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Wild Times in Scotland

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Mary Roberts was 21 went she went to university. Originally, she wasn’t going to, but getting a job working in a library, and seeing the strict career structure based upon qualifications, she realized a degree in English Literature would definitely be an advantage. So, in September, along with a large group of other people, she started her first term at a Redbrick university in England. Mary was a slim, small breasted young lady of about 5’9 with light brown hair and blue eyes.

Initially, there were quite a few social activities to allow students to connect with their new home and new fellow-travelers, and at one of these she met Peter. He was a year older, from a quite well-heeled family, good looking and knew it, and had a sports car. Of all the queen bees swarming around his honeypot, he chose Mary. Her virginity versus his persuasion lasted a week. They were an item for the whole of the first year, and he even spent part of the summer at her home visiting with her family. For some reason, she didn’t think it strange that she didn’t get to meet his family.

Towards the end of the second year, when she was visiting Peter in his dorm room, she noticed he was packing up many of his things. “Are you changing rooms, or moving off campus?” she asked him.

“Neither. Next year I shall be up at Cambridge.”

“Cambridge? What about me?”

“What do you mean, ‘what about you’? You won’t be there, you’ll be here. It’s been great these past couple of years, but my family’s plan was always Cambridge after a preliminary two years here to get some grounding. That’s life, onwards and upwards.”

“So when were you going to tell me?”

“At the end of term dance! You didn’t really think that you and I were headed anywhere long term did you? You were a great partner while I was here – good looking and not bad in bed – but that was always as far as it was meant to go.”

It took Mary six seconds to leave his room, two spent slapping his face, two spent kicking him in a very personal area, and two to go through the door and slam it as hard as possible. A further 5 seconds was what it took to commit to herself not to commit to a boy ever again. In fact, she also committed to never using his name again. From now on, he would be “That Boy”.

Somehow, she had always felt this was the summer she would be with Peter and meet his family. Clearly that was never going to happen. And she really couldn’t face going home and linking back up with all the people she had introduced Peter to last summer. As she was walking by the Student Union office, she saw a notice board for summer jobs. One caught her eye, headlined “Wild Times in Scotland”.

She read it quickly and then unpinned it from the board. In her room, she ready so many times she could recite it by heart.

“I am in my late 50s and run a four room Bed and Breakfast Farmhouse, maximum number of guests 8. Needed, someone to take over the housekeeping role – laundry, cleaning, etc. for the summer, Some occasional help with cooking. Full board and lodging provided together with 60 pounds per week. Nearest town is 20 miles away, but limited use of my car is available. Lots of fresh local food, clean water and clean air. Would suit an avid reader.” Then followed an email address to a ‘jamesmcleod’

What better place for Mary for summer? A maximum of 9 people around her, all strangers, no groups of young men hanging around, plenty of opportunity for her summer reading schedule, and a chance to get Peter completely out of her system. It was, she thought, divine inspiration that had put this in her path, and her application email was zipping through the internet inside the hour, which proved at least that he was not completely out in the wilderness.

His reply came first thing the next morning. The season was from Saturday, April 27th to September 7th, which fitted in with Mary’s term schedule. He thanked her for a very full description of her background and for offering the vicar in her home town as a reference. However, from the personality of her writing, and the fact she could even offer a clergyman as a reference, he was offering her the position and wouldn’t be bothering the vicar. The farmhouse was ‘aways north of Glasgow’, towards Gairlochy, if she still wanted the job. By that evening, everything was arranged, including the fact that James had to go to Glasgow for an appointment with a lawyer, and so he had scheduled it for the day Mary would arrive, April 25th, and they could get to know each other on the drive back to the farm. Mary loaded up a big portion of her reading list on her Kindle, packed her summer clothes plus a couple of heavy skirts and sweaters and was on her way a couple of days later. The only thing that spoilt her victory was seeing, from her taxi on the way to the station, Peter with some new blonde in his car. “At least, she won’t be riding around in that for much longer,” she thought. And so, at the start of summer 2019, Mary set off on her first summer casino siteleri without her family.

She had described herself to James as ‘tallish for a girl, with longish light brown hair’ to which he had replied “I’ll meet you directly under the clock. I’ve got a beard.” Fortunately at Glasgow station there was only one bearded man waiting, and he had a choice of only two girls matching Mary’s description, but only one of them was lugging two suitcases along, so they met up very easily. After a formal introduction, James said, “The car’s parked where it shouldn’t be, so I suggest we go straight to it and get the hell out of the city. And when the countryside looks good, we’ll find a pub for late lunch.” As a result, about halfway through their trip they pulled into a nice looking pub. A simple Ploughman’s Lunch of fresh bread, some well-aged cheese, and pickles, with beer for James and a glass of wine for Mary, sufficed as an ice breaker and by the end of the meal, they were both quite comfortable with each other. Over lunch, Mary got to look properly at James. He was about 6 foot, salt and pepper hair and matching full-set beard. Broad shoulders and a decent sized chest hinted at a fairly strong and fit man.

Mary found one thing about James that really endeared him to her, his laugh. He had a full-blooded hearty laugh that came from deep inside, a good “belly laugh” as her Dad used to say. And he laughed often and easily. For example, very early in the trip she had asked James if anyone ever called him Jim, and he let out his laugh and said, “Only once, never twice.”

They arrived at the farm while it was still very light, daytime in Scotland being much longer in the summer than further south, and Mary loved the setting immediately. Sheltered by a row of firs, and at the base of a small hill, it was just as she imagined only much bigger. James took a leg of lamb already roasted out of the fridge and in no time at all they had a simple supper of cold meat, boiled potatoes and peas. James explained that he got most of his food sourced locally, and himself caught salmon and trout “at the appropriate times, or when the gillie isn’t around,” and let out his laugh again.

He showed Mary her room. It was in the attic, but quite nicely appointed and with space enough for her needs. It also had its own small bathroom and shower cabinet. The bed was new so that was one bonus. He showed her the four guest rooms, each with a shower, washbasin and toilet. He also showed her the laundry room – on the same floor as the guest rooms to save lugging stuff up and down stairs – with the extra large washing machine and dryer to launder the bedding and towels in. “That’s the most important part of the job,” he explained, “as I can’t afford an unlimited supply of linens, so as soon as a guest goes, it’s off with the dirty, on with the clean, and everything in the washer. If all four rooms are changing over, you can get all the bed linens done as one load, and all the towels, plus our own towels and what have you in a second. Today’s Thursday and there’s no-one in tomorrow or Saturday, so you’ll have chance to find out where everything is. Saturday we’re often without guests, as that’s when people start or finish holidays, normally somewhere busier.”

All in all, when she went to bed, Mary was feeling very comfortable with James, very comfortable with the surroundings and comfortable with herself that she could survive approximately 18 weeks up here. At 60 pounds a week, and nowhere to spend any money, she figured she’d have about a thousand pounds saved towards her next year in university. A profitable recuperation from a broken heart.

Now the weather in the wilds of Scotland can be pretty bleak, even in summer, but when it is nice, it’s beautiful, and the end of April and start of May were nice and warm. With the first guests coming in on Sunday, she had time to learn where everything she needed for her job was kept. She learned from James this was only his third year in the B and B business, so most of the stuff was modern.

On the Saturday evening, over a nice dinner of poached (but not poached) Spring Salmon, boiled potatoes and asparagus, she asked James where he learned to cook and was surprised to learn he wasn’t from Scotland, which is why he had a few Scottish phrasings but no real Scottish accent. As a young man. after university, he had run away to sea and worked in the galley of a chartered yacht under a very experienced chef who was happy to let James handle the food while the chef handled the wine, so to speak.

James explained that after a few years at sea, he met a girl and settled down to use his Computer Science degree. He started a small software company that got larger and after he turned 50 he sold it intending to retire. He and his wife had stayed here for a few nights, when the previous owner was running it, and when he announced he was selling up at the end of the season, James and his wife decided to buy güvenilir casino the place. The first summer was great, as was the winter holiday in Costa Rica, but Susan, his wife, started to get bored in the second season. “The novelty wore off,” said James, “and all she could see was dirty laundry. A man with a big car and a fat wallet checked in for a whole week at the end of last season, and when he left, Susan went with him. My guess is his wallet is a whole load slimmer now. I know mine is healthier for her being gone.” There was that laugh again, albeit a bit ruefully.

James had debated whether to sell up, but just didn’t fancy trying to sell at the end of a season, and if staying to the next season – this one – he may as well be still in business. “Plus,” he said, “you’ll understand if I am off women a bit at the moment.”

Mary laughed. “I know exactly what you mean,” she said, and told him all about her two years, almost, with That Boy, including the manner of her ‘dumping’.

“Well,” said James, “I guess we’re fellow travelers. We’ve guests arriving tomorrow afternoon, so let’s celebrate the unfortunate end of one phase of your life, and the start of another. A new season for us both, you might say.” He crossed to a tall cupboard and unlocked it. “This is where I keep my really good stuff, stuff too good to sell to the tourists.”

He took out an almost full bottle of a light gold liquid and poured two small glasses. “Now take your time with this stuff, it’s a bit of an acquired taste, especially for one so young as you. Believe it or not, the stuff in this bottle in almost as old as you.” He proposed a toast to a ‘happy and rewarding season’.

And so they sat, quietly, in the light of one table lamp, and watched through the windows as the hillsides around them faded into the night, and drank their Scotch. Mary was expecting it to be a bit rough, as some of the whiskies That Boy had bought were, but soon realized that this ‘good stuff’ was really very smooth and when sipped slowly was a very comfortable, warming, soothing experience, as was just sitting here quietly with James. When his glass was empty, he stood, gave Mary a little bow and said “See you in the morning,” and went to his room at the far end of the ground floor, the other side of the kitchen. Mary took another ten minutes to finish her Scotch, rinsed her glass, and climbed up to the attic above the laundry room. She was amazed at just how quickly they had become comfortable, she and this man who was a good ten years older than her father. This was only her third night, but already she felt quite at home. But tomorrow the real work started. James also explained that while they did not serve lunch and dinner to guests, they could order in the evening a packed lunch to take with them, usually cold deli meats, tomatoes, cheese, and an apple or banana, with a bottle of water, and making those during breakfast was part of Mary’s job. “We don’t do too many of them, but if they’re heading up to the highlands they like to know they at least have a lunch.”

The ground floor of the farmhouse started at one end with the Guests’ Dining Room, which contained a big table with seating for 10. That was entered from the main hallway at the foot of the stairs that led to the four bedrooms. The other side of the hall from the dining room was the Library, where guests could sit in the evening, and James, and soon Mary, could sell them ‘a night cap’. The library was a comfortable room, and Mary was pleased to see it had both fiction and non-fiction, including some good books on local history.

A doorway next to the library opened off the hallway into James and Mary’s sitting and dining area, where James had his computer and a desk for his business papers. Next to that room was the kitchen, which had quite the equipment. Eight gas hobs gave flexibility to preparing breakfasts, there was a gas oven and a separate gas-heated convection oven which James claimed he ‘loved’ more than his soon-to-be-ex wife. Mary, on hearing his tale about her departure had already figured that his appointment in Glasgow the day she came to Scotland was probably about the divorce.

A staircase from the kitchen led up to the laundry room, and a staircase from there led to Mary’s attic room. Beyond the kitchen was James’ bedroom, with his one luxury – a brand new queen-sized bed. She had seen his room when he gave her the grand tour, and during dinner when he left the door open, and commented to James about how the bed was nicely made. That was the only time she had seen him blush.

“I learned living on a boat in limited space to always make my bed. When Susan left, I dumped our marital bed and got a new one with all new bedlinen. Should I ever meet a lady I get serious about, I don’t want any trace of that person anywhere around.”

Sunday, James explained the check-in procedure at the table in the hall, and got Mary to lay the table for the next morning’s breakfast. “It canlı casino saves having to dash around when guests come down in dribs and drabs,” he explained.

They soon settled into a routine, with Mary helping serve breakfast and then doing any room that had a departure. The practice was always to do the room immediately so that “it is ready in case we get an unexpected booking,” said James. Then the table was laid, always for 10 so as to give the guests some flexibility. Evenings were spent, after dinner was cleared, reading and playing music from James very extensive vinyl collection. He was into musicals and soft jazz mainly, but there was some light classical and a bit of Caribbean music from his days at sea on the charter. The collection rounded off with some music from the 50s and 60s that James claimed he inherited from his father. They laughed and teased each other easily, much as friends rather than boss and worker, and Mary was making great progress through her reading schedule.

Her fourth Saturday, May 18th, turned out to be hot even by the time they had finished clearing breakfast. After breakfast, James called Mary to put some walking shoes on and go with him. He was carrying a backpack. They went up over the hill and down into a small hollow. A gentle stream flowed in to the first of three pools of water. James explained that because the pools changed their water slowly, it was pretty warm in the summer. “Ideal for skinny dipping,” he explained, and turning his back on her, stripped and jumped straight in, naked.

Mary was quite surprised. She had never skinny dipped in her life, so far as she could remember. She was tempted because of the heat, so walked to the third of the three pools and stripped off and jumped in. James called to her that “That pool is always the warmest because of the time it takes water to flow through the three pools. The water is always clean, as the wild life and sheep don’t care for warm water.”

Out of curiosity, Mary climbed over the rocks separating the third and second pool, and found it noticeably cooler. Climbing into the first pool, where James was, she found that one to be the best temperature on a day like today, cool and refreshing, and she swam around for a while. James remained at a respectful distance.

As she went to get out, she felt a sharp jab in her foot and she cried out in pain. Looking down, she saw the water start going red with blood. James was over to her instantly. “Turn your back towards me,” he said, and he then scooped her up in his arms. She could feel her bare skin against his, and knew that he could see not only her breasts but also the bush of dark, unruly hair at her groin. She tried to cover her breasts with an arm, but that was about all she could manage. She was red with embarrassment. Fortunately for Mary, the way he was carrying her stopped her from seeing his private parts

Unperturbed, James carried her out of the pool and over to her clothes. He went back to his clothes, where he had the backpack with some towels, and brought two over. “Dry and dress yourself and then I’ll look at that foot.” he said. He had discretely wrapped a towel around his waist.

