Baseball Cougars Take The Lead Pt. 02

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All characters are eighteen years or older.



“Yeah, Mom?”

“What was going on before the game today?”

“Uh, nothing.”

“I saw Kip’s mom down by the fence before the game.” Mom had come to the game later. I was hoping she’d arrived after we played with Mrs. Diel, but I guess she got there during the middle of things. I hope she didn’t see too much.

“It looked like there was a big commotion around her by the fence. Did somebody get hurt? What was she doing there?”

“She was smoking, and came over to talk to Kip.”

“She didn’t offer you boys a smoke, did she?”

“No, Mom, she didn’t offer us a smoke.” I hope I sounded sincere. Mom dropped it, so hopefully she was satisfied with my answers. Phew.


Kip wasn’t a real friendly guy, and Vito just wasn’t one of the guys we hung out with or sat next to on the bench, so there was minimal follow-up discussion about much of the team fucking their moms, or their own participation in their moms’ gangbangs.

At the next game, Pete’s mom showed up in the bleachers in a tight fashionable summer dress that scooped way down in front, showing some pushed-up cleavage, more cleavage than I thought the slender blonde possessed. Pet’s mom was a bona-fide stuck up bitch, the kind of mom that tended to treat us like vermin when we were around, if she even acknowledged our presence. She seemed the least likely mom to wear something sexy to a ballgame. But then again she’d rarely attended her son’s ballgames before.

And that’s when a taboo was broken. Up to that point, as much as Pete and Eric and I talked about some of the hot moms in the stands, there was never any mention of any of our own moms. Eric’s mom was a redhead with a little weight on her and very average looks, but I enjoyed staring at her big tits and wondered what the redhead’s pussy hair looked like. Still, I wasn’t about to mention Eric or Pete’s moms, and they never mentioned mine.

But upon seeing Pete’s mom, Eric asked, “Pete, what’s up with your mom dressed that way?”

Pete didn’t seem offended. “I think she’s trying to piss off my dad. They’re going through a divorce. She caught him fucking my sister’s babysitter.”

Pete’s dad was Coach Clark, one of our team’s assistant coaches. I thought he was a jerk. He was hired on after the draft as an extra coach, because Pete was not one of our best players. Actually, he was one of the worst. I think he played ball just because his dad made him. Coach Clark was a typical big loud jock, never teaching but always yelling. I hated the way he berated Pete for making mistakes.

So today Mrs. Clark was sitting up in the stands looking standout sexy and overdressed, while Coach Clark stewed on the bench or on the field.

This discussion of Pete’s mom opened up a can of worms about each other’s moms. Eric asked, “Ever seen your mom naked, Pete?”

Pete replied. “Yeah. But only since Dad moved out. She used to be real modest, but now she’s always parading around the house in her underwear or sexy lingerie, and even leaving the bedroom door open when she changes.”

“How about you, Mike?” asked Eric. Ever seen your mom naked?”

“No,” replied Mike. “She keeps her door locked tight when she changes.” I kept my mouth shut about seeing Mike’s mom naked when she left the bedroom door open, right before she fucked me. “How about you, Eric?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen her naked. I’ll come home and be real quiet so she doesn’t know I’m there, and then she’ll come out of her bedroom or the shower completely naked.”

“What does she look like naked?” Asked Mike.

“Her tits are big and heavy and have light colored nipples,” replied Eric about his redheaded mom. “And her bush is basically the same red color as the hair on her head. Pretty wild looking.”

“Wow, a firebush!” Said Mike. I’d never heard that term before, and it made me chuckle.

“How about you, Dan?” asked Pete.

“No,” I replied. “I’ve never seen her naked. Never tried.”

“Why the fuck not?” Asked Eric. “She’s the hottest mom on the team.”

I was taken aback by that comment. Not because I was offended, but I just thought of my mom as a mom. Before Kip and Vito took part in their respective moms’ jizfest, I couldn’t imagine any son having sexual thoughts of his own mother.

I looked back at the bleachers, and there was Mom. She was very tall, five foot ten inches. And pretty enough for her age. I guess I always knew she was pretty. She did have long legs, which were currently on display in her shorts. And yeah, I guess she did have big tits. Wow, I guess she had REALLY big tits, now that I look at her in her tight red tank top. I felt my cock stirring in my cup, thinking about my mom as a sex symbol, and thinking about my teen teammates thinking about her sexually, the way I thought about their moms.

As if on queue, Mom leaned over to retrieve something from her purse, allowing bursa escort bayan her tank top to gap open, and a whole lot of cleavage to be displayed to my teammates. “Ummmmm!” several groaned.

Mike asked to no one in particular, “Anybody here fucked their mom?”

A month ago I would have laughed at such an absurd question. But witnessing Kip and Vito fondling their moms’ tits, it didn’t seem like such a wild inquiry.

Shawn replied, “I’ve SEEN my mom fucking. I watched her fuck a boyfriend a couple of years ago.”

“Was that kind of sick?” Asked Mike.

“She’s been divorced from my dad for years, so she had this one boyfriend. Nothing weird about it. It was pretty hot, watching them banging away. She was on top, and her ass was grinding and her tits were hanging down.”

We didn’t always have to look behind us in the stands for some female action. Sometimes we could just look forward. Shawn’s mom, Mrs. Truffeau, was one of our coaches. Not that she knew much about baseball. But here’s the way it worked with our league: the dads were all nuts about winning games, more than us players were, so picking the best players was important. And before the season, when the league held a draft, the managers got to reserve their kid, and their coach’s kids. So how good an assistant coach’s kid played was more important than how well the dad could coach. And since Shawn was a great player, and his mom was divorced and Shawn’s dad wasn’t around, Coach Miles picked Mrs. Truffeau as an assistant coach so he could automatically get Shawn on his team.

So at practices and at games, Mrs. Truffeau was the only female on the baseball field. She wasn’t the prettiest of moms, or one of the classiest or ladylike. Her face was just average, and her shoulder-length brown hair was sort of unkempt and unstyled. And her body was sorta skinny. But she did have nice sized tits on such a skinny frame. And her ass and legs weren’t bad, either, when she was the only female to look at. She couldn’t coach us on much, but I liked watching her spread her legs and stick her ass out while she hit fungos to us.

She started out the year as just a mom, but the more time she spent around us, she loosened up and tolerated our juvenile behavior and jokes. Sometimes I think she tried to fit in and act like a little more like a regular person and less like a mom. And sometimes I think perhaps she enjoyed our dirty teen innuendos.

And when the weather warmed up, she wasn’t afraid to dress skimpy in front of us; or the people in the stands. At practices it started with tight tank tops and spandex shorts over her skinny butt. Soon she was wearing that to games. And once she wore a one-piece bathing suit with cutoffs at a game, coaching first base like that. I don’t know what the parents or Coach Miles thought, but we took notice on the bench.

It seemed to start when she caught me staring at her tits once, and just smiled at me. Then she started trading dirty innuendos, when someone would make some juvenile dirty comment. Like when Kip held two baseballs in his hand and said something about having “a pair of big balls”. Mrs. Truffeau retorted, “Kip, you only wish your balls were that big.” And then some baseball bat jokes. Guys standing with their baseball bats between their legs, and someone would say something dirty. Mrs. Truffeau said, “I’ve had bigger.”

And then she started rubbing up against us. It began as little pats of our shoulders or backs when we made a good play. Some of the visiting fields had actual dugouts, or at least benches obscured by tarps and things. I used to sit next to Mrs. Truffeau on the bench as she kept score, and read the score sheet. She’d sit close to me as she explained how she kept score, and rub her bare leg against mine, and I’d press back. Once Mrs. Truffeau stood behind me on the bench and put her hand on my shoulders. She slowly caressed my shoulders and back, and then leaned forward until I could feel her upper thigh pressing against my upper arm. I pressed back, and then she pressed her pussy mound into my shoulder. All of this was out of the eyeshot and earshot of the other coaches and adults.

It got to the point that when she was coaching first base and I’d get on base, she’d come over and whisper some instructions to me, and press her tit into my shoulder. It was hard to concentrate on the game when she did that.

Then today, she showed up to the game in her black spandex shorts and tight white tank top, only this time she wasn’t wearing a bra! Kip and Eric and Pete and I all noticed right away. The whole game she’s out coaching the bases like that, and coming back to the bench and parading in front of us, as her sizable tits jiggled on her slender frame under her top, her nipples poking through.

Mrs. Truffeau’s son Shawn heard the comments from us boys, and finally said out loud, “Geez, Mom, why don’t you just flash your boobs?”

Everybody chuckled, and Mrs. Truffeau looked down at her nilüfer escort chest. “They’re just boobs. What, you boys don’t like boobs?”

“Show us your boobs and we’ll tell you if we like them,” quipped Kip.

“You boys should be paying attention to the game, not boobs. We’re down four runs. We need to win this game.”

“Flash us once and we’ll get motivated,” said Pete.

“You win this game, and maybe I will, Pete,” said Mrs. Truffeau.

I didn’t think she meant it, but that WAS motivation, and we came from behind and beat our rivals in an important game. We were stoked about it, but the adults and coaches were even more ecstatic. Mrs. Truffeau invited all of us players over to her house for a sleepover celebration. We all went home and changed, and got dropped off at Shawn and Mrs. Truffeau’s house.

By the time I got there, Mrs. Truffeau was three sheets to the wind. She’d clearly been celebrating by having a few drinks, and met me at the door with a beer in her hand. She was wearing the same spandex shorts and braless white tank top she wore at the game. She gave me a hug and mumbled something about “a great game!”

Everybody else on the team was already in the family room next to the kitchen, and Mrs. Truffeau joined us there. She walked among us, holding a beer bottle in her left hand, telling each of us individually, “Good game.” She was patting us on the butt with her right hand. I saw Eric return the pat by patting Mrs. Truffeau on the butt, and she just smiled at him. That emboldened me, so when she walked by me and patted my butt, (actually, more of a squeeze), I grabbed a handful of her ass. The spandex gave way as I squeezed, and I cupped her cheek for a moment. Mrs. Truffeau moved on, but looked back and gave me a dirty smirk. My heart was thumping by my boldness, the feel of her butt, and her dirty smirk.

Shawn had some music playing, and Mrs. Truffeau started dancing with herself. Of course all of us teen boys watched her braless tits shake.

“Shake ’em”, yelled Kip. That only encouraged her more, and she shook her tits and thrust her hips at us.

“Hey, weren’t you going to show your boobs if we won the game?” asked Pete.

“I said MAYBE,” said Mrs. Truffeau.

“Oh, come on, Mom, just show ’em. They’re practically hanging out anyways,” said Shawn. They were hanging out the top and spilling out through the armholes at the sides.

The rest of us hollered out words of encouragement. Mrs. Truffeau put down her beer bottle, smiling, like she was pondering. Then she leaned over, bending at the waist, grabbed the top of her tank top in front with both hands, and pulled it open, revealing her hanging tits. I could see her white puppies dangling down, capped with large brown areolas. We all cheered, but the show was a quick one, and she stood up with a big dirty smile on her face.

“More!” We bellowed. Mrs. Truffeau smirked at us before taking a swig from her beer bottle. “More! Take it off!”

“Your turn,” she said. “You take your shirts off.”

I don’t know if she was bluffing or not, but Eric and I peeled off our shirts, and soon the entire team was standing and sitting around shirtless. Mrs. Truffeau put her beer bottle down, crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her top, and started to lift up. Soon she was peeling her shirt up over her tits and trough her hair.

All of us boys hollered and whistled as Shawn’s mom stood and posed topless for us. Her tits did look pretty big on her slender frame. They were very pale, but her areolas were pretty darned large and quite dark. Her tits sloped down just a bit, but were round. I watched as her nipples puckered and stuck out.

Mrs. T picked up her beer bottle and took a swig, taking in the attention and hoots and whistles. She looked down at her naked tits, and then swung her shoulders from side to side, which caused her tits to shake. After getting more hollers and whistles, she shook her chest up and down to make her tits bobble.

Mrs. T leaned back against her fireplace mantle. She put her beer on the mantle, and rested her arms on it. There was a moment there when nobody knew what to do. Mrs. T asked, “Don’t any of you want to feel them?” With that, Kip and Shawn approached her and each grabbed a tit. Mrs. T gave her own son a dirty smile as he felt her tit. The rest of us approached, and soon there were numerous hands reaching out for tits. Other hands found her spandex shorts and felt her ass. Mrs. T smiled as she got jostled around. She managed to grab a few guys’ cocks and asses, and tugged down on a few guys’ pants until she got some bare stiff cocks in her hands.

I was able lean in and get my right hand on her right tit briefly, crudely squeezing it and tugging at her hard nipple. But the competition was harsh, and I got knocked off balance. I ended up on my knees right in front of Mrs. T. I was inches away from her pussy mound, and so I reached in and rubbed the hump over her tight türbanlı escort pants. After a bit, I wanted naked flesh, and so I tried to reach in the top of her shorts, but they were too tight. Mrs. T looked down at me stretching her shorts, smiling at me. I reached up and started to pull her pants down. Somebody who was feeling her ass helped, and several hands yanked her pants down along with her white panties. I pulled them down to her ankles, and Mrs. T stepped out of the garments.

I was now staring directly at a naked pussy, covered with brown hair. It was sexy. I reached in and rubbed the matted fur for a moment, and then slid my middle finger in. Mrs. T was very wet. I finger fucked her for a bit as Mrs. T. grabbed several guy’s heads and pulled them towards her to make out with them. She spread her legs a little further apart, giving me room to work.

Since eating Vito’s mom, I had dreamed of licking another pussy. I burrowed my head into her crotch, felt her hair tickling my nose, and found her wet slit with my tongue. Mrs. T’s pussy was hot and musky smelling. I loved the scent, and licked deep and rapidly. Mrs. T spread wider and thrust her pussy harder into my face.

“OK, swing your bats. Show me your lumber,” hollered Mrs. Truffeau.

“Huh?” Said Brian.

“Take off your pants!”

All of us stripped out of the rest of our clothes. Mrs. T broke away from the pack, and as I stood up she grabbed my hand. “Don gets to go first because he ate my pussy so well.” She reached down and grabbed my hard cock, and stroked it rapidly. As she did, she grabbed my head and pressed her lips against mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth. Apparently she didn’t have an issue with kissing the mouth that just licked her pussy. Then she pulled me over to a coffee table, and said, “Lay down, Don.” I obeyed, lying on my back on the wooden coffee table, my legs hanging off the end. Shawn’s naked mom threw one leg over me, and lowered her torso over my crotch. I felt her slide her pussy down over my cock, and felt the warm wetness slide down the shaft, until her pubic hair met mine. Her tits were dangling over my head, and I grabbed them both.

