşı olana kadar partner olduğumuzu önceki hikayemde anlatmıştım. İlk sevişmemizden sonra artık Derya ile karı-koca hayatı yaşıyorduk. Tek odalı evimizde gün aşırı sevişiyor, çeşitli fanteziler yapıyorduk. Ben de artık tecrübelenmiştim. Popomun ve dize kadar bacaklarımın kıllarını alıyor, göğsümü ve yüzümü traş ediyordum. Derya sakalım iki günü geçtiğinde bana kızıyor, “bana böyle mi karılık edeceksin” diyordu. Onun kırmızı koca kafalı penisini, sarkık testislerini artık ezberlemiştim. Cinsel organını ben traş ediyordum o televizyon seyrederken, bazı sabahlar penisi deliğime dayanmış bir şekilde uyanıyordum. Gözümü açamadan beni becermeye başlamış oluyordu. Artık erken boşalma sorununu da çözmüştük, o beni uzun uzun becerirken diğer odalardan duyulmasın diye
ağzımı elimle kapatıyordum. Ben halimden çok memnundum ancak Derya sıkılmaya başlamıştı. Bazen duruma renk katalım diyor ama muhabbetin ardını getirmiyordu. Bir akşam ağzındaki baklayı çıkardı ve “seni sikilirken izlemek istiyorum” dedi. Beni kıskanmasını isterdim ama o benim gibi düşünmüyor, beni sadece seks objesi olarak görüyordu. Kaybedecek bir şeyim yoktu ben de “olur aslında ama kim olacak ki” dedim, sokaktan birini çevirecek halimiz yok. Arkadaşlarına anlatırsan da okula devam edemeyiz.” dedim.” Ben aslında birisine söyledim” dedi, başımdan aşağı kaynar sular dökülmüştü. Artık dilden dile dolaşıyoruz diye düşündüm. İfademden anlamış olacak ki “merak etme, okuldan değil” dedi ve anlatmaya devam etti ” bayram sonrası yakın dostumuz olan bir ailenin tek oğlu olan Akif Abi’yle içiyorduk. Gecenin sonuna doğru artık gündelik konular bitti seksten konuşmaya başladık. Akif Abi eski sevgilerinden başladı, yeni boşandığı eşine kadar
anlattı. Ben de yaşadığım tek ilişkiyi yani seni anlattım. Bütün ayrıntıları biliyor. Ve açıkça bana kendisinin de benzer fanteziler kurduğunu ama gerçekleştiremediğini söyledi. Sen de istersen deneyebiliriz.” dedi Derya. Ben bakakaldım, ne düşüneceğimi ne söyleyeceğimi bilmiyordum. Derya’nın ilgisini canlandırmak istiyordum ama tanımadığım bir adamla da birlikte olamazdım. Hem kimdi neydi bu Akif? Nasıl görünüyor, nasıl kokuyor, en önemlisi nasıl düşünüyordu? Derya’ya bana zaman vermesini söyledim. Takip eden hafta Derya bana hiç ilgi göstermedi, sevişme denemelerim başarısız oldu. Ben de kabuğuma çekilmiştim ve sadece arkadaş gibi yaşamayı göze almıştım. Bir sonraki haftanın sonunda Derya bana” Akif abi şehire geldi, bizi yemeğe oradan da bir yerlere götürmek istiyor. Ne dersin?” dedi. “Olur dedim, sorun yok.” Sonuçta sadece bir yemekti. Aynı günü akşamı Akif bizi yurdun önünden almaya arabasıyla geldi. Arabanın arka koltuğuna oturdum ve merhabalaşıp el sıkıştık. Giderken arada bir dikiz aynasından bana bakarak konuşuyordu. Ben de onu inceliyordum. Arabadan indiğimizde tam olarak onu gördüm. İlk fikrim olumsuzdu. Akif saçları üst kısımlarda iyice seyrekleşmiş, koca bir göbeği olan, kalın bıyıklı esmer bir adamdı. Pek canım çekmemişti ilk anda doğrusu. Yemekte muhabbet ilerledikçe esprili ve sıcakkanlı tavrı hoşuma gitmeye başladı. Özellikle bana çok candan davranıyor, konuşurken gözlerimin içine bakıyordu. Restorandan kalkıp yakındaki bir bara geçtiğimizde içtiğim Votkanın da