Holiday Cheer

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This story takes place during the winter of 1975-6 in New York City. Six months earlier I finally moved away from my parents’ house in the suburbs, presumably to be closer to school, but in reality to get away from them and start my own life. Being on my own meant I could meet and get to know people of different cultural and racial backgrounds. It also meant I was free of my folks’ interference with respect to girls. I’d had a couple of girlfriends before moving out, but we always had to sneak around in order to fool around. Now I didn’t need to!

The girl in this story is named Annie. She and I attended the same university and were majoring in the same subject. Because of this we were in a few of the same classes. At the end of the day we rode the same subway home, except my stop was several stations before hers’. I lived in the East Village and Annie lived in Brooklyn, not too far from the bridge. Sometimes she’d stop by my place on her way home or I’d go to hers, but we always ended up working on a class assignment or just talking. I never really considered our relationship would move much beyond that and I don’t think she did either. Annie was seeing someone and so was I. You could say Annie and I were like a close brother and sister.

The fall semester was coming to an end and after exams we would have 3 weeks of free time. My girlfriend and most of my other friends were spending the break with their families or on a beach in the sunny South. I planned to go home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and again for New Year’s Day, but had no clue what I’d do with the rest of the time. One day between Christmas and New Year’s Annie called. I thought she had plans to be away that week, but she said they fell through. She asked if I was busy and, if not, could we spend the day hanging out. I certainly wasn’t busy and invited her over. About 45 minutes later Annie was at my door and we ended up walking north toward Central Park. The day was cold and gloomy, but neither of us cared. We were happy to be in each other’s company. Along the way we stopped a few times for coffee to help stay warm. We strolled through the park and told each other about our hopes and dreams. We’d never been quite that intimate in our past chats, but on that day it seemed to be the natural thing to do.

On the way back, we walked down Broadway. At that time, Broadway had a number of peepshows and XXX movie theaters intermingled with “legitimate” theaters. The place had not yet been Disneyfied. gaziantep escortları We’d had a long day and Annie said her legs hurt. But instead of heading for the nearest subway station she suggested we stop in one of the theaters and see a skin flick. She was curious to know what it was like, but too afraid to go in by herself. I was surprised but thought, “Why not?” I’d seen a few of those movies and they always provided jerk off fantasies at night. Some even had a decent story to go along with the sex!

Annie and I walked into the first theater we saw, paid admission and sat down in an empty row. The movie was nonstop sucking, fucking, cumming and endless “YES! YES! YES!”, “OOH BABY!”, “HARDER, FASTER, DON’T STOP!” It was almost comical! Annie giggled as she watching the film. One actor’s cumshot was a repeating loop of film that made his ejaculation seem to last a couple of minutes. Annie just licked her lips and squirmed a little in her seat. Some no-name actress was getting gang banged with a dick in every hole and one in each hand. She making all the right noises and was soon drowning in a tidal wave of cum. The look on her face was one of pure joy. Eventually Annie and I started looking around the darkened theater. We spotted several men jerking off and a few couples who were pleasuring each other. They may have been gay or perhaps a streetwalker was lending a hand (or mouth) to her john. We didn’t know and didn’t care.

After an hour or so Annie and I left the theater. We didn’t talk very much about the movie. She was very tired and asked if she could stay at my place. Annie had spent the night a few times before and I had no problems having her there. I was also quite tired and figured I’d fall right asleep. We took the RR train back to the 8th Street station, walked a couple of blocks east to 2nd Avenue and climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor. My apartment was arranged as a railroad flat, meaning all the rooms were in a straight line, one after the other. My room faced the avenue and Annie slept in the next room away from the street. Following her room was the main entrance, a small kitchen and the bathroom, in that order.

