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Getting to Know You Ch. 02

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She rose with me, riding the orgasm on me, not letting her contact go. I cried out her name as the waves hit, and eventually, I was muttering inaudibly as the orgasm subsided. She kept her tongue against me, nuzzling gently, a grin formed on her face.

When it seemed I had finished panting she looked up at me, my juice dribbling down her chin and sweat covering her heaving chest.

“I think I’m going to have to do that again sometime.”

I arched one eyebrow and breathed out slowly.

“I think you’re going to have to let me do it to you, first…”


Cathrin pushed on the arms of the chair and, sweeping a kiss at my forehead, giggled lightly before pushing me away from her. I let my heels drag on the laminate as I looked up into her gorgeous eyes, my legs still shaking from the orgasm, her chest still heaving from the effort. She licked her tongue over her white teeth and pouted at me.

“Not today, sweetness.” She perched herself back on the edge of the desk, her breasts still displayed beautifully in her red bra, and crossed one leg over the other. Her arms folded underneath her breasts, pushing them up slightly. I ached to see her naked; needed to see if the rest of her was just as flawless. The sweat sheen on her skin glazed her and I needed to have even the smallest taste to slake my hunger. “Though you do have the most delightfully tasty pussy.” Despite myself, I smiled, then grinned, ever the sucker for compliments.


It was a simple enough question. I had wanted Cathrin for long enough. She was now literally within my reach. The scent of her was driving me wild, and she had only just brought me to an earth-changing orgasm. I wanted to know what it was like to do that to another woman. I wanted to make her feel the way I felt right then.

“Why is your pussy so tasty? A good diet, I suppose?” She grinned at me mischievously, and I threw her a mock snarl. “Why won’t I let you touch me yet?” She cocked her head to one side with her little grin. “Anticipation, sweetness.”

She covered the gap between us in one step, and stood with my left leg in between both hers. Her chest was level with my face, and this close to her, I could see her nipples pushing bullet-hard at the cloth of her bra. My breath caught in my throat as she put her hands on my shoulders and leant back down to my ear. She flicked her tongue at my earlobe before catching it delicately between her teeth. She nibbled lightly, nuzzling against my ear and kneading my shoulders some more. Almost instantly I was back on fire, and moved to touch my groin against her thigh. She swayed her hips backwards, moving out of reach as I groaned in frustration. I went to caress her hips with the intention of pulling her back towards me, and she batted my hands out of reach.

Frustrated, I gave up at the little game and, trying her tactics, pouted up at her. She put her hands on her hips and stifled a laugh before bending back down to my susceptible ear.

“Keara, darling, I have been watching you carefully since the day I first set eyes on you. The way you walk… the way you move… your body, your personality… you had me captured from the offset. I had hoped you were interested in me. Whenever I saw you and you blushed…” my cheeks responded with another brief flurry of colour then, possibly for old times’ sake, which brought a genuine smile out of Cathrin’s grin. “whenever you blushed, I thought it would only ever be either because you knew I was gay, and found that intimidating, or… that you liked me too. And when you showed your surprise at my being gay, well, that made my mind up instantaneously.”

She moved her hips back towards me, and with a short step forward, brought her upper thigh against my groin. I grunted as she rocked against me gently; I was still naked and hot from the waist down. I settled into the rhythm with her, rolling my head back and closing my eyes. I licked my lips as the heat grew with the sublimely static speed of the rocking. Cathrin’s hands found me again and she stroked gently from my neck down to the top of my breasts as she bucked softly against me. Her tongue dropped to the delicate skin at the nape of my neck as she once more headed for my ear. She breathed softly, speaking quietly, as if desperate not to be overheard.

“You can’t touch me yet, Keara, because I don’t want you to. I’m your first woman, and I want your first experiences to be ones that you can never forget.” She started moving harder and faster, and I moved to match her. This time, when I shifted my hands from their white-knuckle grip of the chair arms to the side of her hips, she didn’t stop me. I spread my fingers to hold as much of her to me as I could as she continued to speed up and I slid inexorably back towards another orgasm. “I want to taste every part of you, Keara,” she sighed breathlessly. “I want you to know what it’s like to feel pleasure all night long. I want to Ankara escort bring you to the brink of reason, take you back, and push you over the edge. I’m going to suck, lick, taste and tantalise every gorgeous part of you until you’re writhing and wriggling underneath me and begging for release. And then, when you’re wetter than you’ve ever been and hotter than anyone has ever made you, I am going to fuck you until you see stars.”

I came against her, shuddering and panting, and could have sworn that I was seeing stars already. Sweat covering my forehead, I looked up at her in awe. She held my gaze, and for a few seconds of silence, we tried to guess what the other was thinking.

“Can I at least kiss you?”

She kissed my forehead again with a tight smile.

“Not yet.”


I lay naked on the top of my bed in a daze, staring up at the ceiling, passing cars occasionally lighting the dimness of the mundane and small room. My hands rested by my lower belly, one on each rise of my pelvis. My body still thrummed with the excitement from earlier, and I think I was having difficulty coming to terms with the full reality of it.

I was certainly no longer bi-curious. Cathrin had made doubly sure that I would be coming back for more from her. Even for all the expectations my fantasies had built up for her, she had certainly set a bar of living up to each and every one of them.

I wanted her so badly, I ached at imagining her body sat before me again as my hands drifted across to my hot and demanding pussy. I stroked my lips almost absent-mindedly; Cathrin’s attentions earlier should have more than sated me, but it seemed she could still drive me wild even when she wasn’t there. It was cruel she wouldn’t let me touch her — wouldn’t even let me kiss her. She hadn’t kissed me goodbye, either, but had given me a hug and a cheeky slap on the ass as I left her flat for the trudge across the city.

With the shape of her breasts and the feel of her hips; with her clever lips and thoughtful tongue; her heavenly tanned skin and her lucid green eyes… the first time I see Cathrin Beck naked, I’ll probably faint.


The alarm jolted me from a satisfyingly dreamless sleep at seven thirty. Work didn’t start until nine thirty, but despite or even perhaps I was so close, I always arrived an hour early at least. I was still naked on top of the bedclothes, so I simply rolled off and padded to my shower. Pulling the curtain across I went to set the shower to cold, but smiling left it as I remembered my cool-off yesterday morning. I faced the wall and leant against it with my hands, relishing the ice cold water pummelling my back and cooling my body. It was the calmest way I could think of starting the day.

Burning with tenterhooked excitement though I was, I still had a job to do, the mundane reality of it all putting a mild dampener on the fantasy I had experienced the night before. That was probably for the best. If I couldn’t keep the dance Cathrin’s tongue played on me out of my head, I would probably end up sitting on the pavement and sliding my way to work.

The walk to work was peppered with a lot of nothing interesting, though I was happy to finally run through the staff door as the heavy grey sky threatened rain. This early on in the day, I didn’t encounter anyone through the lobby and on the way to the lift, with the exception of a middle aged and entirely uninterested security guard. He looked up and sniffed at me, taking in the security badge swinging from my belt with a single sweeping glance. The picture hadn’t been updated in years, but there again, he had seen me walking through here almost every day since that picture was taken. I evidently wasn’t a threat to his wellbeing.

I took a diversion to the kitchen to put the kettle on before settling in front of my desk. Thankfully, our company didn’t work 24×7, but that didn’t mean emails weren’t constantly coming through from other support services. Thirty four unread, and not one of them looked like spam. Great. Change that coffee to black, hold the sugar.

My eyes were quickly scanning the list when they landed on the one from ‘Beck, Cathrin’. My heart pumped a few beats faster and a tingle went through my body. Sweet Jesus, what had that woman done to me? My mouse shook a little as a million devil’s advocate thoughts went through my head when I went to open it. It was a one night stand. She doesn’t want to see me again. I’m a freak. I have a horrible body. It was a bet…

‘thanks for last night — make sure it happens again soon. Speak to you later. C’

I smiled to myself. Locking the computer, I went to make my coffee.

With a start at thirty four emails, it was a busy opening to a day that didn’t get any easier. The fallout from our server going down the other day was it simply breaking on us all over again. I spent much of the day floorwalking with other colleagues, ensuring no one panicked as we tried to get the services back online. Ankara escort bayan We’d never had anyone jump out of a window yet, but you just couldn’t take these things for granted in customer services. I smirked at myself. Everyone we had visited was entirely apathetic about the fact that they couldn’t use a large chunk of their systems. It was a Friday. More to the point, right then, it was Friday afternoon. Who wanted to do any work then? It was possibly the first time the IT department had done any of them any favours.

Four times I walked onto Cathrin’s floor, this being the last of them. Each time, she had been out, and I started shamefully feeling like a bit of a stalker every time I glanced in the direction of her office, failing to catch a glimpse of her. This time, I craned my head round and saw her sat at her desk. There was someone else in with her, but I had to speak to them both about the server issues anyway. Nodding and smiling at a secretary, I made a beeline for her door.

I knocked on the doorframe before edging my way slightly into the room. She was still sat behind the desk, with her visitor standing at the end of it. He was young — probably two or three younger than me- but looked like he hadn’t need to shave a day in his life. Both his hands were palm-flat down, and he leant over, getting what was no doubt a ridiculously full view of her cleavage. I burned briefly with jealous irritation over the attention he was giving her. She looked up at me with a glare I could only place somewhere between annoyance and consternation. Trying not to frown, I cleared my throat.

“Hi Cathrin, I just wanted to check…”

“Sorry, Keara” she cut in. “I haven’t got time for issues right now — we have an urgent tender to complete. Can you come back later?”

The man — some paralegal lackey from the same department — looked across at me and blatantly sneered. Cheeks burning with shame for the first time in Cathrin’s presence, I turned heel and desperately restrained myself from running away. I avoided eye contact with anyone in the corridors, heading straight for the ladies’ toilets. I could feel the tearing lump at my throat, and immediately started admonishing myself as I finally locked the cubicle door behind me. I turned and butted against it once gently, the coolness feeling soothing against my burning forehead.

She’s working. We’re at work. It’s nothing personal, she’s always been a busy woman, and you shouldn’t expect that to change just for you.

I steadied my breathing, taking a few deeply for good measure.

What was it about Cathrin that made me feel like an insecure fourteen year old? Heck, who was I kidding, the insecurity was there anyway. And that man wasn’t even a threat, not if she’s through-and-through gay. I felt terribly like I was punching above my weight with Cathrin even being interested in me. If she ever found out I was this neurotic… I needed to give myself a mental bitch slap, before I ruined something wonderful before it ever had a chance to start.

I unlocked the cubicle and filled one of the three white washbasins, splashing myself and scrubbing my face. I ran my hands through my perma-messed hair and wandered back to my desk, flicking my PC to the helpdesk to see what calls I needed to do next. I was all walked-out, and really didn’t want to face anyone for the rest of the day.

I took what calls I could on the phone and on remote sessions. It was safe enough hiding behind my cheap beech veneer desk and on my bluetooth headset. I was actually quite proud of my desk arrangement, in a pseudo-geek way. My two PCs were hidden on a pedestal underneath the right hand side of the desk; I could switch between them on a KVM unit that sat on the desk underneath my central monitor. The wiring went through the back and up to my three monitors through which I controlled my working day. The leftmost monitor had the helpdesk software on, which refreshed for new calls every thirty seconds. The central monitor I kept available for any windows I would need to work on a call, and invariably, the right-hand monitor had my email inbox open for the ridiculous glut of correspondence I would receive in any given day.

I was brought out of my work-induced stupor when one of the guys in the department tapped me on the shoulder. His name was Gray, and he was the closest I had to a friend in that team. Sure, I was friendly enough, but as history had it for me, men were not, so I tended to hold most of them at arm’s length. As is the general territory with the IT industry, the rest of the team were all men. Gray was a genuinely pleasant guy, so far as I could tell, but he was a true embodiment of the saying ‘nice guys finish last’. Back at high school, he was probably the kid you would have found half crammed into his own locker.

“Hey Keara, you look like you need to unwind some. Heavy night?”

I think I temporarily went boss-eyed.

“No, night was fine Gray. Been a tough day though.”

“Yeah Escort Ankara I’ve seen the call volumes you’ve been on… come and have a break with us. We’re just popping to the bar next door- early finish. It is Friday after all.”

I shook my head politely, daylight and mindless banter not really being what I was after right then.

“No thanks Gray, I’ve got some urgents on. Maybe another day.”

He shrugged and flicked his jacket over his shoulder. Most of the team followed suit, leaving just me and the junior cover, who had his attentions firmly attached to a dust-ridden PC on its side on a workbench.

My left monitor refreshed and a new call popped to the top of the list. I sighed and locked my PC again. Time for some more self-deprecating pouting in front of the bathroom mirror. A call had just come through from Cathrin. So much for being ‘too busy to deal with me’. I grabbed the support mobile and waved at the other guy, who waved back at me before sneezing over the PC. So much for anti-static precautions.

The first cubicle was locked as I entered the toilets. I went straight to the washbasin for my customary soak-out and hair-messing. I didn’t look up as I heard the cubicle unlock; I was already moving to the towel dispenser to dry off my hands and head downstairs.

As I stepped towards the door, the force of the push put me off my footing completely. Too shocked to cry out, I put out both my hands to stop myself completely falling over, and steadied myself against the door. Almost immediately, I was pushed full against it, a body pinning me to the wood and a hand clamping over my mouth. The hand pushed my head to face towards the right, away from their face and identity. I squirmed, and a hand on my hip forced my ass into their groin as they moved forward, pinning me more. With the full body contact, I could feel the impress of breasts on my upper back, and my pussy lurched into consciousness despite what should have been the trauma of the situation.

With my body pressed against the door and their left hand covering my mouth, their right hand moved down to my trousers. Unbuttoning them without fuss, they slid their hand into my panties, the zip undoing itself as their hand slid further in. Underneath the dark professional coolness of my trousers, they found my neatly trimmed pussy hot, wet and wanting. Two fingers went straight through the slickness and straight to my sensitively erect clit, body buzzing from the adrenalin of the attack. The fingers worked furiously as a tongue and teeth started to work my neck. I couldn’t help myself; I moved with the forceful grinding of the right hand and groaned against the left that had my mouth clamped shut. There was no need for them to pin me against the door any more but the constriction made the situation even more erotically tense. I whined as a felt an orgasm building up from pits of my stomach.

My legs quivered, and my hands against the door again returned to keeping me upright. The hand ripped away from my mouth and undid the top three buttons of my blouse, sliding to cup my left breast and kneading it fiercely. It pinched my small hard nipple and frowning, I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from crying out in ardently painful pleasure. The right hand moved further into my panties, relishing for a few brief moments on the juices flowing from my overstimulated pussy. Without fuss, the two fingers returned to my clit, forcing me towards orgasm. It could have only been teeth that moved my collar away from my shoulder. When they first nibbled, then forcefully bit down on my shoulder, it pushed me over the edge. I gritted my teeth and, understanding what was happening, the hand returned to my mouth as I came hard against the hand, my own hands slipping with sweat against the wood as I tried to stay on my feet as pulse after pulse hit me and I spasmed against their fingers. I sagged, my knees hitting the wood along with my forehead. The hand left my mouth, and I was left frowning and panting as both hands now started to do up my clothes. The bite on my shoulder thrummed and my clit was singing. When the hands had finished, I turned, knowing what to expect.

Cathrin had the grin back on her face. She looked at me like a cat that had just stolen the cream from the Queen’s own milk tops. She blew another one of her faux-kisses at me and brought her right hand up to her mouth, licking each finger fully and slowly. I could see my own juices on there glistening, and I went slack-jawed and hungry all over again. She licked her lips.

“Still tasty. Sorry about earlier, I really was stupidly busy, but I was also quite stupid to talk to you that way. Can I see you after work?” I nodded slowly. She moved towards me, and I went towards her for that elusive kiss. She side-stepped me, and opened the bathroom door. I swivelled my head to follow her out, and she winked at me as she side-stepped again for another woman to come into the toilets.

“Thanks for the snack Keara. We’ll have to do dinner some time.”

Still silent, I waited for the other woman to lock her stall and left the toilets. Cathrin had already fled down the stairs. I shook my head, and shakily walked back to my desk.

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Aunt Linda Ch. 02

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Cadence Lux

What has come before:

This story finds our 18 year old protagonist reconnecting with his mother’s older sister on a visit to her home before he starts college in a nearby community. Turns out he’s a lot more grown than she expected and she’s a lot more… everything… than he expected.

All characters are over 18.


The water was colder than I expected and stung my legs when I hit the surface. Thank god. The distraction was just what I needed.

Aunt Linda had stepped out of that pool dripping water and sex appeal. Her body shone in the sun and the tiny little top, which had kept me just to the right side of propriety, had been ripped from her body when she dived into the water. It was just me, her, and full, tan breasts crowned with prominent, mahogany nipples. And speaking of prominent wooden things, I was a wreck.

The splash and sting of cannonballing into the pool helped to clear my head, but I was going to need a bit more than that to recover from the embarrassment of Old Hickory down there. I mean, really. Can a fella be expected to see a beautiful woman, aunt or otherwise, wearing nothing but a tiny white thong and a fresh-from-the-pool sheen without rising to the occasion? I ask you? Is it reasonable? Is it sane? Should I come up for air before I turn blue with suffocation only to turn red with embarrassment? Well, okay, so I’ll just have to deal with the latter. I don’t think I’d want to risk a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation scene anytime soon. If I was going to touch those lips with mine, I wanted to be conscious and unlikely to vomit water into her face. Call me a romantic I guess.

I pushed off the bottom of the pool and reached out my hand to snag the top as I popped above the surface.

“That’s the diving champ I remember all right,” Linda chuckled from the poolside. She had seated herself on the edge of the pool wearing a towel wrapped around her chest, and was the most clothed that I had seen her in the last half hour.

“I’m still getting a 4 from the Russian judge, but I blame a long time rivalry between my coach and her mentor in the Old Country.”

“Well, you’re all top marks from me, Bobby. Top marks.”

“So,” I said while treading water and twirling the top above the waterline. “I suppose you’re going to want this back.”

“Well, it would be the correct thing to do wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t want to embarrass me or anything.”

“So, true Aunt Ell. So true. You are clearly a shrinking violet that would be horrified to appear anything less than chaste.”