etkisiyle olacak ki iyice kanım ısınmıştı bu adama. Derya tuvalete gitmek için kalktığında ben “Akif yanıma otursana” dedim. O da zaten bunu bekliyordu bence ki, saniye geçmeden yanındaydı. Derya döndüğünde Akif yanımda Derya karşımdaydı. Saat 11’e yaklaşmıştı ve barın içi gayet loştu. Etrafı kolaçan edip, sağ elimle kumaş pantolonunun üzerinden Akif’in penisini kavradım. Henüz kalkmamış olan penisini ve taşaklarını elimde tutarken yüzünün aldığı ifadeyi seyrediyordum. Penis elimde büyümeye başladı, bir noktadan sonra artık o kilodun içine sığmayacaktı. Ani bir hareketle fermuarını açtım, kilodunun önünde işemek için açık bırakılmış delikten penisini dışarı çıkarttım. Derya’nın penisi daha güzeldi ama sıcacık siki elimde tutmak çok güzeldi. Derya da karşıdan bizi seyrediyor, anlaşılmaması için etrafa bakıyordu. Çaktırmadan elime tükürüp sivri kafalı penisin kafasını avucumun içinde
sıvazlamaya başladım. Akif’in zevk suyu gelmişti bile, sarı yoğun kıvamlı suyun iki damlasının tadına baktım. “Çok tatlı bal gibi” deyip kikirdedim. Akif; “boşaltma beni eve gidelim” dedi. Memleket iki saat mesafede evde kimse yok, haftasonu takılırız. Ben sizi tekrar bırakırım.” dedi. Akif hesabı ödedi. Yola çıktık. Derya kafası güzel arabayı kullanıyor biz arkada yiyişiyorduk. Akif pantolonunu dizine kadar sıyırmıştı, ben onun kılları hiç alınmamış penisini emiyordum. Koca göbeğinin altında 12-13 santimlik bir penisi vardı. Sonra ben kotumun ön düğmelerini tamamen açtım ve Akif’e popomu avuçla dedim. Akif kotun içinden pürüzsüz popomu avuçlamaya başladı. Sonra eline tükürüp orta parmağını kahverengi deliğime saplayıverdi. Orta parmağıyla deliğimi sikiyordu, arada bir kendi parmaklarını yalayıp ıslatarak hem orta hem yüzük parmağını deliğime sokmayı başarmıştı. Yaşadığım en seksi anlardan biriydi. Şu an bu hikayeyi yazarken bile tahrik oldum ve dildolarımdan birini deliğimde çevirmekteyim. Akif geliyorum diyerek boşaldığında bütün dölünü yuttum, penisinde kalan son damlaları dahi kamışını sıvazlayarak dilimin üzerine boşalttım. Artık eve çok yaklaşmıştık, toparlandık eve girdik. Derya bizi dikiz aynasından izlerken çok tahrik olmuş yolu zor bitirmişti. Eve girer girmez, pantolonumu yırtarcasına çıkardı, beni ayakta hafif öne eğdi ve hiç beklemeden zaten hoşaf gibi olmuş, yumuşacık deliğime saplayıverdi. O kadar hızlı ve sert sikiyordu ki beni sesli bir şekilde inlemekten kendimi alamıyordum. Akif bağırmamı önlemek için beni deli gibi öpmeye başladı. Ben o an iki aygırın arasında kalmıştım. Bir yandan da Akif’in sikini sıvazlıyordum. Derya’nın darbeli vuruşları prostatımı uyarıyor, muazzam bir haz duyuyordum. Bir süre sonra elimi küçücük beyaz klistorisden farksız penisime dokunmadan inleyerek boşaldım. Derya bu anda arkamdan çıktı beni kendine çevirdi, kafamı öne eğip kırmızı koca kafasını ağzıma verdi. Domaldığım için deliğim Akif’in önünde kalmıştı. O da usulca sivri kafalı penisini yerleştirdi. Daha iki dakika geçmeden önce Akif içime sonra Derya ağzıma boşaldı. Tabii ki uslu bir kız olarak hepsini yuttum. Üçümüzün de hali kalmamıştı. 15 dakika sonra Akif’in çift kişilik yatağında iki aygırın arasında mutlu mesut uyuyordum.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