Mrs. T got in a nice rhythm as she fucked me. My teammates circled the table, and reached out to play with their female coach’s tits. Someone stuffed a cock in her face, Kip I think, and she sucked on it while grabbing two more cocks with her hands.

“Ooh, Mmmph!” I heard her moan as her lips stretched around Kip’s cock. She squeezed her pussy tightly around my cock, and thrust her hips rapidly. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and it sounded like Mrs. T wasn’t either. “Ggrrrpph! MMooorrphh!”

My coach gyrated her hips around rapidly, and shuddered. I let loose with a load of jism, up into her mature pussy. She fell down onto my sweaty chest, her tits mashed against me.

Finally Mrs. T sat up, and lifted her pussy off my glistening cock. I stood up, wobbly, and immediately Kip took my place on the table. Mrs. T simply smiled and lowered herself back down onto Kip’s cock, and she was off to the races again.

I realized that I was starving, so I grabbed one of the sandwiches that were sitting out, and sat and watched the action for bit. My female coach was naked and humping my friend, while an entire team of naked baseball players surrounded her with their hard cocks. Those that weren’t getting direct action from Mrs. T’s pussy, mouth, or hand, were pulling their own cocks, or grabbing her tits.

Rejuvenated, I joined the game again, getting my hands on Mrs. T’s jiggling tits. Kip didn’t even last as long as I did, and soon Tim was under the coach and getting fucked.

Mrs. T got about half way through the team, and then started switching positions. She took Chris as she lied on her back on the coffee table, Mike while lying on the couch, she sat on Kyle’s lap on the couch as she fucked him, and finally Eric fucked her as she lied on the kitchen table with her legs over his shoulders as he stood between her legs.

It was then that I noticed Shawn standing in the back, naked, stroking his hard cock. Mrs. T noticed him too, and called out, “C’mon, Shawn! I can see you want a piece of me too.” Shawn sauntered over to his mom, and she gave him a kiss on the lips. She reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly. Shawn played with her tits. Mrs. T pulled him over to the couch, pulled him on top of her, and guided his cock into her pussy. Shawn fucked his own mom in front of his friends, and if either of them was ashamed they sure didn’t act like it. They fucked rapidly and loudly, and both seem to have loud orgasms.

We did one more round after dark, and I got to fuck Mrs. T doggie style as she bent over the table, my crotch slapping into her rippling ass. By the third time through the team, Mrs. T was lying back on the floor, a beer in one hand and a sandwich in the other, for several guys. It was nearly dawn by the fourth round, and a sloppy drunk Mrs. T was having to suck my cock to get it rock hard again. And she did a great job on it. It was great feeling having her wet lips sliding up and down my sore shaft. I finished in her pussy, lying on top of her on the couch.


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Her First Lesbian Experience

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I’m sure everyone has a fantasy or two that they never share with others and never even think of making a reality. I was one of those people. Until I met Mark.

We met online and after spending a long time getting to know each other, things progressed to a sexual level. He shared a lot of his deep, dark fantasies with me and obviously I did the same.

Like many other women I am sure, I have always wanted to be with another woman. Just to see if what all the lesbians say is true… that one woman can satisfy another better because, after all, women know what other women want.
Mark encouraged me to live out that fantasy, but of course, the question was… WHO with??? You can’t exactly just walk up to one of your girl friends and tell them you want to experiment with lesbian sex!!

I’ve known Desiree for close to 15 years. She’s my best friend’s daughter. She was a cute little 11-year old with pigtails when I first met her. Due to something very tragic that happened to her when she was 18, she became a lesbian.

When her mom passed away in 2013 she moved to the UK and we kind of lost touch for a bit (just the odd email every now and then). She returned to South Africa in January 2016 and we started talking again regularly. She lives quite far from me (about 1100km) so I didn’t see bursa escort her right away when she got back.

In June she called me one day and asked if she could come and visit for a long weekend. I was thrilled that she was coming. When Mark heard about the visit he immediately thought about my fantasy and said that it was a perfect opportunity. I, however, had my doubts. I mean she is 16 years younger than me and I was her mom’s best friend!

I introduced the two of them a while back (online) and he said he will talk to her and try to establish what her feelings towards me were. Turns out, she’s always had a “crush” on me. He was ecstatic of course and told her about my fantasy which piqued her interest!
Ok, enough background. I literally counted the days until her visit but I have to add I was nervous as hell. After hours of chatting and catching up we decided to go to bed.
Naturally, she stayed with me in my room. Another 30 minutes of talking followed and then she made the first move. (She is the one with the experience after all.)

She rolled over to me and kissed me. Soft, sensual, lingering kisses that had me wet instantly. Her hand slipping under my pajama top, squeezing my tits, softly pinching my hard nipples. I let out a soft moan.

She must have escort bayan felt my uncertainty. She broke the kiss and whispered: “Just lay back and enjoy. This is for YOUR pleasure”.

We got rid of our pj’s in record time and as I settled back down onto my back on the bed, she straddled my hips, leaned down and kissed me again. The thoughts running through my mind as I felt her smooth pussy press against my stomach… mmmm… indescribable!!

Agonizingly slow she started trailing kisses down my neck. Kissing, nibbling, licking in all the right spots, just making me squirm with desire. Her tongue circled my nipple a few times before she pulled away and blew on the wetness, causing my nipple to harden to the point where it hurt.

Her hand moved to my other breast, rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Tugging and releasing. She sucked hard on the one she was busy with, nipping it with her teeth and making me cry out with pleasure (or was it pain?).

Alternating between my breasts with her expert mouth until I felt as though I was going to cum. I squirmed beneath her. She started kissing her way further down my body, lingering to flick her tongue in and out my navel. Her hands staying on my tits, caressing them, driving me absolutely wild!!

She bursa escort ran her tongue further down, along my swollen lips, yet avoiding the spot I so badly wanted her to touch. I lifted my hips but to no avail. She kept sucking on my pussy lips and I could feel my creamy juices flowing out of me. Finally she licked up my soaking wet slit and flicked her tongue over my clit before taking it into her mouth and sucking hard. I gasped as ripples of pleasure ran through my body.

She completely covered my pussy with her mouth, darting her tongue in and out of my wet hole. OMG this was truly amazing and I finally realized that there is SOME truth to the fact that women knew better about what to do.
She returned her attention to my clit. Sucking, licking and the occasional nibble. She plunged 2 fingers into my soaking cunt and started fucking me. Then reaching deep inside to touch that ever elusive spot not many men can find! It was like a volcano erupting inside me as I came hard. The best, most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my whole life.

She lapped up all my juices and gave my clit a final lick before climbing off me and pulling me to her for a kiss. Tasting myself on her soft tongue was awesome. We did not talk. The kiss turned more passionate and I could feel myself getting wet again.

A little unsure of myself I moved my hand down her back, cupping her ass and squeezing it. She rolled over onto her back, pulling me with her.

I knew what she desired and was eager to return the favor. But that is a story for another day.

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A Girl Can Only Wait So Long

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I’ve been waiting for you. But a girl can only wait so long.

I have decided to start with out you. I am lying naked on the bed.

I am caressing my breasts and tugging at my nipples with one hand, as the other moves down to my pussy.

I take a finger and circle over my clit.

I use two fingers to spread apart my freshly shaven lip and slide my middle finger inside to see how wet I am getting.

Umm it feels so good.

I continue to slide a finger in and out of my pussy.

My thumb is rubbing my clit. It is getting so hard.

My eyes are closed while I am thinking of you and how much I want you here with me.

I am thinking about how it feels when you caress my breasts.

I can almost feel you touching me.

I am thinking about how it feels when you are sliding your fingers in and out of my pussy.

I can almost feel you touching me. I want you so badly.

I continue to slide my finger in and out, and then add another finger.

“Umm, What a beautiful sight” I hear you say. “Just couldn’t wait, could you?”

I open my eyes; you are leaning against the bedroom door jam.

“I did wait for you. I’m just warming up. Wanna join me?”

“Yes I do, but I am enjoying the show.” You say as your hand starts to rub your cock thru your pants.

“Then I guess I’ll hav’ ta continue on without cha…” i say as I reach for the toy I have lying next to me.

I take my 7″ purple dildo toy in my hand and slide it over my lips, and just slide the tip of it in my mouth. I then take it out and slide it down my chin and neck then circle my right breast and nipple bursa escort then my left.

I slide it down my belly an on to where my fingers are still sliding in and out of my pussy.

I remove my fingers and use them to spread my lips so you can see how wet I am.

I slide the head of my toy up and down my slit then slightly inside.

I pull it out so you can again see my wetness.

I slide it a bit further inside.

I look at you you are licking your lips and removing your shirt.

As I continue to slide my toy in and out of my wet pussy. You take off your pants. I can see your cock straining to get out of your tighty-whities.

I moan with pleasure as I have sunk all seven inches of my toy inside.

I look at you again and you are now stroking you naked cock.

I am rubbing my clit and trying to push it deeper inside. My hips are rising slightly off the bed.

I am now sliding it almost all the way out then pushing it back inside.

You have moved closer to the bed, still stroking your cock. I can see that it is glistening with pre-cum.

You can hear the wet sounds from my pussy as it hungrily devours my toy.

My fingers are rubbing my clit and my hips rising of the bed. I can feel that I am getting close to my climax.

“Can I join you now?” You ask.

“Yes” is all I can manage to say.

You climb on the bed between my knees and get close to me.

You slide your knees under my hips as they rise off the bed.

I start to pull my toy out so you can take its place.

But when I feel the head of your cock against my bum I can tell you bursa escort bayan have something else in mind.

You gently slide inside, knowing that we have not prepared for this and you don’t want to hurt me.

As I continue to raise my hips you slide in deeper.

I want you in my bum and I start to move my hips more to get you deeper. Soon you are fully inside me.

It is a great feeling, your cock in my bum and my toy in my pussy.

As you move your hips against me the motion is also pushing my toy deeper inside my pussy.

I continue to rub my clit and raise my hips to you.

You pick up the pace and start pushing deeper inside.

“Ahhh, harder, harder I am almost there!” I say. You comply.

“Ahhh, it feels so good… keep going…harder…” I start moaning louder, tossing my head from side to side.” Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Yes!! YES!! DON”T STOP.” You don’t.

I start to climax you can feel my pussy pulsate. And the muscles of my bum tighten around you. You can hold out any longer.

“I’M CUMMING” you say with your next stroke. I can feel your cock pulsating, shooting cum deep in my bum.

You continue to drive deep in my bum until you have finished filling it with your hot cum.

When you are done my muscles are so tight you can’t withdrawal.

After a few minutes your erection has relaxed enough so you can pull out and you lay next to me.

“WOW, maybe you should start without me more often” You say.

“Ummm, I thought this was just a warm up for the main event.”

“Well, give me a few minutes to recharge and clean up, and we’ll see what happens.” escort bursa As you reach for the wipes to clean up.

“Ummm. Ok I wait for you. But then again maybe I start without you”. As I start sliding my toy in and out of my pussy.

You lean over and lick my clit. “Umm, mighty tasty treat”

“Umm that feels good.” I say.

You continue to lick my clit and pussy lips and take over sliding the toy in and out.

I start to raise my hips and I run my hands thru your hair.

You take my clit in your mouth and rub it between your lips and suck on it.

“Umm… Ummm…” I start moaning.

I can feel another climax start building as you continue sucking on my clit.

You reach up with one of you hands to caress and tug at my nipple.

“Gosh that feels so good.” I start bucking against your mouth.

You pull out the toy and lap up the juices from my pussy. You continue to go back and forth from sucking on my clit to licking the juices from my pussy.

“Oh my gosh. That feels so good. I’m getting so close.”

You start sucking harder on my clit and slide the toy back inside all the way.”

“Yes. YES” I grab your head and hold it tight to my pussy. I climax again as you continue sucking on my clit while working the toy in and out of my pussy.

When my body finally stops shuttering and I release my grip on your head, you gently remove the toy and give my pussy a few more licks.

“Ummm, Thank you.” I say.

“Thank you.” You tell me as you lean down and kiss me. “This is a wonderful way to be greeted after a long day at work.”

You lie next to me and wrap me in your arms. I lay my head on your chest and circle your nipples with my fingers.

“Umm, yes this is a nice way to forget about work, Isn’t it.” I say as you kiss the top of my head. I look up at you and you kiss me gently on the lips.

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Doni , Theo Reunite in the BeachHut

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Theo sat up too and watched as Doni lit the third pre-rolled joint – weed courtesy of Ted. He rested his head down on Doni’s shoulder, watching as the waves crashed onto the sand, foamy and glimmering in the moonlight. His arms slivered around Doni’s waist, the blankets shrouding them in warmth and protecting them from the winter wind blowing up the beach. Their campfire was almost out. They would freeze. But then again, the heat growing between them was sure to keep them warm. Joint between his lips, Doni glanced over his shoulder to see Theo watching intently. He took the joint from his mouth and with a lungful of thick smoke, Doni cupped Theo’s chin and pressing his lips to his, he exhaled deeply as Theo inhaled, their mouths, throats and lungs filling with mingled pungent smoke.

Eyes closed, Theo rested back his head and allowed the drug to brush the darkness away from the corners of his mind and push away all the bad thoughts. He didn’t want to think anymore tonight. He only wanted Doni.

He wanted Doni all over him…his touch…his kisses…his tongue. Theo arched his back up as Doni’s lips found his throbbing erection. Eyes clamped shut, mouth open and contorted with ecstasy he moaned Doni’s name loudly and freely as his boyfriend’s hot, wet mouth slid up and down his cock. He shuddered with pleasure, clutching at Doni’s hair feeling as he sucked ever so slightly, his tongue doing most of the work as it stroked and caressed the top of Theo’s hard on, Doni’s tongue bar an added sensual bonus.

Legs bent, Theo’s naked body stretched out before him, Doni, his lips still around Theo’s cock, looked up at his boyfriend hungrily. bursa escort bayan Keeping one hand wrapped around Theo’s erection, Doni dragged his other down across Theo’s chest and stomach, his nails leaving deep, red lines in his skin. He listened as Theo quivered and moaned, hips rising and falling with anticipation.

In the beach hut, they could be as loud as they wanted. In the beach hut bed – which Ebony and Wade would occupy in a week’s time – the couple could do as they pleased. Theo didn’t hold back as he clung to the headboard of the bed, his body shivering and shaking as he grew closer and closer to another tremendous orgasm. Doni always gave the best head. But just as he felt himself coming, his hips rising to meet Doni’s lips and the tight ball of sexual frustration ready to explode, Doni stopped.

“Wha-,” Theo said, barely able to speak in his state of delirium.

But soon he settled, watching as Doni kissed up his body, smothering every inch of his skin with his lips…with his tongue…until he reached his neck. Theo’s hands tangled back in Doni’s hair, pulling him closer until their bare, hot sweaty bodies were pressed together. Chest to chest…lips to lips…Theo’s legs encircling Doni’s strong hips, urgent to feel more…much more.

