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Lust’s Willing Slave

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This story came about quite unexpectedly. It involves a good friend of mine, William. We have known each other since high school and he was one of the few I have kept in touch with over the years. By coincidence, we have both been living in Knoxville together for years. It has not been uncommon for us to hang out, have movies nights, or a night out on the town. I hooked him up with one of my girlfriends, Sarah, and the two of them seemed to hit it off well. So well, in fact that they dated for about two years.

The end of the relationship came when Sarah got a job in the Nashville area as a teacher. They tried the long distance thing but ultimately it didn’t work out. There is a reason for that.

Sarah, as one of my friends, is a bit of a horn dog. She loves sex. I mean who doesn’t. She also really cared for William. A lot. When she first moved to Nashville, they had planned a beautiful trip to the Caribbean, to give them time together and away from the stresses of the every day. A wonderful idea, right?

Well, as the months passed, Sarah began to get those “urges”. Torn between her love of the cock and her love for William, she gave in to the love of the cock. I can’t blame her. Their relationship changed when she moved. Nothing really major, just subtle things. I guess you can say personalities didn’t sync up anymore.

Anyway, William wasn’t too distraught. They stayed friends. Sarah’s honesty was definitely the reason for that. Sarah went on to become the harlot of Nashville (wink, wink, just kidding). William instead didn’t date. At all. We still hung out and did the things we always did. It was like Angelica Rose and her plus one.

When the time came for the trip to the Carribean, he asked me to go with him. Because he couldn’t get his money back, he never canceled the it. He had hopes that maybe he could find someone. When he didn’t, he asked me. After slugging him in the shoulder for considering one of his closest friends either a consolidation prize or a reluctant travel buddy, I said sure. Actually I believe my exact words were “Sure, why not?”

Que up the Sofia Petrillo story, “Picture it….”. We had a good time driving to Key West, joking and singing horribly to even worse music. The cruise was awesome. He had never been on a ship like that before and it cool seeing it through his eyes. Kind of like your child the first time they go to Disney World and see their favorite character. It was like that.

We checked in with hopes that we could get separate rooms as opposed to the suite he had reserved for he and Sarah. Long story short, we were roomies. Not bad considering we had stayed the night at each other’s houses since we were kids. It was like a cooler, more expensive night at his house. Or my house. You decide.

William and I had a blast the first day we were there. We went diving, walked the beaches, looked at hot men and women —complete with the point system too! That night, we decided to try one of the local spots that was suggested to us by the (really cute) guy behind the reception desk.

When we were seated, we became increasingly aware that it had a very “free spirit” vibe. We ordered our dinner, drank, and listened to the wonderful entertainment. We weren’t aware of it at the time, but apparently at ten p.m. the cabana becomes a dance club.

As neither of us have done the club thing in quite few years, it was a nice change of pace. They started off with some “Holiday” and ventured into Kylie Minogue about an hour later when we finally stepped off the floor. We were more than just a little close on the dance floor. We bumped, grinded, and practically had sex while we let go of our inhibitions there.

Ordering a few rounds of drinks, somehow the conversation turned towards how much fun dancing was. I teased him about being an incredible dancer. You know what they say about a man who can dance, supposedly was the kind of stuff we teased each other about.

He mentioned that it was the closest he’d come to sex since he and Sarah split up.

Which was almost a year prior to the trip. What the fuck, right?

I told him that he needed to get back on the wagon and not waste his talents. To which he responded to “what talents”? I told him that it was his dancing and sexual aptitude as a result of it. He knew I was lying. Or at the very least holding something back.

Now keep in mind, we’d known each other for the better part of thirty years. He was six years younger than me. Most of the girls he dated… “talked”. Sarah thanked me for introducing them because of his “condition”. A “condition” that William had thought I was referring to now as evidenced by his increasingly red face.

I’ll spell it out. The “condition” I speak of is William’s supposedly enormous cock. It is the stuff of legend according to every woman he’s dated. I figured they told me because it wasn’t big at first or that he sucked in bed. You know, make up stories to share in high school type-of-thing. At first, yeah I could believe it. The almanbahis şikayet reality of it was when Sarah told me and I didn’t believe her. It wasn’t until she provided me photographic evidence that I believed her.

As uncomfortable as it was for William, the “truth” came out. I joked and laughed at his expense while noting that several people who’d walked past us looked. Mostly woman, but a couple of guys smiled and admired him too.

To make it worse, I told him about the picture I saw.

His face was about as red as a beet. I could see the beads of sweat coming down his forehead now. I reveled in his discomfort. Until he turned it around on me.

With my knowledge of his “condition”, he wondered why I never tried to fuck him. My response was because he was my buddy, my William. I couldn’t sleep with William. I admitted a slight attraction to him in high school but once I got engaged, he became something like a brother to me. I reminded him that he stayed the night with me during the lonely nights when my ex-husband was away on trips and consoled me when I discovered his affairs. I also confided in him many of my sexual exploits, starting with John, when I got divorced. He did the same with me. There wasn’t much off limits to us.

This teasing dynamic between us has always existed and we’ve never truly thought much of it. He challenged me, playfully, at first to take him on and try it in response to my razzing of him. I did the “eeehhh” and “gross” thing that little kids do. Honestly I don’t think I had ever thought of William in a sexual way. Completely odd considering my sexuality, right?

Well, the thought was put into my head that night and the more we teased and played with the idea, the more receptive I was to it. Even when we went back to the dance floor, the teasing continued. Except that this time, the teasing was more like a full-blown attempt at getting into each other’s pants. The lines between playtime and business, as it were, had become increasingly blurred.

I think I became aware of William as a man the moment I slid down his body and saw his erection bulging through his slacks. When I rubbed myself against him as I rose back up him, I felt it press into my belly.

He smiled at me wickedly, telling me not to play with fire because I might get burned.

We continued to dance through three or so songs, but it wasn’t until they turned down the lights even more and they changed the tempo from dance/hip-hop/techno to dance/dance (if you catch my drift) that we even cared. Well, “Angel” by Aerosmith was the first slow song they played.

Instead of leaving the floor, we looked at each other for a long moment. He extended his hand and I took it. Pulling me to him, we began to slowly tiptoe into familiar but now awkward territory. I remember resting my head into his shoulder and chest for a great majority of the song. William was always a great dancer. Comes from years of taking dance lessons, I suppose. Seriously.

Maybe midway through the song, I looked up at him to see him looking down at me. Our eyes caught. We smiled, warmly, before reality reminded us of who the other was.

As our heads dipped closer to one another, I had not realized that “Angel” was over. Continuing to dance through “Careless Whisper”, something odd happened at the end of the song.

We kissed.

It was innocent. Brief. Yet it left us in the far end of the cabana, searching for meaning while everyone else around us was dancing.

I mean, we kissed before. Tons of times. With kisses just as innocent as this one. This one, however, THIS ONE carried something else with it. A silent admission.

Realizing we were the only two not dancing, we left the floor together and returned to our seats. Seats on the far corner from where we stopped dancing.

No sooner had we sat down, the dance/hip-hop/techno music started up again. We looked at each other in silence for a moment. It wasn’t a awkward silence, it was one of those “what the fuck happened” moments.

Within five minutes, we were laughing and playing like the kiss never happened. Or that it did, just that the meaning behind it didn’t matter.

I couldn’t help myself.

I was hot.


Dancing with an attractive man who had a horse cock.

What woman’s libido isn’t going to be shook up after that?

Add copious amounts of alcohol, even if most of it had been danced off over the course of hours, and it is a dangerous mix.

Whether on purpose of mistake, I was now a slave to my own lust.

“William, I want to kiss you.”

He seemed puzzled, as if he did not understand the request.

“Seriously,” I drew in my bottom lip, “I want to kiss you.”

“Ok.” he joked, the realization of what I wanted to do was slowly beginning to kick in.

“I mean like you’re a guy.” I winced as I said it. I couldn’t believe I just said it.

William chuckled, quite confidently, “I can assure you that I am a guy.” He looked at me almanbahis canlı casino with curiosity before his mood changed. It became…. intense. His brown eyes seemed to narrow and focus.

On me.

I felt warm. As if something dirty had just happened.

I reached across the table and placed a hand between his legs, a vain attempt to touch his cock, “I know you’re a guy”, I felt my breath catch in my throat, “I am very aware that you are a man.”

“You don’t say?” he teased, widening his legs to allow me access to what I sought, the fucker was teasing me!

“I do.” I nodded. I felt the warmth of his crotch, the sudden stretching of fabric as I struggled to reach just one…more…inch….

He chuckled, quite amused at himself. Or the situation we were staring directly into now, I wasn’t sure. “I have to say,” he paused, the dramatic type, “I am well aware that you are a woman, Angelica.”

“Am I now?” I pursed my lips, the response coming from my lips like a whistle.

“Not just now,” He intently narrowed his eyes at me, “I’ve always been aware.”

Oh God, I remember thinking: I want to fuck him in the worse possible way. It had been a while since I had sex, four months, which for me is a lifetime. I needed that familiar release now in the worst and most incredulous way. The urge was too much to contain anymore. All that dancing, grinding, bumping, intimacy, and teasing was too much to resist. Especially with an available cock right in front of me…

“How about that kiss?” He was continuing to egg me on, “Show me that you are a woman.”

He watched me push my chair back, rise to my feet, walk around the table, and looked surprised when I leaned over to kiss him. Abruptly, he shoved his chair back and pulled me down onto his lap. My spine tingled as I felt his strong hands splayed across my back and traced the outline of it down to my hips.

“I want you, William.” I admitted, kissing his neck, “I want to have sex with you.”

A blatant admission. I have to admit, I hadn’t thought about the repercussions of a sexual interlude between us. Could we keep it simple? Sure we could, I assured myself.

Fuck it, I thought. I need this. I need to sate my desire.

“We should do this my way,” he said wryly against my lips, “because I have lots of ideas for what we can do with each other.”

“You may speak the truth.” I spoke partially above a whisper before kissing his lips again.

I leaned in close to William and bit the fleshy and warm bottom of his ear before whispering against his neck, “However, I think you will find that doing this my way is going to be way more fun my way.”

To emphasize my point I shifted my bottom against his erection, innocently at first, before I noticed my “wiggle” had much more of an impact than I had anticipated which was quite advantageous for me. I could feel the pulse of his erection through his clothing and I murmured my delight to him as he sucked in a deep breath and held it for a moment before releasing it slow and measured, a vain attempt at maintaining some decorum of control.

With an enchantingly, wicked smile, I moved against him once more in a very slow and leisurely seesaw manner. This time, the effect was two-fold and served to spike my senses as well as his with Flash-like speed. I could not help but laugh to myself at the delirium I imagined us to be entwined in soon. The thought of his cock deep inside me made my clit throb.

William took possession of my hips, fingers splayed and exerted pressure downward, holding me firm against his straining cock. His dark, brown eyes closed for a long second before reopening consumed with fire and determination. I can’t exactly explain what that “look” is on a lover’s face but it is one of “the looks” that make me ready to fuck my lover until the last ounce of energy is gone from their body.

I had to kiss him at that moment. My will became exerted over his in the next. There was a certain urgency within my body that was itching to come out. That impatience, for lack of a better word, gave a power to the kiss that might have otherwise been lacking. I wanted to ransack and ravage this man; I didn’t want a taste and I certainly did not to sample his “goods”. I wanted a full-on gluttonous preview of what was to come this evening.

He tried to pull away. William tried to take control but I was not having it this night. I gripped his face, “No. If you do not play by my rules, then you shall not have me.”

In reality, he could have easily broken free from me. He was a lot larger than me. Stronger, too. Both facts were clearly known, hell, Stevie Wonder probably could have guessed this man could have turned the tables on me quite easily. Instead, William conceded to my order.

He was mine.

William did curl one hand around the back of my neck and ensured that our bodies did not part. His kisses were less forceful, his tongue exploring me in a grazing rhythm in tune with the pace and lead almanbahis casino I had established. His free hand came to drift slowly down my back, sliding upward for a moment, as his fingertip came to rest on the plump outer curve of my cloth-covered breast.

The feel of his fingertips sinking gently against the fabric of my maxi dress ignited a deeper fire within my belly. My breathing changed instantly at that moment. I was very much aware of how vulnerable I was presently and the control I possessed, however imaginary, made my stomach ache for more of his touch.

Perhaps it was gratification but he chose to inhale my increasingly erratic breaths and drew me closer. A solitary moment later found my body arching upward to him, allowing premier access to the body part that he was massaging. He kissed the taut tip of my nipple through the maxi dress before waving his hand over it. Slowly his index finger pressed against my nipple. My instinctive response, of course, was to give more of myself to him by pressing into his hand.

I felt the flex of his hips as he thrusted upward, ramming his cock against my bottom. I giggled softly and my head flew back in response to the sensations I felt. His hands clamped hard onto my hips and exerted a rough downward motion. His cock literally pressed against the lips of my pussy. I found myself needing more than this feeble foreplay. He must have felt the same way because we both groaned at the pleasure building up within us.

I was no longer in a mood to wait. The urge to take him was quickly becoming a necessity.

“I’m done.” I murmured against the side of his head, pushing him away as I spoke the words.

I could almost hear the skipping of his heartbeat as he saw me pull away. The next moment his eyes widened as I reached for the zipper on his slacks. “I am done kissing.” I bluntly stated.

The zipper was down and I stood up.

Reaching for my nearby purse, I reached inside and fiddled for a moment before withdrawing a foil wrapped object. I held it up and with my teeth ripped it open and placed it upon his considerably more than generous cock.

A momentary thought about kicking off my sandals was pushed away. William had given thought about rising to his feet and fucking me against the wall. I saw it in his eyes. I sensed it in his movements. I wasn’t having it.

Placing my hands on either shoulders, I leaned against him and kissed his lips. It was soft and tender, with lips parting before our tongues danced against one another. I couldn’t wait much longer, my entire body was on edge. I was eager for his sex to be inside of me. I had to stifle my excitement as I straddled him, already imagining that magnificent cock deep inside of me. His hands lifted up to my sides and led me in, helping to raise the hem for our ascent to ecstasy.

William adjusted my position only slightly in order to bring the crest of his cock against the wet, throbbing lips of my pussy. With determination, he gripped my hips while our teeth gritted in pleasure as my flesh parted for him.

The world around us was muted and solitary in the next few moments. The silence, in reality nonexistent, was mentally manufactured by me as I began to take the full sensual force of what William was giving to me. That impact—with slick, electrifying friction as our bodies merged— caused me to yield to the desirable, the wanted, the needed, and the incredible sexualized invasion I was enduring. I felt a combination of pain and frantic pleasure wash over me as I came to rest completely on his cock. I felt it’s head pressing against the walls of my stomach.

I could hardly breath as I adapted to the careful yet raw burrowing of William’s massive cock inside of me. He took advantage of my momentary loss of perceived control and slipped his hands under my bottom. He took deliberate care to slide me back up his cock with a leisured and controlled ascent; no doubt to prolong the writhing sensations of having his eleven inches of sinful delight inside of me.

It worked.

I felt every soul-shattering degree of friction he provoked within me. I couldn’t help myself but to cry out in joyous delight as he completed one single thrust. It may have been too much for Samantha from Sex and the City, but a cock this size was more than pleasurable, it was downright fucking incredible.