“How well you know me, kind sir.” She extended a hand and waved me toward the edge of the pool. “If you think you can make it over here without damaging anything permanently. Straining anything, or such. I should probably don my nun’s habit again.”

Okay, so now I was feeling a bit safer. She clearly wasn’t upset about me seeing her… really seeing her. And that was maybe the coolest thing I had come across in a long time. A beautiful older woman… sure she’s my aunt, but still – breasts are breasts, my friend… she was comfortable in her own skin, comfortably aware of her own sexual appeal, and flirting with me. Of course, I was completely non-threatening. I was just her kid sister’s boy. What harm could I be? She still thought of me as family. So, in a way, it was a sign of her coolness and of her accepting me as part of the family, which led her to be so cavalier with her body. But, I was feeling more comfortable with her humor and her teasing. Also, I was underwater and there wasn’t much she could see when she looked my way.

Newly, marginally, emboldened, I grinned and said, “What habit? This habit? It seems a bad habit. Should you be picking up any bad habits? Especially off your scandalous nephew?” Two could play this game, I thought.

“Well, a habit may be hard to break kid, but that one just came untied. Of course, if you want to get all bohemian on me, that’s up to you. But, I think you are probably not ready for me to just go au natural, are you?” She smiled and I melted.

“Never let it be said that your faithful hound let down his favorite aunt.” I grabbed the straps of the bikini top in my teeth and dog paddled Ankara bayan escort loudly and with much splashing toward her side of the pool.

Aunt Ell gave a snort-laugh and grinned from ear to ear. I reached the edge of the water and pulled myself up on the side. My waist and legs were safely below the waterline and I did my best faithful Labrador meets spunky Sea Lion with bikini in my teeth next to my towel-bound aunt.

Linda clapped her hands together applauding my little act and said, “Now hold that pose Rover.” My initial, “Wh-” was stifled as my naughty aunt swooped in and plucked the bikini from my teeth by laying a kiss right on my lips. The top slipped from my mouth and she grabbed it in hers. I slid back into the water a bit shocked, and now no better than I’d been when I jumped in the pool – diamond hard and straining these swim trunks beyond their ability to do much good.

“Uh. I … uh… Aunt Ell… I” and then I had to spit for a minute as I swallowed some water – clearly, I’m an ole smoothie. Linda sat on the side of the pool grinning around a mouthful of bikini and wrapped in the towel I had brought to the poolside.

“Wuh… uh…” Aunt Linda tossed her head backwards and with that movement tossed her bikini top back towards the bar. “I was saying, you know me. I hate to pass up an opportunity to get in on the act. Other people might end up having more fun than me, which would be very uncool.”

“Besides, I mentioned that I generally don’t wear one of these things anyway, so I’m probably out of practice.” With that, she opened her arms high above her head (The Russian Judge couldn’t object to that landing) as her towel gave up the fight and fell heavily to the patio.

“Bobby? What? You comin’?”

“Aunt Ell!”

“Out of the pool, dude. Out of the pool. No need to be shy around here… I’m not gonna be. Besides, you’ve already seen the girls here. I’m not stupid enough to think that you’ll forget what they look like if I put my top back on. So, why not be comfortable with what circumstance has already made a reality?”

“Uh… I think I’ll swim some laps.”

“Okay, but don’t turn into a prune or anything. That not-so-little problem that you’ve got there.” I looked down suddenly shocked and sure that she could see me in all my painful stiffness. “No, I can’t see it in the water, man. I just know a thing or two about the effect the girls have on folks.” Was she being purposefully vague with “Folks?”

“So, as I was saying… That not-so-little problem is going to solve itself in a bit. You’ll just get comfortable with your wizened old Aunty and I’ll be like the furniture. You’ll hardly notice me.” Turning she walked over to the bar and opened a mini-fridge to remove a ginger ale. I swam. Hard. For at least 3 lengths of the pool before I slowed down. Finally, the Piney issue in my trunks was subsiding.

I swam to the edge of the pool, grabbed the ladder and climbed out. I wasn’t sure where Aunt Ell had gone while I swam, but I didn’t immediately see her. That was probably for the best. I didn’t need additional complications right now and I figured that if I could just get dried off and into jeans I would be back in control. Control and focus., those were what I needed right now. I looked around for a towel but, of course, Linda had probably taken the one I had used into the house. I stepped over to the towel cabinet that Linda had shown me and bent over to grab a fresh white towel.

As I was bent over, I heard the patio door open. Straightening up as I dried my face and hands, I turned toward the door. Lowering the towel, I was slapped in the face by a piece of wet fabric. I pulled it off my head and saw that it was a white, thong bikini bottom. Looking up I saw Aunt Linda standing in the doorway. Not wearing her bikini top. Not wearing the wet, white, thong that she had just thrown at my head and that I was now holding in my hand.

“Okay, so I guess you won’t think of me like the furniture anytime soon. Well, unless you really have a thing for upholstery or something. You comin’ dude?”

Mahogany, Elm, Oak, Pine… I did have a little in common with furniture, myself.

“Not yet, Aunt Ell, not yet. Escort bayan Ankara But only through an epic act of will, you crazy person you. Is it safe to enter the house, yet?”

“Nope, Bob. But I hope you’ll join me, anyway…”

And with that she backed into the house, shut the patio sliding door and then briefly touched her bare ass to the glass window before disappearing back into the house.

Gotta love those California Girls.

Aunt Linda had, undoubtedly at this stage, made her intentions clear. I wasn’t being too imaginative or too perverse… I was, perhaps, too long standing out by the pool though. That was an invitation that might not be offered twice, so like any gracious guest it was up to me to accept. And quickly.

I wrapped the towel around my neck and hopped up the patio stairs to the sliding door. The smudged rorshach of Linda’s ass was still quite visible. I slide my hand across the cold glass… for luck, not for comparison… and then opened the door. Standing in the living room, leaning against the sofa was my very naked, very attractive, did I mention naked, aunt. She had her arms crossed under her generous breasts and was tapping a foot in amused, if exaggerated, impatience.

“Okay kid, bring your tardy ass over here. We’re going to need a guideline or two for this particular bout of rule breaking.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to think. The invitation seemed clear enough, but she was, without doubt, in charge so if there were to be rules, who was I to argue… particularly as I was only really thinking with the seemingly metal rod that had found its way into my swim trunks.

“First rule of Fight Club?” I muttered.

“You got it, dude. You never mention anything that happens on this trip. Nothing except a lovely visit in which I fed you well and showed you cultural tourist sites. We might even visit your campus. You read edifying books and thought of what you can do for your country. Clear?”

“I’ve always thought that public service was a laudable goal… Aunt Linda was inspiring.” I grinned.

She chuckled, “Good boy… you’ll go far. Mostly with me, this week, but, you know, maybe in life too.”

She dropped her arms to her sides and stepped forward towards me. Reaching up she grabbed the ends of the towel hanging around my neck. “Now, Lil Bobby, I think we can see who is in charge, yes?”

I nodded and gulped rather too loudly. Her hands seemed to glow hot. We had both just been in a pool, but the heat between us was overwhelming me.

“Good. Now that we understand what kind of week you had on this visit, let’s see if we can figure out what kind of week I’m going to have… because, frankly, I hate museums and edifying books are overrated. I’d much rather fuck desperately and regret nothing.”

Her words came quickly and softly as she pulled me closer and closer to her body. In the end she was breathing into my mouth as she spoke and our lips touched. Linda’s tongue shot out and her kiss took on a slightly predatory feel as she ran her tongue along my teeth before capturing my bottom lip, nibbling with just a tad more pressure than I would have asked for.

I wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hands along her back, as I returned the kiss with the driving need that had begun to consume me. Her skin was warm and still just a bit wet. She was smooth and soft and writhing her body against me as our kisses became increasingly demanding.

Linda ran her hands up the sides of my face and with her fingers in my hair pulled me firmly back from our kiss. She looked into my eyes and said, “You will certainly spend a great deal of time learning what I need from you while you are here. But, right now, what I need. What you should be doing. What you will do. Is to drop those trunks and stick that cock of yours into my Very. Wet. Cunt.”

I blinked. Her words seemed to be punctuated by the throbbing I felt as my erection pulsated against my body. Before I could even think about what was happening, I skinned out of those too tight trunks and felt my dick fly out from my body, reaching for Linda. My aunt grabbed the towel around my neck and with a move that could have been right out of a Judo manual, Bayan escort Ankara rolled me onto the floor of her living room. Flat on my back and slightly dizzy from the drop, I felt Linda push her hands strongly into my chest and suddenly slide herself onto my bouncing cock. She was soaking wet and boiling hot. As she sank all the way down, her fingers curled and her nails dug into my chest. The sharp points of pain only accentuated the incredible sensual joy of feeling her completely wrapped around me. Linda was still, eyes closed, head back, breathing in the moment. Then, suddenly, one hand scraped her nails down the front of my chest, as her eyes opened and she took a deep breath. She looked down at me and began fucking me slowly, from base to tip… each gyration of her hips brought her to the end of my trembling erection, threatening to slip off of me before quickly sliding back down.

She hissed, “Listen, Bobby, you aren’t going to last long… hell, I’m not going to last long… but first I’m going to ride you hard. Then, I’m going to get off, and then… only then, you get to fill me up with your hot, sticky, cum. Clear?”

“Ugh. Argh. Uhhh,” was about all I could manage, as Linda slid one hand back onto my chest to support herself, and then used the other to trace a line from my lips, down my chest, across my stomach, and to the juncture that brought the two of us together. Her fingers stroked along the top of my cock, over the lips of her pussy to her clit. I stared in fascination as this beautiful woman began to smoothly and confidently fuck me senseless while simultaneously stroking her clit and pinning me to the floor. I knew that I couldn’t last, but from the look on her face, Linda wasn’t going to be long for this orgasm, either. Her breathing grew ragged and her fingers began to move faster and faster across her dripping cunt. I could see the tension building across her face, as she bit her top lip and then just as I thought she’d stopped breathing I felt her contract… all over. Her pussy gripped and tried to push me away, her arms began to shake and her face grew intensely focused. She opened her eyes, and screamed, “Fuuuuhhhh-ccccckkkkk!” Her shoulders collapsed and her knees drew in towards her body.

“You’re turn Bobby…” She gasped. “Fill me up with that cum, doll.”

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Linda pulling her down towards me. Then, I flipped her over onto her back and drove my cock down fully into her. She wrapped her legs around me and seemed to lift herself off the floor meeting me thrust for thrust. This couldn’t last much longer, but I didn’t want it to end. I was fucking my gorgeous aunt on her living room floor and nothing had ever felt more right.

As I pistoned into her, she looked up at me and breathed, “You’re going to cum for me now, Bobby…” as she used both her hands to reach up and grasp my nipples firmly between thumbs and forefingers. She pinched hard and pulled saying, “NOW!” And my body answered to the real source of control in this relationship. I exploded in orgasm. My body shook and wave after wave of pleasure hit me. I collapsed on top of Linda and felt wrapped in the warmth of her body. I’m not sure I breathed for a full minute.

Linda’s hand swirled around in my hair and traced a line down my jaw to my chin. “See, that wasn’t so bad, nephew. Staying with your mean old auntie might make for a nice time, don’t you think.” Her grin was infectious. I might have been drooling.

“Aunt Ell, I think I can suffer through the unpleasantness of this boring book and museum visiting trip, if you can.”

“Good man. Now, we’ve just got to clean up this terrible mess you’ve made in my house.”

I chuckled. “What mess is that Auntie Dearest?”

“Oh, this one, my little rascal,” and she ran her hand down her stomach, through her dark bush and slipped a finger into her soaking pussy. She curled her finger inside of herself and then quickly brought it out and to my lips, gently pushing into my mouth.

“Eat up, loverboy. I’ll let you get away with the tasting menu this time, but in future – when I don’t have to devour you here on the floor – I’ll expect you to take your time and clean up your tasty, tasty messes when you’re done.”

You know, I think I’m going to love college life. And, I bet I could save a lot on dorm costs if I could find a roommate. Maybe someone in the family. Someone who would take a wayward nephew in… for a consideration.

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Friendship, Wine and Temptation Ch. 03

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Karen hoped and prayed that Jess wouldn’t invite her over, unsure if she possessed the willpower to resist tonight. She intentionally placed her phone out of reach on the counter as she explored the site, and tried to ignore the sporadic buzzing of her phone. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she retrieved her phone, noticing that there were at least five text messages within the last ten minutes.



Karen stared down at the texts in shock and excitement, until she realized that they weren’t authored by Jess, but by an unknown number. Again Karen felt both relief and disappointment. She texted back —

TEXT: Who is this?


Remembering that she handed her number to the “boy” at the counter earlier, she glanced up at the clock. She was surprised that it was only 11pm, although it felt like it was much later. Maybe this was what she needed to get her mind off of her new and unhealthy — what — obsession?

TEXT: Ok, where and when??


Ugh, she thought. From what she remembered, that was a college dive bar, and not the place where a thirty-something woman would ever feel comfortable. She really wasn’t in the mood to navigate across the sticky floors of an overcrowded teenybopper bar, but Andy WAS cute. She was ready to decline until she saw yet another text, this time from Jess:

TEXT: Come over tonite?

Now, determined to “right the ship,” Karen hesitated before texting:

Love to but can’t. Meeting a friend. Sorry. Picnic hike tomorrow?

TEXT: Ok ; (– Have fun & be careful. Nite

Karen hesitated before texting Andy:

It’s late – Come here instead?

He quickly agreed. She provided him with the address, and hurried to prep for her late-night visitor, jumping into the shower and quickly shaving her neglected legs & underarms. Looking down at her triangle, she briefly considered shaving the patch, but instead opted for a light trim. “Just a little off the top,” she giggled to herself as she trimmed, hoping that tonight she would get her mind and her desires back on track.

Although this wasn’t the first time that she took a chance and invited a relative stranger into her home, for some reason she felt as though she was cheating this time. But on whom? She knew, of course, but tried to erase the thought from her mind, opting for a shot of tequila as she prepared for her visitor. Assuming Andy was a college boy, she decided that she would stay casual with basic grey sweatpants and matching sweatshirt. In the event that the night would become physical, she opened her panty drawer and dug into the bottom for her black thong — a gift from a prior boyfriend, and one that she almost never chose to wear for reasons of comfort, or in the case of the thong, discomfort. Tonight was different, however, and she intended to sacrifice comfort for the greater good.

She slipped the thong on, now regretting that she didn’t trim a bit closer, as a hint of hair peeked out from each side. She turned around and looked in the mirror. The thong was embedded between her full cheeks, nearly invisible. Despite the discomfort and her slightly overweight but curvy ass, she immediately felt sexier, and briefly wondered if Jess would like that view before quickly suppressing the thought. With no reason to wear a bra, she instead chose an old t-shirt before sliding her sweats back on, just as the doorbell rang.

En route to the door, she quickly downed another shot of tequila, suddenly feeling warm as she looked through the peephole. God, she thought, he looked even younger tonight. Too late now, she thought, as she opened the door with a smile, allowing Andy in. Smelling of smoke and beer, he said, simply, “What’s up,” while handing her 4 cans of Budweiser — the remnants of a six pack — before easing past and dropping onto the love seat. So much for a greeting, she thought as she moved to the refrigerator and slid the cans inside before pouring herself a glass of wine.

Too late to turn back now, she thought again as she sipped the wine too quickly. After all, he WAS cute, although not necessarily her type. She guessed that he was around 5’10, slim with shaggy dirty blonde hair and several days’s stubble. He was slim but toned, with biceps sporting a barbed wire tattoo that peeked from his T-shirt. Like her, he opted for sweatpants for his big “date.” He discarded his black Converse high-tops and plopped his feet on her coffee table, not bothering to hide a giant hole in his left sock, and flipped to ESPN as he sipped from the can before crushing it in his hand and dropping it on the table.

Karen sat next to him and attempted to make small talk through slightly slurred speech. She learned that he just turned twenty one and was in town visiting friends at the local college. He was still “finding himself” and was currently helping a friend with a landscaping business. So, she thought, Ankara bayan escort she REALLY knew how to pick them, didn’t she? Basically an unemployed, nearly under-aged slob who probably still lived with his parents. Still, as he lightly touched his bulge through his sweats, Karen felt that familiar longing deep down. As repulsed as she was with his demeanor, what harm in taking him for a test ride, she thought? And Lord knows, she rarely turned down a nice stiff one when she had the opportunity.

Andy wasted no time reaching for her, and she allowed herself to be pulled to him. His arm wrapped around her shoulders, and he reached clumsily for her breast as he pressed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She vacillated between disgust at his cigarette/cheap beer breath, and carnal desire for what she knew would follow. With his free hand, he took hers and guided it to his lap before reaching down to loosen his pants. She followed his hand, sliding it under the band of his sweatpants and grasping his shaft through his briefs. He soon shifted his hand from her breast and reached around and under to feel her full ass, with a finger sliding down beneath her cheeks to stroke her through the fabric.

There was something to be said for cheap, nearly anonymous sex, she thought to herself as she moaned into his mouth. Freeing his hard cock from the briefs, she felt his hand pressing against the back of her head, first lightly, then more firmly. She needed this — a man’s touch — she thought, especially tonight.

He whispered, “Come on Kate. Suck it for me.”

Looking up at him, she said, “Who is Kate?”

“Oh shit. I mean … um, Karen, right?”

In the few seconds of the exchange, she realized how far she sank. She flashed back to the earlier chemistry that she experienced with Jess – innocent or not — as they relaxed under the comforter, and she now realized that Andy was no substitute for her best friend — not even close. Why couldn’t it be Jess who was gently guiding her willing head lower into her lap and not Andy, she wondered. Suddenly feeling sober, she found herself resisting. When he refused to stop, she grasped his cock tighter, squeezing it until she finally heard him whimper.

Confused and in pain, Andy finally relented and released his hold on the back of her head. She pushed away and tried to apologize, but she heard him mutter, “F–ing old cock-tease” as he struggled to slip into his shoes, holding his sore bulge as he tried to rise, still in pain.

“I’m really sorry, Andy, it’s just……”

He finally tucked himself back into his sweats, and stood, grimacing, “Where’s my beer?”

She retrieved it from the refrigerator and handed it to him as a tear formed. Grabbing it, he looked at her and shook his head before staggering to the door.

