Anniversary Gift

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It’s our five month anniversary and you’ve come to visit me in Wales for the weekend. We’re playing our favourite game- staying at a hotel and spending as much time in bed as possible. It’s early evening, but it’s dark outside. We went down to dinner early and have spent the last two hours in the hotel restaurant discussing our relationship: how happy we are, how contented, how secure. Having finished the food, we’re both a bit tipsy, but still have lots of energy from our all day nap. As we stand up, you glance down and see an unmistakable bulge in my jeans- proof of the frustration I’m feeling at having been sat next to such a beautiful, sexy woman for two hours, without being able to touch her, kiss her, or slide inside her- SO frustrating. It happens every time we go out- at some point in the evening, you’ll do, or say something that will make me internally swoon and I’ll feel my cock begin to swell, feel it strain against my tight boxers. The sensation of the sensitive skin stroking cotton, as my cock intermittently flexes only making me more turned on and unable to look at anything but your stunning face, amazing body and huge, beautiful breasts.

You smile slightly to yourself, without me noticing, pleased with the effect you can produce in me without even trying. We automatically hold each other gently by the hand and make our way to the lift. Once the doors slide shut behind us, I let go, pushing you firmly against the mirrored wall, one hand moving to softly cup your face, the other sliding down your side, caressing the side of your left breast through your top. I press my body against yours, allowing you to feel and appreciate the full extent of my arousal. Our lips make contact, with a series of soft, gentle kisses- even as I hold you so firmly, forcing you to do as I want, I still want to show you how tender and loving I feel toward you.

The door slides open again and we’re at our floor. I ease back off you, still very turned on. Our suite is only a few metres away. I open the door and we both walk in, closing the door behind us.

As the door swings gently shut, you move towards me, pushing me down onto the king size, four poster bed. You make me sit on the edge as as you straddle me, kissing my neck and lips passionately, whilst running your hands all over me

But tonight’s going to be all about you, and I can’t have you taking control. I’ll be deciding what you do and don’t do this weekend… so I stand you up in front of me, moving behind you, edging you toward the side of the bed nearest the door. There’s a bedside table, which I reach into, retrieving a luxurious black, padded blindfold. You know what’s coming, feeling instantly more aroused at the idea of being blind to everything around you- totally at my mercy and in my control. I tie the blind fold, planting kisses on your neck as I do. You notice that this time, I seem to have tied it slightly tighter, so that there’s no chance of it slipping even slightly.

With that, I slowly undress you down to your perfect lacy blue underwear. It’s always been my favourite, showing your D cup breasts in all their considerable glory. I get even harder as I look at you, shedding my clothes down to my tight, black pants. The outline of my throbbing erection is impossible to miss through them. Knowing how much you like them, I take your hand and brush your fingertips against my cock through my pants. You try to grasp slightly for my dick, resisting, trying to fight to gain some control, before I pull your hand back away.

“No, baby” I whisper in your ear, “I’m in charge tonight- all you have to do, is what you’re told. Just enjoy honey”

I nibble your ear lobe gently as I finish whispering, regisitering as I do that you’ve become visibly more relaxed now that you know you simply have to submit to my will.

With that, I sit you down on the edge of the bed and move behind you, my legs either side. I begin to softly lick and kiss your shoulders and neck as you sit upright, slightly back against me, my rock hard cock pressed lightly against the small of your back. I run my hands with a feather light touch over your shoulders and down over your chest before moving them behind you and unclasping your bra. I gasp slightly as your magnificent breasts are freed. Suddenly you feel something warm and wet drizzling over your back- I’ve moved your hair to one side and am pouring warm massage oils over you. I begin to give you a soft, sensual massage, as you become completely relaxed and ready to accept what I have planned.

