Sex School Fun Ch. 02

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*NOTE: this story is the second in the series “sex school fun” I recommend you read the first one before reading this one, B xxx

This is strictly fiction. Do not take any of this as real life…because that would be strange. All sexual participants involved are over 18. All under-aged people are not included in any sexual activity. In this particular narrative there is no STIs or unwanted pregnancies unless it adds to the story, I, however, encourage safe-sex! Wear a condom or die (happily)! 😀

Proofread and Edited by Badboi1988


Sir (or Mr. Williams, but he mainly asked us to call him Joe) once again stood in front of the class naked and erect, ready to give us instructions as we settled into our seats.

I snuck a glance at Jeremy, who was waiting patiently at his desk with his notebook and pen in hand. I had a brief moment to wonder, what we would do today and if I would get to have him before Anna trudged up the aisle past my desk and slammed into my shoulder alarmingly hard. She turned with a stunned expression on her porcelain-toned face, “oops! My bad,” she said in a fake, lying voice.

She turned around with a sneer and swished her tiny little butt all the way to the back row. At 21 she was still underdeveloped, with small breasts and no curves at all, and instead of getting angry I made myself pity her. There was obviously a reason she was here.

Mr. Williams ––Joe, I corrected myself–– was writing on the board. Something about how to make sure you were properly lubed before entering a woman’s (or man’s) asshole. I looked over to see Jeremy writing as fast as he could as Joe continued to write;

{Anal penetration refers to a person being sexually penetrated by fingers, toes, sex toys or penises into the anus. There are various names for the anus, including asshole, butthole and backdoor. It is important to properly lube your penis/ toys/fingers being used to penetrate the anus because it can be hard, painful and sometimes impossible to penetrate without lube. Multiple penetration refers to a person being sexually penetrated by multiple things at one time. There are many variations of multiple penetration generally including two to five people.

{Double penetration variations: Simultaneous penetration of the anus by two penises or other objects. This is commonly called double anal or double stuffing. Simultaneous penetration of the vagina by two penises or other objects, this is commonly called double vaginal or double stuffing. Simultaneous penetration of the vagina and anus, if this is done using penises/strap-on dildos, this is sometimes called the sandwich or Big Mac. The shocker (two fingers in the vagina and one in the anus) accomplishes this using several fingers of one hand. Simultaneous penetration of the mouth and either the vagina or anus, if the penetrating objects are penises, this is sometimes called the spit roast.

{Triple penetration variations: Two penises penetrating the vagina and one in the anus or vice versa. While possible, erotik film izle this position is very difficult. One penis in the anus, one in the vagina, and one in the mouth simultaneously, sometimes called making her airtight or an airtight seal.

{These variations of multiple penetration are aimed at straight men although it can put two men in intimate contact with each other directly or indirectly.}

Joe went on to draw a detailed close-up of a woman’s ass with a defined circle around the asshole. “Just in case you don’t know where it is,” Joe laughed and we all laughed too even though we knew the only reason he did it was because it turned him on, “okay guys, feel free to experiment. Today’s practical is based on what you saw yesterday ––with Clare and I. Double penetration and ass-fucking, enjoy!” he said as everyone packed up their notebooks.

I was just looking away as Joe held out his penis, and Stephanie stepped forward to engulf it in her mouth.

I had a second to see Jeremy turning to me with a smile before about five boys came at me from all directions. I was speechless as they stripped off my clothes, wondering silently if this was how Anna felt. This had never happened before. Usually I was paired with the last guy available as most of the other guys either went for Anna –– with her tight pussy–– or Janessa –– with her enormous tits and big, perky ass.

When I was naked on the floor I blinked up at them. They each had their cocks out and were stroking it with large hands. I sighed as one leant down in front of me, putting rough hands on the soft skin of my thighs and parting them to reveal my already wet pussy. I grimaced when he went to shove his fingers inside me and instead put my hands over my soaked opening, “aren’t you going to wash those?” I asked, staring pointedly at the dirt on his hands.

He looked embarrassed for a second before shrugging and wiping them on his pants. He looked about 30 and was probably trying for a job in the porn industry because he didn’t seem so bright. He pushed my hands aside and rubbed at my clit, forcing a loud moan from me.

Other boys dropped to their knees at the sound and rubbed at my soft, tanned flesh while the one with the dirty hands (Greg?) slowly felt around my pussy. He slowly slid his middle finger into my wet cunt and I moaned again, tilting my head back to see someone pointing their cock towards my mouth. I greedily reached a hand up to pull the average sized cock down into my mouth while I got slowly pounded by Greg’s finger.

Harry slid his cock all the way into my mouth, making me relax my throat muscles so he could fit it all inside. I swirled my tongue and sucked, making him grunt and fidget before he pulled back and pushed in again. He picked up the pace of his face-fucking and I shivered when I felt another finger pressed inside my tight cunt. I started fiddling with Harry’s balls and soon felt them shrivel as his load got pumped into my mouth. It was sticky and salty and I immediately released his cock from my mouth film izle and the rest of his cum squirted down onto my tits. Harry smiled as he held his limp cock and pushed it back at my mouth, “go on, suck it dry,” he urged me. Sighing, I took his now-small cock into my mouth and licked off the remaining traces of cum.

It still tasted bad but I wanted to be kept in these guys’ good-books and as soon as Harry took away his clean, limp cock another was thrust at my open mouth and I sucked it all the way down.

Greg was now pumping two fingers into my still-tight pussy while he clenched the nub of my clit between his teeth and teased it with his tongue, causing me to moan writhe on the ground as the boys around me watched. But then I felt Greg pull away as I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth. I had been on the edge, ready to let go of my orgasm and he had moved away, causing disappointment to surge through me as I continued to suck.

But then I felt something soft but hard press against my pussy and I sucked in a breath, causing the guy I was sucking to moan, as Harry’s pretty big cock pushed inside me. I moaned loudly and saw the guys around me smile.

Slowly Greg began to fuck my tight cunt and it dribbled with my juices. The guy I was sucking was about to cum so I took his cock out of my mouth and pumped it with my hand, aiming for the mountains of my breasts. It exploded with little strings of cum and I used my other hand to lather my breasts with the combined cum of Harry and the guy who’s cock I was still holding in my palm.

The guy pulled away and I saw Brade pushed his cock into my hand, letting me rub it slowly with my head resting on his leg, watching my pussy getting pummeled. Someone produced a tissue and wiped the cum off my breasts, immediately bending down and taking the peak of my nipple between his teeth.

I moaned, arching my back and pulling my long, thick, wavy and black hair off my face, excited especially when someone stroked their hand up my leg. Looking up, I saw Joe grinning, his cock was semi-erect. “Someone gonna take that backdoor? I can tell she wants it.” I grinned up at him, loving that he took away the burden of awkwardness asking one of the guys to fuck my ass.

Everyone smiles as Greg moves away and cums into a tissue, leaving my two lower orifices available. While keeping my hold on Brade’s cock, I’m hauled up and onto Ife’s (a big black man with a monster cock) lap and straight onto his dick, soon with what I assume to be Zeke’s cock finding its way into my ––seemingly tighter that yesterday–– asshole. I’m moaning with my head tipped back and resting on Zeke’s shoulder while Ife pumps my pussy and tickles my neck with his tongue and Zeke takes my asshole harder that what I expected but just the way it feels best.

After a rough battering with me stroking Brade’s cock, all of them are cumming in and on me and I smile when they move away, quickly replaced by another four, a tall, thin, tan surfer boy named Mal pumping my pussy and standing with my legs wrapped around seks filmi izle him, another I can’t see behind me and hammering my asshole with a slightly undersized tool and me with two cocks getting stroked by my hands.

I’m locking lips with Mal but the thing is, I’d much rather be kissing Jeremy. I’m quickly distracted when the cock in my ass cums prematurely and I feel his body being replaced, “hi Clare,” Sir––Joe said, “nice to…feel you again. I was wondering how you were handling all these guys,” he said, encouraging the others around me to laugh even though some were getting seriously close to cumming, “seems like you’re right where you belong… let me give you back…” I groaned as Joe slipped his cock back out and was promptly replaced, “but hurry up guys,” Joe continued, “Bell’s going in 5 minutes…”

And were the next five minutes heaven on earth or what! After Mal and the recently implanted cock in my ass came as well as the two I was stroking they let me down to my knees and I brought all the others to orgasm just as the bell went.

I was covered in cum and had to walk, naked and laughing as everyone stared, to the toilets where there were showers in the case that things like this happened.

After showering and putting my clothes back on I strut in my high-heels to where I sit at lunch with a group of friends. All of them look up at me and start cracking up, me joining in as I sit down.

“Shut up,” I say when we all quiet down, “you know you would have done the same thing! Ooo,” I croon at the memory; “getting gang-banged is sooooo amazing!” which just causes everyone to laugh again but I’m finally just enjoying the attention I rarely get.

“Hahahaha, I’m sure it was Clare, but still, strutting down the hall cum-covered and naked?” one of my friends added and everyone including me started laughing again.

We all quietened down eventually and ate while we could. I glanced up when someone tapped my shoulder and almost chocked on my vita-wheats when I saw that it was Jeremy! He smiled slightly and I smiled too, setting aside my lunch and following him when he asked if we could talk privately.

We stop a little far away from my friends and I fidget nervously… this is my crush and he’s NEVER talked to me before. “Umm…I was wonder Clare…” OMG he knows my name, “…if you wanted to go out sometime? There’s the movies… and yeah…” he looked nervous too.

I’m stunned, but I pull up my confident, joking act, smiling and laughing, “What brought this on Jeremy… you’ve never talked to me before,” I giggle and act calm, relaxing.

He laughs a little too, “well, this is embarrassing… I always liked you… god that sounded stupid. I just, I wanted to––um, I wanted to see you outside of school, not that I don’t like seeing you at school–– I mean, not in that way, I, uh, I like just –– seeing–––– you, you know, with clothes–– uh, I’m just gonna shut up now…” he laughs slightly, and looking at the ground.

I’m bursting with laughter, hugging him in a brief lapse in sanity, pulling away still laughing, “don’t worry… we’ll go to a movie, I’ll talk to you soon.” I cut it short, still laughing, walking back to my friends and turning for a second to smile back at him.

To be continued…

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Sheer Undies Lead To Sheer Delight

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I could smell a floral scent as I walked down the hall to our bedroom door. I loosened my tie and called out, “Lynn, I’m home.”

“In here, honey.”

I felt a brief flicker of excitement that she might be waiting for me naked on the bed.

Well, she was lying on the bed all right, but she was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants and was flipping through a magazine. In other words, her usual evening garb.

My shoulders slumped as I stepped into the room.

“Oh, you look tired. Bad day.”

“No, not really.”

“Come here and take a load off.”

I sat down on the bed as she slid off the mattress and sat on the floor, untying my shoelaces. This was something she never did, and I appreciated the attention.

With my shoes off, she moved up, her hands catching my sports coat and sliding it off my shoulders. I could smell the floral scent on her skin and noticed that her blonde hair looked light brown with moisture. I shrugged out of the coat with that sense of excitement coming back. What was she up to?

“You want something to drink?” she asked.

I just shook my head. Whatever she was doing – I didn’t want to interrupt her just to quench my thirst.

She hung up the coat, then turned with a sly smile. “I’ve been waiting for you to get home. Take off the clothes and lie back.”

Now it was my turn to smile. So that I wouldn’t look too ridiculous, I restrained the urge to whip my clothes off in a rush. She was taking her time, so I should, too.

She watched me take off the tie, shirt and pants before turning and heading for the bathroom door. I slid off my briefs and my socks and eased back on the bed, leaning against some pillows at the headboard. I couldn’t see her in the bathroom and leaned over to see around the doorframe.

“No, no. Don’t peek.” I heard a rustle, then a bare arm reached through the doorway and dropped the sweatshirt to the floor. Another rustle, then the pants followed.

My mouth watered as I anticipated her nude form coming through the door. My wife is 5’8″ with shoulder-length curly hair, a slim waist and long, perfectly sculpted legs. She likes to walk, which gives her nice calves and adds firmness to the God-given beauty of her lovely ass. I frequently think of that old line: “I hate to have to say good-bye, but I love to watch you walk away.”

Lynn is self-conscious about her breasts. Somewhat small when we married, her breasts filled out when she was pregnant with our daughter. She worried that with the bigger size, there might be some sagging. But she simply looked even more beautiful.

She went from being a little small for a B cup to filling out a C cup nicely. Even better was the change to her nipples. They were tiny and colored a light pink. They just didn’t seem very feminine to me. But now the tips fill out dramatically when excited and turn a dusky pink. Just seeing them is enough to make my mouth water.

