A Midnight Encounter: Jason and Me

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I woke up and looked at the clock it was 2:40am. I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling as my right hand moved to my pussy and I began to stroke myself through my panties. The feeling was delicious as I felt myself moistening and I could hear Jason snoring softly next to me. I quietly pulled off my nightgown and my panties as I then began to massage my breasts gently kneading them and squeezing them. My right hand went back to my pussy as my left hand began to circle and squeeze my nipples.

I pushed two fingers in me and smiled to myself at the feeling as I noticed that I was getting very wet. With my left hand I began to circle my clit first one way then the other round and round until I felt that familiar tingling sensation begin to spread though me. I could feel the warmth of my moistening pussy as I gently and slowly finger fucked myself for several minutes. I knew that if I continued like this I would cum soon and I did not want that, yet.

I rolled on my side facing Jason’s back and took my finger and very lightly began to trace the outline of his muscles in his back. As I moved to his shoulder and down his arm he rolled over on his back and groaned softly as he slept. I smiled and thought ‘Perfect! Men are such predictable animals.’ I then got on one elbow and leaned carefully over him trying not wake him I kissed him on the forehead very lightly. My nipples just barely brushed against his chest causing me to quiver slightly as I worked my mouth down the side of his face licking him gently. As I got to his ear I heard his breathing change and I heard him whisper to me saying “uummmm Ellen, sweetheart, I love it when you do this.”

“shhhh” I whispered in his ear.

I began kissing and licking his neck inhaling his male scent as I felt my pussy getting very wet now. I took my right hand and began to massage his chest and I cooed softly as I felt his muscles. I was kissing and licking his neck as I moved my right hand to his still limp cock but I did not stroke him, not yet. He likes for me to do my “Magic Act” as he calls it so I left him alone for the moment and just cupped his balls and gently massaged his inner thighs.

I began to rock back and forth some so that my tits swayed back and forth brushing lightly on his chest as I worked my mouth under his chin going to his other ear. “Oh god, baby…..mmmmm… you are really good at this.” he whispered. Then the only sound was our breathing and the slippery sounds of my kisses and gentle sucking on his neck.

The taste and aroma of him was getting me more and more aroused and I badly wanted to rub my warm and now soaked cunt but I didn’t. I put my forehead on his chest for just a second “ah” I whimpered softly and then resumed my duties, kissing and sucking on his chest and stomach as I slowly made my way down to my reward. I felt his cock begin to swell a little and I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he looked completely relaxed.

I moved to between his legs as he opened his eyes and looked at me as I put my hand around the shaft of his still soft but swelling cock. He smiled at me as I put him in my mouth and pressed my lips to his pelvis. He calls this my “Magic Act” because it goes in small and soft but comes out huge, stiff and firm. I had learned to throat when I was in college and I take him in my mouth and encourage him with my tongue as he grows. At first it is regular blowjob but as he stiffens I put my lips on his pelvis and let him grow down my throat. There is a bit of a time limit though because illegal bahis once he passes a certain point I can’t breath so I hold my breath as long as I can.

“Oh BABY! Jeeeez… that feels excellent!” he said softly.

There was just a bit of a gag as I lifted my head to pull him out of my mouth and there he was in all his glory. “Ta Dahhh.” I said motioning to his cock with my hands and smiling. I leaned forward to kiss him with the intention of straddling him and impaling myself on him but he surprised me by tickling my ribs and I yelped as he grabbed me and flipped me on my back.

“Baby, I’m going to give you something to ‘Ta Dah about.” he said as he held me down and tickled me.

I was giggling when I felt his cock slide deep into my pussy. My eyes flew open wide as I saw him looking down at me. My back arched some as he penetrated me. “ooohhhhhh…ugh…ooohhh.” I swooned. I absolutely LOVE how it feels when a guy first pushes his cock into me. I LOVE being fucked to but that first penetration takes my breath away. He filled me completely as I lay there staring at him as my thighs twitched some. God he was in me so deep.

Jason is 6’3″ and I am 5’6″ so he towers over me, I like that, and while he is not fat at all, everything about him is large. I don’t care what some girls say, for me, size does matter. I lay there an awe of him as he began fucking me gently, with a slow easy rhythm. “Oh, Jason uh…uh.” I cooed quietly.

One of the many things that I don’t understand about guys is this. Do their cocks have like a pussy radar or something? I mean he could not see what he was doing and his cock slid right into me. He did not miss high or low or to one side or the other. He split my labia right down the middle and, oh boy, that is the best feeling in the world. He has done this many times, I don’t understand it but I like it.

For several minutes not a word was said as he just fucked me gently. The only sound was our breathing and a few grunts from me as he went deeper on some strokes and the soft squishing of my pussy. My hands were just above my head as our eyes locked and we just stared at each other, stroke after stroke. If I were a cat I would have been purring loudly. He made me feel so whole, so complete, so completely feminine.

As I reached up and cupped his cheek with my hand a ripple of pleasure spread though me gaining in intensity with each stroke of his cock. I knew that I was going to cum as my thighs twitched again and I just let I flow through me. Jason smiled at me and said “You’re cumming aren’t you.”

“ummph” I said as I closed my eyes and enjoyed a very nice but small orgasm. I squirted just a very small amount but enough to hear a faint splashing sound and I felt the moisture on my tummy and thighs, as I began to massage my tits.

“Yeah, baby, that’s a good girl, let it out…..You are absolutely gorgeous when you cum, honey, god I love it when you do that.” Jason whispered as he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

I opened my eyes and looked at him as I pushed my tits up and in and began to pinch and tug on my nipples. His motion never wavered. His cock was like a piston in a car on cruise control plunging deep into me then withdrawing only to plunge back in again. I released my tits and began to rub his hairy chest gently. “uh…uh…uh…” I cooed contentedly in time with his strokes.

I felt my pussy begin to tingle again and I knew that I was cumming and I grabbed is forearms. “Look at me, Ellen, I want to watch you cum, illegal bahis siteleri honey.” Jason said as our eyes locked. I watched him as my orgasm built and my thighs started twitching, his grin turned into a smile and then a broad smile as I arched my back a little as my orgasm crested.

“oh….My…GOOOD!…DAH…Dah…dooohhh.” I said much louder than I intended as I came much harder than the last time. His pelvis was pressed to mine so my cum was spread by the weight of his body on mine creating a squishy wet sound. I released his arms when I came and my hands went to each side of my face and they shook rapidly from side to side as I climaxed. His cock never so much as paused as he kept his steady rhythm, in and out and in and out, over and over. I was in heaven.

I put my hand to his cheek and cupped it, smiled at him and said “You drive me wild, you know that? Don’t stop, please don’t ever stop. I want you inside me always, fucking me deeply.” he leaned down and kissed me deeply in a long passionate french kiss that made me shiver. His tongue probing deep into my mouth as his cock continued its probing of every inch of my drenched and squishing cunt.

You know, I like fast and furious, wild and crazy sex just as much as any other girl but sometimes a slow, easy, consistent penetration is just what I need and want. I was getting it now and it was heavenly. I lay there for the longest time as he kept fucking me gently and I was enjoying the penetration immensely as I closed my eyes and relaxed. I kept lightly brushing his arms and chest with my fingers as I cooed softly, completely content.

He leaned down and kissed me again then asked “Baby, would you turn around and put your head back for me?”

I knew what he wanted, he wanted to fuck my face. I said “hhmmm baby, sure if that’s what you want.” Jason has throated me many times and at first I really didn’t want that. He was perfectly fine where he was but Jason gets what Jason wants.

I really don’t mind being throated that much the thing is that it takes effort on my part, LOL. I don’t want to puke or suffocate either one is REALLY bad so I have to stay fully aware of what is being done to me. We have a system that works pretty well. I lay on my back on the bed with my head off the side to straighten my throat as much as possible. I put my hands above my head on his hips and I will pull toward me when he can push in and push when I need him to pull back. To be honest I don’t have to use it much as Jason has learned how to do it.

I got in position and opened my mouth as wide as I could, as his cock got closer I could smell my pussy on him and I just wanted him in me, any of my holes was fine. I felt the head of his cock pass through my mouth and push down my throat and my body tensed as he passed my gag point but Jason knows to just keep pushing in with a slow steady pressure. Once he is past my gag point I can take him without much problem and when he strokes me the gag response gets less and less rapidly.

After a few strokes I could comfortably take him deep in my throat and he began fucking my face as I reached down and began rubbing my pussy. “Good god, sweetheart, I don’t know how you do that but I love it, honey!” he said as he pushed as deep as he could down my throat and paused.

He fucked my face for several minutes then he pulled back into my mouth as he grunted and I felt his semen erupt from him in my mouth. He squirted his manhood over and over and twice he slipped out and squirted my face. canlı bahis siteleri I swallowed as best I could but his cum was running down my face as it was leaking from the corners of my mouth. When he finished he just pushed his cock back down my throat and resumed fucking me.

Usually Jason’s cock will sometimes relax after he comes but not always and this was one of those times as he just kept fucking me. For a few minutes the only sound was the wet slurpy sound of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth when. After several more minutes I was really into this now and enjoying myself immensely when he pulled out of me, stepped back and looked at me. “More, please.” I whispered.

“Come and get it, babe.” he said.

I got off the bed and got on my hands and knees jutting my chin out a little to straighten my throat some. I felt this hands on the back of my head as he pushed his cock down my throat until my lips were firmly pressed against his pelvis. He then began to move my head back and forth over his cock pausing for just a few seconds every forth or fifth stroke to let me breath.

I was completely relaxed now and really enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding so easily back and forth in my throat somewhat forcefully. He pinned me to his pelvis and said “Oh baby, you have no idea how good this feels.” He then pulled out of me and I sat back and reached over to the bedside table and opened the drawer and pulled out a dildo and held it up for him.

What we were going to do was one of my favorite sex positions. “Get on the bed, sweetie, I’m going to fuck your eyeballs out.” Jason said playfully.

