Taken by Her

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He had been excited all day about her taking him. Last night when they made love, his cock had been extremely sensitive and continuously on edge. He tried to thrust but every time he built up a rhythm, he had to stop and let himself cool down a bit. She was disappointed and needed more. Servicing his wife was his greatest priority and so he went down on her and licked her pussy to several orgasms.

But she needed more! She needed a hard cock.

He put on the harness that he had bought for her several months ago. He pulled the big, black dildo out of the drawer and looked at it. It was a fabulous cock; maybe 10 inches in length and several inches in girth. She looked at him in anticipation.

He took the dildo and lubricated it with his mouth. She smiled when she saw how her husband was essentially giving this massive cock a blowjob. With a quick tuck, he attached the dildo to the harness. His own cock was squeezed to the side, ignored and abandoned because of its deficiencies.

She got on her hands and knees and pulled the tip of the cock close to her pussy. He was so big. She needed it now. Without waiting for him to thrust, she threw herself back and impaled herself on the harnessed dildo.

“Aahhhhhh …”

He started fucking her with abandon. There was no need to hold back. This cock would not come; it simply serviced her and met her needs.


He started fucking her with all he had. She could feel this cock hit her erotik film izle G-Spot and she came … and came … and came.

Now the roles were reversed. He stood next to their bed and handed her the harness. She took it and looked back at him.

“You want the big one?”

He paused, thinking, hesitating.

“Yes, please.”

“Then climb onto the bed and get on all fours.”

He followed her instructions and once in position, he could sense her approaching from behind. His cock was semi-soft and was swinging back and forth under his torso. He could feel her hands gently touch his back.

She was amazing; sensitive and loving, and he knew that despite his nervousness this would be an incredible experience. Balancing his nerves was his desire to be taken and milked by her. He was eager to feel her hands on him and the cock slowly drifting in and out of his ass.

She applied some lubrication and started exploring him with her thumb. There was a little resistance at first but he relaxed into her and her thumb disappeared into his ass. She gave him time to adjust and to get used to the invading finger. Then, she curled her finger a little towards his stomach and with very small circles started to massage his prostate.

That was the moment when he let out a guttural groan. He loved the feeling of her stimulating him from the inside. He could feel an incredible intensity, a radiant glow that started somewhere behind his cock and then film izle took over his entire body. It felt like a desperate need to come but at the same time he couldn’t reach a climax. It was like he was pushed close to a heavenly release just to be floating a few inches away from the finish.

He lost all track of time but could now feel how fluid was dripping out of his cock. His erection was gone. He felt impotent and humiliated but he needed more. He pushed back against her to increase the pressure on his prostate.

The sensation went into overdrive. He sensed his cock leaking copious quantities of clear liquid and waves and waves of tightness and pleasure washed over him.

All of a sudden, she withdrew her finger and he felt empty and open. Maybe that is what she felt like when he pulled out during their love making?

Then he could feel the tip. Cold but slippery. For a moment he was afraid but she leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“You are all mine, babe. Just give yourself to me.”

He felt so close to her, loved her so much. He trusted her and was willing to totally surrender to her. He felt the tip of the cock slide into him. It was so big; he felt like it was splitting him wide open. She slowly rocked back and forward until most of the cock had disappeared into his ass.

She was now fully in control. She was the one giving him this incredible sensation, causing him to be milked dry. Their connection was amazing and she seks filmi izle loved every one of his moans and responses.

She picked up the pace a little and moved in and out of his ass. She loved how she could give him this intense sensation but at the same time but she could pay him back for the many times that he had been fucking her with great force; maybe even too much excitement mixed in with a little of her pain.

She wanted more of his fluid. She wanted him to be emptied, raw and dry. She wanted him to want more, have this endless urge to fuck her but be too emptied out to produce a full release. Grabbing his hips, she now thrusted harder and he winced. Each thrust hit his prostate, massaged it and coaxed more fluid out of him. His cock, still completely flaccid, released a continuous stream and drenched the bed.

Grabbing his lower back, she threw herself into him for one final thrust. He howled when the cock impaled him deeper, much deeper than before. He held him there for a minute and he could feel how an even more intense force took hold of his balls and cock. For a moment, he did not know what was happening to him but then he felt himself emptying out everything that was still left inside. It felt like an eruption but in reality he merely dribbled out a thick load of semen while he bucked and shook uncontrollably.

When she felt that the penetrations was becoming too much for him, she slowly withdrew and took off the harness. He collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and totally spent. She spooned him from behind and held him tightly.

“Thank you, babe. That was amazing.”

“You are welcome. You are such a good boy.”

And they drifted off to sleep.

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