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Pleasure Spots: Anal Education

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As she lounged in her chic downtown office, which she customized herself, Vanessa stared at her favorite client.

That client was Dr. Morgan Latrell. A sex therapist. A young, fashionable and hip one at that, who was fun, charming, and brought in lots of revenue. Isn’t that every professional’s dream client? She even wore those unnecessary thick framed glasses for added effect.

They often had the weirdest discussions in that office in their years of knowing each other. But today was supposed to be about business. Vanessa was a literary agent and the hot doctor had a new book in the works.

“Okay, now seriously,” Morgan said, calming down from the laughter they shared. “My manuscript, what do you think so far?”

“Well, the good news is I’ve been in close contact with the publisher, and they think…”

Morgan playfully tsked her finger, before pointing at her agent. “No, no. I want to know what you think. The publisher is going to sell it anyway. I want some honest feedback from you.”

“It’s good,” Vanessa said curtly.

“That’s all? It’s good? That means you hate it.”

“No, I think it’s great. It’ll be helpful for a lot of people.”

“You’re my target audience,” Morgan replied. “A married woman in her sexual prime. So come on, tell me what you really think. Would you ever use any of the tips?”

Vanessa couldn’t help but glance at her bookshelf. It was filled with books written by clients of hers. Modern day literature. Best sellers. Some, she considered to be masterpieces. One of which was being developed as a movie with a famous Hollywood actor (a small independent movie, but a movie nonetheless…)

Those books are Vanessa’s pride and joy, helping people achieve their dreams and bringing great writing to the world. She could certainly talk about those books for hours on end. Anything ranging from plot points, her feelings on them, as well as the marketing and business side of things.

But now she was dealing with a sex manual. One with an eye catching name:

Pleasure Spots: 15 Delights for Every Couple by Dr. Morgan Latrell.

Sure, Vanessa was proud to represent such a book and present them to the publisher. After all, previous books by Dr. Latrell had made good profits, and most importantly, have helped thousands of couples around the world achieve a better sex life.

But frankly, discussing these topics were enough to make her blush. Especially when the Pleasure Spots book was laced with explicit sexual acts.

Nevertheless, she answered. “I honestly think it’s a great book. I’m positive it’ll help plenty of couples.”

“Do you find the tips to be practical?”

“Sure, of course.”

Morgan smiled, “Which?”

“Most of them, anyway.”

“Don’t be shy,” Morgan pried further. “What was your favorite chapter? I bet it was the oral sex instructional, wasn’t it? Have you used any of those tips on your husband?”

Vanessa gave a short sigh. “Yes and yes.”

“Oh my. Naughty girl. But I’m glad they were useful to you. Those were skills I’ve acquired over a very long career.”

“Okay, I get it, you’re the Liam Neeson of giving blowjobs,” Vanessa quipped. “Good for you. Now let’s get back to business. You know, the reason you’re here today.”

“This is part of business. It’s part of the book. I still need to work on the prologue and epilogue. Something that’ll tie the book together.”

Vanessa thought for a moment. “That’s true. Why not just a re-do of your last book? Say what you’ve learned in the past few years and how it’ll help couples succeed.”

“Too repetitive. Besides, that information is all over my website and blog. I need something else.”

“How about interviews with some of your biggest clients?” Vanessa offered. “It’ll add a personal touch to the story.”

Morgan smiled, “You’re a genius!”

“I try. Thanks.”

“Speaking of which, you don’t seem comfortable with all the topics in my book. At least that’s the impression I’m getting.”

Vanessa flashed a puzzled expression. “What’s this got to do with anything?”

“It’s totally relevant. And I’m curious. So, tell me. Which part doesn’t jibe with you?”


“Yes, really,” Morgan insisted. “Answer the question.”

“The anal sex chapter seemed a bit…off…to me. From my perspective, anyway. It seemed like you painted too much of a rosy picture.”

A sly grin suddenly appeared on the lips of Dr. Latrell. “I think I’ve just found what I’m looking for.”

“Oh no,” Vanessa replied, shaking her head. “You’re not dragging me into this.”

“You’re perfect. Get that, perfect, for what I’m looking for. You’re married, cynical, and full of doubt that this will work. Exactly the kind of person I’m looking to convert.”

Vanessa shot a mean glance, which wasn’t scaring anyone. “First of all, this would damage my reputation as a respectable literary agent if everyone knows what I do with my butt. Secondly, my butt is off limits.”

“No one is going to know. It’ll be anonymous. Or I’ll give you a pseudonym. erotik film izle Problem solved on the privacy part.”

“Fine, but I’m still not doing anything with my ass.”

“Not even for your husband?”

“No way.”

Morgan raised an eyebrow. “Too well-endowed?”

“It’s not the size. I’m just not comfortable doing it. End of story.”

“Okay, fine. I won’t press the issue anymore. But like I wrote in my book, first time anal makes a great gift for special occasions. And don’t you have a wedding anniversary coming up soon?”

That dreaded social media. Why did I have to put that on my facebook? Why did I have to tweet about it? A one-year wedding anniversary isn’t something to brag about. But these days, maybe it is.

“Believe me, Keith wouldn’t be interested. He’d probably even turn it down.”

Morgan roared with laughter. “A guy turning down anal sex? From his own wife as an anniversary gift? Too funny.”

“What? It’s true. He wouldn’t be interested, unless I was adamant about it.”

“Honey, I hate to break the news to you, but all men are interested in claiming a woman’s asshole.”

“You think so?”

“Most are, anyway,” Morgan replied, then pretending to think. “Do I need to explain this? Hmmm…let’s see. Well, men do love a tight hole. Also it’s submissive, it’s taboo, it shows ownership which plays to their egos, it…”

“Okay, okay. I don’t need a list. But I doubt it’s something Keith would be into.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Because he’s never asked. Trust me, I know him. If he wanted anything like that, he would have brought it to my attention.”

“Don’t forget you’re talking to a sex therapist,” Morgan reminded. “A high-educated one at that. It’s common for people in healthy sexual relationships to keep things from their partner. It can be embarrassing. People don’t want to be judged or risk offending their partner, no matter how loving the relationship is.”

Obviously that was true. Everyone does have their secrets and their little fantasies or kinks. Vanessa certainly had a few minor fantasies that Keith didn’t know about. That’s normal. But anal? If Keith was interested in exploring that avenue, he would have asked her about it, surely?

“You’re wrong,” Vanessa said, partially to convince herself. “But I’m going to ask him anyway. Just to prove how wrong you actually are.”

“And if I’m right?”

“If you’re right, then you’re right.”

Morgan shook her head, smiling. “No, if I’m right, then you’ll be the focus of my prologue and epilogue. What better subject than you? We’ll have a blast doing this research together.”

“Somehow, the thought of research and my anal virginity don’t belong together.”

“It should. And it will.”

There was almost a playful giddiness to Dr. Latrell. As if the agent was now the perfect test subject.


Instead of cooking, Vanessa bought Chinese food on the way home. With the big question on her mind, the last thing she wanted to do was serve Keith her bland cooking. She needed to get things in the right mood, not that he’d be offended. This was more for her.

They ate and there was a feeling that she was distant. She nodded at everything he said, followed with the occasional ‘uh huh.’

“Is everything okay?” he finally asked.

It was now or never. And it wasn’t even such a big deal, right? Vanessa realized that she was blowing things way out of proportion and needed to end this once and for all.

“Anal sex. Yes or no?”

Keith was visibly taken aback. “Huh? Did I miss something?”

“Sorry for the bluntness,” Vanessa replied, shaking her head. “I had the craziest day at work with a client. You remember Morgan Latrell, right?”

He smiled and nodded. That sex therapist was the reason Vanessa had suddenly become so amazing at oral sex. Porn star good! He resisted the urge to express his fawning admiration towards the doctor’s work.

They had also met on several occasions, when Keith had been invited by his wife to various publishing events. If Keith had any idea the kinds of joy her writings would bring to his sex life, he’d have bought Dr. Latrell a pearl bracelet.

“How could I forget?” he continued smiling. “Of course I remember her. The lovely young therapist with the thick framed glasses.”

Vanessa saw right through this. “Let’s be honest, you don’t care about those glasses. She’s the author of that manuscript with all the oral sex techniques I’ve been using lately.”

“Oh, right. That too.”

“Anyway, she says that most guys secretly want anal sex with their partners, but are sometimes too afraid to ask. Can you believe it?”

He shrugged, “What’s hard to believe about that?”

“So it’s true,” she replied, squinting her eyes. “At least for you, anyway.”

“You’re acting like this is some deviant secret. It’s sex.”

Vanessa playfully sighed, “Okay, I’m clearly overreacting, which I have a tendency of doing.”

“But why?”

“Because I thought we were open about this stuff,” she film izle replied in earnest. “I guess I don’t like the idea of us keeping things from each other, including our fantasies.”

“I’m not going to cheat.”

“I never said you were.”

“But it seems like that’s what you’re implying,” he said.

She held her hands up. “Okay, let’s start over here. All I’m saying is that I’m surprised you never asked, if you wanted it.”

“I knew you’d say no.”


“You’re always open about your interests,” he replied. “And you’ve never once mentioned anal sex. At any point. So, I didn’t want to pester you about it or you’d think I’m a perv, which I am.”

Keith added a light smile at the end to keep the mood light, which she appreciated. It allowed her to keep her guard down.

“Well, I’m glad we’ve cleared this up.”

“Do you have any fantasies I don’t know about?” he asked.

Vanessa tensed, hard. “This conversation is about you, not me.”

“Don’t do that. Let’s hear it…”

She sighed, “I guess if I had one fantasy that you don’t know about, it would be someone watching us have sex. You know, the whole exhibitionist/voyeur thing. I’ve always thought that would be kind of hot.”

“Oh really,” he replied, eyebrow raised. “And why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

“For precisely this very reason. You’re giving me that strange look, like I’m a perv.”

“We’re both perverts, apparently.”

“Within reason,” she clarified. “We’re a normal, healthy loving couple.”

“Exactly, with desires for anal sex and voyeurism.”

“I guess that does make us perverts,” she laughed. “Within reason of course.”

“But since we’re not pursuing this, it would also make us another sexually unfulfilled couple, doesn’t it?”

She shot a death glare. “I do fulfill your desires. And you fulfill mine.”

“But now we’re admitting that we have other desires, that we didn’t share before.”

“So what are you saying? You want to fuck my ass?”

“That’s a start.”

Vanessa picked up a broccoli from her plate and threw it at her husband’s face, which he caught and ate, thanking her for the nutritious vegetable. That bastard.

“You asked,” he pointed out, chewing the food. “Besides, would it really be such a big deal?”

For some reason, Vanessa felt that she was at a crossroads in her marriage and sex life. If she didn’t do this, then the thought of her husband being unsatisfied in some way, however immaterial, would always linger. If she did this, well, sex is sex. Besides, she could always stop if things got too painful, she figured.

“How would you feel about doing this for our anniversary?” she asked.

“Wait, really?”


“You were so defensive about it a moment ago.”

She reached out and held his hand. “We’ll go slow. Dr. Latrell is an expert on the matter. We’ll use the tips from her book, and if I’m uncomfortable, then we’ll stop.”

“I have a feeling our anniversary is going to be memorable.”

“It better be.”

“What about your exhibitionist fantasy?” he asked. “How should we proceed with that? Any of your friends in mind?”

She released his hand and slapped his arm. “Keith!”

“It was only a joke. Or maybe that’s for next year’s anniversary.”

“Focus on this year’s anniversary, mister.”

Vanessa gave a wry smile and sank to her knees under the dining table. She’d be needing anal advice from Dr. Latrell soon, but for now, she’ll have to stick with the new oral techniques she had acquired.


After dinner, while Keith was watching sports in the living room, Vanessa headed to the bedroom to satisfy her other addictions. Tweets, facebook updates, emails to friends and family, and updates with her clients.

In between, she texted Morgan everything. After a few more back and forth texts, Morgan called and Vanessa went into all the details.

“I knew it,” Morgan said with a certain slyness, like this was so obvious.

“Okay, so you were right, now what?”

“This is for your upcoming anniversary night, correct?”

“It is,” Vanessa confirmed. “Tuesday night.”

“Excellent!” Morgan proclaimed. “My schedule is free then. What time should I come over?”


“For the anal deflowering on your anniversary; what time should I be there?”

“Tell me that’s a joke,” Vanessa asked, knowing this probably wasn’t.

“Oh, grow up. Both of you get to have steamy hot anal sex. Plus you get to live out your exhibitionist fantasy. And I can have more details for the prologue of my book. We all win!”

All sorts of thoughts swirled through Vanessa’s head. Explicit ones. She imagined herself bent over the bed, while Keith roughly fucks her ass from behind, and Dr. Latrell watching them intensely through those thick framed glasses, maybe even rubbing herself in the process. How very unnerving.

But still, the doctor was right. They would all win. And if Vanessa were honest with herself, the idea did sound totally hot. A clenching seks filmi izle feeling appeared between her legs and she felt a spot of wetness.

“I’d have to ask Keith,” she said.

Morgan laughed. “Like he’d refuse. Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow. My treat. We’ll go over the game plan.”

That seemed to be the definite cue that the phone conversation was over, and they said their ‘byes’ for the night. Vanessa put her phone down and thought for a long moment. What the hell have I gotten myself into? She went down the stairs hoping Keith could talk some sense into this whole thing.


Dr. Latrell was proven right again. Keith was in favor of this anniversary plan, though he did tried to contain himself. After all, it wouldn’t be proper for a husband to be so enthusiastic for inviting another woman to their bedroom. But it was clear he wanted it to happen.

So when Vanessa met Morgan the next day for lunch, they had much to discuss. They were both dressed in their fashionable office attires, with skirts, blazers, and matching blouses. They looked every bit like professional women, but each brought their own kind sass to their professions.

Though they weren’t talking business today. Well, sort of. This directly related to Dr. Latrell’s prologue and epilogue for an upcoming book, which Vanessa had to continuously remind herself.

“It’s simple,” Morgan explained, taking a sip of her soda. “Women like anal sex because there are many nerve endings which are sensitive to the touch. Same for men. The pleasure can be intense if done right.”

Luckily the diner was crowded and packed, so no one could actually hear them. One of the perks in living in a big city.

“Will it hurt?”

“I’m not going to lie. Yes, it’ll hurt. But I’m a professional at this.”

“How hands-on have you been with actual clients?” Vanessa inquired.

“It depends on their comfort levels.”

“Any specifics you can share with me?”

Morgan smiled and leaned in. “Specifically, I’ve gotten hands-on when clients have asked me to. Usually for things like guidance. For instance, if it’s something like oral sex, I’ll get down on my knees and watch, inches away, and provide instructions and techniques in real time.”


“For anal sex, I’ve actually lubricated wives in front of their husbands, to show these guys how it’s supposed to be done. Nice, slow, lovingly, with lots of lube.”


Morgan nodded. “Goodness, indeed. Being a sex therapist can be messy work, at least for me. But it’s so rewarding. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a sexually happy couple.”

“What happens after you’ve prepped them, orally or anally. I mean, do you just watch them in action?”

“Not watch, guide. I’m like a porn director. And they are my performers. I simply tell them what to do.”

“Is that what you plan on doing for us?”

“I’m open to anything,” Morgan replied. “Ideally, I’d be the one who lubricates you. Keith can learn my lube technique.”

The thought of exposing her rectum to a client suddenly made Vanessa lose her appetite. Sure it was scary and humiliating, but she tried to focus on the good side of all this. And she had to constantly remind herself that she was dealing with a highly paid sex therapist, who must be used to dealing and seeing all sorts of things.

Vanessa slowly nodded. “That sounds doable.”

“Would you be okay if I fluffed him?”

“You mean, suck his cock?” Vanessa asked skeptically.

Morgan pursed her lips. “I don’t mind. Assuming you’re okay with that.”