My hips trembled in response to the second thrust of downward motion. My fingertips clutched at his shoulders as I felt him brush against my clit as my flesh gave way to him. I panted bit my lip, cursing at him in thought only, as I feverishly demanded more of his offering to me.

He must have sensed my distress because he obliged. We began to pick up speed and tempo, but each thrust was full and complete. I could sense his own impending climatic rush, but it was irrelevant to me. Despite his own condition, he lifted me up again so that we could both feel the lust-filled rapture that had made us victims of our own desire.

God, it was glorious. Every inch of my body hummed. I was awake and hungry. At the next depth of my descent, I arched away from him. Arms flailed behind me and my head fell back. Blood rushed to my head, providing me a vertigo-like rush of warmth, as my nerve endings elsewhere began to tense.

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From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Semester 03

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3D Porn

After that night at the Candy’s party, Jay and Kate spent the day together, mostly in bed and alone. Jack and Lisa were out for the afternoon, Karl would be returning later in the evening, so they could make love without an audience for a change. Kate remarked on this novelty, and that started a conversation on all they had done in the last year.

“Just think,” Kate reminded him, “it all started with us girls letting everyone see our underwear. And if you hadn’t let Cindy and me take yours all the way off, well, who knows what we might never have done.”

“No nude beach,” Jay said. “I’d have missed that a lot.”

“Being nude isn’t the only thing we’ve done with others.”

“You have second thoughts about any of it?”

“No, but a year ago, if you told me that I’d enjoy having two boys inside me at the same time, and that you wouldn’t be one of the two, I’d have laughed if I didn’t slap you.”

“And now?”

“Now, if you suggested it, I’d be almost looking forward to it.” Jay laughed at her eagerness, and Kate added, “Not that I don’t love this kind of time with you. In fact, you’re the one I have the easiest and best orgasms with, and I’d like that to stay the same forever.”

Jay agreed, “Me too,” and they resumed their play. Only later when she was getting ready to leave did Jay ask, “Is there anything we haven’t done that you want to try?”

“What would that be?” she wondered.

“I don’t know, but it just occurred to me to ask.”

A short time later, as if to confirm that she was still the sexually daring girl she’d been over the last year, she didn’t react when Karl’s key was heard in the door. That is, she calmly remained nude in front of the bathroom mirror, drying and combing her hair when Karl walked in. She even gave him a quick hug in greeting when he came to the bathroom door, and he could continue to enjoy looking at her as she was gathering her things to go.

After Kate was gone and Jay was back from the bus depot, where he saw her off, Karl got the summary of the weekend’s events. Cindy and Steve could give the same report to Amy and then to Ted, so all the friends had heard the whole story before long. Or at least, they had heard all the story except for the last bit

of Jay’s play in the shower with Candy. He had told Kate, but no one else, and Cindy was keeping it to herself too.

As for Kate, she liked the idea of Jay being played with, but she admitted to him that she had not that much interest in putting her fingers inside him or any other boy. At the time, she laughed, “Maybe a bat inside Sean. I’d do that, but not my own fingers.”

Because Kate had not raised any kind of new play she thought they should try, Jay was not thinking of anything new either. Cindy, on the other hand, was thinking a lot and keeping it to herself. “You have a hole to play with too” stuck in her mind, and she decided to explore the idea more. If Jay wasn’t considering something new to try, Cindy’s exploration was about to give him something new to experience.

Cindy would have involved Steve first, if things had worked out according to her plans. Steve’s new job and the time he had to work didn’t necessarily upset those plans. Later, she could look back and know that her teacher’s careful instructions had unconsciously upset those plans.

Cindy was in the office of her Sexuality Studies teacher from before, Mrs. Brookner. “I have a question for you,” she shyly started.

Mrs. Brookner immediately replied, “You can look up at me. No question is so bad that you have to look at the floor when asking.”

Cindy then met her look and said, “One time in class last autumn term, you were talking about so-called perversions.” Before Mrs. Brookner could interrupt, Cindy went on, “You said that, for the most part, there are no perversions when adults are simply giving pleasure to each other.”

Mrs. Brookner was pleased and said, “That’s right.”

“At the time, you also mentioned how some couples can kind of trade places.” Cindy stopped to see if Mrs. Brookner recalled the class session.

“Yes, what is it you want to ask about that?”

“I maybe should have taken better notes, but I think you and the textbook referred to a thing for doing that. I wanted to know more about that thing.”

“Ah, you’re wondering about a strap-on, is that right?” Cindy hesitated again, hardly able to imagine she was talking about such a thing with a teacher. Mrs. Brookner did not hold her reticence against her. “You seem embarrassed to be asking, but I think you’re showing your open-minded attitude, the healthiest attitude you can have when it comes to questions of sexuality. So you want to know about a strap-on. So what? You look like a young woman who knows her own pleasures and knows how to pursue them responsibly. In fact, coming to me with this question is only another sign of that responsible thinking. So, please, tell me how I can be of help.”

“I remember that you said some people almanbahis get frustrated because they can’t get things they want privately. You said that, if sex toys were available in a way that people didn’t feel they were losing privacy, then more people would enjoy more pleasures.”

“And you want to know how to get such a toy without having to go to a seedy sex shop with a leering clerk. I can help. I know the mail order place, and I have many such items delivered to my home often. And not all for me, not at all. You’re not the only one who comes to me with these sorts of questions. Being a college professor, I have the luxury of being thought of as a researcher, so the questions are natural, and as for the packages, even if someone knows about the deliveries, I don’t get the same gossipy treatment others might get.”

“So I can get one from you?”

“Get what? If you’re going to play with a toy, you should be able to call it by its name.”

Cindy sat up straight and asked again, “Can I get a strap-on from you?”

“Yes, I would be happy to help you.” She handed Cindy a slip of paper with an address on it, and she said, “I know I can get the delivery by this time next week, so why don’t you come to my house that evening, say around eight o’clock.”

“Okay, but I’ll need only one, right?”

“Oh, I like to order different designs to give you choices, you know, different shapes and sizes. I will have what you want, the others will be extras that I can use or let others have.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then.”

“Good,” Mrs. Brookner answered. “Oh, and be sure to bring your friend.”

When Cindy had left the office, she wondered about that last instruction. She recognized the name of Mrs. Brookner’s street and knew it was near campus and in a nice neighborhood. Finally, she just figured Mrs. Brookner was being careful that she not walk alone at that time of night.

At the time in Mrs. Brookner’s office, Cindy didn’t ask to change the time of the meeting the following week. She knew that Steve would not be available because of his job, but Mrs. Brookner had told her to bring a friend, so Cindy thought anyone would fine. As it turned out, Jay was the one she met just inside their apartment building after returning from Mrs. Brookner’s office, so he was the one she asked. He was happy to go along without even asking where or why they were going.

If Jay didn’t ask for clarification from her, Cindy did not even know she should have asked for clarification from Mrs. Brookner. The next week, with Jay accompanying her, she did bring up her purpose in going. “You’re going to see what I get from my professor, so I might as well tell you now.” Jay was intrigued, of course, and she went on, “I’m getting a strap-on from her.” She said no more, letting that statement hang.

“Oh, yeah, you mentioned that one time before. So what made you decide to actually get one.”

“I saw how Candy made you come a second time in the shower.” Again, she let that statement hang.

“Yeah, that was something alright. So you’re thinking of being able to use it on Steve and not other girls?”

“No set rules for it, I think. Girls and boys too, maybe, but it was pretty hot the way Candy put her finger inside you. Just made me think, that’s all.”

Having told Jay what their trip was for, she still did not know what Mrs. Brookner’ instruction to bring him along meant. When the two of them arrived at Mrs. Brookner’s home, the talking at cross purposes continued.

At the door, Mrs. Brookner greeted Cindy and turned to Jay, saying, “Why, I think I recall you. Aren’t you a former student of mine? It’s Mr. Jay, right?”

Jay was just as surprised to see her, saying, “Yes, you taught my Intro to Psych class. I didn’t know you were Cindy’s professor too. I’ve heard a lot about the class she took with you.” He didn’t go on, realizing he should not presume to know too much, but Mrs. Brookner thought it was natural he would know all about it, because she assumed Jay was Cindy’s boyfriend.

“Well, I’m glad to see you again. Not my best student, but an attentive one, as I recall.”

Jay didn’t want to admit that attending to her was easy because she was so pretty to look at. The tight skirts, the blouse with two or three buttons left undone at the top, and occasionally the resulting peeks down her blouse at her lacy bras were all brought back to Jay’s mind. He was partially aroused already from talking to Cindy about the shower with her and Candy. The sight of Mrs. Brookner even more casually dressed did not help. Her skirt was shorter than she would wear in a class, and her blouse was a wrap-around style that exposed a bit of midriff and fastened on the side just above her waist. Not that tight, it gaped slightly over her cleavage. He made himself not stare, but he also had the impression that the way her blouse moved was an indication that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Cindy asked her, “What do I owe you for it?”

“It? almanbahis yeni giriş I thought we were not being coy anymore, young lady.”

Cindy blushed a little and rephrased her question, “What do I owe you for the strap-on?”

“We’ll get to that later. For now, we need to take some time to be sure you know what you are doing. We don’t want anyone getting hurt, of course, but we want to make certain that you know how a strap-on can bring the most pleasure to both of you.”

“Oh, he’s not-” but Mrs. Brookner had turned to lead them into another room at the back of the house. Cindy and Jay followed, noticing a man in the living room as they passed by, presumably Mr. Brookner. He was wearing a robe with an exotic Asian design and satiny sheen. Reading a book, he looked up only briefly to acknowledge them.

The room in the back was a guestroom, and the sheets on the bed were turned down. Before Cindy could say anything, Mrs. Brookner told the two of them, “You’ll want to get undressed now.”

Her tone was so matter of fact that Cindy did not immediately reply. When she could gather her thoughts, Cindy started to explain, “We aren’t, I mean, we weren’t expecting-” but Mrs. Brookner cut her off again.

“I take my responsibilities very seriously, and I don’t want you two going away without some lessons. I assumed that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about getting undressed since you weren’t embarrassed about approaching me to acquire a strap-on and ask me about its use. Was I mistaken?”

“No, I really wanted to get your advice and all, but-“

“That’s all I need to know. Now, let’s proceed. You cannot learn what I can teach you with your clothes on.” Cindy looked at Jay, and Jay gave her a shrug as if to say it didn’t matter. She understood him to mean that they had been naked together often enough and had even had sex together, so it really didn’t matter in that sense.

Slowly then, the two of them began to undress. For Cindy, taking off her shirt left her quickly topless. Mrs. Brookner smiled and said, “I thought you did not wear a bra. That’s good, a nice way to stimulate your breasts during the day. I wish I could do the same when teaching, but I think the deans would disapprove.” As she spoke, her attention shifted back and forth from Cindy to Jay, observing his gradual exposure.

The phone rang, and Mr. Brookner came to the room’s door just as Cindy was about to remove her panties. He gave her an appreciative look, even though he must have seen this sort of thing before. Cindy, of course, did not expect such a casual attitude, and her surprise only grew when she noticed that his robe was not fastened, allowing her to see that he was otherwise nude. He had a bit of a tummy and a long, flaccid penis. Under the circumstances, Cindy found herself pulling down her panties right in front of him and then facing him nude as if expecting the phone message was for her. He gave her another look up and down before he told Mrs. Brookner who was on the phone, and then he was gone with instruction for the callers to come to the house in an hour.

Jay was also nude by the time Mr. Brookner came by, and the interruption had distracted Mrs. Brookner. With the phone call taken care of, she could turn to him and take a look at his body, making no pretense and ensuring that he knew she was checking out his nudity from head to toe, even telling him to turn around once.

“Very nice, Mr. Jay. I think when someone sees another person’s body, partially or fully nude, even if by accident, it is a privilege. And I am grateful for the privilege of seeing both of you. You are both very attractive. Cindy, if you were surprised by my husband’s seeing you, you can be assured too that he feels privileged as well and hopes that you were not offended by his nudity.”

“No, not at all,” she replied, although she was taken aback by the incident.

Mrs. Brookner returned her gaze to Jay’s penis and asked, “May I?” Neither Cindy nor Jay knew what she was asking, but both nodded. Mrs. Brookner said, “That privilege is especially treasured when, with a boy, his penis is erect. The boy is then sharing himself most intimately. For now, though, I also need to look at yours because I need to see what size we are dealing with already.” With that, she grasped his penis and stroked it. He was already nearly erect when he took off his pants, so his full erection was soon evident. “Just as I would have guessed from my first look, about seven inches and moderately thick. You can take a place on the bed now.” Turning to Cindy, she said, “I’ll be back in a moment.”

Left alone briefly, Cindy started to apologize to Jay, “I had no idea this would happen.”

Before she could go on, Jay interrupted and said, “You’re naked, I’m naked, so I can’t say I’m not enjoying this. In fact, I’d say it’s a privilege.” Cindy smiled at this, and they both had an inkling of what was going to happen by then, and they were willing to stay rather than stop almanbahis giriş everything by explaining to Mrs. Brookner that he wasn’t Cindy’s boyfriend.

They did not have time to discuss the situation more as Mrs. Brookner returned with a small box of items. “Let me show you how I like to start. Mr. Jay, if you will get on the bed and scoot down to the edge and roll over on your stomach, we can begin.”

Jay did as asked, and he was then sure of what was coming. Mrs. Brookner said to Cindy, “I like a boy’s bottom to be hairless like this. It looks so innocent and vulnerable when turned up so cooperatively.” She was lightly touching his bottom as she said so. Speaking more to Jay then, she added, “And I applaud you for being so open-minded, Mr. Jay. An inviting and cute bottom means nothing if a boy does not have a willing nature. Your willingness to experiment will lead to much pleasure for you and your lover.” Jay turned to her, and as she bent toward him, he got his first clear look into the gap of her blouse. Mrs. Brookner was indeed braless, and her one C-cup breast was exposed completely. She knew and did not care. In fact, she knew it would enhance the experience.

Reaching into the box, she took out three items. To Cindy, the most notable of the three was a flesh-colored phallus that pretty nearly matched the dimensions of Jay’s. In fact, Mrs. Brookner took it and, grasping Jay’s erection, held the fake penis next to Jay’s. “Just as I thought, about the same.”

It was attached to a complicated looking belt. Mrs. Brookner noticed Cindy’s consternation and said, “It looks difficult, but don’t worry. Let me help you get it on correctly.” She showed Cindy how to hold the larger belt open and step into it. As Cindy did so, she noticed the inside of the small patch that would go over her own vagina. It was not only contoured to fit smoothly between her legs, it had a protruding piece with a knob about the size of a large grape. Mrs. Brookner said, “This piece goes over and inside your vagina. Pushing the phallus inside your man will be more stimulating if there is something also pushing inside of you.” Cindy held the belt as Mrs. Brookner adjusted it to fit her waist, and then, when adjusting the straps around the tops of Cindy’s thighs, she gave the patch a firm push into Cindy’s vagina. Cindy grunted a little, but she smiled when Mrs. Brookner checked to see that she was comfortably adjusted. “You look like a pretty woman with a natural penis now. Before you put it to use, you have some preparation to learn. That’s what these are for.”

