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The Humiliation of Miss Tits-a-lot Ch. 07

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Pam came in from her grocery shopping and glanced over at her slave busily dusting the furniture. “I have a treat for you tonight, Miss Tits-a-lot.”

Fiona, naked except for a frilly maid’s apron and a pair of high heels, looked expectantly at her Mistress.

Nodding, Pam said, “That’s right, we’re going to Miraleste tonight.”

Fiona shivered in anticipation. Miraleste was the hottest BDSM club in L.A. Masters and Mistresses flaunted their slaves, and the subs tried to outdo each other in their obedience and subservience. Sometimes at the end of the evening, Doms traded their slaves with others. Fiona was very popular, and Pam had sent her home with temporary Masters and Mistresses a few times.

Pam grinned at the look of excitement in Miss Tits-a-lot’s face. “We’ll do a little shopping before we go to find something special for you to wear, and I have Ingrid coming in less than an hour for your waxing.”

Once a month, Pam had Ingrid come to the house to give Fiona a complete body wax. Pam even managed to turn these sessions into scenes of humiliation for Fiona. Once Fiona finished her dusting, she went upstairs to shower in preparation for Ingrid.

When she came downstairs, Ingrid was already there, laying out her table and waxing implements. Ingrid was a big German with large hands and spatulate fingers, but she was very precise in her waxing. She smiled as Fiona entered the room, eyeing her huge tits and patting the table. “All ready for you, Lenchen.”

Fiona spread out on the table and closed her eyes, bracing herself for the ordeal to follow. Ingrid slathered hot wax between Fiona’s tits first, ripping off any unsightly hair. She then worked her way down to her belly and continued with her thighs and the rest of her legs. Fiona flipped over, and Ingrid worked on her back and the backs of her legs. She spread the wax along the mounds of Fiona’s bottom, removing all the hair, leaving her cheeks smooth and silky. She ripped the hair off from her underarms and then prepared to work on her mound. Ingrid pressed down on Fiona, holding her skin taut for the maximum effect.

Ingrid patted her tummy, “Now bend your knees and let your legs fall open.”

Fiona spread herself out for her German tormentor, who began prodding her pussy lips and spreading the hot wax on them. She ripped the hair off her outer lips, and then shoved a finger in Fiona’s hole so she could more easily see the remaining hair. Fiona was in an agony of both pain and need, as her lips puffed out. Ingrid then had her lift her knees and hook her arms beneath them, rolling back, so that she could get a clear view of her asshole. She patted wax around Fiona’s puckered hold, pressed a strip of cloth in, and then peeled it off. Fiona lifted her ass off the table in response and Ingrid chuckled.

Ingrid shined a bright light on Fiona’s pussy and put on some enormous magnified glasses. She used a pair of tweezers to pluck out any remaining hairs on Fiona’s cunt. Grabbing a small dildo from her bag, Ingrid spread lube along its shaft and eased it into Fiona’s asshole, spreading her hole out wide. Then she continued plucking hairs out around her asshole.

Pam walked into the room and asked, “Is she being a good girl?”

Ingrid patted Fiona’s ass. “As always. So obedient and cooperative. You’ve trained her well, Pam.” She pinched Fiona’s engorged clit and chuckled again. “I think she’s done. She’s as clean as a whistle.” She turned to Pam, “May I have my tip now?”

Pam grinned. “Absolutely.”

Ingrid took a strap-on out of her bag and shrugged out of her clothes. Her body was hard and muscular with an almost completely flat chest. She buckled the strap-on around her straight hips, the big dildo bobbing in front of her and the fake balls hanging below. Fiona was still on her back on the waxing table, and Ingrid mounted her between her spread thighs. She buried her face in Fiona’s tits while she eased the dildo into her pussy. Taking her pierced nipples into her mouth, she began pumping Fiona with the strap-on and grasping the dildo still inserted in her ass, she fucked her asshole at the same time.

The next order of business was shopping. Pam took her slave to a specialty shop on Sunset that carried a line of clothing designed to reveal and titillate. Rosalee, the owner of the shop greeted two of her favorite customers with smiles. “Something special today, Pam?”

Pam nodded. “I’m taking her to Miraleste tonight. Perhaps something in leather, but smooth and tight.”

Rosalee clicked her tongue. “I think I have just what you’re looking for.” She produced a pair of soft leather pants and waving them in front of Pam, she said, “They’re tight and form-fitting, but cut out in the back with nothing covering the bum.”

Pam grabbed them and held them up. “I like them.” She shoved Fiona toward the dressing room, but ordered her to leave the door open. Fiona slid out of her skirt, and with Rosalee’s help squeezed into the leather pants. They hung low on her hips Manavgat Escort and fit rather tightly around her legs, except the back was cut out, revealing her ass.

Rosalee grabbed Fiona’s wrist. “Now come out here and model them for your Mistress.”

There were two other couples in the shop by this time who ogled openly as Fiona paraded across the room in her bottomless leather pants. She was still wearing her t-shirt, and Pam stared at it critically. “What do you suggest on the top, Rosie?”

Rosalee bit her lip. “That’s always a problem with Miss Tits-a-lot, since she’s so well endowed, but I think I have just the thing.” She returned with a leather bikini top that tied around the back and around the neck with two small triangles in the front. “Let’s try this. Take your top off.”

In the middle of the store in front of the other customers, Fiona pulled her t-shirt over her head. It got stuck on her huge tits, and Rosie had to help her as she struggled free. She tied the strings around her back first and positioned the triangles in front. They managed to hold the big, bouncy tits up, which flowed over the sides creating a deep cleavage. Once the triangles were secured on the tits, Rosie tied the strings tightly around Fiona’s neck. She stood back to survey the effect.

“What do you think, Pam?”

Pam told Fiona to walk across the room. The tits bounced and collided, but the leather strips stayed in place. “I think that will work. We’ll take the whole outfit.”

Rosie packed the outfit away and Pam and her slave left the store to prepare for their night at Miraleste. Once Fiona was dressed, Pam added a wide leather collar with an O-ring on the front. The collar was stiff and forced Fiona to hold her chin up. When they were ready to go, Pam didn’t bother to cover her. It was already dark outside, and they’d just be walking to the car.

Pam pulled her car up into the alley behind the club and left it for the valet. Once outside the car, Pam attached a leather leash to Fiona’s collar and led her to the door. She gave her club ID and password to the doorman, who ushered them inside. The club was already crowded with couples, most who were in the lifestyle, but there were a few who were just there as guests, along for the spectacle.

Although Fiona wasn’t dressed any more unusually than any other slave, she attracted a lot of attention for her beauty and her huge tits. She glanced around the room hoping to catch sight of Sir Justin. She’d seen him here a few times, and he knew Pam. Sometimes he brought a slave, but never the same one. Fiona gathered that he trained slaves periodically and then released them to others. He was dark and handsome and mysterious. Some said he was called Sir Justin because he was actually an English lord.

Fiona stayed submissively behind her Mistress, head high but eyes downcast. Her exposed ass was burning and felt huge as Pam had seen fit to lay a waffle pattern spanking on her before they left. She felt as if it were glowing in the dark.

Pam led her up to a group, and when she heard the low smooth voice of Sir Justin, Fiona raised her eyes. His eyes, dark and intense, burned into hers. Fiona sensed he was interested in her, but she didn’t want Pam to know she shared that interest. She hastily lowered her gaze but not before she signaled to him that she was aware of his presence. He wasn’t with a slave tonight, but a woman dressed in normal evening wear. He kept his arm casually around her shoulders, and Fiona felt her own position at the end of Pam’s leash intensely.

He asked, “Are you trading your slave tonight, Pam?”

“I’m not sure, why are you in the market?”

Fiona held her breath, as a woman’s high-pitched screech from across the room interrupted them. “Oh my god, it’s Fiona Tinselot.”

Fiona’s eyes flew up and her gaze locked onto a tall, attractive brunette. Her heart sank as she tried to shrink behind Pam. It was no use. It was Kelly Vickers in the flesh. The woman stormed the group, breaking into their circle. A man followed in her wake, naked with his huge cock encased in leather and secured to his abdomen. His ball sack hung below, also cupped in leather, and his nipples were pierced. The woman led him by a leash attached to a thick leather collar around his neck.

“It’s really her, Danny.” She glanced at the man behind her. “It’s really Fiona Tinselot.” Her frank look took in Fiona’s bulging tits, collar, and leash. She circled around her and crowed with delight. “Come around here, Danny. Look, her ass is bare, and it looks like someone was a bad girl.”

Pam noticed her slave’s burning cheeks and grinned. “You know my slave?”

The woman stood in front of Pam. “Oh yes, I’m sorry. I do know your slave. She was once my boss.”

Danny’s eyes widened. “This is your former boss, the one you used to complain about every night?”

The woman laughed. “That’s right. We used to call her the ‘Bitch Goddess.’ Nothing we did was ever good enough Manavgat escort bayan for her. She’d make us do it over ten times until she was satisfied. I can’t believe it, Fiona Tinselot is a slave.” She turned to Pam. “Is she yours?”

Pam nodded. “I’m her Mistress, but her name isn’t Fiona Tinselot anymore. It’s Miss Tits-a-lot.”

Kelly shrieked with laughter. “That’s perfect. We always knew they were fakes, but this just proves it.” She reached both hands forward, flexing her fingers. Glancing at Pam, she asked, “May I?”

Pam gave permission, and Fiona stood stiffly as Kelly reached out and squeezed her tits with both hands as if they were giant melons. “Oh yeah, those are fake titties all right. How did you come to be here?”

Fiona kept her eyes lowered, and Pam answered. “My slave isn’t allowed to speak in my presence without my consent. Let’s just say I found her, took her in hand, trained her, and now she’s my little bitch. Isn’t that right, Miss Tits-a-lot?”

Fiona murmured, “Yes, Mistress,” hating her, hating Kelly, and hating herself for the way her pussy throbbed at this indignity.

Pam yanked her leash hard causing her tits to bounce forward. “You’ll answer properly.”

Fiona spoke up, “Yes, Mistress, I’m your little bitch.”

Kelly grinned. “Wait until I tell everyone at the office how I discovered the Bitch Goddess. We were all wondering what happened to her.”

Danny mumbled, “Ah, Kelly, if you did that, you’d have to explain what you were doing here.”

Her smile turned to a frown. “Oh yeah, you’re right.” She started to speak to Fiona again, but turned to Pam. “Where is she working now?”

Wrapping the leash around her hand, Pam answered, “She works for me you might say. Her new career is to satisfy me…and my friends.”

Kelly’s eyes gleamed. “Are you interested in sending her home with a new Mistress tonight?”

Pam glanced at her slave’s tightly clenched jaw and her even tighter clenched ass cheeks and replied, “I hadn’t planned on it, but perhaps I’ll change my mind.”

Fiona tried to catch her Mistress’s eye, but it was no use. Pam realized how embarrassed her slave was at being discovered by a former co-worker, and she was going to make the most of it. Worst of all, in Fiona’s mind, was the fact that Sir Justin was a witness to her humiliation.

Eventually they wandered away from Kelly and her boy toy, but every time Fiona looked up she found Kelly’s greedy eyes on her. Her wicked grin told Fiona everything she wanted to know.

Toward the end of the evening, Kelly approached them again. “Have you decided yet, Pam? I’ll even pay you for the privilege.”

Pam smirked at her slave, her head now bowed in obedience, and ceremoniously handed her leash to Kelly. “I’ll pick her up on Sunday morning.”

Kelly gripped Fiona’s leash with one hand while she peeled off a number of bills with the other. She stuffed the money into Pam’s outstretched hand and led her two slaves out the door by their leashes.

When they arrived at Kelly’s house, she stood in front of Fiona looking her up and down. She nodded as if coming to a decision. “Dano, help me remove her clothes, such as they are. She won’t need them here. Help me remove this big, heavy collar too. I have something more appropriate.”

Dano helped Kelly strip Fiona completely naked. After she removed her shoes, she stood in front of her new Mistress. Kelly reached out and bounced Fiona’s heavy tits in the palms of her hands. “We’re going to have lots of fun, Fiona, and I expect you to obey me just as you would Mistress Pam. Let’s get her ready, Dano.”

Danny came forward with a jeweled dog collar, which Kelly buckled around Fiona’s neck. “You first, Dano. Let’s show her how it’s done.”

With these words, Dano bent over the kitchen table, reached back, and spread out his hairy ass cheeks. Kelly strapped on a dildo over her jeans and positioned herself between his open buttocks. “Fiona, sit down between his legs and suck his cock. It’s a mouthful, but I’m sure you can handle it.”

Fiona crouched down below Dano and took his huge prick into her mouth as he let out a low groan. Kelly lubed up the dildo and eased it into his asshole, and he thrust forward into Fiona’s mouth. Kelly plowed him faster and harder, burying the strap-on deep into his ass. He ground against her and lunged into Fiona’s mouth. The three of them were connected together like this until Dano gasped and shot his load down Fiona’s throat.

Kelly chuckled as she withdrew. “That was a special treat, wasn’t it Dano?”

He whimpered, “Yes, Mistress.”

“You can get up now, Fiona, and help me with the next part. Hold out your hands.” Kelly squeezed a liberal amount of lube into her palm, and then held out a large dildo with a black tail attached to it. “Lube that up for me.” After Fiona oiled it up, Kelly ordered her to work her fingers into Dano’s asshole. Fiona worked two fingers into Dano’s anus while he held himself Escort Manavgat open. He gripped her fingers and humped against them.

Kelly laughed. “You can see my little pet is excited to have a new companion.” After Fiona removed her fingers from Dano’s ass, Kelly replaced them with the tailed dildo, shoving it in until just the glossy black tail poked out of his crack.

Dano got off the table and dropped to all fours, slavishly licking his Mistress’s fingertips. She scratched under his chin and said, “Good boy, Dano. Let’s get our new pet ready.”

She commanded Fiona to bend over the table as Dano had done and reach back and spread her cheeks wide. As she surveyed her puckered hole, Kelly clicked her tongue. “We won’t have any problems here, Dano. I see she’s been well used.” She replaced her strap-on with a bigger one and took her position between Fiona’s legs.

Fiona clenched. So she was gong to have to submit to an ass-fucking by Kelly who she used to boss around and torment. Well, she wouldn’t give her any satisfaction. She planned to remain motionless no matter how hard this bitch fucked her, but her heart dropped at Kelly’s next words. “Return the favor for you new companion, Dano”

He placed himself on the floor between Fiona’s open thighs, and as Kelly began nudging the dildo into Fiona’s asshole, Dano began nudging her pussy lips open with his tongue. Fiona drew in her breath and steeled herself against the shivers of pleasure emanating from her cunt. Kelly continued to ease the dildo into her rectum, as Dano noisily slurped her clit between his lips. The dual sensations made Fiona’s pussy throb and her nipples tingle. Her resolve melted as almost against her will, she undulated her ass back to meet and engulf Kelly’s invading dildo, and then pumped forward as Dano sucked on her engorged clit.

Fiona ground her ass cheeks against the rough material of Kelly’s jeans, and Kelly thrilled as she felt her power over her big-titted former boss. She drove hard into her ass and leaned forward to say hoarsely, “In my wildest dreams, I never imagined to have you like this, completely under my control. Tell me what you want, little whore, because you are my whore. I bought and paid for you.”

Fiona compressed her lips. Her body might betray her, but she’d never give this bitch the satisfaction she craved. Kelly grabbed her tits and yelled, “Tell me what you want.”

Fiona continued rocking against her but kept her mouth shut. Then Kelly stopped pumping and hissed, “Dano.” Dano withdrew his warm mouth, and Fiona cried out in anguish and need as her pussy lunged forward into the cool air. Then she humped her ass to feel the movement of the dildo, but Kelly pinned her down to the table and repeated, “Tell me what you want, whore.”

Defeated by her own desires, Fiona mumbled, “Fuck me. Fuck me.” Kelly expelled her breath but still she didn’t move. “Ask nicely.”

Fiona swallowed hard and begged, “Please fuck me, Mistress.”

Kelly still wasn’t satisfied as she growled, “Where do you want me to fuck you?”

Fiona sobbed out, “Please fuck me in the ass, Mistress Kelly.”

Kelly ordered Dano to continue devouring her pussy, as she began to pump the dildo into her bitch’s ass. As she pulled back she landed the palm of her hand on her ass cheek, and Fiona squealed in response, “Fuck me.” Then she smacked the other ass cheek, and the horny bitch gasped out again, “Fuck me.” And so it went. Her former boss writhed beneath her, as she alternated spanks on her ass, and after each one, the heavy-titted whore begged to be fucked. Then the bitch cried out as she came, sucking the strap-on up her ass and grinding her pussy into Dano’s face.

Kelly gloated, “That’s the way, little bitch. Keep it cumming.” The two of them rode her until she slumped forward and they pulled away, leaving her bent over the table, her reddened ass still twitching and convulsing.