I slip my hands around your front and lovingly, softly squeeze your tits into my hands, as I kiss your ears and neck, quickly turning you on. As I kneed gently the slick oil into your breasts, I take your nipples in between my fingers, twisting and pinching them lightly. After ten minutes of pure teasing, I move away from my position behind you, and lie you down on the bed, with your legs hanging over the side. You can then feel me move to one side Betturkey of you. I begin to kiss your chest, just above your breasts, licking a trail down to your nipple. I take your left nipple in my mouth, delighting in sucking on it. It’s already erect, pointing up from being teased and played with for so long- I suck it into my mouth as I lick the end quickly with my tongue, driving you wild with pleasure. I haven’t touched you there yet, but I know you’re soaking wet by now. I love sucking you, knowing how much it turns you on. After a few minutes, I move to the other side of you, my hard cock pressed against your mound through both of our underwear as I take your right nipple into my mouth, doing the same, all the while toying with the other with my hand.

You begin to writhe slowly and subtly, then more forcefully beneath me, desperate to feel your pulsing clitoris against my dick. But with my hands and strong, muscled arms, I tell you not o move at all, to just sit back and enjoy. Then, I sit you up again, moving in front of you. You can feel the warmth of my body, even though you can’t see. I’m outrageously turned on by the control I have over you- and how you’re responding to it. I take both your hands and slip your fingertips into the inside of my tight pants.

My crotch is only inches from your face as I push your hands down slightly, telling you the time has come to free my engorged dick. As you pull down, it flicks upwards, hitting you on the cheek then striking my stomach, before coming to rest just in front of your thick, wet lips. Without having to be told, you stick out your tongue and take a long all the way from the base to the head with the tip of your wet tongue. The feeling is incredible for me, as I feel you tongue stud make contact with the sensitive underside of the head of my cock. I’ve always loved the way you suck me, when you take your time, concentrating on the act, not just as a means to harden me up so I can slide inside you.

I push you back gently, so that, once more, you lie on the bed, me knelt to one side, my cock in your mouth. With one hand I hold the back of your head, slowly thrusting into you, controlling the pace. I love the sensation of fucking your mouth, feeling your wet lips and tongue devouring my cock as I slide in and out of you. You look like such a sexy little slut and I love it. With one hand you’re cupping and caressing my balls and perineum just how I like, driving me wild with pleasure.

After a few minutes, I slide out of your mouth, and sit you up. You’re panting from desire as much as being out of breath. I move once more behind you, knowing that now it’s your turn to be pleasured. I run my hands down your chest to your sexy little knickers, lightly stroking my fingers across their lacy front. I revel in how totally wet they are- I love knowing the effect I’ve had on you. I begin once more to kiss your neck as I reach down and ease them off your waist, down to your knees, where your gladly let them fall to the floor and spread your legs wide for me. I can see in a mirror on the wall the incredible pussy in front of me. Ever since I first licked you there, I’ve been in love with your cunt. You have the most perfect clitoris I’ve ever seen- the sensation of taking it into my mouth is to die for, and I’d gladly do it all day and night. But I have other plans today.

As I kiss your neck, I slide a hand down over your exposed cunt, slowly slidling a finger up your soaking slit from bottom to top. I deliberately avoid making contact with your clit the first few times. Then, suddenly, my finger grazes it, driving you to push yourself back against me. I begin to slowly, so softly, run a finger in circles around your soaking clitoris, as you push yourself against me, your hands absentmindedly caressing your incredible boobs. Then you feel me reach for something. I bring it round in front of you between your legs. You then feel something hard, warm and wet at the entrance to your tight pussy- I have your dildo in my hand and am slowly teasing your entrance with it while stroking your clit. I then take your hand and replace mine with it over your clitoris. You begin to stroke yourself slowly, delighting in the erotic pleasure being offered to you. I begin to slide the head of the enormous dildo inside you, slowly teasing your cunt with the head of the toy, moving it in and out of you only and inch at a time. With my now free hand I slide it beneath you and start to probe your beautiful, hot ass with a finger soaking with lube. I slowly begin to press a finger in and out of you. After a few minutes, I force in a second, causing you to flinch slightly, before carrying on stroking your pussy.

We’ve had anal sex before twice, at your house. We both see it as the sexiest, most intimate thing we’ve ever done and it clearly excites you to realise what I’m planning. I then move the dildo away from your pussy and put it to one side. I take both your hands and Betturkey Giriş pull them behind me, so you’re reaching behind yourself, pulling me against you from behind.

“Honey,” I whisper once more into your right ear

“Are you enjoying this baby?”