I fought the urge to jump up from the bed and was rewarded when she eased into the room. She was wearing matching panties and bra in sheer lavender fabric. Those dark nipples showed through the bra as her downy curls did through the panties.

Some men like push-up bras with deep cleavage, but I get off on the natural shape of breasts. The bra completely covered the flesh, but molded to it like a second skin.

She saw the hunger in my eyes and put on her best innocent face. “Do you like?”

I swooped from the bed and lavished a passionate kiss on her lips. Not speaking, I pushed her back against the wall erotik film izle and dropped my face to her chest. I raggedly breathed over the mounds, sliding my hands up to massage the undersides. I gently eased the left one higher and kissed the material all around the breast, avoiding the nipple. When she let out a moan, I took that as a cue and planted my warm mouth over the nipple. I opened wide, drawing as much as I could inside.

I then switched to the right breast as her left calf rose up and wrapped around my butt.

A soft growl escaped my lips as I thought of her perfect calf sliding over my bare ass. She slid her slender heel to the top of my butt, then eased it down, rubbing it through my crack.

I stood up straight, grabbed her wrists and pulled her back toward the bed. She stopped and pushed me back.

“Not yet. You haven’t even seen the rest of the outfit.”

I was confused until she turned around in a full circle to show the lavender panties went up her crack in a thin line. Pure lust and mild surprise left me drooling. My wife had never worn a thong before and even made fun of those who did.

I glanced up at her face, and she shrugged. “I liked the outfit so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve had it on for the last hour, and it hasn’t bothered me like I thought it would.”

It was sure bothering me, but not in the same way. My dick throbbed, sending a clear drop pulsing out the end. Before the drop got away, she moved her right index finger down and caught it. She put the finger in her mouth as she slowly pirouetted again. When she was halfway into her revolution, I caught her hips and pushed her face-forward toward the wall. I dropped to my knees and gripped the exposed ass checks in both hands. I could feel a rush of heat in my cheeks and ears.

God how I love her ass. Once after eating her pussy for half an hour, she was so sensitive she wouldn’t let me even penetrate her.

So hard I just had to come, I had her roll over and began rubbing my dick all over her cheeks. Using saliva and the copious amount of clear semen running out, I lubricated her crack and began pumping back and forth through the gap like titty-fucking. The feeling of her cheeks (and knowing my balls were coming up against her asshole on each thrust) gave me a violent orgasm. I had never shot so far before. The first shot landed in the middle of her back, a foot and a half from my spasming cock. The second blast was much stronger and landed up between her shoulder blades nearly in her blond hair. Two more massive blasts shook through me before a half-dozen smaller ones left me weak and extremely satisfied.

I thought of that powerful orgasm as I knelt behind her and rubbed my face against her left cheek, then the right. I would love to have a repeat of that finish, I thought. Lurking right behind that was the thought I dared not focus on. My old girlfriend occasionally liked the occasional anal, and I so desperately wished that Lynn would let me take her ass.

Unfortunately, Lynn was very opposed to this. She had agreed to let her old boyfriend try that on her, and it had hurt badly. She stringently vowed to never do so again, and none of my sweet words had had any impact.

Well, I couldn’t fuck her ass, but I could sure give it some attention!

Lynn was propping herself against the wall by her arms, but as a shiver rippled through her, she slumped her head and chest against the wall, sticking her ass out farther.

I love the curves of the human body. My two favorites are where the underside of the film izle breast meets the chest and where the upper part of the thigh meets the buttock. I ran my tongue along this line of her left cheek, then gave kisses all over it. Then I repeated the actions on the right side. Passion overtook me for a moment as I bit down on the fleshy ass, causing a nervous yelp from Lynn. She soon relaxed again, though, as I massaged the cheeks, rubbing the tooth marks away.

My wife has the best-tasting pussy I’ve ever experienced, and my nose picked up on her arousal as her lower lips moistened. I breathed deep and let out a hungry groan.

My eyes were only inches from her crack as I inspected the thong. Suddenly a new urge entered my head; I’d never done it before, but suddenly I just had to or die. I leaned forward and put the tip of my tongue at the top of the panties, then lightly dragged my tongue down the material until I reached the bottom and the fabric spread back out to cover the front side. Then I went back up again.

I’d gone down on — oh lemme think — 10 women before I got married, yet with none of those women (nor in six years with Lynn) had I ever had my tongue rolling around someone’s backdoor. I always thought that was disgusting and probably tasted nasty. Yet, here I was running my wet tongue up and down her crack. I rationalized that I wasn’t really licking her asshole because the material was in the way. But that wasn’t really true because by this point I was folding my tongue up and running the two edges along the sides of the thong.

Lynn sighed and moaned. Then with her legs growing weak, she turned and gingerly stepped to the bed.

“I’ve got to lie down.”

While she was still standing, I eased her panties down her hips and legs to the floor, feeling the wetness in the fabric both in the back from me and in the front from her.

I helped her lie down, putting a pillow under her as she lay on her stomach. Rather than rushing back to her ass, I gave her a slow backrub that lasted for a few minutes, then slowly moved the rubbing lower until I was massaging her cheeks and thighs. I was on my knees between her spread legs, looking at her pussy lips puffy with desire. I looked at her crinkled asshole, once again surprised by how small it looked. I have never seen such a petite hole. No wonder anal sex had hurt.

Still, she certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention when she was leaning against the wall.

I lowered myself to my stomach and propped up on my elbows to get my face equal with her pillow-raised ass. I leaned forward and breathed her natural pheromones mixed with the floral scent of her body wash. I kissed and licked the crease between each cheek and thigh before getting to the main course.

I gathered saliva on my tongue and touched it to her crack an inch above her hole. I let the saliva dip down onto the hole, then followed, softly pushing my flattened tongue against the tightly closed orifice. Keeping my tongue soft and flexible, I eased up and down over the hole, allowing more spit to dribble down to increase my sliding ability.

I flicked my tongue back and forth and up and down over the opening like the whisper of butterfly wings. A strong pant rushed from Lynn’s mouth. Taking the hint, I kept up the soft flickering as she moaned. I watched her hands grab the bed sheets and squeeze tight.

Her ass flexed, clamping the hole even tighter, before her entire body visibly relaxed. She seemed to sink into the mattress, and her muscles turned to Jell-O, even those in her backside. seks filmi izle I could feel the difference with my tongue, so I changed my tactic and began to rim her hole with a bit more pressure. I felt a slight tensing, so I put my weight on one elbow and used my other arm to provide a soft touch to her legs, cheeks and lower back. I started rubbing lightly, then increased the pressure to a slow, strong movement, while my tongue also increased its pressure.

I could feel the outer rim relax, so my tongue, pointed yet soft, pushed in and out against the relaxing ass muscles. More moans emanated from Lynn, so I slowly increased pressure. Her body was completely relaxed now, but I kept moving my hand around to keep her that way.

My tongue was now sinking into her hole more than an inch. Then I reached her next band of muscles inside. This ring was tight, too, so I knew I needed to add a little massage again.

I changed position, moving my legs over her right leg so that I was kneeling at her right side. In this position I could rest my left elbow between her legs and slide my hand up underneath her. I spread my fingers so that two rested on each side of her slit. Lubrication had seeped out of her pussy all over her lips, and my fingers slid effortlessly up and down. A quick spasm went through her body – it was a peculiar feeling as her outer rim squeezed against the tongue embedded an inch inside.

Soon the lip rubbing and pistoning in her ass had the second rim loose, allowing me deep access. My long tongue snaked out, and my face shoved into her crack as I dove in as far as I could go, then began a slow fucking.

Her breathing was short and loud as her excitement grew. I needed some kind of stimulation, too, and began rubbing the head of my cock against the outside swell of her right breast.

Sliding my left hand further up underneath her, I could feel her clitoris had swelled. I dipped my middle finger down and slid it into her pussy, then pulled the wet digit out and rubbed it up and down over her clit. She groaned and her hips pushed up against my face. I dipped the finger in again and then diddled the clit back and forth. Soon I had a rhythm going between her hole and clit as my tongue continued its exploration.

Her arousal peaked, and she reached between her legs to clamp my fingers against her clit. She usually only allows soft stroking of her clit, but this time, she jammed her hand against mine and ground my fingers into her nub.

“Oh shit, oh God, oh God!”

I was so turned on, I began to rub my dick faster against her tit.

She shrieked and held my hand still. I kept my tongue inside her, but completely relaxed it. Her orgasm sent shockwaves throughout her body, and her ass rhythmically clenched me over and over. This triggered me, and I shot off all over her breast and ribs.

A strong quake squeezed my tongue from its new home, then she pulled my hand from her pussy.

That was the most erotic encounter I have ever had, I thought as I curled up to her side, my still-firm penis touching her right hip. Suddenly I felt very self-conscious about what I’d done. I never noticed any taste at all to her ass, but I was worried that she wouldn’t want to kiss me after what I’d done. What if she enjoyed herself, but secretly thinks it’s perverse and regrets it later?

Her head was lying down with her face turned away from me. I whispered into her ear, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I kinda shocked myself. Do you mind?”

“Mind?” she breathed, turning to face me. “Next time I might request it!”

My cock throbbed against her hip.

She closed her eyes and relaxed as a broad smile lit my face. If she liked that so much, maybe there was hope about exploring her backside deeper …

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Sold! Ch. 01

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Sold! One Butt Cherry.

I looked down at the woman on her knees in front of me. She was middle-aged with crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes and had short, dark hair. She had been pretty and was still attractive now but was no longer pretty. She was wearing her jeans. They were loose across her wide hips, ample butt and chubby thighs, thanks to the weight she had lost recently. Her blouse was off, as was her bra. Both were over the back of one of my dining room chairs. Her belly was not as flabby as it had been in the past but it was still soft and pudgy. Her tits were big, floppy fat girl titties with big dark areolas.

Her name was Samantha. She was a social worker with a gambling problem, an old flame of mine from years and years ago; and about this time three to five times a month she was in this position with her head in my lap sucking my dick. Her spendthrift ways and her bad luck at the slots always had her strapped for cash. She had two kids and a good for nothing husband to support and I got a kick out of giving a member of The Department of Family Services money to blow me.

Why she had stopped blowing me before I got my nut was puzzling. Sure she hated it when I came in her mouth but she had learned to live with it and took her mouthfuls of hot cum with only mild looks of disgust on her uptight face.

“What the fuck?” I asked her. “You’re not done!” I reached for her head. Every once in a while she has an attack of conscience and I have to force feed her my dick until she comes back around.

“Wait”, she said. “Please, I have something to ask you.”

“It better be good.” I put my hand on top of her head. I tilted her head back and laid my dick across her lips. It bounced on her mouth as she talked. She looked absurd which I found to be hilarious. “Speak.”

“I’ve got a bigger problem than usual. I need more money.”

“I don’t know what to tell you”, I said. “I’m not paying any more for you to suck my dick and your pussy is not worth it. I’ve been there.”

“Come on, Hal. I’m desperate.”

I shook my head and tapped the head of my dick on her lips.

“Please, Hal? We could call it down payments on future blowjobs.”

“I don’t know. Hell, I might get tired of your middle-aged mouth before they’re all used up.”

“Please, Hal. I’ll come over whenever you call. I promise. I’ll come over and blow you whenever you want me to. Come on, Hal. I’m going to lose my car.”

I put the head of my dick in her mouth. “Lick.” I considered as her tongue swirled over my sensitive tip. “How much do you need?”

When she told me I whistled.

“Oh shit! No way! No fucking way! I ain’t paying that much in advance. You ain’t fucking worth it.”

“Come on, Hal! I’m desperate! I’m going to lose my car!”

“Fuck. Get that cock back in your mouth while I think.”

Samantha’s lips slid up and down my dick. While my dick is not huge, it is an impressive eight and a half inches with a wide girth, more than a mouthful for most women. Samantha was no exception. She could not reliably deep throat me but she managed good depth and lots of head bobbing speed. Besides it was a thrill having some other guy’s wife and a mother of two on her knees pleasuring my cock.

Still, I wasn’t paying any more for her blowjobs. Why pay more for what I was already getting? Unless I could get something else I wanted. Something she wouldn’t normally give up, something she had never given up.

“There is something you’ve got that I’d pay for.”

She popped my dick out of her mouth. “What?”

“But I’m not going to pay for just one shot at it. I want a whole night.”

“What?” She was starting to sound nervous.

I bounced my dick on her mouth. “You’re desperate, right?”

“Y-yes.” Definitely nervous.

“All the money you need and I get an entire evening with you.”

“What do you want to do?” Her voice wavered.

“I want the one thing I’ve never had from you, that anyone has ever had from you.”


“Your ass cherry.”