“Have a good life, Tina, or whatever your name is, you old f-ing bitch!”

Now it was Karen’s turn to feel sorry for herself. She poured another glass of wine before dropping down onto the loveseat, and slowly drifted to sleep, regretting that she didn’t spend the night with Jess instead.

She awoke the next morning to a buzzing phone:

TEXT: Morning! Rise and Shine!

TEXT: Hope your date went well lol

TEXT: R we still hiking?

Again, Karen felt a rush of excitement and nerves. Although they spent countless days together over the past dozen years of their friendship, this time it was different — at least for her. She responded:

TEXT: Can’t wait! OK to pick u up at 10?

TEXT: Sounds good — tough trail or easy one this time?

TEXT: Let’s do the tough one

TEXT: Deal, C U at 10

Karen thought back to all the times that they hiked in the past. Actually the term, “hike” didn’t really apply to the easy trail, which was really just a flat gravel pathway following a long and winding creek, always well populated with casual walkers and families. The alternate “tough” trail was far different, with steep, rocky inclines following narrow, winding dirt paths carved out of the countryside and encircling an isolated lake before heading off in any of three separate directions.

The big difference, however, was in the remote setting. There were times when they hiked the entire trail without encountering other hikers. Was that the reason she picked it this time, she wondered?

Opening the window, she realized that it was perfect hiking weather, probably sixty degrees Fahrenheit, and likely climbing to the high seventies by mid-day. She loved this time of year, when it was cool enough in the evening to snuggle under a comforter, but almost warm enough during the day to take a dip in the lake.

Normally she didn’t put much thought into her choice of hiking attire, but this time it was different. She decided on a white sports bra under a navy blue t-shirt. Opening her panty and sock drawers, she opted for a pair of white Hanes boy-shorts and thicker socks that reached perhaps four inches Escort bayan Ankara above her ankles. Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t help but admire her butt in the panties before sliding on a pair of khaki shorts. She briefly debated — cap or not? Figuring that Jess would wear one, she grabbed a khaki baseball cap with “Old Navy” written in blue cursive, and pulled her ponytail through. She completed the ensemble with her old Timberline hiking boots.

She quickly packed sandwiches along with grapes and cheese, and on impulse, she dropped a few six ounce plastic wine bottles into the small cooler before heading to her car. On her way, she concentrated on controlling her emotions, and despite her best effort to focus on their friendship first, she couldn’t help but flash back to the scene from the prior morning and the desire she felt upon seeing her own panties in Jess’ hand as she slept.

She pulled up to the curb and watched as Jess entered the car. Unlike Karen, Jess opted instead for black leggings and old tennis shoes along with a white t-shirt and burgundy cap.

“Hey Sis,” Jess said as she climbed into the car.

“Hi Sis,” Karen responded as they smiled, remembering all of the times men mistook them for siblings.

“Ready for an adventure?”

“Sure, but first you have to tell me about your date, ok?”

Karen bit her lip, wondering how much she should share, before saying, “Nothing really to tell. I guess it was the one-nighter that never was.”

“You need to be careful Karen. There are some real creeps out there. Not everyone is as nice as me,” she smiled.

“You’re right. It was stupid of me, I know, but at least I escaped with my dignity intact.” She went on, “I almost let my ‘you know what’ do my thinking for me again, I guess.”

“You’re so bad, Karen,” giggled Jess as she smacked her right leg lightly. Karen looked down at Jess’ hand as she did, and suppressed the desire to place it back on her thigh as they drove.

“Thanks again for staying with me the other night. I know I would have texted Jason if you weren’t with me,” Jess said. “It was so hard NOT to contact him yesterday, but I managed to get through it.”

“I was wondering, but I didn’t want to ask.”

Jess said quietly, “It’s just so f-ing hard, losing the person you thought was your soulmate.”

“Does such a thing exist, really?” Karen commented, but deep down she wondered if Jess could be exactly that to her, or if it was just silly wine-induced puppy love.

Jess bit her lip and sighed, “If it doesn’t, why even look? Why risk the pain?”

“Who knows, really? Maybe it doesn’t exist – or maybe it’s closer than we think,” Karen commented and glanced at her friend, smiling but realizing that she may have said too much. “Shit,” she thought to herself. Calm down and get a grip!

Trying to dilute her last comment, Karen quickly added, “Maybe our soulmates are hiking the trail right now. Two cowboys with huge c-cks, waiting for us at the lake!” Jess turned beet red and they both giggled like adolescent school girls.

“Oh, I almost forgot. You left some things behind the other night. The candle and some, uh underwear I think. I forgot to bring them along,” Jess commented, changing the subject.

“Well, the candle was a gift for you, along with the wine.” Karen hesitated before lying, “I thought I took everything else with me.”

“Oh, well I’ll check again when I get back. Maybe I’m mistaken,” Jess said, almost wishing she hadn’t brought it up.

Each with a fear of saying the wrong thing, they drove in silence nearly the rest of the way to the trail’s entrance. Not surprisingly, they saw only one other vehicle in the small dirt lot – a truck with a horse trailer in tow.

Seeing the horse trailer, both said in unison, “Our cowboys!”

After parking, they gathered their small backpacks and walked the short distance to the trail entrance.

“What are you up for — the short one or the long hilly one?”

Karen answered, “Well, I have nothing else to do and I can use the exercise. Let’s do the hard one.”

“I should have known you’d pick the HARD ONE,” Jess giggled, “Just like last night!”

“Oh stop it! I told you nothing really happened, although you’re right – it WAS definitely hard,” Karen smiled while they made brief eye contact.

Starting along the trail, Karen added, “Besides, I think I finally GET that there can be more to relationships than just mindless sex.”

“Wow — that’s a pretty huge revelation, coming from you,” Jess said, wondering what may have prompted the different outlook.

“Yeah, funny huh?” Karen murmured quietly as she walked ahead of her friend on the narrow trail, knowing it was the night with Jess that had her suddenly longing for a deeper, less superficial connection.

She reached back for Jess’ hand and helped her to climb as they reached a steep rocky incline. Jess took it, and they both worked their way up through the most Bayan escort Ankara treacherous section of the trail, gasping for breath. When they reached the top of the hill several minutes later, Jess worked to catch her breath, releasing her friend’s hand.

“Maybe we should keep moving. We have a long way to go.” Jess took the lead as she said it.

“Oh, ok. Sure. Onward, I guess.”

With that, Karen wondered if perhaps she had grossly misread her best friend’s body language. If that was the case, she thought, it would alleviate her confusion and hopefully squelch her growing desire. Still, she realized that there was a definite advantage to this view from behind her friend, and she couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of Jess’ ass, thighs and calves hugged by her black leggings as they trudged ahead.

Did Jess do the same when she was trailing behind her earlier, or was it simply just another hike for her? Now roughly ten feet ahead, Jess glanced back to see if she needed to slow down, and blushed as she realized that Karen’s eyes were not on the trail ahead, but on her. Turning back around, she felt flushed, now suddenly conscious of the movement of her hips, and more than a little excited. Could Karen be thinking the same thing about her?

Roughly three miles into their hike, they spotted an old picnic table and chose that spot to rest. Dropping their backpacks on the table, Karen reached in to grab two bottles of water, and handed one to Jess. Both straddled the same bench facing each other as they sipped their water. Jess held the lukewarm bottle against her forehead and neck, while Karen did the same.

“I didn’t expect it to be this warm,” Karen commented as she sipped from the bottle, realizing her back was drenched with perspiration.

“You must be unbearably hot in those yoga pants,” she said as she glanced down at the tight leggings.

“Yeah, I couldn’t decide between shorts and leggings. I guess I made the wrong choice.”

Biting her lip, Karen debated whether to mention that she packed a pair of gym shorts, just in case. Seeing her friend perspiring and downing the water, she knew she needed to offer it.

“I actually brought a spare pair of gym shorts. You’re welcome to use them if you’d like.”

“Karen, you’re a life saver. I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks so much!”

Karen pulled the pair of white cotton gym shorts from her bag and handed them over to Jess. “Sorry, but they may be a little bit short. I just grabbed them at the last minute on the way out, and I could never wear them outside the house.”

“It’s ok, it’s not like anyone is going to see us out here on the trail anyway,” Jess said as she looked around for a place to change. Not finding any, she untied her nikes, pulling them off before standing.

“Keep an eye out for hikers, ok Karen?” With that she turned around and peeled her leggings down, balancing while bending over to pull them over first her left, then her right leg as she held on to the picnic table with her free hand.

Karen watched intently, wondering if this was a test from God, and quietly praying that she would pass. She felt her pulse race as she glimpsed her friend’s panty-covered butt, shiny with perspiration. It was at that moment that she realized that Jess was either wearing Karen’s own sky blue panties, or a pair that was identical to the ones that disappeared the day before. She debated briefly before deciding not to say anything that might embarrass her friend. Jess turned around and grabbed the small gym shorts. Now facing Karen, Jess placed her hand on Karen’s shoulder to steady herself as she slid the shorts on. Releasing her hold on Karen’s shoulder, she pulled them up as Karen watched, biting her lip.

“There, that’s better!” Jess grabbed her sweaty leggings and bunched them up before stuffing them into her backpack.

“Yes it is,” Karen heard herself mumbling under her breath as she struggled to keep her composure.

“And thanks for keeping a lookout for our cowboys while I changed, buddy.”

Buddy? Again, mixed signals, Karen thought.

Jess stood in front of her friend as she grabbed the water and sipped the rest of it, with Karen now watching, unashamed.

“Wow, those look much better on you than they did on me,” Karen commented when Jess caught her looking.

“Think so? They’re a little short I guess but they feel so much better than those hot leggings,” Jess said as she turned to show them off.

It was all Karen could do to contain herself as she glanced at Jess’ full but firm ass in the shorts, which were barely long enough to fully cover her cheeks.

“Jason doesn’t know what he’s missing,” Jess giggled as they started to hike again.

“That’s for sure.” They both laughed. Karen quickly took the lead, fearing that she would risk ruining a friendship if she had to continue enduring the sight of Jess from behind. She knew that there were several miles to go, and her willpower was waning by the minute.

Behind her, it was now Jess’ turn to enjoy Karen’s full ass, shiny hamstrings and thighs as she forged ahead, wondering if her friend recognized that Jess was wearing her “borrowed” panties.

(to be continued)

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Girl Talk

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Big Tits

Authors Note – This tale contains traces of D/S. If you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t bother with this one.

Heather walked into the quiet little coffee shop that day to meet her best friend Shannon, noticing immediately that she had claimed a booth in the back.

“Heather! I’m so glad you could come and meet me on such short notice! Please come and sit down.”

“No offense, Shannon, but this had better be as important as you said it was. I had to reschedule some very important meetings to come here today and my boss is oh, so pissed.”

“I’m sorry, dear. I really don’t mean to be such a bother. It’s just that something happened to me last night and I desperately need to talk to someone about it – someone I can trust to be very, very discrete. This is something I can’t even talk to Tom about, so of course I turned to my best friend of twenty years.”

“Don’t be silly, Shannon. Whatever is going on, I’m sure he would understand. Your husband absolutely worships the ground you walk on. You can talk to him about anything. You just need a little reassurance. When he comes back from his business trip . . .”

“No, believe me, I can’t talk to him about this.”

“But why not? What happened last night?”

“. . .”

“Come on, Shannon. Spill.”

“. . .”

“Shannon, you’d better start talking fast. When you called me, I set my career back by three years and nearly got into two traffic accidents racing to come and be here for you. I’m going to be very annoyed with you if it turns out I did all of that for nothing.”

“Do you promise not to tell anybody?”

“Of course, I do.”

“. . .”

“Shannon . . .”

“I cheated on Tom last night, Heather.”


“Shhhh! Will you keep your voice down please?”

“Sorry, but I never imagined that I would hear you say such a thing. You and Tom always seemed so happy together, so madly in love. What happened? Are you two having some kind of trouble that I don’t know about?”

“That’s just it. We’re not! I still love him today as much as I did on the day I married him. I can hardly believe I did it, but I guess I just got swept away. It all happened so fast! Before I knew what was happening, I had been whisked halfway across town and taken to bed by someone other than my spouse.”


“Exactly. That’s why I can’t talk to Tom about this! How can I tell the man I love and cherish more than life itself that I was so willing to jump into bed with someone else the minute his back was turned? Especially when I can’t figure it out myself!”

“Well, what exactly happened?”

“Do you remember how I called you up last night? Said I was bored with sitting around all alone at home while Tom was gone and how I wanted to go out and do something? I suggested that we go out and get a bite to eat and then go see that new play they were putting on down at the community theater.”

“Sure, I remember. I couldn’t go with you because I had a date with Mark. I told you I just couldn’t bring myself to break the date because I felt guilty over how many times I’d had to cancel on him lately because of the endless disasters at my office.”

“Right. Well, I just couldn’t bear another night of sitting around the house and so I went out anyway. I got tickets to that show, but when I saw that I was a couple of hours early, I decided to go over to this cozy little pub I’d noticed just down the street to have a few drinks.”

“Wait, I think I’ve seen this movie before. Is this the one where the heroine gets blind drunk one evening and then wakes up with some strange man the next morning?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Then, what did happen?”

“I was sitting at this little table and minding my own business, nursing a drink and reading this paperback I’d brought, okay? I’d dressed up a little since I was going out, done my hair and make up, you know, and evidently I caught someone’s eye. You should have seen him, Heather. He was fat and had this terrible comb over, but he was clearly convinced that he was God’s gift to women. He stank of booze, too.”

“Yeah, I know that kind of guy all too well. Thank God I finally found a sweetheart like Mark.”

“Anyway, he must have hit on me a thousand times and let me tell you, he had the cheesiest pick-up lines ever! Naturally, I told him that I was married, waved my wedding ring in his face, and kept telling him I wouldn’t be interested if he was the last man on earth, but he simply would not leave me alone. I was beginning to think I would have to leave just so I could get away from the guy, but I then I was suddenly rescued.”

“A knight in shining armor?”

“Something like that. From out of nowhere, this hand lands heavily on the creep’s shoulder and a deep, husky voice tells him to beat it. Let me tell you, Heather, the guy took one look back at who it was, went white as a sheet, and almost tripped over his own feet trying to get away as fast as he could.”

“So then I’m guessing your hero was the muscle bound weightlifter type? That bar’s bouncer, maybe?”

“Nope. As a matter Ankara escort of fact, it was a woman!”


“That’s right – a woman. Apparently she’s pretty well known in there and the bar flies have figured out that they do not want to mess with her.”

“So, this woman rescued you just in time for you to meet that man you cheated on Tom with?”


“What? Did she introduce you to the guy, then?”

“No, again.”

“What then, Shannon?”

“Heather, that woman is who I spent last night with.”

“What?! You slept with another woman?!”

“Yes, I did. Now, will you please keep your voice down.”

“But you couldn’t have slept with a woman, Shannon. You’re not a lesbian.”

“I know, Heather, and yet I did. Trust me, I know because I was there.”

“But how on earth did it happen?”

“Well, first, let me tell you about this woman. Heather, she was fabulous! From the first moment I laid eyes on her I thought she was spectacular! And remember, this was before I was even considering having sex with her.”

“Why? What was the big deal about this girl?”

“Her face was unforgettable. She had this sort of swarthy complexion, you know, full lips, and the most startlingly blue eyes I’ve ever seen, all framed by an incredible mane of curly and jet black hair. She didn’t have that kind of super model, movie star beauty, but she was still the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met.”


“The impression I got, fairly or not, was that she had some Italian blood in her. There was just something about her face that reminded me of the ones on all those classical statues of the old Roman goddesses. She . . . Hey! What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing, I guess. It’s just that I’ve heard of girls saying their guy was built like a Greek god, but never that a woman was as beautiful as a Roman goddess.”

“Well, like I said, that was the impression I got.”

“Okay, okay. So what else? What was she wearing?”

“She was dressed in black leather – soft, supple and so form fitting that it looked as if it had been painted on her.”

“Leather? Kinky.”

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing, Shannon.”

“She was wearing this incredible bustier. It was strapless so her shoulders were left bare, and it had lacing up both sides under her arms. There were some vividly red floral accents along the front that I just know where only there to draw the eye to her cleavage, but let me tell you that this woman needed no help in that regard. She had this incredible pair of big, full boobs, you see, and that bustier pushed them up and out.”

“So, she had some huge tits, huh?”

“Well, not porn star big, but they were pretty generously sized, yeah.”

“Okay, got it. Carry on.”

“Well, her pants seemed incredibly tight, forming themselves to every fluid curve of her long legs and sculpted bottom . . .”


“. . .”


“What? Huh?”

“Talk now, fantasize later.”

“Oh, sorry, Heather. Um, where was I?”

“Tight pants.”

“Oh, yeah! Get this, she also wore a belt that was decorated with little silver studs. The buckle was silver too, but was inlaid with a big piece of turquoise. On her feet were an incredible pair of boots with zippers up the sides and these tall, almost stiletto heels.”

“Wow. I could never wear shoes like that. Really high heels are just too uncomfortable and it’s so hard to keep your balance on them.”

“Well, I’m guessing she’s had a lot of experience at it. They certainly didn’t seem to be causing her any discomfort and she was able to move around with complete confidence and the utmost grace.”

“So, bustier, tight pants, belt and boots, leather and all in black. Anything else?”

“A black leather jacket, decorated with a short fringe.”

“She sounds like a member of a biker gang.”

“Actually, she said she was an attorney, if you can believe that.”

“A lawyer?! Who goes out for a night on the town dressed up like that?!”

“Uh-huh. Oh, and she had on only one piece of jewelry – a sterling silver crucifix hung around her neck by a chain. That chain was just long enough to let that shiny little cross nestle right in her cleavage.”

“Okay, I think I’ve got the picture now. She was an incredible looking woman and she was dressed to kill. So let’s get back to your story now, okay? I’m dying to find out how this woman was able to turn my happily married and completely heterosexual best friend into an adulterous lesbian.”

“Oh . . .”


“No, it’s all right, Heather. It’s the truth, after all. I’m a cheater now. But I’ll tell you something – the sex was the best I’ve ever had! It was just so intense and intimate. It was . . . it was . . .”


“It was . . . it was . . . indescribable.”