“I think she’s ready, Dano.” She selected a big dildo with a silky blond tail and waved it in her whore’s face. “Had I known my little pet was going to be a redhead, I would’ve had something more appropriate, but this will have to do. We don’t need manufactured lube, Dano, she has plenty of her own.”

She handed the dildo to Dano who shoved it into Fiona’s cunt, making it slick with her juices. Kelly took it from him and shoved it into Fiona’s ass up to the hilt until just the silky tail protruded from her ass cheeks. Then she ordered her down on her hands and knees.

“Dano, our new pet needs a name. Miss Tits-a-lot is much too grand for our little bitch, and while I enjoy calling her ‘Fiona’ just to remind her who she is, she needs something more appropriate.”

He glanced at Fiona now on all fours with a tail growing out of her ass and suggested, “How about Missy?”

Kelly studied her new pet, as always her eyes falling on the enormous tits now hanging loosely toward the floor. She nudged them with the toe of her shoe, watching them swing and then snapped her fingers. “I’ve got it. She’ll be Titsy.”

Fiona blushed bright red while Dano signaled his approval by wagging his tail. Kelly snickered. “To tell you the truth, Titsy, when we weren’t calling you the Bitch Goddess, we were calling you Titsy, so you see how it all works out?”

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Housewife’s Choice Ch. 4

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Erect Penis

One of the boys answered the door while the others made themselves respectable.

“It’s Mike,” shouted Peter, “He’s finally got here.”

Mike, the boy who had been camping walked into the room, “Hope you didn’t start without me,” he quipped.

“Well actually we did, it’s all over with,” said George, trying once more to sound amusing.

“What is?” Mike looked around the room and when he saw the equipment he gathered he had missed something interesting. Jean said, “Sit down Mike. Would you like a drink?”

Mike looked like he had drunk a few already. He accepted the drink and while Paul packed away his gear said, “So what did I miss then?”

“Well if you wasn’t so fond of the alcohol and had come round earlier you’d know!” Paul fired into him.

Jean smiled but the atmosphere was a bit tense for the next few minutes. The two local boys took great pains to thank George and Jean for an enjoyable evening and made them promise they would all do it again. Paul whispered to George, “We are very trustworthy and discrete.”

Making it obvious they didn’t want the company of the third boy they said their goodnights and left.

“I’m sorry,” said the boy when the others had gone, “I think I’ve made an ass of myself. I’ll finish my drink and go.” Looking at Jean he smiled and said, “I’d like to know what I missed though.”

George, remembering the scene in the bedroom thought, “You missed the time of your life boy.”

Jean beckoned her husband to go into the kitchen with her. “We could show him the video of what he missed,” she said. “Unless you’re tired and ready for bed – then we’ll let him leave.”

“Are you tired?” asked George, “Have you had enough?”

“I’ll leave it to you,” said Jean, “You decide. We can always “play it by ear” so to speak.” With that she kissed her husband and whispered in his ear, “By the way – Thank you.” Jean went back into the living room and sat across from Mike.

“You want to know what you missed?” said George. “Put that video in the player and see.” George had shouted from the kitchen and stayed there while Mike, looking confused, switched on the TV set and started the VCR. Jean settled back and observed Mike. George watched quietly from the kitchen doorway.

The film progressed from Jean smiling into the camera to when she first exposed herself. When it got to where the boys took off their clothes Mike looked very envious and jealous. He hissed little comments under his breath. Jean was beginning to feel sexy again. Mike felt peeved that the boys had achieved what he hoped to have achieved a day ago.

Jean walked across to George standing in the doorway of the kitchen. “It’s up to you darling,” she said.

“I’m OK – Is your appetite not satisfied yet?” he asked metaphorically.

Looking him in the eye she said, “No– I’d like to taste something else.”

George wasn’t sure whether she meant that metaphorically or was being literal.

“Make the most of it then,” he said. Jean smiled and walked back into the room, this time sitting next to Mike.

“Are you enjoying that?” she asked putting her arm around him.

“Jesus – yes – I wish I had come round earlier. I met a blonde girl in the pub and thought I could get off with her”

“You could have got off with me,” said Jean, moving her hand to his crotch.

“Yeah? – I guess it’s too late now,” he said.

“Not necessarily,” answered Jean, placing his hand inside her blouse and kissing his neck.

“But what about your hus….”

“Shhhh – It’s OK – Don’t worry about it,” she re-assured him. “Watch the action.” She undid a couple of buttons to make things easier for him.

George couldn’t actually see, but as the film progressed Jean had unfastened Mike’s fly and was playing gently with his cock. George felt an amazing sexual surge as he once again looked at his wife performing on the screen with the two young men. He took out his penis – and realised once more that he was as much turned on with the boys naked bodies as he was with his wife’s exposure.

The alcohol intake of Mike began to have an effect – he forgot about George standing behind him. “Jean, I wanted to fuck you – why didn’t you let me fuck you like that? Can I suck your tits?”

“Are you drunk?” asked Jean, laughing. “That last Scotch George gave you didn’t go well with your pints of beer did it?” she said.

“I think you had better stay here with us tonight,” she whispered in his ear. “Sleep in our bed this time – with us. Would you like that?”

George got very excited. His wife came over to him and took hold of his cock. “He’s had a bit to drink and he will be quite happy to stay with us. He’s not sure what’s going on – he just want’s sex. Shall we take him to bed with us?”

Jean’s voice sounded very matter of fact, not wanting to sound too eager, George muttered an OK. Does Jean know how I fantasise about the boys’ thought George? To lie in bed naked with Jean and a boy would be great. Even better to watch his Escort Bayan slim well toned body and stiff cock having sex with his wife. And maybe – just maybe…

“We’ll wait here while you get ready for bed and use the bathroom. I’ll bring him up shortly.” George nodded his head agreeing with Jeans’ seduction plan. As he started to climb the staircase he looked back to see his wife lift her left breast from her bra for the boy to suck her nipple.

George used the bathroom then lay on the bed in his underwear waiting for the others. He heard them climb the stairs and expected one of them to come into the bedroom whilst the other used the bathroom. Instead he heard the shower turn on and Jean speak to the boy, “Let’s get you clean and refreshed shall we?” A minute later she walked into the bedroom, her skirt had gone and her blouse was fully unfastened.

“I’ll have a shower too – I’ll just get a couple of towels.” With that she walked out and George heard her re-enter the bathroom. She was going to have a shower with the boy, he told himself. He heard the unmistakable sound of someone urinating as the door was firmly closed. The pictures in his head gave him “butterflies” in his stomach and almost made him ejaculate without touching his cock. He could have been annoyed at being shut out but instead found the situation most erotic.

Most of the sounds were drowned out by the noise of running water and George let his imagination run riot. Twenty minutes later Jean led the boy back into the bedroom. They were both naked and the boy let himself be guided around like he was helpless. George noticed that the boy’s cock was flaccid – his wife had made the boy shoot his load – he could only imagine how.

Jean, following George’s gaze said, “Young boy’s recover quickly don’t they? Then last much longer the second time.”

George agreed with what she was saying but wondered how she knew that. She led the boy to the bed and suggested that he should lay down on the top and not get under the covers – “Because it’s such a warm night,” she explained.

She lay down also so that the boy was in between her and George. The boy was strangely silent and George wondered why – he looks content though, George thought. What did go on in the bathroom?

Jean rested on one elbow facing Mike and run her hand along the length of his body brushing his still soft cock on every downward journey. She occasionally bent her head to lick and nibble his nipples and kiss his belly. Then she reached over the boy and put her hand inside her husband’s briefs. George had to move nearer to the boy and their bodies touched.

“Take off your underwear George,” said Jean. He struggled out of his underpants while Jean held his penis then she very slowly pulled the foreskin right back then released it. It was a slow wank. George’s member stood proudly like a small tree trunk. Jean leaned further across the boy’s torso resting her breasts on his body; She smiled to herself when she saw he had started to watch the movement of her hand on her husband’s cock. She smiled even more when she saw that his soft penis, lying on his belly, was beginning to grow. George was turned on when he saw the boy looking at his cock – and by the touch of his body.

Jean, still holding her husband’s penis kissed Mike, then pulling George’s cock to make him move even closer she suddenly released it making it fall on the boy’s hip. Mike, feeling the contact of George’s penis jumped. Jean gently restrained his movements and he quickly relaxed again. George stayed still – he made no attempt to remove his cock from the boy’s hip.

Stroking the boy’s body Jean finally let her fingers curl around Mike’s cock. It rose to the occasion. She then moved up the bed slightly so her breasts were in kissing distance of his face. She told the boy what a lovely body he had and how well proportioned he was. She said how she liked the fact he had shaved off most of his body hair and how nice his balls and cock looked without it. “George likes it too,” she said. ” He likes to admire your cock and look at your naked body.” All the time she moved his foreskin slowly up and down, just like she had done for George.

“Did you like watching me play with my husband’s cock?” she asked. “I can almost touch both at the same time.” She let her fingers travel across the boy’s belly until she felt George’s penis resting on the boy’s hip. Placing her hand on top of his cock she pressed it down and began to do rolling actions on the boys’ body. “Does that feel nice?” she whispered to the boy. “Can you feel George’s hot cock on your belly?”

The boy whimpered but didn’t move. Jean noticed that his cock was now very hard. So he didn’t dislike it that much she thought! “Will you let him hold your cock?” she whispered in Mike’s ear.

“I’m not gay!” the boy almost yelped.

“No one thought you were darling,” Jean quietly told him. “But you can still enjoy looking and having people touch you. It’s Ok for men to admire Bayan escort each other – just as it is for girls to kiss and be affectionate.” Then, moving close to his ear she whispered, “We came up here to be naughty and give each other pleasure. No one else is going to know what we do.” She kissed him on the lips to stop further protest then took hold of her husband’s hand placing it on Mike’s cock. She waited for the boy to try and struggle free – but he didn’t.

Jean waited and watched for a while then again whispered in the boy’s ear. “There – isn’t that nice? Why don’t you hold George’s for him? You must wonder what it feels like to hold someone else’s dick. I’d like to watch you play with each other.”

“I’m not gay or bisexual! I’ve never done this before!” repeated the boy.

“We’ll just play with each other before I let you fuck me,” whispered Jean. “Give each other pleasure. That is – if you want too?”

She saw the boy’s hand move down to his hip and find George’s cock. He hesitated then slowly stroked it for a few seconds. Then when it twitched he curled his fingers around it and gently moved the foreskin.

Jean kissed him on the cheek; “There’s a good boy. It’s OK, no one will know.”

Watching each of them pull the others cock, Jean put her fingers between her legs and rubbed herself. She looked at the contented expression on George’s face as he caressed the young firm penis. Having an idea she moved down the bed and positioned her mouth over Mike’s cock.

“Wank him in my mouth,” she instructed her husband. She covered his purple helmet with her mouth and George moved his hand faster. She sucked hard for a few minutes then stopped when he was about to lose control. Moving back up to his ear she whispered to him, “If you like the same things we do you can visit us often – we can have some good times. Are you enjoying yourself at the moment?”

“Yes,” answered the boy simply.

“I want to see your cock in George’s mouth,” she whispered. “I want you to let him suck you? Will you?”

The boy didn’t answer for quite a while, then almost inaudibly hissed, “OK, I will!”

Jean slid back down to the boy’s penis and licked the bulbous end. Turning her head sideways on she beckoned George.

“Kiss me,” she said.

As her husband positioned himself lower down on the bed and was about to make contact with his lips Jean lifted the hard cock of the boy and rested it in the corner of her mouth. Now as George kissed her he had also to kiss the boys dick. Jean looked her husband straight in the eye as she pushed her tongue forward opening George’s mouth and as his lips parted she moved the penis into his mouth. George didn’t resist – he closed his mouth round the boy’s cock and sucked moving his head up and down at the same time. Jean was again the watcher.

She moved up to the boys’ face and whispered to him.

“Did you know that was George sucking you and not me? Look down and watch him. Is he going to make you come? Watch him suck you.” The boy grunted and whimpered.

“Go on. It’s OK. Let it come. Shoot it in his mouth.” Jean was becoming frantic with excitement. George closed his throat and waited for the hot liquid to fill his mouth. He too was very, very excited. As the boy opened his mouth slightly Jean gently put her nipple in his mouth.

“Suck on it my darling – bite it.” The boy went over the edge. He yelped as his spunk shot into George’s mouth. George, letting it escape from the side of his mouth used his tongue to gather up the last drops from the tiny slit. Wanting his own relief he moved back up the bed and taking his own cock in his hand he pressed it against the boys’ softening dick and furiously made himself ejaculate on him. Jean leant on one elbow and watched with her hand between her legs.

Lying back on the bed, they all quietly and quickly drifted off to sleep. Jean was hoping that she – and the boy – would wake at least once before morning. George, his sexual urge for the moment satisfied, couldn’t believe what his wife had encouraged him to do. He couldn’t believe the things she had said – how she had manipulated the situation. She had become wanton, depraved and reckless. George felt a little scared. She wasn’t even intoxicated, he told himself! She had done it all while stone cold sober! He wondered whether it was all getting out of control.

The shaking of the bed awoke George from his slumbers. He had slept well but the activity that was going on next to him was a little too much to sleep through. Opening his eyes he caught sight of his wife looking down on him. She was sitting up astride the boy moving around as though she was riding a horse. George realised the boys cock was inside her and she was bucking and grinding down on the boy, her tits swinging in the air. Nothing was said. She smiled at her husband then closed her eyes to concentrate the pleasure. George lay there watching until several minutes later he heard her cry out – then bucking and grinding Escort faster and harder she reached her climax. Collapsing down beside the boy with a sigh the room once again became still and silent until eventually all fell asleep.

Morning came and George awoke to find himself alone in the bed. He went downstairs to find his wife sat with a coffee in the kitchen.

“Would you like some breakfast?” she said. “There is only us – our guest left very early.”

George nodded and poured himself a coffee. He wondered if the boy had fled with fright of Jean’s insatiable sexual appetite. He wondered also what was going through his wife’s head this morning.

Old habits are hard to break. George and Jean, being the sort of couple they were didn’t discuss such things in detail – not in the cold light of day.

Throughout the next couple of days George, without actually saying so, made it clear he wanted to avoid any contact with their new acquaintances. He had decided it would be a good idea if they cooled things down a little. Although he enjoyed Jean showing herself to other men – and yes, under the right circumstances enjoyed watching her have sex with others – he felt she was out of control. He had to get his head around this – it was like she was a different woman. We have to slow down – not get carried away – he reasoned to himself. When he played the scenes over again in his mind he still found it hard to believe the things she said – the things she had done.

Jean acted quite normally, although she was a little disappointed that they hadn’t invited the boys’ round. She had really expected them to be “eager beavers” almost beating the door down to get in. Unknown to her, George had spoken to them – while the couple had been out Paul had collected his gear. George had left a note saying he thought it best if they had some time on their own. He wanted a return to normality.

The sixth morning after the adventure with the boys found Jean feeling somewhat restless. George had to go into town but she declined the suggestion they should both go saying she would have a shower and reminded him that even though it was a holiday cottage, someone still had to take time out to do some housework. George thought that that was quite a reasonable comment and happily left the house on his own to travel into town.

Working very hard, Jean soon straightened the house and completed all the necessary chores. Undressing and stepping into the shower she bathed, then drying herself she looked at the clock. It was nearly time for the postman to call – she would have to listen out for him. Not that she really needed to answer the door – mostly he put it through the letter- box like a postman should. Just every now and then she met him coming down the path and had a few words with him – just to be sociable. Sometimes she’d noticed him giving her a very lustful look – like when she had forgotten to fasten her shirt properly or let her dressing gown come slightly apart – accidentally of course.

To day she would probably have a chat to him – if she were dressed in time. She selected a lilac coloured bra and panties – very shear – the purple-red ring of her aureole and hard nipples was easily visible through the silky cloth. First she put on the bra, then a white suspender belt contrasting nicely with the lilac – then slowly rolled the stockings up her legs. She was too slow – the postman could be heard walking up the gravel driveway.

“I’ll throw one of George’s shirts around me and have a quick word with him,” she said, talking to herself. “Haven’t time to put my panties on.” She reached the door just as the postman was turning to leave.

“Oh, hello! Thought I heard someone. It’s very warm again isn’t it? I’ve just had a refreshing shower – I was getting dressed.”

The postman looked at Jean with open mouth and was lost for words. She was decent – but, well – not decent. The shirt was unfastened and held together in the middle by her left hand. Because she was bunching it up it made the top and bottom separate slightly. The postman could see a line of bare flesh right down her front broken only by the strip of lilac material joining the cups of her bra. His gaze from knee up showed stocking tops and a little white flesh slightly visible through the slit – the hem of the shirt was just above mid-thigh. How was it possible to show so much and yet – not really show anything.

They exchanged a few comments and as Jean talked she observed the lustful expression on his face. This morning it was particularly lustful. His eyes darted from her head to her toes while he spoke. “So where’s your hubby this morning?” he asked.

