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Release Me!

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The day, felt like a year. Her mood was as miserable as the ongoing windy, rainy weather. She stared out of the window and watched the rain lash against the glass pane. She could do with being lashed in a completely different way.

Closing her eyes she thought about him and him, which one would guarantee ecstasy? She wanted to move her hands over her body and appreciate herself, although someone else’s hands would be much better. Clenching her teeth, she held her frustration within herself, she wanted him to show the desire he once showed. She wanted to feel like a goddess, of infinite desire. His fingers were always magical and his thirst for her pussy juice, made her tingle.

She snapped out of her little world, when her colleague walked into the room, he was still bright and smiley despite the challenging long day. She could feel his eyes, gazing at her, she loved it, knowing he admired her womanly figure. She knew she had curves in all the right places. Standing up, she held her head up high, as she knew he would still be admiring her and probably undressing her with his eyes.

She checked her phone and brightened up when she saw the message. ‘When do you finish? Biting her lip, she replied instantly, she needed time alone with Karl. Within minutes, she was driving home.

As soon as she walked through the door, she made a cup of tea as she thought about what she would wear and where she would be, when he arrived. Texting him, ‘the doors open’. She slid out of her work clothes, and slipped on her black lacy lingerie and stilettos.

She laid down on her bed, legs up and apart and her head in a book, she read as if she was an innocent scholar with no notions of sexual desires. Soon she was in her own little world, lost güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in her book.

His lips touched her so softly, she tingled as she felt his lips on her arse, closely followed by a couple of spanks. He gripped her hips, and moved his hands up her body.

He was in heaven, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he walked into her room. She looked fabulously and irresistible, and as he kissed her, the scent of her pussy juice sent electric shocks through him. He kissed her arse, then moved up her back slowly to her neck, and he felt her body arch as she felt his touch. She was a sexy bitch. He explored her body with his hands, taking in her soft skin and vanilla scented perfume. Fuck he needed to be in her.

Without hesitation, he fingered her, nice and softly at first so he could fell her clit and wetness, then a little harder. She was dripping in no time, he leant forward and licked her pussy. Her clit was already swollen, and so wet, her pussy tasted so good. He could feel her tensing and slithering and as she murmured louder; he felt her body flinch and tense, as her pussy juice gushed into his mouth. In seconds she was tensing again, she had the pillow stuffed in her mouth, to muffle her moans. She thrusted herself into his face, and he fucked her pussy with his tongue. He withdrew, and knelt up and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, she knelt up and her arse was up in front of him. He took her from behind, he pushed in deep and she pushed back, fuck she wanted this so much. Her body tensed again, her back arched he could feel her cuming, she felt so good, he gritted his teeth as he held himself back from cuming.

“Fucking horny bitch! You’re such a sexy bitch…” he spat out as he withdrew güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she turned over. She knelt in front of him, looked him in the eye, before she moved towards his throbbing cock. She licked the tip of his cock, he clenched his teeth. It felt so fucking good. She licked him and sucked him so tenderly and her murmuring made it an incredible unforgettable blowjob. But he didn’t want to cum yet.

She moved back. Knelt up, the black lingerie made her skin so white, it was as pure as snow. Horny bitch!

He reached around her, unclasping her bra. Her jugs dropped out like perfect pear drops, looking good and tasty. He moved forward, getting his target first time, he pushed himself in hard. Holding his head up, he took her left nipple in his mouth. He suckled her, as she opened her eyes and watched him. She could feel him deep inside her and she admired his enthusiasm for her nipple as she watched him. She forced her bust forward, as she raised her left hand and stroked the other tit, before pushing the nipple to her mouth. Looking down, she suckled one nipple as he devoured the other, until she flexed her body, arched her back and came again…

Suckling her tit, she wanted to cum again, so she slipped her hand down between her legs, she could feel his shaft inside her, and began to rub her clit. He raised his head, looked at the horny bitch and watched her rub her own clit, she was soon gasping out loud as she came again. She rubbed her love juice over her nipples before licking her own fingers. He had to kiss her hard, as she released that irresistible tongue. She was on heat and full of desire, as their tongues fought within the entwined mouths. Their passion ignited each other and güvenilir bahis şirketleri their tongues slowed down and played playfully.

As they kissed he lay on top of her and opened his eyes wide, and her eyes were wide open and stared at him. His hair was short and neat, her long hair was loose around the frame of her face. Their tongues played friskily as she took in her own scent, she tasted good, and she could feel his hunger for her. AS their tongues parted, he kissed her neck and sweetly and teasingly trailed his tongue up towards her ear. She tingled as he bushed his tongue across her ear, she held him tight as she took in his scent. They were lost within each other. Lost in desire, lust and an ecstasy of chemistry.

“My turn.” she whispered.

He turned over onto his back, laid next to her whilst still feeling the softness and pureness of her skin. She was soon straddled over him, she slipped his cock into her easily. She looked down at him. He was now all his, her turn to tease and lure is passion further. She sat back, and he thrust his hips making two become one, as she groaned she leaned forward, and her tits hung in front of his face. He reached his tongue out towards her nipples, she pushed her breasts together and he flickered his tongue across her nipples. She closed her eyes and murmured. He could see from the sweetness of her face, she fucking loved it! He then clamped one nipple between his teeth, nipped and pulled at it with his teeth, she squirmed as she took in his, rough yet tender touch. She moved herself to the side, making him release one nipple and forcing him to pay attention to the other. Her hips tensed, as she felt her spine and her legs tingle. She sat up, and in harmony they thrust against each other as she sat up straight and gazed down upon him. As she moved both her hands up and across her tits, she held both nipples firmly, kneading them between each finger and thumb. She played and played, as she enjoyed feeling her eyes watching her, she felt him thrust his hips up. Fuck…she didn’t want this to end!

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Mom and I Discover One Another

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My mother makes the best demiglace you’ve ever tasted. I’m not kidding, she spends days roasting bones, boiling stock, reducing… It’s an amazing and daunting process. That’s probably why I asked her to teach me.

Let me tell you a few things about us first. Mom was barely out of high school when she got pregnant with me. It was the south and both my parents were Christians, so my they tied the knot and within four years I was there, and pappy wasn’t. Mom was smart, ambitious, and hard working. On top of that, she had lots of help from my grandparents (on BOTH sides) and her church. Tie that in with the fact that my grandparents owned a restaurant and Mom’s food had made Michelin star chefs cry in envy and we had a comfortable life. I grew up well fed and well loved.

Despite her talent, effervescent personality, and inherent beauty, Mom didn’t really date. Like, ever. As I got a little older, I asked her about it, and she just told me

“You’re all the man I need in my life.”

Well! That sort of comment makes a fella feel okay! I mean, here is this gorgeous, skilled, even inspired woman telling me I am enough… well… needless to say, I had a crush on my Mom!

Even then, it didn’t really sink in until one night when I was eighteen and Mom came in to say goodnight. She wore a robe and was fresh out of the shower. Her was hair wet, and her robe fell open as she leaned over the bed to kiss me on the forehead. That was when I realized it was a sexual attraction… at least on my end.

That night, I could tell she was tired, and as it turned out, she hadn’t closed her robe as thoughtfully as she probably ought to have done. As she leaned over, the robe fell open and I saw straight down her body. Her perfectly formed b-cup breasts with taut pink nipples, the soft, taut stomach, the light thatch of reddish pubic hair….

Mom noticed my glance and I was immediately hard. I don’t mean I caught a semi; I mean I was so hard you could have etched glass with the head of my cock.

quickly wrapped her robe back around her with an odd grin and a blush that I didn’t really understand. Not that I was understanding much other than MOM SEXY. I WANT TO TOUCH SEXY MOM.

Well, Mom didn’t say anything, just turned and strolled out of the room. I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but I could swear her hips swayed just a little more than usual as she left.

As the door closed, my hand found its way to my now throbbing cock and began to stroke. I masturbated three times that night, all three times fueled by visions of my mother’s sexy body exposed to my gaze.

My dreams…. My dreams were not fit for mixed company.

My son is the only person in my life who has never, ever let me down. From the first moment I saw his sweet face I was entranced and in love like I never imagined I could be. I had thought his father was “the one”. I guess all girls think that when they get to decide who will be their first. But my time with his father was nothing compared to what I had started feeling the morning I saw his eyes roam over my body.

I was shocked. Here was my beautiful young man drinking in my body as if it were water to a man dying of thirst. Of course, I was embarrassed, ashamed…. and I must admit… REALLY turned on.

After his father I had avoided men. They had been nothing but the source of problems. My father had been domineering güvenilir bahis and pushy, although helpful and generous as well. My ex-husband had been a shallow cad who never really tried to make things work. Even the few dates I went on after my son was born never really wanted anything but a quick fuck.

The two things in my life that really mattered were cooking and my son.

In case you don’t know, chefs live at night. Restaurants live by dinner and the hours most chefs keep aren’t conducive to family life. All that nightlife meant that there were plenty of men who moved in and out of my sphere of contact, but no one I was willing to introduce to my son or ever felt close enough with that I was willing to go farther with than a little making out.

That was before that night. I had gone in early to set the menu, write up the prep lists, do inventory, and prepare for the upcoming week. This meant I was tired from getting up too early, and I just wanted to go to bed. I had taken a long hot shower and was feeling pretty relaxed. I heard him settling down in his room and went in wearing my cozy robe, my hair still up in a towel, to give him a goodnight kiss and it happened.

To this day I can’t honestly say there was no subliminal motive to my robe being that loose.

Let’s be honest, moms. We know our sons masturbate. If all the crunchy cloth, hidden browser histories, and missing lingerie didn’t clue us in, the long showers and suddenly frequent locked bedroom doors and sheet changes are pretty good indicators. I suppose these things had been brewing a worrisome stew of thoughts for quite a while when I walked in that evening.

To sum up, I was tired, relaxed (I had even had a couple of glasses of wine after I got home that night) and simmering in a long tide of sexual frustration complicated by a morass of male scent sprayed around the house when I went in that night.

When I leaned over… when I kissed him… when my robe parted… I can’t really say it was fully accidental.

I saw his eyes open wider and drift from my face, down my neck, along the midline of my body, drifting from nipple to nipple, and then down to my bright red landing strip of pubic hair. I saw them, and I felt my vagina flare as if someone had thrown gasoline on a long smoldering fire.

I was so turned on by his eyes on my body, I wanted to grab his dick (which I just noticed poking up under his covers… OH MY!) and slide it into me right there. But that would be wrong, and dirty, and oh GOD, I’m going to hell for this, so fucking hot.

I could feel the blood flooding to my cheeks. I felt so ashamed that I had done that. I felt confused because I already knew somewhere deep inside me that it hadn’t been entirely an accident. I felt ashamed I was so turned on by his gaze, his fascination… and his hard on.

I felt my nipples harden as I wrapped my robe shut around me and damn near fled from his room. I felt so dirty. I felt like a whore. I felt soooo goooooood!

That night I slid my hands down to my pussy and rubbed my clit as if doing so would save the world. I envisioned my son grabbing me, throwing me over the kitchen counter and ripping off my panties, his lust so heavy he couldn’t stop himself. I fantasized about being loved, and wanted, and lusted for so badly he couldn’t help himself. I fantasized about the erection I had seen through türkçe bahis a thin layer of cotton sheet thrusting into my sopping cunt as my beautiful son made me his.

I came like I never had before.

The next morning, I got up for school (I had to be on campus at seven thirty in the morning) and was surprised to find Mom up and making breakfast. The house smelled of bacon, coffee, and Hollandaise sauce, so I knew I was getting Mom’s perfect eggs benedict. This was a real treat! Mom’s eggs benny could convert vegans back into omnivores. I followed my nose to the kitchen to find mom pouring a cup of coffee which she set down next to the second plate at the table. Breakfast together. Even better, she was wearing a silky rose-colored robe that barely hid the lacy black bra she had on. I knew it was lacy because the pattern lifts and indentations of the fabric could be seen through the light material… just like how I could tell her nipples were hard.

I felt a stirring that had nothing to do with hunger. My pants felt a little tight all of a sudden and I tore my eyes from Mom’s sexy little breasts to look down at the plate.

“Those, I mean, THIS looks great, Mom!” I told her enthusiastically. My cock had short circuited my brain and I lowered my head so it might look like I was staring hungrily at my plate, rather than my mother’s tits.

“Thanks, baby. I was really hoping you’d like it. I thought I would try to do something nice for the wonderful man in my life!” Mom was smiling, blushing, and had a weird twinkle in her eye.

Was Mom doing this on purpose? Nah, she couldn’t be. She had just been really tired last night and now she was just up early to… wait, she had her day shift yesterday. Why WAS she up early?

I let my eyes drift from the bite I had just cut as Mom sat down on the other side of the glass table. I could see through the table the way the robe draped over her smooth thighs, exposing the barest edge of her panties… Black and lacy, just like the bra. I decided to try something that I desperately hoped wouldn’t explode in my face and get me killed.

I stared hard at those panties for a moment, then slowly raised my eyes up her body, drinking in every detail as if I’d never see it again (because after what I was about to say, I might not). When I made it to her face, I noticed that she was blushing crimson and seemed to have trouble meeting my gaze. Mom was ashamed! She was ashamed, but still sitting there!

I noticed in my peripheral vision that her thighs parted ever so slightly more…

“I want you to take off that robe and give me a better look at that slutty underwear you’re wearing.”

When I woke up the following morning, I was still horny. I’ve awoken wet a bunch of times, but usually I can give my kitty a good morning and go about my day. This morning even though I masturbated and came twice before leaving bed, I couldn’t clear my mind (or pussy) of thoughts of my son undressing me with his eyes.

I decided to give us both a little treat. His would be a nice long look, and mine would be a dirty, shameful bit of exhibitionism. I hadn’t realized how much I got turned on by being just a little slutty!

I picked out my sexiest bra and panty set. It was a sheer black lace number with cut out nipples and French bikini panties that were nearly see through. Being a little scared, I covered it all güvenilir bahis siteleri with a rose-colored silk robe that came to just above the knee, then went down and began making my son’s favorite breakfast.

The whole time I cooked I could think of nothing but how fucking dirty and sexy it would be to sit across that glass table from him and hoping I wouldn’t (secretly WOULD) turn him on too much.

I swear my panties were so damp by the time he entered I was amazed he couldn’t smell my pussy from across the kitchen.

When I turned and set his coffee at his plate, it was like I could FEEL his eyes caress me. I felt my nipples harden under his hungry eyes and wondered what he was thinking.

Oh my god! I felt like such a whore, displaying myself like this to my own son!

I sat down and couldn’t meet his gaze. What must he be thinking about his mother right now? He had to be thinking I was just the trashiest little whore he ever met. I felt the humiliation of my actions causing my face to burn almost as hot as my pussy as I watched him begin to stare at my panties through the glass table.

I couldn’t help myself… I opened my legs just a little and looked up to see his eyes boring into mine. That was when he said something that made my pussy absolutely flood.