He returned a few minutes later, dressed, after he had called over to ask if she was dressed. He took out a clean handkerchief and bound it around her foot. “At least with the water being pretty clean, we have little chance of infection. Here, you put the backpack on, then I’ll carry you back home.” He picked her up easily in a fire-man’s lift and set off up the hill.

It took a while, even though James was obviously pretty strong, but eventually he deposited her on to the garden swing by the front door and went inside. He returned with a bowl of warm water, clean face cloths and towels and a box of band aids and some bandages. “I put Dettol in the water,” he announced.

Mary grimaced. “That stuff? That was always Mum’s go to for cuts and scrapes. Stings like hell. We used to call it Deathol as kids.” James laughed. “Aye, maybe,” he said, “but it works.”

Fortunately, the cut was under the instep not on the ball of the foot, so after properly dressing it, Mary could walk without much pain.

Over dinner, Mary kept expressing her apologies, and her embarrassment, especially James having to carry her while both were naked. He laughed. “You’re not the first naked lady I have seen, and certainly neither the ugliest nor the fattest, so don’t worry about it.

“But you were so proper and correct, trying to spare my blushes and doing your best to retain my dignity. You were so gallant. My own father could not have behaved more respectfully.”

James actually blushed, but then said he did have one question. “Lassie,” he said, “you have a bonnie body, with all the right curves, so why cover it up in so many chunky sweaters and skirts. You know now that I am respectful, and we are both capable of keeping the proper relationship, so dress more ‘you’ and let us all enjoy your good looks.” That speech had both of them blushing. However, when she came down for breakfast on the Sunday, Mary had a nice light blue blouse tucked in to a darker blue skirt that was just above her knees. When James gave her an appreciative smile, she smiled back.

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Summer Holidays – Friend’s Mom

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Author Warning.

1.This is a work of fiction…so any names and places used in the story has no real relation or what so ever.

2.This is a work of sexual elements and mostly safe sex is advisable.

3.This is a work for adults and people who cared and interested in subject matter of younger man relationship with older women…therefore if anyone felt violated please do not go any further. Underage is advisable not to continue if do anything happened is not a responsible or causalities of the story and the author.

(Please refer at your legal states rules)


It was chilling morning.

The double decker bus passed another bump. It vibration was strong enough to wake me up. I lowered my small blanket and turned my head. My friend, Sharil was still sleeping soundly.

I looked at my watch, it was almost 6am.

The sky was still dark as the bus slowly exited the highway. It passed the highway toll and drove along the trunk road to Kemasik, Terengganu. Along the way, the bus passed small village houses, petrol station, mosques as well as orchards.

It has been a long drive from Kuala Lumpur, till the bus finally stopped at the station.

Everyone was eager to leave the bus. Sharil tapped my shoulder indicated that we have reached. He is my classmate in college since first year. We studied engineering together and this is our second summer holidays. He has invited me to stay in his hometown.

Sharil pointed to the taxi stand near the bus station. There were a few red white proton saga taxis parked near the stand. We walked in the chilled morning weather toward the stand.

A man in his fifties walked toward Sharil. He negotiated with him and finally he nodded his head.

We stuffed our luggages into the car trunk before enter the car. The man started the car and slowly drove away from the bus station.


The coaster road has beautiful scenery. From distance, I could see the long stretch of sandy beaches. Waves and waves were hitting on the shore line. On the side of the road, the lushful coconut trees were everywhere. It was indeed a magnificent view of the east coast.

The taxi slowly turned into a junction and entered a small village. After a few more turns, it stopped in front of kampung (village) house.

“We have arrived..” Sharil remarked.

I looked at the traditional kampung house. It was partially made of wood and bricks. The main part of the house was silted and on the right side was another fully bricked building which I believed to be an extension of the old house. The extension building has a modern design like the house in KL.

The light brown and white bricked house has a large yard and stretch to the back of the beach. On the front, there was a wooden platform under the large angsana tree. The yard was fenced with small green plants.

We walked on the small road toward the main entrance of the house.

“Assalamualaikum…” Sharil shouted softly.

“Oh… walaikumsalam..” someone replied from inside the house.

We walked closer till we reached the stairs to the main door. Shortly the door opened and a lady in her late forties stood there.

She was wearing a pink hijab and light batik motif baju kurung (traditional malay dress). She put a smile on her chubby face with her red makeup lips. She was very pretty.

“Mom… I am back..” Sharil said.

“Good… I thought you might reach later in the morning…” she said.

I smiled at the lady. She was about the same height with Sharil, 5ft 5″ tall. She looked young but slightly on the plump side with small tummy. I was suddenly focused on her large breasts. They were tightly wrapped under her dress which outlined her laced bra.

“Mom… he is my chinese friend I told you about..” Sharil said.

“Nice to meet you Mak cik (auntie in malay)..” I greeted.

We shook hands.

“Hi.. Min right..”

“Yes.. Mak cik..” I answered.

“Come in… let me get you two some breakfast…” she invited me up the house.

The main living area was small, yet it was nicely decorated with traditional Malay style. Yet the leather sofa set was new with nice Persian carpet. The both side of the living were rooms.

Further back was the dining lounge. The area was ground level, so we have to climb the stairs down.

The dining lounge was more modern design with bricked structure. However, it still has aluminum zinc roof where it will still make noises when rain fall. It was newly renovated with the kitchen at the back. There were windows over looked the beach behind with a door to access the back yard.

The brick structure has two toilet bathrooms. It has a corridor lead to another small living area.

“Sit…” Sharil mom began to open up the dishes cover.

There were fried chickens, chili paste, coconut rice, hard boiled eggs, anchovies as well as cucumbers on the dining table. We began to eat as she prepared some rose syrup water for us.

“Mmmm…nice..” I sounded.

“Yes… mom made great nasi lemak..” Sharil said.

Then we were interrupted bonus veren siteler by an elder man in his late fifties. He was only wearing a short as he sat down with us.

“Hi pa…” Sharil greeted his father.

“Pak cik (uncle)” I followed later.

“Morning… just arrived. Good, eat something…” he said.

He has a fat figure and a big eater as well. Soon three of us almost finished the food on the table. Sharil headed into the bathroom to get ready for work. According to him, he worked in the Petronas refinery nearby.

Shortly after Sharil father left for work, Sharil took me to new small living area. It was an entire new part of the house. The living area has a large led tv with modern sofa set. There were two bedrooms in the area.

One was Sharil bedroom and the other was a guest bedroom which assigned for my stay.


After lunch, Sharil took me around his village, the beach and an afternoon tea at his favorite mamak (local cafe store).

By evening, we returned home. Sharil was busy chatting with his mom in the kitchen. Mak Cik has changed her clothes to more casual style but her hijab still remained.

I could see her red bra and panty under her white long loose thin dress she was wearing now. It was an amazing view. I have never seemed a woman in this condition my entire life. With my raging hormone, my cock began to hard. Luckily, I was wear boxer and jeans which was difficult for anyone to notice it.

We were helping his mom to prepare dinner. I was trying hard not to glimpse at her bosom but I couldn’t help it. Once awhile, she caught me looking.

I quickly turned away or trying to avoid myself. All she did was smiled.

“Boy… your friend is cute..” she remarked.

We all laughed.

Soon, the place was filled while the sound of prayer from a distance mosque. Sharil retreated to his room for prayer before dinner. I took the opportunity to take a shower as well.

Dinner was long as we ate together with his parents. Mak Cik had cooked lot of dishes and we were forced to fill our stomachs full. We chatted a little while before we retreated to our room.

The night was warm

The sound waves hitting ashore filled the area… occasionally interrupted by the sounds of crickets. The breeze was warm as I slowly dozed to sleep in single bed.


I woke up during middle night.

It time was 12am. I have slept for an hour and perhaps it was not my bed. I couldn’t get use to it.

The house was dark as I walked out to the bathroom. The temperature began to drop and it was chilling.

I passed the corridor to the dining area. Then I heard noises from someone talking from the main living area. I slowly tipped toed to the main house.

It was dark except some dimmed light coming from the master bedroom.

“Ahaaa… ah ah ah…” it was a moan.

“Yesss… push deeperr..”


I walked closer.

“Bang (husband in malay)…. aaah ah ah… hold on… more bang more..” Mak cik screamed.

“Sssshh… later the boys heard us…” Pak cik whispered.

“Come on… bang, I need your cock… so long I didn’t comeeee..” she whispered.

“Yah… I giving it to you now..ahaaaaa” he screamed.

“Noooo… you come so fast…aaahh..” she moaned.

“Sorry… maybe I am tired lately..” he mentioned.

“It is okay bang..” she whispered.

“Maybe we do it again after I come back..” he said.

There was a moment of silent and I could hear someone was moving out of the bed. It was sound of squeaking.

I quickly returned back to the bathroom. I began to piss and then the light from another bathroom was turned on. Then, there was a sound of Mak Cik coughing. I began to panic as my piss was long. I was eagerly to end my pissing but I couldn’t help. In my mind, I was thinking if she noticed me it will be an awkward situation.

Slowly, my urine subsided. I cleaned up myself and quietly open the door. As I came out of the bathroom, Mak Cik was standing at the kitchen counter drinking water.

The light from the bathroom shone upon her. I immediately felt embarrassed but my cock reacted otherwise.

She was in a grey satin chemise with laces on the top. Her nipples were faintly poking on the smooth material. Yet her breasts were big to outline the top of her chemise. They were round and firm. I looked at her for a long time before she called me out.

“Min… are you okay..?” she asked.

“Oh… it is hot weather..” I simply said something.

“Yes… that is why I get some water..” she answered.

I was still staring at her smooth bosom. She smiled as she used her hand to flip her shoulder length hair. It was then I realized that Mak cik was not in her hijab.

“I better get some rest..” I replied.

Mak cik smiled and greeted me back.

“Good night”


The roosters were crowing in the early morning.

I woke up but still twisting my body on the bed. Then there another crowing and mosque began to pray from distance. I left the room and bedava bahis walked into the dining area.

Mak cik was already up.

“Morning Mak cik..” I greeted her.

“Morning… I am running late..” she said.

“You want me to help…?” I asked.

She smiled “Such a good boy.. Sharil never offer to help. But it is okay, go and wash up.”

I entered the bathroom that she just came out from. She was still in her satin chemise as she headed back to her room.

I slowly wash up and took a light shower. The water was cold but luckily they have installed water heater in all of the bathrooms. As I about finished up, I stepped on a small piece of cloth on the floor.

It was Mak Cik panty. The grey satin panty was a set with her chemise. It still has the intriguing aroma of womanhood. I examined it and there was a patch of wet juice on the center of her panty.

I took it out as I walked out of the bathroom. We bumped into each other again.

“Oh…” she looked at me with a smiled.

“Mak cik…” I showed her the panty on my hand.

“Oh… mine. I am so sorry..” she picked it from me.

“It is still wet…” I mentioned.

She was embarrassed while holding a basket of clothes. I looked at the basket.

“You need help…?”

“Well… can you put them in the washing machine? I need to make breakfast… thanks..” she said.

I nodded and took the basket from her. The washing machine was located just near the bathroom so I slowly put piece by piece of the laundry into it. There was her chemise in the laundry. I took it and sniffed it.

Mak Cik stood in the kitchen turned and looked at me. Then she turned to avoid eyes contact.

By then, I took her red bra and examined it. She again turned and caught me. She didn’t said a word but continue preparing breakfast.

Once I was done and the washing machine began it washing cycle, I walked toward her.

“Having fun.. I see..” she remarked.

“I am sorry…” I answered.

I stood next to her in the kitchen. She was cutting vegetables. I stared at her with full admiration.

“It is okay… since you help me to pick my panty and do launch for me. Don’t get any ideas, I know young man like you has lot of hormone and stamina..” she said.

“I think Mak cik also… if not the panty is so wet..” I cheekily remarked.

“Ssss…. stop it..” she said.

I looked at her again; she was dressed with plain green baju kurung with a grey hijab.

“Don’t look…”

Before I could comment, we were interrupted by Sharil.

“Morning…” he said.

I turned and sat at the dining table. He blinked his eyes and sat next to me.

Mak Cik was busy cooking till all the dishes were served on the table.

Then she looked at Sharil

“Boy… you know dad is going to your grandpa house tomorrow, he want you to come along…” she said.

“How long we will stay there..?” Sharil asked.

“Maybe two nights…” she said.

Sharil looked at me.

“It will be difficult for Min… since the place is packed with my cousins as well..” he said.

I was confused.

“Well… it is okay, bro. I can manage here…” I answered.

“It is not nice..”

“But your grandpa want to see you..” she said.

Pak cik walked into the dining area and interrupted the conversation.

“Just two nights… your mom will be here, so you don’t have to worry about no one cook for your friend..”

“Dude… I have no problem..” I said.

He nodded.

“By the way, you two better get ready if you want to visit the refinery…” he said.


It was the highlight of my visit.

A tour at the Petronas refinery was educational. We enjoyed the half day tour with Sharil dad till we returned home. We took a rest and lunch.

In the afternoon, Sharil joined his primary school friends at the beach for swimming. We had great time at the seaside before returning home in the late evening.

Dinner was short tonight. Sharil was very tired and retreated to his room early. I chatted with Pak cik for awhile before he headed to sleep as well.

The house became quiet again.

I looked outside the dark beach that slight shone from the light outside back of the house. Mak cik was busy cleaning up the kitchen.

“Go and get some rest…” she said.

“I am not tired yet… maybe later,” I replied.

“Since tomorrow Sharil is not around, can you accompany me to the market..?” she asked.

“Sure no problem..” I answered.

She moved around the kitchen before headed back to the main house. Soon she came back with her clothes and towel. I was hoping that she will wear something revealing.

I continued back with my phone.

“Aaaaahhh…” she came out shortly.

Mak cik hair was wet and she was in her loose white pajamas dress. It was a disappointment for me. Yet, she came over and sat on a chair next to me.

“What are you playing?” she asked.

“Oh… facebook…” I answered.

“Kid nowadays.. have so many things on their phone. I only know how to make calls..” deneme bonus she said.

She continued to dry her hair with her towel while watching me scrolling my facebook. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. I clicked on the facebook I joined.

“Woooo…” she sounded.