Samantha’s face went pale. She had always been deathly afraid of anal sex. She hates the very idea of any kind of pain and, her oral skills notwithstanding, she was a prude when it came to sex. The possibility of a dick in her asshole was not even a chance with her.

Until perhaps now.

“That’s what I want. An evening with no holes barred.”

She didn’t say anything. Since she wasn’t using her mouth, I did. I pulled her head back down, slid my cock in and guided her head up and down at a leisurely pace.

“How soon do you need the money?”

“Soon, real soon. My car payment is late.” She had raised up to speak. I pressed her head back so she could continue sucking me off. She hadn’t actually agreed to do anything but I discussed the topic like it was a done deal. I mean, what else could she do? She needed the money and either she peddled her fat ass or she lost her car.

“Can you show up here tomorrow night at six?”

“I was going to dinner with my husband and kids but I could get erotik film izle out of it. But I’m not–.”

I cut her off by pushing her mouth back onto my dick. She made a slight noise of displeasure that I squashed by started her bobbing with a firm hand on her brunette head.

“Okay, here’s the deal. You show up here at six dressed for work. Skirt, heels, hose, blouse with Family Services emblem. You stay until I’m done but not longer than nine and I pay you when we’re through.”

“I’m not sure if I—.”

“In that time I get you to use as a big fuck doll, any and all holes.”

I rubbed my dick head on her lips.

“That’s the only way I’ll do it”, I told her. “Go somewhere else and see if you get a better deal. You won’t get that much all at once but if you’re willing to work that mouth for it I can put you in touch with some guys I know. They might not be as discreet as I am and it will take quite a few blowjobs to raise the kind of money you need.”

I guided her head forward and she opened her lips.

“That’s a good cocksucker. Suck it dry.”

She licked her soft tongue all over my shaft and, opening her warm, wet mouth, engulfed my dick. She pumped her head up and down using lots of tongue and making the slobbering noises I love to hear.

“Fuck yeah”, I moaned. “Suck that dick. Work for your cum. Work for your money.”

I leaned back in my seat to get a better look at the face of the married mother of two bouncing up and down in my lap. She may have been past her prime but Samantha sure looked good with my dick sliding in and out of her mouth.

“Suck it, whore. That’s what I pay you for!”

Samantha backed up until only the head of my dick was in her mouth. She sucked on it until her cheeks caved in and then she pulled it out of her mouth with a loud popping sound. She did that several times because she knows I like it and then went back to driving her mouth up and down on my cock. I thought about the husband she had at home. Did she work as hard at sucking his dick as she did on mine? I highly doubted it. I don’t think he gave her the proper incentive.

“Fuck yeah! Work that whore mouth!”

My balls had started to stir and reminding her of what she was sped up that wonderful tingle. It was almost time for Samantha to get her mouthful and her money. Back when Sam and I were a couple—way before hubbie and the two kids—she had refused to swallow my cum. She was a good cocksucker even back then but every time she tried to swallow a load she choked on it and spewed it all over the place. She would let me cum in her mouth and then run for a trashcan afterward. But when we entered into our current arrangement I wouldn’t pay unless she swallowed my load and money is a good motivator. Of course I had to refuse to pay on our first two meetings but eventually she learned to force the sperm down and keep it down.

I’m sure she didn’t do that for her husband.

“Here it comes! Earn your money, whore!”

I grabbed her head in both hands and drove my hips forward, driving my cock toward the opening of her throat. She opened it as much as she could and swallowed rapidly. She swallowed as fast as my spunk filled her mouth but as fast as she gulped it down she couldn’t prevent the taste from filling her mouth. She hated that taste and once asked me for mouthwash when we were done. I lied to her and told her I was out. I like for her to drive home with my cum on her breath.

“Swallow, whore, swallow!”

I finished cumming in her mouth and fell back in my chair. Samantha put a hand over her mouth and threw her head back. Her throat worked furiously as she forced the sticky wad down. When it was down for good she wiped her lips with a finger and looked at me expectantly.

I pulled my pants up and reached for my wallet and she went for her blouse and bra. We met at my front door. She was dressed and I had her money in my hand. “You earned it”, I said, handing her the bills. They disappeared into small black purse.

“See you tomorrow”, I said.

Samantha couldn’t look me in the eye and slipped out without saying a word.

At ten minutes to six her car pulled up in front of my house. She sat there until two minutes of and then started her car. It idled for nearly a minute before she turned the engine off and got out to fast walk to the front door. She knows I hate it when she’s late.

A precisely six she knocked on my door.

I opened it with my best I told you so grin.

I led her to the bedroom, admiring how surprisingly good she looked. Her face was made up well and her sagging middle-aged tits were cupped nicely in a good bra and her light blue blouse shirt curled under their nice curves. As per my instructions it was a state issued blouse and the Family Service logo over her left breast. Her legs were clad in black hose, looking chubby but trimmer than usual. Her ass though was still big and round. It was too big for most men—me included—but my eyes couldn’t stay off it. Her black skirt was tight across her fleshy rear and the high heels film izle she wore gave the chubby globes a seductive roll.

That big butt was virgin territory and I was about take it by storm.

That virgin ass was mine. I was paying good money to pop that big butt’s cherry.

I halted her just inside my bedroom door and sat on the bed facing her. “Let me get a look at what I’m buying”, said to her. She had lost some weight, could stand to lose some more but wouldn’t. She never did. She would always be my chubby girl. “Turn around so I can see the ass I’m paying so much to tap. That’s it. Push it out. Yeah, that’s it. Damn, that’s a big ass!”

I had her face me again and began to ask her questions, to interview her. She was too nervous to wonder why, that and she was used to strange behavior from me. She knew I liked to drag things out, to torment her. She knew this but yet she always came back. Sometimes I was not always sure it was the money she came back for. I didn’t pay her that damn much.

I started my questions for the cameras I had hidden around the room.

“What is your name?”

“Samantha Rice.”

“Where do you work?”

“Department of Family Services, Child Welfare Division.”

“And why are you here to see me this evening?”

At that question she fidgeted and flashed me an annoyed look. “You know why I’m here.”

“Yes, but I want to hear you say it.”

“Hal, please? Can we just do it?”

“No. I’m paying so we do what I want or you can walk that fat virgin ass to somebody else and peddle it to them. Do you want to do that?”

“No”, she replied with lowered eyes.

“Then answer me. Why are you here?”

She sighed resignedly. “To sell you my anal virginity.”

“So, you’re a social worker peddling her big round virgin ass.”


“And what does that make you?”

She frowned. Hearing me call her the name was one thing but admitting it by saying it aloud was too much.

“Say it. What does that make you?”

Her tongue fumbled but got the word out. “A-a whore.”


“A whore.”

“What are you? Say it as a sentence.”

“I’m a whore.”


“I’m a whore.”

“Is this the first time you’ve sold you body?”


“What else have you sold?”

“Blowjobs. My mouth.”

“So, you’ve been a mouth whore and now you want to be an ass whore. Is that right?”


“Then let’s get you out of those clothes and get my dick in your butt. Put down your purse and get out of that skirt.”

She put her purse on a chair and unzipped her skirt. She stepped out of it and laid it on the back of the chair. She stood, awaiting further instructions. She knew me well enough not to do anything without being told to do so.

“Lose the hose but keep your high heels on.”

She slipped out of her hose and stepped back into her heels. I glimpsed the front panel of black panties but her blouse hid them.

“Put your back to me and take off your blouse and bra.”

She did as she was told and her big panty clad butt came into view. It was wide with overfull cheeks but it was virginal and it was mine.

“Take your panties off slowly. Bend over while you’re doing it. Show me what I’m buying.”

She bent and her panties went down. She stepped out of them but stayed bent over, wearing nothing but her high heels. I stepped close and rubbed those pudgy cheeks. They wobbled under my fingers. “Too fat. I wouldn’t give you a dollar to fuck this ass if it wasn’t virgin.

I pinched a plug of flabby butt flesh between two fingers, squeezing hard and twisting. Samantha yelped and I laughed.

“Reach back and spread your ass open”, I told her. “Let me see that tight little target.”

After a pause she reached back with trembling fingers and told her butt cheeks in hand.

“Spread them, whore!”

She did, exposing her anus. She may have had a fat ass but her butthole was a tiny pink dot easily covered by a fingertip. Getting my sizable dick in there was going to take a lot of effort and she didn’t know it but I wasn’t planning on using much lube.

I wanted her to feel the pain.

I pulled her up by her dark hair and pressed her face to the wall. I rubbed her big butt. I slapped a pudgy cheek and watched it wobble. I smacked her again harder, hard enough to leave a red mark on her left butt cheek. Samantha yelped again.

“I’m going to pound my big cock up your ass”, I hissed in her ear. I tapped her butthole. “I’m going to make you scream.”

She whimpered and her little puckered anus contracted even more.

“But you need to be properly labeled first. Get me the red lipstick from your purse.”

She got it for me with a questioning expression on her face. I took the tube and put her back against the wall. “Face the wall and stand still.”

I uncapped the lipstick and wrote one word on her back in big, red letters.


In the small of her back I wrote the amount I was paying for her butt cherry. Underneath seks filmi izle it I drew an arrow pointing down. I turned her to face me and under her fat, drooping tits I again wrote: WHORE.

Above her tits I wrote the price I paid her to suck my dick and drew an arrow pointing to her mouth.

Samantha’s pubic hair is a compact triangle of very dark densely woven hair. It always looks trimmed but I’ve never known her to manicure it. Above it I wrote WORTHLESS and drew an arrow pointing into the tight curls.

I turned her to face the tall oval mirror in the corner. She let out a small gasp and her face colored when she saw her reflection. “Don’t look down”, I said to her. “Look at it.”

I pointed to the word under her tits. “What are you?”

“A whore.”

“Say it.”

“I’m a whore.”

I spun her around and had her look over her shoulder at her painted backside. I pointed to her back. ‘What are you?”

“I’m a whore.”

“Good girl. I’m glad that you’ve learned your place.” I undid my belt and whipped it through my belt loops. I came out with a whizzing sound and I wrapped it around my right hand. Samantha looked at it and emitted a quiet gasp. “Shush. Be quiet or I’ll make you cum while I’m spanking your fat ass.”

I reached around her with my left hand and ran a finger through the dark curls of her pubic hair. I pressed on the tender button hidden there and Samantha bit her lip to keep from gasping even louder. She rarely orgasms, can only do so after intense clitoral stimulation. For some reason this embarrasses her tremendously and she usually doesn’t cum or fakes it. As far as I know I may be the only man she has ever had an actual orgasm with. Tonight however was not about her orgasm. It was about mine, so I took my hand away and smacked her on the big butt with the belt.

Samantha yelped and her butt cheeks clenched. She clamped her mouth shut when I smacked her the second time and I hit her again and again. I lashed the belt across her butt ten times, leaving ten red stripes on her big round curves. She was trembling and holding in tears by the last one.

I paused a moment and then gave her ten more lashes. She whimpered loudly once at slap fifteen but kept quiet after that. Her butt was rosy red and radiating warmth. I dropped my belt and touched her butt. She flinched at the touch of my fingers on her pain reddened cheeks.

“The best that ass has ever looked”, I said. “Get in your knees and do what you’re good at.” I undid my pants and had my dick out as her mouth dropped and engulfed it. “Aaaahhhh.”

Her lips slid up and down my shaft. Her tongue caressed its length. She worked her whore’s mouth like the expert cocksucker she was.

“Oh my god, you missed your calling. Anybody can be a social worker but not every woman is a natural born cocksucker.”

Her head bobbed rapidly. She slobbered loudly.

“If you need some extra money after this let me know. I’m sure I can pimp that mouth out for you.”

I put my hand on her head and shoved it down on my dick as far as she could take it. There was still more dick so I pushed until her lips was pressed into my pubic hair. Samantha flexed her hands at her sides as she began to choke. She wanted up but I kept her down where I wanted her. Her face creased and her throat convulsed.

I jerked her mouth completely off my dick and spit in her face. My loogie landed on her forehead. She flinched and looked disgusted. This was the first time I had ever spit on her, but then tonight was a night of firsts in our bizarre relationship. I laughed at her discomfort and spit again, hitting her on her right cheek. I dragged up a good sized of spit blob and splattered her nose with it.

“Open your mouth, whore.”

Samantha let out one of her characteristic whines but did as she was told. I spit past her open lips. “Swallow it. Oh yeah, that’s a good bitch. Now wipe the rest of that spit on your face up and stuff it in your mouth.”

She cleaned her face as instructed and waited for further directions. I took her by her short hair and pulled her to her feet. Sammie is barely over five foot and I towered over her. “Time to give up your ass, girl.”