“I want you to take off that robe and give me a better look at that slutty underwear you’re wearing.” His voice was deep and had just a touch of scorn. I couldn’t disobey him. I wanted to, but it just wasn’t in me to deny that yes, I was wearing slutty underwear and yes, I was doing it to show off to him.

I nearly came right then but the humiliation, the shame of being such a slut in front of my son held me back just a little. Not enough though, as without a word of protest I found myself untying the sash and letting the smooth fabric fall from my shoulders. God I felt so dirty!

My son leaned back in his chair and smiled broadly. We both knew who was in command now. His eyes roamed over my body and my nipples felt so hard they could etch glass. He drank in the slope of my b-cups, lingering on my erect nipples that showed clearly through the sheer fabric of my bra, the lace forming vines and flowers surrounding the nipple that served as the center of a flower. His eyes dipped down my body as he licked his lips hungrily, took another bite of food, then gazed lower to leer at my scantily clad pussy.

He leaned back in his chair and gave me a lusty smile. “Spread your legs and slide that sexy ass forward a little. I want a better view of your slutty panties.”

I couldn’t believe he was talking to me like this! My little boy was calling me a slut and telling me to display myself and it was irresistible. Only shame kept me from running over and impaling myself on his hard cock. And OH that cock! I could see it tenting the front of his khakis. I wanted a better look, but the thought that I was so turned on by this incestuous display made me feel so dirty, and humiliated, and paralyzingly ashamed. I spread my legs and scooted forward on my chair.

God! I was so wet, the seat beneath me felt slick!

My fingers drifted briefly over my pussy tickling it through my panties when he said “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I didn’t say you could touch yourself. Keep those slutty fingers away from that cunt unless I give you permission.”

It was like having a bucket of water thrown over me. The shame won out and I grabbed my robe and fled to my room, tears of humiliation, fear, and unfulfilled lust beginning to leak from my eyes, even as other parts began to leak down my inner thighs.

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Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 10

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One year ago…

As befit a yacht outfitted for orgies, the tanning couch on the aft sundeck of Katmandu was plushly upholstered and big enough for half a dozen people to use at once.

At this moment Nicole and Mai Jacobsen lay on their sides in the center of the couch, kissing passionately and caressing one another’s naked bodies in the warmth and brilliance of the midday sun. They mirrored one another, each with one leg outstretched and the other cocked high at the knee so that they could be easily penetrated from behind. Marc Jacobsen was fucking Nicole while Brandon’s prick was deep inside Mai’s pussy.

The two well-hung young men, each inside the other’s mother, fucked the women in rhythm so that with each thrust into their pussies Nicole and Mai were pressed snugly against one another, their tits and tummies rubbing together wonderfully.

“Oh yes,” Mai breathed. “Your son is an fine young stud, darling, with a beautiful cock. You should be a proud mother.”

“Mmmm…I’m a very satisfied mother,” Nicole replied. She squeezed her pussy muscles around Marc’s prick, holding him in place for a moment to luxuriate in the thrill of being so completely stuffed with cock meat. After several seconds she relaxed and he began pumping his hips again. “Thank you so much for inviting us along on the cruise.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mai said. “I can’t imagine party fucking without you two now. Brandon’s become one of my favorite partners, and you…” she reached up to fondle the redhead’s tits…”I couldn’t keep you from my other friends. I would be depriving them of some extraordinary fucking.”

There were at least two dozen guests along on this week long island-hopping cruise, all either personal friends or business associates of the owner. As busy as everyone had been with fucking and sucking ever since they’d left port, Nicole hadn’t yet met the young man who owned Katmandu, a certain James Andrews. She had made the intimate acquaintance of quite a few other new playmates however.

They included Lindsay’s biological father Sean, a wealthy European banker. Right now father and daughter shared a low deck couch a few feet away from Nicole. Lindsay lay on her back with her father kneeling between her thighs. Her small, firm ass was elevated by several cushions so that Sean could easily enter her. His hands were on her knees, holding her slender white legs high and wide apart. His hips rocked gently as he pushed his big cock into her clasping pussy and withdrew it very, very slowly.

Lindsay’s eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open in a dreamy expression of pure bliss. As Nicole watched, Lindsay’s younger brother Tony walked over to join the incestuous coupling. He touched the tip of his cock to his sister’s lips. Without opening her eyes to see whose cock it was, Lindsay snaked her tongue out to circle the head of the cock. The young blonde woman uttered soft, low cries of pleasure as she continued to mouth only Tony’s cock-head, moving one small hand up and down the whole length to urge him toward a creamy explosion.

Another nearby deck couch was occupied by Althea Carole and her daughter April. In spite of her aversion to snobbery Nicole admitted to being impressed that this Mr. Andrews moved in such circles. Althea was easily the most famous person on the boat, a world-renowned and award-winning Hollywood actress for at least two decades. Now in her early forties, at first glance she and twenty three year-old April might have been taken for twins rather than mother and daughter. Both were tall, blonde and slim with the kind of arched cheek bones and pixie noses that cameras loved. They shared an elegant, almost regal carriage, a way of seeming to glide rather than simply walk into a room or even up a ship’s boarding plank.

Ever the attention-loving performer, Althea had entertained the assembled guests in Katmandu’s lounge on the first night of the voyage with a live show. Ascending a small stage hand in hand with April, mother and daughter had stripped one another and then engaged in a long display of sixty-nine and mutual masturbation, all to the smoky strains of a live jazz ensemble.

That had set the tone for the week very nicely indeed.

Now mother and daughter writhed naked on their couch, hands clasped tightly and those long movie-star legs scissoring around one another as they elegantly rubbed their dewy pussies together.

Mai followed Nicole’s gaze, smiling ironically at her friend’s open-mouthed fascination. “Quite scandalous, I’m sure,” Mai purred. “Fortunately James assures the absolute privacy of all his guests.”

“Who is this fellow?” Nicole asked. Brandon peered at her over Mai’s shoulder, rolling his eyes.

“Christ, Mom. James Andrews only owns half the fucking Internet!”

“Speak respectfully to your mother,” Mai chided, slapping güvenilir bahis Brandon playfully on the ass. “Just keep that lovely cock moving, hmm? Your son exaggerates, Nicole, but perhaps not that much. James has done extremely well in online commerce. Unless I’m mistaken he skipped college to go into business for himself, and somehow managed to make a fortune on the Internet while everyone else was losing theirs in the bubble collapse. Excuse me, dear…may I borrow my son for a little while? I’d like to do a double.”

“Of course,” Nicole said. She and Mai both rolled away from their fuck-partners.

“Lie on your back, darling,” Mai instructed Marc. When her son was in position she planted her knees on either side of his hips, facing away from him, then reached behind to grasp his rigid prick. She guided the shiny purple head up between the cheeks of her small pear-shaped ass, positioning it against the bud of her asshole. “Nicole has such a wet, wet pussy,” she breathed. “I’m sure she’s adequately lubricated you for Mother.”

Marc held on to his mother’s hips, steadying her as she relaxed her anus and pushed herself slowly onto his prick. After a moment’s resistance the head disappeared inside her all at once, slowly followed by more and more of the giant throbbing stalk of his cock.

The sight of her best friend taking Marc up her ass never failed to astonish Nicole. “I don’t know how you can stand it,” she said for what must have been the tenth time.

“Ah…I’ve told you before, sweetheart, the biggest…unngggh…cocks make the v-v-very best ass-fucks.” Mai grimaced and screwed her eyes shut as she forced herself further and further down on to her son. “You truly don’t know what you’re missing.”

“I’m going to have to trust you on that,” Nicole said.

“As you wish.” Mai lay back on her son’s broad chest and unfolded her legs out straight. Marc brought his hands up to fondle her breasts. He pinched her nipples and tugged the elastic tissue up taut while she wriggled against him. Her legs spread wide apart and her hairless pussy glistening wetly in the bright sunlight, she beckoned to Nicole’s son. “Now, please, Brandon.”

Brandon beamed proudly at Nicole and climbed on top of Mai, driving his hard fuck-meat all the way into her cunt with a single stroke.

“Aaaiiiii! Aahhh, aaahhh, aaaiiieeeee!” Mai screamed. Althea and April, who’d moved from grinding against one another into another session of mother-daughter pussy-licking stopped momentarily and raised their heads in alarm. Nicole understood that. Anyone who didn’t know Mai Jacobsen would have thought from the noises she made that she was being tortured.

Nicole knew that her friend was coming from the intensity of being penetrated by two big men. The redhead pushed two fingers into her own melting pussy and frigged herself excitedly as she watched Mai thrash and shake between her young lovers.

Only Lindsay was oblivious to the spectacle, as Sean kept up his deliciously slow fucking of his daughter. Her father was the most expert and patient swordsman Lindsay had ever known. Having him inside her was almost an out-of-body experience for the young blonde and she would remain in an erotic trance until he brought them both to simultaneous, thundering climaxes. She was dimly but pleasantly aware of Tony pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. A dozen men could have lined up to take their turns between her tender sucking lips and she would have drowsily swallowed their loads as long as Daddy’s cock was in her.

Nicole could identify with that, she mused ruefully.

“There’s insatiable, and then there are the Jacobsen women.” Nicole looked up over her shoulder, startled by the unfamiliar male voice. The tall, deeply tanned stranger smiled disarmingly and offered her his hand. “James Andrews, ma’am.”

“Oh!” Nicole felt herself flush. She could see this amused him, and she had to laugh at her own sudden and unlikely modesty. “Nicole. Nicole…Crane,” she offered, rising to her feet.

“Charmed,” Andrews said. He was clean-shaven, with clear blue eyes and close-cropped hair almost as dark as Mai’s. So powerfully built that had her friend not just explained his business to her Nicole would have guessed him to be a professional athlete, he was also younger than she’d expected, probably not yet thirty years old.

Wearing only deck shoes and blue yachting shorts, Andrews seemed absurdly overdressed on this voyage. Nicole felt shy again and casting her eyes around the deck didn’t help much. Everywhere she looked people were naked and engaged in sex of one kind or another in couples or groups. “T-this is quite an impressive ship, Mr. Andrews” she stammered.

“James…please.” His eyes followed hers. “It’s a nice retreat from the world,” he said with a shrug. “Have you had the tour?”

Nicole türkçe bahis shook her head.

“Well then, allow me the privilege,” James said, offering his arm. He glanced back at the threesome humping and thrusting away on the tanning couch. “It looks like Mai is going to be greedy with the guys for a while, and you’re far too beautiful to sit neglected.”

Katmandu surely was an impressive pleasure barge, boasting several sundecks and a large pool, an extravagantly appointed top deck and three intimate cocktail and dining areas in addition to the large open air lounge where Althea and April had performed. From the instant she set eyes on James Andrews, though, Nicole’s main interest was in a tour of his stateroom.

In that as in everything else the handsome young billionaire seemed eager to oblige her. It wasn’t long before she found herself standing in the middle of what she’d have taken to be the luxury penthouse in a big city high-rise, except for the magnificent view of the rolling sea and distant ocean horizon beyond the wide round glass window. The walls were sheathed in ebony wood and white onyx, and a king-sized berth dominated the bedroom.

James stepped up behind her, closing his strong arms around her tiny waist and reaching up to fondle her big round tits. Nicole lifted her face to his and they kissed.

His simplest touch thrilled Nicole, but the sex obsessed redhead was already desperate for more. She sank to her knees on the carpet before him “Curiosity is killing me,” she admitted. “It feels like you have a tree growing between your legs. I have to see, please?”

James just nodded and smiled down at her. Nicole reached out to caress the bulging outline of his cock and balls through the thin nylon fabric of his shorts. She untied the drawstring, hooked her fingers into the waistband and began tugging them down.

Her breath caught in her throat as the thick root of his cock came into view. She kept pulling…the garment was half-way to his knees now, and there was more prick yet to be revealed.

The cloth caught on his cock knob as his fuck organ started to swell. With a last impatient yank Nicole pulled the shorts to his ankles.

“Dear God!” Nicole’s pulse pounded in her temples as James’s cock sprang free and kept growing as she watched. Half erect it was already bigger than Marc’s, and he was by far the heaviest hung guy she’d played with. She didn’t waste a second. She leaned forward and kissed the throbbing meat hammer, moving her lips up and down its length before sliding her mouth over the head. If I don’t get him in me now he’ll get too big, she thought.

It took both of Nicole’s hands to cradle James’s massive balls as she slid her moist lips eagerly down his long thick cock. She paused when he was half inside her, breathing deeply through her nose and sucking greedily.

“Go, baby!” James encouraged her. She pushed her head forward again, cupping and flexing her tongue against the underside of his shaft as she took more and more of him. He grunted with pleasure and rocked his hips. He was half-way down her throat now.

Nicole loved to suck cock more than anything on Earth. Luke Gable would swear to her that she was the best cock-sucker in Greenleaf, better than Laney Moore or Lucille Aldrich. Since Lindsay and Mai had freed her of her old hang-ups she’d never gone longer than a day without at least one hard cock gliding in and out of her hungry throat, and after she’d taken her own son to her bed she’d been able to indulge her passion for sucking at almost any hour of the day or night.

She had even, finally, managed to deep-throat Marc Jacobsen.

Now, though, she almost choked on James’s cock. Several inches short of the root she had to give up and pull her mouth off of his prick. “I’m sorry,” she said meekly.

“Sorry?” James looked incredulous. “For what? Darling, you’re amazing. No one has ever been able to do what you’re trying to do. I guess I’m just…too big.” He looked sad as he said it.

Nicole’s heart welled up inside her. She looked tearfully into his eyes. “James,” she said determinedly, “Don’t let me pull back this time. Hold my head down if you have to.”

James stared at her in disbelief, speechless. Nicole swallowed his cock-crown again and bobbed her head, working his fuck-rod back down her throat. A few inches from the base she gagged again. Steeling herself, she focused on breathing slowly and steadily.

Instinctively Nicole reached between her legs to frig herself. A torrent of juice flooded over her fingers and she plunged them up into her pussy in rhythm with the bobbing of her head. It more than helped…in fact she felt herself rushing toward an orgasm as she took in another inch, and another…

James put his hands on the back of her head, stroking and tangling his fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri in her long red curls, steadying her. He teasingly massaged her earlobes. That triggered something deep in Nicole. Both her mouth and her pussy opened completely to him. Her lips brushed against the silky skin of his ball sack.

“Christ! I don’t believe it!” James yelled aloud. “Ahh, yes!’

Nicole came on her fingers then, her body suffused with waves of sensual pleasure and something more…a womanly pride. She believed now that she could handle any man on Earth.

After a brief rest to catch her breath she began to move on him. “Mmmm, mmmm!” she whimpered as she whipped her head up and down, just a little bit at first and then in longer and longer strokes until her lips rode the entire length of his cock on every stroke. She sucked at his prick feverishly, her cheeks hollowing as she increased the suctioning sensation around his prick. James’s cock throbbed violently in her mouth and she knew that he was about to spew a great shower of spunk down her throat.

“Yes, doll, yes!” he grunted, lunging forward. Jism sprayed from his cock in long, thick ropes, drowning and soothing the straining tissues of her throat in a seemingly endless, creamy reward.