I got on the bed on my back again with my head over the side and again he slid his cock down my throat but he also bent over and began to fuck my pussy with the dildo. I LOVE the feeling of getting fucked from both ends as he began moving his pelvis fucking my face. As he fucked me with the dildo I started playing with my clit and almost immediately I came HARD. Squirting Jason’s chest with a half scream as he pulled out of my mouth as he does when I cum.

” Oh god, baby, fuck me some mo…….” I said but he pushed his cock back into my mouth and cut me off. I felt him slide back and forth a few times when he grunted and I felt his semen erupt deep in my throat this tume. He pulled back just a bit and when he pushed back in there was not enough room and his semen oozed out from around my lips and began to drip down my face again.

He let me breath for a few seconds around his cock as he kept fucking my pussy. I felt another orgasm crash over me just as he pushed his cock back deep down my throat. I came silently squirting him again as he grunted again and said “Ah, JEEEEEZ!” as I felt him erupt in my throat yet again. The feeling of my orgasm cresting and him cumming only pushed to a greater orgasm. My entire body tensed as he pulled out to give me a breath but as I started to scream he shoved his cock as far down my throat as it would go. I squirted long, hard and silently. The feel of him cuming so far down my throat was weird but weirdly erotic.

He slowly came to a stop as his cock finally began to relax. As he slid out of my mouth I just lay there enjoying my “freshly fucked” afterglow. He leaned over to kiss me but thought better of it when he saw the condition of my face.

Chuckling he said “I think you need to clean up some there Miss Sword Swallower.”

I just smiled at him as I slowly got to my feet and went into the bathroom. I cleaned my face but decided I needed a shower as his cum had dripped into my hair. After a quick shower I got back in bed with him as he held me tight squeezing my left breast gently he kissed me goodnight.

I looked at the clock, it was 4:02 am as I drifted off to sleep.

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Bablee Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

Accepted as a schoolgirl

Unusually Bablee didn’t wake up with the sun rising. Last night had been a fearsome experience, and she didn’t get to sleep until late. The girls were lazy westerners and predictably were still asleep. She lay there thinking about that boy she had been in bed with.

He was only eighteen, yet they had a sexual experience together. He didn’t put his thingy in her, but that wasn’t the point. It was shameful being in bed with him, and he had spurted his semen over her. It had to be admitted, she also had a slight orgasm, which left her feeling guilty.

Paula had forced her into the boys dormitory, so it wasn’t Adrian’s fault. Adrian had saved her from discovery by the matron, which would have been devastating. Her indecent behaviour would have been reported to the corporation, and then to her husband. He would beat her for being in bed with another man, and if he found out they had some sort of sex, she dare not think what would have happened.

Getting out of bed she quietly padded on bare feet to the showers. The ridiculous night attire had been discarded in the boys bed, so all she had was a towel to wrap around her nakedness. Now clean of that boys crusty semen, it felt so much better facing a new day.

In the dormitory she again looked for the school uniform, becoming more desperate by the minute. Obviously one of the girls was playing a trick on her. Paula was awake, and smiled at her. If the girl wasn’t so big and strong she would have become angry and demanded her clothes. They weren’t her clothes, they were the schools, and there wasn’t much chance of defeating one of the girls, let alone a group of them.

‘I’ve got a surprise for you, Bablee,’ Paula gleefully announced.

‘No more surprises, please,’ Bablee sighed.

‘This one you’ll like. Margaret has been up all night sowing,’ Paula grinned, from displaying her power in the dormitory.

The girl standing before her must be Margaret, and the sowing must refer to her uniform. Looking worried at the growing ring of girls, she dropped the towel and quickly got dressed.

Pulling on the panties reminded her that they had shaved her last night, down there. There wasn’t a bra, but that didn’t matter. Quickly buttoning the blouse, her fingers fumbled, and she couldn’t find the top two buttons. Moving on to the pinafore dress, she found it had been shortened. The hem was now well above the knee!

‘Is this acceptable to the school?’ she asked.

‘No! You will get into trouble, but I’ll speak up for you, so don’t worry, Bablee,’ Paula firmly told her.

What really worried her, was showing off her body. The boys out there were eighteen, and would look at her as though she were just another rude western girl.

Adrian didn’t believe she was a married woman of twenty-six. He thought she was a fellow pupil, yet he didn’t take advantage of her. He was a decent young man. What he did was unavoidable, from having a woman in his bed. Not many men would resist the temptation to do it to her, but he did.

Bablee’s face was red as a beetroot. How could she tell them it felt awful to wear such lewd clothing, even if it was a school uniform.

‘Thank you, Margaret, and Paula for organising the, err, alterations,’ Bablee managed to say.

‘Great, I knew you’d love it,’ Paula beamed. ‘You did fantastic last night. You’re no longer a little virgin girl, and you brought back the proof! Well done new girl!’ Paula said, encouraging the others.

They gave her a bit of a quiet cheer. Matron appeared at the door, and shouted with her smokers cough interrupting, ‘Get on with it girls . . . you know what to do . . . and don’t be late for breakfast.’

‘Yes, Miss Gatling,’ Paula dutifully answered the woman.

Matron snorted at the girl, turned, and left.

The breakfast was as bland as any other meal. Bablee had planned on bringing some condiments and sauces from home, but all that had drastically changed. Instead of being an adult scholar, they thought she was an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.

Sitting on a bench with so many schoolgirls, put her in mind of being in school back home. Automatically pulling on the shortened school uniform did no good. It was a habit she needed to break, as it drew attention to her bare thighs. The teachers and staff thought she was just another young student, so they didn’t take any notice of her. The boys and girls accepted she was one of them, especially the boys.

Wearing this altered uniform had been embarrassing at first, but surprisingly she was getting used to it. It was only when the boys quietly said rude things about the dress, that she felt bad, and pulled at the hem. Unfortunately the teachers hadn’t bothered to make her change into a more decent uniform. Getting used to dressing like a western girl was easier than she thought.

Having to be careful how she sat was something to get used to. In class she had to keep her legs tight together, or reveal the little white panties. One of the guys dropped his pen, to look illegal bahis up her dress. Not quick enough to clamp her legs together, she had to watch him whisper to his friend, her panties were white. Damn! The boys were sex mad! Was this why they had separate schools back home? Or were they reacting to western girls dressing and behaving badly.

It was disappointing not meeting her mentor. Adrian was nice, and she had to apologise to him for being so naughty last night. Thanking him for saving her from the matron was needed too. It was hoped he would know who to speak to concerning this mistake about her age. No one would believe she was an adult and a married woman, so she needed his advice over what to do.

It was obvious to her now. Her slight build and her modest demeanour, left her looking like an adolescent schoolgirl. She wasn’t loud or forceful enough to be a western adult. As a decently behaved wife in Pakistan, she had to be dutiful and modest with her husband, and his family.

After all these years she couldn’t change. Compared to them she was introverted and submissive. Confronting a teacher to say they had made a mistake, was simply impossible. Perhaps Adrian would somehow save her again.

‘Are you in this class, girl?’ the teacher shouted at Bablee.

‘Sorry, Miss Andrews, I was thinking about the lesson,’ she prevaricated.

‘Get up to speed, or you can join the ninth graders,’ the teacher threatened.

‘Yes, miss, sorry, miss,’ Bablee humbly responded.


Adrian walked into the matron’s first aid room, and looked around, confirming she was out as expected. Keys were hung in a cabinet, all numbered but which one did he need. The ledger was left open on her desk, together with the debris of a snack. A finger ran down the entries until it came to Bablee, number fifteen.

Unhooking the key, he walked into the back room, to find a locker marked fifteen. No fifteen, but there was a blank door between fourteen and sixteen. The lock turned to reveal clothing, with a waft of curry, chilli, and other exotic spices. It reminded him of Bablee.

He quickly looked through the clothes, and stopped on finding her panties. Even these smelt exotic. She did a lot of cooking for a schoolgirl. They must be different where she came from, or maybe she spent a lot of time in her mother’s kitchen. It would be nice doing that, he mused.

A small bra, not much more than a training bra. She was certainly different from a western girl. Cute! He was very pleased with the thought of cuddling her, and what they did in bed last night. He’d never had a girl rub him off before. It was a good thing too, for he couldn’t hold out for much longer, and would have screwed her.

Still, it was really nice cuddling her. The warmth of her body against his, the exotic smell of her skin, the deep natural tan she had, was so very nice. He wanted her in his bed again, or at least cuddle her. He pulled her clothes out of the locker, with his arms wrapped tight around them. It wasn’t satisfying at all.

A translation dictionary fell to the floor, with something else. A passport! With quiet anticipation he opened it. It was brand new, and only used once, to enter the US. Her personal details on the back page were read through quickly. Was this her? He studied the picture hard again, to confirm it was her.

‘Mrs, not miss, Mrs Kahn, born . . .’ he quietly said.

A quick calculation confirmed she was twenty-six. Damn! She’d been telling the truth. She wasn’t a girl, she was a married woman! Fuck! He could have fucked her last night. Bablee was an experienced woman, naked in his bed! Did she expect him to fuck her? Damn! He very nearly fucked a mature woman! She’d pulled him off, and he’d spurted on her face.

That would have been taking advantage of her awkward situation, but he didn’t care at that moment. Thinking about it, and how small and fragile she was, a tender protective feeling meandered into him. He did care. Something was overriding his good intentions, and he knew what it was.

‘Down, boy!’ he said, and tapped his trouser tent.

He pocketed the passport, and locked the door. Replacing the key, he quietly left, after checking no one was in the corridor. A quick march to administration was necessary now.

‘Hi Brenda, Miss Jackson sent me over for the new girl’s details, Bablee Kahn,’ he said.

‘Why did she send you, you’re not in her class?’ Brenda suspiciously asked.

‘That’s right, Brenda, I’m her mentor,’ he proudly said.