“He’s gone into town – he’ll be a while yet,” she answered. Jean made no attempt to go back into the house and was happy to stay and chat. The postman carried on enjoying the sight wondering if the housewife was hinting at something. His leering and lustful looks became quite blatant and he was well aware that Jean knew where his eyes kept drifting. She was deciding whether to pick up the letters from the small porch-way table, where the postman had deposited them. To open them she would have to use both hands – her shirt would come open and he would see that she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

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How We Got into Porn Ch. 04

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I was making coffee in the kitchen when Maria came in looking mischievous, her hands behind her back. She wore dark-framed glasses and light yellow dress. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“What’s up with you?” I asked.

“Don’t think I forgot,” she said, “It’s your birthday!” She brought forth a small, wrapped package from behind her back and presented it to me.

“I’d almost forgotten, myself,” I said as I accepted it and toyed with the bow.

“Go ahead,” she coaxed.

I undid the wrapping paper and removed the lid from the paper box. Inside was an watch with an elegant metal band.

“You never wear one, so I thought maybe you would try it,” she said.

“I love it!” I said, snapping it onto my wrist.

“I’m glad,” Maria said shortly, and dropped to her knees. She took hold of my belt and pulled me closer. I reached over and grabbed the camera off of the countertop.

“How about we turn this birthday party into your audition?” I asked, opening the viewfinder. Maria paused in thought.

“Alright,” she said, and began unbuckling me. I turned on the camera and caught her still grappling with my pants. They fell around my ankles and Maria giggled. She kissed it and played with it, staring up into the camera as my cock expanded to its full size in her mouth.

“Is this your first time on film, Maria?” I asked.

“Mmhmm,” she hummed, getting it all the inside her.

She worked on me like she really needed a job, slurping and licking, moving her head back and forth rapidly. Something about being on camera makes a girl really cut loose, and Maria was no exception. She smiled up at me as she licked the head of my dick, looking like a sexy librarian with her glasses and pulled-back hair.

“Are you ready for the money shot?” I asked.

“Ooh, yeah. Give me your cum. I want it all over my face,” she pleaded, pouting her lips. She pumped my cock and pointed it at her open mouth. I went a little weak in the knees as I started to come, and she flinched just a bit as the first stream slapped against her cheek and into the corner of her eye. She squinted the one eye and I kept shooting, covering her entire face in long ropes of cum. She squeezed the last drops onto her lip and took me back in her mouth, sucking me dry. She slapped my dick on her cheeks and smeared the cum around, breaking into laughter as she finished her work.

“Can I have a job now?” she asked smiling into the camera, little strings of cum dripping from her lips and chin.

“I think so, I just have to pass the tape along to my boss,” I said, making her laugh as she wiped a hand across her mouth. I started to wonder if she wanted to act; to really be one of the actresses on our website.

Later on that day I caught Maria at her computer watching our video greedily. I walked up behind and placed my hands on her shoulders: “You thinking about hiring that girl?” I asked.

“I like it,” she said. “It has a totally different feel from the other videos we’ve shot so far.”

“Well, that’s because you’re in it,” I said.

“Yeah, but that’s not all. It’s how it’s just you holding the camera; it just feels different, in a good way. I think you should start shooting videos like this, in addition to the normal scenes.”

“Are you going to put this up on the site?” I asked.

“No, not right now, anyway,” she said, “I like it, but I’m not sure that I want to commit to having my face on the internet like that. Maybe someday. But you should use Lauren. We still need tons more videos. Just shoot some whenever, days when we’re not shooting a full scene.”

“Yeah but you’re always gone, running around town looking for equipment and investors and stuff,” I added.

“I don’t need to be here. Just make sure to tell me about it so I know to put it on my computer and edit it; otherwise I’ll end up erasing it when we shoot.”

I realized then that I had an excuse to mess around with Lauren; as long as we filmed it, it would be ok. Lauren doesn’t feel neglected, and no one gets their feelings hurt. I hoped this would be a resolution to the Lauren problem.

“Why don’t you mention it to her, first,” I said, “Just so she’s comfortable with it.”


Maria was gone a lot those days, indeed, leaving Lauren and I shut up in the house together. She would run around working on the business, and we had a lot of time on our hands. That we grew close shouldn’t come as a surprise; pent up so much with just the two of us, we were bound to end up either bonding or hating each other. But that was all to come, and since our unexpected sexual encounter the week before, we had tiptoed around one another awkwardly.

It was Monday. After the three of us had breakfast together at the kitchen table, Maria through a purse on her shoulder and headed out for the day; she had a meeting with a rich gentleman who she hoped would invest in our company. I had money. I had the house, the car, and I was bankrolling the business. But my funds were limited; everything Kumköy escort I had came from my parents, who stuffed my bank account without much thought and figured it was all for college. So when Maria demanded fifty thousand dollars for cameras, lenses, lights, and about a million other little things, I knew it was much more than I could get my hands on. She was adamant, though, that we would need at least this much to get our business off the ground.

So we looked for investment. Maria was the only one with any real business experience, knowing how and what to present to someone, so she made the calls. And she went at it with remarkable persistence and equanimity; it is very difficult to get a man with money to meet with you if you are looking for money to make pornography. Maria was shot down constantly, sometimes with outrage and disgust on the part of the investor, who had to have known what it would be about, but when confronted with the details couldn’t muster the civility to pony up or gracefully refuse.

On this day, Maria had a meeting with man who owned several pubs around the city. I’d actually been the connection in this case, as I’d hung around one of his bars late one night last week and had spoken with him –both of us drunk- about the business. Our drunkenness could not be discounted, but he seemed genuinely interested in our project and had given me his number and told me to give him a call next week.

Maria left waving and jingling the car keys at Lauren and I sipping coffee on the couch. The door closed and the television was tuned to some vampire movie broadcast far too early in the day for my taste. But I watched anyway, wondering if the bright morning light streaming into the house would melt the fanged teenagers off the screen.

“Change it,” I said, stretching my arm to give Lauren a push on the shoulder.

“No,” she responded without budging, pretending I wasn’t really there.

“We’ve already seen this. Just see what else is on,” I insisted.

“I like this movie; I don’t remember what happens.”

“We watched this last week!” I complained, stretching my arm toward the screen. I saw her crack a slight smile, so I lunged for the remote in her hands. She fell back and resisted and I held her down and plucked the controller from her outstretched hand.

“Thank you,” I said, settling back in my place on the couch, flipping through the channels.

“This, is an outrage!” Lauren yelled and hurled herself against me. She straddled my lap and tried for the remote, which I held behind my head.

“It’s too damn early for vampires!” I yelled. “And when we watched it last week you made fun of it the whole time!” She continued to grope for the remote as I passed it from hand to hand.

Before she could seize it, I wrapped my arms around her back, holding the controller fast against her, and with her arms still flailing behind my head, she fell unbalanced against me; her big, soft tits smothering my face.

“Ok, you win!” she yelled, her head almost behind mine. I loosened my grip and she settled back in my lap, looking me in the face blankly. “What do you want to watch?” she asked.

“I don’t know yet, I can’t see the TV,” I said, “If you want to see a movie, I’ll find another movie.” I tried not to stare at her chest, heaving under a pink tank top. My hands rested on her hips automatically, without thinking. I realized I wasn’t just resting my hands on her, but gripping her, just slightly, my fingers testing the firmness of her ass. She wore small grey shorts of terry cloth. Her skin felt soft and good through the cotton, softer than you would think if you looked at a picture. She continued to look at me with her blank expression, the one that tells you that whatever happens next is for you to decide and won’t be second-guessed.

I started to say, “Um, did Maria tell you that she wants us to start making movies on our own time?” but Lauren interrupted me with an affirmative, “Uh huh,” and kissed me. My hand moved over the back of her ass in the grey shorts and rested in her crotch, massaging the warmth there. I could feel the outline of her pussy through the fabric, even pushing it slightly into her as I felt her. I reached under her shirt with my other hand and unhooked her bra in a single motion.

She sat back for me to pull her shirt off, panting at me with rosy cheeks and her mouth half-open. The pink blouse peeled over her breasts and her bra flopped into our lap, her tits heaving slightly, big, exposed, and erect. I leaned in to appreciate them, squeezing and sucking on them as she coached me to explore the limit of what she considered the pleasure side of pain. She told me to bite, then stopped me when it was too hard; made me pull on them like they would come off, then tell me to let them rest. Lauren had perfect tits. Tits can be perfect in a number of ways; perfectly small and tight, perfectly puffy, perfectly big and saggy, perfectly plastered with silver-dollar nipples, perfectly tiny with nipples Kumköy escort bayan like dimes, perfectly erect and brown like milk duds. I could go on. It’s not a science, but double C’s on a petite girl, crowned with nipples like ripe pink blueberries is one way to do it. That was Lauren.

I pulled her shorts to one side and her pussy spilled into my hand. She was very wet and she moved her hips as I explored her with my fingers. There was no more mention of making a movie that day; we didn’t. We stripped and made love on the couch; it didn’t feel like casual sex, it felt like making love. The way she looked in my eyes when she came, it was just different. And it was a little frightening. With Maria gone all day, we had to fill the time with something, so we went to the zoo, came back and went swimming. It was fun and dangerous; we were sabotaging our business before it even began.


Soon classes began and I had to divide my time between studying at the University and working on the business at home. I took a very light course load that fall so I could give my other career the attention it deserved. Maria had secured a small investment from a local man who probably agreed to it on the off-chance he would get to come to the set or something. We issued no such promises, but the fantasy was strong enough to get him to open his wallet. It was enough to purchase a nice camera and several lenses to use for still photography, something we had forgotten to include in our initial enthusiasm. We were still short, though. It became evident that finding someone to host the site would be much more expensive than we’d thought.

Lauren, Maria and I had all expected the most difficult part of the business would be recruiting starlets. But that part was easy. And after our first couple of movies with Milana, she also started working as a talent scout. She taught dance classes at the theater and two other local colleges, giving her ample opportunity to spot the kind of girls we were looking for. And she was good at it.

The first girl she brought us was a college girl who’d been taking Milana’s dance class, and had asked her for some private lessons of the pole dancing variety. They bonded that way, and soon Milana nudged this girl in our direction. Her name was Ashley. She was twenty, a dirty-blonde with a tight body; small tits but a cute round butt. She was slightly nervous, but excited and mostly happy and smiling about the purpose for which she’d come. Lauren, Maria and I were seated at our desk in the living room and we got up to great her.

“Hi guys, this is Ashley,” said Milana, introducing us individually.

We went through the preliminaries and I ended with, “Any questions?”

“No. I know why I’m here, let’s do this. Just tell me what to do,” she said.

Maria got up and started getting the video camera ready, and Lauren fitted the still camera with a different lens. Maria had taught Lauren how to use the camera so we could basically do everything at one time.

“Alright, strip!” Maria commanded. Ashley stood and pulled her white blouse over her head, then began unbuckling her jeans as Lauren snapped photos. She stood smiling in matching pink underwear.

“Let me see those little titties,” Maria coaxed. Ashley unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor, revealing her small, firm breasts, capped with half-dollar puffy nipples.

“I’m small, I know,” Ashley giggled.

“No, you’re gorgeous. And perfectly proportioned,” Maria said. “Now why don’t you turn around and show us your cute little butt.” Ashley turned and shook a little for the camera. She had a symmetrical tattoo on the small of her back that reminded me of the bat symbol. Then she doubled over and touched her toes, her pink panties curling into a big pink heart. The bottom of the heart swelled and wrinkled with the shape of her pussy lips.

“You want to climb up on this table and let our boy play with you a little bit?” Maria asked.

“Yes, please!” she said, standing back up and crawling onto the desk. “How do you want me?”

“Just lie down on your back,” I said. “Let’s see what you’re hiding under those little panties.” She bit her lip to stifle a smile and lifted her hips as I slowly peeled the pink cotton off her. Ashley had a slight, healthy tan than covered her entire body evenly. Her pussy was completely hairless and smooth, and glistened with arousal.

“Do you like to masturbate, Ashley?” I asked.

“Um, yes,” she answered.

“Why don’t you show us?” I encouraged her. She reached between her legs and felt herself, slipping a finger inside herself and withdrawing it to spread the lubrication. She began to breathe heavily as she massaged the top of her vagina with one hand, rubbing it vigorously.

“Ooh!” she cooed as her petting produced wet, slippery noises.

“Are you ready for a dick in your mouth?” asked Maria, focusing on Ashley’s face. She nodded her head. I took my pants off and she flipped over on her stomach, studying Escort Kumköy my crotch as I pulled my cock out. She took it into her mouth, closing her eyes as she sucked. She stopped and looked up at me.

“Are we going to have sex?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. I moved her small body around on the desk with ease, getting her in the missionary position on the edge of the desk. I told her, “Pull your legs back and hold them against your chest.” She complied, holding her knees flat against the desktop beside her breasts.

“Like this?” Ashley asked.

“That’s good,” said Maria, “You’re doing great, baby. You’re so beautiful.” Lauren moved around the desk, getting Ashley in this vulnerable position from different angles. Her pussy was swollen and pink and the area all around it was covered in her own juices. I took my cock in hand and toyed with Ashley, slapping it against her cunt. I rubbed it in circles around her wet lips, edging them open just a little with my head. She took big, lusty breaths while I teased her to full attention, begging for it with her body language.

I eased into her slowly. Ashley took sharp breaths and grimaced as her pussy stretched to accommodate me. We could all tell it was more than she was used to.

“You’re doing great, baby,” Maria said, running her hand through Ashley’s hair.

“It’s really big,” Ashley said. I worked my way deeper inside until I bumped into her cervix.

“Ow!” she yelped.

“Sorry, Ashley,” I said, “I just want to see how much of it you can handle. We’ll go slow.” I pulled back so just my head was keeping her open, and moved in and out slowly. She looked into my eyes with stunned, lusty arousal at this whole new situation she found herself in.

“Oh, it feels so good,” she said, “Go faster.” I increased my pace, but didn’t stick it all the way in. She was very tight. When I pulled back her pussy lips clung to my shaft like a damn rubber band. “Do it harder,” she commanded. “Please?” she added.

“I don’t know if you can handle it, Ashley,” I said.

“No, it feels good now. I was just scared at first. I want it hard.”

“Ok, but I don’t think your boyfriend’s going to be very happy. I’m going to wreck this little pussy,” I cautioned her.

“I don’t care, just give it to me!” she said. I pushed into her forcefully and she let out a loud “Ugh!” But she didn’t grimace, she liked it. I started pounding her hard and fast, and she jerked her head from side to side, crying out in ecstasy. “Wreck my little pussy, you fucking fuck!” she yelled. I let her come, then pulled out and her cunt gaped open.

“Roll over on your tummy, Ashley,” I said. She stared at me with a look of frustrated confusion, her mouth hanging open. She rolled over and lay flat on the desk. I got onto the desk and stood up. I reached under her hips and pulled them up to get her in the doggy pose. Crouching down, I fitted my cock back into her tight little hole. I fucked her deep, standing with my knees bent as she grunted like an animal, staring wide-eyed into the camera.

“Okay, Ashley, when I pull out I want you to swing around and get on your knees so I can come in your face.”

“Uh-huh!” she said in between grunts. I pulled out and she knelt beneath me. She smiled, looked up and stuck her tongue out. I felt the orgasm building and I gushed hot streams of milky cum onto her tongue. She stared up at me with her eyes open until I was finished, cum dripping from her nose and tongue.

“You did great, Ashley!” Maria said. “How do you like being covered in cum?”

“I like it,” she said, smiling and licking her lips.

“Don’t move,” said Maria, “Let Lauren take a few more shots of your pretty face.”

I went into the kitchen and opened a beer while the girls finished up. Maria let Ashley use the shower and sent her home.

That was how things went at first. I went to class three days a week, and when I was off, either Lauren or Milana would bring over a fresh piece of ass. We had one, two, sometimes three girls audition each week, and then those girls would come back to act out some other scene, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes as a group.

Ashley was cute, very cute, but she was toward the lower end of our talent spectrum. One of those girls who looks good because she’s twenty and tight, but probably won’t settle into womanly beauty in ten years; she’s just cute. But the next two girls she brought over were both friends of hers from Europe, perfect human specimens with tits that defied gravity and the faces of angels.

I couldn’t fucking believe the quality of the girls they were bringing over. None of them were prostitutes or into drugs or shit like that; the things we’ve come to associate with the pornography business. They were all just good girls with a bit of a wild streak. And the reason they came to us and fucked onscreen was because we were all young and unassuming. We were the same as them –kids in college wanting to experience life to the fullest. When Milana brought over a cute wannabe dancer and she saw our business was just me and a few other beautiful young women, it put the girl right at ease. That was our edge. Maria knew it and said so from early on. That was our wedge in the door into a huge, daunting industry. And we were about to blow up.

