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Joel , Mrs. Sanders Ch. 01

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Like I said last time, my new woman, Mrs. Randall was taking way too long to fix her MILF hairstyle

in the back of her costume contest sign-in booth after we sexed the place up three or four times, so I took a walk and SOB, ran straight into Mrs. Sandi Sanders, who tricked me into 15 kinds of sex this past Labor Day holiday weekend at Mrs. Nevers’ holiday weekend cookout.

But I wasn’t bitter at all about that and I was happy to be Mrs. Sanders’ hero when she needed a private place to unzip her skin tight wild cat meow costume so that she could catch her breath.

“Joel, I’m not even going to ask you why you have a master key to the festival committee office seeing how you’ve never joined a committee in your life, but the damn office smells like sex, so?”

“Oh, no, Mrs. Sanders, not me. I’m rock steady and true to the heart Joel and I haven’t been this office since yesterday, so not me, Mrs. Sanders.”

“Hmmm, yeah, OK and by the way, as the woman who took at least 11 of your hot loads over the Labor Day holiday weekend at Natalie’s, well, I think Sandi will do. Now, OMG, Joel, find my zipper in back and release the Kraken, Joel, release the Kraken and allow me to breath normally.”

“Hey Sandi, it was 13 hot loads! I count the two loads that I dumped between your ass cheeks as you were sleeping without undies on! A nut is a nut, I say!”

“I know baby, I was checking that you were paying attention. I mean, you did promise that I’m the only woman you ever busted a nut inside of, right Joel? I mean, right baby?”


“OMFG, air! OMG, finally!”

Look, whatever wild cat meow costumes cost, LOL, they are worth it!

“Oops, LOL, did my ass just pop out baby? Ah, LOL, will we get the costume zipped back up later after you reconfirm me again as your woman with more passionate sex? In this office that already smells like sex. That you don’t know anything about, of course.”

Look, again, whatever wild cat meow costumes cost, LOL, they are worth it!

“Hmmm, ah, Ankara escort here we are, Joel. All alone in some festival office and with my ass hanging out like it is, so, hmmm, what should you do about that?”

“Oh, lean forward a little Sandi and I’m taking all of this for a meow test drive.”

Ah, hi, folks, it’s Sandi Sanders and ah, well, that’s how you get a man to make you his woman again. I mean, I paid a lot for my wild cat meow costume, but believe me, it was worth it. Sandi out.

“OMG, Joel, have you been watching “how to” videos because those are some new strokes and thrusts and no baby, I am not complaining. Hmmm, do me, Joel, do me deep like that. Oh, ah, ooh, oh, are we moving towards the desk? And by that, I mean I guess we are.”

“Just push the stapler and the scissors out the way Sandi and give me a little bigger leg spread for better access. Yup, just like that baby, I mean, it’s like you’ve done this before.”

“No, no baby, just like you promised me that I’m only woman to have ever known your hot seed on the inside, I maintain my promise to you that I don’t jack about sex and I’m just following your directions. Now, stop your jibber jabbering, smack my fat ass around, pump my worn-out pussy likes it’s one of my last chances to get pregnant and give your little kitty kat her milk!”

Promises, right? They are like little white lies, am I right?

“Ahh, see baby? We’re made for each other. So, finish off our first time this hour by tongue kissing me deep and feel free to come clean about your new moves. I mean, did you learn all that from watching videos or is that just a little white lie? Or 17 white lies?”

“Fine Sandi, you called me out! I’ve had sex once since you took my virginity this past Labor Day holiday, but it was with myself while I was looking at the sexy selfie you sent me, so it’s your fault and I declare my innocence!”

“Hmmm, anyways, wait, hmmm, anyways, I guess you can’t take me from the front with my wild cat meow costume only half Ankara escort bayan on like this, right loyal Joel? I mean, it’s a one-piece full body suit, so?”

“Well, I like to think of it as half off, but let’s wiggle your fat ass out of that thing and give your front a go, shall we, Sandi?”

“Oh, we shall baby daddy Joel, we shall.”

Wait, what? Now that’s just a little white lie that women sometimes tell to keep their man around, right?

“Oh, seriously, Joel, all this from watching porn videos? Oh, screw it, just screw me Joel, lay the wood to me honey and don’t stop until I get the full 53 seconds. Cock me baby, cock me good. It’s might be my last chance at a baby, baby. Oh, fuck Joel, OMG, I can feel your blast bouncing off the bottom side of my stomach.”

“Whew, you wear me out, Sandi, you wear me out. So, clean my semi limp cock while I rest up?”

“I will never refuse you my mouth, Joel and you will never go without anything else either. I mean, as your reconfirmed woman and all, right?”


Is someone in my festival office? Hello? The door is latched from the inside? Hello, it’s Mrs. Quinten, the Head Festival Spokesperson. Is someone in my office? Hello?”

Well, most office doors are thin, so as long as you stand close to it, well, you can talk right through it.

“Ah, hi Mrs. Quinten, it’s me Joel, ah, one of the festival guests was having trouble catching her breath, so, ah, I brought her into the office to rest, ah, yeah, that’s it. A festival guest needed to rest and I saved the day, so I’m a hero, so, OK, bye now.”

“OMG, Joel, does she need a medic? This is serious! Also, oh baby, I left my soaked body suit in the top desk drawer for you baby. It is heavily scented, so you can rub it all over your face tonight because you promised me that you are so alone in life that you sleep diagonal in the bed. And I pay attention Joel baby, so that’s quote-unquote, baby.”

With any luck, Sandi Sanders’ scramble to squeeze her wild Escort Ankara cat meow costume back on distracted her from hearing all that.

“Joel? You should open my office door right this instant!”

“Ah, well, if I open this door then I’m going to sex you nine different ways and then some, so you better go use the bathroom first, yeah, that’s it. Go pee first because we are going to need the room to hold all the hot seed that I’m going to load you up with.”

“OK, but only because I know you can’t live without my good stuff.”

Whew, right?

“I don’t know what the hell you were saying through the door Joel, but it sounds like we need to clear out this office, so pretend to zip me, give me a couple of quick pokes and then zip me up.”

Oh, did I do that, hell yeah, said every man ever! And was I in the office waiting when Mrs. Quinten returned from using the bathroom? Ah, hell no, said this man! Did I get the two of us the hell out of the office right after giving Sandi a few quick pokes from the rear? Duh.

“Joel, are you sure that this little booth is empty?”

“Yeah, Sandi, it was the sign-in booth for the costume contest sign-up and that’s over.”

“Oh, don’t get me started on those two floozies with their tight little red apple asses who stole the contest. Don’t even get me started!”

“But you should get started sucking my dick, Sandi. We’re burning the midnight oil and the floozy I banged earlier in this booth might come back or something.”

“Excuse me? You’re banging floozies on the side now?”

“No, Sandi, I’m committed to you. I said that I changed the oil in her old time Halloween lantern so it would keep burning. It was a part of her Egyptian Slave Girl costume. I mean, they didn’t have battery lanterns back then, right?

“Hmmm, and by that, I mean, hmmm, again, Joel. Anyways, I trust you, besides, my best friend Ricki Randall came tonight as an Egyptian Slave Girl, so I know that the props are important. Anyways, it’s tough for me to kneel in this one-piece form fitting wild cat meow costume, so can I just sit in the chair while you fuck my face?”

Wow, what a day at the Halloween festival and how I got away with it all is beyond me.

End Joel & Mrs. Sanders 01

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I Think I’m Becoming a Hot Wife

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I believe I’m a fairly normal 25 year old wife. I’m proud that most people consider me attractive. I’m currently working at a publishing firm while my husband is going to grad school. It’s a very competitive school which makes it very stressful for us both. But we are comfortable with each other and quite happy, really. You could say I’m exploring my sexuality, but I’m not sure that sexually isn’t ambushing me. I can’t say whether my random acts of promiscuity are the real me or not.

You might remember, I described an extramarital experience I had while on a vacation with my husband. It did actually happen to me, as surprising as that might be. Improbable, totally unpredictable, things happen every day.

Up to now, my writing has been exclusively for academic and work matters, so I’m not exactly great novelist material. Still, I enjoy telling strangers about it all. What I’ve written here is also a true story in all the essential elements.


My immediate boss at work is also the owner’s son. He’s a self-confident, but sometimes eccentric, middle-aged man. He often engages me in conversations that I find uncomfortable. True, he’s never actually propositioned me or insulted me. But he does raise subjects that involve erotic or explicitly sexual situations.

Recently, he told me that he and his girlfriend (who also works with us) belong to a sex-club-swinger group. He hastily assured me it was nothing radical, mainly voyeurism, partner-swapping and some group sex. Well, I couldn’t really think of any response. It seemed to me, at least at first, like a kind of staged zaniness.

Of course, he asked if I might be interested. My face must have been beet red when I replied. “I don’t think I could do anything like that.”

Okay… as I already said, the previous summer I did have an extramarital experience. It was a very sexual encounter with four college guys. I’m still not reconciled to having done it. That was a moment of temporary madness that has passed. At least, I hoped so.

While I was thinking about that, Peter (my boss) was saying, “You and your husband should come check it out. Even if you never get involved, it’s worth seeing how things work. Talk to him about it.”

A couple of days later, I did mention the conversation to hubby. I expected him to dismiss it as just another of Peter’s eccentricities. Instead he asked, “Well, what does this “swinging” really involve?” I repeated everything Peter had told me.

“Sounds like one of those old Penthouse Forum letters. Does this really happen?”

“Peter claims it does. Promiscuity was certainly big with a lot of girls at college and there is a bit of sexual playing going on at work. I don’t know a thing about sex groups, though.”

Hmm, maybe we could just… you know, take a look.”

I was very surprised! “It could be kind of fun, I guess. But would we really be comfortable with either or both of us being with someone else?” Yes, I did feel guilty saying this.

“I don’t know. I guess the only way to find out is to go and see what happens. I mean, we wouldn’t have do anything if we don’t want to.”

We discussed the idea for quite a while and finally agreed. If Peter raised the subject again, I’d tell him we would attend, but just to explore possibilities.

As I was sure he would, Peter did ask about it again. I explained our concerns and he readily accepted our conditions. We wanted our attendance to be strictly confidential and anonymous. I also insisted on no pressure or coercion of any kind. Sure, I know…fat Ankara bayan escort chance of that!


On the night of the meeting/party I dressed in a short, little black dress and heels. It was sexier than what I usually wore to go out, but not overly so. My husband thought I looked very hot. He’s one of those men who looks effortlessly good in anything.

The party was in a large suburban home, perhaps a 25 minute ride from our apartment. I saw Peter and his girlfriend as soon as we entered the house. As far as we could tell, there was no-one else we knew. The place was fairly crowded. There was probably a dozen couples. At least, I assumed they were couples.

Peter greeted us and got us both a drink. He introduced us to our hosts and to a lot of other people in a short time. It was something of a whirl. I was happy to see that it all looked like a very ordinary house party…no orgy in progress. It wasn’t long, though, before things got more intimate. Starting with heavy flirting, it progressed to fondling and people slipping off to (I presumed) bedrooms.

My husband and I spoke with several people and couples who described some of their swinger experiences. A few were pretty wild but most were not. I still couldn’t see us doing these things. My husband seemed interested, but then he is always diplomatic in a group.

We got into a conversation with two men, about our own age, who were apparently friends with Peter. One of them was there with his wife, the other with a girlfriend. We never saw the two women, though. Both men were good looking and fit. They didn’t try to hide that they were flirting and, from the way they looked at me, impressed with what they saw.

They told us about some group sex activities they had been involved in at previous parties. The taller of the two asked me, “Have you ever done double penetration?”

Well, I actually had with those college guys, but my husband doesn’t know that, and I wasn’t going to admit to it right now.

I replied,” No. What was it like for the woman?” Of course, they couldn’t possibly know, but I wanted to hear what they would say. The question stumped them. My own reaction to DP had been wholly positive. It was a real sexual high for me! From my husband’s expression, it was obvious that he was intrigued by my interest in the subject.

The discussion went on. I pretty much figured what was coming next. Eventually, they asked if I might join them to learn what DP is like for myself. This was a sex party, after all, but I was still a bit shocked to be so openly propositioned in front of my husband. Then I surprised everyone by blurting out, “Only if my husband is there too.”

I really can’t imagine what crazy brain-flash made me say that! Was the summer madness back? I was always happy with my old sexual inhibitions. What happened to them?”

Hubby looked both repelled and fascinated by the impending possibility. My own pulse was pounding and my mouth had gone dry. I understand many husbands fantasize about watching their wives, but he hasn’t actually told me he does. He’s certainly never said he wants me to have sex with other men.

But I was pretty sure now I probably did want to do it… and I wanted him to watch me. I turned to the two men, “Give us a minute?”

I drew my husband aside. “Are you okay with this, really? It won’t upset or anger you? No recriminations later? It’s fine if you’re not. What I said was just an impulse.” After a slight hesitation, he assured me he was. He would truly like to see me doing it. Escort bayan Ankara So, taking a deep breath, I consented. We all found our way upstairs to a vacant bedroom.


The room was starkly white. To the left of the doorway there was a mid-size bed. To the right were two comfortable looking chairs, clearly situated to provide an unobstructed view of the bed. Between the chairs, there was a tripod with what looked like a camcorder mounted on it. The camera was also fixed on the bed. My husband and I both looked it over. It certainly appeared to be off. There was a dresser against one wall with two bottles of lube gel, a box of wipes and a large bowl filled with packages of condoms.

I thought, “This looks like the setup for a porn shoot.” Well, I suppose, in a way, it was. I was going to perform for these two guys, and my own husband.

The three of us undressed. My sex partners were already semi-hard. As I looked down at their members, they reached out and placed my hands on their cocks. I glanced over at my husband and he gave a very slight nod. I started stroking them. One of them was slightly larger, but not really bigger than my husband, and both were circumcised. It didn’t take long for them to get rock hard and start oozing pre-cum.

The one with the larger dick took a condom, moved over to the bed and lay on his back. It was put up or shut up time! By now I was very wet. I inhaled deeply, went to the bed and straddled him. Carefully taking his sheathed penis into my pussy, I’m fairly sure I let out a small gasp. I could see my husband watching. That excited me tremendously!

I rode that man for several minutes while he fondled my small breasts, making my already pert nipples dark and hard. Before long, the second guy climbed onto the bed. He began touching me all over and was soon playing my breasts too. I heard the click of the bottle top and knew he was covering his dick with gel. He spread lube around my ass. I reached back to rub it well into my hole.

He asked if I was ready. I looked back, smiled and said I was. Gently he pressed his cock into my ass. He slowly pushed all the way in. My bottom partner continued thrusting into my pussy at the same time. I actually shuddered with the thrill of it, just like the first time I did DP! This was so much better than just sex. Sex with my hubby is great, but two dicks at once seems to turn me on like nothing else.

I shot a glance at my husband again. He was staring intently at what was going on. There was a small grin on his face and a huge bulge in his pants. I was really happy to see that. My latent worry he might be unhappy with what was happening was still strong.

My partners were uttering all sorts of exclamations, but I wasn’t really paying attention to them. I had been unusually talkative at first. That was likely just nervous tension. Now I was totally concentrating on being fucked! They kept thrusting into my body. First they went fast and then slower…almost as if they were synchronized.

I know I was still self-conscious about such a brazen act with strangers. That sounds strange…but I was full of contradictory feelings. My sexual arousal definitely won out, though.

I checked my hubby once more. He was totally enthralled by those guys ramming their cocks into me. Once he looked straight into my eyes and mouthed, “Holy shit!”

I take the pill so we don’t use condoms at home. Condom covered penises felt a little different, but I could still tell the men were close to coming now. I was actually disappointed Bayan escort Ankara it was about to end! I wasn’t tired or even a little sore.

