Hot Sex on a Hot Day

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Wow, what a hot day. The temperature had hovered in the low 90’s, and Rob and I had been working outside all day. The kids were gone for the day, what with sleepovers and work, so we got a lot of work done. When Rob suggested we eat out, I jumped at the chance.

We headed inside to shower and get dressed, and that is when the fun started. Rob said I could shower first, so I headed into the bathroom. Rob followed and was washing the grime off his hands. I stepped out of my pants, and then lifted my sweaty shirt off when I felt Rob slide up behind me. He reached around a cupped my breasts.

“Oh Rob, I’m all sweaty,” I said. “That makes two of us,” he said.

He was sweaty and dirty, but his smell was harsh and manly. I let him massage my breasts and nipples. I could feel his hardness up against me through his pants, and I reached back to undo his shorts, which he let fall to the floor.

He put his hardness between my legs, and I could feel it touching my surprisingly wet pussy. I leaned over the gaziantep escortları counter to give him a better angle on me, and I moaned as he moved his cock up and down my slit. I could take this teasing only a short time, and turned and planted a deep kiss on him as he lifted me up to the bathroom counter.

He licked his way down my neck to my sweaty breasts.

“Oh, you smell good. Very natural, and I like it,” he said.

He stopped to lift his sweaty shirt off, and I found his sweaty smell alluring. I was surprised, since I’m one to keep clean, and I usually don’t like the smell of sweat. But it must have been an animalistic response I was feeling.

He worked his way down my stomach to my pussy, which I spread and let him do his always able work. I was soaked, both from sweat and desire, and he went at me quickly and hard. I gasped as his tongue slid in me and flipped my button, and before long I had his head in my hands, driving him deeper into me.

“Yeah, lick me good. Fuck me with your tongue” I cried out as I felt a shattering orgasm over come me. As it subsided, Rob stood up and kissed me hard, our tongues sharing my sweat and juices.

“Your turn,” I smiled, and pushed him back as I slid off the counter and unto my knees.

His pubic hair was wet with sweat, and his six inches of cock were as solid as I had ever seen them. He was really turned on.

I buried my face at the base of his cock, inhaling and tasting his manliness, his sweaty, manly smell. I never knew I would find this so arousing, but my pussy was quickly preparing itself for another round. I licked my way up his cock as he moaned in appreciation, and slowly engulfed him in my hot mouth, his hands running through my hair, as I worked back and forth.

“Oh shit,” he said, “I can’t last this way much longer.”

I stood up and turned around, leaning on the counter, my pussy asking for him. I didn’t usually like this position, although it was Rob’s favorite, but something about the way things were going made it seem natural.

He wasted no time in coming up behind me, and I felt his hardness easily slide into my wet pussy. He banged in hard, and I responded by pushing back. In no time we were pounding at each other, and I was quickly brought to a climax. It was not even a minute long, but the feeling was intense.

“I’m coming,” he yelled, “I can’t hold out. Damn you are turning me on.”

I love turning him on, and knowing I had done it again put me over the edge as he pounded harder and deeper as he shot his cum into me. He kept going in and out, but slowly I felt his weight on my back as he leaned up me.

We just stayed there for a minute, his cock softening and then sliding out of me.

I turned around and kissed him deeply.

“Wow,” he said. “That was incredible.”

“No kidding,” I replied. “I feel almost dirty, but good.”

We eventually made our way into the shower together, lovingly washing one another before a delicious dinner out.

Needless to say, every time the kids are out of the house on a warm day, we get a lot of yard work done in a short time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32