“Uh-huh. Did you manage to get her name?”

“She said her name was Rose, but she didn’t offer a last name.”

“Hmmm! How mysterious!”

“Well, I can’t tell you how delighted I was when she got rid of that creep who had been hassling me. She Ankara escort bayan may have been able to scare that drunk so much that he almost peed his pants, but she was nothing but warm and friendly with me. At that moment, I was so happy to be rid of that guy that I offered to buy her a drink and invited her to join me at my table. She accepted both and sat down.”

“You just invited a perfect stranger to join you just like that?”

“Of course. On the one hand, I was a bit concerned that guy might return if my guardian angel left me alone again, while on the other, I was very curious about this woman. What had she done, or what could she do that would send a man running for his life when he earned her glare?”

“From the sound of it, she must be a very dangerous woman.”

“You have no idea. Anyway, that hint of danger only made me more interested in her.”

“How about that. Some girls go for the bad boys. You go for the bad girls.”

“I guess so.”

“And what did you find out?”

“She’s got a black belt in karate. She didn’t give too many details – as a matter of fact, she seemed a little embarrassed to talk about her heroics – but apparently she stepped in to help a few months ago when a woman was being molested in that place. That guy wasn’t as smart as my admirer and actually picked a fight with her. Rose wiped the floor with that jerk.”

“Man, this woman really is dangerous! I have to say, Shannon – you sound awfully proud of your girlfriend.”

“Don’t call her that! It was just a one-night stand sort of thing. I’ll probably never see her again. But why shouldn’t I be proud? With absolutely nothing to gain, Rose put her own safety at serious risk to defend a woman who was being assaulted! That’s definitely behavior that should be admired.”

“Okay, okay.”

“So, we’re sitting there, sipping our drinks and talking about everything under the sun and before you know it, we’re like old friends getting reacquainted after a long separation. She was so smart and so friendly and it was just so easy to talk to her! The time simply flew by and before I knew it I had completely missed the opening act of that play I had been going to see at the community theater.”

“You mean after buying your ticket, you didn’t get to see the show?! Were you able to get your money back?”

“Focus, Heather. We’re talking about me and Rose right now.”


“Anyway, all through the conversation, I kept getting distracted.”

“Distracted? How do you mean?”

“Well, one moment I would be listening to her tell some story, but then I completely lose track of the conversation and drift off into my own little dream world. Sometimes, I would catch the glint of light reflecting off that little crucifix and would stop for a bit to admire it. The effect was actually kind of hypnotic, you know? Other times, I would be admiring her face. Like I said before, it was as ‘interesting’ as it was beautiful and I found it completely fascinating. And don’t even get me started on those incredible eyes . . .”

“So, let me see if I understand this. You spent the whole time either gazing deep into her eyes or into the depths of her cleavage!”

“Will you please keep your voice down! But yes. Sort of. I got so lost at one point that she had to snap her fingers in my face to wake me up.”

“Let me guess: Seeing you get all dreamy over her and staring at her tits, she somehow got the impression that you were romantically interested in her.”


“How odd that she would get that impression. And were you romantically interested in her?”

“. . . maybe.”


“You have to understand that I wasn’t really aware of it at the time, Heather. I mean, had anybody asked me, I would have still claimed that I was a one hundred percent heterosexual woman who was happily married and had no interest whatsoever in committing adultery. As I look back now though, I guess it is pretty clear that I was very attracted to Rose. It must have been so very obvious to her, as well. I must have made such a fool of myself over this woman.”

“How did she react to it?”

“Looking like she does? Dressed like she was? I’m sure she’s used to having people drooling over her. She was cool with it.”

“Sorry, that was kind of a dumb question. Considering that you two ended up sleeping together, I suppose it’s pretty safe to assume that she liked it.”

“She did start flirting with me at about that point. Nothing overtly sexual, though, so I told myself she was just being sweet when she started talking about how nice I looked and all of that. I was eager to respond in kind and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful and gorgeous she was. As a matter of fact, in the end, I think it was me who really turned the conversation in a sexual direction.”

“So, you were finally starting to figure out what was going on?”

“Slowly, but surely. Still, it was kind of a shock to have her leaning forward over the table to talk to me in soft, hushed tones, depositing all of that cleavage right in front of my eyes, and to realize Escort Ankara that I was leaning towards her as well, sort of trying to get closer to her over that little table. She reached out with one hand to play with my hair a little and then to stroke my face, but I didn’t really stop deluding myself that this was all perfectly innocent until her other hand reached across to cup one of my tits.”

“Oh, my God! She grabbed your boob? Right there in a public bar? Right in front of everyone?! No way!”

“Yes, way.”

“So what did you do then?”

“Well, I was pretty shocked at first and it must have shown. I distinctly remembering her laughing at me just a little. However startled I might have been though, I was too fascinated by this incredible woman to even think about getting away from her now. When I didn’t try to escape, she knew without question that I was her’s for the taking. More importantly, so did I.”

“What happened next?”

“She hesitated a moment, I guess to let me calm down and figure things out . . .”

“Also probably to enjoy the feel of your breast!”

“. . . and then she started to unbutton my blouse.”


“Heather? Are you okay? Don’t forget to breathe.”

“Are you seriously telling me this woman started to undress you right there in front of everyone?!”

“If you don’t start keeping your voice down, I’m not going to tell you anything!”


“But, no, she didn’t undress me. Not really. All she did was open the top couple of buttons so that she could see my chest and just the tiniest bit of my boobs and the bra I was wearing. I show lots more than that without any problem whatsoever whenever I put on my bikini, but I felt so utterly and completely naked at that moment. I didn’t resist her though and just waited with baited breath for her to tell me whether or not she liked what she was seeing.”

“I think I can guess what the verdict was.”

“Yes. I can’t even begin to express how overjoyed I was when she smiled and said, ‘Nice.’ I mean, the happiest day of my life has always been the day Tom and I got married, but that’s all changed now. I . . . Um, Heather?”

“. . .”



“I’m up here, Heather. What are you doing – looking at my boobs?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. Sorry about that. It’s only because we’ve been doing so much talking about them, you know? It’s pretty obvious what kind of feelings the memories of last night are stirring up inside you though.”

“What do you mean . . . Whoops! Sorry, I didn’t even realize that I had the ol’ high beams on.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m actually kind of enjoying . . . Uh, I mean, what happened then?”

“That hand she had in my hair? She used it to pull me across to her and kissed me hard full on the mouth.”

“From that dreamy look on your face, I’m guessing it was good?”

“Fireworks! I just melted.”


“And then she just announces that we’re going back to her place. I mean, she didn’t invite me to go home with her, she didn’t ask if I would like to go home with her. She just told me that we were going to her place. Just like that. Like I had no say in the matter whatsoever.”

“Did you?”

“No, I guess I didn’t really. At that moment, I was only too happy to agree. If I’d only known where she lived, I think I might have grabbed her and broken every traffic law there is to get us there as fast as possible. I was simply aching to be with this woman.”

“But what about Tom?”

“In all honesty, I never thought about my husband even once. I was just consumed with desire for Rose and nothing else mattered but her.”

“Man, I wish I could have that kind of power over someone. Even if it was just for one day!”

“You’d like to spend some time dominating Mark, huh?”


“Mark. Your boyfriend.”

“Oh, Mark! Oh, yes! That’s who I was thinking about. Mark. Of course, I mean who else could I have possibly been thinking about.”

“I’m sure I have no idea. No idea at all. So anyway, Rose took me by the hand and started to lead me towards the exit and the parking lot. Well, you’ll never believe this, but that’s exactly the moment when I start to regain my grip on reality. I don’t know, maybe it was because I could suddenly feel my wedding ring pressing against my fingers when she gave my hand a little squeeze.”

“Yep. That could probably do it.”

“All of a sudden the full weight of what I was about to do landed on me. I have a good marriage and a happy home! Why would I want to put everything I have at risk just because this woman wanted to get laid tonight? I mean, like you said before, I’m not even a lesbian!”


“But when I looked at her, I could feel my resistance slipping away. I can’t imagine how she suddenly got so much power over me, but I knew that all she had to do was give me a wink and I would still put out for her even then. I knew my only recourse was to get away from her and fast.”

“So . . .”

“So, I jerked my hand out of her’s and made a dash for the door. Once I was out in the parking lot and a little ways from the building, I slowed it down to a very fast walk. She wasn’t a rapist, I reasoned. Surely she would get the message that I wasn’t interested anymore and not come chasing after me.”

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David’s Glory Hole

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As a bisexual man whose wife either doesn’t know about his gay side or doesn’t care, David is very aware of how to find casual male sex partners. If no potential partners are advertising on the internet, there is a movie theater he can go to where he can find men to suck off, or some bookstores where he can go for the same reason. One day, with his wife at work, David decided to pay the bookstore a visit.

After checking the video booths but seeing no potential action there, David headed for the men’s room, buying a porno book on the way so he wouldn’t be perceived as freeloading. In the rest room were two stalls and one urinal because the management knows what their patrons want and caters to those wants. One of the stalls was occupied, as David could see from the feet pointing toward the door but the other one was vacant. He went inside, sat down, opened his book at random and started reading about a woman in a three-way.

The partition between the two stalls was about eight feet tall and started a few inches from the floor. To the right of David and even with his face was a round hole, three inches in diameter, with its edges sanded smooth. To David and other gay and bisexual men, holes in public rest rooms like this one are universally known as “glory holes” and places where they are located are known as “tearooms”. About a minute after David sat down, he heard rustling in the stall next to him and a small, soft cock came through the glory hole toward him. Small was just fine with him. Although it wouldn’t have done much for his asspussy, it was a good size to suck on and soft was actually a plus because David likes to feel a cock stiffen in his mouth.

He set down his book, put his dentures in his pocket and held the cock in his fingers to smell it. After it passed that test, David gently licked the head. Since it smelled and tasted allright to him, he leaned forward and, using his tongue only, pulled the small cock into his mouth. The man on the other side took a deep breath and pressed himself against his side of the partition as David, with the entire cock inside his mouth, rolled it around with his tongue and caressed it against the insides of his cheeks, enjoying the way it was growing and getting hard.

The kind of treatment it was getting caused the cock to stiffen completely in less than a minute and David started slowly stroking it with his mouth. As it slid in and out between his lips, David’s tongue massaged the shaft, giving pleasure to the other man and getting pleasure from the feel of the round warmth. The nice thing about sucking a small cock like this one is that David was able to pleasure his entire mouth, even tickling his lips against the other man’s pubic hair. While he enjoyed himself on his side of the glory hole, the man on the other side was also having fun, as David could tell from the way he was breathing heavily and squirming against the hole. He was thrusting his cock into David’s space, eager to get it entirely into the warm wetness that was Ankara bayan escort available and David was more than happy to oblige.

One problem sometimes with sucking a cock through a glory hole is that David was not able to hold onto the other man’s ass when he felt him getting ready to cum. That didn’t matter this time because the man with the small cock very much wanted to cum into the mouth in the other cubicle and he continued pushing himself against his side of the glory hole. Although David was in no hurry to have the man cum, since he was truly enjoying the feel of the hard cock sliding in and out between his lips and gums, he could tell it was going to happen very soon. With the cock throbbing and twitching inside his mouth, David tightened his lips around the shaft and started stroking faster, with his tongue in a position to catch the semen that would soon be pleasing his taste buds.

The man with his cock in David’s mouth wanted to cum too. His pubic area was pressed as tightly against his side of the partition as he could get, and when David glanced down, he could see the man’s feet shuffling on the floor in a kind of a dance as his climax built. Finally, he grunted and sighed, and thick gobs of cum spurted into David’s mouth. Holding the cock tightly between his gums, David savored the taste of the semen before swallowing it, and milked the softening shaft to get it all. After enjoying everything from inside the man’s cock, David gently took it out of his mouth and held it in his fingertips while he licked off every drop from the outside. When he was through, he released the cock, which had softened completely by that time, and it disappeared back into the other cubicle.

From the rustling of cloth, it was evident the man was putting his pants back on and, seconds later the door closed behind him as he, unseen by David except for his cock, walked away. Hoping another prospect would be along soon, David unzipped his pants to fondle his own hardness and resumed reading his book.

The wait was a surprisingly short one. Just a few minutes later the door to the other cubicle closed, and David looked up from his book to see what would be happening. There was no way of knowing whether the newcomer wanted to suck a cock or to have his own sucked off and there was always the possibility that he was just there to defecate. David decided to wait a few minutes and, if nothing else happened, he would stick his own cock through the glory hole. The book he was reading and the fun of sucking off the first man had gotten him horny and he would either masturbate or let the man in the next cubicle suck him off.

The man next door made the first move. A pinkish-red cock, big but only semi-hard eased its way through the hole next to David’s face. He tested this one the same as he had the first one, holding it in his fingers and smelling and licking it before deciding the ruddy cock was something he wanted in his mouth. The second man was hung bigger and his cock started out Escort bayan Ankara harder than the first so licking his cock, besides testing it and being fun, provided lubrication so it would slide more easily between David’s lips.

After the test was passed successfully, David opened his mouth and, teasingly, took the spongy cock head between his lips, holding it there and licking it. The shaft quickly stiffened and David moved his face slowly forward, taking it all the way in until it bumped against the back of his throat. While holding it there and caressing it with his tongue, David reveled in the feel of the stiff cock that filled his mouth so well. It would feel even better with his lips stroking it so, slowly, he moved his head away, licking the shaft as he backed away until just the head was between his lips. “This is a really nice cock,” he thought. “I want to take my time with this,” and his tongue continued licking the head, probing at the slit in the end.

Back and forth David’s head moved, taking the really nice cock deeply in and then almost all the way out of his mouth, loving every second of every stroke. He loved the way the texture of the head felt on his tongue, then the ridge, followed by the smooth skin and round firmness of the shaft on his gums as his mouth enveloped it. David really loved everything about sucking the man off and he hoped the man would give up a big mouthful of semen and then reciprocate by sucking David’s cock.

The man in the other cubicle was loving it also, breathing hard, almost panting, and moving his cock around as he pressed himself against the partition. “Uh. Uh. Uh.” he grunted as his cock throbbed in David’s wet and pleasuring mouth.

The man was ready to climax, David knew, and he slowed down the strokes with his mouth to try to delay it. Even with the slower strokes it was apparent that the man was on the verge of cumming and David wanted to catch all the juices in his mouth and swallow them. He considers a mouthful of cum to be his reward for doing well at sucking a cock and he is disappointed if he doesn’t get it.

While the cock jerked in his mouth, David tightened his lips and placed his tongue in position to catch what would be ejaculated. The first gush, a bit salty but delicious to David, squirted onto his tongue. After savoring the taste, he swallowed it, and caught the second and third spurts, all equally delicious, and swallowed it all. When no more was forthcoming, David tightened his lips even more, pressed the softening shaft against his upper gum and milked it for every drop he could get. After that, he took the cock out of his mouth and held it in his fingers while he licked all around the head and under the ridge to get everything. When he was satisfied that there was no more left, David released the cock and the man on the other side of the partition backed away. Once again, there were the sounds of pants being pulled back on and fastened.

“Hey, how about reciprocating?” was the welcome query Bayan escort Ankara David heard a few seconds later.

With great alacrity, he got to his feet, lowered his pants and shorts and poked his hard-on through the glory hole. This time, his was the cock that was tested by licking and was then engulfed by a stranger’s warm, wet mouth. Although he had derived great pleasure from sucking off two men and swallowing the cum they rewarded him with, David felt a different kind of pleasure as his own cock was held firmly by a pair of lips and gently laved by a tongue. As the unseen lips stroked back and forth, sometimes there was a prickling sensation on the upper side of his shaft. Apparently the man, like David, had a mustache.

Also like David, he was adept at pleasuring a cock with his mouth and receiving pleasure as well. His lips were just tight enough on the shaft they were stroking, and his tongue was just active enough to give maximum pleasure. It was becoming one of the best blowjobs that David had ever gotten and he was glad he had refrained from masturbating when the urge first struck.

He became even gladder with every skillful stroke of the lips on his cock. David was sighing and moaning as his pleasure mounted and he found himself trying to thrust his cock deeper into the mouth that was bringing him closer to ecstasy. Fortunately, he was pressed tightly against the partition so the thrusts of his cock through the glory hole had nowhere to go and the man on the other side could suck the cock at his own pace.

It was a good pace for both men. After a long period of pure pleasure, David groaned, the muscles in his ass clenched and he climaxed, depositing a gob of his semen into the mouth that was giving him so much pleasure and getting so much pleasure from him. The other man’s lips stopped moving and his mouth squeezed the cock it still held. David felt fingers on the base of his shaft and a thumb starting to squeeze out the cum still inside. As the thumb moved onward, the lips released their gentle hold and the other man’s tongue started licking everything off the cock head and everything that he was able to milk from it.

David relaxed, leaning against the partition, still enjoying his great climax, as the other man licked him clean. By the time the tongue had finished its job, his cock was flaccid and David sat on the toilet seat for a few minutes. After sucking off two men and being sucked off, he decided that was enough fun for the day. The next rustling of clothing was David getting dressed again. The other man stayed in his cubicle, probably in the hopes of sucking off some other men. David left, hoping the two of them would share a glory hole again some day, although they wouldn’t know one another by sight. He left his book lying on the floor; he had gotten his benefit from it and he didn’t want his wife finding it, so now some other patron could use it, or management might retrieve it and sell it again.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whether you did or not, please vote and provide feedback, either a PC or an email to me. I enjoy knowing what readers think and feedback helps me write more and better. I always respond to every email or PC.

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Full Moon Eyes

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Lockdown had been the strangest of times for Rory. On the one hand it was nice to see the news of carbon emissions lowering, wildlife coming back into cities and actually having a chance to re-connect with friends and family in a really authentic way. On the other hand it was boring as hell to be stuck in her little one bedroom flat in a quiet suburban street in London. When she had been told that she wouldn’t need to come to work and would be put on furlough it had seemed like a lottery win, to be paid to stay at home and watch tv and play video games but after the novelty wore off she found herself listless without any human companionship and only her dog for companionship.