Nicole didn’t withdraw her mouth from James’s cock until she was sure that she’d vacuumed the last dribble of cum from his cock. Then she rocked back on her heels and sighed contentedly.

“No one but me,” she purred. “No one has ever sucked your whole big cock but me.”

“No one but you, darling.” He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. They lay together, kissing and touching and licking, exploring one another’s bodies as curiously if neither had ever been naked with a member of the opposite sex but with all the expertise of lifetimes of fucking.

Nicole couldn’t keep her hands or mouth away from James’s cock and especially his big balls. She held and kissed and licked his nuts, trying to swallow them whole. It wasn’t long before his prick was hard again. A daring idea was taking shape in her imagination. She gazed up longingly at him from between his legs. “You know what I’d like?” she said.

“I’m afraid to ask.”

“I’d like you to fuck me up my ass with this big fella.”

“What?” James sat bolt upright. “Seriously?”

Nicole nodded earnestly. “I’ve never been ass-fucked. Mai says the bigger the better, so I’m guessing that taking you in my ass will be the best ever.”

James looked uncertain. “No one’s ever…”

“Don’t tell me…no one’s ever been able to ass-fuck you properly, right?” Nicole laughed. She wrapped both hands around the stalk of his prick and started jacking him off. “This big guy sure wants to try. He’s like steel just at the thought.”

Nicole didn’t wait for James to answer. She scrambled to her knees and spread her legs wide, presenting her flowering pussy and the milk white globes of her ass for his inspection. She felt brazen, and forced whatever fear she had from her mind. “Come on, baby. Slip me the meat. A few long thrusts up my wet cunt should get you slicked up.”

James got to his knees behind her. She shivered with delight as he rubbed his huge cock back and forth across her pussy lips, then eased it into her drooling cock socket. She humped back to meet his cock-crown and almost changed her mind about the whole thing when he started fucking her pussy. It felt so good and right to have him in her pussy channel, she didn’t want to let him go.

James pulled out of her pussy and gripped her fleshy ass-cheeks. He poked the tip of his cock hard against her tiny asshole and pushed. “Get ready!” he warned.

“Yes, yes! Fuck my ass!” Nicole hissed, relaxing her muscles as best she could to ease his entry.

James thrust forward and fucked his massive cock into her stretched anus. Nicole shrieked from the pain, nearly collapsing on to the bed. Ungghnh..Owww! Please, please…oh god..OH YEAH BABY.” The pain disappeared suddenly, driven out by a fiery ecstasy beyond anything she’d experienced.

James fucked his prick rapidly in and out of Nicole’s ass. Her body was on fire. Mai was so right, she thought, and just when she believed that nothing could possibly feel better than a huge cock up her ass James reached around and played with her clit. He pinched and tickled and rubbed her hard little joy button until she pled for relief?and then he shoved three fingers deep into her pussy and massaged her g-spot until she exploded in the most violent orgasm of her life.

At that moment James came inside her, hot globs of cum blasting from his cock and splashing against the inner walls of her ass.

Nicole’s trembling legs gave way and they both collapsed on to the bed, James lying heavily on her back.

“That was incredible,” James muttered.

“It was,” Nicole murmured, close to passing out from the beautiful agony of it. Her head swam and she saw spots before her eyes. “Ass-fucking. Where has this been, hmmm? Could be a whole new way of life.”

“Could be,” James agreed. “A whole new life.”

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Sweet Dreams

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I’m ready for bed, but you’re on my mind. You’ve been there all day.

I think of the last time we were together and how wonderful it was. The taste of you on my lips for days after you were long gone. The taste of your breast, salty but sweet at the same time. I drift off to sleep with these thoughts and tastes on my mind.

I smell you before I see you. You smell like wood smoke from your fireplace. You touch me before I see you. You give me a sweet kiss on the neck.

“How are you doing, love?” you ask.

“Better, now that you’re here.” I’ve been reading, there’s a book in my lap. You remove it and take its place, straddling me. Your hair is a mess, wet from the rain, curly, the way I like it. You bend down and kiss me sweetly on the lips.

“What have you been doing all day?” you ask.

“Reading a love story about two women who fall in love, knowing it wasn’t going to last forever.” There’s a sad look in your eyes. “I know”, I say.

I reach up and pull you closer to me so that our lips are touching. You open your lips to welcome my tongue. It’s bahis firmaları a slow, deep kiss. A kiss so deep and full of feeling, I’m hoping you understand how much having you in my life has meant to me. You melt into me.

I break the kiss to look you in the eye. I tell you I love you, and you smile. I kiss your neck and slowly moved down to your breast. Dammit, you’re wearing a bra, you never wear a bra. “Hands up”, I tell you, so I can take off your top. I see now why you’re wearing a bra… it’s beautiful and covers very little of the breast that I’m so longing to get in my mouth. “blue, my favorite color”. It’s a pretty bra, but that’s not what I want. I want what the bra is barely covering. I reach around your back and unsnap it. You giggle. I go back to kissing you and feel you catch your breath. I trace your neck with my tongue. Slowly. My tongue traces your right breast, slowly. I take your nipple in my mouth and suck. You rock against me, pulling my head closer to your breast. I moan into your breast. I pull my head away from your right breast to feast on the kaçak iddaa left. We repeat the dance.

You pull from me suddenly and stand up. My lap feels naked without you on it. You pull me to my feet and drag me through the house. We get to our bedroom and you tell me to stay put. Humph! I give a pouty face and you kiss it and tell me to stay.

You yell for me to come into the room. I walk into the room and there you are lying on a beautiful sky-blue throw…naked… I smile. You hop off the bed and come to me. You slowly take my clothes off while looking me in the eyes. You begin to kiss me in all the same places I kissed you. Slowly. You take me to the bed and push me on it. You stand in front of me in all your naked glory and I see there is a love mark on your left breast. I trace it with my finger.

You push me back onto the bed and once again straddle me. I feel the dampness in between your legs. I feel my own juices start to flow. This is not going to be about me tonight. I want to make it about you. All of you. Taking you all of you in. Slowly.

I slide kaçak bahis you off of me and lay you on your back. I lay on top of you. I start from your forehead and kiss you all over. Slowly. Savoring every inch of your skin. Your cheeks, your lips, your neck, and once again I find myself at your lovely breasts. I stay there for a while. You moan and squirm. I leave your breast and head south. Your belly, I take a lick into your belly button and continue my way down. You open your legs without a thought. I lick the inside of your thighs, first left, then right. I go center. With my right hand, I open you and just look at your wet juices. I take one finger and dip inside for just a second. You moan, “more”. I place my tongue where my finger had been, and you push down on my tongue. I take my time. Slowly. I tongue fuck you for a while then I slip, one, two, three fingers inside. You grind on them as I do a slow dance on your clit. “Faster”, you whisper. I pick up the speed and you grind harder as I fuck you, sucking on your clit all the while. You’re shaking now. You’re almost there… you cry out my name…

I wake with a start. I look around and see that I’m alone in our bed. With you nowhere in sight. I can still feel the heat of your body. I smell you; I taste you…

Sweet Dreams

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The Black Widow

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Morgana Tempest has been described as a bigot, an arrogant rich bitch, wandering thru a world of privilege and decadence. She was fiery, controlling and temperamental. She was an Alt-Right Christian, racist homophobe and a Fascist. Morgana lived in a palatial mansion on the outskirts of town, alone, except for two maid servants and a gardener. She preferred to be aloof, a recluse. She aggressively trampled upon and scorned fucking, as a form of worship, fucking for fun for adventure. Fucking as a sacrament a spiritual renewal. Unlike the sacred harlot, she sold her cunt to the highest bidders, namely three ex-husbands. Nonetheless Morgana is a very attractive woman with a body and other attributes to kill for. Somehow she respected and deferred to her friend and confidante Serafina Pudenda, in awe of her mysteriousness, sorcery, Clairvoyance and occult powers.

Morgana had refused to be identified with the feminist universe, it’s sense of humor it’s generosity, adventurousness, it’s unpretentious honesty it’s devotion to the pursuit of truth, of flesh lust; the ardent and intense SEX that leaves us glassy-eyed, elated sated. An endless abundance of joyous sex with no limits…She was rather secluded in the middle of her shitty, crazy bourgeoisie world of privilege and crass exploitation…While she was busy killing off husbands to amass wealth, pissing and shitting on fellow human beings, whole seasons of lust of witchcraft, the occult, hallucinogens, booze erotic experimentations and discoveries, devouring of life went on unabated. One morning she came over to Serafina Pudenda’s humble abode and to her surprise asked for help to find redemption.


I am Morgana Tempest. I became a widow for the third time at age 58. I just turned 60. For much of the past two years I have been celibate and a recluse. Indeed, I consider myself an outcast mainly because of my many shortcomings as a person. I am wealthy but that has not helped alleviate the pain of voluntary seclusion from the public and society. I am even called a Black Widow for obvious reasons. There are many potential reasons for becoming a recluse, mine are personal, philosophical and mystical religious outlook. It got to appoint that I had to seek help from an unusual source the sorceress Madame Serafina a woman about my age, who opened up new horizons for me over a period of intense counselling including meditation. Slowly but surely I began to reemerge from my physical and psychological prison. I have been intensely horny for a very long time. I needed to fuck very badly and Serafina agreed to arrange a rendezvous with a special dude for me.

“It’s not just sex. It’s not just love. It’s something more” said Serafina. But what could be better than sex? How about lovemaking that sweeps people into new realities, producing altered states of consciousness a thousand times more powerful than the most earth-shattering orgasm? Lovemaking so spectacular that it truly is a religious experience? That was something I could relate to. At my house Serafina gave me some hallucinogen for relaxation. We talked and drank for a while then we both stripped naked enveloped by the glow of candlelight and the aroma of frankincense. A cadence of mournful Gregorian chants filled the room. The atmosphere was hypnotic, dense.

One hour later the Ethiopian Immortal Sirenus appeared as planned in his naked glory. He was a good looking ageless Immortal with a beard and dreadlocks and a mammoth cock that had no end to it and super thick, hard as granite; a veritable weapon of destruction. I was shocked, my jaw dropped, almost frightened. “What the hell is that”!! I cried out. “This is Sirenus my friend” said Serafina. “He represents a divine force and is here to fuck you; bust you wide open and give you the most exquisite sexual pleasures you will ever know in your miserable life”, she said. “Oh my God, you are not serious Serafina” I muttered feeling disoriented and nervous gazing in awe at the cock. “Come, my lady, let me take you to the outer limits of sexual nirvana” said Sirenus with a smile. He led me trembling and mewling to my huge four-poster bed, like a lamb to the slaughter.

With his very long tongue, Sirenus lapped my cunt to three glorious orgasms. Then he began to shove his prodigious cock into me slowly. I whimpered and mewled and moaned; I cried out and grunted; I screamed and wailed in exquisite pleasure; I writhed and thrashed as the cock soared into my entire body until I was completely filled with it. OMG, My cunt was being stretched every which way and I loved it. Serafina watched in astonishment. For two hours Sirenus fucked me and fucked güvenilir bahis me in a variety of positions and in all my orifices…My orgasmic screams could be heard miles away, my silk bed sheets totally soaked with my gushing juices. And still I screamed and screamed, farting sporadically as I was fucked and fucked mercilessly, endlessly by Sirenus. Serafina left at some point. It was absolutely stupendous; Sirenus fucked me all over her house, continuously round the clock, and still I wanted more, more, seemingly saturated with orgasmic ecstasy, having cum a thousand times. For three days and three nights I was fucked mercilessly, losing consciousness sometimes. And he came many times flooding my insides with a deluge of cum. Sirenus disappeared at dawn on the fourth day while I slept soundly after many wonderful orgasms. I’ve heard of and read about Immortals but never thought I’d meet one in the flesh let alone fuck him.

Five days later I asked Serafina to find Sirenus for me. I needed him desperately, my cunt screamed for him. I needed to fuck him. I was willing do anything pay any amount of money to have him back, but to no avail. He was gone. The irony was not lost on me; there was a time when I looked down on Black folks, now I was willing to give my right arm to have one close to me. Truly amazing how an act of awesome sacred sex can transform a woman like me. Serafina agreed to help me out of my misery. A week later while I was in atonement for my pervious transgressions she brought two young stalwart Black studs Gary and Eros to me. “A belated birthday present” she said. I laid out lavish refreshments for them.

Later as they brandished their hugely erect 12 thick inches very hard dicks, Serafina looked sexually excited…I detected in her an inner flame composed of amorous fervor a need to be fucked…Then it was time to cast the spell of renewal at the new moon, with joyous sex…Serafina sang a lovely lilting song with unfamiliar words as she lay back on the bed, sybaritic legs opened wide, invitingly, her hairy cunt awash with juice. Eros slid between her thighs, his hard cock rubbing against her vulva for a long time. She cried out, her dark intense eyes softening, hazing. The welcoming moisture of her deep, well-seasoned cunt excited him…He moved within her twat relentlessly, stoking her fires, slurping in and out, making obscene sounds, on and on. Her arms and legs were vines around him. Meanwhile Gary stroked my clitoris while I fondled and squeezed his granite-hard dick.

We watched them excitedly, while Eros moved in her twat skillfully…It was simply fascinating watching Eros’ hard ass and thigh muscles ripple as he pumped Serafina’s cunt with deep, strong thrusts…She moved sinuously in tandem and moaned like reeds, her cunt pulsing with hunger. She offered him her delicious, succulent flesh with abandon…her hard nipples pointing skyward, her juices dripping onto the silk sheets. I felt so fucking horny watching them, my cunt dripped gooey juices. Eros pulled out of her cunt briefly to drink her juices and suck her clitoris. She screamed for him and for herself, as the steely cock sailed into her again, making her howl sacred songs then Eros exploding, erupting a geyser of hot semen, her womb sucked it all up. Her orgasmic cry darkened the sky as they are carried away on a magic carpet of total orgasm, leaping headlong into other worlds.

Gary turned his attention to me, his dick so fucking hard. He placed a pillow under my ass. I was soaking wet after a lengthy foreplay then he pressed his huge hard cock into the silky liquid of my slippery cunt until he was completely engulfed by my drenched pussy. Serafina watched with amusement…Oh Goddess, he filled me totally and very tightly and we fucked and fucked. In ripples of unending pleasure. We fucked again and again. Man into woman and back again. Cock into Cunt. Gary drew my many orgasms out long and slow while I screamed with abandon, until I felt the hot cum rush down the shaft of his dick and exploded inside my twat which jerked in spasms, eagerly soaking up the semen, every fucking drop…Serafina left at sundown, the two dudes stayed with me for two days fucking me senseless in a variety of ways.