She smiled at him, and said, ‘First time, eh! Well that’s fun for you. Do a good job for her, won’t you. Don’t let her get into trouble,’ she said, and went over to a computer.

‘There’s a printout in this envelope. I’ll ask her if was opened,’ she grinned at him. ‘Don’t think I’m being cruel, as I wouldn’t give this to anyone else. When you’re a bit older, we’ll have a kiss,’ she smiled at him.

‘Sure, that’s a date, Brenda,’ he sincerely said, and blew her a kiss.

She giggled and pretended to get on with her work. He’d illegal bahis siteleri always got on with Brenda, that’s why he waited for the harridan, Miss Drinkwater to go to lunch. He figured she’d forget about the envelope and not ask Miss Jackson about it. Which would be awkward as the woman didn’t know anything about it.

In a stall he ripped open the envelope. They had her down as an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl. Mr Kahn was her uncle. A corporation was picking up the bills. There didn’t seem to be anyone to vouch for her. As only her uncle was in the country. The man must be her husband!

Oh fuck! He’d been in bed with a married woman, and they had almost done it. She’d pulled him off! Of course, she was an experienced older woman! Holly shit! While here in school, he was in charge of her. As her mentor, she had to do as he told her. Was she aware of how much she had to obey him? Not much really, but did she now that?

His eyes glowed with lust. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he gagged on the smell of the toilets. A touch of reality was good. He had hardly any authority over her, and certainly not enough to get her into bed, or his hands into her panties. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to filter the smell. It was her panties! Well, at least their smell overpowered the shitty boy smells.


‘Sorry I missed you this morning,’ Adrian said, when meeting her for lunch.

She gave him a funny little expression, and turned away, looking embarrassed. He wondered if this was the end of his ambitions for her. He was still her mentor, so she had to take notice of what he said.

He took hold of her arm, and firmly said, ‘Follow me.’

Bablee was pleased to be with him, even though it brought on feelings of guilt. The forceful way he spoke, had her following from the habit of obeying figures of authority.

‘We’ll sit here for lunch, we can talk in private,’ he told her.

He’d kindly brought a packed lunch. She shuffled her bottom along, making room for him on the bench.

‘I missed you too, I mean, I needed you, err, something I wanted,’ she stammered.

‘I got a copy of your administration details. I got them because you said there had been a mistake,’ he said. ‘Don’t wave them around, I shouldn’t have them, or show you,’ he said.

‘You did this for me?’ she asked, and looked up at him with admiring eyes.

They stared at each other for a moment, then turned away looking uncomfortable.

‘What we did last night, it was wrong,’ she said.

‘I know what you mean, we don’t know each other. We should get to know each other better, then go on a date, or something,’ he said.

‘Oh! Err, I didn’t mean that. I’d like to get to know you better, but, well, it’s not that. I shouldn’t be here, I think this is all a mistake,’ she said.

She became conscious of his hip against hers. At home she would never sit so close to a male, even if they were a family member. Why hadn’t she simply told him, she was married and not available. He was too young for her.

Oh! Dear! It felt as though she were a wild girl, and he was her boyfriend. It was silly to think she was letting him down. She’d never had a boyfriend, and these feelings were all new. At home friends had secretly met boys, and even kissed them. Nothing more than that, and certainly not gone to bed with them as she had. It was no-wonder she had feelings for him!

That was wrong, having feelings for a boy, very wrong in so many ways.

‘You with me, Bablee?’ he asked.

Becoming aware of where she was, meant this was not a fantasy or a film, this was reality. His leg was against hers, when did that happen? He took hold of her hand, and her heart raced. She was enlivened, yet unable to move. She just sat there staring at the uninteresting food.

‘It’s no mistake you being here. I think its destiny,’ he said, and gently stroked her thigh.

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

‘Did I say something wrong?’ he asked.

He’d taken notice of her feelings! He’d reached into her and tugged at her heart.

‘Tears of joy, not sadness,’ she explained, and wished she hadn’t.

‘I knew you enjoyed being with me last night. I wanted to hold you tight all night. You’re beautiful, wonderful, a dream come true,’ he whispered into an ear.

It seemed his words were connecting directly to a pleasure centre in her brain. Every word was absorbed and mulled over, to be remembered, and to be enjoyed later.

‘I too would have liked that,’ she admitted.

He put his arm around her with the other hand taking its place on her thigh. The dress was too short to cover her thighs when sitting, and it looked as though they were on offer. How could she deny him, the boy was her lover! Such a concept couldn’t be contemplated at home, let alone acted upon.

It had already happened! It wasn’t a dream, she had really been in bed with this handsome young man.

‘I enjoyed you playing with me,’ he quietly said.

That was something she was ashamed of, more than canlı bahis siteleri anything else. How could she have done that! He couldn’t be blamed, he was just a boy, and he didn’t force her to do it to him. It was all her fault.

‘I, I shouldn’t have,’ she morosely said.

‘Don’t worry, no one knows,’ he said, sounding sympathetic.

‘All the girls know. They caught me with it in my hair,’ she blurted out.

‘What? Oh! That’s, err, well, can you handle that? Excuse the pun,’ he said, and realised she’d missed the joke.

‘You’ll have to tell someone I’m a married woman. I’m twenty-six and shouldn’t be here,’ she pleaded.

‘I’ll try,’ Adrian lied.


‘Mr Kahn hasn’t heard from his wife, have you?’ Josie asked.

‘Mr Kahn’s wife?’ Eileen asked, looking bemused.

‘You took his wife to an adult school to complete her exams, remember? Bablee, quiet woman, from Pakistan?’ Josie sarcastically asked.

‘His wife? Oh! Yes! Of course, sorry, I’ll check,’ Eileen said.

‘Make sure the woman is happy, or she might contact a lawyer, and the shit will hit the fan,’ Josie emphasised the word lawyer.

It was a bad word in the human resources department.

‘It’s only been a couple of days, second day. She’s hardly had any time to settle into a class,’ Eileen pointed out.

‘Sure. Just keep an eye on her. I’ll make sure Mr Kahn is kept happy. Though he isn’t fully awake yet, but making progress, so the doctors say,’ Josie said, and dismissed her assistant with a hand gesture when the telephone rang.

‘Wife!’ Eileen muttered on her way back to her office. ‘He married a sixteen year old two years ago? She was his cousin, damn it!’

On the computer she checked on Mr Kahn’s notes. His family in Pakistan was a twenty-six year old woman, named Bablee, and they lived with his parents. His niece was an employee of the Karachi office, also named Bablee.

‘That’s the mistake. The boss has sent his niece to school, not his wife,’ she chuckled.

Confronting Josie with a mistake wasn’t going to go down well. A double check of the facts was needed. It was past lunchtime when she checked everything for a fourth time.

‘I’ve sent his wife to school, a boarding school for kids! Oh! Shit! Avoid trouble the boss said. Oh! Shit!’ Eileen emotionally whispered.

Looking around furtively, she dialled the school.

‘Hi this is Building Corp. and I’m calling about Bablee, a new girl. My name is Eileen, I drove her there. Oh! Right! I remember you too, how are you, great, that’s nice. They’re not working you too hard are they? It’s manic here, not enough time, yea you know. So, how is she settling in, any complaints?’ Eileen finally got around to asking, with fingers crossed.

‘Oh! Good, I’m pleased. If there is a problem have you got my number as next of kin? Great. Anything at all, just give me a call, thanks, bye, bye,’ Eileen sighed with relief.

Short term everything was going well. What about medium term? Take her out of school? Then what? The funds were going through for that school. What would they say if a pupil was taken away, or rather the funding was taken away. His wife could be put into an adult education college. It would be easy to find a place when paying.

She needed to play the old shell game. Now you see her, now you don’t. Bablee! Replace one Bablee with another? Bablee Kahn, the niece, could take the wife’s place. The school fee’s were paid from the education fund and were already allocated. No need to make waves there. Bablee Khan the wife, could then be set up with a full grant for an adult college.

Working hard through lunch, and most of the afternoon, all was settled. Eileen liked the idea of a switch, it felt like acting in an old movie. Emails meant no bluffing, with dangerous eye to eye contact. The Karachi office would arrange everything, until she took over here in Los Angeles for the actual switch.

No one need know. The college fees weren’t much, and as an employee, Bablee the niece, would be entitled to a local salary while in school. The apartment was being kept on, so no problem there either.


Bablee looked down from Adrian, and noticed her bare thighs, so she had to look to the side. She couldn’t look at him, for she felt so shy. Too many emotions were ranging through her mind. Her heart was thumping hard, and she was feeling so weak, she might fade way completely.

The woman looked so young and fragile, he could hardly believe she was a married woman. Whoever the husband was, he didn’t deserve her. He wasn’t looking after her well enough, for this to happen. She looked so cute it was impossible not to put his arms around her.

‘It’s going to be all right, I’ll look after you. Don’t worry,’ he reassured her.

‘Thank you, sir,’ she sighed. ‘It feels nice, comforting, knowing you are looking after me,’ she smiled.

The little smile on her face was so tempting. She didn’t have big luscious lips like Carol, or big breasts crying out to be mauled, like Sylvia. She looked young and vulnerable, in need of his protection. He hooked a finger under her chin, lifted her face, and gazed into her eyes. Curious looks were plastered across their faces. Familiarity, awareness, sympathy, and every other emotion passed between them, even love.

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car

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This is the sixth and final chapter in a series that began with “Thin Ice” and continued through “Tapas”. As with the others, this story is about cuckoldry and wife-sharing so if that’s not your thing please choose another story. There are plenty on this site to appeal to every taste.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and encouragement – I really appreciate it!

Characters are totally fictitious and over the age of consent.


There was a strange car in the driveway. He slowed down, squinting through the falling snow. It wasn’t his wife’s car – presumably hers was safe in the garage. It was a small car, yellow and sporty-looking, a car for somebody who wanted you to notice their car.

