A Warrior Kneels

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The horse lifted his head and snorted with a warning to his Mistress who knelt at the edge of the stream drinking her fill. Green eyes narrowed as she grew still, a hand drifted to the sword at her side as she listened to the surrounding forest. The large warhorse shifted closer to her in a protective stance and her small form rose to her feet with a slow, lithe grace.

Her gloved hand remained upon the hilt of her sword and with one gesture of her other hand the black warhorse melted into the trees at the edge of the creek side.

She stepped into the underbrush on the opposite side of where the horse went and she grew still and waited as the one who approached sounded like a whole army. She knew it was one person, mounted and not being wary or quiet and that puzzled her as the lands were in a grave state of unrest at this time.

Green eyes watched the brown horse come into the clearing and the man atop the horse slid off with a jingle of spurs and mail. She could see the light sword strapped to his back and his long dark hair was bound into a pony tail. He knelt at the waters edge and drank from his cupped hands but she knew he knew she was present and she tensed, ready to fight.

The man rose with a warriors grace and his hands went to his hips as he spoke directly to the bush she was hidden in.

“Come out of there now, or I’ll have to go in and get you out.” His voice was hard and filled with annoyance.

She began to move out of the bush but an explosion from the trees at the other side of the clearing brought the warrior to spin about, sword being drawn swiftly.

Her warhorse slammed him to the ground with a massive shoulder then his teeth nipped and herded the other horse to the far side of the clearing where he stomped and snorted with anger.

Her hand grabbed the other sword then drew her own and with a swift movement she came from the bush to press the point of her blade to the mans throat as he laid on the moss covered ground.

His blue eyes widened as he saw this woman, dressed from head to toe in leather and the movement of her small form brought spurs to jingling.

“Yield and state your business.”

Her voice was laced with steel and the point of her blade remained steady at his throat. He could see this woman was not to be trifled with for even with her small size she was a seasoned warrior.

“Milady, I was just stopping for a drink. I am with Lord Barris as he is traveling to the capitol to see the King.”

She listened to the man as he lay under the point of her sword then snorted and stepped back. With a swift movement her sword is sheathed at her side but she still holds his within her grasp as easily as he would.

“Get up then and be off.”

Her voice brooked no argument.

He rose slowly but his blue gaze had to admire the beauty before him. Lean and strong she was but he knew that fiery red hair so tightly plaited down her back would be glorious under the sun if let to hang loosely down her back. Her eyes were like green spring grass and he felt himself staring at her longer than was proper as he dusted himself off.

An angry snort from behind him brought him to a standstill as he knew it was that devil of a warhorse there and he knew that animal would bite his head off if he made even the smallest gesture towards his mistress.

She kurtköy escort noted his attentions upon her and an uncharacteristic flush appeared on her cheeks. Tio was behind him now and he pawed at the ground getting the attention of the man so she was able to examine him further. He was tall and well built as any warrior would be but his eyes were so very blue, like sapphires. His dark hair was bound and hung down his back; she wanted to run her fingers through it. Shocked at her thoughts she called to the horse.

“Tio, stand down.”

The warhorse stepped back and snapped his teeth one last time at the man then went back to harass the other brown gelding.

He watched the devil horse go back to torment his horse and he spun to face her.

“Get that beast off my horse. He is no warhorse and is terrified.”

He barked to her obviously displeased with the state of things.

A smirk appeared on her ruby lips and he had an itch to wipe it off her face but not with a slap but a kiss.

“Why aren’t you on a warhorse? Or can’t you handle one?”

Her voice was teasing and slightly derisive.

His blue eyes blazed with a growing anger as he glanced to her.

“I ride Ulther out of preference and he may not be a warhorse but he is my friend so call off the beast.” He growled at her.

A snort escaped her and then she called to the warhorse.

“Tio, stop, leave the poor horse alone.”

Black ears swiveled back and forth a moment and he seemed to almost want to disobey her but then with one last nip to the flank of the brown horse he wandered off to drink from the stream.

He could see she was enjoying this a bit too much and it irritated him to no end. He wanted to take her over his knee and paddle her but for some unknown reason he wanted to see how strong she really was.

Her gaze shifted back to him and she grinned at his discomfort. Her strides take her to stand before him; her spurs grow silent as she looked up at him with that grin.

“You are angry. Tell me your name angry one.”

Her grin was wide, her green eyes sparkled and he swallowed as unusual desires came over him at that moment. He wanted to grab her into his arms and kiss her but he felt he needed her permission. For some reason he needed her approval of what he did. His frustration grew and his anger boiled.

“You haven’t a need to know who I am.”

He snapped at her and crossed his arms over his chest to show his defiance.

One delicate brow rose at his refusal to tell her his name and with a move faster than he had ever seen he was on his arse once again. Her knee was in the center of his chest and a dagger laid to his throat as her green gaze blazed at him.

“There is a reason why you will not tell me your name? Or are you a spy?”

Her face was inches from his and he thought about how fast he could roll her off him before her wicked blade sliced too much into his flesh. Then on impulse he braved the bite of the blade to press his lips to hers in a kiss.

Her whole body went stiff as his lips pressed to hers and the blade in her hand did not move. Without thinking she leaned back into that kiss and savored the taste of his lips against hers.

He felt a thrill rush through his body at the acceptance of the kiss then he tuzla escort pulled his lips a scant inch from hers to whisper.