The one in my pussy ejaculated first. I could still feel it pulsing, but It was strange not to feel the semen shooting into me. Soon after, the guy in back came too. I’m not sure how long we’d been going. It was probably not more than 10 minutes. My ass partner pulled out and moved off the bed. I rose off the bottom man as his now flaccid penis slid out. The two guys were quite winded.

I wiped myself as the other two dressed. When I was dressed too, they thanked me profusely and I gave each a kiss on the cheek. My husband shook their hands and they left. I felt my husband’s crotch and was not surprised to feel a very impressive hard-on. I eased him down onto the chair and closed the door again. Kneeling in front of him, I pulled down his zipper and extracted his cock. It was actually throbbing with anticipation.

He was also very wet. I swirled my tongue around his erection to lick up all the pre-cum. Then I kissed the tip several times before slipping my open mouth down onto him. I’ve always liked giving him blowjobs, but this was a special one. I wanted to thank him for letting me do this!

I sucked it hard a few times and flicked my tongue around. Then I took his cock as far into my mouth and throat as I possibly could. I have a small mouth and strong gag reflex so I can never do deep throating. But I could caress his cock with my mouth and soft lips. Of course, after thing, it didn’t take long for him to come.

He shot so strongly across my tongue and against the back of my throat that I did gag slightly. The load was so great I had trouble swallowing it all. I did swallow every drop, though. I gave him a big smile and a kiss. When we had both caught our breath, we went downstairs.

I saw Peter and he nodded to us. I wondered if he had already heard about what I’d done. I blushed at the thought of my boss knowing I’d just been double fucked! But I was on a real sex high, so I wasn’t truly concerned that night. I spoke a little while with Peter’s girlfriend Denise about their night. We only stayed another 25 minutes or so.


Later at home, my husband asked me what I felt and thought about it all. I’m certain he could tell I was still giddy over the experience. “It is really an exciting thing for me. I love having two dicks in me together. I don’t necessarily love being done by another man, but there’s no other way to do it.”

“True, so would you want to do something like this again?”

“Maybe I would. Would you object if I did? I mean, does it upset you at all seeing other men banging me?”

“Well, it is different. It would bother me a lot if you knew them, or if it was an affair. But you’ll never see those two again. It was one-time. I can deal with that.”

“And you got off watching me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did. I really did.”

“It seems pretty slutty, really. I don’t know why, but I’m very fixated on being done by multiple men.

“You mean like a gang-bang, or just two guys and, maybe, DP?”

“I couldn’t stand any disrespectful, semi-violent stuff like in the porn videos. Not with a mob of… you know, fat ugly men all saying lewd things to me. But I might do something like a gang-bang. I’m not sure. But I would definitely want you to be there.”

“Would you suck their dicks and everything?”

“Not if you don’t want me to do that. I don’t have any real desire to give blowjobs to other men. But… I guess I would do that”

It would be okay. Strangers would probably not bother me. I don’t know how we would go about arranging a gang-bang, though””

I was getting wet again just talking about all this! “Neither do I. Maybe we can find out.”


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Her Religious Boyfriend

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All characters are over 18 when they have sexual activities

18 years old Matthew Tylerson is sitting in his living room, going through a school textbook. He isn’t outside on Saturday like most of the other teenagers, instead choosing to spend time studying. Perhaps it makes him a bit of a geek but he doesn’t really care what people say about him. They can call him whatever they want to and it wouldn’t make any difference. There is only one person whose opinion about him matters to the boy.

His girlfriend Victoria Hansen, a highly gifted long jumper who holds their high school’s record of 7.04m. She is a tall brunette, with a pretty face and well toned yet curvy body, her ass full and her legs muscular. The girl is clearly way out of his league, yet she still chose him and made the first move, flirting with him for a couple of weeks before asking him out. He said yes and they’ve had an excellent relationship, except for two aspects of it.

Matthew has been raised to be and still is a religious boy. His parents took him to Church every Sunday and he still goes there. This means he has absorbed all the teachings and strongly believes in abstinence. The blushing virgin loves Victoria deeply but wants to save himself for marriage, so that he can give away his precious virginity as a gift to his bride on his wedding night. It would be the most romantic moment of his entire life.

On the other hand, his girlfriend really wants to fuck him right away. Even though he promises to marry her right after their graduation and then make love to her, she can’t wait that long for his cock. She has asked Matthew to have sex with her and he has always said no, but gave her oral sex whenever they have time. The boy has gotten skilled at eating her pussy, but it’s his dick that Victoria wants.

The other issue is Victoria’s smoking. The girl smokes four cigarettes daily. Granted, she is nowhere near as much of an addict as other people, but the fact is she is still a smoker and that makes Matthew worry about her. He cares a lot about his girlfriend, always asking her to quit smoking out of concern for her health. It is very sweet and touching but she still wouldn’t kick the habit. That is all about to change today though.

Suddenly there is the sound of knocking on the front door, disrupting the boy from his ruminations. Matthew rushes over, glancing through the peep-hole, he smiles and opens the door for his sporty girlfriend, dressed in a sweatshirt and booty shorts. She steps in and wraps her powerful arms around him in a strong embrace, pressing her ample tits on his thin chest, making him blush. To his embarrassment, he finds his erection poking her bare muscular thigh.

“Looks like somebody is excited to see me,” she teases him with a smirk on her beautiful features, making him blush. “Are you sure I can’t charm my way into your pants, sweetie?” It’s becoming much harder to resist the temptation as she turns on the heat. Victoria has actually only been trying to get him to bang her for a month but she is just that good. Plus, he loves and doesn’t want to upset her.

“I love you a lot, baby, but you know how I feel about this issue,” he tells her kindly. “When we get married I’ll make love to you whenever you want. But not now. Just let me eat your pussy to make you feel really good.” He hugs her back, gently kissing the tip of her nose, caressing Victoria’s cheeks. The boy brings his athletic girlfriend into his room where he was just reading previously.

“Okay, darling,” she says to him, a little bit disappointed but still pleased with him saying he’ll give her head. “I just really want to bounce on your dick.” The girl smiles as she notices the tent in his pants, knowing that he’s gotten harder from her lewd comment. It’s just so adorable to see him try to resist her. She knows he is slowly cracking and will finally succumb to her whims, and fuck her cunt whenever she’s horny.

As soon as they get to his bedroom, he shyly tells her “Lie down, Vic. I’ll worship your pussy.” She eagerly removes her shorts and thong and gets on the bed. Her legs spread apart, she caresses her puffy labia, glistening with her flowing juices. Victoria is already horny, her cunt leaking the sticky nectar out before he has even touched her. She could feel a second heartbeat in her vagina as he kneels down between her parted thighs.

Matthew’ blushing face slowly descends towards her forbidden fruit. He starts kissing her moist pubic hair, inhaling the scent of her full bush before licking the juice. The taste of just her pubes is already enough to turn him on as he shifts his focus to other areas. His tongue flicks out at Victoria’s clitoris, stimulating her little nub. Once he makes contact with the button, she squeaks in delight.

“That’s it, my love. Lick my clit,” she tells him, encouraging him to keep on doing it. She laces her fingers through his hair, gripping the back of his head tightly. Pressing his face against Ankara escort her crotch, she locks her muscular legs around his head. The girl traps her boyfriend’s face there, making him lick her slit and sighing in pleasure as his tongue begins probing inside her channel.

He is in heaven, tasting the spicy orifice, reaching as deep into the canal as he could with his tongue. Eating her out vociferously, Matthew hums, his vibrating lips on her clit sending shivers up her spine. Victoria’s entire body is tingling from the attention she is receiving, her back arching, her strong buttocks rising off of the bed. She thrusts upwards with her hips, face-fucking her adorable boyfriend.

“Oh, god. Oooh. Yeah! Yeah, keep tonguing me baby! Oh, I love your tongue so much!” Victoria moans out loudly, buckling up at his face. She aggressively thrusts her cunt on his lips, smearing her fluid all over his pretty features. The girl is now leaking copious amounts of lubrication, so turned on by her boyfriend’s mouth constantly on her. Victoria has never felt this good before. He sticks his finger inside her box, rubbing her G-spot, making her cry out.

Her reaction urges him to suck her pussy harder, forming a ring with his lips around the clitoris as he fingerbangs the hole. “That’s it! Put your slutty tongue inside my cunt!” He frowns slightly at being called a slut but keeps on servicing his girlfriend, unaware of how she has been slowly moulding him into being her whore. All the times she made him worship her perfect cunt has conditioned him, making him used to pleasuring her how she wants. The only thing left is actual sexual intercourse.

“I’m cumming baby! I’m giving you a facial now!” Victoria screams as her pussy throb violently, exploding. Her cunt is spraying wetness all over Matthew’ face as she squirts, gushing out until his forehead, cheeks and lips are drenched. The jock soaks him thoroughly with her clear pussy juices over the next fifteen seconds before her massive orgasm ends. She sighs in bliss, satisfied with the result.

Matthew looks at her with his face covered in cum, asking cutely “Did I please you, Vic?” She caresses his hair, petting his head affectionately and nodding. He lies down next to her and the two cuddle on the bed briefly, leaving later to go study together in the living room. Victoria takes some time to lick her own juices from his face fist, making him even redder in the face. She always takes a certain joy in embarrassing him just to see him blush.

They spend the next half an hour reading together. As much as Victoria enjoys her boyfriend’s presence, she begins to get bored. She has always been the jock type, prefering to exercise outdoors rather than reading in a room. Even if Matthew is there, she still wants to go outside, especially since she didn’t have time for a smoke after lunch before coming over.

She tries to fight it back but starts getting frustrated, especially as she recalls what her peers think of her. They revere her for her legendary sports prowess but consider her to be the typical idiotic jock whose only good lies on the track. No one takes her seriously outside the long jump, despite the teenager actually being intelligent. It’s led her to start resenting studying as she began to buy into what others were saying about her. Victoria just couldn’t overcome the mental block she set up against herself now and it is quite showing.

“You’ll do fine in the exams, Vic,” he tells her as she grumbles. “All you’ve got to do is study for it. You’re very smart. Work hard and I’m sure your grades will be very good. Trust me.” He says and does all he could to cheer her up as they review their notes together and make comparisons. The boy rewards her each time she answers a practice question correctly with a kiss on the forehead, which does make things better. But still she is bored.

She moans after he makes her progress to a harder section. “I’m not like you,” she tells him. “You enjoy the subject and learning about it. I’m just a dumb jock who’s got no talent for academic. There is no point in bothering to study.” Matthew does not know what to say to that, deciding to kiss her rosy cheek the way he knows she likes, in the hopes of cheering her up slightly. Usually it would work but not right now.

“You’re repeating what other people say about you. That’s all they see but I know you are more than that. I believe in you, Vic,” he tells her sincerely. He is the only one who does, with all others believing her to be good only for athletics. The boy is the only person who sees her potential, not just the brawn but also the brains. “I didn’t fall in love with you because you are a beautiful athlete. I fell for you because of your perseverance and dedication. I have never seen you give up on anything you’ve put your mind to before. When you started playing track and field, you would stay behind after other girls went home to get extra practice until Ankara escort bayan you got everything just right. Don’t give up now, just like how you didn’t give up back then.”

His words tug at her heartstring, making her feel butterflies in her stomach the way he always does whenever he is near her. The urge to get intimate with her cute boyfriend just gets stronger now. It makes her recently satisfied pussy spasm again as he looks at her with love in his eyes. God, she is so close to just pinning the lovely boy down and raping him. She loves him so much. Victoria decides to go outside to smoke for a while and try to come up with an idea to get him to screw her.

The girl retrieves her cigarette case from her purse, much to her beloved’s clear consternation. “I’ll be on the porch for ten minutes, honey,” she tells him. “You can keep on studying while waiting for me.” She is about to head out when he lightly secures her wrist, holding on with care. It is evident from looking into his eyes that he has something he wants to say to her and wishes to say right now.

“Honey,” the boy starts, shifting from foot to foot, betraying his anxiety. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this again. Could you please at least consider quitting?” Ah, yes. This talk. He’s been trying to get her to drop cigarettes for some time now, but without much success. “You know that cigarettes are very bad for your health. I mean, you’ve seen those adverts haven’t you? Those blackened lungs and heart diseases and stuff. I really don’t want any of that to happen to you.”

“I only smoke just four cigarettes a day, Matthew,” she protests, holding the silver box in her hand firmly. “That’s very little. Like, it probably doesn’t affect me at all. You worry way too much about it.” She places her hand on his cheek, bending down to kiss him on his lips. The girl gazes into his warm eyes, seeing the concern still there. It honestly touches her a lot but she still couldn’t give up the habit.

“No, I’m not worrying too much Vic. Even if it’s four a day, that’s still not as good as none at all.” He takes. A deep breath, continuing “Four a day means 120 a month and 1448 a year. I love you Vic and that’s why I don’t want to watch you do that to yourself.” Victoria suddenly gets a brilliant idea. She has never felt smarter than she does right now. It makes her feel very giddy inside.

“Well, honey, there is a way you could get me to stop,” she begins, moving closer to him. “All you gotta do is give me something to distract me from it.” Now the boy feels confused, distracted when her hand moves down to cup his full balls. To make it more difficult for him to think, the blood rushes down to his prick, making him swell up again. It’s so hard to think clearly with a throbbing erection.

“Um, not quite following you here. What did you mean by that Vic?” Matthew is stammering nervously as she eyes him hungrily, looking at him the way a predator stalks a prey. His face is now flushed as she gently fondles his crown jewel, rubbing them between her fingers. She moves forward, making him step back towards the wall behind his body. It’s clear that she is making him horny.

“It’s a simple deal, really,” Victoria states. “If you fuck me I promise to try and quit smoking. Each day you stick your cock in my pussy, I’ll refrain from having any cigarettes. We could start with just a couple of days a week, and when you get used to it, move on to five and then everyday.” Once he realises the true nature of her plan, the boy gulps nervously, not just because she is playing with his testicles but because he doesn’t want her to stop. “Come on. I got an IUD inserted in me already so we won’t need condoms.”

“I’m not sure about this,” he says to her.

“Please. It will really help me out a lot. I just need you so bad. It’s your fault for being this adorable,” she says to Matthew.

“Do you promise you wouldn’t smoke on the day I, um, make love to you?” he asks, too shy to say the word fuck. She rolls her eyes at this, despite finding it adorable, before nodding. “Okay then. I’ll have sex with you now, but no more cigarettes today! And next time, no smoking before coming over here either. I know you smoke in the morning before and after breakfast. It’s fine for today but from now on you can’t smoke in the morning of a day you want to have sex.”

“Yes!” she cries out victoriously, before grabbing his hand and quickly dragging him straight to his bedroom, despite him telling her to slow down. As soon as they are there, she shuts the door behind her and yanks his shirt over his head, before removing her workout clothes. He nearly salivates at the sight of her lightly muscular body, eyes wandering down from her six pack abs to her thick, powerful legs.

“I love how strong you are,” he mutters in awe, clasping his hand over his mouth once he realises what he just said, making her giggle. She gently slides his pants and Escort Ankara boxers down his pants, revealing the already hard cock she has been after for some time now, pushing him onto the bed. As he lies down on his bed, she takes off her bra and thong.

“Hmmm, you’re about to feel just how strong I am,” she whispers. “I want you on top first though.” That said, she grabs him and flips them over, so that he is now on top of her body. He looks down at her shyly as his dick rubs against the labia, feeling the heat from between her thighs on his crotch. “Fuck me now, baby,” she orders him in a kind but firm tone.

Matthew obeys her, carefully inserting the tip of his penis into the orifice. Moving slowly, he penetrates her, sliding his tool inside one inch at a time. The sensation is entirely new and he gasps in shock at how good her slippery cunt feels on his penis. Once his full five inches dick is buried to the hilt in this vixen’s pussy, he rests for a few seconds, still in disbelief after being deflowered. Now they are both no longer virgins. Then the boy starts thrusting. He shyly pumps his tool in and out of his girlfriend, holding on to her firm ass.