He cruised past the driveway to the next corner and came back, his windshield wipers working double time. Was it just a visiting friend? He didn’t know all her friends’ cars. But he couldn’t help feeling that this car was in the driveway deliberately, to let him know what he would be walking into if he went inside. Like a tie on a doorknob.

A lover’s car.

He drove down to the next corner and turned in a random direction. Judging by the snow accumulated on the roof of the little car it had been there for a while.

She’d never brought a lover home before.

At least, not that he knew of.

He frowned and turned again at the next intersection.

Abruptly he heard a tone from his phone. An incoming message. He pulled over and, with his hands shaking slightly, got out his phone. He tapped the screen. A video popped open.

There were some tendrils of her hair floating across the edge of the picture. The phone must have been lying on her pillow, next to her head. Up in the middle of the screen were a man’s face and his naked shoulders. The rhythm of his movement made the shot rock from side to side. He leaned down and from offscreen there was the sound of a kiss.

“I’m fucking you,” the man’s voice said hoarsely. His head rose back into view.

“Yes,” said a woman’s voice, her voice, his wife’s voice. “Fuck me, just fuck me.” Her hands came up and held onto the man’s face. She moaned. “Yes, like that.”

He stared at the little screen, watching and listening. The face moving forward and back, the little whimpers she made offscreen. He fumbled with his belt, unzipped his pants.

“I’m going to come,” the man croaked. His rhythm had picked up, he was pounding into her, his face distorted in a grimace.

“Not yet,” she said. “Oh God… keep on… yes.”

“I can’t,” the man said. “Oh my God. Oh my fucking God.”

“I am so hot,” she said, her words running together in a throaty rush. “I’m burning up inside, it’s like you’ve set me on fire. Your cock is… Oh God.”

“Tell me to fuck you,” he growled.

“Fuck me,” she groaned.

“Harder!” he demanded. “Say it!”

“Oh God!” she waited. “I need it! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

“I can’t stop,” he said through gritted teeth. “I’m going to come.”

“Yes! Come! Oh God! Fuck me!”

“Oh my God!” The man threw his head back, the tendons in his neck bunching like cords.

“Yes!” she cried, flinging herself up. Her body finally lurched into view, wrapping itself around the man’s torso. She drove her face into his shoulder. “Fuck me, come come, oh my God, fuck me.”

Then the phone must have fallen off the pillow and the screen went black. From the background came a confusion of grunts and moans, gradually settling down into a duet of guttural breathing.

“That was amazing,” the man said.

“Yes,” she agreed. Then the video ended.

He tapped the screen and watched it again, watched the stranger rocking and thrusting, getting closer and closer until the final groaning release.

And through it all, just out of view, his wife.

He started the video again, watching the man’s face, waiting for his wife to throw herself forward, listening to the voices. His hand was moving up and down his cock, pre-come lubricating it. God. That man, fucking her. Sliding his cock into her cunt, feeling the warmth and the wetness and the slippery softness of her.

There was a roar outside his car and a huge truck barreled past, flashing lights splitting the night. The city was out, spraying salt on the streets.

Jesus. The flashing lights had spooked him – it might have been a cop car. This is insanity, he thought, sitting here jacking off on a public street. This is how people get arrested. Hurriedly, he zipped up and stuffed the phone back into his pocket, then started the car.

He drove slowly, aimlessly, trying not to think about his phone and the video, but unable to focus on anything else. Every squeak of his wiper blades, every gust of wind, reminded him of the passionate cries of the two lovers. His cock was not getting any softer.

Periodically he would cruise up his street and see if the sports car was still there. The snow was covering it more thickly now. Maybe he should go somewhere – shit, he didn’t even know if the canlı bahis şirketleri car would leave at all tonight. Maybe he should go find a hotel room or something.

At least in a hotel room he could jack off.

An hour passed, an hour and a half. Insanity. Somebody was going to think he was casing the neighborhood and call the cops.

But then he saw it, the little car coming towards him on the snowy street. It slid a little bit as it turned the corner and then disappeared. He didn’t try to see the driver but he noticed that there was no passenger. Another block and he turned into his driveway, pulling into the snowless gap left by the yellow car. He turned off the car and sat for a moment. His heart was pounding and his throat felt tight. Okay. Time to go in.

The lights were off on the first floor but when he banged the door shut he heard his wife calling from upstairs.

“It’s me,” he called back. He took off his coat and laid it on the banister, pulled off his boots. Then he looked up the stairs and she was standing at the top, naked. Her arms were hugging each other.

“Hi,” she said. She smiled at him. “Come on up,” she added. “I’m getting cold.”

He followed her up and stood in the bedroom door. She had already crawled into the bed and drawn the covers up.

“Brr,” she said. “What are you waiting for? Get into bed and warm me up.”

But he hesitated. The room felt strange, the bed didn’t look right. The smell was not the smell that the two of them, him and his wife, left in the air. Sweat and semen, he thought, but not his semen.

He undid his belt and slowly stripped off his clothes, got into bed.

Her body was damp in his arms. He looked into her eyes, feeling her belly against his, then leaned forward to kiss her. His head swam with the warmth of her, the softness of her skin, and he flexed, pushing his erection up against her.

“Mmm,” she whispered. “That’s nice.”

He made a contented noise and kissed her again. This felt familiar at least. How could it be, that there’d been a stranger in his bed just minutes ago? It felt unreal.

Her hands gripped his shoulders and she moved slightly, took one of his thighs between hers, his cock still hard against her belly.

“Did you like the movie?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “Who was that guy?”

“Arthur,” she said. “Nobody you know.”

He didn’t answer. He moved his leg slowly between hers.

“Mmm,” she said again. “That is very nice. Is it nice that I’m still turned on for you even after having fucked Arthur?”

He kissed her again. “I want to fuck you,” he murmured.

“Not quite yet,” she said. “Where’s your phone?”

He paused. “My phone?”

“I want to watch it with you. The video.”

“Why not on your phone?”

“Your phone has a bigger screen,” she said.

He reached off the bed and grabbed his pants, found the phone and opened the video. She lay on her side, holding the phone. He pushed up against her from behind, watching the video, his cock pressing hard between the cheeks of her ass.

“It’s strange to watch,” she said after it ended. “I mean…” She rolled in his arms and faced him. “You really like watching it?”

“Yeah,” he said.


He shrugged. “Why? Well, it… turns me on.”

“Watching another man fuck your wife?”

He paused. It was complicated. Maybe it was more like “watching my wife fuck another man” but he wasn’t sure how to explain the distinction.

She was scrolling through his phone, had found the photo album labeled simply “Her”. Photos she’d sent him, scenes of her past adventures. She paused on the first one, the one she’d sent from a hotel room after her first time with another man. She crowed.

“Look at that cock,” she said. It was an arresting sight, a hugely erect (but wet and obviously post-coital) cock with her hand wrapped around it. She looked over at him and smiled. “You save all these photos,” she said. “Do you look at them?”

“Sometimes,” he admitted.

“Do you jack off with them?”

‘Yeah,” he said. “Sometimes.”

She sighed. “I’m so glad you like them,” she said. “It makes me feel like… you know. This is us. Not just me. I would never have… gone with anyone else. You know that.”

“I know.”

“But when you told me…”

His mouth closed on hers. He knew what she was going to say. He was thinking about it too, about how it had all started, with just a lot of hot talk about a man she found attractive. How turned on it had made him, had made them both. How he had finally told her, his heart in his mouth and the words coming straight from his cock, “I want you to fuck him.”

Things had never been the same after that.

She moved next to him, again capturing his thigh between hers so she could rub against him. “I love you,” she whispered.

“Me too,” he said.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she asked.

“I’m dying to,” he told her.

“Mmm,’ she said. “This is nice. Isn’t it?”

“Yes,” canlı kaçak iddaa he said. “But I really want to be inside you.”

She laughed softly. “What if I’ve had enough fucking for one evening?”

He paused. “You haven’t, have you?”

“No,” she said. “There’s always something left for you. Lie back.”

He lay back and she straddled him, rubbing her cunt against his cock. His hands came up to grip her ass.

“The problem with Arthur,” she told him. “Is he always wants to be on top.”

He didn’t answer.

“And you know,” she said. “Sometimes a girl likes to be on top as well.” She lowered herself slightly, taking the tip of him inside her. “Was that a hot movie?” she asked him.

“So hot,” he assured her. “Fuck me.”

“I will,” she said. She wiggled her hips. “Tell me how hot it was.”

He was starting to feel a little irritated. He wanted to fuck, not talk about a movie, even a hot movie.

“I kind of wish,” he burst out. “I could have seen your face, not his.”

“You mean watching me come?”

He paused. “Yeah.”

She rocked and his cock slid further into her and back. “You can watch me come like this,” she told him. “Up close and in real life.”

“You’re never really in any of the movies or the photos,” he said.

“No,” she agreed. “I’d rather not be. Visible I mean.”

He thought about this. It kind of made sense but it still would be nice to have a video of her lost in orgasm, or at least a photo. One that showed her face.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said. “No movies but I’ll see what I can do.”

“What do you mean?”

She leaned down and kissed him. Her mouth opened and her tongue slid into his. Her hips shifted and suddenly he was inside her, all the way in. He thrust upward into her, feeling the warmth of her around him, the pressure of her thighs against his sides.

“Yes,” she murmured, rocking. The movement of her body was exhilarating. He kept on thrusting upward, driving himself into her. It was all he could feel or think about, his cock and her cunt, her body on his, breasts pressing against him, hands gripping him. In a moment, in another moment, but not too soon. God.

She sighed. “Yes,” she said again. “Like that.” Her eyes closed. His hips were bouncing up and down on the bed now, driving him into her.

“Oh…” she said. “Oh fuck me. Yes. I’m coming. Oh….” She moaned. “Oh. So good.”

And now it was time. It was a shattering, shuddering thing. As the fluid spurted out of him and into her, his head spun. There was nothing like it, nothing that came close. His legs were still driving him upward, still pushing his cock deeper into her cunt. And then he was done, emptied, and he lay there gasping.

