Across the Courtyard Pt. 02

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Her brown eyes were penetrating, framed by her curly hair, she didn’t take her gaze off of me and neither could I mine off hers. My hands rubbed along her bare thighs, wanting to take in as much of her as I could, moving them back to her ass. Squeezing I could feel how firm her ass was, I could feel her muscles flexing through my hands and began moving on to position my hands on Chelsea’s hips. I could feel her energy pulsing through her as she lifted up and then came crashing down onto me. I couldn’t help but admire her bare beautiful body as she rocked back and forth against me, my cock deep inside of her. I reached my head up to suck on her nipples but was pushed back down by her as she took control of me. I could feel the heat from her body, hitting my chest and warming every part of me.

Never losing focus of her I could see her as she stared into me with an animalistic desire. Her hair was bouncing around her, she began to bite her lip as she rolled back, allowing me to see all the way from her pelvis, up her toned and flat stomach, up to her breasts, shaking with each thrust down. Perfectly shaped and hungry for attention. I could see beads of sweat coming from her neckline. I could feel her taking every part of me into her. I wanted to flip her around and have my way with her but I was not in control. She pulled herself back in tight against me, looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes and demanded of me, “Cum inside of me!”

I reached for the wad of tissues and was barely quick enough to catch my explosion as I used my other hand to keep pumping my cock. My hips tensed and I let out a low moan as I emptied myself. ‘Fuckkkk,’ My thoughts had been blown to the wind but part of me was still on fire. It had been the third time that I had to jack off after what I had seen last night. I had seen Chelsea touching her self, and she had known I was watching. I had tried to go to bed last night but only managed a few hours of sleep. Was I in trouble for spying on her? It didn’t seem like it, she had texted me that she saw me! God, every possibility was running through my head.

Once the sun was finally up and it was acceptable to get out of bed I went to grab a glass of water. Bringing it to my mouth I could see how much I was trembling. My mind was still focused on one thing. Taking a few gulps I started to pull some semblance of a plan together. I had to text her back and I had to see her, beyond that I couldn’t fathom what she might do to me, or what I might do to her. I started walking back to my bed with water in hand, thinking about what had happened last night, how I had seen her touch herself, touching herself for me?

“Fuck!” My nerves escaped me as I accidentally knocked my foot into a moving box with something heavy in it. The sting coursed through my foot and water splashed onto my legs. “God damnit.” My mind had been fixated on one thing and I had completely forgotten that I had yet to finish unpacking and that my new job was starting in just a few days. ‘Well that’s just great’. So now I had to figure out how to get my new apartment ready in time to be ready for starting at my new job, grab groceries, become acquainted with a whole new city and then find time to romance and fuck Chelsea. Just great, and on top of that I hadn’t been able to find my coffeemaker in the boxes.

I thought to go get my phone to text Chelsea but I needed coffee first. My mind was not fully functioning. I was lucky enough to have a complementary coffee station as one of the “amenities” at my new apartment complex. I didn’t bother to put on underwear and slipped on some athletic shorts and a t-shirt from a box I had so eloquently labeled “Clothes”. I grabbed my keys and headed to the lobby of my building, somewhat hoping that I would run into Chelsea again and we could start fucking at first sight. I was so turned on and kept running through every erotic scenario in my mind as I rode the elevator down. Stepping out of the elevator I could already smell the coffee and feel my senses further awakening. Turning a corner into the main lobby area I could see the leasing agent was at the coffee station.

I hadn’t forgotten about her, “Beverly, good morning!” How could I have forgotten about her, that blond hair and those large breasts of hers had unfairly enough swayed me to pick my apartment van escort here. I defended myself by saying that even though the rent was a little more than my other option, it was closer to some parks, and there was the chance that I might have something with Beverly, no that was dumb, the boobs had done their job.

“Good morning..James!? Yes, James! So great to see you! How is your new apartment treating you? Any problems?” Beverly had swiveled towards me and god I was treated with a welcome sight, she was wearing a pencil skirt and a blouse that did not try to hide her cleavage. My eyes were working overtime to stay focused on hers.

“None whatsoever, I just wish I was already done with moving in!”

“Oh well just let me know if you need anything at all! I do hope you’ll join us for the resident get together just a week from now! You just missed the last one, and let me tell you, people were so happy to let loose!”

“Well I do consider myself a wild and crazy guy so I won’t miss it!” I tried to add a little flare, moving my eyebrows up and down with a wild looking smile.

Beverly laughed, “Oh you are too funny!”

Not being sure if that was sarcastic or if she was being overly nice to the a new resident I waited for her to continue. “Well I’m done and need to get to a few showings today, the coffee machine is brand new, kind of fun, let me know if you have any questions!”

“Thanks Beverly, will do.” Beverly walked away with a successive set of clicks from her high heels, she was really nice but I figured she was off limits, I was just another customer to her and moved on with my primary purpose for being down here. I started selecting the dark roast when I heard more footsteps, maybe two sets of them, from behind me. I put my cup in place and pressed brew, making sure to see that the coffee was actually going into the cup and not all over the floor, before turning to see who had approached.

Two women in sweatpants were approaching, obviously a little annoyed that someone had already beaten them to the machine. One of the women was quite pretty, wore glasses and a pony tail and had on an “Evil Dead” shirt, the other woman was blond and sported some university tee shirt emblazoned with “School of Psychology Alumni”.

“Morning.” I attempted to be social.

“Hey there!” The woman in glasses piped up, her counterpart fainted a smile at me.

“I love your shirt, Hail to the King baby!” I commented, how could I not? Bruce Campbell was groovy. The woman in glasses suddenly had a big smile and looked at her friend.

“I told you it’s a popular movie!” The blond woman had a smirk this time and looked at me.

“I haven’t seen you before.”

“Just moved in yesterday, well still moving in! Getting my morning fuel. I’m James by the way.”

“James, I’m Alice, and this is my friend Danielle.”

“Hey!” Danielle, the glasses girl, piped up again. I heard the coffee machine start to sputter a horrible noise and saw it was finally ready. Grabbing the coffee I raised my cup to both of them.

“Well it’s all yours, but let me know if you two ever want to watch a bad horror movie, I’m completely new to town and desperate for company.” Alice smiled at me.

“I’m sure we’ll see you around James, have fun with the moving and have fun with that erection of yours.” I must have looked puzzled until I looked down and saw that my decision to forgo underwear had backfired. I wasn’t rock hard but it was not hidden. My face plummeted to a deep shade of red and I let out a muted “fuckkk.”

“Thank you for bringing that to my attention!”

Alice got out one last jab, “Don’t worry James, it was hardly noticeable.” I may have shot my middle finger back up behind me as I walked away with giggles in the background. I could help but be turned on though, there were so many beautiful women here! Had I died and gone to heaven? Spilling some coffee on my hand and letting out a welp as I went back to my apartment I reasoned, ‘No, but this is shaping up to be the best move of my life.’

I had put off texting Chelsea because I had no clue what to fucking say and busied myself with organizing my closet instead. After several hours of unpacking I found myself running through different possible texts as I wrapped up hanging all of my dress shirts. yalova escort With the last set of five nearly identical oxford dress shirts put up I finally headed over to my phone on the bedside table.

Having finally settled on the most hopeful lined I typed, “About last night…I did end up finding that bottle opener” I sent the text off and walked away. Hoping the words I had spit out were just right. I walked over to pick up the bottle opener that I had found earlier and fiddled with it in my hand, a special memory now attached to it, not for what it had been used for, but for what it signified as possibly happening. I was startled by the vibration sound of my phone. My heart skipped and I raced back to pick up my phone.

“I wish you had found it last night, I’ve got plans tonight, maybe later next weekend? I have to head out of town for work for some shady/illegal business. Don’t snitch!”

Damn, just my luck, at least I had more unpacking to do…yay.


I had settled in for the night after picking up takeout and some much needed groceries, including coffee. God, I can’t believe Alice and Danielle, maybe even Beverly had seen me half asleep and half erect earlier. I was ready for this day to be done, especially since I wouldn’t be seeing Chelsea. I paused, looking out the window I could see her light was on…Was tonight going to bring the same luck as the night before? I hurriedly shut things down in my apartment, brushed my teeth and slipped out of my clothes and into the darkness of my room, making sure to leave a light on in the background so she could hopefully see me. God. I was already hard just thinking about having a repeat of last night. I pulled my binoculars from the nightstand and peered into her apartment, not being able to see anything initially. I had to tell myself, ‘Last night was a wild once in a lifetime memory, not going to happen ag.’

Just then I saw Chelsea appear, laughing, laughing at what? I was desperate to be in her room with her until I saw another person step into view. Another man was in there..what? Was that her other plan for the night? Another man?? Ugh, I knew it was too good to be true. My fantasies of being with Chelsea were vaporized in an instant. The harsh reality of the world had swept back into view and I had to accept that I had just moved up here, I wasn’t just going to fall straight into a perfect romantic and sexual affair.

I had pulled away the binoculars to take a breath and accept that things had been just too good to be true. I shouldn’t have been surprised that a woman as sexy as Chelsea wasn’t already spoken for or had her own sexual conquests to attend to. Good for her, not as good for me. I went to turn off the light I had left open for my fantasy round two and crawled back into bed. But I didn’t just go to sleep, I found myself reaching for the binoculars. Pulling them up to my face again, the scene had changed.

Chelsea’s shirt was off, and so was her bra, and she was on the bed, in the same position as last night but she was looking down between her bare legs..the man whom I had previously seen was also on the bed, mostly naked but between her legs..I kind of felt guilty last night for watching but part of me felt even worse watching two people making love..but I also couldn’t look away…I threw my worries out and reached down with one hand to wrap my fingers around my cock. Slowly stroking, feeling my cock swell even more, my body wanted this, it need it.

Whatever the man was doing to Chelsea’s pussy seemed to be working. I couldn’t hear what was happening in that room but I could see her mouth wide open in a smile, looking lustfully at her partner, God I wished that was me. I gripped my cock even more tightly, my stroking up and down moving more quickly with my pre-cum. Without warning Chelsea pushed the man’s head and body up while she swung forward onto her knees. She looked up at him as her hands gripped and tugged at his underwear. His cock sprung out as she tugged them all the way down to his knees. Not even stopping to let him take off his underwear completely she grabbed and then began to suck his cock.

Jesus I couldn’t believe this was happening. My body was tingling, I didn’t even know how to concentrate on my own cock at the sight of this lust. I couldn’t see giresun escort everything from the angle that they were positioned but I could see Chelsea’s curls swaying as she must have been pulling his cock in and out of her mouth. I could only imagine what she might be doing with her tongue, how hard she was sucking his cock or how deep his cock went into her mouth. I must have only had one bed sheet on my legs but I was on fire. I swung it off of me and re-focused on pumping my cock. I could feel a nervous sweat across my whole body and my hands trembled through the binoculars, disturbing my view.

I had to set down the binoculars yet again to take a breath, but when I brought them back up there was still a shake to my view, but the two lovers had switched to a new position already. The man had positioned himself behind Chelsea who was now on all fours, his hands on her hips as he was positioning to fuck her from behind. I was close to cumming but not yet, after some fumbling I could see the man start thrusting into Chelsea. What was she saying, what sounds was she making? How much did the man fill her up? How wet was she? Was he fucking her in the ass? I had so many questions but I did not care for any answers. I just wanted to see Chelsea get fucked, I wanted to be fucking Chelsea.

She started to arch her back and place her hands on the headboard of the bed. I was losing track of time and my mind seeing this incredible woman be fucked to her heart’s content. I saw the man reach and pull some of her hair back, revealing a face in pure ecstasy. The man gripped her tighter and I could see every muscle defined as he had one purpose in life at this moment in time. Their hips kept colliding together, oh if only that was me, feeling my cock bury itself in and out of Chelsea, feeling her wrapped around my cock, desperate to feel me cum deep inside of her.

Instead I was in this apartment pumping my own cock even faster as Chelsea dropped down onto her face on the bed, her legs quivering, the man increasing his intensity. Was she cumming? I had stopped breathing. I wanted her so badly to myself, I was so jealous of the man making her cum but for now I was relegated to my own apartment, left out of every sensation in that room except for what was visible through these binoculars. I didn’t know if she had cum but she got up, turned around and forced the man to sit upright on the bed as she mounted him, facing him.

She never lost eye contact with him as she came to a rest on top of him for a few seconds before starting to rock up and down on him. They embraced and kissed passionately, never breaking rhythm. I could see her hips bucking against his, their bodies wrapped up into one another’s and their lust culminating in total ecstasy. I could feel how close I was to cumming, my body ached to let go. I was living vicariously though that lucky man who was getting to feel Chelsea wrapped around him in every way. I saw her break away from kissing him without missing a beat of rocking her body against his, his arms helping pull her ass back into him, her breasts rubbing against his chest. She turned..was she looking at me again??

This time she did not break eye contact with who I thought had to be me, I had to assume it was me…I saw her mouth what I thought were the words. ‘Cum for me’. I lost it, I didn’t try to catch the mess as I felt all of my pent up pressure explode, my hand kept up its pumping, the pleasure growing so intense as each shot of cum brought on wave after wave of pure ecstasy. My cum landed all over my stomach, my thighs and my chest.

I had dropped my binoculars to enjoy the last few seconds of this numbing joy sweeping through my body. Gasping out, “…Holy shit…fuck..”. My senses returned to me as I began to feel my heart beginning to slow down. I thought I had died a little bit, but what I had seen had turned me on so much I knew I would be hard pressed to hold back from pleasuring myself again.

Dismissing the mess I made I looked again through the binoculars to see both bodies motionless now. They too must have climaxed at the same time as me. I was still in disbelief but noticed a bit of movement from a slender feminine arm, Chelsea as she reached to turn off the light near her bed. She pulled herself up some to make up the last bit of distance but paused once she reached the light switch. I saw her curly hair that blocked her face turn to reveal a pair of eyes looking right at me. I don’t know if I saw it correctly but I could have sworn that right before Chelsea flicked the lights off, she winked at me…

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Actress Wanted for Sudan Documentary

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Submission: Advertisement
From: Bacchus

ACTRESS Wanted for a Documentary Film. Over 18, attractive, may voluntarily interview and audition for a documentary/art film depicting a social problem -slavery; of innocent people captured in the Southern Sudan. Abducted victims are in the thrall of the Muslim fundamentalist military government in Khartoum.

The documentary scenario follows a raid, capture, abduction, confinement and rape of a white female social relief worker by Sudanese officers and her consequent confinement in a concubinage where she is regularly raped by the officers of the Islamic regime and their charged customers consecutively upon her bed in her ornate room in the orgiastic odalisque of the officers’ palace barracks.

The captured white sex slave is fed on pistachios, sunflower seeds, goat meat falafel and intra-oral emissions of the officers’ own protoplasmic protein, which she is forced to earn by opening her alluring, carmined, luridly wet lips, receiving and erecting their phalli until their ejaculations fill full her cheeks, mouth and deep prick-head clasping throat.

Her lips squeeze as her mouth sucks their thick shafts until they ineluctably spout sebaceous, white jizzim unto her lathing, prick-licking, cock-loving mouth, welcoming their creamy viscous potations for which she gratefully thanks each of them in turn.