“You are mine now, Matthew,” she tells him breathily, holding onto his back and pulling him deeper into her, fluttering her vagina around the embedded shaft. She uses the moist folds to squeeze around his cock, holding it inside her as he thrusts. The girl enjoys the look on his face as he gasps from how she is defiling him, her flesh bunches around his erection. “I’m going to make sure you will never be able to stop thinking about fucking me. You’re going to fuck me whenever I want.”

The boy kisses Victoria’s full lips. After he pulls away, she says “That’s it, love. Keep fucking me like that.” He couldn’t believe how wonderful his dick feels from being gripped by her tight pussy, as she clenches her vagina around him. It’s like a satin glove wrapping around the rod, a furnace burning him in the best way possible. Her cunt sears him, making him moan as the friction between the insides of her vagina and his tool increases.

“Can’t believe ahhh it feels oooh this good!” he cries out as his body trembles with pleasure. “Ohh you got me so pussy drunk right now.” Soon he is mumbling incoherently. Despite being the one doing the work right now, he is overwhelmed by how wonderful her pussy feels. This is just the first time and he is already acting slutty in a way he never has before.

Suddenly, the girl flips them over once again so that she is now atop her boyfriend. Victoria immediately begins bouncing, riding his pole up and down as her hands keep him pinned down by his shoulders. Her vagina caresses the staff, pumping it aggressively. She pounds him into the bed with her powerful hips, screwing her cute boyfriend senseless.

“You like this, baby? You like how I’m fucking your brain out? You like being my little whore?” Victoria grunts animalistically as her beloved Matthew moans like a bitch in heat. She rails him much harder every second, speeding up her rough movements. The girl rides him fast, her muscular thighs flexing repeatedly as she squeezes him with her cunt, making him cry out. Her right hand moves down to stroke her clit rapidly, bringing herself off.

He screams as he cums inside a pussy for the first time, spraying a huge load inside her pussy. The boy couldn’t believe how amazing it feels as his cock explodes with semen, jizzing an insane volume in Victoria. For the next twenty seconds, his deflowered dick keeps cumming bucket loads in her love canal, painting the linings of her womb with his seed.

The boy’s orgasm triggers her own, making her climax, squirting all over his prick as she cries out. Her pussy unloads copious volumes of the clear nectar, gushing out like floodwater, soaking Jame’s groin. She bends down to kiss him as she cums on his cock, pressing her tongue deep in his mouth. Matthew tastes so wonderful just as she finishes squirting on him. The girl then lies down to rest for some time.

Half an hour later, she gets up from next to him and then gets on all four, arching her back. Thrusting her round, firm ass out, Victoria says “You’re going to fuck my asshole next, Matthew.” He shyly nods, an abashed smile adoring his face as he gets up on his knees behind her.

The boy places his hands on her thick hips, gently pressing his cockhead against her puckered brown hole. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ve had large dildos up there before.”

Still he is careful, pushing through the sphincter as slowly as possible. “I’m all yours, my love,” he tells his girlfriend as he serves her, giving her his cock like a good slutty boy should. Her cunt was tight but her asshole is on an entirely different level. It’s very warm, fitting snugly around his tool as he enters her. Soon he is balls deep inside the girl’s ass. Victoria sighs in happiness as he starts fucking.

He drives his hips up, impaling her tight asshole with his spear. “Yes you’re mine, baby. You’ve always been mine. Fuck me now, you slutty boy. Fuck me with your slutty cock,” she hisses lewdly, her anus contracting around the base of his shaft each time he pumps his cock inside her. She rams her muscular asscheeks into his lap, twerking around his pole.

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One More Year Ch. 16

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Ellie stumbled out her house, pulling one of the straps of her handbag back up her shoulder as she forced the front door closed. She brushed at her messy hair as she dashed down the pathway and got into the passenger seat, panting slightly.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” She put her hand to her forehead. “I completely forgot we were doing this.”

“It’s fine.” I grinned. “This was your idea, anyway. I was happy to just find out my grades when we go back.”

“Ugh, no. Mrs. A can get them to us early, so if I can see them now, and make sure I did as well as I wanted, I can try to relax for the rest of the holiday.” She started pulling things out of her bag. “Maybe.”

I shrugged. “Good point.”

I started up the car to set off for school, and she skilfully applied makeup along the way. She was oddly silent for most of the drive, even after she was done getting ready, but I chalked it up to the fact that she’d been rushed this morning and was possibly still waking up. It wasn’t until we got stuck in traffic that I started to worry that maybe it was something else.

“I think there’s been a crash in the intersection.” I craned my neck. “I think I can see flashing lights.”

“Oh no!” She sounded genuinely upset.

I frowned. “Relax. The limit’s low here, so I don’t think anyone could get really hurt.”

“No, it’s not that, it’s-” She sighed. “Ugh. Never mind.”

“Are you okay?” I turned to face her.

“I’m fine.” She avoided my gaze.

“Is it something with Gary?”

“No, things are fine with Gary. We’re taking it slow, and we’re both just focusing on prelims.” She shifted uncomfortably, but smiled slightly. “His will end tomorrow, so we’ll see each other after. It’s not that.”

“Then what is it?” I tried to keep my voice steady. I’d been so paranoid during prelims that she was mad at me. The way she was acting had reminded me to worry about it again. “You’ve been avoiding me since the holidays started, and I basically last saw you before prelims. We’re still friends, right?”

“Yes! Of course. It’s not that. It’s…” She took a deep breath. “I know about you and Jamie.”

My head snapped up. She darted a glance at me, and looked away again.

I leaned back in my seat and groaned. “Ellie, I’m so sorry. I really wanted to tell you, but-“

“What?” Her head jerked back, and she stared at me.

“I just thought Jamie might not want you to know, and I-“

“Jay.” She put her hand on my arm. “Jamie told me. I thought you’d be mad that I was prying again. I’m the one who should be sorry. And I am. Really sorry.”

Relief flooded through me, and I let out a short burst of laughter. “Don’t be. I kind of thought you hated me.”

“Never.” She grinned.

“Besides, I only didn’t tell you because I wanted to respect Jamie’s privacy. If I was mad at anyone, it’d be him, right?”

“Well.” She grimaced. “Maybe?”

“What does that mean?”

She sighed. “Okay, so I think about two weeks ago – around Saturday – I looked out my window and saw his car pull up to your house, and you letting him in at the gate.”

“Oh god.”

“Yeah.” She bit her lip. “So I went outside to wait by it, and ask him what he was doing at your house so late when he got back.”

“You sat around his car, in the early hours of the morning, for-“

“It wasn’t a great plan. I thought he’d dipped in to get some emergency physics notes from you or something… I didn’t know he’d be in there for so long, and I had this great big dramatic prank in mind. It was going to scare the crap out of him and everything.”

“What did you…” I shook my head. “What happened?”

“So, it kind of worked – I jumped out and said ‘Boo’ and he screamed. That was kind of funny. But then I… Oh god, I almost don’t want to say.”


She scrunched up her face. “I made some joke… about how it was rude of you two to have sex without me, because I didn’t think… you know… Jamie, of all people, would-“

“Oh god.” Poor Jamie. That was probably not a great thing to have been confronted with, in the middle of how he was reacting that night.

She cringed. “Yup. And that’s when he proceeded to have a breakdown, and told me everything.”

“Does he think I told you?”

“No, I made it pretty clear that I was just joking, and that he’d accidentally over-shared.” She sighed deeply and dipped her head. “But god, I felt bad. I think he needed someone to talk to about it anyway, but that was definitely not the right way to start.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “He’s been avoiding me since that.”

“I think he’s embarrassed.” She relaxed back into her seat. “He won’t talk much about how he’s feeling about all of it. But he did tell me that he felt like an idiot, after… you know.”

“I do.”

“And he’s been dashing out of prelims so he doesn’t have to talk to you afterwards – not that he’d tell me that.”

“I noticed.” We’d edged our way through the traffic, and had crossed the intersection. Someone’s window was shattered all over the middle of the intersection, Ankara escort but it looked like the cars involved had now been dragged off to the side. I didn’t see anyone being attended to by paramedics, though. Just two very pissed off people glaring at each other. The school was right past that, so once we’d gotten through the drive was basically over.

“Can I tell him you know that I know now?” she asked as she got out of the car.

“Um…” It took me a second to process that. I shut my door and waited for her to walk around. “Yes. I think so. If you don’t think it’ll freak him out.”

“Okay, I think he’s here, so I’m going to go find him and catch up with you later.” She ran off, and I made my way to the bulletin board outside of Mrs. A’s class. Louis, Angela and Sue were already there.

“I don’t know why she didn’t just post this online.” Sue said irritably as I walked up to the three of them.

“It’s not the final list, so she can’t. Mrs. A’s just doing us a favour, because she’s on the committee. You’re lucky you’re getting it this early.” Angela smiled patiently.

Sue stomped her foot, and continued pacing. Louis laughed, and turned to face me. “Hey Jay.”

“Hey. Did I miss anything?”

“Just Sue somehow still finding a way to complain about being the only students in the district who get to have an early sneak-peek at their grades.”

“Fine!” Sue threw up her hands. “I’m glad I had to come to school in the middle of my holidays. Yay, paper!”

We all laughed, and Mrs. A approached the announcement board to pin up the sheet. She’d always been one of my favourite teachers – dry and sarcastic, with dark hair and big glasses that made her look like a grumpy librarian. She didn’t look at the four of us as she marched over to the cork board and started pinning up the pages.

Other people were around, but Sue had demanded that the four of us stand right next to the notice board, so as Mrs. A walked back our way and then passed us, she smiled wryly. “Have at it, piranhas.”

Sue launched immediately at the board, studied it for a second, and bounced away joyfully.

“I’m number seven. I’ve gone up one!” She was ecstatic, and we all congratulated her.

Louis and Angela went next, calmly standing alongside each other as they studied it. They looked at each other for a second, and then came back to us.

“I’m still number three.” Angela sounded zen and satisfied.

“I’ve also gone up one. I’m number five.” he said to me happily, “Jay, you really need to go look.”

“Okay.” I walked over and ran my finger hand down the list.

Mrs. A usually showed us these lists at the start of every year, too. Maybe she was trying to get us to be competitive. She’d cross out the names of students that weren’t from our school, but we could see where we ranked in the district, and what our average grades were. I didn’t expect that prelims had brought down my grades, even though they were supposed to be more difficult, because I’d put a lot more work in than usual. My hand went to the spot I was used to, somewhere around the mid-teens.

“You might want to look a bit higher than usual.” Angela said from behind my shoulder.

She was right – I wasn’t there any more. My finger moved up the list, until I got to a number that made me blink and look again, not quite believing it.

“Number six?” I turned around. Angela and Louis were beaming.

“WHAT?” Sue stormed to the board. I backed away slowly to where Angela and Louis were standing. Angela shot Sue a worried look.

“I wonder if that’s right.” Sue paced back towards us, her eyes wide with shock. “I’m not number two in the school any more.”

“You’re still in the Top Three.” Angela used a soothing tone. Sue just nodded. I guess both of them weren’t counting Louis yet – since he was still technically enrolled at North Grove. He’d probably always ranked above her in the district list, anyway.

She wandered back over to the list, and ran her hand down it again. She paused, a fair distance down the page. Then she spun around and strode back to us, smiling.

“Guys. Caitlyn is going to DIE over this. She’s number 24!” Sue had clearly found her silver lining. “Well done, Jay. I hate you a little, but well done.”

“Thanks.” I laughed. My mind was still kind of reeling.

Breaking the top ten in the district was awesome. Beating Sue was hilarious, too – now that I knew she wasn’t going to murder me for it. And my mom was going to freak out. In a good way. My best ranking before had been twelve, but that had seemed like a weird anomaly. Louis just smiled at me, and gently bumped into me from the side. I laughed again.

“Well we should definitely go celebrate now.” Angela gave Sue a pointed look. “No bars. It’s still morning.”

“I know. I’m not an alcoholic.” Sue scoffed. “We can go get breakfast or something.”

“Should we invite Ellie?” Louis asked.

“Would that be okay?” I turned towards Angela and Sue. “I’m supposed to be her ride home, so it would be Ankara escort bayan weird to drop her off and then head off to something without her.”

“Ellie should definitely come,” Angela said. Sue just nodded.

I could see Ellie and Jamie approaching the notice board. They were both pretty solid students – they were both surviving AP maths, after all – but Jamie had never exactly acted like he cared too much about school. Although I went out of my way to pretend I didn’t either, so maybe he did the same. Both he and Ellie had probably both done all right, though.

“Don’t invite Jamie.” Sue hissed. “Or there’s too many of us for the car.”

Jamie was likely to try and avoid me again, anyway, so it’d be easy to catch Ellie alone. They walked up to the list, and Ellie said something to Jamie and smiled. Jamie looked back at the list, laughed, and pointed to it. Whatever he’d said caused her to shut her eyes and let out an annoyed groan.

I’d been expecting Jamie to run off if Ellie came over, but instead, they both walked towards us. His gaze didn’t avoid mine, and he didn’t break away. It looked like his old confidence was back. I tried not to take on the burden of being the awkward one again, but I wasn’t entirely sure how successful I’d be at that.

“Hey guys. I see the Top Four did quite well.” Ellie spread her arms. “Congratulations to all.”

“Jay cracked the top ten.” Louis sounded so proud. I almost blushed.

“I know!” Ellie smiled. “Finally got his act together.”

“Did you do okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I’m number forty-three. But my average is exactly what I was aiming for, so hopefully it doesn’t change for finals. I’m still not feeling optimistic enough to hope I’ll have a better time with that.”

“How did you do, Jamie?” Sue asked.

“Number sixty-nine.” He turned to me and winked. “Nice, right?”

Ellie rolled her eyes, and I would have blushed, but I was still a bit too shocked he was talking to me. Whatever had been bugging him must have been over. Maybe he’d felt guilty about telling Ellie about me too. I doubted we’d talk about it.

“Whatever,” I said gruffly and laughed.

“Anyway, I should get going. I’ve got a study group in Mr. M’s class. See you guys.” He winked in Sue and Angela’s direction. “Ladies.”

“Sixty-nine? What did that mean?” Sue frowned at Jamie’s retreating back.

“Mutual Oral Stimulation.” Angela said calmly. Ellie and I laughed, and Louis went bright red.

“What?” Sue said.

“Oral sex. Both people doing it at the same time.” Angela kept her face neutral, but the corners of her mouth twitched upwards.

“Gross!” Sue shot Jamie a dirty look. “Why is he so weird?”

“I have my theories.” Ellie chuckled. “What are you four up to, today?”

“We’re going to get food.” I said. “We were actually going to invite you.”

“Oh, yes please. That would be lovely. I just need to go to the bathroom first, if you don’t mind.”

“I should go too.” Angela said.

“Me too.” Sue hated being left out of things.

I shrugged. “Okay, meet us at my car then.”

Louis and I walked back to the parking lot and got into my car. I sighed happily. Ellie and I were friends again, and Jamie was back to his usual overconfident self. It was still an odd situation – her knowing kind of made it feel more real, somehow. But it didn’t seem that hard to navigate any more. I looked over at Louis, who was frowning.

“So… this guy who you… had sex with, and then he freaked out about it and stopped talking to you…” His tone was tense. “Was it Jamie?”

“Oh god. Did we say something weird? Was it that sixty-nine comment?”

“No, no.” Louis laughed. “Nothing like that. You were just giving him a weird look when they walked up, and then when he said that thing you didn’t react like I thought you were going to.” He grimaced. “Sorry, I know you didn’t want to tell me exactly who.”

“Oh, no. It’s fine.” I shrugged. “I never technically told you it was him. You guessed, so that’s okay, right?”