More than ever she noticed her neighbours watching them in their little daily routines, hearing snatches of their conversations as they went about their lives. One couple took her interest though, the males voice always seeming to catch her attention and when she saw the woman he was with Aurora was captivated. She was slim, with a short trendy bob and delicate features. Aurora had caught her on more than one occasion rolling her eyes as her – she could only assume boyfriend – ranted on. She had a unique sense of style and Aurora had no idea what this girl was doing with this up tight loser of a man.

Weeks ran on and time started to bleed into one another. Aurora tried to maintain a yoga practise and had tried to start running but sacked it off after three days realising she had no passion or interest for it. Following an outdoor yoga session she sank into an old patio chair in her front garden, admiring the pinks and oranges as they streaked across the sky, her feet up on an empty plant pot. She was about to drop into a tiktok hole when the sound of a wheelie bin grating across concrete made her jump. Looking up from her phone she saw that beautiful woman across the road, struggling with the bin. Pushing herself to stand up she watched her with interest only to call out, amusement in her voice. “…you’re way too fit to be taking out the bins!”

Lucy looked up from where she was holding the bin lid, surprised at first to hear a voice at all. “Maybe tell my boyfriend that,” She teased, her eyes rolling, though there was an edge to it. “The trash doesn’t take itself out,” she lamented, dusting off her hands over a tight, bright blue skirt. She hadn’t stopped dressing up in lockdown: she dressed for herself, even if Payton took next to no notice. “Though I wish it would.”

Rory stood up and walked over to the wall of her front garden, leaning forward to rest her elbows on it. “…I mean I would. Payton! Get off your butt and take the bins out… know your place!’ she called out, but kept her voice down so he wouldn’t actually be able to hear. Her lips tugged into a smile as she laughed quietly to herself. “…much too fit to be handling bins.”

Lucy was surprised she knew her boyfriend’s name. She burst out laughing at that false call, casting a glance over her shoulder at the window all the same. “He’s got a lot of lofty ideas about his place,” she teased, biting into her lip as she walked to the edge of her wall, too, looking at her across the street. “What about you? Do you take out your own bins?”

“I live alone… so I have to do all of the gross stuff unfortunately,” Rory smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “But there are benefits to living alone so it balances out quite nicely. It’s just a bit weird at this point in time because I really am alone you know?” Tucking her peach coloured hair behind her ear she smiled at her. “…I’m sure being locked down as a couple is interesting too.”

“Can you train your dog to take the bins out? He jumps the gate enough,” Lucy teased with a smile, eyeing her curiously. “I think I’d take the alone time, if you want to swap?” She murmured. “I think a pandemic lockdown is the real test of a relationship.”

Rory laughed, surprised that Lucy had noticed her too. “He is a menace,’ she admitted and rolled her eyes. “I mean we could swap and I’ll whip your man into shape if you’d like?” she winked.

Lucy laughed to herself, rolling her eyes. “I mean … he looks like he keeps you on your toes,” she smiled, only to shake her head. “He’s pretty immovable on most things.”

“You’d be surprised what the threat of physical violence and the loss of treasured items will do for someones motivation,” Rory winked and waved at her. “I”m Rory by the way.”

Lucy grinned a little at that. “I’ll have to keep you on speed dial,” she joked, only to nod. “I’m Lucy.” Raising her hand she gave an awkward wave, it feeling weird to not be able to get close to someone and shake their hand.

“I already knew your name… I hear him calling it from my flat,” Rory admitted and laughed quietly. “You should get out of the house more if he’s doing your head in.”

Lucy started laughing. “Right, we have so many options right now,” she said, shaking her head. “Guess I could take an eight hour walk,” she joked.

“I – yeah the situation isn’t ideal… but there’s an option to get out even for thirty Ankara escort minutes for a walk,” Rory hitched one shoulder. “Better to walk a mile than to stab someone in the chest forty nine times.”

Lucy burst out laughing at that, shaking her head. “I – wow. I mean, he’s not quite that bad,” she said only to pause, adding darkly: “most of the time.”

“It only takes once,” Rory winked and pushed herself to stand up straight again, adjusting the strap of her vest top where it had slipped down her slender arm.

Lucy nodded, her eyes rolling skyward. “What do you think the art programmes are like in prison?”

“Probably terrible,” Rory laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “Are you an artist?”

Lucy shrugged. “I like painting,” she said honestly, her eyes on her. “Crafts generally. I don’t know if I’d say artist.”

“What do you do for a living then?” Rory asked curiously.

Lucy shrugged. “I’m an illustrator for kids books,” she admitted. “And I have a shop. But calling it art is another thing.”

“That’s so cool! What kind of characters do you create?” Rory asked curiously, her lips spreading into an easy smile.

Lucy smiled. “They’re pretty … whimsical? Almost Tim Burtonesque,” she said with a shrug. “What do you do?”

“That’s cool. I love Tim Burton, I work in a coffee shop.” Rory had always been interested in creative people as she was terrible at art herself, the closest she came to any kind of design was mastering latte art.

Lucy tipped her head, her short uneven blonde hair tipping to the side with the movement. “Really? Which one?”

“The Attendant? In Fitzrovia?” Rory replied. “Have you ever been?”

Lucy arched an eyebrow but smiled fondly. “The converted men’s toilet?” She teased.

“I – ” Rory laughed and nodded. “The one and only,” she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s nice in there. Peaceful.”

Lucy smiled. “I’d hope so. It’s underground,” she teased only to nod. “I like it there. I haven’t seen you, though.”

“How often do you go in?” Rory asked curiously, not having noticed her in there before and knowing she definitely would have noticed. Lucy was beautiful from afar and Rory could only imagine how gorgeous she would be up close. Her cheekbones were delicate and her lips were full, if it weren’t for her petite stature Rory would have thought she could have been a model.

Lucy shrugged. “I used to go a little more,” she said. “Maybe a year ago. Maybe we missed each other.”

“I only started six months ago when I moved here,” she smiled. “I worked at Workshop before that when I lived East.”

Lucy nodded slowly at that. “Shame I missed you,” she murmured. “I thought I’d remember you.”

Rory fluttered her eyelashes at her and feigned being bashful even as her heart genuinely raced at the idea that Lucy thought she was attractive too. “I know I would remember you… sounds weird but I’ve been watching you the past few weeks…”

Lucy’s eyes blinked at that before she just shook her head barely, wondering what that even meant. “Well, there’s not much on Netflix…” she joked. “And Payton’s loud.”

Seeing Lucy’s reaction Rory laughed. “Sorry – I know that sounds creepy. But you’re right. His voice just catches my attention so I see you two coming and going.”

Lucy shook her head a little more at that. “No. It’s not creepy,” she assured her. “Just … I imagine we’re entertaining,” she mumbled, knowing that their fights were less than subtle. “Popcorn worthy.”

Rory made an eek face and she shrugged her shoulders. “Every relationship has ups and downs right?”

Lucy just laughed, but there was a sadness to it as it exhaled in a sigh. “I guess so. So it’s just you and – what’s your dogs name?”

“His name is Benny… he was a rescue,” Rory smiled fondly.

Lucy smiled. “Can I meet him?”

“Uh sure, he’s probably just sleeping,” she smiled and turned to walk into the flat. “Bennnnyyyy…” she called and there was a pause before a red sable cockapoo came bounding out and jumped up at her excitedly. “Here he is,” Rory smiled and hooked her arms around him to sit him on the wall.

Lucy melted a little as he came running up, laughing softly at the energy and he watched her take hold of him. “Good thing,” she murmured with a wink. “I’ve seen him wrangle his way out a few times.”

“He is a menace it’s true,” Rory laughed and rolled her eyes. “But he’s adorable.”

Lucy smiled. “Forgivable, then,” she said, eyeing him fondly. “I’d love a dog. He’s sweet.”

“They’re a lot of work but they’re worth it,” she smiled and waved his paw at her.

Lucy smiled. “Payton’s not a fan. But maybe I can pupsit sometime.”

“Just find one. What can he do? No one can turn away big puppy eyes. He doesn’t need to know you went out of your way..” Rory laughed softly.

Lucy laughed. “I mean … I don’t know. I think if anyone could, it’s him,” she said as she eyed Benny over. “It’s almost like he has no soul,” she teased with a wink.

Rory paused for a moment, Ankara escort bayan unsure of how to react as she definitely had opinions on Payton from afar. He always looked so moody and she frequently saw him snapping at Lucy as they walked up and down the street and that was separate to the fights she had overheard. “I mean I get that vibe but I don’t know him.”

Lucy shook her head. “I shouldn’t be saying this. He’s – he’s not all bad, really.” As much as she felt the words were true her Mom had always told her never to bad mouth your partner.

“No… but you just look like you’re not very satisfied right now,” Rory said, shrugging her shoulders as she cuddled Benny to her chest.

Lucy shrugged. “I’m not. But I chose him, right? Thick and thin. It’s hard on everyone right now.”

“Yeah it is… but you’re way too fit to be taking the bins out… and you deserve to be happy,” Rory pointed out, repeating her first comment to try and lighten the mood on what felt like a souring conversation.

Lucy smiled, her eyes on hers for a moment. “I’ll let him know,” she said, knowing full well she’d say nothing to confirm it as that would mean saying it out loud and then having to do something about it. “You’re also too fit to take out your own bins.”

Rory laughed and rolled her eyes at that. “Benny isn’t going to do it so it’s me for now.”

Lucy shook her head. “We’re both being cheated.”

“Maybe we should just move in together and employ a cleaner,” Rory laughed, setting Benny down when he started to wriggle.

Lucy laughed. “That sounds like a winning combo. And I can share Benny. We all win.”

“Exactly. He gives the best snuggles,” Rory smiles and bit into her lip, wondering how suggestive to be. “Well. The offer is always open.”

Lucy’s brows wiggled and she nodded. “Even during a pandemic?”

“Just makes it more illicit right?” Rory winked and smiled. “I’m not going anywhere so it’s not like we’re spreading.”

Lucy was a little taken aback by that, knowing she shouldn’t but she felt a rush of relief at the thought. Eyeing her over, she nodded. “I’ll take you up on that.”

“I look forward to it,” she murmured and, eyeing her over and gave her a wink. “Sooner the better.”

Lucy glanced up toward the flat only to pause. “Now?”

Rory raised an eyebrow and nodded. “I can make you breakfast?”

Lucy glanced up at the flat and she nodded. “He’s not gonna wake up for a while,” she said. “What’s on offer though?” She teased.

Rory paused in thought and shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve definitely got eggs… we’ll have to see what I can rustle up.”

Lucy nodded. Glancing back at the flat she doubled back to close the door before crossing the street, unsure of why her pulse was spurred to life. She barely got there when Benny was throwing his little frame up against the gate to say hello. “Well, hi,” she smiled as she leaned over to pet him, trying to keep him back as she opened the gate. “I’m going to steal you,” she stage whispered, leaning down.

“Oh you can take him,” she laughed and opened the gate, holding Benny back with her foot. Eyeing Lucy over she smiled and wandered inside her flat. “Any allergies or preferences?”

Lucy picked Benny up when the gate was closed, laughing as he licked her face and it was the first time in a while she’d felt that tense bubble around her break. “Nothing,” she said as she followed her inside curiously. “I’ll eat everything. Can I help?”

“I’m good…” Rory pulled out a chair for her to sit down. “Tea or coffee?’ she asked as she glanced in the fridge to see what was on offer.

“Tea,” Lucy smiled, watching her move to the fridge and she sat down. “I can’t remember the last time I ate breakfast,” she admitted, still snuggling Benny.

“What? Why?” Rory asked as she filled up the kettle and then took out some chorizo and eggs from the fridge. “Don’t you like breakfast?”

Lucy shrugged. “I make it for Payton? But I don’t really eat it,” she said. “I can’t really be bothered half the time.”

“But if you’re already making it why wouldn’t you have it?” she asked and handed her a cup of tea once it was brewed.

Lucy shrugged. “I don’t know. It kind of loses its appeal when you make it sometimes?” She said, taking the tea and she eyed her over, appreciating her for a moment. “Thanks.”

“Yeah that’s true,” she smiled and chopped up the chorizo with a red pepper in the pan. “I’m the same. I mostly just eat avocado on toast.”

Lucy nodded. “See? You get it. The novelty goes away,” she said, pressing her face to Benny’s fur as she watched her and he sighed. “He’s perfect.”

“He is until he rolls in fox poo…” Rory smiled, making dagger eyes at him for a moment only to add eggs to the pan, stirring it all around. “So what art do you do for fun?”

Lucy ruffled his fur. “So he gets a lot of baths then? He’s so soft,” she laughed. “We all have our vices, right?” She joked only to shrug. “Mostly abstract paintings I guess.”

“Not portraits? I can’t commission Escort Ankara you?” Rory asked with a chuckle.

Lucy smiled at that. “I’ve done portraits,” she said. “Self? Or Benny?”

“Self.” Rory smiled and pushed the food around the plan. “I always liked the idea of immortalising what I looked like as a young perosn.”

Lucy tilted her head at that and she nodded. “Okay,” she nodded. “When?”

“Whenever you’re free?” Rory smiled and put the egg scramble onto two plates and came to sit down beside her. “Only if you want to?”

Lucy shrugged. “I’d like to,” she said, settling Benny down as he stuck his nose in the air to smell the food. Tucking into the breakfast she groaned. “This is so good. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Rory smiled and dug in herself. “I am pretty much just learning to cook during lockdown.”

Lucy glanced over at her. “Really?” She smiled. “Might be a natural.”

“I don’t know about that… but I can definitely make eggs,” Rory smiled and covered her eggs in cholula. “Picked up any hobbies in lockdown?”

Lucy shook her head. “Mainly just been focusing more on painting. Started gardening a little,” she said, her eyes on hers. “What else have you practiced making?”

“I’ve made cakes… tried a wellington and that went horribly,” Rory laughed and rolled her eyes. “Started a tiktok account too. I’ve been very bored,” she laughed, sipping her own tea.

Lucy laughed at that. “What’s your TikTok handle?” She asked, finishing up her plate and sipping her tea. “Now we’re onto the interesting stuff.”

“Oh I’m not sure I should share that… it’s full of thirst traps,” Rory murmured and cleared their plates, dumping them in the sink and sinking down next to her, crossing one leg over the other.

“You absolutely should share it. I’m all about girls feeling themselves,” Lucy said honestly with a smile. “So what kind of tiktoks do you do?”

“You want to watch girls feeling themselves?” Rory asked with mock wide eyes.

Lucy paused only to start laughing. “Maybe?” She teased with a smile. “I just like to see the confidence.”

Rory smiled and nodded. “Well I sometimes have a lot of that,” she admitted, tying her peach hair up into a ponytail. “I mean you should get in there. Viral in seconds.”

Lucy laughed. “Mmm, doubtful,” she said. “I don’t have that thirst trap

Confidence,” she said, eyeing her over. “Or a body like yours.”

Rory rose an eyebrow at that and shook her head. “You’re insane. You have an amazing body…”

[18:38, 04/07/2020] Kezia: Lucy laughed. “I have the body of a twelve year old boy.”

Rory shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I won’t hear it. You dress amazingly. And have a beautiful face. Can you throw it back? Probably not. But still!”

Lucy grinned. “Hey, there might be more ass hiding under this skirt than it looks,” she pointed out.

“Well exactly. Proving my point,” Rory laughed as she topped up their tea. “Have you always lived in London?”

Lucy shook her head. “I was born in New York, but we moved here when I was five. I’ve been here ever since.” She paused. “How about you?”

“I’m from here,” she nodded and smiled to herself. “Never lived outside of London.”

Lucy smiled. “Do you wish you lived somewhere else in lockdown? I feel that itch sometimes.”

“Yes… my Nan lives in Cornwall and I wish I was there,” Rory nodded. “So much space.”

Lucy sighed as she took another sip of her tea, enjoying actually being around someone who wanted to talk to her for a change rather than ignoring her existence. “Not tempted to escape?”

“My Nan is shielding so I can’t unfortunately,’ Rory said with a soft sigh. “But I’ll see her soon.”

Lucy nodded. “But you’re not tempted to just rent a place?”

“Definitely tempted but I’m on furlough so I definitely can’t afford two places,” she murmured and shrugged her shoulders. “It would be great though.”

Lucy shrugged. “I think I’d do it if I could, too.”

“Would Payton want to go?” Rory asked, smiling at her over the rim of her cup.

Lucy crinkled her nose, her head shaking. “No way,” she said before taking a sip. “He hates the country.”

“How can anyone hate the country?” Rory asked and shook her head.

Lucy shrugged. “He likes the city. The pace,” she said. “It’s always been him. He’d go crazy.”

Rory tutted and shook her head. “Sorry. I feel like I’m just bashing on your man which isn’t cool.

Lucy paused, biting into her lip. “It’s fine. I just don’t know if I’m unfair.”

“What makes you feel you might be unfair?’ Rory asked, tilting her head to one side.

Lucy shook her head. “He hasn’t always been bad. Maybe it’s just the test of lockdown.”

Rory nodded and reached out, resting her hand over Lucy’s gently. “it’s tough on everyone.”

Lucy glanced down at their hands at the warmth of her touch and he shook his head. “I just feel like I don’t even like him sometimes.”

“Maybe you don’t?” Rory pointed out. “…when was the last time he really made you laugh?”

Lucy’s eyes batted before her head shook, a little bewildered. “I don’t remember.”

“I – that’s a little worrying don’t you think?” Rory asked, giving her hand a gentle squeeze only to take it back.

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Danny Comes to Stay Ch. 02

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Perhaps it’s not surprising that my husband had lost his hard-on while he was watching my ex hungrily rimming my splayed hole.

“Just gonna get him nice and slippy,” Danny had said before plunging his face into my butt crack and giving me the most intense and satisfying rimjob I’d had in five years.

As my old flame was slobbering and slurping away at my backside, surfacing intermittently to gasp for air, Alex asked, “How is it, Matt? Any good?”

It was a difficult question to answer: not because I was in any way confused about my opinion of such a sensationally-administered arse-snog, but because I really didn’t want to hurt Alex’s feelings. Rimming me just isn’t his thing, you see. When we’d first met, he’d tried to pleasure me by licking my bum-hole but it became increasingly clear that it’s not something he naturally enjoys. He once admitted that to him it tastes a bit ‘icky’ and even blurted out when he was drunk one time that it felt nasty to have to put his mouth back there.