“Be patient,” Doni grinned between kisses “Have you missed me?”

“So much,” Theo breathed unsteadily, his hands grasping Doni’s side, nails digging in deeply; running down further, reaching his boyfriend’s tight, toned behind. He clutched and bit at Doni’s bottom lip, fervent and lightheaded.

“How much?” Doni was still grinning when he straightened up and knelt over Theo’s görükle escort chest. He ran his hand along Theo’s jaw to his chin where Theo opened his mouth gladly to receive Doni’s hard aching cock. It was Doni’s turn to shiver with pleasure, feeling as Theo’s tongue slid up along the underside of his erection, his cheeks sucking and his lips tightening. With ease and slow to start with, Doni moved his cock back and forth, moaning every time he felt Theo’s skilful tongue stroking him. But soon, he was speeding up and with Theo’s hands clutching his bum cheeks, he pushed his own to the wall behind and allowed his hips to do the work, sliding over Theo’s tongue and to the back of his mouth, listening and grinning as Theo moaned around his dick.

“You miss me? Yeah? Oh, baby, I missed you,” Doni groaned, absorbed in the rippling ecstasy coursing through his trembling body. And like he had done with Theo, he didn’t stop until he could feel himself about to come. He didn’t stop until he was right there…on the edge, standing there, looking down into the sea of bliss.

He looked down to see Theo still sucking hungrily on his cock. He gently took Theo’s mouth away and tilted his head up to look at him. Dribble and pre-cum covered Theo’s plump pink lips causing the urgency inside of Doni to intensify.

Without another word, Doni slipped back down until their lips were brushing, his tongue tasting the saltiness of himself within Theo’s mouth. Breathless and with sweat beads across their skin, the boys held each other close, their bodies brushing together, sending shivers and tingles up their spines. Eagerly, Doni collected bursa escort bayan both of Theo’s legs and draped them over his shoulders; all the while, Theo tried to simply breathe, his hands longingly reaching for Doni’s face, his skin…his shoulders…his hair. He pulled and tugged in anticipation as Doni hastily rubbed lubrication, left in the drawer from the summer, down between Theo’s cheeks, sliding two fingers deep within him before finishing off by wiping his hand with the lube on down over his cock. Doni looked up to see Theo practically panting with excitement.

Grinning smugly to himself, and gently at first, Doni pressed the tip of his erection to the outside of Theo’s tight arsehole. He felt as his boyfriend quivered beneath him, relaxing for him and allowing Doni’s cock to slide inside of him. They let out a moan of satisfaction in unison. Gazes now locked, Theo’s hands in his boyfriend’s hair and Doni’s either side of Theo’s head, the boys breathed the same air, called each other’s names and found themselves reaching that glorious goal once again.

Deeper now…faster now…Theo pressed his head into the pillow, eyes rolling back as his body froze, the orgasm gripping him like a gratifying vice. Nails drawing Doni’s blood on his shoulders, Theo’s legs shook, his hips trembled, his cock pulsating, ready to burst.

Doni buried his face into Theo’s hot, wet salty neck as he too felt the pleasure become too much to bear. Nibbling and sucking at Theo’s skin urgently, arms now around his boyfriend’s shoulders, wanting to be as close to him as possible, his cock deep inside of Theo, Doni reached the threshold…and with an open mouth, closed eyes, he growled Theo’s name as the orgasm consumed him. At the same time, Theo met him at that threshold and the two fell together, bodies quaking, limbs shaking, mouths agape as they screamed with sexual stupor and sweet, sweet satisfaction.

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Beach Body Ch. 02

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Her body hurt worse the second day. Like it was angry at her. She rolled out of bed and cursed at her buzzing doorbell.

“I’m coming!” she yelled at it, clawing her way out into the hall. Her palm slapped against the intercom screen and the blue-filtered image of her father at the gate grinned up at the camera. She whacked the button to let him through then unlocked her front door before clambering onto her couch and sinking into the cushions.

She had almost drifted back to sleep by the time he stepped into the apartment. Adrian observed the mess of tangled limbs that was his daughter embedded in the couch. It looked uncomfortable but cozy at the same time.

“I brought juice,” the man clad in fitness gear offered, shaking a tall container of something green. Nora heard the sloshing but only murmured in response. “What’s that?” he said, leaning down and perking his ear.

“Go away dad I don’t wanna…” she groaned, turning her face into the back of the couch. Adrian shook his head and set down his things.

“Up you get, sleepy head,” he said, lifting her up under her arms, somehow unfolding his daughter until she was on her feet. She managed to stay upright but her eyes were still closed, her lips pouting. Just like when she was a kid, Nora was a bit of a drooler. It was adorable and Adrian couldn’t help brushing her messy hair away from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Nora’s eyes fluttered open and upon seeing her father she dropped back onto the couch reflexively. That was enough bratty behaviour, she decided, foggy brain whirring into gear.

“It’s too early for this,” she complained, wiping her mouth absently then trying to stretch back on her couch.

“Well it’s almost midday,” Adrian noted, turning to pick up one of the bottles of juice and passing it to her. She took it but just let it sit on her lap. “Late night?”

“Basically,” Nora conceded. At this point she mainly made her own schedule, but there was a release deadline last night that required her to stay up pretty late and forget about dinner. She undid the bottle at that thought and took a ginger sip of the green sludge. There was ginger in it, she noted, smacking her lips. It wasn’t as bad as it looked so she took a braver swig.

“But you have today off,” he recalled, which was true, but Nora was regretting scheduling another workout with her dad so soon. She would have much preferred to stay in bed and veg out for the entire day. Adrian would not let that happen of course. “Let’s get you moving then,” he announced, clapping obnoxiously then he leant down and started bodily pushing the couch back. Nora didn’t want to laugh as she was taken for a ride across the room and focused on not spilling her drink onto the upholstery. He clapped again and she winced at the sharpness in her ears. “Get changed,” he commanded. “Let’s get warmed up!”


The soreness was eased away from her muscles as she used them. She stepped up then stepped down and stepped up, in time with her father, mimicking how he swung his arms in case that was part of it.

Nora could appreciate the easy charisma of her father on this second session. She was mentally prepared this time at least, if not physically, so spent less time recovering from the shock to her body and more time watching him. His enthusiasm was infectious, and his encouragements were genuine. And he was so classically good looking. He had a bod. Not a dad bod. A bod, sculpted from years of hard work. So hard. Like marble.

She nearly slipped, missing her step up from the distracting, intrusive thoughts.

“Woop!” Her father took hold of her arm and steadied her. “Careful.”

She felt warm then. Granted she was already sweating, but the solidity of her father was so comforting. She felt so safe. Knew he wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to her. “Squats!” he announced, shaking Nora from her misty mind. Well that was short lived.


“Good job today,” Adrian congratulated her. Nora didn’t bother lifting her head from the cool, though now slightly damp, kitchen counter. Everything burned, and while she was still having second thoughts about this whole endeavour she didn’t mind the now familiar ache. She didn’t want to move yet. “Are you going to wash up?” he asked, somewhere behind her and she raised a hand and gave a dismissive wave. “Alright I’ll go shower first. Drink,” he added, pushing the bottle nearer to her before taking his bag to her giant bathroom.


He took a deep breath before entering that place again. Nothing bad happened once he stepped through the threshold and his shoulders relaxed. He shook his head at his silliness and peeled off his sweat soaked shirt. Shorts and underwear were removed and he put them down neatly next to his bag. From the corner of his eye he spotted it. A hot pink spot of colour half hidden beside that laundry hamper. He leaned over and confirmed that… yep. That was his daughter’s pink dildo.

And for a moment he thought nothing bursa escort of it. Seeing it on the floor next to the basket of dirty clothes was almost reassuring and his instinct to clean up after his messy girl kicked in. He picked the thing up again, and indeed he wasn’t naive enough to think it just happened to fall out of the cabinet and roll across the bathroom floor on its own. Obviously his daughter had used it and then just forgot to put it away. So what?

He didn’t think twice as he went over to the sink and gave it a quick rinse. It was only when he started patting it dry on a hand towel, feeling the thick, protruding vein under his hand, did the reality of it hit him. He had a similar vein running in a similar position down his own shaft, and the mechanics of it all started to fill his head. Nora would have slid this thing inside of her… worked its thick head in… she would have felt its molded bumps and ridges and he wondered what kind of face she must’ve made… He gulped, unable to stop himself from imagining what kind of position she would have to get in to use it, and his body responded in kind. The heat filled him and his erection literally ballooned up next to his daughter’s thick dildo in his hand. Aside from the colour and slight difference in size it was almost like he was holding his twin. Which at some point in the last couple of days had been stuffed inside-

He threw the cabinet door open as he shook the thing a few more times for good measure to ensure that it was dry, and plopped it back into its place. He shut the door and stomped over to the shower head, flashing on the cold water. He shuddered at the chill, but after a few seconds it started to have the desired effect of subduing his desire. Adrian was not in the habit of masturbating in other people’s bathrooms, not the least in his daughter’s. He gradually increased the temperature of the water and slowly broiled the tension out of his broad shoulders.


Nora was glad for the aerobic intensity of that day’s workout, and the variety. Adrian seemed to throw as many different types of exercises at his daughter possible, likely to see what worked best with her. What would stick. That meant she could focus on how to properly do the next set of motions and not think about how she was sweating. And how he was sweating. And how it smelled so good when he sweat. And that it was making her sweat in places she really hoped he wouldn’t notice.

When her dad returned from his shower she was relieved to see him wearing a shirt. He was clean and dry too, though not completely odourless. There was just that recognizable dadness of his presence as he wafted past, a tinge of an earthy, iron smell that was always on his skin. Freshly showered the scent was even clearer without anything else to distract from it.

“You have to eat,” Adrian said, observing the inside of her fridge and obviously counting how many containers of his preprepared meals were still left. “You can’t exercise with no energy.”

She felt that lack of energy but it was post-workout so Nora didn’t get his point. She did perk up when he put another box of salad in front of her. She was surprised again by its deliciousness, the crispness almost making the pain in her thighs begin to subside. A wave of gratitude swept over her as she watched her father sit down to the meal.

“Thanks for doing all this dad,” she told him, which put an odd expression on the man’s face. Like he was scared of what was to come next, even if it was just emotional sincerity. Luckily he sensed she wasn’t going to cry and relaxed a little. “Work stuff’s been pretty crazy so all of this,” she went on, using her fork to indicate the food containers but also his training, “has really helped.” It had only been a couple of days since they started working out together but she was already glad for how it broke up her routine.

For the last few months Nora would work all day then eat some garbage before spending her downtime scrolling through social media in bed until she fell asleep. She didn’t even have the energy or time to play videogames. She would feel like crap the next day and rinse and repeat. Granted, she still felt like crap these last two mornings but it was different. Purposeful.

“No problem, baby girl,” replied her father graciously. He couldn’t help himself and gave her that cliched playful brush of his knuckles against her cheek. Nora suddenly felt her face burning and she stuffed as much shredded carrot into her gob as possible. Oblivious, Adrian went back to his salad with a chuckle. “Let’s go for a run tomorrow,” he suggested.

Nora nodded. Getting out of her apartment sounded like a good idea. It was a roomy place, but the air was starting to feel stuffy to her. There was a thrumming vibration on the counter and Nora watched her phone skitter along the surface before picking it up. She frowned at the messages. Urgent ones.

“God damnit,” she breathed, getting up and shaking her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh bursa escort bayan it’s just work stuff,” Nora said. She waved a hand airily in place of further explanation. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Adrian nodded and watched his daughter retreat down the hall. After he finished his salad and saw hers was still on the table.


“Whoa…” he said as he stepped into what must have been Nora’s home office. She gave a quick glance at him over her shoulder. He had an awestruck expression as he took in the room, but seeing he was fine she returned to her computer.

“Do you need something, Dad?” she asked, distractedly tapping away at the keyboard and squinting at some numbers on her center monitor. She stopped when he placed something down in front of her. It was her unfinished lunch.

“No I’m good,” he said, taking a step back and putting his hands on his hips as he observed. She smiled at the salad and kept working.


“So you use all of these at once,” he stated behind her, amazement still in his voice. Nora raised an eyebrow, not sure what he was talking about.


“The screens I mean.” He pointed to her workstation setup. “You’ve got three and they’re all… they’ve all got stuff.”

“Oh… yeah it’s just easier for me to see everything,” she explained, a bit surprised by his interest.

“You’re a genius.”

“Dad, they’re just extra monitors,” she said, chuckling to herself.

“Did you set this all of this up?” he asked next, tilting his head at the neatly arranged cables behind the table. He seemed to catch himself. “Oh, sorry I’m interrupting you.”

“It’s okay,” Nora smiled. She picked up her fork and took a few seconds to eat. She could tell her father was admiring the technical marvel that was her computer system. Outwardly it was mostly dark metal with sleek lighting around some of the edges. Along with her three widescreen monitors and glowing mechanical keyboard it gave her desk the appearance of the control console on a futuristic starship. The truth of it was that building a computer wasn’t some highly complex engineering feat like he imagined. She knew that her dad had grown up working mostly with his hands and that he wasn’t the most academically inclined person. He preferred more athletic pursuits. Kicking balls on a field than sitting in a classroom. But Nora knew he wasn’t a dummy. She would blame bad teachers for her dad’s aversion to ‘book learnin’ rather than his natural ability. She knew for a fact that he had excelled in the courses he needed to get his personal trainer qualifications.

She almost didn’t want to break the illusion of her tech genius status but wanted to assure the man who raised her that computers were not scary, mysterious machines. “I can help you upgrade,” she offered. “How old is that box you have at home?”

Adrian looked away from the screens to his daughter then scratched his head.

“Not sure,” he said thoughtfully. “Just use it to check emails and pay bills.”

“You can do all of that with your phone,” sighed Nora. He probably didn’t need his computer for work either, but the chunky rig Nora had put together for herself wasn’t required for her work. Its power was for gaming. “We’ll upgrade your computer and you can stop being a console scrub,” she decided. Of course, she wasn’t some PC Master Race proponent, she had a set of the latest generation consoles slotted into her entertainment system too, but gaming was one commonality she shared with her dad. Adrian gave a grunting sort of laugh.

“Well I don’t want to be no scrub,” he responded, almost but not quite singing (and getting the lyrics wrong anyway). She rolled her eyes but he grinned. “Okay let’s do it.”

Nora got the sense that he agreed more so to be able to spend time with her, and she wouldn’t complain about that.

“Okay I’ll just be a couple more minutes,” she told him, putting down her salad for the moment.

“I’ll get out of your hair. Take your time,” her father said as he backed away. “Finish your lunch.”