They fucked me separately and in a threesome, fucking all my orifices at the same time. Our bodies quivered with burning currents of pleasure; melting, dissolving into incandescent, suspended ecstasy. My cunt my asshole, my mouth were fucked methodically, relentlessly. I savored the delicious fucking, the limitless span of the ancient, eternal act of sacred sex. It was the unification of bodies and with the universe; a healing that türkçe bahis is far beyond pleasure. “That’s just what I needed, pure, heavy, juicy fucking” I whispered to them as we lay in a puddle of sex fluids, Gary’s cock throbbing inside my cunt, Eros’ dick in my asshole. The sun began to set over the horizon…


Into other encounters

Serafina’s friend Ayesha set me up with her brother Russ a very handsome young Black guy an actor; actually he does some porn work on the side by the name of Cochise. It turned out Russ has a thing for older women especially an alluring one like me…”Older women are the embodiment of all that is sacred about sex” he’d said. My head spun when Russ unleashed his 14 inch timber-like cock and OMG it was so fucking hard it could drive a nail thru a brick wall. I sucked on it for long moments. Then I was on my back, my thighs spread knees raised. He climbed between my legs and slowly rubbed his cockhead thru my thick, soggy hairs up and down my vulva, torching the wet, hot meat of my big clitoris. Stroking it up and down, eliciting whimpering sounds from me. I cried out as he drove into me to the hilt, pounding me with firm circular motion. My cunt was so tight around the mammoth dick. Our bodies glistened with sweat. “This is some lovely pussy, so fucking tight and juicy” he said to me. I felt the heat from his cock; so hot and hard and wet with juice thrusting powerfully in and out of my pussy.

My body convulsed repeatedly in multiple orgasms, flowing constantly with fluids, wrenching my very life-force from me each time. My own cries of ecstasy echoing his…Gasping for air, he grasped me to him as he gushed forcefully torrents of hot semen into my womb. Russ stayed with me for two days fucking me in a variety of ways endlessly, relentlessly; it was fucking elevated to another dimension, totally.

Ayesha took me to an Underground Queer night club called “The Cave”. It was wall to wall with women, mostly younger ones: Dykes, bisexuals, a few hets. The dress code ranged from leather outfits to near nudity. An explosive array of pussy of every size, color, complexion and nuance. A large poster on a wall proclaimed:

“We want you perverted; Fuck any way you want to. Where you want to. Who you want to. Break all the rules. But FUCK!!”

It is one of Ayesha’s favorite hangouts. There were also a few gay men and transvestites who kept looking me over. An attractive younger 40 year old Hispanic woman called Perla and I became mutually attracted to each other. She stroked my braless nipples as we talked; she pushed her leathered thigh against my crotch while she caressed my ass cheeks as we slow danced. She kissed me fully on the lips intermittently…I was in a trance; it was all new to me. But I was so high from the booze and pot I let myself go and enjoy the moment.

“Let’s go home and fuck” she said finally as her fingers foraged within my vulva. Perla’s apartment was a few blocks down the street. A very nice cozy pad. We were fully engaged, in close quarters, intimate in no time. I was amazed. “You’ve turned me on tremendously Morgana” she said gulping down her drink. “When it comes down to desire, I tend to follow my basest instincts and try not to be discreet about it” she said. Perla’s sensuality was overwhelming, filling me with raw desire. I lay naked on the bed watching Perla undress and OMG out sprung a very big, very thick 10 inch cock.

“Holy shit are you a Trans or what” I blurted. “No I’m a She male, the cock is real the boobs are not” she said. A lazy knowing smile spread across her full lips. The look in her eyes was easy to read. The guitar music of Enrique Granados filled the apartment. Perla walked over to me and I grasped the dick. “God, it’s so hard” I whispered. Then she kissed me hard on the lips as I squeezed her cock. “I suspect you’re quite a slut” she muttered in a low throaty voice. She slid her hand between my legs and felt my very wet cunt. “Cunts are sacred to us She males” she said, then she ate my pussy voraciously and made me cum. Moments later she was balls deep in my cunt and fucking me vigorously.

She fucked my very soul, lavishly with a compelling need. I was startled by her dedication to the heavy fucking. She never restrained herself, making me open myself wider and wider to her powerful thrusts, her thorough possession of my very being…I came and came violently. She fucked my asshole for a long time to my total enjoyment. I screamed and screamed in ecstasy, my whole body quaking, rocking, shaking powerfully as I wavered on the edge of consciousness and a deep bonding passed palpably around and thru us. Then she was back güvenilir bahis siteleri into my cunt fucking me passionately until another powerful orgasm seized me and I cried out loudly as Perla shot a big load of hot cum into my bowels. At daybreak while Perla was sound asleep I slipped out with semen running down my inner thighs into my car and drove home.


Serafina insisted on taking me to the Takama Sect Voodoo Rituals in the “Little Haitian” neighborhood… “Voodoo, meaning spirit, may be one of the world’s oldest ancestral, nature-honoring traditions”, she’d said over and over. “Participation in voodoo rituals reaffirms one’s relationships with ancestors, personal history, community relationships—and the cosmos. Voodoo is a way of life,” she added. Those particular rituals scheduled for the evening of the full moon was to celebrate the Goddess “lwa” of love, sensuality, and feminine power; the spirituality of sex. Well I wanted to check it out…To say that I was carried away would be an understatement…The hypnotic chants, dancing, the sensuous performances; the throbbing drums which resonated deep in my cunt had me spell-bound. Around midnight Serafina introduced me to the High PriestTakama in his apartment-like sacristy. He is a Creole, tall and athletic looking with dreadlocks and a goatee. He wore a sheer caftan that clearly outlined his massive cock, the sight sent a shudder thru me. We had some refreshments as we talked about sacred sex of which Takama is apparently an expert. “He will take you to bed and fuck you till you forget your name and dissolve into oblivion”, Serafina offered as she undressed me. My thong was totally soaked and my clitoris throbbed. Takama unleashed his 14 inch very thick heavily veined erect cock and mounted me on the bed.

“You are a sacred whore with a deep magical cunt; a churning vortex like an undertow. A warm, deep, comfortable animal between your legs that beat rhythmically” chanted Serafina as she stroked my body. Takama guided his hard cock into my pussy diligently, watching the dam inside me burst and overflow, spilling down my thighs. Iridescent juices that smelled sweet and salty…”Yes, deeper baby, deeper…O God deeper”, I wailed my breath coming harder, my moans and groans louder as I watched the massive, hard dick, move in and out of my stretched cunt, with precision and I opened wider and wider. Then I exploded, and came and came non-stop crying out, my cunt juices all over the sheets. Takama fucked me extravagantly, plowing my cunt, turning it inside out swimming in the current of my twat, in my warm pools of fiery volcanic rush. He was tireless, he was so fucking strong his cock getting harder as he fucked me and fucked me and I kept coming nonstop. Then he exploded a huge load of hot lava of cum, flooding my insides. After resting for a while

I pushed Takama onto his back and mounted him, swiftly engulfing his still hard cock in my heated cunt. Soon we were locked in an embrace as old as earth-spirits. I showed no mercy. Fucking for all my worth. Serafina looked on approvingly. With smooth agility I settled down to strong rhythmic thrusting, fucking him passionately… The room smelled of cunt and incense. I felt the hot wetness of us blending; my pussy streaming juices as I bit into his neck. I smelt my Amazon scent as I moved in perfect syncopation. I savored the fantastic moment. The incense smoke swirled around us; cries and forest sounds and strange music surrounded us. I held Takama’s cock tightly inside the heat of my cunt, muttering an old song into his ear. Joyously our sacred bodies entered the spiritual merging with all of life transformed…Serafina left us to fuck the young Priest, Takama’s assistant.

I amazed myself with the strength of my fucking, my rare sacred sexual capacity. Finally coming in an enormous orgasm, groaning like a jungle cat, my cunt flooding the bed noisily, with spurting liquids. Takama’s own climax bursting forth with mine and he collapsed beneath my heaving body, his face buried between my breasts. And that was just for starters… Takama fucked me like a demon lover the rest of the night. I gushed juices screaming and howling with pleasure…”Serafina was right about your cunt. What she didn’t tell me was that it is also a fiercely hungry, man-eating cunt” said Takama stroking my wild hair.


In a short period of time and with the guidance of two awesome women, I Morgana Tempest, learned how to meditate and to find my spiritual self; and I learned about the meaning of the transcendent divine force of sacred sex soon thereafter. This is a story about love, sex, redemption and transformation; living in the heart and how I experienced my own Divine Being. All of these experiences came into my life with perfect and unexpected timing, and I just went for it. It is a deeply personal story of the alchemy of spirit.


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Jim and Edie Again Ch. 04

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Group Sex

Chapter 4 — Discovery and Discussion

We sat outside in the warm evening at Rita and Hank’s and I had a cup of coffee since I was driving. Bruce joined me in the beverage. On the other hand, I made sure to refill Edie’s wine glass with the last of the wine so that she’d be a little less inhibited about answers when I posed my questions later.

About ten-thirty, Bruce and Mindy, and Edie and I got up and made departure moves. I got a large hug from Rita and another kiss on my lips. I could have chalked that up to casual affection, but I thought there might be something more sinister going on. Nonetheless, I managed to maintain my happy demeanor all the way to Edie’s house.

I mentally noted that I’d give her ‘home court advantage’ before I asked any questions. We’d do this at her house, then if I felt I needed to, I could leave.

Edie was in my arms and kissing me as soon as the front door closed. I kissed back, but led her into the living room. I seated her in a chair and then sat in its duplicate, facing her. For a couple of seconds, she looked confused and slightly worried.

I said slowly and deliberately, “We have to talk … or rather, YOU need to talk.”

Edie suddenly looked pale. “What?”

“My new girlfriend got caught by her new boyfriend kissing our host and letting him feel her breast through her clothing. I thought that was a little out of the norm, so I was curious about what was going on. I’m guessing based on what I heard, that one of the secrets that you’ve yet to share is involved.”

I shut up at that point. I learned well in the class I took at NASA entitledThe Art of Negotiation’; he who talks first after the challenge loses. It wasn’t that I wanted Edie to lose, but I did want her to talk in a revealing way.

Edie muttered, “Oh, shit. I’m sorry.”

I remained mute and waited.

Edie finally started after a long silence. I outwaited her. “A little over four years ago, I got all restless and horny again after years of keeping on the straight and narrow. Harry and I were rarely having sex, and I was … horny all the time like I am now with you. I talked to Harry about wanting to do some sexual things with other people, but only if we knew them well and could trust them. I don’t know how he did it, but Harry produced Hank and Rita; I think he knew them through some of his volunteer work or maybe his regular work. I forget. We got together with them socially several times and then he asked whether I liked them enough to engage sexually with them. I did, and so we did. I think we all fell in love with each other. Rita became my best friend, although we didn’t do anything sexual unless the men were around. I loved Hank and he was and is very solicitous of me.

“And then, Harry died. I was devastated. I crawled into my shell and wouldn’t come out. I didn’t want to do anything sexual with anybody. As the months passed, Rita and Hank asked me to rejoin with them, but I told them ‘No’. I didn’t want to be a fifth wheel or create a triangle. I worried that I’d latch onto Hank and try to turn him into a husband, or even create a lesbian relationship with Rita. I didn’t want to be the ‘other woman’.

“Also, I knew I couldn’t engage with them without having my own love interest. I needed a solid base for my own confidence in that kind of sexual situation.”

I nodded and gestured for Edie to continue.

“Rita and Hank left me alone, but every few months one of them would make sure to let me know that I’d be welcome back with hugs and kisses. Somehow, they found Bruce and Mindy and started a loving and sexual relationship with them. Rita told me, and I heard about their exploits in being together. They also became good friends … and lovers with each other.”

“Rita decided I needed to get social — to date — and that’s where you came into the picture. She never said it, but I’m sure she hopes you’ll become my base and support so we can all play again.”

I sat back in the chair and studied her. The silence hung on the air as she studied me trying to figure out what I was thinking. I asked, “Do you want to?” I kept my voice as neutral as I could. I was even avoiding judgments to myself.

“Honestly, yes. It was fun, arousing, naughty, and all sorts of positive things. Harry and I both thought it strengthened our marriage. We talked more, made love more, and became a couple again rather than two individuals rooming together.

“I know this is kind of shock so early in our relationship. I am ready to just avoid any kind of situation if it means losing you. You are of paramount importance to me. We have been having our own fun and can continue to do that.”

I posed, “And other secrets or confessions?”

Edie shook her head. “I told you I got pretty slutty in late high school, college, and my twenties until I met Harry. I guess I could go into detail, but I was going to hold onto those until I needed a dirty story or two to tell you to get you cranked up. I’m not hiding them, I promise.”

“Affairs while you bedava bahis were married?” I posed.

“None. Zero. Harry, too.”

“Why did your mood change four years ago?”

“I asked my doctor. She told me I was likely hypersexual and had been since adolescence. I’d managed to curb the tendencies while I was having and raising our children. Things started up around menopause and after the last one left home — my daughter Penny, and I guess I relaxed and allowed my nymphomaniac tendencies to reemerge. Harry wasn’t surprised at all; he just rolled with the situation.”

I asked, “Was Rita coming onto me tonight?”

“With her kisses and hugs? Yes, probably. She likes you and hopes you like her. She whispered to me that she ‘got off’ on you. I said nothing, but I did roll my eyes. Tonight, and earlier, I’ve really tried to avoid the issue with them, but I guess I knew it would come up sometime. I didn’t want to say or do anything to upset what we’ve started to build. Please don’t leave me because of this.

“The moment with Hank was sweet and just him reminding me that the two of them wanted me … wanted us. I pretty much told them I wouldn’t do anything unless you were part of it. I emphasize, we don’t need to be or to do anything further with them. I want them as friends, but beyond that we can just put a barrier there.

A long silence ensued. Finally, I stood. “I need to think.” Without a further word, I sauntered to the front door and left.

* * * * *

I cried all night long — a woman’s prerogative. My pillow was drenched. My eyes were red. My complexion was blotchy. I was up wandering around at dawn again, having coffee. A man! I was crying over a man — a truly great man that I’d fallen deeply in love with in only a few days — a few hours.

I looked out at my empty driveway where he’d parked whenever he was at my house. I cried some more. The house had wet tissues on almost every surface. I lost him. He was gone. My past behavior and the portent for more had done me in as far as he was concerned. I was a sexual deviant and he wasn’t.

My phone rang and eight-thirty a.m. I answered and it was Rita. I sobbed, “I’ve lost him — I told him about us and he just went off to think.” I cried really hard.

“Come over!” Rita implored almost screaming at me over my crying. “Now!”

I choked out, “All right. Later.”

Rita emphasized, “No, right now. It’s important. We want to support you, but you have to be here.”

I didn’t understand, but I got dressed. I thought of Jim’s admonishment about my bra and panties and left them in my dresser, as though adhering to some request he’d made hours earlier would bring him back.

I got in my car and managed to drive to Rita and Hank’s home, although I was crying. As I arrived, I was astonished to see Jim’s car parked on the street. Now, I was puzzled.

Rita was out the door to greet me in a flash. “Come on. Yes, Jim is here. He woke us up at seven this morning, and we had a long talk.” She led me into the house and into the living room. She pushed a mug of black coffee into my hands. Jim and Hank came into the room from the kitchen and sat down. I saw Jim and sobbed again, “I love you; I miss you.” I didn’t dare go to him; it might aggravate him.

Jim got up and came to me. He kissed my forehead. “I do love you, and I haven’t been gone long enough for you to miss. Besides, based on what I’ve heard, I’m not leaving you.”