She was lying on his chest, also panting. “God,” she said.

It snowed again three days later, on Valentine’s Day. He drove home impatiently in the gathering dusk. The streets were a mess and it didn’t pay to rush things when conditions were this bad but he didn’t want to be late. They had dinner reservations, she’d made them, she wouldn’t tell him where, wanted it to be a surprise.

He had a surprise for her too. It had been tough, finding the right present for her this Valentine’s Day – the first one since she’d started… well… since their marriage had changed. Jewelry had always been his go-to gift. But the ornaments for her body were now part of what she shared with her lovers. Even in that first photo, the one of her gripping the cock, her rings, wedding and engagement, and a beautiful delicate bracelet he’d given her, were part of what made the shot so vivid.

It’s not that he didn’t like to see her jewelry in the photos. It just made it more complicated, thinking about buying jewelry that wasn’t just for the two of them.

He’d even wandered into a lingerie store but had retreated almost immediately. The ambiance was totally wrong – selling sex without being sexy. Perky young sales-girls, enormous posters of scantily clad, inaccessible ice-maidens. It bore no more relation to real sex than a pink frosted cupcake does to steak tartare. He had made his way back to the jewelry store and pondered his options a little disconsolately.

But then he saw it. It was a neck-chain with two charms at the end of it – one the Venus-symbol of a loop with a cross and the other the Mars-symbol of a loop with an arrow poking out the top. They were elegant, stylized, delicate, and they hung on a ring at the bottom of the chain as an emblem of couplehood.

He asked to see it and held it in his hands. “I wonder,” he asked the girl behind the counter. “If you could make a small change to it?”

“Like what?” she asked. She was young, pretty in a sweetness-and-bubble-gum sort of way and he wasn’t sure how to say it to her.

“Could you add another Mars, another male symbol, here?” He pointed on the other side of the Venus. It would be a woman between two men. They would jangle together, the woman bouncing off the two men, their arrows touching canlı kaçak bahis her in turn. It would be perfect.

The girl stared at him, wide-eyed. “Um, probably,” she said. “I’ll have to, uh… check.”

“Could you please?” he asked patiently.

The woman who had to be consulted was older and did not remind him of bubble gum. She gave him a narrow look and nodded. “Of course,” she said. “No problem. When do you need it?”

“The fourteenth,” he said. “Or earlier.”

She gave him another look. “Valentine’s,” she said. “Okay. but it won’t be earlier.”

And now here he was, driving home with the box in his coat pocket, on Valentine’s Day. And as he finally drove down the street to his house, he felt good. It was going to be a good evening.

That’s when he saw the car in the driveway. But it wasn’t the small yellow sports car, Arthur’s car. It was a huge black sedan with tinted windows in the back, a Mafia don’s car if Mafia dons actually rode in cars like that. He pulled up in the street and stared at it, then he got out and walked towards the house.

She was in the bedroom, applying makeup.

“Oh wow,” he said when saw her. She was wearing a new dress, bright red and very short, spaghetti straps grazing her bare shoulders. She smiled at him.

“Hi,’ she said softly. “Happy Valentine’s Night.”

“Wow,” he said again. “You look… hot.”

She fluttered her eyelashes. “That’s the goal,” she said primly.

He paused, suddenly uncertain. “I have something for you,” he said. “I don’t know, I thought I’d give it to you now, in case you wanted to wear it.” He held out the box.

She smiled at him again and took the box. “I have something for you too,” she said. “I’ll give it to you after you get dressed.” She tore off the gold wrapping paper and opened the box, then stared at the necklace and slowly took it out. She held it up against her neck, looking at it in the mirror. The two male charms bounced against the female between them and shone in the light.

He edged up behind her, putting his arms around her waist, then kissed the side of her neck.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“It’s… beautiful,” she said slowly. “But rather.. blatant, don’t you think?”

His heart sank. “Oh,” he said.

“I mean,” she said. “For the right occasion, yeah.” She caught his eye in the mirror. “But what would be the right occasion? It’s kind of a strong statement… I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” he said miserably. “I thought it was kind of fun, I guess.”

She nodded and patted his hand. “I’ll wear it,” she said. “I just need to think about when. Maybe at home when it’s just the two of us?”

He nodded. She turned in his arms and kissed him. “I love you,” she said softly. “You’re the most thoughtful husband in the world, maybe the most thoughtful husband in world history.” She gave him another kiss. “Okay?”

He nodded and disengaged himself. “I need to get dressed,” he said, a little gruffly. It hadn’t gone as well as he had hoped it would.

“Yes,” she said. “Then I’ll give you your surprise.”

He started to turn away to go to his closet then stopped. “What’s with that huge car in the driveway?” he asked.

“That’s part of the surprise,” she said. “Now get dressed.”

He dressed with care, aware of the standard she had set with her hot red dress. He snuck a peek at her, intent on her makeup. She was wearing black lace stockings with a subtle pattern of hearts. It was Valentine’s Night after all. A pair of gold shoes lay at her feet. Her gaze shifted and she caught his eye.

“Almost ready?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said. “What time is our reservation?”

“We’re fine,” she said vaguely. “Come here and let me look at you.”

Obediently he went over and she stood up to inspect him. She adjusted his tie and then inclined her face up to his.

“Kiss?” she said.

He kissed her and she sighed happily.

“Okay,” she said. “Time for your surprise. Close your eyes, no peeking.”

He shut his eyes and he heard a drawer opening and closing. She took his hands and put something in them, something soft on one side and smooth on the other.

“Okay,” she said. Her voice sounded nervous or excited. He opened his eyes. It was a hat, a grey cloth cap with a small black visor. He stared at it blankly, then looked at her.

“Uh, thanks,” he said. He paused. “Why…” he began.

She lifted a finger to his lips. “I have something to tell you,” she said. She was definitely nervous now. She took a deep breath. “I have a date tonight.”

He stared at her. “Yes,” he said. “It’s Valentine’s. We’re..”

“No,” she interrupted. “I have a date with Arthur.” She paused. “You’re going to drive us.” She gave the hat a little wave. “It’s a chauffeur’s hat. And the car outside…”

“I get it,” he said. But he still didn’t understand.

“It’s what you wanted,” she said quickly. “What you said the other day. You know… about wanting to watch me… and him…” She trailed off.

“Jesus,” he said.

She bit her lip. “Maybe I misunderstood,” she said softly.

“No… it’s…” He shook his head. “Just give me a second to think… you mean you’d do it in the car with him? And I would… be there?”

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A Manhattan Reunion Ch. 01

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“This name is vaguely familiar,” thought Torrey. “Panoff. Panoff. Panoff? No clue.”

Anne Panoff added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Anne in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

“No time for this.”

Torrey flipped back over to his work but the name kept bouncing into his head like a sticky song lyric. Even after a few emails, a phone call and a meeting, the name kept bobbing up and down in his memory.

Anne? Anne? Anne!

He finally had a moment to click on the link. As soon as he saw Anne’s smile on her facebook picture, he froze and his heart felt like it stopped beating. “My god, it’s Anne Gold.”

Torrey’s memories flashed by like a slideshow on fast forward.

Anne Gold.

Beautiful, happy, sexy Anne Gold. High school crush. High school “coulda been, shoulda been” girlfriend. Cheerleader. Those eyes. That body. That smile. Her hair. Her skin…

Then, that date. The date. Monument Point. Anne curled up in the passenger seat of his Mustang. Parking and looking at the skyline. Their bodies moving closer, silently. Hands brushing. Turning to her. Kissing her. Those lips. My god.

Unbuttoning her blouse. Her breasts held by the most beautiful bra he’d ever seen. Oh and those breasts. They seemed to want to burst from her skin. Kissing Anne and holding her breasts. Not rushing. Savoring. My dear, sweet god.

Driving home thinking about the two of them together. What could have been? Cheerleader Anne. Running back Torrey. Her smile. He could drown in her eyes and happiness.

But then. Kris. His steady. Manipulative. Sexy. First lover. Played guilt strings like an Itzhak Perlman played the violin. Threats. Tears. Screaming. Make-up sex. Finally, no more dates with Anne. No more talking with Anne. No explanations, no closure. No more sweet kisses.

Anne’s confusion. Then silence. Then cold shoulder.

“I was an ass,” Torrey said out loud. “And a fool.”

After all these years, Torrey had given hardly any thoughts to Kris, his literal high school sweetheart. But his torch burned bright for Anne. He could never forget her.

And now she was here on Facebook. Torrey sunk back in his leather chair. Anne Gold. Wow.

Torrey replied with his consent. And then the phone rang and he turned to back to his work. In an hour he was on his way to the airport for a business trip. In another hour he was sprawled in first class with his laptop open in front of him with the different files splayed on his screen.

Work was piled up. Artisan Property proposal, a six figure marketing project. Theodore Tech, a big advertising program. Wilson, a huge website redesign. DBQ Fine Foods new product launch. These projects would pay the bills for a long time and could spring Torrey’s company to a new level. Yet…

Anne Gold. Anne Gold. Anne Gold.

I have to write her a note. Does she remember? Does she remember Monument Point? Does she know what really happened?

Torrey took the two hour flight to write and rewrite an email to Anne.

Hi Anne…wonderful surprise…been such a long time…glad you reached out…it’s been 30 years…I graduated Yale and then worked in Manhattan…lucky in my career…married…three kids…working hard…divorced…

And then:

I remember our date at Monument Point. Sigh. You probably forgot.

Torrey deleted and undeleted this line until it was time to “turn off all electronic devices and return seat backs and tray tables to their upright and locked position.” When he arrived at his hotel, he kept the Monument Point reference and sent it.

At the hotel bar, Torrey thought hard about Anne and his memories. Now he allowed himself the luxury of full blown reminiscence. Anne was a different kind of girl from those he dated in high school, college and as a single man on the fast track. She was confident. Secure. Not needy. Witty. Safe in her own skin. With the benefit of 30 years wisdom, Torrey knew that he had looked for girls that needed him. Back then, he’d not had enough self-confidence to rely on a girl just liking him. He needed their dependence to feel safe. Anne’s independence was exhilarating but a little scary at the time.