I bent her over the foot of my bed. She was short but her high heels made her just the right height. I moved into position behind her and she squeezed handfuls of the bed covers and pressed the side of her face to the bed. I set the saliva slick head of my dick to her tiny puckered opening. She whimpered in anticipation of the coming anal invasion.

“Don’t tense up”, I said. “Relax and it will go in easier.” If she relaxed I couldn’t tell it. I leaned in, pushing with my hips. Her butt hole was a tight little knot. I drove into it, indenting it but not getting in. “Damn it, Sammie girl, stop fighting!”

Frustrated, realizing that I was going to have to resort to lube after all, I rammed my cock at her closed hole.

“I’m no-oooottttt!” Samantha’s puckered opening finally and my cock shot up her ass. My dick plunged into her bowels in one lightning fast drive. Her tight unplumbed rear tunnel was stretched wide open in an agonizing instant. The sudden painful shock drove the air from Samantha’s lungs.

And I still a couple of inches of dick to shove up her tight ass.

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Spring Break Ch. 02

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It was the morning after the hot threesome in the hot tub. Matt, Nickie, and Kaylee had all gone to bed naked. They were awakened by the bright sunlight shining in through the windows. Nickie was the first to wake up. She showered, put on a sun dress, and was making coffee when Matt and Kaylee walked into the mini-kitchen. Kaylee was wearing panties and a tank top; Matt was just in his boxers.

“Morning,” Nickie smiled. “I made some coffee.”

Matt and Kaylee both took a mug and poured themselves some of the strong brew. Then they moved to the balcony and all took a seat.

“So what are we going to do today?” Matt asked.

“Well, I saw in the newspaper that a store nearby is having a sale on skirts, so I thought I’d go to that,” Nickie said. “I know how much you both like seeing me in tiny little skirts.”

Nickie winked. It was very true, especially with Kaylee, that they liked her in short skirts. Matt winked back at his little sister and smiled.

“Okay, that’s cool,” Kaylee said. “I wanna go lay out some more this morning, get a nice tan. Then maybe we can all hang out later?”

“Okay,” Nickie said. “Want me to pick out something cute for you while I’m shopping, Kaylee?”

“Sure, since you know my sizes.”

“Okay,” Nickie said. “Matt, what are you going to do?”

“Go swimming. I love erotik film izle swimming in the morning.”

The three finished their coffee and went back indoors. Nickie slipped on a pair of sandals, grabbed the car keys, and left. Kaylee went back to her room and changed into her sexy little bikini. She was slipping her panties on when Matt knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Kaylee said.

Matt entered. He took a good hard look at Kaylee. She looked so sexy in her bikini. He complimented her on her swimsuit and walked up behind her. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist. Then he kissed her cheek.

“You are so beautiful,” Matt said.

“Thanks,” Kaylee replied, blushing. “I really should go down and tan.”

“It can wait,” Matt said, pulling Kaylee’s long blond hair aside.

His lips touched her neck, and he began to kiss her slowly, caressing her neck with his lips. Kaylee gasped. She loved when Matt kissed her neck like this. It sent chills down her body to her toes and made her very very wet. Kaylee dropped her arms to her side, allowing Matt to reach up and squeeze her breasts. Kaylee moaned as Matt’s lips moved to the other side of her neck. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass. She wanted him to bend her over and pound her right here and now. Matt moved his hands behind film izle Kaylee and untied her bikini top. It fell to the floor moments later, exposing her perfect perky breasts. Matt squeezed her nipples to make them erect. Then he pulled her panties off and pressed his cock between her legs. He began to grind his dick against her pussy. Kaylee couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck me,” she gasped.

Matt pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them. Then he bent Kaylee over the bed. Kaylee spread her smooth legs apart. Matt pressed his cock against her entrance and pressed in slowly. Kaylee moaned softly as she felt him enter her. Matt thrusted slowly and gently, maximizing the erotic sensation for both of them. Kaylee loved the feel of him inside her tight young slit. She moaned as Matt slid deeper into her.

“Harder,” she moaned.

Matt thrust his cock harder into her. Kaylee moaned with each thrust. She knew she would orgasm very hard this time, probably even squirt. Matt pounded her harder and harder. Kaylee’s moans grew louder as Matt went harder and deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck me hard, Matt. Fuck my tight little cunt good. Give me your cum, baby.”

Matt pounded her again and again. Kaylee couldn’t control herself anymore, couldn’t hold back.

“I’m about to cum!” she screamed.

Matt gave a few seks filmi izle more hard deep thrusts. Kaylee screamed and her pussy shot its juices all over Matt’s cock. Some juices leaked out, dripping onto the bedroom floor. Kaylee just stood there for a moment to recover from the intense orgasm.

“Did you cum, Matt?” Kaylee asked.

“Not yet, sweetie,” Matt replied.

“Then fuck my ass until you do. I want to feel you blow your load in my tight little hole.”

Kaylee bent over again. She felt Matt’s dick press into her tight asshole. She gasped and winced as his cock entered her. It was so thick and big that it hurt, but she knew it would feel good soon.

“You okay?” Matt asked.

“Yes,” Kaylee moaned.

Matt started gently, going deeper into her ass with each thrust. Soon it felt very good. Kaylee was now feeling pleasure, not pain. She loved it. She began to talk dirty to Matt.

“Fuck me, daddy. I’m your dirty little whore. Give it to me in the ass, daddy. I love it. Harder, daddy. Please, daddy, as hard as you can.”

Matt loved pretending Kaylee was his little girl. He fucked her harder and harder. He felt that he was about to cum. He tried as hard as he could to hold back, but he couldn’t. Kaylee heard him groan as she felt his cock pulse and shoot it’s hot thick load into her ass. She loved feeling him cum in her ass. After a couple minutes, Matt pulled out. They went to the bathroom and showered quickly, got dressed, and headed down to the beach. Meanwhile, Nickie was having fun of her own at the store…

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Surprise Interruptions Ch. 01

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The long holiday weekend had finally arrived. The only problem was I was alone. I had recently broken it off with my latest girlfriend and my roommate was out of the country for another two weeks. So that left me with my sofa, football, pizza and beer.

The afternoon was passing with no specific game capturing my attention as I flipped from one game to another. I grabbed the glass beer bottle off of the end table, or I thought I grabbed it as the sweaty bottle slipped right out of my hands and dropped to the floor. Its content began pouring onto the carpet. “Fuck!” I yelled as I ran to the kitchen to get some towels to soak up the suds. As I was mopping up, I moved the end of the couch to make sure none had leaked underneath it. When I slid it back, I came across a DVD in a jewel case. It wasn’t a pre-recorded DVD and I immediately knew what was on it by the small black x marked on the top surface.

I had talked Jen, my ex-girlfriend into having sex while the video camera was running. It didn’t take much encouragement or convincing even though she had never made a fuck movie before. Once she saw the results, she was hooked and we made several variations. Her favorite one happened to be this particular one found under the couch. When she watched me fucking her ass on the screen, she always erotik film izle begged me to eat her and make her cum as her eyes were fixed on my swollen dick repeatedly driving in and out of her ass on the screen.

This particular viewing was in the living room and the view on the large flat screen made it even more arousing. I had Jen sit up on the back of the couch and lean back against the wall so that she could see all the action. I knelt on the couch cushion and spread her legs wide apart, moving my hands up her thighs until I reached her smoothly shaved pussy. She was already getting wet by the time my hand stroked over her swelling lips. Her hips rocked forward slightly as I ran my tongue over the crease of her inner thigh, taking in her musky scent just before slowly dragging my extended tongue up and down her pussy, getting the first taste of her sex. Her moans turned into pleading coos. The action on screen heated up as I captured and sucked on her clit. Her hands flew to grab my hair as she hissed softly, “Oh fuck yesssss, fuckkkkk yesssss, eat it baby, eat my pussy pleaseeeeeeee.”

I placed my thumbs on each side of her wet slit and held her soaked little hole open, making a mental note that this too should be on film. I licked the engorged lips just before I drove film izle as much of my tongue as I could deep into her hot wet cunt, keeping my face buried against her as I worked it within those velvet walls. Jen bucked and screamed as I continued to tongue fuck her rapidly then slowing down and sucking and licking, only to drive my tongue back in and out of her pussy. Jen’s own hands were pulling and twisting her nipples as she was lost in watching her own tiny back hole being filled with the thick hard dick on the screen.

I slid a finger into her and she started to melt. No words were now coming from her lips, only deep low moans as my lips found her clit once again and began their assault on her little button. I slipped a second then a third finger into her lubricated pussy as my mouth sucked, licked and nibbled on her clit as she reached the edge. I ordered her to lean back, grabbing the back of her knees to lift her legs, completely opening herself to me. I took my slick finger and rimmed it around her now exposed rose bud and proceeded to slowly push the digit up her ass as I returned to taking her pussy with my lips and tongue. The squeal that Jen let out when my finger started pumping in and out of her tight back hole was only replaced by the moaning yell she let out just as she quivered seks filmi izle and involuntarily rocked her body and exploded through her orgasm.

Just as she began to cum, I forced another finger up her ass and continued to work her pussy as she released her pent up sexual tension. I was now relentlessly working on her clit and ass until several more waves rocked her trembling body, cumming multiple times until she begged me to stop because she was now way too sensitive to continue.

No sooner had I brought my juice-covered face to meet her lips as she continued to pant and come back down, the phone rang and friends were turning in at my high rise and parking their car, letting me know they were on their way up to the apartment.

We scrambled frantically to stop the movie, get the place in order and get dressed all in one quick motion. The smell of her sex had to still be heavy in the air when they arrived but no one must have noticed or they waited to discuss it after they left. In all the scurrying around, the DVD must have landed under the couch and the reason it was found there today.

Because the ballgames were boring and, because finding that sex tape caused a stir in my shorts just thinking about the contents, I decided it just might be a good time to take it to the bedroom and have a little “me time “while watching a nice hot ass fucking. Jen may be gone but she still can do wonders for my cock… with a helping hand from me of course……

Coming soon…Chapter Two… The real interruption

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Taken by Her

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He had been excited all day about her taking him. Last night when they made love, his cock had been extremely sensitive and continuously on edge. He tried to thrust but every time he built up a rhythm, he had to stop and let himself cool down a bit. She was disappointed and needed more. Servicing his wife was his greatest priority and so he went down on her and licked her pussy to several orgasms.

But she needed more! She needed a hard cock.

He put on the harness that he had bought for her several months ago. He pulled the big, black dildo out of the drawer and looked at it. It was a fabulous cock; maybe 10 inches in length and several inches in girth. She looked at him in anticipation.

He took the dildo and lubricated it with his mouth. She smiled when she saw how her husband was essentially giving this massive cock a blowjob. With a quick tuck, he attached the dildo to the harness. His own cock was squeezed to the side, ignored and abandoned because of its deficiencies.

She got on her hands and knees and pulled the tip of the cock close to her pussy. He was so big. She needed it now. Without waiting for him to thrust, she threw herself back and impaled herself on the harnessed dildo.

“Aahhhhhh …”

He started fucking her with abandon. There was no need to hold back. This cock would not come; it simply serviced her and met her needs.


He started fucking her with all he had. She could feel this cock hit her erotik film izle G-Spot and she came … and came … and came.

Now the roles were reversed. He stood next to their bed and handed her the harness. She took it and looked back at him.

“You want the big one?”

He paused, thinking, hesitating.

“Yes, please.”

“Then climb onto the bed and get on all fours.”

He followed her instructions and once in position, he could sense her approaching from behind. His cock was semi-soft and was swinging back and forth under his torso. He could feel her hands gently touch his back.

She was amazing; sensitive and loving, and he knew that despite his nervousness this would be an incredible experience. Balancing his nerves was his desire to be taken and milked by her. He was eager to feel her hands on him and the cock slowly drifting in and out of his ass.

She applied some lubrication and started exploring him with her thumb. There was a little resistance at first but he relaxed into her and her thumb disappeared into his ass. She gave him time to adjust and to get used to the invading finger. Then, she curled her finger a little towards his stomach and with very small circles started to massage his prostate.

That was the moment when he let out a guttural groan. He loved the feeling of her stimulating him from the inside. He could feel an incredible intensity, a radiant glow that started somewhere behind his cock and then film izle took over his entire body. It felt like a desperate need to come but at the same time he couldn’t reach a climax. It was like he was pushed close to a heavenly release just to be floating a few inches away from the finish.

He lost all track of time but could now feel how fluid was dripping out of his cock. His erection was gone. He felt impotent and humiliated but he needed more. He pushed back against her to increase the pressure on his prostate.

The sensation went into overdrive. He sensed his cock leaking copious quantities of clear liquid and waves and waves of tightness and pleasure washed over him.