“And you only were able to guess because he wanted to come over and mess with me in the first place. So fuck it. His fault anyway.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really. Nothing’s really that different, right?”

He tilted his head to the side. “I thought because it was Jamie, maybe it was more than you’d been letting on or something.”

“What do you mean?”

He turned away and shrugged. “Uh… I guess I just… because you guys hang out so much, I thought that you maybe weren’t being entirely honest about not wanting to date him.”

“Oh. No, not at all.” I frowned. “He’s fun, and we get along. But it’s not like we ever really talk about stuff, or have anything in common. I guess he’s kind of my friend, but I don’t think we’re close. Not like you and I are.”

“Oh,” He said softly.

The way he’d said it made me worry I’d been a bit too sentimental. “Oh, sorry. We are close, right? Was that-“

“No, we’re close. It’s Escort Ankara fine.” He smiled broadly. “It’s just nice hearing it.”

“Yeah.” I let out a small sigh of relief, feeling like I’d been a bit too awkward.

He cleared his throat. “So you and Jamie – not going to happen?”

“No. I’m going to stop doing stuff with him in general. It’s too exhausting.” I sighed, feeling annoyed with myself. “I’d really like to stop getting into stuff with guys who freak out and run away from me.”

“The heart wants what it wants.”

“It’s not my heart that’s the problem,” I said darkly.

He just laughed.

I stared out the window and frowned. “I wish I could make some better decisions, really.”

“You’ll figure it out.”

“You always say that.” I laughed bitterly. “And I’ve yet to figure anything out. But thanks.”

He looked at me sympathetically, but didn’t respond. We were interrupted by the arrival of the girls, who got into the back seat, clearly in the midst of a very serious conversation that was becoming quite common in our year now. I started the car.

“So you’re not even considering Oakvale?” Ellie asked Angela.

“I’ve applied for their biology program, but it’s fairly low on my list. Most other universities have a better one. And that’s if I don’t decide I’d rather pursue something in fine arts, and Oakvale doesn’t even have a program for that.”

“Sure. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up going there, but I have applied to a few backups, anyway.” Ellie turned to me. “You’re going to Oakvale, right Jay?”

“Yep. My brother’s going to be doing his PhD there next year, and teaching, so there’s a fee reduction for staff’s family members.”

“If you’re still in the top ten after finals, you wouldn’t need to worry about that.” Louis said.

“Right.” That hadn’t even occurred to me yet. I could probably go wherever I wanted, if the fees didn’t end up being an issue. “Still, I think it would be Oakvale anyway. I just love it too much.”

“Are you going to live with Brian?” Ellie asked.

“No. Not for the first year, anyway. He wants to spend at least one year in a dorm, otherwise he thinks I won’t have any friends.”

“You do spend more time at home than anyone I know, so he’s not wrong.” Ellie said.

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Thanks.”

“It’ll be fine, either way. You’ll have me.” She lifted her hands up to frame her face.

I laughed. “Louis, where are you going next year?”

“Oh, I’ve applied everywhere. I know I want to do a degree in physics, so I’m just sending out applications to anywhere with a half decent program. I’ve applied at Oakvale, too.”

“Am I the only one that’s seriously considering UCT?” Angela asked.

“It’s too close to my parents.” Ellie pursed her lips.

“Same here.” I nodded. “If I went there I’d probably have to commute in. Oakvale gets me out of the house and far enough away that I can have a life, but close enough to come back when I absolutely have to.”

“To do laundry, if nothing else.” Ellie laughed.

“I’m still considering UCT.” Louis turned in his seat to look back at Angela. “The physics program is definitely better. Are you going on that science department tour next week?”

“I can’t, my parents are busy that day.”

“My mom’s taking me through – we could pick you up if you want?”

“That would be excellent, thank you.” Angela gave Louis a grateful look. “I’m still having so much trouble deciding, and I really thought I’d regret not being able to go.”

“No problem. I’ll message you later to figure out the details.” Louis smiled. “What are your plans, Sue?”

“Oh, I’m going to the Royal Academy of Music, in London.” She shrugged. “Or the Royal College of Music, if that doesn’t work out. I’ve applied to both. I’ve been practising for my auditions all year.”

“I helped her write her introduction for her audition video.”

“So stupid.” Sue shook her head. “I don’t know why they need to hear me talking.”

“It went well, as you can imagine.” Angela laughed, and Sue grinned.

The two of them had definitely gotten closer this year. I supposed I’d gotten closer to them too. It was odd. It obviously felt nice to be able to start considering them friends. But I couldn’t help but regret the fact that I’d known them both for so long, and we were only really bonding in our final year.

I’d spent so much of high school with no one I’d really been able to enjoy hanging out with, and only once we were almost done with school, I’d suddenly started making friends with people who’d always been there. We’d always worked together, but kept our personal lives apart – it now seemed sad that we only had a few more months to hang out as friends.

Ellie directed me, and we ended up in a fairly suburban area. The place she took us into was a glass conservatory that had been converted into a little Italian bakery. We got to sit indoors, out of the cold winter winds, and bask in the sun that streamed in through the glass walls and roof.

“This place is great.” Louis said to Ellie. “How did you even find out about it?”

“Oh, I was brought here on a date.” She dramatically flung her hand up to cover her eyes. “No, don’t ask me, I’m sworn to secrecy.”

I turned to the rest of the group. “Ellie wants everyone to know she’s being epically romanced.”

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Biker’s Bitch Ch. 02

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Biker’s Bitch 2

You should read Biker’s Bitch to better understand what has transpired up to this point, as this is a continuation of that story.

I couldn’t believe a month had already passed since Sturgis, but it had. I received a call yesterday from Chuck, the biker that had told me to be at their next club meeting so they could officially me into their club. He said the meeting was Friday night and to be at the club house by 7 that night. He also told me that I would be there until sometime Sunday, I wouldn’t be needing anything other than what I wear to ride over there for clothes as I would most likely be naked the entire time I was there.

The ride took me around 90 minutes to make and I got to the club house about a quarter to 7. So far so good I thought I would be on time for this. The street in front of it was lined with about two dozen bikes. I had no idea there were this many members because I had only met a half dozen or so at the Rally.

As I walked into the club house I saw Chuck and two more of the guys from Sturgis at the bar. They called me over and handed me a beer. It was nice and cold and tasted real good, I figured I would need several more of these to help me make it through whatever was going to happen here. Chuck told me to give him the key to my bike and he would have it moved around to the back where it would be safe until I leave on Sunday.

At 9 Chuck asked for everybody’s attention and announced that the meeting was starting. The doors were locked and everybody took their seats. He then announced that this was a special initiation meeting and would last until sometime Sunday, so if anyone couldn’t stay for the duration they should leave now. Nobody left.

He then introduced me to the members and explained how it had come to me being initiated and that I would be a special member if I passed. I would be the club’s Bitch. This is a newly established position and as such I would be put to the test.

He then told me to remove my clothes as I would no longer be needing them until it was time to leave on Sunday, and to then go around and introduce myself to each member, I was to allow them to do with me as they wished for five minutes each then I would move on to the next one. I’m not going to mention names as there are far too many for me to remember.

The first one I went to reached out and pinched and pulled in my nipples, as I moaned the guy beside him was squeezing my ass. Chuck had to remind them that this round was for individual play only and for the others to not touch, they would all get a piece of me now and then later the group action would take place. I was Ankara bayan escort then pushed to my knees and told to pull the first ones cock out and suck it. He held my head on his cock and fucked my mouth with it until his time was up. On to the next one, the one that had squeezed my ass earlier. He already had his cock out and just pushed my head down onto it and as the first had done fucked my mouth forcing the tip of it into my throat until I was gasping for air around it. This is pretty much how the introductions went with all of them. I was then back at front and center on my knees sucking Chucks cock. While none of these guys really had huge cocks none of them were below average either. Chuck was the first one to give me a mouthful of cum. He gave me another beer and told me we would take a break in the action as we were going to be at it all night and I would need my strength for the next round.

It was after when the next round started and Chuck said that after this round we would all call it a night and get back to it in the morning. I was then sent back out and told that there was no time limit to this round and I was to suck every cock until I got a mouthful of cum from it and to swallow it all. So here I am now on my knees again sucking cock after cock and swallowing all of the cum. Some of these guys were passive and I did all the work, bobbing up and down and slurping on their cocks then swallowing their loads, while others were more aggressive and would either hold my head and move it up and down or just hold it and fuck their cocks into it, filling me up with load after load. Now some of these guys were quick shooters while others took a long time to cum. It was just getting light out when I had finished with the last one.

There was a back room in the club house with mattresses laid out all over it and I found an empty one and it seemed like I was asleep as soon as my head touched it.

Everybody began stirring about noon on Saturday. After we all had something to eat Chuck announced that for the next round we would be going on a short run. He then handed me a pink vest with “Prospect” on the back, a pink jock and pink chaps. You’ll be riding bitch behind me today. Put this on. As we rode out I felt like the whole world was looking at me. After about an hour we pulled up to a bar that had several bikes parked in front of it. We all went inside and got beers. As we were sitting down drinking one of the other bikers came over and asked Chuck about me. He told him they were initiating me into their club as the new club bitch. The guy asked if I was any good at sucking cock. Chuck Escort bayan Ankara told him to see for himself. He then told me to get on my knees and show this guy just how good I a cocksucker I was. I had a mouthful of his cum in no time and Chuck told him to have his friends try me out too. So now I am in the middle of this bar, on my knees and sucking cock after cock for the next 30 minutes. When I finished we got back on the road to yet another bar and pretty much repeated the same scene. We did this 3 more times before getting back to the clubhouse. Chuck told me I was doing great but tonight would be the final and toughest test for me.

Once back everybody seemed to be busy at what seemed to be cleaning the clubhouse. I asked Chuck about it and he told me they weren’t really cleaning that they were making preparations for the last test and I should go get a beer and relax until they were ready for me.

As I was sitting at the bar, naked as required whenever I was in the club house, I watched them bring in some kind of a bench as well as what looked like a set of stocks. They soon had everything all set up as they wanted and told me to come over to the stocks. I was placed into them and the top put in place and locked. I was now at their mercy, which they would not show any of. I soon had a hard cock in my mouth and could feel my ass being lubed. Chuck told me that this part of the initiation would test my stamina for being spit roasted as that would be a common happening when I was servicing the members. Then he stepped up behind me and said that since he shot the first load into my mouth last night he would do so tonight with my ass. Then he just shoved his cock completely into me. I tried to scream but couldn’t with the cock in my mouth. As both cocks were fucking my holes I felt my nipples being pinched and pulled. I was also used to the cock in my ass and trying to move back onto it each time he pulled out so he could shove it back in but I couldn’t move. The cock in my mouth began shooting its cum into my mouth and pulled out spraying the rest of the cum all over my face. It was immediately replaced by another and Chuck just continued to pound my ass. He asked me how I liked it laughing since he knew I couldn’t answer him.. Finally after the third cock filled my mouth and sprayed my face with its load Chuck pushed in hard and told me he was breeding me. When he pulled out I could feel his cum running down my legs. As with my mouth my ass was immediately filled with another hard cock.

About an hour later the last cocks finished cumming in me and I was released. I was then told Bayan escort Ankara to get cleaned up before they resumed.

After I had cleaned up and returned to the bar I was handed a beer and Chuck told me that the final part would start soon. He also told me that all those that fucked my mouth would be fucking my ass this time and the others would fuck my mouth. But that was not all. I asked where everybody was because it seemed that half were gone. He told me that they had left to go get their women as they would be involved in the finale. I was then strapped onto the bench and the fucking began. As this was going on I could hear the others returning and see the women coming in with them. The guys that had just returned now began fucking the women and I thought, great that will be less I have to service tonight. But that wasn’t the case. As soon as the others had finished using my holes I was released from the bench and told to get on my hands and knees for the rest. Once I was positioned one of the women got under me and I my head was pushed into her cum filled pussy. I was told to clean all of the cum from it. As I was doing this I was also being fucked from behind. I ended up cleaning a dozen women out and fucked a dozen times. I had to keep licking each ones cunt until the cock in my ass filled me with its seed.

Again the sun was coming up when we were all done and sleep again came easy to me.

On Sunday morning Chuck told me that I was now the clubs official Biker Bitch. He also told me that since I hadn’t cum during the entire ignition I would be getting blow jobs from the women before everybody finished and left. I thought this would be great but maybe I was a little too eager. You see what they did next was strap me into a chair and each one of the dozen women took turns sucking my cock. But they wouldn’t let me cum; they just kept edging me but stopping short. They did this to me for an hour. Then Chuck asked me if I wanted to cum. Of course I did and begged him to let me cum. He said ok I will let you jerk yourself off then. He released my straps, had me lie down on my back and told me to jerk off for them. As I began one of the women sat on my face. She had a pussy full of cum and as I was jerking off and eating her out I shot the biggest load of my life all over her back. She got up from my face and I was then told to lick my cum off her.

After everyone had gotten dressed and I had cleaned up I asked Chuck for my clothes. Oh, you won’t be needing those to ride home in. He handed me the pink vest that now said Club Bitch on it, the chaps and jock. He said I was to wear this home and whenever I was riding with them or to the club house this was what I had to wear.

We all got on our bikes and Chuck told me they were all going to follow me to my home so they knew where I lived and I could expect regular visits from them either individually or in groups to be serviced by me whenever they wanted to use me.

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The Seduction Exposure

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Not even sure how to begin here. It happened over time, easy for me to look back on it now but as it unfolded it seemed to be shrouded in mist. Things happen in your life are like scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces as they happen, only to snap into place after looking them over in detail. I was dating a girl, Susie, and things were going great. So good in fact we had moved in together and that’s kinda of how all this happened. Let me explain.

Susie was a godsend for me after I had a string of at least three very powerful love affairs with some very beautiful women. I had been divorced a number of years and these three love affairs all had remarkably similar progressions; intense romantic attraction, white hot love affair only to explode into flames and crash down to earth into an emotional pile of ashes. Every one of them, the same pattern. Of course, I was pretty screwed up too and if you are whack then attraction between equally screwed up people is pretty common. Then my dad died and psychologically I slipped a bit unknowingly.

Up to this point I wasn’t any more into drink and drugs than the next guy, but it took a heavy turn for the worse. After the love affairs and the emotional carnage in its wake something else popped up, my sexuality. I guess I had always been a closet bisexual and would have a bi encounter with a guy every few years. I did it before my first marriage to Carrie and a few times during that marriage while it lasted. Then I went like ten years from the end of the marriage with Carrie through the three explosive love affairs with no homosexual encounters.

After my dad died and the love affairs had left me a wreck, I went on a substance abuse fueled behavior pattern that was strictly homosexual. My state was very destructive, dozens of anonymous gay encounters and tons of drugs and alcohol. None of the sexual encounters were even remotely satisfying and I was spiraling lower and lower.

Then something snapped. What fortitude I had left inside salvaged me after a bleary hungover confrontation with my boss. My dad was an alcoholic, I did not want to be one. I got help. I got better. After a period of time where I was clean, clearer thinking and a better person I met Susie. She was beautiful in a very simple mid-western gal kind of way and very even keeled, not at all screwed up like my past loves and how whack I was before cleaning up. Thanks for bearing with me letting me set where the story starts.

Susie and I dated for over a year before moving in together. Moving in was my idea, she was pretty hesitant about it but up to that point in dating things had gone very well for our relationship. She was from a very conservative mid-west family; my upbringing was much less strict but also chaotic with moving around a lot and the alcoholism in the family. With Susie I cherished the stability and lack of drama; between the two of us opposites attracted unlike two psyche jobs attracting each other in my previous romantic relationships. Our moving in together was something we hid from Susie’s parents.