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How It Started

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Some years ago, when I was 20 and a junior in college, I had a serious boyfriend Mike. We were in love and we spent all our free time together. The sex was great, but after fucking each other exclusively for over a year, Mike made occasional noises that it might be fun for us to try other people for a while. I shot that down fast.

I did realize we were young, and I was only the third girl Mike had ever slept with, and I guessed it was natural for him to want to sample others. That’s the way men are programmed. But women are not, and I had no desire to spread my legs for anyone else. So I ignored these remarks of Mike after I would shoot them down, and then I tried to give him great sex to keep him happy.

I told my best friend Mary (my name is June) about these periodic problems with Mike and his wanderlust. She suggested trying out unusual things, like strange positions, or strange situations. I thought about this, and decided it was worth a shot.

One day I took him to the local park near our college around dusk. We walked hand and hand and drank from a nice bottle of red wine I had brought along. As it got dark, the park began to empty out, and soon we were almost alone in the park. I sat Mike down on a park bench surrounded by a grove of trees, took out his cock, and gave him a blowjob. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Mike was really surprised. Shocked would be a better description.

“June, that was the most erotic thing I have ever done. You are amazing, and awesome. I love you madly,” he said. I smiled at him, took his hand and we took a romantic walk and finished off the bottle. There was no more talk of us sleeping around for a couple of months.

When Mike began to get his wanderlust again, I took off my panties and changed into a short dress. The dress barely came down to a couple of inches below my privates. I got a bottle of red wine and took him back to the same park. He thought he knew what was coming, and he had the smile of the Cheshire cat on his face. But I surprised him.

I once again sat him down, on the same bench, took out his cock and sucked it hard. It was just about hard when I started, and a minute after I began it was rock hard. He was ready for me. I stopped sucking, and Mike protested. “Sssh,” I said.

I lifted my dress, exposing my cunt to him, and then sat down on his cock, letting my skirt fall around us, so any passers by could not explicitly see what was going on, even if they could easily infer. We quietly and passionately fucked. He put his hands on my hips and helped me to ride his cock up and down, right there out in the open on “our” park bench.

Something happened to me that night, that it took quite some time before I understood. It was clear Mike was truly excited and turned on by my wanton behavior. But so was I. Behind the bench I saw a man watching us from a distance. I pretended not to notice him.

When Mike shot his load into me I groaned in pleasure a bit too loudly. It was for Mike’s benefit as well as my own, of course, but I also wanted our voyeur to hear it. Then I got off him, lifted my short skirt high, and said to Mike, “See your gorgeous cum in my pussy? Do you like that?”

Mike nodded, and his cock stirred. I took him home and fucked him silly. But my open, brazen display was not so much for Mike as it was for my silent voyeur, and any other possible voyeurs behind us. It was only much later I realized I was an exhibitionist. The only thing I knew just then was that I was super turned on, and wanted more sex. A lot more.

After the outdoor fuck in the park, I had him wrapped around my little finger. He was in awe of me, and I could do no wrong. This too wore off after a couple of months. I was in despair. Once again Mary came to the rescue.

Mike’s younger cousin Steve, a freshman at a nearby college, was coming to visit Mike for the weekend. Mary suggested we put on a show for him. I was a bit incredulous. “You mean let Steve watch us fuck? Are you nuts?”

Mary said, “Men love that. They love to show off their women. They’re all perverts you know.”

“Have you ever…” I began to ask, when Mary stopped me by nodding. “Wow,” I said, “Could you tell me about it?” She did. It was with a previous boyfriend, and he too had wanderlust, my term for men who want to sample other women. She had practiced what she had been preaching to me.

Apparently it had worked for a year or so, but then they broke up. The exhibitionist sex had kept him in line the longest, though. “What was it like?” I asked.

“Oh God June,” she said, “It was like nothing else I had ever experienced. I found it so erotic that I had the most massive orgasms of my life. I will never forget.” She quickly added, “But it was freaky, too, and I’ll never do it again. It is just a wonderful memory.”

“Is it safe?” I asked. “I mean what if the guy watching wants…”

Mary once again interrupted, “No, it is definitely not safe. The guy watching will want sloppy seconds, or he’ll think you’re easy Side Escort and try something behind Mike’s back, and if Mike wants him to take you it will be hyper awkward. It is fraught with problems.”

“But it’s wonderful,” she added, her voice having a dreamy quality. “For me it was worth the risk. If you do it, you will never forget it, even if you might ultimately lose Mike that way.”

I was impressed. Mary had never opened up like this with me before. Usually she is a private person. I said, “It’s the visit of Mike’s cousin Steve that is why you are telling me this now, right?”

“Yes, that’s what gave me the idea. From what I know of Mike, it might be highly effective in keeping him hooked on you,” Mary said.

Steve came on Thursday afternoon. Mike had bought an air mattress for him to sleep on. Since I have a roommate, my room provides no privacy so our sex life is based at Mike’s place. With Steve there, we had nowhere to have sex. But it was only for a weekend.

Mike took me out for dinner, and he surprised me when he asked to tell me something in complete confidence. I said, “Sure,” but I was nervous since I had no idea what he was going to say.

“It’s about my cousin Steve,” he said, and I got relaxed. It was not about some problem Mike had, or that Mike had with me. Mike continued, “Steve has never had sex. He’s never even kissed a girl, or felt the lusciousness of a girl’s breasts. He’s never even seen a girl naked.”

This surprised me, but I knew there were men who were shy and took a while to open up to women, and I told Mike this. Or maybe he was gay? Mike assured me he was not gay, and moreover he wanted Mike to set him up with someone. I had some friends, but Mike made clear he wanted sex, not a relationship. I did not have any friends who would be up for something like that.

“This is why the world has, and has always had, prostitutes” I said, and then quickly added, “My love.”

“Yes of course I realize that,” Mike said, “But Steve is religious, and is forbidden to use them.”

“I see,” I said, even if I had no idea where this was going. I excused myself to go to the women’s room, and from there I gave a quick call to Mary.

“What’s going on?” I desperately asked Mary, knowing the conversation had to be short.

“No sugar coating, June. Mike wants you to seduce his cousin and introduce him to the wonders of sex with a nice girl,” she said. As soon as she said it, I realized that is what Mike had been building up to. “Shock him by suggesting it before he does. But then remember you’ll have to do it. So only shock him this way if you are willing. Is Steve at least cute?”

“Yeah, he’s attractive. Maybe you want to do him?” I asked.

“No way, babe. You know I’m not like that. Mike wants you to fuck Steve. It’s probably a fantasy he has. He may even want to watch!” Mary said.

“Thanks, Mary, this has been eye opening. You’re the greatest. Gotta get back now, thanks again,” I said and we hung up. I returned to our table.

“You want me to help out Steve, don’t you?” I asked Mike. He just looked down at the tablecloth; he was embarrassed. “If I do, will you love me forever? You can watch if you want to.”

“You would do that for me?” Mike said.

“Don’t make me say it again. I would do anything for you; don’t you know that, lover?”

Friday night the three of us went out to dinner. Mike and I had agreed Mike would speak to Steve, and tell him it was okay with him if he put the moves on me. I am not sure what else he told Steve, but it must have been good, because Steve was a nervous wreck at dinner.

I had told Mike to tell Steve that this was one of our “no underwear Fridays,” something we did for fun on Fridays, just the two of us. This was not true, and in fact I had never gone out without underwear other than that time I fucked Mike in our local park. It too had been a Friday. I found however that the idea excited me.

I wore a blouse with buttons, and had left open one button too many, so when I leaned forward one could see a lot of my boobs. When I sat up straight, my nipples poked at the thin fabric of my blouse, and if I leaned back for example to stretch, the shape of my boobs was visible, since the blouse was tight.

I also wore a very short skirt, and high heels. If I were to bend over keeping my legs straight, I could only imagine what someone behind me would see.

During dinner I leaned forward quite a bit, finding excuses to do so, and smiled a lot directly at Steve. At one point I leaned backward and stretched. Quite a few other men at the restaurant enjoyed looking at my boobs too when I did these little maneuvers. To my great surprise, this got me very aroused. My cunt was getting rather wet, and there were no panties to absorb the moisture.

I did not know at the time what exactly was going on with me. I had never even thought about exhibitionism in this sense. I decided to try something else. I excused myself to go to the ladies room, and Side Escort bayan when I stood from the table, I knocked a spoon off the table, pretending I was clumsy. I did it so that I could bend over to pick it up with my back to Steve, and partially also to Mike.

I locked my knees and bent over to pick it up. It was like touching one’s toes, and my entire ass was exposed to anyone lucky enough to have been behind me at the time, such as Steve and Mike. Mike told me later he and Steve could also see my entire cunt. I don’t shave or anything down there, so it was a nice furry bush they got to look at.

I put the spoon on the table, saw the look of shock on Steve’s face, and then rushed off to the ladies, where I took a stall and fingered myself. Whew, I thought, that was hot! Feeling brazen and randy, I unbuttoned another button. Now if I leaned forward one could even see my nipples. I knew, because I practiced in front of the bathroom mirror.

When I returned to the table, it was time to order dessert. Mike made a crude remark, saying he would like me for dessert. I wanted to tell him off, but I also did not want to blow this opportunity to get Mike hooked on me. So I just smiled, leaned forward giving both Mike and Steve a view of my entire boobs, and asked Steve what he wanted for dessert.

I saw that two men at the next table were openly staring at me, looking down my blouse at my display of my boobs, and I got wet with excitement. I knew then there was something wrong with me. Concentrating instead on Steve, I realized he was staring at my boobs and was rendered speechless.

I sat up straight, ending the show, although my nipples were hard and poking at the blouse even in its current partially unbuttoned state. Steve regained his composure a little, and he said, “Maybe the ice cream? What do you recommend?”

We ended up skipping dessert, since Mike said he had ice cream at this place, and he added, very crudely, “June, lean forward again and show Steve what else is available for dessert.”

I blushed deep red when he said that, but I did lean forward and said, in my best imitation of a sex kitten, “Whatever could you mean?” Steve got another good look at my entire boobs, and I could only imagine what was going on in his virginal head.

When we left the restaurant, I remarked how I had had too much to drink, and pretended to stumble and fell into Steve. I said, “Thanks for catching me, you handsome guy,” and then I gave him a nice kiss on the mouth by way of thanks. Steve was so surprised he did not kiss back.

“Did you not like my kiss?” I asked, in my best imitation of the purr of a sex kitten. “Let me try again,” I said, and I put my arms around Steve’s neck, pulled him into me, and kissed him long and lingeringly.

Steve learned how to kiss in real time, and I pried open his mouth and stuck my tongue in it, French kissing him. He groaned in appreciation. I rubbed our loins together and felt his rock hard cock through his clothes. Finally I broke the kiss. We were in the street, right outside the restaurant.

“Thanks again for catching your cousin’s drunk girlfriend,” I said. I had removed my earring while we kissed and then dropped it. I said, “Oh! My earring!” and I did another locked knee toe-touching bend to pick it up, giving Steve another nice view of my ass and cunt.

We began the walk home, and I walked between the two men, with my arms around each of them, “for support” I explained. It’s true I was a little tipsy from the wine with dinner, but I was not nearly as drunk as I was pretending to be.

Mike’s hand slipped up my skirt and caressed my bare ass as we walked. He was pushing up my skirt so that anyone behind us could see my ass, I was sure.

When we got back to Mike’s place, Mike suggested we play cards, and we played poker. I soon lost all my chips and had to quit the game. My shoes were off for comfort, but Mike said with a twinkle in his eye that he would give me $10 in chips for my blouse.

“You’re kidding, right?” I said.

“That way we can continue the game,” Mike said.

“You’ll give me my blouse back later?” I asked, pretending to be naïve. Mike nodded, smiling broadly. Steve was quiet and I think in shock at Mike’s suggestion. They both knew I had no underwear on.

I stood up, turned my back to the men, and slowly and (I hope) sexily removed my blouse. I sat back down, with my hands covering my boobs. My boobs are a little bigger than my hands, so I could only cover most of them.

At this point I should tell you that I have a nice body, with curves in all the right places, and if anything, I’m a little on the skinny side, but not too much.

Mike leaned over to give me my $10 of poker chips, and then playfully pushed me. My arms shot out automatically to stop my fall, and now my breasts were completely exposed. “Very clever, asshole,” I said to Mike, but then I undid the slur with a smile.

I quickly lost all my chips again. I think Mike was Escort Side cheating: he is pretty smooth with how he shuffles and deals the cards. Anyway, he offered $10 more chips if I would lend him my skirt. This time he put on some music, and I stood up and did a little strip tease as I took off my skirt. Of course, there were no panties to remove.

Now I was naked. I complained, saying, “Boys, I am now naked. Aren’t the two of you a bit overdressed?” Mike smiled and stripped down to his briefs. Steve however just sat there. I crawled over to him and kissed him and this time he kissed me right back. I took off his shirt, kissed him again, and then undid his pants and pulled them off. I left him in his briefs. I kissed his chest, and kissed his briefs where his cock was tenting them.

“That’s much better,” I said, giggling.

I lost my chips again, and said in my sex kitten purr, “I have nothing left to offer for more chips. I guess the game is over.”

Mike said, just as I thought he would, “Well June, I disagree. You have a lot to offer. Don’t you agree, Steve?”

Finally, Steve spoke. “June, I’ll give you all my chips for another one of those amazing kisses.”

“Just a kiss?” I said. He nodded, looking sheepish. “How about a little more? You have such a big tent in your briefs, you know.” I looked at Mike. He nodded, and smiled. Steve looked scared. No, not scared: he looked terrified.

I said, “I won’t bite,” and Steve came over and kissed me again. I kissed back, and as we kissed he tentatively touched my boobs. To encourage him I moaned, and it worked: he began to caress my boobs. He kissed and fondled my boobs for a long time.

When he finally stopped, I lay down and said, “God, I am so turned on,” and I spread my legs a little. I began to finger myself. “Take off your briefs, Steve, and come over here,” I said.

He did. He could not find my entrance, so I took his cock in my hand and guided it in.

Steve said, “Oh my God,” did one pump in and out, and immediately shot a load into me. I smiled, and crawled over and cleaned off his cock with my mouth, and then kept my mouth on his cock and began to give him a slow blowjob. He lost his fear and began to fondle my boobs as I sucked him. Only minutes later his cock was rock hard.

“Let’s do this again,” I said, and I guided his cock back into my pussy. He knew what to do. He gave me a nice, long, satisfying fuck. He kissed me while we fucked, and he played with my boobs, too. When he was done, I looked at Mike. This is what he had wanted, I knew. I did not know he wanted more, although in retrospect I should have.

Mike beckoned me and I crawled over, and he put me on all fours and fucked the bejesus out of me. Steve watched in rapt attention. When Mike was done, Steve took me another time, now his third, and when Steve was done, Mike took me again, this time in missionary position.

Both men fucked me in the morning, too, one after the other. We went to brunch, and then they took me home and I let Mike fuck me while I blew his cousin. This was of course my first time servicing two men at once. My orgasm was over the top.

We had one more wild session before Steve had to leave. Mike filmed Steve and me doing it, being careful not to film my face, or so he said. He gave a copy to Steve. Steve wanted to see me again, but I said no, I loved Mike and this weekend had been a one-time thing. He should find some girls at his own college, now that he knew what he was doing.

Mike told me later Steve fucked a girl in his chemistry class the very next weekend. She had been a virgin, too.

The first time after Steve went home that I fully realized I was an exhibitionist was when Mike decided to take me out to the countryside one Saturday. It was spring, and that particular day was very warm. Mike drove to a small lake where we had a picnic. We were alone. Mike wanted to go for a swim.

“I wish you had told me we were going to a lake,” I said, “I would have brought a bathing suit.” After a lot of discussion, Mike pressured me to into skinny-dipping. We went in the lake naked, splashed around and had a lot of fun. I found it very erotic to be naked like that where in theory anyone could come and discover us there naked.

Apparently Mike found it erotic, too, since he started feeling up my boobs as we played in the water. One thing led to another and he ended up taking me on the shore of the lake. I had discovered he liked it when I was noisy, so I let myself go and moaned loudly as he nailed me, and in fact I had a screaming orgasm.

When we finished, after Mike had shot his load deep inside me, I heard a splash, and at the other end of the lake several other students from our school were also skinny-dipping. They had to have heard my moans and my scream, but fortunately they were ignoring us. I was horribly embarrassed, and shamed, but also had other erotic feelings I did not understand.

I went back into the water for modesty, and Mike joined me. The other students swam over to us, and they were all boys. Shit. It was not easy, but I maintained my aplomb, and even though I was nude in the water in front of four nude guys I did not know, plus of course Mike, I let them introduce themselves and carried on polite conversation.

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Spice It Up

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Tricia moaned some beneath her husband as his cock hammered away at her. After a few more minutes Ed grunted and shot his cum deep within her pussy. He rolled off of her and sighed, echoing his wife’s feelings of dissatisfaction.