The group was mostly older women in sexy lingerie. I scrolled on each latest post and Mak Cik was so focus on my phone.

“I didn’t know, such age can wear like these…” she said.

“They looked sexy…” I answered.

She looked at me and gave me a disapproval expression.

“I like these also…” I began to click on my favorite writer page in facebook, YJ Wong.

His erotic stories were all about older women and younger man. I scrolled his stories previews and posts. Mak Cik was showing even more interest on these posts.

“Wow… so naughty…” she commented.

We looked at the posts for awhile before I took the courage and lean forward. I kissed her mouth.

She immediately back off. I was expecting she would scold me or warm me. But instead, she stood up.

“It is late… get some sleep…” she headed back to her room.

I was left alone.


The sun was shining in the room.

I woke up late and rushed to the bathroom. I quickly wash up and had my breakfast. Just as I came out of the bathroom, the washing machine was beeping.

The laundry was done. I looked around and didn’t see Mak cik around. So I helped her to hang her laundry at the back yard. I was hoping to find some sexy lingerie in the laundry but it was again disappointing. There were all plain bras and panties.

“Hey… morning…” Mak cik greeted me.

“Morning, Mak cik. Where is Sharil…?” I asked.

“They left early to Kuala Terengganu. You don’t have to help…” she said.

“It is okay… I almost finish..” I said.

“Okay… I will ready the breakfast, you can eat with me..” she said.

The morning sea breeze was calming. I loved staying near the seaside. It was great. The coconut trees were swaying on the sandy beach. Occasionally one or two coconuts dropped on the ground.

I had done with the laundry so I walked into the dining area. I sat done next to her.

“Nothing interesting in the laundry…” I remarked.

“Then what do you expect…?” Mak Cik asked.

“Something sexy…” I answered.

“I don’t have many sexy collections… only two sets we bought from Bangkok trip..” she said.

“Now… Mak cik can buy online…” I answered.

“Maybe later… now eat, we need to go to the market..” she said.

I nodded and finished the food at the table.


The wet market in Terengganu was same like anywhere in the country. There were fresh vegetables, chickens, spices and more varieties of seafood selling in the market. We spent an hour there before headed back. I took some rest while Mak Cik cooked lunch for both of us.

In the afternoon, Mak cik asked me to accompany her to the mosque. I was hoping some excitement but anyway I do wanted to visit a mosque.

The mosque was big with traditional Arabic and Persian design. There were few domes with crescent moon decorated on top.

They were having a kenduri (food gathering/party) in the mosque. The ladies were busy preparing and cooking food outside the building. I was forbidden to enter any buildings on the mosque area. I could only help Mak cik and her friends at the yard designated for cooking.

As I busy helping, the ladies were laughing and chatting.

“He is very handsome…” one of the ladies whispered.

“Sss… he is my son friend..” Mak cik answered.

“I was wondering, you got peeped his tool. Young and endowed..” another commented.

“That is forbidden. If his husband knew about it, she will be punished… and she will go to hell..” a taller lady answered.

“Yes… I remembered Yati who had affair with the grocery boy. The husband caught her and divorced her. No one will want her anymore..” the youngest among them added.

“Haiyah… men can married four but we cannot have fun. And all of you complained about our husband didn’t find is attractive anymore…” the first one defended.

“Tell me, Hamsiah. You didn’t even peep on him…”

“Sssss….” Mak cik gestured.

“Come on… who knows if you try and he will be back to KL. At least you have fun…”

“Enough… we will end up being in hell..” the taller lady said.

The ladies continued to steal glances at me for two hours before everything was ready. We ate some of the food prepared and the rest were served into the mosque for the men.

It was 8pm, Mak cik and I walked back to the house. The kenduri has run smoothly while the ladies returned back to their home.

The road was shone by the yellow street lamp.

“Don’t mind the ladies..” Mak cik said.

“Is it true, they said I am very handsome..?” I asked.


“What do you think…?” I asked.

“I think you are cute..” she said.

We continued to walk home.


The night was warm; I was relaxing on the dining area. I waiting for Mak Cik to head for shower, but somehow she was busy cleaning up the kitchen.

“Need any help..?” I asked.

“It is okay…” she replied.

I couldn’t wait anymore so I stood next to her. She just smiled and continued her work.

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Again (750 Words)

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I heard sobbing as I knocked on the door.

My cheating fiancée’s mother, Janice, answered. Tall and brown-haired like her daughter, at 43 she was still stunning despite a few wrinkles here and there. Today, though, her eyes were red-rimmed from crying.

As I handed her the garbage bags holding the last of Sarah’s clothes from my closet, I tried to be reassuring, “Janice, please don’t be upset. You’re a wonderful woman, you had nothing to do with the crap Sarah pulled. I’ll be fine.”

She shook her head, “It’s not about that, Mike, I just found out Aaron is cheating on me. The concierge from the hotel he’s at with his mistress just called because the bank declined his credit card. Apparently some hacker got the number and made a bunch of suspicious charges. So now I know he’s at a beach resort in Santa Cruz, not a business trip to Seattle.” She began sobbing, and I took her in my arms and held her to my chest.

I didn’t know if it would help or not, but as a distraction I told her, “Hey, I haven’t held you bonus veren siteler like this since we danced at that New Year’s Eve party two years ago.” It must have done the trick; she stopped crying, looking up at me with a funny little smile.

“That was nice, wasn’t it?”

I chuckled softly. “It was. I remember thinking how lucky I was to marry your daughter, because I’d get to see you a lot.” Leaning down to kiss her cheek, I murmured, “I have to admit, you’re pretty easy on the eyes, Janice. Sarah would’ve ended up an ogre if she looked like her father.”

Suddenly Janice’s lips were pressed to mine, her passion clearly evident as her dexterous hands unbuttoned my shirt as if her life depended on it. I was too stunned to do much, but my cock wasn’t. It began, in the words of Shakespeare, to ‘stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood’. Instinctively I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her crotch into mine, and feeling her grind on me in response.

The next two minutes were a blur bedava bahis of my loafers thudding against the wall as I kicked them off, my zipper unzipping, the clattering of buttons on the hardwood floor from the ripping open of her blouse, and the tearing of cotton as I roughly pulled her panties off. Janice gasped as I threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the nearest bedroom.

Janice’s cheeks were flushed with excitement as I stood over her, my erect cock bobbing in anticipation of ravishing her. She lay there in only her bra, her chest heaving.

“Show me those tits, you hot bitch!” I growled, and she obeyed, shyly reaching behind her back to undo the snaps and pull the garment free.

Her eyes on mine, she asked, “Do my old floppy tits make you want someone younger?”

I pounced on her, pulling her panties off and plunging into her surprisingly slick vagina.

She gasped in delight and I put my hand over her mouth, reprimanding her, “Shut up, you damned temptress. Your husband just deneme bonus made the mistake of his life. From now on you’re all mine, do you understand?” She nodded, and I took my hand off her mouth so I could kiss her passionately.

Like a flare-gun signal, our frenzied coupling burned bright but brief. Janice stiffened and shrieked as she came, digging her heels into the mattress and pushing her mound up to meet my thrusts. In response, my balls emptied themselves, filling her unprotected and welcoming womb.

As I collapsed on top of her, she began to cry again. I gently kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her eyelids and her lips, my hands lovingly caressing the wonderful body I’d just ravaged. “Janice, that was wonderful, why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?” I asked her softly.

“No, I loved it,” she sobbed, “It’s just that I haven’t been made love to like that since my honeymoon. It felt so good to be desired, even if it was just for one time.”

I took her chin in my hand so our eyes connected. “Whoa there, you vixen! What part of ‘you’re all mine now’ wasn’t clear to you? That was just the first time!”

Four weeks later when the pregnancy test stick showed positive, I proposed to Janice, marrying her the minute the ink on her divorce papers dried.

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I don’t tell him no. Not now, not in a thousand years. Slowly I hung up the phone and then looked out the window for some reason. There wasn’t anything out there to see, just life on County Road 19 in good old Morrow County. Nothing. Husband’s at work for another two hours. Kids at school for another three. I’m supposed to be on my way to work myself, changing bed pans and wiping asses but I called off. Waiting for a call. That call that would give me what I want. What I need. I need fucked and he’s back.

Him, my beautiful John. All man in a small package. Back, in town and in my life, waiting for me up at the Knight’s Inn. I don’t tell this stallion no, I run to him, now, then, forever. I grabbed my bag, keys and hit the door. I’m not wiping asses, I’m going to be a piece of ass. God, I want it. I want him and I want him now.

Up 314, left at Chesterville watching for the cops. I don’t need a cheap ticket now. Past the truck stop, making sure that nosy neighbor isn’t hanging out watching for gossip. Over the freeway, just a little bit more. Knight’s Inn. Room 312. I think my heart was pounding but I didn’t care. I need, real bad. I think my body trembled once as I turned in the parking lot. Real bad. Damn, there he is.

Leaning against the door frame, looking so good a woman just has to pull to a stop and appreciate the view. A little heavier than when we met but that’s OK, he was too thin then. No gut like hubby Howard. No beer either. Just all man in a small package. All man that can make time blur together with a twinkle of those china blue eyes.

Somehow I got out of the car but I don’t really remember. I got into the room but I don’t recall that either. The door was shut and locked, the blinds closed and I was in his arms. His lips were on mine. I’m a married woman with six kids and no other man ever kissed me like my John. No other man ever loved me like he does. God, we had so much to talk about and all I knew was my blouse was opened. All I knew was he wanted as much as I did.

God, yes, baby boy, I’m yours. All I could do was hang on as John unhooked my brassiere, pulling off my shirt and then it. He stepped back and appreciated the view. Total heat. Howard’s idea of foreplay is grope and stick it in. I felt my underpants go wet as John dropped to his knees and pulled me close to suckle. God, yes, he knows tricks Howard never dreamed of. God, yes, it’s all yours, baby boy. All. All blurring together into absolute bliss.

Somehow I was naked, sprawled on the bed, looking up at my incredible lover’s body ready to have me. John’s a full foot shorter than Howard but bonus veren siteler three inches longer, if you know what I mean. Bigger around too. I stared at his cock, flame red in its heat and felt my own wetness surge again. He was mouthing my breasts one more time, I was going berserk. Do me, do me, baby boy and God, he was in. He was fucking me.

His cock was like a jackhammer, every push driving deep into my pussy. Every push and another lust grunt from deep in his chest. I hung on and let him go, knowing I was coming all over his shaft. Shit, I didn’t care, I had my tubes tied. I was getting it, getting a fucking like no other man ever fucked me. Like my John fucked me every time he’d had me before. Like he was doing me now. Making me come and come again until his cock head finally began to swell. I know I moaned as the head exploded and God, this man can come.

On and on it belched out, pouring semen into me. I didn’t give a shit, I’d clean up in a second. I’d gotten fucked, that’s what matter, fucked by a real man. Not a beer drinking, pot-bellied louse. A man. A most beautiful man collapsed on top of me, his cock slowly falling out, dragging more of his come as it did. My baby boy, all man. All mine.

I felt John roll off me, wiping his cock on a bedcover. I rolled the other way and made my way to the bathroom. God, I hate semen clumped to me, even his. I had to get cleaned up, even knowing he’d want more. He’d have more, I’d make damn sure of that. I saw his grin, I was still the best pussy he ever had and he’d had plenty. He was going to get plenty more.

That woman looking back at me from the mirror in the bath would give him whatever he wanted. Baby wanted a piece of ass, it was his. I wasn’t crazy about going on my knees, but it could happen. Just as long as he kept wanting me. I examined my breasts quickly after I’d washed, making sure no marks. John was my lover but I didn’t need to try explain anything to Howard too. Anything like love bites. I was good, I was ready. I opened the door and felt my heart flutter again.

The son of a bitch was ready again, I could see his cock standing up as he pulled back the covers. He’d managed to wipe up the lust puddle from the sheets. Not that I cared about a stain. All that mattered was he still wanted. Wanted me and he could have. Have right now.

I fell into the bed and felt him pressing me on my back, his kisses to my lips and throat driving me wild.

“Baby, when did we start?” he whispered.

“Fooling around?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, looking into my eyes. “I know it was a Sunday bedava bahis afternoon, that first time you came to me. How long ago?”

“Seventeen years,” I murmured, feeling a kiss on my throat and then down my chest. His mouth found my left breast as I whispered, “Seventeen years. Roy-Roy is seventeen.”

Hungrily he fed, moving my thighs open as I felt his cock brush my thigh. Hard as a rock and ready, John began to mount me. I felt the pecker push in and my own climax. A fucking one man gang bang, that’s what it was. His cock pushed deep, his chest crushed my breasts and his lust grunts began, even as he struggled to breathe. Even as he gasped, “Baby, am I his daddy?”

I held on as the jackhammer pounded away, again feeling waves of orgasms flood out of me. My legs wrapped around my stallion as he rode me deep into the mattress, his cock going deeper than before to have his way with me. John raised his upper body off mine, pinning my shoulders to the mattress as he watched my nipples go hard again and again with each come. The cock was ripe, it was so ready, again exploding and gushing my man’s lust into me. I let my body come again, bucked once in time with his fucking of me and gasped, “No. I told you then I was fixed.”

Again John collapsed on me, his cock spewing out more come than three men could shoot in me, not that I’d let them. Not all at once, at least. Hey, I’m no saint, it wasn’t like I was a virgin when Howard and I got married but I wasn’t knocked up yet either. John knew I’d fooled around before I met him and a couple of times afterwards too. When he was out of the picture, me thinking I’d never see him again. Shit happens, that’s all there was to that. Sort of like it was supposed to be for us.

I was thinking about that an hour later when he put me face down. There’s only two men I’d ever give a piece of ass to, him and Howard and Howard never would do me this nice and hard. Hell, my husband puts it in a little and shoot all over my cheeks. John, shit, he sticks me deep and comes hard. I felt his cock going deeper than he should, knowing it would be a couple of days before all his load flushed out of me but I didn’t care. I just couldn’t keep from thinking about where it all began.