2 Evli Çİftle

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

2 Evli Çİftle

Merhaba arkadaşlar tekrardan karşınızdayım Adım fırat 35 apyim.Antalyada daha önceden sex yaptığımız Onur-Yonca çiftiyle yaşadığımız daha farklı bir evli çift anımı paylaşacağım.Onur ve eşi yoncayla olan seximizden sonra irtibatı kaybetmemiştik.Arada skype üstünden yazışmaya devam ediyor sohbetimizi sürdürüyorduk.Onlarla yaptığımızın son sexin üstünden 3 ay kadar zaman geçmiştiki skype arada bakıyorken msj geldi.Yonca açmış skype ı.Biraz sohbetten sonra bana internetten başka bir evli çiftle tanıştıklarını 2 kez görüştüklerini söyledi.Hatta diğer evli çifte benden bahsetmişler onlarda kabul edince bu hafta sonuna bir plan yapmışlar.Bende kabul edersen farklı bişeyler yaşayalımmı diye sorunca bende biraz diğer çiftle ilgili aklımdaki soruları sormaya başladım.

Murat 39 ve nazlı 35 yaşındaymış. Nazlı alımlı, güzel ve sexte doyumsuz biriyken muratta eşi gibi çok azgın ap olabilen biraz iri yarı biriymiş.Biraz daha grupla ilgili konuştuktan sonra yoncaya cumartesi orda olacağımı söyledim. Antalyaya geldiğimde saat 5 civarıydı.1-2 saat oyalandıktan sonra onur ve yoncanın evine hareket ettim.Eve geldiğimde saat akşam 7 civarıydı.Zile basıp beklemeye başladım.Kapıyı açan yonca beni içeri buyur edip dudaklarıma sarıldı.Ayakta 1 dkya yakın öpüştükten sonra özlemişim seni deyip içeri buyur etti.Artık yabancılık çekmiyorduk yoncayla çünkü bu 4.görüşmemiz olacaktı.Salona doğru yürürken içerden sesler geliyordu.Anladığım kadarıyla kadro tamdı.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

BİR ERKEĞIN GİZLİ DÜNYASI (uzun bir aradan sonra d

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

BİR ERKEĞIN GİZLİ DÜNYASI (uzun bir aradan sonra d

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Rahatladın mı biraz? Bu soruyu bilerek sorduguna eminim…cemin tepkisini duymak istemişti..cem de mayışmış bir halde çok iyi geldi sevgi ablaaa diyerek cevap vermişti..devam etmemi ister misin diye tekrar sordu..cem ise,isterim ama yorulmadıysan dedi..aralarında ki konuşma bir yandan çok masum gibi görünüyordu diğer yandan da karımın bu genç erkeğin kendini ne kadar arzu ettiğini duymak için yapılıyor gibiydi..hayır yorulmadım devam edeyim o zaman dedi gülü aynı şekilde kendini havaya kaldırıp tam tekrar cemin sikine oturacaktı ki,karımın dizlerinin üzerinde dogrulması ile cemin sikini de görmüş oldum ilk defa..ilk defa diyorum çünkü cemin sikinin bu kadar büyük olacagını tahmin bile etmemiştim.şortun üzerinde dev gibi bir kabarıklı cemin göbeğine dogru uzanıyordu…karımda tekrar kendini o kabarıklıgın üstüne bırakmıştı bile..ama o görüntüyü hayal bile edemezsiniz…karımın kalçaları iki yana ayrılmış,arasına kaçan bikinisinin altında cemin kabarık siki…karım ise dizlerini sıkıştırarak cemin sikini amına hapsediyordu daha sonra da öne arkaya kayarak göğüslerine masaj yapar gibi amını ceme sürtmeye başlamıştı..ilk başlarda yavaş hareket ederken bir süre sonra hızlanarak kendini ceme siktiriyor gibi öne arkaya kaymaya başlamıştı…benim durumum ikisinden de kötüydü o sırada..elimi sikime dokunamıyordum bile.öyle azmış öyle kudurmuştum ki…sevgi ise on on beş defa hızlıca öne arkaya gidip geldikten sonra bir anda ayaklarını kaldırarak dur birazda boynuna masaj yapayım diyerek kendini öne dogru çekmiş ve cemin göbeğine oturmuştu.bunu neden yaptıgını anlamamıştım ilk başta..çünkü cemin siki sevgiye temas etmiyordu artık.ama şortun altında ki sik artık boylu boyunca uzanmıyor sertlikten iyice havaya kalkmıştı.ben o manzaraya bakarken sevgi cemin boynuna masaja başlamıştı bile..bir yanda da konuşuyordu.boyun kasları sinir strese bağlı olarak çok kasılır..o yüzden boyun masajıda çok önemlidir derken yine kendini kaydırmaya başlamıştı cemin göbeğinden aşağı doğru..bir iki derken gitgide cemin havaya kalkmış sikine iyice yaklaşmıştı karımın kalçaları.kendini öne dogru iyice egdigi içinde bikini tamamen karımın kalçalarının arasına girmiş artık tamamen tanga gibi görünüyordu arkadan bakınca..karım cemin boynuna masaja devam ederken kendini biraz daha aşağı kaydırdı..sonra biraz daha…artık cemin siki karımın tam kalçalarının arasına baskı yapıyordu..ben tekrar sürtmeye başladı cemin sikini diye düşünürken karım yine beni şaşırtacak ve nefesimi kesecek bir şey yapmıştı! 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Sonraki olayları da daha sonra anlatacagım…o gecenin devamı ve daha sonra evimizde yaşananlar…

Saglıcakla kalın..