The hetaera-frequenting, sometimes inta-orally-climaxing-jizzim-bestowing religious Muslim soldiers try to keep their activities from becoming known. Politically, they vilify the liberal president in Khartoum with a propaganda blitz treasonously accusing him of a “Lie-Under-Oath,” as a phony, legalistic ploy to bolster their “make-scandal” against the humanitarian president to distract any news notice from their illegal, immoral sex slave setup, and to divert attention from their illicit, flagrantly long-term, marraige-destroying adultery with their mistresses. These hypocrites denounce and ridicule nightly on television their people-concerned president with phony-Puritan “criticasters” and “comedians” who oink prig-prudish, anti-president propaganda of their “make-scandal” with paparchic pompousity on their right-wing slanted “news” channels and newspapers bought up by their Selfish Wealth-Conservative Party, to harangue incessantly against the liberal president, ridiculing what he admitted “was,” but “is,” not now an “affair,” when he indulged the avowed life-decision of a “political groupie,” a perfervid fellatrix from the Western Desert, who had performed orally on her drama teacher and vowed to him that she would do the same upon the people’s president when she would get into his mansion in the Capital in Africa’s largest nation.

The president has more “Character” and “Family Values” than his accusers, for he never kept a mistress or selfishly broke up a marriage as have his hypocritical, captious, carping, cranium crapfilled, hypercritical censors.

The yalova escort fundamentalist-militarists stretched their traitorous castigation of the humanitarian president to Impeachment; for sex. Of a much less offense than theirs, against the strictures of the Koran.

Why were they so severe? Because this Sudan’s peoples’ Statesman abolished their enforced sinful sex slavery of girls and their reproductive function, requiring them, if pregnant from a rape, to become education and vocation denied penniless, precocious mothers, following the precepts of American Fundamentalist Missionaries. He also ceased their oil company extraction which was causing erosion of the Deserts and pollution of the River Nile. He quashed their cupidious trading in hashish, hand guns, automatic weapons and space-age missiles, besides ordering that they cease kidnapping girls, capturing nubile maidens for invagination and keeping them in bondage as their steady, sexual-use girl-slaves.

The Muslim military leaders in the Capital of the Theocracy are misogynist zealots of a “fetusfetish cult,” fancying “family values” as a phony front for their fanatical fundamentalist faction, which does not seem to restrain the religious officers from continuing their lawless abduction of winsome, eighteen to twenty three year old girls whom they capture to peremptorily penetrate their forced-proffered sexual favors, of oral deep throat or cunny prickchannel copulation. Nor does their true-believer faith seem to curtail carnal bondage of their kept girls, saved for frequent soft-stroking of their slim, smooth, slippery, svelte, Southern Sudanese cinnabar skin, so supple for caressing in salubrious, sybaritic, sex slave girl use.

The filmicly depicted officers seem to like the charming girl’s coruscating, chaytoyant blue eyes, long, clean, blonde tresses, her rubicund-lipped, wan, winsome, winning smile, especially when it exudes their wet, white cum which she sucks for it fervently to be spat into her jizzim-filling mouth, where it is shot in and swallowed down her larynx, as some white, thick cream slowly slips from her cockclasping, scarlet lips down to her full, up-cone, taut-nippled, palmclasp-desiring breasts which arc above her wisp of a concave waist which curves~in to flare out below to a slim, womanly~rounded, feline, finely formed, frequently fornicated, fibrillating, frisky-filly, flexing, phallus-fucking pelvis.

The innocent, concubined manmated maid is made wanton by swelling her dimpled, succusatory cheeks with dick-heads ten times daily, plumbing her mouth and deeply prong-plunged throat. Her smiling, ovally open scarlet lips erotically erect their pricks when they encircle, squeeze and slide down the long lengths of their tongue-lapped lingams, her lathing tongue lapping at the taste and gulping down the mens’ full gorged cum-fluid, which she wants even more often now, since she’s kept in almost constant haptepronia from eating her meager meals mixed with zonguldak escort their rare, pungent, arousing, aphrodisiacal hashish.

She is serially sex-slot penetrated and later douched to eschew pregnancy from her debauches’ hourly vagina-filling, fully erect, climaxing phallic fountains, spouting white cum-juice deeply into her pink-ripe, receptive, slim-formed, up-lifting pelvis’s open cock-holeawaiting. Or they shoot into her mouth for her several mens’ ejaculate-welling throat and mouth, gladly clasping and sucking their thick cocks, erotically enjoying being their fellating and fornicating sex slave object, joyfully indulging them now, wanting her own oral, clitoral, vaginal cock-in-channel pleasure, gratuitously for the men and loyally for the officers, laying wide her parted-open, lovely, libidinously long limbs, to wantonly receive the men now in a lascivious line, each waiting to lie down on her lubriciously langanous loins, in which they lust for their lingams to cunny-lunge in as soon as they can. After sexually satiating each one, she rises to thank him with her happy smile and gulp down his cum.

Religiously for the love of Allah, she sucks the mens’ cocks as if inspired with lurid, ecstatic rapture, exciting even more her wombman want for welcoming more cock in her mouth and cunny to suck and fuck even more cocks to passionate, orgiastic, mutual orgasmic ecstasy!

She discovers every hour from each new lovers’ lust-lunging, cunnythrusting copulation the physically female reason for her existence; that her smooth sculptured, fine facial features, open red lips, cock-arousing, full cone-breasts and taut, desire-erecting nipples, her in~curved waist, her tight, obcordate bottom, are all created just to excite, erect and satiate the mens’ wands of passion and desire for her openings.

When on her hands and knees, her flexed\back bottom upturned, she feels the pubis probe of the kneeling man behind her, about to thrust straight into her reared-up, already pink-petal ripe, warm, wet, man-wand waiting, penis-ready, vulva lips.

Then, when supine with wide-apart, long, shapely limbs fully spread and straight upright for her mens’ deep pumping pricks plunging between her cream-toned, silky smooth thighs and tapered tan calves, she realizes that she is made for being a man’s phallus-exciting gift from Allah, for her to religiously, gladly and happily show off and offer up her welcoming openings to excite and fully gorge each fellow’s anxiously anticipating erection, for him and her to enjoy their consummating mutual climax.

The svelte, sleek, sensual sexslave exults in her way of enticing into enlargement each new man’s prick, to prepare it for his thick, deep, complete penetration into her wet-ready, warm, pink, pussy walls, by suggestively sliding over, sexually slithering under him and seductively heaving up her slim, shapely lusty loins and full-cone breasts.

Her head is above his cock and zonguldak escort slowly she takes his rising penis into her mouth to suck it with her lips, tongue, mouth and throat, by which his phallus she proudly makes huge.

Her soft-furred, lanate framed, cunny lips at first tentatively twitch, wince and tighten like pink flower petals in morning sunshine. Her labia seem to warm, wetten and widen when welcoming his manwand with a heft of her cock-kneading, lingam wanting, prick-needing, phallus hungry, pinkening-ripe, prong-in-wishing, quivering vulva leaves, open now with lusty desire for his in-depth lingam’s penetration, deeply within her vivacious, vigorous vulva’s volatile vagina’s vixenish, cock-vacuuming volume, voluptuously feeling it begin to slip slowly into her warm, lustwet, dick-clasping cunny’s welcome into her prick-churning cock-canal, from which he tentatively withdraws to touch with his prong the top of her cunny-hole in heat, teasing, tantalizing, titillating her clitoris, wettening her cunny walls for engloving his prick now sliding in her squeezing, pink, pubis-holding lips which he is slowly sliding through, feeling her sucking, tightly shaft-squeezing, cunnus-plumbed, cock-swallowing pudendum, inexorably undulating to receive deeper his strokes into her smooth, peach-fuzz-soft vulva mound on her slowly revolving hips rotating beneath him faster now, around his slowly pressing-in prong she holds in, squeezing tight her bottom and pussy to better caress and churn his cunny-sucked cock, completely enclosed in her encircling wet, warm cock-channel, enveloping each man in turn, whose stiff staff’s shoves give her an ever increasing ecstasy, to an epiphany, of self-realization, comprehending that her real purpose of being is to satisfy her men, to indulge their wont for her prick-sucking mouth and cunny’s cock-squeezing channel filling her with her own pussy’s deepening cock-lust!

No acting experience is necessary. The actress applicants’ requirements are: Attractive, tall, slim, fornicatory and agile. Ecstatically passionate about her major “sport” and “social activity.” Enjoys jolly sport-fucking, is libidinous, lecherous, lewd, loosely lusty in lovemaking with one or more men at once and enjoys subagitating ecstatically with a high orgasm capacity.

The film company offers free travel to exotic locations and return. All personal and financial support is afforded the chosen applicants, from casting couch to our film’s completion. The applicants to be considered for the role would be recognized as basically pretty, neat, nubile and prick-needy to qualify for the film project. Applicants may voluntarily qualify as an in-house director’s script girl. Finest finalist applicants selected are “sex-pected” to be physically and psychologically uninhibited in filmic experimenting for exhibitionist sexual inter-action in our groupie-groping-gang-bangmultiple-partner final audition.

Applicants volunteering for an interview and/or audition, send prenomen, phone number, place of pleasuring men and, peradventure, a detailed description of past and present prurient, fornicatory experience, along with a pulchritudinous, erotic, exciting, erecting photo, to: “Sudan Documentary” in c/o this newspaper.

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Progression Ch. 12: Duties

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The next morning Nathan slept in, glad he didn’t have to get up for work as usual. He lay in bed, wondering what he would do during the day. He thought about the tasks Kevin might make him perform, and if he would get to taste his cum again.

At 9.15am Kevin entered the bedroom, saying “Excuse me? Is there any reason you are late?”

“Late? Kevin, I got fired,” said Nathan.

“Fired? I haven’t fired you? You must take your new job seriously, and what have I told you to call me?” said Kevin.

“Sorry boss, I do take it seriously. What would you like me to do today?” said Nathan.

“I expect you to be undressed and on your knees in the bathroom at 9am every morning. You will face the door and wait for me to enter. Sometimes I may be late, but you will wait there patiently for me. Understand?” explained Kevin.

“Yes boss,” replied Nathan.

“Well, why are you still in bed?” said Kevin.

“Sorry boss,” said Nathan jumping out of bed and removing his clothes. He left the bedroom and entered the bathroom, knelt on his knees facing the door, waiting for Kevin to arrive.

Kevin, went downstairs to make himself a coffee and chat with Jeff. After fifteen minutes he came upstairs and went into the bathroom, to find Nathan uncomfortably on his knees waiting for him.

“Good, this is how I expect to find you every morning,” explained Kevin. “Now, get in the shower.”

Nathan did as he was told, and got in the shower. Kevin turned the hot tap on and started to rub Nathan all over with soap. Once cleaned, he washed off the soap and sprayed him with shaving foam. He then guided a razor blade gently over his body, removing any stubble that had grown over the last few days.

“Perfect, sometimes I will shave you, sometimes I will watch as you shave,” said Kevin. He took out the cleaning syringe and started filling it with water. He linked the tip to a hole in the belt and pressed the water in, giving Nathan a slight tingle on his cock.

Kevin continued to refill the syringe, ten more times, causing the belt to send a notification to his phone.

After a minute Kevin received a message from Jack. “I see Nathans been a bit playful this morning.”

“It’s me, I’m giving him fifteen quirts today,” replied Kevin.

“Poor guy, lol,” replied Jack.

Nathan could feel some blood rush to his cock. “Oh no, no, please stop,” said Nathan.

“Okay, I’ll stop,” said Kevin removing the syringe. But it was too late. Nathan could feel himself getting an erection. The first one he had in days.

“Ouch, ouch,” he screamed out, holding the belt and dropping to his knees. His erection quickly went away.

Kevin laughed, then said, “Sorry, I was just wondering”. He reached over and kissed Nathan on the lips, then turned off the water. He brought over a towel and helped Nathan dry himself.

“It’s a shame we can’t shave under the belt, but there’s no way to remove it. We’ll just have to sort it out next month,” said Kevin.

Once Nathan was dry, they went back to the bedroom.

“I see you got excited,” said Kevin, noticing the precum leaking from the chastity trabzon escort belt tube. He reached out and rubbed the precum between his fingers. “Shame for it to go to waste,” he said while moving his fingers to Nathans’ mouth.

Nathan licked Kevin’s fingers. Some more precum leaked out, and Kevin did the same, making Nathan lick it clean. He went over to put some pants and a shirt on when Kevin stopped him.

“No, I don’t think you’ll be needing that today. Instead, wear this,” said Kevin, picking out a white jockstrap from his drawers.

Nathan complied and put the jock strap over this chastity belt.

“Great, now follow me,” said Kevin, leaving the bedroom to walk down the stairs.

“Ha, are you going out like that?” asked Jeff, who could see the guys coming down the stairs from the kitchen.

“Yeah, don’t you think he looks cute?” said Kevin.

“Whatever,” said Jeff, picking up a newspaper and laughing to himself.

Nathan and Kevin both left the house and got into Nathans car.

“Time to drive, let’s go to Ryan and Jacks,” said Kevin.

Nathan started the car and drove wearing only the jock strap. Once at the destination, they called at the door where Ryan quickly answered and let them both in.

“You know the rules,” said Ryan, pointing to the jock strap.

Nathan removed the jock strap, standing there wearing only the chastity belt. He said hello to Ryan.

“Didn’t get enough last week then?” teased Ryan. “Come on in, Jack’s just in the basement setting up the camera.”

Ryan led them down the basement towards Jack, who had aimed the camera at the bed and was typing messages to the chat room.

“I hear you have a new job, Nathan,” said Ryan, “I hope you won’t let Kevin down.”

Nathan nodded.

“You’ll be required to do a web show every day to start with. Later on you may get promoted to other jobs, but for now, the show is your first duty. Any problems with that?” asked Kevin.

“No boss,” said Nathan.

“Jack, are you ready for him yet?” asked Kevin.

“Yeah, let’s get you on the bed for a quick introduction,” said Jack, pointing Nathan to sit on the bed in front of the camera. “You can read out the following transcript from this monitor when you’re ready.”

Nathan watched as a monitor behind the camera showed a paragraph of text. He started to read it out:

“My name is Nathan, and you might remember I did a show for you a few months ago. I’m announcing today my new job is to perform every day for you. I’ll be taking all requests and answering all questions truthfully. I will do exactly as you, the viewers, tell me.”

“Great work Nathan,” said Jack “Just keep watching the screen and make sure you keep the viewers happy.”

Nathan could see a few hundred people watching him. Now that he wasn’t worried about his job, he wasn’t as ashamed to be on camera. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before the first request came in.

“Nice body! Remove the cock cage” read the first message.

“Oh, um, I can’t,” stuttered Nathan.

“Will it be removed today?” read another message.

“I uşak escort can’t, it’s locked on for at least another month” replied Nathan.

“Who has the key? How long have you been locked? When was your last orgasm?” asked some visitors.

“My boss, Kevin and our friends Jack and Ryan have kept me locked for two months now. I haven’t had an orgasm for a month,” he explained.

Nathan continued to answer personal questions, while Kevin joined him on the bed. Kevin ignored the requests for him to get naked, instead teasing the viewers by rubbing Nathan’s body.

Half an hour of teasing went by until Kevin decided to remove his top and pants, showing off his white briefs. A request came through, instructing Nathan to kiss Kevin’s body.

“Go on then,” said Kevin.

Nathan bent over and kissed Kevin’s torso, then up to his pecks. Both of them were really horny. The viewers could see Kevin’s erection through his briefs, while Nathans cock was obediently flaccid.