Ed and Tricia were both in their late thirties and had been married for close to ten years. They had met in college and dated for a few years before taking the plunge together. And at first, they were totally satisfied with each other. Ed was a tall man, standing over 6’ and with a strong body toned from years of working out and staying shape. He owned his own landscaping company and refused to let others do the work that he could do himself. Tricia was an attractive woman, with olive colored skin that reflected her Sicilian heritage. She had black hair that made people think of midnight, curly and hanging past her shoulders. She had similarly dark eyes and great body, long legs with just enough on her thighs to make them desirable. Her C-cup tits had just the hint of sag to them, again enough to make them seem real and full. Both Ed and Tricia’s sex life had been wonderful, the two having large sex drives. However, throughout the years, they had both silently yearned for something else, something different. Various places, positions, and toys had come and gone and those things spiced sex up for a while, but still left them with that longing for something truly erotic.

“We have to do something about this,” Ed said.

“I know baby, I know,” Tricia replied. “I mean it’s just not the same. Your cock is still what I want, still fills me up, but…” she trailed off.

“I know what you mean,” Ed spoke, turning to his side and laying his hand on Tricia’s stomach. “Your body still gets me so hard and I love to fuck you, but…”

The two laid together in silence for more than a few minutes, until Ed finally spoke up. “What about having someone else join us one night? Maybe another man to please you?” He had this idea in his mind for the past few months, but was nervous to bring it up with Tricia. Ed loved his wife more than anything, and had not liked the idea that their sex life might suffer so much that she would seek excitement elsewhere. He did not wish to share his wife, but with the right person involved, Ed thought a threesome would be just what they needed.

Tricia rolled over onto her side and gazed at Ed. “What? Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” Ed said simply. “I don’t want to lose you baby. I love you so much, and maybe this is the type of change in our sex life we need. I just want you to be happy.”

Tricia smiled the smile that won her Ed and kissed him. “Baby, I would absolutely love that! I mean, if you’re comfortable with it and if we found the right guy to join us.” She rolled over on top of Ed and sat up. “Honestly, I have always wanted to be with two guys at once, but I just thought you wouldn’t be too keen with the idea.”

“Well, at first I wasn’t, but then I met this guy at work,” Ed began. “His name’s Joe and we just hired him a few months ago. We started talking about different things and I found out that he’s new in town and hasn’t really met anyone that knocked his socks off yet. And I know for a fact that he’s done this type of thing before. He told me about his ex-girlfriend who loved having two men at once. He’s the one who put the idea of a threesome in my mind.”

“Ed, if you think this guy Joe is cool, and you’re up for it, then I think this is just the kick in the pants our sex life needs,” Tricia smiled. She felt Ed’s cock spring back life and smiled again. “And I think it’s working already.”

* * * * It was about two weeks later that Joe accepted an invitation by Ed to come over one evening for dinner. Joe had been living in a small apartment in town and was eager to accept the offer of a nice, home cooked meal. Plus, Ed had sat Joe down the afternoon before and explained to him the situation with his wife. Once Joe found out that Ed wanted him to fuck his wife in a threesome, Joe was even more eager to agree. It had been far too long since he was in this type of situation.

Joe was a handsome man, and when Tricia answered the door and saw him for the first time, she nearly fucked him on the doorstep. Joe was also a tall man, a little shorter than Ed, but with a similar build from working outside all of his life. Where Ed had a mop of black hair, Joe had curly light brown hair that matched his brown eyes. “You must be Joe,” Tricia said and greeted the man to their home.

“And you must be Tricia,” Joe Belek escort smiled, looking Ed’s wife up and down. Tricia had worn a simple, yet flattering dark blue dress that fell just beneath her ass, and was held up by two thin straps across her shoulders. It accented her body, especially her tits nicely.

The three friends had a nice dinner, that Joe simply loved. He had commented that he hadn’t had a home cooked meal like this in what seemed like ages. After dinner, Tricia told the guys to grab some beers and relax while she cleaned up. She went into the kitchen leaving Ed and Joe sitting on the couch talking. Once alone and out of sight, Tricia ran a finger along the front of her blue thong underwear and sighed softly. She was dripping wet with anticipation and hadn’t felt this eager about sex in so long. Plus, the little act Ed and she had concocted was making her feel very hot as well. While Ed had told Joe that he wanted the man to join in fucking Tricia, he did not tell Joe that Tricia knew about it. Ed had asked Joe to try and seduce his wife while over for dinner. Tricia loved the idea of this man thinking he was seducing his boss’s wife in the same house after dinner.

Tricia had finished up cleaning the dishes when she heard someone enter the kitchen. An arm slipped around her slim waist and she heard Joe’s voice. “That was a fantastic dinner Tricia, thanks for inviting me.”

“Sure thing Joe,” Tricia smiled. “Ed’s told me that your still kind of new to town and haven’t had much to eat that wasn’t delivered in quite some time.”

“Yeah, home cooked meals are the best,” Joe said. “And the women who can actually cook them are even better,” Joe finished and gave Tricia’s waist a tight squeeze, pulling her against his side.

“Thanks, now why don’t you grab another beer and go out with Ed,” Tricia said, pulling away slightly from Joe’s arm. “I’ll be out in a second.”

“I’m not really a big drinker,” Joe replied, pulling Tricia back against him and running his hand down from her waist to the side of her thigh. His fingers crept just below the short line of her dress and ran playfully along Tricia’s bare flesh. “Besides, Ed’s up stairs in the bathroom. He took the paper with him like he does at work, so I know he won’t be down for a while.”

Tricia grabbed Joe’s hand and lifted it off her thigh and returned it to her waist. “Just like Ed after dinner,” she laughed. “Play nice now Joe, I’m still a married woman. And married to your boss at that.”

Joe grinned a bit and returned his hand to the side of Tricia’s thigh. “I can always get a new job and a new boss,” he smiled. Tricia went to move his hand again, and Joe pulled her hard against his body, positioning himself behind Tricia. His other hand went to her other thigh and pressed her ass back against his pelvis. “You have such a great body Tricia, you can’t be as old as Ed.”

Tricia could feel Joe’s large erection pressed against her ass and she fought back a moan. This scenario was almost too much for her to continue, but she did. “How old do you think I am?” She asked Joe.

“Well, I’m 25, so you can’t be much older than that,” Joe answered.

“Actually I’m 38 Joe,” Tricia said and grinned when she felt Joe’s erection jump beneath his jeans.

“Tricia, you have such a sexy body for an older woman,” Joe smiled, running his hand along Tricia’s waist and thigh, up the front of her tummy and along the inside of the bare thigh beneath her dress. “All night I’ve been thinking about your body Tricia and how much I want it.” His hand then moved up underneath Tricia’s dress, his finger running along the fabric of her thong until he found her wet spot.

“Ohhhh God,” Tricia moaned as Joe’s finger began slowly moving around her thong covered pussy. “Joe, Ed could come down at any moment,” Tricia protested with no conviction. Joe ignored her and continued rubbing her wet pussy, causing Tricia to moan more and press her ass hard back against Joe’s cock. This had been what she needed, the feeling of another man touching her, wanting her, and knowing that her husband would soon join in and love her with this man. It was turning her on so much.

Joe’s other hand moved down to the hem of Tricia’s dress and grabbing some fabric, hiked it up around her waist. Turning her around, Joe leaned her back against the kitchen table and moved her dress up all the way, revealing her blue thong, wet with her juices. Tricia looked with lust into Joe’s eyes as he quickly, almost violently ripped off Belek escort bayan her dress and thong, exposing her tits and trimmed, moist pussy to his view.

“Joe, please we can’t do this. Ed, my husband, is going to find out and…mmmmmm,” Tricia started to protest, continuing her act even in this state of ultimate arousal, but when Joe’s fingers slide between her wet thighs and began to run along her pussy lips, she could only moan with pleasure.

Joe slid two of his fingers into Tricia’s pussy and worked them in and out, his mouth seeking out her nipples and sucking them hard into his mouth. Tricia wrapped her arms around his head and bit her bottom lip with pleasure as Joe finger fucked her pussy. Pulling back, Joe smiled and took off his jeans and boxers, revealing his long cock to Tricia’s wide eyes. It was so much bigger than Ed’s cock, but not as thick. Tricia slowly reached out to it, her fingers wrapping around the shaft and pumping it slowly.

“Yeah baby, you like this cock don’t you?” Joe asked as Tricia jerked him off. “I’m going to fuck you with this cock right now,” Joe stated, turning Tricia around and bending her over the kitchen table. Joe ran the tip of his cock along Tricia’s wet pussy, teasing her.

“Oh God, just do it, fuck me!” Tricia cried out, pushing her body back against Joe’s cock. Joe put his hand on the back of Tricia’s head, his fingers grabbing a handful as he thrust his cock deep inside her pussy. “OHHHH,” Tricia cried out as she felt his long cock penetrate her deep. Joe began thrusting his hard cock into her pussy, fucking Tricia hard and fast. Tricia groaned with pleasure as her pussy was assaulted by her lover’s hard member. Joe leaned forward, never breaking stride, his mouth next to Tricia’s ear and whispered, “You like this baby? Like me fucking your married pussy?”

“Oh God yes, yessss, ohhhhh,” Tricia moaned, trying to push her ass back against Joe’s thrusting. “Fuck me harder baby, fuck me. Make me feel it, feel it good,” Tricia smiled.

Joe stood up again, pulling the handful of hair and pulling Tricia’s head up, using her hair like the reins on a horse as he stepped up his tempo. Joe started fucking her so hard that the table began to slide across the length of the kitchen.

“Oh God YESSSS! MMMMMM YESSSSS!” Tricia screamed and shook with her first intense orgasm. Joe suddenly pulled out of her and led the dazed Tricia into the living room, where she saw Ed sitting, his own hard cock out, jerking it off to the sounds of his wife being fucked. Ed grinned at both his naked wife and Joe, who smiled back, still unaware that Ed and Tricia had planned this all along.

“See Ed, what did I tell you?” Joe smiled, holding Tricia’s hand and leading her over to the couch. “Your wife here just needed me to motivate her in the kitchen. Now I think she’s up for the idea of a threesome.” Tricia nodded with a large smile plastered on her face as Joe laid her on the couch, spread her legs wide and raised her legs up over his shoulders. Joe took hold of his rock hard cock and shoved it into Tricia’s wide open and drenched pussy. Tricia let out a moan as Joe began hammering away at her cunt.

Tricia looked over at her husband Ed, who was frantically jerking his cock across from her and Joe, taking in the scene before him. “Ohhh Ed,” Tricia moaned as Joe pulled back and pumped his cock back into her pussy, fucking her with so much lust filled force. “Mmmm Ed, he fucks me soooo good baby…fucking my pussy soooo hard. Come here baby,” Tricia smiled, pulling on her hard nipples. “Come here and let me suck your cock while Joe fucks me.”

Ed rose and crossed the room towards his wife and Joe. Tricia reached up towards Ed’s solid cock with her hands, but Ed pushed her grip away. He lifted his leg and hovered his cock over his wife’s mouth before grabbing her hair and shoving his cock into her eagerly awaiting mouth. “Since Joe’s fucking your pussy, I want to fuck your mouth,” Ed said, pumping his cock into Tricia’s mouth, trying to match the fast rhythm that Joe was setting with her pussy. Ed could feel his wife’s tongue swirl around his hard shaft as it slid into her mouth, his quickly filling balls slamming against her chin.

“Hey, let me in on that action up there,” Joe said, pulling out of Tricia and switching places with Ed. “After all, she is your wife and you should get to fuck her pussy too,” Joe laughed, replacing Ed’s cock in Tricia’s mouth.

“Yeah, and I’m going to fuck her pussy good,” Ed grinned, Escort Belek placing Tricia’s legs over his shoulders and began pounding away at his wife’s swollen cunt just as hard as Joe had. “Oh yeah baby, your pussy feels so good…loose and wet for my cock,” Ed moaned, pulling his cock out to the tip, then slamming it back home again. Tricia moaned loudly with Joe’s cock in her mouth as the young man fucked away in her mouth. This had been exactly what Ed and Tricia wanted, and it certainly had made for very spicy sex.

“Oh yeah baby, your mouth is as good a fuck as your pussy, mmmmmm yeah,” Joe grunted, shoving his cock deep inside Tricia’s mouth and shooting his cum down her throat.

“Mmmmm,” Tricia moaned around Joe’s cock, tasting his salty seed. Ed grabbed onto his wife’s legs and pumped away harder, his own climax coming upon him. Tricia let Joe’s cock fall from her mouth. “Oh baby, you fuck me so good, ohhhhhh yesssss,” she cried as Ed’s cock pounded into her. “Yessss ohhhhhh,” Tricia grabbed her hard nipples and pulled as her pussy spasmed around Ed’s cock in orgasm. Seeing his wife’s body shake with pleasure, Ed slammed his cock inside her once more and grunted as he exploded deep within her pussy.

Ed let Tricia’s legs drop from his shoulders and leaned down kissing her deep, tasting Joe’s cum on her tongue. “I love you baby, that’s just what we needed,” Ed grinned.

“Mm hmm,” Tricia agreed, giving Ed one more deep kiss, then blowing one to Joe, who sat back on the floor with a smile on his face.

“So, how about some wine?” Ed asked, rising up from his wife and going into the kitchen, where he plopped down on a chair with a smile. Ed was correct when he told Tricia that this night was what they needed. He hadn’t been that hard with desire for his wife for so long, and seeing her being fucked by Joe just made things even hotter. Ed’s cock had shot what seemed like gallons of cum in Tricia’s pussy, and yet Ed felt he could give her more, and very soon.

Ed poured three glasses of wine and carried them into the living room, where he stopped and laughed. Joe was lying back on the couch with Tricia on her knees giving him a blowjob. One hand slowly stroked Joe’s length, while the other cupped and played with his balls. Joe smiled at Ed and shrugged his shoulders. Tricia looked over and smiled around Joe’s cock, sucking hard and letting it fall from her lips with a smack.

“He got hard again, so I had to do something baby,” Tricia laughed.

Ed put the wine aside and walked behind his wife. “Let’s save the wine for later.”

“Yeah, I think my cock wants more of your pussy Tricia,” Joe said.

“Really? Well, how’s about this?” Tricia asked with a lopsided grin and rose herself up over Joe’s hard cock. Her hand grabbed hold of it as she lowered herself, sliding it inside her loose pussy with a sigh. “Ahhhhh yeah, that’s better,” Tricia smiled. She started riding Joe’s cock slowly at first, then she moved faster. “Suck on these,” Tricia said, giving her tits to Joe’s mouth.

Ed came up behind his wife and smacked her ass hard, causing a squeal from Tricia. “Fuck me baby,” she moaned, riding Joe’s cock while he sucked her tits. “Fuck my ass now, I want to have two hard cocks inside me, make me feel filled.”

Ed had always loved fucking his wife’s ass, and the thought of doing it while she had Joe’s cock in her pussy made him so hard. Ed grabbed onto Tricia’s hips and stopped her fucking motions. He moved the head of his cock against her ass and started to push. Tricia yelped with some pain, as it had been some time since she last had Ed’s cock in her ass. After about three thrusts, Ed shoved hard one last time and buried his cock in Tricia’s ass.

“OHHHH YESSSS,” Tricia yelled and started moving on Joe’s cock, sliding it in and out of her pussy. It didn’t take long for Ed to match her speed and was soon pumping his cock in Tricia’s ass. Joe sat on the couch, his lips sucking hard on Tricia’s nipples.

“Oh God, I feel so good, mmmmmm,” Tricia moaned. Ed couldn’t stand it anymore. The tightness of Tricia’s ass around his cock was too much, and Ed buried it deep within her ass and exploded. Tricia felt her husband’s cock twitch inside her ass, then felt the stream of cum start to flow and leak from her asshole. “Oh yeah Ed, yesssss, mmmm,” Tricia moaned and felt Ed’s cock fall with a plop from her ass. She grabbed onto Joe’s shoulders and flung her body into motion on his cock. “Yesss feels so good, ohhhh, OHHHHH,” Tricia screamed as her body shook with climax. Joe bit down onto Tricia’s nipple and with a grunt, shot his load into her pussy.

Tricia gave Joe a deep tongue kiss, then felt Ed’s hands reach around to cup her tits. “Yes sweetie,” Tricia smiled, “I think this is exactly what we needed.”

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The Hole in the Wall

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I was late.

I was trying to get to class, it was the last week of university and I was late. I worked so hard over the years to get good grades and always attend class. I wasn’t a goody-two-shoes, just wanted to do well.

I thought I could cut through the industrial section to save some time. As I was getting closer to school, I saw a back alley that might lead me pretty close. I walked down it and saw there was a hole in a concrete wall that backed directly onto the school grounds. If I could squeeze through I could get to class in less than three minutes.