All of a sudden, she withdrew her finger and he felt empty and open. Maybe that is what she felt like when he pulled out during their love making?

Then he could feel the tip. Cold but slippery. For a moment he was afraid but she leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“You are all mine, babe. Just give yourself to me.”

He felt so close to her, loved her so much. He trusted her and was willing to totally surrender to her. He felt the tip of the cock slide into him. It was so big; he felt like it was splitting him wide open. She slowly rocked back and forward until most of the cock had disappeared into his ass.

She was now fully in control. She was the one giving him this incredible sensation, causing him to be milked dry. Their connection was amazing and she seks filmi izle loved every one of his moans and responses.

She picked up the pace a little and moved in and out of his ass. She loved how she could give him this intense sensation but at the same time but she could pay him back for the many times that he had been fucking her with great force; maybe even too much excitement mixed in with a little of her pain.

She wanted more of his fluid. She wanted him to be emptied, raw and dry. She wanted him to want more, have this endless urge to fuck her but be too emptied out to produce a full release. Grabbing his hips, she now thrusted harder and he winced. Each thrust hit his prostate, massaged it and coaxed more fluid out of him. His cock, still completely flaccid, released a continuous stream and drenched the bed.

Grabbing his lower back, she threw herself into him for one final thrust. He howled when the cock impaled him deeper, much deeper than before. He held him there for a minute and he could feel how an even more intense force took hold of his balls and cock. For a moment, he did not know what was happening to him but then he felt himself emptying out everything that was still left inside. It felt like an eruption but in reality he merely dribbled out a thick load of semen while he bucked and shook uncontrollably.

When she felt that the penetrations was becoming too much for him, she slowly withdrew and took off the harness. He collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and totally spent. She spooned him from behind and held him tightly.

“Thank you, babe. That was amazing.”

“You are welcome. You are such a good boy.”

And they drifted off to sleep.

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Pleasure Spots: Anal Education

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As she lounged in her chic downtown office, which she customized herself, Vanessa stared at her favorite client.

That client was Dr. Morgan Latrell. A sex therapist. A young, fashionable and hip one at that, who was fun, charming, and brought in lots of revenue. Isn’t that every professional’s dream client? She even wore those unnecessary thick framed glasses for added effect.

They often had the weirdest discussions in that office in their years of knowing each other. But today was supposed to be about business. Vanessa was a literary agent and the hot doctor had a new book in the works.

“Okay, now seriously,” Morgan said, calming down from the laughter they shared. “My manuscript, what do you think so far?”

“Well, the good news is I’ve been in close contact with the publisher, and they think…”

Morgan playfully tsked her finger, before pointing at her agent. “No, no. I want to know what you think. The publisher is going to sell it anyway. I want some honest feedback from you.”

“It’s good,” Vanessa said curtly.

“That’s all? It’s good? That means you hate it.”

“No, I think it’s great. It’ll be helpful for a lot of people.”

“You’re my target audience,” Morgan replied. “A married woman in her sexual prime. So come on, tell me what you really think. Would you ever use any of the tips?”

Vanessa couldn’t help but glance at her bookshelf. It was filled with books written by clients of hers. Modern day literature. Best sellers. Some, she considered to be masterpieces. One of which was being developed as a movie with a famous Hollywood actor (a small independent movie, but a movie nonetheless…)

Those books are Vanessa’s pride and joy, helping people achieve their dreams and bringing great writing to the world. She could certainly talk about those books for hours on end. Anything ranging from plot points, her feelings on them, as well as the marketing and business side of things.

But now she was dealing with a sex manual. One with an eye catching name:

Pleasure Spots: 15 Delights for Every Couple by Dr. Morgan Latrell.

Sure, Vanessa was proud to represent such a book and present them to the publisher. After all, previous books by Dr. Latrell had made good profits, and most importantly, have helped thousands of couples around the world achieve a better sex life.

But frankly, discussing these topics were enough to make her blush. Especially when the Pleasure Spots book was laced with explicit sexual acts.

Nevertheless, she answered. “I honestly think it’s a great book. I’m positive it’ll help plenty of couples.”

“Do you find the tips to be practical?”

“Sure, of course.”

Morgan smiled, “Which?”

“Most of them, anyway.”

“Don’t be shy,” Morgan pried further. “What was your favorite chapter? I bet it was the oral sex instructional, wasn’t it? Have you used any of those tips on your husband?”

Vanessa gave a short sigh. “Yes and yes.”

“Oh my. Naughty girl. But I’m glad they were useful to you. Those were skills I’ve acquired over a very long career.”

“Okay, I get it, you’re the Liam Neeson of giving blowjobs,” Vanessa quipped. “Good for you. Now let’s get back to business. You know, the reason you’re here today.”

“This is part of business. It’s part of the book. I still need to work on the prologue and epilogue. Something that’ll tie the book together.”

Vanessa thought for a moment. “That’s true. Why not just a re-do of your last book? Say what you’ve learned in the past few years and how it’ll help couples succeed.”

“Too repetitive. Besides, that information is all over my website and blog. I need something else.”

“How about interviews with some of your biggest clients?” Vanessa offered. “It’ll add a personal touch to the story.”

Morgan smiled, “You’re a genius!”

“I try. Thanks.”

“Speaking of which, you don’t seem comfortable with all the topics in my book. At least that’s the impression I’m getting.”

Vanessa flashed a puzzled expression. “What’s this got to do with anything?”

“It’s totally relevant. And I’m curious. So, tell me. Which part doesn’t jibe with you?”


“Yes, really,” Morgan insisted. “Answer the question.”

“The anal sex chapter seemed a bit…off…to me. From my perspective, anyway. It seemed like you painted too much of a rosy picture.”

A sly grin suddenly appeared on the lips of Dr. Latrell. “I think I’ve just found what I’m looking for.”

“Oh no,” Vanessa replied, shaking her head. “You’re not dragging me into this.”

“You’re perfect. Get that, perfect, for what I’m looking for. You’re married, cynical, and full of doubt that this will work. Exactly the kind of person I’m looking to convert.”

Vanessa shot a mean glance, which wasn’t scaring anyone. “First of all, this would damage my reputation as a respectable literary agent if everyone knows what I do with my butt. Secondly, my butt is off limits.”

“No one is going to know. It’ll be anonymous. Or I’ll give you a pseudonym. erotik film izle Problem solved on the privacy part.”

“Fine, but I’m still not doing anything with my ass.”

“Not even for your husband?”

“No way.”

Morgan raised an eyebrow. “Too well-endowed?”

“It’s not the size. I’m just not comfortable doing it. End of story.”

“Okay, fine. I won’t press the issue anymore. But like I wrote in my book, first time anal makes a great gift for special occasions. And don’t you have a wedding anniversary coming up soon?”

That dreaded social media. Why did I have to put that on my facebook? Why did I have to tweet about it? A one-year wedding anniversary isn’t something to brag about. But these days, maybe it is.

“Believe me, Keith wouldn’t be interested. He’d probably even turn it down.”

Morgan roared with laughter. “A guy turning down anal sex? From his own wife as an anniversary gift? Too funny.”

“What? It’s true. He wouldn’t be interested, unless I was adamant about it.”

“Honey, I hate to break the news to you, but all men are interested in claiming a woman’s asshole.”

“You think so?”

“Most are, anyway,” Morgan replied, then pretending to think. “Do I need to explain this? Hmmm…let’s see. Well, men do love a tight hole. Also it’s submissive, it’s taboo, it shows ownership which plays to their egos, it…”

“Okay, okay. I don’t need a list. But I doubt it’s something Keith would be into.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Because he’s never asked. Trust me, I know him. If he wanted anything like that, he would have brought it to my attention.”

“Don’t forget you’re talking to a sex therapist,” Morgan reminded. “A high-educated one at that. It’s common for people in healthy sexual relationships to keep things from their partner. It can be embarrassing. People don’t want to be judged or risk offending their partner, no matter how loving the relationship is.”

Obviously that was true. Everyone does have their secrets and their little fantasies or kinks. Vanessa certainly had a few minor fantasies that Keith didn’t know about. That’s normal. But anal? If Keith was interested in exploring that avenue, he would have asked her about it, surely?

“You’re wrong,” Vanessa said, partially to convince herself. “But I’m going to ask him anyway. Just to prove how wrong you actually are.”

“And if I’m right?”

“If you’re right, then you’re right.”

Morgan shook her head, smiling. “No, if I’m right, then you’ll be the focus of my prologue and epilogue. What better subject than you? We’ll have a blast doing this research together.”

“Somehow, the thought of research and my anal virginity don’t belong together.”

“It should. And it will.”

There was almost a playful giddiness to Dr. Latrell. As if the agent was now the perfect test subject.


Instead of cooking, Vanessa bought Chinese food on the way home. With the big question on her mind, the last thing she wanted to do was serve Keith her bland cooking. She needed to get things in the right mood, not that he’d be offended. This was more for her.

They ate and there was a feeling that she was distant. She nodded at everything he said, followed with the occasional ‘uh huh.’

“Is everything okay?” he finally asked.

It was now or never. And it wasn’t even such a big deal, right? Vanessa realized that she was blowing things way out of proportion and needed to end this once and for all.

“Anal sex. Yes or no?”

Keith was visibly taken aback. “Huh? Did I miss something?”

“Sorry for the bluntness,” Vanessa replied, shaking her head. “I had the craziest day at work with a client. You remember Morgan Latrell, right?”

He smiled and nodded. That sex therapist was the reason Vanessa had suddenly become so amazing at oral sex. Porn star good! He resisted the urge to express his fawning admiration towards the doctor’s work.

They had also met on several occasions, when Keith had been invited by his wife to various publishing events. If Keith had any idea the kinds of joy her writings would bring to his sex life, he’d have bought Dr. Latrell a pearl bracelet.

“How could I forget?” he continued smiling. “Of course I remember her. The lovely young therapist with the thick framed glasses.”

Vanessa saw right through this. “Let’s be honest, you don’t care about those glasses. She’s the author of that manuscript with all the oral sex techniques I’ve been using lately.”

“Oh, right. That too.”

“Anyway, she says that most guys secretly want anal sex with their partners, but are sometimes too afraid to ask. Can you believe it?”

He shrugged, “What’s hard to believe about that?”

“So it’s true,” she replied, squinting her eyes. “At least for you, anyway.”

“You’re acting like this is some deviant secret. It’s sex.”

Vanessa playfully sighed, “Okay, I’m clearly overreacting, which I have a tendency of doing.”

“But why?”

“Because I thought we were open about this stuff,” she film izle replied in earnest. “I guess I don’t like the idea of us keeping things from each other, including our fantasies.”

“I’m not going to cheat.”

“I never said you were.”

“But it seems like that’s what you’re implying,” he said.

She held her hands up. “Okay, let’s start over here. All I’m saying is that I’m surprised you never asked, if you wanted it.”

“I knew you’d say no.”


“You’re always open about your interests,” he replied. “And you’ve never once mentioned anal sex. At any point. So, I didn’t want to pester you about it or you’d think I’m a perv, which I am.”

Keith added a light smile at the end to keep the mood light, which she appreciated. It allowed her to keep her guard down.

“Well, I’m glad we’ve cleared this up.”

“Do you have any fantasies I don’t know about?” he asked.

Vanessa tensed, hard. “This conversation is about you, not me.”

“Don’t do that. Let’s hear it…”

She sighed, “I guess if I had one fantasy that you don’t know about, it would be someone watching us have sex. You know, the whole exhibitionist/voyeur thing. I’ve always thought that would be kind of hot.”

“Oh really,” he replied, eyebrow raised. “And why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

“For precisely this very reason. You’re giving me that strange look, like I’m a perv.”

“We’re both perverts, apparently.”

“Within reason,” she clarified. “We’re a normal, healthy loving couple.”

“Exactly, with desires for anal sex and voyeurism.”

“I guess that does make us perverts,” she laughed. “Within reason of course.”

“But since we’re not pursuing this, it would also make us another sexually unfulfilled couple, doesn’t it?”

She shot a death glare. “I do fulfill your desires. And you fulfill mine.”

“But now we’re admitting that we have other desires, that we didn’t share before.”

“So what are you saying? You want to fuck my ass?”

“That’s a start.”

Vanessa picked up a broccoli from her plate and threw it at her husband’s face, which he caught and ate, thanking her for the nutritious vegetable. That bastard.

“You asked,” he pointed out, chewing the food. “Besides, would it really be such a big deal?”

For some reason, Vanessa felt that she was at a crossroads in her marriage and sex life. If she didn’t do this, then the thought of her husband being unsatisfied in some way, however immaterial, would always linger. If she did this, well, sex is sex. Besides, she could always stop if things got too painful, she figured.

“How would you feel about doing this for our anniversary?” she asked.