A few more requests came in, resulting in Nathan lick and kissing several parts of Kevin’s body. After a few more minutes Kevin removed his briefs, revealing his hard cock to the camera. Nathan reached out to stroke his cock but was pushed away by Jack.

“Not unless you’re told to by the viewers,” said Jack.

Nathan waited for the next request. When it came through, he was ordered to lick Kevin’s balls. He bent down and licked over Kevin’s balls. He moved his tongue up to the base of his cock when Kevin gently tapped his head and said “the request said the balls, not the cock. You must do exactly what the viewers demand.”

Nathan continued to lick over Kevin’s balls until the monitor flashed and went back to the chat. Within a few seconds, another request came through.

“Now, lick his ass” it read.

Nathan stared at Kevin’s stiff cock. His foreskin was still half covering the head, and all he wanted to do was pull it back and use his mouth to pleasure him. But he resisted and instead put his face down to lick Kevin’s ass. He licked around the entrance, making him wet enough to push his tongue slightly inside, continuing until the monitor flashed to let him know the time was up.

The show went on for another hour, with Nathan being instructed to perform a variety of acts on Kevin. Unfortunately for Nathan, no one would let him touch Kevin’s cock.

“Please, doesn’t anyone out there want me to suck him, or play with his cock?” said Nathan to the camera.

“Beg for it” read the comments.

“Please viewers. Let me suck his cock. It’s been over two hours on here, let me suck him.” he begged.

Finally, a request came through instructing him to give Kevin a blowjob, but not to use his hands at all.

Nathan quickly placed Kevin’s cock in his mouth and began to suck. He loved the taste and the way it felt rubbing against his tongue and throat.

“Looks like he’s enjoying this. Look at his cage.” read one of the visitors who had noticed a drop of precum leaking from the cage.

Nathan wasn’t even thinking about his own cock anymore. He was purely enjoying van escort all the sensations of pleasuring Kevin.

The monitor flashed, and it was time for Nathan to stop sucking. He sat up and barely caught his breath before another request came through to suck him again.

For the next hour, the requests bounced between making Nathan give blowjobs to kissing his body. The constant changing kept Kevin from ejaculating, and Nathan from having any rest.

Horny and wanting release, Kevin looked over at Jack and said: “Okay, I think it’s time to wrap things up.”

Jack agreed and clicked some buttons on the laptop. The monitor changed to reveal a voting poll. It had four options for the visitors to vote on:

– Jerk off onto Nathans’ face

– Jerk off onto Kevin’s chest, Nathan will lick and swallow it all

– Jerk off onto Nathans’ chest, Nathan will lick and swallow it all

– Blowjob into Nathans’ mouth and swallow it all

– None, Nathan doesn’t deserve Kevins cum

Numbers beside each option started to increase while a timer counted down from one minute.

Finally, the vote was in. Kevin was to jerk off on Nathans’ chest and then wipe up the cum and swallow the lot.

Kevin lay Nathan down on his back and sat on top of him. He started rubbing his cock, stroking his foreskin over his head while aiming at Nathans’ chest.

Nathan reached his hands out to stroke Kevins balls, but Jack reminded him he was not allowed. Instead, all Nathan could do was watch as Kevin stroked his cock as his breathing speed up getting closer to orgasm.

After only a few minutes, Kevin began to thrust faster before five shots of cum burst from his cock and landed on Nathans chest and torso. Kevin continued to leak out some cum, making sure all of it dripped onto Nathans body.

Jack picked up the camera and aimed it for a close up of Nathans’ chest, as Kevin scooped up the cum with his finger and fed it to Nathan. Kevin then left the bed, while Nathan collected the remaining cum off his chest and into his mouth.

“I think that went well,” said Jack looking at Ryan.

“Yeah me too. He needs to control himself a bit more and do only what the viewers request. But he’ll get the hang of it.” said Ryan as he led everyone out of the basement.

Over the next few weeks, Nathan’s daily job continued to be performed on camera. Some days the viewers would let one of the guys penetrate him anally, while other days he was only allowed to give them blowjobs. Every day Nathan’s horniness would continue to grow. After almost two months of no orgasm, he had forgotten what it felt like to cum, or even have his dick stroked.

As the belt had been locked, delivering him an electric shock if anything enters his ass, he wasn’t even allowed to stimulate his prostate. The only release he had, was a constant drip of precum that dangled from his chastity cage or absorbed into his briefs when he was at home. But Nathans training had worked exceptionally well. Despite his growing sexual frustration he still managed to prevent a single erection. Although the guys would occasionally shock him when he disobeyed an order from one of the viewers at work.

Everyone from the viewers, Kevin, Jack, Ryan to Nathan himself even started to wonder if he would be able to erect his cock when finally let out of the belt. Only time would tell.

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A Number’s Game Ch. 02

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Chapter II – Sixey’s Sorrow

My Master! My Master! What have I done?

Did I not play your game properly? Did I not please you? Does this body disgust you, this face repel you? I’m sorry I spoke, Master. You’ll never hear my voice again, if that is your desire.

I knew I couldn’t hide it from you when I came. I tried so hard, Master! I promise to never come again when I swallow you. Or at least, I promise to try not to.

Oh Master, I am so ashamed! My dreams were so foolish. Of all the Hierarchy who could’ve drawn my lot, you are the one who least deserves a pathetic creature like me. My body is pale, sickly, and weak. Who could ever want to touch where supple flesh should be and feel nothing but unyielding bone just beneath the skin? Who could ever love this face? This hideous face? Master deserves a prettier, softer plaything.

This cage. This cage is what I deserve. To be locked away from your sight. To go without sustenance until my belly distends and my eyes bulge from their sockets. To slowly starve to death on this cold stone floor. If this is your desire, Master, I will comply, and I will do so silently. I only wish it could be otherwise.

My come is not the only secret I’ve tried to keep from you, Master. There are more, and I am ashamed of them.

While you have forgotten me, I remember you. It was Parade Day, many years ago. I was just a girl, still five years from harvest. The whole of Palsinore was buzzing with chatter before the Hierarchal Parade arrived. I overheard my sister’s friends talking, dreaming of having their lots drawn, but mostly, dreaming of Emancipation and the entitlement it brings: the wealth and power, the gift of two Tithes a year to keep or discard as they please.

My sister, Allura, had been entering the lottery for two years, dreaming of being picked by The One and the vast estate she would receive if she pleased Him or Her, not caring which the invisible One might be. Her friends knew better than to dream so big, instead fixating their thoughts on lower Masters or Mistresses.

Bevin was enthralled by Fourteen’s green eyes, copper curls and voluptuous breasts. Ferrian was consumed by Seven’s full lips and strong arms. Elspeth’s desire was much baser, having once glimpsed Eleven’s cock as he urinated outside of the tavern. She joked about how any smaller numbername would be a misnomer. He could be nothing if not Eleven.

But there was much speculation about you. There had been much gossip about the man who had taken the old Twelve’s position upon his untimely passing. They had heard all the outlandish rumors one hears about any new Master: stronger than Seven, taller than Sixteen, more beautiful than even Five in all her glory. I even heard jokes that were only half-jokes about how draft mares ran in fear at the sight of your cock.

I’ll never forget that day when I first saw you or my anger when I saw the disappointment on the faces of my sister and her friends when you proved to be less than a god incarnate.

I saw something they didn’t. Something their shallow hearts and simple minds could never see. And it was more than seeing that your body was strong enough, that your face was beautiful enough. Oh, your pride, Master! Even though you weren’t as coldly perfect as the others, you held your head higher than any of them. I had to get a closer look.

I fought my way to the front of the crowd just as your stallion was passing. It was like being in a dream when he reared, at first a terrible one. I screamed when I thought you’d be thrown.

You reined in the giant beast with such grace and calm. You were forceful, but not cruel. You knew he was but a frightened animal with the mind of a child and you did not harm him. Others would have whipped him. Nine would’ve had him killed… but not you. You calmed him, dismounted, and then stroked his flank. Your soft eyes met his and he understood.

And then your eyes fell upon me. You smiled, and that was when I knew I had to be yours forever, for that was when I saw what my sister could never see.

Master, I saw your heart, and it was pure. Gentle. Kind. Or so I thought until today.

Once you had passed, I rushed to find my sister and her friends to tell them of your glory. Their words! Their cruel words! Saying you were nothing more than a farm slave who had lucked into status and riches. Allura said you looked like anything but a Master.

No matter what I said, they would not hear. Allura’s friends mocked, calling me “Avissia, the Little Farmer’s Wife.” But that wasn’t the worst. Allura laughed when I said that I loved you.

I was enraged. Not for myself, Master, but for you. I threw myself upon her, though she was older and twice again as strong as I. She’d still be recovering from the beating, had Bevin and Elspeth not pulled me off and held me while Allura gasped for breath and Ferrian ran and found my father.

Father was a fair man as always and as always I was honest with him. I told him what I had done, but I refused sakarya escort to be ashamed of my actions. Though fair he might’ve been, a gentle man he wasn’t. That night he spanked me harder than he had ever spanked me before.

Oh, Master, it was horrible! Not the spanking, but how I dealt with it. The only way I could stand it was to imagine that it was not my father beating me, but my beautiful Master, my flawless Twelve. Once he was done, had my father been the kind of man who raped his daughters, he would’ve found me ready for his taking.

The only way I have lived with the shame of that moment is by believing it to be practice for when I finally became your Tithe. When I cast my lot, there was so little chance it would be drawn by any of the Hierarchy. My solitary tile looked pathetically small mixed amongst the sea of others. And even if my tile was drawn, odds were still twenty-to-one against that your strong hand would be the one to draw it.

But I had to believe. I was made for you, Master, and to have you cast me aside… Oh, Master, I cannot bear it!

I am so cold and the darkness frightens me. I have never felt so alone in my life. I was so foolish to think that you would love me, or even want me… that you would want the gift I have saved for you… what I knew was yours from the moment I saw you.

I may not be soft and beautiful like your other servants. I know I am inexperienced in the ways of pleasuring a man. I am none of the things a Master such as you would find desirable. But I am willing, Master, and my desire to please you is greater than that of a thousand other Tithes.

Oh, Master, surely that means something to you! I cannot believe you are really the heartless tyrant that has cast me tonight into this cage. I cannot! Even if you don’t want me, even if I am not worthy of you, I cannot see you as that man. I would gladly face the wicked razors of the dreaded Mistress Nine if it meant knowing that you were the Master, the man I have loved all these years.

And if you are that man, the Master that I pray you are, even if I am never to be more than a farm slave to you, I will be happy just knowing you are not just a silly girl’s dream. I will lovingly serve you until my bones grind to dust against your flagstones.

I only ask one thing of that man: that he keep me forever. I dread my Emancipation Day, for that is the day I will be buried. I only wish that you could hear these prayers, my beautiful Master, my precious Twelve. No. I wish you would hear them and answer.

Footsteps… someone is coming.

A door swings open and light streams into the room, so bright I shield my eyes. I hear voices and lower my hand to try to see, but the light has blinded me.

“This must be the scrawniest, most pathetic creature I’ve ever laid eyes upon.”

A woman’s voice. Low and husky. And obviously unimpressed.

I hear a match struck and a moment later the door shuts. I open my eyes to the soft glow of gaslight and faceless shadow figures, but I can feel their eyes appraising my naked body as if I am livestock.

I take in my surroundings. Beside my cage is a long table with leather straps hanging from both ends. An assortment of whips and devices whose purposes I can only imagine hang neatly from a rack on the far wall. Several sconces hold unlit candles.

The woman steps to the table and drops a burlap sack onto it. The rush of air takes only a second to reach my nostrils. My mouth begins to water at the heavenly scent.


“Kennelmaster,” the woman says. “Open the cage.”

“Yes, my Prime.” A man’s voice. Deep. Powerful. Frightening.

My eyes still adjusting, I can make little of his face as he steps toward my cage, but I can see that he is a brute of a man. Instinctively, I cower from him, pressing my back against the cold steel. His laughter is the booming report of cannons.

“Frightened?” His keys rattle against the bars as he unlocks my prison. “I have that effect on every Tithe. Don’t be ashamed. I couldn’t possibly think any less of you.”

The door of my cage swings open. The woman he addressed as Prime speaks. “Come to me, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six.”

I am terrified of this man, this Kennelmaster. I know I should obey, but I can’t. Even the possibility of food isn’t enough. The man looks back over his shoulder.

“No doubt you had hoped things would go this way, Fifty-Four,” the woman says. She sighs and gives him a nod.

“Thank you, my Prime,” he says and as quickly as the strike of a Marsh Adder, his hand is around my ankle. He pulls and my grip on the bars is instantly broken. My world turns upside down as he hoists me into the air with one arm. My scream is cut short when he slaps my belly, his open, callused hand as hard as any fist. I gasp for breath as he dangles me like a cruel child holding his little sister’s rag doll just beyond her reach.

The Prime speaks again. “That’s enough, Fifty-Four.”

She kneels beside him and samsun escort comes face to face with me. For the first time I can really see her. She is older than me, maybe by a decade, but her beauty is far from fading. Her eyes are a soft green sunburst of gold within blue. Her auburn hair falls to well below her shoulders in waves that seem to float on a breeze that blows on her alone. Her full lips curl into a smile as she speaks. That’s when I notice the scar on her lower lip. This is the one of which my Master spoke.

“Ready to listen now, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six?”

I am helpless in the grasp of the brutish Kennelmaster and I know it. I nod.

“Good,” she says. “Right her, Fifty-Four. The last thing this little whore needs today is a headache. Not that she could use it as an excuse.”

Kennelmaster laughs as he takes me by my wrist and swings me upright before gently lowering me to the flagstone, an action that surprises me, but does little to make me like him. I want to run, but there is nowhere to go but back into my cage, and I know how little protection that will afford me against him.

The Prime stands and pushes her hair away from her face. “Can you stand, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say and struggle to my feet, the smell of bread causing my cramped stomach to growl.

She shakes her head. “I am not a Mistress. My name is Thirty-Seven. I am a Tithe, like you. But unlike you, in this household, I answer only to your Master, Twelve. When you speak to me, you are to address me as your Prime. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my Prime,” I say. So this is what my Master wants in a woman – strong, proud and beautiful.

He will never love me.

“Because you are new, I will be easy on you, but only this once and only if you listen to my every word and adhere to what I say as law,” she says, the smile falling from her face. “Understand?”

“Yes, my Prime.”

“Good.” Thirty-Seven crosses the room to the rack of torture devices. “It is my job to ensure that you know all the rules of this household, and I am very good at my job.”

Thirty-Seven taps her lip pensively with her index finger as she gazes at the tools of her trade. As a Prime, I’m sure she knows not only how to expertly use them, but exactly how each one feels. Her smile returns as she grasps the leather handle of a riding crop.

“These are your Master’s favorites,” she says. “You have no idea how lucky that makes you. Master Seven prefers a wooden paddle, wrapped in rawhide and drilled to lessen drag. I have it on good authority that he’s broken more than one against a Tithe’s backside their first day. Comparatively, a crop like this one is the caress of a butterfly’s wing.”

She turns and walks back, circling behind me. I hear the whistle as the crop slices the air and feel the sharp crack against my backside. I cry out and instinctively reach back to protect myself from the next blow, but it doesn’t come.

“Not so bad, is it?” Thirty-Seven purrs in my ear. Her breath is warm and smells of cinnamon. “You need to become familiar with its feel, but I’ll only give you five more if you lower your hand now and don’t try to cover yourself again. If you don’t comply, you’ll be bound and then get twenty from Kennelmaster.”

