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Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Jorge R (3) These are semi fictional tales of connections with some of the hottest Mexican men I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Jorge R (3) …… I was in Mexico. I had just landed and was off to my hotel. I would get to it and get settled. I would see the sights that evening before my next mornings drive for what the GPS on my phone said would be over an hour’s drive. The weeks to my trip came fast. And I feared my time in Mexico would move just as quickly. When I got there I made sure to tweet Jorge as soon as I got to the hotel. “I am in Mexico” I said to him. Then I sent the same message to his cell. That would provide me a quicker response from the hot near. And he did. Within 10 minutes I got a text back saying that he and Ceslo were out and about. “You should meet us at the club” it said “We will have a few drinks and chat” “In person sexy man” I was pleased he wanted to hook up so quickly. My loins were twitching for the stud ever since I arrived. “Great. Where?” I sent back He sent me the name and address if the place. He said they would be there around 9:30. So I sent back a confirmation I would meet them. I was a little weirded that I was gonna meet the boyfriend too. But Ceslo seemed great and he wanted to have some fun too. So I was good with it. “Lemme get some food before I meet them” I said to myself I wnet down to the lobby and asked the guy at the front desk where there was a good place to eat. And said I wanted to eat near BluTV the club I was to meet Jorge at. He looked at me oddly. Probably realizing I was a fag. But then he gave me a few options where I could go to eat. I went to a place about two blocks from the club where the guys would be. I saw that the club was already getting people walking in. So I made haste to eat. I didn’t want to miss out in getting into it. “How he is as hotbin person” I said as I sat there eating I sat at the window seat and ate my dinner. Just a sandwich and some beer. It was good, but my mind and eyes were on the club. As I sat there I saw more and more people heading into it. Then a line started to form and time rolled on. People were now waiting to get in. I decided to text Jorge to let him know where I was. That way we could meet here at the restaurant. We could go into the club together. “Oh. Good” came his response “We will meet you there first then” It wasn’t too long before I saw a couple headed towards the place I was. I could see as they came closer that it was them. Ceslo and Jorge. They wore nice snug fitting shirts and jeans on them. I smiled as I saw the too get closer. Jorge was super hot. The shirt was opened at the top to show off his chest. Ceslo was actually pretty hot too. And they both had better bodies then I figured from online. I felt my dick throb in my pants as I sat there. I waved at them as they crossed the street to my side of it. Ceslo waved back. The two walked into the restaurant. I got up as they came closer. I looked at the nice bulge in Jorge’s jeans. It looked delectable.I would have dropped to my knees right there in the restaurant if I could. “Hey there sexy” he said as he came in to hug me “You to Jorge” I replied He pulled me into him. Into his strong arms. I smell his cologne. It was light but sweet. Maybe a bit to fragrant for a man like him. But I didn’t care Netflix much as he hugged me. He fekt soo good The I hugged Ceslo. He smell identical to his hot man. He kissed my cheek as he hugged me. “So much cuter in person” he said. “Good that you came down to Mexico” “Jorge will give you a good time.” He reached for his man and patted his big shoulder. I glanced out of the window at the growing crowd. Worried we wouldn’t get in. “Maybe we should get over there” I said “Looks so crazy” Jorge looked at his boyfriend and then back at me. He smiled as he grabbed at my shoulder. “No worries friend” he said “We know the owner” “Come. Follow us” So we headed out into the busy street full of men. And when we got to the front where all the people were, Ceslo waved at the bounced at the door. He was a huge man. He saw him and waved us over. We passed through the crowd and he let us in. He grabbed Ceslo and kissed him in the mouth. Right in front of Jorge. Then he grabbed at his ass as we passed him “I will see you later Ceslo” he stated Then we went through the doors and entered what looked like a huge warehouse. It appears to have been converted into a club. It had a large central dance floor with near a hundred people on it. They were all moving and gyrating to the thumping dance beats. Then that’s where the two hunks separated. Ceslo kissed his man and then hugged me. Then he turned to leave us. “I will see you at home later” he shouted to Jorge. So I was left with the hunk Jorge as his man walked off through the crowds. Then Jorge grabbed me and pulled me to him. Then he leaned in and kissed me. Pulling my mouth to his. “Come let’s get some drinks” he then said “I will get you drunk and then seduce you” He smiled as he said this. Then he grabbed my ass and squeezed it. He hummed in my ear as he felt my butt. His hot breath felt good on my ear and neck. “Feels very nice for dick” Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle he then said Then he lead me upstairs to get some drinks. He stayed close to me as we were almost a crowd of people waiting for drinks. His body rubbed against me and I felt his crotch on my arms. His big full crotch. I looked back at his as he pushed it at me. Jorge smiled at me as he ground himself into me. “My, my” i said “I can feel something big against me.” “And it wants to be inside you” he whispered “Come” He then grabbed my hand and took me passed the bar and down a Hall passed the bathrooms. He tapped on a door that seemed locked. Someone opened the door. He was pretty hot too. “Jorge. How are you” said the guy “Adriano” Jorge chimed back They hugged and kissed right there before me. I looked at Adriano. He has wearing snug jeans too. They were showing a nice bulge as well. He had a fairly nice body too. The tight shirt pulled over his beefy chest. He looked back at me and smiled. “Who i s your hot friend?” He asked I saw Jorge wink at him. And he smiled even bigger. I then pondered where he was taking me. A bit of worry flooded my head. But then I saw Adriano reach for Jorge’s crotch. He squeezed it and giggled. “Have fun” he said Then Jorge pulled me into a corridor of doors and rooms. Then I heard moans from behind some of them. My mind realized what they were. Some of our clubs back in the US had them. They were sex rooms. I looked at Jorge as he smiled at me again. He was so hot and I knew we were gonna have some fun. Now. “Here. In here” he said He lead me into a small room. There was a bed and a chair and a TV on the wall. The TV was playing gay porn. Some twink was screaming as some huge hung black guy was slamming him mercilessly. The screamed bouncing off the room and into my head. Then Jorge grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. He then kissed me. Mouth on mouth tongue on tongue. He was also grinding his crotch into mine. “Now let’s have some fun” he said as he pulled from my lips……….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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Abby’s Panties

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We were the best of friends, Abby and I. We’d grown up together, living next door since Abby moved into the neighborhood at age three. We did everything together growing up. We had played in each other’s backyards for hours at a time. If it rained, we just moved inside and kept it going. I had tea parties and makeovers with her, and she played hoops with me and together we helped GI Joe fight Cobra.

Our families were close so we always celebrated the holidays together. It was nothing for Abby and I to disappear and leave the grownups alone to drink and mingle. We’d end up upstairs in the bedroom of whichever house we were at.

We even survived the awkward years of puberty. She let me read her “secret book” in the 4 th grade that told her about her changing body. She was fascinated when my voice changed. We never really liked each other in a boyfriend/girlfriend way, it just didn’t seem right to us. So when we started showing interest in the opposite sex, we were able to confide in each other and avoid the jealousy.

Now, we did get a bit distracted in high school. Abby became a cheerleader and I was becoming quite an athlete in football and basketball. Our times together became less and less as practice and school took over our lives. We still managed to hang out together, although now it was the unsaid rule that we didn’t go into each other’s rooms anymore. The holidays would find us sitting on the front porch or playing a board game in the kitchen.

We both noticed the changes in our bodies, but it wasn’t something we really discussed as we got older. I’d catch her watching me as I mowed our yard without a shirt on, and I definitely noticed her toned body whenever she was tanning.

Unlike the stereotypical jock and cheerleader, neither one of us really dated much. We were just too busy with our own lives I guess to really focus on someone else. If I wasn’t at practice, I was hitting the books and Abby was the same except when she wasn’t cheering at school, she was involved with a local competitive cheer squad.

Sure, we went to high school dances, but even though we had a date, we were really just out with a group. I never really had more than a few fumbled kisses at the front door when I dropped my date off. I don’t know about Abby, but I was spending a lot of time with my hand in my pants.

Masturbating took a lot of that teenage angst away. I’d do it in the morning before school and a few times before going to bed. I never really had any wet dreams like we learned about in health class. My body didn’t need wet dreams to release the tension, I was taking care of that on my own.

Anyway, that was my mediocre life up until the spring of our senior year. Abby came over one afternoon and asked if I would help her family out by feeding their cat over the weekend.

“No problem,” I told her while checking her out. She was wearing athletic type shorts and a school t-shirt. She looked good. ankara escort bayan She looked good all over. She was tanned and toned and fully aware of me checking her out.

When I looked up at her face, she had a knowing smile. “Anyway,” she said with a sigh as if she had to gain my attention again. “We’re going to the A&M baseball game. Dad wants me to see the campus.”

“Go Ags!” I said lamely. We both were growing tired of the pressure to choose a college. I understood our parents. We were both eighteen. It was the semester of school and it was time to make some decisions.

She laughed and gave me the basic instructions on taking care of the cat. “You know Mom,” she laughed. “She’ll have a detailed list of instructions for you on the kitchen table.”

“I look forward to reading it,” I said with a smirk. Her Mom was major OCD and we all knew it. I always told Abby she’d pick it up too but she always denied it. We said our goodbyes and I went back inside.

The next morning found me sitting at Abby’s kitchen table reading a three-page list of instructions on my responsibilities over the weekend. Seriously. Three pages on how to turn the lights on, check the mail, and feed the cat. Sheesh!

Anyway, I did my job. As I waited for the cat to finish eating, I wandered around the house. Pictures of Abby were everywhere, outnumbering the pictures of her younger brother. Second-kid syndrome. I suffered from it as well. It’s never as easy to do things with the second or third kid.

I was bored. Plus it was weird being alone in their house. I checked on the cat and she was eating very slowly.


So I walked upstairs to Abby’s room.

It smelled of her.

There was a bra hanging from her closet doorknob.

It was pink.

It was silky to the touch.

Curiously, I pulled it up to my nose to smell it. It smelled of…I don’t know…some kind of powder? And it smelled of Abby.

Suddenly it hit me. This bra had touched Abby’s tits! Her nipples rested right against the silky fabric!

My cock quickly grew stiff and hard in my shorts. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I pulled the bra to my lips and kissed the fabric where her nipples would touch.

My cock throbbed.

I looked around the room and spied her dresser. If her naked breasts had pressed against the bra, then logic would tell me that her panties had been against her pussy.

Abby’s pussy.

I opened the first drawer on the left. Socks.

I opened the drawer next to it. There, neatly folded were her panties. Oh, wow. Abby’s panties.

I repeated the process I had done with the bra with the first pair of panties. I sniffed them. I kissed them. There wasn’t a lot to them. The thong really only had fabric in the front and at the crotch, so I focused on that area. I couldn’t really tell if I was smelling Abby, or just the fabric softener or the smell of her dresser drawer. eryaman escort

I reached down and adjusted my throbbing cock.

You can no doubt predict what happened next. In seconds, I had my shorts and underwear at my ankles and I had wrapped the silky fabric of Abby’s thong around my cock. It felt so good as the silky material slid across my engorged cock.

I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing, I was just caught up in the moment, stroking away. It didn’t take long until I was breathing heavy and shooting my hot cum out onto Abby’s floor. When I cum, I grip my cock hard and squeeze it, then I pump it rapidly a few times and squeeze it each time it jets out of me. Although I didn’t cum on her panties, they were wet from my pre-cum. It was the combination of my pre-cum and the silkiness of her thong that brought me over the edge.

When I finally released my cock, I saw the mess I’d made across her wood floor and a bit onto her small rug. The floor I could clean with a paper towel, but then I noticed the wet stains on her thong.

Damn. It was like they were going to come home right then and find me. I panicked and ran into the bathroom with the panties. First I wiped them with toilet paper, but that just smeared it. Then I took the hand towel and pressed it down hard, hoping I could dry it. I got it dried up as best as I could, then I buried it deep underneath the rest of her panties.

I cleaned up the floor and then went quickly downstairs. I finished up with my duties for the cat and then locked up and left.

Three hours later I was in Abby’s room again.

This time, knowing I was all alone, I stripped naked and laid down on her bed. I chose two pairs of panties this time. I left one on my face, breathing in the clean scent of the fabric, and used the other to wrap around my cock and slide it up and down. The time before I had been standing when I came, shooting my load out in jets onto the floor. This time, I was so totally into the moment that I didn’t think about the end result of my jacking-off with Abby’s panties. When I finally came with a “bang-my-head-against-the-mattress” powerful orgasm, my juice landed on me and also on the panties wrapped around my cock.

When I finally got my breathing back, I realized my mistake. It was a huge sticky mess. I slowly got up and walked to her bathroom. The panties were soaked. I tried wiping them clean but finally gave that up and soaked them under the running water. I got them clean but now the question entered my mind as to what to do with them now?

I finally decided to put them in the clothes dryer. I grabbed her towel from the rack and put it into the dryer downstairs along with her panties. I set it for thirty minutes and locked up. I would simply put them back in the morning when I came over to feed the cat again. Problem solved.