I decide to go for it, shimmying my head first, and then got my shoulders through, but I forgot I had my backpack on! It got hung up on the concrete! I tried wiggling around, in or out and couldn’t budge. With my hands by my side, and the hole being just high enough I had to be on my tippy toes, I couldn’t move. It was then I realised today was not a good day to wear a dress..

Fast forward two minutes. A student was walking near. I call him over. I recognize him from one of my classes but don’t really know him. He’s popular, athletic, and probably doesn’t know who I am. I explain my situation and ask him to walk around and try an unfree my bag. He says,

“That’s where I recognize you from; you’re the smart girl that sits at the front of my anthropology class. This must be killing you, you’re not there now.”

I laugh it off, and he agrees to try and help me. As I sit there waiting for him to go around, I think to myself, hey, at least he knows I exist. That’s more than usual for guys like him.

As he approaches me I hear him say through the wall,

“You know, black is a good color on you,”

I looked and saw my dress was blue? Alanya escort Then it hit me, I was wearing black panties! My dress must have flipped up as I was trying to wiggle free. Flush with embarrassment, I ask him to fix my dress and help me get unstuck. He replies,

“O, I have a few ideas on how I can help you,”

I had no idea what he meant, until I felt my dress get flipped completely up, exposing my underwear and ass to the world.

“What are you doing!” I discreetly called through wall, “That’s not what I meant when I said help me!”

He replied,

“I think your body says otherwise.”

Again, I was confused with what he said. Then I realised the wetness forming between my legs. I guess being exposed as much as I was got me turned on. It must have been quite the site from the other side, seeing my ass and legs sticking out of a hole in the wall. I call back to him,

“I don’t care what you think, just get me unstuck!”

“I’ll get to that soon,” he smirks back.

With that, I feel my underwear get ripped down to my ankles. Following that, I can feel the juices from my pussy trickling down my leg. There I was, stuck in the wall, with my bare pussy exposed to one of the most popular guys in class. Well, it’s not completely bare; I don’t like shaving so I keep everything trimmed. It’s been a while since I’ve had sex, and I’m about to call back to him to knock it off, but then I feel his fingers caress me. He goes straight to massaging my clit, and it feels so good. I can’t hold back at this point and just let him keep going. I try not to draw attention to myself through the wall, as he slowly inserts a finger in my sopping vagina. He inserts another finger, stretching out Alanya escort bayan my very tight, tiny pussy.

I think about how crazy this is, and how this is something I would never do, but I feel his tongue brush against my clit and I can’t bring myself to stop now. He moves to my still soaked vagina, licking up my hot mess and sticking his tongue as deep into me as he can. I can feel his face completely buried into my ass, and it feels amazing. I’ve never had a guy get me this wet. He then runs his tongue all the way from my throbbing clit, to my soaked pussy, then up to my tightly puckered asshole. I’ve never had someone touch me there before, especially with their tongue, but it felt amazing, and he kept going, pulling my ass cheeks apart to better expose my asshole to him.

Then, everything halted for a moment, and I was confused why it stopped. I was so horny and wet I didn’t want it to stop. That’s when I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy. I was so wet he slid right in. And man, did he ever fill me up. His rock hard cock stretched me out like never before. It felt so good as he slowly slid his cock in and out of me. He started to pick up the pace, thrusting his huge cock deep inside of me. It felt euphoric, and I could feel myself getting taken away by the orgasm that was about to ensue.

He was really fucking me hard now, and it was hard to scream out and draw attention to myself. We’ve been at it for an hour; I can see the odd student in the distance, walking around campus. The hole in the wall was at the back side, in a corner, so not many people came by or could easily see me.

I could feel his cock throb as he was giving it to me, rocking my whole body to the Escort Alanya core. He was getting close to cumming, and the thought of that brought me close too. I focused on how big he felt inside me, and how wet my pussy still was. Between that, and feeling him grasp my ass, getting a better handle to fuck me harder, I could feel myself slipping over the edge. He kept going at my pussy, each stroke feeling better than the first. I could feel his cock stiffen inside of me, and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a slight scream, I came like I never came before. Every muscle in my body tightened, and I could feel all my juices exit my pussy at once. But the feeling didn’t stop, and I was squirting my pussy juices all over his cock, as he kept fucking me harder and deeper. The orgasm was about to subside, when I felt his whole cock throb deep inside of me, releasing his hot jizz inside of me. With each throb, I could feel my pussy filling with his cum, pushing me over the edge again. My whole body was shaking, my pussy was throbbing, and I could feel my pussy squirt all over his cock again. After several seconds, he pulled out of me and I could feel his cum and my juices pour down my leg. And with that he was gone, and I was still stuck in the wall…

Apparently, during my orgasm my scream alerted a professor, who came over to investigate. He asked if I needed help and I asked him to walk around and help me get unstuck. I held it together, and didn’t mention anything that previously unfolded. I could hear him gasp as he approached me, dress flipped up, underwear at my ankles, ass and throbbing pussy fully exposed, multiple juices still coming out of my pussy and running down my leg. He pulled me out and asked if everything was alright.

“Never been better,” I replied with a smile.

I took my underwear completely off, adjusted my dress, thanked the professor (who’s jaw was on the floor), and left to go back home, juices still flowing down my leg and all. It was the best day of school in my life.

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The High Price of Cumming

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Big Balls

“I’ve been a bad girl.” I confessed.

“What did you do?”

“I came without your permission, Sir.”

“Tell me, slut.”

Cringing, I related the story of the night before. I had been reading an erotic story online about a novice sub’s trials before being accepted by her first Dom. I pictured myself in her role and cast you as the Dominant. While indulging in this fantasy, hubby started playing with my wet slit, stroking it up and down. I was slick with my own juices and his fingers glided up and down over and over, stopping occasionally to dip inside or to swirl around my clit. I was humming in my throat with the pleasant sensation, just floating along reading while he played with my body. When he pushed a finger in my ass, I came suddenly.

I waited nervously for your reaction.

“You will O 18 times between now and when I see you on Monday. You will document each time. Narrative or video.”

“18 times? Yes, Sir. Is this my punishment?”

“It is. Enjoy, slut. And no faking.”

“No, Sir.”

I thought about digging out the egg vibe that I keep in my filing cabinet for when I play with you to get the first one out of the way but decided against it. I would come to regret that decision over the course of the weekend.

Eighteen times would be a challenge, but surely it would be within my means to get it done even though I had never cum that many times in as short a time. The most I had ever done before in a single day was 4 or 5 times.

I had planned on going out with my friend that evening and didn’t get home until late, so I went to bed without reducing the count at all. I mentioned my punishment and the reason to hubby, who didn’t say anything about it.

This morning my hangover-addled brain tried to figure out how frequently I would need to cum in order to successfully complete my punishment. I came up with something like every two to three hours, if I didn’t sleep. I felt a little panicky, but still thought this was doable.


I knew I needed to get started on my task, so I woke my husband up by rubbing his back and sliding my leg up and down his. He finally got the hint and rolled over. I stroked his cock until he was hard then he got on his knees between my legs.

He pushed my knees up against my chest and pushed into my pussy which was already wet in anticipation. Holding my ankles together in front of me with one hand, he played with my clit while stroking in and out of my cunt. He pounded me hard, his balls slapping against my ass each time he drove into me. I was moaning and panting. He squeezed, twisted, and pulled on my clit until finally I came. As my pussy throbbed against his cock, he came inside me then collapsed on top of me. After a brief rest, he got up and ran me a bath.


After my bath, I was ready to go again. Kumköy escort I had used the jets from my tub to clean the cum out of my pussy, and it was fresh and feeling empty.

I grabbed my favorite egg vibe and dildo and climbed into bed. I turned the vibe on low to get warmed up and applied it to my pussy lips. The vibrations spread to my clit, and I could feel myself getting wet enough to slide the dildo in. The dildo slipped into my cunt smoothly, and I just enjoyed the feeling while the vibrator continued to hum.

My husband came back into the room at that point and saw me playing with myself and decided to help out. He took over manipulation of the dildo, and I concentrated on the vibe which I had now moved directly onto my clit. When I felt the pinprick of pain in it, I knew I was getting close. I squeezed and pushed against the dildo, straining to cum, until I tossed my head back and came with a moan.


We had gone out for lunch, and I knew I needed to cum again in order to stay on schedule, so I headed to my bedroom and stripped. My husband followed, and I helped him undress as well. Feeling uninspired already, I decided lie in bed and read another erotic story. If they could get me into this problem, they could certainly help get me out.

I began reading from one of the collections of short stories I own, and once again, hubby began playing with my slit. I was lying on my back with my legs scissored with his. It makes it easy for him to fuck me and play with my clit while being low effort enough to maintain for long periods of time. He fucked me slowly and deeply. To help me along, he grabbed my egg and buzzed my clit. The long slow strokes and intense vibration soon had me speeding towards another orgasm, this one more powerful than the first two of the day. A moan was ripped from my lungs when I squirted all over his cock. The pulses left me shaking and spent, but my husband had other ideas.


He wasn’t done with me yet. Rather than give me any rest after the contractions in my pussy had ceased, he turned the egg up a notch and started fucking me in earnest. I was whimpering and asked him to stop which he refused to do, saying that it was his turn. I couldn’t really argue and thought to finish him off faster by thrusting back against him.

The effect this had was to cause the vibrator to pound against my clit in addition to buzzing. The sensation right on top of the previous orgasm made me cry out with each thrust of my hips. All of a sudden during the pounding, the vibe cut out. A change of batteries proved that it was dead. I had burned out my favorite vibe!

Luckily, there was a bullet vibrator in the bedside drawer. He grabbed it, flipped it on high, and soon we were slamming against each other once more.

I was determined to Kumköy escort bayan force him to cum. However, he had a similar plan in mind for me too. Along with his own cock, he stretched my pussy by adding my silicon one. I felt full and stretched, and my now well-used cunt was splashing its juices all over with each thrust of our hips.

The pain from the vibe hitting my clit and the pain from the stretching soon had me building towards climax again. I covered his cock with my cum when I came painfully and squirted around the two cocks impaling me. The extra stimulation of my cumming is all it takes to finally milk his orgasm from his cock, and he shoots inside my still throbbing pussy.


Bedtime. Time to fuck again. Sigh. Funny, how quickly this has escalated into true punishment which I am dreading.

I get into bed naked and position myself on hands and knees. I wiggle my ass at hubby who places his cock at my slick opening. I brace myself, and he slides his shaft in my pussy. He fucks me with a leisurely pace. There is no way this is going to be enough stimulation to make me cum. My mind wanders, and I wonder when he’s going to finish, so I can get out my vibe and take care of myself.

After he’s done, I lay back and grind the bullet into my clit, hoping the pain will push me over the edge quickly because I am tired and just want sleep. I let my mind drift to the things you have said you want to do to my body and picture your satisfied face when I have done something to please you. I push and strain towards my orgasm, and when it comes, it is a small fluttering in my pussy rather than the violent convulsion I had been expecting.

I drift off to sleep fitfully.


I haven’t slept well tonight. I know I’m dreadfully behind on my count, and I’m a little panicky about finishing my punishment. I snuggle up against my husband for comfort, and he spoons me in his sleep. I wrap his arms tightly around my chest, and he groggily begins flicking my right nipple.

Most of the time, he ignores them, so any time they get attention they respond enthusiastically. Shortly tremors start racking my whole body, and I realize it would be easy to cum with just a bit extra. I start tickling my pussy lips which soon part and reveal my clit to my fingers. While he flicks my nipple, I do the same to my clit. The tremors in the rest of my body are soon echoed in my cunt, and I settle down to attempt resting again.


Rise and shine. Eleven more to go in one day. I have no idea how I’m ever going to do that. Just have to focus on one at a time. Breathe.

I lean over and give hubby’s cock a sloppy kiss and wake it from its slumber. With a pleased moan, he rolled me over on my back and nestled his hard cock against my cunt. I was not yet aroused, so Escort Kumköy my pussy lips were stubbornly closed. That didn’t stop him though. He pushed his way in and found me warm and wet inside. He picked up the bullet vibe and wedged it between us against his cock before settling his weight on top of me.

It’s another fast and furious fuck. I love it this way, with his balls spanking my ass with each thrust. He comes quickly and pushes his cock in deeply, holding it there, pressing the bullet against my sensitive clit. He has my hands pinned to the bed, and he waits there motionless, as my back begins to arch and my orgasm approaches. I squeal as I cum, the feel of the buzzing suddenly too intense on my clit.


There you are! I found you online, and you directed me to clamp my nipples. It hurts but in a delicious way because the pain is for you. Having you here talking to me has set my juices flowing again. I grab my vibrator and apply it to my clit, holding it in place by squeezing my legs together, so that I can still type. You tell me you dreamt about using me the previous night. That word, “use,” thrills me and makes me crave your touch. I pull up the webpage with the cuffs on it that I have ordered. I imagine the smell and feel of the leather as you fasten them about my wrists for the first time. Then I hear the click of the lock, asserting with a leaden finality your control over me. I start breathing heavily and cum with a small cry. I thank you for your help in adding another to my count.


I had to go to work. This is seriously going to cut into my cumming time. Luckily, I have a file cabinet drawer with some help. Rather than wait, I decide to get started right away, so I can get another one done.

I stuff the twin of my poor dead vibe inside my panties. I know I’ll need to let the vibe run for a while to get me off, so I start working. After a time, I tilt my pelvis forward to apply more pressure to the egg with my desk chair. My pussy feels empty, but I focus on the sensation in my clit, and I’m able to cum with a gasp before returning to my task. I leave the vibrator in place with the remote in my pocket, so I can use it again later.


Right before heading home for the night, I flip the switch on the egg on high and pull up your picture on my computer. I think about the videos you showed me recently. I know you want to do those things to me, and it both scares and titillates me.

My mind moves on to the last time I saw your cock. I get down on my knees and picture myself at your feet with your cock bobbing in front of my eager mouth. The image of me taking your cock in my mouth while you hold my head in your strong hands sends my hand inside my panties to finger my pussy. I fuck my pussy with two fingers in rhythm to the fucking you are giving my face in my fantasy. I feel my cunt clench on my digits as I cum for you another time.


There is no 11. Ten is all I managed to do in the time allotted to me, and I’m frustrated because I know you will be disappointed with me, and that’s the last thing I wanted.

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Sometimes That’s How it Goes

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Author’s Note: The following story contains: non-incest, brother/sister incest, group sex, double penetration, oral & anal. If these scenarios offend you please do not read this submission. Thanks to BradBigBrain for editing suggestions. Comments are always appreciated and enjoyed. Have fun ~ Red


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I wasn’t supposed to be on my knees, giving head to my brother — worse than that, I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying it. But there I was, sucking his dick and only feeling a fraction of shame. What had started out as yet another boring wedding for another member of my family had quickly turned into something much more exciting and rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

My brother Jack, his best-friend and best man, Tommy, as well as Scott — Jack’s soon-to-be father-in-law, and several other various male guests were all hanging out at Smokey’s Bar for Jack’s impromptu bachelor party. From my understanding he wasn’t planning on having one; it was something his fiancée Jessica frowned against, but Jessica’s dad had insisted and much to my chagrin they happened to pick the bar I worked at.

I know Jack planned that part of the party, after agreeing to Scott’s demand of having one in the first place. Jack figured I’d give them a discount on booze and well, he was right, I would, but only because my boss would allow it. So the men filed in, all of them laughing and telling jokes. Various bottles of beer were passed out amongst the fellas and before long the bar was full of joyous revelry. I, on the other hand, was growing more and more disgusted with the whole affair.

Trudy, one of the local girls, was also in the bar; she had her hands all over my brother and his best man. I rolled my eyes and gave him dirty looks, thinking about Jessica and her feelings; every so often I’d glance over at Scoot, Jessica’s dad, just to see how he felt about it all and he must not have thought much of it, because his eyes were always on mine.

Well, eventually I gave up sending my brother a look that would have sent any other man six feet under and decided to just let fate decide when it came to whether or not Jack walked down the aisle. I had work to do and real tips to earn. That was another thing about waiting tables for your relatives — your cheap relatives — tips were scarce.

During the course of the evening I caught a break and headed outside to smoke a cigarette. I didn’t even get it lit before some man’s fingers were pulling it out of my mouth and throwing it into the air. I watched it arc and then fade away into the night.

“What the fuck?” I muttered before turning to look at the ass that had ripped my cigarette from my lips. It was Scott and he was looking at me like a lion ready to pounce on some poor unsuspecting lioness. My tongue darted out and my knees grew weak.

“That’s bad for your health,” he told me. I chuckled, rolled my eyes and reached into my pocket to pull out the antique cigarette holder that was once my grandpa’s. Scott pulled it from my hand and tucked it in his back pocket.

I was pissed. I cursed, reached around him, and went to retrieve what legally belonged to me. He was faster though and before I knew it, he had me turned around and my chest pressed against the wall of the building.