“Don’t listen to her, Two Seventy-Six,” Kennelmaster says mockingly. He leans in close to me and grins. “She’s the best marksman in the household.”

I don’t know what he means, but Kennelmaster’s cryptic threat doesn’t scare me nearly as much as his eyes do. They are black and lifeless. The eyes of a sea-demon. Thirty-Seven isn’t fat by any means, but she isn’t a small woman. She must be a full two hands taller than I and outweigh me by as much as three stone. Much stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been, even when I’m fed and well-rested, but compared to Kennelmaster, she is a reed. I swallow hard and lower my hand.

“One more thing,” she says. “If you cry out like that again, the only thing that will fill your mouth today will be a gag. Now, bend over your cage, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six.”

The instant I feel the cold steel of my cage pressing against my breasts, a sharp pain streaks through my body like a flash fire as the first blow lands, but I keep my mouth closed and choke back the urge to scream. I fix my eyes on the bag on the table. The second blow falls and I have to bite my lip to keep from crying out.

I hate Kennelmaster’s laugh. “Tried to warn you. Twenty from old Kennelmaster doesn’t sound so bad anymore, does it?”

I know now what he meant. His warning had been genuine. The second blow fell precisely where the first one had. I want so badly to reach behind me to cover my bare buttocks. Instead, I close my hands around a bar, squeeze tightly and make a promise to myself that I pray I can keep.

I will not scream.

“Three,” Thirty-Seven says, placing another swat with artistic precision. “And here’s four.”

The pain is so extreme now that it spreads urfa escort through my body. Even my hands sting. I will not scream. My every instinct rages for me to cry out, to protect myself, to do anything other than lie still and take one more blow from this woman.

“And one last one… to give your groomer something on which to hone his craft,” she says.

I will not scream!

I squeeze my eyes shut and brace for an impact that doesn’t come. The room is silent aside from my own quivering breath. The fear of the coming blow builds inside of me until I can no longer stand it. I turn my head to look and my eyes meet Thirty-Seven’s.

I will not scream! Oh Master, help me! I am so hungry!

She smiles and then strikes in a flash, her eyes never leaving mine, swinging blindly and yet still hitting her mark, this time harder than ever.

I will not scream! I will not scream! Oh Master, but I cannot be silent!

The sound coming from behind my closed, quivering lips is like the whine of a motherless puppy. My face streaked with tears, I lie motionless. After a moment, the urge passes.

And I do not scream.

I unclench my hands and discover I’ve dug my nails into my palms hard enough to draw blood. My eyes and hands aren’t all that weep. I feel a wetness creeping down my backside, the telltale sign of a burst blister. A large one.

Thirty-Seven kneels beside me. I cringe and close my eyes when her hand nears my face, fearing a slap, but it never comes. Instead, she gently strokes my cheek.

“Now I see why Master is so fond of you,” she says. “Of all the Tithes I’ve spanked, you’re the first who has held still and silent their first time. You’ve been a very good girl, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six.”

She pushes a strand of stray hair from my face. “Such pretty eyes. It’s alright, love. You can cry now.”

And cry I do. I wail like a frightened little girl who has lost sight of her father in a festival crowd. All the while, Thirty-Seven whispers words of praise and consolation in my ear as she strokes my face and wipes away my tears. Though Thirty-Seven is much younger, her caress reminds me of my mother’s touch and of the gentle woman who I will surely never see again. Thirty-Seven is my mother now.

“Kennelmaster,” she says softly, “your services are no longer required. Go about your duties.”

“Yes, my Prime,” Kennelmaster says, sounding a little defeated.

It is a small victory, but it is mine and it takes my mind off of the pain. Suddenly, Thirty-Seven’s words come crashing back into memory with a force greater than any blow could ever be, and I cry harder, but these are tears unlike any I’ve ever known:

Now I see why Master is so fond of you.

These are good tears, and I never want to stop shedding them. But I must, for Thirty-Seven is commanding me again.

“On your knees, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six.”

I kneel upon the cold flagstone, my head down, still crying until I feel her fist in my hair and my head is yanked back.

“That’s enough, girl,” she says firmly, but without malice.

I sob only once more then look to Thirty-Seven for instructions. She releases my hair.

“That’s a good girl,” she says. “Your Prime is proud and Master will be very pleased, but there are many rules with which you are not yet acquainted.”

“Yes, my Prime,” I say.

“You’ve just proven my point,” she says. “You’re breaking several right now. First, you are only to speak when asked a direct question and you are to answer immediately. Second, unless you are specifically told to, you are not to make eye contact with anyone of a higher status. Your eyes are to stay fixed upon the floor. Understand?”

I do understand, and I lower my gaze. “Yes, my Prime.”

“Your kneeling is unacceptable,” she says. “When commanded to kneel, there is a specific way you are to do it. Follow my directions to the letter.”

Thirty-Seven circles me, issuing commands. “Lower your backside until it is almost resting on your calves, but do not sit on them. Knees shoulder width apart. Feet are to be pointed behind you and as straight as possible. Back straight. Head back, eyes down. Hands clasped behind your back. Thrust your chest forward, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six.”

She squats beside me. “Is that the best you can do?”

“Yes, my Prime,” I say. My eyes flit to the bag on the table.

“Eyes down,” she says, snapping her fingers in my face. She runs a finger over my ribs and then cups my left breast in her hand. “You’ve pathetically small tits. We should put you to use in the laundry as a washboard until we can get some meat back on these bones. Are you hungry, Tithe?”

“Yes, my Prime,” I say, perhaps too quickly.

She walks to the table and reaches into her sack. Steam still rises from the bread. This must be what Heaven smells like. She also removes a small tin cup and a wineskin. I can smell it as she begins to pour. A red. I hadn’t even noticed how thirsty I had become. She breaks off a piece of bread and holds it before me.

“Here you are, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six.”

I reach for the bread and am rewarded by a slap in the face from her free hand. I yelp and look up at her. She draws her hand back for another blow.

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Abigail’s Work Experience

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Abigail is a buxom attractive married woman in her late thirties. Her family had needed some extra money so she had agreed to take a part time job as a cleaner in a local sports hall to help pay the household bills. At first she had not liked her new job as it involved working late hours, work start time was 10p.m. finishing up at 2a.m. Her duties included cleaning out the changing/shower rooms which were often very dirty and smelled strongly of the sweaty bodies which had used them. The sports facilities were used mainly in the evenings and weekends, cleaning up in the showers and baths after the sessions had finished when everybody else had left the changing rooms. Abigail was often very tired when she got home in the early hours of the morning and her sex life with her partner had suffered as a result. Being sexually frustrated due to a lack of sex at home Abigail’s mind would often drift to sexy thoughts when she was working.

Abigail would wait until all of the changing room users had gone out before she started the cleaning, but on some occasions when she started cleaning the changing rooms an odd straggler would still be there taking a shower, she would sometimes catch sight of their naked bodies as they came out of the shower cubicles (which did not have doors), it was embarrassing for her at first, but she soon got used to seeing naked bodies of all shapes and sizes. Several of the male stragglers would come out from the shower cubicle and on seeing Abigail casually let their towels slip down to expose themselves to her. One of the men had obviously been aroused, seeming to enjoy having a strange woman seeing him hard, she thought he was just a serial exhibitionist and tried not let him notice her paying attention to his big cock. Anyway seeing a naked body with a hard cock added some excitement and interest to what was otherwise a lonely & boring job. Amy decided that she enjoyed seeing the naked people and would fantasise about being naked herself with the flashing exhibitionist and then masturbating in front of him, she would always orgasm as she recalled the samsun escort images of his proud cock standing to attention in front of her, imagining him jacking off and coming all over her big breasts.

The cleaning was very hot work in the summer months, Abigail would often only wear small shorts and a sports bra for work, the outfit was very practical but also showed off her rounded figure and big breasts to good effect. Some of the stragglers clearly appreciated seeing her wearing skimpy clothes as exhibitionism seemed to be happening to her more frequently now. Abigail was starting work a little earlier these summer evenings as the sports hall was busier. Abigail was enjoying it more at work now especially when she caught sight of some of the fit men and women coming out of the showers completely naked. She had started to give their bodies marks out of ten to help relieve the tedium of her cleaning job, she realised she was finding it increasingly pleasurable seeing both the men and women’s naked bodies.

One hot evening Abigail had just started cleaning out the men’s shower room when she heard giggling and caught a glimpse of a naked couple sharing a shower cubicle at the far end of the changing room, she had never seen this before as there were separate changing/shower rooms provided for men and women. She watched as the attractive couple washed and lathered each others bodies, the young woman worked on his bum, moving round to his lovely penis she rubbed the sensitive head of his cock gently, he giggled as his cock quickly grew and was soon standing very stiff and erect. She turned around and pushed her cheeks back against his stiff cock, bending over she let him slide into her soapy, wet, aroused love tunnel. He slowly slipped his rigid cock inside her pussy and started to pump away as he fondled her small firm breasts, she was squealing with pleasure as he started to fuck her hard. Abigail was getting very aroused watching and listening to them fucking from the other end of the changing room (where they could not see her), she opened her own shorts urfa escort lowering them she started to massage her Venus mound, dropping her shorts to her knees her probing fingers soon found their way to her clitoris which she started to rub really hard as she listened to the couple fucking, she moaned quietly as she quickly came to a shuddering wet climax.

Abigail quietly slipped away out of the changing room without them knowing she had been there and went to clean out the ladies changing rooms. As she cleaned she thought about what just happened and realised she had just experienced one of her best climaxes since her younger years, she thought about why it had been so intense, was it the voyeurism aspect that had heightened her climax or just the sight of another couple having a good fuck? Her work was much more enjoyable for the rest of the week, whenever she was bored with cleaning she would just think about seeing the naked couple having sex in the shower and would then fantasise about being in the shower cubicle with them. Abigail masturbated on her own several times that week after everyone else had left, the first time by just dropping her shorts to her knees, second time she got completely naked to masturbate in the men’s changing rooms, the third time she was completely naked and showered as she masturbated in the men’s shower room. She really enjoyed these experiences and as a result felt semi-aroused at work for the rest of the week.

The next week Abigail arrived for work early as usual and went in to start cleaning the men’s changing/shower room first. She started to mop the floor, working her way from the front towards the showers at the far end of the room. When she was halfway along she heard the sound of water running, as she got closer to the shower and looked in, she saw it was the same attractive guy who had been there in the shower fucking with the attractive young woman several weeks earlier.

Abigail said to him ”sorry sir, I thought everyone had already gone home now”

He smiled ”hi I’m Paul, please don’t worry sinop escort about it I’m not shy anyway!”

”you can take as long as you like Paul, I’ll just admire your body”

Paul turned to her saying ”you are looking very hot tonight, I would love to see your body naked, would you like to jump in the shower with me?”

Abigail didn’t need a second invitation, she quickly accepted his offer, slipping out of her her shorts to reveal her Brazilian shaved pussy and undoing her sports bra releasing her big buxom breasts, jumping in to join Paul naked in the shower cubicle. As the warm water sprayed down on them he started to lather up her large rounded breasts, gently squeezing her nipples between his fingers and thumbs they soon became erect, she enjoyed this sensation and started to rub his chest working her way slowly down his hard stomach towards his cock which was already twitching and stiffening, she stroked it up and down pulling it towards her, his cock was now hard, fully rigid and upright. Amy knew what to do now, she turned around, bending over and stretching her pussy lips wide for him, it was wet, moist and inviting, she ached for his cock to enter her. She didn’t need to wait long as she soon felt his hard cock slide straight into her warm, wet love tunnel, it wasn’t as big as her husband’s cock but Abigail was so aroused now that it certainly felt like the best cock she had ever had in her swollen, aroused pussy. He pumped away slowly at first, sliding his cock right in and out, he pressed his fingers hard against her clitoris, her love tunnel now quivered in waves of ecstasy, he pumped hard and fast pulling out his cock before coming, spraying several spurts of thick cum all over her bum. Abigail washed herself off in the shower, getting out she dried herself slowly, letting him watch her as she dried her big breasts and pussy, they kissed and said nothing knowing it was lust an elicit encounter. Slipping back into her shorts and bra she left the shower room and went to continue her work, leaving him to finish showering and changing.

Abigail felt she was really starting to enjoy her job now, she knew she would definitely be up for further sexual encounters in the future, she was sure the right type of opportunities would arise soon enough and she looked forward to them enthusiastically!

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The First Time

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Big Cock

Sitting in the locker room, Carol looked around, she was hot, and tired.. Practice had been rough.. but she was feeling that warm sensation that covers muscles once they have been first stressed, then were allowed to relax. The other girls were already stripping, chatting and laughing. She watched as her team mates moved towards the showers. She had always felt a little odd at these times. Not because she was ashamed of being naked, actually, when alone she had always found the sensation of wearing nothing to be liberating, kind of therapeutic. But in the company of other young women she was embarrassed by her body. She knew, deep in her mind that she shouldn’t be, but she was. Her breasts had yet to fill out and at eighteen years of age, she still didn’t have a “mound” of pubic hair, just a light covering of auburn fuzz. No, fuzz wasn’t the right word for it. Her pubic hair was sparse, almost as though she were balding.. but at eighteen, down there? All the other girls on the team were walking around her with full bodies, or at the very least enough secondary signs of maturity that they couldn’t be mistaken for a little girl.

“Comon, hit those showers!” yelled the coach. “I want towels and uniforms in the hampers, not on the floor ladies!” Miss Stenholtz shouted as she entered her office.

Carol stood, and peeled off her hockey uniform. Once naked she held a towel at waist level covering her sparse pubic area, walked around to the bin that collected the dirty uniforms and then walked into the shower area. Stephanie was already there, giggling at something one of the other girls had said, but upon seeing Carol enter the area, turned and motioned for her friend to move next to her.

“Hey!” Stephanie Shouted over the sound of falling water. “you still on for tonight?”

“Tonight?” Carol said stepping under the warm water. “Yeah, I guess so.” She had almost forgotten the double date.

“Great!” yelled Steph, pulling her long brunette locks back over her shoulder. “I can’t wait, it’s gonna be a blast!”

Carol washed herself. Her small breasts, when would they grow like Steph’s? God, her friend must be a full “C” cup by now, and her pubic hair grew in a large, full dark mound of curls. Carol watched as the other girl bent over, rinsing her buttocks and thighs.. She felt her breath grow sharper.. ‘Damn’ she thought, ‘not now, not here’. Her mind flashed to a few weeks back..

She and Steph were in the other girls house, her friend had gone to the bathroom and they were talking, so she had left the door open..

Carol had sat on the floor across from the door, chatting when her girlfriend had opened the door to hear better.. she was looking straight at her friends crotch. She could almost make out the golden stream that erupted from the darkness .. her breath caught in her throat, her heart started to pound as the other girl wiped herself, pulling the hair and skin forward, she had felt flush, her panties were getting damp all by themselves.. it scared her… it thrilled her..

Carol plunged into the water, hoping that as she got excited, no one would notice. She turned her back on her friend, and soaped her hair.. another girl was standing across from her.. her nipples little flat spots on white mounds of flesh.. The water caused a tingling sensation on her small breasts, she looked down at herself, her nipples were erect, standing straight out from her ‘almost’ “A” cup chest.