“Wait, really?”


“You were so defensive about it a moment ago.”

She reached out and held his hand. “We’ll go slow. Dr. Latrell is an expert on the matter. We’ll use the tips from her book, and if I’m uncomfortable, then we’ll stop.”

“I have a feeling our anniversary is going to be memorable.”

“It better be.”

“What about your exhibitionist fantasy?” he asked. “How should we proceed with that? Any of your friends in mind?”

She released his hand and slapped his arm. “Keith!”

“It was only a joke. Or maybe that’s for next year’s anniversary.”

“Focus on this year’s anniversary, mister.”

Vanessa gave a wry smile and sank to her knees under the dining table. She’d be needing anal advice from Dr. Latrell soon, but for now, she’ll have to stick with the new oral techniques she had acquired.


After dinner, while Keith was watching sports in the living room, Vanessa headed to the bedroom to satisfy her other addictions. Tweets, facebook updates, emails to friends and family, and updates with her clients.

In between, she texted Morgan everything. After a few more back and forth texts, Morgan called and Vanessa went into all the details.

“I knew it,” Morgan said with a certain slyness, like this was so obvious.

“Okay, so you were right, now what?”

“This is for your upcoming anniversary night, correct?”

“It is,” Vanessa confirmed. “Tuesday night.”

“Excellent!” Morgan proclaimed. “My schedule is free then. What time should I come over?”


“For the anal deflowering on your anniversary; what time should I be there?”

“Tell me that’s a joke,” Vanessa asked, knowing this probably wasn’t.

“Oh, grow up. Both of you get to have steamy hot anal sex. Plus you get to live out your exhibitionist fantasy. And I can have more details for the prologue of my book. We all win!”

All sorts of thoughts swirled through Vanessa’s head. Explicit ones. She imagined herself bent over the bed, while Keith roughly fucks her ass from behind, and Dr. Latrell watching them intensely through those thick framed glasses, maybe even rubbing herself in the process. How very unnerving.

But still, the doctor was right. They would all win. And if Vanessa were honest with herself, the idea did sound totally hot. A clenching seks filmi izle feeling appeared between her legs and she felt a spot of wetness.

“I’d have to ask Keith,” she said.

Morgan laughed. “Like he’d refuse. Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow. My treat. We’ll go over the game plan.”

That seemed to be the definite cue that the phone conversation was over, and they said their ‘byes’ for the night. Vanessa put her phone down and thought for a long moment. What the hell have I gotten myself into? She went down the stairs hoping Keith could talk some sense into this whole thing.


Dr. Latrell was proven right again. Keith was in favor of this anniversary plan, though he did tried to contain himself. After all, it wouldn’t be proper for a husband to be so enthusiastic for inviting another woman to their bedroom. But it was clear he wanted it to happen.

So when Vanessa met Morgan the next day for lunch, they had much to discuss. They were both dressed in their fashionable office attires, with skirts, blazers, and matching blouses. They looked every bit like professional women, but each brought their own kind sass to their professions.

Though they weren’t talking business today. Well, sort of. This directly related to Dr. Latrell’s prologue and epilogue for an upcoming book, which Vanessa had to continuously remind herself.

“It’s simple,” Morgan explained, taking a sip of her soda. “Women like anal sex because there are many nerve endings which are sensitive to the touch. Same for men. The pleasure can be intense if done right.”

Luckily the diner was crowded and packed, so no one could actually hear them. One of the perks in living in a big city.

“Will it hurt?”

“I’m not going to lie. Yes, it’ll hurt. But I’m a professional at this.”

“How hands-on have you been with actual clients?” Vanessa inquired.

“It depends on their comfort levels.”

“Any specifics you can share with me?”

Morgan smiled and leaned in. “Specifically, I’ve gotten hands-on when clients have asked me to. Usually for things like guidance. For instance, if it’s something like oral sex, I’ll get down on my knees and watch, inches away, and provide instructions and techniques in real time.”


“For anal sex, I’ve actually lubricated wives in front of their husbands, to show these guys how it’s supposed to be done. Nice, slow, lovingly, with lots of lube.”


Morgan nodded. “Goodness, indeed. Being a sex therapist can be messy work, at least for me. But it’s so rewarding. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a sexually happy couple.”

“What happens after you’ve prepped them, orally or anally. I mean, do you just watch them in action?”

“Not watch, guide. I’m like a porn director. And they are my performers. I simply tell them what to do.”

“Is that what you plan on doing for us?”

“I’m open to anything,” Morgan replied. “Ideally, I’d be the one who lubricates you. Keith can learn my lube technique.”

The thought of exposing her rectum to a client suddenly made Vanessa lose her appetite. Sure it was scary and humiliating, but she tried to focus on the good side of all this. And she had to constantly remind herself that she was dealing with a highly paid sex therapist, who must be used to dealing and seeing all sorts of things.

Vanessa slowly nodded. “That sounds doable.”

“Would you be okay if I fluffed him?”

“You mean, suck his cock?” Vanessa asked skeptically.

Morgan pursed her lips. “I don’t mind. Assuming you’re okay with that.”

“We’ll have to discuss that later.”

“Fair enough. I think it would work best that way, with you bent over and all. For proper penetration of your small hole, Keith would have to be rock hard. So I wouldn’t mind sucking him for a few seconds to get him ready.”


“We’ll discuss that later,” Vanessa repeated.

“Got it.”

Now it was Vanessa’s turn to lean forward. “Be honest, do you actually think I would enjoy this? Can any woman be– you know — trained for this? Is it something any woman can get used to?”

“Why not?” Morgan smiled. “It’s far more common these days. And it’s all relative. Women are different sizes and can handle different things. With my techniques, you’ll be able to accommodate your husband. Trust me.”

“Do you enjoy it?”

Morgan’s smile only grew. “I love it. I really do. It feels far more intense than vaginal sex. I find that it hits all sorts of pleasure inducing nerves from deep within nature. I feel like I’m sucking my partner deep inside that tight, forbidden hole, which is very taboo. And I’m a lover of taboo things.”

There was a lust in the doctor’s eyes, which made Vanessa all the more curious about the anal experience. If this doctor could help so many people enjoy this (along with various other things), then why not her too? Vanessa was in decent shape, a former high school athlete, and she considered herself to be a tough woman.

“Sounds riveting,” Vanessa said.

“Quite. It’s something you’ll have to experience, the proper way.”

“I’m sure it’s going to be an anniversary to remember.”

There was a gleam in the doctor’s eyes which instantly made Vanessa nervous, yet oh-so excited.

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Purple Plug

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Cindy was in the bedroom closet, getting dressed. Since it was 90 degrees, she put on a simple cotton dress.

“Where are you going?” asked Daddy.

“Daddy, I am going to the concert with Grace and Laurie.” Cindy replied.

“You are, huh?” Daddy said, blocking her way out of the closet.

“Yes, silly, I told you that yesterday. Cindy said back, gently pushing on daddy’s chest.

“Daddy gently took her shoulders and guided her towards the bed.

“Daddy, cut it out, I need to get going.” whined Cindy.

“So, babygirl”, said Daddy, “let’s review. You TOLD me you were going to the concert, yes?”

“Yes, I told you last week.” Cindy replied, a bit confused.

“But, you didn’t ask me.” said Daddy, sternly.

“Oh.” pouted Cindy. “I didn’t think I had to ask, you have a meeting anyway.” protested Cindy.

“Ha ha, nice try babygirl.” teased Daddy. “Of course you can go my love, but you always need to ask permission.” Daddy held her close and stroked her hair.

“So, I am going to have to give you a reminder. Stand up and bend over the bed babygirl.” demanded Daddy.

“Come on daddy, I can be good, please!” pleaded Cindy.

“Go on. No arguments.” Daddy pulled her up to standing, and then turned her around and bent her over.

Daddy lifted up her dress, and pulled down her panties and took them off.

Smack! Smack, Smack. Daddy gave her some light, playful spanks.

He pulled her up and hugged her. She hugged him back.

“So, I know you have been really working hard to get better and challenge yourself. So, as I reminder of what you are supposed to do, and I bit of a challenge, I have something for you for tonight.” said Daddy.

He walked around to the nightstand. He erotik film izle took out a new anal plug and the lube.

“Daddy?” asked CIndy nervously. “That is different from our jelly one.” Cindy whispered. She felt her heart pounding and started fidgeting.

“Yes, it is babygirl. It is designed to stay in your bottom longer.” Daddy said. “So you will be wearing this during your concert tonight.” asserted Daddy.

“But daddy, I don’t think I can do that! That is not fair!” Cindy protested.

“Well, ” said Daddy, “I can change your challenge to a traditional punishment if you want.”

“And that would be what?” Cindy asked, with a bit of attitude.

“Babygirl, you stalling and on the verge of being disrespectful to your Daddy.” Daddy said sternly. “You can handle this my pet.” said Daddy as he soothed her hair and pulled her close.

“So here. Here is your jelly one. Here is the new one. Same size, different shape and material.” explained Daddy.

Cindy looked at the new plug. Daddy was right, as usual. This one was thick silicone, the tip was rounder, but the same length. This one also had a cute purple jewel base.

She suddenly had nervous butterflies in her tummy. ” I guess I can handle it.” whispered Cindy.

“That’s my girl!” Daddy said. “Lay down on your tummy.” said Daddy.

Cindy laid down, still with nervous butterflies. Daddy got on the bed behind her. He put lube on his finger and got close to Cindy. He whispered in her ear to relax and then gently put his lubed finger in her bottom.

He then told her to be ready. He gently slide in the plug into her bottom. Cindy gasped, as she did with the jelly one.

“All set. How does it feel? asked Daddy ” A bit heavier, but ok. ” said film izle Cindy. Cindy then sat up on the bed while daddy gave her directions.

“That’s my girl. Remember, leave it in until the concert is over. If you have an emergency, obviously, take it out. Take extra lube with you just in case. Oh, and no touching yourself. Understood?” asked Daddy.

“Yes daddy.” replied Cindy. She kissed Daddy goodbye, then stood up to leave. Oh my. Her plug settled a bit, and she was aware of the plug hitting all the walls of her rectum. It was an odd feeling. She gathered her things, and left.

Cindy drove to the concert and was really getting aroused by the plug in her bottom. Sitting with it was different than standing. Each time she moved or did something different, she felt the plug.

She finally found a parking spot and texted her friends to let her know she was there. She got out of the car and began walking through the crowd with her chair and her cooler. She could feel the plug move with her. She could feel her wetness suddenly increase in her pussy. Her panties were damp. Her whole pussy felt swollen as she walked gingerly towards her friends.

“Hey girl! Are you ready for the concert?” This should be fun!” exclaimed Grace.

“Good to see you ladies. ” replied Cindy. “I can’t wait!.” Cindy texted Daddy to let him know he got there.

“Good girl. I can’t wait to take that plug out of your sexy bottom and replace it with something bigger.” texted Daddy back.

Cindy felt herself blush. She set up her chair and sat down. She was really aroused, and when she sat down it felt like she was pushing the plug further up her ass.

Cindy made idol chit chat with her girlfriends, and opened a beer. The band came out, and pretty seks filmi izle soon, they were singing along to their favorite songs. As the band continued, Cindy had a second beer.

About 20 minutes later, Cindy was still seated in her chair, and she felt a little dizzy. She decided to call it an early night. The band was almost done.

She said her goodbyes, and stood up to fold her chair back up. Folding up a chair is easy, but the simple task was more difficult to Cindy. Bending over to pick up the chair meant the plug moved and felt like it was going further in. Standing up to leave meant the plug shifted again, and felt like it was going to fall out. Cindy had to concentrate on squeezing the plug. As she was walking out, she realized that she had to go pee. The two beers she had went right through her. Cindy felt really nervous. She had never peed while she was plugged. On top of that, she had to use a port a potty. Ugh.

She really had to go, and the plug was not helping. The port a pottys were located in a row by where she came in. Ok, let’s do this. Why was she feeling so tipsy? Maybe it was the heat.

She entered in pulled up her dress. She squatted down to pee. When she peed, she noticed that the bearing down motion was also causing her plug to come out a bit. She reached back and held the plug and continued peeing. She felt like an acrobat. Finally she was able to pee more. She wiped herself, washed her hands and exited.

It was a long uncomfortable walk back to the car. She felt like she was walking funny. She had to still squeeze the plug tight and walk. She finally got to the car, and texted Daddy to let him know she was on the way home.

“How did you do with the plug?” Daddy texted back.

“OK-it was hard not to touch myself or take it out.” Cindy sent back.

“You are a good girl for doing what I asked.” Daddy sent back.

“Come get your reward.” Daddy replied. Daddy had sent a picture of himself on the bed, naked.