“Yes dad.”


It was an hour later and Nora wandered back into the kitchen rubbing the stiffness out of her neck. She didn’t see her dad and felt like a bad daughter as she put her empty lunch container into the sink. There was a soft noise that made her turn to the couch. Her old man was laid out in it, quietly dozing. Seeing him start to stir awake to her presence made her feel even worse.

“Oh hey,” he murmured, slowly sitting up. “This couch is really comfy.”

“Sorry that took longer than I thought. They had trouble restarting all the servers and… anyway thanks for lunch and everything,” she said, still guilt ridden that she had just left her dad alone in her apartment for so long. He yawned and stretched an arm up, shoulders giving a loud and satisfying crack under his thick muscles.

“Honey I just had a nice nap,” he said. “You’re the one who had to work on your day off.” He gave her escort bursa a sleepy hug and Nora went stiff. She could smell him again, but more importantly she could smell herself now since she still hadn’t taken a shower. Her father didn’t seem to mind. “See you tomorrow,” he said as he picked up his bag. “Don’t have a late night. Have a proper afternoon off.” Nora nodded and quickly went over to help him with the door, not that he needed it. “And take a shower,” he added, wrinkling his nose and then he left. She nodded again, to nobody. But a shower was a good idea.


She stripped off in front of her hamper this time and tossed everything into it for once. She ignored her reflection as she crossed to the showerhead and let the water stream over her face. It was difficult to wash her hair at first, her arms shaking when she raised them above her shoulders. She contended with the soreness and tried to focus on how nice the shower felt. She was just about done cleaning when she got that twinge again. Maybe it was just the work stress triggering her, but whatever it was she turned off the tap and waved the steam away from her face.

She searched the floor for Mister Tulip, trying to remember where she had put him but failing to place her thoughts. She went over to check the cabinet then, body dripping but the air was warm and wet. The dildo was in there, where it was meant to be kept, and Nora figured she must have put it back even if she couldn’t remember doing it. She didn’t care and went back to the shower area, which really only separated from the rest of the bathroom by virtue of the different coloured tiles on the floor. The walls were still damp and she wiped a spot on it with her palm. She spat on the suction cup base of Mister Tulip then stuck him to the tile at groin height.

She winced a little as she got on her knees, the hard floor still holding a bit of warmth from her showering. She licked her lips then kissed the wobbling tip, her actions almost ritualistic. Then she started to take it in her mouth. As she stretched her lips around it she felt the warmth between her legs spread. In her mind she was ‘practicing’. She practiced a lot, but really she simply liked having this thickness press down on her tongue. The shape of it filling her mouth. Nora had a bit of an oral fixation.

She would’ve blamed her second (and pretty much last) serious boyfriend in college. Lengthy Lars she ended up calling him, a nickname she came up with a few months after their breakup. He had a long dick, as the name implied, and while she didn’t mind giving blowjobs before him, LL unlocked something in Nora she never quite found the key for ever again.

She recalled the first time he reached the top of her throat and how she gagged. And how fucking wet she instantly got. Even that memory, as overused as it was in her masturbation sessions, turned her on easily. She had been eager to get better and Lengthy Lars was an enthusiastic trainer. Mister Tulip was the replacement for that sensation now. For Lars. Thicker (and pinker) than he had been, by now she was able to take all but two inches of the dildo down her throat on the second, if not first try. A bit more spit and a bit more jawing and she would have those pink plastic balls against her chin.

She squeezed her watery eyes shut and touched herself, her arousal seeping out, warm and wet over her finger tips. She knew her nipples were diamond hard and her pussy clenched around her knuckles. She loved the overwhelming feeling of deepthroating. The ‘danger’ of it. The strange comfort of it. That lump. She reeled her head back, leaving thick and sticky saliva along the toy’s veiny shaft and held the tip in her mouth. She breathed and fingered herself, quivering. Then she went for it again, sliding Mister Tulip all the way down, her gag reflex gone. The solid thing trembled in her throat as she rubbed her clit.

“Blaahg!” she gasped as she pulled off it again, this time completely. It waggled in front of her and she shuddered from the miniorgasm she’d brought on herself which passed quickly. Nora needed to be filled a different way now and got to her feet. It was a more complicated process than she realised it would be, her joints fighting against screaming muscles as she lifted her knees. She grabbed onto one the silver safety bars on the wall and cranked herself up, really feeling the aftermath of her sudden exercise regime. Dad and his stupid squats. Dad and…

A creeping sensation ran up her back. She thought back to the dildo being in the cabinet. She recalled when she used it the other day, fucking herself on the bathroom floor, and then she climaxed and then she left. She hadn’t put him back. But he had somehow gotten back into his spot. And the only person who could have- …She pictured her father now, dildo in hand after picking it up probably off the middle of the floor. What would he have been thinking? And why did he put it away? How did he know where it was meant to go in the first place?? The panic thudded in her ears, but the blood rushing around her body only made her warmer in her currently throbbing groin. She shook her head to get the image of him out of there. She couldn’t think about the logistics right now.

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A Day with Myself

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Author’s note: I try to write about my life, my experiences. While this not a description of any specific day, all the elements are real. I’m really looking forward to get any feedback or comments about this story.

My thanks to LadyCibelle and Captain Midnight for great editing work.


I wake up before alarm goes off. I close my eyes knowing that there’s still time to enjoy lying there, warm, under the blanket. I’m smiling at the dreams I remember seeing during the night. Someone might call them dirty but there’s no dirtiness involved just pure arousal, pleasure, enjoyment.

I continue thinking “what if…” alternatives for the dreams. At the same time I lazily slide my hands along my body. I would love to get more concrete stimulation but I’m too sleepy and lazy. I just brush my stomach and hips with my hands, occasionally moving them between my legs.

Finally the alarm goes off. I get up and wander to the kitchen. I measure some coffee and turn on the machine. I can do it half asleep without any problem. My hands just move like arms of an industrial robot. While waiting for the coffee, I visit the bathroom and get a t-shirt to wear (I usually sleep completely naked … it feels much more comfortable without strangling clothes).

I take a cup of coffee, make a sandwich and sit down on a couch to watch some morning TV shows. I sit in a half lying position with one leg up on couch sipping coffee and absent-mindedly touching myself. I’m not actively masturbating. It’s more like a habit of touching myself all the time. I’m not aiming to orgasm or even high arousal just doing something little to make me feel good. I’m wet and wanting but I enjoy staying at this stage.

I circle around my clit and pay much more attention to other parts. I slowly move index finger in and out. Then I bring my finger up to have a smell myself. I do all this without really taking eyes off the TV – totally absent-mindedly. I quickly dip my finger in my mouth and then return it down between my legs.

Then I woke up to reality. It’s time to hurry again. I go to bathroom, take a leak and wipe myself clean. I throw the t-shirt on the couch and look for something better to wear. I put on a bra and pretty normal, light blue panties. I prefer normal panties over narrow strings on days like today. Over those I pull jeans and another shirt.

Quick check in the mirror. No make up today, just little lip balm and combed hair, then rushing to the underground. At the underground I get a free newspaper. Temporarily I forgot everything that happened during the morning. I’m like any girl going somewhere.

Lecture begins. These are always the worst. It’s a fight between three things: following the lecture, falling asleep and fantasizing. I try to do all of those same the time. I feel awfully aware how wet I am and as much I would love to touch myself, I can’t do it here. I shift position constantly and can even feel how the movements of my clothes brush me. Not enough. bursa escort

I look around, trying not to blush, wondering if people there can see what I think and feel. Mostly they stare forward. I go through ranks of sitting fellow students with my eyes. I check hairstyles, clothes. I imagine what it would be like to be in bed with them.

While sitting in a poor posture I gently tuck my ear lobe with finger and occasionally brush my cheek or neck with my hand. I smile to one of my favorite fantasies – getting an orgasm during lecture. It would involve wearing a clitoris vibrator. With thousands of students coming here every day, someone must really have such under their clothes already. But not me. Not today anyway.

Lecture ends. I head to the toilets. I lock the door and sit on the toilet seat. I amuse myself with the moist patch in my panties. I look down and just carefully touch myself a little. I don’t want to go too far here, but I want to do it a bit while it’s possible. There are people just behind those thin walls. I can hear their voices. It adds to the thrill.

I soak just a tip of my finger in me and then trace slowly with it. It’s like a sweet torture, but also a great enjoyment for controlling myself and not going as far I would like to. Denial in it makes it feel twice better. I take a few seconds massaging the hood over my clitoris. Just enough to make me want to moan. Then, by the command of some inner voice, I stop.

Time to go. I take a deep breath, relax and sigh. It takes a bit time to finally relax enough to allow myself to pee. Then I wipe myself. I pull my pants up despite the coldness of the wet patch feeling uncomfortable. I correct my clothing, try to measure if my cheeks are blushed with the back of my hand, and step out of the stall convincing myself that no one can know what happened there.

Lunch time now. I go to the student restaurant. I hope that I won’t see anyone I know because I fear that they might notice my aroused state. On the other hand, having someone to chat with would make it easier to get rid of the excess arousal. No one I know is there.

I eat alone while thinking wild things. I probably look very absent minded sitting and eating while staring at the void. I take a cup of coffee and head to the computer class room. I read emails, answer some and then check all the discussion forums I follow. Sometimes I would read erotic stories but today I don’t want to tease myself more than I already have.

Another lecture begins. I drag myself there knowing that I’m definitely not going to follow it. Even in an aroused state, I feel a bit sad being always so lonely there with only fantasies as company. I sat in the lecture trying to take notes but just as much fantasizing about things. There’s a gothic stylish girl sitting before me. I subtly giggle to myself imagining what would happen if I would reach and start fondling her neck.

Finally the lecture ends and I’m in a hurry to get back home. bursa escort bayan It doesn’t take long but it’s always a pain to sit still when my mind is constantly thinking about what I’m going to do when I get home.

When I close the door behind me I feel relieved. No more people watching. No more social play. No more hiding what I feel. Here I can do whatever I want without anyone knowing. I take off my excess clothing leaving only my panties. I put on that same t-shirt I had on this morning. Now I can freely touch myself again without worrying a bit.

I turn on the computer and surf around the net, posting to discussion forums or playing some game. All the time slowly and passively, almost absent-mindedly, touching myself. I brush my thighs, massage my breasts, sometimes pushing my hand in my panties and fingering. I still avoid too direct and too strong stimulation. I don’t touch my clitoris. I still want to postpone the actual prize. I still want to enjoy the feeling of being able to control myself and deny orgasm.

I chat with people who don’t have a clue what I’m doing at the same time. It has nothing to do with them. I don’t get excited because of them, and chatting while touching myself may sound exciting, but actually it takes as much my mind away from what I’m doing. It feels so good touching myself but I don’t get so aroused all that much.

I continue that for a long time. Today this is going to last hours. I chat, watch TV, make dinner and eat it, chat some more. All the time I’m playing with myself. Not really chasing an orgasm but keeping the “tickling” going in me. The longer this goes on more the wilder my thoughts get. I start to feel many normally “disgusting” “perverted” things arousing.

Finally I feel frustrated enough with all this. I want to use the last of my self-control in preparing for climax. I try to seek a good erotic story that I might read but after browsing dozens of standard porno writings I give up the idea. I surf around, finding mostly advertisements of commercial porno sites. I browse quickly through sample videos and pictures trying to find something that would catch my interest. In porn what I’m really looking for are certain facial features, expressions, something in people’s faces that would wake something in me. I get tired looking, just a bit more frustrated.

I go to the bed room. Now I’m not thinking about just absentmindedly fondle myself. I’m going to masturbate for real. I want to fuck myself… to be a passive side and just take it. I cant alone – not properly anyway. I strip off my shirt and panties, get my vibrator from the nightstand’s drawer and climb into bed. I lie down on my back and take a deep breath of relief for allowing myself, finally, full enjoyment.

The same breath of relief is also a sigh of disappointment because I feel like I am betraying my long control over arousal. I don’t want a quick orgasm now. And I can’t get proper multiple ones. I’m chasing for a big one. Something escort bursa that would cause my body to tremble and exhaust all the raging and stress that goes on in my mind.

Even now I start slowly. First with my fingers, then slowly introducing the vibrator. I don’t like the buzzing sound, or the vibrating head on my clitoris, so much. I rather use it like a dildo, slowly teasing myself by pushing it in and out. I squirm and carefully try to keep pace slow even though its completely opposite to what my body wants. Last bits of enjoyment for being in control of everything.

I get very aroused. It’s like all the barriers suddenly would open and all the cumulated stimulation I have got today would take effect now. I breathe heavily while every muscle in my body seems to tense in anticipation at every push. I would want an extra hand to handle the vibrator and let me concentrate on the feelings only. I push vibrator all way in and turn it on finally. I leave it there and bring my right hand to my clitoris. I slowly start to massage there. My hand is well lubricated from my own juices. I straighten my legs and feel my whole body tensing.

Voiceless moans come out from my mouth. I’m close already but still I would love to build up more. I pause my hand and run the fingers of my left hand through my hair. I grasp and pull until it hurts – in an enjoyable way. Momentarily I can imagine someone pulling my hair while fucking me. I slide my left hand down and replace the vibrator with my fingers. I keep them in, trying to reach deep while concentrating again on my clitoris with my right hand.

I pull out my left hand and bring it to my lips. I can smell the scent in my fingers and taste it on my lips. I quickly return my hand back feeling the orgasm coming. The scent stays still in the wetness left on my upper lip. I rub myself vigorously and feel my whole body becoming rigid like it has been captured in this state. I’m curled up a bit staring at my hands trying to free myself. Then I come. Exploding. Violently.

I throw myself backwards on the bed, eyes open but not seeing anything. It’s not only small and quick warmth or relief, but something that takes my mind completely away from everything. I’m lying with all my limbs stretched out feeling the orgasm pulsing and then slowly fading away and my muscles relaxing. The air feels cool on my sweat covered skin. A gigglish sigh escapes me as I finally got rid of all the tension I built during day.

I feel relieved and even a bit disappointed. Disappointed since the climax always goes by too fast and never seem to be enough. I close my eyes and enjoy the afterglow. I tremble a bit with muscles still pulsing but it quiets down all the time. I brush my pubic area gently, almost non-erotically. I feel very swollen and sensitive down there. Even touching with slick fingers is too much. I would curse the wet patch on the sheets under my butt if I would have any energy left to care. I’m just still and enjoying the exhausted feeling I have.

I pull my blanket over myself, feeling warm and cozy under it. Some days I crave cold beer and snacks after an orgasm but today just being there, safe and comfortable in my own bedroom is all I need.

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Hidden Talents

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Emily Barlow sat in the outer office of her faculty advisor, impatiently waiting for an appointment scheduled more than a half hour ago. That the twenty year old redhead wasn’t alone in that regard – there were three other students also waiting – did little to alleviate her frustration.