“Hey! Earth to Carrot top!” Steph shouted.

Carol spun again, facing her friend.

“What is it with you?” Stephanie stepped closer to her.. almost touching. “Are you OK? … I asked what you were going to wear?” The brunettes eyes dropped to the other girls pale chest. “God, turn up the hot water silly, you’re freezing yourself.”

“Uh, I guess I just caught a draft.. ” Carol stumbled trying to pick up the other girls suggestion about being cold.

“Or are you excited about something?”

“No, I caught a draft. ” Carol ducked under the water again. She had felt that stirring in her loins again.. she was turned on. God, what was going on with her?

“So..” Steph stood with her hands on her hips. “What are you wearing tonight?”

“I don’t know.. Uh,” Carol had to focus.. “Jeans I guess”

“OK, listen I’ll come by, drop my things and we’ll go from there OK?” Stephanie was referring to the plan for her to spend the night at Carol’s house that night.

“All right, uh, about when?”

“I guess around seven or so?”


“Jeans and what else?”

“Huh?” Carol had tried not to look at the way her friends breasts hung off her frame.

“What else are you going to wear?”

“I don’t know, a blouse, maybe a jacket.” She shrugged.

“Don’t wear anything too tight.” Her friend said with a grin and sauntered out of the shower area.

“Let’s go girls!” came Miss. Stenholtz’s voice. “Water’s off in ten minutes!”

Carol turned, facing the tile and started back in on her hair.. ‘What’s happening to me? Why am I having thoughts like this?’

Once tekirdağ escort home Carol ran to her room and fell onto her bed. She couldn’t understand why she was getting turned on looking at girls. She had always felt more comfortable around women then men, with the exception of her father, but that was normal right? But in the last year or so, she could remember taking a much keener interest in the girls in her class, especially those that were close to her, like Stephanie. Could she be .. One of them? She closed her eyes and tried to remember what she had been thinking, deep down somewhere in her mind.. something must be triggering her erotic responses.. but how? Another girl?

She had marveled at the other girls bodies.. watching them move, naked and graceful. She had watched them bounce and jiggle and .. ‘Oh My God’ She was having sexual thoughts about Stephanie! How could she? How couldn’t she? In her heart she knew, that even in her most intimate sexual fantasies, the ones that she would masturbate too, Stephanie was always there, watching while a faceless nearly genderless body had touched her, kissed her. Or on other occasions she had thought of.. She had thought of her. Those dark pools for eyes. That hair, her smell, her form, her voice, her hands, her.. She was starting again. Why did all her intimate thoughts revolve around other girls? She stood and looked in the mirror.. Green eyes looked back at her from within an alabaster face, angular, sharp almost. Shoulder length red hair.. a wide splash of freckles across her face. Thin, muscular frame under her clothes. No chest. God, she looked like a boy. Maybe she was a boy, maybe she was one of those, whatchamacallit’s.. Herma something’s… She’ll never be as attractive as Steph, or some of the other girls in her school. Damn..

Dropping back onto her bed, she thought of her last few dates.. the way they had ended. Virtual wrestling matches. The guys had been grabbing and pulling, slobbering all over her.. squeezing her small breasts until they stung with pain. Ramming first their hands then their thighs between her legs, trying to hump her through her clothes. God, what a horrible night she had coming. But then.. Steph would be there.. Stephanie.. she had listened to the other girls stories of wild sexual abandon. How she reveled in the taste, the smell the feel of the boy she was with.. Why couldn’t she get like that, why wasn’t she able to enjoy her dates like that? She felt tears well up inside her. Carol rolled over and cried into her pillow. Then, after shedding some tears, and venting her frustration into the innocent pillow. She drifted off to sleep.

Carol awoke to the sound of her mothers voice calling her. Steph was here. She rolled off the bed and looked in the mirror again. Her eyes showed she had been asleep and it was a shock as her dark haired friend bounded through the door.

“Hey Care’, You OK?” She asked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“It’s just the old Italian thing kicking in, worry abut the ones you love, you know.”

Carol’s heart jumped in her chest.. It was the word ‘love’ wasn’t it? She was having more and more trouble being composed around this girl. What was wrong with her?

“Come on where are we sleeping tonight?” Stephanie said looking at the small double bed that occupied one corner of the other girls room.

“I was thinking we could sleep in the den, with the big TV and all.. ” Snap out of it dummy.

“OK, cool, let’s get our stuff down there, the guys are coming around eight, and it’s a nine thirty show.” Stephanie hefted her overnight bag onto her shoulder and the two proceeded to plod down stairs to the den.

In the next half hour the two made a space for themselves, placing sleeping bags and pillows in a sort of futon like arrangement. Just as they were finishing their construction Carol’s father entered the house. He looked down the short stairwell into the den and said in his strong voice:

“Good evening short cake.” His steel gray eyes glistened, his almost non existent hair was just a shade of gray now, it made him look distinguished in his Marine Corps. Uniform.

“Hi Daddy” Carol said, not able to hide the joy she had upon seeing her father.

“And hello Stephanie, how are you ladies tonight?” Asked the Gunnery Sergeant.

“We’re fine Sarge, how are you?” for some reason Steph made ‘Sarge” sound like a formal term.

“I’m fine. What are you two up to this evening? Bivouac?”

“Double date, sir.” Said Stephanie

“Then back here for girl stuff, sir.” Continued Carol.

The man looked as though he were inspecting their construct, and finding it acceptable nodded and added a brisk, “Carry on.” The girls giggled and fell onto the couch. For all his formal posing, Gunny Howell always liked to play with his little girl. He just never seemed to have the time anymore.

Both girls proceeded up the stairs, it was time to get ready for the big date. Stephanie had set the whole thing up. Two boys from school, David (Steph called trabzon escort him the stud of the month) and Tony. Tony was of course Carol’s date, and she was as unsure of this as she had ever been of anything in her life. She washed her face, and pulled at her hair, it was OK, she thought. Then she went to her closet and pulled out a light green blouse and clean, dark blue Calvin Klein jeans. She turned and watched as Stephanie pulled a pair of matching designer jeans from her bag and a dark brown sweater. The two changed next to each other, as they had for years. But this time seemed different, Carol wasn’t’ sure how or why.. But this time she was almost embarrassed to let the other girl see her.

She was terrified that her body would betray her as she watched the heavy breasts of her companion jiggle in their bra. Please don’ t let me get turned on now! She prayed silently. Heat rose through her body as a response. Stephanie pulled off her slacks and falling back on the bed she began to pull on the designer jeans. In a moment, Carol was laying next to her, their arms grazing each other as they worked on the tight denim.

“Damn, you look good in those..” Stephanie said as Carol stood up.

“You think so?” Carol looked at herself in the mirror.

“Are you kidding, you have a great ass.”

“I don’t know, I think it’s kind of flat.”

“Not in those jeans it’s not.”

Carol tried to turn away from her friend as she pulled off her tee shirt. Her bra was the same size as the one she’d worn two years ago. She could go without one she was so small on top.

“Your not going to wear an athletic bra are you?” Asked Steph, pointing at the one she was wearing.

“Uh, no, I’m changing it.. what about you?”

“Tadaa!!” Stephanie pulled a red lace bra from her bag, and without so much as a by your leave dropped out of her white cotton support and slowly worked her way into the lace. Carol was transfixed. The way her nipples rode on the waves of her breasts as they swayed from side to side. The way she smelled, the way.. Good Christ what am I doing!?

Carol opened her dresser, and looked through her bras. She found one of her nicer ones and held it up, a thin strapped teal silken piece.

“Wow! I like” said Stephanie gazing at the lingerie

“Thanks, it’s for that green dress I got last year.”

“I know, but I must have missed the matching undies.. How come you’re not wearing the panty?”

“Uh, I think it’s dirty, I must have worn ’em the other day.” Carol pulled her bra over her head like she had done with the tee shirt. Her small curves of breast looked back at her in the mirror. Her nipples were dark, unlike the areola around them, they were darkening, she was sure from their normal pink to a shade darker, like roses. She slipped into the bra and looked up. Stephanie was staring at her. Probably wondering how she survived with such an anemic chest. God for the days of twiggy again.

“What!?” Carol intoned, shrugging into the garment.

“I love your body.” Stephanie said looking over the other girl.

Carol stared at her in the mirror. She had felt her heart stop. She was standing, frozen. Her arms in the straps of the brassiere held at her elbows.

“I do.” Said the dark haired girl stepping closer. “I wish I had your figure, I love it, the way your neck just slips into your shoulders. Your curves are just so..”

“Not there.” Carol said, realizing she was staring back at her friend.

“No, that’s not it, just subtle and soft.”

“I’ve got no tits.” The red head pulled the bra on and reached behind her to clip it.

“Your tits fit your frame, slender, muscular in perfect proportion. Just like your butt.”

“My butt?” “Yeah, it’s perfect, just so.. hell, it’s a shame you’re covering it all. If anyone could see you move, like you do, when you’re naked.”

Carol didn’t know what was happening, she could feel her nipples getting erect, her breath fell shallow, and her crotch began to feel damp.

“I mean,” continued Stephanie. “If your not trying to hide everything, your body is so fluid, and graceful. I feel like a cow next to you.”

The mental image had struck her, Carol broke out laughing, turning to see her friend. She had always thought that Stephanie was perfect, and knew it. Here, this beauty was, telling her that she was jealous of the non existent figure on the smaller girl.

Stephanie started to laugh then.

“I’m sorry, you must think I’m some sort of dyke or something!” The Italian girl hooted.

“No, I think your perfect!” The two girls fell into a hug.

The warmth of the two bodies holding each other swept through Carol’s body. Resting her head on the other girls shoulder Carol let herself feel. The hug was intense, warm, all encompassing. At that moment, for just an instant, Carol wanted to kiss the other girl. The thought didn’t revolt her, or make her feel odd, suddenly it felt like just what she needed to do. But, before she could bring herself to do it, they broke sivas escort the embrace. More importantly, to Carol, Steph had broken it. She tried to banish thoughts of a romantic nature from her mind.

Stephanie handed her the blouse and she slipped into it without saying a word.

Soon, after talking with her mother and getting the usual; ‘Home by midnight darling’ speech both girls watched as the battleship gray and primer Chevrolet waited for them. The two young men inside were talking, then both got out and came to the door.. The date was on.

David and Stephanie sat up front. Tony sat behind David and Carol behind Steph. They chatted, mostly about school and plans and thoughts. What teachers were the best. Which were the worst. Both boys thought Miss. Steinholtz was a lesbian. David explained that she had to be, she wore no makeup, and she spent all of her time with girls. She was probably just trying to get one of the hapless girls alone. Carol defended her, “Why, if your coaching, should you worry about being dressed up?” What was the matter with this guy?

She and Stephanie both stated they felt there was nothing wrong with the teacher, and she was good at her job. Tony made a crack about the fact that Miss. Steinholtz had the body of a guy, so maybe she was really just a cross dresser. Carol said nothing about the crack. The teacher had a more feminine body than she did. At least, as far as she was concerned.

They stopped for dinner at a local Pizza restaurant. They ate and laughed. She was having a good time, sitting across from Stephanie, she found herself looking to the girl for support. She was transfixed on her. Soon, she hoped that they would end the date, and be alone again. Was she starting to feel jealous of the boys?

They went to a movie, as planned. It was one of the standard slasher horror flicks that seemed to come out in continuous waves then. A little nudity, a lot of blood, and loud music. She jumped and screamed and sitting with Steph to her right, Tony to her left, she felt as though they were on a date, without the boys. Only with an annoying little brother sitting on either side.

After the movie the boys were grinning broadly. They all resumed their places in the car and started driving. Steph was all over her boy. They kissed at stop lights and her hand had slipped onto the drivers side of the car, resting in his crotch. Soon, he pulled into a park and the car stopped.

Tony was on her in a matter of moments. His lips pressed against hers. His tongue sweeping across her lips. His breath rank from onion and pizza, stale popcorn and soda. She tried to allow herself to relax, to ‘get into it’ but it wasn’t working. She couldn’t get excited like this, it wasn’t doing anything for her.

In the front seat, Stephanie and David were locked in a passionate embrace. At one moment, Carol was watching Steph when she looked over at her and smiled. Stephanie pushed David back and reached for his belt. Tony was roughly squeezing her breasts, trying to find a nipple that wouldn’t respond with a sharp twisting motion. David leaned backwards his back resting on the drivers door. Stephanie pulled his erect penis from his pants and stared to stroke it, first with the flat of her hand, then wrapping her fingers around it she began to masturbate her date. Tony broke his grip on Carol and looked in the front street, he hooted his approval and stared at the scene before him. Steph looked over at Carol, she smiled, and nodded trying to get her to start doing the same thing for her date.

Perhaps, Carol thought, if she just started, her body would catch up. She reached out and started to rub the front of Tony’s jeans. As Stephanie stroked the shaft of David’s penis, he began to pull his pants down farther. Carol could feel the hard bulge under the rough fabric. Tony’s cock was at attention. Not really knowing what to do, she tried to mimic Steph’s movements only wasn’t doing to well.

Then, without a word, Tony undid his pants and stopping her for a moment, yanked them roughly to his knees. His Cock stood straight up, it was circumcised and surrounded at the base by a healthy patch of hair that seemed to just be the meeting point between his leg hair and his stomach hairs. Daunted for a moment, Carol just looked at the engorged member. It was about six inches long, but not as thick as ones she had seen in her dad’s porno movies that she had stolen a look at. She started over, reaching over and rubbing her palm across the head. Then she wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke it up and down. Stephanie looked over her shoulder, David’s head was back, his eyes closed. Carol smiled at the other girl, and watched in amazement as her friend switched hands, licked her palm, leaving a large amount of saliva on it and then switched back. She indicated with another nod that Carol should do the same. She did and found the wet hand to be much easier to stroke with.

Stephanie looked back at her date and then leaned over, licking the head of his cock as she stroked it. Then in a single deft move she took it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Her right hand seeming to feed her mouth while it held his cock steady and acted as the guide for her lips. Her head bobbed up and down as she made noisy wet sucking sounds.

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Bailey Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

All characters in this story are 18 years old or older.

Sorry for the wait. Still wrestling with this whole writers block thing. I got a lot of good feedback on Chapter 1 and I’m very thankful for everyone’s comments. So, here’s chapter 2. Hope you all enjoy as much as the first one. There’s some slight violence and a bit of drama in this one, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, you might want to skip this one.



It was a Monday afternoon. The lunchroom was packed, like usual, as I walked through the double doors and spotted Bailey sitting with the usual crowd. Nick and Tyler were talking about one of their favorite bands coming to town when I walked up behind them and yanked Bailey’s hood over her head from behind.

She jumped, startled and spun around on her stool to face me. “You jerk,” she sighed, pulling her hood back again.

“Did I scare ya?” I asked, with a grin.

“No, of course not!”

“Don’t let her fool you,” Nick chimed in. “She was terrified.”

“Shut up,” Bailey sighed, before punching Nick in the arm.

I sat down between Bailey and Tyler and cracked open a can of soda that I had bought from the vending machine. For a few minutes, me and Bailey just sat in silence, while Nick and Tyler babbled on and on about getting tickets to see Rancid, and Michelle was busy talking to her friend Nicole about something.

I was thinking about my conversation with Mark a few days earlier, and I wanted to talk about it with Bailey…after everything we had done together on Saturday, I felt it was necessary to establish exactly what would happen next…but, I felt weird bringing it up in front of everyone else.