The next morning I awoke and had breakfast with Mom and Dad, then etlik escort I headed next door to Abby’s house. I used my key at the backdoor and went through the process of turning off porch lights and taking care of the cat and other assignments her Mom had set out for me to do. When I was finally finished, I went to the dryer to check on the panties. I opened the door and leaned down to retrieve the panties and the towel I’d put in there yesterday.

They were gone.

“What the hell?” I said in a loud whisper. Impossible. I actually stuck my head into the dryer to see if they were caught on the drum.


“Shit!” I said in a loud whisper.

I turned and left the laundry room and stumbled into the kitchen trying to figure it out. I slowly moved into the den and looked upstairs. Nothing looked out of the ordinary.

I slowly began climbing the stairs. My heart was pounding. I was hoping and praying that it was Abby that had found the panties. If it was her parents I was a dead man walking. If it was Abby, I’d have to try and explain.

I moved slowly forward until I was looking around the doorframe into Abby’s room. She was sitting on her bed with a smirk of a smile on her face. She was wearing one of the t-shirts that she sleeps in and she looked absolutely beautiful. An angel. An angel twirling a pair of panties on her finger.

She smiled at me and said, “Thomas Allen Smith, I just can’t wait to hear your explanation.”

As she said that and continued twirling the panties, I couldn’t help but notice the slight movement underneath her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra!

“Tommy? Hello?” I heard her say, gaining my attention again. “I’m waiting to hear your story. I caught a ride home with Sherry down the street. She was coming home and I didn’t want to stay for the game. So I come home and check the laundry and found these in there with a towel. Care to explain?”

I looked at this gorgeous young woman, my best friend since forever. I couldn’t lie to her.

“I’m sorry, Abs.” I told her. “I jacked-off using your panties. I made a mess.”

She smiled back at me. “That’s what I thought. Well, it took me a few minutes, but that’s the only answer I could come up with.”

“I’m sorry, Abs.” I said again.

“Okay,” she said slowly. “So…show me.”

“Whhhattt…?” I stammered.

“Show me,” she repeated. “Show me how you do it.”

I stared back at her with a blank look on my face.

“Here!” she said and tossed the panties too me. I caught them and held them against my chest.

Abby stood up, and a thoughtful look crossed across her face.

“Wait a sec,” she said. “Those are cold. Here use these.”

As I stood there, my cock thickening, Abby reached underneath her long t-shirt and pulled down the panties she was wearing. It was quite possible the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I stared down at her bare legs as she slowly pulled one foot out and then the other. She stood back up straight and tossed the panties to me.

They were warm, almost hot to the touch.

“Now…” She said softly but firmly.

In control.

Her eyes met mine.

“Do it for me.”

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A Warrior Kneels

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Public Sex

The horse lifted his head and snorted with a warning to his Mistress who knelt at the edge of the stream drinking her fill. Green eyes narrowed as she grew still, a hand drifted to the sword at her side as she listened to the surrounding forest. The large warhorse shifted closer to her in a protective stance and her small form rose to her feet with a slow, lithe grace.

Her gloved hand remained upon the hilt of her sword and with one gesture of her other hand the black warhorse melted into the trees at the edge of the creek side.

She stepped into the underbrush on the opposite side of where the horse went and she grew still and waited as the one who approached sounded like a whole army. She knew it was one person, mounted and not being wary or quiet and that puzzled her as the lands were in a grave state of unrest at this time.

Green eyes watched the brown horse come into the clearing and the man atop the horse slid off with a jingle of spurs and mail. She could see the light sword strapped to his back and his long dark hair was bound into a pony tail. He knelt at the waters edge and drank from his cupped hands but she knew he knew she was present and she tensed, ready to fight.

The man rose with a warriors grace and his hands went to his hips as he spoke directly to the bush she was hidden in.

“Come out of there now, or I’ll have to go in and get you out.” His voice was hard and filled with annoyance.

She began to move out of the bush but an explosion from the trees at the other side of the clearing brought the warrior to spin about, sword being drawn swiftly.

Her warhorse slammed him to the ground with a massive shoulder then his teeth nipped and herded the other horse to the far side of the clearing where he stomped and snorted with anger.

Her hand grabbed the other sword then drew her own and with a swift movement she came from the bush to press the point of her blade to the mans throat as he laid on the moss covered ground.

His blue eyes widened as he saw this woman, dressed from head to toe in leather and the movement of her small form brought spurs to jingling.

“Yield and state your business.”

Her voice was laced with steel and the point of her blade remained steady at his throat. He could see this woman was not to be trifled with for even with her small size she was a seasoned warrior.

“Milady, I was just stopping for a drink. I am with Lord Barris as he is traveling to the capitol to see the King.”

She listened to the man as he lay under the point of her sword then snorted and stepped back. With a swift movement her sword is sheathed at her side but she still holds his within her grasp as easily as he would.

“Get up then and be off.”

Her voice brooked no argument.

He rose slowly but his blue gaze had to admire the beauty before him. Lean and strong she was but he knew that fiery red hair so tightly plaited down her back would be glorious under the sun if let to hang loosely down her back. Her eyes were like green spring grass and he felt himself staring at her longer than was proper as he dusted himself off.

An angry snort from behind him brought him to a standstill as he knew it was that devil of a warhorse there and he knew that animal would bite his head off if he made even the smallest gesture towards his mistress.

She kurtköy escort noted his attentions upon her and an uncharacteristic flush appeared on her cheeks. Tio was behind him now and he pawed at the ground getting the attention of the man so she was able to examine him further. He was tall and well built as any warrior would be but his eyes were so very blue, like sapphires. His dark hair was bound and hung down his back; she wanted to run her fingers through it. Shocked at her thoughts she called to the horse.

“Tio, stand down.”

The warhorse stepped back and snapped his teeth one last time at the man then went back to harass the other brown gelding.

He watched the devil horse go back to torment his horse and he spun to face her.

“Get that beast off my horse. He is no warhorse and is terrified.”

He barked to her obviously displeased with the state of things.

A smirk appeared on her ruby lips and he had an itch to wipe it off her face but not with a slap but a kiss.

“Why aren’t you on a warhorse? Or can’t you handle one?”

Her voice was teasing and slightly derisive.

His blue eyes blazed with a growing anger as he glanced to her.

“I ride Ulther out of preference and he may not be a warhorse but he is my friend so call off the beast.” He growled at her.

A snort escaped her and then she called to the warhorse.

“Tio, stop, leave the poor horse alone.”

Black ears swiveled back and forth a moment and he seemed to almost want to disobey her but then with one last nip to the flank of the brown horse he wandered off to drink from the stream.

He could see she was enjoying this a bit too much and it irritated him to no end. He wanted to take her over his knee and paddle her but for some unknown reason he wanted to see how strong she really was.

Her gaze shifted back to him and she grinned at his discomfort. Her strides take her to stand before him; her spurs grow silent as she looked up at him with that grin.

“You are angry. Tell me your name angry one.”

Her grin was wide, her green eyes sparkled and he swallowed as unusual desires came over him at that moment. He wanted to grab her into his arms and kiss her but he felt he needed her permission. For some reason he needed her approval of what he did. His frustration grew and his anger boiled.

“You haven’t a need to know who I am.”

He snapped at her and crossed his arms over his chest to show his defiance.

One delicate brow rose at his refusal to tell her his name and with a move faster than he had ever seen he was on his arse once again. Her knee was in the center of his chest and a dagger laid to his throat as her green gaze blazed at him.

“There is a reason why you will not tell me your name? Or are you a spy?”

Her face was inches from his and he thought about how fast he could roll her off him before her wicked blade sliced too much into his flesh. Then on impulse he braved the bite of the blade to press his lips to hers in a kiss.

Her whole body went stiff as his lips pressed to hers and the blade in her hand did not move. Without thinking she leaned back into that kiss and savored the taste of his lips against hers.

He felt a thrill rush through his body at the acceptance of the kiss then he tuzla escort pulled his lips a scant inch from hers to whisper.

“Remove the blade milady and I shall tell you my name. But I will also ask for yours.”

The blade was removed and their eyes met seeking a reason for this attraction between one another. His voice still soft floated to her ears.

“My name is Lord Alexander Barris milady and I am at your service.” He flashed a bright smile at her.

Her smile reappeared as she remained atop him but lessened the pressure of her knee on his chest.

“I am Captain Silk of the Arris Guard to the King.”

She shifted her knee so that her legs now straddled him but he did not dare move. Being of the elite guard to the King he knew she could slit his throat with nary a move as she is well armed and trained. His mind began to wander as her small form was now pressed a bit more intimately against him. He noted the gleam within her green eyes and decided to take a chance with that gleam. His hands lifted to settle atop her leatherclad thighs and then he slowly caressed her strong muscles he could feel shifting underneath the fabric.

Her eyes narrowed at the movement of his hands but then the sensations that were created sent her desire raging. Her mind focused on one thing and that was to take this man here and now.

Faced lowered to his she whispered against his lips.

“I want you to undress for me, I want to see every inch of you.”

To his ears those whispered words were a seductive purr from a siren and he had no will, he must obey. As she stood up he rose as well undoing his mail but their eyes remain locked upon one another. The mail settled to a nearby rock with a clink of metal then his shirt followed.

Green eyes fixed upon him as each piece of clothing was slipped off his body and she could see he indeed was a warrior. Faint white scars ran over his shoulder to a larger puckered scar at the shoulder where she knew he had been stabbed. That gaze continued over his chest then down to his manhood which was hard and jutting out from a nest of dark curls.

He stood before her naked and felt like his soul had been taken possession of. He did not want to move unless she wished it, he did not want to utter a sound so the spell of the moment would not disappear. Blue eyes widened as he noted her removal of clothes and the desire that simmered within him now became an inferno. But still he did not move even when she stretched her arms above her head and he watched those glorious muscles contract. Even when she unbound her hair and the sunlight made it look as if a halo of fire had surrounded her. He was mesmerized, lost to this warrioress and needed to be within her power.

Her hands settled to his chest and she smiled as he flinched as if touched with a searing heat. Another of those sultry whispers to him as her ruby lips hovered near his neck.

“I am going to have a lot of fun with you milord.”

Then her lips pressed to his skin and he moved then, oh yes. His arms wrapped about her and yanked her small form against his so he could feel her silken skin.

Her tongue tortured his neck, then his ear and the shivers would not stop rushing through him. The commanding whisper floated into his mind through a haze of passion.

“Kneel tuzla escort my sweet, kneel.”

He did as was bidded knowing within him that it was right. his face was level with her heat and his heart pounded as he ached to taste her sweetness.

Hands tangled into his hair then he was being pushed towards her heat and as his lips came into contact with those sweet petals he moaned softly.

His hands reached around to cup her rear as his tongue snaked into her already wet womanhood. The sensation made her eyes close and a hiss of pleasure escape her. His tongue swirled about her clit and she squirmed under the assault. She could feel his need growing and she adored the way he was losing control of his passion. He gripped her harder to him, his tongue delved deeper within her heat tasting the sweet juices that flowed freely over his tongue.

His manhood ached with such need that he felt he would perish if she would not relieve him or he was allowed to relive him self.

Suddenly she was out of his grasp and he looked up at her with a pleading gaze. Her fingers dipped into her own heat and he watched fascinated as she pleasured herself. His hand reached for his own throbbing manhood but a shake of her head stopped him and another moan of frustration was heard from him. It never occurred to him that he could just take this woman, do to her as he pleased. Somehow this woman had captured his soul and the only thing he wanted was to be owned by her and please her beyond anything she had ever known. Her words hit him like a blow from a fist and a heat washed over him.

“Lay on your back my sweet lord.” She had uttered and when she positioned herself over his manhood he whimpered.

Her small hand wrapped about his length, feeling the velvety skin of him and the throbbing need that was about to explode. A lick of her lips as her eyes remained fixed to him she placed the head of his manhood right at the wet entrance to her cleft. A shift of his body under her and she smiled a sultry smile then sat fully back on his length.

A loud gasp escaped him as her tight wet heat surrounded him suddenly. The sensation almost set him off immediately but he knew she would be displeased if he was spent so soon so he gritted his teeth and moved with her.

She lifted his hands to her breasts and sighed with pleasure as his fingers began to pinch her nipples. She rode him hard and her nails dug into his shoulders as the passion rose to a fever pitch within her.

“Nice and hard my sweet one, hard.”

Her voice was steel sheathed in velvet and he obliged her command and thrust hard into her.

Soon the pleasure was at its peak for the both of them, his length buried within her deeply and her velvet sheath clamped about his shaft. Growling to him she rode harder.

“Fill me with your release now my sweet one, now.”

Her head was tossed back and she cried out with the explosion of pleasure that washed over her.

He felt her heat tighten about him and that set him off to his release. His seed spilled into her with such force and the waves of pleasure made him moan and whimper with wildness.

They clung to one another as the tremors subsided and the sun beat down on their sweat slicked bodies.