“I’m sure Professor Nelson will be along shortly,” the gray haired secretary, whose nameplate identified as Norma Wood, said, repeating the assurance she’d given when Emily had walked in, barely a minute before her scheduled appointment, and then fifteen minutes later when the next student arrived.

Normally, Emily would’ve been out of there after ten minutes, not being all that big on waiting. This time, however, that wasn’t an option. Her final grades didn’t become official until an advisor had reviewed her record and certified that she had indeed met all the requirements for graduation. Once that was done, she could put North Brighton Community College behind her – something she couldn’t wait to do. The only reason she was even here in the first place, she reminded herself, was that her father had insisted she get at least an associate degree before he let her join the family’s lumber business. As if she was really going to do anything at the company that would require a degree, she reminded herself.

Three years before, Emily had been part of the freshman class in the much more prestigious Walker College, the same school her two older sisters had graduated from. Unfortunately, despite the alumni donation her father had made to the school to encourage them to overlook certain academic deficiencies, it didn’t take long for Emily to fall back into the same pattern she had followed at Clayton Falls High, with more time devoted to guys and parties than books and exams. She was on academic probation before the end of her first semester, and advised that perhaps a less challenging school might be more suitable by the end of her second. In other words, North Brighton, which would take just about anyone as long as the tuition check cleared.

Not that Emily applied herself any more at North Brighton than she had at Walker, but the smaller school had a much more relaxed standard. Even so, there had been a few setbacks along the way, but they had been handled, and in only a few days she was finally going to walk out of here with a degree in hand. A smile formed as she additionally recalled that, aside from the promised job, there was also the new car her father gave all his daughters at graduation. Since she was only getting an associate degree it wouldn’t be as grand as the ones her sisters had gotten, but it would still be better than most of the cars her friends drove.

The phone on the secretary’s desk again rang loudly, and Emily just knew it was going to be more bad news. Sure enough, Norma apologized once more, adding this time that she was deeply sorry, but that it seemed that Professor Nelson now wasn’t going to be able to make it in this morning at all. His car trouble had turned out to be more of a problem than originally thought and he had to call a tow truck to take it to the garage.

‘Now that’s just fucking wonderful,’ Emily thought as she glanced around the room at the faces of the other students.

“But not to worry,” Norma quickly added before disappointment could be reflected on all the prospective graduates’ faces, “Professor Nelson has arranged for one of the other professors to take care of your final reviews. She should be here in about ten minutes.”

‘They couldn’t have damn well done that a half hour ago?’ Emily thought, only seeing her own inconvenience.

Nine minutes later, the outer door opened and all eyes turned to watch Professor Paulette Darrieux stride into the room. Dressed in a conservative skirt and a loose fitting white blouse buttoned all the way up to her neck, the short- haired brunette’s style of dress seemed more appropriate to the nineteen fifties than the early twenty-first century.

‘Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better,’ Emily thought as she saw the History Professor.

If she had to draw up a list of the people she would miss the least from her time at North Brighton, the unexpected arrival would without a doubt be at the very top. She’d had the misfortune to have been in Paulette Darrieux’s class twice in the last two years. The first in a class that she’d failed, and then, during the most recent term, one she’d barely squeaked by in.

Professor Darrieux didn’t seem to even recognize Emily as she glanced at the row of waiting students. Instead, she turned her attention back to Norma, picking up the small pile of folders from the desk and asking who was up first.

“That would be Mr. Jenkins,” Norma said, indicating the name typed on the flap of the top folder, “followed by Miss Jones, Mr. Clarke, Miss Barlow and then Mr. Allen.”

“Then that is the order we shall go in,” Paulette smiled, her voice still carrying a touch of a French accent, even after spending the last third of her life in the bursa yabancı escort States. “Just give me a few minutes to go over the first file and then send Mr. Jenkins in.”

Ten minutes later, Mr. Jenkins had been replaced by Miss Jones, and fifteen minutes after that her place in the office had been taken by Mr. Clarke. Figuring that she had at least ten to fifteen minutes, Emily decided to answer nature’s call and make a quick visit to the ladies room across the hall. She was as quick as she could be but, to her dismay, Ben Clarke was already exiting the faculty advisor’s office when she stepped out of the bathroom just eight minutes later.

“I missed my turn?” Emily asked as she stepped back into the office, noting that all of the seats were now empty.

“No need to worry, dear,” Norma said. ” I just switched the order and you can go in next. After all, the professor is a busy woman and we can’t waste her time, can we?”

‘What about my fucking time?’ Emily thought but prudently didn’t say as she retook her seat.

Unlike the previous review, the one with Gerry Allen took almost twenty minutes. Long minutes during which, more than once, Emily had heard laughter though the closed door. Gerry had been in Professor Darrieux’s class with her this year, but, unlike the redhead, had excelled in history. Hardly the kind of guy she normally associated with, the straight A student had actually asked her out once. As if she would even be seen with a dweeb like him, much less involved.

Finally, the door opened and Gerry stepped out, with Professor Darrieux right behind him. She handed the three completed files to Norma and said that since it was already nearly lunch time, why didn’t the secretary take off and she would lock up the office when she was done. Having been on the verge of calling to cancel her lunch date, Norma thanked her and, grabbing her jacket, quickly exited the office.

“Well, Miss Barlow, shall we?” Paulette said, waving in the direction of the still open door of the inner office with the file in her hand.

Once they were both inside, two long minutes passed as the older woman sat at the desk and read through Emily’s file. As she waited, Emily brushed her long straight hair off her shoulder and, not for the first time, wondered what it was that Professor Banks saw in the woman waiting to pass judgment on her, William Banks being both her English professor and Paulette’s husband of ten years.

With a short pixie haircut, the twenty year old thought the professor attractive in her way, although she would probably use handsome to describe her rather than beautiful, or even pretty. Still, her features gave her a youthful appearance, one that made her students think her younger than her thirty-eight years. It was hard to judge her figure under the unflattering outfits she wore to class, other than it being slim, almost boyish. For some reason, Emily had taken the older woman’s lack of imagination in dress and demeanor to signify similar shortcomings in bed as well.

“Well, it looks like you’ll be leaving us,” the professor said as she finally looked up from the file.

“That’s the plan,” Emily said with a grin.

“Although I must say, in looking over your final grades, I’m a bit surprised by them,” Paulette remarked as she looked once more at one of the papers in her hand.

“In what way?” Emily asked, curiosity coupled with a touch of caution.

“Their inconsistency,” she clarified.

“I don’t understand,” Emily said, caution turning to concern. “What do you mean, inconsistency?”

“Well, to be honest, having had you in my class twice,” Paulette went on, “I have a pretty good idea of what kind of student you are, and quite frankly, I don’t really see how you got some of these grades.”

“I worked really hard this semester,” Emily quickly pointed out.

“I’ve no doubt that you did,” the older woman said with a knowing smile, “but still, it does make me wonder – well, maybe not so much wonder as make me curious.”

“Curious about what?” Emily asked uneasily.

“Oh, nothing of any real significance,” Paulette said, continuing to smile as she laid the paper back down on the desk, “but since it really isn’t all that important, perhaps you wouldn’t mind answering a little question for me – just to satisfy my curiosity.”

“Sure, why not?” Emily replied, feeling the need to be cautious but at the same time confident that she could lie her way out of any situation if need be.

“So tell me, Emily, and this is just between us, so please do me the courtesy of answering honestly,” Paulette asked. “Other than my husband, how many other professors did you fuck to get the credits you needed to graduate?”

“What?” Emily exclaimed, taken back by the unexpected question but recovering quickly. “I don’t know where you get off making a statement like that, but…”

“Please,” Paulette said, cutting the younger woman off with a wave of her hand. “Like I said, let’s bursa sınırsız escort be honest here. That you and my husband were going at it like horny rabbits the first few weeks of the term was hardly a secret – at least not to me. In fact, I even know that you’ve been in my house and have used our guest bedroom for your trysts.”

“I … I …” Emily stammered, trying to come up with the words to deny it all, only to lose her composure instead. “How could you know…”

“Quite easily, my dear,” Paulette replied, her tone still calm and even. “My husband might come across as brilliant to some of his students, but the truth is that, outside the classroom, he’s the original absent minded professor.”

Remembering a few times that he’d seemed just that, Emily agreed with that assessment.

“Not that you would have any way of knowing, but we had a few break- ins in our neighborhood last year,” Paulette continued. “Kids most likely, but they did cause some concern because they did more damage than thievery. When we consulted a security expert, he convinced us that it wasn’t enough to just reinforce the locks, so in addition we installed a video surveillance system to cover the property. Not up in the bedrooms of course, but the one down in the first floor foyer does cover, if only barely, the living room couch.”

‘Oh shit!’ Emily thought, letting out a small groan as she recalled fucking the fifty-five year old English Professor on that couch the first time they’d done it.

“I can only assume that, in his eagerness to enjoy your charms, my dear William neglected to turn off the security system,” Paulette conjectured. “Your performance on the recording I saw was, shall I say, energetic to say the least.”

As the professor spoke, Emily could just see both the new car and the job at the family firm, most likely, fading away. The affair with her husband had been as brief as it was unmemorable, lasting just long enough to secure her a passing grade in English.

“Oh, don’t worry, my dear,” Paulette said, the calm of her voice contrasting markedly with the look of panic on Emily’s face. “Like I said, my question was only to satisfy my curiosity. You’re not the first, and most definitely won’t be the last, student who’s improved her grades by spreading her legs. That it was my husband between those legs is irrelevant for the purpose of our discussion. No, I’m just curious how many others of my colleagues you also entertained.”

As deep a hole as she knew she was in, Emily couldn’t think of anything she could do other than what was most unlike her – tell the truth. She was about to do so when Paulette again held up her hand.

“No, don’t tell me,” she said, amusement now in her tone. “Let me try to guess, based on your grades.”

With that, she again picked up the grade sheet from her file and studied it once more.

“Hmm, if I had to hazard a guess, I think I’d say that, with the probable exception of Professor McGonagall, you slept with all of your male professors,” she said after a long moment’s consideration.

“Well…” Emily started to say, wondering if she should tell the whole truth or just go with the professor’s conclusion. She took too long to decide, allowing the older woman to infer what had been unsaid.

“Not Professor McGonagall too?” Paulette said with surprise, catching the implication in that single word as the image of the seventy-two year old Mathematician filled her mind.

“Well, not really,” Emily quickly clarified, deciding she didn’t want anyone, even Paulette, thinking she’d slept with the old man. “I just gave him a hand job.”

“Well, I guess that explains the D then,” Paulette mused, a small grin barely perceptible at the corner of her mouth. “Everyone else involved gave you at least a B. Still, if only barely, it’s a passing math grade.”

Emily wasn’t so stupid that she wanted any of her professors to give her an A, that would’ve set off too many alarm bells. Better to have her record show just enough to graduate. Not that she didn’t think that even just a blow job from her would’ve been worth at least an A, which was all she had given both her Physics and Sociology professors. Both thankfully seemed willing to settle for a lot less in exchange for their cooperation.

“Did you really mean what you said before?” Emily asked, her mind shifting back into self-preservation mode. “About this just being between us – that you’re not going to tell anyone else about it?”

“Emily, whatever else you have heard people say about me, the one thing I’m sure you haven’t heard is that I am a liar,” Paulette said with a much more visible smile. “Besides, this is North Brighton, not Walker College, although I’m sure that even there this sort of thing occasionally happens. No, the general rule here has always been, don’t rock the boat.”

Emily let out an audible sigh of relief.

“So you can take your grades, however you earned them, and set out on whatever your görükle escort next step in life is,” Paulette said as she picked up a pen and turned her attention to the comments section at the bottom of the sheet where it called for the signature of the reviewing officer.

‘Un-fuckin-lievable,’ Emily thought as she digested what she’d just heard, unable to imagine herself being so calm after learning that some bimbo half her age had screwed her husband.

“Oh dear, that’s not good,” Paulette unexpectedly said as she noticed an entry in the comments section from Emily’s previous review that she’d overlooked before.

“Is there something the matter?” Emily asked, not liking the look on the professor’s face.

“It seems that perhaps you should’ve given Professor McGonagall at least a blow job after all,” Paulette said as she laid down the paper. “Or, failing that, paid a bit more attention in his class.”

“What are you talking about?” Emily asked.

“Well, you do have enough credits to earn your associate’s,” the French woman replied, “but state law requires that you also have an GPA of at least 2.0 to graduate. There’s a notation from your last review that said you really needed to show marked improvement to bring your average up. But based on the number of classes you’ve taken and your grades, it looks like you might have just fallen a bit short.”

“No, that can’t be right,” Emily protested. “I went over that twice – with a calculator.”

“Are you sure you didn’t have it set to round the numbers off?” Paulette asked.

“I … I don’t know.”

Taking a blank sheet of paper from the other side of the desk, Paulette quickly did the math longhand, moving much too fast for Emily to follow. Then she turned the paper around and showed it to the redhead. Sure enough, the number at the bottom was just under 2.0.

“It’s not fair,” Emily said as she leaned forward to look at it.

“I’m afraid it gets worse,” Paulette added.

With that, Emily looked up.

“In order for you to bring your GPA up to the minimum level, you’d actually have to not only take two additional classes, but get at least a B in each of them.”

“God, I am so fucked,” Emily said in exasperation as she dropped back against the chair, abandoning the decorum you were expected to maintain when meeting a member of the faculty.

A heavy silence filled the room, during which Paulette rose from behind the desk and came around to the front, sitting down on the forward edge. She waited until Emily looked up and acknowledged her presence to start talking again.

“It might not be too late to do something,” Paulette offered, her tone now a bit more sympathetic. “A slight change in just one of your grades, even just a small uptick, would probably make up the difference.”

It took another long moment for Emily to realize what it was that the woman in front of her was suggesting.

“You mean go back and see if I could get one of the professors to change it?” Emily asked, seeing a glimmer of hope.

“Exactly,” Paulette said, “but having said that, I also have to say that it might not be as easy as it sounds. If the rest of your professors are anything like my husband, they disappeared the minute they submitted their final grades. You’d be lucky to find even Professor McGonagall still on campus.”

From the look that filled Emily’s face, it was clear that a more intimate contact with the aged teacher, even to deliver her from disaster, was not a prospect she found appealing. Having sat downwind of the old man at a few functions, Paulette couldn’t say she blamed her. She waited a long minute for the girl to think about it some more, then offered what might be another option.

“You know, Emily, from what I saw on those surveillance videos, I’d have to say that you’re pretty good at sucking cock,” she said in a natural, even tone. “But tell me, have you ever had any practice at eating pussy?”