“Hey,” I said, giving Bailey a nudge. “Can we talk?”

She blinked, looking as nervous about it as I was.

“Sure,” she said, standing up and taking my hand.

Bailey then proceeded to lead me through the lunchroom and outside, onto the patio where students were allowed during the lunch period. She pulled me all the way over to a corner where none of the staff could see; the smokers corner, as it was called. Bailey proceeded to light up a cigarette and smiled at me. “So, what’s up?”

Now that we were alone, I didn’t think I could bring myself to say what I had intended to say.

Why was I so nervous about it, anyway?

We had hooked up on Saturday, so why did the idea of asking whether we were boyfriend and girlfriend or not scare me so much? After hesitating for way longer than I had intended, I sighed and shook my head. “Nothing,” I said, smiling at her.

“Guess I just wanted you to myself…”

“Oh yeah?” Bailey giggled.

She flicked the ash from the tip of her cigarette, before pulling me further into the corner and pressing her lips to mine. I kissed her back, the taste of cigarettes heavy on her breath…I didn’t mind. “So,” she said, as she broke the kiss.

“Did you enjoy what we did on Saturday?”

“Uh…y-yeah, it was…great,” I laughed.


She was looking at me now, as though she didn’t believe me like she might have thought that I could be lying to her or something. “Just great?”

“Okay,” I said, with a grin. “It was incredible.”

“Now that’s more like it,” Bailey said, before kissing me again.


We both jumped and looked up to find Michelle and Tyler standing there, staring at us in shock. It was Michelle who had reacted first, and was now on the verge of laughter, as she stepped forward and hugged me and Bailey both together.

“Oh my God,” she said, as she hugged us tightly.

“You two are together now? You’re such a cute couple-“

“No, we’re not,” Bailey interrupted, laughing as she pushed her friend away and gaining my attention. “I mean…we sort of are but, not really.”

“So, you’re like…friends with benefits?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah,” Bailey replied, looking over at me. “Friends with benefits…right, Ryan?”

Well, there was my answer and I hadn’t even had to ask the question…Tyler and Michelle had done that for me.

“Right,” I nodded in agreement.

The bell for next period rang and Bailey groaned in frustration, stomping out her cigarette and turning towards me; off to the gym, we went.

Gym class went the way it typically always did.

Other students harassing me, and tossing basketballs at me, laughing hysterically when the ball would hit me right upside the head. Sure, I’d had a brief break from all of this garbage, after Tyler and Nick had found out last week. Most of them stayed away from me after that but not everyone had gotten the memo.

When gym class was over, I hid in the bathroom like I always did…God, I was so fucking pathetic, I hated myself sometimes. As soon as I was certain that the locker room and shower room had cleared, I stepped out of the bathroom and started undressing. I grabbed my towel and made my way to the showers but I paused, as I heard the shower running already.


I had completely forgotten that she would be in there. Not that I sinop escort minded at this point, and for obvious reasons, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t give a damn either. I smiled, stepping into the shower room and sure enough, there she was with her back turned towards me.

My eyes took in the sight of that gorgeous bubble butt of hers, as I slowly walked up behind her, hoping to catch her by surprise like I had done earlier in the lunchroom. This time though, Bailey turned around and caught me, before I could scare her.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long,” she said, with a seductive grin.

“Sorry,” I said, blushing. “I usually take cover in the bathrooms…you know…until everyone else is gone.”

Bailey frowned, taking me by the hand and pulling me under the stream of hot water. “They gave you a hard time today,” she said, referring to the usual crowd of bullies.

“It’s nothing,” I replied, as she rubbed my head where I’d been struck with at least two or three basketballs.

“It’s not nothing,” she said, defensively.

“Ryan, you should seriously stand up for yourself one of these days…you can’t let them keep getting over on you like that.”

She was right, I knew but, just the mere thought of getting into a fight caused me some pretty intense anxiety. Bailey wasn’t going to push the matter though…she could see the frustration in my eyes and she smiled, leaning in to kiss me on the mouth. My cock was instantly hard as a rock, and I felt it pressing against her much bigger one, which was equally hard.

“Maybe we shouldn’t in here,” I suggested, not knowing if it was the best idea to get it on in the boys shower…we could easily get caught by a staff member or another student.

“Relax,” Bailey said softly. “We got time for a quickie…”

With that, Bailey was pushing me down onto my knees in front of her, until I was eye level with her raging hard-on.

I put aside my uneasy feelings and wrapped my lips around the head of her cock, quickly engulfing the whole thing and started trying to deep throat. Bailey moaned, running her fingers through my hair and looking down at me with lust.

“Take your time,” she whispered.

“Don’t push yourself…you’re doing just fine…”

I was still getting used to the whole deep throat thing. I had done a pretty decent job last time but, I still had a little trouble suppressing my gag reflex enough so that I wouldn’t choke from time to time.

As Bailey held my head with both hands now, she began thrusting her hips forward, fucking my mouth with more and more speed and force. Her heavy wet balls kept slapping against my chin, water from the shower splashing against my chest. I pulled back just a little for a moment and looked up at her, to see her biting her lip and staring back down at me. “Fuck, Ryan…I’m gonna cum soon,” she warned, as she thrust her cock back down my throat again.

That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

I started bobbing my head faster again, reaching up to play with her small but, firm breasts, as I pushed her closer and closer to her climax. Finally, her legs began to shake and she forced my head all the way down, holding it in place, as she started grunting. “I-I’m cumming,” she gasped.

“I’m cumming…”

Leaning her head back against the shower wall, Bailey reached up with both hands and quickly covered her mouth, to try and stifle her cries as she erupted like a volcano in my mouth. Her cock pulsed and throbbed, rope after rope of cum splashing across my tongue and shooting straight down my throat. Just like I had done the day before, I swallowed every single drop, loving her sweet, sweet taste.

Bailey finally finished cumming, still a bit shaky, as I continued sucking on her sensitive and now softening cock until it went completely flaccid.

“Great job, Ryan,” she giggled, as she reached down to pat my cheek. “Now, we should probably hurry up and get out of here.”

I stood up and we shared a quick kiss, before shutting off the showers and rushing out to the locker area to get dried off and dressed.

“Meet me outside, after last period,” Bailey said, as we went our separate ways.

“I’ll be there,” I promised, before darting down the hallway.

I just barely made it to class, before the bell rang…thank God for that. I would have hated to get detention, on just my second week at this place.

After the last class of the day had ended, I made my way outside to meet with Bailey; she wasn’t out there yet though, so I wound up standing around and waiting. As I was waiting, I looked up and panicked, when I noticed two of the students from gym class that loved throwing balls at me…Tim and Billy.

Of course, they just had to notice me standing there too and instantly started walking right in my direction; great, I thought. Here we go.

“What’s up, loser,” Billy said, shoving me hard. I stumbled backward and fell onto my ass, and Billy and Tim both started laughing hysterically.

“Fuck off,” I said, angrily.

“What did sivas escort you say?” Billy asked, kneeling in front of me and getting right up in my face. “You got a big mouth, for such a little shit.”

“I said, fuck off,” I spat, becoming angrier now.

My reaction didn’t seem to help me though, as Billy suddenly straight up slapped me across the face. “Don’t talk to me like that,” he said through gritted teeth.


We all turned around, to find Bailey standing a few feet away from us, glaring at both Billy and Tim. “He said, fuck off…”

Billy and Tim glanced at each other, then back to Bailey, before Tim scoffed and shook his head. “Whatever,” he said, and proceeded to walk away first.

Billy watched his friend walk off, then glared back at Bailey, before flipping her the middle finger and following after Tim…I was saved from more torment.

And it had been Bailey, who had saved me.

“Thanks,” I said, as she walked closer to me.

“I owe you for that.”

“It’s no big deal,” Bailey shrugged. “I figured you go through enough of their bull shit during gym, why should you have to put up with more of it, after school lets out?”

“You’re not wrong there,” I laughed.

“Let’s head back to my place,” Bailey smiled, as she hooked her arm under mine and led me down the street. I loved how she seemed to take control of the moment…it was actually kind of a turn on.

When we got back to Bailey’s house, she led me straight downstairs to the basement and locked the door on the way. Her mother was still at work, but she wasn’t taking any chance of anyone walking in on us together. Bailey shoved me onto the couch and climbed on top of me, crushing my lips with her own and shoving her tongue down my throat. I groaned, wrapping my arms around her and deepening the kiss, as she started panting and dry humping.

My hand moved up her side and under the front of her shirt, feeling her small breasts, playing with her nipples. She broke the kiss and smiled.

“Wanna watch some porn together?”


The question was so random, Bailey took me by surprise. She wasn’t waiting for a response though it seemed, as Bailey climbed off of me and grabbed her laptop, sitting down and turning it on. “What are you in the mood for…gay, straight, in between?”

“I-I don’t know…you pick?”

Bailey shrugged, as she pulled up her web browser and went directly to a website full of transsexual porn…or…shemale, as it said on most of the videos that she pulled up to watch.

One of the first videos she played was of a tall blonde, with broad shoulders and huge tits. Her arms and legs were well-toned and she had the prettiest green eyes, to compliment her oval-shaped face. Between her legs though, was an enormous cock, about ten long inches and very thick. On his knees in front of her was a man, quite built himself, eagerly sucking at her cock.

I watched, as he bobbed his head and made all kinds of loud sucking and slurping sounds, while the shemale leaned her head back and moaned in pleasure. She kept her hand on his head, fingers running through his curly hair, forcing her cock deeper down his throat with every thrust. My own cock began to stir, and I looked over to see that Bailey had slipped out of her pants, and was now stroking her huge cock to the video.

The video carried on for a few minutes, with this guy sucking his partner’s cock before the scene switched and showed the blonde leaning over the side of the couch. The guy got behind her and proceeded to start pounding her ass, slamming his cock in and out of her hole without mercy…it was so hot. I slid out of my pants now, and started jerking, just like Bailey.

As I was starting to get really into it, Bailey reached over and pushed my hand away from my cock, replacing it with her hand. “Why don’t we help each other out?”

I smiled back at her and nodded, before reaching over and wrapping my

fingers around her cock. We proceeded to stroke each other while continuing to watch the guy fucking his shemale partners ass. After a while, the scene changed again. This time, it showed the guy laying on his back, while the blonde moved over him and spread his legs apart.

I watched, as she lined her monster cock up with his ass and proceeded to push into him. He moaned loudly, as she began to slowly thrust in and out of him, making it easier on him then he had on her…at first.

Gradually, she began to pick up the pace, until she was fucking him just as hard as he had fucked her. Bailey moaned beside me, her hand pumping my cock faster and faster. I looked over and she was biting her lip, panting now and sweating a little.

She was getting close…and I was too.

As the video carried on, Bailey and I started panting harder and moaning more and more. Bailey lifted her ass off the couch, with a gasp and whimpering, her cock began to pulse. I watched, as she shot off several thick, long ropes of cum into the air. At just about the same moment, my cock erupted, firing off a tekirdağ escort good couple of shots of my own, before I sunk back against the couch.

We were both out of breath, glistening with sweat, as the video continued playing on the laptop…we weren’t watching anymore though.

Bailey sat forward, pausing the video and getting up to grab a towel for the both of us to clean ourselves with.

As Bailey handed me the towel and I wiped the cum from my stomach, she flopped back down on the couch beside me and smiled. “So, that was fun, right?”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “It definitely was.”

“Do you…wanna try anything you saw on the video?”

I hesitated, biting my lip, wondering which part exactly she meant to try. “Uh…l-like what?”

“Like…maybe we could…go all the way?”

Was that a real question?

“Yeah, I’d love to! I-I mean…if you want to, that is.”

“I-I do,” Bailey smiled eagerly.

We were both on the same page, it seemed.

My stomach was in knots. We’d fooled around Saturday and again just now, but that was just foreplay…we were talking about the real thing now. I was about to lose my virginity. That’s when I realized, we had one small issue to work out before we could make that happen…I was a little nervous about the answer that Bailey might give me though.

“So, um…h-how do we do it?”

“Have sex?” Bailey asked amused. “I mean, it’s pretty simple.”

“No, I know, I mean…like…”

I trailed off, too nervous to straight-up say what I was thinking. Bailey seemed to put two and two together though, and I was surprised to see her blushing a little. “You mean…which one of us is the top, and which one is the bottom?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, glad that she’d figured it out on her own.

“To be honest…I’m not sure,” Bailey admitted.

That was a bit shocking to me.

Bailey seemed like the type who always knew what she wanted, but oddly enough, she seemed almost as nervous about this whole thing as I was. “I’ve never actually had sex with a guy before,” Bailey said, after a few moments of silence.

“W-What? Really?”

“Really,” she laughed nervously, as she blushed harder.

“I mean, girls sure but…boys? I’ve never been with one before you, so I don’t know which one I’d prefer.”

“So then…I guess this is a first for both of us?”

Bailey smiled and nodded. “I guess so…”

I had no idea how this would work out, and clearly, Bailey was in the same boat. It was all about figuring out what we both liked since neither of us had done it before. We sat in silence for a few minutes, each of us trying to figure out what to do.

Finally, Bailey spoke up, a bit nervously. “I guess…you could be on top if you want.”

“A-Are you sure?” I asked.

Bailey smiled, reaching under the couch cushion and pulling out a bottle of lube. I laid back and Bailey climbed on top of me, popping open the bottle of lube. She squirted some into the palm of her hand and started stroking my dick until it was fully hard and nice and slick with lube.

Then, she reached back and applied some to her asshole, before positioning herself over my cock. We made eye contact for a moment, and I could see that she was just as nervous as I was. Biting her lip, Bailey slowly lowered herself down, the tip of my cock pressing against her puckered hole and slowly it popped into her. We both gasped loudly, as the head slipped into her asshole.

Bailey bit her lip even harder, squeezing her eyes shut in discomfort and pain, while I groaned in pleasure.

“Holy fuck,” I moaned.

She was so damn tight, it felt like her asshole was gripping the hell out of my cock, squeezing it tightly. It took me a few moments to notice the pained look on her face, and when I did, I reached up to grab one of her hands. “Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah,” she stammered, her voice shaking. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Just…give me a second…”

My hands moved to her sides, sliding up and down over her hips in an attempt to try and comfort her. After a few moments, Bailey took a deep breath and exhaled, before sliding further down onto my cock. The more she took, the more it started to feel good, at least, for me.

Finally, she bottomed out, taking my entire cock balls deep in her ass. My hands moved to her hips and held on to her tightly, as she looked down at me, and I heard her grunt.

“You are so…fucking tight,” I moaned.

Bailey didn’t say a word though.

She waited a few seconds before she started slowly moving up and down on my cock, riding me gently. Gradually, she began to pick up the pace. That pained expression never seemed to fade though, and after a while, as much as I was enjoying myself…I had to call her out on it. “You’re not enjoying this, are you?” I asked as Bailey sighed heavily.

“It’s fine,” she insisted. “Maybe…let’s try another position.”

I could tell she did not want to give up so easily. I nodded, and Bailey slowly lifted herself off of my cock and rolled onto her hands and knees. I got behind her, spreading her ass cheeks and pressing the tip of my cock back to her entrance. With a hard thrust, I pushed straight back into her. Bailey slumped forward on the couch, burying her face in the pillow and gasping.