She lay upon him then a soft chuckle escaped her.

“I am pleased my sweet, very pleased. You are better than I would have imagined.”

Her voice sent shivers through him and he actually beamed at her praise. He kept his arms about her tightly and just enjoyed her weight upon him and wondered what was to come next within the grasp of this warrioress.

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A Whole New Level Ch. 1

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Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Joe. I’m a nineteen-year-old hot shot at a big company in my town. I recently got promoted to a much higher paying job and my life’s become pretty hectic. Since my new job didn’t allow much time for my ex and I to spend together; we ended things mutually. And as any man knows, a lack of sex is a severe problem. A problem I was hoping to solve with my new secretary Teresa.

Teresa was definitely a looker at age 25. Her normal attire consisted of anything but proper business wear. A tight-fitting blouse, mid-high miniskirt, and high heels were her usual tools of choice. The tightness of her clothes did nothing but accentuate her amazing curves. I would deliberately turn the heat down just to see the nipples on her beautiful C-cup breasts strain against her blouse. She was well tanned and well toned, not something you would expect for a secretary. Her long, shapely legs joined together to form the most amazing little heart-shaped ass I’ve ever seen in my life. She was any guy’s wet dream, but she was going to be my reality.

I didn’t really have a plan formed. I just casually flirted, but never made any direct moves. I didn’t know whether I was scared of her reaction or her beauty. Don’t get me wrong though; I’m no common corporate lounge lizard. I stand nearly 6 feet tall and keep well trimmed at 185 pounds. Aside from my young age, I workout four days a week and even jog to and from work. According to my ex, I was an amazing catch for any woman. I decided to make my move.

“Teresa,” I asked half-shaking, “do you have any plans for lunch?”

“No,” replied a voice from beneath a pile of memos.

“Would you consider having lunch with beşiktaş escort bayan me today?” It seemed as though fear had gripped my entire body, as I was barely able to mouth out the words.

“Sure, I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

My member nearly sprang to full attention upon hearing the good news. Thanking heaven she wasn’t able to see I managed to squeak, “Okay, I’ll be on the patio.” So begins my odyssey.

Teresa and I casually talked about business but we began to stray away towards our personal lives. She mentioned briefly that she had been married but wasn’t being treated the way that she should so she packed up and left. She told me that she had taken this job through a temp service in hopes to meet new people. Could this really be? How could this stunning woman be unattached? This seemed too good to pass up.

Things seemed to tense up a little as the conversation shifted to me.

“I am just curious how you’ve been able to establish yourself here at such a young age.” Her ocean blue eyes seemed to sparkle. I am so used to this question that I always have my answer prepared.

“I just did was I was told and did it well. Enough people finally saw my potential and rewarded me for it.”

She looked directly into my eyes and said, “Wow, your wife must be so proud.”

I think it kind of upset her when I laughed. I had to regroup before I ruined things. I thought quickly about what to say, “Sorry about the laugh. However, I’m not married or even dating right now. Things have been crazy. And besides at my age, I just want to have some fun.”

“Really,” she said in a lower voice, “Me too. How about we meet at your place tonight around 8 beşiktaş escort or so? I’m sure we could have some fun.”

I nearly forgot my own name after hearing that. I managed to mumble okay. With that Teresa walked away. With that amazing little ass wiggling back and forth.

That night was sort of a blur. I had some much to do before her arrival. All the while, my mind was racing. I was definitely somewhat unclear on sex. Yeah, I’d done it a few times, but I don’t know if I was good or not. Or if it even made the girl feel good? I had to push those thoughts aside; maybe tonight would be a learning experience.

I had just put on a pair of khakis and a silk shirt when the doorbell rang. Was it 8 o’clock already? I opened the door to see my personal assistant standing there in a t-shirt and jeans. I felt my face flush. “I guess I’m a little over-dressed,” I said. A smile swept across her face and I felt my embarrassment lift.

I invited her in and asked her if she wanted a drink. She said okay so I poured two glasses of chardonnay. The glasses soon became empty as we chatted about nothing. A couple more rounds and our inhibitions began to dissipate. She asked how long it had been since I’d been with a girl. I couldn’t lie even though I wanted to. “About two months,” I muttered sheepishly.

She flashed a smile and said good. I didn’t know how to take that until I felt her lips wrap around mine. Our tongues danced as our hands groped each other. She pulled her lips from mine only to whisper, “This will be a night that you will never forget.”

Our mouths rejoined as she moved my hands to her breasts. I pinched and teased her perky nipples through the fabric. A small moan escaped her mouth. In one quick motion, she removed her shirt allowing me a better look at her womanly features. She unclasped her bra and her massive charms sprang free. Needing no further instructions, I latched on to one of her nipples, lightly dragging my teeth across it. I felt her hand buttoning my shirt. I was lost in a haze of lust. She unwillingly removed my mouth from her breast and locked her lips with mine once more. The bulge in my pants was becoming quite painful and I was extremely happy that she noticed.

She gracefully removed herself from my embrace and kneeled between my legs.

“Looks like I’m going to have to do something about this,” she said in a coy voice. Her fingers grasped my zipper, pulling it down. She didn’t have to reach into my boxers to find my little friend as it nearly hit her in the cheek. I admit I’m an average guy and I’m not afraid to say it. She looked up at me as if to give her approval and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. It was amazing. My ex gave me head a few times, but this was something else. Her tongue swirled around the head causing my entire length to pulsate. She began to bob her head up and down a little.

She totally caught me off guard in her next move as she engulfed my entire penis. I was amazed at the feeling of the back of her throat. I was in another world at the vacuuming she began giving me. I knew I couldn’t hold out at this rate. With a lust-filled voice, I choked out, “Oh my God Teresa, I’m gonna cum.” That must have done it because she began sucking harder and moving faster. My balls began to tighten and my head started to spin. I could feel myself shooting what felt like gallons of my thick seed down her throat. She swallowed everything that I had to offer and looked at me with hungry eyes. “Now it’s time for the real fun to begin,” she said.

To Be Continued…

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A Trip to Chennai

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Hi Everyone, before beginning the story, I would like to thank all of you who mailed me feedback for my first story – ‘My Lucky Bus Ride’. If it was not for all the positive reviews I received for that, I wouldn’t have attempted to write a second story.

After about a month after I posted my previous story on this site, I received a mail with subject line –

“Hi:) I read your story in site. Loved it 🙂 I like to have some fun :)”

Without any content in the body or anything about the sender other than the email id from which it was sent – j******

I couldn’t guess the sender’s gender, age or anything from the mail. As always, I replied to the mail saying thank you and asked to tell more about that person. Then ‘she’ replied saying that her name is Jenny, from Tamil Nadu, now working in Bangalore. Then I asked her would she like to meet in person. At that time she replied saying

” I’m sorry . . Just mailed you in an instinct when I was reading those stories in the site . . I’m really feeling very very awkward now . . This is very new for me . I haven’t mailed anyone like this and I really feel awkward . 🙂 :(“

I replied saying that she don’t have to worry & I’m happy to have fans like her. After that we continued to talk regularly through mail & chat. Finally one day she told she is ready to meet me. I was very happy hearing that & we decided to meet during that weekend. But when I tried to contact her on Friday to confirm the time & place, she had vanished. Her phone was off and was not replying to my mails also. I thought I had lost the chance and we will never meet.

When I opened my mail on Saturday night (25th Aug 2012), there was a mail from her. She said that she was stuck with some work and we can meet on Sunday. I didn’t know whether to believe her or not. Anyhow I decided to wait and see. We decided to meet at Forum mall, Koramangala by 1.00pm on Sunday. While chatting that night, she told me not to expect a beautiful girl. I was really excited to meet her even if she claimed to be not beautiful.

On Sunday, I reached forum at around 12.50 pm and was waiting for her. Within no time she called me saying she has reached. I told her to come to the entrance of the KFC inside forum and she came there. We both were talking on phone and trying to find each other. Finally somehow she found me and told me to turn around. When I turned, she was standing there just behind me. She had a dark complexion, still looked very sexy with nice curves, big firm boobs and a sexy smile. She was wearing tight black T-shirt and a blue jeans.

We went to the food court ‘Transit’ in the mall for lunch and were talking about ourselves to each other. By 2.30, we ran out of topics to talk at such a place and hence I suggested that we will go to Lalbagh. She readily agreed to it and we started off in my bike. Her soft boos were brushing against my back whenever she leaned forward to tell something. It was an amazing feeling.

Within 15 or 20 minutes, we reached Lalbagh and were walking close to each other talking about the story I wrote earlier and other similar stuffs. As you all know there will be couples doing all naughty stuffs in every corner of lalbagh, that sights stimulated our feelings. We sat down on a bench and continued talking. I kept my arm around her neck and started rubbing her shoulder slowly. While talking something tuzla escort about the story, she spoke in a hushed sexy tone “you are…..”. I leaned in towards as if I’m trying to hear what she is saying and asked her “I am..??”. Again she told the samething “you are…” and I repeated the question moving mor close to her lips. I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but I was enjoying teasing her like this. After repeating the same question and answer few more times, she lost patience and told “heyy, come on..”

I thought that enough of teasing her and leaned in & kissed on her lips. Her lips tasted very sweet. We broke off the kiss for a moment to catch breath and again leaned in to kiss. This time she opened her mouth fully and started playing with her tongue inside my mouth and she started taking my lips also very much inside her mouth. I also reciprocated the same and we kissed very deeply for a long time. Although I have kissed many girls, I was experiencing such a deep kiss for the first time in my life. Once we broke off the kiss, I told her that she is an amazing kisser and that was the most wonderful kiss I ever had. She laughed it off saying you are also a good kisser.

At that moment only I realized that the bench on which we were sitting is facing a walkway and many people are walking through that path. So we decided to find a more secluded spot and started searching for it. A Lotus pond is there near the Lalbagh Lake inside the Lalbagh Park. One side of the lotus pond is an inclined rocky surface, where people sit at times. When we went there only few couples were sitting there and one of the couples were about to leave. When they left we sat there facing away from the pedestrian path and also there were small plants which hid us from the direct view of the passing by walkers.

Once settled down, we kissed again, this time more passionately without worrying whether anyone will see us. Still kissing her, I cupped her left boobs with my right hand and slowly started squeezing and massaging it. Her boobs were very firm yet very soft. It felt like a huge sponge ball inside my hand. After few minutes I started rubbing her other boob, still kissing. After a very long kiss, we sat there in silence for a moment savouring the sweet memory of what just happened.

After sometime, we again started kissing and I started massaging her boobs. But this time we had to stop suddenly as a group of 3 boys, probably studying in 8th or 9th standard, came and settled down at a spot 15 -20 metres ahead of us. They started looking in our direction every now and then. So we sat there simply talking. They stopped looking towards us after about 15 minutes of observation.

I told Jenny that they are not looking now & started kissing her slowly. After a few minutes, I saw one of the boys looking directly at us. I told her that the boy is looking at us and not to stop kissing. She agreed and we kissed more deeply, and I continued massaging her boobs. After continuing this for a little longer, we broke off the kiss and sat there simply talking.

I started rubbing & massaging the side of her boobs while talking. She told that I’m tempting her. I replied saying she is tempting me also & if some option is there we can enjoy more. As we both stay in PGs we couldn’t find an option then. The time was already 6.00 and we decided to leave now and think about more tuzla rus escort options later. I dropped her and came back to room.

After meeting her on Aug 26, we both continued to talk over mail and chat. One day I asked whether she still wanted to enjoy more and she told yes. So I suggested going to some resort in Bangalore for a weekend. But she told she is afraid of doing that. So I started thinking what else can be done and came up with a simple idea.

I told her that we will go to some place which takes about 8 to 10 hours of travel and will enjoy the journey in the bus. We decided that we will go to Chennai on Friday October 19th night and to come back next day evening. This way, we will get two night in bus and we don’t have to stay anywhere in Chennai.

I booked the tickets from and we met at the K.P.N travel’s office on October 19th evening. She was in similar attire this time as well. Only difference was that the T-shirt she wore was not as tight as the last one. The bus we had booked was an A/C semi sleeper and our seats were in the 3rd row from the front.

We boarded the bus and settled down. Bus started after a little while, by 10.50 pm. We were simply talking about random stuffs for a long time. When everyone in the bus started to sleep and the lights inside the bus were switched off, I asked her to give me a kiss – like the one she gave me when we met last time. She started looking around to find whether anybody is watching. Fortunately nobody was watching and most of the other passengers were asleep.

I took the blankets provided in the bus, used one to cover both of us below the waist and used the second one to cover ourselves over the head. Now both of us became covered by blanket completely & no one else would be able to see us. Once I covered us, Jenny leaned in and kissed on my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and started kissing her back. Within no time, we were kissing very passionately and deeply. After kissing for about 5 – 10 minutes, we broke off the kiss and Jenny asked “How is it? Did u like it?”. I told that it was more wonderful than the last time and embraced her in a hug. She hugged back and was giggling.