I had moved into her condo and when her parents came to visit then I stayed in a motel a time or two. Her parents lived about 2 hours away in rural part of the state. At some point I ran into a friend Ronnie who I had known in my drinking days. He knew Susie and when I told him of the arrangement of me vacating when Susie’s folks were in town, he told me I could stay with him those one or two nights the folks were around. And so, the next time I needed to vacate because of Susie’s folks, I called Ronnie.

Looking back some parts of my stay over at Ronnie’s are hazy remembering the time sequences, other parts are as clear as the day they happened. One of my stays over at Ronnie’s apartment I contacted Deb, really the one true love of my failed love affairs. We both still loved each other but we knew too much time had passed and too much water under the bridge. Still, with my relationship with Susie deepening I needed to know with Deb if things were indeed over. It was good to see her, she was a stunning, skinny, small breasted “heavy metal” blond always with dark eye shadow with whom sex was always phenomenal, but with too much chaos, drama and dysfunction it prevented a stable relationship. Don’t remember much of that night, of course I wanted to screw her but just remember feeling up her lovely little titties through her top as we kissed, that was all, no sex. Was the time I saw or heard from her.

Ronnie was very nice to put me up and I must admit I have always been a very horny guy. Being at his place while he was at work, I rummaged around to see if he had any girlie magazines, doesn’t every guy? Back in those days, yes. Sure enough, I found a couple of Playboy mags and beat off. What I also remember staying over at Ronnie’s was one morning he was in his bedroom, it was a tiny one-bedroom flat, and I was out under the covers on the couch where I had slept. We were both up and can’t remember exactly how it started but we began a deep, lengthy, esoteric conversation.

He was in his bed in the one bedroom and I was Ankara escort nude under a sheet out on the couch, I always slept nude. We were actually very good friends from years before and had always hit it off on an intellectual level. Our conversation was a connection between us talking and laughing from our separate rooms and beds. Again, I don’t remember why or how but as I was talking with Ronnie I was getting very turned on and had a massive hard on by this point. We weren’t talking sex, maybe about women, but just talking and connecting as friends do.

Ronnie got up to use the bathroom and went to the fridge walking by me on the couch and offered me some juice, which I declined. He had a tee shirt and boxers on. When he walked back to his bedroom for some reason, I had pulled the sheet half off, one leg under the sheet but one leg and my big hard on and naked chest exposed. He had to have seen my hard on. He was soon back in his room and our conversation picked right back up. No way he would not have seen my hard cock. For me it was scintillating to expose myself so nonchalantly to Ronnie, once you have an erection sometimes the penis does the thinking.

After about another twenty minutes or so of conversation Ronnie got up to fix some coffee. I was still hard and very aroused, not really sure what I was doing or where this might lead. From all the many homosexual encounters I had before I was with Susie, I loved being naked for another guy, it just felt so arousing and natural. Ronnie walked by me and I had pulled more of the sheet off and was nearly totally exposed and fully hard as he walked by.

We talked as Ronnie made coffee and as it was brewing, he stood at the end of the counter talking to me as I lay there nearly fully exposed, hard cock and all, as if it was no big deal. He talked with me till coffee was ready looking right at me, my big hard cock as plain as day. From there I guess I chickened out. It’s easy to have a gay encounter with an anonymous guy, quite different with someone who is a straight friend and knows I live with a girl, that being the reason I was even sleeping at his place. So, nothing happened. Still in the back of my mind Ronnie always struck me as someone it might be natural to have a male/male encounter with but it just wasn’t right for me to force the issue.

Ronnie and I didn’t hang out a lot, I worked a great deal and was deeply involved with Susie. Still, we kept in touch and Susie and I were more than a little surprised when Ronnie was engaged to a girl named Sandra after dating her only a matter of months. We couldn’t say anything, but we saw all the earmarks of trouble. Sure enough, in less than a year, Ronnie went from engaged, to married, to divorced. Ronnie took it in stride joking about being blown up by “Sandra bin Laden”. By that time Ronnie had moved to a small house in another part of town.

He was an aspiring artist and actually quite good, I know because there are a number of talented artists in my family. Susie worked Mondays through Fridays, I worked Tuesdays through Saturdays. Ronnie had flexible schedule and was generally off on Mondays too. Sometimes I would stop by his house on my day off and we’d chit chat and he’d show me his works; landscapes, animals of all sorts like buffaloes, horses, birds, even a few nudes. I think I was married to Susie by this time and still I always wondered “what if” about that morning I let him see me naked and when I exposed to him my hard cock. I had gone over to Ronnie’s a few times to hang out over a period of months and it was always in the back of my mind if he remembered like I did about that morning.

One Monday at his place when looking at some of his paintings, there was a nude painting of a woman. I can’t even really remember how I got the nerve up but awkwardly I blurted I would be glad to pose like that for him if he ever needed a model. We kind of chuckled about it but nothing more than that. Inside I was a little embarrassed that I had even said that, kinda of opening myself and showing my feelings, putting myself on the spot. When I got home, Susie was at work. Even though I was mad at myself for making that statement about posing for Ronnie, it really turned me on.

The thought about exposing myself and being nude for him again made me so hard I masturbated to an intense climax in my hyper sexual fantasy world. Honestly, I was a little hesitant about going over to his place for quite a while so as he wouldn’t think I was too whack, so I just let things alone and tried to get it out of my mind. It was more than a few weeks later I ran into Ronnie coming out of the supermarket as I was going in. As we greeted, he said:

“Long time no see stranger, where you been hiding?”

“Oh, just busy, didn’t want to bug you,” I sheepishly said.

“That’s good. As long as you’re not avoiding me,” Ronnie said jokingly.

“Like the plague,” I joked back. We looked at each other, one of those looks where we both knew something was up.

“You sure? You’re acting funny,” we looked at each other Ankara escort bayan with uncertainty again.

“Thought I might have freaked you out,” I blurted out.

“What? Why?” Ronnie went on.

“Nothing, forget it,” I said uncomfortably. We both looked at each other again, then stared blankly at each as Ronnie tried to process and recollect why were at this stumbling point in the conversation. After another long pause he asked:

“About posing? Was that it?”

“Yeah, kinda,” rather sheepishly I offered. “It freaked me out that I said it. Hope you’re not mad.” I should have left it alone and not said this, here I was making a big deal out of it in my mind.

“Mad? Nonsense, I’m not mad at you,” Ronnie went on. “I thought you were just kidding. Guessing you took it more seriously than I thought. You didn’t need to avoid me over that. I’m fine with it if you are. Come on over Monday if you aren’t too shy about it. I’m always up for a challenge, for a new painting” Ronnie said in his easy-going jovial manner.

“Sure?” I ashamedly blurted softly.

“I’m sure. You’re my friend, no need to be a stranger. Daytime lighting is good for painting,” he said as he gave me a big hug. “I won’t bite. Really, is that why you’ve not been around? You should have said something. We can make it a work of art.”

He was much more of a “hugger” than I was, maybe that’s why I initially thought he might be cool with things. Back when I was moving in with Susie and I remember giving him this nice glass coffee table that Susie would not have wanted at her place. Ronnie just seemed overly excited and appreciative about getting it and hugged me and just seemed overly affectionate about something I thought was no big deal.

As I got to thinking about actually posing for him and it did freak me out a little to go through with it. Yeah, I made a big deal about it in my mind and he thought nothing of it and forgot about it. So here I’m fantasizing about posing nude and wanting him to see me naked for sexual reasons and he is thinking about a ‘work of art’.

It was Thursday when we stumbled into each other at the supermarket and Monday did not seem that far off when I was going to go over to Ronnie’s to pose nude for him. When Susie was in bed asleep that night I could not help but think about it while down on the couch. I immediately took off my clothes and masturbated to a mind-numbing ejaculation just thinking about disrobing for Ronnie.

Was not sure it was going to lead to anything but the thought of being nude for him again and him acknowledging me being nude for him by posing was thrilling beyond belief. From that day it took forever till Monday rolled around when I would be going over to pose for Ronnie. I had a hard on every time I thought about it. Sex with Susie during that weekend was incredible too, she had no idea that the reason I was so aroused was because I was so very excited about posing naked for Ronnie.

It was a little awkward when I got over to Ronnie’s but he had a back drop set up and gave me a few pointers before we got started, he was much more at ease than I was. I told him that would be honored for him to do a painting of me but under no circumstances could he ever tell Susie about it or show it to anyone that knows me. Ronnie said okay, just on his part I could not see the painting until it was finished, that it would take 3 or 4 sittings to do the painting. I’m tall and slender with little body hair and still rather boyish for my age.

Ronnie was taller, beefier, with reddish hair a moustache and glasses. I was nervous and excited; my biggest fear was that I would take my clothes off for him sporting a huge woody. As much as it thrilled me to be nude for him again, I did not want it to be too obvious. Luckily my nervousness helped keep my penis flaccid as I struck the reclining pose on the draped backdrop. Plus, laying there stationary for over an hour is pretty boring and un-stimulating.

It was almost clinical in our interaction with each other and I got dressed and went home like it was no big deal with him. For me when I got home that day, it was a big deal. I was soon naked, beating off to a lovely climax just from the thrill of being naked again for Ronnie. Showing him my naked body brought back a rush of the same feelings and excitement I had the from when I exposed myself to Ronnie in his apartment. And sex with Susie the climaxes were incredible just at the naughty thought of being naked for Ronnie. Same thing after the second session, a superb masturbation once I got home and still a wonderful hard on every time just thinking about when I was naked for him.

Ronnie indicated that he’d probably be done after the third sitting; I could not wait see the painting. And I must admit that after the second session I was more than half hard and kinda played with myself nonchalantly as I got dressed as we talked. Having him see me naked and see me play with my cock made me tingle inside but I knew it was all just in my mind.

The third session seemed to drag on forever Escort Ankara but he had to be getting close to finishing the painting. Knowing that, involuntarily my cock got very hard laying there naked in front of him. Reclining nude with massive hard on. I was smitten with arousal and fucking loved being nude for him and letting him observe my erection. When he looked away from me and back at the canvas, I would rub my cock to keep it hard then take my hand away before he looked back. I know he had to see my nice hard cock because he kept looking over at me. My erection slowly subsided somewhat but was still mostly hard and after an eternity Ronnie finally told me to come look at the painting.

Not even bothering to get dressed I walked naked over to the easel and peeked. Ronnie was sitting down smiling as I gathered in the painting. Neither of us said a word as we both gazed at it. Wow, it was good. Simple, but good. Reclining nude, can’t get much more basic than that. Still, seeing a painting of yourself is a life experience not to be discounted.

We had not spoken a word other than me saying “Wow I love it”. Inadvertently in my nakedness, I leaned my body into Ronnie with my elbow casually resting on his shoulder. My cock was more than half hard. As we continued to look at the painting his arm went around my naked waist. It was all very natural and casual that I was leaning on him, even being naked next to him and with his arm around my waist. Quite involuntarily, my cock was now fully erect. It was something that was unmistakable. Bold and plain as day my erection stood out proudly in the quiet of the afternoon. We looked softly into each other’s eyes. It was so obvious my cock was that hard and erect, throbbing and twitching, poking out.

The fact it was sticking out as it was, there was no way to avoid the truth of it being hard like that. In my nakedness leaning into Ronnie there was just no way to avoid the fact that I had a massive erection sticking out so stiff. A clear drop of pre cum glistened on the tip. I wanted so bad for Ronnie to touch it. Really from the first time I showed him my hard cock so long ago I wanted him to touch it. We held the gaze for an eternity when he at last lifted his hand to touch my penis. Inside I shuddered as Ronnie gently stroked my penis.

All the buildup of times I let Ronnie see me naked were now manifest with his hand pulling on my penis. It was a quiet, gentle, sensual, quite natural homosexual moment. A naked guy standing next to his seated, clothed male friend whose gentle loving touch on his friend’s stiff penis was producing an unimaginable wave of sexual desire.

I hummed softly as his other hand casually moved from around my waist to caressing my naked buns. In a slow-motion daze, we stood there the sexual energy pulsating about us. My fully hard cock was stiff as steel as he touched it, with Ronnie simultaneously playing with my butt and pulling on my cock. I had hoped this day would come but kept my hopes under wraps if it did not. Standing there naked as he played with my massively hard cock while he was sitting there clothed, it was surprising I didn’t pee cum all over him.

We didn’t speak, we just enjoyed the moment. A flood of feelings was going through me as I remembered back to when I first revealed my nakedness and my hard cock to Ronnie. With me being nude for him again as he was clothed with his hand tugging on my hard penis might have been one of the most arousing, most stimulating moments of my life.

I didn’t want it to stop; I just wanted to be nude for him and have him admire my nakedness, admire my throbbing hard cock and continue fondling it with my arm around his shoulder. We looked at each other in a silent fog of desire, even today I always get hard as stone thinking about that moment. Just remembering standing there naked with Ronnie pulling on the stiffest erection I had ever had still burns into my memory.

After another eternity I slid onto his lap sitting on him with my arms around him. In a flash we were kissing. As his masculine face and tongue pressed into mine our hungry passionate kissing released the torrent of my homosexual desires. I’m guessing I have always been homosexual; kissing another man was always incredibly stimulating for me, let alone presenting myself naked to a man.

Our hungry obsessive kissing, nuzzling and moaning broke the quiet of the afternoon. Like an eager loving puppy, I tongued his ear in a huff of desire. His manly hands played with my hard-naked nipples like I was nubile young prize. In the heat of our passion this led me to slide off Ronnie’s lap and fumble opening his pants. As I finally was able to free it from the confines of his pants his cock was very hard as my mouth found it, kissing it, licking it, sniffing it, finally engulfing it in my mouth, finally sucking his cock. In a mad frenzy I lathered his penis with my adoration finally releasing my long pent up desire to have sex with my friend. Oblivious to everything but pleasuring his penis, Ronnie shook me from my sex crazed state pulling on my elbow saying “come on, silly” as he pulled me up, leading me to his bedroom. I helped him disrobe as we then melted naked together into bed kissing hungrily, nuzzling, moaning, pulling on each other’s cocks, frotting and humping and grinding both of our nice-looking cocks into each other’s.

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Straight Man at a Gloryhole

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Well into my thirties with a family, I never had much desire to visit an adult store before. Maybe it was because I never had anyone to go with or tell me what to buy. My sex life was good but as always, it could be better. We had three kids and it was hard to find time, or it was always rushed. Nothing like when we were first married and had the rush of that feeling.

While we had both gotten older, we were still in good shape. I was about 5’7, 160 lbs with an athletic body. I still kept up at the gym. I had nice short chest hair which only added to stares from women when we’d go to a beach or pool and I had my shirt off. It was nice to know that other women found me attractive, but I loved my wife and would not want to be with another woman.

She even knew our sex life was in a bit of a rut currently and even suggested I go out and find something for her to wear, or some type of toy for us to use. I’m not one for toys but I was happy to see she wanted to spice it up. Which led me to seeking out this little hidden toy shop about 30 minutes from our house.

I parked on the side with a few other cars, and made my way in. The small shop was dimly lit but i could easily see around. A few aisles of toys and clothes. Displays in the front and the cashier on the left surrounded by a rather large barrier. He looked to be sitting high up like at a pharmacy. I assume to watch people in the store.

“Hey there,” he said with a nod. I just nodded back and he went back to watching his phone.

At least he wasn’t a bother like some people in stores. Maybe he could tell I was a first timer, I thought. Either way, I slowly made my way through the store. I looked at some videos and clothes until I finally found some plugs. It was a set for 4, each one getting bigger. I’ve seen some pornstars use them before and thought maybe my wife could wear them. I picked them up and kept browsing. There was a section with dildos and strap-ons.

“Dam that’s big,” I said quietly. I thought mine was big at 7.5″ but this had to be a few inches bigger. I wasn’t sure how I would feel using a dildo on my wife so i stuck with the plugs and went to pay.

“First time?” The cashier asked.