And of course Torrey remembered Anne’s beauty. She was petite, with an incredibly sexy body. She was fit, strong and vibrant. Her breasts were extraordinary and her skin was exquisitely soft. Her chocolate hair adorned her beautiful face like a lion’s mane. Her eyes were wonderfully sexy and green, alternately flashing with laughter or smoldering with desire. Anne was sparkling.

Sweet Anne. Sweet, sweet Anne.

Torrey thought about their night making out at Monument Point. Anne was so in the moment with him. He remembered how responsive she was, how electric her skin felt to his touch. He could have kissed her wondrous breasts for hours. Torrey remembered how he held her face in his hands, kissing her lips gently before darting his tongue in her mouth. güvenilir bahis He remembered that she liked it when he bit her lower lip. Most of all Torrey remembered how he felt instantly that he and Anne could have been torrid lovers.


Anne could not believe that she’d had the gumption to Facebook Torrey right out of the blue like that. How could she do that?

Anne had been quite successful herself, raising two children and then starting her own company. Her firm took off, grossing in the seven figures immediately. Eventually, she sold out to her partners and now she ran a team of people in the financial industry and was moving up through the ranks quickly. While this came at the expense of her marriage, Anne had felt that she was ready for the next stage of her life. Her smarts, perseverance, and enthusiasm were a perfect combination in the world of business and she confidently tackled any new challenge.

While she had the wonderful combination of a pretty face and that extraordinary body, she carried herself well. She was very comfortable in her own skin, so to speak, and she was neither embarrassed nor overly proud of her beauty. Her ease with herself made her somewhat intimidating to simpler men who thought they could win her over with just a few compliments, some humor or their own good looks.

She was not sure why she had reached out to Torrey, but she was glad nonetheless. He had pursued her, won a date with her and then stopped. He was attached to that crazy bitch Kris, but even still the abruptness of their ending was a bit strange.


Through the course of several emails and phone calls, Torrey and Anne brought each other up to date with their lives, their loves, and their careers. The chemistry that they felt was undeniable, and the desire that developed through their correspondence was palpable.

But while each had the freedom of time and money to have dashed out to each other at a moment’s notice, they had not. In a way, they knew that the best thing would be to let their passion simmer through their emails and phone calls. They became friends again first and then confidantes.

Finally, they made arrangements to meet at the Governor Towers Hotel in Manhattan, New York being a favorite spot both of them. Torrey arrived earlier in the day and took advantage of the time. He worked out at the club and then relaxed with a long sauna. Afterward in his suite, he put on one of the plush white robes hanging in the closet. He had a glass of Pinot Noir and had some fruit sent up. While lazing about that afternoon, Torrey thought about how he would make love with Anne, and he could feel himself getting hard. He took himself in his hands and stroked himself to a full hard-on. But he resisted the need for satisfaction, knowing that this would come later.

He heard the knock on the door and opened it with anticipation. Anne waited in the doorway, her smile dazzling and her energy tangible. She was wearing a sexy dress, with thin material and a blue floral print. The dress highlighted her body wondrously. Torrey swept her into the room. Their eyes sparkled and danced the way they always had 30 years earlier, and Anne could feel the flood of passion that seemed to have always been there between them.

After only a few moments, the former lovers could not resist each other. Torrey took Anne into his strong arms and they looked deep into each others eyes. Torrey brushed the hair away from Anne’s face and then touched her face, tracing her soft skin. Their eyes met again and he leaned down to kiss her, their lips softly meeting and their tongues dancing and exploring.

Anne sucked Torrey’s lower lip between hers and ran her tongue over and over it again, and then inside his mouth, darting it in and out. Torrey kissed his way up Anne’s neck to her ears, and she could feel his warm breath. He took her earlobe between his full lips, and held it while he licked it slowly with his soft tongue.

Feeling how Torrey was kissing her neck and ears and mouth made Anne anticipate how he would make love to the rest of her body later. She could feel her passion starting to make her pussy wet and she began to grind her hips against Torrey. She could feel his hardness already against her belly, and she moaned against his lips as they kissed. Her hands fell down to Torrey’s firm ass and she pulled him closer to her.

Torrey took Anne’s hand and led her toward the bed. She laid back and watched Torrey undress. Torrey hesitated for a second, and then boldly, almost proudly, removed his robe. Fully naked, he stood before Anne, his hardness rising against his stomach. Anne’s eyes met Torrey’s and then gazed slowly down his fit body, stopping at his hard cock. It was pulsing and firm and almost crimson with desire. She could feel her pussy getting wet.

Torrey held Anne’s ankles and pulled her toward himself, until her ass was on the edge of the bed. He knelt between türkçe bahis her legs and unwrapped her sexy body from the loose confines of her dress. Then it was Torrey’s turn to gaze, and he looked hungrily at Anne’s sexy body, his cock pulsing involuntarily as he took in her breasts, rising and falling with her quickening breath, and her firm outstretched legs.

Torrey kissed the tops of Anne’s feet and toes and moved up her ankles, his lips tracing light butterfly kisses on her smooth skin. Raising her legs, he kissed behind her knees and ran his fingertips over her legs. He moved his hands and fingers and lips over the skin of her upper thighs. Torrey kissed all around her pussy and above it to the smoothness of her belly. He teased her, almost touching her where she wanted him too. He ran the backs of his fingertips up her belly to the bottom of her full breasts, lightly caressing their underside, on the way to her shoulders. He moved his naked body up hers, and she could feel his hardness now, hot and urgent against her thigh. He straddled Anne’s body and looked down at her.

Anne reached down as if to hold Torrey’s cock in her hands, but instead she raked her red fingernails over his thighs and belly, teasing him in return. She could feel his strong chest muscles as she touched him and could feel him shudder as she pinched his nipples.

Torrey caressed all around her breasts, moving closer and closer to the nipples, but not quite touching her there yet. Finally, he pressed his palms into her breasts, letting her now very hard nipples slide between his fingers, where he could squeeze them. Torrey took Anne’s hands in his and placed them on his throbbing cock. She finally took his member in both her hands, and she could not believe how hot and urgent it was against her cool fingers. Torrey’s excitement was almost overwhelming, and he placed his hands over Anne’s on his cock and made her stroke him up and down. Anne groaned when she saw a bead of pre-cum form at the engorged head of Torrey’s cock, and then another, and another, as the juice run down his shaft, covering her fingers.

Torrey leaned down to cup one breast with both hands, and took a nipple between his soft lips, suckling it into his mouth, his tongue dancing all around and over it. He could feel Anne’s small hands and cool fingers embracing his cock, her thumbs pressed against the underside. His cock felt like a fiery poker in her hands, almost hot to the touch, aflame for her.

“Good god Anne, how I have wanted you,” said Torrey, groaning as she stroked him.

Anne was almost panting now, her need for Torrey so intense. “Oh Torrey, my god, please take me, I need you. Please.” She looked again at his enraged cock almost erupting in her hands and she groaned against Torrey’s lips.

But instead, Torrey moved back down her body, and knelt again between Anne’s legs. He placed his hands on each of her thighs and parted them, where he could look at her. Anne let him gaze at her pussy, thrilling at her own brazenness, unashamed and lusty. Torrey kissed her thighs and moved lower. He reached under and cupped Anne’s ass with his strong hands and lifted her to his face. She could feel his warm breath on her pussy lips, and then she could feel his lips getting closer and closer to touching her. Torrey kissed on both sides of her pussy, and ran his tongue up and down, almost touching her outer lips, teasing her relentlessly.

“Oh god, Torrey, please. Please touch me. Please touch me. Please.” Anne groaned as she thrust her hips at Torrey’s face, trying to make contact with her yearning pussy, needing relief. She put both hands on the back of his head, trying to push his mouth against her pussy, but he was too strong, and was able to resist her need.

Torrey leaned back and then moved in again, this time letting his tongue run so lightly run up the middle of Anne’s pussy, up and down again, and again gently spreading her swollen lips. Anne’s body relaxed and then tensed again as Torrey licked between her lips, tasting her and loving her. His lips and tongue swirled back and forth. She could feel his full lips surround her clit, and her tongue ran lazy circles around and around it, moving closer and closer. Then she felt his lips close around her hard clit. Torrey took it softly into his waiting mouth, pressing against it with his tongue, and then over and around again and again.

“OH MY GOD,” panted Anne, as she began to come. She raised her arms to her sides, and bit her knuckle as she rolled her head from side to side. Her breasts were heaving as she came; thrusting her hips against Torrey, and feeling him bury his face deep in her pussy.

Just then, Torrey inserted a fingertip in her pussy, and then another. He inserted them just a little ways into her, pressing up against her, letting her feel the pressure there. He began to stroke her steadily with his fingers, sometimes pressing upwards, sometimes circling inside her, and sometimes spreading his strong güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers deep in her. All the while, Torrey’s lips and tongue were swirling and sucking and devouring her, tasting, taking in her warm sexiness.

Anne began to come again, harder and harder as the waves crashed over her body.

“Ohhh” she cried, thrusting her hips. As she thrust up, she slid her clit over Torrey’s soft mouth and on the movement down, she impaled herself on his strong fingers, moving inside her pussy.

“Oh my god, oh god, can’t stop, can’t stop coming, ooooooo,” Anne whimpered, completely oblivious to anything but her own pleasure.

Rather than let his lover come down and catch her breath, Torrey moved his mouth and tongue steadier, and faster. He moved his fingers deeper inside her, until he was churning them in and out as though he was fucking her. Anne arched her back again, pressing her pussy into his willing mouth as he buried his face in her. Anne clenched the bed sheets with her toes and fingers and writhed in the throes of her multiple orgasms.