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It was after dinner when Gloria and Lynn Hydelman watched his favorite show. He had plenty of favorite shows, she not so much. As an associate editor for a local magazine Gloria was more into fact-based narratives, her attention tonight was not focused on the show.

Gloria ran her fingers down the sides of the Cosmo filled tumbler, watched little drops of moisture settle around the bottom edge. Lifting the glass, she noted the perfect dark ring on the coaster. She took a sip of the cranberry and vodka mix, and having thought out how to approach her husband.

“I need to know something,” she said.

Her husband’s attention didn’t waver.


“What?” he said, not breaking his connection with the TV screen.

This conversation with Lynn had begun several weeks ago, but had never been brought to fruition. It had to be now.

“This is important,” she said, her voice controlled and calculated.

“Okay, then.”

He tore his eyes reluctantly, Gloria thought, from NCIS agent Ziva David dragging a fellow agent from a burning vehicle.

“What is it?”

At the harshness in his words, her eyes widened, showed white around the centered ring’s of green. It was a rerun for God’s sake.

“You don’t have to be such an asshole.”

She grabbed a magazine from the side table and threw it at him. It crashed into the wall just above his head, pages all fluttery like some broken wing bird.

He’d ducked, but his attention was now riveted on his young wife.

“I can’t believe,” she said, “that I just did that.”

“All right,” he capitulated, giving her a sharp look. “What’s . . . so important?”

She scowled, bulldozing frustration lines across a smooth forehead. For a second she was almost at the gates of not speaking to him.

“Don’t be such a creep. This is significant.”

“I’m listening,” he said, softer this time.

“What do my orgasms look like?”


“You heard.”

“You want to know that, right now?” Lynn said, turning back to the TV with a huff of indignation.

“Yes, damn it. What do they look like?” She leaned forward, snatched the remote from the Danish coffee table and pointed it toward the television in an implied threat.

“I think they’re beautiful, honey,” he said, too fast.

“You’re so full of shit. I’ve been told that a woman looks grotesque when she cum’s. Like she’s in pain.”

Her husband was silent, mouth open, defeat on his unshaven features.

On TV, David pulled her companion further from the incinerating car. It exploded, but Lynn’s eyes never left his wife’s face.

“I don’t believe that’s true at all. When you cum, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

“I cum hard.”

“You do . . . and sometimes you’re all over the place.” He laughed, mocking yesterday’s strenuous jousting. “But I don’t mind in the least.”

“Now you’re making fun of me. Stop it. I need to know.”

“Take it from me, honey.” His voice softened. “When you cum, it’s a wild and wonderful ride.”

“Do I look happy?”

“Not, right now.”

“I mean when I cum, shithead. Do I look happy?”

“I . . . I never thought about it. Who isn’t happy when they climax?”

“I must see for myself.”

“I don’t know how we would manage that.” His eyes flicked to the TV screen when she wasn’t looking.

“I’ve been thinking––we could place a small mirror at the head of the bed . . .”

Gloria watched him consider the idea. She also felt that the sound and picture from the TV faded from his mind for a second, and in its place the naked image of herself doing things to him that were in some states definitely illegal.

“There’s the headboard,” he said, “it’s in the way.”

“It doesn’t have to be permanent. Just for a few days. We could use those plastic picture hangers, the kind that has the stretchy stuff.”

She envisioned Lynn thinking about the work involved, as well as how he might benefit from a mirror in the bedroom.

He shook his head.

“I can’t really see that working baby,” he said.

“You’re smart . . . you think of something.”

He was silent for a long minute, then said, “Honey, I’m sorry, but there’s no room or place to hang a mirror at the proper angle that will show what you want.”

She studied his craggy face, could tell by his expression that he wasn’t into mirrors. Lynn needed an incentive. What did he want more than anything? Oh! No. She heard that hurt too much, so that’s not going to happen. A threesome was way out of the question, even with that cute little Miranda next door.

This was driving her crazy. So, what was she willing to give up, or do? Gloria toyed with another idea, but could she overcome the dread that had plagued her for years?

“If you find a way, and I have faith that you can, I’ll do something for you that you’ve always wanted.”

His eyes locked with hers. “Look, that’s really great that you’re willing to do that, but¬¬¬¬––.

“You can cum in my mouth.”

That stopped him.

“You’ll . .?”

She nodded.

“This mirror is that important to erotik film izle you?”

“If you promise, you can do it to me right now,” she said, reaching for him.


His voice was so harsh she stopped in alarm.

“You want this so badly,” Lynn said. “I’ll find a way, and you don’t have to do anything for it either.”

“But I want to,” Gloria said.

“Look, I’d love for you to do that,” he said, “but never, to get me to do something for you.”

“I want to please you.”

“You please me all the time.”

“But I want to please you in ways that other women please their men.

“You’ve always said . . .”

Gloria nodded in agreement.

“I know, thinking of something in my mouth the consistency of cooked Okra always made me puke. That was before. Realizing that nothing coming from you is immoral or nauseous has helped. I should be able to take your stuff like a loving wife, without my stomach rebelling. It is exciting knowing what’s lying in Peter’s two oval friends. Just thinking that I’m the one to make you cum, there’s butterflies in my stomach already. It’s time that I taste you.”

A huge gasp escaped from her husband as Gloria’s mouth closed over him.

He was already pole stiff. Pre-cum seeping from the tiny slit made her head swim. She sucked harder. Talking about it had made him more than ready, and when Lynn reached orgasm, she was in no position to do anything other than what was ordinary.

Afterward, when his breathing returned to normal.

“That was really fantastic, sweetheart,” he said, and hugged her close.

“I hoped you’d like it.”

“Oh, yes, I liked.”

She licked her lips. Wondered if they were bruised, because her partner had been very active, especially at the payoff.

“You didn’t mind?”

“Didn’t have a chance to find out.” It was a shy smile that greeted him.

“Tell you what, I do have an idea about the mirror. I’ll work only half a day tomorrow,” he said. “Have something up before you arrive home.”

Her eyes grew bright. “Thank you.”

“Humm,” he murmured. “If I’d known you wanted a mirror this badly it would have been done days ago.”


He’d thought about the mirror all morning, wondered who enticed Gloria with the idea. One of her girlfriend’s perhaps, or someone at work? Lynn would have liked to thank the person who helped Gloria give him the best blowjob ever, and the mirror wasn’t even hung yet.

He’d purchased all the hardware, and something else he hoped would suit her fancy.

Eurban Ct. was empty of vehicles when he arrived home. He hurried inside; happy the neighbors didn’t see his purchases. Not that it mattered. Until they were installed, no one could guess how the packages would be used.

An aromatic scent accosted his nostrils when he opened the door, and he took a deep breath. Every evening Gloria lit candles. Cinnamon still coursed through the house. Tonight a different flavor would waft through the rooms. The one that bothered him was pumpkin. In pie, pumpkin was delightful, but as a scent, it lacked a certain favorable ambience.

Lynn grabbed hand tools from the garage, and several hours later waited with great expectation. Apples on the kitchen counter reminded him of breasts, Gloria’s breasts. This time instead of just passing, he grabbed one, took a bite. He sat to wait, teased the apple. Took little nibbles around the entire circumference, like he would do to her with his lips. He heard her walk the steps first, then the doorknob turned and Gloria opened the front door.


She smiled, threw her arms about his neck. The quick kiss was more pillage than passion. Gloria took off her summer jacket, looped it over her shoulder with fingertip hangers. Had Lynn been able to accomplish the task they’d talked about the night before? His face beamed, so that must be a positive. She strode to the bedroom, heart fluttering with hopefulness. The mirror was a little larger than she had considered, but a very fine looking glass. Alice would have been proud, and this was going to be a very welcome wonderland.

The frame color even matched the headboard. Nice job Honey. Anyone seeing the mirror however, would know why it was there. Turning to hang her jacket in the closet, Gloria flash-froze. A sharp thrill went through her entire nervous system. This was so, unexpected. Where the bi-fold closet doors had been, full-length mirror doors hung.

“Ohhh, I like,” she said, her voice piping. The reflection of the entire bed addressed her like a long lost Playgirl magazine.

“Meets with your approval then, my queen?”

“Certainly does.”

“Shall we try it out?”

“Soon as I bathe and you feed me grapes,” Gloria said, a quick giggle coming through the pink sensual lips. She threw her arms about him, feeling like royalty.

“I would rather feed you something else,” he said.

“That too, but later,” she said, “when I have the smell of printers ink and these smudges washed off my skin.”

“I can help,” he said, running his fingers over her shoulders.

She trembled, her eyes took in the film izle entire scene in the glass. Her mind worked many quick scenarios. Their clothes were gone and he sat on the bed with her kneeling. Heat flashed across her groin. An involuntary clenching of the lower muscles with further quivering weakened her knees.

He kissed her neck, the slim, strong shoulders; the thin-corded muscles drew more caresses. A soft bite and a kiss extracted a ragged breath. His fingers ran to the middle of her neck, kneaded the tightness there until she issued a low groan and he pulled the tab of the zipper. A sigh of plastic ticks ran to the bottom of Gloria’s spine. The dress fell to her ankles and when she stepped over the cloth, he picked it from the floor. His lips caressed the small of her back, lingered over the twin dimples that arched above the firm buttocks.

“I’ll take you up on that promise,” she said, with hushed undertones.

A knowing grin came to his lips.

Reaching under the clasp at the back of her bra, he snapped his fingers and she shrugged out to press against him.

He was reminded of the leftover fruit in the kitchen and the future in tasting these apples. Both soft mounds crushed against him with wonderful assurances of what was to come. She pulled away; her erect nipples poked his chest. Gloria ground her pelvic region into his leg and kissed him on the mouth. Her fingers worked the buttons of his shirt, forced it open and brushed the peaks of her breasts across his chest.


“Don’t get too worked up,” Gloria said, laughing at him. “I still need my bath.”

With that, she ran from the room. He caught a glimpse of her dark triangle, then her tiny brief covered buttocks doing their best to lure him along. He stepped forward, but water rushed into the tub seconds later. He hung her dress, retrieved towel and washcloth to consummate his promise.


Upon entering, he found Gloria half submerged, her head resting on the slanted back of the tub. Steam rushed to fill the mirror over the sink with a million dewdrops. The irises of her eyes mere slits of green laziness watched as he laid the towel between the double sinks. Her arched eyebrows gave Gloria an expressive face, and brought out the high cheekbones. He loved the way she could raise each eyebrow independent of the other on command.

With each breath, her body rose in the water. During the upswing, her ribs were easy to point out. The kissable flat stomach with the indented belly button was a delight. Her breasts not influential enough to float quivered with every move, driving his desire one step higher. He searched for the soft spot between her legs, but soap foam covered the top of the water. Damn Bubble bath.

Lynn dipped the washcloth, felt the warmth of water rush into the fabric.

She leaned forward and he splashed water on her back, moving the cloth in sensual circles over the area.

“That’s so good.”

He traced the line of her waist, the ripples of her backbone, reached under water and washed her buttocks.

“Okay, lean back and I’ll do the front.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you would.” She gave him a coy little grin. “I’m perfectly capable of reaching those spots.”

“I was hoping.”

She leaned back. “Be gentle then.”

“Aren’t I always?”

“Not always,” she said, an enlightened grin advanced across the sexy line of her lips.

“You’ve not complained.”

“Maybe I had nothing to complain about,” she whispered, her eyelashes fluttering.

“Humm. You little tart.”

“You always said I was sweet.”

“That too.”

He washed as she wished, kneading the soft mounds, tweaking the nipples until she moaned. Downward to her knees, the well formed calves, and then her feet where he rubbed the toes, in between, then the ankles. He didn’t miss one spot in all the skin of those over-long legs. Softer than velvet Lynn’s fingers reached the reverse vee of her legs, touching with great concern until her lungs sucked in quick-labored breaths.

“Up you go,” he said.

“What? Finish what you started.”


“Damn you. I’ll tease you so much that you’ll cry for me to finish, and I won’t.”

“Hahahha. Stand.”

When she was out of the tub he toweled her dry, dropped to his knees, dried the back of her legs, the fronts, placed a kiss upon the little mound above the joint of her legs.


He pulled away.

“Fuck you,” she said, her voice soft.

“I hope so.”

He reached in, his tongue tracing the outline of those succulent lower lips. Gloria’s legs

parted and Lynn ducked from the bathroom.


“Follow if you dare,” he said.

Gloria ran, dove at him as he sat on the bed taking off his shoes. They fell back in a huddle of bouncing arms and legs.

“Ow, ow, ow.”

“What, what?”

“My booby, my booby. You’re pinching my booby.”

“Well . . . give it here, I’ll kiss it well.”