“We’ll have to discuss that later.”

“Fair enough. I think it would work best that way, with you bent over and all. For proper penetration of your small hole, Keith would have to be rock hard. So I wouldn’t mind sucking him for a few seconds to get him ready.”


“We’ll discuss that later,” Vanessa repeated.

“Got it.”

Now it was Vanessa’s turn to lean forward. “Be honest, do you actually think I would enjoy this? Can any woman be– you know — trained for this? Is it something any woman can get used to?”

“Why not?” Morgan smiled. “It’s far more common these days. And it’s all relative. Women are different sizes and can handle different things. With my techniques, you’ll be able to accommodate your husband. Trust me.”

“Do you enjoy it?”

Morgan’s smile only grew. “I love it. I really do. It feels far more intense than vaginal sex. I find that it hits all sorts of pleasure inducing nerves from deep within nature. I feel like I’m sucking my partner deep inside that tight, forbidden hole, which is very taboo. And I’m a lover of taboo things.”

There was a lust in the doctor’s eyes, which made Vanessa all the more curious about the anal experience. If this doctor could help so many people enjoy this (along with various other things), then why not her too? Vanessa was in decent shape, a former high school athlete, and she considered herself to be a tough woman.

“Sounds riveting,” Vanessa said.

“Quite. It’s something you’ll have to experience, the proper way.”

“I’m sure it’s going to be an anniversary to remember.”

There was a gleam in the doctor’s eyes which instantly made Vanessa nervous, yet oh-so excited.

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Discovering Amy Pt. 04

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(Author’s note: Part 4 picks up immediately after part 3.



Amy had been sitting with her eyes closed in a state of utter relaxation, wrapped in Tommy’s strong embrace. Suddenly they opened, and looking down, she saw Tommy’s erection, still straining against his shorts.

“Oh, Tommy, I’m so sorry, I totally forgot about…that,” she gestured to his crotch. “Are you sure I can’t, you know, help take care of it? It seems so unfair to leave you that way.”

Tommy glanced at the TV. There were maybe ten minutes left in the movie. Plenty of time really. But he was still worried.

“Amy, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t WANT you to. But I’m just concerned about making another mess all over you, or worse, on your parents couch!”

Amy looked sad, then thoughtful. She looked up at him suddenly, with a gaze that was both shy yet determined.

“I have…I have an idea,” she said, her voice shaking, “but I don’t know what you’ll think of it.”

Tommy looked at her quizzically, so she continued, “I could…I could, you know, put it in my…in my mouth.” She blushed at her own brazen words.

Tommy’s eyes went wide. “You mean…?”

Amy simply nodded. Her face still flushed but also filled with love and determination. “Yes,” she answered. “I want to please you that way. Please?” she begged, pouting.

Her plea broke any remaining willpower he had left to resist. He kissed her, then smiled. “How could I possibly refuse that pretty face?” he chuckled.

He sat back, loosened his shorts, then slid them down. His cock sprung free immediately.

Despite having seen and touched it in this state earlier that evening, Amy still couldn’t help but giggle at how his penis bounced and twitched all on it’s own.

“What would be the, you know, best way to, you know, do that?” she asked, suddenly feeling bashful.

“Um,” Tommy thought, “maybe on your knees? On the floor?”

Amy nodded and slid down to the floor, placing herself between Tommy’s legs.

This seemed like a good position, she thought, as she got her first really good, close up look at his penis. There was a long, thick vein that ran up the underside of it, from the bottom of the shaft up to the strange indentation of flesh just under the tip that reminded Amy vaguely of her own folds just above her clit. She observed his balls again, in their strange little sack of flesh, covered in small dark hairs.

“It’s all such a strange looking thing,” she thought to herself, “but somehow beautiful, and arousing.”

Amy took his throbbing member in her hand, feeling it pulse in her grip, then started to lean forward towards it.

Just as her lips approached his swollen head, she froze. Letting go, she looked up at him, suddenly afraid.

“I…,” Amy started, “I don’t…I don’t know what I’m doing,” she stammered. “What if I hurt you?”

“You don’t have to do this, Amy, we can stop right now,” Tommy said, concerned.

“No, no, I’m just…I wanna do good,” Amy smiled weakly, “just afraid I won’t be.”

“Relax, take your time, go slow, you’ll be fine baby. I’m so worked up this won’t take long anyway,” he laughed, calming her. Then he echoed her earlier words, “I’ll guide you if needed, ok?”

She nodded, smiled, then advanced once more towards his throbbing cock. She felt Tommy’s hand touching her face in gentle reassurance, then brushing her hair back away from it. She met his gaze and smiled.

Her lips found his head and kissed it tentatively. As before in the woods when she touched it for the very first time, it suddenly started bouncing up and down like a diving board someone just leapt from.

She suppressed her mirth this time, determined to get down to business. Again taking ankara sınırsız escortlar his thick shaft in her tiny hand, she held it steady, as she kissed the tip more confidently now. Tommy gasped, feeling the warmth of her lips make contact with his sensitive glans.

Feeling bolder, Amy parted her lips and slowly took the tip in her mouth.

Tommy winced suddenly, and whispered through his clenched jaw, “mind the teeth!”

Amy’s mouth let go immediately, and she blurted, “Shit, sorry! You ok?”

“Fine, I’m fine, just…it’s ok baby, try again,” Tommy said reassuringly.

Amy’s cheeks flushed hot, but she nodded and slid her lips over the tip of his cock again, this time making sure to keep her teeth clear.

She got past the tip easily enough, then took another inch or so. Here she paused yet again. She had no idea how far she should or could go, or what to do next.

Sensing her confusion and hesitation, Tommy spoke to her softly. “Only go as far as you’re comfortable, baby, then just slide it in and out, kinda like what you did with your hand earlier, but using your mouth instead. Does that make sense?”

“Mmm hmmm,” Amy replied through her full lips, the vibrations causing a groan of pleasure from Tommy. She made a mental note that he liked that.

Slowly, Amy started to move her head, up and down, feeling the hot flesh of his cock sliding across her tongue, feeling the ridge of his tip passing in and out of her lips; a very strange yet pleasurable sensation.

She was starting to get the hang of it. Using her right hand to hold his cock steady, her grip gentle yet firm at the base, Amy continued to bob her head up and down over his cock, although she still only dared to take about a third of it.

It was incredibly hard, yet also felt somehow soft and spongy in her mouth. She was surprised to realize it had no real taste to it at all besides a hint of salt.

She was so busy concentrating on what she was doing that she barely remembered to check to see how Tommy was handling it.

Looking up, she saw him covering his mouth with his hand, trying to contain his groans and gasps. But his eyes spoke volumes as to the pleasure he was receiving.

Their eyes met again, and Amy somehow managed a smile despite having the first penis she’d ever seen, touched, and now sucked in her mouth. She started humming again softly, grinning up at him with a wicked sparkle in her ocean blue eyes.

That sent Tommy over the edge. These sensations were all too new to him, far more intense and pleasurable than anything he’d ever managed to create with just his hand. There was no way he could hold back for long.

Amy suddenly felt his penis swell in her mouth, like it was expanding somehow. The earlier handjob she’d given had clued her in on what this meant of course; his climax was imminent.

Now was the moment of truth, Amy realized. Would she be able to handle him squirting all that thick, sticky stuff in her mouth???

Despite being completely inexperienced, Amy was a smart girl. She decided the best course of action in a split second.

Quickly she lifted her head up so that her mouth now only held his throbbing cock head. Her lips sealed tight around the ridge forming a vacuum. The hand that had been gripping his base now started to stroke his shaft up and down as he’d taught her before, jerking him while applying gentle suction with her mouth.

If she was going to try to catch all of his squirt, she decided she should treat his cock like a straw and try to suck it out. That’s just what she did, and she felt the first blast pushing its way up his shaft under her hand, forcefully shooting out the tip.

It hit her tongue; hot, salty, but also sweet somehow. The texture was thick and creamy, like some strange combo of yogurt and egg whites. Amy ankara suriyeli escortlar tasted it for only a microsecond before acting on instinct and working the slimy glob to the back of her throat and swallowing.

Just in time for the second blast. This one caught her less prepared, and she choked slightly, then kept going.

But there was simply too much to keep up with. Her mouth was filling up faster than she could swallow, and with horror she realized some of his cum was leaking out past her lips despite her best efforts at containment and about to drip on the couch.

Suddenly she felt a hand just under her chin. Tommy, thinking quickly, had grabbed some fortunate nearby napkins and was using them to catch the run off oozing from her lips and down her chin.

She took the napkins gratefully, and quickly mopped up her chin. Amy pulled her mouth back until her lips were resting just over the slit of his tip, then slowly stroked his still hard shaft, feeling the last few drops squeeze out on her tongue.

She rolled his cum around on her tongue a bit, savoring the taste this time. It didn’t taste bad, nor did it taste good, she thought. Just…odd. But it certainly wasn’t terrible or anything. And just the notion of what exactly it was, and just how it had wound up in her mouth, sent pleasant little shivers through her.

Amy looked up at Tommy, the tip of his penis still on her lips, and grinned proudly. She’d done it! She’d actually made him squirt with her mouth! And managed to keep it from getting truly messy by actually swallowing almost all of it.

Amy felt his penis starting to soften slightly in her hand. She marveled at the fascinating biology of it all for a moment before deciding on a whim to lick him completely clean of the last few splashes of cum that were stuck to him.

She heard Tommy moan, and felt his body tremor, as she gently finished cleaning his shaft and head with her tongue. Then, giving it one last kiss, she reluctantly let go of his slowly deflating penis.

Amy then felt a sudden pang of guilt. Not for giving her first blowjob, no. She actually felt proud about that. She just felt bad for being so focused on what she was doing that she’d totally missed out on seeing most of Tommy’s reaction.

She looked up at him again. His face was flushed, but grinning ear to ear. She noticed with some alarm that his lower lip was bleeding, and called his attention to it.

“Really?” Tommy muttered, as if coming out of a trance. He tentatively touched his lip, saw the blood on his fingers, then chuckled softly. “Well, it was either bite my lip or scream so loud I’d wake your parents. Small price to pay, I guess,” he said laughing. “It’s not bad, it’ll be fine, don’t worry.” He dabbed his lip with a fresh napkin, wiping off the blood.

Amy got up off her knees and sat beside him on the couch, then simply wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug that he returned in earnest.

“That was beautiful, Amy. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so, so much,” he whispered in her ear, followed by, “I love you.”

“I know,” she whispered, grinning again. Tommy laughed. “Well played, princess.”

Looking up, Tommy noticed the credits were now rolling on the movie.

“Shit, I better get moving,” he sighed, reluctantly letting go of Amy and reaching down to pull his shorts back up.

“Wait,” whispered Amy, “just a second, I just wanna…,” her hand wrapped around his now soft penis and gave it a gentle squeeze, “…say goodbye.” Then she giggled. “It’s so strange how different it feels when it’s soft,” she marveled.

“Yeah, well keep that up and you’ll wake it up again,” he said, only half joking. He already felt it starting to stir despite having just had his second orgasm within a couple of hours.

“Take a last look,” he sincan türbanlı escortlar cracked before pulling his shorts up and adjusting everything back to normal.

Their eyes met again, and Amy gently kissed him, taking care not to put too much pressure on his sore lip. But it had already stopped bleeding and he didn’t wince at her kiss, simply returned it.

Finally they broke the kiss, and Tommy stood up. “Time for me to go, babe, sorry.”

Amy nodded, then suddenly looked troubled. Noticing the look, he asked, “What is it? What’s on your mind?”

Amy took a moment to gather her thoughts, then finally spoke. “Tommy, I…I’ve really…enjoyed everything we’ve…done together tonight. All of it. And I don’t feel guilty or shameful about it. Does…does that make me…a slut?” she asked with a gulp.

“No, God no,” Tommy gasped. “Do you love me?” he asked her, looking in her eyes.

“Yes, so much,” she replied earnestly.

“I love you too, Amy. And I don’t think it’s wrong for two people who love each other to…to do these things, to…to make each other feel good. To…please each other,” he said, “no matter what some guy in a collar says from a pulpit.”

Amy’s face relaxed and broke into a warm, grateful smile. “Thank you,” she said softly, “that makes me feel better. Because I feel that way too.”

“I gotta say,” said Tommy, “It kinda surprised me the way you swore when you were orgasming. It was…it was kinda hot.”

Amy blushed but grinned. “Yeah, that surprised me too, actually,” she said, then just shrugged.

They shared one last embrace, a quick final kiss, and then Tommy was out the door.

He turned to look back at her, waved, and whispered loudly, “I love you. See you again soon.”

“I love you too,” she mouthed silently, blew him a kiss, and closed the door.


The night air was cool on Tommy’s face as he walked home slowly. He was in no real rush and wanted a few minutes alone with his thoughts anyway.

He had no idea how or where things would go from here. He only knew he was in love, and that he wanted to continue to see Amy as, not just her friend now, but also her lover. And he certainly wanted to explore more things that two young lovers could do together, when she was ready for those things of course. He promised himself not to get greedy or pressure her, but allow things to happen naturally.

Suddenly he remembered something, and broke into a wicked grin.

“Guess I’m taking a little of Amy home with me,” he thought to himself, and held his hand up to his nose to sniff his fingers.

They were dry now of course, but her scent was still there, the lingering aroma of his young lover’s arousal that sent a shiver through his body, and blood rushing once again to his cock.

“I suppose I’ll have to wash this eventually,” he thought. “But not tonight. “

His pace quickened as he reached the sidewalk to his front door, and quietly he turned his key and slipped inside.

Taking off his shoes, he crept silently up the stairs and into his bedroom, closing and locking his door behind him.


Authors Afterwords:

I will be continuing this story. I’m just unsure how to proceed at the moment. I know the destination, just not sure of the exact direction from here.

I do know I want to continue the more realistic path I’ve been on as opposed to some quick left turn just to get them into bed together faster. I want their first time to be right.

So if you’re looking for Amy & Tommy to lose their virginity by chapter 5, you’ll probably be disappointed.

That being said, Amy has had her first few tastes of sexual exploration in just the one evening this story has encompassed so far. And I think she likes it. A lot.

And Tommy is a young teen male, pretty sure he’s hooked too lol.

I suppose this will all depend on how much trouble the parents cause. Will they keep the young lovers apart, or allow young love to bloom despite the risks?

I suppose we’ll find out eventually…

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My Glorious Day Out

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I was 40 plus with a boring sex life. I needed to do something about it. I had enjoyed a few sexual encounters with young men. I met most of them at the gym where I went to exercise and keep trim. One very adventurous lad told me about a sex website. I checked it out, joined and posted some naughty photos. Then in came a flurry of messages.

This was the beginning of a vibrant secret sex life for 4 years. One day a message from a man called Tim arrived. It was a different proposal than the normal.

He wanted to organise a “Gloryhole Day”. He wanted me to enjoy as much cock as I could take. We chatted online, then on the phone. We set a date in April and he rented an apartment in the city.

The day came so I told my husband I was going in town shopping and lunch with girlfriends. I hopped on the bus so excited for what lay ahead of me.

At the apartment I met Tim for the first time. An ordinary looking guy but with a talent for sex and a desire to watch and share. He had set up appointments with men to come get their cocks sucked.

Although I knew I wouldnt be seen I dressed in black stockings and suspenders and a lacy bra with killer heels to feel sexy. In the hallway he installed a blackout sheet with a hole. I knelt on a pillow and waited to receive my first cock.

Some of the men he invited had fucked me before but others were total strangers. The first lad put his fat cock through ankara escort bayan the hole. This was Marcus. He was so excited he came in my mouth in minutes. While I sucked him Tim took photos of his cock and me sucking him. I felt just like his dirty whore.

Next up was another friend Luke. He literally facefucked me with his big dick, stuffing it right into my throat making me gag and splutter. I was so turned on my crotchless panties were getting wet.

