Cougar Awakening Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 Cop Girl


Carl was packing his things, what few things he had and was putting them in a garbage bag. The other people at the prison were packing too. The war between Woodbury and The Prison had reached a breaking point. He had his dad’s sheriff’s hat on, he packed his rifle up and turned around to leave.

Ben Heinrich watched with interest, The Walking Dead was his favorite t.v. show. And he was watching it early in the morning when he should have been getting ready for school. He was a tall muscular looking kid, a football type, a senior, with sandy hair and a boyish face. He had dvded the show.


Holly Haviland was coming in the middle of the semester, to teach for a couple of weeks for a teacher who had gotten sick. Sometimes she worked as a caterer, but she also did some substitute teaching.

Pretty and sexy, she had a definite taste for young boys. She smiled wickedly thinking about some of her sexual escapades. She had seduced as least one male student in most of the high schools that she had taught at. And she was always ready to try another sexual conquest. The mother of one of the boys she had bedded down had called her a cradle robber. In that she was like the other cougars in her pack, the ones who passed around sex tapes of their adventures, a pert little cradle robber, brazen and shameless.

Holly inevitably looked for the most attractive of the young boys, and the ones that were looking for the hottest girls, not some scumbag who would fuck anybody just to have sex. She didn’t like that at all, and it turned her off. She wanted men to have taste, even in high school.

She came into the school and went to the room she had been told to go to.

Ben, afraid of being late, came in after she did, and took the seat he usually sat in.

He was wide shouldered and muscular. Holly’s mouth dropped open and she looked at him, he saw her looking at him, she was looking too long, it was a look that always meant the same thing!

“Wow!” She said to herself and her pulse started racing, Holy shit, the first day!

Holly, if she was going to like them, it happened very quickly within a few seconds, and if it didn’t happen that fast, it wasn’t going to happen at all.

She had learned that some of these hot kids were embarrassed or uptight about doing it with teacher. And she had developed from experience subterfuges to get them in position until she could make her first pass, or get that first kiss in. The goal, get them alone at her place! Although she liked to be noticed and wanted them to pay attention to her.

Ben saw her looking at him, and wondered if she might be a cougar, she looked the right age for it, between thirty five and forty. He had dealt with cougars before, hot thirty and forty somethings on the prowl. He had ran into one at the doctor’s office earlier in the year when he’d broken his wrist. A nurse who had hit on him repeatedly until he’d agreed to ‘come over to her place, where she had proceeded to fuck the shit out of him. And had asked to come back again and again after that. When she had a day off and he had spare time, here came the phone call and the fuck sessions began again.

She knew a fair amount of the boys had been paying attention to her, and she liked putting on a show for them, that was much of the fun of substitute teaching, showing off for those teenage boys!

It went on like this for several school days, her flirting with the teenage boys and prancing around. But Ben had not approached her as she had wanted.

It was evening now, and Holly was home, the cell phone rang and she answered it, it was Kate Ramson, another cradle robbing cougar like herself.

After some chit chat Kate asked, “So hows it going with the new guy?”

Holly replied, “Well I’d hoped he would approach me but he hasn’t.”

“Well that little fucker,” Kate said.

Holly said, “Kate you ought to see the shoulders on that kid, he looks like a fucking Adonis.”

“Wow,” Kate replied.

“He is so handsome I can’t stand it,” Holly said.

“Oh God,” Kate said.

Holly said, “I’m telling you Kate this kid is driving me nuts, I sit there at my desk, thinking come on honey, come on baby, come on honey, come on ask, ask! I’ll you have to do is ask honey. And he won’t do it.”

Kate said, “Yeah I’ve felt like that, maybe drop a hint.”

“I have dropped a hint.”

“Why the fuck won’t he ask me out?” Holly asked loudly.

“Maybe he’s shy, I don’t know,” Kate said.

“When I first met Caleb, I thought he was the hottest kid I had ever seen, and I told him to his face how hot he was, I was going to a school function with him and his mother, and I got in a kiss every chance I got, I asked him out the first night we met, and I fucked him the first night I met him,” Kate said triumphantly.

“Wow,” Holly exclaimed, hit by a blast of envy caused by Kate’s story of cougar conquest.

Kate said, “That was about the first time I had approached a young boy for sex, I just hadn’t for whatever reason, I was embarrassed, I don’t know.”