Bu arada hikayeyi begenirseniz lütfen begeni butonuna basmayı unutmayın.begenmediğinizi düşündüğüm anılarımı sizinle paylaşmaya gerek yok çünkü..ben saatlerce ayrıntısıyla size anlatırken,bir begeni çok zor olmamalı J

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

les atiye 65

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

les atiye 65
les atiye 65 kaldığı yerden devam ( ben herşeyi ayrıntılı yazıyorum bunu herkesin beğenmiyeceğini biliyorum kusura bakmayın beğenenlerede tşk ederim) didemle yatakta uzanmış sohbet ediyor birbirimizi öpüyorduk dideme bakıp benim artık gidiyim dedim didem bana neden biraz daha kal dedi yok kız gitsem daha iyi dedim dedimde bana peki tekrar buluşmak üzremi gidiyorsun dedi bende sadece gülümsedim birşey demeden üzerimi giyiniyordum sonra didemle aşağıya indik didemin yüzü asılmıştı konuşmuyordu kapıya yaklaştığımızda kapıdan cıkmadan dudaklarından öpüp en yakın zamanda görüşmek üzere dedim didemin yüzünde gülümseme vardı kapıdan cıkıp arabama doğru hızlı adımlarla yürüyordum arabama binip evime doğru yola cıktım arabayı garaja gecirip hızlı adımlarla yatak odama cıkıp üzerimi cıkarıp banyoya girip duşumu alıp bornozumla yatağa uzandım memelerime bakyordum her tarafı morarmıştı resmen didem beni yemişti harika bir zevk yaşatmıştı gözlerimi kapatıp biraz dinlenmek istiyordum o arada uyuya kalmışım uyandığımda saat 1 gece olmuştu offf ya bu saat kadar nasıl uyumusum bu saaten sonra neyapacam diye düşünüyordum yataktan kalkıp kendime kahve yapıp kendime gelmek istiyordum tv bakıyor esma beni bir kac kez aramıştı saat 22 buluşacaktık esmaya mesaj atıp kusura bakma esmacım daha yeni uyandım diye yazdım bir kac dk sonra esmadan mesaj gelmişti yok canım ömeli değil tahmin ettim uyumuşsundur diye yazdı
b) ne yapıyorsun şuan peki
e) kefedeydim eve gidiyorum sen nerdesin
b) evdeyim kahve içiyorum gel sanada yapıyım istersen
e) cok iyi olur sen 5 dk hazırla oluncaya kadar yanında olurum
b) olur bekliyorum aradan 5 dk sonra kahveyi hazırlamış esmayı bekliyordum esma garaj kapısından içeri girmişti ben geldim diye seslenerek hos geldim canım deyip kalkıp dudalkarına ufak öpücük kondurdum esmada dudaklarımı ufak öpücük kondurdu karşı karşıya oturup kahvelerimi içiyorduk esma konuya girdi
e) kız nezaman bana didemle beraber olduğunuzu söyleyeceksin bakalım
b) biraz şaşırmıştım belli etmemye calışıyordum sena niye gel kahve icelim dedim kız söylemek için neden senden saklıyım ki
e) sabah görümcem meralla didemlere kahveye gitiğimizde senin arabanı fark ettim bana mesaj atıp fotomu istediğinde didemlerde olduğunu biliyordum
b) gülmeye başlamıtım
e) güluyordu ee anlat nezamandır didemle berabersin baklım
b) 3 aydır sadece mesajlaşıyorduk normal olarak bugün ilk defa didemle buluştuk
e) nasıldı benim eltim bakalım
b) daha dur kız ilk defa buluştuk biraz heycanlıydı belk**e şuan pişman bile olmuştur
e) sanmıyorum pişman olduğuna mesaj atarmısın bakalım cevap vercekmi
b) yok kız boş ver bu saate uyumuştur
e) ya hadi kız lütfen cok heycanlandım mesaj att baklım ne olacak
b) dideme nasılsın yazdım
e) dur bende yanında oturuyum yazacakmı bakalım
b) hayırdır kız bune heycan öyle
e) kız sen deli misin eltim kadınlardan hoslanıyor nasıl heycanlı olmam
b) gülmeye başlamıştık 3 dk sonra didem den mesaj gelmişti
d) cok yiyim sen nasılsın atiye
b) iyiyim umarım seni bu saate rahatsız etmedim
d) yok yatmaya gidiyordum senden mesaj geldiğini görünce aşağı salona tekrar indim
b) kusura bakma seni rahatsız ettim daha sonra konuşuruz
d) yok yok rahatsız etmedin kocam erken uyudu bende tek başıma oturmuş dizi tekrarını izliyordum
b) bende yeni uyandım seni merak ettim nasıl olduğunu sormak istedim (esmada yazılanları keyifle benimle okuyordu)
d) cok iyiyim tekrar aramasın diye cok korkuyordum mesajı görünce cok mutlu oldum
b) bende belki yaşadıklarımızdan pişman olursun diye cok korkuyordum şuan senden bunları duyunca rahatladım
d) hiç pişman değilim seni tanıdığımada cok mutluyum zeten benim hayatım monotonlaşmıştı sıkıntıdan patlıyordum sen hayatıma renk heycan getirdin sana cok tşk ederim
b) bende sana herşey için tşk ederim
