Should Have Bought A Diesel

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This is a work of fiction and a new category for me but I thought I would give it a try.

Should Have Bought a Diesel

Part 1

The snow was coming heavier as the sun disappeared behind the high hills to the west. I had been into town to pick up my new truck and by now I was getting concerned about making it home. I called my wife and told her I was probably going to be late and not to worry. It was an unusually early September snowstorm, and I was worried as I was getting low on gas. Always check the gas gage in a new vehicle…dumb move on my part.

Finally, I had to pull into a rest area as the truck started to sputter. I was out of gas, shit. I happen to pull up alongside a huge Ford Diesel truck with a large camper on it. It quickly became apparent there was no cell service but as a fool I got out of my vehicle holding up my cell phone running around like a lost squirrel in the snowstorm.

‘No fucking service,’ I swore to myself and wandered back toward my truck, now thoroughly soaked.

‘Can I help you,’ a dark form spoke up from the open door of the camper next to my truck.

‘New truck, out of gas, no cell service,’ I responded sarcastically. ‘Sorry, just had a bad day,’ I quickly apologized for my rudeness.

‘Well I hate to make things even worse for you but, the highway just closed,’ he said sympathetically. ‘And you are soaked through. Best come on in I’ve got the heat turned on.’

‘Oh, well I can sit in my truck for awhile.’

‘Don’t be silly, come in,’ he insisted holding the door open for me.

‘Name’s Dan,’ he said sticking out his hand.

‘Bill,’ I replied, ‘and thanks.’

Dan was about my seize and age, mid fifties with a full head of hair just starting to gray. Good looking with a rugged outdoor physique. He was wearing a set of blue sweats and fuzzy slippers. Oh well.

‘Have you got a change of clothing in your truck?’

‘No,’ I replied realizing I was shivering quite badly by now.

‘Better change into these,’ he said handing me a set of green sweats, ‘while I make some coffee. Can’t have you dying on me, besides your dripping on my floor.’

Standing on the rubber entrance mat I quickly undressed and handed my wet clothing to Dan who hung them in the bathroom. Dan smiled when he saw the regimental tattoo on my left shoulder and before I was completely dressed, he showed me his tattoo on his forearm, an anchor.

Turns out we were both retired military men. Soon we were telling each other stories of our time in the forces. And Dan pulled out an exceptionally fine bottle scotch and spiked our coffees to make things even better. The stories became a trip down memory lane for the both of us. In the space of two hours we became friends.

Dan rustled up a fine Moose stew for supper with a couple of bottles of beer. We were having a great time.

We swapped cell phones and began showing each other photos of our kids and wives on our cell phones. Dan stopped at one photo and he muttered, ‘Now there’s bursa escort a fine-looking woman.’ He turned the phone toward me, and it was one of a series of nude photos of Jan, my wife I had forgotten were on the phone.

‘Sorry Dan,’ I stammered, ‘I forgot about those,’ reaching for the phone.

‘Hold on,’ he said, ‘take a look at these,’ he searched through his phone and returned it to me. ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,’ he said with a laugh. ‘Scroll through them.’

They were nude photos of his wife Joan, getting progressively more explicit as I scrolled through them finally her on her knees sucking Dan’s good-sized cock. By now I had a good beginning on the wood in my sweats, and we were both slightly tipsy.

‘Wow,’ I said, ‘doesn’t she mind you showing these to other people?’

‘No, not really, we’re quite open sexually speaking,’ he said. ‘I taught her all she knows bout blow jobs and she taught me all about eating pussy.’

He could see the puzzled expression on my face.

‘She likes boys and girls,’ he laughed, ‘and so do I.’

‘So, you are both Bi?’ I blurted.


‘Oh.’ I didn’t know what more to say and to my surprise my cock grew with this disclosure.

‘Have you folks ever thought about trying a Bi experience?’

‘Well I know Jan has tried sex with a woman in University,’ for some reason I replied, cautiously, ‘and well we do fantasize once in awhile about… well actually she has suggested we both try… err.’ I felt like a tongue-tied adolescence when Dan quietly interrupted.

‘I can see by the increasing growth in your sweats that you are seriously considering trying it,’ he reached his hand down to my leg just below my tumescent dick and looked at my face. I was confused, could I do this, but I didn’t stop his hand slowly moving up to my hard shaft.

‘I’m not gay,’ I murmured as his hand grasped me through the cotton sweats.

‘Neither am I,’ Dan said as he stroked me. ‘But I do like sucking a cock now and then. You don’t have to do anything in return. OK?’

I nodded weakly as Dan pulled the drawstring loose and slid his hand down softly clasping my cock. The air from my lungs escaped with a sigh, my heart was racing, and I felt lightheaded. But I couldn’t have stopped what was about to happen, even if I wanted to. And I realized I didn’t want him to stop.

Dan slipped to the floor and pulled at my sweatpants, dammed if I didn’t raise up to help him. My mind was saying wait…wait, but my rock-hard cock was currently running the show. And they synced when Dan bent down, gave my cock a gentle kiss and began stroking me softly. He looked up at me as he took my cut dick into his mouth and deliberately engulfed it. He bobbed up and down taking me deeper with each downward stroke, his lips sealed to my shaft glistening with his saliva. He ran his tongue up and down my shaft squeezing it with his hand and when a drop of precum oozed out he carefully licked it into his mouth.