My heart kind of soared into outer space on just those few words. He was still going to be my boyfriend — maybe?

Rita motioned Jim back to his seat, and she knelt between all of us on the rug. She announced, “Jim wanted to know the extent of the swinging that we did with you and Harry, and what we wanted to do with you now, and the emotional attachments. I think we answered those questions.”

Hank volunteered, “We always felt great affection for you and later genuine love as our relationship matured. We put the sexual part of that on hold when Harry died and you told us you weren’t ready for that kind of thing again. We still love you and want what’s best for you. We want you to be happy.

“I fell in love with you, as you know, and Rita loved Harry. When he died, we were all shattered and dumbfounded. Later, we happened to meet Bruce and Mindy, and they kind of took your place as you licked your wounds of widowhood. I want to add that we love them, too; and they certainly love Jim and are coming to feel the same about you.”

Jim said, “The feelings of love in the relationships are important to me. If this were a casual ‘friends with benefits’ hook-up I’d be less enthused about the situation. I told Rita and Hank, that I am surprised and amazed that Bruce and Mindy are sexually involved with them. I’ve known them for years, and they never once hinted at that side of their lives.”

Rita said, “Well, what about you, Jim. Tell Edie the rest of your thinking.”

Jim smiled, “I can see ‘US’ joining in with the other two couple bedava bonus in this mix, and I mean sexually and emotionally. I have all sorts of qualms about going against what appears to be ‘normal’ society, but I also have all these personal wants and needs that engaging like this might satisfy. I want to reserve the right to back out if I can’t cope.

“You mentioned being hypersexual. I think I have leanings in that direction. My shorthand for that is what I told you; I have a very active libido. I think about sex a lot, and then you entered my life. You are Aphrodite personified — the goddess of sex and love and beauty. I already pledged to love you, and I see no reason to change that pledge. I want for your happiness.”

I launched myself from my chair across the space and into Jim’s arms. “Oh, God, I love you too.” I rained kisses on him and he felt my wet cheeks and saw the redness in my eyes from my all-night bouts of crying.

I curled up in Jim’s lap the way a kitten might.

Jim went on, “As many find in a coupling that spans four decades, the heat and passion wane. That was true for Diane and me. I wanted the sex and the heat of a hot love, but it wasn’t there until you came along. Suddenly, I have an equal again. Someone who is as horny as I am, wants sex just as much if not more, and wants to do outrageous and sexy things. Why on earth would I ever give that up? I may never get another chance, and best of all it’s with YOU.” He kissed me again.

I sat up, “So … so … so, does that mean that you will be loving and sexual with everyone.”

Jim laughed, “Not so much the guys, although I already have a ‘good buddy’ relationship with Bruce and am already developing one with Hank. We just won’t be all that sexual with each other.”

“But with Rita and Mindy?”

Rita grinned lecherously at him and made us all laugh; even me.

Jim laughed, “Yes, if they want me. They will be part of the scene that I have been seeking for decades — the hot sex, the naughtiness, part of the outrageous scene I want to live in, and part of the loving.”

“And you won’t get all antsy and jealous if I make love with Hank or Bruce?” I asked in a near whisper for fear of a bad answer.

Rita jumped in, “We explained about ‘compersion’ to him. I’m pretty sure he gets it and can live it the way we hope.”

I nestled my head into Jim’s chest, “Oh, I’m so happy.”

Rita teased, “And when I had you on the phone you were to most unhappy person I’d ever known.”

“You all rescued me,” I said from inside Jim’s hug.

Jim said, “One request from all of you, please. Just give me a little more time to get used to all this and to spend some quality time with Edie.”

* * * * *

Despite the revelations of the past several days I was pretty happy. Edie was walking around my house naked except for her stiletto black heels that made her legs look like a million dollars. She’d often find me wherever I was and just hug and kiss me. She usually offered me a breast to suck on, too; and, of course, a pussy to finger or fuck.

Could I resist her advances? Fuck no! Who’d want to? We made love about eight to ten times a day, and no, I’m a male, and I didn’t cum that often. Those times, I would eat her to several orgasms and then try to return to whatever I’d been doing before being so delightfully interrupted. We were working our way through every room in both our houses.

I studied up about how to make love to a woman without a male orgasm, and hence the need for a refractory period. When I first searched on the internet there were only 625-million responses that I needed to check out. Edie approved of my research and provided me the platform for me to try out various techniques and ideas. We were having fun and she was having lots of orgasms.

I was in my den one day continuing my research and also keeping up with current events when I heard the door chimes. I wasn’t sure that Edie was dressed enough to answer the door, but I was wrong. I got to the foyer hallway just as she opened the door wearing … her heels.

Bruce was there and immediately broke into a really wide smile at his welcoming committee.

Edie said like the perfect hostess, “Well, don’t just stand there, come in.” She politely gestured.

Bruce came in and saw me. “Jim, I thought I’d stop by for some company and conversation.”

Edie pulled Bruce into the living room before he could say more. She pushed him into a chair and then sat in his lap. She planted a huge kiss on his lips and then pulled his head down so he could suck on one of her tits.

I found myself watching, getting aroused, and laughing. She put one of his hands between her legs so he could stroke her pussy. This was obviously for my benefit. I was being tested, and Bruce unwittingly had become her pawn in the experiment.

Bruce looked up at me, “I wasn’t expecting any of this … or planning … your girlfriend is hot.” They made out for a minute. He tried to continue, “I thought with deneme bonusu what you learned a few days ago that you might like to talk. Mindy thought that was a good idea, too. She sent her love … and desire, too. Rita had a long talk with her yesterday afternoon sharing what had been going on with the two of you and various revelations.”

I took a seat grinning as Edie went back to trying to get Bruce to suck on her nipples and finger her slit. “Go ahead,” I teased.

“My concentration is ruined for the next month,” he said not entirely honoring Edie’s advances.

Edie finally laughed and stood, “I’ll let you guys talk, but someday soon you are invited to fuck me into oblivion. Do you want a drink?”

Bruce accepted a Diet Coke. “God, she’s hotter than the sun, you lucky devil.”

I teased, “Oh, soon enough, you’ll get to enjoy some romantic time with her. I’m getting used to the idea. Watching her with you was a bit of a jolt, but I lived through it. I’ve been doing a lot of studying on the Internet about the practice of swinging, group sex, and hot wives and girlfriends.”

“We did keep that side of our lives private from you. Sorry for our incomplete disclosure.”

“Oh, quite all right. So, you and Mindy are swingers?”

“Yeah, but I don’t like that term. It sounds too frivolous. We wanted to feel some affection and love for the people we were intimate with. In case Rita or Hank didn’t tell you, the four of us didn’t just hop into bed the first time we met.”

I teased, “Oh, you made it to your second get-together.”

“No, I think we’d seen them half-a-dozen or more times, and then we worked up to it slowly. Because they’d been with Hank and Edie — who we didn’t meet until the night you met her, they had a head start on us in term of knowing what feelings and emotions we’d encounter. They talked us through those. They also worked up slowly with us, just like Edie just did with me — naked in my lap, having me suck on her breasts and stroke her pussy. The first time I saw Hank do that to Mindy, I almost came unglued. Are you OK?”

I nodded, “Better than fine. I knew she was toying with you like a cat with a lame mouse. Most of that was to test me, I think; not to take away from her attraction for you. If she was serious, you’d be down the hall in our bedroom with your cock buried in her vag. I’m glad she got the opportunity to do that with you and also to tease me with what she did.”

Bruce nodded, “So, I’m now an open book on the subject. I’m here to answer questions. Let me add a message from my wife and I quote as best I can; ‘Tell Jim that I can hardly wait to make love with him. I want his dick in as deep in my cunt as he can get it, and not just once. I love that man’. So, there’s your starting position with my wife. She already loves you.”

“And I have a great deal of affection and love for her,” I confessed. “I just never thought it’d include a sexual component.”

“The sex makes the love complete and more expressive. While sex without love is nice, adding in the love makes it so much greater.”

I posed, “Do you think you’ve hurt your marriage or relationship by having sex outside your union?”

“NO!” he reacted viscerally. “Our marriage was in the doldrums. We were roommates and rarely had sexual relations. We’re not spring chickens like we were forty years ago when we met in college. I thought Mindy would totally dismiss Rita when she approached her with the offer to get to know us better before becoming even more serious and sexual. Instead, she brought the offer up with me that night.

“We talked, and then we fucked, and then we talked some more, and then we fucked some more. She teased me and acted like she was Rita and I was fucking her for the first time. Then she pretended that I was Hank and she was fucking him for the first time. She got me so cranked up, I made love with her a third time that night. I was also a convert to the idea.

“I should preface all that with a few other points. I’ve always considered myself pretty liberal. We have gay and lesbian friends, one couple even married. Not my thing, but I love them just the same. I read some book not too long ago about monogamy being only one option for a couple or group. I have always liked the ‘hot wife’ stories online. Put that altogether, and I was kind of primed to say ‘yes’ to Rita and Hank’s offer.

“As for our marriage and relationship, I think doing the sex with them awakened our own love for each other and marriage. We’re more sexually active, talk more, do romantic little things for each other, and, of course, we love getting together with Hank and Rita.”

“How often do you enjoy sex with them?”

Bruce laughed, “Every time, but I know what you’re asking. When we started with both wanted to fuck with them every day, but after our first few weeks together they made it every four or five days. We’ve tapered down a little, so I’d say, on average, every ten days or so. Sometimes, we do two days back to back, and then not for a while. I don’t know what you’ll experience since Edie knows them, but just hasn’t been with them for a long while. I’ve never thought it made a difference in Mindy and my relationship whether we did it a lot or not because I found I liked being with Rita so much.”

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Bohemia Pt. 06

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Nothing had been said after the night in the pool. Not one single word uttered by any one of them. It was confusing and a little disappointing for Helen. If they wanted to fuck her, why didn’t they just fuck her? She thought, regarding the younger couple now living with her.

Her phone pinged and she knew what it was instantly but felt offended by it for reasons she still didn’t fully understand to herself. The dating app had produced a match. She couldn’t check it there and then. Sitting in front of her doctor, slightly flushed asking about going back on birth control at her age.

She would be fucking plenty of strangers soon, Charlie had assured her of that. She’d make her lovers wear protection of course, but she couldn’t be too careful. The thought of getting accidentally pregnant at her age was too much to bear. Then again, it did stimulate unconsciously, her maternal instinct. A half-acknowledged desire to let a man breed her, to carry a child again, aroused her matriarchal intuition.

Memories and feelings from when she was pregnant with Charlie, came back to her. She remembered how big her belly got and loving the sight of it when she stood naked in the mirror. She barely ever dressed when she was pregnant, especially toward the end.

She also remembered how invigorated it made her sexually. She was constantly horny. Constantly wanting to fuck and get fucked. Charlie’s dad could barely keep up with her. She fucked him night and day and let him shoot her full to the brim, with buckets of thick creamy semen. And in between, she sucked down his cock and drank everything he gave her. When she eventually became too big to fuck, she was averaging five blowjobs a day and became acutely aware of how much exercise her jaw was getting and how strong her jawline got.

She promised him her body as a fuck toy, a cum rag, to be used however he wanted while she felt so insatiably horny. If he could have filled a bath with his cum, she would have bathed in it and drank all of it. There was a toy up her pussy or asshole or both, constantly for the last six months of her pregnancy.

The doctor sat in front of her, explaining how normal it was for women in their fifties to ask for the pill. She hoped he didn’t notice her squirming from her panties getting so wet.

She left and when she was back in the privacy of her car, checked the app on her phone. She found a match from a couple she thought seemed interesting when she scrolled through their profile.

He was a mid-fifties executive, silver hair and good bone structure. He was slim and toned as far as Helen could judge based on the couple’s holiday snaps. His name was Simon.

She was another story altogether. Her name was Klara. She was twenty-five and Helen guessed from her appearance, Eastern European or Russian. She was stunning. A tall blonde with toned long legs and, posing topless in the holiday pics, had beautiful tits.

Since she had liked their profile and they had now matched with hers, she could now access their private photo gallery. They of course could do the same, which sent a jolt of arousal through Helen.

She flicked through the images and couldn’t believe how explicit some of the snapshots were. Her pussy got wet instantly and she tempted fate by reaching her hand into her jeans to stroke her clit. She looked around the car park to make sure no one could see her and jilled off to the sexy images of the couple.

Most were camera phone pics. Klara naked, then Simon naked, his cock looked admirable. Long and thin but attractive. Then pictures of them naked together, at what looked like a nudist resort in the Caribbean. The pictures got increasingly more graphic. In a hotel room, Klara sucking Simon’s cock and then, out and out penetrative fucking.

But then, Helen was surprised that some of the more recent looking photos, were quite professional. They had obviously hired a photographer to capture them mid-fuck. In various poses, and multiple angles.

Helen cried out and arched her back as her orgasm shot out across her body from her groin. She fell back in her seat, and slumped down in it, catching her breath. ‘This couple’s sexy as fuck’, she thought to herself. She caught sight of something out her side window and looked:

A young mother, holding her toddler was getting into her car and looking over at her. By the look in her eyes, she knew Helen had just rubbed one out. Her expression was one of shock but in that same look, was desire and envy. A look slowly morphing into yearning.

They held strong eye contact between them for a moment, Helen tempted to roll her window down and invite the young woman over, but the moment passed, and she put the child in its seat in the back of her car and got in the front.

She started the engine and just before pulling away, looked back over at Helen, and nodded, meekly. Helen laughed to herself. She’d just been caught masturbating and wasn’t in the slightest fazed by it. Moreover, she had come within güvenilir bahis a breath of inviting the woman over so they could… what? Eat each other’s pussies in the back seat? Helen laughed harder.

That night she told Charlie about the match, who then jumped for joy at the news.

“You’ve messaged them, right? Please tell me you’ve messaged them?” Charlie asked, standing on tenterhooks.

“Well, no. Not yet, I wanted to get some advice on that front from you, first.” Charlie sighed and held her hand out for her mother’s phone. Helen handed it over without question and Charlie started typing.

Helen, having felt nervous about the whole thing, suddenly felt quite giddy at the prospects of meeting the couple. She stood over Charlie’s shoulder watching her type.

“What are you typing about me?” She asked.

“The truth, that you’re a sexy Milf and a slut to boot.” She cackled. Helen’s pussy tinged with moisture. She suddenly felt wanton, like a sex object to be admired and used for others sexual gratifications, it reminded her of her youth and made her feel free and open to a world of possibilities.

“Now there should be no doubt in whoever reads this that you’re very liberal about casual sex and are looking for a good time,” Charlie said as she started looking through Helen’s settings page of her profile. She clicked into the profile pictures area and started looking through her mother’s explicit photos that she herself had taken.

They were extremely sexy and daring and made even Helen’s pussy glisten. She imagined Charlie’s to be pretty damn wet too. The pics were erotic to an almost hardcore level, Helen looking more like a porn queen than a middle-aged woman.