We sat there embraced in each other’s arm for sometime and again started kissing. This time along with kissing, I started slowly caressing her boobs over her T-shirt. We continued this for some time and then I inserted my hand under her T-shirt and started massaging her bra cladded boobs. I slowly whispered in her ear

“How is it?”

“I feel good”

“Then shall I unhook this?”


“hmmmmm means..? Yes or No?”

“That means your wish” and she started giggling again.

I said ok and started kissing her again without taking my hand from her boobs. After kissing again for about 5 minutes, I asked her to lean forward a little and unclasped the hook of her bra. Once it is opened, I slowly slid the strap of the bra from her shoulder and started caressing the top part of her boobs. The bra was simply hanging around the boobs and I cupped her left boob with my right hand. And I started slowly squeezing it and playing with her nipples.

Then I slowly leaned in and started kissing on her boobs over her T-shirt. I told her that I want to suck her boobs. Jenny replied “I told na.. you are very naughty” and pulled one side of her T-shirt down tuzla sarışın escort exposing her left boob. So I leaned in again and started kissing on her boobs and sucking it. After sucking on it for sometime, I pulled down the other side of her T-shirt and did the same thing on her right boob.

Then I asked her “You are just sitting here and enjoying whatever I am doing? You don’t want to do anything?”. Jenny started giggling again and asked me what I want her to do. I replied that I don’t know and I also started giggling. She again said “See.. you are always too naughty” and slowly started to run her hand all over my body under my T-shirt. Then slowly she moved her hands downwards towards my cock.

After massaging on my stomach and waist area for sometime, she slowly inserted her hands inside my jeans and started rubbing my now hard dick over my underwear. At that time I inserted my left hand inside her jeans and started rubbing her pubic region over her panties. I whispered in her ear “Take it out and play”. She asked me am I sure and slowly opened the zipper of my jeans and tried to take my dick out of my underwear. To help her, I rose a little from the seat and pulled down the underwear to my thighs, freeing my dick.

Jenny took my dick in her hand and started playing with it by slightly stroking it and by giving occasional squeezes. All this time, my left hand was inside her jeans playing with her private parts. I inserted my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. After sometime she asked me mimicking my earlier question

“How is it?”

“It feels good. But I would like to enjoy more” and I started laughing. She slapped me on my thighs playfully saying you are too much naughty today. I told I know that I’m naughty without stopping laughing. Jenny asked

“what more you want to enjoy? Tell me”.

“You guess”

“I don’t know”

“You want to have sex?”

“I would like to have. But we don’t have any condoms”.

“Then what you want to enjoy more?”

I started kissing her again without letting her to complete the question. She responded and we started kissing very deeply once again. Then I asked Jenny to give me a blowjob. She agreed and leaned forward to take my dick in her mouth. Even though she was able to take it in her mouth, I could see from her posture that it is almost impossible to do it sitting in the bus. So I told her to sit straight and use hand only.

She sat straight again and started stroking my cock with her right hand. I inserted my left hand inside her panty and was rubbing her pussy. Then I slowly inserted one finger inside her hole and started fingering her. After doing these for a while, I told her that I’m about to cum. She didn’t listen to it and continued stroking my cock. In no time, cum was spread all over her hand. At the same time she also had orgasm. Then she took out her hand kerchief and cleaned my penis & her hand.

After that we adjusted our dresses and made it proper and continued kissing for some more time. The time was already 3.30 am and so we decided to sleep for sometime before we reach Chennai. Again I woke up by 5.30 and Jenny was already awake. We kept on talking about random stuffs till we reached Chennai by 6.15.

We got down from the bus and went to a number of places in Chennai that day. Saturday evening, we returned from Chennai to Bangalore. I will write about our return journey from Chennai later.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. All of you please send your opinions and feedback to me on . Girls who want to enjoy travelling with me or enjoy otherwise also mail me . Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you all.

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A Necessary Seduction

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Carl learned to only react to things that might be life-threatening. He hardly looked away from the ballgame when the seven-year-old ran by making jet noises with his arms extended like wings and the terrier barking at his heels. He ignored the 4-year-old behind the coffee table, pretending to swim in goggles, flippers and a snorkel, but nothing else. Carl didn’t react until Evy, in her sleek one-piece swimsuit, snatched the naked boy and tucked him under her arm. Evy paused on her way out to ask “Are you about ready?” Carl lifted his tee shirt to show her his swim trunks, then stood and clicked the television off.

“Get Kyle covered and I’ll make sure Donny lands safely.” They were going down the street to a pool party and it was time to leave.

Aaron heard himself sigh at the ceiling and realized that Mindy might have heard it too. He swung his legs off the bed to sit up and watched his wife. In her mental state Mindy could overreact to the smallest things, but she was preoccupied with her hair and with her makeup and with the irresistible need to touch herself. Aaron did everything he could for his wife, but he couldn’t do it constantly. Something had to give.

“Let me get a shower, then we can go.” Aaron groaned, and dragged his exhausted body off the bed. Taking Mindy to the neighborhood party risked an embarrassment, but it seemed to Aaron like his best chance to recover.

The house was open when Carl and Evy got to the party. They let the kids lead them through the house to the patio where Aaron waited under an umbrella. Carl and Aaron had an unspoken pact to support each other’s ideas and objections at the neighborhood meetings. To Carl, Aaron didn’t look well, or maybe like he hadn’t slept. Carl looked around after they shook hands and asked “Where’s Mindy?”

“Don’t know. It’s hard to keep her in one place these days.” Aaron shrugged. “Maybe the little girls room, maybe somewhere else. I’m sure she’ll be back.” Evy found a place beside the pool while they talked.

The afternoon sun had set low enough to shade the patio, but the tiles by the pool still radiated heat. Carl stretched his legs out in front of the pool-side chair and watched the kids in the water. Evy settled into the chair next to him and rested her hand on his thigh. “Oh look.” She said, motioning across the pool. “There’s Mindy. She’s pretty, but that little white sun dress is risky, don’t you think? Does it look like she’s lost weight?”

“Aahh… I don’t know.” was Carl’s best answer. He didn’t like to answer those sorts of questions. “I don’t see much difference, but you always notice things that I don’t.” Something about Mindy was very attractive. Maybe it was the sun dress with its hem swirling lightly at mid-thigh, or maybe it was something in her manner. Aaron pointed across the pool to where Carl sat with Evy, and Mindy waved to them. Carl waved back then kept a furtive eye on Mindy. When she worked her way around the pool to where the caterers were setting up the buffet table Carl decided to get a closer look. He announced “I’m going to see what they have in the buffet” and pulled himself out of the patio chair. “Is there anything you want?”

“A cola or something is all for now.” Evy answered. “I’ll look later.” There wasn’t a lot on the table yet to chose from. Carl was sampling the dips when he overheard Mindy talking with two women at the end of the table.

“A swimsuit under this?” Mindy asked, plucking at her dress. She giggled. “Oh no. All I’m wearing under this is a thong. The invitation said that the kids could have the pool until 8:30 and the grown-ups after that, but I want to be home fucking my hubby before that happens.” Carl looked up in surprise and found Mindy grinning back at him, her dark hair framing bright eyes and red lips.

One of the caterers tried to squeeze through the door and dropped a jar of mayonnaise that she was juggling. Carl scrambled to scoop up the jar before it rolled under the table and helped her into the kitchen. When he turned around he found Mindy behind him, so close so that she startled him. She pulled her pony tail over her shoulder and combed her fingers through it while she talked, oblivious of the caterers bustling about them.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you out there, ataşehir escort but then you shouldn’t be listening in on other people’s conversations. Now you know what I’m wearing and what I’m not wearing. Maybe you should tell me a secret to make us even.” Carl gestured but couldn’t come up with anything to say before Mindy snatched his hand. She worked her thumbs into the palm, then looked into his eyes. “You have big, strong hands.” She wrapped her hand around his first two fingers and went on. “Your wife is that beautiful Eveline, right? I bet she loves what you can do with these hands.”

“Excuse me,” The caterer interrupted. “but I need to get to that counter behind you.” Carl sidestepped and pulled Mindy along with his hand on her elbow. Mindy touched herself where Carl had tugged on her arm and balanced uneasily on the balls of her feet, wavering between stepping closer to him and stepping back.

“Everyone but her Mom calls her Evy.” Carl answered. He wasn’t comfortable with the way things were going. Mindy stepped closer and he needed to deflect the conversation, so he held his hands up. “The hands built a tree house last week, but Evy didn’t love that as much as the boys did.” He glanced through the glass doors that separated the kitchen from the patio and asked. “I think Evy is looking for me.” Carl held the kitchen door open for Mindy and she brushed her body against him as she left. He had to stop by the buffet table and gather his thoughts before he remembered to get Evy’s cola out of the ice.

“Look at what I can do!” Kyle called to get his Dad’s attention, then jumped feet-first into the shallow end of the pool where Evy caught him and kept him from going under. Carl was having a hard time keeping his eyes off Mindy and Kyle distracted him for only a moment.

“Someone said that they have a game room.” Donny started. He was already bored with the pool. He leaned over the arm of Carl’s chair with his wet hair dripping. “Can I go inside and find something else to do?” Carl pushed Donny back so he wouldn’t drip on him and toweled his hair. Carl saw an opportunity to get his mind off Mindy. He stood up and motioned to Donny, but called to Evy.

“We’re going in to find the game room and make sure that it’s okay.” Donny ran on ahead and Carl followed. They found the game room in the basement, where two college kids hired for the party were in charge. Carl left Donny there and started back to the pool, but stopped when Mindy surprised him by stepping from a darkened alcove beside the stairs. Daylight from up the stairs lit half of Mindy’s face and left half in shadows.

“I need to touch you again.” Mindy whispered, embarrassed by her need. She put her hands on Carl’s biceps, then ran her fingers down his arms. She glanced to the game room, then touched her breast and tugged at her nipple. “And I need you to touch me.” Carl recoiled and nearly collided with a teenager who leaped down the stairs toward the game room, but then he stepped toward Mindy and pulled her back into the alcove and out of the way.

“What’s wrong with you?” He demanded. “I haven’t known you very long, but I’ve never seen you like this and the way you’re acting would be odd for anyone.” Mindy bit her lip and gathered her nerves.

“I’m bipolar.” She explained with tension in her voice. “Aside from my psychiatrist, no-one knows that but Aaron and I, and now you. It’s never been this bad before. My mood stabilizer isn’t working, so I’m high as a kite and it’s hard to think about anything but sex. I’ve worked Aaron in bed for the last day and a half, but I wore him out. Now I need you. I’ve needed you since you touched my arm in the kitchen.” She pushed herself closer to him. “You’ll do it, won’t you? Don’t say no. I don’t care where we do it — a closet, a bathroom, I don’t care – and I don’t much care what you do to me.”

“What about Aaron?” Carl argued. “And what about Evy? We both have commitments, people who could be hurt.”

“It’s going to be like forever before we get home again. I can’t wait that long, and Evy will never know.” A woman stopped on the stairs above them and called for her daughter. Aaron glanced up, then when he looked back at Mindy she had slipped one shoulder out of her sun dress ataşehir escort bayan to expose her breast. She pulled his hand to her and Carl touched Mindy’s soft skin and her hardened nipple before he jerked his hand away.

“No, no, I don’t know.” Carl stammered, confused by his own excitement. “I need time to think about it.” He spun away from Mindy so fast that he stumbled over his own feet.

The buffet was filled with snacks when Carl hurried by the people crowded around the table. The caterers were bustling, keeping things full and fresh. He found Evy standing by the pool talking to Aaron and walked up behind his wife to put his arm around her waist. Her touch calmed his rushing thoughts. Aaron glanced around and asked “Did Mindy find you? She wanted to talk to you about something.”

“She was going to the game room when I left Donny in there. We talked, but not for long.” Carl bent the truth only a little. Aaron nodded, but he knew that games wouldn’t keep his wife distracted for long. Kyle jumped up from where he had been kicking his feet in the pool and danced in front of his mother with an obvious need to pee. Evy touched Carl’s arm to get his attention.

“I know you haven’t had much time to sit down, but would you take him to the bathroom?” Carl found himself uneasy talking with Aaron, so he welcomed the opportunity. A woman waiting at the bathroom door laughed at Kyle’s dance and let him go in before her. Carl followed Kyle in to make sure that he hit the pot, then they traded places with the woman by the door. Kyle darted back past the buffet table and left Carl standing alone outside the bathroom.

A hand from behind him touched Carl’s shoulder. A second hand touched his hip and Mindy clutched his body to hers. Carl peeled Mindy’s hands off from his body and turned on her, demanding “Where did you come from?”

“Upstairs.” Mindy motioned to the stairwell behind her. “I watched you from a spare bedroom that overlooks the pool and when I saw you bring the kid in I came here to wait.”

Two girls raced for the bathroom, so Carl pulled Mindy around the corner onto the stairs. He stopped on the second step where they were out of sight and growled “You can’t do this to me.”