‘You have one of the nicest bursa escort bayan cocks I have ever seen,’ he said as he stood slipping his clothes of completely. I wanted to tell him to hurry and get down and finish sucking my cock, but he knelt back down and quickly got back to business. I saw that he was a good size and his hard cock stood out straight from his shaved groin.

It struck me as funny, here I was getting a blow job from a guy, especially one I had met two, three hours ago but dam, I really like it. I wondered what he would want in return. I didn’t care as long as Dan kept up his oral assault on my dick, and he did.

I could feel him taking me deeper with each downward stroke, suddenly he had me in his throat his tongue licking the underside of my cock. He kept working my cock into his throat and then back up to swivel his tongue round the head. He was softly fondling my scrotum but stopped stroking me with his hands using only his mouth. Normally I have a lot of stamina having sex but this time I knew I would not last long.

‘Oh shit…oh shit, Dan go easy. I’m close,’ I gasped as I could feel my orgasm building. He slowed his rhythm but kept gently bobbing up and down. ‘Oh Christ…Watch it Dan I’m coming,’ I warned him, but he kept on sucking my cock as I sprayed my load into his mouth. His lips were sealed to my shaft and he swallowed each spurt I fed him. ‘Oh wow… that’s…that’s… I’ve never cum that much in my life.’ I moaned as I seemed to collapse inwardly. I looked down at Dan who was carefully licking my softening and sensitive cock clean. When he was satisfied, he gave it a gentle kiss, stood up and sat down on the cushions next to me.

‘That…that was…’ I was at a loss for words. ‘Thanks Dan….’

‘No. Thank you,’ Dan said with a smile.

We sat side by side for a few minutes before I saw Dan was sporting a boner. He was uncut and a bit longer than me but not as thick. We looked at each other, smiled and I kept glancing back to his hard cock. I could feel the attraction growing in me, it seemed to be an impulse I could not deny.

‘Can I… Can I errr,’ I mumbled as I moved my hand toward his cock.

‘Of course, feel free,’ he said smiling at me, ‘you can go as far as you want.’

I barely nodded as my right hand closed tentatively around his cock. Just then we both looked up as we saw the yellow flashing light from the snow plow as it drove by. We looked at each other and I looked down seeing my hand stroking Dan’s cock.

‘It will probably be awhile before the traffic is cleared. Don’t you agree?’ I asked.

‘Yes.’ Dan said quietly.

I slid to the floor as Dan pulled a cushion from the bench for me to kneel on. Dan was completely shaved and uncut. I continued stroking him while examining his cock. I had never been this close to another mans’ dick and I swallowed hard contemplating my next move. Could I do it, did I want to? and other thought floated through my mind. A little drop of moisture appeared at the pee slit, escort bursa without hesitation I leaned forward and licked it into my mouth. My first taste of precum, slightly salty but not unpleasant. I looked up at Dans’ face as I took his wonderfully hard cock into my mouth.

‘That’s it, Dan,’ I said, ‘I’m officially a cocksucker.’ We both grinned and I went back to work. I rolled his foreskin down its’ shaft and slowly took his cock into my mouth, beginning to bob up and down. At first it was probably just the first couple of inches, but I soon began to experiment taking him farther into my mouth until he triggered my gag reflex.

‘Take it easy Bill,’ he said quietly, ‘you’re not ready for that, yet.’

I held the base of his shaft with my right hand and softly cupped his scrotum with my left while I sealed my lips to his shaft. I could smell his pleasant musk, taste the slight residue from his precum, feel the silky soft texture covering the hard cock. We were both moaning quietly and when I gazed up at his face, I saw the pleasure I was giving him, it was sensation overload. His cock filled my mouth, but I kept taking him as deep as I could. He had lasted a lot longer than I had and my jaw was getting tired by now, but I was on a mission. I was bobbing up and down with a fervor. Dan reached a hand down to caress my head, we were both groaning with passion.

‘Bill… oh God,’ Dan cried out, ‘I’m nearly there…nearly… there,’ he sighed.

I kept my lips wrapped around his cock as he began filling my mouth with blast after blast of cum. I swallowed the first shot but started gaging so I let the rest flow out the sides of my mouth onto his belly. I still had hold of his cock and was gasping for breath but quickly regained my senses. Cum was oozing from his cock, without hesitation I leaned forward again and began licking his bulbous head and shaft clean, savouring the taste and swallowing.

‘You’ve never done that before Bill?’ Dan asked as I settled down beside him.

‘Nope,’ I said with a grin.

‘Dam. You’re really good,’ he grinned at me.

‘Thanks,’ I replied feeling quite proud of my accomplishment.

We sat side by side naked, talking for about another half hour until the snow plow drove back up the hill. Then we cleaned up and got dressed then drove up the hill to the service station only 3 klicks away. I called my wife from there telling her I would be another hour or so.

When we arrived back at my truck Dan turned the big diesel off and we sat just staring out the window at the now lightly falling snow. We kept glancing at each other and finally Dan grinned and said, ‘You want to come inside for a cup of coffee before you head on home?’

‘You bet…I’m looking forward to another taste,’ I said as we climbed back into the camper.

An hour later we were finally starting my truck. Dan and I had exchanged phone numbers, email addresses and we found out we only lived about an hours’ drive apart. We had tentatively planned to get together at our place in two weeks. But that’s another story.

As we stood saying goodbye Dan kicked one of my tires and said, ‘You should have bought a diesel.’

‘But then I wouldn’t have met you,’ I replied as we hugged and then went our separate ways, for now.

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