“Yea,” I nodded.

“I can always tell,” he said with a laugh. “But we don’t bother you here. Only if you give us a holler.” He seemed nice and glad he wasn’t giving him any shit about the toys. Just then, another man walked in. He had a cap on but nodded to the cashier. He nodded back and just straight into a back room.

“Shift change?”

“Nah. He doesn’t work here. He wont be here for long.” The cashier said. I was about to Ankara bayan escort ask what he meant when it hit me. They probably had some type of video booths in the back. I had always seen and read about them but never got to actually be in one before.

“Oh, I didn’t know those were here…” Not sure what I wanted to do. It was intriguing to me. The amateur videos were always so hard to see but I enjoyed the realistic nature of it.

“Here, why don’t you go check it out,” the cashier said handing mew a few bills. “First time is on me. Ill keep this here for you.” He took the bag of plugs and pulled them toward himself.

“Thanks,” I said grabbing the bills. I guess theres not reason to check it out now. I turned and walked toward the doorway, hidden by a black cloth. Inside, it was even darker. I could make out booths and doors as my eyes finally adjusted. I could hear moaning of women and men from some of the rooms. Probably the videos, I assumed. Next to some booths were men just standing.

It was a little intimidating but I took my time. There were men all ages. Some in shape like myself, others with a very clear belly. I wasn’t sure if it mattered but i finally went into one room and closed the door behind me. It was a tight fit. Just enough room to sit on a chair and have a video screen. I put in the dollar and the moaning of women came through the speakers.

The women were hot and I could feel my cock getting hard. I took out my cock and slowly began stroking. It was nice not having to hide or lower the sounds with anyone around. After a minute, I could hear a door closing on the other side of the wall. That’s when I noticed the hole. Someone had joined the other side to watch me stoke my meat. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought. In fact, it was quite a turn on.

I could partially see his face as the man began to watch me.

“Mmm daddy has a nice cock,” he said. That’s when i knew it was the young guy from the hallway. He must have been early 20s, in good shape and about the same height as me but with a slim body.

“Thanks,” I said. I wasn’t sure what else to do so I turned to give him a better view of my growing member. From the glow of the screen I could see him lick his lips. One of his hands moved down and it looked like he began to touch himself. I couldn’t believe what i was doing right now. Jerking off in front of another guy, some college kid. It was only turning me on more.

“Is daddy going to let me take care of him?” A couple of fingers and his tongue were sticking through the hole. Did he want to suck blow me? It was intriguing but I Escort bayan Ankara had never done anything like this with another man. And I was married! To my beautiful wife. I had to make a decision then and there to leave and not move forward or to let this guy take me in his mouth.

I got up and slowly moved toward the wall. He reached out and grabbed my shaft and pulled me closer. As I bumped into the wall, I could feel his warm mouth around the tip of my cock. At first I felt horrible for doing this. This wasnt me. This isn’t what I wanted to do. Yet, that all washed away as he took my cock deeper and deeper in his mouth.

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed. He was amazing.

“Mmm, daddy likes how I suck his big cock?”

“Oh yes. My wife has never sucked it like that before.” I didnt mean to give out so much information but it was true. She enjoyed sex but she wasn’t the best at giving head. This guy was on a whole other level.

His lips and tongue worked the head and shaft. I could feel it getting wet. His hands gently rubbed my balls, working my cum out bit by bit.

“Give me your cum daddy,” he begged. Not wanting to hold back any longer or disappoint him, I began to shoot my warm seed down his throat. Rope after rope being deposited into this unknown college kids mouth. He slowly released my cock from his mouth, licking up every drop there was.

“Thank you daddy. Hope I see you again soon,” he said blowing a kiss to me. I feel back into the chair on my side, my dick still dripping from his saliva. I sat there not believing what just happened as I heard him leave his side of the hole. What an incredible blowjob that was.

As I kept replaying what had just happened in my head, someone else had taken the young mans spot in the next room. Was he here to suck me off also? I wasnt sure if I had any cum left. I knelt down and peered through the hole this time to see who he was.

He looked to be about my age. A bit taller, dark hair and beard with a bit of a belly. I saw him unzip his pants and watched as a very hairy and meaty cock fell out. Even flaccid, it was very impressive. The man moved closer to the hole and started to push through.

Did he think I was going to suck it? I had never done that before and never given it any thought. Sure, I had just gotten head from a guy but that was the closest thing to being gay I had ever done. Maybe I could just tell him no…

“You trying to suck this cock or what?” He whispered aggressively. I wasn’t sure what to say. Could I say no? Im sure he would understand. I opened my mouth to tell him but something Bayan escort Ankara about looking at this cock in front of me made me curious.

I was here after all, doing things I had never done before. Why stop now? I moved closer and grabbed it with one hand. I heard him give a pleasing moan, knowing that I was about to begin. My heart raced and hand shook as I moved my mouth closer.

I opened up and began doing what the college kid had done to me. I had never sucked a cock before and now I was thinking about making sure I was doing it right. I bobbed my head up and down slowly to get used to it. I knew I was doing something right as I felt it grow in my mouth.

“Work those balls baby,” he instructed. I did as I was told and began to gently rub his hairy balls. I took his cock out of my mouth and began to suck on them one by one. There was an aroma around them that never experienced before. It was a musty smell but intoxicating. As I kept sucking and licking his hairy sack, I made sure to keep stroking his meaty member.

“Yea baby, work the cock. I need to cum tonight bad.” I knew what that was like. I felt obligated now to please this complete stranger and help him just like I had been helped. I returned my focus back to his shaft. This time, I went a bit faster.

“now you’re getting into it. Fuck that feels good.” It made me feel good that this guy was enjoying the blowjob I was giving him. It turned me on so much, I began stroking my own cock at the same time.

There I was, kneeling in some booth, stroking my own cock with a strangers dick in my mouth. I was almost able to cum again. Never had I been able to reload so fast before.

I wanted to experience tasting cum that I let him know I wanted it.

“Give me that cum. Shoot it down my throat,” I demanded. This must have made him go over the edge because I could hear a little knock on the wall. I now know that meant he was going to shoot him made juice into me.

It took my by surprise the force that it shot out. The first hit my throat and began to drip into my stomach. Pump after pump more came, and I was unable to catch it all. Some went on my face, and dripped down onto my shirt. I didn’t care. I scooped it with my hand and tried to save as much as I could. At the same time, I shot another one of my loads on the wall, the excitement was too much for me to hold in.

“Thanks baby,” he said as he began to button up. I sat there for a moment taking in everything that just happened. I came here to get a few toys for me and my wife to enjoy and instead I got and gave my first blowjobs from men. I felt guilty for what I did but not sorry that it happened.

I finally dressed up, grabbed my bag of plugs and made my way to the front of the store.

The cashier was still there staring at his phone. He noticed my little mess and gave me a smile.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself. Maybe you’ll visit again.”

Oh, I know I will.

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The Shower Ch. 02

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Emma regained her composure, allowing her breathing to return to something approaching normal as the water continued to caress her figure. She listened, trying to figure out where Rob had gone, her neck stretching backwards as her hands glided effortlessly over her curves. She turned off the shower, grabbed a towel from the hook outside the enclosure, wrapped it around herself and set off to get payback.

She wondered through the house, looking for Rob. She chose not to call him; moving slowly and quietly in her bare feet, she sought her lover. As she turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs, she spied him in the kitchen, leaning against the worktop. His towel was wrapped around his waist, tucked in on his right side. Droplets of water were still glistening on his shoulders, his wet hair was pushed back from his forehead, and the last vestiges of his recent erection were just visible under the towel.

As Emma’s bare feet padded onto the cold tiles of the kitchen floor, Rob barely looked up from his phone. He was well aware she was there; he’d caught the bright yellow of her towel as she crossed from the stairs, but he was in mischievous mood. As Emma walked past him, she flicked out a hand an untucked the corner of his towel, leaving it to fall open around his legs, but remaining pinned to the worktop by his backside.

“Oops,” she muttered as she continued to the fridge.

“I guess I deserved that,” he said, inhaling sharply as the cold air surrounded him and caused his butt cheeks to tense.

“Yes, you sod. Don’t think I’m going forget about that for a while! You’ve got some making up to do!”

As Emma reached towards an upper cupboard for a glass, Rob twisted to stand behind her. His hands parked themselves on her hips. She paused, her hands flat on the cupboard, rising on her toes and pushing her ass towards him.

“Two can play that game,” said Rob, as he tugged the towel free from around her torso.

As Rob lifted his hands, the soft, course Ankara escort material slipped off her back, falling the floor and exposing her now naked form to him again. He shuffled forward, pulling her hips towards him, feeling the blood rushing to engorge his manhood for the second time. He pulled her closer, revelling in her body heat and the fact that despite being fresh from the shower she had an overwhelming scent of sex about her. He planted a column of kisses down her spine, his hands reaching around and sliding over her stomach. Emma exhaled, pushing back further while rising and falling on her toes, teasing the growing warmth of Robs erection.

Robs hand moved up Emma’s body, cupping her breasts before tracing her nipples with his fingers. He felt them tighten to his touch as the warmth from her vagina contrasted with the cool room air between his legs. He planted his lips at the top of her neck before dragging his tongue lightly down her back, fingers following to catch up as he made his way towards tasting her. As he descended her back, Emma deftly parted her legs; her feet sliding on the towel on the floor. Rob first knelt, then turned to sit between her legs, facing the expertly trimmed triangle of hair now in his eye line. He wrapped his arms around her legs, middle fingers lightly pulling up her calves and thighs, urging her hips forward to his waiting tongue.

Despite her earlier irritation, she could do nothing but succumb to his touch. She was powerless to resist. Her hands remained resting on the cupboard, her head resting on her arms, looking down through half-closed eyes. For his part, as Rob looked up, he had a stunning view of the cups of her breasts, falling forward into her lean. He caught her eyes as he craned forward, planting a kiss at the top of her labia before his tongue traced them around. He inhaled her sex, intoxicated as he followed her silky skin around to her clitoris.

He paused, his lips closing Ankara escort bayan around her, tongue flitting around her clit as he felt her thighs tense under his hands, and she exhaled deeply. The longer he licked, the more the wetness showed and the more he explored the folds around the entrance to her vagina, probing deeper.

Emma was by this point struggling to control the tension in her legs which were in danger of cramping – but she didn’t want to move away from the warmth of Rob’s tongue. She lowered her hands, shaking out the tension before running her fingers through his hair and grabbing at it. Pulling him closer. Deeper. Rotating her hips into his eager mouth. When her legs could take no more, she stepped back, almost staggering, releasing his hair from her grip and beckoning him to follow her as she nimbly skipped back up the stairs, two at a time. Rob followed with equal alacrity up the stairs, leaving two pools of discarded towels on the kitchen floor.

By the time Rob made it into the bedroom, Emma had already slipped under the sheet. The night before had been warm, and they’d discarded the usual duvet for something altogether more comfortable. Emma’s nipples were prominent under the lightweight material right up until the moment that it was pulled from the bed and Rob slid on to the bed next to her, feet on his pillow and head almost back to where it was in the kitchen. Emma took her cue and rolled on top, straddling Rob’s face so that the pleasure could be shared.

As she relaxed back over Rob’s face, she took his hardening cock in her hand, wrapped her lips around his foreskin and sank slowly over him, droplets of pre-cum blossoming on to her tongue from his glans as the surrounding skin pushed away. As she descended his hardening shaft, Rob’s tongue dove deep between her lips, lapping her flowing wetness, eager to continue what had been interrupted in the kitchen.

Emma was quite the expert at fellatio. She Escort Ankara revelled at the feeling of her Rob’s girth growing between her lips as his tongue played between hers. The four fingers initially wrapped around his shaft reduced to one as he grew, and she dipped deeper over him. She loved to slide her tongue around the ridge of his engorged head with her teeth catching it lightly on each downward movement. He was comfortably long and pleasingly thick; a perfect combination as far as she was concerned. More than that, she loved his taste. Silky pre-cum oozed as she worked, coating the roof of her mouth and tongue.

Rob was less experienced, but what he lacked in experience he made up for with enthusiasm. Emma had taught him what she liked, and he was keen to please, and please he did. The couple had opened each other’s eyes to a few things and it turned out that her tuition and his relentless study had paid off; he could bring her to orgasm with little effort, but chose to take his time on most occasions. This was not one of those times. His tongue explored hungrily, flicking across her clit between his lips kissing and sucking. In no time, he could feel her beginning to tremble. Her action around his erection became erratic as she fought and failed to control herself. She took one last stroke of her lips around his manhood, disengaging as her orgasm hit, pinched her nipples as she sat up and pushed sharply back into Rob’s mouth, taking full advantage of his tongue as waves of warmth rippled through her body.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “I needed that!”

Rob’s face was glistening from a combination of his saliva and Emma’s wetness. She wasn’t a “squirter” as such, but there was definitely a delicious release when she orgasmed. Emma rolled off and turned to kiss her man, eager to taste herself on his lips. As her tongue danced with his, he could taste his own pre-cum on her tongue and he was a massive fan of their combined taste in his mouth.

“You’re going to have to wait,” Emma said. “I’m hungry, and as much as I love to eat you, you’ve not got enough calories!”

Rob didn’t move. He lay on the bed as his erection receded leaving a trail of colourless fluid on his stomach. He started plotting the next round; he was sure it was his turn to cum next.

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Total Hedonism Pt. 01-02

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My night with Shae was an organized one night stand. Well, it was only supposed to be one night…

Part One

Shae and I had been chatting online for over a month. We talked on the phone every night for a few hours starting the second week. At first, it began as just getting to know each other. But the flirting started almost immediately. She used a lot of double entendres. A lot. And I let her. I replied in kind, taking advantage of every chance to be charming.

Though I had only seen pictures online, I thought she was hot. She was plump in all the right places – a classic hourglass figure, complete with wide hips and big tits. My favorite type! But smooth. I was looking at a recent pic she had sent me – up her skirt at work. I was studying the silky smoothness of her inner thigh. I wanted to kiss and lick and bite my way up to where her thights met, currently encased in black lace panties. I could see a landing strip of pubic hair through the lace. It was neatly trimmed, and naturally blonde. Her panties glistened just a bit. I was lost thinking about what it would be like to lick her clit through her panties when…

“…if you pull my hair, we better be fuckin’ or fightin’!”

I was yanked out of my fantasy, and pulled into an all new one. Shae had long, blonde hair, cut in layers, with highlights. It hung well past her shoulders. I had already noticed it, and thought about wrapping it around my hand, and pulling on it while I took her from behind. That thought came to me now, and I blurted “That’d be some good fuckin'”

There was a pause, and then a sigh. “Yeah it would. If only…” and she trailed off.

We hadn’t met yet. We had only been talking for a little over a month. I didn’t want to rush anything. I had done that enough in the past, and had nothing to show for it except memories. Memories I wouldn’t trade for anything. Yet, I found myself single again. Then my phone buzzed in my hand. She had sent me another pic.

She was lying on her stomach, resting on her elbows. Her cleavage drew my attention at first – it was smooth, and creamy, and looked soft. Then I saw her neck, which was long enough for me to get my mouth around. She had a cute chin. Her mouth was perfect, with naturally pouty lips. I’m a sucker for pouty lips. I know it’s cliche. I don’t care. I love pouty lips because I enjoy kissing. And sucking on lips. Licking lips. Nice plump lips were so very good for that. She had a cute, button nose. Then I saw her eyes. I was knocked out immediately. I loved her eyes, but this pic really highlighted them. They were Caribbean Sea blue. They sparkled and shined, and smiled at me. And then her hair. It hung all to one side, over her shoulder, and onto the bed. I looked at the whole image again. I knew I could spend a lot of time getting to know her body. She was exactly my kind of girl. I licked my lips.