She was holding up a tube of lubricant and smaller phallus that had no straps. It was black, and its size was closer to a long finger than to an erect penis. “Before a boy can comfortably accept a full-size penis or phallus, his anal passage needs lubrication and gradual stretching. This smaller phallus can do both. To my way of thinking, the chief advantage to having this second phallus is that you can use it with your hand and not have to insert your own fingers in the boy’s anus. That way, there’s less time lost to washing hands or putting gloves on and off. With this, once you start playing with your boy’s bottom, you never have to pause and start over.”

Mrs. Brookner was offering the tube and smaller phallus to Cindy. “Take it. I want to see that you learn how to lubricate it and Mr. Jay’s bottom.” Turning to Jay, she said, “Let’s have you lift that bottom just a bit,” and she grasped him around the waist to help him get into position. Reaching underneath him, she brushed his hard penis as she used her hand to adjust his position even more by pressing up on his stomach. “Mr. Jay is still ready in at least one way, I see,” she laughed.

Cindy meanwhile was putting lube on the smaller phallus, and Mrs. Brookner advised her to be more generous with it. “Not a thin coat like paint. More like jelly on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But leave room for your hand to hold it firmly.” When she was satisfied that Cindy had coated it sufficiently, she showed Cindy how to handle it. “Place it against his anus. It certainly is nicely red, so you won’t have trouble finding the spot.” Cindy did as instructed. Jay found the lube to be a suddenly cool feeling. He, of course, did not have expectations based on previous experience, so everything was a surprise in a way, which contributed to him feeling a bit nervous on top of being excited.

Mrs. Brookner continued, “That’s right, let it rest against his anus. By itself, it will be slippery enough to slide around a little, which is what you want. Once his anus is well surrounded by the lube, you can begin to work the phallus inside slowly and gently.”

Cindy was trying to be gentle already. As much as she wanted to add a strap-on to her sexual abilities, she was conscious of Jay’s inadvertent presence in this lesson. Even so, she proceeded as instructed, and the ease with which the tip of the phallus could enter Jay surprised her. Jay, of course, was equally aware of having his anus invaded, and he was surprised too at the ease. Cindy was encouraged, and after a silent nod from Mrs. Brookner, she pushed it in further. Now Jay was getting a sensation that was more than Candy’s finger had given him.

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It’s Never Too Early Ch. 01

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I woke up to the slight creaking of my bedroom door. With the lights off and windows shut, it took me a moment to adjust to the dark. A willowy figure stood still at the door like a ghost out to haunt me.

“Whose there?” I inquired groggily.

“Hi, Dan.” That voice was all too familiar.

“Hi, Liz?” I sat up on the bed and switched on my bed lamp, suddenly alert. “What are you doing here?”

“Sorry I woke you,” she replied apologetically. She still stood at the door, hesitant, as if unsure of what to do next. This certainly unexpected, I thought to myself. She was in her attractive yellow pajamas. She looked so young and innocent and yet at 19, she was only 2yrs younger than me.

“What’s wrong, Liz?”

“Nothing. This is a mistake…. I shouldn’t even be here.” She turned to leave.

“Wait,” I called out as I jumped out of bed. I approached her, bare chested and with only my briefs on. “What’s the matter? What mistake?”

She turned back to face me, eying my bare chest anxiously. I moved in closer, towering over her.

“Nothing really,” she answered in a flippant tone. “Just girl stuff.”

“Girl stuff. Really! You must then have confused my room with my sister’s.”

“Exactly.” She turned to leave again.

I caught her by her hand and swiveled her back to me. “You have completely ignored me this whole week, ever since you got here. And now you end up at my doorstep. This definitely isn’t girl stuff.”

“Let me go, Dan.” She struggled to get free but couldn’t match my strength.

“You haven’t yet told me about what brought you here. Do tell, and I’ll let you go.”

“Let me go and I won’t scream. Jackie is just next door.”

“Yes she is, but we both know she sleeps like a log. And even if she does wake up, it will be fun seeing you explain your presence here.”

“Please let me go,” she pleaded as she stopped resisting.

I grabbed her by her slim waist and held her against me. She stared up at me silently, her big, black eyes questioning my intentions. Her petite form felt warm and soft against me. I felt a sudden need to strip her of her pajamas and carry her to my bed.

“I can give you what came for?” I whispered. I ran my fingers down the spine of her back.

“No,” she murmured feebly.

“Isn’t this why you woke me up in the middle of the night?” Her waist felt so delicate in my arms.

I picked her up like a bag of feathers almanbahis şikayet and lightly dropped her on my bed. She neither spoke nor tried to resist. All she did was stare at me as I went back to close the door. I sat at the edge of bed and studied her as she lay there silent, and tempting.

She had a pretty, oval face whose standout feature was a slightly pointed chin. I leaned in and gave subtle kiss on her small mouth. She shut her eyes in anticipation. Her lips were soft and moist.

The small pair of peaches on her chest moved in rhythm with her gentle breathing. She had her tiny well-manicured hands on her flat belly.

I slowly unbuttoned her top and exposed her small rounded breasts. I went in for a deeper kiss, enjoying her eager response. Her eyes opened slowly as our tongues entwined. She seemed so eager to please. After a while, I set her lips free.

My fingers tenderly caressed the nearest of her breasts. It was firm yet at the same time supple. She sighed faintly as I brushed my lips against her chin and down her lean neck. I couldn’t wait to get to her alluring breasts. My tongue gently stroked her puffy nipple as I fondled her other tit, making her squirm and moan.

My hand moved down her chest, past her belly and down to her waist. I savored the feel of her soft skin under my fingers. She wore no panties as I pulled down her pajama shorts and revealed a small patch of hair covering the slight depression between her thighs.

She shyly tried to cover the curvy depression with her hands but gave up when my fingers found there way to the smooth opening of her pussy. She lay back and fondled her breasts as my fingers toyed with her clit.

I got on the bed, kneeling beside her and pulled down my briefs. My cock, now exposed and free, swung up and down in her face. She didn’t look away as she seemed enthralled by its short but thick form.

“Hold it in you hand,” I commanded.

She timidly poked at it with her thumb.

“Never seen a cock before,” I teased as my hand went between her legs. She gasped when I stuck two fingers into her pussy. I stabbed at it until she let out soft whimpers. She responded in kind by grabbing my cock and rubbed at it roughly.

I grunted as her hands stroked my joystick like pilot flying a chopper in a stormy night. Impatiently, I placed myself down next to her and turned her on her side facing away from me. With her almanbahis canlı casino butt pressed against my pelvis, I rubbed her pussy with my whole palm. She cried out my name repeatedly. Just as I was about to stick my cock in her-

“Fuck,” I muttered as I turned slightly and grabbed a condom from the top desk drawer. Better be safe than sorry, Danny boy.

She turned her head towards me as if curious as to why she could not feel me inside her. With the gumboot in place, I teased her pussy open and slid in like a knife slicing through butter. She winced as I forced it all in and left it in for an instant. Then it become a rhythmic thrusting motion as my erection and her pussy came together to provide us with unbridled waves of ecstasy. Her butt pressed back against me expectantly at every thrust.

After a couple of more pokes, I pulled out of her. Fervently, she ushered me on top as she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide open. We locked eyes as my cock penetrated her soft fleshy wetness. Her eyes closed halfway as her mouth opened slightly to release a slow moan. My thrusts were slow and deep as she straddled me with legs. I kissed her hungrily, my thrusts becoming more urgent.

She hugged me tightly as if in need of an anchor, her fingers digging into my back.

Finally, I threw a final pitch, going as deep as I could. I felt the cum flow from my cock in spurts, providing that momentary, explosive rush of ecstasy that sent me into seventh heaven. At last, I fell on my back next to her-both of us sweaty and breathless.

She gathered whatever was left of her modesty and covered herself with my bedspread.

“Shit! I’m famished,” I sighed exaggeratedly and added cockily, “why don’t you get your cute butt out of bed, run along to the kitchen and fetch me a tasty snack.”

She gave me an incredulous stare. I sent back a goofy smile.

“I should probably leave, just in case Jackie wakes up and decides to pay me a visit.”

“In the middle of the night? Is that like a lesbian thing, you and her are into.”

She punched me in the gut playfully before reprovingly stating, “that is your sister, Dan. Get your mind out of the gutter, perv!” She didn’t bother to cover herself up again. Her lovely breasts were left exposed and my cock took notice.

“What? She may act all prudish but you never know…. A piece of advice for you two: Make sure you delete almanbahis casino my laptops’ browser history before handing it back.”

She brought her hands to her face in embarrassment. “That was all me. In my defense, your sister is kind of a buzz-kill when it comes to sex… as you say. And I was just satisfying my curiosity.”

“How have you two been friends for this long? You are like oil and water.”

“We have a lot that keeps us friends. She’s the closet to a sister as I have.”

“How adorable for you two,” I said teasingly. “Its a pity then that you can’t share your love of anal sex with her.”

She jumped out of bed, clearly livid, and grabbed for her pajamas. I got to them first.

“You are a real first-class prick, Dan. Give me back my clothes!”

“I was just kidding,” I asserted, feigning remorse, “but my browser history doesn’t lie, Liz. Its no shame if you want it in the butt.”

She came at me, kicking and thrashing irately. I tried to subdue her, avoiding her soft punches. Finally, I held her against me with her hands behind her back. She barely hid her anger as she glared at me. It was a good thing that she was petite, or else.

“Its never too late… or in your case, too early to start taking it up the ass,” She looked up at me in alarm. She could feel my erect cock brushing against her thighs.

Before she could object, I had her bent over my desk. We nearly knocked my laptop to the floor.

“Dan… please don’t. Aah!”

“Don’t fret, Lizzie. That was just my finger.”

Her anger faded away as my finger playfully toyed her asshole. Even I was surprised at how receptive she became to my hand rubbing her butt-hole. She stiffened as I rubbed my cock against her butt-crack.

“Should I… or shouldn’t,” I teased her butt-hole with the tip of my cock.

“Please Dan. Just stick it in,” she sounded desperately horny.

“You sure.” She nodded eagerly. “No you are not.”I dropped down to her pussy and shoved my cock in. She cried in surprise but recovered enough to moan out as I stuck my finger up her ass. I held her head down as and slammed her against the desk. There was no patience in my thrusts and I could feel myself climaxing within minutes.

I pulled out my cock just in in time as spurts of cum landed on her bent ass. I had to steady myself against the desk as my knees buckled. I set her free with my limp cock in hand.

She grabbed one of my covers and wiped herself. Silently, she put on her pajamas.

“Maybe next time… you’ll get more than just my finger.”

“Next time my ass!” The door slammed behind her. My sis must have got a few bites from a vicious tsetse fly, was all I thought.

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Helping Out My Best Friend’s Wife Pt. 02

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This story picks up in the instant after I fucked my best friend’s wife in their kitchen…


Todd. Damn. I had forgotten about him. My best friend. Passed out drunk a few feet from where I just fucked his wife.

My afterglow was immediately replaced by guilt. I pulled out of Julie and stepped back. My softening cock fell out of her pussy. A mixture of my cum and hers dropped off my tip and fell to the floor between Julie’s legs.

I retreated across the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen door frame. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was pounding equally from the exertion of fucking Julie and from the guilt of it.

Without my body pressed against Julie’s back and ass to help support her, she fell to her knees, again, onto the kitchen floor. Her arms were still on the countertop, but above her head now. Her cheek was pressed against a drawer. She was literally, in a heap on the kitchen floor. She was totally spent.

She was a sight. Her dress was still pulled up over her waist. She was breathing hard from more physical activity than I am sure she had had in months. My cum was dripping out of her pussy. Some had dropped to the floor and joined what had fallen from my dick. Some was running down her thigh.

I was still leaning against the door frame. My mind was running thru the events of the night. How had I just fucked Julie? How had I just done my best friend’s wife. Neither of us spoke for a while. My dick had gone soft. The last remnants of my cum had dripped out of me and pooled in my underwear still on the ground between my feet.

I bent over. Grabbed my jeans and underwear between my fingers and thumb and lifted them up. They brushed over my still sensitive cock and caused my body to shudder in reaction. I rebuttoned my jeans and redid my belt.

I spun around 180 degrees and left the kitchen. I walked out the swinging kitchen door and headed to the couch. I grabbed a beer from the bar as I went. I fell into the middle cushion where just 30 minutes earlier Julie had put her head on my shoulder and told me all about the troubles she and Todd were having.

I took a long swig from the beer bottle.

I looked up as Julie exited the kitchen. She had lowered the skirt of her dress, pulled the top up and rezipped. She hadn’t replaced her bra. Her big tits hung low under the top of her dress.

Julie had the same idea I did and needed more wine. She had a full glass in her hand as she walked over to me. She put the glass down on the end table and sat next to me. Then she surprised me. She laid over and rested her head in my lap. The lap she had just sucked on, deepthroated and then let fuck her from behind.

She spoke softly, “Thank you so much. I really needed to feel a man in me. I really needed to be wanted. You don’t know how good you just made me feel. I will never be able to repay you for this kindness.”

This was another side of her I had never seen. She was calm and appreciative. She seemed sincere. It made me almost like her.

“You don’t need to feel guilty about this,” she continued. “You proably saved our marriage. I know, again, that I am a woman and desired. The problem isn’t with me. I still love Todd. We can work this out. And I, WE, owe it all to you.”

In that instant, I felt better. Julie alleviated some, most, of my guilt.

We sat there like that for a bit. Her head in my lap. I must dozed off. We must have dozed off. The next thing I remember, Julie was raising her head from my lap and wiping some sleep from her eyes.

I looked at my watch. It was just after 5am. The sun hadn’t come up yet. But I had. My morning wood was in full effect. I was hard behind the zipper in my jeans. I was hard right where Julie’s head had been. I wondered if that was what woke her.

I blinked my eyes open trying to wake up.

Julie sat up next to me and asked if I had a nice nap. She hadn’t fallen asleep. There was too much going on her head. She spoke for a while. She can really open up when she feels supported. (Her words, not mine.) Anyway, the bottom line is that she felt good about what happened between the two of us. That she really did feel like it was going to save her marriage. She wasn’t going to tell Todd and that I shouldn’t either. It was a one night thing and that we would never do it again or speak of it. I agreed.

“But, before we close the history books and never speak of this again,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me. “I want to show you my appreciation.” She kissed me again, on the lips. But just lightly. No tongue. It was more intimate than a friendly kiss, but it wasn’t erotic, pers se.

Julie’s hands went to my belt. She struggled to pull it tighter to ultimately open it. The seated position I was in did not give her free access. I started to protest, but she kissed me again. A little more passionately but only with the goal of quieting me. I could taste wine on her. She had a bit of morning breath. I love morning sex, so it was a bit of a turn on.

I slid my hips forward and transformed from sitting to slouching. This gave Julie almanbahis better access to my belt and she quickly undid it. The button at the top and the zipper where no barrier to her efforts. In no time at all, she had my jeans and underwear back down resting on my shoes.

