Again (750 Words)

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I heard sobbing as I knocked on the door.

My cheating fiancée’s mother, Janice, answered. Tall and brown-haired like her daughter, at 43 she was still stunning despite a few wrinkles here and there. Today, though, her eyes were red-rimmed from crying.

As I handed her the garbage bags holding the last of Sarah’s clothes from my closet, I tried to be reassuring, “Janice, please don’t be upset. You’re a wonderful woman, you had nothing to do with the crap Sarah pulled. I’ll be fine.”

She shook her head, “It’s not about that, Mike, I just found out Aaron is cheating on me. The concierge from the hotel he’s at with his mistress just called because the bank declined his credit card. Apparently some hacker got the number and made a bunch of suspicious charges. So now I know he’s at a beach resort in Santa Cruz, not a business trip to Seattle.” She began sobbing, and I took her in my arms and held her to my chest.

I didn’t know if it would help or not, but as a distraction I told her, “Hey, I haven’t held you bonus veren siteler like this since we danced at that New Year’s Eve party two years ago.” It must have done the trick; she stopped crying, looking up at me with a funny little smile.

“That was nice, wasn’t it?”

I chuckled softly. “It was. I remember thinking how lucky I was to marry your daughter, because I’d get to see you a lot.” Leaning down to kiss her cheek, I murmured, “I have to admit, you’re pretty easy on the eyes, Janice. Sarah would’ve ended up an ogre if she looked like her father.”

Suddenly Janice’s lips were pressed to mine, her passion clearly evident as her dexterous hands unbuttoned my shirt as if her life depended on it. I was too stunned to do much, but my cock wasn’t. It began, in the words of Shakespeare, to ‘stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood’. Instinctively I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her crotch into mine, and feeling her grind on me in response.

The next two minutes were a blur bedava bahis of my loafers thudding against the wall as I kicked them off, my zipper unzipping, the clattering of buttons on the hardwood floor from the ripping open of her blouse, and the tearing of cotton as I roughly pulled her panties off. Janice gasped as I threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the nearest bedroom.

Janice’s cheeks were flushed with excitement as I stood over her, my erect cock bobbing in anticipation of ravishing her. She lay there in only her bra, her chest heaving.

“Show me those tits, you hot bitch!” I growled, and she obeyed, shyly reaching behind her back to undo the snaps and pull the garment free.

Her eyes on mine, she asked, “Do my old floppy tits make you want someone younger?”

I pounced on her, pulling her panties off and plunging into her surprisingly slick vagina.

She gasped in delight and I put my hand over her mouth, reprimanding her, “Shut up, you damned temptress. Your husband just deneme bonus made the mistake of his life. From now on you’re all mine, do you understand?” She nodded, and I took my hand off her mouth so I could kiss her passionately.

Like a flare-gun signal, our frenzied coupling burned bright but brief. Janice stiffened and shrieked as she came, digging her heels into the mattress and pushing her mound up to meet my thrusts. In response, my balls emptied themselves, filling her unprotected and welcoming womb.

As I collapsed on top of her, she began to cry again. I gently kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her eyelids and her lips, my hands lovingly caressing the wonderful body I’d just ravaged. “Janice, that was wonderful, why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?” I asked her softly.

“No, I loved it,” she sobbed, “It’s just that I haven’t been made love to like that since my honeymoon. It felt so good to be desired, even if it was just for one time.”

I took her chin in my hand so our eyes connected. “Whoa there, you vixen! What part of ‘you’re all mine now’ wasn’t clear to you? That was just the first time!”

Four weeks later when the pregnancy test stick showed positive, I proposed to Janice, marrying her the minute the ink on her divorce papers dried.

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