“Yeess!” You half moan, half whisper

“Goood, Just lie back and enjoy baby, don’t fight it, just relax OK?”

“Yes honey, this feels amazing! Don’t stop!”

I go back to slowly sliding my fingers in and out of your anus with one hand, with the other holding your hands behind me.

You lie back into me, relaxing your ass, knowing what I want and wanting it too- my big cock inside your ass. I keep you nicely lubed up as you get used once again to the sensation. I then handcuff your hands, quite unexpectedly, behind my back. You’re now totally exposed in front of me, giving me a full, amazingly sexy view of your wet cunt between your spread legs as I finger your tight asshole.

Then you sense a movement in front of you. A hand starts to run up your right leg, from your knee, caressing your inner thigh, moving slowly higher. You freeze- surely it’s my hand on your leg, but no, one is playing with your ass, the other caressing your nipples. There’s someone else here!? Your mind races, your heart starts to pound.

“Relax baby,” I whisper “Just trust me and enjoy it, you look so sexy”

The hand is soft and gentle, stroking its way up to your nicely trimmed pussy. Then another is planted on your left leg and you feel the person lowering themselves down between your legs. You almost think this is too much, that you’re not ready and what it all to stop, when, suddenly, you feel the wet tip of a hot tongue make contact with your clit.

The intensity of the situation combined with the feeling of someone else tonguing your pussy in front of your boyfriend is nearly too much to bare. Added to that- you’ve just been teased for nearly an hour in the most sexual, sensuous way you’ve ever known. The tongue goes to work, as the two hands run up and down your legs. One hand moves up and cups a breasts, expertly playing with a nipple, as the other spreads your pussy lips, allowing access for the tongue to work it’s magic.

The tongue moves from the bottom of your slit to the top, sliding against the side of your clit as it does. Then back down the other side, again grazing your pulsing, engorged clit. Then it moves in small circles around your nub, before pressing more firmly against it, moving from side to side, then simply flicking the clit up and down. All the while you’re bucking your hips against the unknown persons sexy mouth, but are unable to move too much, as you’re handcuffed hands are behind me. The feeling of my hard cock against your back, my fingers in your ass and the tongue on your cunt is heavenly- you’re easily the most turned on you’ve ever been.

Then, you notice the unmistakable feeling of stubble against the inside of your thigh, as the tongue works away.

Holy shit, It’s another guy!?

You feel yourself spasm and pulse uncontrollably as you realise one of your fantasies is being fulfilled.

The constant tonguing is starting to bring you close. Then you feel me reach around you and do two things. First, I lift you up and slowly slide you back down- my cock now positioned against the relaxed and stretched opening to your tight, amazing ass. I slide inside you, filling you up with my dick. You feel so tight around my cock- I just leave you there, to get used to the sensation, whilst the licking continues.

The other thing I do is put my hand on the back of the head of the boy licking your wet clit, pulling him closer against you. At the same time, his tongue makes a firm contact with you, and you begin to buck against it. Everything happening is all too much- my hard cock filling your ass, his tongue on you, while we both toy with your nipples. You start to writhe against him moaning “Yes, yes, yes, oh baby, don’t stop, right there…yes, yes!”

I pull him harder against you as his tongue goes mad- flicking your clit hard and fast. He thrusts his tongue deep into you, close to grazing my cock, before licking you again. You feel yourself go dizzy, the suddenly you start to come in massive waves, harder than you ever have before. For what seems like minutes you buck and moan as the feeling boils over inside you. The most intense orgasm you’ve ever had is the reward for trusting me to let do this for you. You fall back against me, all the time, I’m still in your ass. You’re panting, almost in shock at how amazing your coming was, but still turned on.

