Satisfying Samantha Ch. 05

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The next day brought on a whole new set of circumstances and opportunities as I rolled over and opened my eyes. The room was brilliant white with the light of the new day streaming through the windows. Looking down, I realized that I was naked, feeling the smoothness of the satin sheets slide across my skin with the movement of my legs.

Looking around the room for Sammy, there was no sign of her. I was alone with my thoughts as I listened for her. I stopped and listened for her…a noise…anything. Nothing was my response. The only sound was from the birds outside in neighboring trees. I also heard a distant lawn mower, but no sounds from within the house.

Stretching, I got out of bed and walked down the hall to a bathroom where I found a set of fresh towels and a new disposable razor. I climbed into the shower and took a long warm shower, day dreaming about the last couple of days and nights with Sam. The time with her was beyond compare, a true dream come true. I recounted the number of times we fucked and the beauty of our positions together. My dick jumped to life when I visualized fucking Sam’s tight backdoor watching my rod slip in and out of her tightening hole. Hearing her calls, moans and descript language was nothing short of amazing too, as I recalled the vivid actions.

I dried off and walked down the stairs, searching for my clothes. There, on one of the landings was my shirt and pants, neatly folded. Sam had probably done that when she made breakfast in bed for us earlier in the weekend. I smirked at the realization that my clothes had been not worn in more than 2 days. Eagerly, I put them on, not wishing to be discovered naked on the stairs…God only knew who might walk in: her husband (God forbid), a nanny, butler, cleaning lady…the list goes on. I still wondered where she might have disappeared to, as I continued down the steps, walking through the foyer and into the kitchen.

This was the first opportunity for me to see the place since we arrived, really. Most of the time was spent upstairs in the bedroom and showers, so I marveled at the size of the house as I walked into the foyer and looked up. It was like being in a museum of sorts. There was dark green marble at the front door entry way, surrounded by rich wood and bright white painted spindles following the hand rail banister all the way up the stairs. An overlook balcony finished off the top of the stairs where a large glass chandelier hung, reflected the bright light of the picture window above the door. The door was huge, speaking of the door! Surrounded by two large frost glass windows and custom detail framework, it certainly was something to see.

To the left of the front door was a parlor with a white grand piano and some furniture. The walls were dark with rich mahogany paneling. It made me think of Mark’s office. My stomach turned at the thought, but then I laughed to myself at the thought that Sammy and I had fucked for the first time, right on Mark’s desk.

Turning around, and walking towards the visiting room to the right of the entry way, was a lush neutral carpeted room with earth toned walls and comfortable-looking sofas and chairs. It was all very tastefully decorated and exquisite, but I could never live in a place like this. It was far too large and didn’t have the “home” feel that I would require to feel settled. But that was just me.

I sauntered into the kitchen, where I was really taken back. It looked like something out of a designer home magazine. I felt my eyes grow large as I realized that it most likely was featured in something at some point. The place was enormous! There was a cooking area, with a large refrigerator, industrial-sized stove (with at least 8 gas burners) and a triple-barreled sink! Of course all of the appliances were stainless steel. The kitchen counter tops were black granite and the rest of the trim was pure white with silver accents. It was very sterile looking (as a kitchen should be), but beautiful at the same time. The smell of hot, fresh coffee filled the air. On the counter in a corner were a cappuccino machine and a large carafe, presumably where the scent was originating.

Beyond the kitchen was a green house sunroom with a brick floor and large over-head glass panels. If not for the tinted glass, it would be impossible to see much of anything; the light was so bright and intense. I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I walked over to the kitchen counter that bordered the sunroom and there she was, bent over, with a spray bottle, tending to some plants. I watched her for a while, since she was not aware of my presence.

Sammy looked tasty. Her shiny dark brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, tied with a yellow ribbon. Her sun dress was amazingly tiny and sheer, as it hugged every curve of her flawless body. She was on her hands and knees, spraying some plants with a water bottle. She was not wearing shoes and it didn’t matter. Her tanned toned legs were beautiful brown in contrast to the pale yellow dress she wore. I watched the fabric tug and stretch against her curves as she bent forward erotik film izle and pulled back, resting on the seat of her ass. Each time she moved forward, the dress rode up, exposing the back of her creamy thighs. Her tight ass looked delicious in the light of the room. The sheerness of her dress allowed so much light to pass through, that I didn’t believe that she was wearing any underwear, but I couldn’t tell for sure, since I was still a bit away from her. Yikes, this place was huge!

