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I don’t tell him no. Not now, not in a thousand years. Slowly I hung up the phone and then looked out the window for some reason. There wasn’t anything out there to see, just life on County Road 19 in good old Morrow County. Nothing. Husband’s at work for another two hours. Kids at school for another three. I’m supposed to be on my way to work myself, changing bed pans and wiping asses but I called off. Waiting for a call. That call that would give me what I want. What I need. I need fucked and he’s back.

Him, my beautiful John. All man in a small package. Back, in town and in my life, waiting for me up at the Knight’s Inn. I don’t tell this stallion no, I run to him, now, then, forever. I grabbed my bag, keys and hit the door. I’m not wiping asses, I’m going to be a piece of ass. God, I want it. I want him and I want him now.

Up 314, left at Chesterville watching for the cops. I don’t need a cheap ticket now. Past the truck stop, making sure that nosy neighbor isn’t hanging out watching for gossip. Over the freeway, just a little bit more. Knight’s Inn. Room 312. I think my heart was pounding but I didn’t care. I need, real bad. I think my body trembled once as I turned in the parking lot. Real bad. Damn, there he is.

Leaning against the door frame, looking so good a woman just has to pull to a stop and appreciate the view. A little heavier than when we met but that’s OK, he was too thin then. No gut like hubby Howard. No beer either. Just all man in a small package. All man that can make time blur together with a twinkle of those china blue eyes.

Somehow I got out of the car but I don’t really remember. I got into the room but I don’t recall that either. The door was shut and locked, the blinds closed and I was in his arms. His lips were on mine. I’m a married woman with six kids and no other man ever kissed me like my John. No other man ever loved me like he does. God, we had so much to talk about and all I knew was my blouse was opened. All I knew was he wanted as much as I did.

God, yes, baby boy, I’m yours. All I could do was hang on as John unhooked my brassiere, pulling off my shirt and then it. He stepped back and appreciated the view. Total heat. Howard’s idea of foreplay is grope and stick it in. I felt my underpants go wet as John dropped to his knees and pulled me close to suckle. God, yes, he knows tricks Howard never dreamed of. God, yes, it’s all yours, baby boy. All. All blurring together into absolute bliss.

Somehow I was naked, sprawled on the bed, looking up at my incredible lover’s body ready to have me. John’s a full foot shorter than Howard but bonus veren siteler three inches longer, if you know what I mean. Bigger around too. I stared at his cock, flame red in its heat and felt my own wetness surge again. He was mouthing my breasts one more time, I was going berserk. Do me, do me, baby boy and God, he was in. He was fucking me.

His cock was like a jackhammer, every push driving deep into my pussy. Every push and another lust grunt from deep in his chest. I hung on and let him go, knowing I was coming all over his shaft. Shit, I didn’t care, I had my tubes tied. I was getting it, getting a fucking like no other man ever fucked me. Like my John fucked me every time he’d had me before. Like he was doing me now. Making me come and come again until his cock head finally began to swell. I know I moaned as the head exploded and God, this man can come.

On and on it belched out, pouring semen into me. I didn’t give a shit, I’d clean up in a second. I’d gotten fucked, that’s what matter, fucked by a real man. Not a beer drinking, pot-bellied louse. A man. A most beautiful man collapsed on top of me, his cock slowly falling out, dragging more of his come as it did. My baby boy, all man. All mine.

I felt John roll off me, wiping his cock on a bedcover. I rolled the other way and made my way to the bathroom. God, I hate semen clumped to me, even his. I had to get cleaned up, even knowing he’d want more. He’d have more, I’d make damn sure of that. I saw his grin, I was still the best pussy he ever had and he’d had plenty. He was going to get plenty more.

That woman looking back at me from the mirror in the bath would give him whatever he wanted. Baby wanted a piece of ass, it was his. I wasn’t crazy about going on my knees, but it could happen. Just as long as he kept wanting me. I examined my breasts quickly after I’d washed, making sure no marks. John was my lover but I didn’t need to try explain anything to Howard too. Anything like love bites. I was good, I was ready. I opened the door and felt my heart flutter again.

The son of a bitch was ready again, I could see his cock standing up as he pulled back the covers. He’d managed to wipe up the lust puddle from the sheets. Not that I cared about a stain. All that mattered was he still wanted. Wanted me and he could have. Have right now.

I fell into the bed and felt him pressing me on my back, his kisses to my lips and throat driving me wild.

“Baby, when did we start?” he whispered.

“Fooling around?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, looking into my eyes. “I know it was a Sunday bedava bahis afternoon, that first time you came to me. How long ago?”