“The pictures have the desired effect if you ask me, they say you’re sensual, but needing to get fucked. They say you have strong femininity but are ready and willing to be a sex slave and cum dumpster.” Charlie said, the explicit words about her own mother to her face, sent shockwaves of arousal through Helen.

And then, just like that, the phone binged. Charlie smiled at Helen, knowing straight away who it was. She looked at the screen and brought Helen close to her to be able to see the message.

‘Hi there, so lovely of you to reach out and make contact.’ It read. The avatar beside it was Klara’s. Another ping and a new message appeared. ‘So, we don’t like to waste too much time on this here, we much rather meet up and get to know people in person, how does that sound?’

‘Sounds great!’ Charlie typed back a little too quickly.

“Don’t worry about them thinking you’re too eager… eager to fuck usually makes for a date ASAP,” Charlie told her mother.

“Dating has changed a lot.” Helen opined.

“You have no idea,” Charlie said, sending back another message with details of her mothers’ availability. By the end of the messaging blitz, it had been arranged that Helen would meet the couple in town on Friday, in what she knew to be an exceptionally sophisticated hotel. The whole episode was a wild rush, leaving her excited, both mentally as well as sexually.

A few minutes later, Eden arrived for dinner having been at it again in the garden all day. He was musky and sweaty, and Helen thought a raw specimen of masculinity that she wanted to have balled up and living inside her pussy. God what it must be like to fuck him, she speculated.

Charlie threw herself into her lovers’ arms as he entered, wrapping her limps around him, bringing him in for a sensual embrace, lots of heavy petting and soul kisses. No worries of Helen’s innocence, she’d been there and seen that only a few days before in the pool, as she watched and admired and stroked her clit to the couple fucking, within feet from her.

“Good news baby, mums going to get her brains fucked out on Friday night.” Helen felt herself moisten and when she looked at Eden’s crotch, his cock was swelling.

Perhaps, Helen thought, Charlie uses her as a sexual device for arousing Eden, like the thought of her own mother getting fucked into next week was a stimulant for her boyfriend. Helen felt flattered if a little embarrassed.

Eden looked over to regard Helen, Charlie still in his arms licking and biting his neck. He smiled at the older woman, sharing an intimate detail of her sex life. It didn’t offend Helen like she thought it might.

“Great news. Here or their place?” He asked.

“A hotel in town.” He nodded, seemingly happy that Helen was meeting people.

“Try and lure them back here mum, we can have a fivesome.” Charlie teased and laughed rambunctiously.


The week passed in a whirl and before she knew it, Helen was walking up the steps into the hotel restaurant. She was wearing a classy but simple wrap dress. Charlie had called it slutty-elegant.

She was nervous and could feel the anxiety knot in her stomach as she made her way. The waiter asked for her booking, and she gave Simon’s name. With a sly smile the waiter led her to the discreet türkçe bahis corner booth, where they sat.

She made eye contact with Klara first and they shared a smile of familiarity. Then Simon, an equally disarming smile and benevolent air. They both got up to greet her. Simon wore a straightforward suit and open collar.

Klara was dressed a little more daringly, in high heels and a red cocktail dress with a deep revealing vee neckline and a slit up the side as far as her thigh, that not only allowed everyone looking at her intimate knowledge that she wasn’t wearing underwear, but also, made people actively wish the dress might fall away at a moment’s notice.

She kissed them both on the cheek, Klara, insisting on the European style went for the second cheek and as Helen was in range turned and met her on the lips, causing laughs among everyone.

When everyone was seated, Simon immediately poured Helen a glass of champagne, there was a pause of hesitation, and an awkward moment, before Simon casually began asking obvious questions, ‘Did you find the place okay?’ ‘Are you originally from Bristol?’… the usual ‘Getting to know you’ stuff.

Everyone was cordial and Helen slipped into comfortable ease with the couple. Stealing glances here and there she took them in. They were gorgeous, Klara especially, she was like a high-end fashion model in the mode of Victoria secrets. And then the thought crossed her mind, she was turned on by the girl, who was the same age as her daughter.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Simon leaned in. “What brought you to using the app?” He asked with a cheeky grin. Helen smiled back.

“I’ve been meaning to get back on the dating scene for a while now and my daughter recommended the app to me.” Klara raised an eyebrow at that disclosure.

“Your daughter uses the app? How fabulous.” The younger woman chimed in.

“Well yes, she technically met her boyfriend through it,” She revealed, then cringed thinking she’d let too much information about Charlie’s privacy.

“Well, I can assume the young man is an open-minded type from that bit of information.” Simon opined.

“They both are.” Helen smiled.

“And you are too I hope, Helen?” Klara piped in. A slutty little grin lining her face, barely concealing how ravenous she was for the older woman.

“We were so glad when we matched with you. You know.” Simon added, running his hand up and down Klara’s folded legs. She took a sip of champagne and then spread her legs, showing Helen her bald smooth pussy. Before refolding them, catching Simon’s hand between her thighs in the process.

Helen admired the couples daring, wanting to perform for them as well, she opened herself up to them, arching her back, pushing her breasts out toward them, lifting her head, and opening her throat up to them, provocatively licking her lips. All her actions said: ‘I know what you want, and I want it to, the only thing you have to figure out, is how you want to fuck me.’

The evening progressed, the waiter took their order, the food arrived, they ate, teasing one another here and there, their plates were taken away, Simon settled the bill after ordering a round of grand Marnier’s, and sipped as they watched other couples come and go from the restraint.

“Our waiter was very handsome, wouldn’t you agree, Helen?” Klara asked the table.

“Yes, he was… very handsome.” Helen agreed, watching the young waiter across the room attending to another table. She was getting exceptionally hot with all the sex talk going back and forth over dinner and was now in a boiling hot state. She thought of herself like a bitch in heat, anxious to get upstairs to their room she was in no doubt they had ordered, to get her brains fucked out.

“Really? You would let him fuck you?” Simon asked Helen point-blank. She shattered ever so slightly at the sexually charged question, feeling her pussy gush at his frank attitude. She smiled back at him.

“Maybe, some time.”

“Hmmm, I didn’t notice. I was too busy checking out the waitress in the other section. The redhead, she’d get her brains fucked out if I had my way with her.” He said outright to his girlfriend. Klara smiled.

“Yeah, she is pretty fuckable isn’t she.” She agreed. “Helen, what do you think?”

“Definitely.” She replied. The sexual yearning, unmistakable in her voice. The couple looked at her, then at each other, and smiled.

“Tell you what, we booked a room, just in case we happened to get on famously tonight. Why don’t you two head upstairs and I’ll follow you up? I have something I have to attend to first.” Klara held out her hand to Helen.

“Shall we?” She asked, a coy little mischievous grin up her cheek. Helen took her hand. She led the way to the banks of elevators and got in one. They were alone and as soon as the doors were closed and they began climbing the floors, Klara had her hands on Helen’s ass and hips.

She kissed Helen vigorously, like an animal. Almost aggressively, güvenilir bahis siteleri submerging her in passionate deep French kisses. Her tongue running wild in Helen’s mouth, her lips locked hard on the older woman’s.

Helen felt totally overcome by the barrage. Klara’s hands were running amok over Helen’s body, rubbing and caressing her tits and ass and back, holding the back of her head while she assaulted Helen’s mouth with her tongue. Soon she snaked a hand up Helen’s dress, between her legs and was messaging her crotch.

She didn’t hesitate. Didn’t seek permission, and when she suddenly and rather abruptly penetrated Helen with her middle digits and fingered her pussy, Helen lost control and whined out a highly sexed moan.

Her eyes rolled around her head, drunk from the passionate assault this beautiful younger woman was bestowing on her body, it wasn’t long before Helen was cumming on the fingers blasting away at her hot cunt.

The doors opened on their floor, but Klara didn’t stop. Her arm wrapped around Helen, keeping her from collapsing in pleasure. Her head like a swivel on her neck, she looked over to the open elevator door and saw a young couple looking at her, watching the open sex act being performed, in shock, but also, in awe.

Klara started pulling her out of the lift. Down the corridor, passed the couple unable to pull their eyes away. Klara walked her, like minding a drunkard. Her arms around her waist keeping her upright, her fingers no longer pumping her twat, instead, they here in Klara’s mouth, she was licking them clean.

Helen looked down at herself and notice a strap of her dress was down off her arm, her tit hanging out. She made no effort to adjust the wardrobe malfunction.

“Are you going to fuck me some more?” Helen asked in her cum-drunk stupor.

“What the fuck do you think?” Klara answered back, curtly. “You’re our cum-slut for the night.” They came to a room and stopped. Klara turned Helen towards her and grabbed her head and kissed her aggressively hard on the lips. And when she pulled away, she gently caressed her face, smoothing out her cheek. “We are going to fuck you really good tonight baby. Simon is going to shoot you full of steaming hot semen and I’m going to drink it all out of you. Do you want that?”

“Yes, please,” Helen answered meekly, a pleading, whiny little voice. Klara smiled then grabbed the hem of Helen’s dress and pulled it up over her head and off. She stood in the corridor where anyone could have been watching, completely naked and in plain sight.

Helen again made no effort to cover herself up, Klara stood a moment and admired the older woman’s naked body.

“Simon is going to love fucking you.” She said, then turned to the door and put in the key card, opening it. She walked in leaving Helen out in the hallway, to follow her. Klara turned on some lamps and low lights, setting a sexual mood. Then pulled away the straps of her own dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in her heels allowing Helen to admire her.

She was stunning, Helen started feeling intimidated by her and self-conscious about her own body. That lasted as long as it took Klara to pounce on her and start intensely kissing her again. Her fingers found Helen’s clit and began violently stroking it. Helen howled out her bliss, cumming quickly again and filling the room with her sex vocals.

Klara’s mouth found her breast and began sucking hard on her nipple, producing a surge of pleasure that ran all across Helen’s body and landed squarely at her twat. Her fingers alternating between probing and fucking into her pussy and circling her swollen clit.

It wasn’t sensual or loving. It was a wild sex act, an energetic, robust fucking. There was something assaulting in Klara’s approach to sex. She wasn’t a shrinking violet when it came to fucking. She was physical and assertive. She turned Helen toward the full-length mirror on the wall and grabbed her in a lock, managing to get her arms around her waist, both hands down at her pussy, left-hand fingers determinedly messaging her clit. Right-hand fingers pushing and fucking up inside her.

Standing behind her, holding her, making her watch herself in the mirror, Klara started to whisper into her ear as she played her pussy.

“Look at you, look at what a hot cunt you are. Look at how turned on you are, my fingers are sopping wet, you’re gushing so much, you filthy fucking bitch. Your mine and my boyfriend’s tonight, do you hear me, we’re going to use you however we want. You’re going to do whatever we say, do you understand? And do you know what you’re going to get in return? Lots of orgasms, isn’t that what you want you fucking dirty whore? Now cum for me, right now, all over my fingers, now bitch.”

Helen squirted out her pussy juice at the instigation of the aggressive dirty talk and came so fucking hard. She wailed out another long groan of climax bliss. Her pussy juice pissing out of her and landing on the carpet. Klara brought her hands up to Helen’s face, wet with her own pussy juices, and started feeding her, her own juices that gathered on them.

Klara forced her down onto her knees then and brought her beautiful, shaved cunt to her mouth.

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The Interview

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I got the call as I was walking out the door. They wanted me to come in for an interview with the department head. Apparently, the supervisor I had first seen liked me enough to recommend me for a different, higher profile job, not to mention a much higher salary with bonuses. I was flattered. HR set up a time for me to come in the next day, at about 3:30pm.

I got to the department head’s office at about 2:45 the next day. I made sure I was looking especially good that day. I had on my new black knee high boots with a multi-colored sweater and a black skirt that ended just above my knees. I had black thigh highs on under the skirt, just to feel that extra bit of confidence (they’d never know I had them on!). I sat in one of the chairs next to the empty desk I assumed belonged to his assistant. I was only there for a few minutes when the door opened and people started to walk out. Not one of them had a happy look on their face. I heard someone bark, “Cynthia! Get me that chick that’s here for the interview!”

A lady walked out and gave me a hesitant smile. “Mr. Hawkins will see you now, Ms. Raymond.” As I walked by her, she whispered, “He’s not always like this.” It did little to calm my nerves.

I stepped into the office and looked around. There was a conference table when you first walked in and it looked like it could easily hold 20 people. Cynthia was busy clearing the table of glasses and paper. “Cynthia! Aren’t you done yet? Close that door when you leave!” I jumped at the bark and turned toward the voice. Mr. Hawkins was hunched over the enormous desk, scribbling on some paper. I could tell this was going to a very interesting interview.

I walked forward and stopped at the corner of his desk, waiting for him to acknowledge my presence. He glanced at a sheet of paper and then up at me, not moving anything but his head. “Ms. Raymond, have a seat,” nodding toward a chair that was placed in front of his desk.

No wonder this job is open, I thought. No one would want to work for this guy. And I bet those bonuses were probably quite large to try to entice people to stay.

Since he was busy with his paperwork, I was able to study him more closely. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, quite attractive actually. His brown hair was long enough that you could run your fingers thru and just barely grab a hold. I didn’t get a good look at his eyes but I thought they might have been hazel. Regardless, they were beautiful. And there was a neatly trimmed goatee to complete the face. Hmmmmm…….

I shook the thoughts from my mind and kept looking him over. His button down shirt had the top two buttons undone and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. From what I could see, he had nice looking arms. They looked fairly strong, like they could lift almost anything. I studied his hands, noticing his thick fingers. And that they were tapping. I jerked my eyes up and found him looking at my face, an eyebrow raised.

I could feel the blush all the way to my toes. Damn! I got caught staring at him. I really hope I wasn’t drooling. Since it had been two weeks since I had gotten laid, I know that at least one part of me was drooling….

“Ms. Raymond, I see you are interested in being my assistant. I’ve read your resume and heard what Sue had to say about you. Apparently, she thinks you can handle the job. Would you mind doing a few things my assistant would usually do? I like the hands on interview. Let’s me actually see if you can handle the job.” By then, he had leaned back in his chair, resting his folded hands on his stomach.

I was intrigued. “I must say, I have never had an interview like this, Mr. Hawkins. But I am willing to try. What kinds of tasks did you have in mind?”

He leaned forward in his chair, assessing me. “Let’s see. I have two more appointments today, some letters that need to be typed, some calls made and some filing to be done.” He shuffled around his desk for a second and handed me a sheet full of names. güvenilir bahis “These people need to be called to see if they are coming to the dinner on the 20th. All the info is on the top of the desk out there.” He handed me a blue folder crammed full. “Here are the letters that need to be typed. There are four on top that I need done today.”

He stood up and came around the desk. “Follow me.”

I stood and followed him out the door, back to the desk. He pointed to the enormous stack of papers in the inbox. I looked at him, “How long has it been since you had an assistant?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I’d say about a month. They keep sending temps over to keep the paperwork at a manageable level. For some reason, they keep leaving after a day.”

I rolled my eyes behind his back. Yeah, wonder why….