The third man was a stranger. I started to suck him and used my cockslut skills. The tip of the tongue, gentle flicks, licking and lapping, sucking hard and slow and fast. spitting and sloppy gagging and sucking his big hot balls…. I kept on and he didnt cum.

Two guys were waiting in the corridor and another two outside. Tim took charge. He said to the man Stuart to come into the apartment as we had a queue and did not want to arouse suspicion. Tim had an idea! If I did not mind being seen would I do a circle suck with these 5 men?

I was so horny I agreed. So I positioned myself on the rug centre of the room. The 4 lads came in to join with Stuart and his raging hardon. They surrounded me and out came their cocks. I sucked at my first one while wanking the two lads either side. I felt hands on my big tits, on my ass and pussy. Tim was filming capturing me in my ‘cheating married slut’ element!

The first lad David spurted in my ankara bayan escort mouth while the one in my hand got excited and spunked on my tits. I swapped my mouth onto the cock I had been wanking and took another two big dicks in my hands. I sucked hard and fast. Bobbing up

and down until Rob couldnt hold on any longer. He blew a copious load over my face as he pulled out! Now I hung out my tongue like a puppy dog and had both Stuart and Chris take turns putting their cocks in my mouth. I was sucking and licking, wanking their shafts and squeezing their balls. Chris thrust his cock deep in my throat and pumped it full of creamy jizz. As he pulled out Stuarts throbbing cock just made it into my mouth to choke me with another load.

I sat back on my heels like the cat that really had the cream. I laughed, licked my lips and looked at Tim who snapped a photo of me. Tim took out his dick and walked towards me. I held it in both hands like a trophy looked up at him and proceeded to give him my best blow job of the day! He spunked on my outstretched tongue and on my face making me his dirty slut!

The lads all thanked me as they left, complimenting me on my beauty, my sexy lingerie and my filthy skills.

Tim said lets clean you up and have a coffee! I had half an hour before the next appointment at the hole so we sat and chatted and got on famously.

The next lad pushed sincan escort bayanlar his cock through and then another and another. I was truly being a filthy cocksucker. It felt incredible. I was a dirty whore not a boring wife.

Tim wanked a few of them into my mouth. We enjoyed being behind the sheet seeing our own depravity and lust. Tim loved seeing me covered in spunk, straining and gagging on those different size and shape dicks.

Another 10 guys visited in the afternoon and I sucked and sucked like never before. The final man was a FWB of mine, John. He said hello through the curtain and I started to suck him. He blew his load quickly but I knew he would be good to go again.

I asked Tim to invite him in. Tim said to John “would you like to share this dirty cocksucking slut with me?” They laughed and took me into the bedroom. Here, I was placed on the bed. John kissing me and Tim licking out my soaking wet cunt. Then with a quick flip over Tim was deep in my cunt pounding me like a machine while John facefucked me brutally like a filthy dog.

Being spitroasted I was in sexual heaven. Both came hard pumping more cum inside my holes.

John had to go as he told his girlfriend he was working late. Tim and I had a steamy hot shower together with some more sexy naughty play. I got dressed and thanked him for the most exhilarating day of my life.

I left to catch the bus home. I couldnt stop smiling. I swear that at least 3 men on that bus could tell I was still desperate for sex. When I got home my husband said ‘Suck me off babe, I really want to cum in your mouth. I dropped to my knees and did my wifely duty! He was a happy man. I was a secret slut.

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Vivistra Kama

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Up on the deck of his yacht Han surveyed the coastline with the same ice blue Aryan eyes that had undressed and seduced a thousand women. Leaning back he draped one arm lazily across the blue and gold upholstery as he swirled his whiskey on the rocks.

It was a beautiful evening and up ahead the lights on the island were beginning to twinkle. But his enjoyment of the moment was sullied by the knowledge that this was probably going to be his worst birthday yet. Best that he accept it now rather than later he decided. Instead of the typical hedonistic celebrations he usually opted for he’d agreed to meet his younger brother who for some strange reason insisted on going out for birthday drinks this year. Han had been under the impression he didn’t drink alcohol but was glad to find that he was wrong. As a rule the two of them rarely saw each other what with Han’s high flying lifestyle and Leo’s aversion for all things conventional. But just for once things looked as though they may turn out a little differently than he expected.

“Good to see you!” cried Leo as Han stepped up and out of the launch. Han stood awkwardly as Leo clapped him ecstatically on the back. He grinned in spite of himself realising that it actually felt good to see his brother again.

“So what’s the story then Leo? What have you got planned for us?” said Han rubbing his hands together wickedly. “Strippers? A visit to some back alley brothel? Some good quality dope?”

He said this in a light hearted way but when Leo’s eyes momentarily lost their sparkle he knew he’d taken it as a jibe; a poke at his simplistic, bohemian lifestyle.

“I think it’s important that we mark your thirtieth birthday together. What we do or do not do is irrelevant,” answered Leo solemnly.

Han eyed his brother’s overgrown sideburns, wispy blonde hair braid and unbuttoned steel grey Kaftan doing his best not to roll his eyes. His chest was bare underneath.

God! He sounded like fucking Yoda! And how the hell had he gotten a body like that anyhow?

It was like something from the movies. All chiselled and golden and without a single hair. For a few seconds jealousy twisted his mouth but was quickly banished when Han reminded himself just how many digits there were in his bank balance.

He smirked to himself and followed Leo to his beat up old Chevy truck. He had half expected to find a donkey saddled up and waiting.

“So where are we going?” Han asked once more as they navigated a heavily pot holed road.

“I told you. We’re going for drinks.”

“So you do mean alcohol?” said Han in disbelief.

“Yes. Why is that so hard to believe?” Leo answered, swerving to miss an old man with his goat.

“Because you don’t drink. Well at least I thought you didn’t…”

“I only imbibe alcoholic drinks if they have health benefits,” replied Leo looking deadly serious.

“Health benefits!” snorted Han. “There are no health benefits to drinking bud. You just ask my liver.”

“Maybe you haven’t found ankara escort bayanlar the right tipple then,” said Leo pulling up outside a quaint little bar.

Paper lanterns hung from the trees and incense impregnated candles filled the air with their musky scent. From unseen speakers a woman sang in a softly lilting language unknown to Han and a river burbled close by.

Taking a seat beneath a palm tree the two brothers beckoned the bar man to their table.

“I have no idea what to order so I’ll happily to leave it to you,” smiled Han magnanimously.

Leo nodded and with perfect fluency ordered them drinks in the native tongue. Not long after the man reappeared with a tray bearing multiple shot glasses of unnamed alcohol and a bowl piled high with plantain chips, a basket of miniature flat breads and some sort of rice dish.

Without skipping a beat Han reached out and grabbed a shot glass of eye watering grog.

“No, no!” said Leo. “You must eat first. Else your stomach may bleed.”

“What the fuck?” cried Han holding out the drink as though it were poison, which indeed it was in a manner of speaking.

“There’s nothing to worry about as long as you eat first,” said Leo reassuringly.

“Oh. Ok,” said Han. Dubiously he took a bite of bread. “What is that stuff anyhow?”

“It’s called Qo long ti. It’s a traditional drink made from venomous snakes and tree sap. Extremely good for the blood, eyesight… and sex drive,” added Leo with a wink.

“Wo, wo, woah!” said Han holding up his hand. “Snakes? You expect me to drink snake poison vodka? No way!”

“It’s not that bad. It’s actually nicer than vodka,” Leo said swallowing his first shot. “And trust me. Where we’re going shortly you’ll be glad of every little drop.”

“What does that mean?” mumbled Han, his mouth full of coconut rice.

“You’ll see,” muttered Leo knocking back his second shot.

Several shots later Leo announced it was time to go and after settling their bill the two brothers made their way along the dark road agreeing that they would pick up the car the next day.

“So where we going now?” asked Han slurring his words slightly. “And how come you didn’t sing happy birthday to me yet?”

Leo laughed and pointed to the house just ahead of them. A young woman stood waiting on the front porch.

“Maybe I’ll sing later,” he said. “That’s where we’re going. We’re going to take part in a little yoga. Vivistra Kama to be exact.”

Han said nothing. This was just what he’d come to expect from Leo. Eccentric to the last. He followed him up the garden path in silence shaking his head at the evening’s unfortunate lack of strippers.

Once inside the girl at the door directed them to a large room at the back of the house where the floor was covered with thick spongy matting. A line of four girls followed them in, each wearing a silver kimono style robe. Along the walls flickering candles threw down their amber light from wrought iron sconces. The warm glow ankara esmer escortlar made the girls appear even more beautiful; if that was even possible. They were all stunning.

To Han however, one stood out dramatically from the rest. She was simply exquisite, with catlike eyes framed by thick long lashes. She moved with cat like grace too as though she belonged somewhere out on the savannah stalking prey. Her skin was a smooth deep mahogany and her hair the colour of polished jet. And her mouth! Oh God! Her mouth was something else. It was sensuously curved with a hint of amusement, her soft lips an alluring shade of dusky pink. They were parted fractionally, just enough for Han to get a glimpse of pure white teeth and the tip of the baby pink tongue that rested on them. For some reason it gave him a jolt of pleasure that took several minutes to dissipate.

Suddenly without warning they all slid off their robes and stood as naked as the day they were born before the men, gazing serenely ahead. Han’s mouth went dry.

“I thought we were doing yoga?” he whispered.

“Shhh…!” replied Leo frowning in annoyance.

From somewhere behind him subdued sensuous music began to play — and the girls began to move.

Leo motioned for Han to sit, so he sat cross legged and watched, utterly spellbound.

They stood in pairs and just in the optimal position for Leo and Han to see absolutely everything. He wondered absently if it was intentional.

The two on Han’s left fell back onto the mat and arched their backs, thrusting their pert breasts and toned abdomens into the air. Such was their flexibility it was no hardship to them at all to be in such awkward positions. In fact they lay there with their beautifully groomed vaginas on display for a full ten minutes as though it was the most natural thing in the world, in every possible way. It was all Han could do to restrain himself from leaning forward to suckle their exposed clits but he wasn’t sure that was allowed.

To the right of Han the other two were poised on one leg with the other raised so that their feet touched. The discipline involved in such a move was extraordinary but all Han could concentrate on was flesh. Soft, quivering, warm flesh. It was hard to know where to look first.

He wanted to touch. To jump up and smell their womanly scent, to lick, to fondle, probe and taste. He’d never seen women so beautiful or so flexible before. No matter how wide they held their legs apart it wasn’t wide enough for him. He was quietly going wild with lust and it was infuriating not being able to touch. He felt sure that if he could, he’d come in mere seconds; and when he did so it would be explosive.

He turned to see how Leo was faring and was surprised to see that he’d shed his clothes. A stab of envy shot through Han once again when he saw the breadth and length of his brother’s cock. He was pleasuring himself with long drawn out strokes as he eyed up the feline beauty in front of sincan grup yapan escortlar him.

What was going on here? thought Han. Were they actually going to have sex with these stunners? Han didn’t need much encouragement. He knew which one he wanted. As quickly as he could he removed his overly formal trousers and shirt, laying them on the floor. Then he removed his shoes.

All four girls had now taken up a mind blowing position that made his cock stand stiffly to attention. Two of the girls now fell backwards into the crab position — one on each mat, while another girl lay on top with her back resting on the others front. The girl on top parted her legs wide whilst wrapping her legs around the other girl’s to support them.

This meant that their pussy’s were merely inches away from each other and that in theory they could be banged one after the other in quick succession. It was a beautiful sight, but Han was bitterly disappointed when he saw that Leo had nabbed the feline beauty first and buried his face happily between her legs. She groaned and the girl beneath her held her smiled. Her turn would come, no doubt.

Not to be put off Han reached down and slipped a finger inside each of his girls, delighted to find them already wet and eager for his attention. They were surprisingly tight too. So he waggled his fingers and slipped them in and out lubing them up with their own juices, trying to decide which to enter first. By the time had finished little pearls of moisture ran down their open oysters and like any true connoisseur he could not resist a taste.

Gently he tongued first one then the other, making them whimper and moan till their legs trembled. The girl beneath could take no more and orgasmed loudly until her legs gave way suddenly dropping them both to the floor.

Undeterred they swapped places offering themselves up to his lewd ministrations. For a while he rubbed his engorged member in the sticky sweet wetness that trickled from their gaping holes.

They were so hot! Literally! He could feel the heat generated by their bodies washing over his bits, cocooning them in pure pleasure. Suddenly he slipped inside the bottom girl without even making a conscious decision to do so. He growled deeply in his throat. Her body clamped round him instantly willing him to empty his balls inside her.

He pulled back and thrust again grinding his pelvis into her to make sure he was in as far as he could go. Their two bodies were beneath him, utterly divine and ready to give themselves over to his personal pleasure. That thought almost drove him crazy and he thrust wildly into both. First one then the other until he shuddered and squirted copiously inside the one lying beneath. She moaned and moaned until she came spectacularly, curling her toes and clenching her kitten soft ass cheeks. When she was finally spent she looked about ready to fall so he withdrew reluctantly. But a string of fluid hung from his penis still connecting their bodies for a brief second.

He looked down at the two possibly four holes waiting to be filled and smiled deciding that he had now changed his mind. Leo knew how to buy a decent birthday present after all. It was just a pity that he had kept the best one for himself. But then again, there was always next year.

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The Laundry Room Pt. 02

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Adriana Chechik

The Laundry Room (Part 2)

Kathryn M. Burke

The one thing you need to know about my sister Maureen is that she’s really keen on sex. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but it was definitely the case that Maureen never met a cock she didn’t like. I’ve said that my college years were pretty wild; but Maureen’s were totally crazy. Two years younger than me, she went to the same institution of higher learning that I did, and it wasn’t long before the stories of her insatiable fondness for the male anatomy got around. On more than one occasion she went to a particular frat house with a pretty bad reputation for shenanigans, and basically said, “Here I am, guys!” to all comers (oops, bad pun). And there were plenty of men who came in her and on her–one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, and so on. She claimed to find such an onslaught of masculine flesh revitalizing–and, to be honest, she didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects from it.

This kind of activity was all well and good, but there were drawbacks. Mostly it was the fact that she ended up not having any real relationship with anyone. Some of that may have been the guys’ fault. So many men approach women with the idea that they’re virgins who find their lovers the be-all and end-all of creation, and they get annoyed when the women fail to conform to that ridiculous wish-fulfillment fantasy. But Maureen made the problem worse by making it quite obvious in word and deed that the guy in question should have no expectation of being the only one to occupy her bed at any given moment. Pretty soon her “reputation” was so bad that even men who just wanted her body gave her a wide berth.

She was now twenty-four, and her habits had changed only a bit now that she was a working girl (and no, she wasn’t that sort of working girl–although sometimes she presented a pretty good facsimile of one). She still hadn’t really had a meaningful involvement with anyone. I’d had at least a few of those, even though I was at the moment bereft.

So now, as I looked down at my sister vigorously sucking a cock that had been in my pussy and butt only a little while ago, I had to ask her: “What exactly are you doing, Maureen?”

She didn’t seem to want to take the succulent toy out of her mouth, but finally she did so she could say: “My date for the evening got cold feet and ditched me, so I’m all by my lonesome–but not anymore!”

And she happily stuck that cock back in her mouth.

Meanwhile, my new friend was looking frantically at me, mouthing the words, “Why is this woman sucking my dick?”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. It wasn’t exactly as if he was strenuously objecting to what was being done to him. “This is my sister Maureen. Maureen, this is–“

And then I realized I still didn’t know this guy’s name.

Maureen noticed my problem. Again taking the cock out of her mouth, she said, “Who is he? I didn’t know you were going with anyone.”

“I’m not–not exactly, anyway.”

“You’re telling me you don’t even know this guy’s name?” She looked up at him, and, after giving the tip of his cock a quick little kiss, said, “What’s your name?”