We were just going to fool around a few times way back when, at least that’s what I planned. Him working at one store, me working next door, we get to talking and one thing led to another. Yeah, I went to his place one Sunday so many years ago, went to get screwed. I didn’t think it was going to be anything much. So much for that, the son of a bitch knew how to fuck. deneme bonus

For more than a year he humped me, me coming to him after work about three nights a week. Most of time wham bam, once in a while for a couple of hours, but God, it was good. It was great and I got stupid. There was another guy, Billy. We’d been a thing before, we were again. I didn’t know he was balling another chick though and that pissed me off. I went to beat her, he beat me, I got honest and confessed to Howard. About Billy. John was my secret then. Now. I felt his cock starting to come and I snapped back to reality. To the moment, his semen blasting me a new asshole, me shrieking like I was cherry pie. God, yes, this boy knew how to fuck.

John knew how to sweet talk too, even when he should have been pissing me off. I could see what he was saying, I’d told him I was safe when we started. Seventeen years before, hard to believe. We talked about that as we lay in the bed, I’d told him I was safe, if there was an accident I’d just disappear. He was right, I guess I had, Howard wanting to more to the country and all. I could see why he might wonder about Roy-Roy. John had told me he loved me enough to get me pregnant, I remembered that too, us sitting in a parking lot. He wasn’t even feeling me up at the time. John had ever reason to think what he did, but I didn’t want to talk about it. I just wanted some more.

Part of it’s weird, I admit it. I hadn’t seen John in five years, he calls, tells me he’s in the motel and I run to him. Hell, I don’t know who he’s been screwing. It didn’t matter, it was John. He is that good, he was that good and he still is that good in the sack. Better than I deserve two times over.

It was after eleven that night when I left, him promising to be back in a week or two, me knowing I’d be more than ready when he did. I just nodded one last time when he waved goodbye, knowing what was coming next. Maybe I should have said something, maybe it was best I didn’t, it might have pissed him off. A wife has obligations whether she’s got another or not. Thinking about John was going to make it a lot easier this time. After all, it was Thursday.

Thursday, the start of Howard’s weekend. The start of the routine. Just like every Thursday night, I get home, I get cleaned up, changed and do my duty. I crawled into bed beside the dozing lout and gritted my teeth. All routine, Howard rolled over, pushed up my nightgown and got some pussy. Grope and stick it in, big man, it doesn’t matter. I’d been done by a real man, not a chump throwing a hump into me after a couple of beers. That’s one of the reasons I wrote all this down, just to tell the one man who knows how to do me some of the truth. All of the truth. Something I never dreamed I’d admit. The right man will believe whatever I tell him even when he knows I am lying.

Roy-Roy’s yours, John

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Cuckoo Calling Ch. 01: Jimmy

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(Note: All characters in the story involved in sexual relations are 18 years or older).


They say that people enter your lives for a reason… harbingers of ‘change’ in a person. To help them grow! Or teach them a lesson. Either way, people love to believe that all stories have happy connotations. Consider the animal kingdom; our avian friends for instance. The Cuckoo bird’s exhibition of brood parasitism is an established natural phenomenon. But not one which ends well…

What the Cuckoo bird does is, it lays it’s egg into the nest of another…slowly pushing all the original eggs out. Well…let me warn you, the story of Jimmy Wilson is of the similar cuckoldary and not for those expecting a happy ending. No guy, would want a cuckoo’s egg in their life. And this particular cuckoo’s egg was a certain Kyle Denver…

Jimmy’s story chronicles the rollercoaster of a turn in the life of a boy; that from a seemingly perfect one to a dark tale of sex, betrayal, deceit and lust…


Chapter 1: Jimmy

“Watch where you’re going dork!”

Before he knew it, the skinny boy felt a blow to his right shoulder.

The next thing he saw was his backpack lying on the ground, open and it’s contents scattered over the high school courtyard-apart from himself of course.

Jimmy Wilson fell down with a retired finality as though this were something he was used to on a regular basis. Which he was. He didn’t even need to look up to locate the source of the violent push, nor that arrogant, rough voice.

“I’m sorry, Kyle,” He said hastily, picking himself and the books up. His books were strewn halfway across the courtyard, and his glasses lay about a feet away from where his sorry butt lay. Getting up, he brushed himself off and advanced towards his specs. Kyle had got there first, however.

“Looking for these?” He said holding up his spectacles. Kyle was a burly senior. Being a year older than Jimmy (academically) and at least 2 literally, he’d left no stone unturned in making high school life hell for him.

Nobody really liked Kyle in Welmonte High…well, at least none of the ‘weirdos’ did. Losers, to put it bluntly. The ones Kyle and his cool gang loved to bully left and right. Kyle Denver was the quintessential bad boy of high school. Being vice captain in the Over 17 Football team, the jocks loved him.

Besides, the punks and their ‘goth chicks’ adored him, the thespians just wanted to sleep with him, the gamer’s worshipped him and the greasers…well, let’s just say that if the greasers of high school had a religion, Kyle would have been their Lucifer.

Apart from being a jerk, the guy had it all… the popularity, the money and the girls. Jimmy had heard a rumour that he’d dated 7 girls in one semester (and that was just besides the ones he’d actually slept with). Oh, and he was a year older than Jimmy, 19 at the least, owing to him failing twice.

“Give me back my glasses, Kyle,” Jimmy said.

“Or what? What are you gonna do slenderman?” Kyle jeered. Slenderman- yep, that’s what they called him. Jimmy… the scrawny, nerdy kid with braces and who looked as though a breeze would blow him over.

“You gonna tell mom? You gonna cry to your mommy?” Kyle laughed and so did the rest of his gang beside him.

Jimmy swore under his breath and advanced towards Kyle, hand held out.

“Oooh…,” the bully mocked, “Slenderman’s gonna have my balls for lunch!” The rest of the crowd sniggered – whether at the jibe, or at the sight of the scrawny kid walk up to his burly senior, you couldn’t really tell. Kyle walked over to him, and shoved his buff chest in Jimmy’s face, pushing him back.

“What’re you gonna do huh?” He grunted.

“Huh? What dyou think you can do stickman?”

And with another chest-bump he shoved Jimmy back onto the floor.

“Babe… We gotta go, it’s Chem lab today and we can’t afford to miss another one of Langer’s classes,”

Lisa Miller’s sensous figure appeared through the crowd, the bonus veren siteler onlookers parting away (whether to get back to their classes now that the commotion was over, or to get a better view of Kyle’s sexy girlfriend, heaven knew).

Lisa Miller…if ever Welmonte High wanted to pitch their money in for a future Victoria’s Secret model, she’d be up tops. The fact that, like Kyle she’d managed to fail twice didn’t seem to surprise, nor bother the majority in the least. Girls like Lisa Miller had other, ‘biological’ advantages they could put to use in the world.

Lisa didn’t even need to wear those yoga pants so high up her crotch. With an ass like that, a guy couldn’t stand less than 5 inches away without brushing his meat against her beach-balls.

Attention-seeking came as an ‘undesirable bonus’ in her case. Her tight breasts, impossibly immaculate blonde hair so well styled, you’d wanna lick it, and long legs, it’d be an understatement to say that every guy in college hadn’t jerked off at least once every night thinking of her. What can you say about her?

Apart from the fact that she drove a Mustang to college and wiped her ass using 100 dollar bills, nothing much. Almost the entire college knew she was a rich, spoilt brat who literally fed her social life through gold-digging and sex.

But… you guessed it. Guys just can’t stop being douchebags when it came to hotties like her and they all licked milk from her hand like puppies when it came to favours. That is, except for Kyle of course. He’d seduced her front and back and now she enjoyed not just the lavishness of a rich boy but his impressive dick-game too.

Jimmy had heard a rumour that Lisa had been the girl of some hockey-jock who’d passed out a year back. He’d saved up some good shit to throw an anniversary party at his uncle’s farmhouse only to find his girl’s bouncy ass being pounded by Kyle in the swimming pool…

Man, they say he tried drowning himself in the very pool that night while the party raged on around him only to be disgusted to find Kyle’s seminal fluid dissolving in its chlorinated waters. (No wonder half the bikini-clads jumped into it straight away). And… Lisa was Kyle Denver’s trophy girl ever since.

The crowd of onlookers had thinned out, now that Kyle and his gang were walking off, his arm wrapped around Lisa’s hourglass figure; Kyle threw Jimmy a final sly look before catapulting his specs over the hedge with his fingers, the rest of his gang howling with laughter.

Jimmy sighed and slogged away to the bushes, in search of his glasses.

‘Don’t they ever trim these?’ he thought as he got down on his knees, crawling about the shrubbery. Ten minutes in and Jimmy was still down looking for his specs, all the while whispering curses he should have called Kyle.

“Hey,” a sweet voice came from behind; a voice Jimmy’d recognize anywhere.

Melissa Lewis stood behind him, holding up a stack of books which Jimmy realised were his, following his encounter with Kyle.

“Aren’t you gonna get your books?” She asked, smiling.

“Hey, Mel. Thanks,” Jimmy began, getting up.

Melissa stood with Jimmy’s pile of books arranged neatly in one hand, her other hand on her hip standing akimbo.

He began tossing them into his backpack one by one.

“Kyle, huh?” She asked.

He nodded.

“Yeah, I heard,” Melissa said somberly. “Don’t let him get to you, okay?”

“I’m not,” Jimmy muttered. “It’s just gotten boring now.”


Jimmy’s day was otherwise, a rather uneventful one (though if asked he’d rather have an entirely monotonous school life than one where Kyle and his cronies hounded him all day).

He had a long and tedious History class at 3 where they were told (by their rather unimaginative Mr. Darcy) of George Washington’s love for booze and his savvy businessman tactics with which he started alcohol distilleries.

“Eleven thousand gallons of whiskey!” Mr. Darcy croaked, “Imagine that kids…,”

As bedava bahis his unwavering voice droned on and on, Jimmy felt himself zoning out. He often did in the afternoons. Sometimes he’d feel guilty for staying up late, watching internet porn and flipping through lingerie magazines that he’d “borrowed” from Jenny. But then again, it was too good a gift to overlook. (Jennifer was Jimmy’s older sister).

Heaving his backpack on his desk, he lay his head down, trying to block out his History teacher’s reminiscent babbling on how he’d once participated in the Oktoberfest of ’96.

Melissa sat diagonal to Jimmy, sitting up straight and listening with rapt attention.

That wasn’t surprising. Melissa had that rare gift of grasping every word the teachers said, especially during their sleepy afternoon lectures.

Jimmy stared at his best friend and (though he wasn’t planning on telling anybody), his crush. He’d developed a liking for Mel over the last year but never had the courage to tell her. Not that he ever would, given the chance.

He was content with her friendship if it meant they could be close. Mel’s house was only a couple of blocks from Jimmy’s as it had always been. Ever since she’d moved to the States from Trinidad back in 2nd grade, he’d been her first and closest friend. So close that she’d plan her birthday party and even the guest list with him.

Her mother, Cherelle Lewis would invite him over almost every afternoon for her amazingly cooked callaloo.

“It’s quite the delicacy back home,” A smiling Mrs. Lewis would say fondly, placing the mouth-watering dish in front of them.

It was only recently, in the past year or so when Jimmy realised that he was actually starting to look at Mel in a different way… And no, not the “best friend forever” bullshit that was a thing back in middle school.

He was about to finish high school in two years. He didn’t have time for ‘best friends’, he’d scoff with the rest of his greaser friends. Besides, Melissa had been put into a grade below her since she joined elementary, making her 18 – a year older than Jimmy despite being in the same grade.

He’d begun to notice how attractive Melissa looked. Almost like a blossoming daffodil during Spring. (What a romantic analogy, he’d thought, amused). In fact, Jimmy had always found it odd he hadn’t noticed how pretty Melissa was sooner. It was as though she’d retreated into some bizarre cocoon over the vacations as an ordinary pretty girl, only to morph into this steamy, attractive one.

Man, how do girls do that? He’d thought back then.

Her waist-length hair was a shade of deep chestnut brown, so uniform and straight it looked like a shiny veil of brown silk. Jimmy couldn’t help but notice her rear-end, the way it jutted out in a temptingly shapely manner the way she sat at her desk. Her hands placed beneath her chin, she always had this half-amused expression on her face as though she was constantly in the memory of some extremely laughable joke… that and the fact that Mel’s full lips were always in a half pout giving the impression she was always posing.

Not that she’d ever have to, Jimmy thought, his eyes staring at the firm, tight mounds constituting her breasts. But what he really found alluring was her beautiful, umber-brown complexion, which always seemed to shine.

“It’s all in the genes,” She’d say, laughing it off every time her friends mentioned what beautiful skin she had.

He’d admit that in a list of 11th grade’s hottest gals, Mel would definitely make it into the top 7 at least.

“Jim Wilson! ” Mr. Darcy’s voice intruded sternly into his thoughts. “Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on the military tactics used by the Patriot forces in our war for Independence?”


“What d’you reckon? Me trying out for the cheerleaders squad this year?” Susan asked as Mel, Jimmy and her crossed the Acrobatic Association building on their way to the gate.

“Go for it I say!” Melissa said smiling.

Jim couldn’t deneme bonus help but notice her dazzling smile.

“You never know,” she continued, “There’s always room for new talent.”

“Ah, I don’t know… I heard a lotta folks are trying out for the Tigers.”

“You could ask Roan. Yeah I know, she’s a little over the head at times,” Mel added when she saw the look of disgust on Susan’s face.

“The hell am I asking Roan,” She said. “She’s such a bitch! All I’ve ever heard her do is boss people around , that’s all.”

In fact, Jimmy found it hard to not imagine Susan Camper in the cheerleading squad. He felt a little naughty himself thinking so, but there was a reason why the guys in his grade referred to her as the ‘Texas Cow’. Susan’s disproportionately huge bosoms jiggled with every step she took.

Whether she was now just used to the ogling looks of every horny guy who walked passed her, or if she’d smugly acknowledged the alluring view her huge bust provided, she didn’t seem to mind. She had a pretty sizeable ass too though, and ever since she’d curled her copper hair she’d begun to look rather appealing. Besides, Jimmy wasn’t complaining.

“Hey Jim,” She said. “I heard the Tigers are having try-outs for the team next week. Gonna have a go?”

Jimmy gaped at her. Whilst being flattered at actually being considered as someone who’d give a shot at being in the football squad, he almost laughed at the idea. Jimmy was 5’7 and weighed just above 135 pounds – hardly football material.