“I have to!” Mindy hissed in return, and pushed her hands down into Carl’s swim trunks. He flinched away, but Mindy held onto his cock. She used her hand-hold to pull them together and ground herself against his thigh. Carl pushed his hands against the wall to brace himself and groaned his surrender. He had to admit what he really wanted. He pulled the sun dress off Mindy’s shoulders, thrust one hand between her legs and hoisted her against the wall. Mindy gasped as much from excitement as surprise. She wrapped her arms around Carl’s head while he sucked mouthfuls of her tits.

Voices came around the corner from women waiting at the bathroom door and Mindy rasped in Carl’s ear. “Take me upstairs — left at the top of the stairs and straight ahead.”

The bedroom she directed him to sweltered and the window open over the pool didn’t offer even a breath of air. Carl tossed Mindy on the bed and closed the door, then turned back to where she sprawled. He reached between her legs and pulled her thong to her ankles, then knelt with a knee on the bed beside Mindy and grasped her pony tail in one hand. He tipped her head back, then cupped the other hand over the naked flesh between her thighs and worked two fingers into her wet slit.

“Your hands!” Mindy moaned, writhing in Carl’s grip. Carl watched Mindy’s reactions and knew that he could give her what she had to have, but first he would extract a small price. Mindy begged “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” while he licked her nectar off his fingers. Carl twisted Mindy’s pony tail and freed his hard-on then thrust it between Mindy’s red lips. Mindy clutched both of her hands between her legs while she worked her tongue around the head of Carl’s cock, then when she took him to the back of her throat she forced animal noises from deep in Carl’s chest.

The sounds that drifted through the window – the squeals from kids in the pool and the laughter from their parents – reminded Carl that Evy was just outside the window. The thought excited Carl in some perverse way. He gasped “Stop!” and pushed Mindy away when he was about to unload in her mouth. Mindy sat down hard on the floor and giggled while Carl flopped onto his back and tried to calm down. Mindy didn’t help. She climbed back to her knees and toyed with his wet cock.

“You have a beautiful penis.” Mindy said, watching her own finger trace along his thick shaft and over the contours of its smooth head. She tugged at the tie that held her pony tail, then hooked the hair tie over Carl’s hard-on and under his balls to create a makeshift cock strap. Carl groaned as his cock surged, growing even thicker and more sensitive. Mindy climbed astride Carl’s hips then pulled off her sun dress and tossed it to the floor. Her hair fell down around her face when she leaned forward to rub her cunt along the length of his straining cock. Mindy babbled the whole time. “God, I can’t believe how much I need this. It’s only been three hours and I can’t think of anything else. I’m going crazy. No, I am crazy. I want you inside me. I want you inside me…”

Carl’s cock slipped into Mindy. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath, then settled down and took the whole length of his shaft inside her in one long stroke. The penetration sent thrills up Mindy’s spine that made her arch her back. Carl gritted his teeth, struggling again to keep himself calm. He put his hands on her hips to stop her and realized that Mindy was so excited already that she might climax almost immediately. He let Mindy go and she rose and fell on his cock, grinding herself against him at the bottom of each short stroke, harder each time. Carl was right. Mindy flattened herself on his chest and her hair fell across Carl’s face, then she gripped the tender flesh on his sides and writhed through her orgasm.

“That was good.” Mindy murmured into Carl’s chest while she caught her breath. He peeled her hands off his sides and gathered her hair to keep it off his face. Mindy was still excited, moving her body slowly against him with his cock deep inside her.

Carl felt sure that he could get Mindy to climax again. He rolled her onto the bed and turned her on her belly. Mindy squawked “What are you doing?” but she quickly realized what Carl wanted and pushed her butt up for him. He steadied her with one hand on her hip and plunged his cock into her slit. Mindy buried her face in the pillow, panting and squealing. “Fuck me! Oh Carl, faster! Fuck me.” His thrusts flattened Mindy on the mattress, then he trapped her wrists in his hands and spread her out under him. Mindy’s orgasm took her suddenly and Carl forced himself balls-deep and stayed there, working her until her spasms relaxed.

They fell to the sheets gasping for air. Clinks of plates and glassware drifted through the window – the sounds of the caterers moving the snacks off the buffet and replacing them with dinner. Carl knew they might be running out of time. He rose to his knees and turned Mindy on her back with her legs spread around him. It wouldn’t be long before he would go back to Evy and Mindy would have Aaron back in bed, but right now he had a job to finish. He pushed his arms under Mindy’s shoulders and hips and lifted her off the mattress. Mindy reached between them to guide his cock into her, then his first thrust forced her against the wall. Carl lifted her so she could lock her legs around his waist then he pushed into her again. Among the grunts and the gasps that he forced out of her, Carl could only make out “Don’t stop! Harder! Harder!.”

Excitement was everything that Mindy craved and Carl gave it to her. Her back thumped against the wall with an accelerating rhythm driven by each thrust deep between her thighs. Carl felt himself losing control. He pushed his hand down Mindy’s butt and under her to find her asshole, then at the point where he thought his cock would explode he shoved his finger into her, one knuckle deep, then two. The sudden intrusion crystallized Mindy’s orgasm. She buried her face against Carl’s chest and screamed while his essence gushed into her.