My guy, as if hypnotized, said mechanically, “Jonathan. Jonathan McAndrew.”

A Scotsman! Or at least of Scottish ancestry. Maybe our families were related way back in the mists of time.

“There,” Maureen said to me smugly, “that wasn’t so hard, was it? How is it you didn’t know who he was?”

“Well,” I said awkwardly, “he kind of, um, forced the issue. I guess he’s a neighbor of mine.”

Maureen looked up at Jonathan with a new interest–and admiration. “Look at you! A good job of taking the initiative! My sister can be a bit on the prudish side, so sometimes she needs a little–encouragement.”

“I am not prudish,” I said wearily.

“She’s fabulous!” Jonathan said desperately, as Maureen had resumed her work on his member. He was now hard as rock, and I wondered if he was going to explode in her mouth. Not that that would have bothered Maureen: she was one of those rare women who actually like the taste of come.

“But you’re fabulous too!” Jonathan went on, not wanting to offend the woman who was servicing him. Ever the gentleman.

“You’re sweet,” Maureen said. Then, looking up at me: “You don’t mind if I borrow him for a bit? I really need some action right now.”

I sighed again. “Look, you guys can have all the fun you want. I’m going to sleep.”

I really was tired. It was obvious that Jonathan wasn’t done with poking a woman, but I for one didn’t want to be poked anymore. If Maureen wanted to take over, well, she could be my guest.

That seemed to be exactly what she had in mind. She wasn’t one to have “quickies”: she insisted on the guy lasting as long as he could so that she was satisfied as well. Another unusual thing about her was that she could get off just on intercourse, although of course she wouldn’t say no if a guy wanted to ankarada sakso çeken escortlar finger her or lick her to climax.

So now, she led Jonathan over to the couch and, making him sit down on it, she began to undress.

I have to admit that what she revealed of herself was pretty stunning.

I hadn’t seen her naked in a long time, and I’d forgotten how unbearably cute she could be–at least from the male perspective. She was quite petite (no taller than five foot two), and endowed with flaming red hair that set off her dark green eyes very nicely. She also had these huge breasts (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were DD’s) that were so firm and high and close together that they made a natural cleavage, without any need for something so artificial as a push-up bra. And when she peeled off her skirt and panties, she exposed an apple-cheeked butt to die for.

As Jonathan gaped at her nudity, she took that big cock of his and sat on it. As I was watching from Maureen’s backside, I saw it slowly disappear, inch by inch, into her vagina. She took it all in without the slightest difficulty. And then she pressed Jonathan’s face against those big breasts of hers. Pretty soon she was bouncing cheerfully up and down on his organ, like a good old-fashioned cowgirl riding a wild colt. I could even see Jonathan’s cock getting all slick from her juices.

And when he came, she let out a whoop of ecstasy that was either a triumphal cry that she’d made “my” man come in her, or it was a resounding sign of her own climax, or both. She kept bouncing on that aching member (it must be aching by now, after having shot out three loads of come in just over an hour) until she’d drained him of every last drop. Only then did she pry herself off of it–and as soon as she did so, a big wad of his emission (probably mingled with some of her juices) dribbled out of her and trickled down the insides of her thighs.

I couldn’t believe I’d stood around like a dope watching this lascivious episode. Sticking my tongue out in disgust, I wheeled around, went back to my bedroom, and tried to go to sleep.

I didn’t know what further adventures Jonathan and Maureen were going to be engaged in, but I had a feeling they weren’t done. At some point the two of them shoved me to the edge of my own bed and lay down on it themselves. There was no other bed in the place, and they didn’t want to sleep on the couch or the floor. Somehow the three of us all got to sleep, Jonathan lying between the two women he’d met–and fucked–for the first time only that evening.

So that’s how it started. Jonathan–who, I eventually discovered, was a year younger than myself, which made him a year older than Maureen–seemed to have no particular difficulty dealing with two women at the same time. Well, not at the same time; usually it was one at a time. He’d mosey on over to my place every so often–weeknights, weekend afternoons, and so on and so forth–sometimes spending the night, other times not. His stamina seemed inexhaustible, and he never worked me over fewer than three times, sometimes as many as five.

But I could tell that Maureen was poaching him whenever the mood struck her, which was often. Most of the time she would collar him at his apartment–and I got to the point of being able to smell (and taste) the remnants of my sister’s pussy juice on his cock even after he’d washed it. She even had the nerve of barging into my apartment if she didn’t find Jonathan at home in his own place. She seemed to like riding him on the sofa, since Jonathan had developed (not surprisingly) a fatal attraction to those huge boobs of hers. Sometimes, as I watched them go at it, I wondered how the guy could breathe with those knockers pressed against his face. But he never made any complaint.

And then, after a while, things became a bit more brazen.

In other words, Maureen persuaded us to engage in threesomes. She just loved to have Jonathan lie on my bed, flat on his back, while she sat on his face and watched me squat over his cock and stuff it in myself. Once again I felt bad for the guy, because he really had trouble breathing with Maureen’s pussy covering his nose and mouth and her fleshy thighs surrounding his face. Every so often she would reach over and squeeze my own tits; and I couldn’t help doing the same to hers, marveling at their firmness and rotundity. They really were spectacular!

On her abrupt command, she would have me switch positions with her. That’s because she seemed to develop an inexhaustible thirst to have her vagina bathed with his come. Sometimes she would squat over him facing his feet and stick his cock into her ass, giving both Jonathan and me an unobstructed view of her anal penetration. She came pretty easily, and I’ve seen her go through two or even three sets of shivery orgasms before she finally got Jonathan to send his wad into her various holes.

We actually didn’t go out very much. Jonathan worked at a hardware store that didn’t ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar pay him very well, so going to restaurants, clubs, or even movies was not in the cards. Anyway, we all got pretty fond of our home entertainment. I couldn’t really figure out what I felt for the guy: I liked him well enough, and perhaps it was even more than that. As for Maureen, I guess she just wanted him for sex.

But I got the strong impression that Jonathan was falling for me–and also for Maureen. I remember one time when my sister was riding him on the couch as usual, and the poor guy seemed to get so worked up that he clutched her tight and (believe it or not) broke into tears. Maureen gazed down at him with a sort of horror, then looked over to me as if to say, Why is this guy crying on my tits? I don’t think it was because Jonathan was madly in love with her; it was simply that she, even more than me, represented what might be called the quintessence of femininity. He was just amazed (and appreciative) that he’d been granted the sudden (and, to his mind, undeserved) gift of having not one but two females available for his every need. It was a wondrous puzzle beyond his understanding.

Things became even more interesting when Maureen made an announcement to me about two months into our involvement with Jonathan.

“Mom wants us to come over,” she said casually.

“Oh, yeah?” I said, without much interest. “What for?”

Maureen peered at me as if I was an idiot. “I meant all three of us. She wants to meet our guy.”

A shiver went through me. “You–you didn’t tell her about what we do?”

“Of course I did!”

“Oh, Maureen, how could you? She must have had a fit! She’s not exactly the most understanding person where such things are concerned.”

“I didn’t get the impression she was upset. She was just curious, that’s all.”

I sighed, but pretty soon we arranged to go over to Mom’s house.

Our mother, Kathleen Ryan, wasn’t doing so well. She was getting close to fifty, but looked a bit younger–and I won’t deny that for her age she was quite attractive. Jet-black hair (maybe dyed), a round face with green eyes not quite as piercing as Maureen’s but still nice, a darling little Cupid’s-bow mouth, and (although I probably shouldn’t say such things) nice big tits and a shapely ass that made more than one man’s head turn. But lately she’d been down in the dumps, with this confused or spooked expression constantly on her face.

And my dad was largely responsible for that.

About a year ago, Patrick Ryan had bolted from the house for reasons no one clearly understood–certainly not his wife. All he said was that he just couldn’t stay with Kathleen anymore. They weren’t officially divorced (we’re Catholic, after all, even though we’re pretty lapsed), but we weren’t even sure where our dad was at the moment, or why he’d left. To Maureen and me, our parents seemed to have the ideal marriage, all lovey-dovey and with very few arguments of any kind. No wonder Mom was flummoxed!

I really didn’t relish going over to the house, not only because she was (I hate to say it) kind of a drag to be around in her present condition, but because I couldn’t believe she would approve of the unusual arrangement her daughters had fallen into. It’s not that Mom was a prude; from various things she’d said I got the impression she liked sex well enough, even more than most women. But she couldn’t possibly sanction the informal ménage à trois we’d fallen into, could she?

But she turned out to be kind and gracious to Jonathan, who’d been nervous as a cat at the prospect of meeting the mother of the two women he was banging. Their initial meeting was a bit awkward, though. As I introduced him to Mom, he first held out a hand as if to take the hand she was extending to him; but on impulse he swept her up into his arms and almost lifted her up off the floor, holding her tight for a good little interval. I saw her head stick up over his shoulder, her expression saying: Well, this man sure is affectionate! She wasn’t complaining: the poor woman hadn’t been embraced by a man in a year or more, and after more than twenty-five years of having a male presence to hug (and do more than hug) her whenever she liked, I’m sure she appreciated his cuddling.

Even though Mom lived on the other side of town, only a few miles from where Maureen and I lived, we were going to stay the weekend, since that way we’d be able to spend a good amount of time with her. The plan was for Jonathan to stay in my bed Friday night, and in Maureen’s bed on Saturday night. I just hoped to heaven that she would be quiet if they engaged in any shenanigans, as I suspected they would. I myself was too embarrassed at my mom’s presence–even if it was in her own bedroom down the hall–for anything but some mild cuddling with my man.

I got the feeling, though, that Jonathan wanted more. He usually slept in his underwear (assuming sincan gece kalan escortlar it stayed on all night, which was rare), but as we bedded down he took his briefs off and was making it clear I should remove my nightgown–when something made him stop short.

It was a sound coming from my mother’s bedroom.

“What’s that?” he said, looking as spooked as Mom sometimes did.

“It’s probably just Mom crying,” I said. I didn’t mean to sound uncaring, but she did that a lot.

“Why is she crying?” Jonathan said, his face crumpling up as if in pain.

“Why do you think, guy?” I said impatiently. He’d gotten me a bit worked up, so I wanted to get down to some action even if it meant that Mom would give me the stink-eye the next morning for polluting the house with such brazen fornication. “She’s been lonely since my Dad left her. It’s been pretty traumatic for her.”

Jonathan looked at me as if he was hearing the sorrows of the whole world. “This is awful!” he cried. “I can’t stand it!”

“Just put it out of your mind. The best thing to do is to let her have her cry and be done with it.”

But, with his extreme sensitivity to everything female, he wasn’t about to take this lying down. With a whiny little whisper (“I gotta help her!”) he leaped up from the bed and began making his way out of the room.

“Jonathan!” I exclaimed–but he paid no attention.

I was going to point out the simple fact (which he had apparently forgotten) that he didn’t have any clothes on.

He left the door to my room open as he padded his way toward Mom’s room. Without any delay he marched right in. I could hear Mom gasp and say, “What are you doing here? Why are you naked?”

After that there was a bit of silence, as Jonathan was no doubt making efforts to turn off the waterworks. And then there were certain other sounds whose significance was all too obvious.

The next morning I came downstairs to the kitchen first. Making on a pot of coffee, I sat at the little table in the breakfast nook and sipped some coffee while staring out the window.

Mom was the next to arrive.

She stopped short when she saw me, but then made a valiant attempt to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. But I wasn’t about to let her off the hook. It wasn’t really that I was angry or jealous at what she’d done with my (and Maureen’s) boyfriend the night before. I was just curious why she had let it happen. I knew that Jonathan could be very, um, persuasive in such matters, even when dealing with a woman who wasn’t a sex maniac like my sister–as Mom certainly wasn’t.

“So, Mom,” I said, as she poured herself a cup of coffee and grudgingly sat down next to me, “how was it?”

“How was what, dear?” she said primly.

“How was Jonathan? I take it he kept you company all night.”

She blushed as crimson as I’d ever seen her. “He was very–nice.”

“Nice? Is that all you have to say?”

She suddenly got agitated. “Well, what do you want me to say? That he’s a wonderful lover? You already know that–and so does Maureen.” That last phrase was quite inspired. Touché, Mom!

“But,” I said, “how could you let him–?”

“Don’t you think I’ve missed it? Women miss it too, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve gone through some droughts myself. But you’re still married to Dad.”

“Yes, well, tell him that! He’s not here. I don’t even know where he is–but he’s certainly not in my bed!”

“Okay, okay. I’m not really mad. But this whole situation’s a little odd, isn’t it?”

“I can’t help that.”

“No, I guess you can’t. Are you going to tell me what you two did?”

Mom was aghast. “Of course not! That’s private.”

“I kinda thought you’d say that. Lemme just ask: did he do you multiple times?”

She colored again. “That’s what he seems to do with you two, doesn’t he?”

“Yes. He has a lot of stamina. Exactly how many times?”

With extreme reluctance she said, “Four times.”

“Four? That’s pretty good! He must really like you.”

“I don’t know about that. He was just trying to make me feel better.”

“Sort of like sex therapy, would you say?”

“You don’t have to be so sarcastic about it.”

“Sorry. I assume he poked you in a number of different ways? He usually does that.”

“Yes.” More blushing.

“In your vagina?”

“Of course.”

“In your mouth?”

“Once. We did that thing they call sixty-nine.”

“I know all about sixty-nine. He likes that a lot. He’s pretty good at licking, isn’t he?”

“I’ll say he is!” she said with unexpected enthusiasm.

“Oh, so he made you come that way?”

“He made me c-come several ways.”

“Yeah, I figured.” Then, after a heavy pause: “Did he go into your butt?”

Mom suddenly got up and began pacing around the kitchen. I guess that was her answer to my question. As I looked at Mom’s backside, I tried to envision Jonathan tunneling into that nether orifice.

“Have you done that before?” I said half-incredulously.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“You and Dad?”


I don’t know why I was dumbfounded by this revelation, but I was. “So you like it?”

“I can’t say I really like it. But your father did. I wanted to please him. At first I didn’t like it at all, but after a while it kind of grows on you.”

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Power Brokers

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This is a story of how my husband and I have climbed the ladder of success, as realtors in, and around Los Angeles, California. Being a married, black couple who wheel and deal multimillion dollar residential and business properties, is no easy task. We have learned to be ruthless to make deals, including using sex to seal a deal when necessary.

I grew up in Jamaica as Brianna, but use Brandi as my working name, mostly because there are a plethora of rich white men who lust after beautiful and fit black women – especially if they have a stripper name. I workout daily with my husband, both of us know how important looks are. Even though my abs are washboard, my genes dictate that my ass will always be curvy, but being 5’5 does help me look both curvy and fit.

My husband Nate, (his name is really Ngweji) – the Congo name for ‘man of power’ – is just as aggressive in making his deals. It sems that lots of rich, white housewives in and around Hollywood are literally suckers for a 6’3″, broad shouldered black man. Especially a man who wears the ultra-clean muscular and bald look. Over time, word has gotten around that Nate has that mythical Big Black Cock in his pants, and is more than able to make any woman putty in his hands. And yes, we know what the other needs to do, but sex is fun, and has its own power at times.

With no shortage of clients who want to sample a little chocolate in their lives, Nate and I closed the deal one year ago, that put us in a 4.5 million dollar home. It is in Hollywood Hills and has an infinity pool, massage room, gym, and even our own helipad. Needless to say, Nate and Brandi Nkulu are a realty duo to be reckoned with.

That brings us to my latest conquest, but this one does have a twist. My client, James Washington is a very rich, black entrepreneur who deals mostly in manufacturing. He is in my office today to put an offer in to purchase a huge industrial building just outside LA that will bring over 500 jobs to the area. And I just happen to have a client who is looking to sell exactly that building.