Unfortunately for him, there was someone else who’d overheard Susan. Kyle was leaning against his gleaming yellow Mustang spinning it’s keys in his hand. He laughed out loud.

“You’ve gotta be joking. Slenderman? For the football team?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Susan asked. She turned to face Kyle and Jimmy was momentarily stunned at her guts. “Personally, I think it’s a great idea.”

“Listen up Miss Candyland, the day I take suggestions from you about who I should and should not take in my team, will be the day I send a pack of ecstasy pills and flowers to Adam Poulter’s mom in return for a blowjob.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say!” Susan said, her voice bordering on shrill now.

“And honestly, I’d say even you would have a better chance than stick insect Wilson over there.” He walked back towards his car as Lisa cat-walked upto him. Placing an arm around her slim waist he looked back.

“But you know what, Wilson. Don’t lose hope. I’ll consider tying you to a pole in case the team decides to get itself a flag.”

And they drove off, Lisa Miller shrieking with laughter leaving the three on the sidewalk, Jimmy’s face red (either with anger or embarrassment).

“Shit, I totally forgot Denver’s vice captain of the squad this year.” Melissa said, watching the Mustang racing away.

“Yeah, I know right… I mean, of all the people they could make vice captain, this jerk.” Susan replied.

“I guess he plays really well.” Mel shrugged. “Don’t take him seriously, Jimmy. He ain’t worth your time.”


Jimmy trudged home with Melissa along the long wide street kicking a can of Dr. Pepper on his way back. She gave him a comforting look.

“Hey… Jim,” She said sympathetically. “Listen, I know it’s that dick Kyle who’s on your mind but honestly, forget about it.”

“Forget? How do I forget?” He answered. “That asshole screws every day of mine at school, Mel. And what you just expect me to take it lying down?”

Melissa scrunched her pretty face into a frown. “Well, you ignored it pretty well till now,” She said “What happened today?”

Jim sighed and stared blankly ahead.

“I’ve had enough!” He burst out suddenly. “I’ve been dealing with this for a year now…”

The two had a rather heated argument till Becker Avenue where Melissa’s house materialised. She was all for forgetting about the incident. Jimmy, on the other hand was berating on about revenge… something Melissa found highly worrisome.

“Leave it, Jimmy!” Her voice carried as she turned into her driveway.

Looking back at Jim, she sighed and said, “It’s just a year. After that, he’ll be gone! Off to college. Just keep your head down for a few months.” And with that, she walked upto her porch.

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Cougar Awakening Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 Cop Girl


Carl was packing his things, what few things he had and was putting them in a garbage bag. The other people at the prison were packing too. The war between Woodbury and The Prison had reached a breaking point. He had his dad’s sheriff’s hat on, he packed his rifle up and turned around to leave.

Ben Heinrich watched with interest, The Walking Dead was his favorite t.v. show. And he was watching it early in the morning when he should have been getting ready for school. He was a tall muscular looking kid, a football type, a senior, with sandy hair and a boyish face. He had dvded the show.


Holly Haviland was coming in the middle of the semester, to teach for a couple of weeks for a teacher who had gotten sick. Sometimes she worked as a caterer, but she also did some substitute teaching.

Pretty and sexy, she had a definite taste for young boys. She smiled wickedly thinking about some of her sexual escapades. She had seduced as least one male student in most of the high schools that she had taught at. And she was always ready to try another sexual conquest. The mother of one of the boys she had bedded down had called her a cradle robber. In that she was like the other cougars in her pack, the ones who passed around sex tapes of their adventures, a pert little cradle robber, brazen and shameless.

Holly inevitably looked for the most attractive of the young boys, and the ones that were looking for the hottest girls, not some scumbag who would fuck anybody just to have sex. She didn’t like that at all, and it turned her off. She wanted men to have taste, even in high school.

She came into the school and went to the room she had been told to go to.

Ben, afraid of being late, came in after she did, and took the seat he usually sat in.

He was wide shouldered and muscular. Holly’s mouth dropped open and she looked at him, he saw her looking at him, she was looking too long, it was a look that always meant the same thing!

“Wow!” She said to herself and her pulse started racing, Holy shit, the first day!

Holly, if she was going to like them, it happened very quickly within a few seconds, and if it didn’t happen that fast, it wasn’t going to happen at all.

She had learned that some of these hot kids were embarrassed or uptight about doing it with teacher. And she had developed from experience subterfuges to get them in position until she could make her first pass, or get that first kiss in. The goal, get them alone at her place! Although she liked to be noticed and wanted them to pay attention to her.

Ben saw her looking at him, and wondered if she might be a cougar, she looked the right age for it, between thirty five and forty. He had dealt with cougars before, hot thirty and forty somethings on the prowl. He had ran into one at the doctor’s office earlier in the year when he’d broken his wrist. A nurse who had hit on him repeatedly until he’d agreed to ‘come over to her place, where she had proceeded to fuck the shit out of him. And had asked to come back again and again after that. When she had a day off and he had spare time, here came the phone call and the fuck sessions began again.

She knew a fair amount of the boys had been paying attention to her, and she liked putting on a show for them, that was much of the fun of substitute teaching, showing off for those teenage boys!

It went on like this for several school days, her flirting with the teenage boys and prancing around. But Ben had not approached her as she had wanted.

It was evening now, and Holly was home, the cell phone rang and she answered it, it was Kate Ramson, another cradle robbing cougar like herself.

After some chit chat Kate asked, “So hows it going with the new guy?”

Holly replied, “Well I’d hoped he would approach me but he hasn’t.”

“Well that little fucker,” Kate said.

Holly said, “Kate you ought to see the shoulders on that kid, he looks like a fucking Adonis.”

“Wow,” Kate replied.

“He is so handsome I can’t stand it,” Holly said.

“Oh God,” Kate said.

Holly said, “I’m telling you Kate this kid is driving me nuts, I sit there at my desk, thinking come on honey, come on baby, come on honey, come on ask, ask! I’ll you have to do is ask honey. And he won’t do it.”

Kate said, “Yeah I’ve felt like that, maybe drop a hint.”

“I have dropped a hint.”

“Why the fuck won’t he ask me out?” Holly asked loudly.

“Maybe he’s shy, I don’t know,” Kate said.

“When I first met Caleb, I thought he was the hottest kid I had ever seen, and I told him to his face how hot he was, I was going to a school function with him and his mother, and I got in a kiss every chance I got, I asked him out the first night we met, and I fucked him the first night I met him,” Kate said triumphantly.

“Wow,” Holly exclaimed, hit by a blast of envy caused by Kate’s story of cougar conquest.

Kate said, “That was about the first time I had approached a young boy for sex, I just hadn’t for whatever reason, I was embarrassed, I don’t know.”

Holly casino siteleri said, “I was embarrassed I think, but some of these kids were so hot, I couldn’t resist.”

Holly laughed and said, “I just had to have one of them.”

Kate said, “And then, one wasn’t enough.”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“There’s a good amount of young guys who like women like us, thank God, we’re experienced and stuff,” Kate said, “I’ve been turned down, but not that much considering.”

“Right,” Holly replied.

“Remember we’re in constant competition with high school girls, college girls,” Kate said.


“Right now there could be some hot high school cheerleader that’s fucking him every chance she gets,” Kate said.

“Yeah, I know,” Holly replied.

“My advice, get in his face and tell him what you want and be confident, tell him how cute you think he is, proposition him, go after him, that’s what I’d do, I didn’t used to be like that, but I am now, I see some young stud that I like, I go right after him,” Kate said, “I don’t wait.”

“Yeah sometimes I’d like some 18 year old hottie to tell me how pretty I am,” Holly replied.

“He’ll tell you how pretty you are, give him a chance, he’ll do whatever you want,” Kate replied.

“You think so?” Holly asked.

“Yeah,” Kate said, “to me a lot of this is attitude, I see the hottie and I go up to him and I say Hi I’m Kate Ramson and I think you’re totally hot, and behind this is the idea that I expect him to think I am hot too, and I expect him to do whatever I want.”

“Cool” Holly exclaimed.

“I have learned quite a bit in not that long period of time,” Kate said, “a lot of it is attitude, you gotta be confident, sometimes I’m not as confident as I appear, but I always act there is absolutely no way that I could get turned down, it just isn’t possible, he just absolutely going to do whatever the fuck I want.”

“Yeah you should write a book for aspiring cougars,” Holly said.

“Yeah, I’ll call it Kate Ramson’s Cougar Seduction or how I fucked my friend’s 18 year old son!” Kate said and laughed.

“Did you do that?” Holly asked.

“Sure that’s Caleb, I’m friend’s with his mother,” Kate said.

“Does she know?”

“I’m not sure I think so, she’s never said anything about it, and he has spent numerous nights at my house,” Kate said.

“I’ve made up my mind, he gets the first pass tomorrow, if that little hunk won’t make the first move then I will,” Holly declared.

“Well good luck,” Kate said and laughed.

“Oh thanks,” Holly replied and hung up.

After four school days, Holly had just had it. It was all she could do to keep her tongue from hanging out. How she wanted him, it burned into her brain like fire! And, she was used to getting what she wanted to when it came to boys. Ben for his part had thought about approaching her, but she was his teacher! He had noticed her strutting around, of course, all the boys had. He had fantasized about taking her to his house when his parents were gone and fucking her. She had hoped that he would say something to her but he hadn’t. She knew the day before that she was reaching a breaking point. She had asked some of the other teachers about the kid, so that she could start a conversation about something. She would try to make it as smooth as possible, but, she was going after him now, smooth or no smooth!

After class on the fifth day, she went up to him after class and said she wanted to talk to him about something.

She said, “Hey some of the people said you know quite a bit about cars.”

“Yeah, I’ve taken a lot of auto mechanics classes and I work on them in my spare time.”

Ben was already nervous, and now here he was talking to Ms Hotstuff!

“You want to come out and look at my car?” she asked.

Holly walked out to the parking lot and he followed.

“Will you get in?” she asked.

He got in and she started the car and they took off.

She drove out to a small park at the edge of town and pulled in.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

She took a pipe to smoke marijuana out of the glove compartment and lit it. He watched a puff of smoke hit the ash tray.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your car,” Ben said.

“Oh fuck,” Holly said, “I just wanted to talk to you, there’s nothing wrong with my car.”

She took a big puff of smoke and blew it in his face.

“Hey!” he exclaimed and then laughed.

“Watch this,” she said, then another good puff, inhaled it and then blew the smoke puff right at him.

“Hey,” he said again.

She giggled and laughed at him.

“I knew a kid last year who used to love it when I smoked him, although it wasn’t with pot, Misty Lights 120s,” Holly said.

This was kind of odd, Ben thought, although it was turning him on, he was already on his way to a nice erection.

“I just wanted to see if I could smoke you up,” Holly said, then threw her hair back. The light caught her pretty hair in a good way.

She took another puff, then Ben güvenilir casino watched as the ball of smoke hit the ashtray.

Ben said, “You couldn’t smoke me.”

“Wanna bet,” she said quickly.

“I can always tell when I can smoke a boy up, you laughed when you were hit by the smoke, that means I can smoke you.”

Holly said, “I’ve had my eye on you, I admit it.”

“I’ve had my eye on you too,” Ben replied.

“Really,” she said looking over at him.

She had a nice voice, high pitched like a bell.

“Would you get mad if I kissed you?” Ben asked.

Holly said, “Look young man why do you think I brought you out here?”

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“Go for it,” she said.

She leaned over and tilted her head sideways, the way women have for eons when they know a kiss is coming.

“Ummm” she said sticking her tongue in his mouth.

He had gotten in the first kiss, great! She thought.

Ben looked over at her, she grinned at him and her eyes snapped, he had done just the right thing in asking for a kiss.

Holly loved to neck in cars, she had ever since college kid had taken her virginity at sixteen.

Ben looked over at her, she was extremely pretty, with row after row of beautiful white teeth, tall with wide shoulders, and perfectly shaped jugs. She had a small waist line, but wide hips and a big butt that looked like it could have fucked an elephant; not a pound too much or pound too little. She was a sultry little seducer, a high school kid’s dream of a hot sexy cougar come to life right in front of him, right there for the taking!

He smiled at her and leaned over for another kiss. That pretty mouth opened again and he got another nice hot kiss.

She put her arms around Ben and kissed him again, happy with the way he was talking the initiative.

“Way to go honey, she said admiringly and laughed a little, he really seemed like he was getting into her, and her heart was bouncing around.

She picked up the pipe again and took another puff.

“You want some smoke?” she asked.

“No, that’s okay.”

“Well you’d better be ready for smoke young man because in two days I’m going to smoke you up,” she said.

“I said I wasn’t sure I like smoke,” Ben said.

“I don’t give a fuck what you said,” Holly replied, “I’m going to smoke you, aren’t you paying attention.”

Be aggressive and be confident! Holly said to herself, she stared at him, you are going to do what I want dude, she thought. I am a cougar and we bite!

She took another puff of the pot smoke, set herself and blew it right at him. Then quickly took another, and blew another smoke ball at his face.

Ben looked at her, he saw her staring a hole through his face, then another ball of smoke came and then another.

Ben looked at her and thought, this was an entirely different story, he was used to dealing with snotty high school girls, This was a different story for sure. He was not used to dealing with conniving and manipulative cougars, most of whom had one thing in mind from a guy his age.

Her staring at him made his heart race and he got tremendously excited. It was a hot stare that would have melted a block of concrete. If Holly wanted to turn him on, she was succeeding.

She wanted him and was trying to get her claws into him, and start having some regular motherfucking sex before some cheerleader beat her to it.

She reached over and felt his lap, she just had to find out if she was getting to him, and there it was, a nice big hard on!

She started grinning, great!

Ben was already understanding what she meant by a smoke ritual, it was hypnotic and seductive, wow. It was already reaching the point where it was hard to think about anything else.

“Thursday evening, I want to smoke you,” Holly said.

Then she said, “You’re starting to see how it works aren’t you.”

“Yeah,” he exclaimed, “I want to do it.”


Then she said, “Not only have I got my smoke ritual, but I’ve also got Cop Girl.”

“Cop Girl?” Ben asked.