Sammy continued to spray her plants, humming some sort of unrecognizable melody. Her body swayed as her tiny figure moved from plant to plant. I was transfixed on the hem of her dress as it continued to flux against her, riding up her supple legs as she leaned forward, her ass stretching beautifully against the tightness of the dress. When she leaned forward again, the light of the room shined through her dress, accentuating her every curve, as her breasts pushed tightly against the snug top. God, she was beautiful. I couldn’t wait any longer; my prick was beginning to enlarge quickly.

“Good morning, Sam.” I sighed.

Turning around quickly, she giggled, “Hello, lover.” Her eyes were hidden by a dark pair of sunglasses. Probably the same ones that she had on in her picture, the one in Mark’s office, the one that I had first seen her in.

“It’s another beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. I’m just taking care of some plants quickly. I’ll be in soon.”

“Take your time, I’m enjoying the view.”

Sam giggled again, “I’m sure you are.”

“Want some coffee?” I asked, making my way to the kitchen counter, pulling a cup from the cabinet above the machine.

“No thanks. Already had some, but help your self.”

“You’re up early today,” Sammy noted.

“Why, what time is it?”

“Just about 8:30, I think,” Sammy answered.

“Well, I slept well and I slept long enough.”

“That’s good. So did I,” Sammy smiled, as I sipped on the strong coffee.

Putting the cup down, I glided over closer to Sammy and said, “Well, you know what they say about the early bird?”

“He gets the worm?” Sammy cocked her eyebrow at me, smiling devilishly through her dark sunglasses.

“Nope. The early bird gets the whole sausage,” I said, approaching her now with a solid intent.

Sammy stood to receive my advances and pulled me close to her as she looked up at me with interest. “Oh, I see. Well, I’m glad that I’m the bird in this story.”

“Yes, beautiful song bird.” I wrapped my arm around her trim waist and Sammy went up on her tip toes as our mouths met hungrily.

Sammy pulled back a bit in surprise, “You smell clean…and wow, you shaved too!” her soft hand stroking my cheek.

“Yes, I was a mess.”

“Since we’re both clean, let’s go make another,” Sammy smiled, biting her lip.

“Oh, yeah, baby,” I responded, kissing her deeply again, placing a hand on her firm ass, pulling her close again.

Sammy’s dress was so sheer, she might as well had been wearing nothing, as the material allowed for such thin space between my groping hand and her tight skin. I was taken by her well-formed curves, as my hand worked its way up from the base of her ass up and around her tight globes and into the subtle valley of the small of her back.

Our kissing became more frenzied now as I continued moving around her waist, my hands smoothing over every inch of her toned figure. Her tongue was in my mouth now, swirling in response against mine as my hands glided over her back and up the back of her neck. She removed her sunglasses and placed them on the counter top behind me and continued giving my tongue a workout. Saliva was now streaming out of both of our mouths as our heads moved in unison and in divergence of one another. I held on the back of her neck for a minute, feeling the pulse of her rushing blood along her artery. Sammy’s breath became labored as I stroked her skin, running my fingers down the sides of her neck.

She tilted her head back and I immediately went to work along her nape, giving slight sucking kisses on her neck and shoulders. While pulling up on her dress, exposing her ass cheeks, my hands went to work on her backside, kneading her supple form with my hands. To my quiet delight, I was correct, she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Is this in your way?” Sammy breathed, reaching to pull the dress up and over her head.

“No, let’s leave it on,” I whispered.

“Oh, okay,” Sammy sighed as my mouth continued to work on the base of her neck, my hands groping her ass cheeks firmly.

I moved my hands around to her front side; the dress flowed over my hands as I gripped her thighs and pushed them apart. They crawled with a mind of their own up and down her inner thighs, caressing them smoothly with each pass.

“My God, you are so beautiful,” I remarked, looking down at her. Sammy’s smoldering bright green eyes looked deeply back into mine and I was taken. Immediately, I went back to work kissing her passionately. My hands stroked over her toned legs, enjoying the feeling film izle of her silky skin in my rough, callused hands.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Sammy sighed delightfully as I continued kissing her neck, stroking it with my wet tongue.”

“Hell, yeah,” I choked, not taking my attention from her shiny, wet neck.