Before I booked a time for him to meet with me, I did my homework. James and his wife, Felicia, are an openly bisexual couple, who frequent swingers clubs, parties, and hotel takeovers, all over the U.S. So, I prepared my hubby to make his entrance at the right time.

James is a very busy businessman, so it took a few tries to set up our meeting. He arrived promptly at two PM, and told me he would have to be out the door by three. I made sure to have everything neatly organized so that all he had to do was to look over the wording and make sure he was ready to send the paperwork to his lawyer for approval.

As the two of us pore over the documentation, Nate knocks on my glass door at the appropriate moment. We both look up, through the glass to see who it is. I catch James staring at my formidable husband, as I wave him in.

“I’m sorry, Brandi…” begins Nate, but I stop him there.

“Nate, I’m sure what you have is urgent, but I’d like you to meet Mr. Washington. Nate, this is James. James this is my husband, Nate.”

James stands up, but at 5’6″, he has to look up to my husband, who wears a sleek, steel grey Armani suit and a broad, white smile. Nate extends a hand and offers, “Nice to meet you, James.”

As they exchange pleasantries, James’ body language tells me that he is VERY interested, and maybe in more ways than one. Once they were done, Nate turns to me, now back in business mode.

He hands me a file folder and says, “I need your signature on these so I can get them back to J.Lo before she flies out to London tonight.”

“Oh, yes. Great,” I respond, quickly sitting and signing all 12 copies. I hand them back to Nate and catch James eyeing up my husband from the back. “Here you go, Babe,” I said, “Thanks.”

Nate turns and nods toward James on his way out and quickly leaves the room. James smiles, and once the door is shut, I am back with him to go over the files. James says, “When this deal is done, I’d love to have you and Nate come up and have dinner with Felicia and me.”

“Sure. Sounds great,” I offer, in a matter-of-fact way. My heart is thumping because I know the hook is set. All I need to do is to reel it in.

With James satisfied with the numbers and wording, I hit the ‘send’ button, so James’ lawyer would get the information to look over. I glance at my watch and say, “Well, Mr. Washington, your offer is on its way to your lawyers. Let me know when they okay it, and I’ll have you back to make it official. Maybe Nate and I can entertain you when you’re ready to hand in the offer.”

I stand up to shake hands across the table, and James stands, but walks around to my side of the desk. As he makes his way, his arms open wide and I respond in kind. He says, as we hug, “For 72 million dollars, I want more than a handshake on it.” The man is a gentleman though, and doesn’t get handsy at all. I’m sure he wants to, but that will have to wait a little while longer.

After our embrace, James steps back and says, “I have to ask, Brandi. Has James ever been with another ankara moldovyalı escortlar man?”

I dodge the question with, “What makes you ask?” although I was sure that I knew exactly why.

” I’m just curious. I can’t tell if he might be a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom’.”

I knew that answering yes to either was a ‘go’ signal for James that my husband is bisexual as well. I honestly can’t say that Nate has ever mentioned being with another man, but I do know that Nate understands that sex is sex, but when there is work to be done, he will perform the task for a payoff. And this deal will definitely be a big payoff.

I reply with, “For 72 million, Nate is whatever you would want him to be.” James laughed and said nothing more. I walked him to the elevator.

Three days later I get a call. It’s James and he wants to meet to hand me the signed offer for the building. “Unfortunately,” he says, “I’m on a tight schedule and won’t be in LA until after 6. And I have to fly out first thing tomorrow too.”

I am ready, and answer with, “Are you flying commercial, or private jet?”

“I’m in the company chopper.”

“Perfect! You can fly directly to our home and we will put you up for the night. James and I specalize in a four hands massage. We will give you a chance to rest for the night and you can fly out in the morning!”

“Oh, uh, I’ve been using the word ‘I’, but it is Felicia and I travelling together today.”

“Fantastic,” I offer, “Felicia is just as welcome, too. We have lots of room, and we have a guest house so your pilot can stay the night as well. You can go ahead and cancel your hotel rooms for the night.”

“That’s great, Brandi. Text me the directions for the pilot, and we will see you soon!”

I send out the coordinates and by six o’clock, Nate, our maid Rosa, and I are all standing at the helipad. My long, braided cornrows are flinging in all directions as the wind from the helicopter landing nearby, blasts us all.

The pilot shuts off the engine and James and Felicia exit the aircraft. Rosa locates their luggage and brings it out, while the four of us go through introductions. Felicia is a Filipina, and is the tiniest woman I’ve ever met. Probably 4′ 10″? She is slim, cute, with barely A cups, and bubbly though.

Once the rotors come to a stop, Nate announces, “Rosa will show you to your room. It has a nice, big shower so you can both get freshened up. You can put on the terry robes that Rosa has laid out on your bed. Brandi and I will prepare the massage room. We look forward to giving you both whatever you need to feel refreshed.”

The pilot steps out of the cockpit, and I tell him, “Rosa will be right back and will show you to the guest house. Enjoy your evening.”

The young pilot tips his hat and says, “Thank you, Ma’am”

About thirty minutes later, our guests meet us in the living room, where Rosa arrives with the drinks she has arranged for us all. Nate and I are in our robes as well, leaving our massage garments hidden for the time being.

The four of us chat some, including small talk about Felicia’s likes and dislikes, and of course James makes mention of Club Joi, a high end, private, lifestyle club in LA. I mention having been there a few times, to which I get a bit of a puzzled look from Nate. He is cool, though, but I will have to explain later, that it was just one of my clients who wanted to play a bit. I must say, Club Joi is a wild and horn dog place to go.

When James takes his last sip, Nate stands up and says, “Are you two ready for a four hands massage?” James almost jumps up, and little Felicia sets her drink down, standing next to James.

“We’ve never experienced one before,” says James. “It sounds like fun.”

Felicia gives both of us the once over, nodding as her husband speaks. We walk through to the massage room and lead the way in. It is set up with two professional massage tables, complete with face hole cushions and electric lifts. Nate removes his robe first, exposing his massage giving attire. Nate wears only his speedo, a black silk banana hammock that leaves little to the imagination – including the outline of his unusually lengthy and thick penis, still only semi-erect. It would outline the knobbed head of Nate’s clearly circumcised cock head, but that part of him doesn’t fit within the confines of the skimpy cloth. Nate’s large, helmeted dick head pokes past the elastic waistband, and poor Felicia makes an audible gasp as it comes into her view.

Nate holds his hands out and asks Felicia, “May I take your robe?” Her eyes never leave his crotch as she unties her cinch and slips the heavy housecoat off her shoulders. The tiny waif is basically flat chested – but for two enormously long and half-inch in diameter, jet black nipples. Her flat tummy gently curves down to a two inch landing strip, whose thick and straight Asian hairs stand almost vertically from her body.

James says, “Be careful of those nipples. Felicia can orgasm just from playing with them. By the way, Nate. I am impressed with that thing,” looking at my husband’s trophy-sized ankara ukraynalı escortlar dick through his speedo. Nate does smile at James’ comment, but doesn’t reply, to remain professional at least to this point.

My husband lowers the bed for Felicia to get up on, and I release my robe and place it on the wall hook. James gives an approving smile when my naked 36 DD, surgically enhanced breasts come into view. (News flash ladies: B cup girls can’t sell a newspaper in Hollywood!)

I am wearing my speedo bottoms, which clearly define my abundant labia and rather large clitoris, which is probably similar in both length and thickness as Felicia’s nipples. James licks his lips as he stares at my lycra cameltoe. “And you sir?” I ask, reaching to untie his belt for him. He IS the client and I wanted to remind him of that. I undo his sash but James turns his back before I can assess his manhood. I remove the terrycloth from his shoulders, and peel it away and see that, although he is fifty or so, James’ ass is taut and firm. He turns to reveal a semihard, uncut cock that should still grow to six or maybe seven inches. His tight, curly pubes feel velvety soft in my right hand. Nate shaves all over, so I rarely get to enjoy combing my fingers through hairy pubes on a man. James sets his hand on my ebony breasts, toying with my nipples while my hand cups and weigh his tight, heavy ball sack. After fingering the tightly curled pubes of his nut sack, I release it, and I lay his cock lengthwise in my hand. I follow the large vein from base to tip, with my middle finger. James leans in and kisses me softly, before I guide him to the side of his bed.

As James makes his way to his bed, Felicia is sat up on hers and Nate has handed her a blindfold. “Ohhh,” she says, pulling the strap over her head and placing the black visor over her eyes. “But I won’t know who…”

“That’s right!” I respond, handing the same blindfold to her husband. I’m sure everyone in the room knows that it will be easy to tell Nate’s hands from mine, but will they know whose mouth is on their sex?

Nate says, “No need to worry, Felicia, we will both be gentle.” He then commands, “On your tummies, first.”

James lies face down and reaches between his legs to tuck his semihardness down between his thighs. With his legs splayed wide to the table edges, his tightly curled, hairy nuts and the cloaked head of his dick is in view, almost as if begging to be touched.

I look to Felicia’s tiny body, her bum so small and cute, juxtaposed by Nate’s large ebony fingers. His meaty hands follow the curves of her feet, swallow her tiny calves, and fully envelop her diminutive thighs on his way up her body. Nate’s thumbs course along the insides of Felicia’s thighs, and press into the cleft between her pussy and ass cheeks. Felicia coos softly and flexes her legs wider for his probing hands.

We trade places and I continue along her soft, smooth ass cheeks. I look to my husband, who has continued as well, one hand exploring James’ scrotum and cock, the other coursing from each globe of James’ ass cheek to the other. Nate makes a fist over James’ dick and slowly jacks the man’s penis carefully, making me think that Nate has had some practice on other men at some point. James is emitting a soft groan while Nate’s large hands keep him stimulated.

I move to the outside of Felicia’s table and work her lower and upper back, and onto her tiny neck, barely covered by her bob style hair cut. While my right hand applies oil to her shoulders and scapulae, my left hand makes slow circles over Felicia’s tiny glutes, making them glisten. She coos again when my middle finger slips down the valley between her cheeks and pushes apart the nearly black lips of her labia.

Meanwhile, Nate moves to the outside of James’ table, looking across at me as he toys with James ass cheeks with one hand, and a finger softly playing with the man’s tightly puckered anus. James moves his left hand outward and feels for Nate’s body, finding and gliding his fingers over Nate’s lower belly. He doesn’t take long to slip his fingers inside my husband’s speedo and pull the shiny black shaft from it.

My finger and thumb rubs one of Felicia’s tender earlobes, causing her to move her hips side to side in an attempt to stimulate her clit from the sensual sensations. I am quick to assist her in her need, pushing my middle finger further down between the slick lips until I find the bump of her clitoris. Felicia’s small bum grinds into my hand as I gently masturbate her.

While Nate moves his hands from James bottom and onto his lower and upper back, he shuffles his body toward the top of the table. James slips the mask from his eyes and moves his face to the edge of the bed, an inch from Nate’s wonderful cock. Nate holds his cock straight out, offering it to our client. James immediately begins to fellate my man, while I suggest to Felicia that I’d like her to turn over now.

When Felicia settles on her back, I take no time at all to rest my fingers onto her burgeoning nipples and gently roll each sincan minyon tipli escortlar of them between my finger and thumb, at the same time. Her husband is making slurping sounds while Nate looks at me, smiling and holding the back of James head in place. Soon, Felicia is making a mournful cry as my nipple twisting is bringing her to her first orgasm of the evening. James has reached out and grasped Nate’s firm ass cheek to draw almost half of his cock into James’ mouth.

I bend over and suck oh, so softly on Felicia’s left nipple, still strumming her right one as her cries turn to weeping-like sobs. Her hips begin a humping motion off the bed as her orgasm strikes. The Filipina begins growling like a feral cat and her body quakes like nothing I’ve seen before. Her hands force mine from her nipples, and Felicia spasms uncontrollably for more than a full minute. The room is quiet but for James’ sucking sounds and Felicia’s limbs bouncing and jolting, until James lets Nate’s cock free long enough to say, “I told you. She’s a real cummer! And a squirter too when the cock is big enough.”

As her body settles, I softly caress Felicias feet and legs, until she regains her breath. Nate, his cock dangling in front of him, focuses on James’ nipples until James asks him, “Do you want to fuck Felicia?” His wife removes her blindfold to look across the bed for Nate’s response. James adds, “I love watching a guy as big as you, make her squirt.”

Nate says, “Yes,” and walks over to Felicia’s table. I move across to James, who is lying on his side to watch the action. Nate moves to the foot of the bed and pulls Felicia’s tiny body to him, resting her legs vertically up his chest, her tiny feet barely up to Nate’s broad shoulders.

“Let me know if I’m going to fast, okay?” Nate asks her, and she gives a reassuring nod.

I rest against James’ table, behind him, and use my right hand to masturbate him slowly. We both watch my husband push his cock against Felicia’s vaginal gate, but his thick cock head can’t force the tender opening wide enough for entry. I lean in and whisper in James’ ear, “Fuck, she is so small…”

James becomes rock hard in my hand. Nate slides his fat dick up and down Felicia’s pussy lips, trying to get her wetter. He then reaches for a bottle of massage oil and squirts the yellow liquid between their bodies, and quickly the tip of his cock eases past the orifice.

By the time Nate has pushed his cock half way into the Asian, her hands reach up and she interlocks her fingers into his, silently begging him to fuck her. Nate pushes as far as possible, until the tip reaches the back of her passage, yet his dick has two more inches available. Felicia begins to mewl again like a cat in heat. Nate pulls all the way back and then returns to her full depth in a quick but single burst. He has filled her up so fully that her breath catches each time he hits bottom.

On Nate’s seventh strike to Felicia’s cervix, she cries in almost an agonizing moan. I grip James’ cock tightly and increase the speed of my strokes. “Are you gonna cum for me, James? While my husband fucks your little wife?” James begins to make his own mournful sounds, seeing the strained look on his wife’s face each time my husband pushes himself to her limit.

Felicia’s hands suddenly push Nate away violently, and Nate pulls free of her, thinking that maybe he has been too rough. Instead, once his cock left Felicia’s pussy, a frigging fountain of spray spews out of her, like a small garden hose. Felicia moans and makes incoherent sounds while jet after jet of her runny fluids spill from her, and over both of her thighs, as well as Nate’s cock, belly and thighs.

I pull faster on James’ cock, but he is intently watching the two of them. He says, “Okay, Nate. Get back in there and fuck her hard. She can take anything now!” Nate pulls Felicia’s thighs back to him and does as told. He pushes into James’ wife in one fast jab, and her body jolts up the table from the impact. The tiny woman wraps her legs around my husband and tries to hang on to him.

Nate begins an assault on the waifish Asian, almost as if hate-fucking her. Each stab to her cervix punished her once more, and each time her eyes appear to be more in a dream like state. Nate is clearly enjoying deep fucking James’ wife, and begins a rabbit like pace until his face grimaces. I know he will blow in seconds – his actions are telltale. And soon he utters a forceful grunt while pumping his cock to her depth, his semen irrigates Felicia’s uterus, through the minuscule opening of her cervix. He is so tightly packed within her, that every time a stream of cum leaves Nate’s penis, another oozes out between Nate’s manly dick, and Felicia’s vaginal walls.

Felicia goes limp when Nate stops pummeling her, and for a second, I think that she has passed out. Only the movement of her chest and her shallow breathing indicate otherwise. Nate pulls his cock back, slathered in his churned semen, and he is already softening. James rolls onto his back and calls out, “Brandi, get on my cock.” I climb up on the table and squat over James’ sausage, and slip a hand between us to stretch James’ foreskin down to reveal his purplish cock head. I wipe his dick up and down my slit to get him wet. I lower myself onto him and he says to Nate, “Bring Felicia over here,” raising his hands above his chest to receive his wife from my husband.