“God, I thought she wanted me to get down on my knees right there in the office and start licking her,” Emily said to the blonde haired girl sitting opposite her in the burger shop.

“What did you say?” Carolyn Marinelli asked, totally enthralled by her friend’s story.

Everyone knew Carolyn and Emily had been like sisters ever since grade school. In fact, they were actually even closer, sharing things that Emily couldn’t imagine doing so with either of her sisters. Topping the list would be the night of the junior prom when both girls lost their virginity in a shared motel room, neither of their dates being able to afford a private room. Even with twin beds, both couples had only been a few feet apart and couldn’t help but intimately observe the other in the act.

“I didn’t say anything; I was totally dumbfounded,” Emily replied.

She then went on to say that Professor Darrieux had clarified what she was proposing. As tempting as it might have been to have the desperate student service her right there and then, that wasn’t really her style. Quickies had their place, she said, but she usually preferred to take her time with another woman in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. So if Emily wanted to avail herself of the option, all she had to do was show up at her home at eight o’clock tonight. The offer was good until then.

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Bathroom Incursion

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Like all other young men, or most, I think — maybe even older men too — the first thing I do upon awakening is reach for my crotch for reassurance that it’s still working properly, or just to say good morning to a dear friend. There are times when you don’t need to reach there for reassurance, because you could feel the demanding presence. But you reach there anyway.

So there I was lying on my back still groggy with sleep, rubbing and squeezing my blood filled dick. I heard the turnover of a car engine followed by its departure from the yard. That would be my dad leaving for work. I continued fondling my dick while searching my memory for what tidbits remained of the previous night’s steamy dream. I wasn’t really masturbating, just keeping the engine in idling mode.

Fifteen minutes later I heard another car pull out of the yard, indicating the departure of my mother and sister, which meant I would be alone at home until afternoon, not having classes because of exams. I attended the local university. I sprung out of bed and went to the window, knowing there was the strong likelihood of me being greeted by a titillating sight. It had been happening regularly over the past three months, since I’ve been occupying my present bedroom, a recent add-on to the house. It was nicely positioned, overlooking my neighbour’s flower and vegetable garden. I was not disappointed.

Out in the yard was Phyllis, a pretty, buxom, caramel skin woman in her early thirties. She was sweeping leaves away from the concrete strip that ran alongside the garden section. For the past three months I’d been regularly flogging my ever horny, eighteen year old virgin cock to the image of Phyllis’ thick and usually, skimpily dressed body. My eyes devoured the vision of her in extremely short, ass hugging but loose legged towel shorts. Two chunks of creamy ass flesh dropped out the loose leg of the shorts, and became even more pronounced when she bent over to swipe the ground, due to her using a coconut palm broom instead of a long handled upright broom. Those shorts were more like boy short panties, and she had to be wearing a G-string thong underneath, because there was no sign of panties, though some of the shorts legs had ridden up into her crack.

Above the short shorts, she wore an almost sheer, white tank top, through which the nipples of her brown tipped puffy breasts poked tantalizingly. I love the look of small breasts on an otherwise thick body. I find the contrast very erotic. The same as big breasts on a slim body — they force you to notice the incongruity and it tickles the imagination.

I couldn’t help wondering if Phyllis had come out dressed like that to tease my dad, not that she was ever much better covered when moving about her yard. Rumor in the family and among neighbors had it that dad, an avid and open womanizer was banging Phyllis, whose husband was away at work for long periods of time, sometime months, in the gold mining interior of the country. Phyllis did her work from home on computer. I’d heard dad more than once deny the affair when confronted by mom.

I quickly got out of my boxers and positioned my naked, five foot nine, slim body by the side of the window, my excited eyes peeing through a two inch space between blind and window frame. I began vigorously pumping my hard brown wood to the generous offering of feminine charms on display, hoping she’d remain in sight until I blasted off. I kept my eyes especially focused on the fluffy bump between her thick thighs, and when she turned round, the overhanging, lighter colored ass meat. The legs of the shorts had by now become well wedged into her crack. To my disappointment, after only about five minutes she disappeared around the side of the house. I knew that I would be able to see her from the bathroom window, so I fled in that direction.

I pushed open the closed, but unlocked bathroom door and stormed inside with long strides, my hard dick leading the way. I found myself standing totally naked with a massive hardon, just two feet away from my equally naked mother sitting on top the cover of the toilet bowl applying cream to her leg. Her other leg was on the floor, spread away to the side. I could clearly see her big lipped, lightly shaved pussy, with a fuller, neat mat of hair above it as black as the short curly afro on her head, posing in all its plump glory, lips slightly parted and showing a slash of pink.

Needless to say we were both shocked speechless and motionless — looking like life-like wax museum figures. I staring at my mom’s, smooth, slim-thick, dark caramel, forty-year old body, glowing with whatever cream she’d applied, my eyes flitting back and forth between her heaving, hefty long nippled breasts and the alluring, cracked vulva, she gaping wide eyed at my impressively stout and slightly upward bent seven inch cock, lurching madly. Mom was the first to find words, after a struggle to tear her eyes away from my cock.

“Well … good morning … and is this the way yuh barge into a shared bursa evi olan escort bathroom, eh … without even knocking or anything?” she managed to say in halting speech, her chest still heaving under quick, heavy breathing.

“Mom … I … I thought I … was alone at home … I heard both de cars leaving.”

“I let yuh sister go with the car, I’m not going to work today,” she said casually, her breathing seemingly, back to normal

I suddenly remembered the state I was in, and grabbing my cock and covering it with both hands, started walking backwards out the room.

‘Hold it right dey, young man,” I heard mom half shout.

She quickly got up from the toilet seat, and raising it up pointed to the bowl. The sight of her now standing up fully naked seemed to be even more stimulating than when she was sitting on the toilet and only helped to further agitate my cock. I learned that day that a hard cock alone with and in close proximity to a naked female, makes no distinction between family and strangers.

“Go ahead, do what yuh come in here to do … I suppose it was to pee,” she said, followed by a little giggle.

Then she added, “And for heaven’s sake, take away your hands … you look comical … I’ve already seen all there is to see, not to mention the years I was looking at it and washing it.”

She laughed heartily and I couldn’t tell if it was meant to mock or console me. she stepped aside a little, about two feet from the bowl, watching me intently, eyes shifting from my face to my cock as I dropped my hands and trying to put on a brave and unconcerned face walked toward the toilet bowl, though feeling every bit as comical as mom had said. I was suddenly feeling a bit guilty and ashamed and this caused my cock to shrink just a little bit, and as I stood over the bowl it continued to shrink. I was thankful, for I don’t know how I would have managed to pee with a fully hard cock.

Peeing under those conditions proved to be a task. I stood over the bowl trying to coax some liquid out of my cock, but nothing came, I was too embarrassed. As I stood there for an antagonizing sixty seconds my mom resumed creaming her skin. After what seemed like several minutes but was probably only two I felt the pee begin to flow, forcefully and had to bend the partly hard cock downward so it shot into the bowl. From the side of my eye I saw mommy still looking at me with a smile on her face as she continued to cream her body, her hands now gliding over the full breasts, bending the prominent nipples.

Seeing what I was seeing from out the side of my eye caused a resurgence in my cock and it began rising quickly. I tried willing it to go back down, but it was not in the least interested; it’s not every day a boy my age gets to look at the body of a beautiful naked woman. Mommy or no mommy, naked pussy, boobs and fat ass is a stimulating sight. And mom was no ordinary ill shaped or slack bodied woman, she was as beautiful and as sexy as they come, still firm and glowing at her age.

Peeing took a much longer than normal time, but after I’d squeezed the last drop and given the final little shake, I turned around and started heading out of the bathroom, led by dick, just as I had entered.

“Wash your hand Alan, and yuh face too … you look like you’re still sleeping.” mom cried out, but followed up with a little laugh.

She once again sat on the toilet bowl, rubbing herself, and rubbing every horny nerve in my body. I stepped over to the sink and turned on the tap, and surprisingly took my time washing my hands and face and gargling my overnight mouth, while taking regular looks into the mirror at mom’s enticing body. My eyes locked onto the smooth, full thighs she was now attending to, and I felt my cock stretch out fully, pointing to the roof. Strangely, I was no longer embarrassed or concerned if my dick was hard in front of my mom. To steal some more peeking time I reached for my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth.

“Boy, yuh brushing yuh teeth or peeking at yuh mama boobs?” Mom asked in a soft manner.

That startled me, for I was indeed eyeing the giant sapodillas, thinking how nice and sexy they looked and trying to imagine what they would feel like in my hands. The stout nipples seemed to be stuck out at least an inch.

I was even more startled by her next words.

“Doesn’t that thing ever go down? … I can see yuh take after yuh father in that respect,” she said and giggled like a little girl.

I couldn’t believe my ears, mom was handling this sensitive situation so bluntly yet casually. And as the seconds ticked by I could feel myself warming to it and feeling an unwillingness to leave the room. I started to slowly dry my hands, taking another quick peek. There was no holding back my cock now, and it lurched to my belly.

“Yuh peeking again, yuh naughty boy … what you find interesting in this beat up old body, anyway?”

I was shocked by those words, not agreeing in the altıparmak escort least with her description of that fine specimen of womanhood.

“I was not peeking mom, I can’t help looking at you if you’re right in front of me in the mirror. And you’re not old and beat up …your body is beautiful,” I said.

I was feeling a need to say the right thing — something in keeping with how I was feeling. Shit, I know it was wrong standing there ogling mom and getting increasingly turned on. I should have long since fled the room — ever since I first rushed in and saw her there. But an idea was beginning to take shape in my head and I was prepared to see it through. A hard cock has no conscience, especially when next to a naked, beautiful woman.

“Really! … Yuh think so … well. I’ll accept the compliment … thanks!”

She continued, “Lord knows compliments are scarce these days… I’m happy to know that somebody in this house thinks I still have a body worth looking at.”

There was a hint of sarcasm and some sadness in her voice. I was aware that mom and dad had some issues relating to his straying habit. Then there was the issue of Phyllis, right next door. That surely must be eating away at her self-esteem and pride.

“You are beautiful mom, and sexy, anybody would find you worth looking at,” I heard myself whisper.

I was surprised by my brazen, frankness, but I felt I needed to say things like that, I needed to go deep. The idea rapidly taking shape in my head was urging me to be brave.

“Well thanks again baby, I’m flattered … come over and give yuh mommy a kiss … don’t be shy about yuh condition … it’s normal at your age, I should think, to lift off so easily, especially in these conditions … you naked, me naked,” she said, laughing like it was such a light situation.

I stepped over to where she was sitting, my cock stiff but my legs shaky. I leaned over and she raised her face and kissed me, softly, on the lips, while running her fingers through my short, twisted, black locks. I could smell vodka on her breath and saw the familiar glassiness of boozed up eyes. Over the past year she had taken to drinking a bit, but it came as a shock to me that she imbibed so early in the morning. I wondered if the reason she had stayed home from work was because she had woken up with a hangover, or had taken too big a drink too early and felt she was not in an appropriate state to face the office. I realized why she was laughing so easily and able to be so casual about this whole affair. It was because she was tipsy. I wondered if we would be having this kind of conversation and interaction if she weren’t tipsy.

Anyhow I didn’t dwell on that too long for as I stood there I was high in my own right — high with pleasure from the sight of her boobs with their nipples standing really stiff and tall as if trying to get away from the big balls of flesh. They indicated mutual titillation, and the idea in my head was spreading wider and wider and looking more attractive as the seconds ticked by, the gentle touch of her lips on mine having added fuel to the fire. It took all my will power to keep my hands from grabbing her. I felt like poking my cock hard against her body, anywhere on her body.

“My, my, that is one frisky fellow yuh got there. Yuh really should teach him some manners … tho, you know … how to behave in front of ladies,” she said, laughing, as I was straightening up.

“I think he’s behaving exactly as he should,” I said, bravely, gauging her response.

She licked her lips, bit into one, then laughed. Looking up into my eyes, she said:

“I think yuh right.”

She laughed again and then using her thumb as a launching pad for her middle finger she flicked my cock. Before I could digest what had happened she suddenly turned a serious face at me, a face looking unattached from what had been happening in the bathroom over the last few minutes. It was as if the two of us were lifted and dumped into an entirely normal and casual situation, free of nakedness and sexual tension.

“Ah wonder what they’re doing at the office, maybe ah should get dressed and go,” she said.

I turned around and pretended to be walking away, though I knew that I was not the least bit inclined towards leaving that bathroom without fucking mom — the idea in my head had blossomed fully and I was cool with it.

“You know what Alan … seeing that yuh in here and we’ve both seen everything we could possibly see of each other’s body, and we’re both comfortable and relaxed with it, it seems … there is something you can do for me,” she said, halting my pretended exit.

“What, mom?” I asked, softly.

“Could you be a darling and rub cream on mih back … de old girl is not as flexible as she used to be,” she said in a calm, pleading voice.

Smiling sweetly she added, “that is, if you could manage it without stabbing me to death,”

She said, while eyeing my cock with mock suspicion. She looked boldly at my cock and pouted her lips playfully, then looked up at me, gazing into my eyes steadily, a pleading question in hers, which I interpreted as ‘You want to fuck mommy baby?’ I knew I did.

“Yes, I do,” I said, speaking my thoughts out loud, making her laugh.

“I didn’t ask yuh to marry me honey,” she said gleefully.

She stretched out her hand with the bottle of lotion. I took the bottle and started to uncap it.

“By de way … I don’t mean to embarrass you, but is this the first time yuh seeing a naked woman … ah mean, apart from movies and so on?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Oh … well I can more understand yuh interest and yuh condition,” she said, shaking her head.

She got up and stood in front of me in all her fine, fluffy nakedness.

“Well, in that case have a good look … satisfy your youthful curiosity … I don’t mind … I’m yuh mom, it’s my duty to please you and help you anyway I can. And in this way yuh won’t get into embarrassing situations like some young men, by being a peeping Tom,” Mom said, ever so naturally.

There was something in the statement and the way she uttered it that made me suspect she knew I spied on Phyllis. She turned around slowly, allowing me to feast my eyes on her ass and boobs and the lovely rise between her legs. My cock was raging, my hands itching to touch, but I decided to play it out how she wanted. I knew by then she was playing her game. But you could have knocked me over with a feather when she spread her legs and reaching down with both hands, parted the fleshy mound, showing me pink insides.

“Okay, boy, that’s enough education for the time … yuh know now what a woman looks like, now get down to work on mih back.”

She sat down on the toilet and I started rubbing cream on her shoulders and then the upper back.

“This feels so good, like a real massage … yuh got good hands … rub the lower part too,” she said.

She bent over and touched the mat with her finger tips, and as I looked down, my eyes took in the damp crack of her ass and the spread out sides of its plump cheeks. The intimacy of it all made me dizzy. My hands slid over her back, going low until my fingers reached the crack that seemed to be inviting me in. I felt saliva drop from my watering mouth, barely missing her.