“Damn, I didn’t think to use the mirror,” Gloria said, a satisfied half hour later. The red and black highlights in her shoulder seks filmi izle length hair glowed in the light from the window, made her complexion softer and skin more bronzed.

“I must have done really well to make you forget.”

“Shithead.” She smacked his arm with her fist then kissed him on the cheek “Yes, you did. I’ll return the favor . . . I promise. You’ve made me so lethargic all I want to do now is rest in the afterglow.”

Lynn smiled.

“Go to sleep my love,” he said, brushing the hair from her eyes. “I’ll be in the other room when you wake.”

He rose from the soft-side waterbed, gazed at his loving wife who was asleep already. She’d pulled the sheet about her and he wondered about that. He’d seen and touched every inch of that trim body and loved every spot, so she wasn’t embarrassed for him to see. Covering up must be an after-sex-woman-thing, he mused.

He turned the handle of the door and pulled it closed behind him, not releasing the handle until the door was full against the jamb. The soft little click of the latch going into the striker wouldn’t bother her.

Everything in the house reminded him of sex . . . even door latches had male and female parts. He smiled wider wondering what she had in mind when she woke.

There was one body part that he had never fully explored, except with his fingers and only during oral. She never mentioned attempting an entrance and he hadn’t brought it up, though he’d thought about it thousands of times.

Gloria’s small, heart-shaped ass intrigued him more than normal. He made sure that he touched every inch of her well-formed buttocks, and that little sensitive pink area where all the nerve endings existed. He was thankful for the firm ass cheeks that remained that way because of the walking she did in her job.

His grin became a smirk when remembering that once when he’d been in the rear position and over exuberant, he’d slipped out. On the following thrust, he’d slipped inside her anus. She was up and out of bed so fast, a hand over those cute little buttocks. He was left with his mouth open and a pulsating frustrated cock.

At first, he hadn’t been sure what had taken place.

“Damn, Lynn, that’s my ass.”

“I’m so sorry, honey. I hadn’t meant for that to happen.”

“Be more careful. That hurt.”

Inside, he was at war with himself. He’d never felt anything like that. Tight like dry massaging fingers, so unlike a warm, wet pussy. Couldn’t tell Gloria how wonderful he felt about it taking place.

“Are you all right?” Lynn had said.

“I’m okay,” she’d said, coming back to bed. “It was a bit of a shock to have something that big up there.

“You are very tight.”

“Don’t expect that’s ever going to be happening again.”

“Okay,” he said. “Not something that I dream about.”

He’d lied. Thought about it more than he could count, but she’d been so animate he’d never mentioned it. Every time he thought of that strong ring of muscles clamped about his cockhead for that one startling second he became aroused all over again. Gloria was a good lover, and though not experienced, she was learning, and he didn’t want to destroy any of her explorative nature.

He undressed down to his skivvies and fell asleep on the couch, the TV babbling.


It was seven in the evening when Gloria entered the living room. She stifled a yawn. Her well-formed legs played peek-a-boo where the Terrycloth robe folded around in front. She left him sleeping and went to the bathroom. She came out forty minutes later, feeling very cool, to find him still gone to the world. Lawyers would have called what she did next premeditated. She knelt beside the sofa, opened the front of his briefs and drew him out. Studying the limp thing in her hand she knew would not soon be small or as soft. It wasn’t a good-looking thing to give so much pleasure, but she loved it none-the-less. She giggled. In the eyes of the beholder . . . Gloria kissed the wrinkled, blunt head, lingering over the glands with tiny nibbles. The full lips parted just enough to suck the spongy head into her mouth. This time her mate tasted like skin . . . she grinned. Sometimes he tasted like her. At others, there was a slight salty flavor but when excited, musky, especially the pre-cum. Thank heaven he had plenty.

This clear fluid turned her on more than she would admit, because Gloria reasoned, her patronage had brought it all about, and was disappointed when it changed to real cum. Not that the taste of his cum was unpleasant . . . that just meant playtime was almost over. Enjoyment for her was building to the final act, not termination. She tittered, thinking that she never used extra salt on anything and wondered about cum’s value as a seasoning, or did it help retain water, like salt tablets? Had she gained weight lately? She chuckled around Lynn’s gathering girth.

It seemed only hours ago when her mouth had been filled with Lynn’s essence for the first time. It’d been strange, primeval and swallowing had been total reflex. Either that or choke. She remembered that small thick consommé slipping down her chin. He’d scooped it onto his finger, and before he could do anything, it was ingested. His eyes showed pure disbelief that she was that learned. It had been pure instinct on her part, and a shyness she had not experienced overcame her.

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Roommate loves anal

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My roommate.

So up until my daughters moved back in with me permanently I had a roommate. She was decent looking and had a boyfriend that lived about 45 minutes away so during the week she chilled at the apartment a lot and she would visit her boyfriend on weekends.

This worked for me because on weekends I would have my FWBs visit. During the week occasionally too and my roommate would get the hint and go to her room rather than hang out in the common areas.

Something happened on a Wednesday and the reason I remember it was a Wednesday was because that my errand day. Groceries or anything else on that day seems to go quickly as long as it’s not the first of the month.

I get home around 7:30 and start to unpack the car and the roommate, we will call her Joan, comes out to help me bring in the groceries in.

She asks me if any of my FWB are coming over that night so she can watch a movie on the couch in the living room. I tell her it’s all clear and I might join her after I have my dinner.

She always wore a big t-shirt and old PJ bottoms that hid her figure. She was curvy, but had a significantly thicker ass than boobs, but still generous. I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice. She had wavy black, shoulder length hair and green eyes. Pale even for a white girl.

I cook up some thinly sliced potatoes chicken breast and broccoli and seasoned it heavily. My roommate asked if she could try it so I made enough for her to have some. I brought the plates to the coffee stand and shooed away both my cats so they wouldn’t try to sneak any of the food. I opens up a cheap bottle of Riesling and got a couple glasses.

My roommate thought this was fancy. It was not and it added to my assumption that she didn’t grow up with any kind of culture outside of pop culture. She ate pop tarts for breakfast as an adult for fucks sakes.

Any way.

She is nice enough to pick up the plates and take it to the sink, but doesn’t wash them right away which bothers me, but I didn’t want to seem ungrateful so I just chilled on the couch and continued to watch whatever it was she picked. I want to say it was something called Pitch perfect. I’m not a fan of musicals so I pretty much zoned out.

I notice after a couple glasses of wine that she’s not back so I go to do the dishes. Just as I’m finishing up I hear her come out of her bedroom and come up behind me. I assumed she was bringing her glass to be washed, but I felt her gaze on the back of my head.

When I turned she said “we need to talk”. Oh what erotik film izle the fuck I was thinking. She’s going to say she won’t have the rent this month or some shit like this. Instead she says to me that she knows I know she’s in an open relationship.

I nod. Then she tells me she got off the phone with her boyfriend and she got permission to have sex with me. I shrugged as told her that’s fine, but she won’t sleep in my bed when we are done. I don’t care how tired she is.

I told her to strip for me and she did without any hesitation. She dropped to her knees and I told her to her up. I’m not a huge fan or blowjobs unless I can tell the woman really wants to give a blowjob rather than treating it like a obligation.

I take her by the hand and take her to my room and tell her to get on my bed and lay back with her legs open. I ask her very clearly when the last time she was tested and she told me three weeks. Then I asked her if she’s fucked anyone other than her boyfriend since that time and she hadn’t. Good enough for me. I told her I was going to fuck her raw and get pictures of the mess I leave her for myself and her boyfriend if he wanted them.

I lowered my head to her pussy and began doing what I love. Licking up her lips and sucking on her clit making her do those beautiful pleasure spasms as my mouth did the work. Her moans filled my room and I looked up at her as she pinched and played with her nipples. I don’t know how long I stayed down, but she was grabbing the back of my head and looking at me in the eyes.

She told me clearly that she needed to feel my cock. I got up and balanced myself on my knees between her legs put a pillow under her ass to raise her hips so I could pound her right. I slid my cock head up and down her dripping lips and looked into her eyes. I would occasionally tease her by sliding in just a few inches. I loved the look on her face. I knew it wouldn’t last long when she put her hands on my hips and tried to pull me deeper into her so that’s exactly what I did.

Sliding all the way into her wasn’t as easy as she thought. I bottomed out in her and her eyes were peeled looking into my eyes and she cried out in pleasure and pain. I lifted her legs and almost folded her over and just started pounding away into her so deep and making sure I used my thumb to keep playing with her clit. Then it happened. The infamous squirt. It’s not like in movies. It’s not this fountain of squirting. It’s a slow, but obvious gush and once you’ve been a part of it you know it.

She came film izle so hard and clawed my back and shoulders. She started begging for me to cum, but I wasn’t ready and I really wanted to fuck her from behind and spank her ass that I’ve always stated it. I told her to shut up and turn over.

She obeyed without any hesitation, which I really liked. Her ass was so thick and juicy, but I wanted a better view so I reached over and clicked on my reading lamp and it gave me just enough light so really get a good look at her ass.

She had a tramp stamp of an eagle that was kind of tacky, but still a nice place to look at. I pushed her head down to the pillow so her ass would be up in the air for me. I looked at her asshole and saw that even though her pussy was nicely trimmed he asshole was perfectly hairless. Made me think that maybe she was planning something with her boyfriend this weekend.

I spanked her soft at first and then slowly increase the force of my impacts. I made sure the sound of the spanking was loud and clear enough to echo and I kept encouraging her to be my good little slut. I could see he pussy dripping the longer I spanked her. Her right ass cheek was getting nice and red from my right hand. My left hand was either pulling her hair or getting in the occasional spank on her left cheek then squeezing it and teasing her cute little asshole.

She started meaning for me to just fuck her already. I was so hard and my precum was a steady stream, but I was enjoying this too much. Then it happened.

“Just play with my ass first to get me warmed up if you want to fuck my ass.”

I did not expect this. I told her that’s fine if she wants me in her ass, but I’ll need to get the lube. I slid the toy box out from under my bed and got the lube and climbed back in the bed. I told her I would fuck her ass like she wants but I want to see her face when I slide into her. So I made her get back on her back.

I put the same pillow under her ass and lifted her legs again. I went down again, but this time I was focused on her ass. I don’t play around. Licking and circling her asshole and using my fingers to prep her then I started to add a generous amount of lube and started to slide one finger in her then two.

I used my thumb to keep giving her clit attention. When I welt like she was ready. I got back into position between her legs and aimed my cock at her prepare rosebud. Just the tip of my head was in and I stared into her eyes and she looked like the wanton slut I knew she could be but also so scared. She whispered seks filmi izle that I’m bigger than her boyfriend so I need to take it easy.

I was easy on her, but firm. Very firm. Adding more lube I slid into her until I was bald deep and she inhaled and cried out grabbing me and pulling me to her. Her ass tightening around my cock like a warm accommodating vice. She breathily kept telling me she loved my cock and needed me to please take it slow until she got used to me. I started to grind my hips and reminding her to breath.

She moaned and bit her lip and grabbed the pulled to the side of her head and looked like a demon, but I was tired of waiting. I added a little bit more lube and then set the bottle aside and grabbed her by the head using my arms to hold her legs back and started to fuck her like I didn’t care anymore because really I just needed to feel her. At first she looked so scared when she made eye contact, but then slack jawed and with tears in her eyes she started to nod. She then told me to fuck her harder

She didn’t need to tell me more. I relaxed myself and and then started to pound away into her grunting with each deep thrust into her tight ass. She started to cum again and needlessly told me she was cumming, but I felt it her ass tightening and there it was again she squirted. I would have to throw out that pillow.

Her ass tightening from her orgasm pushed me over the edge. Apparently my last deep thrust was too much for her because she yelled out, but she held my ass and pulled me in deeper as I cum so much deep inside her. I came so much she kept telling me she could still feel me spasming in her ass. I pulled out and did that after sex shuffle to get to the shower so I could wash my dick off Incase there was any shit.

There was none. It hit me that she was prepared for this. She cleaned herself out in preparation for me. I wondered how long she planned this. And then I wondered if her boyfriend really did give her the go ahead. He did, I found it later and one time he joined us and we DPed her on her bed when he visited.

This was the start of me fucking my roommate pretty regularly both alone and with my other FWBs and her boyfriend.

The primary itch she needed scratched was my thick cock in her ass as often as possible. One of my FWB got a little jealous because she’s never been able to take a hard fuck in the ass like Joan could do when she witnessed it. She thought I would stop giving her the cock, but I don’t expect all of my partners to be the same.

Joan and I are still friendly, but since my daughters are with me full time now we haven’t had a chance to really get down to business like before. Good news is that this Wednesday coming up I’ll be able to see her before she goes to work. I’ll

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