Julie bent over and brought her face close to my dick. She supported her weight with her left arm, but still managed to get her hand on my shaft. She started to stroke it up and down. She was slow and deliberate. She jerked me slowly all the way from the base to the tip. At the top of my shaft, she ran her top two fingers over my head and together. It was a simple move that most women missed. The sensation duplicated pulling out of her pussy. Then she moved back down my shaft, she applied pressure with the same two fingers to duplicate the sensation of entering her pussy. It was simple and subtle. It was, literally, sensational.

Julie increased her pace. And like a pro, she sensed the increased discomfort from the friction. She lowered her head even closer to me. She let spill from her lips a veritable plethora of saliva. She had been gathering it in her mouth, anticipating its need, preparing to coat me.

Her spit cascaded over the tip of my cock as her fist rested against my trimmed bush. The lube from her mouth ran down my shaft. Julie opened her hand and replaced it on my cockhead. She massaged it in using her thumb while her fingers pulsed on the top of my shaft like a small, powerful sex toy.

Her right hand moved to my balls and slightly massaged them. She traced the seam with her fingernail. She tickled the little spot where my balls meet my ass. I squirmed and let out a deep sigh.

“You like being teased there! Huh? Well then…”

Julie rose from the couch next to me. She used her ass to push the coffee table out of the way and kneeled before me. She pulled my shoes off of my feet and followed them with my pants and boxers. She crawled between my legs. One hand on each knee, she spread me apart so that she could have access to my crotch. Her left hand went back to my shaft. Her right to my sack. She lowered her mouth until it was less than an inch from me. I could feel her hot breath on my erection as her hand moved up and down on me. She looked straight down my shaft like she lining up to drop a bomb. She stared at my hardness. Her hand on my balls felt so good. Her jacking my cock with her other hand felt so good. I remembered how her lips felt on my from a few hours ago. I wanted that again. I raised my hips in sync with her pistoning up and down me and met her lips. Instinctively, Julie opened her mouth and I passed into her hot, wet oral cavity. I held myself up with my hips as Julie swirled her tongue around the head of cock. She made circles around it with her tongue. She went quickly up the right side, dragged it across the top, quickly down the left side and then slowly across the bottom teasing my opening. The pressure from her tongue was immense. It felt more pleasurable than her fingers had provided minutes earlier.

She circled my head a few more times. I was becoming impatient. I raised my hips further to force more of me into her mouth. She obliged and pressed my head against the roof of her mouth. She took just under half of me in until I pressed against her soft palate. Her mouth retreated back up my shaft until her lips were on the surrounding just the outline of my head.

Her right hand kept working my balls. She played with each one rolling me in her palm. She continued jerking me with left hand. Despite having cum just a few hours earlier, I was hard as iron. My shaft was fully engorged and pulled tight and hard.

Julie’s blow job felt great. She was taking her time and providing me with deep, lustful sensations. But I wanted more. I wanted her take me into her throat and swallow me again. I wanted that feeling again. She started to lower her left hand on my shaft. Her lips and mouth followed. I encouraged her by lifting my hips again, shoving more of me into her. Her left hand found and pressed against my pubis. She applied more pressure. She wanted to control the tempo. She wanted to suck me off and not for me to fuck her face. I acquiesced and lowered my ass back to to couch. As a reward, she took more of me into her mouth. I pressed against the back of mouth and started down her throat. Being in control, she teased me and stopped there. I wanted to press further, but the pressure from her left hand held me in place.

Julie applied oral suction with me sitting in the edge of her throat. As she held her head in place, her right hand began to wander. It cradled both of my balls and pressed them against my underside. She slid it lower and made small circles with her middle finger against my taint. It was a new sensation for me. It felt great and I let out another sigh.

Julie was encouraged. She knew that her efforts were being well received. She applied more pressure with her lips and extracted my cock from her throat and fully out of her mouth. Again, the suction caused a loud pop as my head evacuated from between her lips.

Julie’s almanbahis yeni giriş right hand continued to work my taint and she licked up and down either side of my cock replicating what it must feel like to be a cob of corn. Up the right side. A suck on my head. Down the left side. Up the left side. Teasing my hole as she pressed my length against my torso. She licked down my length on the underside of my cock. She licked me from tip to base. She didn’t stop at the bottom. She continued on and pressed her tongue into my scrotum. She ceased playing with my gooch and instead used her right hand to pull out my nuts and offer them to her tongue. She worshiped them with her tongue. She covered every inch with her saliva, even the underside, by pressing them up and against my shaft. She took each one into her mouth and worshiped them. She sucked with enough pressure to feel good, but not enough to cause pain.

Her chore was stopped abruptly when she sat up from between my thighs. She looked me in the eyes and tugged at my knees. She slid me down until my ass was fully off the couch and I was resting on it’s edge on the small of my back. Still locked with my eyes, Julie gave a wry smile and winked at me.

With her hands still behind my knees, she pressed her palms up and at me. Before I knew it, I was laying cowboy style on my back with my ass exposed to Julie. Her eyes still locked on mine, she commanded, “Hold your legs here.”

I replaced her hands with mine and kept myself in the cowboy pose. Julie lowered her lips onto my head and swallowed all of me. I entered her throat and she swallowed once. She raised her head off of me with another pop. There was no hesitation and she took all of into her throat again and another swallow. I was lost in the intense sensation when I felt her fingers pressing on my taint again. Both sensations were intense and I moaned again. This was all the encouragement Julie needed. She popped me out out her mouth and started to lick me like an icecream cone…two inches down on my shaft and a long lick up and over the head followed by little nibbles down the left side.

As her mouth worked on my cock, her her right hand slid lower and applied pressure to my asshole. It was shocking and I tensed up. Naturally, I lowered my thighs a bit to protect myself and block her intrusion. Julie was discouraged. After a long, deep breath, she swallowed all of me into her throat again. This time the one swallow turned into a series of long, sustained swallows. The intense stimulation distracted me from the roaming her right hand was doing. She traced back down the perineum and pressed the pad of her middle finger against my one way door.

Despite the incredible feeling of her throat on my cock, I tensed up again. Julie changed her tactics. She coughed a bit and gasped for air as she removed my cock from her throat and then mouth. She licked down the underside of my shaft, again and made her way to my balls. She cupped them with her right hand and offered up their underside to her tongue. She continued her tongues migration south, not stopping at the end of my balls. Instead, she placed her hands on mine and pressed my thighs more into my chest giving her more free access to my ass.

Julie traced down the underside of my balls with the tip of her tongue. She ran her tongue across the no-mans-land of my taint. When I tensed thinking she was going to lick into my asshole, she stopped. She retracted her tongue and just held her mouth outside my anus. I could feel her breath. As her breath registered in my mind, she replaced her normal breathing with a deep inhale through her nose. She breathed in my stink and musk. She held in the breath for what felt like an eternity. Then she pursed her lips and blew her spent breath directly onto my asshole. Her hot breath on me was indescribable. The sensation was new and shot tingles thru every nerve in my body. I shivered and moaned. Julie took that as consent. She extended her tongue and very gently licked me down there.

An instant before I thought that there couldn’t be a better feeling. I was wrong. The sensitivity of my virgin ass with the heat and wetness of her tongue was fabulous, fantastic.

Her tongue passed over my rosebud very lightly. I moaned and pulled my legs tighter against my chest, but pressed out my knees to give Julie more and freer access to my ass. She responded with another lick. But this one lingered and pressed against my opening. I moaned again at the exquisite feeling. Julie was more encouraged and before I knew it, she was fully licking against me. I could feel the saliva from her mouth, from her excitement running down my crack. She changed from licking at my entrance to pushing against it with the tip of her tongue. Before long, she was trying to fuck my ass with her the tip of her tongue. I had stopped moaning. I was overwhelmed with the feelings that were flowing thru my body. Julie augmented her tongue’s motion with the middle finger of her right hand. She traced up my crack gathering her saliva that had run down it. She alternated heavy licks with small circles almanbahis giriş from her digit. The pleasure relaxed my sphincter and allowed her finger to find its way until just the tip was in. She withdrew it and replaced it with her tongue. Her tongue was replaced with her finger, again. This time she applied more pressure and her skinny finger trespassed until it was in to the knuckle.

Julie withdrew her mouth from my ass. I lifted my head from the couch cushion to inquire why she had stopped. Our eyes met. In a quick, loud outburst she demanded a throw pillow from next to me on the couch. I guess it made sense that he knees might hurt from the hard floor. I struggled to grab one but did and then handed it to her. Looking down at her for the first time, I saw that she had free one of her tits. Her left hand was working it like there was no tomorrow.

In a move of desperation, Julie stopped both of her hands, removing one from her tit and one from my asshole. She snatched the pillow out of my hands. But instead of placing it under her knees, she folded it in half into an upside down “V” and placed it between her legs. She sat down on it with her weight. Using her hands to adjust its position, she fidgeted with it until it was lined up with her slit and clit. She started to grind and hump the pillow. I knew that her tiny, worn thong was pushed to the side. Her juices would be flowing by now and coating the pillow.

As Julie grinded her pussy against the pillow, she went back to working on me. Her middle finger went back to circling my forbidden entry, forbidden no longer. Her mouth, ignored the area below my balls for my cock.

Julie fingered the sensitive area around my hole for a bit. She circled the outside for a long time, too long. I wanted her finger back in me. At the same time she enveloped the head of my cock with her lips. My head passed her teeth. She pressed me against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. She took me in deeper. She pressed me past her uvula and into her throat. She took all of me until her nose rested in bush. She swallowed and then released. She worked her way back up my cock until it “Popped” out. No break for her as she took all of me back into her mouth and throat. She stroked my head with her throat muscles. Again and again she worked my cock with her mouth. I watched her, eyes closed, from my back and thru my spread, prone legs.

As her speed increased on my shaft, so did the boldness of her middle finger. It went from circling my ass to pressed in. Julie was gentle. She went slowly allowing me to relax around her and she progressed deeper into my recutm. Finally, she was all the way in me. The entire length of her middle finger was pressed into my ass, filling it up. She rested it there. She made little rotations with it. She didn’t finger bang. She didn’t need to. The rotations were sending thrills up and down my body.

Julie was humping the pillow with abandon now. She moved her hand from her tit and started to work her clit. It was pinned, under her heft, to the pillow. As she swirled her finger in my ass, she worked my cock with her mouth and throat. My head was back, arching at the neck. I pulled my knees further back and down. I wanted her to have all access to all of me. She was moaning around my shaft. She had literally made the blowjob into a hummer. My mind was racing. It felt so good. I was getting close. I knew.

“I am getting close. Don’t stop. Your mouth and finger feel so good,” I exclaimed. This was all the encouragement that Julie needed. She switched her finger from a twirl to bend. She made a motion like, “come her” with her middle finger. She found my prostate with it and massaged it.

I let out a yelp and knew she had found the button inside me. That pushed her over the edge and she came.

Julie came in great waves on the pillow and on her hand and with her mouth around my cock. I felt her body tense and then convulse. But she never stopped her attention to me. She continued to press on my prostate. She rubbed it from inside me.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned.

Julie sucked my cock out of her mouth with another pop. She took a deep breath and buried her nose in my bush. She took all of me that she could in her throat. She swallowed hard and often. Her finger applied more pressure directly to my gland and that was it.

The building in my balls came quickly. Her ministrations prevented any long build up. The stimulation of my prostate expedited my orgasm.

My first shot of cum went straight down Julie’s throat. I arched my back and shifted half my weight onto my neck and shoulders as my second rope sped out of shaft. My quads ticked and trembled. I had a tightness in my chest as my orgasm sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. Julie was a champ and continued to swallow my third and fourth squirt. Then it was too much. She started to cough and gag around me. She raised her mouth off of me and took a deep breath right as my fifth shot was ejected. It honed right in on her face and splattered between her eyes and continued onto her forehead. She didn’t miss a beat. A quick, breath and she re-engulfed me with her mouth. She sucked the rest of my cum out of me as she teased my hole. She swirled her tongue around my sensitive head. Her middle finger decreased the pressure and then withdrew slowly and carefully.

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Glass Rod of the Heat Pt. 01

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So… she said when we were out of earshot, Katya and I hooked up last night. I gazed out at the river lolling greasily on its slick stone bed in the shaking heat. I think my half smile was a study in detached amusement, which still managed to avoid any affected coldness. Behind us, off the other side of the bridge, you could hear the indifferent roar of the old dam. Defunct, a place for kids to swim. We’d come there in the heat of the morning, the whole hot, hungry pack of us, to hang lazily off the rusted girders and drop ourselves into the green abyss, into that anonymous roar. The heavy, glassy water seemed to strip a feverish electricity off our skins. In the late afternoon, when the air cooled slightly, we’d mount our fleet of bicycles and go back to work.

We were canvassing for an NGO all over the state. We’d been out in the sticks for three weeks. Tanya and I had hardly known each other before.

When it was dark, past nine, and the pouplace grew suspicious of knockers, we’d knock off, fill out the day’s paperwork in the smoky, buzzing light of the campground, and crawl exhausted or elated into tents, to sleep or seduce each other, as the heat dragged on into the night.

Tanya was gay for the most part, Katya was not, but I wasn’t surprised at the news of her liaison with my queer friend: she was undisputedly the beauty of the group. For my part I’d found myself thrown together with Tanya by almanbahis şikayet a confluence of politics (we were both left-wing and saw the NGO, more or less, as a lesser-evil day job) and an odd, nostalgic affinity I had for her flower-child persona, which didin’t seem affected or ironic. Tanya was a lot like the kids I’d grown up with in middle school: scrappy, quick-tongued, knobby-kneed, always wearing tiedye or batiked wraps, and so doggedly shoeless she could be seen scrubbing her pads down every night before slipping between her tent flaps.

I’d hardly allowed myself to desire Katya, but had counted myself fortunate to have caught Tanya’s eye the week before. I’d caught more than her eye, in fact: in the nylon-sheathed dark I’d caught her fingertips first, then her earlobe, lower lip, nipples, hipbones, inner-thigh tendons, toes, labia and clit between my lips and teeth; my tongue had traveled over the hot, dusty sites of her body: along the delicate blue veins in her neck, her collarbones, her vertebrae, the strong, high arches of her feet, the smooth, salty and electric inches from her sex toward her anus. When I hesitated she’d raised her splayed legs, hugged her knees up to her breasts, and pushed my head down in no uncertain terms, so I let my tongue slide all the way down to lap at the cinched pink ring. She’d made little gasps of pleasure, and moaned when I’d eased first a pinkie, then an index almanbahis canlı casino finger, then two and three fingers into her tightest entrance, which slowly opened onto its velvety, muscled tunnel.

I wondered if she’d opened her ass to Katya like that, if they’d licked each other, if Katya’d slipped her tongue as I had between each of Tanya’s slim, nimble toes.

The nail of one of those toes ran gingerly up my ankle. I glanced down at the planks of the bridge’s footpath, grey from wear and weather. Tanya’s feet were tanned, bare as they nearly always were shen she wasn’t swinging a hammer at camp, or working doors.

That’s cool? she said, almost not a question. You don’t have to ask me, I said. I know; I just thought I should tell you. You two are hott, she giggled under her breath. Some of the younger canvassers, barely into undergrad, had lounged into our vicinity and were threading themselves lankily through the iron webwork of the bridge. They hung from the outside a moment, daring and ribbing each other, then jumped, with a whoop that the huge green yawn of the falls swallowed.