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Surreptitious Love Ch. 105

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Chapter 105 — Thuy becomes the unlikely Hero

As chronicled the previous week, the orgy that we had been planning for so long had to be postponed, as the three leading ladies were forced to languish at their homes because of the newly-imposed Corona restrictions. As both, Anna’s dad and Thanh’s mother, were doctors who daily came in touch with Covid-19 patients, their whole family had to stay put for a few weeks, while Nguyet had visited her company headquarters, where there also had been some new infections. However, two modest, unassuming ladies–Thuy and Nga–had picked up the slack, so that we still enjoyed a veritable rumpus, which had caused some commotion, though: Nguyet was dismayed that her young beau Vu had thrown himself into the vortex of sensual debauchery in her absence.

Yes, even though the three gals who were keenest on the orgy hadn’t been able to make it, we three guys and Nga, my former, formerly dopey colleague had partied pretty hard. Thuy had been forced to leave for an hour, but we three guys had banged Nga with impunity, twice each. After Thuy had come back, Hoang and Vu then took her for a spin. There hadn’t really been much erotic art or sensitivity in the tryst, but everyone enjoyed everybody else’s cavalier attitude to sexual gratification. It had been open house, and we all wanted to do something similar this week again. Thuy had told Nguyet, however, since her English wasn’t that great, that she wanted to get more of the fuck-pie this time. She promised that she would switch off her phone or even leave it downstairs in the kitchen, so that her boss couldn’t call her during the bash.

I had forgotten that Nga not only sold clothes for a living but was also working as a substitute teacher in a village school, seven miles south of town. As it was early September and thus the beginning of the new school year, she was quite busy but promised to show up at the hotel around noon, after lunch. As far as I knew, Thuy had ordered some sushi and sashimi and possibly brought fruit, which we could dip in her pussy for dessert. Hoang and Vu would both be there but would have to leave at 1:30 to go to work. Well, I had been looking forward to two sensual, relaxed hours, but knowing the two, it would probably culminate again in some rabbit-like banging, instead. But the lunch with the pussy nectar-coated pieces of fruit would be nice.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked that Thuy wanted to be the heroine this time. I wouldn’t have guessed that from her modest personality, but I always liked it when people pushed their boundaries. Perhaps it was an Ego-thing, as Nga had let us bang her six times the previous week. Maybe Thuy wanted to break that record now? Or perhaps she just assumed that with every new bang, her arousal and satisfaction would go up. Anyway, just like everyone else she sure loved the tickling and tingling that an unleashed stiff cock could induce inside her. Equally, and again like everyone else, she probably knew that she had unfulfilled desires and sensed that Vu, Hoang, and I could do quite something to quench her thirst. And when Nguyet told me that Thuy had confessed that she liked Hoang, she had yet another motivation, although that could have been a ruse: Thuy knew that she couldn’t tell Nguyet that she liked Vu (if she did). But, at least, Thuy had a proper reason to also let Vu bang her: We had organized the orgy, and so it was completely legitimate that those who could attend would take part in the bash with impunity.

Thuy was about 32 and had a small daughter who was about ten or eleven months old, which meant that she was still breastfeeding. Her tits were fairly large by nature, but now they truly were amazing, especially on such a petite woman. Hoang and Vu might not care much for the milk, but I couldn’t wait to lose myself between Thuy’s jugs, just like between Nga’s thighs. I asked Thuy if we still needed anything, but she only said laconically that ‘we had everything’, perhaps referring to her milk-filled boobs. Apparently, Nguyet had tried to dissuade Vu from attending, as he told me, but he wasn’t going to be deterred. Yes, it sure was unfortunate that Nguyet couldn’t be there, but now that we had organized everything, Vu assured me that he wasn’t gonna miss it.

And so I went again to the old, empty vintage hotel, where our orgies took place, on Thursday. I banged on the large metal entrance door and texted Thuy. She appeared surprisingly quickly; perhaps she had been working here on the ground floor. Or waited for me behind the door. She appeared to be excited and chipper and told me to go upstairs to the kitchen on the third floor, where we would eat lunch. She was wearing a grey shepherd’s plaid dress, which conveniently had buttons all along the front. It seemed to have been tailored, but the proportions weren’t quite right. Perhaps she had gotten it from someone else. But her legs looked surprisingly ankara sınırsız escortlar muscular and shapely under her skirt, not as soft as I remembered them. I instantly thought that the dress with all the buttons on the front was chosen wisely.

When I got closer to the kitchen, I could hear Vu and Hoang talking and also smelled cigarette smoke. The two of them seemed genuinely excited to see me and got me a chair, a beer, and a glass with ice right away. I lit a ciggie, and we talked a bit about the whole Corona situation, but then Thuy arrived and started to arrange the food neatly on a large oval plate.

“Hey, I got an idea,” I said. “Don’t we want to eat on the bed upstairs, perhaps?! Thuy could lay down, and we arrange the sushi pieces on her naked body…”

The lads thought about it for a bit, and then Vu said: “Sure, why not?!”

But even though Thuy had nodded, too, she kept arranging everything on the plate, before she got a small bowl of fruit from the fridge. Oh, well. I grabbed my beer and the fruit, while Hoang took the rest of the beer, some ice, and bowls and Vu the oval plate and chopsticks, while Thuy told us to go ahead. We three guys went upstairs, to the room where we had banged Nga half-a-dozen times the previous week. After we had put everything down, Thuy joined us.

Needless to say, not much had changed in the room since the previous week. The double and the single bed were still perpendicular to each other, and there were some chairs near them. The kind soul that she was, Thuy had put on fresh bedsheets, it seemed, and we moved the chairs closer to the beds. Vu and Hoang went to piss, and it appeared to be the consensus that we were going to sit on the double bed. When I suggested to arrange the food on her body once more, I was ignored again, but Hoang took at least his clothes off. As it would have been weird to tell him to put them back on or to have him there as the only guy naked, I undressed as well, and Vu followed suit. We spread around the large oval plate in the middle, but Thuy seemed to have decided to simply leave her dress on for now. At least, she had opened the two top-buttons in the front.

Now, she fumbled with the pillows and even kneeled briefly. Her little ass looked hot, and hadn’t I been straight across but too far away from her, I might have lifted up her dress in the back. For a split second, I thought she might even undress, but no. When she sat down on her thigh like the Little mermaid, I could at least see half of one of her large breasts inside her dress. Her little thighs looked hot too, as her dress had snapped up quite a bit. Her legs well rather shapely, even though she had never seen the inside of a gym. But, yes, as small as she was, she was a grown woman and no teenage girl. Thuy wasn’t quite as sinewy and trim as Nguyet, but I loved her figure and her yellowish skin. And she radiated warmth and was more sensual than her boss Nguyet. But for how long did she want to leave on the dress?! I kinda regretted that Hoang hadn’t lifted it up in the back when her butt had been so close to his face.

But then: Hadn’t I said that I wanted to take it easy today and start things slowly? It was just strange to be looking at three half-stiff cocks, pulsating and getting wet, when she was sitting there like she was completely oblivious to the manhood in the room. But perhaps she was just relishing her queen-bee status. Would Nga be here any time soon? Thuy let her eyes wander from cock to cock and seemed amused. The three of them had started to talk in Vietnamese, and we all were eating now. The erections were forgotten, and so we clinked our glasses and munched on the food. We three guys had all propped our upper bodies on one forearm, like at the beach, and dunked our food in one of the two sauces on the plate with the other hand. Now they were perhaps talking about the last time, as I heard Nga’s name mentioned several times. Or they were asking themselves where she was. Well, I doubted that anyone was missing her right then, as Thuy looked hot in her half-open dress, and I liked how she was putting on a subtle, yet rousing show.

I wasn’t sure if the boys had noticed, but I had watched her open another button on her dress, so that I could see that one half of her tit that was closer to her sternum wobble nicely every time she moved. She also appeared to have pulled up her dress further, as we could see more than four-fifths of her thighs. Like I said, I was too far away to caress her, but I had the best view, at least. Vu and Hoang acted completely nonchalant though, like Thuy was nothing special, but that could have been since they knew that Thuy and I had known each other for several years. As things stood, I’d probably be the one today who would get her first. Or their cavalier attitude was the result of the agreement that we all could fuck as much as we wanted anyway, without trying too hard. Thuy had noticed that ankara suriyeli escortlar my cock was twitching and smiled. I looked at the other two dicks in the room, which were curiously limp, though. Oh, yes, after all, I liked our little undecidedness.

One half of the sashimi pieces was already gone, but I did want to rub a few of them between Thuy’s labia to coat them with her precious salty and sour nectar. We had eaten the other with a mix of Wasabi, soy sauce, and lime, but just when I wanted to ask Hoang to trade seats, I saw that Thuy wasn’t wearing a bra. Unnoticed by anyone she had opened a fourth button, and now I could look at her whole grapefruit-sized breast jiggle inside her dress. If I moved, I might not be able to watch the spectacle, I thought to myself, but then decided to still get closer to her. Nonchalantly, she had reached for her dress and had half-covered her areola again, but my dick was pumping incessantly. Crazy, how such a small gesture can arouse a grow man so much. The boys had seen her boob, too, and we all smiled at each other.

“Hey, Mister Ben, it looks like you’re ready…” Vu laughed.

I laughed back, but then asked Hoang to trade places, so that I could be next to her. I took a piece of raw tuna and looked at her, asking if I could reach under her dress. Thuy pulled it up a bit more and flashed a salacious smile. Oh, Jesus, if Nguyet could see how frantically Vu was staring at our nimble friend. I placed myself so close to Thuy that I could have put my head on her thigh, and I thought I could smell her skin. I looked inside her dress and, yes, there was no bra. When I had gotten a piece of tuna with my chopsticks, she nonchalantly pulled her dress up, so I could sense her pussy, even though it was dark between her legs, under her dress. She didn’t seem to be wearing panties, either, and I caught my first whiff of sour, savory pussy aroma. Three years ago, when Nguyet and I had been at Thuy’s house, we also had rubbed fruit in her pussy, so she knew what was coming. I put my cheek on her right thigh, took another peek and saw her glistening labia like in a tunnel. Yes, no panties. Well, now I knew why she had sent us upstairs but took another two or three minutes downstairs in the kitchen. I moved my head closer and saw that there was a wet spot right under her snatch on the bedsheet. We were ready.

And so I rubbed my piece of fish between her greasy lips, which were still covered by her dress, so that the boys couldn’t see them. Hoang said something–perhaps he complained–and so Thuy fully pulled her dress back towards her belly. Her brownish pubic curls seemed to be steaming. I invited Vu and Hoang to roll their sashimi or a piece of fruit between Thuys’ labia, but Vu only made a face.

“Yeah, Nguyet told me once that that’s not your thing…” I said.

“Hoang doesn’t like it, either…” Vu lamely defended himself.

“Have you ever tried mango?” I asked.

“No, but Nguyet cut a dragon fruit once and rubbed a piece of it in her pussy, but I hated it, frankly. That’s just not my thing… a pussy is for fucking, not for eating,” he insisted once more.

Okay, okay. I used to believe the same thing and raised my hands like I was surrendering. He didn’t need to argue further. I just looked to my left, up Thuy’s thigh, while she pulled the upper part of her dress to her left to expose her lovely large boob. She stuffed the fabric under her grapefruit-sized hemisphere and let all of us have a good look. Her nipples were light brown and because she was breast-feeding, her areola seemed super smooth. Very invitingly, she now opened her legs and pulled her dress up as far as it would go. We all saw her roundish brown pubic mound, which further down framed her snatch endearingly with shorter, soft, fluffy hair. I liked the pearls of pussy juice that had gathered on the ends of some longer brown hairs, which we would suck and eat away in a minute. Or maybe just me.

Hoang leaned over me now, as he had become curious. His weight pressed my upper body down onto my half-stiff dick, while his cock touched my hip, which was a first. He rubbed a piece of mango between Thuy’s labia and seemed happy with the taste, as he took another one instantly. I fed Thuy a bit as she had propped her upper body on both of her out-stretched arms behind her. She seemed super chipper, still enjoying her queen bee status, while I thought of the most inane proposition of the last century: that men had power over women. Ha! I had to laugh: all of us guys would have done anything to be able to revel in the wet jungle biotope between Thuy’s cute, firm, soft, little legs and place our stiff cocks inside her sheath for a half-of-an hour.

I couldn’t stop myself at one point and reached in her dress to caress and massage her large breast. She closed her eyes, and I felt determinedly how my cock was stiffening. Thuy pulled her arms out of her sleeves sincan türbanlı escortlar and then her dress over her head, while I lay down on my back. I lifted our naked supple lady over me and adjusted her fine savory ass directly over my face. Her butt crack and perineum weren’t particularly hairy, but her steamy little brown jungle exuded the finest aroma known to mankind: slightly sour and metallic, enticing and tantalizing. The first drop of her nectar dripped onto my tongue, before I licked the whole length of her moist midsection. Ooaarr! Jesus! Good salacious Lord! I asked Vu to pass me two or three more pieces of fruit, which I then rubbed between her labia, of course. In the meantime, Thuy had fallen forward onto my belly to lick and suck my cock, like she wanted to eat if for dessert.

I remembered dimly that once, up on the top floor at the model home where she usually worked with Nguyet, Thuy had blown me extensively. I loved our reunion here today, at the old hotel, as it seemed to close the circle. Vu came over now and watched me pry her butt cheeks open, before I rubbed one more piece of fruit along it. Then I licked her crack from her pussy up to her anus, sucking countless savory molecules through my eager nostrils. When Hoang kneeled next to her head, she let go of my dick and took his, instead. Vu watched us and seemed happy that we had finally started our beguiling game. I noticed how he took the large oval plate off the bed and put it on a chair, before he went over to the window to smoke. I saw him texting too; perhaps, he was asking Nga where she was. Or he was updating Nguyet, his hot MILF-affair.

To be polite, I offered Hoang and Vu to have a go at Thuy first, but the two just played it down. Of course, it was my turn to go first today. So, I fingered her some more to make sure she was wet enough, but also since I wouldn’t want to do that anymore once one of us had come inside her. When I pulled her butt cheeks apart, her sheath looked like a tunnel on a toy-train board, perhaps N scale? When Thuy shrieked excitedly, I asked her to remain in position and pulled myself out from under her, like a car mechanic going for lunch. Fore-play time was over, baby; we were all way too horny to wait any longer, but I still did one more thing to amuse us: I placed my stiff cock between her butt cheeks like a frank between a hot dog bun. When I started to swing, my balls hit her pussy, and Vu murmured something about ketchup was missing or so.

Right when I was about to enter Thuy, he mentioned in passing that Nga had been stopped by the police and sent home. Oh, bummer! But when I looked at Thuy’s ass here, I didn’t think that anyone would miss Nga, to be honest. I wished I could have watched Thuy’s face when Vu had told us that Nga wasn’t going to be here: Was Thuy happy about it or disappointed? Anyway, I finally pushed my cock inside her hungry wet treasure gently and pressed until it was about half-way gone. Hoang had watched me but now, that I was going at her from behind, he went back to the front and had his cock warmed up. Vu was trying to have the same done, but then they discovered that it was difficult to suck two dicks at once. While I was fucking her happily from behind, Hoang got his shaft polished, while Vu went over to the window again to smoke.

I loved how my balls were banging against her snatch and pubic curls, while she was having a lot of fun with Hoang’s dick in her mouth. I didn’t think Thuy even noticed when I was sending a lavish load of sticky cum towards her cervix, but as soon as Hoang had noticed, he came over to take my spot. I went to pee–pretty chipper how marvelously I had just fucked. Oh, it had been sooo nice to discharge a substantial load with relish, after all the tickling, shivering, and tinging. Hoang had gathered steam, of course, and when Vu was done smoking, he went over to Thuy’s face to have her suck his cock. Thuy used the energy that she was receiving in her back to slide effortlessly along Vu’s rod, and it occurred to me that, maybe, there was actually a perpetuum mobile. Anyway, I would never be able to forget how Hoang was banging her, while she was sucking Vu with her lovely large dangling breasts in between. But perhaps it was better that Nguyet didn’t see it.