“Yeah I’ve got whole cop outfit, I got a billy club, I got hand cuffs,” Holly said wickedly.

Wow this was getting better by the minute, Ben thought, his mind and pulse racing.

“Cop Girl always gets what she wants,” Holly said.

“That sounds great,” Ben replied.

“I’ve done sex videos with Cop Girl,” Holly said, unable to resist bragging to her would be conquest.

“You mean you really do pornographic videos,” Ben asked incredulously.

“Sure,” Holly said pleased with her bragging and his reaction to it.

She grinned at him, “Thursday evening, I can show you Cop Girl and I want to smoke you.”

“Great,” he replied. Ben was supposed to go a movie with some of his male friends, but he was so turned on by the older hottie, that he couldn’t resist.

“Cool,” she said going for another kiss.

“Why don’t I take you back to the school now,” Holly said.


“Alright,” Holly said triumphantly after he left. Then she took some more smoke, canlı casino inhaling and holding it before blowing towards the windshield.

She was very close now, and her heart was racing, in two days, he would be hers!


Ben masturbated furiously the day before, he was just incredibly turned on. He had seen what she could do to him with her ‘smoke ritual’, it was sultry and hypnotic, like she had done something to his mind with it. He couldn’t wait for her to do it!

He was actually going to fuck the hot teacher that all the boys had been talking about. She had flirted with a fair amount of the boys, and seemed to like all the attention she got. Now he was gonna bang her.


Ben was sitting half naked in a chair in front of corner in a small living room. He had a shirt on and his shoes, but that was it. Holly was standing over him looking down at him. She was dressed, in high heels, a short black skirt, and a white shirt was was partially open all the way to her belly button.

“I’m your smoke mistress,” she said, “and I’m here to teach you about the smoke ritual.”

“Yes,” Ben said.

She picked up a cigarette off of a table, it was long and thin looking, all white. Then he was handed a lighter.

“Light up when I tell you to,” she said.

After a little bit she leaned down over him, and he lit it for the first time. Then, he braced himself for that first puff of smoke! Ben was really excited, having smoke blown at him the other day had caused a type of sexual excitement he had never really experienced before., and he couldn’t wait for her to masturbate him, which is what he thought was gonna happen.

Then it came, a white creamy ball that exploded when it hit his face.

Another one came with the same result, the thick creamy smoke took his breath away for a second or two.

Then a third ball of smoke smashed into his face, with the excitement and the temporary difficulty in breathing, he saw stars for a minute. Ben wasn’t used to smoke and it hung around his head like an opaque cloud.

Holly laughed at him, “I am your smoke mistress, and you’re here to do whatever I want.”

She looked down at the hard on, how she had wanted it, and now there it was! She took it in her hands and leaned down and kissed, then swirling her tongue around the tip and licking the shaft up and down.

“That is a nice cock young man,” Holly said grinning at him.

“Thanks,” he said, almost embarrassed.

“Did I cause that kind of an erection?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am you did, with your smoke ritual,” Ben said.

“Well good for me!”

Then she took his hard on in her hand and began masturbating him. She jerked him up and down, waiting for enough pre cum to get his erection really wet. She giggled and occasionally leaned down and gave his cock a fast kiss.

The cigarette was half smoked down now, and the smoke hovered around his face. He was beginning to see what she meant by a smoke up, it created a world of it’s own. He was getting a feeling of euphoria, almost like smoking weed. The sexual excitement mixed with sometime difficulty in breathing, was creating in intense feeling of desire, the likes of which he had never experienced before, not in this exact way.

He had lots of pre cum bow and she ground away on him, jerking his large cock off.

Holly’s cunt was wet with desire, and he could hear her sighing.

She was really pleased with herself, another fine eighteen year old cock, yes!

Holly leaned over him jerking him off, occasionally laughing and kissing him.

“You may not like smoke, but your cock likes it a lot,” Holly said.

“Yeah,” he replied with emphasis.

“Yeah, I knew it would,” she said.

“How did you know?’ he asked.

“You’re not first boy I’ve smoked young man,” Holly said laughing again.

Ben had seen women turned on before and this was it, desire was written all over h face.

“Come on baby,” she said encouraging him to ejaculate.

Then she went over and picked up the still burning cigarette, “Maybe this will get your attention.”

She stood right in front of him and said, “Watch this.”

Then he watched as yet another ball of thick creamy smoke and blasted his face.

She stared down at his cock, waiting impatiently for all the hot cum to shoot out, so she could swallow it.

“Come on baby,” she said yet again.

She jerked him harder and faster trying to reach a climax.

Holly took his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them, she knew what was boiling inside them and she wanted it! But all things take time.

Then Holly leaned down, took the pretty cock in her hands and gave it a kiss and a suck, swirling her tongue around the tip.

Ben could hear her sigh ever time she jerked him up and down, as though she was ready to cum herself.

Then she leaned down and kissed him, “Come on baby.”

This went on for a few seconds more then, panting and sweating Ben’s cock opened up an shot it’s wad! The hot cum hit him in the chest with about four shots, then it ran down. Holly watched, transfixed. After a few seconds she stuck her tongue out and licked it off his chest. Then licked what was left off the cock. She breathed hard herself, and bolts of sexual energy shot through her body after what she had just witnessed.

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Discovery Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

The night before had blown my mind. A woman 14 years my senior had blown my mind. Only my second sexual partner but first by a wide margin in terms of quality.

I thought about it from the moment I woke up. While I was in the shower, my cock was raging as I thought about how everything had happened — the aborted blow job, the amazing sex, the lesson.

I stopped the shower and began to towel off. It wasn’t the easiest task because of my hard-on, but I figured I’d take care of that as soon as I got to my room. Just then there was a knock on the door and I heard the teacher’s voice again.

“Can I come in for a moment?” she asked.

I opened the door a crack as an invitation and wrapped the towel around my waist, although there was no hiding what was pulsing beneath it. My towel stood nearly straight away from me and it was the first thing she noticed.

“Can I help you with that?” she said giggling.

After what had happened the night before, I was a bit more at ease. I was still the same nervous and shy guy I was the night before but the night had helped, at least with her. I assured her that I would be happy to let her help.

She tugged at my towel and it fell to the floor, exposing my hardness. She reached for it with one hand, grabbed it, and looked me straight in the eye.

“Since you’ve never had one before,” the Teacher said, “I want to give you a proper blow job. And I want you to understand casino siteleri what you have and why it’s so special.”

She immediately dropped to her knees before me and took my cock in her mouth. I had no idea what she meant with her last words before she started, but at that point I didn’t really care.

She expertly used her tongue and her mouth. She took more and more of it until I was almost completely in her mouth. She gagged a little and pulled off of it.

“I want to deep throat the whole thing,” she said. “I’ve never been able to get one this big all the way down, but I want to do it for you.”

In truth, I was already close to orgasm. Thankfully, she paused for a moment before trying again. When she did, I felt her totally engulf my shaft and then she giggled again and pulled off.

“I knew I could do it,” she said. “But not for too long, your hairs tickled my nose.”

With that, she went back to work licking the shaft and head, taking it in her mouth in measured depths. She moved slowly, but the build up I felt was intense.

I fidgeted and could feel myself raising up on my toes. I knew I was close and apparently she did too. She stopped and held my cock at the base like she had the night before, squeezing off my orgasm before I could have it.

“Now I want you to know in detail what you have here and why it’s so special,” the Teacher said. “This is at least the second-largest güvenilir casino cock I have ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen quite a few. It might be the largest, it’s definitely the thickest.

“You should know that if a girl isn’t a virgin, when she sees your cock, she’s going to become very excited. More importantly, she’s going to let you do things to her that she wouldn’t let other guys do.”

The she taught me a lesson that I’ve kept with me and that now I absolutely believe to be true. She told me that every girl wants to let out their inner slut, but they can’t do it for just anyone, or for just any cock.

When they release their inner slut, they want to make sure that it’s going to be fulfilled and that it won’t be a disappointing experience. She then told me that I have the kind of “tool” that will allow this with most any female.

She said it was up to me not to take advantage of the situations, not to take things for granted and to give these girls what they want, but only after they’ve said they want it. Then she said she wanted to give me an example and said what have become magic words.

“I’m your slut now,” the Teacher said, much to my surprise.

“Whenever I’m here and the time is appropriate, you can tell me that you want a blow job and I will do it. You can tell me that you want to fuck me and I will be yours. And to prove to you that I am truly your slut, I’m canlı casino going to give you a great gift now.”

This was almost too much to handle for me. I was completely inexperienced. Until the night before I had never heard a girl talk like this. Now this older woman is kneeling before me with my cock in her face, telling me that she’s my slut and basically giving herself over. The possibilities were engulfing my mind until she brought me back to the point at hand.

“What I’m going to let you do, most guys don’t get to do to me or to anyone else. Almost all girls who see your cock will let you do this and it’s a sign of respect. They will only do it for the right cock,” the Teacher said. “I’m going to finish your blow job. You can hold my head in whatever way you like, even force it down your cock if you like. But this is the important part — when you’re ready to cum, I want you to pull out of my mouth and cum on my face. That will make me your slut.”

With that, she started vigorously slurping my cock. Before I could even move my hands into position, I could feel that I was ready to cum. I pushed her head back, pulled it out and just as she said “cum on me,” I shot streams of cum across her face.

When I was done, she told me to take a good look at her face. She said that she knew lots of women that would love to be in her position at that moment, that would love to see my big cock shooting cum on them. She was smiling and almost laughing. “They would be so jealous.”

As she got up and started to wipe it off of her face, she told me that there would be lots of women in my life who would become their inner slut with me. It was just up to me to bring it out in them.

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Dental Appointment

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A trip to the Dentist is not something that I look forward to, and my six monthly check up was no exception. I managed to get the final appointment of the day at a dental surgery I had not been to before. The Dentist was not available, but I was assured the senior Dental Nurse would be more than capable of conducting the check up and cleaning. I arrived at the surgery just before 5pm and was greeted by the senior Dental Nurse behind the receptionist’s desk. She then led me through the waiting room and into the surgery.

The Dental Nurse was to say the least an impressive woman in her late 50’s. I guess she was about five feet eight inches tall with curly red hair tightly tied up under her nurse’s cap. She was surprisingly dressed in a tradition nurses uniform, how I imagine Nurses dressed in the 1950’s — white short sleeve dress, white stockings, white shoes, a 2″ wide white cotton buttoned belt, Bib-front apron complete with fob watch. The bib-front apron looked more like an A frame tent due to the size of her impressive chest.

As she ushered me into the treatment room, she introduced herself as Nurse Ruth Porter and sat me down in the dental chair. I began to take in the rather stark and sterile surroundings of the treatment room. The unmistakable smell of a dentists’ treatment room filled the air and began to raise my anxiety.

Methodically, the nurse put a bib around my neck and proceeded to begin the check up. I never quite know where to look when I’m in the dentists chair, you can’t look straight up because to the intensity of the examination light and I couldn’t maintain eye contact, so I tried to drift off mentally to some more pleasant place. My hands firmly gripping the armrests of the dental chair as the cleaning began.

Feeling the fingers of the nurse against my face, my mind began to wonder, the next thing I know I’m having erotic thoughts about the nurse, that nurses uniform had certainly flicked my imagination into over-drive. I could feel the soft hairs on her hands against my face, as she prodded and probed my gapping mouth.

My eyes focused on the nurse who was barely inches from me. With her totally focused on the procedure I could look intently at her face. I studied the lines around her red lips, the soft wrinkles of her neck and the tiny hairs on her cheek covered in lightly applied foundation, the strands of red hair fighting the containment of the tight hair bun. It all looked rather nice I thought. To my own horror, I started feeling my cock expand in my pants. I had nowhere to go, no way of hiding it. The more I tried to distract my mind the more I seemed to focus on the nurse.

I then felt the nurse brush against my hand that was holding the armrest of the chair. The feeling of the heavily starched uniform sent a shiver down my spine. She had firm thighs. She leant harder against me as she reached into the back of my mouth. As she pushed harder against my hand I took a deep breath.

“Everything OK? She asked.

“Ah ha” I managed sound out, unable to make complete words with my mouth wide open. The pressure against my hand continued as the nurse returned to cleaning.

With my mind still in overdrive I moved my hand slightly, trying to get more comfortable in the chair — no reaction from the nurse. I moved my hand again, this time the nurse moved as her focus moved to the other side of my mouth. As she began cleaning again she had moved slightly forward for better access, I felt the heavily starched uniform again touch the back of my hand, she leaned forward, her crutch was now pressed hard against the back of my hand. Was she aware of this?

“Can you open wider”, she asked. “Ah huh”, I sounded and opened my mouth further. “The back teeth are difficult to get to,” she said, as she leaned heavily against my hand, “that’s perfect,” she cooed. I could feel the apex of her solid thighs; I dared not move my hand again.

As she continued the cleaning process her firm mound pushed back and forth across my hand. I was no longer thinking of the discomfort of having my mouth wide open, but on the feeling of the starched uniform and the nurse’s pussy mound moving against my hand.

I was seriously getting hard from this, but thankfully, with the nurse focused on my mouth she hadn’t noticed the tenting of my pants. She had to know what she was doing didn’t she? One way to find out — I moved my hand again, pushing my knuckles against her pussy mound. Her reaction was instantaneous, she pushed back harder against my hand, with a slight up bonus veren siteler and down movement. This must have continued for at least a couple of minutes, my hand gripping and releasing the chair forcing my knuckles to move up and down, the nurse moving her hips ever so slightly in rhythm with my hand.

“Everything OK?” She asked again.

I just moaned.

“Good” she replied and pushed harder. “That wasn’t so bad, we are almost done now, I just have to lower the chair back a little and finish the polishing.”

Saying that, she lowered the chair back and pulled up a small stool that she sat on just behind me. She leaned in again continuing the procedure and this time her massive chest rested on my right shoulder. In this position she would have had a direct view of my cock pressing upwards in my pants. I put my hands across my lap trying to gain some control over my ever-expanding cock.

As soon as I did this, the nurse asked, “Everything looks perfect, are you comfortable”? “Uh huh” I managed to reply. “Good then, I let you rinse, get settled and I’ll met you outside in reception.”

