Surprise Interruptions Ch. 01

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The long holiday weekend had finally arrived. The only problem was I was alone. I had recently broken it off with my latest girlfriend and my roommate was out of the country for another two weeks. So that left me with my sofa, football, pizza and beer.

The afternoon was passing with no specific game capturing my attention as I flipped from one game to another. I grabbed the glass beer bottle off of the end table, or I thought I grabbed it as the sweaty bottle slipped right out of my hands and dropped to the floor. Its content began pouring onto the carpet. “Fuck!” I yelled as I ran to the kitchen to get some towels to soak up the suds. As I was mopping up, I moved the end of the couch to make sure none had leaked underneath it. When I slid it back, I came across a DVD in a jewel case. It wasn’t a pre-recorded DVD and I immediately knew what was on it by the small black x marked on the top surface.

I had talked Jen, my ex-girlfriend into having sex while the video camera was running. It didn’t take much encouragement or convincing even though she had never made a fuck movie before. Once she saw the results, she was hooked and we made several variations. Her favorite one happened to be this particular one found under the couch. When she watched me fucking her ass on the screen, she always erotik film izle begged me to eat her and make her cum as her eyes were fixed on my swollen dick repeatedly driving in and out of her ass on the screen.

This particular viewing was in the living room and the view on the large flat screen made it even more arousing. I had Jen sit up on the back of the couch and lean back against the wall so that she could see all the action. I knelt on the couch cushion and spread her legs wide apart, moving my hands up her thighs until I reached her smoothly shaved pussy. She was already getting wet by the time my hand stroked over her swelling lips. Her hips rocked forward slightly as I ran my tongue over the crease of her inner thigh, taking in her musky scent just before slowly dragging my extended tongue up and down her pussy, getting the first taste of her sex. Her moans turned into pleading coos. The action on screen heated up as I captured and sucked on her clit. Her hands flew to grab my hair as she hissed softly, “Oh fuck yesssss, fuckkkkk yesssss, eat it baby, eat my pussy pleaseeeeeeee.”

I placed my thumbs on each side of her wet slit and held her soaked little hole open, making a mental note that this too should be on film. I licked the engorged lips just before I drove film izle as much of my tongue as I could deep into her hot wet cunt, keeping my face buried against her as I worked it within those velvet walls. Jen bucked and screamed as I continued to tongue fuck her rapidly then slowing down and sucking and licking, only to drive my tongue back in and out of her pussy. Jen’s own hands were pulling and twisting her nipples as she was lost in watching her own tiny back hole being filled with the thick hard dick on the screen.

I slid a finger into her and she started to melt. No words were now coming from her lips, only deep low moans as my lips found her clit once again and began their assault on her little button. I slipped a second then a third finger into her lubricated pussy as my mouth sucked, licked and nibbled on her clit as she reached the edge. I ordered her to lean back, grabbing the back of her knees to lift her legs, completely opening herself to me. I took my slick finger and rimmed it around her now exposed rose bud and proceeded to slowly push the digit up her ass as I returned to taking her pussy with my lips and tongue. The squeal that Jen let out when my finger started pumping in and out of her tight back hole was only replaced by the moaning yell she let out just as she quivered seks filmi izle and involuntarily rocked her body and exploded through her orgasm.

Just as she began to cum, I forced another finger up her ass and continued to work her pussy as she released her pent up sexual tension. I was now relentlessly working on her clit and ass until several more waves rocked her trembling body, cumming multiple times until she begged me to stop because she was now way too sensitive to continue.

No sooner had I brought my juice-covered face to meet her lips as she continued to pant and come back down, the phone rang and friends were turning in at my high rise and parking their car, letting me know they were on their way up to the apartment.

We scrambled frantically to stop the movie, get the place in order and get dressed all in one quick motion. The smell of her sex had to still be heavy in the air when they arrived but no one must have noticed or they waited to discuss it after they left. In all the scurrying around, the DVD must have landed under the couch and the reason it was found there today.

Because the ballgames were boring and, because finding that sex tape caused a stir in my shorts just thinking about the contents, I decided it just might be a good time to take it to the bedroom and have a little “me time “while watching a nice hot ass fucking. Jen may be gone but she still can do wonders for my cock… with a helping hand from me of course……

Coming soon…Chapter Two… The real interruption

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