He turned and said,” The files for those papers are in my office. They are filed by the client’s last name.” Just then, the phone started to ring. He looked at me and said, “There you go. Have at. I’m in my office if you have any questions. Intercom works.” And with that he turned and went back into his office, closing the door behind him.

I reached over and answered the phone, instantly going into work mode. Time flew by as I completed half the letters and fielded phone calls. His two appointments came and left after only being there for no more than ten minutes. It was about 4:30 when I grabbed half the stack of files and knocked on his door.

‘What?” he barked.

I cracked the door. “Is it okay for me to go ahead and file these papers?”

He looked up. “Sure. They’re over here,” pointing to the wall of drawers on his left.

I walked in and went to work, making short work of the stack. I glanced over my shoulder a few times to see what he was working on. He was completely engrossed in his paperwork. I bent down to put the last papers in the bottom drawer, not an easy feat in my skirt. Instead of kneeling down, I just leaned over to put them in. My hair fell in my face so I pushed it back so I could read the labels. As I pushed it back, I caught a glimpse of Mr. Hawkins. He had stopped looking at the paperwork and was now completely focused on my ass. I pretended not to notice him staring and finished the last paper.

When I stood up, my face was flushed, a combination of me bending over and Mr. Hawkins staring at me. I turned and headed back out the door, closing it behind me. Now was the time to find the bathroom. I buzzed him on the intercom and told him I would be back in a few. I got no response so I headed down the hall.

When I got there, I noticed a full length mirror. I was curious to see just what he had seen when I was bending over. I bent down and glanced back in the mirror and I couldn’t believe what I saw: the tops of my thigh highs and garters were visible! And if you looked closely enough, you could see the wet spot on my thong. Oh great.

I hurried back to the desk and looked at the clock. It was 4:50. If I hurried, I could file the last of the papers and hopefully leave without embarrassing myself further. I grabbed the last of them from the inbox and went to his door. I knocked hesitantly and opened the door. He wasn’t at his desk. With any luck, I would be able to file and run.

Most of these papers were filed in the bottom two drawers so I spent most of my time bent over. About halfway thru the stack, I glanced up at the clock on his desk and was met with a surprise: Mr. Hawkins was standing next to his desk, staring at my ass. I wasn’t sure what affected me more: the fact that I didn’t hear him come in or the fact that I could see his raging hard-on straining against his pants.

I quickly looked back down but didn’t adjust the way I was standing. As I continued to work on the papers, I tried to watch him thru my curtain of hair. He had moved back to sit in the chair behind his desk and was rubbing himself thru the front of his pants. I could only imagine the thoughts türkçe bahis that were going thru his mind as he watched my ass move back and forth.

Well, hell. I figured I wouldn’t get the job anyway so I might as well get laid. I leaned over a little further, pretending I was reaching all the way to the front of the bottom drawer. I could feel my skirt hike up further, exposing the bottom of my ass cheeks. I heard a creak and looked thru my hair at his desk. He had leaned in to get a closer look, his hand continuing to rub his cock thru his pants. I stayed like that for a few moments more then slowly stood up. I pushed the drawer closed with my foot and turned to face him.

I looked at his face, flicked my eyes down to his hand on his crotch, then back up to his face. “Is there anything else I can….help you with?” His hand reached over and grabbed some paper off his desk and held them out to me, his eyes never leaving mine. “File these,” he said. I took the papers and glanced down at them. They belonged in the bottom drawer. I bent over again and tried to concentrate on the names on the folders.

I heard the chair creak again and then I felt my skirt being raised higher. I closed my eyes as I felt my ass being exposed. I was sure he could see how wet I was. My hands gripped the file drawer as I felt his hands touch my ass, slowly rubbing and squeezing. One hand rubbed toward my crack and his thumb hooked under my thong, pulling it to the side. I felt his thumb graze my clit as he moved my thong off my wet pussy. I bit my lip, trying not to make any sound lest he should stop.

I gasped as I felt his tongue touch my pussy, sliding down to lick my clit. His hands spread my cheeks, giving him better access to my dripping pussy. He still hadn’t said a word as he began to lick and suck my pussy, forcing me to brace myself against the file drawer. I was no longer able to keep quiet and began to moan and gasp at the pleasure he was causing.

I knew it was only a matter of seconds until I came. All it took was him inserting a finger into my pussy and I came all over his face, soaking his finger and stifling a scream. He pulled his finger back out and rubbed it on my clit as he stuck his tongue in my dripping pussy, fucking me with his tongue. My body jerked as I continued to cum, pushing myself back on his tongue, trying to get more in me. My orgasm was so hard; I could feel my knees begin to buckle. He wrapped an arm around my legs to hold me upright as he lapped my cum up.

His tongue left my pussy and his arm was removed from legs. Hands pushed me down onto my knees. I found myself looking at the front of his pants. I didn’t have the nerve to look up into his face. I just kept staring at his crotch, wondering what it looked like, what it tasted like. I leaned in and put my hand on the bulge, feeling its length. It didn’t feel overly long, but it seemed to be quite thick. I had to see it. Still not looking up past his waist, I reached for his belt and he grabbed my hands and put them on his fly. I took the hint and unzipped his fly and reached in to pull him out.

My mouth was watering by the time I got his cock out of his pants. I leaned in and lightly touched the underside of the head with my tongue. I heard and felt a sharp intake of breath. Good. I made sure my tongue was plenty wet and went to work. Two could play this game. I licked my way around his head and then down his shaft, making it as wet as I could. I came back to the head and slowly let it dip into my mouth, not far but enough to let my teeth graze the underside of his head. I could tell he was enjoying it and wanted more by the way he kept moving his hips closer to my mouth. Anticipating his movements, I kept my own pace, frustrating him. I waited until he thought that was all I was going to do.

Then, I took his wet cock and slid him quickly into my mouth, taking as much as I could until I felt the base of his cock on my lips. He moaned and pushed his hips against güvenilir bahis siteleri my mouth, forcing more into my throat, gagging me in the process. I quickly drew back and bobbed a few times on him, gagging each time but loving the feel of him in my mouth. I backed off and played with just the head again. He slid a hand into my hair and guided my mouth back down onto his cock, using little force because I was willing to do it. I could hear his breath coming faster and knew if I didn’t stop now, I might not get to feel that cock in my pussy.

I pulled free of his hand and stood up, looking him in the eyes as I backed up to his desk. I felt my legs hit the edge and pulled myself up onto it. I pulled my legs up and propped them on the desk and waited for him to come to me. He took the hint and walked over to the desk. When he got there, he reached down and took hold of my thong. I moved my legs and let him slide them off. As he removed them, he snuck in a quick lick on my pussy. I grabbed his head to hold him in place, so he could get a better taste. He cooperated and licked and sucked, making sure I was still very wet.

He pulled away from my grasp and moved to my mouth. He took possession of it, applying just the right amount of pressure, making me want more. I could taste myself on him and it was driving me wild. I pulled him closer and felt his erection brush my pussy. He adjusted his hips and he slide in while he was kissing me. I moaned into his mouth, it felt so damn good! He moved his hands down my body, one going under my sweater to cup my breast and the other to my hip to hold me steady as he pounded into me.

There were so many things being done to my body, I couldn’t concentrate on just one: his fingers pinching and pulling on my nipple, his tongue teasing my lips, his teeth nipping at my lips, him driving his cock in and out of me, going as deep as he could. I was on the brink of another orgasm. And when I thought I could control it, he released my hip and reached down and rubbed my clit. He released my mouth and grinned at me as I started to cum again, throwing my head back as I started to spasm and moan.

In the middle of my orgasm, he picked me up, still inside me, and walked over to the conference table. He put me down on it and pulled out of me. He pulled me off the table and pushed me face down onto the table. I spread my legs, hiked up my skirt and thrust my ass out, knowing what was next. Once more, he knelt behind me and tongued my pussy, making sure to lick my sensitive clit and cause me to jump.

He stood up behind me and drove into me, his hands pulling my hips toward him, making sure he went as deep as possible. I gasped and pushed back against him, trying to help him get deeper. He started fucking me, going slowly at first then speeding up at the sound of my moans and encouragements. I could hear the wet sounds of him fucking me and it was making me even more excited. I could tell he was getting close so I tightened my muscles around him. I heard a groan and then he shoved his cock in me and held me still, filling me with his cum.

When he seemed to be near the end of his orgasm, I rolled out from under him and went to my knees in front of him, taking his shrinking cock in my mouth. I proceeded to lick and suck the remaining cum off his cock, taking him completely in my mouth. I could tell the action was completely unexpected by the look on his face: jaw had completely dropped open and he was sucking in air like he couldn’t get enough oxygen while gripping the table for support.

I removed his limp cock from my mouth and stood up. I turned and walked to the door, opening it and closing it behind me, ignoring the fact that I had left my underwear on the floor. I reached down and picked up my purse from beside the desk. Guess I needed to start to look for a job. As I started to walk away, I heard the intercom buzz. I went back to the desk and answered it.

“Yes, Mr. Hawkins?”

“Ms. Raymond, we start work promptly 9am. I’ll have Sue send the necessary paperwork for you to complete,” he hesitated. “Is tomorrow morning too soon to start?”

“Not at all. 9am you say?” I responded with a grin. I think I’m gonna like working here.

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The Inspector Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of “The Inspector” Part 1 & 2.

It is a true story of events which occurred during my career as a Police Detective.

I was a 22 year old Detective who had worked with a female Detective Inspector, Pam, who was 10 years my senior. On one occasion, we had worked at an out of town location for several days during which we had commenced a sexual liaison.


When I reported in for work, Pam was already in her office. We greeted each other as if nothing had ever happened. I worked throughout the day while Pam was away from the office for most of the day.

When it was almost time to go home, Pam called me into the office and asked me if I could stay back so we could go over the investigation we had done while away.

I grabbed the files and went into her office. We were the only persons on the floor. Everyone else had gone home.

I began to open the files as I stood beside her at her desk.

“Leave them,” Pam said. “I want to talk about something else.”

“After the fucking you gave me last night, I am still sore. You went to some places where no one has been before or not for a long time. You were bloody awesome,” she said.

“You were not too bad yourself,” I said.

“When Don came home last night, he got into bed and went straight to sleep. Unfortunately that has been the story of my life although I would never leave him,” she said.

I wondered what it had to do with me.

“How would you like to be my fuck buddy, bahis firmaları you know, we could meet for mutual fucking. Don goes away about every two to three weeks for a day or two. This would give us an opportunity to get together. You can do anything you like with me except I don’t want you to mark me. What do you think?” Pam said.

As she said this, she reached across and grabbed my balls through my trousers. With Pam having me by the balls, she had me in a position of weakness. “I guess something can be arranged,” I said.

“Thank you. You won’t regret it,” she said as she gave my balls an extra squeeze.

I hoped she would be right.


“Can I ask a favour of you?” Pam said, while continuing to hold me by the balls.

“Sure,” I replied.

“I have always had a particular fantasy”.

“What is it?” I replied.

Pam moved her seat back from her desk and said, indicating to under her desk, “Can you fit under there?”

Pam’s desk was a reasonable size so there was plenty of room for me as I backed in on all fours. Pam moved her chair forward, towards me as she parted her legs which were covered by her dress.

I don’t know if it was because I was as devious as Pam but I immediately caught on to what she had in mind.

I lifted her dress to find that she was wearing white opaque bikini knickers. I reached up and took hold of the knickers on both sides and pulled them down as Pam lifted her hips. I took her dress, gathering it up and putting kaçak iddaa it behind her so that she was sitting with her bare butt on the chair. If anyone came in they would not be aware that she was bare, almost from the waist, down.

Pam moved her butt forward so that she was sitting on the front edge of the chair. She then parted her legs so that I was looking directly at the protruding lips of her pussy.

I reached forward and ran my tongue lightly along her lips. There was a sharp intake of breath from Pam. I continued to lick, increasing the pressure on my tongue. At times, I stopped and directed my attention to her clit. Pam began to breathe heavy. I received the best reaction from Pam when I enclosed her pussy with my mouth and use by tongue to enter her. In no time, she had an orgasm. I looked up to see that she had her hand in her mouth, possibly to suppress her appreciation.

I continued to lick her legs and behind her knees before moving back to her pussy. I gave it several licks before I commenced to work on her pussy with my fingers. I inserted two of my fingers, reaching for her G-spot and used my tongue to work on her clit.

Pam placed her hand back in her mouth as she began to moan.

She was able to reduce her appreciation to just loud whispers. “Yes, yes, oh yes,” she whispered as she thrust her hips forward.

I could see that Pam was about to have an orgasm so I pulled back, continuing with my fingers in her and using the other hand to massage her clit. kaçak bahis “I’m going to cum,” Pam called out, while attempting to suppress her voice.

Pam let out several light squeals and at the same time, squirted liquid from her pussy. There were three sprays before a small amount ran down from her pussy. I dipped my tongue into the liquid to taste it. It had a very light, almost sweet taste.

Pam leant back in her chair while she recovered.

“That was bloody fabulous,” she said. “I’ve a good mind to have you as a permanent fixture under my desk.”

She then noticed the spray of liquid on the front of the chair and on the floor. “Is that from me? You are a bloody master. How do you do that to me?”

She bent down and kissed me, after licking my lips.

She pulled me out and I sat on a chair.

“I have always had that fantasy of having a man under my desk, giving me a workout with his tongue. I thought it would be more daring if other people were in the office but did not know what was going on although I would not risk it,” Pam said. “I had almost given up that it would ever happen.”

“Thank you for delivering my fantasy to me,” she said. “Can you use my knickers to clean up the floor. Do you want to keep them?”

“I had better not. I would have trouble explaining them to Marianne,” I said.

“I would love to give you a blow job but I had better not. We might get caught. I will more than make it up to you,” Pam said.

Pam stood up, straightened up her dress, gathered up her personal effects, placed her rolled up knickers in her handbag and left after giving me a kiss. I waited for a while until my hard-on had gone down.

I felt I was in for interesting times

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The Ides of February

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A big Thank You to PaulX35 for kindly going through this piece and giving me his fantastic comments, most of which I have incorporated into the story. All the improvements he suggested have made the story better but as the final edit was mine, any errors are my own doing. Have a nice read. 🙂


* * * * * * * * * *

Nadine came into my life on the 12th of December. Her family had moved into town into the house across the street from mine and there had been a huge mover’s van in the driveway when I came back from work. I had strolled across to help and she’d emerged from the doorway wiping her forehead on her sleeve. I remember she’d been wearing an old white sweatshirt and jeans and I became an instant believer in love at first sight. Her face was flushed from the exertion and she’d smelled of sweat and dust. Wisps of strawberry blonde hair had escaped her ponytail and had been framing her face and trailing around her neck. She had smiled gratefully at my offer of help and her pale blue eyes had lit up. I have always wondered how I remembered that day so perfectly, down to every little detail, but then I have remembered everything that ever happened when it came to Nadine.

Although she lived right across the street from me, the next time I’d met her was when they had a small Christmas party at their house. She had looked ravishing in an emerald green dress which moulded her upper body and then fell in soft folds to her knees. They had invited all the neighbours – about fifty people. There weren’t many youngsters there so it had been a proper, formal sort of a thing. After dinner, the four or five youngsters got together and had decided to go to a disco nearby.