I waited a couple of minutes and cursed myself for my indiscretion, making my way to the reception area I found most of the lights had been turned off and the nurse was nowhere to be seen. I waited probably five more minutes before I heard footsteps coming from behind.

“Sorry to keep you, as you were the last patient I changed and started locking up, I hope that hasn’t kept you?” “Not at all” I responded. I felt my face go bright red.

“Feel better?” She asked.

“Yes, my teeth feel great thank you.”

I hesitated a moment, she had changed out of her formal nurses uniform and was now wearing her street clothes. With her over-coat draped across one arm and her handbag in the other she walked towards me. Her body excited me in the uniform but in the cream short-sleeved roll neck angora sweater stretched tightly over her huge breasts, combining perfectly with the flecked beige wool skirt, defining the curves of her hips and solid thighs, I was in total awe.

As she walked towards me in her 3inch heels her tightly constrained breasts moved slightly in time with each step.

I started blabbering “I, I’m sorry, I think I owe you an apology.”

“Whatever for dear?” She said as she moved behind the reception desk.

Feeling my face go an even brighter shade of red and daring not to look at her I continued stammering. “Ah for my lack of concentration, I mean my lack of, of, ah, well I hope I have not embarrassed you in any way?”

“I’m not sure I understand”, she said.

I couldn’t think of a way to get out of this and I just seemed to be digging a deeper hole, so pulling out my credit card to settle the account I said “well regardless, I’m sorry if my reaction in the chair was, well you know, inappropriate.”

She let me hang there for what seemed like an eternity before taking my card and swiped the machine. As we both waited for the machine to do its thing she smiled at me and said, “I’m actually rather flattered.” She looked straight back down at the machine avoiding my eyes.

In the few seconds it took the machine to process the payment I was able to study the nurse closely. Her red hair still tired up in a bun with the odd strand of hair breaking loose. The lines around her eyes and lips, the freckles on her lightly hair covered arms, so typical of Red Heads, but my focus feel intently on her magnificent huge breasts held tightly under the soft angora. I could just make out the bra holding those lush breasts in place and shaping them into two large rounded masses.

I could also see what the massive bra failed to contain, two large bulges of breast flesh sat perfectly under the soft angora and above the bra cups. All I wanted to do at that point was run my hands over them and feel their weight.

The credit card machine spat out the receipt and Nurse Porter handed me the paper for my signature, our fingers touched for the briefest of moments as we looked at each other. It was now my turn to look away, my face turning red as I signed the receipt. I handed the paper back, again we looked at each other.

Without thinking I suddenly blurted out “I’m glad you are flattered, you are a very beautiful woman. I hope you don’t mind me being forward but would you like to have a drink with me?”

She looked up at me and sat back in the receptionist’s chair, her massive chest sitting prominently before her.

“Unfortunately, bedava bahis I have to do a little cleaning up here before I leave and set up the surgery for tomorrow.”

Feeling the opportunity slipping away I shot back “well, I’d be happy to help you, two hands are better than one.”

“You sure you don’t mind? I just need to re-arrange the magazines in the waiting room and get some supplies out of storage.” She said.

“Of course not, I’ll sort the waiting room for you, if you like?” I offered.

“That’s fine, it will be quicker if we do it together.” She said as she moved from behind the reception counter.

Nurse Ruth looked absolutely spectacular, filled with bravado from securing the opportunity of a drink with this lovely older Woman; I let my eyes linger on her overtly.

We made our way into the main waiting room which was very much of the era of Nurse Ruth — heavy wood oak paneling, large chesterfield lounges and rather uncomfortable single chairs set out around a central table filled with long out of date magazines and dental health brochures.

“Nurse Porter” I started to say, she responded immediately.

“Please, you can call me Ruth.”

I continued, “Ruth, I must say the traditional uniform you had on certainly inspires confidence, especially for someone like myself who has always been a bit nervous of the dental chair”.

“Well I’ve been wearing that style for 30 years, so I guess old habits die hard”. She said as we stood opposite the large central table shuffling the old magazines into neat piles.

“It certainly made an impression on me.” I said as I formed another neat pile out of the scattered magazines on my side of the table.

“I noticed”, she said as she grabbed another assortment of magazines and shuffled them.

As she held the magazines together with both arms at waist height, her large breasts were pressed together forming a large crease in the soft fabric of her tight sweater.

“But it is rather nice to change into something a little softer and warmer to the touch at the end of the day, you felt how coarse the starched uniform is”.

She smiled and pressed her large breasts together a little more as she continued fussing with the magazines and then continued. “If, somewhat inadvertently. So it is a bit of a pleasure to change into something so wonderfully soft at the conclusion of the day”.

“I can only imagine.” I said from the other side of the table. We were both now shuffling and reshuffling our respective magazine piles.

“This is one of my favorite sweaters, you should feel how soft it is.” Ruth said as she continued squeezing her breasts together with her arms still shuffling the now well-sorted pile of magazines.

Almost robotically, I moved to her side of the table, without care that my suit pants clearly showed my very erect penis.

Ruth didn’t move she remained focused on the magazines on the table. As I approached her I reached out and gently let my right hand feel the softness and warmth of her sweater clad back. She leaned back against me, her backside pressing against my hard cock.

“You really need to feel with both hands how soft the angora is”. She said as she reached behind and took both of my hands and drew them forward and placed them just below her large breasts.

She then lent forward placing both her hands on the table, I could feel her massive breasts drop down toward the tabletop.

“Feel how soft they are.” She said.

“Interesting”, I thought that she said “they”, clearly not referring to her sweater.

I began caressing her huge breast buried beneath the soft fabric and the confines of her enormous bra, squeezing and pulling the nipples.

I pulled her upright and brought my lips to the space on her neck between the top of her sweater and her hair bun, I began kissing her neck, delighting in the feel of her skin, her red hair against my face and her breasts in my hands.

“Oh that feels lovely.” She said as she reached behind me with both hands and held my head forcefully against her neck.

“Now, enough of this silliness, we really must get on and sort out the rest of this table.” She said as she moved away from me towards a pile of dental health brochures.

I was left standing not sure of myself.

Ruth smiled and said, as she aimlessly sorted the leaflets “The skirt is rather soft as well, would you like to feel it?’

My confidence rising again, amongst other things, deneme bonus I walked towards Ruth, took her by the hand and led her towards one of the large Chesterfield lounges and sat her down.

“I think this might be more comfortable.” I said as I ran my hands across her sweater, down her arms and then along the sides of her skirt.

I knelt at her feet and let my hands caress her calves, then up her legs and under the soft tight skirt. Ruth lay comfortably back into the large leather lounge.

With my hands under her skirt I pushed the skirt up her thighs revealing her white meaty thighs. To my absolute delight Ruth was wearing a lacey white garter belt and matching panties. A mass of red hair was clearly visible under the almost transparent panties.

Running my thumb up and down her pussy, I spoke again.

“Oh, that is so soft, I’ve got to see more.”

Ruth sunk further down into the leather lounge and slightly lifted her hips, allowing me to hook my fingers around her knickers and pull them off. Instinctively, I smelt her knickers as I looked at the thick mass of red hair framing her pussy. I leaned forward again and ran my fingers through the thick mass of pubic hair.

With both hands I gently teased open her pussy lips and moved my face to her groin. Her delicious aroma indicated her own arousal. I began kissing her pussy and running my tongue along the line between her swelling pussy lips. I pushed my tongue deeply into her and looked up wanting to see her reaction but all I could see where the two huge angora covered breasts seemingly defying gravity as they thrust upwards.

Ruth then reached for her pussy with both hands and spread her lips further a part, I continued to lick her succulent pussy.

As Ruth began to moan I looked up again. This time with her arms by her side and her hands still working her pussy open for my tongue, her breasts were pushed even further together. From this angle her massive breasts looked like two giant mountains peaks.

I began alternating between kissing her fingers and her soft wet pussy. I was totally lost in the moment, as I looked at her aging fingers and hands I was quickly reminded that I was now eating a woman probably twenty years my senior. It didn’t deter me in the slightest. In fact I found it more arousing for that very fact.

Without any hesitation I sat back on my knees and quickly dropped my pants. With my cock at full attention I grabbed its base and move forward towards Ruth’s waiting pussy.

I looked at her face and without saying a word, the look she gave me indicated she wanted this as much as I did. As I ran my cock head up and down her pussy slit Ruth pushed her arms together forcing her massive chest upwards.

I pushed my cock against her pussy and it slid in slowly. Ruth simple response was to close her eyes and moan as I began pushing deeper into her.

With my cock deep within Ruth, my face fell to those massive udders. The feeling of the soft angora, the sponginess of her breast flesh and lace of the enormous bra was incredible. With both hands I began to squeeze her gorgeous breasts, moving them back and forth in time with my thrusting hips as I bit and licked her engorged nipples through the soft angora and heavy bra.

After maybe ten minutes of this unexpected pleasure I leaned back and placed my hands on Ruth’s hips and began thrusting deeper and faster into her. We looked into each other’s eyes as we continued to fuck each other. With each thrust Ruth’s massive chest rocked back and forth.

“You are magnificent.” I said as I continued pumping her delicious and surprisingly tight pussy.

“Your breasts are amazing.” As I said that, Ruth grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed them together.

“These little things seemed to have made your check-up worthwhile. Now come-on give me something hot and wet.” She said as she rocked and mauled her breasts.

I knew I could not hold on much longer, watching this lush, matronly Red Head delighting in our mutual pleasure. I started to cum.

I dropped my head to her chest, her hands held my head tight against the soft flesh as her hips responded to my pulsing cock, which was rapidly filling her pussy with cum.

Ruth began to breath heavily as her own orgasm began. She started letting out little sighs as her hips pushed up against my cock. She pulled me even tighter to her heaving chest as her orgasm reached its own climax.

I was totally spent. I stayed as I was, with my head resting on her enormous chest. I could hear her heart beat gradually return to some normality.

Ruth broke the silence, “Now how about that drink you promised me.”

I looked up from her chest and smiled, thinking, “This is going to be one interesting night.”

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Date with Mom’s Friend

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During his senior year of high school Jeremy Richards decided he was going to work on changing his life, he had always gotten good grades in school and was always considered to be well behaved. He never tried playing sports and he was always thirty pounds overweight so this year he decided he was going to play sports along with his academics.

In the fall he played soccer and he did make the team but sat the bench most of the year getting to play in the last game for a few minutes. It had some of its desired effect as he lost a few pounds and made friends with kids that played sports. He got invited on a few outings and to a few parties so this encouraged him to play basketball.

He tried out for the team and surprisingly improved over the season where he got to play in a few games that were blowouts. Jeremy scored twelve points by the end of the season and was awarded the most improved player award. He also managed to lose ten pounds then he tried out for baseball season, he managed to lose ten more pounds and his coach and gym teacher helped lose the rest before school let out and he turned eighteen the day it happened.

For his birthday his father bought him a home gym and a treadmill and at his mother’s insistence got him a car as well. Now he was eighteen in the best shape of his life, had a lot of new friends, ready to start college in the fall. He finally had courage to ask a girl out on a date, he had chances with a few girls that were in some of his academic clubs but he wanted to venture out with more popular girls.

So he decided to use the phone in the kitchen, he could of took the cordless for more privacy but his mother would just sit and bug him for what happened. She was sitting in the kitchen with her best friend Donna having coffee while started calling for dates. He had three girls in mind that he would try to ask out, so he opened up his address book and called the first one.

Jeremy dialed the number of Rebecca Culver a cheerleader he got to know during basketball season, he waited until her father answered.

“Hello sir, my name is Jeremy Richards, is Rebecca there?” He asked.

“No young man, she is at cheer camp for the next three weeks, did you know they actually give scholarships for that. How about you are you going off anywhere for the summer or going to college in the fall?” He asked after explaining where she was.

“Yes sir, I plan going to MIT and sorry to bother you and congratulate Rebecca on the cheerleader scholarship.” Jeremy said.

“Your welcome, I will let her know you called.” He said hanging up.

“Well strike one.” He said looking up another number.

“Hello is Jennifer there.” He asked a woman who was probably her mother.

“Hold on a minute.” She said.

“Hello.” Jennifer said picking up the phone.

“Hey Jen, it’s me Jeremy.” He said.

“Hi Jeremy, how are you doing?” She asked.

“Good I was wondering if you would like to catch a movie and get a bite to eat sometime.” He asked.

“Oh Jeremy that is sweet of you to ask but I started seeing Ray Jones a couple weeks ago, I’m sorry if I was not I surely would have.” She explained.

“Okay, that is cool Ray is a really good guy.” He said saying his good byes and hanging up. “Strike two.”

“Hello Janet, this Jeremy Richards, I was wondering if you would be interested in catching a movie and getting some dinner with me?” He asked.

“Oh I’m sorry Jeremy, I’m leaving tonight to go on a vacation with my mother and aunt, won’t be back for a couple weeks.” She said.

“Oh I guess I should of called sooner, well have a good time.” He said.

“Thank you, I’m sure we will.” She said hanging up.

“I’ll call that one a foul tip; I’m going to try Karen from my math club.” He said dialing a new number into the phone. “Hello Karen.”

“Oh Hi Jeremy, what’s up?” She asked.

“I was wondering if you would be interested in seeing a movie, maybe getting some dinner sometime.” He asked.

“I don’t think so, you know the whole time we were high school, I dropped you several hints that I liked you and you always ignored them.” She said.

“Well you know me, I’m book smart, but I don’t know women.” He laughed.

“I think I will have to think about it and let you know later on, I just took a job interning at my dad’s law office and I want concentrate on that, maybe I’ll go into the family business.” She said. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay see yah.” He replied. “Strike three.”

He hung up the phone and looked really dejected, as he turned around to see his mother and her friend staring at him. He shrugged for a moment and then slumped his shoulders grabbing a diet coke out of the refrigerator and turning to leave.

“You okay honey.” His mother asked.

“I guess, just kind of bummed out.” He replied leaving the kitchen for his room.

“Poor kid, he worked so hard to get in shape and he has never had a date.” His mother said. “He really hoped for one before college.”

“He is such a handsome boy; you would think he would have an easy time getting a date.” Donna said.