His breath caressed my cheek and he whispered how fuckin’ hot I was. I felt my pussy tighten and I pushed back against his crotch. There it was – that thick hard piece of meat that I knew would be waiting for me. He must have known I hadn’t been fucked in weeks — hell, months really. It had just been my toys and I since my boyfriend broke up with me on my 22nd birthday. Who the fuck does that to a girl?

Well, the dry run was going to be broken tonight. I felt Scott’s hand move down between us. He kept both my arms raised above my head and my wrists in a vise-like grip. I wiggled against his knuckles as he worked to release his belt, button and zipper. I wasn’t making it easy on him. Sure we were going to fuck and I was all for it, but why not add a little bumping and grinding to his hand to make him work a little harder.

He cursed me and I laughed, but that laughter was soon replaced with a shocked and somewhat outraged “ouch” that left my lips after he smacked my ass — hard! My pussy shook from the vibrations and my nipples got hard. I wiggled again and he landed another blow to my ass cheek. Fuck it felt good!

His cock was out, he told me so and then his hand was up my skirt. I felt his fingers wrap around my white panties and within seconds the bits of lace and silk were ripped from my ass and pussy. The air around us swept up and licked at my slick sex.

Scott lined his cock up to my pussy and shoved his hard dick into me. One quick thrust and he was buried balls deep. I threw my head back and squeezed his cock. He groaned, pulled out and slammed back in. Over and over he used me; his piston action made my sex drip with juice. I shoved back and he pushed forward. He’d pull out and I’d drive Manavgat Escort back. I wasn’t losing his cock and he was not about to stop using me as his quick fuck toy.

When I told him I was going to come, he told me “you better” and the tone reeked of masculinity, something the last man I was with lacked. He bit my shoulder, right through my blouse and that was it. I was coming like a mother fucker and my fluids soaked his cock, ran down my thighs and twisted dirty little paths along my calf muscles.

I didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the rush. Scott was ready and he told me so without saying a word. He pulled his dick out of my pussy, let my wrists go, spun me around and shoved his hand on top of my head. The knowing push was all I needed before I dropped down and began sucking on that come-covered cock of his. I tasted myself, smelled our joining and hungrily pumped his rod deep into my throat, lifted up and then dropped down again.

Scott helped. He grabbed my hair, anchored his fists in it and began to really plow his way through me. I didn’t mind. The thrill of the fuck was amazing and when he shot his load into me, all I could do was moan in appreciation. When he was done, he pulled me off his mouth and looked down on me. I grinned, cum dripped from my lips, but I quickly swallowed it up so as not to appear wasteful. He chuckled and said, “Your turn, Jack.”

My eyes grew wide and I turned to the back door of the bar where my brother stood looking at Scott and me. His eyes were probably just as big as mine, but where mine showed shock, humiliation and embarrassment, his held something more — something more wicked. He chuckled, turned around and headed back into the bar. The last words I heard before the door closed behind him were, “Tommy, guess who just face-fucked my sister?” being shouted into the interior of the establishment.

I stood up, wiped my mouth and glared at Scott. He laughed, pulled me back to him and kissed me hard. I kissed him back, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t pissed. I smoothed my skirt, and kicked the torn panties several feet away. He walked over to them, winked at me and picked up the shredded lace. I rolled my eyes when he tucked them into his pocket, right next to my cigarette case.

Back inside I went; my face was a crimson red, brighter than my hair and my skin was hot. I kept my head lowered as several of Jack’s buddies were whistling at me and lifting raised fists to Scott. I felt like that girl who got caught behind the bleachers with the quarterback and it wasn’t a good feeling –yet it wasn’t a bad feeling either.

Eventually the cat-calls stopped and I was able to get back to work. I tried really hard not to think about what Scott had said to Jack about it being his “turn.” The idea of my big brother and I fucking and sucking each other into oblivion was totally beyond any fantasy I’d ever had. Now though, with three simple words, uttered by a man that should have been appalled by the idea of his soon-to-be son-in-law fucking anyone besides his daughter, it was all I could think about.

It wasn’t long before a few of the stragglers to the party started to leave. They weren’t really Jack’s friends, more like people who knew people, who knew people. Jack, Scott, Tommy as well as two other guys, Doug and Paul — both members of the wedding — were all that was left of the revelers.

My boss noticed how exhausted I was and he was very much aware of the leering looks coming from Scott as well as Tommy, Doug, and Paul. So he sent me home and told me to get a good night’s rest. After all I was supposed to be one of the bridesmaids for Jessica. A last minute fill-in since the one, who was supposed to show up, just had a baby.

I said my goodbyes to the boys, winked at Scott and headed up the road to the lake cottage that was doubling as my temporary home away from home. I don’t like people — well crowds of people I don’t know – and the wedding was taking place on my mom and dad’s farm. It was just a few miles from the bar and it was full of every relative this side of the Mississippi. I had talked my parents into letting me abandon the house and take refuge under the protective shelter of the old hunting cabin my daddy used to use when he was a young boy.

Once inside I stripped down and headed to the bathroom. I took care of my business before climbing into the shower; hot water and creamy soap washed away the sweat of my extracurricular activities.

When I came out I did so thinking I was alone. After all I was supposed to be, that was the plan. I was freshly scrubbed and dried off and had no issues walking out the room naked. Everyone had agreed that this would be my place for the week, and no one else’s. Well, guess who was there — Jack. He was leaning in the hall with a cocky grin on his face; he was also as naked as the day he was born. The fingers of his left hand were wrapped around his dick and he was stroking it. His right hand just hung to his side, a lit cigarette held between his fingers. Manavgat Escort Bayan

I looked past him and into the other room; no one else was there, which surprised me. I honestly figured, with the smile on his face, he was sure to have brought backup — just to make sure there was someone there to witness me sucking off my brother.

See, there was no doubt at all it wasn’t going to happen. It was. I knew it as soon as Scott had voiced it and obviously Jack did too.

I reached for his cigarette, expecting him to share but he only chuckled, dropped it to the hardwood floor and stomped it out. “Brat,” I told him. He laughed at me, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me fully on the lips.

Our tongues moved along side each other and I moaned deeply as his hands came up and grabbed my tits. His thumbs pressed against my nipples and I pushed into the caress. Before long he was leaving my mouth and gathering my right areola between his lips and sucking it hard into his mouth.

My hands weren’t idle. I willingly and vigorously wrapped my fingers around his cock and took over where his hand had left off. I stroked him fast and slow, alternating my speed so he was forced to either break concentration on my nipples, or push my fingers away. Needless to say, I know how to give a hand job and soon my big brother was putty in my hands. He leaned against the wall and let me do my thing. I dropped to my knees and for the second time that night I was giving head like a pro.

Jack’s cock was different. It was thick and hard, but somewhat shorter than Scott’s. I didn’t mind though, after all this was my brother. It was hot — so fuckin’ hot to be sucking him off, who cared what size dick he had. I know I sure the hell didn’t. He used his hands, much like his Father-in-law-to-be had, but instead of a forceful push he was more gentle and kind. I didn’t mind though, again, it was Jack!

When he told me he was going to come, I pumped him several times, leaned back and begged him to cover his baby sister in his cream. He did it, too. Boy, how he fuckin’ creamed me.

I opened my mouth and seconds flew by as thick hot ropes of cum shot out to splash against my eager lips and tongue. I tilted my head back and he shot a load onto my neck. I shivered as it raced down my chest and then the final volley he rewarded me with landed right in my mouth, because I was not missing out on that. I had thrown my head back down and taken that softening tool between my lips and sucked until that last explosion hit the roof of my mouth. I swallowed and groaned, muttered and cursed, until he was empty and pushing me from his limp rod.

I sat on my ass, staring at Jack while he recovered from my thorough inspection of his cock. I hadn’t even gotten around to lickin’ his balls, but I knew I would — the night was still young and the wedding wasn’t until noon.

I heard a thump, followed by a yelp and then a curse. I turned and watched as the cabin door opened up and Scott, Tommy, Doug and Paul walked in. Paul was holding his foot; he was saying something about stubbing his toe on the door or some other stupid immovable object. I looked to Jack. He shrugged his shoulders, but said nothing else. Scott met my eyes and I knew he’d walk the other boys out if I wanted him to. My lips rose in a smirk and I crawled over to the new arrivals on all fours.

There wasn’t much for me to do, not really. The men had their clothes off faster than virgin boys taking their first pussy. I would have laughed, but I was somewhat nervous; this was an entirely impromptu situation and one I had never contemplated before, but hey — when the time is right, why not, right?

When I reached the center of the room, it was like I was the main course at an all you can eat buffet. Tommy wasted no time, grabbing my hair and angling my head back so he could shove his dick into my mouth; he was long, thick and hard. I felt the full impact of his rod slam into the back of my throat and worked hard to make sure I took his full length. He held me there, our eyes locked in a heated battle. I guess he was surprised when I shrugged my shoulder, turned my head slightly and closed the gap between the base of his dick and the top of his balls. He smelled divine and he felt even more wonderful.

Beside me I saw a pair of naked legs; instantly recognizing the scar on the right knee, I was able to identify my brother. Jack lay down on his back and shimmed underneath me. His hands began to play a melody on my body that was surreal. He had one hand on my left tit, the other on the right and his face was buried between my legs. I moved one of my hands and wrapped my fingers around his cock.

Tommy pulled his dick out and pushed it back in. I allowed him to control the speed and depth, while I concentrated on what was going to happen next. I felt the telling sign of another man’s hands on my ass and being the curious woman I am, I pulled away from Tommy’s crotch and looked behind me. There was Paul. His Escort Manavgat big swollen appendage was toying with my ass. I eyed him, made a face and he laughed. His cock head slid down the crack and I moaned when he found the entrance that was all for him.

He slid his dick into my pussy. I groaned, pushed back and welcomed all of him. I don’t know if Jack and Paul had issues or not with one man’s cock being so close to another’s man’s mouth. Believe me that was the furthest thing from my mind. I had a beautiful cock in front of me that needed attention. I had my big brother under me sucking at my clit and groping my titties and now I had a thick tool shoved into my pussy. The only men missing were Scott and Doug. I had one orifice that hadn’t been claimed, from the look I had given Paul, Scott and Doug knew better than to put their cocks there — maybe some other time.

With that said, neither man was forgotten, not at all. They both came up to Tommy and stood right next to him. I popped off one dick, just so I could welcome another. I repeated the same ministrations on all three cocks and over the course of several minutes I fucked three men’s cocks with my mouth, lavished their balls with long licks and hard suckling as well as ground my pelvis against my brother’s face and his best friend continued to plunge his rod deeper and faster into my pussy.

We fucked like this for several long delicious minutes until Paul was spilling his seed into my warm hot cunt. I squeezed his rod, milking him, and Jack had left my pussy, answering one question as to whom else would get some of Paul’s cum. I felt my brother’s mouth latch onto one of my nipples and he bit the areola hard. I came then, showering Paul’s softening tool with hot liquid satin and moaning around Tommy’s dick. It wasn’t long before he was pulling his meat out of my mouth and coming all over my smiling face. Scott wasn’t done though and as Paul shot his jism onto me, Scott shoved me back onto his cock.

Paul pulled out and I watched Doug move in to take the man’s place. A primal grunt of lust poured over Scott’s dick as I welcomed Doug’s meat into my used hole. It was so long and pressed smack right up against my cervix. My eyes rolled back. I squeezed him hard and he began to work me like there was no tomorrow and tonight was all we had. Death could come knocking and I would have told it to fuck off — I had cum to swallow and wear!

My tongue wrapped around the base of Scott’s rod and when he came it filled my throat. I was thirsting for every drop. His cum tasted salty and tangy, as delectable as it had been earlier. When he was done, he pulled out, slapped my face with his limp rod and stepped back. Jack was still there, under me and still treating my tits to his expert tongue. I knew his cock was raging and I knew he would be the one who would claim that last piece of heaven.

I licked my lips and told Jack to get ready. He eyed me, but rolled out from under me, just as Doug shot my pussy channel full of his seed. He thanked me for the ride, pulled out and slapped my ass. I hissed and told him that next time he better fuckin’ slap me like a man — or use a belt. That made him grin and Scott cursed softly, promising to fuck me again later. I told him, “I look forward to it!”

“Take my ass, big brother,” I said. Seconds before he had been ready to plow into my pussy; immediately he grabbed my hips forcing me to rise from my knees just enough so my ass was presented to him in a lewd display of skin and glistening juices.

He dipped his cock into my pussy several times and I felt his hand sweep down and gather my cum as well as some of Paul’s and Doug’s into his palm. I guess my brother wasn’t so worried about another man’s seed on his dick after all. I felt his fingers push that mixture of juices along the inside core of my anal cavity. I groaned in appreciation and when he spread me open, I knew I was going to the only girl invited to all of Jack’s “guy” nights.

I couldn’t wait. Neither could Jack.

He pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I hissed from the tight confines being forced to accept something so thick and heavy. I closed my eyes as the pressure increased. Inch by glorious inch my brother took up the space of my anus and filled it with his cock. I looked up and saw Scott stroking his dick as were Tommy, Paul and Doug. I wasn’t sure what they were thinking, but I knew they weren’t done with me. Each man was a young stud, and though Scott was older than all of them, he wasn’t too old — that was obvious by the growing hardness that was filling up his fist.

As my brother took his own sweet time in pushing and pulling himself from my puckered entrance, Scott encouraged me to sit up so I was slightly resting on my knees. Jack chuckled and I knew he was more than willing to accommodate his soon-to-be Father-in-law; he held my hips, so I wouldn’t lose my balance.

Scott scooted his legs between mine and Jack’s. My eyes rolled back as I felt his dick push into my pussy. There was fullness to both my orifices that I can’t describe as anything else but awesome. My words were inaudible as my brother slowly dropped my hips and Scott settled me onto his rod. Jack pushed himself in and I was anchored to both men. I shook my head, almost in disbelief that this was happening.

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Hotel Husband

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Big Dicks

You’re such a good husband. Surprising her early, to take her to dinner. She’s had such a hard night. She told you on the phone how she’d have to order room service again because she was working late.

You were all ready to surprise her at the room. The front desk even agreed to let you in. Because they knew who you were.

You approach the room. Excited because though you do love her, you also crave her. Her body is a constant reminder of what you need.

You use the key card and it works the first time. The door opens silently into the large suite. You think you hear something, but can’t be certain; as a couple was pushing a luggage cart down the hall at that time.

Your eyes take in the room. Mini bar, sofa, TV, coat rack with one.. two coats. A desk with her laptop open on top.

Wait, two coats?

Just as you get ready to examine the unfamiliar coat, you hear it again, louder.


You hear a soft muffled gasp and a shuffle of movement.

The bedroom door is right there, who sneaked in her room while she’s at work? Housekeeping must be having a field day.

Every step you take… SNAP

It gets more frequent.

The door is ajar and at Side Escort the angle against the wall, you can see perfectly.

A crop in his hand, raised and waiting

He’s wearing a suit. All gray hair, cut short and neat.

You watch as he snaps it again, the leather landing on flesh. His body shifts and you see a gorgeous ass. His hand massaging where he marked.

Hands are bound behind her back. The woman sounds gagged and her face is clearly on the bed covers. She has on long black thigh high stockings and a matching thong.

“What are you?” The man questions in a commanding voice.

“Yur shluuu”. Muffled words come out from the woman’s gagged and smothered mouth.


A whimper and a wriggle.

“Karen… WHAT are you?”

More audibly, she speaks again, “Yur shluttt Sir”

Your heart races. He couldn’t have said. But he did.

That beautiful ass so very familiar now.

His finger sliding beside the thong, running along the material. Easily sliding into her wet, needy pussy. She whimpers and wiggles. Wasting no time, the man adjusts his belt and you can tell what he’s holding as he positions behind her.

“You are..”

Between Side Escort bayan his words, he pushes into her, hard and deep. She gasps.


She rewards his efforts with a muffled cry as he thrusts into her.

“Such a good slut… Keeping that tight pussy unused for me. Never let your husband fuck you.”

He leans forward, pushing into her hard. You hear her muffled moans. She’s so close to cumming, a sound you haven’t heard in so long. You can’t help but reach for your cock. Afraid to interrupt them. You are swollen and needy. Your slut of a wife is cumming on that stranger’s dick … and you want to edge to it. You want to watch as he rams his fat cock into her, over and over.

He groans as he grabs her hair and releases the gag from her mouth.

“Fuck! Yes! Fuck me! I’m your slut!”

Your hand now inside your undone trousers. Stroking your needy cock. The ache already building. This pleasure is new but intense. Knowing some stranger is fucking your wife. Making her his slut. His used little fuck toy. He may even empty his balls inside of her… try to breed her.

He turns her around by Escort Side her hair. Putting her to her knees. She gasps as he feeds her his cock. Shoving the massive organ in her mouth. You can see her face clearly now. Her face is flushed, her heavy breasts rising and falling as she bobs her head. He places his hands behind her head and she looks up momentarily. Her eyes meet yours. She gives you a look of acknowledgement and closes her gorgeous eyes once more. He fucks her face harder now. You hear her gagging and moaning over him as he continues pumping into her mouth, short deep thrusts.