It was a wonder that no-one down by the pool heard them – or maybe they did. Carl fell back on the bed and Mindy collapsed beside him. He struggled to free his softening cock from Mindy’s hair tie then leaned over her sweat-slicked body to push the tie into her hand. Mindy turned her head and swept a lock of hair from the corner of her mouth, then smiled. “When I have to seduce you again we will need to be somewhere that isn’t this hot.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: Football Practice Football Practice by b4zubi It was my the third week of football practice, and we were all getting used to the training regimen. After school, go to practice. At practice we would do rotations of offensive drills and defensive drills. I guess I should start by describing myself… I’m 5’4″, 120 lbs., with a 4.5″ dick. (At the time) Well, I was at the defensive station, and we were practicing tackling. We had an odd number of players there, so I was paired with Coach. We were to crouch down, take a step towards them, and then reach around their back and put our face into their stomach. Coach, of course, was taller bursa escort and bigger than any of us, me especially. So when he blew the whistle, and I did this, my face was buried in the scent of sweat surrounding his dick, and my hands were clutching his perfect ass. (Coach was about 23, and was a GOD). By the time I let go, I had a boner, a VERY obvious one, but if I stopped to adjust it, Coach would have yelled at me and pointed it out, so I just kept on drilling. My face went right to his massive dick probably 100 times in 20 minutes. I was in heaven. After practice, we were all in the locker room, changing (we didn’t have bursa escort bayan a shower at our school), and once I was in my underwear, Coach came and told me to come to the office immediately. “Coach, can I put on my clothes first?” “Immediately, Jared. That means no time for you to be a pussy.” When I got to the office, there were no other coaches there. “What do you need, sir?” “Well, I noticed your erection outside. Now, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all get them sometimes.” I had started to blush. “Coach, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” “What did I JUST say? We all get them. And I need your help with mine.” “Uh… escort bursa what?” “You heard me. Now get over here and take off my shorts – no hands” I, not wanting to be kicked off the team, did just that – using my teeth. And out popped his massive 7″ dick. “Now suck it.” “Coach, I’m not gay.” “That’s not what I heard from some of your teammates.” I blushed. “Exactly. Now SUCK IT!” I hurriedly stretched my mouth as far as it would go, and began my work. About 3 seconds in I was already having the time of my life, swirling my tongue around his head, licking the little soft spot below it, lapping at his precum while his deep moans egged me on. “I’m — uh— UGHHHH!!!” Suddenly my mouth was full of sticky, salty cum, that I happily swallowed down. “I think you’re going to be a wonderful asset to this team, as I will tell the other coaches” he said with a gleam in his eye.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Patty or Daddy anal, BB, BM, bear , con, dream, interr, reluc, rom, spank, teen2, WM Journal Entry 1: I should be resting peacefully. I shouldn’t have a fuckin care in the world, but I can’t help it. My mind just wonders and I try with every ounce of my being to drown out the bickering of my mother as my father finds his rice pudding to be a bit too soggy. I hear a thud against the wall throwing me back into reality. My stomach tightens as the unspoken silence all of a sudden becomes so loud you can cut it with a knife. Apprehension grows within me and beads of sweat fall from my forehead. What the fuck is going on? My imagination gets the better of me and worst case scenarios play off in my head…I knew I had to do something, but what?. I get up slowly and make my way out of my room towards the kitchen, but it looks like the coast is clear other than my mother cleaning the dishes. I tried to calm myself once I realized the thud was my father slamming the door… I twist and turn trying to do anything to get to sleep, but I can’t get those eyes out of my head! Those fucking eyes…just a flash of his face…his scent so fragrant I can still feel him behind me. I throw my headphones on and fade into the background…anything to get his imagery out of my head. I turn on the music to a slightly lower key as I hold my breath… and breath out languidly, until I can feel everything around me disappear. Oh God! I can feel myself floating as every nerve in my body is once again bound with his weight so close to me. His large rough hands all over my soft brown skin slowly moving to the crook of my necking. I can feel every ounce of my emotions start to rise. Apprehension holds me back, but I know I was meant to be here. I breathe…slowly… gently, as his strong hands grip my neck and the heat from his body engulfs me completely. Even my mind fights every moan I have inside. I feel him looking into me once again and I feel safe as he touches me all over, and I just don’t ever want it to… GOD DAMN IT!!! Why can’t I get him out of my fucking head! I don’t think I could ever adequately describe Patrick, or as everyone calls him, Pat. Not that I’d want to, you know what I’m sayin? He thinks he’s perfect just because everyone swallows and accepts every molecule of his colossal bullshit. He just looks you in the eyes and smiles sarcastically as he flashes those windex blue orbs of his. I hate him and it only makes it easier as I sneer at his pale white skin and his fiery red hair. He’s about 6’5 and 320lbs of man and he uses every bit of it as he slams his opponent down in a kiddy Monday maneuver on the mat for a swift pin. You can see his pride…you can taste his dominance. You can smell every ounce of recognition in his presence as you hear and sense the sheer gratification in his parents cheering on his victory. They can’t seem to see past his beauty and yet seem to encourage his already over inflated self-identity and importance. I’m a sophomore in high school. MacArthur High school to be exact…you know, the land of the cardinal claws!hahaha…That’s what they say at the damn pep rally anyway. I’m kind of a smaller black guy with large light brown eyes and a cute butt…well, I’ve been told. I tell everyone that I’m 5’7, but I’m 5’6 without any shoes on, and I’m about 145lbs…at least I wrestle at that weight. Coach has us weight training every other fuckin week for crying out loud. Maybe I should mention the fact that I’m NOT the outgoing type and I’m a complete introvert. I HATE attention, don’t like people touching me, or getting too close. I despise being in a large group of dudes, but my repugnant father explained to me that if I wanted to do anything in music (Band or Choir), I would have to take wrestling. It’s supposed to, ” Make a man out of me!” It’s just too bad he doesn’t realize what really happens in the wrestling hall. All these dudes walking around here ass naked playing grab ass and dry humping each other. A bunch of sexually deprived teenagers with small dick complexes trying to take each other up on who’s more of a man than the other. THAT WILL NOT BE ME! I might be sensitive, I might be a bit naive, or even a bit of a girly-boy, but I’m better than these hormone induced boys running around here trying to fuck anything that walks! If that makes me a bitch…never mind! It’s too early in the story to talk about that just yet. Of course, my ingenuous behind didn’t even realize what was really going on until it happened to me. I had already suited out for wrestling when another senior Larry, a tall skinny bi-racial guy, decided to throw me down to the mat and show me some of his skills. Larry was a hot guy by normal standards, if you like that sort. He’s about 6’0 220 lbs. with caramel skin and large puppy brown eyes. And while the girls are always falling at his feet, he only has eyes for his girlfriend. Or at least that’s what I thought. He ain’t my type no way you know. Real men have meat on their bones and don’t give a fuck about a couple of extra pounds or having a 32 in. waist. So I promise you I wasn’t even looking at him like that since he’s always talking about his girlfriend and baby on the way. He was different with me, though, and God only knows why since I usually stay clear of him. He’s not mean or hateful or anything like that. But one time, I was suiting out for class and he was taking his gym clothes off to change into his pants. Only this nigga decided not to wear his draws that day. GOD DAMN he was carrying a fuckin elephant trunk between his legs. Every since that day, I tried to stay away…I know it’s crazy, but that big ass thing scared the holy shit out of me. I shiver just thinking about the person that has to handle that tree trunk. Larry would talk to me from time to time, but all I saw when I looked at him was, ” Dick Zilla,” and I just couldn’t get past it. That didn’t stop him from talking to me, though. Maybe it was because he knew I wasn’t trying to combat his authority. I let him show me some moves one day and truth be told, he was patient as he walked me through how to drop a guy when you’re on all fours. That was until I ended up on my stomach with him tickling me and me laughing like a giddy little girl…I don’t know. He was so big and I was so much smaller than him that I guess I liked the attention being caught up in the moment in all. I just didn’t expect him to grind his junk into my ass though and I was instantly scared. I liked him in a brotherly sort of way, but I didn’t want to disrespect, make him self-conscious, or cause him to be angry with me. I learned years ago not to ever tease a guy sexually, or you could pay the price, but I swear I didn’t! I tried to lay perfectly still by that point, but I was sweating bullets and I just wanted to scream…but I knew better. Pat just happened to be there (go figure) during his senior out and I think he may have noticed the discomfort on my face because before I knew It, Larry was yanked over into a submissive choke hold with all the other guys laughing. So I got up grabbed my shit and called my mom to let her know I needed a ride. I was engrossed in thoughts as I stammered over my own feet. I felt so confused, scared, and sexually awakened, to say the least. Picking myself up, I ran down to the band hall to wait for my mom. Smothered in feelings, all I could do was run to my spot against the wall and curl up in a ball…angry that I trusted him and irritated that I liked the way he touched me. I never knew something like this could be so awful. I used to dream about guys looking at me and going crazy with passion, but I just couldn’t handle him; nor did I want him. Call me crazy, but I’ve always felt light-headed standing next to cute bigger guys. Knowing that they could overpower me or hurt me if they wanted to, but chose not to. Their scent…their arrogance in knowing they’re real men, and instantly smelling the femininity I try so hard to hide. Although I didn’t like him, I loved having his attention and knowing that I had something he wanted. I just couldn’t get over why it felt so natural bursa escort for me to be underneath him receiving him at all cost as if I was put on this earth to subjugate myself to a man. I hated him at that very moment for opening my mind to such bewilderment. Not that I ever got the chance to think about it too much because before I knew it, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway my direction. I was so caught up in my mind that I almost pissed my pants when I realized I wasn’t alone. It was Pat walking towards me in a trance just as he noticed me balled up in my corner toward the Band Hall door. “Well damn, I didn’t see you there. Not too sure I introduced myself before, but I’m Pat and you must be RJ…or Ren right…” I didn’t know what to say considering the fact I felt so lethargic and exposed. Why is he talking to me anyway? Why would he even he want to talk to a guy like me? He saw Larry humping me on the damn mat for crying out loud! I just couldn’t stop all the questions or the embarrassment running through me. I tried to compose myself to speak as best as I could. ” Y…Yeah, that’s me! Thank you again for saving my ass back there.” He reached for my hand and pulled me up like I was lighter than air. Without delay, I felt even smaller now than I did before as his vigor travelled through me, but I digress and he continued talking. ” No problem man! These guys are gonna try to intimidate you, but you gotta give it back to em. You know what I’m sayin’? What do you think of wrestling so far?” I’m trying to get up the confidence to talk to him, but I just felt like a ten-year-old looking up at a bear of a man! I’m fuckin 5’6, and this dude is towering over me. I managed to croak out, “It’s okay man…I’m still trying to get the gist of some of the moves…particularly from being on all fours.” Why the FUCK did I just say that! I felt even more exposed and idiotic as he moved in a bit closer with his eyes now fixed on mine, ” I’ll bet you are…” I just knew he could see right through me. His bright blue eyes looked into me as if looking for something inside me. I looked down feeling as if my genitals and ass were fully exposed and waiting for his approval as I started trembling, but I tried again, ” I..I didn’t mean…” but as soon I began to speak he cut me off, ” I’m just fuckin with you, dude! You’re so easy,” he said trying not to laugh, but failing miserably! I had to laugh myself. I slowly started to relax around him. Well, as much as a dude can with my ass all in his damn face…hahaha! I just knew he was genuine. I could feel it as he spoke to me with such gusto. At that very moment, I felt myself sniffing him and his hand innocently rested on my shoulder. A touch of gain soap and some of his sweet sweat, but just as I was putting the pieces together, my mom pulled up blowing the horn knocking me back into reality. I told him I would see him some other time and I rushed out still trying to avoid eye contact, not that I could. In fact, I tried to avoid it so much I ran smack into the damn door, and that gave him another bit of a chuckle. FUCK…can this day get any worst! It started that moment and swung through my memory like Tarzan to a vine. I remembered those eyes and his scent in my memory flashes, but the part that puzzled me the most…why I felt so exposed every time he looked into my eyes. I felt as if he were physically touching me, and it felt so unnerving and offensive. The very thought sent me into intense shivers. You see why I try to stay clear of him because he makes me so fucking nervous! And I did too…only I was coming off the wrong way according to my friend Joe. “Why you act like that every time you’re around him…oh shit…bitch you want you some Pat don’t yo…” I cut him off trying to get him to shut the fuck up while Pat was heading our direction, ” BITCH, keep yo fuckin voice down. I don’t even like him like that,” I said trying to persuade myself. Truth be told I didn’t. (Or at least I didn’t know I did at that time) He’s a tall WHITE bear of a pretty boy, and I prefer men of color. But every fuckin time he looked at me, I just felt the need to cover myself…I felt like a twenty-year-old girl with bouncy perky double Ds and a flowing twat. But why!!??? One look from those eyes of his and I felt completely vulnerable and just fell apart. I couldn’t tell him that, though. ” Ain’t no mutha fuckin body looking at Pat Joe,” not that he was convinced as he pressed his lips together and mouthed , ” Bitch, please! Maybe if you got you some of that country dick, you won’t be so hard up all the Got Damn Time! You know cum works wonders on the skin hoe, And if you ever have a toothache…” I cut him off…” Fuck you! Everyone ain’t as fast as you are! That’s why Niko kicked yo ass to the curb, to begin with. You reminded him of a Ford Tempo…cheap and easy!” I dipped and dogged him every chance I could, but as I told you before, even when I tried to run out of the wrestling hall and take a break, he’d stand behind me, and I could feel his presence…his minty breath on my neck and the heat radiating from his body, but when I would turn around, no one was there. It wasn’t too long before Pat noticed I was giving him the cold shoulder. He’d try to talk to me and I’d give him a smart ass remark or I would just boldly act like he wasn’t there. I couldn’t give into him like that. I will not be this person kissing his ass and treating him like he’s God’s gift! I hated the way I felt when he was around me. With other guys, I felt like I was talking to anyone off the street. With him…the way he looks right through me…the way he helps me when I need him. Fuck it, I felt like his God Damn Bitch! Like a fuckin damsel in distress who can’t do anything without a man because her fucking titties are too big and her brain is too small. Speaking of the epitome of antifeminism, I AM NOT HIS MUTHER FUCKING BITCH! My trick ass history teacher asked me to come in and retake a take to take a 70 since I failed the damn thing. I never really did understand why that fuckin subject really mattered anyway. But I guessed it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing except for the fact that It was fucking cold outside and I needed to find a way to call my mom to pick me up. So I flew through the test…ignored my teacher letting on to how much better I would do If I paid more attention in her class. If her class was half as appealing as a glass of milk, I’d pay more attention. Too bad I’m lactose intolerant. I ran to the other side of the building to call my mom in the wrestling gym and waited outside with my big warm coat. Don’t ask me why I decided not to run back to the band hall, but I just felt like I didn’t want to be bothered since the choir was preparing for a Christmas concert. Regardless, no Joe…no, Larry…and no fucking Pat!! Just peace, quiet, and a chance to process all the thoughts racing through me. So as usual, I clung onto the rail and leaned back looking at football field…just enjoying nature. I throw on my headphones and decided to listen to some tunes, trying to drown out every mystifying thought in my head. Lara Fabian came on singing ” Urgent Desire,” and I just knew I was losing my mind. So I tried to think of my coming up Christmas vacation, but spending extra time with my cantankerous parents never did interest me. I thought of things that made me happy. My aunt Vicky…the mountains back home in NY…anything to get my mind off Pat. I promise you, I tried everything other than standing on my fucking head doing kegel exercises. I failed miserably as I smelled a whiff of sweat in the distance, and I could almost feel him behind me. I instantly started to relax knowing I didn’t need to be strong anymore. So I let go and closed my eyes to give into the feeling. I’m running up the mountain back home naked as the water caresses my body. Coming back, I breathe deeply…I flash back to him chasing me and scolding me for being so careless about not covering my body outside. Here, he’s a perfect gentleman but when he catches up with me, I slip and fall. I see his anger, and I knew bursa escort bayan I was wrong, but I just wanted to be free where nothing mattered. I pulled him and he fell onto of me, with his sex poked into my side. He kissed me, and it was as if everything disappeared around us. I spread my legs…I needed him, and I needed him to know that. I needed him to use me and make me his. I didn’t say a word when he penetrated me making me feel so full, further solidifying my place beneath him. I wrapped my legs around him and held on for dear life. He looked into me as my emotions started to rise. He pumped me as if it were his duty to impregnate me with his very essence. I took him as I was meant to, and I became myself, receiving every thrust and every moan. He took me harder and held me as if he were trying to protect me…all I could do was cry…it felt so damn real. I can feel his rough warm hands on my face and the heat of his body as he pulls me closer to him. I wanted to belong to him at the very moment. A thick sultry tenderness came over me and I felt his seed shooting inside me…GOD DAMN IT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY GOD DAMN HEAD! I started to flash to how I’ve been treating Pat. How could I be so awful to him knowing all he wanted to do was be my friend. I’ve gotta find a way… ” GET YO FUCKIN HANDS OF ME!! ” I panicked as I felt someone grab me around my waist just to turn and almost trip onto the ground, but a pair of hands caught me and helped me back to my feet. ” I couldn’t resist…you were wide open man…” Pat said as I tried to catch my breath. ” You scared the fuck out of me…have you lost what’s left of your God Damned mind! Don’t fucking do that shit again dude,” I said still trying to get myself together. ” Dude…really?” He looked at me with a fire that I couldn’t understand, but I knew I’d obviously pissed him off. He started to walk toward me and I began to pull back defensively, knowing I may have pushed just a bit too far. ” Who the fuck you calling dude Renny…” I froze as my back hit the wall, but that didn’t stop him to coming closer. I didn’t even realize he called me Renny… No one’s ever called me that before. I tried to shake my head back into reality but I knew I was going to get it. I can’t do anything with him looking at me like that. ” Don’t look at me like that…” trying to hold what’s left of my shriveling dilapidated man card. ” Why…what are you gonna do about it? ” I gulped and attempted to look past his eyes and not let him bother me, but I just couldn’t. He could see what I’ve been trying to hide, and I just felt so defeated. ” You got a big mouth on you for a little bitch…” he said speaking softly as he walked toward me grabbing me as I tried to push him away. NO THIS MUTHA FUCKER DIDN’T JUST CALL ME A FUCKIN BITCH! ” I got cho fuckin bi…” I didn’t even get the chance to scream at him before feeling one hand on my hip while the other hand eased its way around my neck and his lips met mine. I was so angry at him I wanted to cry, but I let him kiss me. Instinctively, I knew not to combat him…I knew I couldn’t take him on his level. I yielded passively, opening my mouth to accept his advances as I started to tremble. I immediately felt weak and full of emotions as his eyes bore deep into me with nothing left to hide. As he kissed me with a passion I’d never felt before, I just melted into his scent…his minty breath…his sweat-stained clothes freshly washed in Gain. I started to let go and savor the moment until I felt his hand grab my ass, and I just panicked. (No one’s ever touched me like that before except the guy I was assaulted by some years ago). I used every ounce of energy I had left in me and forced myself off of him by pushing on his chest…his huge chest. Unfortunately not fast enough for him to smack my face. I was swiftly aware of my own building anger, but I was engulfed in fear…I knew I was wrong for pushing him the way I did. I also knew better than to challenge him. ” Don’t you fuckin ever lead me on like that again…” He said with a furry in his eyes that terrified me even more. I looked into his eyes, and I just started to tear up knowing he didn’t understand me or why I reacted the way I did. I could cut his rage with a knife and smell the testosterone and adrenaline radiating through him vigorously. I should have let him knowing I wanted him more than ever now. How could I make him understand? ” I’m sorry Dadd…” I didn’t even get a chance to finish as I ripped myself from his grasp trying to get to my mom waiting downstairs in the car once she blew the horn. I don’t think that drive could have gone any slower. I rushed my mother off and did everything I could to get her to just shut up and leave me the fuck alone. I got to the house and ran to my room and closed the door. I couldn’t believe he kissed me…then that nigga slapped me!!! The fuck he did! I wanted to kill him for hitting me, but I just couldn’t get over his desire to consume me, and I melted again. I wanted him more than anything, and I hated him for it. I hated him for making me feel so weak and helpless to control my emotions around him. I second guessed everything I did around him. Fuck that nigga…FUCK HIM! Talking about avoidance, I dodged that nigga like the plague. If I knew I needed to go to wrestling, I’d go to one of my favorite science teachers and work on some extra credit since I knew I would get credit and still be in school. I just couldn’t deal with him or I would end up dead or pregnant, and I don’t believe in terminating pregnancies…so fuck him. Only, we had a wrestling meet that I couldn’t miss right before the holiday…Good Lord, what am I going to do… With my stomach in knots, I reluctantly walked toward the wrestling hall as if I were on my way to the guillotine. Coach made little side remarks about my never showing up to class because I was out, ” sick…” I just wanted to die, but thankfully Pat was nowhere to be found. So I changed my clothes after weighing in for the meet on Saturday. Got with Joe, who kept looking at me like he knew what I’d done, but I just needed to get through the class, so I ignored him. We wrestled and trained trying out different moves, and I thought I was in the clear so I started to take a small sigh of relief when Pat walked in from the changing room fully suited out. God Damn him! He eased his ass over to Joe knowing he looked good because of his fresh haircut. A WHITE BOY WITH A GANGSTER LEAN!!! COME ON NOW!! He tapped Joe who of course gave himself away with a look on his face that he texted Pat to let him know I was at school. Joe took a seat with a smug look on his face and watched us wrestle. Fuckin Bitch! As I write this sentence, my stomach turns! I’ve never wanted to train with him because he’s so fucking rough and huge. How do I say this so you’ll understand what I’m thinking? It’s hard to stand up to a guy when you know you’re not his equal. When you know you were meant to be his help me. FUCK!!!! Ren…get it together!! He’s a dude like every other dude up in here. I got this…I…umm…Got this? The coach blew the whistle and we started. He sprawled and played my ass out so quick I didn’t even have time to tap out. Whistle number 2, and I sprawled with him to yank him into a kiddy Monday, but I couldn’t pin him. I tried, but one look in those eyes and I let up for him to counteract my move, and once again, I was on my back. (Apparently, where I belonged.) The training match was over, but something inside me broke. I’m serious…He left me laying there while he went to whisper some shit in Joe’s ear. To top it off, they looked directly in my face as they laughed. Not just any laugh, though, a guffaw! I WAS HOT…how could they dog me out and make light of my feelings like that. Even my friend threw me under the bus. I tried to hide my emotions, as I ran to put on my clothes and get ready to go home. Pat and Joe did the same but made a point to create a scene. Pat walked behind Joe, grabbed him on his hips, and ground his groin into his ass as Joe laughed and carried on. I just need to get escort bursa out…I was so fuckin angry I thought I was going to loose it, so I threw on my clothes and started to walk out of the door when Pat asked me if I needed a ride home, and replied with, “I got it!” I’m not too sure if I rolled my eyes or what but I do recall him replying with,” You ain’t gotta be such a God damn bitch all the fuckin time!” I immediately replied, ” Mutha fucker what the fuck did you just say to me?” I was boiling at that point as Joe grabbed me and yanked me back to reality, but I was two steps from fucking his ass up, so I just grabbed my shit and left. I went to my usual spot and tried to cool off, but I just couldn’t. I tried to man up, but the tears just started falling down. I was so confused…why was I so angry with him? Why did I…I heard footsteps…SHIT! Then it dawned on me that I was in the same spot that I first met him. Before I even got a chance to encounter him, I ran outside the back way and went back to the wrestling hall since I knew that no one was probably there at that time. With the lights out, I tried to relax and catch my breath, but I knew I’d gone too far. In my thoughts, I replayed the incident over and over trying to think of how I could have pushed him over the edge, but I didn’t realize that someone was behind me until I felt that heat on my back…” What the fuck…” I said trying to figure out who the hell was behind me. A hand reached out and pushed me onto the wrestling mat in the gym as he reaches for my neck. ” You got one mo fuckin time to call me a mutha fucker…hear? ” Said Pat, as he looked at me deep into my eyes with an indignation I’d never seen before. I could feel my emotions going into overload as tears started falling from my eyes once again. I struggled to catch my breath. God help me…He was so angry at me. I never knew he could be so crude. I tried to say something…anything to get the Pat I knew back.” Patty, I’m sorr…” I tried to say before feeling his rough full lips on mine. I…was so confused, but I went with it and repeated, ” I’m so sorry.” He was so rough at first, but I could see something in his eyes. I knew I had to let go. So I let myself go and opened my legs so he could lay between my legs, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel the tears start to come as he lifted himself off of me total off my pants and take the lubricant he had in his fucking pocket!!!! ” After today, I know why you’re acting like a stuck up bitch…you need me. And stop looking at me like you don’t need it, you got pussy alright!” I didn’t argue with him because deep inside I knew I needed him. I just laid there as he lubed up his thick ass dick…I started to back away when I saw it, but he held me down as he told me to push out. I had to show him I wanted him, so I did. Resistance was futile, and so was he until he finally popped it inside. I screamed, but he kissed me and told me to relax…I tried and I tried. ” Patty I can’t do this…it hurts so fucking bad…” He tried to comfort me ” Relax, and I promise it will feel better, just stay still…stop running from me!” After a while, he started to rock some and the pain started to subside. He saw the tears in my eyes. ” Do you want me to stop?” I looked at him, and I knew It was time to pay for what I’d done to him. ” Please don’t stop…” I said as he started to stroke himself inside me slowly. I was still in pain, but I knew that I couldn’t let this moment pass again. He kissed me and almost brought me to a fucking orgasm with his tongue. I just looked into his eyes as he took me. He spoke softly… ” Why you act like you ain’t got pussy…this is what you was made fo. You actin all hard in shit!” When he said that I just held on to the back of his neck and he dug his full weight into my body. All I could do was hold on as I melted away with him hitting something inside me that made me squeal. ” Patty don’t cum inside me…please?” I don’t know why I said that, but he replied. ” Why? I don’t wanna cum on you, I wanna cum in yo pussy like a real man’s supposed to.” I just sighed…Deep down, I knew I felt the same way, but I just couldn’t tell him that. I took every inch of him inside me, and I wanted more…I wanted him to put his entire body into me, so I could be his. He stabbed me harder and harder, as he breathed harder and harder and I knew he was getting close. I held on tighter as he took me like the bitch I had become…the bitch I always was. He pulled my shoulders down to catch all of him as he came deep inside me. He looked so angry as he took his natural born place. He kissed me again telling me I belonged to him. I held him tighter…” I’m sorry Patty…I don’t know why I acted like I did.” A smile crossed his face and he replied, ” Oh so it’s Patty now and not Daddy?” I tried to take my eyes from his in embarrassment. ” Look at me when I talk to you…” He stated with a grin on his face. I started to look at him, and croaked, ” Daddy, I’m so sorry. ” He looked at me seriously and replied, ” Every bitch need a real man behind them…Literally and figuratively! ” I looked at him straight in his eyes and said, ” Fuck you!” ” Fuck me… my babies are in you now…” He replied as he tickled me…” Okay Okay Okay…I’m sorry!” “It’s cool…I’ma man, I can handle you as long as you’re given it up! ” I bit his lip for talking shit. ” Can you take me home please, I forgot to call my mom. ” He replied, ” Oh, you mean when you were busy cursing me the fuck out! I told you I would take you home. Or do you have it? ” I started feeling guilty again. ” I was wrong for disrespecting you. I was just so…” He finished, ” Jealous! It’s alright baby…I’m not mad at you. Let’s get you home.” He started to pull off me, but I kissed him again, and I started to feel his dick getting hard again. ” See you’re gonna fuck around and get nailed again!” I laughed, and tried to get up, but once he pulled out, there was blood on his jeans and on the mat. ” God Damn…Joe wasn’t lying when he said you were a Virgin was he? ” I shied away feeling someone embarrassed. ” Do me a favor and turn around while I grab some tissue.” He ran and grabbed some industrial paper from the bathroom and some solutions to clean up the mat. ” Turn on all fours for me and arch your back.” I felt so exposed having my bloody ass in the air for him to examine and wipe, but that he did. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t torn back there. Well, that’s what He said until I felt a slick finger slide inside me and him touching that same spot. ” Daddy…please…you’re gonna make me cum…No daddy…” I stopped fighting him and started jacking myself and came more than I had in my entire life. ” God Damn, you had a build up didn’t you?” I didn’t know how to respond, so I just didn’t until I felt his tongue on my hole and I started to freak. ” Pat no…I was just bleeding…” SMACK… my ass was caught off guard with that one, and it hurt like hell. ” I told you about calling my Pat…When we’re alone, I’m daddy, do I make myself clear? ” I replied timidly, ” Yes daddy, but I don’t want you to get sick, please don’t…” SMACK…” OUCH…FUCK…” I yelled in response to the slap on my ass. ” Don’t tell me what to do to you, you hear…it’s just a little blood, but you’re okay…nothing to be scared about.” I was so self-conscious, but I felt so…so beautiful that he wanted me that way. I just wasn’t used to that. ” Daddy…I need to get home before my mother kills me.” He reluctantly stopped eating my ass…” Alright shit…cover up that pussy before I make you take another load!” I started to become comfortable with him speaking that way to me. ” Yes, Daddy…” I pulled up my pants to see him putting his hard penis back in his jeans…I looked at him, and I could see the hunger…the need. I never knew I could feel so sexy, knowing he wanted me. I went up to him and kissed him again breathing in his sweaty gain scent. I just wanted him to consume me, but I knew I had to get my ass home. He held me as I inhaled him, and I just wanted to go to sleep on his massive chest…God damn, I had to pull myself away from him. All of a sudden I was so excited knowing what could happen…knowing I belonged to him made me smile a little. We’ll just half to see what happens…only time will tell. More to ail