“Y’know, I think you have enough hair to go around my hand a few times, especially if I get really close to the back of your head.”

“I think it’s time we found out. What’re your plans for this weekend?”

“This weekend, in three days?”

“Yes. Hell, I’ll take the rest of the week off if you wanna come up here tonight.”

“You’re three hours away from me. It’s already 11:30, and I’m high as fuck, or I’d say yes to that. However, I’ll sleep this off, and get up in the morning and come up. How’s that?”

“…okay…” she said in a smoky, slow voice.

“Are you masturbating?”




“Are you?”

Panting. A low moan. Panting. More moaning. Then her breathing got very shallow, and very fast. Another pic came through. Her panties were pulled aside, and she had a finger in her pussy. I could see splashes on the sheets. She’d been at it a while. I smiled.

“Are you gonna cum?”

A deep breath in and slow out. Some quick panting, and then I heard the moan. It was deep and satisfying. She took several long, slow breaths. “I came… a lot.”

“It’s too bad I’m not there to lick you clean.”

“Oh, damn. Yeah it is! Shit, I need that. When’re you comin’?”

“Tomorrow morning. Soon as I wake up.”

“Good! ‘Cause I can’t wait any longer. I’m gonna go. I gotta clean up and get some sleep.”

“And hydrate…”

“And hydrate. G’night.”

Part Two

I woke up around nine. The sun was hidden by rain clouds, and there was a low rumble of thunder. I heard the soft pitter patter of rain on my window. I rolled out of bed and quickly showered. I threw some clothes in a duffel bag, and carefully packed my cannabis and pipe. I texted her, “Good morning, sexy! 😘😘😘 you still good with me comin up this morning?” I opened the drawer to my nightstand and took out an herbal sex supplement. (Yes, I use them. I like them. You should try them.) I felt the window. It was cool-ish out, so I adjusted my wardrobe. I put on my shoes and socks, and picked up my phone just as it buzzed. There was only a picture – she was lying flat on her back in bed, her creamy, naked body Ankara bayan escort surrounded by dark red bunched up sheets and pillows – she was holding her right tit in her hand, squeezing her darkened nipple with her thumb and forefinger. She was sticking her delicious, pink tongue out and licking her upper lip. I took the supplement, and texted “OMW!!!”

The three hour drive was excruciating. All I could do was think about what was to come. Or more specifically, all the different ways I was going to make Shae cum. I love when a woman cums. There’s something animalistic about it that I find sexyAF! When a woman can really let go and squirt? And growl? And howl from her soul? That just gets me hard all over again.

I also really enjoy the first time I have sex with someone new. I love the messy makeout session leading up to sex. I love the fumbling around, groping, and discovering a new body. I love kissing, licking, biting, and sucking my way across the new terrain, as if I were an explorer in a new world.

Her house was easy enough to find, thank you GPS! I pulled up and parked in the driveway. I didn’t even get my duffel bag out of the car. The front door was open by the time I got to it. The shades were all drawn, and the room was lit only by candles – at least a dozen, of different heights, widths, and brightness. There were even tea lights floating in a fishbowl. The room smelled like vanilla and clean linen. There were three couches in her living room. Two made an L shape across from the front door, and were in front of large windows, with sheer curtains drawn. The other couch faced the L, with about fifteen feet of space between them. The coffee table had been pulled off to the side. Downbeat House music played softly from her surround sound system. Thunder rumbled and rolled across the sky, and it was beginning to rain.

She was on the couch facing me, wearing black lace bra and panties, red thigh high hose, with black fishnets over them, and black, patent leather peep toe heels. Her golden blonde hair was down, and laid over her shoulders, covering most of her cleavage. The view was mind blowing. Like something out of a photoshoot. I closed the door, locked it, and turned my attention to her. She was standing now, walking toward me. Slowly. She was my kind of lady! Damn. I enjoyed the view immensely as she drew closer. When she was close enough, I reached out and wrapped my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in for our first kiss.

I think the first kiss is important. You don’t want to be timid. You want to kiss her like it’s your soul’s function – kiss her with all of your lips. Don’t jam your tongue in her mouth. Wait for her to open her mouth and invite you in. Once that happens…

Her tongue entered my mouth and attacked my tongue. I replied in kind, pulling her to me, and running my hands up and down her. I savored the contours of her curves. I squeezed her ass. The lace panties were soft, and moved with her. I stuck my hands inside and squeezed bare ass, and she moaned into my mouth. I felt her body go a little limp. I squeezed more, and she moaned again. Delicious! I slowly ran my hands up her body, lingering in the curve of her waist, before running up her sides. I lingered for a moment on her side-boobs, then I lifted her arms above her head, pushed her against the wall, and kissed her harder, holding her hands up and against the wall.

“Oooooooh. Unf! Yeah,” she whispered in my ear. I’d heard her voice over the phone a hundred times, but hearing it live was different. It was smoky, and a little deep. She was already breathing hard, too, her chest heaving as she did. She writhed against my body, moaning, her tongue probing my mouth as mine probed hers. She took control of her arms back and reached down and lifted my shirt up and off. I took a step back as she dropped to her knees. She undid my belt buckle and my shorts hit the floor. I wasn’t wearing underwear.

My cock was at full attention, and throbbing. She reached out and took it in her hand. She ran her fingers up and down my shaft. She licked it from balls to tip, and then back again. I shivered. She ran her fingernails from tip to base, with exactly the right pressure. Damn! This woman was gonna make me cum before we were even started! I looked down and the image was too much. Her bare shoulders were covered in her blonde hair. She was looking up at me, her big blues and pink tongue stealing the show. Her cleavage was amazing. And then her legs, encased in two sets of thigh high stockings. But the shoes! Her cute toes, freshly painted pink against the black patent leather, was more than I could take. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock in one gulp. It was my turn to steady myself. I shifted my stance, and reached out to lean against the door. She bobbed up and down for a few minutes, licking and sucking, and gently using her teeth.

I reached down, took her chin in my hand and lifted her up. I kicked off my Chuck Taylors Escort bayan Ankara as she strutted away from me, her ass sachéing as she walked. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me as she climbed onto the couch. She arched her back, stuck her ass out, and reached back and pulled her panties aside, and her ass cheeks apart. I could see her cute, little ass hole, and below that, her pouty pussy lips, barely visible past the panties. Panties that were soaked.

I was across the room, on my knees, with my face planted in her ass, in a flash. I started by kissing and nibbling on her round mounds of ass cheeks. She loved it. She wiggled and moaned, and growled a little bit. I reached up and pressed my hand against her pussy mound, causing her to lift her head up and let out a deep moan.

“Hmmmmmm. Yeah.” She sucked air in between her teeth, and pushed back. “Mmmmmm, I need that so bad.”

I could feel how wet she was. “I know you do,” I said as I rubbed her mound.

Then I pulled back, rearranged her panties to cover her mound and ass, reached around with both hands and held her by her hips. I buried my face in her panties, and inhaled. Her scent was marvelous! I knew she was going to taste good. I licked up and down her crack, pushing hard against her lace panties, and using more saliva each time. Lace has a way of drying out my tongue, but somehow that didn’t happen this time. I was probably drooling way too much from how fucking sexy this woman was.

She wiggled and squirmed. Her panties were soaked. I peeled them off, held them to my nose and inhaled. What a magical scent! Shae widened her position, stuck her ass up in the air, and rotated her hips, pushing her pussy out. I dove in.

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby! Do that!”

I began by licking where I thought her clit was, licked up, between her wet labia, then her ass, and up the small of her back. I reached around and gripped her breasts as I licked and nibbled my way up her back. When I got to her shoulders, she leaned back, and I continued to massage her breasts as I kissed and bit her shoulders and neck. I reached up with a hand and wrapped it around her throat and bit down hard on her neck, while squeezing her nipple through the lace.

She gasped, like a fish out of water, and pushed her ass back against me. I repositioned my hand around her neck, to have a better angle to hold her chin in my hand, and pulled her head gently away, tightening the skin on the neck. I raked my teeth over her neck for a long, delicious minute. The hand that had held her breast now traveled down her body, across her plump tummy, following her landing strip of pubic hair, straight to her pussy, and I slid a finger in. Easily. My thumb rested against her hood, and I could feel her clit pulsing. It was swollen, and begging for attention. The slightest pressure got a throaty moan in response. Shae tilted her head back, and moaning loudly, I felt my fingers get very wet. I pulled my hand away, turned her head to me, and rubbed her juices on her lips. Then I kissed and licked them, sucking them into my mouth. Her tongue found its way into my mouth.

She turned around, making sure our mouths never parted, while her tongue probed and tasted me. She licked my lips, and kissed them one at a time. She was careful not to miss any part of them. Then she kissed and sucked on my tongue. I moaned a sigh of pure pleasure into her mouth. She raked her teeth over my tongue. We spent the better part of an hour making out – my hands explored her body, her bra now on the floor with her panties. She laid on top of me, her big tits smashed against my chest, easily within reach.

She loved grinding her clit against my throbbing cock. I didn’t try to enter her. Not yet. I was holding back, and she was, too. As she leaned back, I sat up enough to get her nipple in my mouth, and I sucked on them. Hard. I sucked them between my teeth, with lots of tongue. She loved having her nipples sucked. She moaned loudly and ground into me harder, so I sucked them like my life depended on it.

I took a breast in both hands, squeezed it until it was firm, I licked the areola, which were barely visible. I mostly felt the difference. It was softer, and more responsive to my touch. I took my time getting to know each one. The right tit was more responsive than the left. She would grind into me hard when I licked and sucked on it. The more aggressive I got, the more she responded. My entire crotch was soaked from her juices running out, and judging by the deep moans, and feral growls escaping from her mouth, I knew she was close. Then my left hand discovered her left nipple. I pulled on it gently. Pinched it. Pulled harder. Pinched harder. Each time her growls intensified. I smiled.

I pushed my hips up, giving my cock more contact with her pussy, which was soaking wet. It felt fucking fantastic! Her juices made everything slick. I ground harder against her clit, and she ground back. I sucked her right nipple into my mouth, and Bayan escort Ankara really sucked hard. My left hand went to work on her left nipple – pinching, pulling, and twisting. Hard. She lasted less than a minute before she threw her head back, and howled at the moon. Wild and Feral and Sexy AF! Her scent filled the room.

“Your pussy smells so fucking good! I can’t wait for a taste. I bet you taste like fresh honeysuckle.”

Suddenly she pulled away from me, and I heard splashing, and felt her cum cover me.

“Oh, fuuuuuuck!”

She fell onto me, her face nuzzled into my neck. She was panting in my ear. Her lips were brushing my neck, and I could feel her tongue lazily licking my ear lobe.

“Oh, fuck! No one’s made me do that before! How’d you know?”

I ran my hands up and down her body. “I just paid attention to you. I did a thing. You reacted.” I shrugged. “I either kept doing it, or changed what I was doing based on your reactions.” She was kissing my neck now, and licking my ear lobe, even sucking it gently into her mouth as I spoke. “The more intensely you reacted…oooohhhhhh….mmmmmmmm….that’s good,” I said as she worked her tongue up the side of my neck to the back of my ear, and down again. She had shifted, so two wonderful things happened simultaneously. First, I had better access to her right nipple, which I took full advantage of. Second, it gave her access to my cock and balls, which she took full advantage of.

I was already hard as a rock, and well lubed from her cumming on me. I didn’t want to cum yet, though. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to shoot my first load down her throat. But I wasn’t in a hurry. I felt her rake her fingernails up and down my shaft, then cup my balls and gently squeeze them. Every time I pinched her nipple, she raked her nails up and down my cock. And every time she squeezed my balls, I twisted her nipple. In the meantime she was kissing and licking my neck, and chewing on my ear. My hands ran up and down her body, massaging her breast a while, and then squeezing, twisting, and pulling on her nipple. She sucked on my neck and my ear. She kissed and licked up and down, biting and nibbling. When she wasn’t playing with my cock and balls, she was exploring my nipples. After a while, she sat up and turned around. Her glistening pussy hovered over my mouth.

I reached for a pillow and positioned it under my head as she lowered herself onto my face. At first she was tentative. Nervous even. She was careful not to put her full weight on me. But she was much shorter than me, and couldn’t get my cock in her mouth and her pussy on mine at the same time. I had already located her swollen clit with my tongue, and was licking it. Not with a pointy tongue, but flat against her clit. The tip of my tongue touched the entrance to her pussy. I spread her ass cheeks wide, exposing her pussy more, and I leaned forward and stuck my tongue inside of her.

She shivered and shook a little bit, and wiggled her pussy in my face, while half moaning and half growling. Then her shyness went away, and she ground her pussy against my face. She propped herself up on me using her elbows, and used both hands to stroke and massage my cock and balls. Now it was my turn to growl. Shae pushed hard against me, and I felt her quiver, and then she howled. And came on my face. A lot.

“You’re so fucking delicious! And have a very sexy, pouty little pussy. Damn, I’m a lucky man!”

She spun around me quickly, and without missing a beat, slid her wet, pulsing pussy on my throbbing cock. I felt my head slide in. I love that moment when I enter a woman, and Shae loved it, too. As my head pushed past the opening, I felt her warm, wet pussy engulf me. I’m not long, but I have girth. I’m thick enough that it’s hard to just slam my way in. Once I’ve been inside a woman for a few minutes, and she stretches to take me, then I can let the beast loose, and pound her pussy into submission. Shae’s pussy was very snug. I loved the way her lips parted and hugged my cock. She was wet and I went in easy, but she was tight and I had to go slow enough for me to luxuriate in my favorite part. I didn’t push my way in. I let her decide what she wanted.

As she settled on my dick, she rolled her head on her shoulders, holding her hair up, and moaned loudly. I ran my hands up her tummy and held her breasts firmly in my hands. She rocked back and forth, and soon found her G-Spot with the head of my cock. She rotated her hips for a better angle, and was soon cumming all over my cock and balls. She ground down into me, and came again.

After a few minutes, she lifted herself off of me, hovered over my cock, and I felt her cum dripping on me. Then she kissed her way up my stomach and chest, kissed me on the mouth, and kept going until she was over my face. She lowered herself down, with my hands on the outsides of her thighs. She ground her sopping wet cunt against my face for a few minutes. I stuck my tongue out and titled my head back, and she came again. Then she wiggled her way back down my body. She kissed my face, and sucked on my tongue for a minute.

Then she slid down on my dick again, harder and smoother. She came again when the head of my cock hit her G-Spot. She took a deep breath. “Uuuuuuuunf. Fuck. I love your cock! Damn. It hits me so good.”

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Nerdy Nicks Tutoring Sessions

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All characters are over 18. Based on true events.


The urban dictionary definition of Nerd: Enjoys learning and does not adhere to social norms.

That’s me, Nerdy Nick. Not especially original, but a name I lived with all through school. I am indeed a classic nerd in most respects. Top grades in school, love DnD, Warhammer, comics and used to be in a marching band, for fuck sake. I ran with it, I was always pretty confident. Comfortable in my skin.

I got bullied sure, but only ever verbally. I did medieval re-enactment, and not just dress up, I did combat fighting. One day I got picked on by a group of school bullies. I grabbed a stick and broke Jake Porter’s nose. I had some muscle on me too. You needed it to carry around chainmail and beat the shit out of your mates with blunt swords.

I’ll admit I didn’t care about my appearance. I was clean, I didn’t smell, but I didn’t care about my clothes or hair. All in all, I wouldn’t say I’m hideous. Just unkempt. There is a misconception that all nerds and geeks are virgins. We don’t get any action or at least, not as much as the general population.

Not the case in my experience. Geeks are freaks in the sheets. Think about it, there are as many female geeks/nerds as guys. They are just better at hiding it. There is also a reason the phrase, “this one time at band camp,” resonates. Band camps, school trips, cadet groups, heck even DnD groups are all just a few moments away from an orgy.