“Wait a sec, let me get into position so yuh can rub all over,” she whispered.

I stepped back, watching with burning passion in my loins as she got up off the seat, bent he knees and leaned forward, placing her elbows on the toilet seat cover. I looked at the sight of my naked mother’s smooth fleshy back, the succulent looking curves, like an artistically crafted table top tapering into swollen twin mounds of brown flesh. I gaped at the lump of finely haired pussy peeking out from between the huge mounds and I knew, then, for sure what was playing out. My mother was offering herself to me. She was telling me by her actions that it was okay if I wanted to fuck her. She probably had decided on that the moment I rushed into the bathroom and she saw my hard cock pointing at her. But she was enjoying playing this game, dragging it out.

“There, you can’t miss a spot,” She said.

Secure in the thought that the deal was sealed — that the fine pussy was mine — I felt no rush. I poured more cream into my hands and began smoothly rubbing the luscious back, my one uncertainty being if she, as the adult and more experienced partner in the game, wanted to lead the way and make the final move or if she wanted me to be true to my maleness as the hunter, and take her. As my hand glided over the soft back, my cock accidentally brushed against her. It felt so good that I deliberately let it touch her again. There was no resisting that softness. I pushed forward, pressing the head of my cock against my mother’s soft rump. I felt her shiver a little at the touch and then I saw her twist her head to the side to spot the intruder. I left it there, pressing into the tempting meat, pretending that I wasn’t even aware of the intimate contact.

“Yuh really should try and get that thing to go down, somehow, Alan.”

“I know mom, but I can’t, not with you like this,” I said, chuckling.

“Are you saying that the sight of me is what is keeping him up?”

“Yes mom,” I replied

“Well, damn, I’m more than flattered … I’m happy to know that at my age I can have that effect on a young man,” she said, ending a little laugh.

Confidently, I let my hands, with fresh cream, move down her back and onto her ass cheeks. I massaged them vigorously, sinking my fingers deep, and pulling them apart, slightly. Her body shuddered, and I turned both palms around and let them rub along inside the deep crack. I felt her clamp my hands with the invaded cheeks.

“Yuh know Alan, seeing as it’s because of me your thing up, I guess it’s up to me to get it to go down … Let’s see what can be done.”

She abruptly turned around and sat down, and grabbing my cock, pulled me closer. She looked up into my eyes as if she was looking for final confirmation that I was with her all the way in this highly charged taboo game; that I understood what was going down and was okay with it.

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A Busty Holiday with Mr. Johnson

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When Ted invited me to join his family for Christmas, I was thrilled. The Johnsons’ Christmas party had become legendary to me. In a word, Ted told me, it was debauchery. They invite the whole neighborhood to their enormous estate, and all bets are off. Ted’s described drunkenness and sex and flirtation and gluttony. Mr. Johnson, by the way, is an oil magnate. And Mrs. Johnson is, well, hot. My main concern: what to wear? For the night of the party, I settled on something as wild as I thought the evening would be. And when Ted saw me in my new dress, his jaw dropped. It was short and tight and strapless, red trimmed with white fur. I put a little Santa hat on top of my long, glossy brown hair to top it off. For makeup, I applied fake eyelashes to emphasize my big blue eyes and put bright red lipstick on my full mouth.

“Please let me fuck your tits before the party starts,” Ted gasped. I knew my cleavage was amazing — how else could you describe my natural H-cup breasts squeezed together in the tight leather? I laughed and shook my head. Ted’s dad Mike was coming up the stairs and his jaw nearly dropped.

“Hellooooo, Mandy!” he shouted, wrapping me into a big hug, squeezing my huge melons against his chest and grabbing my tiny waist with both hands. “You look so sexy,” he whispered into my ear so Ted couldn’t hear. Ted’s dad had always turned me on.

Ted and I met in college. I was a freshman, just 18, and he was a senior, 21. He spotted me at a party. After weeks of me trading sloppy blowjobs for booze, I confessed I had feelings for him. We’ve been together since then, so four years total. I’ve met his parents a few times, but I’d never been to their mansion. I was so shocked the first time I saw Mike… Ted is about 5’7″, but his dad is a behemoth of a man at 6’3″. His hands are huge, and his body is well-muscled and sexy. He still has thick brown hair, peppered with white strands — on his head and his chest. I often found myself wondering what his dick is like.

Ted’s mom Angela screamed from the kitchen, “Is Mandy here?! Tell her to come in here!” When I shook off Mike, Ted’s mom screamed with joy at my dress. “We’re going to have so much fun together tonight!” She was dressed like a slutty angel, her fake tits trapped in a white corset. We held hands and bounced up and down together excitedly. Ted and his dad were aroused bystanders, hypnotized by the show we were putting on.

Ted and I had a few drinks together as the house started to fill up with people. Everyone was gorgeous and rich. Women were dressed like elves and angels and men were dressed like Santa’s and reindeers. Some of the women were only wearing lingerie. I spotted a few famous models and rappers. When the lights dimmed a little, everyone headed to the dance floor. I danced with Ted until one of his old friends from high school broke in for a turn with him. I was heading to the bar to grab another drink when a thick forearm shot out from the crowd and hooked my waist, pulling me back into the throng on the dance floor during a particularly fast song.

All of a sudden my ass was against the thickest, longest cock I’ve ever felt. I knew right away whose it was. Mike’s enormous hands traveled all over my tight waist and my flat stomach, pulling my ass in closer. He bounced me up and down to the fast beat, my breasts threatening to pop right out of my dress. I was terrified someone would see us, like Ted or his mom. But looking around, I could see that we were protected by darkness and the masses of people in the crowd. Mike spun me around so I was facing him. I’m so short that my eyes are level with his chest so he picked me up. As he hoisted me up to be face-to-face with him, I wrapped my legs around his ripped torso. With my arms tightly around his neck and my pussy meeting the top of his dick through his pants, Mike kept bouncing me to the music, and my huge tits bounced against his chest with every beat. He grinned at me. I laughed.

“Put me down, you old creep!” I teased.

“You’d hate that!” he shouted, squeezing my juicy ass. His cock must have been 8 or 9 inches, at least. Thinking about how his son was only about 4 inches, I wrapped myself even tighter around Mike, desperate to feel that monster cock. He held onto me for a couple more songs, until the tempo slowed down. When an old R&B song came on, he finally let me down and smacked my ass. I scurried away, my pussy soaked and my nipples as hard as steel. On my way off the dance hall, I saw Ted, and I pulled him into the bathroom with me.

“Ted!” I gasped.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“Nothing, I just… I need you now.”

Ted grinned and unbuckled his belt. I pulled my dress down and my tits sprang forward to meet his small cock. Ted came in three minutes, and then I made him eat me out for twenty. When we rejoined the party, I felt more relaxed and ready to have fun.

Ted’s mom swooped by and grabbed my hand, pulling me downstairs. “We’re playing bursa escort strip poker!” she screamed.

“Oh shit,” I laughed. I was only wearing one thing. My hat had of course fallen off while I was bouncing on her husband’s enormous erection. Speaking of the devil, Mike was seated at the poker table along with three other older men and two sexy young women. Angela and I joined the circle.

I’m not good at poker. After fifteen minutes, I was completely naked. My dress was so tight that I needed help to get it off. Ted’s mom Angela jumped in to help me pull the dress up, and once we did, my tits bounced up and down, looking bigger and juicier than they had looked covered. I folded my arms to cover up my nipples and squeezed my boobs in, which only made them pop out more obscenely. Everyone at the table’s eyes were glued to my huge melons. I’ve always loved my enormous, perky tits, and I’ve always loved making men drool over them. I knew I was lucky to have such enormous breasts on an otherwise slim, short body. But now I was feeling kind of embarrassed. My cheeks flushed red as the room went quiet.

“Wow!” Angela exclaimed, breaking the silence. “Mike, do you see these!” She was so drunk. She came over behind me and unfolded my arms, grinning at her husband. She cupped each of my breasts with her hands. Then she bounced each one up and down, putting on a show for the table. She squeezed them and pinched my nipples. I giggled bashfully. Mike had a glassy look in his eye, watching his wife grope and fondle my boobs.

“Why don’t you bring her over here,” he said quietly, in a low voice. Ted’s mom giggled and had me stand up. She put me on her husband’s lap and then she stood behind him, massaging his shoulders. I sat on Mike’s lap for the rest of the game. Other than his enormous, thick cock pressing into my ass, he didn’t make any moves. He kept one arm around my waist, keeping me in place, and when it was his turn to play, I had to grab hold of his neck while he made his move. It’s almost like he wanted me as a little trophy to keep on his lap while he dominated the table, winning everyone’s money and getting everyone completely naked while he stayed completely clothed. One hot girl on his lap, another massaging his shoulders. King of the world. After he won the game, he picked me up off his lap and told me to go find Ted. I pulled my dress back on and ran up the stairs, leaving my boyfriend’s parents to canoodle on the poker table.

At around 3 in the morning, guests started to trickle out. Some people were fucking in different rooms, others were passed out on various chairs and couches. Ted was too sleepy and drunk to fuck, so we passed out in his twin bed together.


The next day, Ted and his mom went shopping together. Ted wanted to buy some new ties, and Angela was always up for a shopping trip. I was tired from the wild night, so I decided to stay home. I slept in, had a big breakfast courtesy of the Johnsons’ live-in chef, and took a long bath. I wrapped myself in a luxurious robe and took a quick nap. I changed into a short skirt and a tight little sweater and headed downstairs, where Mike was watching TV. He gazed at me as I bounced down the stairs, my bra-free breasts jiggling and my nipples pressing against my sweater. I sat next to him on the giant leather couch.

“You’re a bad girl,” he said after a few minutes. I sat silently.

He reached over and grabbed me by the waist, pulling me over and throwing me across his lap. He lifted my skirt up, exposing my panties to him. He rubbed my juicy bottom with his huge hand and then spanked it. I yelped and he covered my mouth with his other hand.

“What are you do–“

“Be quiet, Mandy,” he growled.

He spanked me over and over again, whispering dirty things the whole time. “You’re a little slut,” he said. “You show off for me, and you’re unfaithful to my son.” I wiggled, trying to sit up, but he clamped his hand on my waist. I was getting so wet, and my nipples were hard as steel. Every time I made a noise, he spanked me harder.

Then he pulled my panties down and stuck his huge finger into my wet pussy. When I moaned with pleasure, he took his finger out quickly and spanked me again.

“Quiet!” he said, spanking me again.

His finger was so much bigger than Ted’s dick. He pushed it back into me, over and over, rubbing my g-spot with his knuckle. I bit my lip to resist screaming. It was tantalizingly slow at first, and then he sped up, pumping his finger in and out of my pussy. “God you’re tight,” he groaned, his thick, long cock pushing into my stomach. I screamed when I came, loving the feeling of his dick pulsing when I came all over his hand. He spanked me one last time while I was curling up in orgasm.

I was breathing heavily when Mike flipped me over.

“Such a bad girl,” he whispered, rubbing my stomach over my sweater. “Such a bad girl with these big jugs,” he said quietly, fondling my breasts over bursa escort bayan my sweater. I felt relaxed. He pulled the fabric of my sweater up over my tits and started to squeeze my boobs. I smiled up at him but he wasn’t looking at my face at all. His eyes were fixed on my hard, thick nipples. He cupped my breasts individually, feeling their weight in his big hands. He bounced them up and down, and then squeezed them together. He rubbed my nipples with his enormous thumbs. He placed his whole hands over each breast and pressed down gently, watching the flesh spill out on either side.

I thought about his wife’s fake tits. They weren’t as big as mine, maybe D-cups. They were obviously expensive and high-quality, but Mike couldn’t possibly play with them like this. They had less bounce than mine and they felt pretty hard whenever Angela hugged me. My natural melons were so much bigger than her fake tits. Mine were soft yet perky. They were pliable and would swell out over tight bras and tops. They bounced with every movement, and the flesh jiggled whenever I walked or ran or even just gestured to something. All my professors had hard-ons for me and men on the street turned and stared as I walked by. I wondered what Mike’s secretary looked like. I hoped she was a little thing with a big rack, just like me. I would love to make out with another busty girl in front of him, just to watch his cock get hard. I bet Mike liked my tits better than his wife’s.

“Ain’t nothing like the real thing, huh Mr. Joh–“

He interrupted me by shoving two of his big fingers in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked on them.

“You’re bad,” he whispered. “Bad girl.”

He took his fingers out of my mouth and rubbed the wetness onto my nipples.

Mike kept playing with my melons. After about fifteen minutes, he kept his hands on them but focused more on the TV, occasionally looking down to massage them. We were like that for about an hour. Maybe it was longer than that. I drifted in and out of sleep. I woke up when he pulled my sweater back down over my tits and sat me up.

“Go upstairs now,” he said, swatting my bottom as I stood up.

I ran upstairs, turned on again. I was starting to touch myself when Ted and his mom came home. Ted joined me in his bed for a quick fuck before dinner. And by quick, I mean quick. He got on top of me and humped me a few times, but he came on my inner thigh in about a minute. “Sorry,” he laughed. “You’re just so hot.” I smiled at my little boyfriend. When I met him, he seemed so old to me. And next to my 5’2″, he seemed really tall and big. But now I’ve met his daddy…

“It’s okay, baby,” I said. Ted drifted off to sleep. In the room next to us, I heard Mike fucking Angela. They fucked for a whole hour and Ted napped through the whole thing. They were loud. Angela was screaming. I heard spanking and gasping. I rubbed my clit to the rhythm of the headboard hitting against the wall. When they were done, Angela headed downstairs to make dinner. I desperately wanted to dash into Mike’s room and hop onto his bed for sloppy seconds, but Ted was starting to stir. He’d had a sex dream and wanted to sink his tiny dick into my cleavage before dinner.


Mike’s brothers and their families were coming over early, around lunch time. Mike’s brothers, were tall, muscular men just like Mike. They couldn’t take their eyes off me all day and they didn’t make a secret of it. One of them, Ben, a handsome 50-year-old Wall Street shark, grabbed my waist in the hallway and groped my chest. “You’re so fucking hot,” he said. “I wanna titty fuck you someday, baby.” Another, Dave, a politician in his 40’s, came up behind me while I was digging through a cabinet for a special kind of liquor Ted wanted. He pressed his fat erection against my thong-covered pussy and spanked my ass lightly. The other two behaved themselves, but I could see their hard cocks pushing against their pants all night. This was the exact reaction I had been going for with my outfit. My sweater was tight and low-cut, so it showed off my wobbling tit flesh. And I wore a lacy black bra that you could see when I bent over. My skirt was tight and just barely fit me, molding against my ass.