Now that Hoang had come as well, he offered his position to Vu, who seemed exceedingly eager to continue what Hoang and I had started. When Vu was hobbling over to Thuy’s fine young ass, his fat pulsating glans was dripping and throbbing. I stroked Thuy’s hair and caressed her face a bit, before I sat down on the bed and fondled her amazingly large breasts. Gosh, were they awesome! When I got a bit of milk squeezed out, I licked it off my fingers and then offered Hoang to have a go as well. When he was milking our titillating friend, I imagined that I even heard the divine liquid leave her nipple. When Thuy noticed some cum on my limp dick, however, she asked me to come over to her face, so that she could take care of my noodle. I felt her rough tongue jiggling up and down, and again remembered our first hour alone at the model home, perhaps three years back. I pulled out, though, when Vu was exploding inside her, after which we all collapsed on the double bed to rest.

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Kelsey’s Birthday Bath

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Double Penetration

So this story arose from a chat with a good friend, thanks Lil Red for everything.!

My girlfriend of some 5 years had a major birthday coming up, so after some research and planning and financial transfers, I set up what was to be an answer to a fantasy she had revealed to me after a hard day of drinking and incredible sex.

Sex with Kelsey was never boring, in fact we had broken so many boundaries that sex with any other woman held little interest to me. So as I made the plans, I was very turned on myself and often found myself day dreaming with my average sized cock in my hand.

She could tell I was planning something big, but I fended off her attempts at good natured bribery, blackmail, and bluster with utter success, unless you count the two weeks without sex! I allowed her to know the date of the event, so that morning she pushed me out of the house, not letting me even see her before her shower.

My day was long and full of worthless meetings, the occasional interrogative text from Kelsey keeping me on my toes and my underwear tight. My commute was a blur and my BMW was in the garage before I knew I was home.

Kelsey met me at the door with a robe over her tall, lean figure. I wasn’t fooled, her hair was perfect, her makeup as if it wasn’t there, and her toenails gleamed with a new coat of polish.

“Give me ten minutes babe” I smiled as I ran to the bedroom. “The Uber will be here in 15 minutes!” I shouted as I pulled off my work clothes and put on my best silk pants and silk button down, a nicely cut sport coat and comfortable loafers finished my look.

I came down the stairs just as the black Uber pulled up out front. Kelsey laughed and made me exit first, enabling me to get to the Tahoe and open the door. Glancing back it was as if the world held its breath, Kelsey turned from locking the front door wearing the shortest black little dress I had ever seen. Her dark red hair was coiffed perfectly above her bare neck and shoulders, the dress open to reveal the curves of her perfect full breasts, her arms bare other than a black wrap over her left forearm. Her tan legs perfect as she strode in matching black high heels up to the car.

Her eyes laughing as she knew she was a knockout in a tight dress, having pulled out all of the stops, possibly as revenge, possibly just because she could pull off wearing a potato sack and make traffic stall.

We sipped champagne in the car as we drove into town, the conversation light as we both danced around the evening to come. I was relieved when her hand grabbed mine as we pulled into downtown.

She was surprised when the driver passed her favorite French restaurant and stopped another half block down. The front of the establishment was bland yet clean.

The door swung open as we got out of the car, a large black man smiled, “Hood Party of two, right on time” ushering us inside ankara escort bayanlar without much furor. “You must be Red, or is that Kelsey” he said to my girlfriend, taking her hand in his larger hands.

He kept her hand and lead us down a dark corridor which opened into a small amphitheater with about a dozen plush leather lazyboys double the usual size set just outside a low stage with a curtain about 5 feet back.

The man pointed out the self serve bar, a cupboard with an array of questionable legal substances and a tray of various food with a covered steam bath keeping snacks hot. Seating Kelsey close to the stage before he turned to me, his hand out, I slipped as him a tip as he left, his knowing wink made my stomach clench as we both knew what was coming. The door closed silently behind him, leaving my girlfriend and I alone for the first time in an hour.

“What is all this, a private show?” Kelsey asked as I handed her a vodka gimlet.

Taking a bite of a hor d’oeuvres from our shared plate. “Well that is part of it, a private show that might just fulfill a fantasy ” I replied.

We snacked and drank and even smoked a fragrant joint before the lights dimmed twice. I joined Kelsey with a fresh drink just as the lights dimmed completely and two spotlights began to circle the stage.

Some sort of dance music began and the curtain pulled apart showing five buff men.

With unfeigned exuberance the men began to dance, their clothes flying off until each was in a poorly fitting thong, their maleness clearly evident.

‘Oh my God baby” Kelsey laughed, “you hired me strippers, that is a new one ” her eyes wide as she drank her drink as the men danced. She had time for one more gimlet before three of the 5 men were naked, sporting some of the longest male members i had ever seen.

The two men still in their thongs came down, taking Kelsey by the hand and leading her to the stage. Her eyes bright with drink, smoke, and mildly hidden desire, she went willingly enough.

By the time they got her to the stage, a wide loveseat had been moved out to the center under the lights. The men settled my girlfriend down and continued their strip show, letting her reach and touch as she deemed fit until all 5 men were nude and their members jutted from their ground.

I was feeling no pain myself by this time and was surprised to find Kelsey was standing up now, all 5 men dancing around and with her. A flurry of hands and laughs and catcalls occurred as her dress slid easily to the floor.

Her high heels clicking on the stage as my girlfriend continued to dance with the well hung dancers, my own pants tenting at the display. Kelsey’s body now only sporting her “fun” panties, a strappy black thong-like pair that she wore when she wanted me to know she was in the mood!

Now was really the hard part, the part where Kelsey’s fantasy ankara esmer escortlar really kicked in, one that I had spent weeks planning as well as two months pay.

Her secret fantasy that she had whispered to me as we ground our bodies together was for men, several men, to ravage her body and coat her with their cum. Just admitting it to me made her entire body convulse with lust, I had no choice but to flood her with my own creamy load.

As the 5 men and my girlfriend danced and kissed and tangled together, I fought my own fears and desires, giving her this opened me up as well as her.

A moaning gasp brought me from my reverie, Kelsey was bent over the love seat now. One dancer was feeding his impressive length into her mouth, another was gripping her hips as his thick shaft slammed into her pussy, her thong just pulled to the side. Her hands were stroking two other hard poles, her desire to be the center of attention was complete as the fifth was filming it all, a password that only Kelsey and I would know, would give us access to watch at our later leisure.

As the group shifted around, using Kelsey as much as she was using them, I had never seen her nipples so hard, a flush over her entire body!

The cameraman waved at me as his fellow dancers spit roasted my girlfriend of 5 years, her obvious orgasms spurring the men on.

“Your contract said you would be in on this” he reminded me. As I looked, indeed the men all seemed ready for the final bit of the event!

The men pulled from Kelsey’s mouth and swollen mons, and with care they helped her to her knees. As she looked at the five endowed men, I was relieved as she accepted me as a sixth hard cock.

“Yes… mm God yess” she plead, her hands immediately grabbing and wanking the two closest shafts. Four other cocks were being stroked, yes, I had stripped naked and stood above my sexy girlfriend, my shaft pulsing in my hand!

With an appreciable moan, the man in her left hand roared and shot a load across Kelsey’s nose and cheek. As he added to the frosty drizzle, Kelsey’s mouth opened with poorly hidden glee to catch a first lob of the man on my rights orgasm across her red tongue.

At that point I lost track as the 5 strippers unloaded their heavy balls onto my lovely girlfriend’s face, head, arms and back.

Each cry of pleasure that accompanied a spurt of cum made Kelsey shiver with desire. At last it was me alone, the five men slowly disappearing off stage.

My sexy and independent girlfriend looked up at me, her beautiful face and red hair a white mess of flowing white goo. Her next words made me cum like I had never cum before. “Please, give me more?”

I jerked feverishly as she put her hands on my thighs and opened her mouth wide, seconds later I erupted, the two weeks without sex evident as I splashed one rope of sperm after sincan grup yapan escortlar another across my girlfriends face and chest.

Each spurt made her giggle more and more. As I milked my last drops, she began to smear the glaze of cum into her mouth slowly, her eyes locked on mine, each gulp of her throat was followed by a moan she had never blessed me with in all our years together.

When she reached a hand up, I grasped it and helped her to her feet. As we turned I nearly jumped out of my skin as the men stood there with smiles and reviving cocks.

“She”s been such a good sport, we want to give her a good hot shower ” the apparent spokesman said, I could see the other 4 men smiling and stroking themselves in anticipation.

“Only if you cum too” Kelsey said to me after a moments thought.

“Lead on ” I said as my heart pounded, tonight wasn’t over yet!

The men lead us into the group shower behind the stage, and soon the 7 of us were crowded beneath some amazing shower heads. Kelsey was the center of attention, it seemed a pair of hands were on every inch of her body, the collected cum rinsed from her hair and skin.

Sandwiched between two men, I was certain their cocks were giving her a thorough DP, her mouth hard on the man’s face in front of her, the other man sucking the back of her neck as they leisurely fucked her in a steamy tandem. Her cries of lust were loud until the talented dancers gave their own grunts as they filled her up, only to have two more men step up.

By the time I was face to face with Kelsey, her eyes were lust crazed and she inserted my hard length into her cum-lubed pussy. So wet and squishy I could ram up into her with ease even as the fifth dancer claimed her ass, I soon added my orgasm to the mix, holding her up as the man finished and slid from her bum with a sad groan.

I held her to me then, letting the water sooth her back and shoulders, her firm breasts against my chest comfortably.

“Take me home Robb” she said at last.

Drying her off was a singular pleasure, seeing how puffy her labia were as well as how red and stretched her puckered star was kept my own package interested despite myself.

She slid on her dress, her panties long since lost and ruined, before she and I walked to the door, the smiling black man held it open for us.

“It was our pleasure to host you both, if the miss likes, the team would love to have a repeat performance, possibly as part of a show, the compensation is generous. No answer is needed now as I have your contact information ” he said to me and guided us to a waiting taxi.

Kelsey seemed dazed, but when her hand found my hard shaft by accident, she surprised me and the taxi driver by blowing me all the way home. She took great pleasure in showing the driver and I the last thick white goo on her tongue before she got out of the car. I tipped him generously and lead her into the house.

As we laid in bed nearly comatose, my girlfriend took my hand, “Thank you baby for the gift, I loved every minute of it”. At which she snuggled up to my shoulder and fell asleep. My mind began thinking about what to get her for Christmas!

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Freaky Time at “Freddies”

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It was Friday afternoon and as usual, I was extremely bored at work and found myself staring at the clock all too often which only seemed to make it move slower. I hadn’t yet taken my “lunch,” so I figured I could kill an hour at the mall before returning to staring at my computer screen, and clock. It was another hot day so I parked in the covered garage in front of Sears to keep my car cool. Once inside, I strolled through the hardware section, but the tools and gadgets were just not keeping my interest today.

The moment I exited Sears and entered the actual mall, I was reminded that Frederick’s of Hollywood is the first store to my right and the scantily clad mannequins in the window were a surprising treat as I chuckled to myself. I found my feet carrying me toward “Freddie’s” even before my mind had decided to take a look around. I was happy with the action of my feet the moment I crossed the threshold of the store as I was immediately greeted by an attractive woman that was dressed in what appeared to be some of Freddie’s more suggestive evening attire. She seemed thankful for the company as I noticed the store was totally empty. She lingered close and we made small talk as I browsed through the racks, trying not to be too obvious about browsing her very nice rack.

She was wearing a cute one-piece dress that would fit right in at a night club. It was all black, but the top portion consisted of black sequins and it only went over one shoulder, leaving the other exposed all the way down to the top of her breast. The shoulder that was covered also included a sleeve which was slit, allowing the shoulder to still be visible. The skirt portion was jet black and seemed to be made of some kind of polyester and spandex mix as it hugged her curves and I could tell she had it cinched up to show off her nicely tanned legs. She was clearly well put together and didn’t mind letting others know that she thought so too! I didn’t think she noticed me checking her out, but the longer I stayed, the more suggestive she became. The way I moved through the store without paying too close attention to any specific item must have made it obvious that my intentions were more for fun and not for purchase. As we got deeper into the store, she introduced herself and started to pull some very sexy items off their hangers and held them up to her tight little body, showing me how they would look. It reminded me of the scene from Christmas Vacation, “can’t see the line, can ya, Russ?” As we reached the back of the store, the items turned downright slutty and I no longer pretended to not be very interested…the growing bulge in my pants wouldn’t allow it!

She had just put back the second pair of lacy garters after showing me how they’d look when I reached up and grabbed a pair of red crotch-less panties…”These look strange, how do these work?” I asked.

“They’re crotch-less,” she explained. “It still feels like you’re wearing regular panties, but these leave a woman’s pussy exposed and accessible should her date want to do some exploring.”

“How interesting,” I responded. “Do you ever wear anything like these?” I asked as I raised my eyebrows and smiled.

“Well, no…but…” she tried to respond.

“But nothing,” I interrupted. “You can’t possibly sell a product without having tried it yourself.” I continued. “Where are your changing rooms?” ankarada sakso çeken escortlar I asked.

“They’re this way, but…”

I grabbed her wrist with my right hand, keeping the tiny red panties in my left and started making my way to the fitting rooms with her in tow. I quickly scanned the store to confirm it was still empty and although I could barely see out to the mall, it still appeared to be quiet. Once we got around the corner to the rooms, I opened one and the moment she walked stepped in, I knew I had her. I could tell in her eyes that she wanted this…she’s probably always wanted this, but she still played coy.

“Sir, this is very unusual” she replied.

“Nonsense,” I retorted. “You must get to know the product you’re selling, go ahead and give them a try.” I said.

She reached for the door, but I stepped in the way. “I need to see how they work of course…you may proceed.” I said.

With a smile and a slight blush, I watched as she pulled her skirt up to her waist which revealed a very sexy pair of black mesh panties. I could instantly see that her pussy was shaved bare, but still, my cock grew even harder as I watched her peel the mesh away from her body and push them down her thighs until they fell down and rested on top of her black stiletto heels. She made no effort to cover herself as she stood up and looked back at me while coolly stepping out of the mesh panties that had pooled at her feet. Not a word was said as our eyes met and then I watched her slowly turn around, grab the crotch-less panties from the chair I had tossed them on and proceeded to bend over at the waist, totally revealing her ass and what appeared to be a very moist pussy, as she stepped into the red panties and slowly pulled them up her long, smooth legs. As she turned around, I stepped into the little room toward her and quickly pulled her body against mine…

“Shall we take them for a test drive?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes!” is all she could say before our lips met and we passionately kissed…my hands grasping her back, pulling her close into me…she wrapped her arms around me, one hand reaching up into my hair as the other fell to my ass and pulled me against her. It was then that I knew she could feel the bulge in my pants pressing against her stomach.

“I think I can help you with what’s in your pants, sir.” she said.

“I know you can, and you will, but first I need to see if those panties impede access to your pussy from my tongue in any way. Sit in the chair and spread your legs.” I ordered. I could see the apprehension in her eyes. Clearly, she was on board with a quick blowjob, but she wasn’t sure about being eaten out with the fitting room door open to an empty store. She must have seen the resolve in my eyes and knew that I was getting my mouth on her pussy and that was all there was to it, for she sat down on the gray fabric chair and spread her long legs before me. Her hot mound of sex looked positively delicious when framed by the red panties and I wasted no time getting to my knees in front of her.

I felt my cell vibrate in my pocket indicating you had replied, but I had some immediate business to address…I could only hope that you were on the way from my earlier txt or even better, already here.