d) sen gitiğinden beri seninle yaşadıklarımızı düşünüyorum düşündükce heycanlanıyorum kocam bana sende bugün değişiklik var dedi bende kendisine sabah spor yaptım ondandır dedim gülmeye başladım
b) hahahhahah gercekten mi
d) evet gecekten cok mutluyum ne olursa olsun lütfen beni bırakma artık mutlu olmak istiyorum uzun zamandır cok mutsuzum etrafımdakiler mutlu olduğumu sanıyorlar ama ne kadar mutsuz olduğumu bilmiyorlar
b) senin hep mutlu olmam için herşeyi yaparım
d) benim artık mutluluğum sensin
b) buna sevindim
e) kız benden konu ac bakalım ne diyecek
b) didem bugün sabah eltin ve görümcen yukarı cıkıp inmenden birşey anlamdılar değilmi
d) yok sanmıyorum akılarının gelmezki öyle birşey
b) haklısın bencede gelmez anlasalar zaten kötü olurdu
d) evet
b) sen hangisiyle daha iyi anlaşıyorsun peki
d) ikisiyle aram cok iyi esma yı daha cok severim
b) hayırdır esma ne oldu yüzünde gülücükler actı
e) bunu biliyordum didemden duymak iyi geldi
b) bornozumu önünü acıp sende beni mutlu etmek istermisin
e) hemde cok isterim
b) yüzündeki gülümsemeyle bacak arama gecip parmaklarıyla amcığımı okşayıp bızırımı sertleştikten sonra dilini yavaşca amcığımda bızırım da gezdiriyordu bende didemle yazışmaya devam ediyordum
d) sabah beraber birşey içelim ne dersim
b) sana sabah için soz veremem uyandıktan sonra konuşuruz olurmu
d) olur tabi
b) dedim senden birşey isteye bilirmiyim
d) tabi ne istersen iste
b) bana kilotu sütyensiz foto yolarmısın
b)didem hiç bir şey yazmamıştı ne oldu diye düşünüyordum bu arada esma amcığımı yavaşca yalıyor amcığımala öpüşüyordu bu beni baya tahrik ediyordu telfonumu yana barakıp esmanın sacalarını okşuyor biraz hızlanmasını istemiştim esma başını kadırıp bana baktı
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b) gülerek cevap verdim esma tekrar yalamaya biraz daha hızlı yalıyordu amcığım ıslanmıştı esmanın saclarını okşuyor hafiften inliyordum o arda mesaj gelmişti baktığımda didem bana foto yolamıştı üzeründe siyah kilot o güzel memeleri cekmişti esmaya eltinin görmek istemisin diye söyledim
e) hemde cok isterim
b) al bak ozaman başını amcığımdan yukarı cıkarıp bana baktı telefonu esmaya uzattım
e) waaaaaww eltime bak sen taş gibi memeleri var hala dikler bu yaşta waw cocukları yok diye hiç bozulmamışlar
b) evet kesin ondandır sorun kimde peki
e) kocasında peki amcığı nasıl seninki gibimi
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e) hemde cok beğendim beni bile bitirdin kız bitirdin beni
b) ne oldu sendemi boşaldın
e) hemde nasıl anlatamam okadar cok azdırdınki bittim
b) benide bitirdin deli şey seni kalk yanımda otur sende kendine gel didem deminden beri yaziyor cevap veriyim kendisine
d) nasıl begendinmi neden cevap vermiyorsun ordamsın atiye ordamısın
b) evet kız burdayım cok beğendim beni kırmadığın için tşk ederim
d) tşk etmene gerek yok sen iste yeter benim için ben seni hic kırmam
b) tşk ederim tekrar saat 4 geliyor baya gec oldu sen uyu uyandığında tekrar konuşuruz
d) benim için sorun değil istersen devam edebiliriz
b) bende dinlenecem sende dinlen sonra konuşuruz olurmu
d) olur sen nasıl istersen sana tatlı uykular mutluluk kaynağım benim
b) sana tatlı uykular rüyanda beni gör olurmu
d) kesinlikle senden başkasını istemiyorum rüyamda zaten seni coooooook öpüyorum
b) bende seni coook öpüyorum
e) kız bu sana aşık olacak diyim ben sana
b) yok kız sadece cok mutlu hepsi bu
e) bilmem sen daha iyi bilirsin ben öyle his ettim kız tekrar acsana fotosu bakıyım
b) al bak ne meraklı cıktın bak eltin vucuduna
e) gercekten güzelmiş vucudu ama
b) evet öyle bende kalacakmısın bugün peki
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b) anladım
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b) olur söylerim
e) ben artık gidiyim
b) tamam telefonlaşırız
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It was a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon and I decided that I’d do a little work on my tan. Seeing as how I lived in a high-rise I didn’t actually have a decent yard I could retire to enjoy the sun. Oh, the yard was there, but so was the shadow cast by the high-rise. I decided that I’d wander down to the local park and find a reasonably secluded spot and relax and contemplate life and upcoming decisions.