“Seventeen years,” I murmured, feeling a kiss on my throat and then down my chest. His mouth found my left breast as I whispered, “Seventeen years. Roy-Roy is seventeen.”

Hungrily he fed, moving my thighs open as I felt his cock brush my thigh. Hard as a rock and ready, John began to mount me. I felt the pecker push in and my own climax. A fucking one man gang bang, that’s what it was. His cock pushed deep, his chest crushed my breasts and his lust grunts began, even as he struggled to breathe. Even as he gasped, “Baby, am I his daddy?”

I held on as the jackhammer pounded away, again feeling waves of orgasms flood out of me. My legs wrapped around my stallion as he rode me deep into the mattress, his cock going deeper than before to have his way with me. John raised his upper body off mine, pinning my shoulders to the mattress as he watched my nipples go hard again and again with each come. The cock was ripe, it was so ready, again exploding and gushing my man’s lust into me. I let my body come again, bucked once in time with his fucking of me and gasped, “No. I told you then I was fixed.”

Again John collapsed on me, his cock spewing out more come than three men could shoot in me, not that I’d let them. Not all at once, at least. Hey, I’m no saint, it wasn’t like I was a virgin when Howard and I got married but I wasn’t knocked up yet either. John knew I’d fooled around before I met him and a couple of times afterwards too. When he was out of the picture, me thinking I’d never see him again. Shit happens, that’s all there was to that. Sort of like it was supposed to be for us.

I was thinking about that an hour later when he put me face down. There’s only two men I’d ever give a piece of ass to, him and Howard and Howard never would do me this nice and hard. Hell, my husband puts it in a little and shoot all over my cheeks. John, shit, he sticks me deep and comes hard. I felt his cock going deeper than he should, knowing it would be a couple of days before all his load flushed out of me but I didn’t care. I just couldn’t keep from thinking about where it all began.

We were just going to fool around a few times way back when, at least that’s what I planned. Him working at one store, me working next door, we get to talking and one thing led to another. Yeah, I went to his place one Sunday so many years ago, went to get screwed. I didn’t think it was going to be anything much. So much for that, the son of a bitch knew how to fuck. deneme bonus

For more than a year he humped me, me coming to him after work about three nights a week. Most of time wham bam, once in a while for a couple of hours, but God, it was good. It was great and I got stupid. There was another guy, Billy. We’d been a thing before, we were again. I didn’t know he was balling another chick though and that pissed me off. I went to beat her, he beat me, I got honest and confessed to Howard. About Billy. John was my secret then. Now. I felt his cock starting to come and I snapped back to reality. To the moment, his semen blasting me a new asshole, me shrieking like I was cherry pie. God, yes, this boy knew how to fuck.

John knew how to sweet talk too, even when he should have been pissing me off. I could see what he was saying, I’d told him I was safe when we started. Seventeen years before, hard to believe. We talked about that as we lay in the bed, I’d told him I was safe, if there was an accident I’d just disappear. He was right, I guess I had, Howard wanting to more to the country and all. I could see why he might wonder about Roy-Roy. John had told me he loved me enough to get me pregnant, I remembered that too, us sitting in a parking lot. He wasn’t even feeling me up at the time. John had ever reason to think what he did, but I didn’t want to talk about it. I just wanted some more.

Part of it’s weird, I admit it. I hadn’t seen John in five years, he calls, tells me he’s in the motel and I run to him. Hell, I don’t know who he’s been screwing. It didn’t matter, it was John. He is that good, he was that good and he still is that good in the sack. Better than I deserve two times over.

It was after eleven that night when I left, him promising to be back in a week or two, me knowing I’d be more than ready when he did. I just nodded one last time when he waved goodbye, knowing what was coming next. Maybe I should have said something, maybe it was best I didn’t, it might have pissed him off. A wife has obligations whether she’s got another or not. Thinking about John was going to make it a lot easier this time. After all, it was Thursday.

Thursday, the start of Howard’s weekend. The start of the routine. Just like every Thursday night, I get home, I get cleaned up, changed and do my duty. I crawled into bed beside the dozing lout and gritted my teeth. All routine, Howard rolled over, pushed up my nightgown and got some pussy. Grope and stick it in, big man, it doesn’t matter. I’d been done by a real man, not a chump throwing a hump into me after a couple of beers. That’s one of the reasons I wrote all this down, just to tell the one man who knows how to do me some of the truth. All of the truth. Something I never dreamed I’d admit. The right man will believe whatever I tell him even when he knows I am lying.

Roy-Roy’s yours, John

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32