Anyway, I thought I better play it safe with my response. “So so,” I said as nonchalantly as I could, thankful that he couldn’t see how much my cock was throbbing and dribbling underneath my belly.

He said, “You’re squirming a lot as he’s doing it.”

“It’s just a bit… er… different from how you do it.”

“Different as in better?” he asked with apparent concern.

“Different as in… er…” I began, stifling a gasp at the way Danny’s tongue was flicking in and out of me and teasing my hole with confident skill. “You can tell he enjoys it,” I eventually managed.

Alex called over to him, “I think he’s wet enough now, Danny.”

Danny pulled away from my bum and chortled as he stood up. “Yeah, just makin’ sure, mate. The way his arse has clamped up, I figured he’d need a few extra gobs of spit.”

“We’ve got lube in the drawer,” Alex reminded him.

“Yeah, but where would the fun be in usin’ that?!” Danny chuckled.

He lined his cock up with my hole again and grabbed my hips firmly so that he could force the broad head of it through my spit-soaked ring.

Even with all the wetness and the way I was bending over so low, I found myself struggling to take him and had to make a conscious effort to relax my sphincter, the way I used to when Danny and I had first hooked up.

“C’mon Matty,” he grunted, pushing his bell-end hard against my entrance. “Imagine you’re squeezin’ out a fuckin’ great duke!”

“I’m doing that!” I gasped, his knob feeling like a battering ram trying to force its way in through the keyhole.

“Where do you want me?” Alex asked chirpily. “I don’t mind… er… helping to guide you in…”

It struck me as a slightly odd question but when you’re bending over and trying as hard as you can to relax your rectal muscles, you don’t tend to query things you might have otherwise.

“I can manage alright myself, mate,” Danny retorted as his huge mushroom finally pushed its way into my anus. “Aah yeah! That’s got it!”

A few inches of his massive cock shaft slid into me, cleaving me open as my arse strained to consume it.

“Aw Jesus! This feels so fuckin’ good!” he called out, moving his hands up to hold me by the shoulders as he levered inch after inch of his monster relentlessly up into my innards.

“You’re so lucky, Alex mate,” he panted to my husband as his cock steadily filled me, “to ‘ave bum sex on tap every time you want it!”

Alex didn’t respond and Danny let out an animal grunt as the veiny girth of his cock drove its full length inside me. His two big hairy bollocks were pressing against the backs of my legs, feeling as if they were throbbing they were so overdue for release.

“I bet you love to bum him, don’t you, mate?” he asked Alex as he slowly started withdrawing his organ again in preparation to start humping me properly. “I bet you fuck him so hard that he starts fartin’ like a stuffed pig!”

Again Alex didn’t reply so Danny continued, his bloated rod sliding back into me with a quickening pace, “I bet you bang him so rough he ends up shittin’ spunk for days!”

He chuckled at his own wit as his cock took up a steady rhythm in and out of my tautly stretched hole.

“Actually I prefer frot,” Alex quipped. “I find it a more sensual way of making love with my husband.”

Danny chuckled. “Rubbin’ your stalks together? Playin’ sword fights with each other’s sprongs like two kids?”

“It’s far more erotic, I’ll have you know. It can be very beautiful and deeply intense.”

Danny chortled at the mere idea. For him sex had always been about getting his dick up another guy’s butt.

“Each to their own, mate,” he scoffed. “No wonder Matty’s little shitter’s just about healed up!”

Alex had been very vocal about wanting to try anal sex with me all the time we’d been messaging each other and when we’d started meeting up socially. He said he’d fantasized a lot about ‘doing a companion up the ass’ and was desperate to try it. Before he’d met me, he’d only done tentative stuff with casual hook-ups and penetration with strangers had been Ankara bayan escort an absolute no-no for him.

Needless to say I was very keen on the idea of having this cute geeky tall bloke have his way with my bum, and it was only when he actually tried to shove his dick up me – right after the ‘tin of beans’ comment – that he seemed to lose interest.

For some reason my backside never seemed to do it for him. In the early days, he’d mount me seemingly out of a sense of duty and more often than not he’d suggest we try other things. Perhaps the active sexual imagination I mentioned arose from necessity: he’d had to think up other things we could do during lovemaking, trying to find ways we could have fun without him having to put his cock anywhere near my godawful arsehole.

Alex’s favourite position these days is for us both to be facing each other and kneeling upright on the bed. We’ll be kissing deeply and intensely, our tongues driving back and forth into each other’s mouths, while our cocks rub together between our stomachs, massaging one another as our balls nudge gently together. We caress each other’s backs and buttocks, although the crease between the cheeks is at all costs avoided, and our rhythm steadily increases until we’re jabbing our two erections strenuously together. We’re soon gripping each other tightly by the waist, with our spines arching backward and our cocks a blur of frantic thrusting between our wildly bucking hips. Alex will cum first – he always does – and as his spouting jizz rains down to lubricate my larger hard-on, my own slit lets rip with a white fountain of its own.

So frot is the main way we’ve made love for the last few years. Alex calls it ‘proper gay sex’ and regularly expresses his view that anal intercourse is a mere substitute for the vaginal penetration enjoyed by heterosexual men.

“We’re two men, Matt… we have male sexual organs,” he’d tell me. “We should focus our lovemaking on our penises, stimulating them together.”

“But they don’t connect together,” I’d insist. “Your cock and my bum would make a really nice fit!”

“Your bum isn’t your sexual organ, hun,” he’d reply. “It’s what you shit through and it should have no part in a gay couple’s bedroom.”

So when we both feel horny nowadays, we get together for a vigorous bout of face-to-face frot.

I’ve asked gay friends of mine – those who don’t mind talking sex – if they and their partners prefer anal or frot. Almost always the answer is along the lines of, “What the hell is frot?” and when I tell them the reply is something like, “No way, man… you can’t beat a good butt-fuck!”

To my surprise Alex seemed to enjoy watching Danny take me up the arse from behind. His cock rapidly hardened until it was curving upwards above his bollocks, and the head of it steadily darkened from a bright red to a beautiful, opulent purple.

He peered at us intently, fascinated by how much dribble was flinging from my own erection at it jiggled around underneath my stomach, and enrapt at how roughly Danny was slamming his hips against my buttocks as he held me firm by the hips.

“So tell me, Alex,” Danny panted over at him. “Why don’t you like doin’ lover-boy up his chuff? What’s wrong with a bit of good old-fashioned bum sex, mate?”

“It just doesn’t work for me,” Alex replied. “When I want to express my love for my husband, I don’t want to bend him over and rut away at his backside.”

“But this is gay sex, dude… this is how it works when it’s two fellas…”

“It might be gay sex, but it’s not gay lovemaking. I mean, look at you… standing behind him humping his arse like a dog.”

Danny guffawed without missing a beat pounding in and out of me, but I called out, “Oh… come on! It’s not that bad!”

Alex turned to me and explained, “I love you, Matt. I don’t want to look at your back when we make love, I want to see your eyes, your smile… I want to taste your kisses…”

“We could do it from the front… I’ve suggested it before…”

“But that’s still penetration, sweetheart… it’s so much nicer being intimate as two equals… using both our cocks together…”

I accidentally let out a fart around Danny’s relentlessly hammering shaft, causing Alex to add, “And I want our lovemaking to smell musky and male… not of farts and bum odour!”

“But that’s the best bit,” Danny chortled. “The stink of fucking another fella up his shitter is a big part o’ the fun!”

“Not to me,” Alex asserted. “At least not where my husband is concerned… I want our sex together to be beautiful and sensual, not smelling so… well… anal.”

“You’ve got a hard-on now,” Danny said, still humping roughly behind my bent-over back. “You seem to like the look of our position and the smell of his arsehole getting ploughed.”

“But you don’t love each other,” Alex smiled back at him. “What you’re doing is just sex… so, yes, I’m getting turned-on that it looks so crude and smells a bit rough.”

“You like the smell of me taking it?” I gasped, suddenly aroused that my hubby would enjoy the crude stink Escort bayan Ankara that was wafting from the big cock reaming my hole.

“Yeah, it’s surprisingly arousing,” Alex grinned naughtily at me. “It’s a bit barnyard… you know… sort of animalistic!”

“So you like the look and smell of bum sex,” Danny chortled, “you just don’t wanna do it.”

“I don’t want to do it with my husband,” Alex clarified. “If there was another butt-hole in the room… one whose owner fancied trying to take thin cock like mine up it… I’d be more than willing to give it go.”

“Aw fuck yeah!” Danny called out, the pounding of his cock slowing and stopping. “I’ll bend over him a bit and you can come round behind me and slide that little prick of yours as far as you can up me shitter!”

Alex leaped eagerly off the bed but then hesitated and asked, “Are you okay with this, Matt?”

“If you’re okay for him to shag me,” I laughed, “then of course I’m okay for you to shag him.”

I could understand why Alex wanted our lovemaking as married men to be romantic and erotic, but if he enjoyed anal sex as much as I did – only not with me – then I had an idea that might suit everyone in the room.

I said, “On one condition, though.”

Alex paused again, his small thin erection poking upwards. “Yeah…?”

“We get together like this more often. Danny comes to stay and fucks me while you fuck him. Danny gets some guy fun and we both get to enjoy regular anal on top of our married frot.”

“Sounds good to me,” Danny said. “You guys pay half my ticket, though.”

“We’ll pay it in full,” Alex declared, “even throw in a free meal!”

Danny chortled, “In that case, get stuck right in, buddy! You might wanna wet me up a bit first, though, if you know what I mean…”

I expected to hear the bedside drawer open and Alex to pull out our tube of lube. Instead, Danny called out, “Aw fuck yeah!” and started sliding his cock back in and out of me, so I craned around to my surprise saw that my hubby was kneeling down behind my ex-boyfriend with his face pressed in between his two squat cheeks.

He came out for air and gasped, “God, it’s squalid!”

Then he plunged back in for more, slobbering noisily inside Danny’s densely hairy crack as he noshed hungrily at his tight, puckered hole. I glanced down and saw that he was frantically bashing away at his stick-thin prick as he rimmed my beefy ex’s hot smelly arse.

I called back, “Hey, Alex, you won’t lick me out like that!”

My husband pulled out again, panting with excitement. Through laboured breaths, he managed to say, “I don’t like you to taste or smell dirty, Matt. But this guy… Jesus! His arse stinks as rank as fuck!”

“And you like it?”

“I love it!” he grinned triumphantly. “It’s making me so fucking horny!”

Danny grabbed Alex by the back of his head and slammed his face back in between the two solid cheeks of his backside. “Come on, eat it, poncey boy! Get your tongue stuck right up Danny’s hot mud pie!”

Alex feasted furiously on my old boyfriend’s butt, wanking himself off so fast I thought he was likely to cum. But even in his overwrought excitement, he was lucid enough to know that he wanted to mount my ex fully, because he managed to pull his mouth away from Danny’s delicious hole, stand up behind him and start sliding his cock up it instead.

“Aw yeah, go for it!” Danny chortled. “Squeeze it right up me!”

Once Alex had worked his cock as far as he could up Danny’s arse, he grabbed him tightly by the hips and started roughly fucking the more muscular man. “Oh my God!” he cried out. “This feels so fucking good!”

I realised that all the times he mounted me like that, he’d tried to make our sex as gentle and sensual as he could. Now unhampered by having a lover he actually loved, he was rampant and unrestrained in his enthusiasm to fuck. I craned my head back eagerly, peering wide-eyed over my shoulder, to see my usually self-composed husband wildly hammering his cock in and out of another man’s arse.

“God it stinks!” Alex cried out. “I’ve got your shit on my dick but… fucking hell… it’s so amazingly hot!”

Never in a million years would Alex have said something so crass to me during our sex. Our lovemaking had steadily become focussed on our affection and commitment, especially after we’d got married, and as we clung onto each other frotting our cocks in a fury, Alex would tell me what I meant to him and whisper his love and devotion.

“Stay still!” Danny commanded him. “Let me do all the work!”

I pushed myself upright and we all stood in a row facing forwards, the three of us joined together cock-to-arse. Alex held Danny by the hips and Danny gripped firmly onto mine and then Danny, as the man in the middle, started thrusting his midriff roughly back and forth. His thick cock frantically pummelled my now well-stretched cunt and his tight sphincter swept relentlessly up and down my husband’s smaller organ.

“Aw Jesus yeah!” Danny panted, loving the sensation. “Push your arse back against my big knob, Matty! Bayan escort Ankara And Alex… push your hips forwards so your dick goes further up me!”

We squirmed together, sweating and gasping, and Danny reached around to wank me off. I loved that, of our three male bodies, my cock was the only one on show out front.

My ex-lover remembered how I like my hand-jobs and applied exactly the right amount of pressure to my shaft as he slid my foreskin up and down. He got the angle just right, as well as making me shudder with pleasure by making small flicks of his thumb across my slippery helmet, and soon his hand was jerking me faster and faster until, with a gasp of delight, I shot a thick rope of spunk right across our double bed.

He kept on milking me, still furiously fucking me, causing me to whimper like a girl while I writhed in ecstasy.

Then, when I was spent, I pulled off him so I could see properly my husband pressed up against his back, with his cock disappearing up between his muscular cheeks. I laughed and said, “Oh my God, Alex! You look stunning like that!”

“Yeah?” he grinned. “You like seeing me taking another man up his bottom?”

“I wanna see you do it properly,” I nodded. “The proper gay way… him on all-fours on our bed and my gorgeous hubby kneeling behind him to fuck him hard and fast!”

Alex beamed broadly at the idea and Danny laughed, “I like a bit of doggy… but I’ve never done it this way round!”

The two of them clambered onto the bed and arranged themselves in the classic anal position. I loved how Danny’s big hairy arse-crack gaped wide open as he bent forwards in front of Alex and how tall and slim my husband looked shuffling up behind my ex’s buffer, more worked-out body.

Alex directed the thin shaft of his cock towards the wrinkled pink opening between his two splayed cheeks. He grabbed the burly man by the waist and quickly slid himself back up Danny’s hot tight arse, and then the two of them started energetically fucking, working their bodies strenuously against each other as hips were cracked loudly against buttocks.

“Oh my God!” I laughed, feeling my cock starting to reharden at how amazing the pair of them looked. “You guys look so magnificent… so utterly awesome!”

“It feels utterly awesome” he panted. “It’s smelly and dirty and there’s no way I’d want to do anything like this to you… but I just love the stink of his arse and the feel of his shit around my cock!”

“What a romantic!” Danny laughed, pushing bum back hard against Alex’s quickening thrusts.

“I’ve never done it like this,” my husband gasped. “It’s always seemed too crude…”

“Hey lover-boy!” Danny called over to me as he opened his legs wider to receive the taller man’s cock. “Duck down here and suck me cock!”

“It’s been up my arse,” I reminded him.

“Yeah, so it needs cleanin’ off!”

I glanced at Alex, remembering that he’d been very clear in forbidding me from sucking my ex-boyfriend’s cock, but by now he was so carried away with roughly humping Danny from behind, that he just breathlessly huffed over at me, “If you want it, do it!”

Even though I’d just cum, the sight of my husband indulging himself in such a spectacularly gay pose had aroused me enough to decide that I did want it and that I would indeed do it.

I quickly scrambled onto the bed in front of Danny and crouched down underneath him so I could take four or five inches of his stiff swaying cock into my mouth.

Once I’d got used to the rancid taste of my own brown gunk coating the big blunt head and smeared thickly down the shaft, the sensation of sucking Danny off so close to the stink of his arse getting fucked was surprisingly exciting. My own bum tasted sour and nutty, whereas his stunk fiercely like he’d just vacated the toilet in the flat we used to share. But the sheer intimacy of smelling my ex’s nastiest odour at such close range had me roughly wanking off a hastily-sprung second hard-on.

Alex is fastidious in his sanitary habits and only leaves our bathroom smelling of liberally-squirted cologne. Danny used to leave the loo with only a cry of ‘Fuck me, that’s ripe!’ and, hunkered down there underneath him snorting the same dump stink, proved to be a refreshingly vulgar contrast!

“Fuckin’ wank it, Matty!” Danny called out, seeing from the speed of my wrist how excited I had become again. “Wank it hard while you suck my cock!”

I slobbered all over his enormous hard-on, desperate to find more of my own gunge to lap off it.

Realising what I was doing, Danny added, “If you want more flavour, you might want to lick up a bit and clean your hubby’s cock off too!”

At first the obscenity of Danny’s suggestion shocked me. But as I licked at his two heavily bobbing knackers, enjoying the gathering stink as I moved further between his legs, I found myself growing steadily more intrigued by the idea.

I craned my mouth up behind Danny’s huge hairy scrotum to Alex’s smoother and smaller balls bouncing up and down behind them. Then I stretched my tongue upwards to lick at my husband’s frantically hammering shaft, smeared glutinously with my ex-boyfriend’s crud. The taste was noxious and vile but I lapped my tongue in rough flicks against Alex’s relentless cock until I’d caused him to shudder into a moaning orgasm.

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Dave and Leroy Ch. 15

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Author’s Note: I know it has been a long time, I’ve updated all the chapters in this series (edited, some had stuff removed or even added in). The first 14 chapters are set to be replaced, I’m hoping they will go live before this one, but I don’t know, but as I said on my profile I’ll keep people informed.

For the people that haven’t been following my profile, I’ve been sick, it’s why I haven’t written in a while. Not on deaths door but God it felt like it some days, but I dragged ass for almost a entire year and had a lot of test ran on me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do, I kind of would like to stick with Dave and Leroy, I have another chapter in me, but I know everyone is waiting for the other stories lines. We will see who emerges first, Chris, Adam or Toby. I’m Leroy when it comes to Dave and Leroy.

Thank you for the people who wrote with the encouraging words. It helped when I was down, when you are lying in bed tired, because your body won’t allow you to do anything. It is nice to hear from someone saying they love your writing and don’t worry they will wait.


Chapter 15 – The Adoption and a Divorce

It was the still Wednesday Lee had started the process for the divorce. Dave, Leroy and Lee were sitting out on the deck watching Jason play on the play scape. “I need to tell the rest of the family.”

“Okay Dad, when do you want to tell them?” Leroy asked, he was trying to think of a way to get everyone over to his house without discussing it.

“The sooner the better.”