That was the first time I took her in my arms. We were dancing in a packed disco, of course, but I imagined something else in my mind. All of us had enjoyed ourselves until it was quite late and one by one the others left, leaving only Nadine and me from the original group that had arrived. I had taken her home and left her with a chaste kiss on her cheek but crazed desire in my heart. After going back home, I had lain in my bed and imagined her there with me. I was totally in love with her.

Over the next month, every time I met her, it seemed to me that my love for her increased. She told me quite a lot about her early years and I told her about myself. We had long conversations and had become quite close in a really short amount of time. It seemed that she was genuinely happy being friends with me and we had a lot of fun while we were together. I longed to take our relationship forward by telling her about my love. Every day I’d decide to tell her but as soon as I met her, I lost my nerve and vowed that next time I’d surely let her know. As January neared to an end and the card shops around the place started stocking valentine cards, I realised that the best day I could tell her was on Valentine’s Day.

That day, I decided to surprise Nadine at her university with a dozen roses. I knew she got off at about one in the afternoon and walked to the bus-stop nearby for a bus home. Arriving there half an hour early, I paced the pavement on the opposite side of the gate as I didn’t know where she would be. I was very nervous – I don’t know why. It wasn’t that I thought she would refuse because I knew she liked me. And then, to me, she was already mine – it was just the matter of her realising it. I dismissed my nervousness as an edgy feeling a guy has when he tells a girl that he loves her and looked forward to meeting her.

A few students started coming out of the gates a few minutes before one, increasing in number until there was quite a crowd pouring out. Most of them stared at me and my tightly clutched bouquet but I paid them no attention for I was busy searching for Nadine. The crowd rushed on as the minutes passed and I still saw no sign of her. I started to worry that I had missed her as the rush of people continued. Glancing at my watch, I decided to wait a little more before running to the bus-stop; and as I looked up, there she was.

She was with two other girls and all three of them seemed to be talking simultaneously as they walked down the road toward the gates. I stepped off the pavement and was about to call out to her as she reached the gates, when a guy on a motor bike stopped in front of the trio. Nadine’s face lit up as soon as she saw the guy. He handed a bunch of red roses to her with a quick kiss and she smiled at him before climbing onto the bike behind him. With a roar and a quick wave to her friends, she was off and I was left there, holding the bouquet in my hand. She hadn’t even looked at me.

To say that I felt sick would be an understatement. Jealousy, rage and confusion filled my being with such a force that I almost felt dizzy. I couldn’t believe Nadine had chosen someone else over me. She had to know my feelings for her. She couldn’t betray me like this.

Suddenly my mind cleared and just one thought crystallised. I had to know who that guy was. The two girls güvenilir bahis Nadine had been with had started to walked off and I hurried to follow them. It was difficult to get right behind them in the heavy crowd but I managed to lever myself just close enough to hear snatches of conversation.

“…cute, isn’t he? Nadine is lucky to have… both of them so good-looking, quite a couple… loves Justin like crazy…”

The last words hit me too hard. I felt like someone had slapped me in the face. Nadine loved that guy? How could she? Even though I had never told Nadine anything about my passion for her, I considered her mine. She had never told me anything about loving someone in our long talks. I thought she had told me everything about herself but it was apparent that she had been hiding the existence of her boyfriend. Obviously, my perception of our relationship differed a lot from what she thought about us. A deep anger took hold of me and I decided that I couldn’t let her get away with this.

I went home and locked myself in my room. Throwing the flowers on my table, I drew the drapes across the windows and lay down on the bed without even removing my shoes. I felt crushed, defeated… humiliated. I thought for a long time before I finalised my plan of action. Just as I’d finished contemplating, there was a roar from outside and I moved to the windows and peeked out from between the curtains. Nadine and Justin had arrived. They rode up right to the front door and went inside.

I hurriedly went out and across the street to their house, glancing around to see if anyone was out who could see me. Fortunately, the house was surrounded by a high hedge which afforded it privacy from immediate neighbours. As soon as I was in the yard I moved to one of the windows on the side, which looked into the living room and peered in.

They were seated on the couch and were already kissing. Justin’s hand was around her waist and Nadine’s right leg was thrown over his legs while her hands were in his hair. Both of them seemed oblivious to anything else and I decided to sit through the whole show.

After a while Justin pushed her away slightly. “Why don’t you move up here,” he suggested, patting his lap. “It’ll be easier.” He was breathing hard already.

Nadine smiled and complied. Throwing off her sandals, she climbed up onto his lap, facing him, her knees on either side of his legs. She was wearing a short skirt and it moved up almost halfway up her thighs. Justin placed his hands on her waist and started rubbing his thumbs on her stomach through her top. “Are you sure we won’t be interrupted?”

“Justin, I told you that mom and dad are out for the weekend. There’s no one home. Who’ll interrupt us?”

“So that means I can do anything I want today?” he asked her with a grin.

Nadine smiled. “You can start by kissing me and we’ll see where that goes,” she replied in a low, sexy voice full of promise.

Justin didn’t need to be told twice and he immediately hooked his hand behind her head and pulled her forward. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss and his hand disappeared into her top, latching onto her breast. I could see his thumb moving across her nipple at first and then he cupped her breast and squeezed it until Nadine broke away from the kiss and threw her head back in a moan.

“That feels so good,” she murmured as she grasped the ends of her top at her waist and in one smooth motion, pulled it over her head and threw in behind her on the carpet. “Hope that helps you.”

Justin chuckled. “It sure does, sweetie; and this too,” he said, putting his hands behind her to unhook her bra. It fell off her shoulders and Nadine gasped as her firm breasts were exposed to Justin’s gaze. Her rosy nipples were standing out, proclaiming her aroused state. His hands moved to caress both her breasts and he rubbed his palms over them before closing his hands over them and cupping them. They fitted nicely in his hands, neither too big, nor too small.

The scene was exactly out of my fantasies… except that it was with the wrong guy.

Nadine had her hands on Justin’s shoulders and was thrusting her upper body toward him. She was moaning out her pleasure now as Justin caressed her firm breasts. One of his hands slowly drifted to the top of her thigh and into her skirt. Nadine felt it and raised herself up off him to give him deeper access. Moving her hips against his hand in an unconscious motion, she whimpered out her enjoyment. I moved my hand to the front of my jeans and started touching myself, I was getting aroused by the scene unfolding before my eyes.

Nadine’s hands had begun to roam all over Justin’s chest and now she started fumbling at his waist. Pulling his t-shirt up around his torso, she ran her hands over his firm, muscled abdomen. Her fingers found his male nipples which she grasped and pinched, causing an immediate reaction in Justin. He jerked forward causing his hand to bury deeper between Nadine’s thighs. Nadine gasped as his hand touched türkçe bahis her pussy and after a second of frozen ecstasy, she collapsed with her head on his shoulder.

“Oh my God Justin! What are you doing…?” she asked him breathlessly.

“You started it,” he replied.

“I didn’t know it would affect you… that way,” she got out haltingly.

“No one’s ever done that to me before,” he said. “It felt…,” he paused, searching for the right word, “…electric!” After a moment of silence he continued, “You’re quite wet already.”

“Mmm… yes, I am.”

Justin’s hand started working back and forth between her legs, rubbing her and in a moment Nadine started getting restless. Her hips moved in tiny motions against the rhythm of his hand and there were occasional, soft whimpers with her ragged breathing.

“Your juices are really flowing now darling,” Justin said triumphantly.

“Mmm… hmm.” Nadine lifted her head and nodded her acknowledgement, getting off to stand in front of him. “It really isn’t fair that you get to touch me everywhere in a half-naked state and I don’t,” she pouted at him.

Justin took off his t-shirt. “There you go. I’m half-naked and all yours. To touch and… do with as you please.”

I unzipped myself and freed my cock from my briefs, pulling it out. It was already quite hard. With one hand, I slowly started fisting myself; my eyes riveted on the sight before me.

Nadine knelt down in front of Justin and ran her hands up and down his thighs a couple of times, going all the way to the apex and stopping just short of touching the bulge in his pants. Every time she moved up, Justin pushed his hips out a little. The third time, her right hand moved up all the way and cupped him. She squeezed a little which resulted in Justin uttering a tortured moan and throwing his head back on the back of the couch.

“Open it. Touch it,” he instructed through clenched teeth.

Nadine obeyed, fumbling with the button on his pants and then with his zipper before getting them undone and trying to strip his pants off. Justin lifted his hips to help her and with a little difficulty, they managed to get his pants down to his knees. Justin was in his briefs now and his erection was prominent by the stretched cloth. Nadine moved her face closer to his crotch and gently peeled off the material over his cock. Free of restraints, it stood out toward her as she grasped it with her free hand.

“I want you to take it in your mouth,” Justin told her.

Nadine hesitated for a second before tentatively sticking out her tongue and licking the head. Then she grew bolder and took the head into her mouth. Her hair fell forward, obstructing my view of her beautiful mouth full of cock but I could see her moving her head up and down. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined that it was my cock she had in her mouth and my hand started gliding a little faster on myself. I opened my eyes and co-ordinated the movements of my hand with that of Nadine’s head going up and down – on another guy’s cock right in front of my eyes.

Justin was uttering small grunts, his hands holding the back of Nadine’s head. Suddenly he clutched her hair in his fist, causing her to stop her movement. “Stop. I’ll cum,” he jerked out. Nadine stopped and looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth. My hand stopped working on my cock too.

Pushing her away from him, Justin got up and knelt down next to her. He pushed her down on the carpet and adjusted her skirt so that it was bunched up by her waist. “Now my turn,” he said with a grin and pulled down her panties. I couldn’t see her pussy clearly as she was lying in an almost horizontal position from the window from where I was watching them but I didn’t really need to. Justin lowered his head between her legs and I saw his tongue fork out before he was buried in her snatch.

By the way Justin was moving his head around; I could see he was getting quite a good piece of her tasty pussy. Nadine had her hand at the back of his head and was thrusting her hips up into his face; all the while emitting small, mewling sounds. Justin moved his hand up to her pussy and must have put his finger in her because Nadine stopped moving and almost shouted a fierce “No.” Justin looked up at her, his face covered and shining with her juices.

“I don’t want… that is… I want you in me,” Nadine whispered.

Justin hesitated. “Are you sure baby?” he asked her gently.

“Yes,” she replied firmly.

Justin moved up over her and covered her body with his own. Raising his hips off her, he adjusted himself to penetrate her and then eased down slowly. I closed my eyes and gripped my cock-head tightly, moving my hand down over my rigid shaft, just like I would have entered her tight pussy. Opening my eyes, I saw Justin start to move slowly. Luckily Nadine had her face turned toward me but her eyes were closed and the expression on her angelic face was one of extreme bliss.

I moved my hand in sync with Justin’s thrusts, as güvenilir bahis siteleri if I was fucking her; and in my crazed brain, I really was. My mind had blurred the distinction between reality and fantasy and though my open eyes were taking in the sight of another guy fucking my girl, it was in reality me in there, somehow allowed to witness the act I was doing with her.

The couple in front of me were thrusting wildly now and my hand was bobbing up and down my own hard shaft. I was so close to orgasm, Nadine’s soft cries of passion were ringing in my ears and my vision was filled with her beautiful face contorted in an expression of exquisite torture, her eyes shut tightly.

Nadine’s cries escalated to a continuing moan as Justin’s grunts intensified in volume and frequency. My hand was rushing up and down my rigid cock when Nadine finally climaxed with a cry.

“Justin… Justin… Justin… Ohhh my God!” she blurted through tight lips as her nails bit into his back and her body went still for a second before she wrapped her legs around Justin’s thighs, her heels clasping him to her.

Her orgasm caused me to reach my own peak as I came with a force which almost blew me away. I shut my eyes so tightly that tears formed behind my eyelids and I had to bite my lip and swallow past the lump in my throat in an effort not to cry out my pleasure. My knees gave away and I sank down into the soft earth outside the window.

“Justin, that was incredible,” floated out of the window in Nadine’s breathless voice as I was struggling back to normalcy.

“Yes, love. It was great,” Justin said.

When I was able to, I raised myself up to the window to peer inside and saw Nadine cuddling with Justin on the couch, their lips locked in a leisurely kiss, their content apparent in the afterglow of great sex. I had had enough. I moved away and walked back to my own house across the street, my resolve for what I was about to do solidified.

Back in my bedroom, I started accumulating the things I’d need in a small bag and a little while later I heard the roar which signalled Justin’s departure. I was almost ready and with a last minute check, I picked up my bag and left the place. Arriving at Nadine’s house, I hid my bag in the bush beside the door and rang the bell. Nadine opened the door and smiled when she saw me standing there.

“Hi Cole. Come on in,” she said, moving to give me way.

“Hi Nadine.” I walked past her into the living room and went directly to the couch which was the setting for her adventure today. One of the cushions was slightly off the couch and I settled it properly before sitting. Nadine had come in right behind me and avoided my eyes as she saw my action, perhaps remembering what had caused the cushion to get out of place.

“So how was your day Cole? Find anyone today at least?” she asked me. It was a joke between us that she would find a girl for me if I didn’t do it myself, and I had initially gone along with her to amuse her.

“Nope. Looks like I am not the girl’s type,” I replied seriously. She looked at me intently, trying to judge whether I was joking. “I guess I’ll just have to look harder,” I hurried on with a smile to ease her. She relaxed and I continued. “I actually dropped by to get that book you told me about a few days back. Have you finished it?”

“Yes, I’m done. I’ll fetch it for you.”

She disappeared out of the room and up to her bedroom. I moved rapidly to the front door and yanked it open, grabbed my bag and ran to the solid block of wood that served as a table in the far corner of the room. It was a good hiding place where I could keep my bag for a few hours and I dropped it there, secure in the knowledge that it wouldn’t be found. Next, I rushed over to the window through which I’d witnessed the action earlier on and opened the latch, pushing the window open to test it if it would make any noise. Satisfied that it wouldn’t, I closed it, making sure that the latch remained unfastened. Just as I went back to the couch and resumed my seat, Nadine walked back into the room with the book.

“Here it is. It’s really the most terrific murder mystery I’ve ever read,” she said handing it to me.

“Thanks.” I got up and taking the book from her, moved toward the door. “I’ll be going now. I’ll see you later.”

“Hey, what’s the hurry? You can stay for some time, can’t you?”

“No thanks Nadine. I just came back from work and am a little tired,” I lied.

“Ohh. Okay.” She seemed a little disappointed but I knew better. I had no more illusions about my place in her life now. She walked me to the door and stood there as I walked down the driveway.

“I’ll be seeing you soon,” I called out and jogged back to my house.

I waited in my bedroom patiently, peeking out through the curtains at Nadine’s house periodically. I traced her from the living room to her bedroom with the lights that were switched on and off in the various rooms. I was waiting for her to go to sleep. She still had her light open quite late at night and I hoped she would settle down soon so that I could go ahead with my plan. Finally, the light in her bedroom went off at about midnight and I waited anxiously for an hour to allow her to get into a deep sleep.

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