“Tell me, please. Tell me you want to fuck me,” Sammy whispered, “It makes me wetter than you’ll ever know.”

I grabbed the back of her neck firmly and deeply whispered into her left ear, “I want to fuck you.”

At the sound of those words, Sammy cooed and sighed and removed a hand from around me to rouse her pussy. I watched with eagerness as she moved in between her legs, pulling the seam of her dress up, towards her as she circled her mound.

“Oh, God…yes!” Sammy hissed, making contact with her pussy.

My face worked its way down, as I knelt down in front of her, pulling her breasts close to my face. I circled her right tit with my mouth, licking at her nipple fiercely through the thinness of her dress. Her nipples were hardened with anticipation as I continued working around each one, sucking gently through the sheer fabric. I pulled her body closer to me, wanting to surround her breasts with my entire mouth. Sammy pulled the back of my head closer to her chest as I my mouth and tongue worked in conjunction, trying desperately to kick her passion level up another notch.

I pulled against her ass now, wanting her to be as close to me as I could possibly get her. As I worked on her breast, my free right hand went to work on the other, massaging her firmness, bringing her other nipple to erect attention as well.

Sammy’s breathing continued to deepen. I wanted to pull her even closer. As I tugged, Sammy got the cue and removed her hand from the front of her and pulled it back and reached behind. She spread her legs a little. I helped by pulling her dress up and over her hips, as I saw her hand reach in between her legs from behind. She began stoking her taint. I had a picture perfect view of her pussy now as it hovered just inches in front of my face. Her mound was incredible: two small folds, separated perfectly in half with her dark tight slit. Each fold was covered with short jet black hair, neatly trimmed and combed.

“You like looking at my pussy?”

“Yes,” I firmly answered, not taking my eyes off of her gorgeous folds.

“Feel how wet you’re making me,” Sammy sneered down at me.

I reached a finger up into her and watched it glide into her without pause. Her lubricated lips fell against my probing finger and swallowed it as it passed her outer boundary and into her tight cavern. I pulled my finger out and it glistened and sparkled with her juices.

“Jesus,” I muttered, “You are wet.”

“Uh huh,” Sammy agreed, “Are you getting hard?”

“Yes,” I whispered, trying to ignore the growing stiffness in my drawers.

“Let’s see.”

I felt Sammy push back on me a bit as she grabbed onto my arm, encouraging me to stand. I obeyed quietly as she dropped to her knees and unloosened my belt. Quickly, she unzipped my pants and had my stiffening rod pointing right back at her.

“Oh, my,” Sammy giggled, pulling my boxers down, exposing my staff.

I watched with eagerness as Sammy pulled against the base of my penis with her hand and watched me from below, her green eyes piercing my soul.

“God, your cock…it’s beautiful,” she said as she teased me with her tongue, licking the bottom of it, her eyes never leaving mine.

Watching in complete wonder as she continued stroking the base of my dick with her wet tongue, Sammy tongue tickled over my length, licking my shaft up and down.

“Does that feel good?” Sammy smiled, cocking another eyebrow as she watched for my response.

My heart was racing now and my breathing was uncontrolled as I looked down at the incredible sight taking place right in front of me.

“Hell, yeah it does!” I breathed, closing my eyes, trying to remove myself from the situation temporarily as my excitement built.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yes,” my jaw clenched. I couldn’t look at her. Every nerve was in my dick now as I continued to feel weak from the blood leaving my brain.

“Tell me, baby. Tell me that you want me to suck it,” Sammy teased. I felt her spank my dick against the side of her cheek.

“Please suck my cock,” I grimaced, feeling her wet mouth surround my aching tool.

I opened my eyes and looked down at Sammy’s head working around my throbbing member, stroking her wet mouth up and over my dick. Her tongue swirled around my mushroom head, circling the tip, only to give way to my length as her open hungry mouth took in most of my inches.

I stroked the side of her neck as I watched her head bob up and down on my stiffness, feeling every movement of her salivating delightful mouth move against me, engulfing me in pleasure.

“Mmmm…” Sammy gurgled, slurping on my hardened flesh.

“Feels so good, baby,” I coached, watching her head continue to bob on me, her lips seks filmi izle gliding smoothly over my sensitive pole. Her tongue lapped over and around my helmet, sending waves of tingling sensations crashing over my nervous system.