We said our “Good nights” and wearily climbed into our respective beds. Shortly before 4AM I was awakened by strange sounds coming from within my apartment. Several residences in my building had been broken into and I immediately thought it was my turn. I got up as quietly as possible and grabbed an old golf club my former roommate had left behind. Then I tiptoed to the door separating my room from the rest of the apartment and cracked it open. I didn’t notice anything out of place and there was no stranger rifling through my meager belongings, but there was still that sound. What was it? I put down the golf club and slowly pushed the door open as far as it would go. What I saw took my breath away! There was Annie, lying completely naked on top of her blanket, her legs spread wide with several fingers flying in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she hadn’t yet sensed my presence. I was in shock and knew I should quietly close the door and creep back to bed. But I couldn’t! The sight and smell of her sex mesmerized me! I stood there watching her in the throes of ecstasy bring herself to a powerful orgasm. As it subsided Annie finally opened her eyes and she saw me standing there. A playful smile came to her face. She asked how long I had been watching her. I replied a few minutes. She commented I must have enjoyed what I saw and pointed to the front of my Fruit of the Looms. Without realizing it, my cock had grown into a raging hard-on!

At no point did Annie try to cover herself up. She beckoned me to her side and slowly pulled down my underpants. My erection sprang out. Pre-cum was oozing out of the slit. Annie gently wrapped her fingers around my shaft, looked up at me and asked if she could kiss it. Of course she could! Annie nuzzled my cock and kissed the head. She delicately ran her tongue along the slit and lightly licked below the crown and up and down the shaft. Annie rolled her tongue around each testicle and then took both balls into her mouth. The sensation was electric! I’d received oral sex before and I liked it a lot, but those other girls now seemed amateurish compared to Annie. Annie KNEW what she was doing and she would give and get as much pleasure out of sucking my cock as she could.

I soon started to twitch and Annie sensed I was close to cumming. She let my cock out of her mouth and opened her pussy wide, inviting me in. I slid into her sopping cunt and we fucked like that for a couple of minutes. Then Annie got into a kind of doggy-style position with her knees on the bed and her arms on the floor leaving her bent downward from the waist. We did it in that position for less than a minute. The intense friction was too much for either of us to stand and we both had volcanic orgasms. I shot streamers of hot sperm into Annie’s pussy while her strong vaginal muscles repeatedly clamped onto my dick. Wow!

Afterward we took a shower together. Soaping up our bodies was fun and we took extra care to make sure all our parts we squeaky clean. We dressed and went out for coffee and a bite to eat. During breakfast Annie told me she had been very turned on by the movie and the notion that people would perform all sorts of sexual acts for anyone to see. She had dreamed about it that night and woke up drenched in sweat. She was very horny and had to do something, so she started playing with herself. Annie didn’t realize how loud she was and apologized for waking me. With a straight face I told her it was no problem. After a couple of seconds we both broke up laughing. Annie and I spent that day and the next together. We went downtown to Battery Park, rode the ferry to and from Staten Island and took the subway to Coney Island. The first night we returned to my apartment and the second night we stayed at her place. We kissed, cuddled and fucked like rabbits, after which fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Our last day together was New Year’s Eve. I had to go visit my folks and Annie had her own obligations to attend to. That morning, instead of merely fucking, Annie and I made slow, passionate love. Then we showered, got dressed and went to get hot coffee. After breakfast we held hands for a few moments and kissed. We wished each other a Happy New Year. Then I headed toward the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Annie to Grand Central Station. A week later, classes began. I saw Annie almost every day in school and we got together to work on class assignments and talk. Annie was back with her boyfriend and I had my girlfriend. We knew our relationship could never go back to the way it was and every now and then for the remainder of the term, Annie and I spent the night together. S ometimes we had down-and-dirty, take-no-prisoners sex and other times we made tender love.

By June ‘76 it was all over. Annie moved out of the city and I had a full-time summer job to earn extra cash. The next time I saw Annie was about 10 years later at a wedding. She was dating the groom’s best man and, wouldn’t you know, the groom was my brother in law! Both our jaws dropped when we saw each other! We said hi and asked how the other was doing. Some of the old feelings came back, but I stayed in control and we engaged in a bit of chitchat. Before I knew it, it was time to go home. I haven’t seen Annie since then. That was more than 15 years ago. Thank goodness for the memories, in particular of three special days in a long-ago winter where I didn’t end up lonely!

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