“Oh god, please, please, let me stop, please, oh god”, cried Anne, her head shaking from side to side. She put her feet on Torrey’s strong shoulders, and the heat from his body set her off again. “Ahhhh!” she cried, her pussy spasming again and again. I can’t stop!”

Torrey finally slowed his pace, and removed his hands and mouth from Anne’s pussy. She relaxed, for a second, and reached down for Torrey’s cock. He was moving up her body, his need extraordinary now. She almost fainted when she held his cock. It was so engorged it felt like it was going to burst and was soaking wet from all the pre-cum oozing forth. She stroked him with one hand, her fingers almost unable to reach around the hot shaft. With the other hand, she cradled his balls, and she could not believe how heavy and full they felt. She was almost coming again, knowing how excited and close to orgasm Torrey was. She pulled him by the cock upwards, moving it towards her pussy.

Torrey took her legs and spread them wide. He raised himself above her, holding himself up at the knees and with his arms fully outstretched. There was no body contact whatsoever except for the swollen head of his cock at the entrance to Anne’s pussy.

She was panting now and looked up at him with glazed eyes. “Please…” she whispered.

Torrey said, “Sweet Anne, I want you. I have to have you. Please baby, I want you.”

He looked into her eyes and he slowly entered her, inch by throbbing inch, so slowly it was almost torturous. Their thoughts were focused on Torrey’s thick shaft entering Anne’s incredibly wet pussy. Torrey finally entered her completely, and Anne could feel his heat, deep inside her, filling her completely. Then Torrey slowly began to withdraw, again inch by inch, until he was completely outside of her, his cock head resting against her pussy lips. Without stopping he entered her again, slowly once more and then slowly withdrew.

Again and again, Torrey eased his hard cock into Anne’s wet pussy, slowly penetrating her with exquisite torture for both of them. Anne watched Torrey, his eyes closed, his face almost grimacing in complete ecstasy. She loved to see his pleasure and she thrilled to know that she was able to please him as he had pleasured her.

Finally, Torrey could not control himself any longer and his need and urgency took over. His hips began to move faster and faster until he was pistoning his cock in and out of Anne’s pussy. He was making long strokes still, completely withdrawing and re-entering her pussy with each thrust, the head of his pulsating cock spreading her wet folds. He began to move faster and faster until he could feel the thunderbolt begin deep in his thighs and behind his head all at once.

Anne could feel Torrey’s intensity increase and watched his face as he began to move so quickly. His mouth opened into an oval, as though he was screaming, but no sound came out. She reached up to take his hands and he held them over her head, clenching them in his passion. Torrey’s hips were a blur now, as he pounded his cock into Anne’s frame, his heavy balls slapping against her ass.

“OH MY GOD,” Torrey cried out, his cock almost bursting inside Anne. He could not believe how hard he was coming. He could feel his balls clench as they prepared to unload his seed deep inside her. “OH MY GOD!”

Anne could feel his cock beginning to spasm deep inside her. It felt like a hot snake writhing inside her body, and as she felt these tremors and watched Torrey’s expression of complete pleasure, she came again for a final time.

“Ohh’ she wailed, “Yes. Agaaaainnnn”.

“I have to see you”, she panted, and she slid her body quickly, taking Torrey’s cock out of her and holding it in her hand hands, jacking it back and forth as thought it were still in her pussy. With her other hand, she cupped his balls, squeezing gently. As heavy and as full as they were before, they now felt like two ripe lemons now, ready to burst.

As soon as Torrey felt Anne’s cool fingers surrounding his inflamed cock, he began coming. Her expert hands were coaxing his sperm from his balls, and he felt the explosions begin.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Kuzenim Benim için kendini feda etti:-)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Mavi Gözlü Meleğim

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 08

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 8 – A Test Case and a New Friend


Damn. I forgot that my security team had an unobstructed view of the beach right where Cindy, Elsa, and I had fucked away a large chunk of the afternoon before falling asleep in a sexual stupor in the warm afternoon. We were all asleep under some palms and naked when Lucas, my head bodyguard, woke me with a concern about some approaching boats. We responded by going up to the house, but any exhibitionist damage had been done long before. The girls were slightly concerned and partly amused by the turn of events. I made note of that.

Over cocktails I asked Elsa, “You commented about being an exhibitionist. Do I take that to mean you weren’t too badly upset about being watched flagrante delicto this afternoon by some of my security detail.”

Elsa laughed and teased, “They should have joined in. We’d worn you out. We always want more.”

Cindy smirked, “Oh, good idea.”

I laughed, “Oh, I could arrange that.” I was only half teasing, and I think the girls could tell. I had enough male friends that I thought I could tap at least some should the need arise with my two horny friends. I had second thoughts a second later; how do you ask somebody you don’t know that well to fuck your girlfriends.

Cindy and Elsa both balked, “We’re very happy with you … most of the time.” They both teased.

I replied back in the same spirit, “But the thought was there, and what do you mean most of the time?” I had been remiss in getting to the doctor for whatever he had that would improve my sexual stamina, performance, and orgasmic capabilities. Normally, I’d ask Sheila to get some information about that or to even get me prescriptions, but this was too personal.

Elsa just smiled like a Cheshire cat and then blew me a kiss. I loved when she did that because I knew there was always some sexual thought behind that look. In the short time I’d known her, I was learning to read her signals more and more – Cindy too. I had developed an ever-deepening soft spot in my heart for my two girlfriends. How had I become so lucky to be simultaneously dating two sexy babes who were sisters and who both seemed devoted to me and to our sexual romps. God, had I always been this horny and sexual but hadn’t realized?

If there weren’t two of them, I’d marry them both. I kept telling myself that I’d only known them for a few weeks, about two months maybe, but I was ready. I wanted both girls as lifetime mates.

I also had done some thinking about the issue of being non-exclusive in the sex department. Although they’d teased me about some of the possibilities, in a serious moment they both came to me and told me they would restrict themselves to our triad relationship if that were what I wanted.

I thought that I could adapt to the paradigm that Elsa and Cindy had suggested, but I wasn’t entirely sure. If I saw either of them with some other man I wondered if I’d get into such a jealous rage that I’d either get in a fight or else I’d tell them both to take a hike. I couldn’t imagine either situation and along with wild enthusiasm for outside sex, I thought of those as the extremes. The options in between seemed viable given that I didn’t know how I’d react.

I needed a test case, something safe that would allow me to examine my emotions and feelings and see just how far with all this non-exclusivity and sharing I was willing to go on a longer term basis. I couldn’t quite figure out how to create such a situation, but given my uncanny luck, I knew that something would materialize in the not too distant future. If anybody had asked me, I would have speculated that it would have involved Andy.

At the casino that evening we skipped the gambling and went for the entertainment and dancing. As I was dancing with Elsa, I asked, “Would you like to fuck some other man … or men?”

Elsa jerked away from me to see my expression. I was exuding horniness and arousal at the thought of watching her with another man. I was having the same reaction about Cindy too. Not only did thinking of group sex situations mentally stimulate me, I started to harden in my slacks as well.

Elsa slowly nodded and hugged me, “Only under one condition; that if we mess around with others that it doesn’t mess up our relationships. So far, we’ve only talked about sharing or sex with others. I don’t want doing it to hurt us. You are my primary focus now güvenilir bahis – and Cindy. I don’t want any jealousy or hurt to result from anything any of us do. I love you more each day, and I feel that from you as well. If you think we’d screw that up, forget the whole thing.”

I told her, “I think we’re mature and sensitive enough to watch out for that. I believe I am.” Even as I said that, I knew it was a little white lie. I wasn’t all that sure about myself. I thought Elsa and Cindy were more experienced in genuine relationships, so they might be surer of themselves and how they’d feel afterwards. Further, they’d fantasized together about such things.

Elsa emphasized, “You get to be with other women too. If any of us get guilty about this, we have to share it all around and not hide our feelings or concerns. I want to watch you with someone other than my sister. I even want to play with them.”

I laughed, “But, of course.” The thought of a third woman joining us for sex really turned me on. I instantly thought of Melanie … or Margo … or Sheila.

After another minute of close dancing, Elsa confessed, “I started to have sex at a pretty young age, and I haven’t let up since then. We haven’t talked about this, but I’ve had a lot of partners, and done most of what you can think about doing with another guy. When I started dating Malcolm, I figured it was time to behave myself, so I became exclusive and monogamous. I kind of brought that whole background to you, along with my sister.”

I chuckled and told her, “Malcolm was not exclusive with you. He was playing around on you with a bimbo from his office. Last I knew they were living together.”

I felt Elsa squeeze my body tighter. “That bastard. I should have guessed something was happening. So much for exclusivity and monogamy.”

I commented, “It does work for a most people, but maybe we’re different.”

“Some people,” Elsa retorted. A moment later she said, “I assume you found this out when you had your PI check me out.”

“Yes,” I whispered. “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you right off. I’ve had bad experiences.”

“What made them bad?”

“Let me tell you what makes you and Cindy a good experience, and one that I continue to savor. You have never asked for anything from me except when you wanted that apology about hiding who I really was. You didn’t expect to keep anything I’ve given you, and you certainly didn’t expect those gifts. I happen to be grateful that you accepted them with only the minor squawking you did. I know you are grateful.

“You haven’t asked to move in with me from your humble abodes, even despite my repeatedly having asked you – and I still wish you would. You don’t brag to your friends and associates about who you’ve ‘caught’ and are reeling in. You are not acting like a leech. You’re willing to go low budget, and have even suggested that we taper back on spending where you and Cindy are concerned.

“‘Bad’ is the opposite of those things – and more. It’s not a money thing, it’s a mindset thing. You love me, regardless of my money or job. I know that. Since I made my first hundred thousand, I’ve had women chasing after me. The more money I made the higher the stakes for them if they caught me. There was no love there – only greed.”

Elsa hugged me, “I’m so sorry. Cindy and I would never do that to you, and we do love you, even if you were broke we’d love you. We don’t think that way; we weren’t raised that way. Yes, we enjoy your pampering us once in a while – like this trip, but you’re right; we’d be just as happy hanging out in City Park or seeing a movie so long as it was with you. You’re who we want, not the money or other stuff.”