Starting early, we all got wasted. A few hours after lunch, I found myself alone in the basement with Mike and his four brothers. The kids were upstairs playing games and the women and Ted were in the kitchen, getting dinner together. All of their wives were just like Angela, orange tans and big fake tits.

Mike put his cigar down and pulled me into his lap. “Doesn’t Ted have great taste?” he asked his brothers, who were nodding and ogling my breasts.

“So Mandy,” his brother Ben said. “Why don’t you give us a little Christmas show?” He put on some thumping bass music. I blushed.

“I’m not so sure…” I said. “Everyone else is right upstairs…”

Dave laughed and walked toward the door. He locked it.

“There,” he said. escort bursa “Now we have privacy. Why don’t you give the Johnson brothers a little show?” The other men laughed and cheered. They ranged in age from about 30 to 50, but they all had one thing in common — enormous cocks that I could see through their dress pants. Oh, and money and chest hair. Tons of money and chest hair. “Come on!” they said. “Show us those big jugs,” one shouted.

“You all have to take another shot with me first,” I flirted. They were quick to oblige.

“To Mandy’s tits!” Ben cried.

“To Mandy’s tits!”

I was feeling loved and excited and flush with alcohol. I reached for the bottom of my sweater and lifted it slowly, swaying back in forth in time with the music. I tossed it gently to the side and danced up to Mike, hoisting my tits in presentation to him.

“Why don’t you take my bra off?” I asked him. I turned away from him and backed my ass up onto his lap. I smiled and winked at his brothers and shook my melons back and forth. I loved the feeling of Mike’s enormous cock pushing against my ass. He unhooked my bra and my tits bounced free. The men stared at my hard, pink nipples.

“Thanks, Daddy,” I said. I stood up and squeezed my tits together. Then, I slipped out of my skirt and thong, still dancing to the music. I was completely naked, shimmying around the basement. I felt free. The men poured themselves more drinks and I gave each of them a steamy lap dance. They smiled at me as I shook my tits in their faces and rubbed my firm, juicy ass against their crotches. Their hands were all over my tiny waist and my big, pillowy boobs.

After every brother had gotten a nice, long lap dance, I settled into Mike’s lap, his big erection pressing against my naked pussy. He brushed my hair aside and kissed me on the neck. “You’re a good girl,” he whispered in my ear. I felt shivers. I turned to press my boobs against his manly chest and whispered in his ear softly so nobody could hear: “Daddy, will you please fuck me later?” He spanked my ass softly and hugged my waist. He said out loud, “You better get dressed, sweetheart.”

Ted proposed to me after dinner, in front of everyone. “Of course!” I exclaimed. I jumped up and down, letting my tit flesh swell up over the cups of my bra, to the delight of every male in the room. Everyone clapped and gave us marriage advice. All of Mike’s brothers wrapped me up in huge, tight hugs, telling me they were delighted I was going to be part of the family. Of course they were. Ben knew he was going to get a great tit-fucking, and Dave would get an expert blowjob. Maybe at Easter. Maybe sooner, at the New Year’s Eve party. I couldn’t wait to keep stripping for them and giving them unforgettable lap dances. I pictured showing up at their offices with coffee for a quickie in the morning…

We drank more, even as all the guests left. I put on a sexy white negligee and tried to get Ted to fuck me in his bed, but he was way too drunk. I drifted off to sleep as he passed out. Then around 1 in the morning, I heard someone open the door to the room. I kept my eyes shut as Mike walked quietly over to my side of the bed. He scooped me up, not disturbing his son, and carried me downstairs. I pretended to still be asleep, imagining him taking in the sight of my body in the lacy garment, my nipples showing through the thin white fabric. Mike carried me into the basement, and when he set me down on the guest bed, I opened my eyes.

“Hi baby,” he said. My pussy was soaking wet already. I smiled. “Hi, daddy.”

He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and took out his cock. All this time I’d been feeling it through layers of clothes, and it was amazing to see it springing out of his pants in front of my face. It was huge, maybe 10 inches, and it was almost as thick as a coke can. It had a slight curve to it, which made me cream on sight. His balls were enormous. I’ve never seen balls that big. I wanted to take them in my mouth and suck on them. I smiled and bounced up and down excitedly. I reached out for it and grabbed it with both hands. I started to rub it and jack him off.

“That’s right,” he said quietly. “Get daddy all warmed up.” When a dot of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his penis, I was happy to lick it off. He looked down at my full mouth. He came closer to me, pressing his dick between my lips. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to take. I thought I was excellent at giving blowjobs, but I’d never dealt with such a thick, long cock. I sucked enthusiastically on the head, looking up at Mike.

“That’s right, girl,” he said, staring down into my big blue eyes. He put one of his huge hands on the back of my head to push my mouth further around his cock. I eagerly accepted more of his meat. At about five inches, I started to gag on his thickness.

“Breathe through your nose,” he said, not allowing me to pull away. He pulled my head in closer. “Be a good slut for daddy.”

“Relax your throat,” he said. Eight inches in. He shoved the rest of his dick in and my throat opened up for it. He laughed, so turned on. Then he pulled his dick out and I coughed and gagged, a string of saliva falling into my cleavage.

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A la merci de mon beau-frère Ch. 01

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Pour comprendre mon embarras, il faut savoir un chose : j’aime profondément mon mari. Je ferai n’importe quoi pour le rendre heureux, nous formons un couple heureux depuis 6 ans déjà.

Jean, mon mari dirige sa propre entreprise, il a engagé récemment son frère aîné Yan qui vivait au Danemark, avec sa petite amie, ces trois dernières années, mais il avait décidé de revenir en Angleterre.

Jean adorait son frère et lui avait aussitôt offert un poste et notre chambre d’ami. C’est la première fois que je rencontrais Yan, il semblait de compagnie agréable.

Incontestablement ils se ressemblaient fortement, cependant , Jean était plutôt franc et ouvert, alors que Yan s’avérait cruel et sournois.

Quoiqu’il en soit, ils bossaient de concert, bien qu’ils n’aient pas les mêmes horaires.

L’un de leur principal client demeurait dans la ville voisine, à une heure de route, il aimait avoir une réunion le matin ou le soir, mais chaque semaine. Cela impliquait q’une fois par semaine; mon mari quittait le domicile à 7 heures du matin, ou rentrait vers 20 heures.

C’était le cas hier matin, il s’était levé de bonne heure, il avait essayé de s’habiller silencieusement mais, comme d’habitude, j’étais déjà réveillée. Lorsqu’il s’en rendit compte il revint m’embrasser et revint au lit pour une petite séance amoureuse. C’était justement la seule chose qui n’était pas parfaite, pour quelque raison que ce soit, mon mari ne me faisait pas orgasmer, nous avions essayé différentes méthodes, mais nous avions fini par nous y résigner.

Parfois il me conseille d’utiliser un vibromasseur, ou bien il me regarde me masturber, mais nous avons du nous résigner au fait qu’il ne puisse me mener à l’orgasme. Je n’y fais plus attention me contentant de lui dispenser du plaisir. Dès que Jean me quittait, je prenais mon vibromasseur et je me donnais du plaisir.

Nous essayons de ne pas être trop bruyant de façon à ne pas incommoder Yan, mais il ne disait jamais rien.

J’étais encore couchée, lorsqu’un courant d’air me prévint que quelqu’un se glissait dans mes draps. Pendant un instant j’ai pensé qu’il s’agissait de Jean qui était revenu pour une raison quelconque, mais lorsque je roulais sur le flanc me tournant vers lui je vis, dans le demi-jour du aux rideaux, que c’était Yan qui s’était bursa escort allongé dans le lit, à mes cotés.

J’étais encore somnolente et avant que je puisse dire quoi que ce soit, il s’étendait sur moi, le contact de sa peau nue sur la mienne m’amena à comprendre rapidement la situation, et j’essayais de le repousser.

Il me sourit ironiquement, et il m’agrippa aux épaules, me laissant me débattre en vain, son poids m’enfonçait dans le matelas et je ne pouvais pas bouger, pire que ça, plus je me tortillais, plus je prenais conscience de sa virilité.

– “Que me fais-tu là?

– “Cette question est stupide … Que penses-tu que je fasse?”

– “Je suis un bon paillard et j’en ai marre de ne rien avoir à me mettre sous la dent …..Je veux un bon vieux con bien juteux ….C’est pourquoi je suis venu te rejoindre dans ton lit! …”

– “Mais je suis ta belle soeur …Tu ne peux pas faire ça……”

– “Et qui va m’arrêter?.. Il n’y a personne d’autre que nous ici! ….Tu peux pleurer si ,tu veux … Mais personne ne viendra nous interrompre … Et comme tu peux t’en rendre compte je suis beaucoup plus fort que toi! ….”

– “Si tu me violes …. Je me plaindrai à la police!….

– “T’as raison c’est ce que tu devras faire!…..Mais que pensera Jean de ta démarche!……”

– Que veux-tu dire par là? ….”

– – “Je veux dire que si tu révèles que je t’ai violé tu vas provoquer l’effondrement de Jean ……Sa femme et son frère … De plus saura-t-il lequel croire, spécialement lorsque je lui aurai dit que c’est toi qui m’a séduit …..Et même s’il feint de te croire, il ne pourra jamais en être sûr …..Bien sûr je lui décrirai avec force détail comment tu es venue ver moi … Pour faire des choses que tu n’as jamais pu faire avec lui …..Oh oui je suis sure que si tu parles tu vas ruiner sa vie …..”

– Tout ce qu’il disait était vrai

– “N’as tu pas plus d’égard pour ton frère?…Tu ne peux pas vraiment vouloir le blesser en agissant ainsi? “

– “Je ne veux pas être celui qui lui fera du mal ……Ce sera toi …… Moi je veux juste baiser …. SI tu te tais personne n’en souffrira! ….”

– “excepté moi! …”

– “Oh je suis sur que tu prendras ton pied” ajouta-t-il m’embrassant.

– “Est ce que ce n’est pas un gentil bursa escort bayan bisou …. Comme ceux que te donne Jean! …” et disant cela il força mes lèvres de la langue, l’explorant jusqu’aux amygdales.

J’essayais à nouveau de le repousser et cette fois je pris le temps de l’observer. J’ai voulu l’éjecter de mon lit, mais il m’immobilisa et me remit sur le dos.

Il agrippa mes genoux et les écarta de force s’installant entre mes cuisses, je sentais les poils autour de son nombril me taquiner le clito. Avec mes jambes grandes ouvertes il pouvait se presser contre ma foufoune, j’avais la moule détrempée, j’étais encore sous l’impact de l’orgasme que je m’étais procurée grâce au vibro, je le bourrai de coups de poings, mais il ignora mes coups et il agrippa mes seins.

Il ne les traitait pas mieux qu’il avait traité ma bouche, il pinça et mordit mes mamelons qui ne tardèrent pas à darder à ma grande honte.

Il roula mes tétons entre ses doigts et je ne pus m’empêcher de gémir lorsqu’il se mit à les sucer chacun à leur tour.

La chaude chaleur de son haleine me fit tant de bien que bientôt j’oubliais de lutter, il martyrisait cruellement mes tétons avec sa langue, puis il léchait langoureusement les aréoles, les sensations provoquées par ces manoeuvres étaient si agréables que je tirais ses cheveux pour l’encourager tout en bombant le torse pressant mes mamelons contre ses lèvres.

Il fit une petite pause et me jeta un regard triomphant, c’est alors que je réalisais ce que je faisais.

– “Tu as splendides nichons belle-soeur … Ca fait un bon moment que je me demande comment ils sont! …..Ils ne sont pas trop gros, juste la bonne taille … De plus tu as les plus gros mamelons que j’ai vu depuis longtemps…..”

Je recommençais à me débattre, pleurant et criant à l’aide. Il se contenta de rire et recommença à m’embrasser la poitrine, mordillant et étirant les tétons. Quoi qu’il soit particulièrement grossier je ressentais un frémissement, comme une onde annonciatrice de plaisirs, il m’était très difficile d’y résister.

Me prenant par surprise, il se retourna soudainement s’agenouillant au dessus de moi, il avait la tête entre mes cuisses et la bite devant mon visage, elle était sensiblement différente de celle de Jean, plus courte mais plus escort bursa épaisse, d’un brun plus prononcé.

A la pensée qu’il allait plonger en moi, un frisson me secoua provoquant une forte émission de secrétions qui engluèrent ma chatte, l’instant d’après je me raidissais, sa bouche frôlait ma foufoune, il avait les mains posée sur mes cuisses me forçant à les garder grandes ouvertes, me maintenant totalement à sa merci.

Il ne montrait aucune miséricorde, et comme tout à l’heure il utilisait impitoyablement sa langue explorant ma bouche puis mignotant mes tétons, il fouillait mes replis intimes, je me tortillais sur le lit mais je ne savais plus si c’était de peur ou de plaisir.

Une intense onde de plaisir me submergea et mon corps succomba à un puissant orgasme, un torrent de plaisir que je n’avais jamais connu. J’étais vaseuse lorsqu’il a cessé, mais Yan n’en avait pas fini avec moi.

Il se retourna vivement, et m’agrippant aux hanches, il enfonça violemment sa queue dans ma moule. Je ne vois pas comment décrire cette sensation. Il semblait me combler et m’élargir, Je pouvais le sentir palpiter dans mon ventre et les frissons se répercutant en écho partout dans mon corps, il commença à me labourer vigoureusement s’enfonçant chaque fois un peu plus profondément dans mon tunnel d’amour, je sentais poindre un autre orgasme tandis qu’il haussait le rythme, et je jouis, dos arqué sur le matelas, j’étais consciente qu’il vomissait son sperme au fin fond de mon utérus

Il s’écroula sur mon torse, nos deux corps tremblants de concert, puis il finit par se relever et quitta la pièce m’abandonnant étendu sur le lit.

Lorsqu’il partit au bureau, je pris une longue douche et je changeais les draps, j’essayais d’oublier ce qui m’était arrivé, mais des frissons résiduels m’en empêchait Je savais que je ne dirai rien à personne que ce soit à mon mari ou à la police.

Je n’avais aucune preuve et j’avais bien trop peur que Jean ne me demande jusqu’à quel point il m’avait forcée, j’étais incapable de dénier avoir pris du plaisir à me faire baiser par mon beau-frère, aussi je me comportais comme si rien ne s’était passé, jusqu’à ce soir..

Jean avait une autre conférence le lendemain matin et Yan me chuchota à l’oreille :

– “Je viendrai te rejoindre demain matin, très tôt, j’en bande déjà! “

Je préférais croire qu’il plaisantait, mais je savais qu’il n’en était rien. J’avais bien peur qu’il ne veuille encore me baiser demain, et je ne voyais pas quoi faire pour l’éviter.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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