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A Walk In The Park

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Walking through a park, I see you for the first time, but you don’t see me. You are on a bench, alone, and I can tell you are wearing some kind of short skirt and tight top. The park is fairly quiet; it just isn’t the time of day for many to be people there. I am enjoying the day, the setting sun…slowly walking in your direction. As I get closer, to my amazement and instant arousal, you are playing with yourself. Your skirt is not as short as I thought, you just have it pulled up to play with your pussy. As I get closer, I can see your hard nipples poking through the fabric of your tight shirt. My cock springs to life immediately.

You notice me, but suspect it might be too late. Are you caught? You casually stop your efforts to stimulate yourself, but make no harsh moves to cover up…just hoping I will pass by, but you quickly discover that will not happen. Without so much as a word, I sit next to you on the bench. I look at you, and you soon look back at me. While we remain locked in eye contact, my hand goes to your thigh. “Oh my GOD!”, you think in your mind. “I need to stop him, but I want it!”

Your eyes close and your head tilts back some. My fingers slide to your pussy and you offer no resistance. Through your drenched panties, I rub your pussy for you – just like you were previously. The change in your breathing is both noticable, and sudden.

My attention on your pussy intensifies, mardin escort now rubbing your swollen clit. Your hands attempt to reach for my covered cock, but you are denied and I return them to your lap. My hand now slides the material of your panties to the side for a more direct assault on your cunt. Your state of arousal has spiked both because of my hand, and my confident rebuke of your advance. With no other place to go, your hands rise up to squeeze your own tits.

“Show them to me,” I say. “Expose your tits to me and rub your nipples.” Without hesitation, your shirt begins to rise and your hands release the clasp on your bra…also pushing it over your breasts. Your fingers then do exactly as I asked, and start to pinch and roll your nipples between them. I reach down, place my mouth over one, then the other…lightly biting each, sucking on them, and then have you return to their public stimulation.

I stand and reposition myself kneeling in front of you. I grab your legs, open them, and pull your ass to the edge of the bench…effectively opening your pussy wide to me. My fun continues by using my mouth to lick you, suck on you and even a gentle nibble of your clit…sending shock waves through you. Your hands leave your exposed breasts, and reach for the top of my head; you pushing me harder against your pussy. You notice a man over my shoulder, in the distance, watching us.

I nevşehir escort stand again. Your breathing is heavy and you are panting from the oral assault. You are left to simply watch as I open my pants and free my raging member. It is hard, throbbing, and leaking pre-cum. I pull you up to more of a sitting position and guide your head to my cock’s tip. “Now you can suck it,” I say. Looking right into my eyes, you open your mouth and accept it eagerly.

Your tongue swirls over my dick, and feels like nothing I have expereinced. You suck it all in deep, then let it go. You play with just the tip, bringing me into a frenzy. My hands grab the back of your head and I move my hips in rythym with you as your face fucks me. “God you are an amazing cock sucker…the best I have EVER had, but I MUST fuck that pussy. You will take my cum in there,” I say then pushing you off me and again against the back of the bench.

With one of your ankles in each of my hands, I have you open wide. As I get in position you now see the man over my shoulder has his cock out and is stroking it with intensity. You see that he is beginning to cum at the sight of you so open and exposed. It heightens all of your senses to see him cum. Then your attention instantly gets shifted back to me as you feel my rigid prick plow into your pussy….deep inside of you all in one thrust. The sensation is so intense niğde escort that you need a moment to deterine if it was pleasure or pain running through you.

I fuck you with a wanton lust you have rarely, if ever, seen. You clearly sense I am on a mission…a mission to fuck you hard and unload my seed into your tight pussy. YOU are being taken here on a bench, spread wide…and liking it.

My moaning, coupled with the feverish pace of my deep thrusts, tell you my eruption is near. As I prepare to fill you with my spunk I thrust hard, bury my cock deep inside you and hold it there; my arms now falling to hold on to the top of the bench’s back to brace me. You wrap your legs around me, using your ankles and feet to push me even deeper inside you.

You feel the jets of cum pulsing out of me, splashing against the walls of your pussy. They keep coming….in waves. You wonder if you can hold it all. Your inner thighs are wet and sticky. We are both out of breath. I pull my cock out, it still hard, so I stroke it. I pull you back up to a sitting position, and feed it to for cleaning. You taste the raw passion of our mutual arousal. You clean me up completely. I bend down and kiss you deeply, getting the remainig taste of us both.

I walk away without ever having exchanged a word outside the throws of sexual passion. You watch as I walk until I am no longer in view. As you pack up your things and preapre to leave, you see a business card on your purse. It was not there before. You study it, but the name or company is unfamiliar. You flip it over to see a note. It says, “Thanks. My best fuck ever!”

“When did he have time to write that?”, you wonder.

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A New Slut Visits Pt. 01

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Preamble: Yep it’s been too long since I last wrote, but I have had someone e-mail me and inspire me to write again. I hope this captures the spirit of my previous master/sub slut stories… I intend it to be just as dirty.

My stories are written about me, a dirty minded Master, and very willing submissive sluts, who find ultimate satisfaction in giving up themselves completely to a controlling man they trust – but they are not about loving relationships. Save love for your life partner, I just want your fuck holes … I write as if it is me writing down my memory of a recent event just happened… as sometimes that is the case. Please forgive the odd typo and error of tense, which I know I make – my writing is a raw style, which is what I intend.


August 2017: I was feeling excited, horny, and a little apprehensive, as I had just hit send on another e-mail to a ‘new slut’ who had contacted me recently about my stories and experiences, and how they had affected her. A very sexual woman, we shall call her Jenna in this re-telling, who had shared her intimate fantasies with me over a series of e-mails, igniting the dark lust in me, making me want to stray from my more vanilla ‘normal’ life and once again taste that excitement of being so damn dirty. Jenna was already ripe for submission, telling me she had cum countless times from my words, and making it clear all her holes were open to be used and abused – and that a little pain and piss play would be welcomed, along with humiliation and more… she also understood that to submit to me would most probably include submission to many other men, with my penchant for sharing my slut – my own personal porn star whore.

Oh, and the e-mail? It was step one in my plan, and contained the following “contract”. We had built up to this moment of course – I wanted her one last chance to back-out before we both took a break from our real lives and acted out our deepest desires.

“I the below signed, confirm that I am a willing partner in the sex games to take part between myself and Master D.G., and any other 3rd parties he chooses, to last over the 48 hours of the weekend of 26th August 2017. I consent to all sexual acts and humiliation, and understand I will have no right to complain or make public anything which happens. Nothing can be considered non-consensual during this time, the word no/shaking my head, or otherwise trying to stop what is happening will be ignored, under the shared understanding I do not really mean it. I understand I cannot withdraw that consent once the weekend has begun, no matter what happens.

During the period, my body belongs to Master D.G., to use and abuse how he wishes, and that some marking and bruising will be inevitable. I also understand no protection will be worn by any party, and all sex will be ‘bareback’, with all acts ‘to completion’ inside me. I will be given one safe word per 24-hour period, which does not have to be used, and that will stop the specific act occurring at that time, but understand I will continue to be used after a 10-minute break after that point (not repeating the act which took me too far past my limits). I understand that once a safe word has been used, I must submit to every other whim of my Master for that 24-hour period.

My master will ensure a few rules: I will be fed and given water. No-one under 18 will take part in any activity. No extreme marking of the body, or any marks to the face or neck (no public marks).”

I hoped the wording would not only scare her a little, to ensure she was serious, but also to excite her – I could imagine a shiver travelling the length of her spine as she just imagined what I could have planned. Did she want to give herself completely? Could she, to a man she’d never met? Yes, of course by that point we had already shared far more about our fantasies and sexual needs and likes than many couples do in a lifetime face to face, but we were both married, and we both risked a lot to give into our primal urges.

– –

I had to wait nearly 24 hours for my answer, during which time I certainly questioned if I had gone too far, or too far too fast, had I read the signs wrong?

I need not have worried;


I hope you find the attached signed contract to your liking.

Yours (totally), Jenna.”

I had to resist punching the air – as I wasn’t sure what my work colleagues would have thought. But I allowed myself a mental ‘fuck yes’ – it was time to put the rest of the dirty plan into action. I went into my documents folder, and found the pre-written and password protected next e-mail…

“Jenna my slut – I am so happy you will be joining me, I hope it’s everything we both want it to be!

Now we’ve got the formalities done with, it’s time for the small print. Below is an address, which you will arrive at on the agreed weekend at 9am sharp. Don’t worry about where you will stay overnight, all is taken care of. Wear a front buttoned summer dress, with NOTHING underneath. Bring no underwear with you, it will just waste time. You may bring toiletries, manisa escort and I expect you to wear make-up always, especially lipstick. Perfume is not permitted, as it would cover your natural scent. Bring any clothes you wish to leave in, but no other items will be needed.

Deviation from the rules will, as I’m sure you understand, will be met with harsh physical punishment. I’m sure you don’t want to have to explain too many marks to your husband? Therefore, I’m sure you will be the perfect submissive, and to also ensure your perfect behaviour throughout, a copy of your signed contract will be sent to your husband if you try to leave before time – you WILL do everything I wish my slut.

Master Dirty Geezer.

p.s. don’t worry, it’s going to be fucking amazing!”

“Click” and it was sent, no going back now – it was time to take care of the details.

* — *

I waited inside the entrance of the old derelict hospital building almost holding my breath as my watch showed it was close to 9am. Setting this up had taken some time, effort, and money, plus a huge risk, but I knew it would be worth it. Technically the old hospital building was scheduled for demolition, but that was still months away, and it had been used illegally for months by different groups, including the homeless and teenagers wanting to get drunk or high. Well for the next 48 hours it was going to be used for something quite different. My ‘helpers’ had spent the day before getting it ready – I’d not go so far as saying ‘tidy’ – but a few rooms had been cleared, then prepared for different uses, and a holding room fitted out with a heavy-duty lock.

I was pulled back to reality at the sound of a taxi pulling up outside and the sound of voices. ‘Time to start’ I thought to myself, opening the heavy door and stepping into the too bright sun. Jenna stood there clutching a small overnight bag and looking around a little hesitantly; not surprising really, it must have been daunting for her.

“Hi Jenna, welcome to your weekend… I’m… well I’m Master of course, and from now on, you are just sut. You are nothing more than a worthless slut from this second for the next 48 hours. You still want to step over this threshold?” I asked, the double meaning more than obvious.

“Yes… Master”, she caught herself just in time, turning her eyes downward as a submissive should.

“Good, now I see you have dressed as I told you – now show me you’ve followed my instructions fully, unbutton your dress all the way down, and drop it to the floor!” I ordered her, a first test. The hospital was in a quiet area of the city, but cars still could pass by the entrance from time to time, so would she strip naked outside?

I could see emotions rush across her face – I knew how much she wanted this from our e-mail conversations, and that she was a strong willed successful woman; could she give up all control? Her shaking free hand reached her top button, and as she unbuttoned it, the shaking stopped, as if starting the journey accepted and calmed her. I closed the gap between us, taking her bag from her, to speed up her first task. My eyes bored into her as she revealed first her full breasts, then her stomach… and finally her pussy, trimmed to perfection, and already glistening with moisture. I could see her dress had a wet patch on it before she let it drop off her shoulders to the ground.

“Slut has wet herself with excitement already,” I mocked, picking her flimsy dress up and pressing it to my nose, breathing in her scent. My eyes were greedily eating up the scene before me – my slut was beautiful and sexy, her bum as full and curvy as she had described, more beautiful than she had let on, her thighs already slick with her own excitement. “Good, well in you go, we may have all weekend but we don’t want to waste time, do we?”.

“No master” she intoned. Was she a little disappointed I had not touched her yet? Maybe so, but there would be plenty of time for that, and the first surprise needed to be sprung. I sensed she dawdled, so grabbed her by the hair and pushed her before me, “Get in there whore, do what I say when I say!” I growled, enjoying her squeak as she stumbled forwards.

It was much darker inside, as there was very little lighting with very little electric still on, so it took the slut’s eyes a while to adjust, blinking in her nakedness, as she realized that there was a group of men in a semi-circle around her, all taking in her exposed body appreciatively.

“Yes slut, these fine perverts have been helping me prepare this building, and I’ve told them all about my fuck meat, all the dirty things you’ve admitted to me, and I’ve told them they can all have their time with you, using you for their own nasty perversions.”

The slut had known fair well that I was a Master who liked to share, to see his cunt being used by others, and had prepared mentally for one or two… but not this. Half terrified but cunt dripping down her thighs, giving away how on heat she was, shamefully hanging her head not being able to look her new abusers kütahya escort in their eyes. They knew what she was, and could see it for their own eyes, a fucking whore who was giving herself to a gang to use as they wish.

“I see you realise you have no choice in the matter slut. I won’t introduce you, I don’t really know their names anyway, they all responded to a request for men to join us in one of my recent stories. All I can promise you is they all were very eager to get their hands, and of course cocks, on a submissive nasty whore like you.” I carefully explained, reaching out with one hand grabbing her hair so to force her to look at them, my other hand running around her breasts, weighing them, pinching her nipples to check their reaction. She felt firm and trembled a little in my touch. I had to check one more thing, running my hand down her belly, to her slick shaved cunt. I ran a finger up and down, wetness soaking it, a gasp coming from her full lips.

“They know they can use you bareback, no holes bared, and that they can do anything they wish with you, within the limits of the contract. We will also be watching everything – you see those screens over there?” I move her around, to face a table with laptops and storage devices, “Well there are cameras everywhere, and everything will be filmed and recorded.” She let out another whimper, and I almost had to hold her up with her legs going weak at the realization of her situation, “You will get a few hours now and then to sleep, but you may be awoken at any time for our pleasure.”

The slut rubbed her thighs together, and her breathing was short and fast, and I realized she was cumming, from knowing what was to come, and that it was wall being filmed and watched.

“Yes, that’s a good slut, you understand your place. Now I will hand you over – be good to my guests, and I will be watching to make sure you are”, I told her, patting her head like a good dog his master was proud of. I indicated to the first abuser to come forward – he was a weasel of an older man, dressed in a dirty white doctors jacket, who had certain fetishes that the old hospital equipment had made much easier to implement. Quite the dirty old man, and it would be a beautiful perverse start to the long weekend.

He hurried forward with our ‘enforcer’ – a huge muscled guy who made sure you could see how muscular he was by wearing no top. I had agreed to him joining us as some meat to ensure Jenna was man-handled in a way that made it obvious she had no choice but to submit. He took hold of her delicate wrists in his meaty hands and pulled them behind her, pushing her tits out for us all to enjoy. Putting his lips to her ear, his whispered “forward bitch” and pushed her ahead of him, taking her to a door just marked recently with a number 1 on it in black paint. Slut looked left and right, and then noticed there were doors marked with numbers up and down the corridor, and shuddered as she realized it was going to be a long 48 hours.

I gave a thumb up to the remaining men and they went off to watch the unfolding events in their ‘pleasure rooms’, screens had been wired into every room, so everyone could enjoy every minute of our slut’s sexual experience.

I took my place behind the high-tech set-up, and turned up the volume. I could control the zoom a little, so adjusted it to take in the scene, my cum bucket to be Jenna was being ‘helped’ into her first “bed” for the day, a gynaecological examination table. Her arms had already been tied behind the metal frame, to ensure her tits were exposed, and our thug was easing her foot into the leg supports, going to on take more rope to ensure she could not close her legs. Mmm her cunt was soaking, that much was obvious, the outer lips already parted and slightly swollen. I zoomed in so everyone watching would see her excitement dripping out of her. I couldn’t not wait for my turn with my whore, but sharing is caring I reminded myself, and there was a LOT of sharing to be done.