The clerk looked down at me as I began to slowly lick ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar and kiss my way up her left thigh to her molten hot crotch. She was practically quivering so I let her have it and let her feel my fat tongue lick from where the panties opened all the way up to her clit, pausing there to suck her engorged pleasure zone into my mouth and flick her lightly. Her eyes were closed and she was beginning to moan softly when I detected movement next to me.

I was overjoyed when I looked out the corner of my eye and saw you standing against the wall, enjoying the sights and sounds of my handiwork. I was so thankful that I had sent you a txt message that I was heading to the mall before I left. You quickly put your fingers to your lips so I knew to keep your arrival a secret a little longer from our new toy.

Between licks, and while her eyes were still tightly shut, I asked her, “Have you even been with a woman?”

I quickly continued my tongue assault on her wet cunt and she didn’t answer right away. I thought that perhaps she didn’t hear me and was about to repeat the question when she finally responded…apparently after giving the question some thought.

“Keep…doing…that…and I’ll tell you.” she answered breathlessly; eyes still shut. “There was one time when a close girlfriend and I experimented…we kissed and licked each other…even played with a few of our toys on each other. I really enjoyed it, but the opportunity has never presented itself again.” She stammered out before moaning again, clearly being turned on further by recalling those events.

I smiled and shot a quick look your way between slurping her pussy. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, and maybe it didn’t, but the throbbing increased when in the brief second, I stole a look over at you, I saw you already had your panties off and were fingering your wet little pussy while watching the events unfold. I decided to make our new toy cum before revealing our plans so I started to really fuck her hot cunt with my hard tongue, only briefly stopping to suck her clit. This did the trick and she let out a gasp and started to buck her ass off the chair as she came hard on my tongue.

I could hear you breathing in excitement and knew the clerk would soon open her eyes so I waved at you to exit the room for a moment. No sooner had you stepped right outside the room then did she crack her eyes open and again look down at me between her legs.

“I have a surprise for you.” I say. “How would you like a super hot girl to continue eating that hot little pussy of yours while you suck my rock-hard cock?”

Her eye were wide in surprise, unsure of how to respond. “Scratch that as a question, it’s happening…come in here and and continue eating this hot little pussy for me while I get my dick sucked.” I commanded.

You entered the room, looking hot as ever. The clerk looked shocked, but it didn’t last long as you immediately got to your knees and devoured her delicious cunt. I was momentarily in a daze watching you lap at her dripping sex before I remembered I had a hungry little mouth to fill. I quickly removed my pants and black boxer briefs and promptly walked up to the clerks face, grabbed a handful of her hair and guided my stiff cock between her waiting red lips. I let out sincan gece kalan escortlar a deep sigh as finally I was getting some relief from the throbbing between my legs that started soon after I entered the store. The clerk knew what she was doing and expertly used her tongue to flick all the right spots all while sucking me deep into her mouth. I struggled, as she did too, on deciding where my gaze was drawn…watching a hot girl I’ve only just met devour my hard cock, or watching you suck on the same girl’s sweet pussy as I instructed. Both sights were extremely erotic and I allowed my eyes to ping pong back and forth.

However, as hot as that was and even though I could have done that for an hour, I knew time was short and our luck of the store remaining empty wouldn’t last forever. I had two dripping went cunts to fill with my hot meat so I reluctantly extracted my cock from the clerk’s mouth and told you both to stand up and remove your clothes. In a brief instant, you and the clerk were naked, save for your shoes, and I was now sitting in the chair. The clerk’s rack was as nice as I expected and you remained obedient, awaiting my next instruction.

“I want you to reverse cow girl my cock and she will lick your clit while we fuck.” I said.

I didn’t have to wait long before pleasure washed over my body as your hot wet pussy slid down my tower of flesh until our thighs met. I reached around and grabbed your tits, holding you there a moment to allow the clerk to get in position and begin licking your cock filled cunt. I could feel you wanting to grind, but I held you there…enjoying the feeling of the clerk occasionally licking my balls or what little of my shaft that was not inside of you when she wasn’t tongue lashing your hard clit. I loosened my grasp and you immediately began to ride my cock up and down…slowly at first as you were still enjoying the clerk’s tongue on your clit, but faster and faster as my deep penetration was building a fierce orgasm within you. I again grabbed your tits only to help you slam down harder and harder onto me. At one point, I had to cover your mouth with my hand as you were getting so loud, I feared mall security would arrive in full riot gear! Finally, it hit, a body shaking orgasm and the feeling of your convulsing cunt on my cock was all it took to drive me over the edge too. Of course, things often cum in threes and I could barely perceive the clerk having her own orgasm from fingering herself while she lapped at our joined genitals.

We all stayed where we were for a moment, the only sound being our heavy breathing. After a minute or so, I decided to see just how kinky the clerk might be.

“I’m going to pull my cock out of her and I want you to immediately get your mouth on it and lick and suck as much of my cum out as you can, but don’t swallow.” I said.

She was in a daze and I didn’t wait for a reply…I pulled you up off my softening cock and smiled in erotic delight as she did exactly as I instructed. You simply cooed in pleasure as she executed this dirty deed, but you didn’t know what was “cumming” next.

After we both watched the clerk fill her hot little mouth with my cum from your pussy I said, “Good girl, so ahead and swallow and then you can get back to work.”

Fully satiated, I continued, “Be sure to coordinate with her on when we’ll be doing this again. I know your pussy is aching for some cock so we’ll certainly need to address that soon!”

We all smiled at each other before you gals got to cleaning up, which included the clerk sucking my cock clean of our combined fluids.

Who would have guessed we’d have such a freaky time at Freddie’s…certainly the best mall trip…EVAR!

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Bisexual , Black in 1957 USA

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The time is 1957 and the place is the Southern United States. Pastor Jedediah Browning is an old-fashioned African American preacher living in the City of Macon, Georgia. He is happily married to a lady named Beulah Cosgrove-Browning, and they have two adult daughters, Mildred Browning and Melanie Browning. The two young African American women are studying engineering at Spelman College. Pastor Jedediah Browning is a dedicated family man who is considered a pillar of the local Black community. In the days before segregation ended, Black church leaders were the protectors of the Black community. They were often the most learned Black men in town, providing leadership and protection against the racist system.

Just like today, the life of a Black leader in the United States of America back in 1957 was far from easy. Pastor Jedediah Browning is the kind of man who is forced to wear a lot of different hats. He uses the Black church to organize the local Black businesses, and establishes a buffer between them and the hostile whites who wanted to keep them underfoot. The great man has taken on many challenges, but where does it stop? When one of his church congregants, a young Black man named Theodore Boswell told him that he’s got questions about his sexuality, Pastor Jedediah Browning and his wife Beulah staged a rather unusual intervention.

“Theo, the life of a Bisexual man is easier than the life of a man who only fucks men, I will teach you what was once taught to me,” Pastor Jedediah Browning promised the young Black man. Theodore looked at the Pastor, a tall, chubby, silver-haired and dark-skinned Black man, and nodded. For most of his life, Theodore liked the fellas, though sometimes, he liked certain women. Theodore wants to find a wife and marry, but he knows that his Homo tendencies will get in the way of that. At the age of twenty one, Theodore has only one semester left at Morehouse College before he graduates. He’s been with seven men and three women, that’s the sum total of his sexual experiences. Is there hope for him?

“Yes, sir, help me control my other side,” Theodore said, and Pastor Jedediah Browning nodded, and thus invited him over to his house for dinner with his wife Beulah. Theodore showed up at the Pastor’s house three and a half hours following the church service, still wearing his Sunday best. When Theodore arrived at the pastor’s house, he was greeted by the pastor’s wife, First Lady Beulah Cosgrove-Browning. The tall, curvy, dark-skinned and statuesque church dame greeted Theodore with a smile and ushered him inside. Theodore felt both excited and nervous around the Pastor’s wife. Lady Beulah has quite a presence, as they say…

“Welcome, Theo, Pastor Jedediah and I understand your concerns,” Beulah said to the nervous young Black man as she led him to the dining room. Theodore looked at his surroundings and nodded, impressed. Pastor Jedediah Browning and his wife Beulah lived in one of the nicest etimesgut duşta veren escortlar houses in the Black section of metropolitan Macon, Georgia. Between running the church, and his two restaurants, Pastor Jedediah Browning does fairly well for himself. Theodore, who was raised by the system, has to work three jobs just to pay for his studies at Morehouse College and keep a roof over his head. How the other half lives…

“Sir, ma’am, I like both girls and guys, but I want to focus only on the gals and be cured of my interest in men,” Theodore said to Jedediah and Beulah as he dined with them. Jedediah and his wife Beulah exchanged a look. Theodore was impulsive, like a lot of young Black men his age, and he didn’t mince words. Jedediah felt a lot of sympathy for Theodore because he went through the same thing when he was his age. The world needs to stop penalizing Black men for their sexuality, whether the Black men in question identify as Heterosexual, Bisexual, or Homosexual. Black men have enough problems to deal with…

The Black community is not tolerant of Homosexual men or Bisexual men. This is really nothing new. In the summer of 1957, just like in the summer of 2021, Black men who are not Heterosexual are seen as weirdoes who are weakening the Black community by bringing some weak and weird stuff into it. A lot of Black people still believe that without the influence of white society, all Black folks would be Heterosexual. This deeply ingrained but erroneous belief persists in the minds of Black men and Black women. This is making life so much harder for certain segments of Black American society…

Life is not easy for Black men who feel zero sexual attraction to women. The Black community does not like them and doesn’t exactly hide that fact. Fortunately, Pastor Jedediah Browning is Bisexual, and since he’s able to get erections over women, he chooses to live a Heterosexual life with his darling wife Beulah Cosgrove-Browning. If Pastor Jedediah Browning was exclusively Homosexual, it would be evident to all that he had zero interest in women, and his life would be a hell of mockery, ostracization, and bullying. The majority of Black churches do not allow certain Black men to become their church leaders…

“Theodore, I am Bisexual, and I cannot change that anymore than I can change my skin color, you must accept your Bisexuality and embrace it, even if you focus mostly on women,” Pastor Jedediah Browning said firmly. Lady Beulah looked at her husband Jedediah and their church congregant Theodore, a tall, handsome young Black man whom a lot of young Black ladies at the church fancied. Theodore was tall, handsome and masculine. The brother looked very manly and very Heterosexual, but clearly he had some unresolved sexual issues, and needed their help.

“I see,” Theodore said with a frown, and the Pastor and his wife nodded. After dinner, Pastor Jedediah and Lady Beulah ankara fetiş yapan escortlar took Theodore to the family living room, and they had a chat with the confused young man. Pastor Jedediah Browning explained to Theodore the difference between Heterosexuality, Bisexuality and Homosexuality. Some men who consider themselves Heterosexual due to liking women ninety percent of the time lead Heterosexual lives while ignoring their Bisexual side. Most Bisexual men like both women and men, but with different levels of intensity and at different times. Homosexual men feel zero sexual interest in women and focus exclusively on men. The three categories are unique and do not overlap at all…

“Theo, when Jedediah told me he was Bisexual, three months into our marriage, I was shocked, but I loved him and we made it work,” Lady Beulah said confidently. Theodore looked at Pastor Jedediah Browning and First Lady Beulah. This gal was like a dream come true. A beautiful Black woman who loves a Bisexual Black man and accepts him for who and what he is. Theodore found himself wondering if he could find a lady like Beulah, and build a family with her. Anything was possible at this point…

“I envy you, sir and madam,” Theo said, and Jedediah and Beulah grinned, and then showed their new friend their appreciation. The couple got naked, and encouraged their house guest to do the same. Theodore, tall and well-built, looked really good naked with his dark-skinned, virile body. Jedediah was tall and chubby, but with a big dark cock. Beulah stood tall, curvy and sexy, with big tits, wide hips, thick legs and a big round ass. The three of them admired one another, and then got the party started. Theodore’s world would never be the same…

“Bisexuality works for us, and it can work for you too,” Pastor Jedediah Browning said as he fingered Theodore’s butt hole while sucking his big dark dick. Theodore wanted to answer but his mouth was occupied. Beulah sat on Theodore’s face, smothering his handsome visage with her big Black booty. Theodore inhaled Beulah’s womanly scent and began eating her pussy. The sexually adventurous trio lay on the carpeted floor of the living room and explored each other’s bodies. Who says that Black church folks lead boring and repressed lives?

“Hmm, I am beginning to think Bisexuality is right for me,” Theodore said, in between licks of Beulah’s cunt. Sitting on Theo’s face like a queen on her throne, Beulah smiled as the younger Black man ate her pussy. Meanwhile, Pastor Jedediah Browning sucked Theodore’s cock and fingered his butt hole. The pastor and his wife joined forces to sexually stimulate the handsome younger Black man. Pastor Jedediah Browning got Theo’s dick hard as a rock, and then the fun really began…

“Theo, put your dick in my wife’s vagina,” Pastor Jedediah Browning instructed, and he handed the younger man a condom. Theo watched as Beulah got on all fours, and sincan iranlı escort shook her big round ass at him. With a swift thrust, Theodore thrust his hard dick into Beulah’s pussy, which felt warm and tight around his dick. Meanwhile, Pastor Jedediah Browning came up behind Theodore as he fucked his wife Beulah. Caressing Theo’s ass, the Pastor grabbed condoms and lube. Without further ado, Pastor Jedediah Browning worked his cock into Theodore’s ass…

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Beulah screamed, and the tall, sexy Black woman began grinding her big Black ass against Theodore’s groin, driving his dick deeper into her pussy. Meanwhile, Theodore was on cloud nine. With Pastor Jedediah Browning’s thick cock filling his butt hole, and Lady Beulah’s tight pussy gripping his dick, Theodore was having the time of his life. Theodore moaned in pleasure, and went with the flow. Pastor Jedediah Browning grunted as he fucked Theodore’s butt hole. Theo’s ass was almost as tight as Beulah’s butt hole, which is saying something. The Pastor happily fucked the young Black man who was fucking his wife. The three of them fucked and sucked much of the afternoon away in this fashion…

“Let’s switch things up,” Pastor Jedediah Browning said, and the preacher smiled at his wife Beulah and their pal Theodore. Exchanging a nod and a smile, Beulah and Theodore joined forces and sucked the Pastor’s dick. Paster Jedediah Browning groaned in pleasure as Theodore sucked his dick while his wife Beulah sucked on his balls. After a while, the three of them switched things up. The Pastor grinned as his sexy, big-booty wife got on all fours and shook that big ass of hers. Putting on a new condom, Pastor Jedediah eased his cock into his wife Beulah’s butt hole. Meanwhile, Theodore came up behind the Pastor and caressed his hairy old ass. After grabbing a new condom and some lube, Theodore buried his dick inside his Pastor’s butt hole. Let the good times roll…

“Hmm, fuck my ass,” Beulah screamed, loving the feel of her husband’s dick in her butt hole. Pastor Jedediah Browning moaned as his wife Beulah’s tight butt hole gripped his dick, while Theo’s huge cock filled his ass. This was the Bisexual Black man’s paradise, right there. With his big cock buried in his wife’s butt hole and his male lover’s cock buried up his ass, the Pastor was having the time of his life. Pastor Jedediah Browning, his wife Beulah and their new friend Theodore fucked each other in just about every conceivable way that afternoon. Who says that rural Black life has to be boring?

“Thank you for a wonderful time, sir and madam, I concur that Bisexuality is the best option for me under the present set of circumstances,” Theodore said with a smile. Pastor Jedediah Browning and his wife Beulah thanked Theodore for his visit, and sent him on his merry way. Following this event, Theodore gained a new lease on life. As a Bisexual Black man living in the Southern United States, Theodore faces a unique set of challenges. Theodore must find gainful employment after graduating from Morehouse College, and find a lady to marry. Of course, such a lady has to be open-minded about Theodore’s other side, otherwise she’s useless to him. Theodore knows his task is daunting but not impossible. After all, it’s been done before…

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