He grunts and moans, “My good slut… you’re going to drink my cum while your husband watches.”

You feel your heart stop. How does he know? You haven’t made a sound!

He fucks her mouth harder.

You feel so needy, his cock in your slut wife’s mouth… your cock in your hand. Watching every move. His hips thrusting. Her throat swallowing around him.

Suddenly he raises her to her feet and bends her over the bed. You can see perfectly as his cock pushes into her never used ass. She cries out, begging for more. He pumps into her harder.

“MY ass!” He speaks in a commanding groan. Knowing that was directed at you more than her.

He pushes in deep and she screams as he grunts, cumming inside her ass. You feel your balls tighten and the pleasure rushes through you like adrenaline. Your cum landing on the bedroom door. His cum drips from her ass.

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Jen turns Dad into a Sissy-slut

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It had been a difficult past three years for Steve since his wife Amy had left him. She had left without warning. She just picked up one day and took off without even a final goodbye. And she left their daughter Jen with him to raise.

Well, that wasn’t exactly the story. There had been hints of Amy’s frustration for years. At some point, she must have cared for him, but for so long she had lost all feeling for him.

After their marriage, Steve had become boring. He gradually didn’t want to do anything fun, especially in the bedroom. He would go to work, come home and watch TV, and then go to sleep. Amy wondered how she could have ever been attracted to such a nerd.

She went crazy the first few years. She didn’t mind the fact that they didn’t go out to parties, or dinners, or even the movies. When it came down to it, she missed what she should have been getting at home. Their sex life before marriage wasn’t bad.

She had always been concerned about the size of Steve’s cock. It was barely five inches long erect, but as long as she was getting fucked, she didn’t really think she’d mind. That was before she was married. Once married life started, it seemed like their sex life just ended. Those first few years Amy tried many things to spice things up with Steve—lingerie, pornos, sex toys, romantic dinners—but none of these worked.

Amy’s sex life didn’t improve until a few years later when she went out for her friend Cindy’s bachelorette party. They did they typical male stripper thing. It was when the cowboy stripper took off his overalls and revealed the large bulge in his g-string that Amy’s pent-up sexual frustrations overwhelmed her. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his crotch as the cowboy gyrated over the soon-to-be bride.

It wasn’t until his performance was over and the rest of the women looked around the room that anybody noticed what Amy was doing to herself. She was touching herself between her legs, gently rubbing her clit through her skirt. Amy had masturbated plenty since she had married Steve—god knows she needed to—but she had never done anything like this with other people around.

She didn’t even realize what she was doing until Cindy called out, “Hey Amy, I think you enjoyed the show even more than I did!” It took a minute until Amy realized what Cindy was referring to. She was so ashamed that her face blushed as she straightened out her skirt.

Then Cindy came over to her and said, “I guess Steve still isn’t giving it to you. You really need to get laid. I’d never be able to put up with what you’re going through. Jim’s great in bed, but if he ever neglects his job after we get married, I’d have to go elsewhere to get it. It’s not right for a woman as hot as you not to be getting fucked on a regular basis. I’m so horny right now—god that cowboy was hot! And Since Jim doesn’t want to have sex this week prior to our wedding—something about saving up his energy for an all night fuck-fest after the wedding—I think I’m gonna find some other stud to give it to me tonight. You should join me.”

Amy was amazed that Cindy would have sex with some other guy just a week before her wedding. But she could certainly understand why. Amy was so hot right then she was fantasizing about getting fucked too, and it wasn’t Steve’s cock she was thinking about. It was that cowboy’s. While she had been frustrated with her sex life for years, she had never really thought about getting her share of cock from someone other than her husband. But once Cindy brought up the idea, Amy’s mind began to focus on it—adultery. She thought, “Yeah, if Steve isn’t doing his manly job, then I have the right to go out and find someone who will.”

Just as Amy’s mind decided to go for it, Cindy said, “Come on Amy, let’s go the bar down the block and pick up some guys. I need to get laid now, and so do you!” And before Cindy had finished saying those words, Amy was already out of her seat and heading to the door, wondering what it would be like to get fucked for real again after all these years.

And so that’s how it began. Amy and Cindy went to the bar and found a couple of young guys eager for some pussy. Cindy went up to them, “Hey boys, my friend and I are horny and need to get fucked. Think you can help us out?”

The guys were roommates, and in a few minutes, they were back at the guys’ apartment. Amy’s clothes were off in no time and she was down on her knees sucking the guy’s cock. It was bigger than Steve’s and she was so hungry for it, but before he would come she knew that she needed it in her pussy. So she laid down on the couch, pulled him close, and proceeded to get fucked like she hadn’t in years.

God it felt good. She released all the tension of years with Steve in minutes. As she came, she knew she was hooked. She didn’t even feel any guilt. She had suffered long enough. She deserved this! Now she had a real cock inside her. As she and Cindy left the apartment shortly after, Amy knew that she had just given up on bursa escort bayan Steve.

For the next few months, Amy would go and pick up random guys to fuck. But as the guys weren’t so eager to give up on her after a single night, she figured why not have a regular stud to keep her cunt happy. Besides, it was easier than having to find a new guy each time, although with her looks that wasn’t too hard. So for the next decade she had relationships with several men, lasting a couple of years at the most. And this got Amy through her time with Steve.

She had decided early on to stay with Steve. He made a good income and they had a nice home with all of the stuff that she wanted. Plus she really didn’t want to split up while Jen was growing up. She loved her daughter and felt that it would be best if she had a stable two-parent home. So she stayed with Steve and the years went by.

Amy couldn’t imagine that Steve didn’t know what was going on. All of her “ladies night out” excuses must have made Steve suspicious. And the fact that Amy no longer begged Steve for sex should have clued him in too. Amy just figured Steve was fine with the situation.

But things had changed dramatically three years ago. Amy had left him. Her latest boyfriend, John, was great. He was handsome, muscular, and a stallion in bed. And he really cared for her. After a year of dating, he said, “Why don’t you leave that pussy husband of yours and live with me.” Although she had promised herself to stay with Steve for Jen’s sake, she was too tired of living a false life to continue with it. Jen was older now, fifteen years old and acting like a woman, so Amy finally said, “I’ve had enough,” and she left. She packed up her stuff one day, moved across town to John’s place, and finally was free.

That was three years ago. Steve still couldn’t believe it had happened. He would think about it often, as he was now, as he was doing the laundry. Now it was just Jen and him in their house. Amy hadn’t said a word to him since she left. Her lawyers settled the whole divorce.

Amy stayed in touch with Jen, and Jen would see her and talk to her on the phone on a regular basis. Steve though that Jen would have been mad at her mother for walking out on her, but the opposite was true. Jen was actually mad at him. In fact, she hated him and blamed him for the divorce.

“Teenagers are hard enough to raise,” Steve though, “but now that she blames the divorce on me, she’s become impossible. Always going out with her boyfriend and never getting home before her curfew. And why does she hate me, it was her mother that left her?!”

As he thought about these things, he began to picture Jen. She had grown up to be just like her mom. She was 18 now, and was as tall as him. She was well developed and had the same blond hair that her mother had. Jen was definitely one of the more popular girls in her high school and always had. Steve didn’t want to admit it, but his daughter was probably a flirt. The guys who came to pick her up for dates were always good-looking and well built. In fact, they sort of made him feel emasculated since they were often bigger and more muscular than he was despite them only being in high school. Steve was a pretty scrawny guy himself.

And then Steve thought about the way Jen dressed. She really dressed like a slut—those miniskirts didn’t cover much. You could almost see her panties as she walked. Jen always wore short skirts. And she certainly wasn’t modest wearing those tight, short t-shirts through which her nipples invariably poked out. You could see right through them. It must have been her mother’s influence. Who knows what she did when she went out with her boyfriends and didn’t come home until nearly morning.

Jen was supposed to do the laundry, but as she hadn’t done her chores for a while, Steve decided to do a wash before dinner. As he was finishing folding the laundry, thinking about his daughter, he realized that Jen was probably the most attractive woman that he sees. There were no woman at his office, and his sex life certainly hadn’t improved since he had become single. He hadn’t even gone on a single date since Amy left him.

“I guess Jen is the hottest thing I get to see,” Steve thought just as he was folding a pair of her panties. They were pink lace, and he wondered how she got them. Must have been from her mother. Or could one of her boyfriends have bought her something like that for her?

As he examined them, he noticed that it was a thong. “My daughter wears these?” he thought as he began running the thong through his fingers. She must be a slut like her mom, he thought with indignation, until he realized that something was going on.

Was he getting a hard on? Thinking of his daughter? Holding her panties?

She certainly was hot, and to be honest, it had been a while since anything had excited Steve. This thong was covering my daughter’s pussy?

He imagined her walking up the stairs in one of her bursa anal yapan escort short skirts, and spying up at her ass while she wasn’t looking. Yeah, I can picture these panties on her! Up between her ass cheeks as she seductively shakes her butt back and forth. That flirt, that slut, she’s probably a whore like her mom. He felt his cock stiffen more, becoming uncomfortable in his pants.

Steve raised the thong to his nose, trying to catch a whiff of her cunt juices on them. No success—they had just come out of the dryer. But I certainly can imagine, Steve thought, and the next thing he knew he had unzipped his pants and taken out his hard-on.

He couldn’t even remember the last time he had gotten hard, but he certain was now. He stroked his five inches while sniffing the panties, imagining his daughter in them. Then he lowered the panties and wrapped them around his dick.

Wow, they felt so good moving back and forth over his engorged member. “This feels so freakin’ good!” he shouted as he continued masturbating. With his other hand he went through the laundry, looking for any other panties. He picked up a couple of other pairs of her panties—cotton ones. He brought these up to his face until he was overwhelmed with them, all the while continuing to jack off with the thong in his other hand. Finally he came, jisming into the pink lace panties.

Steve’s first reaction was “Wow, that was awesome!” But then he became nervous. He checked back over his shoulder to make sure no one was there. Had he just masturbated with his daughter’s thong, thinking about her sexy body?

Yeah he had, and he liked it. But what to do about her sperm-covered panties. He couldn’t fold them with her clean clothes, and since the wash was just done, he didn’t want to put them back in to the hamper. Quickly he stuck them into his pocket, zipped up his pants, and went up stairs to his bedroom with images of his daughter dancing through his mind.


Steve was nervous as he sat down for dinner. He had made a quick meal and prepared the table for himself and Jen, but she still wasn’t home from school yet. She often didn’t come home after school, and would only return home late at night, just in time to go to bed without even talking to her dad. So it wasn’t strange when she didn’t come home for dinner that night. Steve ate by himself, then went upstairs and watched some TV.

He was tired and just about ready for bed. He began getting ready, taking off his shirt and then his pants. As he did so, he remembered the special discovery from earlier today that remained in his pocket. His daughter’s cum-soaked pink thong hadn’t moved.

Even before he could take it out, his mind was once again flooded with images of his daughter—her bond hair tantalizingly flowing in the wind, her moist pout lips, her perky tits poking through her tight thin shirt, and that firm ass of hers wiggling back and forth under her short skirts, with those panties covering her young cunt. What did it smell like?

At once, the thong was being lifted to Steve’s face. He didn’t realize at first that it was still a little sticky and damp. He just wanted to sniff her pussy odor. The panties definitely didn’t smell “fresh” like they had earlier when they were just out of the wash. They now had a strong, salty odor that he soon realized was his cum.

Strange, he had never really thought about what his cum smelled like. Sex was so infrequent with Amy that he couldn’t remember if he had ever known the scent, or if he just couldn’t remember it. Whatever the case, he was actually glad that the panties now had a “used” smell to them, even if it wasn’t his daughter’s scent. “This is what they probably smell like after she’s fucked,” he thought.

Without thinking, he licked the panties. He just wanted to taste what Jen’s used panties would taste like. His eyes were closed and he was picturing Jen. He just wanted more of her, and more of her panties. He breathed in the odor and licked the panties. Then they were in his mouth, and he swirled the thong around his tongue. Boy, he was enjoying this. Needless to say, he was hard again. He couldn’t remember how many years it had been since he had jacked off twice in a day.

It took a minute until he remembered the taste in his mouth was his own. But by that time he didn’t mind. Women drink guys’ cum all the time, right? Nothing wrong with that? So what’s wrong with this, he reasoned. It’s not like it’s some other guy’s cum I’m tasting.

Steve had rationalized it all, and would have continued sucking on his daughter’s thong, but his cock was getting so hard he needed relief. He quickly slipped out of his boxers, brought the thong down to his dick, wrapped it around his prick, and started stroking. Why hadn’t I discovered this sooner?! Why was I just now finding out about my sexy daughter’s panties?!

Steve wanted bursa rus escort to cum, and he knew he’d come hard, but he wanted to out-do what had happened earlier in the day. How can I make this even better? The taste of his own cum on his lips certainly helped stimulate his senses. But I need to do something else.

In an instant he had removed the thong from his cock. He looked at it. The pink lace was so sexy, and the streaks of dried cum—just perfect! Plus that thin stretch of fabric.

He imagined his daughter putting on the thong, with that beautiful stretch of fabric between her asscheeks, covering her pucker, rubbing against it as she moved, constantly playing with her bum. As he opened his eyes, he realized that he had put the thong on himself!

What a feeling!–lace rubbing against his cock, covering the head of his dick. And the rest of it, wedged up between his ass. Wow! How could anybody wear one of these and not be constantly in heat!

He furiously jacked off, stroking his cock through the lace panties. It felt amazing. But what made it even more unbelievable was that with each stroke, the front of the thong moved up and down along his shaft, while the rest of it moved back and forth between his asscheeks, rubbing against his butt hole.

What a sensation! He certainly wasn’t gay, and he had never played with his asshole before, but for some reason the feeling of the thong playing with his butt hole was so exciting, so stimulating, it felt like—

Before he could finish the idea, Steve came. Boy, did he cum! His whole body quivered as his cock shot its load into its lacey encasement. The front of the thong was now so thoroughly covered with cum that it oozed through the lace.

Oh yeah! Wow, that was awesome!

As he came to his senses again, he looked down at the cum-soaked thong. There was no way Jen wouldn’t notice this. Could he get the cum out? He had no idea.

Maybe if he hand washed it he could…But this was the only thong that she had in the wash. Maybe it’s her only one. Maybe she’s very cognizant of it and would wonder where it was and would realize that it’s been violated. His mind raced. What should he do?

Steve thought, maybe she has another thong in her room in her dresser. That’s the answer. If she has another one just like this, then maybe she won’t miss this one. Or maybe she just has plenty of other thongs and wouldn’t miss this one.

He realized he was no longer thinking of ways to return the panties, but for reasons he could keep them! I need to know what she has, and now.

The next thing he knew he was out of his room, down the hallway, and into Jen’s room. He knew that she wasn’t home yet, and who knows if she would even be back tonight. He did this even though he was still naked, except for the cum-covered pink lace thong he was wearing.

Steve went right to Jen’s dresser, opened the top drawer, and found the jackpot! Half of the drawer had socks, but the other half was panties. Panties of all different colors and types! It was a like a rainbow of panties, and he was in heaven! There were several pairs of white cotton panties, and other cotton panties in feminine colors just like the ones he had seen in the laundry earlier today.

But there were other ones too. A few satin ones—my god they feel so smooth! And lace ones too like the ones he was wearing—how fucking sexy! And there were different cuts too—some bikinis, some boyshorts, and then he found the thongs. There were four more of them. Yes! One black, one light blue, one bright red, and another pink one.

Awesome, maybe he could keep the thong he was wearing and she would never know! And if she has four other thongs in her drawer, maybe she wouldn’t miss one more.

He picked up the blue one. It was baby blue, it was cotton, and it was now in his hands. He held it out to see what it would look like in full form. Without a doubt, he would be taking this as a souvenir! Then he would have thongs to switch off between defiling.

Steve was delighted. He had found a treasure. He quickly closed the drawer while holding his new fortune in his hand. As he turned to head for the door to make his escape back to his room, he was startled by what he saw.

His first thought: Someone’s in the doorway!

His second thought: I’m caught!

It was his daughter Jen. She had just been dropped off by her current boyfriend, a big guy named Mike, and then headed straight to her room, hoping to avoid her stupid father all together. When she got to her room, she was surprised to see the door slightly ajar. She didn’t think too much of it as she opened the door.

It was at that minute that she saw someone near her dresser. It was a man facing her dresser, and he was naked!—except for panties, actually a thong, that was wedged up his ass. What kind of a freak was in her room!

She was about to scream when she saw the stranger turn towards her. It was her dad!

“Dad??!!” Jen couldn’t believe what she was saying. Could the man wearing panties in her room be her Dad? It definitely was. What was going on?

She examined him more closely. She immediately saw that his prick was nearly erect in her pink lace thong, and it was clearly covered in cum. Her Dad had cum while wearing her panties?—how sick!

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