Dressed in shorts and a crop-top, without a bra being incredibly daring, I grabbed a towel to lie on, my phone so I could listen to music, and wandered down to the park.

The local park was a fairly popular family-orientated place. Still, there were a few places where you could enjoy some solitude and I found one, laid out my towel and settled down to toast in the sun.

Naturally enough part of that toasting involved adjusting my clothing to take maximum advantage. I rolled my top up a little until the underside of my breasts were just showing, and then undid the top button on my shorts and rolled the waistband down a little and the legs up a little, now showing a decent amount of skin, although nothing too scandalous. My bikinis showed more.

I settled down on the towel, slipped in my earphones, and contemplated life. There was one main area of contemplation that I was giving some thought to. Namely, my boyfriend, Mike.

I’ve known Michael since forever and we’ve always been a couple. I suppose that made him my steady boyfriend. I was eighteen a few months back and Mike is making noises that he wants to move our relationship along a little. A little from his point of view. A whole lot from mine. Did I want to go to bed with him or not?

On the whole I thought I did. We’d had several petting sessions that had become a little heavy and I had to admit that he could get me excited. Still, that wasn’t reason enough to sleep with him. Neither was intense curiosity about sex. I’d told him I’d sleep with him when I was ready to sleep with him and not before.

Where my conundrum lay was in the fact that if I wasn’t ready to sleep with him then did that mean I didn’t really want to sleep with him? Was I being fair to him? On the other hand, sleeping with him when I didn’t really want to wouldn’t be fair to me and it’s not as though you can take it back and un-sleep with someone. Some things once done are done for good. Or bad, in this case.

So there I was, lying there with my eyes closed, warm in the sun while my music played and idly wondering what it would be like when it did finally happen. I have to admit I was a little worried about that eventuality. I’d seen Mike’s cock a couple of times in those petting sessions and it seemed to me that when stiff those things were a little on the large size.

Then I was giving a yelp, opening my eyes and trying to sit up, all at the same time. A hand had just rubbed my tummy. That hand also pressed down firmly enough that the sitting up bit failed, leaving me still lying there.

I turned furious eyes on the young man sprawled on the grass next to me. I knew him well enough and we were casually friendly and that was it. His name was Scott and he was a couple of years older than me and Mike.

“What do you think you’re playing at?” I demanded as I ripped off my earphones. “And take your hand off me.”

“I was just wandering past and saw you lying here looking lovely. It seemed to me that someone as attractive as you should have a smart and handsome young man accompanying her to pay homage to her beauty.”

“And as there aren’t any around you’re filling in until one appears?” I asked sweetly.

“Something like that,” he agreed with a grin, his hand rubbing little circles around on my tummy.

“Your hand,” I mentioned, for the second time.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just appreciating the silky feel of your skin. Don’t worry. Public park, remember. If you think I’m pushing things just tell me to back off. You can always scream if I refuse.”

“Oh, OK. Back off.”

“No. I’m not pushing things just yet. Relax and enjoy the massage.”

“And if I don’t want to?”

In bahis siteleri reply his fingers dug into my side just below my ribs, scoring a prompt bullseye on my tickle spot. I yelped and pushed at his hand which promptly slid away and resumed its gentle caress.

I decided to ignore his hand. After all, it wasn’t as though he could do anything in the park, and he was only rubbing my tummy. It felt quite good, actually.

We stayed like that for a while, just talking generalities while he rubbed my tummy. I knew how a cat felt when it lay in the sun and you rubbed it. After a little while I was a trifle surprised to find I was getting a little short of breath and I abruptly switched my attention from the conversation to Scott’s hand.

Thinking back I could now recall feeling his hand brushing against the underside of my breasts. From there it appeared to have crept higher and it was now under my top, holding one breast while his thumb was twiddling my nipple around. Both my nipples being erect was something else I noticed.

“Your hand,” I said, my voice sounding a little breathy.