Leroy nodded and left them sitting on the deck, he decided it would be easier to text his siblings as a group. He didn’t like being in the middle, but felt he was the reason his parents were getting the divorce, and he hated it.

‘Need everyone to come here, Dad would like to talk to you, ASAP.’ Leroy texted.

Most had responded they were free every night that week, but of all of the siblings, Jeff was the intern and the hardest to pin down. When Jeff responded he was free after eight-thirty that evening, everyone responded they could make it.

‘I will let Dad know, thanks.’ Leroy responded after everyone agreed.

After dinner, all three went into the living room and watched Jason play with his toys. When it was close to eight, Leroy took Jason to his room to get ready for bed. Naturally Jason didn’t want to, but Leroy was able to get him to lay down and go to sleep. He knew his siblings would be showing up any minute and he didn’t want Jason in the middle of what would be discussed.

Chris and Jewels showed up together first, then Aaron, Allison and Pat came in, Jeff showed up last he came straight from the hospital. When Leroy walked out, everyone was sitting in the family room, they had taken some chairs from the kitchen table. Leroy grabbed one on his way through and sat next to Dave.

“Okay Dad, Leroy said you needed to see us. We’re all here now, what’s going on?” Allison seemed to be the spokesperson as always.

Lee kind of winced, he didn’t know if he was ready to tell them. He knew he had to bite the bullet and just do it. “As you all know, your mother and I’ve had some problems these last few years.” A few heads nodded. “This is the second time I’ve moved out, but when I had moved back in, I had been sleeping in Aaron and Leroy’s old room. Chris and Jewels knew but I’m sure none of the rest of you did.”

Lee took a few breaths. “This morning, I filed to divorce your mother, she will be served sometime next week.”

“Dad!” Allison said in shock. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Allison as I told Leroy this morning, I don’t love her anymore, she is not the woman I married. The bitterness towards Leroy, Dave and now Jason has to stop. I will not tolerate it anymore.”

“But Dad.” Allison looked at Leroy, than back at her dad. “Dad, I’m not condoning what Mom did or said by any means but are you sure, you two have been married for thirty-seven years.”

“Allison, it isn’t just what your Mother has said and done to Leroy, yes it is part of it. I was hoping your Mother would ease up on this bible shit, and see she was losing her son, our son.” Lee looked at Leroy. “But this isn’t the complete reason for doing this, your mother and I haven’t been happy for a very long time, even before Leroy came out.”

“Why didn’t you say something, Dad?” Aaron asked.

“Because we still had Chris and Jewels in the house, Pat had just left for college.”

“Dad, that has been like ten years?” Jewels said. “It would’ve made me like thirteen.”

“And it is exactly why I stayed.” Lee looked at his youngest daughter. “I’ve stayed longer than I wanted to. I don’t know why sometimes, maybe I did still love your mother, I don’t know. But I do know now I can’t stay with her, for the sake of staying.” Lee looked at Leroy again. “Leroy, I’m sorry for how your mother has treated you these past five years, a parent is supposed to love their children no matter what. Leroy you have done nothing wrong by loving Dave and now taking Ankara escort in that sweet little boy.”

Lee looked at all of his children. “I wanted to tell you before the papers were served, I don’t know how your mother will react, but I wanted to warn you. You can all choose to not know when she comes to you, or you can tell her you knew, it is up to you. It is also up to you if you want to take her over me.”

“Dad, we’re not going to do that.” Allison stopped her dad before he continued. “Dad, we didn’t stop seeing Leroy when she asked, yes we were stupid in the beginning and tried hiding it, but we’re not cutting any family off, just because Mother wants us to.”

“I would prefer to cut her off before anyone else.” Aaron spoke very low and everyone looked at him. “Oh shit, did I say that out loud?”

“Don’t worry you weren’t the only one thinking it.” Chris responded and with a few of his siblings nodding.

“Anyways Dad, if you are sure this is what you want, I’m fine with it.” Jeff stated, with that statement a few of the siblings heads nodded.

“I just hate to see a thirty-seven year marriage end Dad, but it is your decision not ours to make. I love you either way.” Allison got up and hugged her father.

Everyone stuck around and talked for a bit. When everyone started to leave for the night Jewels pulled her father aside. “Dad, out of everyone here, I’m probably the only one that knew how unhappy you were in the house. Dad it is okay, do what will make you happy, you deserve some happiness too.” Jewels hugged and kissed her dad on the cheek.

Lee had followed everyone through to the living room, leaving Dave and Leroy in the family room. “Hon, you haven’t looked happy about this since your father has told you he wanted to file.” Leroy just shook his head and Dave knew that he wouldn’t talk about it right then. Dave decided he would ask Lee if he would watch Jason, so he could take Leroy out for lunch before his shift at the station tomorrow.


“Talk to me Leroy, what’s going on? You won’t talk about this at the house. What’s bothering you so much about this divorce?

“He is lying, they were happy five and half years ago, before mom found out about us. I know every relationship has its problems, but I’m the main issue that my Father is unhappy in his marriage.”

The waitress came over for their order and Leroy just glanced at the menu and ordered the first thing he saw. Dave smiled, it used to be the other way around, Leroy would pay attention to what Dave would order and change it because Leroy knew Dave wouldn’t want what he order once it arrived at the table. So when Dave ordered he changed Leroy’s, which Dave doesn’t even think Leroy even noticed.

“Leroy you can’t put all the blame of your parents’ divorce on your shoulders. You don’t have any idea what has been going on in that house for the past 5 to 10 years or a little longer. Hon, once you moved out at eighteen, you didn’t see them as much. Even when you moved back here, we were trying to keep our secret, so you bought our house.”

“I know you are right, but just getting my mind to grasp it is one thing. As much as I can’t stand Sue, I don’t want her entire world to fall apart. Hell, my world fell apart when she found out about me…” Leroy shook his head. “Us, and I know it isn’t all that happen to me. The tumor was found and then my world fell apart, I’m so glad you stayed there beside me the entire time and could handle my stupidity at times. Sue wouldn’t have done that.”

Dave reached across the table, held Leroy’s hand and squeezed. “Because I love you Leroy, and you have not done or said the awful things that Sue has. If your Father says, that how Sue has treated you is just a small piece of why he is finally taking the step to divorce, then believe him.” Dave looked at Leroy, because he could still see the doubt in his eyes. “Will you please discuss this with Dr. Watts the next time you see him?”

Leroy nodded. “Of course, would you like a progress report too, Mom?” Leroy smiled and chuckled as Dave smacked Leroy’s hand and pulled his hands back as the waitress came with their food.


The lawyer had informed Lee the paperwork was delayed and when it was delivered to Sue, she fell out. Jewels was the only one home, she was up in her room when she heard something crash. She ran downstairs wondering what had happened.

Jewels walked into the kitchen and shards of glass were scattered all around, “Mom what’s going on?”

“Just leave me.” Sue responded.

“Mom, WHAT IS GOING ON? Why did you break all the plates?”

Sue sat down at the table and looked defeated she still had the divorce papers in hand. Silent tears were slipping down her cheeks.

“Mom!” Jewels walked over to her.

“Leave me, like everyone else has.” Sue responded and then threw a glass which was on the table at the wall.


“GET OUT!” Sue yelled.

Jewels left the kitchen, went to her room and called Allison. “Allison, I think Mom was served, Ankara escort bayan she is really upset.” Jewels told her about all the broken dishes and about how sad she looked. Allison said she would be right over.

When Allison arrived Jewels was waiting for her in the living room, and met her at the door. Sue had stopped destroying things and was sitting at the table in the dining room. “Has she said anything to you?”

“She won’t talk to me, she screamed a few minutes ago and kept telling me to leave like Dad and Leroy have. “Jewels stated.

“She pushed them both away.”

“I know, you are preaching to the choir.”

Allison walked into the dining room, “Mom?”

Sue looked up, “Take Jewels and get out of my house.” Allison just barely heard her.

“Mom, what happened?” Sue threw the papers at her and walked back into the kitchen. Allison picked them up and looked at the cover sheet, as Jewels walked up behind her.

“Well, yup it’s what she is upset about.” Jewels responded.

“Well did you think it was anything else?”

Allison walked into the kitchen to talk to Sue. “Mom.”

“Seriously just get out, I heard the two of you. I take it everyone knew?”

“Yes, Dad told us a few weeks ago.”

“Tell Jewels to pack her shit and get out of my house. I don’t want to see any of you when I return.” Sue grabbed her car keys and left Allison standing there.

Jewels walked into the kitchen after hearing what Sue said. “Where am I going to go? Where is Chris going to go?”

“One of you can stay with me and Leroy or one of the others, we will find a place for the two of you. Where is Chris?”

“At his girlfriends.”

“Well pack a few bags and go to my house, I’m going to go talk to Dad.”

Allison went over to Leroy’s, everyone was at home it was only ten in the morning. She knocked on the door and waited, she had already tried to open the door to just walk in, but it was locked. Jason ran to the door, he was trying to open it when Leroy picked him up, unlocked and opened the door.

“Good morning, Sis.”

“Auntie.” Jason shouted.

“Leroy, where is Dad?”

“Well, I’m fine Allison and how are you doing?” Leroy responded.

“I’m not playing Leroy, where is Dad?”

“He’s in the family room.”

Allison walked past Leroy, he shook his head and shut the door. He decided to stay out of it and took Jason with him to his bedroom. “I want to see Auntie Ally.” Jason said as Leroy shut the bedroom door, Dave was lying in bed awake.

“Not right now Jason, maybe when Aunt Allison finishes with Papa.”

“Jason crawled over to Dave’s open arms when Leroy placed him on the bed. “What’s going on?” Dave asked.

“I think Sue was served.”


Over the months before the adoption Lee, Sarah and Dan wanted to know a little more about their grandson. So one night while Dave was off, Sarah and Dan came over to have dinner. Leroy asked Allison if she mind watching Jason that evening.

“What else could they possibly want to know about Jason?” Leroy asked, while they were driving back from dropping Jason off at Allison’s.

“I don’t know, knowing my mom, it’s probably nothing about Jason.” Dave laughed. “But I did pull out every document we have on him, just in case she wants to know if he is allergic to pears.” Leroy just shook his head and laughed along with Dave.

When they arrived home, Sarah and Dan had already arrived. They walked into the house smelling of wonderful food. “Mom, you didn’t have to cook, Leroy and I were going to take you all out to dinner.”

“That is nonsense, I can cook better than most restaurants and these portable warmers keep everything hot.” Sarah smiled, kissed and hugged both Dave and Leroy. “Let’s sit down to eat and then we can discuss our grandbaby.”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Lee agreed.

The dinner was wonderful with great conversation. When it was done, Sarah wouldn’t let Dave or Leroy touch her dirty dishes only what was theirs. She just packed her things back in her bags and sat them by the door but not before leaving a good portion of the leftovers for everyone to enjoy the next day.

They sat down in the living room with coffee for the main point of this visit. “Mom, Dads, what would you like to know?” Dave started the conversation.

“It was more me than your fathers.” Sarah spoke up.

Dave chucked, “We figured that Mom, what do you want to know?”

“You have never discussed much of Jason’s background.”

“Because what we know about his background is what little the papers and Lisa has told us.” Dave responded.

“We have his birth certificate, it states his father was Daniel Lee and his mother was Rebecca Sarah Marshall. Daniel had changed his name when he came here, according to Lisa, they had to do a lot of work trying to trace living relatives down, before Jason could be adopted out.” Leroy was explaining.

“So is there a possible relative out there?” Sarah asked?

“They tracked down Daniels Escort Ankara village in China, there was no one there. No one here they could find. Rebecca was a ward of the state when she was a child. They had no will leaving guardianship to anyone so Jason went into the system.” Leroy continued.

“How were his parents killed?”

“Car accident, Jason was in his car seat, it’s a miracle he survived.” Dave answered.

“Oh that’s horrible!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Jason’s full name?” Dan asked.

“Jason Lee is his full name, his parents never gave him a middle name.” Dave responded.

“We.” Dave took Leroy’s hand. “We decided when the adoption goes through we were going to change Jason’s name.”

“What to?” Sarah asked.

“We were going to move his last to his middle and give him our last name.” Dave smiled. “We know he will have one hell of a last name, but….”

Lee interrupted Dave. “That is a wonderful idea, no buts, you two as I said before deserve this little boy. You deserve this happiness.”


The day of the adoption hearing was quickly approaching; Dave and Leroy couldn’t wait until Jason was officially theirs. Dave took the weekend and week off to spend with the both of them. He decided, he would surprise Leroy and Jason with a mini vacation. To help ease some of their nerves, just for the weekend.

Dave booked a hotel waterpark resort, so Jason could run around and play and he knew Leroy would have fun too. He didn’t even tell Leroy where they were going. Dave packed everything while Leroy was gone to his appointment with Doctor Watts and put it in the car. When Leroy came home Dave just told him to get into the car and Leroy looked at him.

“What’s going on?” Leroy asked.

“Leroy, be a good Marine for the weekend and follow orders, just get in the damn car.” Lee smiled when he heard Dave order Leroy.

“Yes Sir.” Leroy smirked, snapped to attention, throw a laughing Jason up over his shoulder, walked out, buckled Jason up and got in himself.

“We will be home sometime Monday, I left the information on the counter.”

“Go have some fun.” Lee responded.

Dave leaned over after getting in and kissed Leroy. Leroy smiled, “Permission to speak freely, Sir.”

Dave laughed and responded. “Yes.”

“What are we doing?”

“We are taking a mini family vacation Leroy, we will be home Monday afternoon.”

“Okay, where are we going?”

“Leroy, you will see when we get there.”

Dave drove to the resort, which wasn’t far, just a little over an hour away. When they arrived they went up to their room and changed for the waterpark. They took Jason in the river section of the park and they floated around for a bit. When they floated by a section with a lot of little kids playing with jet powered water fountains he wanted to get out and play in them.

Dave lifted him out and Leroy took him over, Dave walked over and sat down in a chair and just watched them from a distance and smiled. He would watch Jason put his foot over a hole in the ground where water had just been shooting out of. When it would start again it would spook him and he would start laughing, which would make Leroy laugh with him.

When they finally decided to call it an evening it was way pass time to feed everyone. Jason was getting whiny, they decided it would just be better to run out and grab something from a fast food place than to have Jason wait for something which would be healthier for him. They decided they will have to watch their time better Saturday and Sunday to make sure they stop and have a proper lunch and dinner.

The weekend was wonderful, Dave had more fun watching Jason and Leroy then he did in the pools with them. When he could he took pictures, as did Leroy when he would rest and let Dave take over for a bit.

When they arrived home Monday, they actually had a very tired out child. As soon as Leroy walked through the door with Jason, Jason walked not ran over to Lee, called him Papa and climbed up in his lap.

“He is a little tired Dad.” Dave responded.

“I can see that.” Lee looked down at his grandson. “Do you want Papa to read to you?” Jason just snuggled in closer to Lee and closed his eyes. “I guess not.” Lee laughed softly. “I take it you had a nice time.”

“Yes a wonderful time.” Leroy responded as he hugged Dave from behind.


Dave and Leroy walked out of the courtroom with Jason swinging between them in their arms smiling. Everyone was asked to wait outside because it was a small courtroom and there were just too many between Dave and Leroy’s families. Jason was officially theirs, there were no more hoops to jump through. They could finally take him home and not have to worry he could be taken away. He will now and forever be known as Jason Lee Standish-Ayers.

When they walked out, everyone cheered, everyone had taken the day off and there was a party planned to take place at Allison home. Lee pushed past everyone and hugged Leroy, “I’m proud of you son.” He looked over at Dave and held out his hand to him because he was holding Jason. “You two deserve happiness, you deserve Jason and I’m glad you were able to adopt him today.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Both Dave and Leroy said at the same time.

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Dallas TX

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Paris ABS

I’m going forward with my timeline about 25 yrs. there was a long stretch where I didn’t visit adult bookstores. Going into my 50’s, wife not fucking or sucking, I had the old feelings.

I felt like going to the old hangouts, drop a few dollars and set sucked off. Ah, to be back in the old days.

I worked overnight and when I got off, just headed a little north to Harry Hines and see what’s up. I pulled into the newer and remodeled Paris. Twenty cars or so sat in the lot. A couple of guys meandering around looking to suck someone off in their car. Sorry fellas, not for me.

As I enter, the glare of bright white fluorescent lights and garish neon blind me. Uh oh Toto, we’re not in seedy adult bookstore anymore. 5 or 6 guys mill about in neat rows of DVD’s. One old man is mopping the floor.

My hard dick just went soft. It just wasn’t like the old days. I got some tokens and went to the arcade. It was darker, but still small little lamps to guide you. I went in 2 different booths and could not find a glory hole. I’m walking around sticking my head in looking and one of the other guys motions to me. He tells me the City if Dallas made everyone get rid of glory Ankara escort holes. Aparrently the city thought if you couldn’t see who the mouth or cock belonged to it was dangerous. So instead the built bigger buddy booths that 2-4 people could be in together.

My new friend asked if I wanted to go in and I said sure. He was okay looking, not that it was what I was after, I was after a mouth. I dropped some tokens in and a movie with a tranny was playing. He told to watch whatever I wanted. I liked this one so he drops to his knees and takes my belt loose. He runs his hands along my cock and he puts his mouth on my jeans and breathes hot air around me.

I can’t wait and start unbuttoning my pants lowering my zipper and fish my dick out. He’s ready and takes me in his mouth, slobbering all over me. His mouth is hot and wet. It feels so good in his mouth.

He puts suction on it and I’m the one holding on for dear life. This guy knee how to take cock. I swear he took all 8″ and could’ve taken more if I had it. No gagging, just full on dick sucking magic.

He pulled off and licked my low hanging nuts, taking them one by one in and swirling his tongue everywhere at once it seemed. Ankara escort bayan

He finally stood and asked me to sit down and finish taking my clothes off. I do as requested and he took his off as well. He had a 6″ cut cock that was really hot looking. He moved me to the edge of the bench and went back to sucking. He repeated everything, but then he dipped his head and slithered that tongue along my taint.

This had never happened before, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love it. I had never thought my ass could get fired up about something like this. I pulled my legs up and offered him my hole and stabbed it. He chewed it, he sucked it, he made love to it.