Ok, not quite. The point is, nerdy guys and gals get freaky with each other. With the internet, social media and nerdy hobbies, it’s pretty easy to organise a booty call, if you are confident enough.

This isn’t a story about nerds fucking, it’s about teaching the hottest girl in school about prejudice. Rachel Walker may be the hottest girl in school, it’s a very subjective metric. She was certainly very popular, judging by the number of social media friends, one of which was yours truly.

She was your classic blonde bombshell. Long wavy blonde hair, large electric blue eyes, and flawless skin covered in fake tan. She had a curvy figure, like a discount Scarlett Johansson. She had voluptuous breasts, a narrow waistline and a big peachy bum. She joined the school a couple of years ago, moving from Cardiff. Being Welsh gave her voice a melodic sing-song lilt. I’ll admit I had a bit of a crush.

We were now in our last year of school taking our A-Levels. Most were taking four, I needed five for Oxbridge. I wasn’t bothered about going to Oxford or Cambridge. I wasn’t a rower or a toff by any means, but I wanted to please my overbearing parents.

I shared most of my classes with Rachel, not that it mattered, I doubted she gave me a second thought.

Rachel didn’t seem to have plans for university, she was barely scraping passes. Her boyfriend Jake, yes the same guy I had bloodied with a stick, sat next to her in every lesson. A big slab of muscle but with average intellect, he had a scholarship to Bath thanks to his skill on a rugby pitch.

Just before Halloween, I was called to the headmaster’s office, a first-time experience for me. When I arrived I saw Rachel sitting on a chair, crying, her make-up all smudged.

“Nicholas good, please sit down?” Said the headmaster in a wheezy voice.

I took a chair next to Rachel, her sweet perfume wafted up to my nose.

The headmaster continued “We have a little problem, Miss Walker here has got a bit upset. She has her heart set on Bath university. Unfortunately, her grades aren’t quite at that level”

I heard Rachel sniff and give a little sob.

“That’s why you are here Nicholas, Rachel thought you may be able to help, perhaps some tutoring. What do you think?” He gave me a hollow smile.

“I think it’s nearly halfway through the term. I’m not sure I can do much tutoring in school time. I don’t have as many free periods as others.” I replied quite honestly.

“No, I think we had something in mind additional to regular lessons. Maybe after school, weekends?” The headmaster asked.

“Aren’t there qualified tutors who do that sort of thing?” I asked a little rudely. I did think it was a bit rich, asking me to tutor a girl who didn’t even acknowledge my existence. She didn’t even have the courtesy of asking me herself. I felt Rachel tense up in the chair next to me.

The headmaster gave me a stern disapproving look. “That costs a lot of money and not everyone can afford it. Besides, it would look good on your application. Successful Oxbridge candidates need to show a good charitable character.” he finished with a smile.

How would he know? he didn’t get into either school. I should know I hacked his records in year nine.

I looked over at Rachel again. She still didn’t make eye contact. Even with tears smudging her fake tan she was quite beautiful. I took pity on her.

“Are you free at lunch to organise a schedule?” I asked her.

“Yes, Jake has rugby practice, thanks” She replied. Ankara bayan escort Her Welsh accent was really cute.

“Croeso,” I said, saying your welcome in Welsh. I love languages.

She looked at me with a confused expression. I rolled my eyes, she didn’t even know Welsh.


We arranged a schedule, two-hour sessions, twice a week after school and a four-hour session on Sunday all at my house. It was a big commitment, but it was the only way I could see to get her grades up quick.

Our first session was that Friday. I had planned to do each session at six but Rachel didn’t drive. She suggested we study straight after school and I drop her off home after.

Who’s going to pay for the petrol I thought, but let it go. The first few sessions went well. Rachel was quite bright and picked things up quickly.

We were getting quite friendly, she even started talking to me at school. Usually at break or lunch, mainly confirming things from our sessions, or checking her understanding of our most recent lessons. It pissed Jake off, but Rachel didn’t seem to notice.

One Friday session Rachel asked, “Hey Its Jakes birthday party tomorrow night. You going?”

Every year Jakes parents threw a huge birthday party for him. They were minted and had a huge house on the outskirts of town. Since he was eighteen, his parents had gone away for the weekend and let their precious boy run wild, as long as he cleaned up before they got home.

I laughed “yer, somehow I didn’t get an invite. “

“Oh that’s a shame I was going to ask for a lift,” she asked genuinely disappointed.

“Why doesn’t Jake pick you up, he’s your boyfriend or your parents could drop you off,” I asked reasonably.

“My parents don’t know I’m dating and Jake had his licence taken off him” she answered sullenly.

Jake had been caught drink driving two weeks after passing his test, what a twat. As for her parents, I remembered the first day I dropped Rachel off. Her dad came out to the car and started quizzing me like the Spanish Inquisition.

I sighed deeply and said “what time?”

Rachel squealed and gave me a big hug. I felt those big soft tits squash into my shoulder and smelt her sweet perfume.

“Pick me up at seven, why don’t you come to the party. Its fancy dress, superhero-themed might be fun. I think Helen’s going, she fancies you,” she asked me mischievously.

“You just want a lift home, I wasn’t born yesterday,” I told her with a smirk.

“You’re the best Nick”, She hugged me again and gave me a peck on the cheek which surprised both of us. We had been getting more tactile recently. Nothing major but shoulder nudges the odd hug it was nice.

I struggled to pick out a costume. I had quite a few, usually reserved for Comicon. I decided on Daredevil. The mask should allow me to remain anonymous. The costume was very authentic, stretchy nylon and leather.

I tried the suit on Saturday morning, to make sure it fit. I filled it out well and when I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. I looked good, never know, I might score tonight.

It was a military operation to get Rachel

to the party without her parents knowing. We changed the time of our weekend session to Saturday night giving her at least four hours maybe five to enjoy it.

I drove to her house at seven, her father was at the door and beckoned me inside. I had anticipated this and had put my costume in a bag, on the back seat to change into later. As I walked in I saw Rachel on the sofa, she was wearing a hoodie and jeans. I guessed her costume was underneath.

Her father grilled me a bit, I think gauging whether our story was legit, and I was just tutoring his daughter. It took a while to satisfy him, nearly an hour.

“Sorry Mr Walker, but if we don’t get going soon I’m afraid we won’t get much work done. How about next weeks sessions we do them here, show you our progress.” I said professionally. He seemed satisfied with that.

As we left Rachel grabbed a bag that had her costume in. It was pouring rain outside soaking us.

“We can head back to mine and change if you like?” I said looking at the clock. It was eight already and it was twenty minutes to jakes house.

“No we’ll have to change in the car there’s a place up ahead you can park the car.” She said confidently.

The thought of seeing her getting changed made my cock stir. We pulled into an industrial estate and parked up.

“Ladies first,” I said as I opened the car door to stand outside.

“What are you doing? You’ll get soaked get back in, I trust you not to look.” Rachel said empathetically.

I wasn’t sure I liked her trusting me or not. She hopped into the back, with her bag and started undressing. I’ll admit she shouldn’t have trusted me. I kept glancing in the mirror and had a lovely view of her sliding down her tight jeans over her large peachy bum.

The highlight was when she pulled her Escort bayan Ankara hoodie over her head. Her big naked tits flopped down and jiggled. He nearly caught me looking then. I liked what I saw, I was daydreaming what it would feel like to just hop back there, and suck on those perfect tits.

Her costume was super girl, she practically burst out of the Lycra. Her arse and tits looked mind-blowing. She climbed into the front with the back still unzipped.

“Little help Nick?” She asked innocently. I looked at her back and put my hand on her hip for support. She twitched slightly at my touch. I could feel her warm body through the material. I quickly zipped her up as I felt my cock grow.

“Judging by your stunned silence, I chose the right outfit,” Rachel said as she turned around to face me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits, as they threatened to explode out.

“Your turn and I promise not to look,” she winked.

I secretly hoped she would, I had nothing to be ashamed about. I stripped quickly and heard a small gasp when I revealed my toned muscles.

“Hey, I thought you weren’t looking” I laughed. Rachel had the good grace to blush.

“I forgot what you were doing back there, do you do weights or something?” She asked inquisitively, taking my laughter as a cue to keep looking. Her eyes surveyed my muscles as I prepared my costume.

“Not exactly. At the weekends, some mates and I, dress in armour and beat the shit out of each other with swords. You soon baulk up.” I said as I slipped my feet into the nylon costume.

“I’ll say, sounds fun maybe I’ll have to come and watch,” Rachel said playfully. I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not, but it put a smile on my face.

I was still nursing a semi from watching Rachel change, which gave me an impressive bulge. I saw her eyes widen, as she watched my boxer short clad cock, slide into the suit. I zipped up put my mask on and hopped back in the front.

“All ready to go?” I asked. Rachel was still staring at my crotch. She blushed when she saw me smiling at her.

“Er, yer sorry shall we go and quick it’s half past now.” She said flustered.

Rachel removed a bottle of vodka and coke from her bag and started drinking. I gave her a sarcastic disapproving dad look. She caught my gaze and laughed choking on her drink.

Her red skirt had ridden up. My hand kept brushing her naked thigh when I changed gear. I kept my hand on the gear stick and tried to look casual. Rachel looked down at my hand once or twice, giving me a sideways glance, but didn’t say a word.

We arrived at Jake’s house and the party was in full swing, dance music pumped out of the open door at full volume. There were clouds of smoke coming from a gaggle of classmates in the front garden.

“I’ll drop you off here, and park down the road if you like,” nodding to the group of classmates. My meaning was clear, she didn’t have to be seen arriving with me.

She looked at me with a genuine smile and put her hand on my thigh. I smelt the vodka on her breath.

“Don’t be silly we’re friends, come on there’s a space to park over there?” Racheal said warmly. She kept her hand on my thigh sending shivers through me and giving me a semi again.

We parked and headed into the party together. There were lots of stares and whispering from the group of smoking teens in the garden. The house was rammed with hormonal teens. Everyone was in costume, some good, some bad. Catwomen was sitting on Thor’s lap snogging his face off, Two Mario brothers jumped about to the music on a makeshift dancefloor, and four girls were in the corner arguing. Each one had come as Wonder Woman.

Rachael turned to me and shouted over the noise. “Find me at midnight, you sure I look alright?” she asked worriedly pulling her red skirt down to hide her thighs self-consciously.

I leaned down and spoke in her ear. “You’re gorgeous, the fittest girl here, see you at twelve.”

She gave me a dazzling smile and turned, bouncing away to find Jake. I grabbed a Pepsi from the kitchen and found a place to stand and watch the party. I was soon getting bored, I contemplated waiting in the car when Wonder Woman came over, placing a hand on my chest. I recognised her as Amy Harris, known as the school bitch. She was pretty, with long black hair and big brown eyes. She looked hot as Diana Prince.

“You must be Rachel’s cousin, she said you would be dropping her off.” She said with a slight alcoholic slur.

I’ll admit I was a bit hurt, Rachel said we were friends. I guess she didn’t want people to know that. Amy was eyeing up my muscled physique. gently stroking the leather on my costume. This was an opportunity I wouldn’t have again so I took it.

In what I hoped was a passable Welsh accent I said. “Hi I’m Gareth, you’re well lush aren’t you.” she put her arm around me and pulled me to the dance area. She pushed her bum into me and pulled up arms around her, encouraging me to explore her body. She Bayan escort Ankara loved the soft leather of my suit caressing her skin. I lent down and kissed her neck. She ground her rear into my crotch and giggled a little when she felt my hard cock.

Amy turned and reached her arms around my neck pulling me in for a passionate kiss. I slipped my leather-clad hands down to squeeze her arse. I tasted coconut rum on her breath and snaked my long tongue into her mouth.

The thought that bitchy Amy Harris didn’t know my true identity as she sucked my tongue was fucking hot. I was getting hot in the suit and the mask was getting uncomfortable. Maybe sensing this, Amy reached up and tried to remove it.

“It won’t come off, it’s attached to the suit. I’d have to take it all off.” I said in my fake accent.

She smiled, bit her lip and said “come with me”

We went through the house and headed upstairs. There were a lot of rooms, but most were occupied by multiple couples getting busy. There was a small dark room around a corner. Once the door closed Amy pounced on me. We fell back onto a bed and she climbed on top of me. We kissed a hard fiery kiss. I reached behind her back and unzipped her maroon bodice. she let out a sigh of relief as she flung it away. Her full pert tits were barely visible in the darkness.

I had rested my hands on her thighs, Amy grabbed them and placed them on her tits. I gently massaged her breasts with my leather gloved hands. She was moaning a little as she ground her pussy on my leather-clad crotch. I had a sneaky suspicion she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Amy certainly had a thing about leather. Her hips ground her pussy in circular motions on my crotch. She held onto my gloved hands pawing her tits. Her breath was getting ragged, my cock straining in my suit, was desperate to be released.

Amy’s moans became loud and throaty. With a final thrust of her hips, she shuddered. I felt her spasm as she orgasm. She bent at the waist, laying her naked body on my leathery chest. I stoked her back as she came down from her high.

An alarm sounded on my watch. “Shit I got to get Rachel her dad will kill me” I whispered, rolling Amy off me and jumping off the bed. Amy curled up on the bed starting to doze off.

Before I opened the door I heard her mumble, “what happened to your voice.?”

I smiled to myself and left. I didn’t know how I was going to find Rachel, or what I would do if she was fucking Jake. Thankfully I bumped into her as I came round the corner. Her hair was dishevelled, make-up smudged and there was a slight rip to her sleeve.

“There you are we need to go dad will kill me, what’s that on your suit?” Rachel said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs.

“Never mind that, what happened to your sleeve?” I asked as we made our way through the house. I could see a bruise on her wrist.

“Oh Jake didn’t want me to leave,” she muttered. Anger flared in me and I made a motion to turn back. Rachel gripped my hand tightly and looked at me confused. “What’s up? it’s late we need to go.” We got to the car but I didn’t start the engine I was still

Angry with Jake.

“Come on Nick let’s go,” Rachel said hurriedly as she climbed into the back to get changed. We had been driving for ten minutes when Rachel shouted.

“Fuck I left my door key, we have to go back”

I ground my teeth together as I turned the car around thinking what I would do when I saw Jake.

“Did you have a good night, did Helen find you?” Rachel smirked and pointed to the rearview mirror. I looked and saw red lipstick all over my face.

“No,” I said angrily rubbing the lipstick off.

“How’s your cousin Gareth by the way,” I said hastily still angry about Jake. “I thought we were friends.”

She looked a bit ashamed. She placed a hand on my knee.

“I’m sorry Nick, we are friends. It was for Jake really, he’d be pissed you don’t exactly get on do you?” She said apologetically. She gave me a genuine smile and I melted. I held her hand on my knee.

“I guess I should thank you, I used it to my advantage,” I smirked as she started fixing her hair.

“Who with?” She asked inquisitively.

“Gentlemen never tell, we’re here,” I said.

The party was still in full swing, I helped Rachel look downstairs. We found nothing, so headed upstairs. The sounds of sex were coming from almost every room. Some couples hadn’t even closed the door. I saw Wolverine pounding mystique from behind, blue body paint everywhere. We reached the room Rachel and Jake had occupied. Angry flared in me again and I was ready to react if he tried to hurt Rachel again. I opened the door.

The light was on, illuminating the scene. Jake was laying naked on the bed. His wrists were tied to the headboard. Mounted on top of him and riding his cock was Cat-Women.

I expected Rachel to shout or scream, she simply crumpled into my arms. I saw a single key on the floor hoped it was Rachel’s and pocketed it. I pulled her away and she fell into my arms. I don’t think Jake or his friend even noticed we had been there.

She was sobbing as we got to the car. I tried to comfort her. Saying she could do better, Jakes a twat. She just sobbed. We pulled up outside her house. I turned the car off and pulled her in for a big comforting hug.

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