Holly casino siteleri said, “I was embarrassed I think, but some of these kids were so hot, I couldn’t resist.”

Holly laughed and said, “I just had to have one of them.”

Kate said, “And then, one wasn’t enough.”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“There’s a good amount of young guys who like women like us, thank God, we’re experienced and stuff,” Kate said, “I’ve been turned down, but not that much considering.”

“Right,” Holly replied.

“Remember we’re in constant competition with high school girls, college girls,” Kate said.


“Right now there could be some hot high school cheerleader that’s fucking him every chance she gets,” Kate said.

“Yeah, I know,” Holly replied.

“My advice, get in his face and tell him what you want and be confident, tell him how cute you think he is, proposition him, go after him, that’s what I’d do, I didn’t used to be like that, but I am now, I see some young stud that I like, I go right after him,” Kate said, “I don’t wait.”

“Yeah sometimes I’d like some 18 year old hottie to tell me how pretty I am,” Holly replied.

“He’ll tell you how pretty you are, give him a chance, he’ll do whatever you want,” Kate replied.

“You think so?” Holly asked.

“Yeah,” Kate said, “to me a lot of this is attitude, I see the hottie and I go up to him and I say Hi I’m Kate Ramson and I think you’re totally hot, and behind this is the idea that I expect him to think I am hot too, and I expect him to do whatever I want.”

“Cool” Holly exclaimed.

“I have learned quite a bit in not that long period of time,” Kate said, “a lot of it is attitude, you gotta be confident, sometimes I’m not as confident as I appear, but I always act there is absolutely no way that I could get turned down, it just isn’t possible, he just absolutely going to do whatever the fuck I want.”

“Yeah you should write a book for aspiring cougars,” Holly said.

“Yeah, I’ll call it Kate Ramson’s Cougar Seduction or how I fucked my friend’s 18 year old son!” Kate said and laughed.

“Did you do that?” Holly asked.

“Sure that’s Caleb, I’m friend’s with his mother,” Kate said.

“Does she know?”

“I’m not sure I think so, she’s never said anything about it, and he has spent numerous nights at my house,” Kate said.

“I’ve made up my mind, he gets the first pass tomorrow, if that little hunk won’t make the first move then I will,” Holly declared.

“Well good luck,” Kate said and laughed.

“Oh thanks,” Holly replied and hung up.

After four school days, Holly had just had it. It was all she could do to keep her tongue from hanging out. How she wanted him, it burned into her brain like fire! And, she was used to getting what she wanted to when it came to boys. Ben for his part had thought about approaching her, but she was his teacher! He had noticed her strutting around, of course, all the boys had. He had fantasized about taking her to his house when his parents were gone and fucking her. She had hoped that he would say something to her but he hadn’t. She knew the day before that she was reaching a breaking point. She had asked some of the other teachers about the kid, so that she could start a conversation about something. She would try to make it as smooth as possible, but, she was going after him now, smooth or no smooth!

After class on the fifth day, she went up to him after class and said she wanted to talk to him about something.

She said, “Hey some of the people said you know quite a bit about cars.”

“Yeah, I’ve taken a lot of auto mechanics classes and I work on them in my spare time.”

Ben was already nervous, and now here he was talking to Ms Hotstuff!

“You want to come out and look at my car?” she asked.

Holly walked out to the parking lot and he followed.

“Will you get in?” she asked.

He got in and she started the car and they took off.

She drove out to a small park at the edge of town and pulled in.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

She took a pipe to smoke marijuana out of the glove compartment and lit it. He watched a puff of smoke hit the ash tray.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your car,” Ben said.

“Oh fuck,” Holly said, “I just wanted to talk to you, there’s nothing wrong with my car.”

She took a big puff of smoke and blew it in his face.

“Hey!” he exclaimed and then laughed.

“Watch this,” she said, then another good puff, inhaled it and then blew the smoke puff right at him.

“Hey,” he said again.

She giggled and laughed at him.

“I knew a kid last year who used to love it when I smoked him, although it wasn’t with pot, Misty Lights 120s,” Holly said.

This was kind of odd, Ben thought, although it was turning him on, he was already on his way to a nice erection.

“I just wanted to see if I could smoke you up,” Holly said, then threw her hair back. The light caught her pretty hair in a good way.

She took another puff, then Ben güvenilir casino watched as the ball of smoke hit the ashtray.