Gee thanks, I said. We’d both paused to watch the kids jump. The delay made my formulaic response somehow funny. She’s a looker all right, I added, then tacked on, Well played! All wingman congratulations. I didn’t want to broach the topic of a threesome, even jokingly, as Tanya’d just yesterday almanbahis casino been complaining about the thinly-veiled and unappealing propositions of a coworker in that direction.

I didn’t press the subject any further, but she seemed to want to keep talking about it.

Yeah, she said, as if she’d left a sentence unfinished, so it was intense. She’s, like, kissed girls but never really done things with them before. So I kept being like, is this cool, you sure you want to go this far… and she just kept being like, yes, yes, keep going. We… um, so like, we ate each other… she giggled again. I kept up the amused half-grin, all cool. And I was trying to, you know, figure out if she wanted me to, like, lick her asshole.

Sounds familiar, I said, deadpan. She chuckled; I was surprised at the warmth in the sound.

Mmm-hm, she purred, Only Miss Katya was not giving such clear signals as you got, my friend. I’m not sure she even knew what the fuck my tongue was asking her, you know? So I held off, and then later she just sort of ended up on her hands and knees, and, so… she giggled again, with what I thought was probably insincere shame. So I kind of really wanted to go there, you know, so I started just kissing down her back, and I found out she likes that, but…

At this point Tanya’s lurid story was interrupted by a larger and more boisterous group of compatriots, which included Katya. She was in the thick of the pointless uproar and convivial guffawing, but now she seemed to me set apart, not just by her beauty but by the truncated picture I’d just glimpsed of her hidden desires.

However, I didn’t hear any more about it until the next weekend.

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Lilly’s first Ass Fuck

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** All characters in this story are 18 older **

A few weeks had passed since I had effectively blackmailed our babysitter Lilly into giving me a hand job and I thought about it every day, even when fucking my wife. I would imagine her wet pussy was Lilly’s innocent, warm hand gripping my throbbing cock and slowly sliding up and down the shaft until I would cum on her young breasts.

Now as much as the memory of that night with drunken Lilly was great, I still had much greater plans for her. Yes, seeing her topless and having her jack me off was great, but what I really wanted was to plow her tight teen ass. Just the thought of it would get me hard at random times during the day, but the fantasy was never going to be enough.

Driving this fantasy even further was the fact that my wife simply wasn’t into anal. In fact she had never even let me try and fuck her ass, so I resigned myself to finding a girl who did want her ass fucked…or at least could be convinced or perhaps even tricked into letting me fuck it.

Given our recently history, that girl was going to be Lilly. She just didn’t know it yet.

Actually, since the hand job ‘incident’ I hadn’t seen Lilly at all, but given that I didn’t get any angry visit from her parents meant that she had kept the whole thing quiet so I figured there was still an opportunity to push our ‘relationship’ much further.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long to seize the opportunity.

That weekend I headed out to the local shopping mall to grab some new shirts for work when I spotted Lilly, by herself, coming out of the Victoria’s Secret store. I quickly walked up behind her and followed casually for a few steps before getting her attention. “Hey Lilly…is that you?”

She stopped and spun around, looking a little surprised but managed to stumble out a few words. “…oh umm Hi Mr. Andrews, how are you?”

“Well, I’m great now that I’m seeing you again” I beamed. “Are you here by yourself? What have you been shopping for?” I asked this knowing exactly what store she had just come from, hoping for the details.

Lilly blushed slightly and I noticed a slight tremble in her slim frame. “Uh well I was just picking up some new underwear…nothing exciting really”. But I knew that nobody leaves Victoria’s Secret with anything that’s not exciting, so I pushed her for more details.

“Perhaps you treated yourself to something nice with the babysitting money I gave you a few weeks back?” I said as I leaned forward as if to look into the bag she was holding.

Lilly returned my comment with half a smile. “Actually, I’ve had my eye on some silky G-string underwear that was a bit too expensive so yeah I guess that money came in handy.”

“That does sound nice, show me!” I’d love to see those I said, prompting Lilly to start reaching into the bag. “Oh I don’t mean now Lilly. How about you come by the house later and show them to me…while you are wearing them.”

“I’m not sure Mrs Andrews would like that” Lilly retorted, but in almost a questioning way.

I laughed quietly and grinned at Lilly again. “Don’t worry, Mrs Andrews and the baby are away for the weekend. Come on over, have a few drinks and show me your new fancy underwear. Perhaps I can help out with some extra cash for some other things you want too?”

Well the moment I mentioned money Lilly’s eyes lit up. Clearly this was a big motivator for her and something that could also help me get what I’m after. “Great, it’s a date then…drop by at around 9.” With that I flashed a final smile and went on my way, thinking of how the evening may turn out.

Just after 9pm that night I was pleased to hear a quiet knock on the front door and even more pleased to find that it was Lilly. Not only had she had to nerve to turn up but appeared to have dressed up for the occasion, wearing a clingy cotton dress that hugged her form perfectly, highlighting her lovely full breasts, tiny waist and firm, well-shaped ass that was clearly wrapped in the new Victoria’s Secret purchase. Lilly also had let her hair hang down onto her back and exposed shoulders.

“So, you mentioned something about a drink?” Lilly said as she confidently strutted through the open door leaving me and the entrance to stare at her ass as she moved. Closing the door, I quickly followed her.

“Of course, whatever you want I’ve probably got it” I said as I moved towards the kitchen. “Make yourself at home on the couch in the living room…I think you know where that is” I added, recalling that was the location of our previous encounter.

“Surprise me” Lilly called out from around the corner in the living room, obviously having made herself comfortable on the couch.

“Only if you promise to surprise me” I laughed back at her as I poured her a glass of sparkling wine that promised to have her feeling lightheaded in no time.

Well as I turned the corner into the living room I WAS surprised. Lilly wasn’t sitting on the couch as I expected she might be but instead was standing, facing almanbahis away from me having removed her dress…exposing her teen body now just covered with a satin black G-string and Bra. I wasn’t sure where this new found confidence was coming from but so far I was enjoying it.

“So what do you think of my new purchase Mr Andrews” Lilly said, turning around after I had taken in her rear view and now revealing her wonderful breasts held firmly up and out by the newly acquired bra.

I was speechless for just a moment but managed to compose myself as I left my cock begin to twitch in my pants. “Just perfect Lilly…and much better than you just showing me what was in your shopping bag” I added with a laugh while handing her the glass of sparkling.

Perhaps looking for some extra courage for this situation Lilly quickly grabbed the glass from me and made the bubbly contents disappear in her mouth in a few seconds, then placing the glass on the table. “I’m glad you like what you see Mr Andrews, but did you ask me here to just look?” she said quite firmly. “Would you like me to use my hands on you while play with my tits again” she added, unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the floor.

“Actually, no Lilly. That’s not what I want from you tonight”. I could see that my statement had caught her off guard as she gave me a questioning and nervous look. “I’m looking for more than that…something I’ve been thinking about for a while”.

“Sorry Mr Andrews…I can’t let you fuck me.” She paused for a moment. “I want to save my pussy for when I have a real boyfriend but am happy to do stuff like before if you’re giving me some spending money.”

This came as something of a relief to me. Lilly was still willing but it was time to let her know what I wanted. “That’s ok Lilly. I completely understand but it’s not your pussy I want anyway.” I stepped forward up to her, close enough so her breasts where against me and reached around to her ass and gave it a light squeeze.

“I want to fuck your ASS Lilly.”

The confidence that Lilly entered the house with suddenly vanished as clearly the evening wasn’t proceeding the way she through it might.

“Ummm uh I’m not sure Mr Andrews…you want to put it in my Bum?”

“That right Lilly. You can keep your pussy for a boyfriend or what ever, I’ll fuck your ass and you’ll still technically be a virgin…plus you’ll have a few more dollars in your purse” I said laying down a handful of hundred dollar bills on the coffee table next to her wine glass. “I’ll get you another drink while you think about it ok?”.

Returning from the kitchen with a fresh glass of bubbles I was relieved to find that Lilly hadn’t put her clothes back on, but was instead sitting on the couch and very eager to take the second drink from me.

Once again, Lilly made short work of the sparkling wine and placed the empty glass on the coffee table next to the couch. I could see in her eyes that the first glass of wine was starting to take effect.

“Ok, I’ve decided that you can put it in my ass” She said at the same time putting her hands on the cash I’d placed on the table. “But, you need to be slow and gentle and take it out if I say so…ok?”.

My cock got just a little bit harder than the rock hard it already was. “That sounds just great Lilly…shall we get started then?” I said motioning at the bulge in my pants.

“Ok, remember I’ve never done this…so ummm how does this work? Are you just gonna stick it in?” Lilly asked with the innocence of a true anal virgin. Indeed, she did look a little nervous but the wine was also helping things along.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m not just gonna shove it in there” I said, though I was thinking how good it would feel to do that. “I’ll help you get ready for it though. Let’s start by having you take off that sexy G-string and letting me a a good close look at your tiny hole. Perhaps just lie over the end of the couch honey and let your legs hang down ok.”

“Ok Mr Andrews…like this?” Lilly asked as she lowered her G-string and lay over the edge of the couch pushing her ass out at me and revealing the wetness that was forming between her legs.

My gaze was locked on this perfect teen ass before me. I placed both hands on her ass cheeks to get my first feel of her wonderful bum. It was small and firm with each cheek fitting nicely into each hand as a spread them apart to get a better look at her small pink anus. “Oh Lilly, your ass is simply wonderful. I’m really going to enjoy this…and I hope you do too” I whispered.

Lilly gasped as I ran my tongue over her tiny hole and poked at the entrance with the tip. Her breathing grew deeper as I continued the tight tongue fucking of her tiny ass, getting her used to the sensation. “Oh Mr Andrews…that uh uh hmmm feels strange…but I think it’s ok hmmm.” It seemed that the second glass of wine was doing its job.

With that I added some lube to a finger and began to work it around the entrance to her ass hole, only just letting it push inside. almanbahis yeni giriş At this stage I was really showing self-control but I knew it would be worth it. “Ohhh hmmm hehe..that feels funny” Lilly giggled as I continued the slow fingering.

Feeling Lilly relax I lubed up both my finger and then the entrance to her ass and began to push my index finger in further. Just short movements in and out but going just a little deeper into her warm, tight hole with every push until I was easily working my whole slippery finger in and out of this hot teen’s ass while she panted with every push. “Ohhhh Hmmmm owwww. Careful Mr Andrews, your finger feels so big in me…how will your cock fit in my ass?? ohhh hmmmm ahhh”. Lilly seemed torn between pleasure and discomfort at this stage but wasn’t fighting it so I continued the deep fingering of her ass by adding a second finger.

Lilly’s short sharp breaths turned to grunts as my two fingers broke through her sphincter muscles, opening up her tiny, tight ass in preparation for the main event. I kept the lube flowing, enjoying the now glistening rosebud, wrapped around my penetrating fingers. “Hhhhhmmmmpppffffttttt…ehhhhhh…ahhhhh…fuuuuck Mr Andrews…hmmmmpppffffttt” is all Lilly seemed to be able to respond with. I wondered how Lilly would go with my full 8 inches buried deep in her ass with the way she was reacting to just two fingers. It was time to find out.

“Ahhhhh” Lilly sighed with relief as I pulled my slippery warm fingers from her rectum. “Ohhhh Mr Andrews…that made my ass feel so full and strange. I don’t think your dock is gonna fit” she said with her eyes fixed on my hardness.

“Hmm maybe you’re right Lilly… but really it’s up to you” I said as I picked her up off the couch and stood her up with her ass facing me as I sat down on the couch.

She looked back at me, perhaps wondering why she was standing, and I was sitting. “What do you mean Mr Andrews” Lilly said nervously.

I glanced down for a moment, admiring the lube running down her leg from her ass. “Instead of me fucking your ass…I’m going to let you be in control…so you will fuck your own ass by moving up and down on my cock. That way you can decide how deep and how fast ok?” It sounded like I was giving her the easy option, but I had more sinister plans in mind.

Lilly sighed with relief. “Oh ok…I guess that sounds ok…so I just sit on it like this?” she asked with an innocent tone as she moved back towards me and lowered her ass towards my now purple cock head.

“Yes that’s it” I said, giving my cock an quick extra coating of lube as her tiny hole moved to swallow up my hardness. I helped guide Lilly into a position where she could easily squat over my cock with my hands now supporting her for extra balance as she carefully pushed down.

With the finger work I’d done on Lilly the first inch slipped into her rectum easily and she moved up and down a few times with just a little more than the head of my cock in her ass. Of course, this felt and looked incredible.

I had convinced this stunning 18 year old let me open up her ass with my cock. But I knew she could do better than just an inch. “That’s it Lilly…now keep pushing down just a little more each time. Your ass could easily take all of my cock, you just need to help it along by moving just a little deeper every few thrusts.”

“Hmmm ugggh hhhmmmpppftt…I’ll try Mr Andrews. It just feels so fucking big and full inside my bum” Lilly panted as she gave it her best effort to stuff my dock deeper into her teen bowels getting to a point where she was moving easily up and down on about 5 inches. It wasn’t a bad effort, and it was so fucking tight that I don’t know how I managed to not blow my load already…but we were so close to getting all 8 inches in I had to step in and help things along.

On her next push down Lilly paused for just a moment, struggling to lower herself any further onto my cock. I seized that moment to reach up and place both my hands on her shoulders and pulled her down on me, instantly burying the remaining 3 inches deep in her tiny ass.

I held Lilly there for a moment as she took in the reality of 8 inches of cock stretching out her teen bum and bowels. “Aaaaahhhhhh hmmmmpppttttfff…ohhhhhh Mr Andrewss…noooooo hmmmmmm aghhhhhh eeeeeeeeee fuuuuuck!” she screamed but stopped short of trying to get up, which to me was the signal to go for it.

With Lilly still sitting balls deep with my cock in her ass I pushed up and forward, down to the carpet, so she was now face down with me on top of her…giving me full control of the ass fucking.

Once again, the sound of the Teen’s grunts filled the room. “uhhhgghh hmmmppppfftt…uh uh hmmmmohhhh fuuuuck” she squealed as I pumped the full length of my cock hard and fast in and out of her young, now stretched out rectum. The feeling was better than I could have ever imagined. With just the right amount of lube I was now able to freely plow the entire length of my shaft in and out of Lilly’s ass almanbahis giriş but it was still so incredibly tight with every thrust. Her groaning and grunting continued but still she did not try and break away from her current impalement.

“Uggghhhh Hmmmppptt…oooohhhuuhhhh…fuck, fuck fuck…hmmm yeahh.” It seemed that Lilly was now enjoying a bum full of cock, but I had to see this for myself.

Sitting up I moved back and slid my cock all the way out of the teen’s ass, enjoying the gaping hole left behind. Lilly just lay there on her tummy still panting from my deep thrusts in her bum. I grabbed her arm and moved it up, rolling her over onto her back revealing that her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wide open taking in deep breaths.

I had not paid much attention to her tits up to this point, but now I was in a better position to see and feel them during the next part of my dominance of her ass.