“Don’t worry. It’s fine,” Scott said dismissively. “This way you know where it is.”

Maybe I did but I also knew it shouldn’t be there. Still, as he wasn’t really trying anything I guessed I could just leave it for a little longer, even though his hand was making my breasts feel larger and heavier. Anyway, I liked the feel of his hand on my breast. Wicked of me, I know, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t say anything else about his hand, even if I was very much aware of it. We resumed our inconsequential chatting and I breathed a secret sigh of relieve (and disappointment?) when his hand drifted down to my tummy again. I could feel both my eyebrows and my tension rising when his slipped straight past my tummy, settling on what was very much my lower stomach, low enough so that it would have been inside my shorts if they hadn’t been rolled down. Since they were rolled down, and by my own hand, I didn’t really see that I had much in the way of complaint.

It seemed to me that the lower part of my tummy was a lot more sensitive than I realised. I just went silent, feeling his hand gliding over my skin, knowing what was just a few scant inches away from that damned hand.

The damn man cheated. He leaned over and gently kissed me and while he was doing that his hand slipped under my shorts and my panties and his fingers tangled themselves in my curls. I managed to break away from the kiss and glared at him.

“Scott,” I protested.

“I know, I know. I shouldn’t be doing this but really, it’s not hurting anyone. It’s just a bit of friendly touching between friends.”

The damned man was laughing at me.

“A bit too friendly if you ask me,” I pointed out.

“And that’s exactly why I didn’t ask you,” he said.

Oh, yes. Definitely laughing.

Also not removing his hand.

“Are you going to take your hand away or not?” I asked, daring him to refuse.

“Seeing you’re giving me the option I’ll quite happily go with the not,” he said, apparently also happy to be daring.

“Scott,” I snapped, putting a warning note into my voice.

“Relax, sweetheart. Yu know, what you need is something to take your mind off it.”

With that he caught my hand and pressed it against his groin. I could feel the swelling there and it was quite substantial. He didn’t really expect me to unzip him and cop a feel did he?

Apparently not, because he was already unzipped. All I’d have to do was slip my hands through his open fly and I’d have hold of him. Not going to happen, I was telling myself, even while it was happening and I was drawing him out to look at him, my curiosity getting the better of me.

At least, if I was holding it I knew where it was. Maybe I should treat it like a dog, and stroke it. Another glance and I amended that thought to a very large dog.

Really the gall of that man had no end. Just because I was holding his cock, purely in self-defence, didn’t mean that he had any right to go exploring further than canlı bahis he already had. What’s more, to do that exploring, he actually pushed my shorts and panties down a little further, enabling him to slide his hand between my legs.

“Sco-ott,” I wailed, only to hear the brute laugh again.

“It’s okay. No-one is watching. Just a little bit more and we can call it a day. Or not if you’re comfortable with it.”

“It’s a day,” I said quickly, and then gave a squeak as his fingers slipped past my lips and inside me. Actually, that was a win to me as my hand tightened convulsively from the shock and Scott also squeaked, and it was a squeak, not a gasp like he claimed.

I kept hold of him and he kept teasing me. His fingers seemed to be everywhere and my mental equilibrium wasn’t helped when he pushed my top a little higher, exposing my breasts completely. His leaning forward and kissing them and sucking lightly on my nipples didn’t help, either.

At some stage he brushed my shorts further down my legs, managing to slip one of my legs out of them.

“You can’t do that,” I hissed at him. “What if someone comes?”

“We’ll hear them,” he said with confidence. “We’ll have time to tidy ourselves up.”

It was way past time I should have stopped him but let’s put it this way – I was feeling no pain. I was in a halfway dreamy state, his touches doing wonderful things to me. Truth be told, I could do with a lot more of this.

He started kissing me some more and at some stage he rolled over so he was lying on top of me, pressing me down against the ground. He didn’t feel heavy, just in control, and I just kept on kissing him back. When he rolled onto me I lost hold of his erection but I could still feel it, pressed against my tummy.

His hand had wandered back between my legs, rubbing me. I just accepted this as more of the same until he seemed to shift slightly. The next thing I knew his cock was pressing against me, wanting to enter me.

“Scott,” I said a little desperately, feeling him pressing slightly more firmly. He hadn’t entered me yet but it was just a matter of time, and not very much of it.

He paused, smiling at me.

“If you’re going to say no then now’s the time,” he told me.

“But I’ve never done this,” I protested.

“Mm, I know. The big question is, are you going to do it now?”

I should say no. I knew I should say no but I just didn’t want to. On the other hand how could I possibly say yes? I took the coward’s way out and said nothing.

Scott waited a few more moments, winked at me, and then his cock started forward. I could feel it starting to enter me, and then it hit something and there was pain. I gave a choked scream, my hand jammed against my mouth, my eyes wild, all those lovely feelings I’d had a moment ago draining rapidly away.