Ben said, “You couldn’t smoke me.”

“Wanna bet,” she said quickly.

“I can always tell when I can smoke a boy up, you laughed when you were hit by the smoke, that means I can smoke you.”

Holly said, “I’ve had my eye on you, I admit it.”

“I’ve had my eye on you too,” Ben replied.

“Really,” she said looking over at him.

She had a nice voice, high pitched like a bell.

“Would you get mad if I kissed you?” Ben asked.

Holly said, “Look young man why do you think I brought you out here?”

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“Go for it,” she said.

She leaned over and tilted her head sideways, the way women have for eons when they know a kiss is coming.

“Ummm” she said sticking her tongue in his mouth.

He had gotten in the first kiss, great! She thought.

Ben looked over at her, she grinned at him and her eyes snapped, he had done just the right thing in asking for a kiss.

Holly loved to neck in cars, she had ever since college kid had taken her virginity at sixteen.

Ben looked over at her, she was extremely pretty, with row after row of beautiful white teeth, tall with wide shoulders, and perfectly shaped jugs. She had a small waist line, but wide hips and a big butt that looked like it could have fucked an elephant; not a pound too much or pound too little. She was a sultry little seducer, a high school kid’s dream of a hot sexy cougar come to life right in front of him, right there for the taking!

He smiled at her and leaned over for another kiss. That pretty mouth opened again and he got another nice hot kiss.

She put her arms around Ben and kissed him again, happy with the way he was talking the initiative.

“Way to go honey, she said admiringly and laughed a little, he really seemed like he was getting into her, and her heart was bouncing around.

She picked up the pipe again and took another puff.

“You want some smoke?” she asked.

“No, that’s okay.”

“Well you’d better be ready for smoke young man because in two days I’m going to smoke you up,” she said.

“I said I wasn’t sure I like smoke,” Ben said.

“I don’t give a fuck what you said,” Holly replied, “I’m going to smoke you, aren’t you paying attention.”

Be aggressive and be confident! Holly said to herself, she stared at him, you are going to do what I want dude, she thought. I am a cougar and we bite!

She took another puff of the pot smoke, set herself and blew it right at him. Then quickly took another, and blew another smoke ball at his face.

Ben looked at her, he saw her staring a hole through his face, then another ball of smoke came and then another.

Ben looked at her and thought, this was an entirely different story, he was used to dealing with snotty high school girls, This was a different story for sure. He was not used to dealing with conniving and manipulative cougars, most of whom had one thing in mind from a guy his age.

Her staring at him made his heart race and he got tremendously excited. It was a hot stare that would have melted a block of concrete. If Holly wanted to turn him on, she was succeeding.

She wanted him and was trying to get her claws into him, and start having some regular motherfucking sex before some cheerleader beat her to it.

She reached over and felt his lap, she just had to find out if she was getting to him, and there it was, a nice big hard on!

She started grinning, great!

Ben was already understanding what she meant by a smoke ritual, it was hypnotic and seductive, wow. It was already reaching the point where it was hard to think about anything else.

“Thursday evening, I want to smoke you,” Holly said.

Then she said, “You’re starting to see how it works aren’t you.”

“Yeah,” he exclaimed, “I want to do it.”


Then she said, “Not only have I got my smoke ritual, but I’ve also got Cop Girl.”

“Cop Girl?” Ben asked.

“Yeah I’ve got whole cop outfit, I got a billy club, I got hand cuffs,” Holly said wickedly.

Wow this was getting better by the minute, Ben thought, his mind and pulse racing.

“Cop Girl always gets what she wants,” Holly said.

“That sounds great,” Ben replied.

“I’ve done sex videos with Cop Girl,” Holly said, unable to resist bragging to her would be conquest.

“You mean you really do pornographic videos,” Ben asked incredulously.

“Sure,” Holly said pleased with her bragging and his reaction to it.

She grinned at him, “Thursday evening, I can show you Cop Girl and I want to smoke you.”

“Great,” he replied. Ben was supposed to go a movie with some of his male friends, but he was so turned on by the older hottie, that he couldn’t resist.

“Cool,” she said going for another kiss.

“Why don’t I take you back to the school now,” Holly said.


“Alright,” Holly said triumphantly after he left. Then she took some more smoke, canlı casino inhaling and holding it before blowing towards the windshield.