What I really wanted to do was look into her eyes and see the look on her face with my full 8 inches buried deep in her young ass. Taking hold of her legs I pushed Lilly’s knees back towards her shoulders, then took her hands and motioned for her to take hold of her legs. Once again not only did I have a magnificent view of Lilly’s glistening anus, but It now came with the added bonus of her holding her legs up as if to invite me back into her greasy tight hole.

“Hmmmmppphhh uhhhh” Lilly groaned as I pushed the entire length of my shaft past her sphincters and deep into her bowels once again. Her eyes flicked open and her gaze was now locked to mine.

As I continued with steady deep thrusts into my young lover’s ass I could see a few tears forming then falling from the corner of her eyes and she bit her lip and winced every time I bottomed out in the deepest recess of her bowels. I reached forward and cupped a breast in each hand, giving me an anchor point as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.

I had officially converted the young Lilly into my anal slut as she cried “ahhhhghhh yes…hmmmmm…yeeeesssssss!” with every balls-deep slam into her ass at an ever-increasing pace. Here eyes had closed again, and she now wore a serious expression on her face as if she was concentrating on a difficult task, but suddenly her eyes flicked open and she cried out once again. “Fuck meeee…Fuck my ass Mr Andrews…fuck it…fuck it…fuck it hard…pleeeeasseeee.”

Well, that was enough to send me over the edge. On top of the fact that I was deeply fucking the perfect 18 year old ass of my babysitter – the daughter of my neighbor, she was on the floor in front of me, legs in the air screaming for me to fuck her tiny hole HARD. With one final push with all my body weight behind it I bottomed out once again, balls deep in Lilly’s ass and unloaded what felt like a coffee cup of cum into her bowels, the pulsing of my ejaculation stretching her anus just a little more for a few seconds.

Wanting to savor the feeling of Lilly’s tight back passage I pulled my cock out very, very slowly enjoying her squirming with some discomfort at the pace of the withdrawal. “ohhhhh hmmmpppfff…yesssss” she sighed.

After about 20 seconds my still hard cock popped out along with a steady stream of my cum from Lilly’s ass. It was quite a mess…but a good one to make.

I stood up and pulled my new teen anal slut up by the arms, so she was now on her knees, looking somewhat dazed from her deep ass fucking experience. With one hand I grabbed a handful her hair at the back and gently pushed her face towards my cock, which was coated with a mix of lube, sweat, cum and juices from her ass. Though she had no experience in this area, Lilly instinctively let her mouth open and presented her tongue to my cock that was just starting to soften.

As the teen took a few inches of my dirty cock into her mouth and let her tongue dance around the base I felt my cock come to life again. Her warm lips and mouth sealed around my hardness as I gently thrust in and out with just a few inches, letting Lilly get used to the thickness. She looked up at me with slightly watery eyes and hummed “Hmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm” and I watched her drop a hand to her pussy and start to rub. It looked like were were both going to get off this time.

While I loved the sight of my cock disappearing into this young girl’s ass, watching it move it and out of her mouth as her innocent eyes looked up at me was really getting me going so I picked up the pace and tested getting more of myself into her mouth and throat.

Lilly started to gag “Uhh oooof…ack…ack…ack” and momentarily pulled back, but with some persuasion from my hand on the back of her head she continued working my cock a little further into her mouth while still madly rubbing her clit.

After only a few minutes of having this teen slut sucking and choking on my cock still wet with her anal juices I was ready to cum again, so I made my finishing move shoving the rest of my cock, quite expectedly for Lilly, into her throat.

“Uuhh ack…ack…bwoooah…ack eeeeehhh” Lilly gagged as I held my throbbing 8 inches balls deep in her little mouth and unloaded another helping of my cum directly down her throat. I held for just a few seconds then pulled all the way out, allowing Lilly to breathe and compose herself.

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Kyra’s Training Pt. 01

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Kyra had just gotten out of the shower, the flight in had been a bit delayed and she had insisted on showering first. As looked at her while she stood in front of the mirror drying her hair I couldn’t help but stare at the curve of her gorgeous bubble butt underneath her towel.

Now girls normally wrap their towel across their breasts, but she didn’t. She knew what effect she had on me when she stood there, topless, with the tight towel across her hips accentuating her ass. She knew it was a quick and easy way to get me hard and have me attack her. Its not like she had to do this to have me want to attack, I wanted to jump her just about every time I looked at her, but when she stood there – in the light, perfect tanned skin glistening in the water – the effect on me was more than exaggerated and she knew it.

On any other day, I would walk up behind her, kiss her neck while she felt me, rock hard, nestle between her perfect little round butt cheeks. I would cup one of her perky breasts and bite her ear as I growled how much I wanted her. Normally, the towel would drop, and to no surprise for either of us, her pussy would have been swollen and soaking wet already. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it.

Except today was different. Today I was going to do what I wanted to her. What I had always wanted to do to her.

I started as usual, kissing her neck and pinching her nipple and feeling it harden under my touch. She liked it when it was pinched hard, and I obliged. As I held her between my fingertips and slowly increased the pressure, I could feel her arching her back, pressing her ass harder and harder against my bare dick through the towel.

I reached down with my other hand and confirmed what I already knew. She was swollen and soaking. Her wetness already rolling out of her pussy and creaming against the side of her soft inner thighs. I brought that wetness back to my mouth and tasted the sweetness I loved so much. I went for more. This time I knew she wanted some too, so I let her suck on my fingers until they were nice and clean again. With one hand spreading her pussy and flicking her swollen clit, my other hand holding her from behind, I could feel her breathing quicken and her backing up on my hardness took on a rhythmic motion. A slight up and down as she pressed in and out against my cock nestled tantalizingly close to being inside her.

I untucked her towel and it dropped to the floor with the next backing away of her ass, and on her next thrust I could immediately feel her coat my dick with her soaking wetness. Her lips opening immediately. I wanted to enter her so badly. Feel her raw pussy coat every inch of my cock with her warm juices as I felt her clench and milk me for my cum. And on any other day, I would have. But I wanted something more.

I spun her around and she looked into my eyes with a mix of surprise and disappointment. She grabbed my cock in her hand and pulled me in, asking “babe, please please fuck me. what are you doing??”

I didn’t say anything. I took her by the hand and led her to the bed where I picked her up without warning and threw her facedown on the bed. She looked back at me with a sly little smile that told me she was confused, while also incredibly interested in whatever was coming.

I instructed her clearly, “Get on your knees, keep your head down, and put your arms in front of you.” She obeyed. She knew she had to obey.

While she lay there, ass up and open, I took a moment to admire the sight. The sight of her long brown hair lying across a perfectly tanned and smooth back, her hips widening into her perfect ass, her skin still glistening from the shower. She knew what I liked to see. She knew I loved seeing her exposed for me. She could have put her legs together, my command was vague enough that it wouldn’t have been considered disobeying, but she knew better. Her legs were wide, her back was arched, and her ass was spread wide open for me to see every part of her without impediment.

I loved how pussies looked like from behind, particularly hers when she was this turned on. Her lips were incredibly swollen, and I could see her quite literally dripping – a single strand of her clear wetness hanging about an inch below her pussy. I adored how wet she got. There were days we sometimes were out where we were in public and I could feel her wetness all the way through her panties and jeans. With her in this position I could just barely see a small opening, a small gape into darkness, where her pussy would be expecting my dick any second now.

I tore my eyes away, as hard as it was to do, and almanbahis şikayet went to the top left and right corner of my bed where I pulled out my restraints. I had installed them directly into the wooden frame to ensure maximum reliability and intensity. They were black industrial grade nylon ending in genuine softened black leather cuffs with a soft interior. I wrapped these around each of her wrists and locked the tamper-proof buckles. She wasn’t going anywhere unless I wanted her to.

With a final quick movement, I bent close to her ear, placed my hand under her head, and wrapped a black silken blindfold over her eyes. “Every single part of you is mine now.” I whispered in her ear. She responded, “Yes, anything.”

I rounded the bed again and went back to my favorite position, watching her dripping pussy soaking slowly into the sheets below her in a small damp circle.

I turned my attention to the focus of my desire, what I had wanted since the very first day I laid my eyes on her. Her cute, smooth, perfect dark pink little asshole. Incredibly tight, untouched by anyone else. I had fucked her so many times, and admired without end how her little asshole would clench and unclench involuntarily with each pulsing wave of her orgasms. There was nothing better than watching her on all fours, taking my raw dick to the hilt in her swollen pussy, counting out the intensity of her orgasm with each twitch of her asshole.

Tonight, I was going to feel each one of those tightenings of her perfect little anal ring clamp down right on my cock. Tonight I was going to make her asshole mine forever. She was going to become my little anal slut and she was never going to go back. Just as she had requested, even though she still probably didn’t know precisely what was happening.

I started at her slit. First picking up a drop of her wetness with my finger and tasting it. It just didn’t seem like it should go to waste. I knew there was basically unlimited supply in her perfect soaking pussy, but by god was I was going to take an opportunity to drink her in a little bit more if I could.

I started by tracing my tongue gently across the outside of her lips. Teasing her with only light flicks along the edges. I dropped up and down tasting her deeply and hearing her begin to moan softly. I kissed and licked every part of her, from her inner thighs to her soft little buttcheeks. But I didn’t touch her clit, it wasn’t time yet.

I continued this misdirection for about 5 minutes, and with each pass of my tongue I could feel her try to angle her body in such a way that would draw me in deeper inside her or closer to her clit. I laughed a bit on the inside, did she really think I couldn’t see what she was trying to get to? I kept teasing her until her moaning became whimpering and the wetness was rolling down her thighs and stomach. She begged, “please” over and over until finally, when I was satisfied that she was sufficiently soaking in anticipation, I spread her lips with my fingers and took her clit into my mouth.

I held her swollen and incredibly sensitive little clit between my lips and held it there with light pressure, as I sucked on her, and flicked her with my tongue at the same time. She gasped “fuck yes” and backed up into my face, drawing me as far into her as she could. In this position, my face was completely buried between her soaking lips and I could immediately feel her wetness start to run down my face and I loved every bit of it. I alternated between sucking on her clit, and dancing around it just with my tongue with both light and hard strokes. It didn’t take long at all and I could begin to sense her breath quickening and her legs bending inwards with the impending orgasm rapidly approaching her. She moaned “fuck yes baby, I’m about to come” which I confirmed with a light contraction of her asshole out of the corner of my eye. That was my cue.

I stopped. I pulled away from her, leaving her quivering on a cliff’s edge of orgasm and she immediately screamed, “No! No! No! I was so close! Fuck! I want to come so hard.” To which I responded with an incredibly hard spanking across her ass making her scream in surprise and pain. I immediately followed by burying two fingers in her pussy, curving them downwards to press on her also swollen g-spot, and I held her – hard, by her pussy. I knew she loved it, but I also knew she couldn’t come from just being held in a vice grip by her pussy, not unless I moved rhythmically to take her there.

Without letting go I told her, “You will come when and how I say you can.” I accentuated the order by gripping her even harder until almanbahis canlı casino she responded, “yes sir.”

I released her and pulled out my drenched fingers, trailing a beautiful sticky line of her pre-cum. I looked at my hand and her drenched body, and decided she at least deserved a small treat as she lay there hopelessly quivering with denied satisfaction. So I ran my already wet fingers from her clit to her hole to pick up a nice little puddle of her, and brought it to her already parting lips.

She didn’t have to be asked what to do. Even blindfolded she immediately could sense the sweet smell of herself and had already begun to open her mouth before I could say a word. I didn’t even have to bring my fingers all the way to her mouth – from about 3 inches away she leapt at my fingers hungrily and immediately sucked them clean. I honestly sometimes wondered who loved the taste of her more – some of my favorite videos she sent me throughout the day were ones where she sat in bed, in class, a restaurant, or some other place and plunged her fingers inside herself, drew out her slick fingers and followed them with the camera all the way to her mouth. She was gorgeous though, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she perhaps came to herself from time to time.

After cleaning my fingers her mouth, and feeling her pushing her head hard against my hand – she loved the feeling of dick or fingers down her throat, I backed away as she gasped, “thank you.”

I returned to her upturned ass and brought my tongue to her clit again. I knew she would come quickly if I started again and no doubt she thought that was what was happening. But that wasn’t what was happening. I pressed my tongue hard against her clit and then immediately began to move upwards, splitting her lips and briefly licking the inside of her barely gaping pussy as I listened to her appreciative little moans. But I didn’t stay there for more than a second as I continued my trip up the most beautiful and private part of her body.

My tongue settled for a bit licking the unbelievably soft, smooth, and sensitive skin separating her pussy and asshole. I tickled her with some soft licks, but then came down hard applying pressure with my tongue that she could feel tugging simultaneously on the edge of both her holes.

She moaned “Oh fuck, wow, yes,” and shifted her knees a bit further outward, becoming even more open to me. I continued there for a few minutes, loving her skin but dancing my tongue from the edge of the soft skin where her lips ended at the edge of her pussy, and right up to the edge of her waiting asshole – licking just the tiniest edge of it.

Even that edge though was already driving me wild. With my tongue I could immediately feel the short transitional space that represented the change in texture from normal skin to what I knew was going to be the unbelievably soft and smooth skin that made up Kyra’s tight little virgin asshole. I didn’t have to glance down to know that even without any kind of directly stimulation, my dick was already dripping out a nice clear bit of pre-cum.

I teased closer and closer to her asshole, further and further away from her pussy and noted with satisfaction that her moans were getting gently loader. Her knees were as spread as was comfortable, but I could now even feel her arching her lower back down, curving up to even further open her ass for me.

I abandoned any semblance of interest in her pussy anymore. Kneeling behind her, centered, I placed one hand on each of her ass cheeks and opened her up a little bit more – leaving her pink little asshole hopelessly exposed – given up entirely for me to do with as I pleased. Hands still on her perfect bubble butt, I began to run my tongue all around her asshole. Teasing circles along the edges of her smooth but still tightly closed little hole, feeling her begin to rock lightly forward then harder and further back in a bid to pull my tongue in closer.

“Tell me what you want.” I told her.

She responded with, “you know what I want.” But that wasn’t good enough. If she was going to be my little anal princess, my naughty little toy, I wasn’t going to accept half-measures and subtle hints. She was going to have to own and love being taken like this – and the first step in that part of her training was nipping any platitudes or shyness in the bud.

So I spanked her even harder this time. Leaving a clear read imprint of my hand on her ass. She gave a short scream and I told her in no uncertain terms, “You will say exactly what you want. Respond to me asking what you want one more time in vague terms almanbahis casino and you won’t get a thing. This is your only warning.”

I asked her again, “What do you want right now?”

“I want you to please please please lick my asshole. I want to feel your tongue split my tight hole, please, I’ve never even had something close to this and I’m already going crazy with how much I love this.”

Satisfied with her answer I delivered what she wanted, although I couldn’t say who liked it more – me, or her. I licked every little edge of her soft asshole in a smooth circular motion feeling every ridge of her tightly shut hole with my tongue. I felt every groove with ecstatic detail. Hearing her immediate gasp as she felt a tongue on her asshole for the first time was a sound that stiffened me even further. Her moaning had gone from a light and controlled to deeper, louder, darker – harder. She didn’t stop pushing back rhythmically her ass as she greedily continued to attempt to bring me in further.