“Stop,” I protested. “It hurts.”

“First time, remember, sweetheart,” he said softly, his cock still slowly pushing into me. “The pain is only momentary, you’ll find. Just try to relax and feel what else is happening.”

What was happening was that something the size of his arm was being rammed into me. I just froze in place, feeling it push its way deeper. As I lay there I could feel that terrible flash of pain fading from my memory. What was taking its place were all those lovely feelings I’d had before the pain. I was breathing harder, my head tilted a little to the side as I contemplated what was going on. My contemplating didn’t make his cock feel any smaller, but now I could start to appreciate how it was feeling as it made its way home. I was starting to relax and enjoy what was happening.

I’ll take a guess and say that Scott took longer than he’d normally take when he sheathed himself in me. I suspect he was deliberately taking it slow to ensure that I had a relatively easy time to start with, if you ignore that brutal bit of cherry popping.

Once he was fully home his hands closed over my breasts and his mouth sought mine.

“Just move with me,” he said. “We’ll take it nice and easy.”

Then he was kissing me, his hands güvenilir bahis playing with my breasts, and his cock pulling away from me.

Oh my, but it was a blissful moment. Scott was pulling back and returning, a nice easy movement that I had no trouble keeping up with. Not only that but he kept on going. According to some of my friends their first time had been done in a great hurry and had lasted almost no time at all. (Marie says her boyfriend still has that problem and she might change him for a longer lasting model.)

After a few minutes I suspect I was purring like a cat, a very contented cat. Scott was still going strongly and I was way aroused, starting to want even more of what was happening. He must have sensed this as he started moving faster and I was quite willing to follow where he led.

Even that wasn’t enough for me and I was quite pleased when Scott picked up the pace once more. His technique also seemed to change at the same time. Prior to that point we were a team of equals, both of us moving together, even if he was leading the band. After that point we were master and servant, with Scott thrusting forcefully into me, demanding a response from me. (And getting it.)

This last phrase of our little get together didn’t last very much longer. After Scott got serious there at the end I started to feel really funny inside. I was trying to stay with him, really I was, but then all my nerves seemed to wind up and let loose all at the same time as I experience a wow of a climax.

After I had my clothes back in order I decided that I might go home. I was feeling decidedly sticky in certain place and it seemed to me that a shower would be in order. Scott, gentleman that he is, escorted me home, not saying anything to indicate that anything out of the ordinary had happened.

Actually, seeing Scott live in the same high-rise as me I was just assuming that he was escorting me home. It is the sort of thing he’d do.

I stood in the shower and mused on what had taken place. I’d been seduced, in a public park of all places. Good god above, anyone might have come past. I’d had my cherry popped, painfully. I’d lost my virginity, and not to Michael, my supposed boyfriend. Oh, and I’d also had my first cock induced climax.

I’d been tricked and used and it was all Scott’s fault. He’d taken unconscionable advantage of me. It might not have been rape but surely it was the nearest thing to it. Oh, I was so going to give him a piece of my mind.

That evening I was in bed, still fuming at Scott’s audacity, when the phone rang. I snatched it up, yelling, “Hullo?”

“Sharon,” said an amused voice. “Having second thoughts are we, sweetheart?”

“No,” I said icily, “and I’m not your sweetheart.”

“Yes, you are, whether you know it or not. You’re probably telling yourself that I took advantage of you and am an animal.”

“No such thing,” I said.

Somehow or other, as soon as he started talking my resentment had vanished. I wasn’t just a quick tumble in the grass. He wanted to talk to me. I was almost hugging myself, telling myself to try and act casual.

“Ah, that’s good. I didn’t really take advantage of you, you know. Tomorrow, that’s when I’m going to take advantage of you.”


“Mm. Tomorrow I’m going to entice you down to my unit. Once you’re here I’m going to take off all your clothes. Every single stitch. Then when you’re totally naked I’m going to toss you on my bed and kiss every single inch of your body. I’m going to arouse you to a fever pitch and refuse to give you relief until I’m ready to, no matter how hard you beg.”

“You’re mad,” I told him.

“If you say so. Have you ever had oral sex, with the man’s tongue probing your most sensitive places? You’ll find it’s amazing what a properly used tongue can do around your clitoris. Do you know what else I’m going to do?”

“What?” I asked, starting to feel distinctly nervous.

He proceeded to tell me, in great detail. He kept on talking, seducing me over the phone. I was already breathing hard, surprised to find myself actually rubbing myself. I snatched my hand away from there. He wouldn’t shut up. If he did only half the things he promised I’d be in bed all day.

And unable to get out if he really had a couple of sets of handcuffs.

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