She was very close now, and her heart was racing, in two days, he would be hers!


Ben masturbated furiously the day before, he was just incredibly turned on. He had seen what she could do to him with her ‘smoke ritual’, it was sultry and hypnotic, like she had done something to his mind with it. He couldn’t wait for her to do it!

He was actually going to fuck the hot teacher that all the boys had been talking about. She had flirted with a fair amount of the boys, and seemed to like all the attention she got. Now he was gonna bang her.


Ben was sitting half naked in a chair in front of corner in a small living room. He had a shirt on and his shoes, but that was it. Holly was standing over him looking down at him. She was dressed, in high heels, a short black skirt, and a white shirt was was partially open all the way to her belly button.

“I’m your smoke mistress,” she said, “and I’m here to teach you about the smoke ritual.”

“Yes,” Ben said.

She picked up a cigarette off of a table, it was long and thin looking, all white. Then he was handed a lighter.

“Light up when I tell you to,” she said.

After a little bit she leaned down over him, and he lit it for the first time. Then, he braced himself for that first puff of smoke! Ben was really excited, having smoke blown at him the other day had caused a type of sexual excitement he had never really experienced before., and he couldn’t wait for her to masturbate him, which is what he thought was gonna happen.

Then it came, a white creamy ball that exploded when it hit his face.

Another one came with the same result, the thick creamy smoke took his breath away for a second or two.

Then a third ball of smoke smashed into his face, with the excitement and the temporary difficulty in breathing, he saw stars for a minute. Ben wasn’t used to smoke and it hung around his head like an opaque cloud.

Holly laughed at him, “I am your smoke mistress, and you’re here to do whatever I want.”

She looked down at the hard on, how she had wanted it, and now there it was! She took it in her hands and leaned down and kissed, then swirling her tongue around the tip and licking the shaft up and down.

“That is a nice cock young man,” Holly said grinning at him.

“Thanks,” he said, almost embarrassed.

“Did I cause that kind of an erection?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am you did, with your smoke ritual,” Ben said.

“Well good for me!”

Then she took his hard on in her hand and began masturbating him. She jerked him up and down, waiting for enough pre cum to get his erection really wet. She giggled and occasionally leaned down and gave his cock a fast kiss.

The cigarette was half smoked down now, and the smoke hovered around his face. He was beginning to see what she meant by a smoke up, it created a world of it’s own. He was getting a feeling of euphoria, almost like smoking weed. The sexual excitement mixed with sometime difficulty in breathing, was creating in intense feeling of desire, the likes of which he had never experienced before, not in this exact way.

He had lots of pre cum bow and she ground away on him, jerking his large cock off.

Holly’s cunt was wet with desire, and he could hear her sighing.

She was really pleased with herself, another fine eighteen year old cock, yes!

Holly leaned over him jerking him off, occasionally laughing and kissing him.

“You may not like smoke, but your cock likes it a lot,” Holly said.

“Yeah,” he replied with emphasis.

“Yeah, I knew it would,” she said.

“How did you know?’ he asked.

“You’re not first boy I’ve smoked young man,” Holly said laughing again.

Ben had seen women turned on before and this was it, desire was written all over h face.

“Come on baby,” she said encouraging him to ejaculate.

Then she went over and picked up the still burning cigarette, “Maybe this will get your attention.”

She stood right in front of him and said, “Watch this.”

Then he watched as yet another ball of thick creamy smoke and blasted his face.

She stared down at his cock, waiting impatiently for all the hot cum to shoot out, so she could swallow it.

“Come on baby,” she said yet again.

She jerked him harder and faster trying to reach a climax.

Holly took his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them, she knew what was boiling inside them and she wanted it! But all things take time.

Then Holly leaned down, took the pretty cock in her hands and gave it a kiss and a suck, swirling her tongue around the tip.

Ben could hear her sigh ever time she jerked him up and down, as though she was ready to cum herself.

Then she leaned down and kissed him, “Come on baby.”

This went on for a few seconds more then, panting and sweating Ben’s cock opened up an shot it’s wad! The hot cum hit him in the chest with about four shots, then it ran down. Holly watched, transfixed. After a few seconds she stuck her tongue out and licked it off his chest. Then licked what was left off the cock. She breathed hard herself, and bolts of sexual energy shot through her body after what she had just witnessed.

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