Her hole slick with my saliva and some of her wetness I brought up to help lubricate her further, I gently began to push harder and more directly into the center of her hole with my tongue. At first it was complete resistance – like hitting a wall. But as I continued to push and twist I felt her little hole begin to give in. Slowly opening for me little by little as I pushed with my tongue, and then retreated. I continued to push and retreat opening her hole up just a little bit more with each thrust of my tongue. I could hear her grunt into the pillow another, “fuck yes” as I got deeper inside her. Finally after only a couple of minutes, her hole surrendered, opening fully and easily with each thrust to allow my tongue to enter her as far as I could extend it.

I fucking loved this. Tongue fucking her little virgin ass as she moaned with unprecedented pleasure was a dream come true. I knew now was the time to fulfill one of my fantasies. I reached down to the edge of the bed where I had placed a powerful little vibrator, and quickly turned it on and slipped it inside her pussy. It was a curved vibrator, a kind of C-shape, that fully encompassed her clit while also stimulating her from the inside.

“Oh my fucking god.” she said in an almost breathless gasp.

I went back to tonguing her asshole nonstop. Going as deep as possibly could, in and out. Twisting and curving nonstop, feeling her semi-opened ridges of her anal ring still tightly, but openly, wrapped around my tongue. Before long I felt what I had wanted to feel for so long, I felt her twitch. With my tongue, I felt a quick but unmistakable tightening of her asshole as her orgasm approached.

“You can come for me now. I want to feel your orgasm on my tongue.” I said.

I plunged inside her with my tongue as far as I could and accelerated my twisting and thrusting, until finally I felt it. Almost perfectly timed, while bottoming out as far as I could with my tongue inside her ass, I felt the first strong clench. I didn’t dare move out anymore, I wanted to feel all of this. Continuing with soft twisting the rest of her orgasm came quickly. The first clench was strong, but not the strongest. She began to quiver and tense up with that first one, and it was only about 30 seconds later that the full release happened. This time they came in rapid succession. 12 hard clenches I will never forget, with the 3rd and 4th being so strong that they almost hurt.

Kyra’s orgasm was strangely silent for a bit, until I realized she basically was unable to breathe with the strength of what was rocking her body, and by the last few waves she finally took a deep breath and screamed, “Oh my fucking god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I don’t think I have ever come as hard as this. Fuck. My god I love you licking my ass, I want you to do everything to me, I want MORE. I…” she trailed off as she continued to try to breathe and as quivering aftershocks of her orgasm cut her off.

I removed the vibrator and let her lie down for a little bit while the shocks continued through her – noting that she had certainly tried to get out of the restraints while being rocked, but hadn’t been able to – so she lay there splayed out, perfect little ass sitting there slick and glistening with the spit from my hungry tongue fucking. Below her the dark spot of her wetness had nearly tripled in size. I don’t think I had ever seen her pussy as swollen as it was then.

I gave her about 45 seconds to catch her breath. “Get back in position. I’m not even close to being done with you,” I told her. For a second I thought she might ask for some time to recuperate, but I was pleasantly surprised that she obeyed immediately. She knew the rules and had found something she really liked, and didn’t want to risk not getting more of it. She was doing well on her path to being a proper little anal fucktoy. I was proud of her.

To be continued…

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Journey of Punishment… Ch. 02

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Journey of Punishment Day Two: Stinging Anal.

Her ass was still sore from yesterday’s violation, but nevertheless she persisted. She returned to the same rest stop, again deserted, and in the bathroom she yanked her pants to her ankles and sat on the plug, opening up her anal ring. When it came to the bulge, she took deep breaths and focused on her legs bearing down, not the burn. After it went in, it actually felt good. She walked about half a mile through the desert and did 40 PU and 40 SU. This punishment will make her stronger. Unfortunately, the little anal invader didn’t want to stay in, even with the duct tape. So she re-sanitized it and worked it back in, sitting on it for an hour.

The sanitizer stung, but she bore it and eventually was rewarded by a pleasureable throbbing. The tip got tickly like it did on yesterday’s walk, not unpleasantly. She returned to the rest stop to pull it out in the car. It was dry and painful, the smell of rubber with a hint of shit filled up her RAV4, so she stuffed wet wipes against newly penetrated rosebud. Walking to the bathroom, relieving herself while even the urine stung, and then walking back was the worst part. Her ass was on fire, and she sweated and shook. she told herself to keep taking the pain so that she can be free. Free from memories. She told her asshole it was relieved of punishment for the next day. Her tits, pussy, and round ass cheeks? Not so much. They would get it tonight.

Interlude: Business Trip

Stand at the window, spread your legs and put your arms up. Tits against the window. I want anyone who’s looking to see what you’re getting. OK, it’s dark, no one is really going to see you, but let’s think that they can. You’ll take this almanbahis ass beating or I’ll turn the lights on so they can see your nice big tits squashed against the glass. What’s the housekeeper going to think tomorrow, tit marks on the window? I’m going to whip you harder for being a whore who wants everyone to see this. Put that ass in the air. I didn’t even bother to bring the paddle I bought -I’m just going to use this hanger. Yes, the next jacket or dress hung on it will be imprinted invisibly with your ass pain. Because you are a pain in my ass. Arch it MORE. You know what, just get on your knees.

The carpet sticks into my knees. I don’t so much fellate as am face fucked. He tries to whip my shoulders and back with the hanger, but my blowjob is so good that he often misses.

Your hair is in the way. You know what? Elbows and knees, here on the floor. Face the window and look outside at the city that’s watching you be fucked. I’m going to use your hair as a handle as I fuck you. Thank me for using your pussy this time. It’s going to be hard.

Thank you for fucking my pussy.

It is hard. My forehead would have slapped the glass except my back is bowed, head up, his hand pulling my hair and reigning me in like an unbroken horse.

Take it. Take it hard. You are lucky not to get an ass fucking tonight. You dirty little slut bitch.

I’m a dirty little slut bitch. Thanks … uh uh… ow … thank you for fucking my pussy. Harder. Fuck my pussy harder. OW! Your pussy. Your tight slut pussy that you can fuck whenever you want me to bend over.

Her asshole still stung, so she stripped and put the clips on her tits. Then she knelt in the corner, ass out, and rubbed her tight almanbahis yeni giriş slut pussy until she came. That wasn’t enough though. She roped up her tits. Then she took the buttplug, sanitized, and rammed her pussy. Thirtyfour times: Once for each year.

Time for the buttplug to violate her. She sat down on the toilet seat; it evaded her, so she straddled the bathtub edge and forced it into her ass. I’m a dirty slut and can take it in the ass, she told herself. Then perversely, she duct taped it from pussy to ass crack. She was filled with the small butt plug. Her ass was in pain, so she let herself remember.

I can’t take that whole thing in me.

Yes, you can. It’s just a little bigger than my dick.

No, but…

Butt, no, that’s where it’s going. Back to the hotel.

She undressed as soon as they were in the room, and he kept his clothes on. He put his hands on her in a way that wasn’t so much fondling as was inspecting the wares: squeezing each breast, pushing a finger into her pussy, unfurling, then into the tight ring of her ass. He slapped both ass cheeks then pushed her to her knees.

Knees further apart when you kneel. Ass out. I want to see all my holes. Here it is. Suck this cock. You don’t even have to be told.

She closed her eyes and took the cock into her mouth, opening her throat, pushing the head back up, handling the thick cock while she took each ball into her mouth, moistened it, then licked the bottom.

OK. Head back. Head back, don’t you know it’s a wooden spoon ass beating if I have to tell you twice. Suck this. All the way in. Harder. Suck harder. OK.Face down on the bed, ass raised. This is going to open up your asshole tonight. almanbahis giriş

She tucked her face into the pillow while raising her ass. There was no way that huge plug could fit. But the first bulge popped into her ass. As she kept her slutty little behind in the air, moaning and pumping, Jack fondled her pussy. His hard finger entered the liquid desire, and before she knew it, the second bulge of the plug had violated her ass.

No more. Please. My ass is full. Please.

You don’t listen. That’s my ass. It’s time for the belt. You’re lucky, your tits don’t get it first today. I’m going to beat this slut ass until you take all of this plug. Shut up, it’s not too big. Arch that ass up. Anytime you want to take the whole plug, just do it.

The belt whopped down again and again and again. She choked everything back. Weirdly, despite the pain or because of it, she reached back and pushed the huge plug into her punished asshole. After the first pain subsided, she arched her ass up so Jack could see. Her breath came fast and heavy; she couldn’t take this very long. The last bulge on the plug was probably five inches in circumference.

You know, this reminds me of something. Remember what you told me about DP?

BP? The filling station.

His belt smacked down on both her strained cheeks, even lapping around to her belly.

We had this discussion. A smart ass gets a sore ass. Say it a hundred times while I spank some sense into you.

She held her painfully plugged ass high and counted. A smart ass gets a sore ass. A smart ass… towards the end she felt herself rocking back and forth. Amazingly, she actually was the naughty slut he imagined her to be.


I am going to fuck you with the huge plug in your ass. You can come … any time after I come. When you are done coming, you can take the plug out. Now beg me to fuck your pussy…

Fuck my pussy. Hard. OMG. Oh. It’s in my ass. OW WOW OW!…

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I Think Of You

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Seems like ninety five percent of my day is filled with thoughts of you. The most innocuous thing gets me randy for the feel of you sliding deep within me. Pushing past my lips and deep into my mouth. Letting me taste the flavor of you. Feeling your hard, silken shaft sliding in and out of my mouth as I caress your ass, your hands tangled in my hair. Pulling and tugging as I take you deep , sliding my tongue around your dick and humming in delight. Oh, yah. The taste and feel of you.

I am so hot with the thought of you. With the desire to feel you pounding into me. I can feel my entire body vibrating with the need for your penetration. And, yet, I make it linger on. I want to linger over the taste of you. I slide up your body and kiss you deeply. Tongues waging war, as hands entwine deeply into hair, and moans escalate through my body. I feel your hardness against my inner thighs, pushing to be in my wetness, and I ache to oblige you. I feel my body thrumming with the desire to encase you, to feel the pressure of you deep within me, touching me in so many right places.

I move back down your body, sliding my hands to cup your ass as almanbahis I begin to suck your wonderful cock again. Moving my fingers until I begin to fondle your asshole. Slipping my mouth from your cock and sliding down to gently take your balls in my mouth, teasing them with my tongue. Letting my fingers continue to caress you, as I taste every inch of your sex. Slowly moving my mouth to your anus, and I begin to follow the path my fingers have traced. My tongue slowly moving closer and closer. Gently pushing into your ass, and out. I fuck your ass with my tongue as my hands replace my mouth on your cock. You roll over so I can have better access, and I suck you into my mouth. Loving the taste of you. One of my hands leaves your body to find mine. I plunge two fingers into my wetness and groan with the feeling of it. Pushing my face further into you, wanting more of you. I feel you vibrating in desire under me.

Moans escaping into the air. I pull away from your ass and put my fingers in my mouth….combining the flavors of us. Feeling my body pull tight in exquisite desire. I find your mouth again, and kiss you deeply. Gasping in shocked almanbahis yeni giriş pleasure as you plunge deep into my swollen puss. Grasping my hips and pushing deep into me, time and again you thrust into me….then, with a groan from the depths of your being, you flip me onto my stomach and push yourself into my ass. Pausing to feel that wonderful moment of adjustment.

Easing deeper into my ass, shifting me into position, you begin to pound deep into me. I feel you so deeply. Touching me, Stroking me. Pushing me higher even than the stars. Knowing I am about to explode, I can’t hold back my moans of ecstasy. You shift my position. Keeping me on the brink of release, but not allowing me over the edge. Pulling out of me, you slowly enter again, and begin a slow and torturous dance. Pushing as deep into me as you can. Shifting me to find new points of pleasure.

You take me to new levels of desire. And you slip yourself from my ass and plunge into my puss, deep and hard. Pounding deeply into me, lifting me, shifting me. Bringing me to the edge again…and you stop. Suddenly. You completely remove yourself from my body. I ache almanbahis giriş at the loss and groan out loud, pouting. You roll me over and tell me to suck your cock, and I greedily oblige. The taste of me coating and mingling with the taste of you. I get high on the flavors that flow through my senses, and I take as much of you as I possibly can into my mouth. Sucking every last drop of our mingled juices from your shaft….wanting more….aching to have you in me.

You push me away, gently, and lift my legs….Sliding deeply into my aching loins, you coat yourself with my juices, and I squeal in exquisite agony. You pull from me, and lift my hips further, pushing my legs further back, sliding slowly and steadily into my ass. You pump into me, hard and deeper. Faster and stronger. I feel the stars tingling upon my skin and know I am going to explode into a million pieces. This time you don’t stop. You take me over the edge, and I shatter.

You roll me to my stomach and lay me flat, pushing deep into my ass, you bring me immediately to the brink again. Exhausted and exhilarated, I reach for the nova that I become with you, and as I explode for the second time, I feel you pulse deeply within my ass. Pouring your seed into me, and I hear you groan in release.

Sweaty and content, I smile a satisfied smile, and wonder to myself how soon we can start this dance all over again.

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Hotel Bar Pick-Up

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My two buddies and I had been on a week-long fishing trip and we were staying at a hotel close to the airport for one night ahead of our flight home in the morning. It had been a great week, lots of fishing, whiskey, and bullshit – but no pussy, so I was ready to go if the opportunity presented itself.

We checked in, got clean, and met up at the hotel bar for beers and shots. The bar was quite busy: not exactly a crush, but things were getting loud and the music was pumping. There was a wedding reception going on in one of the banquet rooms, and from our position we could see people going in and out to the bathrooms or whatever. Not bad overall, for what was basically a three-star hotel in a regional shit-hole town. No-one in their right mind would ever go there if they had the choice, but hey, here we were, my buddies and I – the beer was cold, the shots were shots, and life was good, even if there was nothing much to look at.

Just then, these two young sluts walked out of the reception room and headed over in our direction. How did I know they were sluts? It was written all over them. Slut

was wearing a tight cream dress which barely covered her pussy, and she’d squeezed her tits into it as much as she could without them falling out. Her blonde hair was piled up high and she had bright red lip-stick to match her bright red nails. Her white heels were about a million miles high. Good legs, thank Christ, and while she wasn’t exactly slim, she certainly wasn’t fat and her body looked quite nubile. You’d fuck her, I thought, if you’d just spent a week in the mountains with nothing but two guys and some fish.

Her friend, Slut

, was even sluttier, if that was possible. She was a brunette (actually they were both brunette, but Slut

had gone blonde), and she was in a loud red dress as short as her friend’s but somehow even more revealing: tighter, more busty, and more slutty. Her shoes were hilarious – the heels were about a billion miles high. Her face was ok pretty but her body was awesome, in a small-town-slut kind of way, and she knew it. Leggy, slender, good skin, and very fuckable. Both of them had a look which said “cheap pornography magazine”, maybe on purpose, maybe by nature, who knows, who cares.

What was important was that they looked like cheap dirty sluts on a Saturday night and they were coming my way.