“I know that, and it’s what makes getting you onto the plane and bringing you someplace like this even better for me. You react in such a rewarding way.”

Elsa kissed my cheek. “Thank you, my darling man.”

Elsa and I glanced over, and saw Cindy being led to the dance floor by a handsome man in a tuxedo. She smiled happily at the man as they started to dance. We could both see them talking as they danced. I felt glad that someone had taken the initiative to ask her to dance. Switching back and forth to dance with the sisters was disconcerting because I always felt I was abandoning one of them for too long.

When the dance session was over, I led Elsa back to the table, arriving at the same time as Cindy and her mystery man. Cindy did introductions.

Elsa and Mark, this is Tom Power; he’s from Denver. Tom this is my sister Elsa and our friend Tom Worth. ” She shot me a side glance to be sure I heard her correctly.

I noted instantly that Cindy had used my truncated name. She was signaling us to not blow my cover and trying to avoid a scene where I was suddenly exposed in the casino as a visiting billionaire, business mogul, and casino owner. I shook hands with Tom and invited him to join us at our table. I saw him wave to two other men at another table, and then he sat with us.

He explained, “The three of us were down türkçe bahis here from different parts of the U.S. for a casual trip. The dark haired man at that other table is getting married next weekend. Fortunately, they won’t mind if I disappear on them for such beautiful company.” He gestured to Cindy and Elsa.

Tom was a genuinely nice man. He was a digital media entrepreneur, and seemed to have already made some good money in the field with his own company, including the sale of video games for smart phones. He said enough that I knew he was authentic and not a poser. He politely listened as Elsa and I explained our jobs; I simply said I worked for a large company doing special projects to support strategic investments that required me to travel a lot. He accepted that I was purposefully vague.

About fifteen minutes later, the jazz quartet started to play again. Tom asked me if he could dance with Elsa, and I just gestured to her. She nodded, held her hand up in consent, and off they went. Cindy and I followed to the dance floor.


We spent the next three hours in the lounge at Divi Carina Bay Casino, only we didn’t gamble. Tom remained with us the whole time. His friends came over about an hour after we’d met, and he introduced them. One was soon to be a bridegroom, and the trip for the three of them was an upscale bachelor party. Tom’s two friends bid us goodbye, explaining that they wanted to go back into the casino and gamble the rest of the night away. Tom told us he wasn’t much of a gambler, and neither were the three of us it turned out.

At one point, Mark and I were dancing; he taunted, “So, do you want to be with Tom?” He had a lascivious grin on his face.

I teased back, “If I say yes, then you’ll think me a slut. If I say no, I miss my chance to experience a handsome man with no further commitments. If I say yes, I worry that my boyfriend who I love with my deepest being will think less of me, and that’ll be the end of our relationship. You decide for me. I don’t want to damage what we’ve already built. I hope you know how I feel about you. Tom would just be an idle curiosity.”

Mark smiled, “I think we’ll invite Mr. Thomas Power back to the villa. He could provide you and Cindy some entertainment after the two of you have drained me … or maybe we’ll all just get very creative together. As for your worry about slutty behavior, I am savoring the experiences of your deviant deeds like luscious fruit, in this case the fact that you are willing to be open and sexual in your interactions with others.

“Someone told me that slut is spelled S. L. U. T. The S is for sexuality; the L for loving; the U for understanding, and the T for tolerance. Those are all highly desirable traits in the two girls I love – you and your sister. I think men are more naturally that way, but women shut that side of them down, and you don’t. I’m glad. We will be the same or stronger after whatever happens.” I hoped he really meant what he said. I nodded in agreement, hopeful about how everything would turn out.

Mark and I kissed. When I turned, I couldn’t help but notice that Tom and Cindy were also similarly engaged right next to us. Their kisses were as hot or hotter than ours.

I pulled away from Mark slightly, and tapped Cindy on the shoulder. I said, “Switch.” Cindy started to dance with Mark, and I snuggled into Tom. He looked surprised. I said, “I want you to kiss me like that too.”

Tom came onto me like a true gentleman and lover. He kissed up my neck and ran his tongue around my ear – both places that make me hornier than a lovesick teenager. When our lips met, I almost devoured Tom there in front of everyone.

I whispered to him, “I want you. Cindy wants you. I think you could get very lucky tonight.”

Tom just looked surprised and pleased with what I’d said. We kissed again. He whispered, “I am one very lucky man already just to have met you and Cindy. Anything further is a huge bonus.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere you hope to go, Mr. Power.” I kissed him especially hard and slid my tongue into his mouth in one searing French kiss.

Mark invited Tom back to our villa ‘for conversation and a nightcap’ – an obvious euphemism for a small orgy involving the four of us. I wondered why he had to do that instead of saying, ‘Hey, the girls both want to fuck you and I want to fuck them too and see what it’s like to watch my two favorite girls get laid. Why don’t you come back to the house and we’ll turn them every which way but loose.’

Mark suggested that Tom ride in the limo with us, and said that one of the ‘help’ at the house – a.k.a. security guards – would drive him back to his hotel later that night. Tom didn’t react to our having a limousine, or that we had hired help to chauffeur him home later.

Twenty minutes later we walked into the villa. If Tom was uncomfortable in the posh surroundings he didn’t show it; to the contrary he seemed to blend right in. The men doffed their tux jackets and ties, and rolled up their sleeves adopting güvenilir bahis siteleri a much more casual look. They were two handsome specimens of manhood; either could have walked out of a GQ magazine photo shoot.

We shared some wine and a bit of conversation as we walked around the villa, settling on comfortable chairs on a patio that ran behind the house and overlooked the Caribbean Sea were it not so dark. The lights from a few boats dotted the horizon in the darkness.

Mark eventually suggested to Cindy and me, “Why don’t the two of you get more comfortable. Lose those dresses, and put on a little show for Tom and me.”

While his tone had been hopeful and instructional, and we were more than willing to comply, his look at each of us obviously posed the statement as more of a question, as in ‘Are you willing to strip and put on a sapphic sex show to get us fired up?’ The look on Mark’s face indicated to me that he knew he might be pushing our boundaries really hard to ask for that. Cindy and I had never done anything like this, but we were daring and exhibitionists at heart.

I stood and went and kissed Mark. I whispered, “I love you.” Cindy repeated my action. Both of us then kissed Tom.

I then did a slow dance with Cindy to a long sexy song on the stereo. We took turns unzipping each other’s dresses, and then helping each other to shrug them off our shoulders, and finally and simultaneously dropping them to the floor.

Cindy and I had gone commando. We wore no bra or underwear. When the dresses disappeared, that was all there was except for our luscious high heels that made our legs look like a billion dollars. We were beautifully naked in the warm moist on-shore breeze. I sucked on Cindy’s breasts, and she returned the favor. Our hands were everywhere sexual on the other sister. We each made a major event of fingering each other’s pussy, but it was slightly awkward doing it standing up. We kissed a lot too.

At one point I pushed two of my fingers into my very wet pussy and presented them to Mark. He sucked on them, enjoying the flavor of my cunt. I repeated the stunt with Tom, much to his delight. As he sucked on my fingers, his own slipped up inside me and started to massage my G-spot. I heard a loud moan and realized I’d made the erotic sound of pleasure.

I clutched onto his body as he moved his fingers going in and out of me at a blistering rate of speed until he made me cum. There immediately followed a subsequent flurry of activity as the two men shed their clothes, ably aided by Cindy and me.

Tom had a unique cunnilingus style that I enjoyed. He coupled his mouth and tongue action with fingers, and had me cumming again in record time. Cindy then replaced me and I went to Mark.

Mark ate me as well, and then paraded me around the patio to a large chaise where he started to fuck me. Tom had Cindy straddling his lap in the chair he’d been sitting in. I could see his long cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she rode him cowgirl style. Since Cindy was moaning, I assumed that she was deriving some suitable satisfaction from that activity.

Mark brought me to a couple of orgasms, and then whispered to me, “Go and fuck Tom. I want to watch.” He gave me a grin that left no doubt that he would enjoy the show I was about to give him.

I said in a taunting voice, “Did you watch his cock going in and out of Cindy, driving her closer and closer to a massive orgasm?”

Mark whispered, “I sure did. It was the hottest and most pornographic thing I’ve ever seen. Now I want to see it happen to you. Go enjoy.”

I squirmed away from beneath Mark, and went back to where Cindy was being pummeled by Tom in the doggie position. I tapped Cindy on the shoulder again and politely asked, “May I cut in?” Even Tom laughed at the faux intrusion as though we were at a cotillion dance.

Tom slowly extracted his slick cock from my sister’s pussy. I took hold of his shaft and proceeded to clean my sisters lubricating juices from him. There was a little precum too, and a delightful taste. I led him to another chaise as Cindy moved to be with Mark. I laid back, spread my legs, and Tom slowly slid his cock into me. I squirmed and writhed in our exploits, each move producing little lightning bolts of pleasure that swept through me.

I’d purposefully adopted a slight angle on the chaise so that Mark could see every detail of Tom’s penetration of my body … and it was such a delightful penetration. Tom was no slouch in the cock department, and he further knew what to do with it.

Tom brought me to two more orgasms, and then shot a huge load of cum inside me. I’d heard Mark cum in Cindy a few minutes earlier.

As our afterglow passed, I caught Cindy’s eye and winked. She had as dirty a mind as I did. She stood and made an elaborate point to sway her hips in as sexy a way as possible as she came over to me.

Cindy pushed me onto my back and then mounted me so that her pussy was right over my mouth. Immediately and quite visible to the two men, a large dollop of white viscous fluid dripped directly from her vagina into my wide-open mouth. I made noisy sounds of slurping and appreciation to her as I gobbled up some of Mark’s cum. I thought I heard Tom moan at the scene we’d created.

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