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: The Making of Daniel chapter 39 18 and over, as with the writer, please get naked …..lets read on boys! If you would like to become a Fan of ‘Daniel’ on FACEBOOK, let mek know. As I rolled over in my bed, I awoke slightly from my deep sleep, due to the cold, wet spot on my sheets. I immediately remembered the load of cum I had jizzed last night, when Dave was on my back, fucking me. But as I tried to slip back to sleep, my ass was still a bit sore, and I began to remember yesterday at Tony’s, as well. My ass was dripping cum all over the metal servicing table; everyone had fucked me at least once, leaving my hole filled with their wet and gooey load. I was in heaven when they started on round two. Dad, Dave, Tony, and his brother Tommy; oh, my god! Can he use his uncut cock! He caused my balls to spew a huge load of cum, just by putting his cock into my ass. He was hot, and fucked like a horny dog. But it was Todd, who’s final fuck gave me the most intense orgasm that day. My hole was sloppy, I could tell. My ass was raw; it was filled with cum,, and I had no muscle control left at all. He just shoved his hard cock in, and pummeled my ass hard, holding onto my hips as he swung his groin, wanting to get off once again inside his younger brother’s ass. And after about 5 minutes, of constant thrust, his balls gave me another nice load of his hot, white, gooey spunk. Not that I could feel any more cum shooting into ass, but I saw the look on his face, and then the final 3 or 4 jerks of his hips, and I knew his cock was spewing a load deep inside my ass. Exhausted, he clasped on top of me. His mouth fell open on mine, and we kissed deeply, while his cock shrunk to a normal size. The kiss was great; Todd could make you bust a nut with his tongue, in a French kiss, so I didn’t realize until I heard him moan softly that he was draining a load of piss deep inside me. The heat became intense, as his bladder opened up and drained inside me. He then raised himself up with his hands, and looked down into my eyes. We were the only ones that knew what he was doing, and it caused my cock to swell so hard, I thought it would burst. And it did, but out of the piss hole, came a huge rope of watery cum, that soaked me and began running all over my chest, and the table below. So with my mind full of sex, and as I lay naked in my bed try to get back to sleep, my cock was filling with blood, and I am getting horny again. As my hand reached down to tug on my hard cock, I heard the door to my room open slowly. Not awake enough to actually speak, I moved over a bit on the bed so Dave could get in with me; which he did, quietly. His arm reached around my body, pulling his naked body up against mine, and spooning with me. His cock was soft, as I felt it against my naked ass cheek. But something was not right……I took his arm and, immediately, I knew it wasn’t Dave. I turned over in the bed, and looked right into Sean’s eyes. Oh, my god! I don’t know what came over me, but as I pulled him into a tight bear hug, I began to cry. “Oh, I can’t believe it’s you!” I whispered in his ear. “I missed you so much.” “Me, too. I have been thinking of this moment, almost since I left,” Sean said as he pushed bursa escort back so he could see my face. “Daniel, missed you, and I love you so much,” he said softly Then the tears really began flowing off my cheeks, and, as he tried to kiss them away, his mouth found mine, and we fell into a deep passionate kiss. He rolled me over onto my back, and laid on top of me. I spread my legs, so his full lower body was against mine. With his face directly above mine, he looked deep into my wet eyes. I could feel his cock hardening, as it pressed heavily into my smooth, shaved groin. I pulled his face down to mine, and we kissed again, deeply. As our mouths opened, our tongues were soon wrapped around each others. The kiss was hot, and we were getting hotter, as our naked bodies melded into one. I needed him inside me quickly, and I told him so, by wrapping my legs up around his ass, and pulling him into me. His rock hard cock pressed against my balls, as I pulled my ass up closer to his cock. His hand moved to our crotches, and, as he took hold of his 8 inch boner, I moved again, and his cock slipped easily into my moist asshole. Without effort, his hard cock was balls deep inside me. Sean didn’t move, and I didn’t want him to. We were both relishing the feeling of being one, connected in the most intimate way. His full body weight was on me, as his raging cock was inside me, and I had never felt so alive. My body was awash with feelings I had never felt, as our tongues continued to play and suck each other’s mouth. Slowly, Sean began to move his hips, and I could feel his hard cock move ever so slightly inside my ass. I wrapped my calves and feet around his beautiful, smooth, bubble butt, as he slowly pumped his ass into mine. Our mouths had not left each other’s; we were still deep in our kiss, as he fucked me gently. My arms caressed his back and his ass, as his cock slid effortlessly in and out of my warm, wanting fuck hole. My own cock was hard and wet with pre-cum, as it was being stroked by the movement on Sean’s body. His abs and groin were so smooth; my cock felt like it was sliding up and down on silk sheets. Sean’s pace never changed, and his cock continued to fuck my ass, as we held onto each other and kissed. Time passed, but we were both oblivious to it, as we were lost in our own love. And even when I began to feel Sean’s cock swell, as his orgasm approached, the motion of his fucking never changed. Even as his cock spewed a huge load of his white, hot, gooey sperm deep inside me, his dick was still slowly fucking away at my ass. Sean’s cock was now coated in his own cum, as he continued to pump my ass. His cock was still hard as a rock, even after his orgasm. But I was now ready to really fuck, so I grabbed hold of him, and I rolled us, keeping his cock deep inside my cum filled ass hole. As I got on top, I pushed myself up, and sat squarely on his hard cock. With my legs bent under me, I began to ride his cock like I was riding a horse. Up, down, up, down, up…..his beautiful hard cock was sliding in and out of my ass, as I bounced up and down on its hardness. Faster and faster I bounced, as his cock fucked my ass good. The bed began to squeek loudly as my full body bursa escort bayan weight bounced up and down on Sean and the bed. Even though my cock was rock hard, and leaking cum heavily, it was being tossed up and down, slapping against Sean’s and my abs, spraying my clear gooey pre-cum all over us. I couldn’t tell which was making more noise – the bed or my swinging, slapping cock. And when Sean started to buck his hips into me, sending me higher off his cock, and then coming down on him hard, the bed won out, as even the mattress started to bounce off the frame. The room was echoing the noises of our sex; not only was the bed singing, I was almost screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs, as Sean fucked me hard, bouncing me off his cock with such force that I had to hold on to him at one point, so I wouldn’t get tossed off the bed. Suddenly, after one of the bounces, I was on my hands and knees, and he was plowing my ass from behind, with his hands on my hips, pulling himself deeper into me, sending his cock so far up my ass I could feel his balls slapping hard against mine. “Ohhhh, fuck, Daniel! I’m cumming again………..oh, yea, yea! Oh fuck, yea………..!” he screamed, as he continued to sink his cock deeper and deeper inside me, pumping me full, with another load of his sperm. “I’ve come three times already! You are so hot, I could fuck you all day,” Sean said breathlessly, as he laid his hot sweaty body on my back, with his hand wrapped around my stomach. His cock was still slowly sliding in and out of my ass. “Oh, yea! Fuck me again! I want every ounce of your spunk, until your balls are completely dry. Then I am going to fuck your face, and unload the massive amount of cum that has been building in my balls; shooting it right down your throat, until your stomach is full my hot seed,” I said, as I pushed my ass back against his crotch, taunting him to begin fucking me again. It didn’t take much; his hips began thrusting into my ass again, as his still hard cock pounded my ass relentlessly until, once again, he began to scream, as he poured another load of cum out of his cock, deep inside my ass hole. “Oh, my. god!” Sean whispered, totally out of breath, as he clasped on top of me, his dead weight sending us both down flat on the bed. My cock was still rock hard, and completely soaked in cum, as it was being crushed into the bed by both our bodies. The pressure got relieved when Sean slid his sweaty body down my back, and he settled between my spread legs. I rolled over, lifting one leg over his head, as I settled onto my back., exposing my hard wet cock that was flat against my stomach, aching for release of my pent-up orgasm. But Sean had something else in mind. He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders, as his hand grabbed my butt, and he pulled my cum leaking ass to his face. Immediately, his tongue was deep inside me, licking and sucking my ass hole, eating out every drop of cum his cock had dumped in me. And as his hunger grew, his face sank deeper into my ass, stretching my legs and back even more, as his tongue dug deeper and deeper into my ass, sucking out all he had ejaculated into me. And as he pushed me up, further and further, my cock, escort bursa which was still dripping a long constant stream of clear soft liquid, was now right above my mouth. My tongue hit the tip of my cock head, and the taste of pre-cum immediately tickled my taste buds. So I lifted up my head, sinking my hard cock into my mouth, as the stream of pre-cum slowly covered my tongue and coated my throat. As his face pushed deeper into my ass, my cock sank deeper into my mouth. So, as continued Sean eat out my ass, I was happily licking and sucking on my leaking cock. We stayed in that position for a while, until I began to feel my balls get tight, and then my breathing labored. I was going to blow a huge load soon, and Sean knew it. That’s why my cock came flying out of my mouth, as my legs were pushed back down onto the bed. With lightening speed, Sean had my hard cock deep in his throat, just as my balls began to nut. My orgasm exploded with such force, and volume, that Sean’s mouth was immediately swamped with so much cum that it began oozing out of his mouth, down the shaft of my cock, puddling on my bare pubic bone. And when I had finally shot all my balls could drain, Sean pulled my cock from his mouth. It fell onto my abs, and splashed in the mess of cum that was all over me. Sean wasted no time in licking every bit of jizz on my cock, balls, and abs, until it was all completely licked clean. That’s when his mouth found mine, and we shared not only a kiss, but the sweet taste of my hot wet spunk. The water was hot as the shower sprayed our young tight bodies. We washed each other’s bodies, and, when we were done, we dried each other as well. “I’m starving; I think my Mom is making something; lets go eat.” I said, as I opened the bathroom door. “Oh, yea, she was cooking something when I came in this morning,” Sean said, as walked naked around the stairs leading up to Todd’s bedroom. As we descended down the back steps to the kitchen, I could smell the bacon, eggs, and toast as they all cooked. Dad and Todd were at the table, papers spread out in front of their naked bodies, as my mom stood by the stove, stirring the scrambled eggs. “Good morning Daniel. Sean, nice to see you again. Did you have a nice Christmas? Mom said, when she saw us coming down the stairs. Mom was definitely getting more comfortable to the naked thing, ’cause, even though she wasn’t completely naked, she had on a very sheer night gown, that left her naked body completely exposed. Her tit’s were firm, and her crotch was shaved, just like ours. “Yes, Ma’am, we had a great Christmas, and it was nice to see my Grandmother, again” Sean said, as we walked over to the table. “I hope you boys are hungry; I’ve got a lot of food here.” “Don’t worry, Mom, we’re starving,” I said, as I grabbed a chair next to Todd. “I can’t imagine why! Christ! The ceiling almost came down on us here…..” Todd said, with a crooked smile on his face. Sean turned red, and I just ignored him, as did my father. “What are you boys up to today?” My Father asked, as he pulled the paper away from his face. “I thought we’d go to the mall and see a movie,” I said, looking at Sean for approval. He smiled at me, as his hand lightly touched my leg under the table, and then moved up, before settling on my thigh. Hope you all enjoyed, and are covered in your own cum, see why you should be naked while reading. Join Daniel on FACEBOOK? Let me know, I will add you as a friend/fan. aol