I reach behind me and undo your handcuffs, then, taking your hands, I move them to your front. The hot, sexy guy in front of you has now stood up and your about to feel just how sexy he is. I take your hands and run them up over his body- his big pecs and abs are more defined than mine, and feel amazing to you. You feel his big, biceps. Betturkey Güncel Giriş Then I take your hands and bring them to your face level, to his waist. He is clearly completely naked, standing just inches from your face as you sit on my cock on the edge of the bed. I run your hands behind him, to his bum, then around the front. I take your right hand and run it down over his abs. Even I have to admit he has a great, muscly body- strong and powerful- exactly what you like. I don’t feel jealous at all though, just incredibly turned on at watching the reaction in you, and hearing the moans escape from your mouth as you feel his hot body. Then I wrap your little hand around what you’re yearning for. You feel the size of the massive cock in front of you. You can barely get your baby hands around it. I take your other hand and cradle his balls with it, as I let you stroke his huge, throbbing erect cock up and down. You take in the size of it all, imagining what it must look like in front of you. I, on the other hand, can see everything.

The sight of your hands massaging such a big cock is incredible to me. I’ve never seen anything sexier and am desperate for it to continue. He meanwhile, unbeknown to you, has thrown his head back in pleasure, savouring the feeling of your hands at work. You begin to pump faster, jerking the massive dick in front of you whilst feeling, if it were possible, yourself getting even wetter. Then you feel a pressure on the back of your head- I’m pushing your mouth towards his dick, whilst pulling his ass towards you. You, greedily and gladly take it all in your mouth. The sensation is incredible- having two cocks in you, on you, all for you. You suck his cock as deep as you can, letting his hand, now on your head, set the rhythm. You’re happy to be his little slut, letting him fuck your face, knowing I’m behind you, watching it, loving every second, holding and protecting you.

I whisper again in your ear ” Yes, baby, take his big cock, mmmmmm….yes….suck it honey, make him shoot his cum into your mouth”

Hearing me say these things drives you wild- you suck hard and fast, stroking his asshole and balls and he fucks your face. But then he pulls out, I grab your hands and place them around his big back, then spread you legs even further.

You know what’s coming and can barely believe what you’re about to receive. Then I pass your hand to him. He takes it, pours, cold, wet lube all over it, and lets you cover his huge cock in it- making it all slick and wet for you. You try to reach out for him again, but I regain your hands and place them by your side. Then, you feel the huge hot, throbbing head of this guy’s cock press gently against the opening to your cunt. You buck involuntarily against it, your body and soul desperate to take it inside you. He pulls back, before slowly sliding it deep, deep down inside you. In one steady movement you feel yourself being filled as never before. Much to your delight, it doesn’t hurt- it just feels new and incredible.

He pulls back again, so you feel the bulbous end just inside you, before moving harder back into you, beginning to fuck you. I can feel the cock inside you, as mine is still inside your ass, gently fucking you. Then I reach round, releasing your hands, which instantly grab his ass, pulling him harder into you. I gently, slowly, move my hands to your blindfold.

I undo the knot carefully, as he begins to move his giant shaft in and out, starting to pump quicker- filling you as never before. At last, the blindfold is released. You blink, once, twice. The low, candle light in the room is too much for your eyes, which take some seconds to adjust.

Then, before you, you’re greeted with the face of my friend Chris. His body is far more ripped than you had thought it would be- as muscly as it had felt earlier. You look down and cannot believe the size of his huge cock he’s fucking you with. You’re more turned on that ever now- no secrets between any of us, all of us just enjoying the moment, the feeling.

He starts to fuck you harder and harder, pounding your wet cunt, all the while your ass is filled with my cock. Suddenly, you feel an orgasm build inside you. You know it’s coming quickly and let us both know. We both start to slide harder and faster, then in waves, you come again. At the same time, you feel his huge dick swell inside you, as Chris starts to pulse. Then, his cock releases spurt after spurt of hot cum deep inside you, as the tremors of your orgasm still ebb away. I feel his dick pulse inside you- the new, sexy, erotic feeling drives me over the edge, and I too, come inside you, shooting my cum into your tight little ass. Chris and I both hold you so tight as our cock shoot, pulsing again and again into you, before slowing, and finally stopping.

For a few moments, we all stay there, panting, overcome with what we’ve just done. Then, Chris leans down and kisses you on the mouth. I lean in too and kiss your neck and your cheek, then your lips as soon as he’s finished. I taste your pussy on you from your kiss with him.

“Honey, you looked incredible, you’re just the sexiest person on the planet” I tell you.

“Yeah,” Chris says, “you two are amazing together, thank you so much for letting me join in.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32