I watched them giggle, wobble and stagger towards us as they pushed up to the bar between me and my buddies. Slut

ordered two white wines.

“How come you can’t get free drinks at the wedding?” I said to Slut


“Because Brendan’s dad lost his job and he can’t afford free drinks all night, so we’ve come over here to get all the rich millionaires to buy us drinks”, said Slut

. I guessed Brendan was the groom.

“Now, how did you know that I’m a rich millionaire?” I asked. Actually I am a rich millionaire, so even though she was half drunk her natural female money antennae were working fine.

“I can tell”, said Slut

, “it’s written all over you, and besides, you look like a total bastard, so you must be.”

“You’re right, I am a total bastard. So what are you going to do in return for me buying you drinks?” I asked, with a shit-eating grin. I sat on my bar-stool with my legs wide open so she could have a good look at my cock bulge.

Sure enough, Slut

glanced down straight at my crotch. I love it when a woman does that, it almost always means I can fuck her later if I want. Slut

swiveled her hips and displayed her full rack to me. “Well you never know your luck, champ. Shelley here’s a right load of trouble when she’s had a few wines, aren’t you Shel.”


, who from this point we shall refer to as “Shelley”, smirked and leant forward towards me, exposing even more of her tits, if that was possible. “She can talk”, she said, wafting me with white wine breath, “She’ll do anything for a free drink, and that’s why Brendan’s parents aren’t talking to her!” Shelley burst out laughing, and so did Slut

, the pair of them snickering, winking, and toasting each other, as if they were the only ones in the room who knew they were utter, utter sluts.

My two fishing buddies were appalled, and jealous. Both of them had boring, dumpy wives and were off the leash for the week. Over the next ten minutes both of them tried to pump their own egos with pathetic attempts to get the sluts interested, and both of them failed miserably. I mean Jesus, sluts like these two can tell the difference between talk and action from twenty paces.

It turned out Slut

‘s name was Peggy, and it wasn’t long before the dirty bitch was leaning her body into me between my wide open legs, rubbing herself on me at every chance. I had my hand on her body just above the curve of her right ass cheek and her tits were basically right in my face, as I sat on the bar stool and she got drunk on cheap white wine.

Meanwhile Shelley was sitting across from me on a bar stool and was giving me some very hot looks. She had her legs crossed, her short dress hitched right up her thighs, almanbahis şikayet and her left leg was pushed up and rubbing my left leg. I had my left forearm rested on the bar and Shelley was lightly scratching it with her nails, slowly up and down. Shelley was leaning forward at every opportunity, showing me her big tits squashed into her slutty red dress. My cock was getting harder and I made no effort at all to hide it as I downed my beer and ordered another one.

The barman served the beer. I picked it up, Shelley accidentally bumped my arm, and best part of a whole pint of cold lager went splashing all over Peggy’s face and tits. Everyone around us went “oh!” and the three of us, me, Shelley, and Peggy, each said “Jesus!” in a different way. For a second Peggy just stood there, with beer all over her face and chest, and then she and Shelley started laughing as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

“Fucking hell I’m fucking soaked!” shouted Peggy, holding her hands out in front of her. “How am I supposed to go back in there like this,” she said, nodding over towards the reception room.

We got a few napkins from the bartender but it didn’t make much difference, she was a mess.

“Tell you what,” I said, “your dress is okay, it just went all over your face and tits”. Indeed, the beer was running down between her tits and under her dress. It made me want to pull her top down and suck her nipples.

“Why don’t you come up to my room and have a shower to clean up?”

Peggy paused, standing there with beer all over her face and chest. My offer was obviously sleazy, and she didn’t really have much choice, but she still needed a gentle shove to push her over the line.

“It’s right upstairs on the fourth floor. Shelley can come too, just to make sure you’re okay,” I said, standing up. My balls were heavy and beginning to ache.

“Well there’s fuck-all else to do about it,” said Peggy,”so yeah okay, thanks, let’s go.”

Shelley stood up and we all turned to go. As I guided them through the crowd towards the elevators, I made sure to look over my shoulder at my fishing buddies. That’s right, I smirked, two filthy sluts, heading upstairs to my room. Have fun masturbating tonight, suckers, I’ll tell you all about it in the morning.

Now, whenever I’m in a hotel, which is often, I always make a point of setting up my room before I go out, just in case. I fix the lighting low, to set an atmosphere. I get some low-key house music going on the speakers so it sounds cool when I get back, and I make sure the ice-box is full. I figure you never know when you’re going to meet two sluts from a wedding reception at the hotel bar, so you need to be prepared. Yes, my room was a standard room, in a three-star hotel, in a shit-hole dump of a regional town, but whatever – it was cooler than anywhere else these two sluts were going tonight.

“Ooh, this is cool,” said Peggy, “nice and sexy, are you having a party?” Meanwhile Shelley had walked straight over to the mini-bar fridge and was bending over in her heels, her short red dress barely covering her ass, brazenly parading herself like a slut.

“Why don’t you jump in the shower and get cleaned up,” I said to Peggy, “and I’ll fix us some drinks”. Peggy winked at me, blew me a kiss, and stepped into the bathroom. I noticed she closed the door behind her, which was a bit disappointing, but then I figured it was ok because it gave me more leeway with Shelley.

Shelley was still at the mini-bar. “Hey Shelley,” I said, moving towards her. “Let me show you this special drink I found out about a few weeks ago, it’s called an American Beauty, it’s tasty, you’ll love it”.

“Okay cool,” said Shelley. I made the drinks, putting the brandy in her glass and the vermouth and orange in mine (the cheap hotel mini-bar didn’t have all the ingredients for a real American Beauty, but so what). Shelley was standing very close to me, and the tension was electric.

“We have to mix it in each other’s mouths, that’s the rules, so take a big gulp and hold it in your mouth until I kiss you, okay?”, I said, repeating a line I’ve been using since I was sixteen.

Shelley took a big gulp, like a good girl. I sipped some of my glass and leaned forward to kiss her. Our lips met, and she opened her mouth. The brandy, vermouth, and orange mixed with a sting, and Shelley’s tongue met mine like a striking serpent. Putting my glass down, I reached around and grabbed her tight slut ass with both hands. Shelley pushed her tits into me, kissing me wantonly with her arms around my neck, wriggling her slutty body all over me.

I moved her backwards towards the bed, with the intention of fucking her there and then. It was only a few short steps, and as we moved and kissed I pulled her short red dress up over her hips to her waist. One reason I work out a lot is to keep my stomach flat so it’s easy to get my pants off. As we reached the bed I quickly unclipped my pants, and with a downwards shove I had them down around my ankles and my cock free and ready for sex. A week in almanbahis canlı casino the woods without any release meant my cock was rock hard, curving upwards and swaying like a cobra above my full aching balls. I pushed Shelley backwards onto the bed and hooked my left thumb around behind her ass and under her g-string thong. (I knew it would be a g-string, what else would a slut like her be wearing?) I slipped my thumb back down towards her pussy, pulled the thong out of the way, and angled my body, so that as she fell back on the bed I was between her legs with my cockhead pushing into her sex. Shelley was still kissing me hard as she opened and raised her legs for me.

I pressed myself forwards and the thick head of my big hard cock entered her vagina.

“Jesus, you don’t muck around, do you,” she breathed, as I bit the back of her neck, forcing my cock into her, pushing in and easing out as she got lubricated, my cock splitting her tight cunt open, and both my hands spreading her ass cheeks wide, the tips of my fingers pulling her pussy lips open.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out,” I grunted.

“Uh-huh”, she gasped, as I fucked her. She had her arms around my neck and over my shoulders, and her cunt was juicing up so now my cock was about half way into her. Shelley raised her legs high and wide, wrapping her ankles around my waist, pushing her hips up into me to meet my thrusting cock, and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know how many men she’d fucked in her life but her pussy was tight, one of the best I’ve ever fucked, and as I raked my hard length into her she fucked me back like a rattlesnake, biting my shoulder and humping my cock. I could just see my ass in my room’s full-length mirror, driving and pumping between her white thighs in the soft light, but I couldn’t see anything else so it was like watching two strangers fucking, and for some reason that turned me on and made me fuck her harder.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh yeah ,oh yeah, oh fuck me, oh yeah” she breathed as I fucked her with her shoes on, her cunt nice and wet now and her tits pressing into my chest. I pulled her back to the edge of the bed so I could get some purchase with my feet, and looped my arms around the backs of her slender thighs, pushing her ankles up over my shoulders, fucking her harder, leaning into her, pushing her down into the bed, slamming my meat into her with loud slaps as my groin met her wet pussy, with one hand behind her neck pulling her hair, exposing her throat, and the other holding her wrist back above her head like she was being raped. She wasn’t exactly fighting me off either, the flexible little slut, humping me with her eyes rolling back half closed and her fingers scratching across my back.

At that point I realised just what a total slut this Shelley really was. I’d only met her half an hour earlier, and it was clear that whatever I wanted to do to her, she’d be right into it. I felt a sudden urge to fuck her in the ass, and fuck her mouth, and really violate her as much as possible, as soon as I could.

At some point while we were fucking I heard the shower switch off, and a bit later the bathroom door opened and Peggy stepped out in a towel.

“Well look at you two, why am I not surprised,” she said, with a smirk. I carried on fucking her friend, who was proving herself to be completely shameless. I started thinking about taking Shelley out onto the balcony and fucking her in public.

“Shelley and I were just getting to know each other better”, I said, between breaths. “How was the shower? Feel like a drink? There’s champagne in the fridge.”

“I’d love a drink”, said Peggy. She opened a half-bottle of champagne and poured herself a glass, then casually sat down on the bed across from me and Shelley while we fucked all the while. I couldn’t believe it, she was watching me and Shelley fuck like we were playing a game of chess or something.

I kept up an even rhythm, pumping steadily into Shelley’s tight pussy, her legs wrapped around my waist again, and my cock slamming into her so our groins met with a slap on each thrust. She was panting and moaning quietly, and then she turned her head to Peggy and said “oh he’s got a big one, I can’t handle it” and then she started spasming, her pussy flexing rapidly against my hard cock and her body tensing up. I started fucking her really hard, really making sure she felt it good, punishing her slut pussy while she orgasmed all over my cock.

I carried on fucking her but she started trying to push me off so I pulled out of her and she rolled away on the bed groaning. I stood up, kicked my pants and shoes off and walked around the side of the bed towards Peggy, my hard cock swaying in the dim light. Peggy put her glass on the floor and opened her mouth, and I shoved my cock in.

She licked and sucked all around my hard cock, holding it with one hand, exploring my length with her tongue and mouth, licking and sucking my balls before returning to the head and bobbing up and down as she sucked me. I let her blow me for a minute almanbahis casino and then I started fucking her face. I had one hand gripping under her chin and the other behind her head, with one foot on the bed, and I forced her to deep throat me, steadily thrusting into her mouth as I pushed her backwards onto the bed, her towel falling away, straddling her with my knees on either side of her head, making her gasp, gurgle, and choke. I humped her face with my hard cock, pumping and fucking her face, making sure she took me down her throat. Every now and then I pulled out, letting her suck and lick my balls, before easing my cock back into her mouth and starting again with the hard fucking. Her lips felt like heaven and she kept her wet mouth tight around my shaft and rolled her tongue around and over my cock head as I fucked her face.

After a minute I glanced over to see what Shelley was doing – she was just sitting on the edge of the bed watching her friend give one of the all-time great blow-jobs. I decided to make her do something useful.

“Hey Shelley”, I said. “Be a good girl and get some bath oil.”

Shelley got up and went into the bathroom, and I pulled out of Peggy’s mouth, stood up, and roughly turned her on to her stomach. I shoved her legs apart with my knees and pulled her hips up and back towards me. Her pussy was shaved bald. I quickly leaned forward, and ran my tongue all over her labia, sucking her mound and tonguing her pussy lips. I lapped at her sex, from her asshole to her clit, up and back, over and over again as Peggy moaned and moved her hips with me, raising her ass higher. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb, her juices on my lips and my face, and her clit swelling up harder.

Shelley came back with a bottle of that scented bath oil you get in hotels.

“That’s all there is”, she said.

“Put it on my cock”, I told her, and she squirted the oil into her hand and rubbed it onto my cock, up and down and all over the head. I thought she was going to suck me but she didn’t. I slapped Peggy’s ass cheek hard, and pulled her hips further up and back. She moved her knees slightly wider and arched her back more, presenting herself to me, ready to fuck. I stepped closer, and pressed the head of my cock into her pussy. The bath oil helped me slip into her, the tightness gripping my cock, my hands on her waist and hips holding her steady. Again putting one foot on the bed, I eased my thick meat into her.

“Oh god”, she said. “Mmph, oooh ,oh jesus, you bastard”. Peggy tossed her head from side to side, her hands bunching up, her arms flat on the bed. I pushed all the way into her, nice and slow, and then started fucking her harder, back and forth, holding her hips as she moaned and groaned, pumping my cock into her with a steady rhythm, my balls swinging, my teeth gritted with sexual violence.

“Ooh you’re so big”, said Peggy, as I started fucking her cunt deeper. My cock was as hard as concrete, pushing into her, splitting her open.

“Oh fuck me, oh yeah, oh fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me, oh yeah”, she moaned. Peggy was rolling her hips, humping me in rhythm, her hands gripping the bedspread and her eyes closed.

“Mmm, oh yeah, that’s good”, I told her. “That’s it, fuck me you dirty slut, fuck my hard cock, fuck me good like Shelley did, fuck my cock.” I moved my left hand around onto her tits and leaned into her, the full length of my hard cock jamming right up deep into her vagina, fucking her good and hard and deep with each thrust.

Meanwhile Shelley was sitting on the edge of the bed again, sipping champagne. Could I get a threesome going?

“Hey Shelley”, I grunted, as I fucked her friend, “why don’t you move round and put your pussy in her face, then she can lick you while I fuck her.”

“What?”, said Shelley.

“Sit in front of her and put your pussy in her face so she can lick you while I’m fucking her”, I hissed, straining with the effort I was putting in to fucking Peggy’s tight pussy. “Make her lick your pussy.”

“Are you up for that Peg?” said Shelley, moving across the bed and positioning herself. It looked like Shelley was up for it, whatever Peggy said.

“Mmm, yeah okay, ohh”, murmured Peggy as I fucked her. Shelley pulled off her g-string, opened her long slender legs and slid forwards on the bed towards us. She still had her high heels on. I grabbed Peggy’s hair and pulled her head up, and Shelley moved forward and wriggled her shaven pussy into Peggy’s face, leaning back on her elbows as Peggy started licking and sucking her pussy.

This was so great – I had a perfect view of the action. Shelley looked me straight in the eyes and winked, then leaned back with her legs spread wide, her short red dress around her waist. Her eyes half closed and she started concentrating on the oral sex her friend was giving her. It quickly became all about one girl getting the other one off, as Peggy licked and sucked Shelley’s pussy and clit, working her head up and down, lightly and firmly tonguing her friend’s cunt, rolling her tongue around Shelley’s clit, toying with it, teasing it, building the pressure, until Shelley’s hips were humping up and down, thrusting and rolling, and she was groaning and moaning, squeezing her own tits and whispering “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah” under her breath.

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