He went back to my dick. I was so hard I thought the skin would rip. His tongue ran along the bottom enticing my cum tube. It felt glorious, the smooth yet bumpy tongue massaging my cock coaxing the cum from my balls.

Just I started to yell out I was coming, my new friend shoved a finger into my asshole. Something, in my asshole triggered my cum to shoot out with force. It seemed to be a faucet that wouldn’t turn off. The guy was choking on my cum. It was coming out the sides of his mouth and when he coughed, it came Escort Ankara out of his nose.

Once my massive cum trailed off, he pulled back looking like he had a goatee of cum. He continued to pump my prick up and down, squeezing out the last remaining drops of gooey white cum.

He took my dick and used it to wiped up all the cum and pop it in his mouth to clean it. I was exhausted laying back against the bench. Sweating, eyes closed, ragged breathing exhausted.

Not sure if I could be more sexually sated than I was at that moment. I was drained. I don’t know about y’all, but once I’ve come, I’m done.

Today though, I was still horny. He stood up still licking and swallowing. He stood in front of me and I attacked his fuck tube. I took him deep without hesitation. I grabbed hold of his nuts with one hand and his nipple with the other.

His cock wasn’t that big, but very smooth. I hadn’t forgot how to suck cock and I was going to get his load. I was pulling and twisting his nipples while using my tongue on the soft underside of his hard cock.

His balls began retracting and I prepared to take his cum. He started thrusting harder at my cum hole. He moaned and I could fell his hard cock pulse. He delivered a wonderfully large load I greedily drank in. I massaged the his prick with my tongue, sucking out any leftover cum from his tube steak.

I was back and would be back from more.

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Helper – Just Tell Her

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“I’m so bored.”

“Me too.”

“What time is it?”

“Not time to go yet.”

There was a heavy sigh.

“How long?”

“Three hours. Just like it was two minutes ago.”

There was a frustrated growl.

“Oh hush, you can last three hours.”

The woman who was now groaning was draped over the counter of the city’s third-favorite used book store. Her straight brown hair was spread out over the counter like a fraying blanket. Her light hazel eyes that matched her hair where half-shut in a fighting attempt to not fall asleep. Her conversation partner was reading a book behind her, leaning back in her chair. She shook her bangs out of her eyes, and turned a page; blue eyes zigzagging over the page.

“What are you reading Lilly?”

“If you turn your head a bit, you can read the binding for yourself Jess.”

“Or, and I’m just throwing ideas out here, you could tell me the name of whatever vampire-romance novel you’re reading so I can stay in this comfy position!”

Lilly laughed. “Does your sloth know no bounds?” she said with a residual chuckle.

Jess smiled. “No, he’s always getting in my stuff! I tell him to stay out of my room, and he barges in any way!” Lilly was bent over with laughter, and Jess had picked up her head to look at her friend.

“She’s so pretty when she lau- No! Bad train of thought! Stop that!” Jess quickly shook her head to clear her head of those kinds of thoughts. “They aren’t going away as easily anymore.”

Lilly managed to form a sentence through her laughter. “That’s why I keep saying you should move in with me! I keep all my marsupials on the deck.”

Jess laughed, mostly because she thought it was hilarious, but partly to conceal the feeling in her stomach at the idea of living with her best friend.

“If only I could trust myself enough, I would.” Jess mentally sighed with her morose remark, but her practiced façade didn’t flicker.

The bell on the door dinged, and the first customer of the day walked in. The two girls laughed for a couple seconds longer, but tried to suppress their remaining mirth and take on a somewhat business-like manner.

“Hi there!” Lilly, as always, was quicker to reign in her emotions and was able to greet the man who walked in first.

“Hahaha, yea, hi!” Jess energetically followed.

The man smiled kindly. He was wearing a dark green jacket covered in pockets and long jeans. The only thing that kept him from looking like a serial killer was his face. He looked like the poster for The Great Dads Alliance: he had a close-shaved beard, and brown eyes that were as dark as a fine lager. His smile made them both feel a bit calmer; almost reassured that they were ok, even though this wasn’t a bad part of town. They both sat up a little straighter, and Jess ran her hands through her hair in a vain attempt to manage the mass of unruly brown strands.

“Am I interrupting something?” The customer’s smile never left his face as he joked with the giggling girls. He looked them over, and Lily could almost swear he smiled wider when his eyes jumped from Jess to her.

What is that about? She asked herself silently

“Naw, just two bored girls joking around. Can we help you find something?” Jess stood up, and moved to walk around behind the counter.

The customer raised a hand. “No thanks, I should be able to find what I need on my own.” He turned around and started browsing through the various romance books.

“Looking for a specific book?” Lilly asked.

“Not right now.” He almost completely turned to the counter, and said, “If I need any help I’m be sure to ask.”

Jess smiled. “Hey, that’s our line!”

The customer fully turned at this remark. He looked at Jess, then at Lilly, then just shook his head, smiled, and turned back to the shelves. The two girls looked at each other nervously. Lilly subconsciously moved closer to Jess. They weren’t in a bad part of town, true, but upper-middle class people are just as capable of robbing two lone, apparently defenseless girls in a non-traffic heavy part of town. Jess was a black belt in at least one type of martial art: she never said all that she knew because “Ya gotta keep em guessing!” Lilly smiled a small smile at the thought of her friend.

The customer’s cell phone rang, playing a series of atonal beeps, and he answered it.

“Hey there. I just got here. No, not yet, you impatient imp. Yea yea, did you need something? Not particularly, I do have a plan though. In a manner of speaking. No, but I enjoy your company. OK, see you here. You too.”

A few seconds later, the bell above the dinged, and in walked the most beautiful woman that Jess or Lilly had ever seen. She was perfectly formed: her beautiful face lead to her kissable neck that lead to breasts that were bigger than a handful but small enough to handle, and down a waist that didn’t make her seem too thick nor too tin, and down legs that could launch navies, Mersin Escort armies, and the air force. She walked with a confidence that only added to her natural beauty, her every step bringing focus to each of her best features (i.e. all of them) through the course of the simple step.

She turned to the girls and smiled a hello. Jess managed a wave, and Lilly struggled out a squeak. The woman just giggled, and walked… strode… bounced… made her way over to where the man was. Neither woman could accurately describe the method in which she moved herself to one place or another, and neither woman could say that they were looking anywhere other than her perfectly sized ass.

Both girls managed one thought each.

“Her eyes don’t compare to Lilly’s.” thought Jess.

“Jess’ hair is so much better than hers.” thought Lilly.

The man looked over the bookcase at them, like he had heard their thoughts on a loudspeaker. He didn’t say anything, but he smiled a wide smile. The woman grabbed his arm and pressed her body against him. They spoke in hushed tones, so the two girls couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Jess was able to squeak out an “Oh my god.”

“I know! She is gorgeous!” Lilly fiercely whispered to her friend

But she’s not as beautiful as you.

The man’s head shot up above the shelves like it was on a loaded spring. He rubbed his eyes, grabbed a book, and headed to the counter. The woman was still hanging on the man’s arm.

“Just this.”

Jess stood up, and looked at the title of the book.

Just Tell Her

Jess blinked. She could have sworn a woman’s voice had said the title in her head as she read it. She blinked again. Completely on autopilot, she scanned the book and took the man’s money.

“Keep the change.” He smiled, the woman smiled, and they left. Jess put the change in a small jar underneath the register.

Lilly looked at Jess. “Hey, you ok? You look all shaken up.”

Jess shook her head. “Hmm? Oh, yea, I’m ok. I’m gonna go get a glass of water from the back.” She started walking away.

Lilly sat down on the stool, and looked at Jess, her eyes full of concern. “Ok.” The door to the back room closed, and she whispered quietly, and just a bit sadly, “Come back soon.”


Outside the store, the man and woman walked down the street.

“That was an amazing idea!” She bounced up and down, never letting go of the man’s arm. A man walking on the other side of the street passed out.

“Yea, it was one of my more unique ones. But jeez, did you hear them?”

The woman took on an obviously fake pout. “Yea I heard them! If they keep thinking like that I don’t know if I can forgive them!”

The man looked at the woman with a slight smirk. “But you totally will.”

The pout lasted for about the same amount of time as an ice cube does in a microwave. Her face blossomed into a smile. “Yea, I always do.” She squeezed the man’s arm. “Oh, how do you know me so well, Helper?”

The man called Helper smiled. “I think you know the answer to that one Quinn.”

They shared a quick peck on the lips. A woman walking behind them swooned.

They walked in silence for several seconds.

“You do realize that they would have gotten together without your addition, right?”

“Yes, but I’m impatient.”

“Just making sure.”


Inside the break room, Jess leaned on the counter. She was almost visibly shaking. She stared into the sink, desperately trying to ignore the sentence repeating in her head.

Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her

She shook her head, but the voice just took on a new inflection. It sounded like it was trying to convince her.

Just TELL Her! Just Tell Her! Just TELL HER!

The voice was never loud enough to hurt, but it was insistent. She filled a disposable cup with tap water, and hurriedly shot it back. It didn’t appease the voice.

Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Oh, Just Tell Her!

Jess took several deep breaths. “I can’t! I don’t want to hurt our friendship!”

Just Tell Her!

“If I do it will destroy the one good thing I have in my life! She’ll never want to talk to me again!”

C’mon, Just Tell Her!

“No! End of discussion, voice in my head!”

Jess slowly drank a second glass of water.


Just Tell Her.

Lilly sighed, and closed her book. “Look you, I know every voice in my head and you are not one of them! Please leave me alone and let me enjoy my book!” Lilly didn’t actually have voices in her head, but she hoped that it would banish the voice that had invaded her thoughts.

Just Tell Her.


Just Tell Her And I Will Go Away.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about voice in my head.”

Just Tell Her.

Lilly shook her head. Her hands started to shiver. “Like they do when she’s… No!”

Oh, Just Tell Escort Mersin Her! The voice sounded a bit frustrated.

“Ha! Am I annoying you with my stubbornness?”

Yes. Just Tell Her.

Lilly smiled. “I can be stubborn all day. Just ask Jess.” Lilly blinked, and her face fell. She recognized how that sounded. It sounded like something a significant other would say.

She could swear that she felt smugness when the voice said You Should Tell Her That.

“Oh shush you!”

You Realize That I Can Talk Non-stop, All Day, Without Breath, Because I Don’t Have Lungs, Right?

Lilly rubbed her temples. “I wish Jess was here.”

Just Tell Her That.

“Then you’ll leave?”


Lilly sighed.


You Really Should Just Tell Her.

“You Really Should Just SHUT UP! I’m Not Telling Lilly Anything!”

What Makes You Assume I Am Referring To Lilly?

Jess held her breath. “I… Because…”

Jess could swear that the voice was smiling. Because?

“You’re in my head, what can YOU find!”

I Can See That The Mental Torture You Inflict On Yourself Hiding These Emotions Is Truly Impressive. I Also Know That You Will Feel Significantly Better If You Say What You Are Hiding.

Jess looked into the mirror, and saw her own face. There were tears in her eyes, on the verge of falling. She was tired of hiding it. Every time she shook her head to clear her thoughts it felt like she was shutting parts of herself off to reality. Every time she repressed her real feelings from herself, a small part of her died. She was tired of it. “Um… Really? You… You think so?” Jess tried to exhale slowly. It came out as a shuddering rush.

Believe Me.

“Said the voice in my head. Right.”

Jess took a deep breath. It came out better, but still shaky.

Jess cleared her throat. “Hiii…III… I loo…”

We have all the time in the world.


You Should Just Tell Her.

“Can you please leave me alone?”

If You Tell Her.

Jess put her head in her hands. “Tell her what? That she’s my best friend? That I’m glad we’ve been friends since as long as I can remember? That I never want her to… leave… my… sight…”

Go on.

“I don’t need to.”

Your Feelings For Her Are Under Such Tight Control They Are Almost Masochistic.


In No Way Is That Contusive For Your Mental Health.

“There are therapists for a reason. And in any case, we are friends and nothing more. She isn’t… like that. And neither am I! It… It would ruin our friendship!”

There Is One Thing I Can Say That Will Dismantle Any Argument You Have, Including The Flimsy Ones You Have Just Presented. They did sound rather weak, even to Lilly.

“Oh Yea? Bring it on, nothing you can say will convince me to tell her anything.”

The voice told Lilly the thoughts that she would not let herself think.

Lilly’s book hit the floor. The bookstore was completely silent except for Lilly’s breathing as she consciously registered what she had just been told. She hugged herself in her chair.


Just tell her that. Both women heard this at the same time.

They felt the voice leave their heads. Jess looked in the mirror and nodded to herself. She wiped the half-fallen tears out from underneath her eyes and took a final drink of water to steady her nerves. Her imagination flared with the picture of what the best case scenario could bring. The worst case scenario never even occurred to her. It was, literally, unthinkable.

Lilly picked up her book and gripped it in confirmation of what she was about to tell her best friend. She smiled as the repressed feeling washed over her again. She wasn’t even really reading the words on the page; they were just black marks on a white space in her field of vision. All of her mental faculties were cycling from the different ways she could tell her to her reactions from those ways.

Jess stepped out of the break room. Lilly looked up at her friend like she was seeing her for the first time. Lilly smiled at her, and blushed a little. Jess smiled back.

“God she’s beautiful” they thought at the same time.

Jess sat down on her stool, and rested her elbows on the counter. She was too distracted by her own thoughts to notice where Lilly’s eyes went. Jess shifted several times, but couldn’t find a comfortable position. She sat up, and turned to face Lilly.

There was silence as they built up their nerves. Jess cleared her throat. Lilly swallowed. There was silence.

Without any warning, the voice came back to both of them for one last piece of friendly advice.


“I’ve never been happy without you!” blurted Lilly.

“I love you!” burst out of Jess’ mouth at the same time.

They stared at each other. Neither woman could even think.

After several seconds of silence, Jess spoke first.

“Um… Do you remember, Mersin Bayan Escort in sixth grade, when we spent the weekend at the beach? When we talked and played games and spent all that time together? And when we went to sleep in that tent, we shared a sleeping bag? That’s…” She swallowed. “That’s when I knew that I never wanted to be with anyone but you.” Jess looked down, blushing red. Lilly smiled. “She’s so cute.”

“I kinda remember that.” Lilly put her hand on Jess’ shoulder before she could say or do anything. “But what I remember more is every time we’ve worked together, or every football game we’ve been to, or all those sleepovers we’ve had.” Lilly sighed. “I remember that those times are the happiest I’ve ever been.” She smiled at Jess.

Jess couldn’t hold back anymore. She moved as quick as her martial arts training would allow; in several quick movements, Jess shot off of her stool, grabbed Lilly behind her neck, and kissed her fiercely on the lips. Lilly gave a short “MEEP!” of surprise, but quickly lost her higher functions as she melted into the kiss. The kiss was relatively calm, but for each second the kiss went on, a measure of the calm was taken away. What started as a gentle kiss eventually turned into a passionate embrace; both women’s hands were taking in the other’s body as fast as they could.

Lilly was the one to pull away from the lip-lock. She rested her forehead on Jess’. Both women were panting.

“How long till we close?” Jess managed to pant out.

“Fuck it. We close now. My place. Now.” Lilly’s eyes were full of barely controlled passion.

“Yes ma’am”

Usually it took half an hour to close the store. Today it took a little over ten minutes. The drive to Lilly’s apartment wasn’t exactly “unsafe”: most NASCAR drivers are very comfortable at those speeds, but they do prefer to be holding both hands on the wheel, not one in their girlfriend’s hand. No cops were ever aware that Lilly was breaking a vast majority of the traffic laws, and no cameras snapped their pictures at Lilly’s car. All of these facts were completely lost on the two soon-to-be-lovers. The feel of their hands in each other’s was only fueling their passion for one another.

They arrived at Lilly’s condo, parking with the utmost care, and calmly walked inside.

Well, the phrases “skidded to a halt” and “ran inside as fast as they could” are closer to reality.

Lilly was the first through the door. Jess wasn’t far behind, but the gap was enough for Lilly to spin around and pin her against the now closed door and resume the kiss that was so rudely interrupted by their journey home. Jess’ arms wrapped around Lilly’s waist as Lilly’s body molded into Jess’. Their second kiss started with a slow, smoldering passion that quickly burned brighter and brighter until Jess’ hands could not stay in one place; they were caressing every part of Lilly that they could reach. Lilly pulled Jess away from the door, grabbed the neckline of Jess’ top, and pulled as hard as she could. The loud ripping did not hamper the lover’s kiss; it only increased in its ferocity. Jess responded in kind, the buttons on Lilly’s shirt making her task easier. Never breaking the kiss and responding to an unseen signal, they each reached behind the other and quickly unsnapped the other’s bra, hurriedly pulling it away from each other, and replacing the lost article of clothing with their bodies. When their nipples first touched, it was almost like they were magnets to each other; they never left contact. Lilly kissed down Jess’ neck, to the gasps and moans of her recipient.

Before Lilly could bite and suck on the two tasty-looking tips, Jess pulled Lilly up to look her in the eyes.

“Bedroom. NOW.”

Jess emphasized her statement by picking Lilly up behind her knees and shoulders, and carrying her into the bedroom.


***The Next Morning***


Jess was slowly brought into consciousness with the most amazing sensation coming from her pussy. She writhed on the bed, both in stretching and enjoying the pleasure radiating from what felt like a tongue, a very familiar tongue, lapping at her lower lips.

“Best wake up eve- Ohhhhh right there!” Jess felt the smile of her pleasurer, and felt the added enthusiasm of the tongue that so quickly learned her sweetest spots. Even though they both caused their shares of climaxes, and she was a little sore from the fun they had, the tongue still felt the kiss of an angel. Given, it was on her pussy, but that just made it all the better.

After Lilly brought on one more orgasm, they lied on their sides, Jess’ arms around Lilly.

“I could not be happier.”

Lilly smiled. “I was thinking the same thing.” Jess held her closer.

They just enjoyed the feel of each other for several minutes.

Lilly shifted around in Jess’ grasp. “I think we need to go get something to eat.”

Jess smirked. “I think that I’ll have-“

“Shush you, I meant real food. Like, going-out-to-eat food.”

Jess’ smile never flickered. “Well, I never knew you were an exhibitionist, but I can go with that.”

Lilly’s laughter only died when she was silenced with a kiss.

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