“You like me sucking your cock?” Sammy smiled, pausing from her task. She took a gentle hold of my ball sack while slapping my cock against her outstretched tongue.

“Yeah,” I shuddered, “You’re going to make me cum if you keep this up.”

“Good,” she replied, “That’s okay. We have all day, lover.” Sammy smiled as she eagerly placed her mouth around me again.

Her pace quickened as her tongue muscle held me in tight place against the roof of her delicate mouth. Her saliva had created a wet, inviting home for my dick as her oral action continued, surrounding me in slippery accommodation.

My edge approaching fast, I did not wish to cum yet. I pulled myself from her tight hold and stepped back from her seductive face. Wanting to focus more on Sammy’s pleasure while retaining my hard-on, I pulled Sammy to her feet. Sammy smiled slyly and stood, raising a leg around my waist. My cock flailed aimlessly and was sandwiched against our stomachs as Sammy moved closer, pushing her pelvis towards mine.

Instinctively, I grabbed a firm hold of her ass and lifter her up off the ground. She wrapped her other leg around me and pulled me tight in between her loins as she straddled my torso with ease. She began kissing me as her arms took hold of my shoulders now. While holding onto the angel in front of me strongly, I carried her into the kitchen behind us and set her slim figure onto the counter, while somehow maintaining oral contact with her mouth.

“Oooh, that’s cold,” Sammy giggled as her exposed legs touched the granite counter.

“Don’t worry, baby,” I offered, “my job is to warm you up to boiling point.”

“Go for it!” Sammy smirked, leaning back, pulling her legs apart.

Without pause, I was on my knees in a worshiping position before her. I pulled up on her dress, exposing her honey pot once more. Her opening shined in glimmering excite as her vaginal muscles flexed, giving breathing-like qualities to her private opening. Her pussy slit seemed to smile at me, inviting my presence.

I licked her inner thighs up and down and she pulled her pelvis back towards her and brought her feet towards her buttocks. This gave me an elegant view of her inner most privates as I admired her lovely forms for a moment.

“Let’s get a little messy,” I offered, watching her body writhing on the dark counter before me.

“What do you have in mind?” Sammy questioned coolly.

“Something sweet, like chocolate,” I smiled greedily.

Sammy knew exactly where I was going and played along implicitly.

“Top shelf, right side, in the corner, by the sink,” Sammy smiled.

I turned from her, stepping out of my pants and boxers and walked towards the cabinet. I opened the first cabinet while Sammy watched.

“No, the next one over to the right,” Sammy corrected.

I closed the door and opened the next one, obeying her soft voice. There it was, an open bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup: exactly what I was hoping to find.

Quickly opening the bottle, I jumped back towards Sam and poured a hefty amount of the syrup into my hand and rubbed it seductively onto the top of her mound. Smearing it all around her labia, I set the bottle next to her and went to town.

Forcing my head into her depths, I raced my tongue with seamless ease up and down her wet opening, tasting the musky sweet taste of her natural salty juices mixed with the sweet chocolate.

I licked, and licked and licked, and then licked some more as her body continued to respond positively to my oral attention. I pulled back on her lips as my tongue continued to probe her vaginal opening and surrounding delicate skin. I lapped at her now, sucking up the running chocolate liquid, now thinned with my saliva.

“Oh God, that feels good,” Sammy cried, begging me to continue.

I felt my chocolate covered hand clenched by Sammy’s hand and forced into her mouth. She sucked on my fingers, hungrily swallowing the sweet chocolate from them as her body continued to rock against the stone surface.

“You taste good, baby,” I paused, looking up at her, watching her slurp on my fingers. All I received in response was a mumble from her sucking mouth.

I allowed her to continue to suck my fingers, as I took my free hand and splayed her tight lips apart, watching her pussy flex before my eyes.

“My God, I could stare at your pussy all day long.”

Her opening looked so tight and wet; I couldn’t wait to begin to get her off. Holding her outer doors open, I dove into her with revitalized notion and started lapping up and into her folds. She seemed to love it as I continued, starting from her elegant rosebud, across her well-formed taint, over her urethra and into her inviting canal. Sammy moaned with pleasure as I continued up and teased her clit, sucking it greedily between my teeth. Repeating this pattern time and time again, Sammy started bucking her hips towards my eager mouth as I slipped my tongue inside of her sopped box. The chocolate was just about gone now, as I made my way over her tight flesh wrap again and again.

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