Hot Emails Lead to Great Sex

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For years I’ve been married and doing OK. But, it’s been years since I’ve had that really hot sex packed with desire. Where your woman is dying to suck your cock and she’s dying to have you fuck her.

For the first time, checked out the chat option on Literotica. Got lucky and before long was having really hot back-and-forth with Lisa99.

Later that night she emailed me some photos. What a hottie! Lives up in Oregon with a husband who’s not passionate at all. My wife won’t even consider lingerie or anything exciting, and Lisa’s just dying for it.

I told her I’d love to buy her lingerie and a vibrator and send them off. We both went to the same websites and picked out a cute vibe and a very sexy, purple outfit on Victoria’s Secret. Our emails went like this . . .

Hey Barry –

How’s it going? I’m going good here. Still nothing in the mail yet, but I’m still waiting.

My weekend was O.K., but no action except with myself. It was good, but not as good as the real thing if you know what I mean. I love having real cock. Do you shave your cock and balls? Because that is a real turn on for me.

By the way do you have a friend that would be willing to take pictures of us? First I want you to take pictures of me in the things you get for me as I slowly take them off and show you my naked body. I love being naked even better with someone else if you catch my drift. Then I want someone to take pictures of us, you coming home from work and I’m wearing the things you get for me. And I’m waiting for you and when you get home we start making love and slowly taking off all our clothes.

After you explore my body with your lips and fingers and make me cum I get on my hands and knees and unzip your pants and pull out your amazing shaved cock and balls. Then I slowly deep throat it mmmmmm… and as I suck your amazing cock and balls I run my wedding bands across your balls just to the point where you almost gaziantep escortları cum, but then I stop and beg you to fuck me. And as you fuck me in every position (doggie style being my favorite) I beg you to get rough. (We know we’re not going to hurt each other.) I scream for you to spank me and you start screaming about how you’re going to fuck me, and fill me with cum, and how I’m your slut to fuck whenever you want.

I love being called names behind closed doors if you know what I mean. Then after I have cum many times it’s your turn. I tell you I want you to cum in my mouth only because my husband won’t and I want to see it when the cum comes out of your amazing cock.

I love doing this. I am so horny for you and really now do want to have any affair for real.

Life is too short to not want to do all these things, besides what can it hurt there are so many things a man and a woman can do? I know you want to do them just as much as I do.

– Lisa

The next day I went to a Victoria’s Secret store. Lisa’s sexy email was echoing in my head and as I walked in I could feel my hard-on growing. I spotted the outfit just as a sexy salesgirl came up and purred, “Can I help you find something?” Between Lisa’s email and all the lingerie stories I’ve read on Literotica, it was too much. I just took off and ordered the stuff online.

A few days later the outfit came. Just looking at it got me hard and I was on pins and needles at the post office, too.

I went to a sex shop and bought a vibrator that can be set to turn on when a nearby cell phone gets a call.

Hey Lisa –

Bought you that vibe today and just put batteries into it to check it out. Woah. It’s a cute little pink bullet (about 1.5 inches) and it’s got 7 settings. I’m looking at it now and I can’t believe it will be grooving on your clit by the end of the week. Aaaah.

Turns out the cell phone feature isn’t quite what I thought. Basically, any call (in or out) is like if you hit the “on” button. So we can’t set it for just my call or something . . . oh well, still pretty cool.

I hope the VS outfit does come tomorrow.

Your vibe is on its low setting in my lap, slowly getting me hard. I’m going to go and do what you should be doing with your sexy mouth, getting me harder and harder until I have the strong come that’s been building all day since I started thinking about your sexy emails this morning. I’m blanketing your vibe with lots of passionate kisses to bring to you later this week.

I went online to a high end lingerie site. Here are 4 outfits that I think you’ll look great in. Let me know what you think. Also, I’ll need to know your bra size.

Bye . . .

Hey Baby

I’m still waiting for all the things you said you are sending me. I haven’t received anything yet but, I’m sure I will. By the way, I did look at the lingerie pics you sent me the other day and I like them a lot. I really loved the first and the third pics the best and my bra size is 34C.

I really like the idea of pictures of us having sex and pictures of all the things and outfits you get for me, I really like the idea of your friend taking pictures of us together. It excites me when people see me in all my glory. I want close-up shots of your hands all over my body, your lips kissing me, and kissing my neck, your lips on my nipples and on my tummy and you eating me out. You licking my thighs, then I want close-up shots of me sucking your shaved cock and you titty fucking me. And then of you fucking my pussy and you fucking me doggie style. I want to see my cum on your cock and then when you cum I want pictures of you cumming in my face and mouth on my titties and in my pussy and on my ass. I want it everywhere. These are the things I want that I don’t get at home.

You only live life once, so I think you should do the things you want and this is just some of the many things I want to do. I want to be able to satisfy a man whenever I want to and that’s most everyday!

By the way, I love lotions and oils that I can rub all over my body that will make me tingle.

I better get to bed. Will think about you

Love you,


P.S. I stayed up waiting for your email, believe it or not!

Hey Babe –

Oh shit . . . you are so fucking hot. I saw your email this morning and knew I had to wait to have some privacy to read it . . . couldn’t wait!

God, my heart is pounding and my dick is straining to pop out . . .

You’re right in front of me raking your nails over my jeans over my hard cock. I pop the buttons down and it comes flying out and slaps you right in the cheek before your hungry mouth starts slurping and sucking.

I just went online to check on the vibe. You can go just click on the link. Right now it’s already in Portland.

I LOVE the idea of you staying up waiting for my email . . .

Here’s what going to happen tonight: At 11:00 I’m going get some privacy and write you an email. Whatever you’re doing then, you can secretly know that I’m looking at your picture, reading your amazing emails, thinking about what I’ve sent you and writing you something very sexy. I will send it to you by 11:30.

By tomorrow night you should have the vibe. I love the idea: you’re alone wearing a special outfit I picked out for you, the vibe is sitting quietly on your clit . . . then I call, your phone vibrates and so does that vibe . . .


I can’t wait to tell you more . . .

Until 11 tonight . . .

So hot for you –


Wow, baby! You sure do know how to pick out sexy naughty lingerie, just like i like them! I can’t wait to wear them and feel sexy and just be your slut while I wear them. I can tease you by wearing them while I’m on my hands and knees sucking your hard cock. What do you think?

Love ya,


(The rest of the story will be posted very soon.)

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