“I was hoping that casino siteleri with the losing weight and if he could get a date it would boost his confidence before he goes off to college.” His mother replied.

“You know with Steve on the road for business all the time and I cooped up at home with three kids, I could use a break.” Donna said.

“What are you getting at?” Jeremy’s mother replied.

“Well Anne, I could go on a date with Jeremy, I went through the same thing after my third kid lost the baby weight and got my figure back, I don’t look bad for a thirty six year old woman. Being home with the kids during the day and when they get out of school I could use a break and Steve is not home to give me one.” Donna explained.

“You are saying you want to date my son.” Anne said surprised.

“Well yes in a sense, to help he get his self confidence and to give me some time out away from the kids, it sounds like a win win if you ask me.” Donna said.

“It does make sense, let’s go up and talk to him.” Anne said getting up.

Anne and Donna went up to Jeremy’s room to find him lying on his bed watching television, he still looked pretty down. When they entered he sat up a bit and made room for his mother to sit down next to him and Donna sat at his computer desk.

“Jeremy we have an interesting offer for you if you want to listen, it may make you feel a bit better.” His mother said.

“Okay mom.” He replied.

“Well son I’ll let Donna explain.” His mother said passing it off to her friend.

“Jeremy I have been friends with you mother for a while and we have been neighbors for a while now too, I’ve watched you grow up into a handsome young man and I feel bad about you situation.” She explained. “Any ways you know my kids are little yet and my husband is on the road a lot for work, so I get lonely and need some time away. So I was thinking maybe you and I could go out on a date as friends, it would make you feel better and I can get out of the house.”

“Sounds like pity to me, besides your married and older; I don’t mean it like that you’re also beautiful.” He said not trying to offend her.

“No it’s not pity and yes I’m married, it’s not like we are going to have an affair, we can go places no one will know us or see us and thank you for the compliment.” She replied.

“Okay I guess over in Smithtown they got a theatre, we could catch a movie and get a bite to eat there.” He said.

“Sounds like a date, pick me up at seven tomorrow night, we will catch the late movie.” She said.

“Alright.” He said as they got up to leave.

Jeremy had always liked Donna; she had a great personality, a nice body and tanned skin, blonde hair that went down to her shoulders and blue eyes. A few times he had seen her in a bikini and she has been in many of his masturbation fantasies over the years. He was now really looking forward to his pity date with her, it was better than nothing.

The next night came and Jeremy was ready early to go pick Donna up, he wore a nice blue button up shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He drove his car over to her house and went up to the front door, his mother was there playing in the living room with her kids.

He was stunned when Donna entered the living room; she was wearing a black button up cardigan tee that was long sleeve and showed off her cleavage. Her makeup and hair was nicely done and she smelled very nice. Jeremy could not believe how hot she looked as she slipped on her heels, she was wearing a very tight pair of jeans that made her ass look fantastic, and he was surprised that his mother’s friend would dress this sexy for a pity date.

“Look it Anne, my handsome date is here.” Donna said as she went over to Jeremy hooking her arm around his.

“Now you two kids go off and have fun and have her or him home by midnight.” Anne said with a laugh.

“Alright see you later, be good for aunt Anne kids.” She said as she allowed Jeremy to escort her out.

The entire drive to Smithtown they talked about his college plans and what movie they were going to see. Jeremy found a nice little Italian restaurant nothing fancy a typical family owned place that had pizza or other items that was both eat in or take out. Everyone stared as he walked in with the hottest woman in the place.

They ordered dinner and Donna got a carafe of wine, they talked about the small restaurant and the smell of the food coming from the kitchen. In the light of the restaurant Jeremy noticed that Donna had the prettiest blue eyes he had ever looked into. He took a chance at flirting with her and decided that he needs to compliment her on them and how she looked.

“You look really nice tonight.” He said.

“Thank you Jeremy, so do you.” She replied.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have the prettiest blue eyes, I never noticed until tonight.” He said.

“Not lately.” She said smiling. “Very flattering.”

During dinner they ate and had conversations about different things they had in common or that interest them both. Donna found she got a mild buzz from the carafe of wine, güvenilir casino Jeremy paid and they went to the movie theatre catching the late show.

The got a couple sodas and a large popcorn to share between them, they settled in the middle to watch the movie. It was a romantic comedy with some raunchy humor from time to time and a couple love scenes, a couple times their hands touched when getting popcorn. Finally Donna decided that they had enough and put it on the floor, Jeremy had his hand on the armrest and she put hers right next to it, Then she took his hand into hers and they held hands the rest of the movie.

Jeremy felt all gushy inside as she did this and he felt his cock stir, the thought of this hot mom, his mother’s friend sitting next to him in a movie theatre holding his hand. A hot married woman holding his hand while her husband was out of town. The movie was over and they rode home, Donna asked if it was alright if she could snooze. Jeremy gave her a blanket and a jacket from the back seat; she used the blanket over legs and the jacket for a pillow.

On the drive home Donna was reclined back and she was sleeping soundly, unaware that the position she was laying in left a lot of her chest on display. Jeremy could see right to her black lace cup that housed her left breast. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, he could see some of the milky white of her breast where her bikini covered.

His poor cock felt as if it was going to burst, he kept taking mental pictures in his mind of the beautiful older woman next to him. He was sad when he finally pulled up in front of her house, he grunted and she woke up. She sat up in the car seat and smiled at him, rubbed her eyes and opened the door to get out; before she did she turned to say something to him.

“That was a nice first date; did you have a good time?” She asked him

“Yes I did, did you?” He asked.

“Yes, it was fun and nice to get out, maybe we will do it again next week if you’re up to it or you can’t find a date, let me know and I’ll let you know when I’m free.” She said.

“Okay thanks Donna.” He said.

“Thank you Jeremy and good night.” She finally said getting out of the car.

He watched the sway of her hips as they moved when she went in, he adjusted his cock so his mother would not notice his massive hard on which started to subside. When his mother finally came out he drove them home and his mother asked how he liked his date and he told her it was fun. He quickly went to his room and went to bed; only he had to masturbate thinking of Donna while he did so.

With his confidence up a bit he did try to ask out Karen again only this time she had other plans, so without his mother knowing he called Donna up at home. He knew she should have run it by his mother before talking to her best friend but he could not stop thinking about her and their date from last week.

“Hey Anne, how’s it going?” She asked answering the phone.

“Um no, it’s Jeremy, I got shot down again and was wondering if you were going to be free sometime this week?” He knew she had Tuesday through Thursday open, he knew with this being Tuesday night that gave him a shot at the other two.

“Sure how about tomorrow night, what did you have in mind?” She asked.

“I was thinking a picnic on Sutter’s hill, I would bring my telescope and we could do some stargazing, I thought it would be something you never done and would be fun.” He said.

“That does sound like a fun idea.” She replied. “Let me pack the dinner, you bring your telescope and a blanket.”

“Okay sees you tomorrow, I’ll see if my mom will sit.” He said.

“Oh alright, see you tomorrow.” She said sounding surprised he did not run this by his mom.

His mother agreed to watch Donna’s kids and he picked her up, she came out with a large basket and he got out helping her with it. Then he let her in the car and they drove up the hill, it was just turning dusk, when they found a nice secluded field he spread the blanket, she set out the food and he set up the telescope.

She wore a green strapless bra top dress that showed a lot of cleavage and leg, she looked really sexy. She had on a nice perfume and her hair was pulled back and up. When she had everything set up he was surprised when she pulled out a bottle of wine.

“Your mother said a little wine won’t hurt you.” She said pouring a glass.

“Oh thanks.” He said taking a glass.

The two of them made small talk and Jeremy soaked up how sexy she looked tonight, he even mentioned that the green of the dress brought out the blue in her eyes. Before they knew it the food and the wine was gone, both of them had a little buzz feeling from it.

“Well you want to have a look at the stars?” He asked.

“Yes show me how this thing works.” She replied.

He led her over to the telescope and found a cool constellation to look at and showed her, she wanted to see a planet and he found Jupiter for her. As she leaned over to look he stood behind her and showed her how to adjust the scope, she could feel his hard on brushing her leg. Donna canlı casino thought to herself that this was kind of sexy being able to turn on a young man half her age.

After they looked at a few more stars and other celestial objects Donna suggested they sit on the blanket, she mentioned she was cold and he offered to go to the car to get a jacket. She suggested he sit closer to her to keep her warm instead.

“Jeremy has you ever kissed anyone?” She asked.

“You mean on the lips, like making out?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“No, never.” He replied.

“Would you like to try it for a little bit before you take me home?” She asked.

“Okay.” He said and they laughed.

Then without warning she leaned in and put her lips to his, he was stiff and nervous but she told him to relax and resumed kissing him. As their lips smacked together she pushed her tongue past his lips and let out a soft moan. The kid was a good kisser she thought and he was so tender, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

The two of them lay on the blanket kissing passionately under the stars; Donna could not help to think that she had never done anything this romantic with her husband. Then without warning she felt his hand run up her side and gently cup one of her breasts. Her nipple was hard and sensitive to the touch, mostly due to the cool night air and her growing horniness developing between her legs.

She decided a little boob fondling would not hurt and she enjoyed the gentle touch, her husband was usually rough when he got home and wanted sex. The other drawback to his aggressiveness was her husband usually finished sooner and rarely got her off. This was such a nice change of pace, but she had to be careful so this would not get out of hand.

Before she could react he had gently pulled the dress down enough to expose her bare breast, when he touched it he came in his pants. Donna could sense him stiffening up and knew what he did, she gently pulled the dress back up, they kissed a bit more and then suggested the go home.

When the got to her house his she gave him a peck on the cheek and said goodnight, then she went in and sent out his mother. They went home and he was ready to masturbate thinking about his first ever boob grabs. Like before he was done in no time, his cum shot all over his chest, he wiped himself off and fell asleep.

He did not even bother to try to ask anyone else out, he could only think about Donna and how far she let him get. As usual her husband was gone on Monday night for business trip and Tuesday night she called Jeremy’s cell phone which surprised him.

“Hey Jeremy, your mom gave me your cell phone number a while back in case of emergency, I’m really bored tonight, would you like to come over and watch a movie on cable with me, I will pop some popcorn and we can have some cokes.” She said.

“Wow that sounds really cool, what time do you want me to come over?” He asked.

“Come over around nine thirty, the kids will be in bed for an hour by then.” She said.

He searched the internet, if there was going to be a repeat of last week, he did not want to go off early in case he could do more with her. It was recommended that he masturbate before going over and around nine o clocks he masturbated. At ten after he cleaned up and put on clean underwear, a pair of loose gym shorts and a tee shirt.

His mother did not seem to know he was going over to Donna’s when she asked he just said he was going to hang out with friends. Donna did not inform his mother this time and he drove over to her house and parked in the driveway. The neighbors would think it was his mother just using his car and they were visiting, when he went to the door, he could smell the popcorn.

“Hey Jeremy come on in.” She said ushering him into the kitchen.

“Thank you, you need some help?” He asked coming into the kitchen.

“Almost done, you can pour a couple glasses of coke.” She said.

He noticed she was wearing a pair of satin pajamas; they were blue with white stars. He did not know at the time but she did not have anything on under them as they went into the living room. He sat down on the loveseat and she sat next to him, he was surprised that she had an erotic thriller loaded in the DVD player.

The movie had a good story to it, it had some nudity and some sex scenes that made Jeremy think of trying to see if Donna was interested. He glanced at her chest which was heaving in the pajamas; he could see her nipples sticking out. He decided that it was now or never to take a chance, so he turned his head towards her and leaned in, kissing her neck gently, then up to her ear.

“You look very beautiful tonight.” He said in a low whisper.

She turned her head towards him, without saying anything she smiled at him and then kissed him. Again the two of them began to make out on the couch, no longer watching the movie. Jeremy did not go for her breasts, which surprised Donna; she was going to let him play with them again tonight. Without her realizing it, he undid the button from the bottom up, by the time she realized it he was on the last two and she figured she would let him undo them. Then gently he slid the top off of her shoulders, Donna could not believe it, she let him get her topless and she helped him by letting him slide it down off her arms.

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First Class Flight

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I had to fly to Anchorage once for a State Fire Service awards ceremony. Because it was an official function, I had to wear my dress uniform. It was a bit of a hassle getting through security, but I made it.On the plane, my uniform drew plenty of stares and more than one whisper. I figured it would, and brushed them off. That is, until one very pretty stewardess came up to me.”Excuse me, but are you a firefighter?’ she asked in hushed tones.”Yes, I am. I’m on my way to Anchorage, in fact.””I thought so. You see, my family had a fire when I was little and the fire department saved us from getting hurt or killed. I always güvenilir bahis wanted to thank them for what they did, but I was too young back then.””I see. Well, I’m sure they were just doing their job. I’ve fought a lot of fires myself and saved several families and people from the fires.””I’m sure you have,” she said, and then she paused as if thinking of her next words.”Listen… Jonathan” she said, reading the nameplate on my uniform, “This is just a short flight and there’s no one in First Class right now. Can I move you up where there’s a little less people and a lot more room?””Sure!” I said. So she moved me up güvenilir bahis siteleri to First Class. But that was only part of the surprise.”Jonathan, I hope you won’t think I’m some kind of firefighter slut or anything but I’d really like to thank you in a more… personal way. For what you boys did for me and my family.””I don’t understand,” I said, stunned by what she was saying.She cleared up my confusion though when she began unbuttoning her blouse. “My name is Jill by the way,” she said as she opened her blouse.Jill had a fantastic body even for a stewardess and I looked long and hard at it, wanting to iddaa siteleri burn it into my memory. Then I reached up and pulled her down onto my lap and accepted the offer.”Oh God, yes, Lick my nipples, baby! I love it when a man enjoys my tits!” she moaned.She began rocking on my lap, rubbing her panty-clad pussy on my growing hard-on. It seemed to arouse her all the more knowing that I was getting excited.Finally, she couldn’t wait any longer. “Please, baby, please let me suck that hard cock! Please!” She slid down my legs until she knelt on the floor between them and quickly unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. She took them off, carefully folding them so they wouldn’t get messed up.Then she went to work and let me tell you, she knew her job VERY well! I’d never had such an incredible blowjob in my life. The things she did to me took my breath away.

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