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Making the Team Series-Volume 2 “Making the Team” Series-Volume 2 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing graphic depictions of sex between an adult male and a minor. If this story offends you, or if you are underage, please do not continue reading. Please send feedback if you loved the story to ail. Don’t forget to Donate to fty to keep the stories free! “Okay Justin, let’s see if we can get that schedule changed,” Mr. Richardson said. Justin had to admit that Mr. Richardson, the high school counselor, had an attractiveness about him. He had on a stylish polo with his hair combed to one side like many of his other peers sported around, and he had a little bit of brown chest hair poking out of the top of his polo. There was something so masculine about a guy showing his chest hair, and Justin began to feel something pop up in his school khakis. “Are you excited about your first time in football?” Richardson said. “I’m kind of nervous to be honest with you,” replied Justin. “Why are you nervous, you will make plenty of friends?” asked Richardson. Justin knew that if he divulged his attraction to other guys in his class, he would have to deal with the fact that his counselor would know. He was hesitant for a moment, but eventually said, “Well I have been having… Well you know what happens when boys get naughty thoughts…” Justin said nervously. Mr. Richardson pushed his glasses down, “an erection?” Justin felt super embarrassed by what he was about to admit to Mr. Richardson, but the counselor assured him that these feelings bursa escort were perfectly normal for a developing teen. He even said that he himself had went through the same phase, which made Justin wonder as he gazed into Mr. Richardson’s eyes if he “batted for the same team”. He could almost feel his lips touching the goatee fuzz under Mr. Richardson’s moving lips. “Justin?” “Sir.. Yes I understand, thank you for the advice er Uhm sir” “Justin you come see me if you have any problems.. emphasis on any” Richardson shot a smile. Justin wasn’t sure how to take that last line, but his opinion of “sharing” had definitely changed. He got up from his chair and realized that his teenage wood hadn’t subsided. “Justin… I think you have some trouble going on there downtown,” Mr. Richardson said humorously. “I’ll take it as a compliment bud, you might want to do something about that before you go back to class” Richardson said. “I will sir… Sorry for… yea… sorry” “It’s cool… happens to me all the time” “What do you usually do?” “Tell you what… I probably shouldn’t do this, but I can’t resist… Let me help you this one time” “Help me how?” “Gotta keep a secret though” Justin assured him he wouldn’t say anything, and Mr. Richardson motioned for him to move closer to him. Richardson locked his office door and pushed his desk chair back. He pulled Justin in front of him and began to pull Justin’s school shirt out of his pants. “Are you sure you want me to help you?” Richardson asked. “No turning back now, and I promise I won’t bursa escort bayan say anything” With Justin’s approval, Richardson unzipped Justin’s khaki’s and stuck his hand through the zipper. Justin had on his athletic boxer briefs, and he knew he was leaking. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He didn’t even have to coax his counselor into helping him. Richardson was ready and willing. He could tell that Richardson wanted his body when he kept gazing at his privates as he sat in the chair across from him. His counselor was rubbing his fingers against his boxer briefs, when Richardson said, “feels like it’s not going to take much with you. You’re already damp.” Justin had no inhibition to tell him that he probably shouldn’t be doing this with a school employee, he just wanted to get off so badly. Richardson had unbuttoned Justin’s pants and pushed them to his feet. Justin felt exposed, but his cock jumping in his pants kept pushing him forward. “Let’s see what trouble you got under these boxers” Richardson said. The counselor placed both hands on the top of the boxers and gingerly pulled them down just a little to admire the teens growing pubes. What took Justin by surprise, as if a counselor pulling your pants down wasn’t enough, was that Richardson had his nose buried in Justin’s pubes just sniffing away. Justin was so tempted to put his hand through his counselors combed hair, but refrained to see how things played out. “Nothing like the musky smell of a teenage boy…mmmmmm” Richardson growled in his throat. The counselor escort bursa pulled the boxers down even further to free the boys member. Justin had never measured his cock before, but he was sure it was at least a good 7 inches. “That’s a meaty mouthful” Richardson said. “I’m going to do something that may take your breath away, but I want you to trust me,” Richardson said. “Okay…” Justin’s breathing and heart rate had increased with every touch. Richardson opened his mouth and licked the tip of Justin’s dick to taste the oozing precum. Justin squirmed and Richardson slid his whole mouth onto Justin’s cock. Never before had he ever felt something so warm and pleasurable. The counselor held his mouth in place as Justin’s cock jumped in his mouth. Richardson began to pull his lips back on Justin’s cock and move his mouth up and down. Richardson had only taken two good long sucks on Justin’s cock when the teen began to groan and tremble. “Fuck, I’m cumming.. oh shit… oh shit…” Rope after rope of cum hit the back of Richardson’s mouth as the teen released. Justin put both hands on his counselors shoulders to steady himself from being light-headed. The counselor ran his tongue over Justin’s cock to clean up the after math. “That was some delicious man juice you gave me” Richardson said. “Thanks… er I guess thanks…It was amazing.. I am sorry if it was too much” “No it was amazing, don’t every apologize. I am just glad I could help son… You come see me when you need a release. It will be our little secret okay.” Richardson said. “Sir… I hate to waste anymore of your time… But do you think you could teach me how to do what you just did to me…” Justin sheepishly stated. “I thought you’d never ask” Richardson replied **Go clean yourself up. More to cum!**

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