* — *

Back in room 1, Jenna heart was thumping hard against her ribcage, being tied and totally helpless with two men in the room, both staring at her opening pussy. The big one, approached her with a smirk, and stuck a couple of thick fingers straight up her pussy with no finesse… scooping out some of her wetness, and put them to her mouth, a questioning raise of an eyebrow enough for her to submit, opening her lips, bright red with perfectly applied lipstick. He pushed his sticky fingers into her mouth, long and thick pushed deep so they were going deep into her mouth, pushing harder to force them to the back of her throat, testing her gag reflex. Jenna wasn’t going to be beat that easily, and sucked down hard, savouring her own flavour as she had many times before on hard cocks. The brute pulled his fingers free, nodding his approval, and left the room, closing the door behind him with a loud click.

With the taste of her pussy on her tongue, Jenna looked now at her ‘captor’, who had pulled on some vinyl gloves, looking like a perverted doctor, and a ripple of malatya escort sexual disgust ran down her spine to her pussy. He looked like a typical dirty old man, think and wiry and going bald, someone who would never get a chance sexually with a woman like Jenna, but this wasn’t a typical situation. The fact he was disgusting turned her on even more, it added something making her feel even more used. He wheeled a tray to her side, and looked her in the eyes for a brief second before dropping back down to stare at her cunt, licking his lips as he studied her, like a butcher with some meat. His look and closeness made Jenna very aware of her vulnerability, her pussy and tits totally exposed, with her legs spread obscenely.

“Time for your medical, um, slut”, he stammered, not yet quite confident in himself. “This shouldn’t hurt… too much.” Jenna realised he probably was going to hurt her, and that only made her juices come more quickly.

“Firstly, let’s give you a drink, I’m sure you’re thirsty.” He said, taking up a bottle of water from his tray, “drink, drink” he urged, holding it up to her lips. Jenna gulped it down as he was pouring to quickly, cold water splashing down her neck and breasts raising goose bumps. When she looked like she would stop, he grabbed her hair in a surprising strong grip and forced her to choke down the rest of the bottle.

“Good, well done slut, we can start now” he smiled to himself, getting into the routine of a fantasy he had obviously replayed in his head many times. He squeezed a generous line of lube onto his palm, and rubbed his hands together to coat them, even the sound it made sounded perversely sexual in the dead quiet of the room. “Let’s check your pussy, and put it on show for our friends”, he indicated to the camera directly opposite, and Jenna writhed against her restraints remembering that her Master and all those other men were watching.

He stepped closer, and reached out … one gloved slippery finger rubbing up and down her opening slit, lube hardly needed she was so wet. Her moan gave him more confidence, so he slid two fingers inside, marvelling at how hot she was, how compliant. Tight, but obviously used to taking cocks and large toys, her cunt easily open to then take three fingers.

* — *

Back at my desk I sat watching my screens intently, drinking a glass of white wine as I enjoyed my slut giving me my own porn show. I could still imagine the warmth of her flesh on my hands, and could hardly wait to use her myself – my first session would come next, after showing her to her room for the weekend. In the meantime, I marvelled at how well her body reacted has her tormentor used her cunt, most of his hand now inside her pussy, the lips stretching to accept four fingers, which he twisted around, feeling every inch of her innermost self. He was obsessed, stroking in and out, fluttering fingers inside, then getting rougher, fucking her hard. I could see he was working up to use his hole fist… and had to readjust my hard cock, itself already dripping pre-cum in anticipation.

* — *

“Unggh” the slut grunted, as her nasty abuser twisted his whole fist into her, pain and pleasure ripping through her fuck hole, sinking deep to the wrist. He left it there motionless as she adjusted to the feeling of fullness, then started to very slowly withdraw half way then push hard back in, a twist to help his lubed fist inside again. Jenna started to lift herself against him, helping herself to open even wider, offering more. His brow dripped with sweat onto her from the effort.

“Time for step two of the examination” he croaked, not stopping his fisting his other hand slid to her tight puckered arse, and he traced a circle around it. “I’m told you’re a true three hole slut, so I must test you can take an anal stretching too.”

Jenna could tell this was more about his dirty fetish than anything to do with her, but his words and stuffed full pussy sent her over the edge for the first time, orgasm ripping through her as her cunt was ripped open, knowing I was watching making her cum all the harder.

“Aww.. you fucking slut, your cunt squeezed my fingers so tight.” your unknown abuser cried out in pain, “For that I won’t be so fucking gentle”, those words trigged another mini-cum, being treated roughly like a whore was exactly what you were desperate for. Then suddenly you bucked up in shock, as he stuffed three fingers hard up your arse, at the same time twisting his fist up higher into your cunt, filling you beyond anything you’d felt before. Three fingers suddenly become four, making the slut gasp, and then with deft skill his fist was boring into her arse, a scream on her lips as it suddenly broke past her experienced sphincter, filling her totally.

* — *

I marvelled at the skill of my new friend, both of his fists stuffed deep in my slut, one deep in her bowels, the other twisting and fucking her frothing pussy. Her face was a picture of pain and pleasure, her breath ripping from her in short bursts as her body pulsed with orgasmic contractions, all she was aware of was the feelings inside her. I could see her cunt juices soaking his lower arm, helping him push deeper, bringing fresh snarls and screams from her pretty lips. I had to resist taking my cock out and wanking, what a waste of cum that would be!

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Pretty Boy

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“Aren’t you a pretty boy?” He said with a leering grin.

I was on my second day of my new job and I had been tasked to drive the van to an industrial estate in the rougher end of town to collect some items and drop them off to the customer. I had walked through into the warehouse where I was confronted by a man in his late 40’s with a strong accent, tattoos, a few days of stubble growth. He put down the box he was holding while maintaining an uncomfortable eye contact. I couldn’t help but notice the was the muscles in his arms flexed and his massive, calloused hands…

“Errm I have this order to pick up.” I stammered. Producing the order note from my pocket and walking toward him to hand it over. Regarding it he smiled another wicked smile and said,

“We don’t do dildo’s for your sissy arse here, pretty boy.”

I was shocked, what had I just handed him? Had the guys at my new work set me up to look stupid?

He saw my look and leaned into me and in a lowered tone,

“I have plenty you would enjoy at my house though, pretty boy.”

I blushed. Deeply.

I have known for a long time I was bi-sexual. I have enjoyed a finger or three rubbing my prostate. At the age of 22 I had bought a dildo for home use and although I had fooled around drunkenly with an older man, I had more experience with girls. I did know however, that I was well and truly a bottom. A submissive. And this man could somehow tell and had made me incredibly turned on.

He had walked off to collect my order and left my mind swimming.

“I’ve left it by you van pretty boy, I just need you to sign here.”

I walked over to the desk and picked up the pen to sign my name.

“You would look so cute with you trousers and panties down, bent over my knee getting a good spanking. What do you think pretty boy?”

I found my voice. “Yes, Sir.”

“SIR?!” He laughed “I knew it! Give me your phone number pretty boy and we’ll see if we can have some fun. But bear in mind I have had quite a few pretty bitch boys leave my house in tears, so be sure.”

I scribbled my number, felt brave and signed it “Your Pretty Boy” and drew a love heart. Handed it to him, he grinned and I left.

I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day, perhaps because the blood was elsewhere. I kept checking my phone but no text came. That night I masturbated twice before bed imagining all the things this man was capable of. The next morning a Friday a text alert came through and read;

Pretty Boy come to mine tonight at 9pm. Sherebourne Road.

First make sure you are shaven all over, armpits, legs, balls. Wear your biggest buttplug, a Chastity cage and some sexy panties, if you don’t have these items, there is a sex shop just off the high street. Don’t disappoint me.

It is safe to say the rest of the day was a blur of arousal.

I got home from work and ran a bath, shaved and gave myself an enema. Left for the sex shop. It was a dreadfully seedy establishment in the rough end of town. Thankfully there ordu escort was no-one else there and I picked out a large metal buttplug and the smallest cage I could find. Cock cages had always turned me on, as had crossdressing. Once back in my car I tried to put the cage on but could not get my dick soft enough. I sat there for nearly 20 mins looking at the clock, I was going to be late which surely meant a punishment, which made my dick hard. It was a vicious cycle. I managed to squeeze myself in. Let me just be clear here, I have a small dick but the cage I bought turned it into a nub. I hadn’t bought any lube so I spat on the plug and worked that in, got into my panties and drove the 10 mins to the house. Heart in my mouth I knocked on the door.

He opened the door and turned and walked away.

“Strip, then follow me.” He ordered.

I practically ripped my shirt and trousers off and followed him into his front room, leaving my clothes by the front door.

He sat on his sofa with a can of cheap larger smoking a rolled cigarette. The room needed a deep clean it was obvious he lived by himself and didn’t mind some mess.

I stood and he regarded me, I saw that same evil smile flicker across is mouth.

“Give me the key to your little clit then turn, pull your panties to one side and spread your cheeks, good, pretty boy I see you can follow instructions.”

He stood and grabbed me roughly, turned me around to face him, held my wrists and cuffed them. Not with your classic bedroom bondage plastic fluffy cuffs, these seemed like police issue. Grabbing my hair he pulled me over his lap. With out any warning he started spanking. Hard. His strong hand rising and falling on my bubble bum. I cried out after 10. He increased his strong grip and I realised that even if I want to get away I would not be able to. I was being over powered and now being used. I loved it. My dick in its little cage loved it.

He pushed my off his lap and I fell on to the dirty floor, gasping. Ass stinging. He placed his foot on my balls and pushed down.

“Who owns this now?”

“You do.”

“You do what…” he said pressing harder

“You do Sir.” I squealed trying my hardest to stay still while he crushed my balls against the cage.

“Take my socks off with you mouth pretty boy.”

I complied.

“I haven’t washed these in a while.” he laughed and I could taste his sweaty feet. He took his socks and rammed them into my mouth then used a roll of duct tape applied a long strip all the way round my head. He grabbed my by the hair again and pulled me back over his lap but this time he spanked me with a leather belt. It was the most intense pain I have ever felt and I realised later he was drawing blood. This time I did try and get away but he held me down a laughed and moved his whipping to more sensitive areas down the back of my legs.

He rolled me over so I was on my back across his strong legs and unlocked my cage. Stroking me he bought me to the edge then slapped my balls rize escort with the back of his hand. My little dick was leaking pre-cum and the head of my penis was incredibly sensitive, as he slapped my balls again I tried to get free but he just smacked me again.

“Stay still now pretty boy.” As I looked up at him laying on his lap. He started wanking me again using his thumb on the head of my dick.

“Look at this little cock of yours, I bet you don’t please many people with this worthless thing.” I nearly came but he pulled his hand back and slapped a large open hand on my balls. He laughed and rolled me back onto my front, reached between my legs pulling my sore balls down with one hand and spanking them with the other.

I had stopped resisting and tears had formed in my eyes when he stopped, rubbing his rough hands over my beaten bottom. He started playing with plug before ripping it out of me then forcing it back in, I regretted not lubing myself up before hand.

“mmm I told you to get the largest plug, this is tiny… in comparison to what will be in there soon.”

He stood and I rolled off his lap onto the floor he picked up a chain and a pad lock and attached the cuffs to something behind the sofa so that I was on my knees with the sofa under my chest and arms pulled infront and above me making moving very painful for my shoulders and my red ass exposed.

I was then blindfolded and he put some large headphones over my ears playing some heavy metal. Duct tape was the wrapped around my head to secure these. Deaf and blind I felt completely exposed but christ did my dick love it. It felt like 30 minutes passed before I was aware of him again.

I felt a probing finger inside me and found my prostate which felt the size of a basketball. Intense feelings ran through my body as I tried to move my body onto his finger but as soon as I started it finished and was replaced by a much much larger object. My hole was being stretched and I felt it burning as the object was slowly moved in. I was then fucked with it, rough and hard I was screaming with the pain and pleasure into the gag. I was roughly tugged and came within 2 minuets, it was the most powerfully orgasm I’ve ever had shooting cum all over the floor, but it didn’t stop. The assault on my ass was harder if anything and the rough calloused hand kept stroking my dick as it tried to go limp. I was wriggling trying to get away from the torture but it was no use.

Soon enough my dick was hard again and the dildo was removed, it was strange it hurt while it was in but I felt empty without it and craved to be filled again. The duct tape was removed in one painful rip from my head and the headphones and blindfold removed. It was then I saw the two other men in the room stoking their rock hard erections and laughing at my expression.

Not only was this the most humiliating this I had ever done but now I find that I had be entertainment for other men, I then saw the camera with a red light indicating it was recording.

“Now sakarya escort we’ve broken you. We’re going to fuck you.” my original tormentor said. The rest of the duct tape was removed and the socks taken from my mouth. The chain was released I and was dragged across the room towards the two men. I had no fight left, my mouth was dry, my ass was on fire and my cock was hard. I could smell the sweat and the arousal of the three men using me. The guy on the left took me by my hair and pushed his average sized dick into my mouth and down my throat. I was broken, he was right, because I didn’t everything I could to satisfy this stranger.

“Woah, look at him go, you got a good one here Smithy.” he gasped.

The other man, with the larger member had moved behind me and started fucking my abused hole. My hole was open to the penetration and I was grateful for the large dildo that had been in there before, as this man slammed into me. I could feel his length pressing against my prostate and bladder. He would then pull out all the way to admire the gape he made, spit into it, then force his whole length back in.

I moaned with the pleasure, and opened my throat to take the man at my front deeper. Feeling this pubic hair on my nose. Trying to use my tongue on the head of his throbbing cock, although he was roughly face-fucking me, I found his rhythm. I felt the belt again on my ass and back and was taken into a deep state of submission and joy. They swapped placed and I sucked the dick that had just been in my ass. The taste and the smell of my submission filled my senses. I could not get enough. He controlled my head with my hair and came in my mouth the a grunt. Salty delicious cum ran out of my mouth and I used my tongue on the head of his penis.

It was soon replaced my my Sirs dick, he slapped my face while face-fucking me as the guy at my ass finished deep inside me.

Sir picked me up by my hair and pushed me onto my back on the sofa. He started fucking me in my cummy asshole while stroking my dick roughly. I came for the second time the night within moments and my asshole clenching on his dick as he fucked me. Again he didn’t stop wanking me off and I was begging for a break. He finally gave me the all of his seed in my ass. We locked eyes as he came and I felt strong feelings of lust in my chest.

Once again he dragged me by my hair, my legs where not working and took me outside to the garden, they took in turns pissing on me laughing as they did. Sir held me by my hair told me to keep my mouth open and swallow as much as possible. They then left me on the floor, went inside and locked the door. I led on the floor thinking of escape, but I couldn’t just walk out of his back garden gate naked, covered in piss and cum could I? So I stayed and tried to stay warm.

I couldn’t tell how much time had passed, I think I fell asleep when Sir came out and picked me up in his strong arms. My whole body hurt and I gave myself into him leaning my head against his chest. He took me upstairs and placed my gently into a warm bath and washed me. After I was still in a daze he dressed me in one of his t-shirts and put me into his bed where I slept.

Morning light spilled through the curtains.

“Aren’t you a Pretty Boy.” He said looking at me from his pillow.

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