“Remove the blade milady and I shall tell you my name. But I will also ask for yours.”

The blade was removed and their eyes met seeking a reason for this attraction between one another. His voice still soft floated to her ears.

“My name is Lord Alexander Barris milady and I am at your service.” He flashed a bright smile at her.

Her smile reappeared as she remained atop him but lessened the pressure of her knee on his chest.

“I am Captain Silk of the Arris Guard to the King.”

She shifted her knee so that her legs now straddled him but he did not dare move. Being of the elite guard to the King he knew she could slit his throat with nary a move as she is well armed and trained. His mind began to wander as her small form was now pressed a bit more intimately against him. He noted the gleam within her green eyes and decided to take a chance with that gleam. His hands lifted to settle atop her leatherclad thighs and then he slowly caressed her strong muscles he could feel shifting underneath the fabric.

Her eyes narrowed at the movement of his hands but then the sensations that were created sent her desire raging. Her mind focused on one thing and that was to take this man here and now.

Faced lowered to his she whispered against his lips.

“I want you to undress for me, I want to see every inch of you.”

To his ears those whispered words were a seductive purr from a siren and he had no will, he must obey. As she stood up he rose as well undoing his mail but their eyes remain locked upon one another. The mail settled to a nearby rock with a clink of metal then his shirt followed.

Green eyes fixed upon him as each piece of clothing was slipped off his body and she could see he indeed was a warrior. Faint white scars ran over his shoulder to a larger puckered scar at the shoulder where she knew he had been stabbed. That gaze continued over his chest then down to his manhood which was hard and jutting out from a nest of dark curls.

He stood before her naked and felt like his soul had been taken possession of. He did not want to move unless she wished it, he did not want to utter a sound so the spell of the moment would not disappear. Blue eyes widened as he noted her removal of clothes and the desire that simmered within him now became an inferno. But still he did not move even when she stretched her arms above her head and he watched those glorious muscles contract. Even when she unbound her hair and the sunlight made it look as if a halo of fire had surrounded her. He was mesmerized, lost to this warrioress and needed to be within her power.

Her hands settled to his chest and she smiled as he flinched as if touched with a searing heat. Another of those sultry whispers to him as her ruby lips hovered near his neck.

“I am going to have a lot of fun with you milord.”

Then her lips pressed to his skin and he moved then, oh yes. His arms wrapped about her and yanked her small form against his so he could feel her silken skin.

Her tongue tortured his neck, then his ear and the shivers would not stop rushing through him. The commanding whisper floated into his mind through a haze of passion.

“Kneel tuzla escort my sweet, kneel.”

He did as was bidded knowing within him that it was right. his face was level with her heat and his heart pounded as he ached to taste her sweetness.

Hands tangled into his hair then he was being pushed towards her heat and as his lips came into contact with those sweet petals he moaned softly.

His hands reached around to cup her rear as his tongue snaked into her already wet womanhood. The sensation made her eyes close and a hiss of pleasure escape her. His tongue swirled about her clit and she squirmed under the assault. She could feel his need growing and she adored the way he was losing control of his passion. He gripped her harder to him, his tongue delved deeper within her heat tasting the sweet juices that flowed freely over his tongue.

His manhood ached with such need that he felt he would perish if she would not relieve him or he was allowed to relive him self.

Suddenly she was out of his grasp and he looked up at her with a pleading gaze. Her fingers dipped into her own heat and he watched fascinated as she pleasured herself. His hand reached for his own throbbing manhood but a shake of her head stopped him and another moan of frustration was heard from him. It never occurred to him that he could just take this woman, do to her as he pleased. Somehow this woman had captured his soul and the only thing he wanted was to be owned by her and please her beyond anything she had ever known. Her words hit him like a blow from a fist and a heat washed over him.

“Lay on your back my sweet lord.” She had uttered and when she positioned herself over his manhood he whimpered.

Her small hand wrapped about his length, feeling the velvety skin of him and the throbbing need that was about to explode. A lick of her lips as her eyes remained fixed to him she placed the head of his manhood right at the wet entrance to her cleft. A shift of his body under her and she smiled a sultry smile then sat fully back on his length.

A loud gasp escaped him as her tight wet heat surrounded him suddenly. The sensation almost set him off immediately but he knew she would be displeased if he was spent so soon so he gritted his teeth and moved with her.

She lifted his hands to her breasts and sighed with pleasure as his fingers began to pinch her nipples. She rode him hard and her nails dug into his shoulders as the passion rose to a fever pitch within her.

“Nice and hard my sweet one, hard.”

Her voice was steel sheathed in velvet and he obliged her command and thrust hard into her.

Soon the pleasure was at its peak for the both of them, his length buried within her deeply and her velvet sheath clamped about his shaft. Growling to him she rode harder.

“Fill me with your release now my sweet one, now.”

Her head was tossed back and she cried out with the explosion of pleasure that washed over her.

He felt her heat tighten about him and that set him off to his release. His seed spilled into her with such force and the waves of pleasure made him moan and whimper with wildness.

They clung to one another as the tremors subsided and the sun beat down on their sweat slicked bodies.

She lay upon him then a soft chuckle escaped her.

“I am pleased my sweet, very pleased. You are better than I would have imagined.”

Her voice sent shivers through him and he actually beamed at her praise. He kept his arms about her tightly and just enjoyed her weight upon him and wondered what was to come next within the grasp of this warrioress.

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